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First watch the video below.  This will convince you, that there is a science to swinging a ball or bending the soccer ball in flight like Beckham. Or else you cannot get the accuracy which the video shows.

Mind you all these fluid mechanics were known to Indians and recorded 7000 years ago. It is just that the white Christian invader patented the knowledge in their own names and destroyed the originals.

The below video shows Magnus Effect in a boomerang

Now watch the video ( below ) , of how we pump put liquids using an educator pump on a ship.

9000 years ago our ancient Maharishis cleared their sinuses before they sat down for pranayama and meditation.  They mixed some salt in like warm water in a bowl and drank up the water through the nose ( red stream of video ).  The phlegm in the sinus was drawn out from the capillaries ( blue stream of video ) and expelled through the mouth.  

See video below:  Sinuses are cleared before meditation.

You will appreciate that no SOB will drink water through his nose , unless he was cock sure of the principle behind this.

So , now we are allowed to learn the same thing in our Physics books at school , with a patented white man's name BERNOULLI.

The  Bernoulli's venture principle, states that fluid under high pressure is converted into a high-velocity jet at the throat of the convergent-divergent nozzle which creates a low pressure at that point. The low pressure draws the suction fluid into the convergent-divergent nozzle where it mixes with the motive fluid.

So we have a Jew Johann Bernoulli  ( who was in the Rothchild spice trade with Calicut  ) who settled down to claim glory for our Calculus ( which he could not make head or tail of ) and his smarter son Daniel Bernoulli given the credit of the hydrodynamics—all thanks to the German Basel mission in Calicut , my hometown.

To find out how much dis service Basel mission did to Kerala and my hometown Calicut, punch into Google search HERMANN GUNDERT VADAKAYIL

Johann Bernoulli was on the side of German Jew Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz in the bitter dispute with English Freemason Isaac Newton about who will take credit for the stolen Calculus. 

To read more about this Calculus dispute ( stolen from the Kerala school of Mathematics ) punch into Google search ISAAC NEWTON , THE CALCULUS THIEF VADAKAYIL

A) Below video: Watch what airflow can do to a TT ball.

B) And how about this-- surprised?

C) Or this?

D) Or the Magnus force , by which Roberto Carlos bent the soccer ball like a banana?

E) Below video:  Have a look at gyroscopic precession.

A boomerang does funny things because it is in fact a gyroscope.  Aerodynamic forces generate a twisting moment which cause the "gyroscope" to precess and to move on a circular path.

F) Below video: Magnus force again-- check out how a golf ball with back spin will go soaring high.

All these forces and effects are mentioned in our ancient Vedic texts .


Why did the ping pong ball stay steady in the air ?

The pressure inside the stream of air generated by the hairdryer was lower than the air swirling around it. This surrounding air pushed on all sides of the ball, which held it inside the hairdryer air stream. Gravity stopped the ball from flying straight up into the air. When hairdryer is tipped to a certain point the ball falls down. This is the point at which gravity was exerts a greater force on the ball than the air pressure does.

As you can see Magnus effect is a push of air, Bernoulli's principle is the decreasing of pressure in a stream of fluid. One pushes, the other pulls..

When a golfer bashes a ball with a back spin, the ball soars in the air, due to Magnus effect .  When the ball lands from a height it spins backwards on the grass.  

Same effect can be seen in tennis when a player chops the ball with an under spin. The pressure differential, high on one side and low on the other, creates a lift force ( Magnus force) that causes the ball to move in the direction of the pressure differential (i.e., from high to low).

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most feared free kick takers on this planet.  This man is a superb athlete and his is intelligent  for he can anticipate..  

Sometimes he makes the ball swerve in a unpredictable manner by kicking on the soccer ball air valve with a toe shot.  

Ronaldo can also curve the ball in air, with a banana kick using Magnus force.  A banana kick is an off-center kick that makes the ball curve in the air.  

A curve ball is a nightmare for the goal keeper , as he is often blinded by the human wall. By the time he sees the ball coming past the edge of the wall, it is too late. 

When you kick a soccer ball off-center it will spin. If you kick the right-hand side of the ball with the inside of your right foot, then it will spin in a counter clockwise direction, but kick it on the left-hand side with the outside of your right foot and it will spin clockwise.

