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I am just back after a full body heavy duty Ayurvedic oil massage.   

I always take a bath with Cherupayar podi ( Moong powder ) as this does a better job than soap and shampoo.  On top of removing every trace of oil, it exfoliates the skin.  The ancient Maharishis in all their wisdom used this as soap. You should try this out.

While taking the bath , my wind wandered and I suddenly let out a loud laugh.

Immediately mE wife wants to know why I laughed and that too with so much joy ?  Probably a pretty young girl stashed away somewhere?  See this is called PMS syndrome.  TEE HEEEE !

So I said , I just remembered a joke which I had forgotten . 

Now this is a true incident narrated by my Sardarji friend.

They had a PT master , who was a jolly rotund Sardarji.  He was a good man and used to mix around with the college students –all Punjabis.   

Sometimes they would share a beer with him and it was usual for him to make this mournful statement after a wholesome swig of beer with a loud sigh “ You guys are so lucky. In my time we ate grams and survived”.

After some time this dialogue got on their nerves and so the students conspired to end this type of a melancholy statement, which went against his jovial nature.

So the next time he made this statement, all the boys got up and said “ Sir, we are so lucky to have a nice master like you. We want to touch your feet!”

And they all rushed towards him , all trying to catch his feet.

So far so good.

In between one boy said “ Give me some space, I cant see his feet. OK, then I will hold his balls” and then he squeezed it at bit hard -- a most sensitive twin spot “.  

And the master cried OUCCCHHH!

After this incident every time he started off with “ You guys are so luc----“  he would hold on to his balls and look at the naughty boys and not say the balance part of “ in my time we ate grams and survived “

He was talking about SPROUTED MOONG BEANS.

It many be a poor man’s fare, but even today it is the KING AMONG HEALTH FOODS.

Watch the video above, to check out how green grams sprout.

I remember when I was a small boy , we had a school project of sprouting beans and writing an essay about it. I had no dang idea , so my father helped me out.

He showed me two ways.

In one I can watch it sprouting by using a shaped up blotting paper , which held the beans , inserted into a glass having water.

The other way was to soak the beans in water and then fold it up in a wet cotton cloth and leave it lying in a bowl.

So I asked him, how he know this- as he seemed to be an expert.  My father was a member of RSS in the pre-independence days.

He told me about the Indian Navy Mutiny in 1946,  when RSS has put road blocks in all major cities of India , to prevent British troop movement.  After this mutiny till India became independent RSS would hold massive shows of strength like mass drills , march pasts etc every day.  

They would march past the British bungalows in Calicut .  A lot of people in the group used to be ex-soldiers of World War 2 who were disbanded after the war.  This sort of weakened the British resolve to hold on to India.

The day started off with Suryanamaskar and ended with Kho Kho, before they dispersed for their daily jobs.  

It was compulsory for all RSS participants to eat sprouted whole Moong Dhal and drink lot of water , before they reached the maidan, for their daily show of strength.

How many of you know about this unsung Indian Navy Mutiny of 1946, when the British invaders literally sh@t in their pants. 

All of you think that Gandhi’s Ahimsa drove them away , right?


If you wanna to know what Kho Kho is, just watch the video below.  It is tough on the lungs and the knees. It is a thinking game.  Dumbos will keep running, till the cows come home.

And if you wanna know what is Surya Namaskar, punch into Google search SURYA NAMSKAR THE 11000 YEAR OLD VEDIC SUN SALUTATION VADAKAYIL.

Since I posted it on 28th Oct 2011, this post has been downloaded more than 40, 000 times — which means people like it.

Let me narrate my father’s RSS method.

AAA ) Use only good quality seeds for sprouting.  Sit in bright day light , put your spectacles on if you need them, and eliminate every bean which looks suspicious or not upto the mark in looks. 

A single bad bean will contaminate a whole batch of sprouts,  so show no mercy. 

Clean and wash the moong beans .  This is to remove any pesticides. Make sure they are organic and not GM beans, which will give you cancer.

Soak it overnight or for 8 hours.  Make sure the beans are completely submerged in good quality non-chlorinated water , even when they get swollen with water ingress.  Don’t be stingy with water at this phase.

BBB ) On the second day-
Rinse the swollen beans well and drain the water.  Some would have even started sprouting. Drain the water completely by hanging off the beans in a thin white cotton cloth .

Now,  keep the cloth along with the moong beans in a vessel at room temperature.  Cover it with a light lid and leave it overnight undisturbed.  

Make sure the cloth is damp and care should be taken to ensure that there is no water stagnant in the vessel.

DDD ) On the third day--

You can see that the seeds have sprouted well. If you want longer sprouts, rinse and drain the beans through the cloth and keep it for another 6 hours.  

Again ensure that the cloth is damp and also there should be no stagnant water in the vessel , lest the sprouted  beans get rotten and slimy. 

It is good to place the spouted beans in direct sunlight to allow the UV light to kill any bacteria or fungus , before you start making a salad out of it.

It is easy to make sprouts in summer than winter.  The main factors for germination are water, air, heat , and darkness. 

There or no germination at all if any of these factors are not present such as insufficient water, or too much water, lack of sufficient heat, lack of fresh air, either too cold or too hot surroundings and too much light.  

Moong beans can be sprouted either in light or dark conditions. Those sprouted in the dark will be crisper in texture . Those sprouted in slight daylight light will have more nutritional content than those grown in absolute darkness.

If you are not going to use it immediately, it can be kept in the refrigerator for 3 days, packed loosely . Do not consume after 3 days even if they look good as germinating seeds are fertile ground for harmful bacterial growth...

Sprouts are a cheap method of obtaining a potent concentration of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Moong sprouts probably contain the largest amount of nutrients per unit of any food known.  

