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On September 5 2014, on the occasion of Teacher's Day, all EVR Periyarites ( who mourned 15th Aug 1947 ) opposed the phrase 'Guru Diwas' coined for 'Teacher's Day',  saying that the former was in Sanskrit and should not be propagated in Tamil speaking areas. 

They would rather have it in the language of the white invader , whose stooge was EVR Periyar.
To know more about Rothschild sponsored EVR Periyar , click on the link below .

The entire BENAMI Indian media went hammer and tongs supporting the EVR Periyarites  .

Let me quote TOI newspaper who published their view on this subject ( mind you they are supposed to give news - NOT their foreign owner's opinions )

QUOTE :  The move to rename Teachers' Day betrays a mindset that sees only one language — Sanskrit — as the repository of 'Indian' culture : UNQUOTE .

In ancient India , we had GURUKULS where students stayed with the Guru ( mentor ) .  The students were clay,  to be moulded by the Guru. 

The ancient Indian Guru as a mentor retains a magic control over the pupil even after he walks out of the ashram after his studies.  

The usual modern teacher  treats the mind as a vessel to be filled up, while the Guru ignited the mind in peaceful environments , next to a water body or a waterfall supercharges with negative ions .
If the environment is not OK , the dialogue between minds cannot happen.  

The Guru does NOT bid the shishya to enter the glorious house of his own wisdom  -- rather he leads him gently into the threshold of his own mind.  The Guru is a prober and never an interrogator. He does NOT play the power game .  

The core value is not to have an alliance rather it is solely to develop the shishya.  It is not a personal chemistry between two people or a training course.  It is a deep trusting personal relationship where a two way flow of respect and kindness happened.  

The guru was highly respected and he was a sage and a friendly advisor —NOT a teacher who worked for a monthly salary , who arm twisted his students to take private tuitions ( so that if there are poor results the school board does NOT sack him ).

The guru cared for his sishya and propped up  his self esteem.  He developed  him for the responsibilities of a lifetime by touching every facet of his being.  It went beyond counseling or obligatory relationships. Intuition , feelings , hunches –all came to play in this intense long term relationship—and for the Guru it was easy as he was a seer.   

The guru gave a chance to his shshyas ( pupils )  to vent negative feelings and get therapeutic relief and emotional release from dialectics.   The guru filled up performance gaps with positive information not nagging criticism.   

A guru was a  catalyst of change and proactively leading his pupils  to draw on their innate creative energy. His door was always open to his pupil even at midnight,- the comfort factor was paramount.  Only then would the pupil  be willing to trust and open up the doors of his mind to receive solutions.

Like a psychiatrist’s professional code, negative things volunteered by the pupil  remained with the Guru.  This is why the guru was a sage – he had character and integrity. 

He was skilled in broadening horizons of his pupils  . Dronacharya was a guru whose name even today is known by all.

Since this process is genuine , the Guru never hesitated  to terminate a Gurukul relationship any time without assigning reasons.

This process which went on in the ancient IndianGurukul was Shravana, Manana, Nididdyasana.

Shravana meant listening and understanding.

But what so we see today?

Are our college lecturers and teachers even doing the Shravana in its entirety ?   -they do just 10% !   

They just lecture and go .   

If they student does NOT understand the modern teacher accuses the student of being inattentive in class and forces him to take private tuition --for most of the time he cannot clear the doubt . 

He became a teacher because he did NOT get any other job which paid well. 

Shravana is just NOT a mere act of hearing the verse by your ears, it is NOT even listening , it meant understanding it .

Shravana, Manana and Nididhyasana , are the three ancient Vedic ladder rungs to consciousness..
Without Shravana,  there can be no Manana nor Nididhyasana.

The best of modern education involves only Shranana and manana  .

Modern education cannot dream of climbing the rung of Nididhyasana.  Because the rungs are NOT equally spaced. It is on a scale of 1: 100: 10000.

The modern lecturer just delivers 0.000001% of Gurukiul education and slinks away, before someone asks him a doubt and embarrasses him in class –  for he cant answer it. .

Adi Sankaracharya wrote in 2000 BC:-

श्रुतेः शतगुणं विद्यान्मननं मननादपि |
निदिध्यासं लक्षगुणम् अनन्तं निर्विकल्पकम् ||

"Reflection (manana) is hundred times superior to listening (sravana);   meditation (nididhyasana) is hundred times superior to reflection;  nirvikalpaka samadhi is infinitely superior."

Manana is reflection on the content imbibed by Shravana .  

Doubts and raised and cleared by dialectics. It was felt that Individuals think better than groups.   Human minds with imagination and superior subconscious pattern recognition can interpret things better while engaged in graceful dialectics with the guru. 

It is a call to recognize the existence and overwhelming importance of a set of higher realities that ordinary men could not deduce.  

Dialectics, in Vedic gurukus was a method of investigating the nature of truth by the criticism of initial concepts and hypotheses.  The ancient Indian Vedic dialectic is based on a dialogue between two or more people who may hold differing views, yet wish to pursue truth by seeking agreement with one another. 

There is NO compromise here. 

This is in contrast to debate, in which two or more people hold differing views and wish to persuade or prove one another wrong (and thus a jury or judge is needed to decide the matter), or rhetoric, which is a relatively long oration conducted by a single person.  

So Manana is contemplation till everything becomes crystal clear and there are no more doubts . By this process the information obtained by Shravana percolates into the bed rock of the mind

Now let me talk about Niddhidyasana—or realization .

 His learning is shored up by intense practice.

By the time a student left the gurukul after his learning period—he was a master —in the zone – in full flow.

While the modern student had to use his brain to figure out whether he must press he clutch , brake or accelerator , and swet over it —the gurukul student would allow his body intelligence or cellular memory to dictate which pedal to press.  He could drive while day dreaming in heavy traffic like a cool cat.

In 4000 BC, Prince Arjuna looked at the unsteady revolving gold fish overhead by looking into a shimmering water pool below, and hit the ruby eye of the fish, to win the hand of Princess Draupadi . 

It was a piece of cake for him.  This was a test of consciousness, as only human beings can see themselves in a mirror along with elephants, which are found in Indian temples.

A few animals like chimps and bonobos pass this mirror test partially.  Arjuna was in the zone. This is a feeling mode, and NOT a thinking mode.    

When you are in a feeling mode, there is no negativity.  The less you think, the more you achieve.  

When the mind has repeatedly instructed the body to perform an action, the body will begin to remember the action better than the thinking brain.  

Can you type better by putting your brain in gear—sorry— your flying fingers will slow down to a crawl.