The greater the spin you can put on the ball by using friction between the football boot and the ball surface , and also more the offset of the kicked spot from the centre of gravity,  the more the ball will swerve.  On a rainy day with less friction between the boot and the ball, it will be difficult to spin the ball.

If you see the free kick taken by Roberto Carlos for Brazil ( 1997 match against France) , he kicked the ball from a spot 115 feet from the goal, close to the corner of the D on the edge of the penalty area, at a great velocity of about 80 mph.  

The subsequent swerve was so dramatic that a ball boy standing 33 feet to the side of the goal jumped out of his skin as he thought the ball was gonna smash his head . But it  swerved suddenly away from him and beat the astonished goalkeeper.

In the last World Cup in South Africa, ( where they galleries kept blowing those loud irritating horns ) there was considerable controversy . The FIFA soccer ball was new and light, and nobody could get proper ball control—and this included the best soccer players.  

Hardly anybody scored from  long-range shots or free kicks. Players were simply unable to control the swerve of the bal, because their coaching was no good.

After the world cup, sport scientists used wind tunnel experiments, high-speed video camera analysis, trajectory simulations, and computer modeling to get a hand of what is happening.

In the time of the Hungarian Frenic Pushkas, the ball was too heavy.  Whoever had more brute leg power he was a success.  If Pushkas were to hit todays  FIFA ball, it will swerve out of trajectory.

David Beckham and Ronaldo Beckham could make the ball  rise up over the human wall and then down again so that it doesn't fly over the goal post bar.  Beckham would literally caress the ball  with his foot like a tennis player, he used more ball control and less power. 

The power with which the ball is kicked and the amount of spin that is generated are inversely related.  The ball will go straighter the harder you kick it. The ball will curve most when it slows down from turbulent flow into the laminar flow regime. Good players like Ronaldo know how to get this transition to happen just after the ball has passed the human wall..

Magnus effect is called after German Jew Heinrich Gustav Magnus , who had access to Indian ancient texts, thanks to German Jew Rothschild..  

Consider a ball that is spinning about an axis perpendicular to the flow of air across it . The air travels faster relative to the center of the ball where the periphery of the ball is moving in the same direction as the airflow. This reduces the pressure, according to Bernouilli's principle.  

The opposite effect happens on the other side of the ball, where the air travels slower relative to the center of the ball. There is therefore an imbalance in the forces and the ball deflects . This lateral deflection of a ball in flight is generally known as the "Magnus effect".

The Magnus effect can be applied in any direction,  and in this way an athlete can create backspin, topspin, and sidespin.   Tennis players and volleyball players use the Magnus effect when they apply topspin to make the ball drop suddenly while in flight.  A topspin combines with gravity’s downward pull,  and this is why topspin forehands in tennis (and table tennis) arc viciously over the net and down toward the court.  

A backspin, on the other hand, fights against gravity. The more spin, the more the ball will “hang” in the air.  Because the backspin is rotating in the opposing direction that the ball is traveling, the spin causes the ball to slow down and even jump backward once it hits the court surface.  Experienced players are able to “read” the spin on the ball from the motion of their opponent’s racket.

The Magnus effect is NOT responsible for the swing movement of the cricket ball in mid air. --although it does contribute to the motion known as drift in spin bowling.

Now , let me talk about swing bowling in Cricket.  There is more to fu#kin' cricket than Balla having a Mulaaqat with gendh.  

The olden day Hindi cricket commentators were pathetic— mulaqaat nahi ho saka,  isliye thappa khaane ke baad siddha gaya gendh wicket keeper ke haath mein.

Australian cricket umpire Darrell Bruce Hair along with fellow Australian Simon Taufel, and New Zealander Billy Bowden, was appointed to the ICC Elite umpire panel.

Darrell Hair apparently was a racist and he had problems with ze brown skins of Indian sub-continent origin.
Hair umpired his first Test match in January 1992, between Australia and India in Adelaide. The test was won by Australia and according to the Wisden was "marred … by controversy lbw decisions – eight times Indians were given out

In a match between Australia and Sri Lanka in Melbourne, he no balled Muttiah Muralitharan seven times in three overs for chucking.