Eating sprouts is the safest and best way of getting the advantage of complete nutrition for it is LIVE organic food.  It is the safest and best way of getting the advantage of both fruits and vegetables without contamination and harmful insecticides.

Moong beans belong to the pea family , of the Indian Vigna radiate.  This native plant of India It has been cultivated and consumed as a sprout for more than 9000 years, when the rest of the world did NOT know the meaning of cultivation, and were clubbing down animals for food.

When the moong bean is sprouted, there is a tremendous increase in nutrients as compared to the dried embryo.  The vitamins, minerals and protein content substantially increase with a simultaneous decrease in caloric and carbohydrate content.  Pulses and seeds show a very low water content.  This, however, tends to increase tenfold when converted into sprouts.

Here is a scientific study about sprouts:-
Energy content - Kcalories        Decrease 15 percent
Total carbohydrate content        Decrease 15 percent
Protein availability                      Increase 30 percent
Calcium content                         Increase 34 percent
Potassium content                      Increase 80 percent
Sodium content                          Increase 690 percent
Iron content                               Increase 40 percent
Phosphorous content                  Increase 56 percent
Vitamin A content                       Increase 285 percent
Thiamine or Vitamin B1 content         Increase 208 percent
Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 content       Increase 515 percent
Niacin or Vitamin B3 content            Increase 256 percent
Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C content   An infinite increase

The reduction in carbohydrate content indicates molecules being broken down during sprouting to allow absorption of atmospheric nitrogen and re-formation of amino-acids.  The resultant protein is the most easily digestible of all proteins available in foods.

Sprouts supply food in a pre-digested form -- food, which has already been acted upon by enzymes and simplified.  

During sprouting, much of the starch is broken down into simple sugars such as glucose and sucrose.  

Proteins are converted into amino acids and amides.  

Fats and oils are converted into simpler fatty acids .  

Also, most important during sprouting there is a HUGE reduction in the gas producing quality of beans, reducing flatulence--and hence no farting.. This happens due to a massive reduction in content of oligosaccharides .

Sprouts contains both insoluble and water-soluble fiber.  Fiber scrubs your intestinal tract as it makes its way through your digestive system.  It fills you up, sating your appetite.  It is the best natural foods  to counter the acidity.

Water-soluble fiber reduces LDL cholesterol — the bad cholesterol — and reduces risk for cardiovascular disease.

Enzymes that initiate and control most chemical reactions in our body are activated in the sprouting process.  This helps convert proteins into amino acids and starch into glucose.  It drastically increases the value of vitamins.  

This live food rejuvenates body cells and tissues.  It retards the aging process. Sprouts are rich in fibre, protein, minerals, vitamins and enzymes, that’s why, it is a miracle food, as per Ayurveda.

They are the best foods for morbidly obese people with gargantuan bellies to lose weight. Moong spout is literally a living food, only thing is it does not crawl down into your stomach.. 

They are easily digestible, assimilated easily and provide quick energy. . Moong sprouts have a high protein content, and hence are quite popular among vegetarian athletes who don’t get the proteins of non-veg food.

Ladies who hair fall gives them depression, listen up.  Eat sprouted green gram everyday in the morning and within 3 weeks you will see that your hairfall has reduced like magic.

 Sprouted moong is  antioxidant, anti-bacterial,  anti-inflammatory, immune system protective, and anti-carcinogeic.

In 6000 year old Ayurveda , moong sprouts are termed as medicine because of its ability of preserving and promoting health.  I do hope as usual the West does NOT patent this rejuvenating medicine food , as they tried to do with Turmeric and Neem —and of course fell flat on their faces when India contested it..

Micro-nutrients in sprouts reduces the feeling of hungriness.  

Raw or uncooked sprouts has more benefits than cooked one.  If you suffer from digestive and bloating problems, have sprouts regularly .

Fibres fight constipation and improve digestion.  Sprouts contain EFAs, the essential fatty acids that fights infections and also boosts up immune system.

The green sprouts can are a good source of oxygen and this improves blood flow in the body. A cup of raw mung bean sprouts has just 31 calories. It contains contain abundant enzymes, protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

I eat my sprouts as a salad.  Raw sprouts+  plenty grated fresh coconut meat +  fresh lemon juice + salt to taste + black pepper + grated spring onions + grated fresh carrots + fresh coriander leaves

In the Indian chat Pani Puri sprouts are essential.  It consists of a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and filled with a mixture of spice water . 

Tamarind water , chatpat  tangy chutney, green chili, chaat masala,  mashed potato,  onion , Jeera waer, black rock salt , pudine, coriander leaves and sprouts.  It is small enough to fit completely into one's mouth.  It is a popular Kolkata dish and I had mine on Kidderpore draw bridge on the way to Dharamtalla by tram.  

Customers hold a small plate or bowl (katori) and stand around the vendors cart.  The server then starts making one panipuri at a time and gives one to each individual.  The vendor kept holding a filled up puri as soon as I swallowed the previous one . 

I thought it was part of the deal and had a bit too many, till my friend told me in mE ear, stop when I feel like, as the pricing is based on the count of puris I swallowed. 

Traditionally, panipuris are eaten by placing the entire puri into the mouth in one go and biting into it.  This releases a barrage of amazing tastes and exotic textures into all corners of the mouth and tongue . 

Grace and peace!



  1. tell this to Bear Grylls,
    at least some insects will be spared...

  2. Sir can you please share your view about Mr Subramanian Swamy , how does he get all secret information , he says he works with american government

    1. hi cr,

      every successful politician has his won sources.

      if you google his name , you can see that he is quite an accomplished man with a sharp mind.

      india needs to be proud of him, regardless of his political and religious affiliations.

      the fact that he is anti-LTTE being a tamilian shows , that he is anti joshua project 2.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Chennai Rocks & Capt.

      Mr. Swamy supports/trains IAS aspirants and has been very successful in that process. So, you should have guessed by now, how he has all the information from various sources.