Communication between cells is faster than the speed of light. Every human being is a micro cosmos within himself.   He is a universe of cells, each with its own individual intelligence. The intelligence of all the cells makes up the sum total of the intelligence of the human system. 

Cellular memory, unlike the memory of your brain, stores experiences not just facts and figures. Cells die by millions every minute.  The cast off physical bodies of the cells are thrown out of the human system as solid and liquid waste -urine, excreta, sweat.. 

The life spark in each cell immediately reincarnates and does so over and over again as long as the human system lasts. The intelligence of all the cells makes up the sum total of the intelligence of the human system.

Nidhidhyasana refers to the contemplative state which is induced by the verse a student has listened to and understood. He will chew the cud over this by meditation and now can interpolate and extrapolate to glimpse the magic of that verse.

To get a brief introduction check out the Nidhidyasana involved in the post below-

Punch into Google search-


The shallow white man cannot really contemplate to extract the wisdom in any ancient Vedic verse.  His DNA is NOT programmed for this, and it is beyond him .

Sruti is the seed of Vedantic knowledge sown by the Guru  in the mind of shishya who then tends that seed by Shravana, Manana and Nididhyasana.

Do you really think that people like EVR Periyar, BR Ambedkar and their ilk can understand all this?

By Nididhyasana or deep contemplation ( meditation ) the information processed by Shranana and Manana becomes  part of the individual ( cellular memory ).  

When you get REM sleep the information merely transfers to the subconscious mind ( RH brain lobe for right handers ).

Nididhyasana , leads to the realization of Truth.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad defines Nididhyasana as the meditation for the sake of direct vision.  
Maharishi Yajnavalkya tells his wife Maitreyi  –

आत्मा वा अरे द्रष्टव्यः श्रोतव्यो मन्तव्यो निदिध्यासितव्यो मैत्रेयि,
आत्मनो अरे दर्शनेन श्रवणेन मत्या विज्ञानेनेदं सर्वं विदितम् ||

ātmā vā are dṛṣtavyaḥ śrotravyo mantavyo nididhyāsitavyo maitreyi
ātmano vā are darśanena śravaṇena matyā vijñānenedaṃ sarvaṃ viditam

"The Self, my dear Maitreyi, should be realized – should be heard of, reflected on and medtated upon;  by the realization of the Self, my dear, through hearing, reflection and meditation, all this is known." –   (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad St.II.iv.5) - 5000BC

Nididhyasana is the practice of atma-vichara, self-enquiry, self-investigation, self-scrutiny or self-attentiveness.    It leads to Nirvikalpa Samadhi from where there is no return into lower states of consciousness. Samadhi is a spiritual state of consciousness. 

There are various kinds of samadhi. Among the minor samadhis, savikalpa samadhi happens to be the highest. Beyond savikalpa comes nirvikalpa Samadhi. In nirvikalpa samadhi there is no mind, there is only infinite peace and bliss.

Disciple of Adi Shankaracharya Suresvara wrote what his Guru taught him 4000 years ago :-

शास्त्रचार्यानुभवनैर्हेतुभिश्च समर्थितः|
ईदृगैकात्म्यसंबोधो निदिध्यासनमुच्यते ||

"Nididhyasana is so called when, instruction about the uniqueness of the Atman is justified
by (proper) reasons viz. the Sruti, (the instructions of) teachers and (one’s own) experience (of the same)."

Nididhyasana is a state in which a knowing is present without needing words.  The words used during contemplation, can fall away and will lead the seeker to silence.  It is a silence filled with knowing. The seeker can rest in this knowing.

The white man has never understood the extent of a Vedic way of meditation. It will NOT be possible for him to understand this too. 

However let me try.  

Keep your fu#kin’ brandy and cigars aside --ready ?.

Your prayer is NOT meditation !  It is just a petition to  God.

Meditation is a detached observation of one's own mind, and its processes.  The spiritual aims are peace of mind, wisdom, and, ultimately, a state of enlightenment or self-realization.  During meditation thinking is separated from perceiving, so that the individual can stand apart from the emotional self. 

The reason why people remain mired in negativity is because of the beliefs they have inherited over time.   Beliefs are subconscious. So a Maharishi named Manu can never benegative or a bigot , no matter how much you try.

The ancient Vedic  Indian psychology has a  fourfold scale, which represents the degrees of the ladder of being by which man climbs back to the source, the absolute divine.

The change, from “here” to “there,”  is not an uneventful process at all.

There come dry periods, deviations, violent alterations, and temptations. If there are raptures and azure heavens, there are anaconda agonies and absolute abandonments, howling hot deserts and “dark cold nights of the soul” to go through.

Streaming tears of joy, horripilation (bristling of the hair), stigmata (bodily marks or pains), and parapsychological phenomena have been known to develop.

The first stage of meditation  achieves detachment from sensual desires and impure states of mind through analysis and reflection and thereby attains an emotional state of satisfaction and joy.

In the second stage, intellectual activities are abated to a complete inner serenity; the mind is in a state of “one-pointedness” or concentration, joy, and pleasantness.

In the third stage, every emotion, including joy, has disappeared, leaving the meditator indifferent to everything while remaining completely conscious.

The fourth stage is the abandoning of any sense of satisfaction, pain, or serenity because any inclination to a good or bad state of mind has disappeared.  The meditator thus enters a state of supreme purity, indifference to everything, and pure consciousness.


I knew you cant— so leave it !

The ancient Maharshis understood the staggering scale of the human mind.

So, what is the difference between a quantum physicist and an ancient Indian maharishi seer of 9500 BC ?

The seer placed himself inside and saw outwards.   

The quantum scientist with a shriveled pineal gland and 2 strand DNA ( 97% junk ) with pre-conceived notions pounded in by a moron Isaac Newton  stood outside and peeked inside all the while scratching his head.

In their state of higher consciousness the seers realized that the ultimate constituents of the universe - energy and mass, particle and wave, - were but different aspects of the same basic process, but the same Oneness which pervaded the entire universe.

The intuition of Indian mystics led them to understand the multidimensional reality and of space-time continuum which is the basis of the modern theory of relativity.

The Vedas state that without manifestation of time, the unmanifest material energy cannot become active and take form.

Elementary time is measured to its covering of a particular elementary space.  That time which covers the unmanifest aggregate of the elementary particle is called the great time ( Mahakala )” :- Bhagawatam  3.11.14- 5000 BC.

While modern mathematics, science and technology centre around linear dimensional reality , but the Vedic systems avail multidimensional spiraling reality.

Our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer. As such, it creates not only space, but also time. Adi Shankaracharya pondered about the source, nature, foundation, scope, validity and limits of human knowledge.