On the fourth day of the fourth Test between England and Pakistan at The Oval, seeing the ball swinging the wrong way, Darrell Hair ruled that the Pakistani team had been involved in ball tampering.  He awarded five penalty runs to England and offered them a replacement ball.  

In protest the Pakistani players refused to take the field after the tea break. After 30 minutes the umpires removed the bails, declared England winners by forfeiture.

After an ICC board meeting discussed his actions in a Test match between Pakistan and England in 2006 it was decided he should not umpire matches involving the test playing nations. 

In an e-mail to the ICC Hair wrote that he would resign from the ICC Elite Umpire Panel in return for a non-negotiable one-off payment of US$500,000 directly into his bank account. How chweeet!

Hair wrote that the payment was to compensate for the loss of future earnings and retainer payments

Former Sri Lankan captain, Arjuna Ranatunga, welcomed the decision saying that "Hair had a prejudice against Asian teams. I am happy that he is finally out".

Naseem Ashraf, chairman of the PCB, said "Mr Hair was removed from the ICC panel of umpires because of his bad umpiring and his poor judgement.

But the whites still considered him the best. After all vicious and vulgar sledging and dubious umpiring had taken them that far in world cricket.

In the aftermath of the Oval incident Hair was voted Umpire of the Season in a poll carried out by The Wisden Cricketer.

 A leaked ICC report showed that before the Oval incident, Hair was ranked the second-best umpire overall and number one in decision-making.  

In February 2007 Hair announced he was suing the ICC and the Pakistan Cricket Board on grounds of racial discrimination—how do you like that? The spiked fist is complaining against the bloodied nose.
On 22 August 2008 Hair handed in his resignation to the ICC in order to take up a coaching role-good riddance.

A West Indian umpire too had a problem with brown skins . Steve Bucknor  was removed by the ICC from officiating in the third Test between Australia and India in Perth after his several incorrect decisions contributed to India's defeat in the second Test in Sydney in January 2008.  He was almost like a slave to the Aussies and the other white teams, for survival I guess.   

Subsequently he was removed from officiating the next test match, after the Indian team got ready to break the tour forfeit the series and come home. Enough was enough. Sport must be treated as sport,NOT highway robbery.

But when BCCI got more powerful with financial clout, Steve Bucknor was booted out. Former umpire Dickie Bird suggested that Bucknor had "gone on too long".

Steve Bucknor blamed India's financial power for his ouster— you are dang right maaan!

The ICC confirmed on 23 February 2009 that Bucknor had decided to retire from umpiring in March 2009. Good riddance , again.

Pakistanis were often discriminated against for ball tampering.  The thing was their fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz found a way to reverse swing the cricket ball, which none of the white skins knew.  Sarfaz Nawaz did not know what caused it,but he could do it.  

He passed this trick on to Imran Khan who passed it on to Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis.   Today it is no more a secret. Every cricketing country knows how to do this, and the umpires too.

So let me  talk about out swing, in swing and reverse swing .

In cricket swing bowling the ball is NOT spun.  The ball has a seam at the “equator” .

One hemisphere is polished and other hemisphere is kept rough , which is natural wear and tear .   If you try to roughen the rough side side manually , or polish the polished side with Vaseline etc this is ball tampering.
Above:  This is an out swing scenario. The polished side ( RH side ) has a smooth air flow,  while the rough side ( LH side ) has turbulent flow.  The seam is aimed at the second slip fielder.

For inswing  bowling , the opposite happens. The rough side of the ball is now kept to the RH side and polished side is kept to the LH side. The seam is now aimed to the LH side of the wicket keeper (  his left hand while facing the bowler ) -- just opposite to the outswing position..

There is NO rocket science here . The ball always swings to the rough side, where there is turbulent air flow..  

Imagine a boat in water.  You paint the underwater RH side smooth and on the underwater LH side you have rough encrusted barnacles, the boat will tend to steer towards the rough side.  

Now imagine just like the  seam of the cricket ball  , the boat’s sharp bow is also twisted to the left.  The boat will turn more readily to the left.  Even a retarded child can visualize this.