  3. Hi Captain,

    I am from Palakkad, Kerala. I am a regular visitor of your blog. I wanted your take on the following topics because I am not able to get clean/unadulterated information on these....

    1. Adolf Hitler - Though he was a dictator and massacred thousands of jews, my gut feeling says there is some jewish conspiracy behind. The reason is Hitler was able to turn the economy of Germany (after ravaged in First World War) upside down within two years of his reign making it as the most powerful country in the world. Can you provide more details on him?

    2. Ravana - Ravana is depicted as a villian in Ramayana. But I wonder... there is no Shiva bhakth like Ravana in the world. He had Shiva's aaathmalingam with him. His knowledge in four vedas and 64 arts is astounding. He did not violate Sita even in Ashoka vanam and was waiting for her approval. Moreover he was a brahmin and a vegetarian? Please tell us more about Ravana.

    I hope you will fulfill my request.

    Awaiting your reply,
    Abilash Nair

    1. hi abilash,

      in another 2 decades DEVILS like hitler and natural godse will become saints.

      punch into google search






      ravana was NOT a bad man , as he is made out to be.

      Ravana was 4th in line from Brahma. (Brahma – Pulastya – Visravas – Ravana

      Ravana’s wife beautiful Mandodari , the daughter of Maya Danava, a great astronomer, builder and creator of illusions. Mandodari was the daughter of the Apsarasa Hema.

      Mandodari was more beautiful than Sita.

      Ravana had very little Rakshasa Genes. .

      Ravana’s great grandmother was a gandharva named Narmada. Ravana was 50% Brahmin.

      Ravana and his brothers did tapas to please Brahma, their great grand father, at Gokarna, which is on the west coast (near modern Mangalore). Brahma ruled other than manavas and vanaras no one would kill Ravana. With that boon, Ravana asked Kubera to leave Lanka and took his Pushpaka Vimana.

      Sri Rama forgave Ravana at the time of his death.

      Children in Lanka (Sinhala) are named after Ravana, but not after Vibhishana.

      A 35-foot high 10-headed Ravana statue was installed in 2005 at Ravana Rundi in the Khanpur area of Mandsaur. …Ravana is worshipped at Bhadkhedi village in Shajapur district of western Madhya Pradesh, in Rajasthan’s Hadauti village—and also by the Gond tribals of Chhattisgarh .

      “Ravan Samhita is an astrological text or scripture narrated by lord Shiva and written by Ravan. Ravana as a guardian of a temple in Thailand.

      Mainly UP people celebrate Dussera as Ram victory over Ranana. In South India and Nepal, Vijaya Dasimi marks Devi’s victory over Mahishasura, and in Karnataka, Mahanavami marks Arjuna’s victory over Kauravas at Matsya Desa.

      ravanA was a vedic scholar, and was drawn into all BAD BLOOD by his sister surpaneka.

      she fell in love with lakshman who cut off her nose ( naak kat diya is a figure of speech ).

      ravan got provoked when his sister removed her bangles in the king's darbar and told her brother to wear it or take revenge for his citizen ( his sister ).

      and sita refused to go with hanuman -- hence the war.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Astrology enthusiasts are familiar with another story - that Ravana became so powerful at one point of time that he had all the nine planets in his court, and he used to climb on top of them on his way to the throne. Narada was extremely moved by this humiliation of the planets, and asked Saturn how they could tolerate it. To this Saturn replied that the problem was that he was climbing on their backs and so Saturn's gaze is away from Ravana, but if Saturn could directly look at Ravana, then he would be finished. So Narada asks Ravana, what is the pleasure of not being able to see the faces of the planets if they are looking downwards, to which Ravana asks the planets to face him. Saturn's gaze falls on Ravana, and Ravana is finished. In astrology it is said that Saturn always has his head down, and if he looks at anyone directly, then they are finished. There are some other stories about Saturn and Ramayana, but maybe we can leave them for later.

    3. hi david,

      all such BOMBASTIC and RIDICULOUS stories have been planted by the white christian missionary and their hindu hating stooges like BR Ambedkar and EVER Periyar in the past.

      today the white man ( wikipedia too) quotes a stupid fiction writer by the name of amish tripati-- as an expert of hindu culture--

      BECAUSE HE HAS CONVERTED A GOD INTO A SEX STARVED MORTAL. he is now the best paid author in india.

      today the new fake hindu historians are the Tamilian DALIT christian converts.

      these ugly people who look like monkeys , eat beef and pork , drink cheap alcohol and do NOT even take a bath, are the ones writing fancy stories about Hinduism , and affixing the names of ancient noble maharishis as the authors of their vomit and shit on paper.

      of course JOSHUA PROJECT TWO pays them well.

      you get an idea if you punch into google search --


      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. I agree with you that a lot of ridiculous stories have been planted. It is a good idea not take anything on the internet at face value and never believe anything in the media or history text books (which were written over brandy and cigars?), and it requires the guidance of a true guru or activation of your inner self to understand these things. Most of the aberrations are by evil intent, and rarely also by poor interpretation or translation skills from the original sanskrit texts. The story I mentioned is familiar in astrology circles, and and there are other stories too, which are not in Valmiki's Ramayana. I found this, which is related in a way, How far this is true, I don't know, because I have not been to that temple. Anyway, I think you are doing a fantastic service, and I learn something new every time I come here.