He was the first metaphysicist.  Metaphysics  means “what comes after physics”.  Its object is to determine the real nature of things—to determine the meaning, structure, and principles of whatever is insofar as it is-- with reality as a whole.

It is a call to recognize the existence and overwhelming importance of a set of higher realities that ordinary men could not deduce.

Metaphysics is the science of ultimate reality , as opposed to appearance or the contrast between appearance and reality . 99.9999% of every atom is empty space.

What we perceive as physical dense matter is actually 99.999 % empty space - large electron fields with very little matter in the center.  We live in a universe created of "objects" that are actually 99.999% empty space. 


The universe is in perfect harmony and balance. The cosmos is a unified system. A little disharmony and the entire matter of the universe will go back into the black hole ( Kali ) . 

In the 7000 year old Upanishads we get a glimpse into the workings of the minds of the great ancient Indian thinkers who were unhampered by the tyranny of religious dogma of men who became brokers of Gods or Gods themselves , burnings at the stake, political authority, pressure of public opinion, seeking truth with single-minded devotion, rare in the history of thought.

These Indian sages were not satisfied with their intellectual speculations. They discovered that the universe remained a mystery and the mystery only deepened with the advance of such knowledge, and one of the important components of that deepening mystery is the mystery of man and consciousness. The Upanishads became aware of this truth, which modern science now emphasizes.

"The Upanishads contain such godlike fullness of wisdom on all things that I feel the authors must have looked with calm remembrance back through a thousand passionate lives, full of feverish strife for and with shadows, ere they could have written with such certainty of things which the soul feels to be sure."--A. E. George Russell -Poet, mystic.

Being in the zone is a state of mind—where you are free of thinking and negative emotions and in A FEELING MODE.    The less you think, the more you achieve .  

All have a sense of finesse and grace, with mind and body working in perfect unison All of them are beyond the boundaries of human ego, and feel that they are part of something larger, where the laws of the physical world cease to exist, transcending the condition of being human.

--All trust their instincts and intuition to do the right thing at the right time, without reasoning or analysing.

--All can feel what’s gonna happen next and act according with the flow . The game comes to you and not you going to the game. 



When the left and right lobe of the brain works in harmony, the unleashed mysterious K force can made you achieve the extraordinary .

Nididhyasana is the last frontier the mind has to cross. It is the ultimate sadhana which one has to keep doing till the Truth is realised.   

Nididhyasana is the final step of the spiritual journey but the most difficult one.   It is only with the grace of God and attunements received from of the Guru that one can reach and cross over this stage.

Adi Shankaracharya said 400 years ago – ‘Jnanena hi pramaanena avagantum ishtam brahma’ – that this jnana, this knowledge which one has gained through the buddhi is like a pramaan, a means to gain Brahma avagati, the direct realisation of that Brahman.

For nidhidhiyasan, the guide is the knowledge but finally the knowledge is also left behind and one remains as that Supreme Truth alone.    Nididhyasana is the practice of atma-vichara, self-enquiry, self-investigation, self-scrutiny or self-attentiveness.  

It leads to Nirvikalpa Samadhi from where there is no return into lower states of consciousness, and in which state there is no longer mind, duality, a subject-object relationship or experience.

Nididhyasana or atma-vicara (self-enquiry), is subjective meditation in which there is no focusing of consciousness or effort of will in which process the ego withdraws into the source.  Upasana, which is symbolic meditation, can give the required training to the mind to proceed with Nididhyasana.

Nididhyasana is the process of being the Self after knowing the Self. For nidhidhiyasan, the guide is the knowledge but finally the knowledge is left behind and one remains as that Supreme Truth alone.

The teaching of the Upanishads is divided in ten nididhyasanas, and the last is Aham Brahmasmi, I am Brahman.  

At the end of it all , the Guru and the shishya recite Aham Brahmasmi together- and then they part probably never to see again .  

When you remove the limitations of the mind, the ahamkara disappears, Brahman appears. 

All this is called the nididhyasana and you do it through the tarka pragnya is the base of the nididhyasana. It is about experiencing what has been understood.

According to Rig Veda the knowledge of the "soul," or the Self of all beings is the prerequisite to the understanding of anything else.

The Upanishads say: "Know that, by which everything is known”. 

Once we have a glimpse of the omnipresent nature of our consciousness, once we have a glimpse of a field of existence that is indeed the omnipresent source of all that exists, we naturally start to be aware of the interconnectedness of all levels of creation.

Once we have seen the whole, we start to recognize the parts as expressions of the whole. Since the whole is holistic in its nature, its expressions are holistic representations of the whole.

"Aham Brahmasmi" - "I am Brahman, I am the totality, really I am everything."- Upanishads 5000 BC

Below: Lord Shiva as the FIRST Guru Daksinamurthy, attuning the 4 Sanatkumaras in total silence 

The sons of Brahma, who had mastered the Vedas and Upanishands at a very young age , the four Kumaras Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana and Sanatkumara,  came to have Darsana of Lord Siva and prostrated before him.  

They entreated Lord Shiva to teach them the way to remove the veil of Maya or illusion.   

Below: The curse of the 4 Sanatkumaras is the reason why Vishnu's beloved gatekeepers Jaya and Vijaya had to be bailed out by Vishnu in several avatars.  Every thing was pre-ordained !   Jaya and Vijaya were first born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu.  Vishnu as Varaha the boar killed most powerful Hiranyaksha ( Jaya ).  Vishnu took another avatar as Narasimha the lion man to kill powerful Hiranyakashipu ( Vijaya ).  

In their second life Jaya and Vijaya were born as Ravana and his brother Kumbhakarna .  This duo was killed by Vishnu as avatar Lord Rama .  

In their third life Jaya and Vijaya were born as weaker Sishupala and Dantavakra.  This duo was killed by Vishnu as avatar Lord Krishna.

Above:  The four Kumaras mastered the Vedas at the age of five, and were powerful in their own right !.  An allegory in the Puranas says that the 4 Kumaras, the first progeny of Brahma, were without desire or passion, inspired with the holy wisdom, and undesirous of progeny. They refused to procreate, but were compelled later on to complete divine man by incarnating in him.  The kumaras eventually “sacrifice” themselves , in a pre-ordained manner by an incident , thus incarnating in mankind.

Lord Shiva, hearing this appeal made by the sages, assumed the form of Dakshinamurti .  

He attuned them to the brain wave frequency of Turiya and transferred the requisite knowledge to them by telepathy in total silence.— in a process called ATTUNEMENT.