For successful swing bowling,  the ball should be released so that it spins along the seam ( backwards ) to get minimal wobble.  Wind-tunnel tests on spinning cricket balls show that the maximum side force is generated at about 70 mph with the seam angled at 20 degrees and the ball spinning backwards at 11 revolutions/second.

Dry hot sunny days don’t favour swing bowling, whereas overcast sky and wet pitches with moisture evaporating , are found to be most conducive for swing bowling.  Good swing bowling is virtually unplayable,  especially if the batsman has NO dang idea which is the rough/ shiny side of the ball.

If you are facing a good swing bowler , you can reduce the chances of getting out either nicking off to the slips by playing defensively with soft hands.

Off swing bowler’s follow through is across his chest, while the inswing bowler’s action is a bit weird with follow though coming in a straight line.

Fast bowlers rely on sheer pace to dismiss batsmen, but the fast bowlers who bag more wickets are the ones who know the art of swing bowling without a wobbly seam , by using back spin. .

Opening batsmen must know how to anticipate swing . Or they will be back to the pavilion in a deep sulk sooner rather than later.

The fluid mechanics of swing bowling is about  turbulent and laminar airflow.  Laminar air hugs the surface of the smooth side of the ball , separates from the surface of the ball earlier than turbulent flow air. 

The air separation point is more towards the front of the ball on the laminar flow side than on the turbulent side,  where air hugs the surface and separates only after reaching the backside of the ball, with lesser push than on the other smooth side — thus giving a swing to the ball with the seam still steady..  

Or put your brain in pickle by remembering that a  shiny side moves faster through the air then the rough side.  Seedhi baath hai!

Now let me talk about reverse swing.   Even the best coaches and the best bowlers of reverse swing do NOT know the theory behind it.  It does NOT happen by accident. It is made to happen.

Normal swing occurs mostly when the ball is new. As it wears more, it is more difficult to extract a large amount of swing.

Reverse swing occurs in exactly the same manner as conventional swing, despite popular misconception. 

Previously it swung towards the pointed seam--now it swings away from the pointed seam.

The ball normally starts reverse swinging after about 35 overs.  

A bowler who could only bowl outswingers at the onset with the new ball can now bowl inswingers with an older ball without any change in the grip or bowling action –he just points the flattened seam the opposite way.   The ball swings towards the same rough side .

With reverse swing, both sides of the ball are rough, but now the seam has more of an effect.  The polished side has become a bit rough due to wear and is now heavy due to moisture and oil ingress , due to  body oils and fluids.  

Bumps appear on the polished side, due to the non-uniform nature of the expansion due to moisture ingress into leather . The shiny side has water pockets in it and is heavier  whilst the rough side has air pockets and is lighter. The centre of gravity of the cricket ball has shifted off centre towards the shiny heavier side.

These raised bumps invariably creates valleys, which hold the air in the same manner as the rough side. The turbulent boundary is thicker on this bumpy valley side  from the ball surface .

Reverse swing can be done only by fast bowlers. . Unlike conventional swing, reverse swing will swing the ball in the direction the seam is NOT pointing. ( read the NOT part well ) . Remember, the seam stays in position and upright because of the backward spin given to the ball..

Reverse swing is more lethal because the ball swings very late.

Reverse swing is more effective with a low sling shot arm action like fast bowlers Lasith Malinga or Waqar Younis,  who make the ball swing VERY late – which is virtually unplayable..

Below video: Wanna know more about Magnus force?  watch the TT ball below !!.

Punch into Google search BIR BAHADUR OF EME SECUNDERABAD VADAKAYIL where I talk about spooking the National Champion with Magnus effect.  People were watching with mouths agape.

Above video, for  a golf shot with back spin-- Magnus effect causes ball to soar.
Grace and peace!



  1. Hi Sir,

    can u elaborate Sultan Muhammed Shah, Aga Khan III role in india and during world war 2?

  2. Ajit Sir, Do you follow Dvaita or Advaita path?
    is worshipping Sun considered Dvaita or Advaita? because we believe everything on Earth is because of Sun.