    5. hi david,

      QUOTE : Saneeswara got trapped by Hanuman once when the latter was on the hunt for the life-saving sanjeevani herb to revive Lakshmana who was grievously hit by deadly weaponry from Indrajith, son of the demon kind Ravana -: UNQUOTE

      lord hanuman is grossly misunderstood. hindusim is full of allegories, so that it could be conveyed as stories in verses, which had to be studied by heart.


      today the whole world has come to know the profound meaning of the ENERGY of sanjeevani and hanuman chalisya mantras. the west is more excited than indians -- as they find it works miracles. western doctors are stotally stumped.

      probably i will devote a blog to it. it is about dowsing on a yantra.

      all were making fun of saibaba ( producing vibhuti ash ) of puttiparti when he was alive right?

      is this not what einstein said in his formula E=MC^2? -- again lifted form vedas -- that energy and matter is inter convertible?

      let me give you a hint- be ready to be shocked-

      punch into google search SAI SANJEEVINI ORG CARDS.

      keep water for 15 seconds on a suitable card and just drink it after 15 seconds.

      this is quantum science.

      bees navigate using the sun this way.

      let people laugh at hinduism as PAGAN religion of savages -- but hinduism will have the last laugh.

      already 55% of the white chritian invader in england prefers CREMATION and they put it down in their wills.

      the german quantum scietists like einstein were the first to cremate their own bodies--as they were hindus at heart.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. hello captain.
    just one request. u think u can mention term 'ARYANS' instead of 'HINDUS' in ur subsequent blogs.?! I just came to know hindu term was coined by muslims for people NOT converting to islam. literally it means all abusive character u can think of ( chor, lafanga, mawali etc). all our vedas mention aryans not hindu, bharat, hindustan or india. even epic serials like Ramayan, Mahabharat and Chanakya mention aryans, aryaveer, aryavarsh etc.i know that everyone knows v r aryans but i think word hindus shud b made obselete, just like calling anyone from NE a chinki is an offense now.
    what do u think?

    1. hi prabhat,

      The Persians could not pronounce the letter 'S' instead pronounced it as 'H' .

      They referred to people on the other side of Indus ( Sindhu river ) as Hindu.

      The word 'Hindu' does not occur anywhere in the ancient classical scriptures of Sanatana Dharma, as it is NOT a Sanskrit term.

      In Sanskrit even proper nouns have meanings. Like my name Ajit is “the man who cannot be conquered”.

      the culprit is a desh drohi Indian whom we worship.

      punch into Google search-


      it have mentioned in this post, who first printed the word HINDU.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. hi ajit.......have you read about credo mutwa's experience with reptilian extra terrestrials...some scary stuff.....he says humans were originally telepathic including with animals and trees and there was no used to be a misty paradise.....then reptilian aliens messed us up and our DNA to make us their psychic slaves....kind of like the Adam and Eve story

    1. hi mythra,

      ancient maharshis with 12 strand and NIL junk DNA could do telepathy.

      and dont believe the nutty stuff of credo metwa.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Capt.

    1. Recently noticed a ad in TV in which some kid ask why February has 28 days. So, thought of asking you this... there are bunch or assumptions and answers to this questions. Any insights ???

    2. Just curious, are you a vegetarian ?

    3. And also I am equally furious(yet calm physically) about the mass conversion from one religion to another religion particularly done by Muslims (by force) & Christians (by so called tactical strategy) BULL. But, my question is, what on this earth they gain by doing that ?

    4. Hate to ask this but still... So what if we all get converted, will they be happy, will their urge to win get satisfied ??? (I know am going to get a fitting reply, may be even rude, may be you did not expect this question from me, who is a STRONG INDIAN PATRIOT - I strongly believe that you would remember all your followers and participants in the blog)

    1. hi keeth,

      AAA-- July and August were renamed for Caesars of Rome ( Julius and Augustus ) and at the time those months were only 30 days. To honor the greatness of the “LORD FU@KLAND” Caesars, those months were extended to 31 days each and the days were taken from the end of the year, which at the time was February. Initially years began with Spring, namely March. This meant that February was the last month of the year.
      September, October, November and December names - which come from the Latin for 7, 8, 9 and 10. The Earth revolves around the Sun in 365 days and 6 hours. Now we can not have a day of 6 hours every year, so we keep February with 28 days. These 6 hours per year add up to 24 hours after 4 years, hence we add 1 day in February to get one extra day and that year concludes in 366 days which we call a "Leap Year" because it leaps for one day. As this year passes away, we come back in the same time scale with February of 28 days for next three years and then a leap year, and so on.
      The common feature of all regional Hindu calendars is that the names of the twelve months are the same (because the names are based in Sanskrit).
      There are 12 months in Hindu lunar Calendar: NOTE THAT THE SANSKRIT AND MALAYALAM MEANINGS ARE THE SAME .
      We all know Sanskrit precedes Latin, Greek and English by thousands of years..

      Meṣa (Aries)
      Vṛṣabha (Taurus)
      Mithuna (Gemini)
      Karka (Cancer)
      Siṃha (Leo)
      Kanyā (Virgo)
      Tula (Libra)
      Vṛścika (Scorpio)
      Dhanus (Sagittarius)
      Makara (Capricorn)
      Kumbha (Aquarius)
      Mīna (Pisces)

      The Hindu Calendar descends from the Vedic times. The most widely used authoritative text for the Hindu Calendars is the Sūrya Siddhānta, which the white Christian put as 1000 AD, while it was written by Maya Danava .




      The Mayan calendar , which everybody knows about , is nothing but a Vedic calendar made by Maya Danava. The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD .

      Maya Danava went to Peru on his own Vimana which was a spacecraft. He had designed several of these spacecrafts for Kubera. Lord Kubera, is the brother of King Ravana of Ramayana 4300 BC..

      The average length of the Vedic sidereal year, the actual length of the Earth's revolution around the Sun, was 365.2563627 days, which is virtually the same as the modern value of 365.25636305 days .

      The Surya Siddhanta also had the accurate diameters of all the planets . If at all someone may point an error in planet diameters , it is deliberately injected by the Christian white man.

      Rig Veda 5000 BC contains the speed of light, which has not changed till date. Ancient Maharishis used DNA of their bodies as laser beams and pineal as doppler .