In Turiya state there is the absolute awareness.  It is the experience of ultimate reality and truth. You are now a unique individual and you are a vital part of a larger universal life force that transcends everything on earth.

Para represents the transcendental consciousness;
pasyanti, the intellectual consciousness;
madhyama, the mental consciousness;
vaikhari, the physical consciousness.

Four stages: consciousness plus thinking is waking, consciousness minus thinking is turiya, unconsciousness plus thinking is dreaming, unconsciousness minus thinking is sleep.

OM is the four states of consciousness, as per Patanjali Yoga.
OM is the waking state or jagrat. Beta brain wave
OM is the dreaming state or svapna.  REM sleep state
OM is the deep sleep state or sushupti. (dream-less deep sleep state , the delta brain wave)

Om is the transcendental state or turiya. (beyond all the states) , the fourth has been called nirvana.
Finally, the semi-circle symbolizes Maya and separates the dot from the other three curves. It is the illusion of Maya that prevents us from the realization of this highest state of bliss. 

The semi-circle is open at the top and does not touch the dot. This means that this highest state is not affected by Maya. Maya only affects the manifested phenomenon. 

In Turiya thoughts subside and one becomes increasingly more awake; the mind settles down and consciousness itself becomes primary. 

Mediators describe this as pure consciousness or unbounded awareness. One sees the entire world and all things within it as part of oneself, and oneself part of all.

 Turiya  is a state of transcendence, the result of arduous meditation.  There can be no consciousness without passage through intense pain. The Upanishads equates this experience with enlightenment.

We ordinary people lack contact with our fourth state of consciousness, and so we fail to live up to our potential as human beings.

Reality and truth become more clearly defined, allowing you to perceive that which lies above, below, and beyond the human experience.  This utterly quiet, peaceful and blissful state is the ultimate aim of all spiritual activity . This highest state is not affected by Maya .

Turiya Consciousness  is the ultimate goal of spirituality for here you know what freedom is all about.

A sage is an extraordinary being. A sage does not dream, because he has no polarity. He’s just a witness.

This witness never sleeps. It is eternal awareness or Nirvana.

Turiya is the totality of everything, and the headwaters from which all consciousness flow.  It is said in the Mandukya Upanishad.  “ It is unseen, transcendent, the sole essence of the consciousness of self, the completion of the world.”   

In Turiya there is total mental clarity, and complete inner peace one recognizes the Self in every shining atom of existence.

Nididhyasana is a subjective meditation (atma vicara), in which the yogi withdraws his ego to its original source, instead of allowing it to chase the surrounding world.  

As withdrawal of ego is complicated, the aspirant by observance of continence, and with the help of an adept guru, motivates and prepares his intellect through upasana initially, and rises to nididhyasana level of contemplation.

Thoughts and emotions have an electromagnetic frequency vibration that is perceived by every cell in the body through the instant communication system of scalar waves.  

Scalar waves travel faster than light.  The ignorant west will understand all this after 100 years when India wields the  scalar weapons of Nikola Tesla.  

Scalar waves generated in the body also provide an energetic communication system that connects all cells.  This energy contains the power of the universe and has unlimited potential. 

The DNA helix is basically a mobius coil. The Indian sage has exploded into a space of consciousness in which inner awareness is spontaneous.

Realisation is different from understanding. Our thoughts and actions are sometimes dissociated.  At its highest level, knowledge blends with the being; it transforms the person.

Unlike the mere scholar, a true saint realises truth in his being.  When this happens, one's being and knowing become identical. Truth is not merely to be known but realised in one's being. 

No point in knowing drugs are harmful while still injecting yourself with heroin.

The individual would no longer be an information machine. He is truth himself.  A doctor who goes beyond understanding medicine lives the life of a noble physician,  who follows his oath and follows the laws of the universe..

Our intuition is like the weather vane, pointing us in the right direction. It does not take your decisions.  Any idea or thought you yourself accept as true will be taken as a command by the subconscious mind, as it cannot distinguish between dreams and reality .  

It pays to remember -- The subconscious responds to stimuli, not pressure. 

The face of a high board diver in the Olympics just before the jump for the gold medal -- is the face of a human being in the zone.  The brain has surrendered to the body.  

Your attention is undivided and your awareness merges with your action.  You are now inside the waterfall of the flow,  highly aligned with the task in hand. There is NIL anxiety. 

All biological behavior can be controlled by “invisible” energy forces, which include thought and intention.  Scalar waves can also be generated by balancing the RH and LH lobes of your brain, if your pineal gland is still not calcified.  

Our cellular memory can store the memory of physical trauma like accidents, wounds, surgeries, abuse,trauma , fear etc that manifests in low self-esteem, stress etc. When trauma is suppressed into the cellular memory, that energy can get stuck. 

Vaccines can be used to explain cellular memory. You are given a shot that contains a small controlled amount of a bacteria. Your immune system immediately sets up a counter-offensive to keep you from getting sick from it.  Then your immune system 'remembers' that type of experience to keep you healthy. This means vaccines evoke cell memory by their actions. Cells can “remember” how to fight a virus so you won’t get reinfected. 

Cellular memory is the reason why after a heart transplant, patients are given immune suppressant drugs to stop their own bodies from attacking the new organ. YEH HAMAAR MAAL NAAHI HAI

The sound of a particular mantra has to pass through  para,  pasyanti,  madhyama and vaikhari stages before it is fully experienced by the listener in perfection. 

Each stage of sound corresponds to a level of existence, and one's experience of sound depends upon the refinement of one's consciousness.   

These four levels of sound correspond to four states of consciousness.
Para represents the transcendental consciousness;
Pasyanti, the intellectual consciousness;
Madhyama, the mental consciousness;

Vaikhari, the physical consciousness.

In a Gurukul there is a mass prayer , where the sishyas pray for the realization of a full life.  Sayana prescribes four processes – sauca (purity), santosa (contentment), tapas (penance) and swadhyaya (self-study) for the realization of a student’s aims.  

In the gurukula system the teacher always instructed the pupils to speak the truth, and practice virtue.

Below was the prayer in Taxila University where Chanakya was a professor .  He resigned the day a foreign student told him that Alexander the Great has crossed the Dardenelles with a huge army on horses.

This chant is 7000 years old-- written in Sanskrit.

When the rest of the world ate raw meat ,  lived in dark caves , ran around naked , did grunt grunt for language , and could not think beyond eating, going for a crap and sleeping -- Indians were talking about consciousness and quantum physics..

असतो मा सद्गमय
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय
शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Lead us from Unreal to the Real,
2: Lead us from the Darkness to the Light,
3: Lead us from the Fear of Death to the Knowledge of Immortality.
4: OM- Peace, Peace, Peace.