    Also have you got a chance to explore Buddhist scriptures?
    They are also full of knowledge and ancient writing based on inner self.
    I came across One Buddhist in Delhi and he was such a humble and knowledgeable man that a thought came to my Mind that Sanatan Dharma's lots of scriptures and writing are unfortunately lost or destroyed.
    Buddism being the very first alternate path/religion in Bharata we have tremendously neglected its written treasure which gave us people like Aryabhatta, Bodhidharma etc.
    Can you write piece of article on Buddhist and its philosophy which is somewhat similar to Sanatana Dharma?
    It also striked me that like it was said in Kaliyuga people will start to become greedy, cunning and all sort of bad influence you can think of which also entered in our ancient scriptures which made life miserable for low caste people that's how I think Buddhism spread in our country which gave support to Shudras.
    I agree that our scriptures don't encourage this kind of things but yes predictability is there of treating them as inferior object due to bad influence of certain people who injected this writing into people's mind.(KaliYuga)
    It was only after Shankaracharya gave true message of Sanatan Dharma but it was again shattered by Islamic Invasion.
    what you have to say Sir.

    1. hi tarak,

      the dept of hinduism is mind boggling.

      it is NOT a silly whole and sole HOLY BOOK , pastors bring on TV, read a line to confuse the "biriyani packet" audience and then say something else totally different about life management.


      i have just scratched the surface of hinduism.

      the modern nuclear and quantum scientists all preferred to be CREMATED , much to the angst of the jews and the christian clergy.

      you can argue that everything on earth is because of the sun -- such people will also argue that you are alive because of your asshole.

      it is the tilt of the earth at 23.5 degrees on its axis , which gives life to this planet--and this is part of DWAITA hinduism.

      every chemical and biological reaction ( organic or inorganic ) which involves electrons jumping orbits is ADWAITA hinduism.

      none of the preachers of hinduism in orange robes , including great guns like vivekanada got this right. because they did nOT have the scientific mind like nikola tesla.

      this is the reason some nuclear and quantum scientists got together and forced vivekananda to meet nikola tesla.

      They got the most beautiful hollywood actress of that time sarah bendhart to host a party to make these two minds meet.

      islamic invaders never understood hindusim. even compiling quran has a lot to do with indian translators of arabic editing the book at cheraman perumal mosque at kondungallur kerala. this book was adapted to serve the MN LIVING IN THE HARSH DESERT.

      no god will tell man to kill some other man ( verses on jihad against non-believing infidels ) . god is about love and fairness and inclusivity.

      and dont get too much carried away by buddhists -- these are the ones who is now doing ethnic cleansing in sri lanka and bhutan.

      buddha was just an opportunist who mirrored hinduism ( RH swastika became LH ) , translated hindu ideas from sanskrit to local vernacular and became go.

      he is just a mere mortal hindu saint of gautama gotra.

      by the way arya bhatta 's real name is ARYAN BHATTATIRIPAD and he is a kerala namboodiri.



      the reason why bihari's claim this man, is because he taught at the nalanda university in bihar in 2700 BC. but his lat/long co-ordinates of this astronomical treatises are from kerala.

      Say, we celebrate VISHU in kerala on 14th april— this is because vishu means equal day and night and it happens on the path of the sun from tropic of Capricorn to Cancer while travelling northwards.

      there has been several arya bhattas in history. aryan means they came down from saraswati river, bhattatiri are the creamy layer of namboodiris whom parashurama brought with him to kerala.

      i really have nothing great to write about buddhism, except that it the monks persisted with the hindu way of meditation.

      a lot of hype about buddhism being greater than Hinduism was created by BR Ambedkar in collusion with the british to " divide and rule " india.

      first of all even BR Ambedkar got the dat wrong-- Buddha was born in 1900 BC.