      Yojana is an ancient unit of length. Arthasastra defines it as being equal to 8,000 dhanus(a dhanu is approximately equal to 1.81 meters), which is equivalent to 14.481 kilometers. Nimesa is an ancient unit of time. One nimesa is equal to 16/75 seconds. Thus 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesa is equal to 298942.143 kilometers per second after conversion. This is very close to the value of 299792.458 kilometers per second for the speed of light.


      Punch into Google search MANSA MUSA KING OF MALI VADAKAYIL.

      BBB—No I am a non-vegetarian.

      CCC— Conversions by force and guile , are all about having more people in your VICIOUS gang to snatch power.

      DDD--- A patriot is one who identifies his motherland as his mother. Just because you mother has become ugly, poor or old, will you abandon her and claim a young, beautiful and wealthy lady as your mother? There are indeed some who do this.. and these are the people who get abandoned by their own children later in time as divine retribution.

      I knew a guy who invited only rich and beautiful people to his wedding . He did NOT invite his ugly friends and poor close relatives so that he can show off all those nice pictures of the reception at a fancy 7 star hotel. These type of people will SELL their mothers.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hi keeth,


      if at all somebody publishes such a book , using my intellectual rights -- it will be my son.


      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Capt.
      I believe many have asked if they can lift it, and I see that you have asked people to lift quoting the source. anyway, I RESPECT. DONE. AWAITING SUCH A THING TO HAPPEN.

    3. hi keeth,

      OK-- as long as you quote the source.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Keeth,

      I always fear this mad government will someday delete/block this blog and this greatest public domain knowledge will vanish. So I have copied all blog posts on my hard drive. I want my children to read it as daily routine when they grow up to age of understanding it. You too can do same if you have similar fear as of me.

    5. Rhino,
      That's great... I think I should do that. But tell me something... is it enough if we keep reading it or if our sons/daughters read it or if it is just on the internet. That's my concern.

      It should reach all, literally EVERYONE IN INDIA. It can REACH EVERYONE ONLY thru PAPER MEDIA or TV(I doubt since it is a very expensive affair or biased in current trend), so PAPER in as many languages possible is THE BEST way.

    6. Keeth,

      You too know that, to understand what Ajitji is saying, either it requires clean slate mind of kids or it requires a level of subconscious maturity and open mind for adults. More than 99% of people will outright reject whatever is said here. Still I could not make my wife read this blog regularly who thinks Ajitji is Conspiracy theorist.

      I think decision makers need to read this blog more than commoners. So I spread this blog in my circle, to whomever I meet, most of them are bureaucrats and military officers. Now more than 20 of bureaucrats are regular readers and they agreed that reading this blog has impacted their decision taking. There are 60000 bureaucrats in India. This need to reach to at least half of them.

      Remember, new history can go in mind of next generation only through text book. Text books need to change according to truth told in this blog. Because, for a kid, text book is absolute truth. And most of the times, it will be final truth for that kid after growing up.

      I have met few people in Maharashtra State Education Board. They said such type of radical change will happen only when some radical nationalist government comes at top and we get a daring and bold HRD minister. Lets hope some miracle happens in 2014 or 2019........


    7. hi rhino,

      i do know that politicians are getting impacted.

      before i started my series on FOREIGN FUNDED NGOs nobody ever mentioned this term.

      kejriwal wanted LOHPAL control on everything --except foreign funded NGOs .

      the fast in dec 2011 with jail bharo andolan was to be a roaring success till i wrote this blog


      i had gone on a blitzkrieg putting comments in every main stream media.

      and finally there were more volunteers than crowds at mumbai's huge BMC grounds.

      manmohan singh was the first to suddenly talk about foreign funded NGOs trying to shut down kudankulam nuclear plant.

      even today you cannot pass IAS or PSC exams , if you do NOT write that the white skinned blonde and blue eyed aryan invaded india , drove the dravidians south and wrote the vedas.

      last i heard mani shankar aiyer praising winston churchill.

      the day indians say that naturam godse is a patriot and NOT a terrorist -- i will say INDIA IS FINALLY FREE .

      the day someone says that veer vinayak savarkar had an TOUGH elder brother babarao ganesh , who was the real patriot, while the younger brother was just a british stooge , i will say that WE HONOUR TRUE HEROES.

      even RSS maharshtrians do NOT know babarao ganesh savarkar.


      these are the real heroes of india -- the ones who were selfless and sacrificed themselves. not gandhi , nehru , patel, jinnah etc

      and how many people know about the indian navy mutiny in 1946?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Guruji,
    An off-topic question.

    What is enlightenment? what is its significance to mankind? I mean, why one needs to chase it?

    Kindly educate us.

    Best wishes as always...

    1. hi manju,

      An enlightened man compulsorily has a raised Kundalini .

      For can see beyond the veil of Maya or self inflicted delusion. For he has awakened to a greater reality , ordinary mortals cannot perceive .

      An enlightened seer sees everything as fractals. He can see music. He can see auras.

      His 5 sense bands are wider than others and he can intermingle them—like he can feel your presence.

      He can heal people as he is now a channel.

      He is devoid of ego , desires and fear. He is always in the moment. He has no attachments.

      He has attained the final yard of inner happiness. He nurses no ill will to anybody or anything.

      He can understand desires and let it go. He does NOT follow the beaten track.

      He has his own light and his own path. He is a mature soul.

      Jesus came to Kerala seeking enlightenment from the Maharishis, before he burst upon the Jerusalem scene as an enlightened man.

      This is the significance of Dec 21st 2012, when the earth is showered by divine rays or star dust. You have a 20 year old period when it is easy to get enlightened and literally save the planet from disaster caused by human EGO.

      Animals and plants do NOT have ego. Do animals try to convert other animals , like how the Christians do?

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Captain,
      Do you still believe that something of cosmic significance to us happened on Dec 21st 2012?

