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Above: Quantum flux tube pinning.

First of all punch into google search ANTIGRAVITY AND SOLITONS VADAKAYIL

and check out a BBC video ( 2nd from bottom )  named “ANTIGRAVITY” explained by Dr. Michio Kaku,  an American theoretical physicist, in the City College of New York.

He called the effect anti-gravity levitation caused by electromagnetism counter acting gravity’s force.  I guess he should have called it QUANTUM LOCKING .  

You cannot get basic science principles wrong.

My readers would be sick and tired of the word QUANTUM, which is termed pseudo science by classical physicists of the Isaac Newton genre.  Even nano technology has missed them by miles. 

Some of the most promising potential of nanotechnology exists due to the laws of quantum physics. Quantum physics laws take over at this scale, enabling novel applications in optics, electronics, magnetic storage, computing, catalysts, and other areas. 

At the nanoscale, the physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials differ in fundamental and valuable ways from the properties of individual atoms and molecules or bulk matter

Exactly the same way the children of this planet still study Charles Darwin’s nonsense in their school science books,  despite DNA being known to even street urchins of the third world.   They all know how Bill Clinton of Monica Lewinsky fame got screwed.

Check out the wonders of the quantum world, in the video below.

Superconductivity is a quantum mechanical phenomenon . Superconductors are basically metals and alloys that can conduct electricity without any resistance.  

In a normal conductor, an electric current may be visualized as a fluid of electrons moving across a heavy ionic lattice.  The electrons are constantly colliding with the ions in the lattice, and during each collision some of the energy carried by the current is absorbed by the lattice and converted into heat, which is essentially the vibrational kinetic energy of the lattice ions.  As a result, the energy carried by the current is constantly being dissipated. This is the phenomenon of electrical resistance.

The electrical resistivity of a metallic conductor decreases gradually as temperature is lowered. 

In ordinary conductors, such as copper or silver, this decrease is limited by impurities and other defects. Even near absolute zero, a real sample of a normal conductor shows some resistance.

In a superconductor, however the resistance drops abruptly to zero when the material is cooled below its critical temperature.  An electric current flowing through a loop of superconducting wire can persist indefinitely with no power source.  Superconductors never loss any of the electricity that passes through them. So no magnetic lines can pass through them.

Superconductivity and magnetic fields are like oil and water… they don’t mix. When it can, the superconductor will push out any magnetic fields from the interior in a process called the Meissner effect.

Above: Meissner effect.

Here a crystal sapphire wafer is coated  with a thin ceramic substance known as yttrium barium copper oxide. When this substance is cooled below -301 degrees F using liquid nitrogen, the material transforms into a superconductor.

Quantum physics tells us that the magnetic field penetrates into the superconductor ( due to its thinness ) in the form of discrete flux tubes. These sites of penetration are known as flux tubes.

The superconductor strongly pins these tubes, causing  it to float in midair. This effect is called ‘quantum levitation". . The flux tubes cause the magnetic field to be "locked" in all three dimensions, which is why the disk remains in whatever position it starts in, levitating around the magnets

On a simple 3-inch diameter, 1-micrometer thick disk, next to a magnetic field of 350 Oe, there are approximately 100 billion flux tubes that hold 70,000 times the superconductor's weight.

At low temperatures the flux tubes are pinned in place and cannot move. This pinning is what holds the superconductor in place thereby allowing it to levitate.

Since the superconductor is pinned above the magnet away from any surfaces, there is the potential for a frictionless joint.

Quantum mechanics makes perfect sense mathematically,  but defies your intuition and your 5 senses at every turn.

We stood outside the gates of the quantum world with the advent of transistors.  Transistors act both as an amplifier and a switch for electronic signals, functions essential to virtually all modern electronic equipment, and without quantum mechanics, they wouldn't exist. 

Semiconductors are materials that can act as either a conductor or an insulator.  

We got rid of the monstrous and unreliable vacuum valve tubes, right?

The day , a computer belly laughs at a joke you tell OR can tell the moral of a story you narrate ( unity is strength ) or the day communications are instant (  faster than light, by quantum tunnelling ) we can say we have really gate crashed for sure into the quantum world.

The teacher belly laughed while correcting a 3rd standard child’s exam paper, who was pretty street smart.