      Bodhi Dharma was NOT buddhist. His real name is BUDHI DHARMAN. buddhi means intelligent. dharma means belonging to sanatana dharma. Dharman is a popular name in kerala.

      japs called him daruma. and he is NOT a tamil prince like what wikipedia says or what the tamils cry out while jumping up and down like orangutans.

      bodhi dharma just boarded a ship from the east coast of india to china-- just because it is easier in the SW monsoon season.

      if I board a plane to USA from mumbai--will that make me marathi?

      tamilain brahmins, the mani shankar aiyer types , and tamilian dalits , the EVR Periyar types -- have done a lot of disservice to indian history.

      and again all these caste divides were done by the white christian invader along with BR Ambedkar.

      you cant run a society without someone doing the dirty work, someone fighting in the army and someone doing the brain work.

      today if we indians are proud of our vedas, are we to thanks the past scavengers ?

      why should mayawati keep complaining that she is NOT being chosen for LoReal like aishwarya rai? is she worth it?

      capt ajit vadakayil

    3. You are absolutely right sir. even sanjaya of charioteer caste got a mention in Vishnu sahasranam.
      It just goes to show that you can work your way up in the society based on your hardwork and knowledge and bite the dust with your arrogance and wickedness even if you are a prince. I more correction sir, in your other post you mention kamdhenu was with vashishtha muni. kamdhenu was with parshurams father and sage vashishta had her daughter nandini.

    4. hi kapil,

      initially both mother cow kamadhenu and nandini the calf were with sage vasistha-- the manasputra of God Brahma

      later parashurama was in possession of kamadhenu.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Namaste Acharaya

    In my village there are people who drink water through nose. One remains healthy by drinking water through nose, does not get cold and cold related disease and lives long. Can you please explain how to drink water through nose and whether we can drink water through left and or right nostril. How to clean phlegm in the sinus (which type of salt should be used to mix with warm water ). I face problem while doing Anulom Vilom pranayama. The phlegm comes out frequently while i exhale so i get disturbed. I get frequent cold and it takes long time to get back to normal.When i wake up in morning i get sneeze(around 6-8 times) is this due to fan or cooler air .please help me . Today afternoon i tried drinking water through nose,sneezed badly .

    Thank you very much for your wonderful and excellent article .

    Nelson Singh

    1. hi nelson,

      take luke warm water, and put ordinary salt to make it slightly saline.

      for beginners it is better to use a spout inserted into one nostril , with tilted head .

      water enters the upper nostril and drains out via the other lower nostril.

      punch into google search NASAL IRRIGATION and see the pictures.

      later when you get the hang of it, you can just drink up thorough both nostrils -- nothing will go into lungs --it will come out via the mouth

      capt ajit vadakayil


  4. Dear Captain

    I believe that Vyasa, Valmiki, Adi Shankaracharya, Siddartha, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Lahiri Mahasaya, Ramana Maharishi have same teachings. They have always stressed about inner silence. As topography/language/culture/era changes, names do change. Avadootas and Bodhi have same sense. They have always asserted to look towards oneself, "Bheter ki our" as Osho says. I firmly believe that we didnot have religion as Semitics do. All we have is various paths for enlightenment. Else how could we tolerate such people who say "Gentiles are inferior/not chosen people" or "Pagans are condemned to hell" or "Slay all Infidels". IF Some MN have had some glimpse of our Knowledge, 90 million Hindus wouldn't have perished and there wouldn't be any "DACTAR" to give Taqiyya.

  5. Hey Captain have you seen this one;

    make sure you watch it from a minute on for the math involved, incredible kick.

    1. hi bobby,

      when my ship is in brazil- i watch TV.

      they hold competitions of direct goal from corner kick.

      10 kicks are allowed. nil wind conditions.

      on an average it was 4 out of 10.

      once i saw a guy kicking 8 out of 10. it is NOT all that IMPOSSIBLE.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Capt. Ajit VadakayilFebruary 27, 2016 at 10:06 PM
    Wasim Akram who noted the talent in Mohammad Amir and picked him 9 years ago as a fast bowler.

    This boy was FIXED and made to sit out on a BAN for 5 years ( spot fixing ) .

    He was put in jail for 3 months




    capt ajit vadakayil



    "I would like to compliment Mohammad Amir for his spell. I actually congratulated him while I was batting. I was so happy to play that kind of a spell. He's a world-class bowler. Hats off to the way he bowled and God bless him with more success" - Virat Kohli



    capt ajit vadakayil