    3. Jesus was Hindu, a Tamilian Brahmin. Please refer Dr.P.V.Vartak book.

    4. hi das,

      NO !

      Jesus was NOT a tamilian brahmin.

      and das, either you read vadakayil or you read vartak.

      i am least interested in vartak .

      capt ajit vadakayil

    5. the book that jesus spoke tamil/(maybe malayalam as per your thinking) was not written by P.V. Vartak but he did the English translation. The book was originally written by (guess who)....the patriot whom you praised in one of your posts...Ganesh Damodar @ Babarao Savarkar.......the lesser known brother of Veer Savarkar....In Marathi........

    6. hi m,

      ALL BULL !

      babarao savarkar has never been outside india .

      whatever he knows-- he must have heard from bene israel kerala jews -- because he himself was a chitpavan jew -nay--brahmin,

      he is a descendant of those jews taken on R ship from kerala and dumped off konkan coast to wade ashore..

      jesus was a descendant of king david-- .

      king david son was king solomon-- whose mother was bath sheba --a namboodiri woman .

      david first saw this married woman while she was taking open bath in a pool, kerala namboodiri style.

      king solomons' ships used to come to kerala nearly 1000 years before christ was born.

      in between solomon and jesus -- thousands of jews have come to kerala from israel by ship as refugees due to roman persecution - ( sorry -- not to tamil nadu !! ) .

      it was NOT a great surprise that jesus came to kerala to learn healing before he suddenly burst upon the scene at jerusalem..

      Orpheus was a maharishi from kerala. He was NOT greek .

      In those days malayalam had the granthi lipi-- (which tamil also used). '

      namboodiris of kerala wrote sanskrit in granthi lipi.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Dear Captain,

    I recently happened to stumble upon this product "Herbalife", through my near & dear ones.
    Need you to kindly throw some light on this.

    Not sure, if this is really healthy.
    Many endorse this product so strictly that they take themselves as example, showing the weight loss..etc.
    I'm healthy and slim (by birth), however my bro is interested, as he wants to get slim. I'm afraid of the side affects, if not now , could be later.

    Looking forward to your kind inputs at the earliest, so all are enlightened..

    Grace & Peace

    1. hi jagadish,

      keep away from HERBALIFE.

      in just 30 years this company has made a fortune by milking the gullible.

      they are a pyramid scheme just like amway.

      morbidly obese people are willing to clutch at every straw.

      the first step of a morbidly obese person is to cut the STRESS.

      only after this is achieved , should he make sure that his output ( exercise calories burnt ) is more than his input ( food calories intake )

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Captain,

      Thank you very much
      Have a great day :-)

      Grace & Peace,

  10. Hi sir
    How are you ?
    Could you provide link where you wrote about the ancient Indian astrology and how modern day astrologers are befooling people .

    1. hi amanjit,

      punch into google search --


      capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Ajit Sir, Mr. Narendra Modi has been approached by US delegates over the last week and the week before he was called upon by Israel's ambassador.

    Any idea whats cooking?

    I would love to see a Hinduvta oriented power plug at the center but then again this will involve an alliance with the Communists from Kerala and Kolkata to get majority seats. How do you think it will dilute the core ideology?

    1. hi suave,

      pakistan can never attack india.

      if they make the mistake of doing it israel will destroy their nuclear facilities ( of course the propaganda will be that india did it ).

      israel is very nervous about the ISLAMIC BOMB.

      pakistanis are fools -- instead of co-existing with india with whom they share same DNA , who have more muslims than them, they get carried away by jealousy.

      communists of kerala are NOT atheists. strictly they are NOT supposed to go to the temple, but they all do it.

      these indian communist idiots do NOT even know what communism is all about.

      communism was planted in india by a zionist stooge MN Roy.


      capt ajit vaadkayil

    2. You keep referring to the Islamic bomb. Is it the unity of the Muslims against the Jews or something of equal measure?

      BTW I dont get it as to why they continue fanning conversions to Catholicism if they dont basically believe in that religion and in fact worship and antichrist? Mass/ mind/ belief control?

  12. Sir,

    What is your opinion on Naadi Joshiyam, which is picking up at a feverish pace in South India?

    Some predictions are very true, but others are just humbug. How do they get the names of every family member correct? And that too written in obscure palm leaves, thousands of years earlier?


    1. hi pad,

      you can ask the naadi man to give you a readout of your past events.

      you can use your commonsense to find out what he is worth after that.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  13. thanks sir for great info...
    I love sprouts...

    Btw you could have written the article without posting that panipuri photograph... now i will have to go and eat panipuri :D


  14. Capt.

    As Rhino, brought this up, what options do you have to continue doing this if at all, this is blocked(god forbid)by some party ???

  15. hi keeth,

    i will take care of my own problems.

    i have caught a couple of guys removing my name and hijacking my posts , as if it is their own in their own sites --

    -- and even advertising for seminars with corporate houses ( for payment of course )using my intellectual rights .


    and keeth, i dont even know who you are, i dont know what you look like -- yet you offer me so much help, like publishing a book with my stuff?

    if i want to publish a book -- i will do it myself.


    capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Capt.

    Sorry, only if that was offensive. Not sure if you got me right. I am not here to take credit of someone's work. HATE IT. My intention is about everyone to know these facts, which you have put cut and dry. Of course agree that the rational explanation in your style is your intellectual right. Awaiting these via paper media. Please do it yourself. Can't wait see the change in India. JAI HIND !

    And my actual question was towards, how will these information reach others if this is blocked.

    Just FYI, I am sure you know this too. You would have accepted the terms & conditions before starting to blog in blogspot, which actually defeats the rights to own the content posted in the blogger.

    I remember you commented here after seeing me in a regional TV channel thru youtube giving an interview about education, so you have seen me :-) I know it is hard for everyone to remember everyone.