Question -” In which all states does the Ganges river flow?”
Answer- “ Only in the liquid state”

Question- “How can you share 8 mangoes among 6 people?”
Answer- ” By making mango shake”

Question-“ When was Mahatma Gandhi born?”
Answer- “ On his birthday”

Question – “ What is the national flower of India?”
Answer- “ I don’t know”

With Quantum physics you can jump over energy systems , say kinetic energy into chemical energy in a single step, which classical physics will NOT understand..

With Neutrino communication , subatomic particles can easily pass through 1000 light-years of solid lead without being affected.  Today you lose a mobile signal while in a lift , right?  Neutrinos rarely collide with other particles, generally passing straight through the atoms that make up matter.

The Indian Maharishis did this by using scalar waves from their 12 strand DNA.

Grace and peace!



  1. Very soon, I will stop subscribing to my daily newspaper and would rather prefer reading your blog. The best part about your blog is your scientific reasoning with a pinch of humor.

    Keep up the good work captain!

    Aneesh Somanath

  2. Dear sir
    Can this 'quantum levitation' b linked with the indian yogis levitating,if it can then pls explain in another blog.
    And another point, i am not been able watch the videos u embedd with ur articles. They simply dont appear on my ipad. Can u tell the reason, however i can access ur videos in ur older blogs.

    1. hi pj,

      maharishis with 12 strand dna can levitate their "ASTRAL BODY". the physical body will remain on the ground.

      use a computer to watch the YOUTUBE vidoes.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. It might be because it is flash video ( *.flv )
      may not work in apple as it uses some other type/player ( I don't use ipad though ). Either you need to upgrade your flash if it exists in your ipad or use a computer with updated flash player.

  3. Hi
    ur comments

    1. hi mes,

      polish pope john paul was placed in position to vacuum up the atheist communists as soon as USSR was deliberately disintegrated, by pseudo zionist jew gorbachev.

      some of these converted russians started following hinduism as they got mental solace in hard time by joining the hare krishna motley groups.

      now in russia the orthodoc church who does NOT recogonise the pope is all strong.

      in gita it is written -- DO YOUR DUTY, BE IN THE MOMENT.

      this was subverted by the christian missionaries to mean-


      ramayana was too compassionate-- where you turned you cheek a hundred times . bharat keeping ram's chappals on throne during duration of exile , ram discarding sita just because of a cynical washerman etc

      mahabharata was more level headed, and said " give moonh todh jawab when it is a must "

      even all thses sex sculptured of indian temples like kajuraho, konark was to wean away people from the spiritual path, and to have a leg in the material world.

      if everybody becomes a saint, then who will fight for the country or even procreate ?

      this is similar like white countries whose population is falling alarmingly , allowing black, brown and yellow skinned people to immigrate.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. In USA the Immigrants are usually there because of their immense skill and qualifications (STEM), mostly Indians take up most of these visas,and since the westerners cannot compete they even put quota on these visas. intellectually we Indians have limited competition....

  4. thanks for the post. It got me introduced to another dimension of the quantum world. Also captain, if you can post some info on qubit or quantum computing. It involves the use of a totally different type of programming. Science will have no definitive answers as long as it doesn't see the consciousness force described in the Vedas.

    1. hi,

      the first step to quantum computing is to use sanskrit for the software and water instead of silicon.

      a conscious computer is the one which will laugh at a joke and tell the moral of a story ( haste is waste )

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. Informative post. You are very versatile. Quantum engineering will turn everything upside down within 2 or 3 decade.


    Somewhere you have written (GB Savarkar post):

    "The Italian Queen Bee and her stooges are shining now. But all of them will soon be in the dustbin of Indian history."

    Congress is like amarbel --PARASITIC Cuscuta-- it is very difficult to wipe it out, people simply dont have option at national level. Its either original congress or duplicate congress (BJP).

    And then, you know and I know our votes have zilch value, the charade is all fixed and implemented electronically. Whoever is liked by big brother rules nation, to hell with mood of the nation.

    They won 2004, 2009 LS polls via EVM rigging. 2014- even if they do not rig to majority this time due to anti UPA wave. They will program EVMs to give hung mandate. Please write something about EVM fraud and poll rigging.