The disciple in the Vedic school was called brahmacarin.   He had to dedicate his life for the sake of gaining knowledge, and leading a  graceful life.   

In his formative life he must lead an austere and disciplined life.   He had to strictly abide by the rules of conduct and behaviour stipulated by the Guru   

The Upanishads clearly describe the qualities required for a brahmacarin.  A shishya had to be calm, patient, self-restrained and self-denying.  


Recently I saw a program of TV .

A young pretty teacher , who chucked her job in USA, was being egged on by the Indian TV presenter, to say how the call of patriotism gravitated her back to India.

I have seen a train load of men without balls-- this female had it. She had character too.

She cried, yet she came out with the naked truth.

On the first day itself with her heart pounding with excitement, as she was gonna teach in the land on milk and honey, she got the rudest shock of her life.

All her students aged 16 to 18, were rude to here. One of them called her a fuc#in'  bitch.

The last straw was when one huge black guy sitting in the front row whipped out his huge stiff member and started masturbating, all the time looking at her figure with a glazed look on his face.

She continued till the end of class and then ran to the teachers wash room to cry and wash her face. There she saw her colleague crying loudly like a wounded animal .

Another pretty teacher , from a poor family in India had joined the same day. This lady had taken loans to secure a job and travel there, and there were huge expectations back home.

In her class it was a weird white guy with cold sores on his lips and punk hair do, who did the honors with his tiny flaccid member.  

She was called bitch by a black girl.

Both resigned their jobs and left within a week.

The following is a QUOTE/ UNQUOTE from my post below-


Now compare this--

One day sage Parashurama was resting with his head in the lap of Karna.  Soon he fell asleep. Meanwhile a big insect started to bite the thigh of Karna. He felt agonizing pain and blood started to ooze from the wound.

But he endured lest the sound sleep of his revered Guru should be disturbed. But the stream of warm blood reached the Guru due to which he was awakened from his sleep.

He was amazed at the degree of tolerance and endurance of Karna who did not even stir or move his body at such a great pain. But a thought crossed Parashurama’s mind:  how could a mere Brahmin boy tolerate such great pain!

Brahmins are not known to show such grit in enduring physical suffering, rather the warrior caste is known for IGNORING PAIN.

Thence, Parashurama asked Karna his real name and identity.

Karna would NOT lie.

He told his story to his Guru and begged his pardon to have come in the disguise of a Brahmin.

Parashurama was annoyed. 

He cursed Karna saying: “O Karna, even though you are great in bravery, art of archery, and in service to me, still as you have deceived your Guru, I send a curse to you that at a crucial time on the battle-field the wheels of your chariot will get stuck in the earth. The consequences would be grave.

Arjun saw only the eye of the fish overhead . At that time the activity in the neocortex ceases and there is no thinking.  The cerebellum takes over at that point.   

When the frontal lobe is activated you have focus, clarity, decisiveness, concentration, pro activeness and individuality.  

When the mind has repeatedly instructed the body to perform an action, the body will begin to remember the action better than the thinking brain.   Communication between cells is faster than the speed of light.  

This is how TT players retrieve a full blooded smash . Nerve cells are called neurons.

Knowing how to be in the flow, gives athletes the winning edge.  Sports psychology is all about knowing how to trigger this state, which ancient Indians were experts in .

The end product of a Gurukul was  an all round , well balanced personality , an expert in life management.   

His greatest wealth was  contentment with little . It consists in simple wants. The blatant display of status symbols  is the result of low self esteem.

The self confident person can afford to project a modest image.  Only people with inferiority complex wants to impress others. He will never fall into the same hole twice

For a Gurukul product no order is higher than his own intelligence and conscience .  He is a success in life as all he really wants is only what he really needs.

Man has 3 sides to his nature –body, mind and spirit .  A proper balance between the three is desired.  If any of the 3 is undeveloped he will suffer in life.

He was an expert  in life management.    Life is a combination or physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects.   Without spiritual development , man is without love or positive emotions ( affection, care, respect, sympathy ) .  Self respect commands respect from others.

The system was based on simple living and high thinking.  The environment was respected .  Classes were next to a water body under a banyan tree which gave positive vibes..

Shishyas ate vegetarian food.   Self defence , sanskars ( ancient etiquette ) was a compulsory part of education.

The gurukul product will engage any problem without getting overwhelmed.  He will find a good match between the demands of the situation and his own innate ability.    

All these modern psychiatrists talk about past life regression.  This means they are Hindus or they have stolen from our ancient texts. 

For only in Hinduism we have endless re-births till a person obtains Moksha , as a result of NIL Karmic baggage .  

Past life regression is mentioned in the Upanishads of ancient India and is also  discussed in great detail in the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali.   The Hindu scholar Patañjali discussed the soul being burdened with an accumulation of impressions that were part of the karma from previous lives. 

Patanjali called the process of past life regression, prati-prasav ( literally "reverse birthing"), and involved addressing current problems through memories of past lives.

Past life regression a Vedic technique of Charaka is recommended for people who are willing and decided to change, to secure relief from vices, negativity, repetitive illnesses, phobias, separations and conflicts, inability to love,trust, learn. etc.

Upon completion of the past life regression therapy, subjects are able to “reverse and resolve” phobias, negativity and vices  which, they were unable to solve through any other modern treatment or therapy. 

Each cell in our body stores memories from early life, intra-uterine life, our parents and ancestors as well as, many past generations.  A bio computer essentially acts like a file which when triggered causes us to act in a repetitive manner..  Erasing stored traumatic experiences from our cellular memory is akin to deleting a virus from a computer.   


Oh Yeah?

Then why do a lot of them commit suicide ?

If each cell contains all of the information for the whole organism, then our experiences, good or bad, are also recorded on a cellular level.  Those experiences that we perceive as life threatening will continue to resonate within the memory banks of the body’s crystalline cellular and molecular matrix because we were not able to resolve the conflict or dissipate its energy. 

Every cell in our body has the ability to remember.

Modern science teaches us that our cells contain DNA-- Tvasta , the double helix coiled serpents which cannot be destroyed-  mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC -- is the blueprint for the complete design of our physical bodies.  

They also hold the blueprint for our emotional, mental and spiritual state.

Our cells remember all of who we have been in past lives and all that has been in this life right up to the present day (hence the term cellular memory). 

Human evolution was lifted from Indian scriptures by IDIOT Charles Darwin.   He though if our Ramayana can have people with tails, definitely there is something to this.

Below:  TIME FOR A MENTAL ORGASM --  to make some immoral folks spill their brandy on their cigars, and get into a tail spin !. 

Check out the profound thoughts penned down 7000 years ago by ancient Indians , when the white man was running around naked doing grunt grunt for words . 

The 4 Vedas and the 108 Upanishads are to India what the Crown and Scepter are to an anointed king. They are India's proudest and most ancient possessions. It hardly matters if you are a Christian or a Muslim or even a Pakistani-as long as you have Indian DNA.  For Vedas are NOT about religion. 

A brilliant man like Schopenhauer found the Upanishads to be the "solace" of his life and death, and Kant found the Hindus were "gentle", that "all nations are tolerated amongst them." . 

India has the unique record of never attacking any country or stealing , in the past history.  All the obligatory duties of the Hindu owe their allegiance to the Vedas. The Vedas in its unchanged unabridged format in Sanskrit verses , have guided the Indian’s  religious direction and conscience of its denizens for ages and will continue to do so till our sun goes supernova. 

The ancient Maharishis ( products of Nididhyasana ) were Epistemologists whose theories deal with puzzles about the source, nature, foundation, scope, validity and limits of human knowledge. Vedas show how ancient rishis experienced the divine reality and how they responded with exuberant joy, confidence and a feeling of intimacy. 

This literature is not rustic or primitive but highly developed in its literary form, in its intellectual insight, and in its questioning attitude. The glory of this vast literature is its imaginative and emotional qualities. 

The Vedas are not puerile babblings of rustic troubadours or minstrels , but sedate out-pourings of exceptionally sharp and graceful minds in quest of truth .  Like indestructible diamonds of brilliant fire they have come down several millenniums by oral route, before they were penned down 7000 years ago, with no need to be revised or abridged, to suit the modern era.  

From the Vedas evolved the Upanishads, whose copious enquiries into the nature of man, the Universe, and God, strike the intelligent and high IQ modern scientific mind with speechless wonder.  Vedas are verses written in the most digitally perfect language in the world, Sanskrit. The rishis made claims so cosmic that even modern physics seems only to be catching up with them and realizing, after every scientific breakthrough, that the ancients were there long before them.

The Vedas  are the world's oldest intellectual legacies. They are the only composition in the universe invested with Divine origin, and hence divine sanctity. They have been heirlooms of the Hindus from generation to generation.  Vedas record the spiritual experiences of souls strongly endowed with the sense for reality. 

The Vedas are the quintessence of classical Hindu philosophy. Thinking with your heart; loving with your mind. All yoga and meditation aim to attain this goal. Anything else is Maya delusion, or worse.  And when the heart sees, it sees the unknowable, nameless, formless, limitless, supreme God. 

The Vedas are the inspired utterances of a whole galaxy of realized souls, of spiritual geniuses, of people not merely well versed intellectually but with spiritual enlightenment. Vedic hymns are used today at Hindu wedding ceremonies, and temple and school prayers  in an astonishing example of continuous tradition. The feat of memorizing and handing down a vast amount of oral literature is a hallmark of Hinduism.

While the Vedas look outward in reverence and awe of the phenomenal world, the Upanishads look inward,  finding the powers of nature only an expression of the more awe-inspiring powers of human consciousness. 

I would like you to reflect on how many millions of people were killed by Christianity and Islam , reflect on the senseless Inquisitions and Crusades .In the Upanishads we get a glimpse into the workings of the minds of the great Indian thinkers who were unhampered by the tyranny of religious dogma, political authority, pressure of public opinion, seeking truth with single-minded devotion,  rare in the history of thought.

The sages who gave us the Vedas and Upanishads did not care to leave their names; the truths they set down were eternal, and the identity of those who arranged the words irrelevant. The Upanishads are not philosophy but are darshanas, “something seen” and therefore to be realized. They are crammed with thoughts that wander through eternity.  

Their message is that there is far more to life than success, and far more to success than money; and there can be no higher destiny for man than to be engaged in endless seeking after endless truth.

They give answers to the three  questions :--

"Where is the life we have lost in living"
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

The Rishis had repeatedly emphasized that the ultimate reality lies beyond the realms of the senses and the grey matter beneath our skulls.

Hark again to the Upanishads:--

"There the eye goes not
Speech goes not, nor the mind.
We know not, we understand not,
How would one teach it?"

The ancient Maharshis understood the staggering scale of the divine play. Many millineums later the scientific mind still boggles at the scale of creation which makes infinity intelligible. In their state of higher consciousness the rishis realized that the ultimate constituents of the universe - energy and mass, particle and wave, - were but different aspects of the same basic process, but the same Oneness which pervaded the entire universe. 

Today science has relearned that lesson.  Science, in its most advanced stage, is closer to Vedanta than ever before. 

The Vedas and the Upanishads are summits of thought on mankind and the universe, designed to push human ideas to their very limit and beyond. The human being is the central mystery of the universe holding the key to all other mysteries. It was such a science that India sought and found in the Upanishads in an attempt to unravel the mystery of human beings and of consciousness. 

The purpose of the Vedas was to ensure the true welfare of all beings, worldly as well as spiritually. Before such a synthesis could be achieved, there was a need to penetrate the inner worlds to its depth. This is what the Upanishads did with precision and gave us the science of the self, which helps man leave behind the body, the senses, the ego and all other non-self elements, which are perishable. 

The Upanishads tell us the great saga of this discovery — of the divine in the heart of man. These Indian thinkers were not satisfied with their intellectual speculations. They discovered that the universe remained a mystery and the mystery only deepened with the advance of such knowledge, and one of the important components of that deepening mystery is the mystery of man and consciousness. 

The Upanishads became aware of this truth, which modern science now emphasizes. The physical and mental climate that made it possible is the land of plenty that was India, a land where you must be blessed to be born in. They had found leisure and peace to think and ask questions. They had the choice to utilize the leisure either to conquer the outer world or the inner. 

With their mental gifts, they had turned their mental energies to the conquest of the inner world rather than of the world of matter and life at the sensate level. The Upanishads have given us a body of insights that have a universal quality about them and this universality derives from their impersonality. 

The sages who discovered them had depersonalized themselves in the search for truth.  Unlike modern Western philosophers who lift ideas and patent it in their names. The rishis wanted to go beyond nature and realize the transcendental nature of man. They dared to take up this challenge and the Upanishads are the unique record of the methods they adopted, the struggles they undertook and the victory they achieved in this astonishing adventure of human spirit. 

And this is conveyed to us in verses of great resonance power and poetic charm. 

In seeking the immortal, the Vedic seers conferred the immortality upon the literature that conveyed it.

Now listen carefully-

Why does a new born kitten dig a hole in the ground, before a crap?

If this kitten is born in a city flat, why does it go through the motions as in the video below?

It is about cellular memory !

Experiments have been conducted with rats in maze.

The first generation rats take a long time to find the cheese at the exit.

The second  generation rats could do it faster.

The third generation literally ran through the maze.

There is something called DNA programming .

Past life regression is a 7000 year old Vedic technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. 

Hindus believe in endless re-incarnation.  Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in a psycho therapeutic setting.

Below:  The ball of energy (soul ) within you is who you are.  What you see in the mirror is just like a pair of jeans which you have got into temporarily.  You will remove your jeans for laundry soon. 

Same way you will discard your cadaver ( body )when you die.  You were born when the cosmos was created.  

You are billions of years old. 

Respect life !

Below: Ask your grandmother "Who is older, you or me?"  

Explain to her that both of you were born at the same time , same day , billions of years ago !

Below: The white man started respecting our ancient scriptures only after he understood the meaning of consciousness , ancient Indians penned down 7000 years ago  .  If you are NOT shell shocked after seeing the video below, you have NOT understood it .

The shishya of a Gurukul broke free of ordinary human conditioning and attained a state called awakening  by Nididhyasana .  He broke through into universal consciousness itself, and beyond that even, into the pure awareness of the absolute.  

Consciousness is a universal attribute of creation.  DNA can never die.  It merely changing its structure and appearance into a cavalcade of living beings.  

If we stare back down this ‘great chain of being’, we see a continuous process of spiritual evolution. This is something IDIOT Darwin will never understand , as he did not have the intelligence .


One of my readers sent me this comment --  now I have explain my own mindset-I owe it to my readers ! Last time I made such a revelation ( that I ate beef on ship ) a lot of my hardcore Hindu followers deserted this site .

Hi captain,

Did you see this news -

AK's shit does not smell for all the desh deohi media. Not many newspapers seem to have carried this.

Capt Ajit Vadakayil is NOT against the transsexual community.

But I draw a line where I am forced to watch endless movies where there is a HIJRA hero .

Hijras are also children of Bharatmata. As long as they do NOT overdo their ANAL SEX  decadence, I have NO problem.

One of the greatest heroes of this planet is a person by the name of ZHENG HE.   

Forget about people in Calicut, even Chinese have NOT heard of him. 

Since I exhumed the Hijra Muslim Chink-- the Chinese academics and historians landed up at Calicut University to dig for information--we have stacks of palm leaf records in Malayalam.

Punch Into Google search-

I can see these garishly dressed Hijras with painted faces taking flats in University towns and corrupting young students with anal sex and drugs.

I am against this. 

We cannot do nation building this way , and make India No 1 superpower of this planet in 2 decades.   
There is a foreign funded conspiracy to legitimize HIJRA ANAL SEX in India.

 I will NOT allow this, as a desh bhakt .

I have never been a hypocrite.  The sea suited me as we sail on a ship for  4 or 5 months-  and never see each other again –gangway to gangway .   We form enduring friendships too.  

But the CHOOTS we don’t need to see again.

This is different from a shore office where you have to wish the slimy CHOOT sitting in front of you every morning, though you feel like bloodying his nose.  He may be sitting in front of you for the next 10 years and cold war/ daily oneupmanship is NOT an option.

There was this dance competition on TV, and I remember KironKher was one  of the judges. A female came on stage with one leg.  The other was amputated near her buttocks.  

She started hopping around on one leg like little chick lik in a MOST GROTESQUE MANNER –it was sheer visual torture.

After her SMASHING performance , all 4 judges stood up and clapped , and for the next 5 minutes they were praising her dancing capabilities –with on leg if she could dance so well that where she would be If she had two legs BLAH BLAH  ( if Pataudi has two eyes – all his centuries would have been double centuries type nonsense ). 

She was NOT even attractive as a saving grace.   

Below: This girl is more attractive because of her CUTE lisp ! YIKES !!

I remember I used to watch news , all because of a very attractive news reader  who would LISP in such a cute manner. She made my day !   

Well if a ugly one eyed girl with mucous oozing out from one nostril on to her moustache , wants to lisp on TV –  well I am NOT gonna watch it, leave alone give shabhashi !

If Usain Bolt , a true hero, showboats during/ before/ after  a race - WOW – it will blow my mind.   

Now if a FAT HALWAI type character with a gargantuan ass , wants to showboat , after coming last in a 100 metres sprint --well , that aint  mE cup of tea.

If Capt Ajit Vadakayil had been a judge instead of Kiron Kher,  I would had told this hopping wonder “ Beti,  brave act !  Can you sing or play music ?”

I would leave it at that.

I have NO problem with gays who do what Karan Thapar says they do  ( they express their lobe –nay--  love for each other with oral / anal sex  --you should have seen this midget’s  face when he told this ) in PRIVATE.   I could NOT care less even if they eat  each  others sh#t .

But if these criminal psychopaths want to prey on young boys in public spaces , I want none of this. 

Nor will I allow UN using R media , to initiate India into gay marriages. 

Long ago when they made HOO HAA about this unknown HARD FACED starlet ( who can never blush ) joining Congress, I told my wife something is cooking .  

Below: God intended the anus to be a orifice to eject solid waste -- NOT for syphillated perverts to inject sperm in.  The taller guy is wearing lip gloss . 
Celina Jaitley, the goodwill ambassador of  R controlled United Nations –video produced by UN .   Now you know the worth of all our UN sponsored  FAKE Hindu gurus ( who love only rich people , who create new gods , who patent Yoga ) who have R sponsored branches in more than 100 countries of this planet , who come on TV and LIE “ Hinduism allows homosexuality “

Almost ALL gays are ped0philes.   

They were initiated by pedophiles.  

Any gay NOT agreeing with me,  submit to a NARCO TEST.

Getting back-

A nididhysana product is a master of free will and choice.

Decisions are made in the mind, choices are made in the gut. 

Choices come from your essence and attunement to your higher self.  

War victims have had their neural connection between spine and gut severed, still the bowel can function.  This follows that the neural mass in the gut is an independent cognitive centre.

This means your psychological health, is partly derived from the heathy gut.  When you have severe dysentery , have you noticed how depressed you feel?

During healing the healer's alpha brainwaves synchronise with those of the healee, so both will be resonating at the same frequency (sympathetic resonance) . Channelling energy through the healer and to the healee involves both being in the alpha state.

Why do Westerners come all the to India to get healed?.

The best hope for healing incurable illness  lies in healing destructive cellular memories, with the help of spiritually evolved healers. Your whole  aura changes with cell level healing, as your chakras go on overdrive. .

As we change and grow in any aspect of our lives, our cells are constantly updating our personal data. 

Cells retain the information of all life experiences that has been absorbed from genetic heritage, nothing ever experienced whether positive or negative escapes being programmed...

Without past life regression therapy it can be almost impossible to heal, as the memories are suppressed and we are not aware of holding onto them.

The healer  helps the subject access the specific internal negative file and then reprograms or formats it.   If you magnify your cells down to your atoms, you would see that you are made up of subtle bundles of "info-energy."  

Release stored emotions from your subconscious mind and cellular memory and find peace with your past, by past life regression.

Cells are constantly growing and dying they are the ultimate reflection of how the universe works.  

The universe is constantly changing, constantly transforming chaos to order, darkness into light and requires all who inhabit it.  

So either we make the conscious decision to live and grow or do nothing, which is a personal choice.

This is the meaning of old progamming of new cells—it is about cell memory.

This is why is that if you have some skin disease ( our skin renews every 28 days )  , the new skin which comes does NOT cure the disease.   


Chandigarh court issues notice to Aamir Khan after lawyer alleges he promoted homosexuality on Satyamev Jayate

Amir khan has been seen promoting Section 377 of the IPC in favour of rights of homosexuals, which was against the law of the land, the petitioner alleged. She alleged that the actor had promoted a criminal offence on television through his show.

Seems like Amir game under radar.


  1. hi sk,

    in SMJ 1-- aamir khan promoted CHEAP medicines though there is a supreme court order that such CHEAP UNTESTED MEDICINES should NOT be permitted in india .

    punch into Google search-

    capt ajit vadakayil




Being silent does NOT help!

QUOTE :   On May 14 this year, the cybercrime cell had arrested and charge-sheeted the first accused, Ajit Vadakayil (58), a retired merchant navy captain from Manipal, Karnataka, for claiming on blogs and a website that proceeds from the show were being used to build mosques, thereby accusing Aamir of promoting Islamic fundamentalism.
Both Mr Vadakayil and Mr Shakhtawat have been booked under the IPC and Information Technology Act for spreading defamatory content.
“We have also seized the data card and the laptop that was used to maintain the blogs and the content therein,” said DCP Dhananjay Kulkarni.
On his part, Aamir put out a statement clarifying that the show was actually financed by a different organisation of the same name based in West Bengal, which was involved in social work among the villagers.  :  UNQUOTE 

above is not true !

Let me lay down the ground rules:-
2) OUR CONSTITUTION ALLOWS FREE SPEECH ESPECIALLY WHEN THE HONOUR OF BHARATMATA IS INVOLVED.(  freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed under Article 19 (1)(a) of the Constitution )

What really transpired ?

It is our family custom that our PITRU PAKSHA and SHRADDH we donate free breakfast/ lunch / dinner to any LARGE orphanage / govt hospital / mental home .

So this time we decided to donate to HUMANITY TRUST of SATYAMEVA JAYATE – the TV show run by Aamir Khan.

On searching for the Internet donation site , we found HUMANITY TRUST DOT COM.

On checking out what this trust does it was found that this Islamic organization builds Madrassas / Mosques etc.

QUOTE:  or claiming on blogs and a website that proceeds from the show were being used to build mosques, thereby accusing Aamir of promoting Islamic fundamentalism.UNQUOTE 





I checked out the first FIVE pages of google search—and did NOT find any other organization with the same name , as FAKE sites swindle money on the Internet .

Later SMJ clarified that their donation trust is HUMANITY TRUST DOT ORG.( not dot COM )

Now if I or any other man on this planet , were in the shoes of AAMIR KHAN we would be happy , right ?


What is the catch?

Why should he be furious when some one tells him that a DUPLICATE site is making money on his NAME ?

If anybody does NOT agree with me the time to tell is now !


Yes, I called him NAUTANKIWALLAH ( for crying in every episode ).

But then in PURE Hindi this word alludes to ACTOR.

During the Narmada Andolan , Aamir Khan’s movie FANAA was stuck, and almost every politician in India came on TV and called Aamir Khan a NAUTANKIWALLAH –and declared they do NOT want a Nautankiwallajh to save India. Aamir Khan did NOT get angry , probably the politicians were hard targets.

I had said a few unsavory truths about KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR selling Coke one year and Pepsi the next year  which has given the children of India fatty liver disease).

All my posts have SAILOR LANGUAGE – as I have been a sailor for 4 decades and in command of ships for 30 years –  in fact I hold the world record as a ship captain. 

They have done propaganda that i was NABBED -- when i have a email and SMS where I told Cyber cell where i live, and how to meet me-- which they did after 2 days  .  

My blogsite is:--

My blogsite does NOT make any money— I do NOT allow advertisements, though I can make a fortune by doing so. .

There are many other sites using variants like ajitvadakayil1 / ajitvadakayil2/ ajitvadakayilmyson etc .

Some of them make money using my name , by allowing advertisements.

I knew of all this through my readers .


Why should I be furious when some one tells me that a DUPLICATE site is making money on my FAIR NAME ?



I ask my readers?

Is the police force allowed to be a BOUNCER for a TV programme ? The high and mighty first call up a high ranking police officer, to get the iron gears moving . Is this the system as per our laws ? 

By NO means is a person who files an FIR , FIRRRSSSTTTT the winner in a court case. The court decides this.

Are we Indians still slaves ?

And in my blog post, I have clearly mentioned that I am a fan of Aamir Khan , and I even put a full GHAJINI song .

I still enjoy this song, maybe my mind is FREE without MALICE .

Capt ajit vadakayil



Namaste Captain,

News in Indian express that Udaipur was arrested for defamating comments on Amir's SMJ,

Why do they not investigate the fundings of SMJ to bring out Doodh ka doodh and pani ka pani


  1. hi n,

    there is a wrong notion that if a super celebrity rings up a HIGH RANKING POLICE OFFICER- and then files an FIR to screw someone, in connivance with paid up media -- the star celebrity will win. .

    leander pais had done the same thing — to teach his own wife ( mother of his daughter ) a lesson .







    capt ajit vadakayil
  4. PS -- i have kept quiet for several months --  
  5. but this endless assault on my honour via the PRESSTITUTE MEDIA ,  as the first to be arrested for defamation of a super star, will bear a VERY HEAVY PRICE .
  6. विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धिः
    Beginning of DOWNFALL has started for AK.

    -venkat, chennai


    1. hi v,





      all the newspaper called me a merchant navy officer--


      benami media ric -- do NOT make a shoe polishing orderly jawan -- out of a battle scarred general !

      capt ajit vadakayil