    Over and out of this topic.

    1. hi keeth,

      ok, i remember watching your youtube video, about education requiring to be of practical use.

      all right keeth, you can use my posts either by providing a link or by quoting from it -- as long as your provide the source.

      whatever the terms and conditions for bloggers may be ,it does NOT allow another blogger to copy and paste my blogs in his site and put his name on it--

      -- after deleting my name and picture.

      and then the thief wants to run seminars for rich corporate houses , by WOWING them with somebody else's intellectual property -- it this out of altruism or personal greed?

      by the way if you punch into google search--


      you will notice that it comes as web content as item 1 / page 1 --

      -- and NOT as a blog !!

      capt ajit vadakayil

  17. Captain, I have read your post on Gandhi. Is it true that 20 pages of his personal diary are missing? And he was a Freemason? Is there anyway out of all this illuminati and Rothschild agents?

    1. hi arunav,

      i have put two posts on gandhi




      Indian national congress ( Gokhale / Gandhi) , Muslim league ( iqbal ) and communist part of india ( MN Roy ) were all remoted controlled by British East India Company owner rothschild (Illuminati ).

      Punch into google search SIR MUHAMMED IQBAL KNIGHTED VADAKAYIL

      rothschild handed over the baton to his Indian fronts and was still controlling India from 1947-- ( like how dawood ibrahim controls from pakistan )


      capt ajit vadakayil

  18. hello captain
    i just read in ur blog or comment (cant rem) which said ramayan happened around 4000 BC. Now i watched a video on youtube by one scholar who dates it to around 5600 BC.the link
    as i understand ramayan happened before mahabharat. very confused. ur thots?
    next is a request for writing about SHIVA. like we know only bits. nobody really knows like wats he about. his avatars his deeds etc.
    and where can i find unadulterated vedas. i heard agniveer version is a fake
    and have u heard of a vedic scholar named mahendra pal arya. seems to be a dude. ur thots?

    1. hi prabhat,


      ramayana is around 4300 BC.


      all so called VEDIC SCHOLARS are dime a dozen in India, and even if some of them know Sanskrit-- they do NOT have the wisdom to read between the lines of the vedic verses pregnant with meaning.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Please refer Dr.P.V.Vartak works on Ramayana. He plotted exact date of Ramayana and Mahabharata in his books. They are free to download.

    3. hi das,

      all these self conferred experts date the mahabharata using an astronomical event which happened on the 13th day of the mahabharata war.

      it is a SO CALLED SOLAR ECLIPSE where jayadrata gets killed .

      well it was not a solar eclipse at all. it was a temperature inversion causing refraction the opposite way.

      punch into google search THE MOON IS NOT HOLLOW OR MAN MADE VADAKAYIL

      capt ajit vadakayil

  19. Hi Sir


    I always thought that sardar vallabhai patel is a true Desh Bhakt..! but after u mentioned him as a stooge.. Iam confused , can u pls elaborate or write a post on patel.

    and sir its my personal wish to see a post on Lord Hanuman Ji from ur blog...

    Thank you

    1. hi mahai,

      Patel was Gandhi’s man. He was intensely loyal to Gandhi.

      I am sure he knew what Gandhi was up to, when he was recruiting Indian soldiers for world war 2 quoting Ahimsa..

      Patel was criticised by Subhas Chandra Bose for acting coercively to put down politicians not supportive of fellow Gujarati Gandhi.

      Jaya Prakash Narayan criticised Patel for his personal proximity to Indian industrialists GD Birla , who was Rotshchild’s opium agent.

      Muslim patriot Maulana Azad criticized him along with RSS for actively supporting partition.

      It was Patel who first banned the RSS in the aftermath of the Mahatma’s assassination.

      He gave the call to imprison RSS workers (in February 1948), and all these people were ex-freedom fighters .

      Naturam Godse the assassin was NOT a member of RSS.

      Gandhi was killed for actively supporting partition along with Sardar Vallabbhai Patel.

      Patel was afraid that he would be the next after Gandhi.

      Patel never thought of banning the Muslim League who fanned the Hindu Muslim riots.

      Patel was officially awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour posthumously in 1991.

      now ,punch into Google search-




      capt ajit vadakayil

  20. I got u sir, but how about his role in unifictaion of india wen britishers want to bifurcate india into different provinces after independence?

    and sir in regard to Bhagat singh, i believe that indian industrialist was also behind the murder of Bhagat ji, coz he is a communist/socialist and he became more popular than gandhi in less time. this wud have made indian industrialist to make gandhi not to support gandhi wen required, so that communism doesnot enter in india.

    Thank you

    1. hi mahi,

      yes, of course Patel did his job in amalgamating the small kingdoms after independence.

      Gandhi has openly admitted that the reason for starting the Salt Satyagraha agitation had been to spoil and undo the work done by terrorists like Bhagat Singh. Gandhi was in favour of Bhagat Singh hanging.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  21. Replies
    1. hi monika,

      QUOTE: Need facebook "Like" for your facebook page ?

      We providing 100 likes for USD $2 only: UNQUOTE


      capt ajit vadakayil

  22. Hi Captain....

    I have been fascinated by your writings about hinduism ......but my own approach to hinduism is a bit different....i mean hinduism in the sense of the philosophy expounded in the yogavasishtam......and religious pursuit as the quest for identifying ones self as a part of the divine......for such a seeker it does not matter whether rama was indeed a real person or a character in an allegorical story....

    I recently came across a few books dealing with the pagan mytholgies and their influence on early christianity of the gnostics and how the roman emperor constantine who adopted christianity banished all the gnostic literature and the findings of Nag Hammadi in 1945 has given us a new insight into their true philosophy....what i found very curious was in one of the books declared as heretic by the roman church - the gospel of thomas - the philosophy is so common to the one i found in yoga vasishtam........if this is the same thomas who is said to have come to kerala in the first century it makes eminent sense for some namboodiris to have identified with his teachings.....or is it that he was influenced by his sojourn india in writing that gospel? are the books....very interesting......

    The Jesus Mysteries
    Jesus and the lost goddess
    The laughing Jesus

    by Timothy Freke and Peter people like you can afford to buy from amazon while the meek will seek and find free ebooks to download from the net.

    Best regards


    1. hi ananth,

      do NOT be under the illusion that saint thomas converted namboodiris into christianity.

      if you read my post WORST RACISTS ON PLANET ERATH VADAKAYIL --

      -- you will see that even an old namboodiri held all 4 ACES of life ( with free screws of any underage girl of his choice ).

      why should he ask for a re-deal unless he is fu#kin' stupid?

      namboodiris were NOT stupid.

      to say something in their favour -- they studied their asses off ( vedas ) due which hinduism and vedas did NOT die in india--

      we must remember a namboodiri by the name of adi shankaracharya of 2000 BC --

      -- and arya bhattathiripad ( aryabhatta of 2700 BC).

      the kerala christians who claim that they were namboodiris -- have you seen their faces?

      they and their women folk , all look like UGLY monkeys with no class -- all recent dalit converts.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Captain,

      well ,conversion to christianity is not the issue i wanted to highlight......but the resemblence of the gnostic philosophy (or the pagan mysteries that they adapted) to our very own adwaita sidhanta is what fascinated me.....those pagan mysteries predates christianity by centuries......the books i cited above are well researched scholarly works and it sort of provides some proof for the view point that the underlying philosophy of hinduism has been the universal truth all over the world .....but the egyptian/greek sages ,who guarded such knowledge as a close secret and imparted only to selected initiates, were wiped off the history written by the politicians who came to exercise power through judaism/christianity/islam....

      best regards


  23. Hi Captain, you mentioned Hanuman Chalisa and the uniqueness behind this mantra. I recite this chalisa thrice everyday and would like to know your views on how this chalisa is deemd so powerful? It is not even written in Sanskrit for me to assume that it somehow activates my inner chakras, it is written in old style Hindi by Sant Tulsidas? then how is it that this matra is considered so powerful? Pray, pls enlighten us.

    1. hi raja,

      115 years ago a fake healer by the name of Daniel.D. Palmer, in Davenport, Iowa, United States read some Indian Kundalini science about Sushumna Nadi and the benefits of Surya namaskar and then decided to put two and two together and make it five.

      He declared that subluxation is the sole cause of disease and manipulation is the cure for ALL diseases of the human race.

      This is bull.

      There are whole families in USA and N Europe who go at least once a week to a chiropractor for prevention ( sic ) NOT cure. All this is fake Internet troll propaganda of this C breed themselves.

      If a chiropractor is not a registered medical practitioner, then he cannot put the pre-fix of Doctor on his calling card— and there will be no insurance vide Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act .

      Yes, for sever lower back pain or sciatica you can consult a qualified Chiropractor.

      I say qualified because an inexperienced chiropractor will NOT know that such manipulations must NEVER be done on patients with vertebral disc herniation and dislocation of one vertebral body on another. Nor it must be done on old people with advanced arthritis affecting the spine.

      This was done in Kerala as early as 6000 years ago, as a part of Ayurvedic foot massage.

      Suryanamaskar was a chiropractic exercise . There are some asanas in Yoga which take care of this.


      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. hi raja,

      You are the best person to tell me.

      People say that if the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is done in high pitch, it stops daily quarrels and disputes among the family members, it removes all sort of negativity from the mind and soul of the family members.

      You can punch into Google search SAI SATYA SANJEEVANI ORG CARDS.

      The west is more excited nowadays about our monkey God Hanuman , than Indians .

      capt ajit vadakayil


  24. I think Family Drug Education is very important to the whole family.

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  25. trend of sardar jokes is still on.. correct me if i am wrong.. britishers always made fun of sardars.. isnt it?? are you doing this knowingly or unknowingly.. i dont think captain is that illiterate..

    #no offense intended

  26. "Ladies who hair fall gives them depression, listen up.  Eat sprouted green gram everyday in the morning and within 3 weeks you will see that your hairfall has reduced like magic."

    this goes for men too right ? will there also be regrowth ?

  27. yes i do agree with you that sprouts help us a lot in our daily health let us see how we can benefit from health benefits of sprouts

  28. ch@#&ya banaya bada maza aaya

    'Vegetarianism Is Anti-Nationalism,' Says Author-Activist Kancha Ilaiah

  29. Hello Sir,
    How is Tur dal cooked without cooker ? can pre soaking it do the trick ?
    If yes for how many hours ?

    your take on food cooked in cooker as you have spoken about microwave earlier

  30. what is the white foam while boiling soaked tur dal ?

  31. Hello captain, i never knew green gram is so good for health. I have lost lean muscle. How to gain lean muscle & lose body fat? What vegetarian sources you would recommend to eat & exercises?

  32. sir , sorry for the cross question
    i have been an avid reader of your blog. it has changed the dimension in which i think.
    but in your previous blogs you have always maintained that all "dasa's" including tulsidas were fake rothchild creation and hanuman ji is just a monkey but worshipped more than bhagwan ram in north india.
    sir why this contradiction.
    should we follow tulsidas and the ramcharitmanas, hanuman chalisa written by him ?

  33. Hello Sir,
    How is oligosaccharides which is a prebiotic bad for people during IBS, ulcerative colitis even in normal amount ?

    like too much of probiotic is bad ..... is it too much of prebiotic is bad as it must be increasing probiotic ?

    universally anything in excess is bad.

    but i thought prebiotic will be good for IBS or intestinal problem people.

    does prebiotic ferment in gut ?

  34. murthy -abcindigogo know your current home address location