    They play rather fair with state polls, but when it comes to Delhi thing get bizzre. Only the power-brokers of Delhi and stooges at central cabinet prepare platter for their gora lords. Within 10 years UPA govt gave all our natural resources to corrupt corporations. Even gave our retail market for free. (no debate, no voting in house direct notification, even supreme court has been advised --gagged-- by Sibal to stay away from 'policy matters'.

    They wont let Modi to rule with absolute majority (if ever he manages to grab electorate). Even if voters want him to.

    And if somehow gets the chair, he will have to dance according to the tunes of foreign lords. So strong is their grip over our society, economy and bureaucracy.


    1. hi vivek,

      punch into google search-


      and also


      the house of lords was introduced in england by rothschild, so that their stooges can VETO democractic choices made in house of commons. house of lords was UNELECTED and 100% ull of rothschild's stooges.

      see today manmohan singh has used assam quota to rajya sabha , since he was planted on the finance minister's chair by rothschild.

      india can survive only if we abolish the rajya sabha.

      now we have stooges like katju coming on TV and saying that the governor can pardon a criminal, even if the president of india does NOT want it.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. HI caption,
    Please enlighten us with post on Ancient Mudra Pranayam. I can feel the effect of practicing madras which I didn't felt by practicing YOGA.
    I know you will someday write about Mudra Pranayam.

  7. Dear Capt.,

    i heard Somnath temple had originally Lingam which suspends in air with magnetic field created by pillars around., before ghazni invasion. you can give more technically on this!!


  8. hi sheela,

    this was at konark sun temple.

    the huge magnets used to levitate the sungod idol was stolen by rothschild -- claiming that it upset their ship's magnetic compass ( bull ). the temple is 5 kilometers from the shore.

    it is NO big deal-- you can do it yourself.

    on olden ships after the radar magnetron ( had real heavy magnets ) got spoilt , we used to dismantle it and have two large semi circular magnets -- and we did a lot of amazing experiments.

    i had a magnet at home and when the bucket fell in the well , i used the magnet to pull it out of the bottom of this deep well -using a rope.

    put this link on google search -

    " Homemade Levitating Top Levitron "


    capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Dear Capt.,

    About the semiconductors - they are not materials that can act as either insulator or conductor. Their conductivity is between that of a conductor and an insulator. By doping they are induced with excess carriers (electrons or holes) which makes them conductive - the kind of doping determines their type (p-type or n-type). To make semiconductors useful p and n-types are used together to make different devices.


    1. hi rohit,

      talking about valence bad and conduction band will drive my readers away.

      i need to keep it a ground level.

      for my more scientifically inclined readers--

      Semiconductors come in two classes: Intrinsic and Extrinsic.

      An intrinsic semiconductor material is chemically very pure and possesses poor conductivity. It has equal numbers of negative carriers (electrons) and positive carriers (holes).

      While an extrinsic semiconductor is an “improved intrinsic semiconductor” with a small amount of impurities added by a process, known as doping, which alters the electrical properties of the semiconductor and improves its conductivity.

      The combination of different semiconductor types together generates devices with special electrical properties, which allow control of electrical signals.

      A pure silicon crystal is nearly an insulator -- very little electricity will flow through it.

      You can change the behavior of silicon and turn it into a conductor by doping it. In doping, you mix a small amount of an impurity into the silicon crystal.

      A minute amount of either N-type or P-type doping turns a silicon crystal from a good insulator into a viable (but not great) conductor -- hence the name "semiconductor."

      Semiconductors have useful properties that insulators and conductors do not have. These properties are based on the fact that an electron can jump from the valence band to the conduction band and vice versa, using temperature as a kick.

      Light can also give this energy boost and create what we call an electron-hole pair-- a free electron and a free hole.

      this phenomenon is called absorption.

      Photoconductivity is the increase of current in a semiconductor due to the absorption of photons.

      Light has a dual QUANTUM nature -- it behaves as a WAVE OR A PARTICLE . The particle associated with light is called a photon.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. dear Ajitji, what do u think about ranbaxy case? is it true their drugsare bad? or is this "Big Pharma"'s action to kill our indian industry? i feel that america is jealous our of sucess.

    1. hi rb,

      usa had this whistle blower reward system at sea for pollution.

      only filipinos availed of this system to get rich fast.

      it is so easy to cook up evidence.

      in ranbaxy case an indian, mr. Thakur will receive more than $48 million for giving evidence to USA for proscecuting ranbaxy , who employed him.

      In November 2008, japanese Daiichi-Sankyo completed the takeover of the company from the founding RANbir/ gurBAX Singh family in a deal worth $4.6 billion by acquiring a 63.92% stake in Ranbaxy.

      are we to say that american pharma ( who employs ex-iraq war mercenereries for hit jobs ) has better ethical standards than a japanese company, who has honour woven into the ethics policy ?

      glass particles do NOT find their way into ranbaxy medicine bottles just like that.

      how ranbaxy officials forged and backdated a standard operating procedure related to how patient data are stored, then aged the document in a "steam room" overnight to fool regulators.

      and how ranbaxy had used ingredients that failed purity tests and blended them with good ingredients until the resulting mix met requirements.

      did NOT animal matter and animal shit find their way into swami ramdev's medicines? will ramdev do this himself?

      would you put shit into your own son's breakfast?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Good day Capt,

    What's yr view on IPL capt, do you think that it is completely stage managed, like WWF.


    1. hi sr,

      WWF is 100% FAKE meant for small kids and gays.

      you will be amazed to know the gay percentage in USA and UK and europe.

      IPL is now being used to divert attention of indians from issues of national importance.

      what do you see on TV for the past 3 days-- is this an issue?

      a poor man having a property dispute dies without a judgement-- after 40 years.

      but for an IPL dispute-- judges are willing to work on sunday nights-- instant knee jerk action.

      what is the harm in SPOT betting as long as it does NOT affect the outcome of the match and there are NO bribes given players?

      EPL soccer world has it. again EPL and rock concerts are like Nero's games , to prevent people from rioting ( poor quality of life and rampant corruption of those in power ).

      nowadays after the launch of every bollywood movie the media and TV gives publicity in prime time.

      is this service free? arnab goswami blushes when he interviews the top heroines.

      Does he not know that BLACK money from abroad ( from desh drohis )is invested in Bollywood ?

      arundhati roy, amish tripati, chetan bhagat etc were given "foreign" awards for substandard work.

      now there are official ADVISORS TO INDIA on prime time on every subject of national importance like FDI.

      They are the new messiahs of Bharat mata.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Hi,
    In the Sidney Sheldon book “If tomorrow comes” , a con-man plays a chess game to win a bet.

    He cons the ship by making bets that he can beat both Russian chess grandmasters simultaneously and guarantee a draw with both .

    He then uses a mindblowing TIME WARP scheme using a screen to cheat.


    Every reality on this planet must be superimposed on a time scale graph.

    Capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Thanks a lot capt.

      Could you pls suggest a good book for understanding true essence of Bhagvadgita, in English.


    2. hi sr,

      almost all have translated literally.

      to be frank i cannot recommend any book in english.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  13. Hi Capt, I happened to stumble to your site recently reading your article on ramana maharshi, I am glad with what i have seen so far in terms of articles and your mission you have undertaken of bring out hidden truth is indeed noble & its very tough job. I am going through your articles one by one and amazed to find out article on awakening of consciousness after 21.12.11, which is very correct in my personal case as i got introduced to Bhagavatam, Bhagavad gita initially & then Advaita through teachings Self realized sages like Shri Shankara, Ramana Maharshi,Nisargadatta & many more and also sacred scriptures on self knowledge. I keep a record on my personal progress and completely ready for journey of life ahead as it unfolds. I will keep in touch with you vide your blogs.

    Ramana maharshi used to refer/recommend gita press edition of Bhagavad gita in English. So this might be closest we could get in english, biggest plus is that there is no commentary/story writing by authors e book is also available for download.

    God bless you & fmly captain!!

  14. Pranaam Bhai
    This is wrt to your correct assesment on Rajya Sabha. Count me in as i have never ever bothered to lend my ears or a single minute to any Rajya Sabha MP who has "NEVER" faced the electorate and such people are good for nothing. But when it comes to bhaashan baaji they seem to tell the world that they know everything about the aam aadmi. B-Shit. Good for nothing party stooges.

    1. hi ss,

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Sir,

      Popular belief is that Humans came from Apes. First early humans were said to be from Africa, which i doubt. Can u enlighten me on this subject on from where humans first came from? Is there an article in ur blog that points to this?

    3. hi rs,

      humans have NOT evolved from apes.

      charles darwin was an idiot.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil