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Couple of years ago, my Chief Engineer was in my cabin having a drink. 

I felt that he was in a happy mood. I asked him the reason ,and he said that his only daughter would be getting married soon. 

Since he was my close buddy ,I asked him what the would be groom does for a living. He very proudly states that he is self employed and he has left his job to be in the Amway business. 

Knee jerk, I advised him. After you finish the drink ring up your wife immediately and call this alliance off, if you daughter is NOT in love with him.  It is NOT worth it.

My Chief Engineer left his drink and made a satellite call from my cabin itself.  I could overhear him convincing his wife that the Captain hardly makes wrong decisions .

Then he came back and wanted to know if I had any personal experience with Amway.  I told him an incident that happened on my previous ship.

I was asleep in port with cargo discharge in progress in a US port. I got a call from my Chief Officer from the CCR, and he said that a woman at the gangway wants to meet me—and he stressed that I would surely like to meet her.

So I peeped out of my porthole and saw a woman standing on the quay. She was allowed up and pretty soon she was in my cabin. 

To be frank, she looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous, young, in perfect shape , blue eyes, blonde, in skin tight blue leotards ( with her camel toe , the cynosure of every male eye ).  Look into Wikipedia if you want to see what a camel toe is. 

She turned out to be an AVON sales woman. Though I offered her a seat, she wanted to kneel by my side and display the goodies in her bag.  Pretty soon I caught on , she was giving me a free show . Her pink nipples were standing out like bullets . So I rang up my Chief Engineer and told him to come to my cabin el pronto. 

My Chief Engineer came , had a look at her and sort of melted away. Then he called me up, on the telephone and said “ Captain saab come to my cabin “ I could feel the excitement in his voice. So I gave a Coke to the Avon lady and went to the Chief Engineer’s cabin. 

He was rewinding a video cassette. Pretty soon he started the movie and I saw the same Avon woman .  As per the title of the video she was “the queen of anal porn” – and there she was getting serviced by 3 men.

So I came back to my cabin and told her, that she has permission to go to the crew’s lounge. She sold her entire bag of goodies full of perfumes and cosmetics within half an hour,  and she left.  Get an idea of salesmanship nay sales-womanship?

At least this woman was doing something to earn a living. For she could have milked100 times more money in the porn business.

On the way out of this river port, I narrated this incident to the pilot. He asked me is she was Avon or Amway, and cried “Stay away from Amway!”.

Then he burst into tears and said that he lost his only daughter to Amway.  She was a very obedient and loving daughter till she fell in love with an aggressive boy in the Amway business.  Pretty soon she too became a distributor.  

After that she became thick skinned could NOT see life except through the Amway prism.  She tried to head hunt and prospect her own parents,  as if she was in a cult, without a mind of her own.   She shifted out of the home and lived with her boyfriend in a huff . 

When she got married there was NO invite.  

Such was the bitterness sowed, just because she could NOT recruit her own parents or make them buy ridiculously expensive Amway products like vitamin pills, "save the planet" eco-friendly cleaners . She was in a fantasy world of quick riches , buying a huge house , sports cars, etc.  

This young girl became mean and aggressive in trying to push her business into her parents  circle of friends , due to which they became socially pariah.  They tried their best to win their only daughter back,  by acquiescing to her demands, but she was beyond redemption.

Amway rewards greed in a manner which corrodes the human soul.  Rather greed is the driving spirit of Amway. 

He who is greedy is always in want—and so in their first motivational meeting , Amway wants to know your goals in life.  They want you to write it down , even before you write down the names of your friends and relatives. Nowadays your facebook status reveals more to them.

They become very happy when you say that you want your own island, yatch and private jet plane, with the Kohinoor diamond thrown in for good measure .  For this makes you a valuable recruit into their cult of greed, and the AMWAY VIRUS can occupy you faster.  

They are NOT happy with you if you just want a small maruti car and a small home for a happy family —for that makes you a loser..

What is greed?

Greed can make honest men murderers. 

Apathy and loss of human values is inherent in greed.   Greed is the inordinate desire and the relentless pursuit to possess wealth,   beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. 

Greedy people manipulate and deceive in a mean manner intent only on satisfying their own selfish needs.  Greed is a dark bottomless pit .  Once you spiral into this pit, you get centrifuged and exhausted  in an endless self destructing effort to satisfy the delusional need without ever reaching satisfaction.

There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's  greed.  When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses. Greed is the inventor of injustice as well as the current enforcer. Like the love of comfort, is a kind of fear, if you look at it through a psychological prism.

Growth for the sake of greed is the ideology of the cancer cell.  

Life is a success only if you are happy. You have succeeded in life when all you really want  is only what you really NEED. 

When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses— yes this is the petty minded , selfish and stark American way ( Amway ) .  

Ever heard the US president on TV wanting to protect “our way of life”?  Yes, this a way, where only the top of the pyramid scheme enjoys life, the bottom slave drones just keep slogging, hoping to get the golden pot at the end of the rainbow one day. 

They try to run up a down escalator. For an intelligent man will tell you that the Amway method does NOT work, unless you have sponsors.

Intensely selfish people are always very decided as to what they wish. These ugly people do not waste their energies in considering the good of others.

Be aware that Amway employs a legal army will descend upon any blogger or website which is a threat their business.  If they are above board what is the need to do this?. They will leave the shitty posts intact, and will try and get intelligent posts off.  

So read this up, folks—and spread the word around.  You will NOT get a more INCISIVE review anywhere on this planet.  No, Capt Vadakayil does NOT boast- TEE HEEEE !

Our PM Manmoham Singh was a Rothschild employee, befoe he was catapulted to the chair of the Indian Finance minister . Manmohan Singh took personal initiative to get this pyramid business model to India in 1995 when he was a finance minister.

The founder of Amway Richard De Vos was a Free mason. He had the support of the banking cartel.
The pyramid organization of Amway has been deemed to be legal, though it makes no sense. They say it is legal  because they sell merchandise out of catalogs.  

Why should something be legal when people are sold pipe dreams , which make them lose money? Only the privileged few who have their own secrets ( like our Marlboro man ) at the top of the pyramid  makes money.

Let me tell you a secret.

A Marlboro salesman came on my ship. He knew what he was upto. He has it all planned out. He knew that I had bought 200 cartons for my ship.  He got this inside information from the US Customs ( maybe a relative ) and there he was in my cabin,  giving me a fancy red Marlboro cap,  dozens of souvenir pens and lighters , to soften me up.  

All he wants is my signature and stamp on a booklet which will show to the company that he sold the cigarettes to Capt Vadakayil.  He will give me bull that now I have secured BLAH BLAH points and next time BLAH BLAH BLAH. 

Do I look stupid?

In the 1979 ruling the US Federal Trade Commission determined that Amway was not an illegal pyramid scheme because no payments were made for recruitment. Hey, the loophole out here is that friends are family are recruited with NIL money.  And they cannot sue each other right?

People are forced to join because they do NOT want to hurt the feelings of their friends and family. Before they know how deep this dark hole is , it is too late. They are brainwashed that only losers escape from the web -- nay brotherhood of Amway.

The bottom line distributors are "strongly encouraged" to listen to at least one motivational tape a day, tapes that are sold, of course, by their uplines ( persons above them on the pyramid ).  Amway sends two expensive tapes to each distributor weekly and the distributors are billed for the tapes.  

At the Amway meetings, the distributors are often pressured to buy more tapes, books and videos from the diamond and emerald speakers.  Most of the profit from these sales goes directly to the diamond and emerald distributors.

If the product is good and reasonably priced, what is the need to sell HOPE by means of motivational nonsense in CDs’ to gullible people ?   

In any case why do you charge money for these motivational books and tapes?  

There is big money to be milked just by selling these compulsory tapes right? 

Why don’t you put all your motivational bullshit on the net and given your dear worker drones a free password, for different levels?

What is the need to defraud the gullible into thinking that with a little hard work and soap in their holes --- OOPS--- hope in their souls, they can become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that Amway products are better than the ones who get for half the price elsewhere. A man is trying to make both ends meet, put his daughter into college and you want him to contribute though his nostrils to save the planet? Why don’t you do that.  Since you have so much money?  

And how did Amway Corp get rich so fast?  By being compassionate to your own dear people ? Why did you need to change your brand name from Amway to Quixtar?  Hey, why do you have a connection with mercenary org Blackwater?

Why do you need to build up a cult whose main product is Amway itself.  What is the need to sell --nay brainwash your people with false hopes of early retirement.  Who else does all this? Is this the American way whose short form you have lifted and converted to Amway?  

Why are your  seminars and meetings  reminiscent of revivalist meetings, where the power of positive thinking is deleted and replaced by blind faith in the Amway “get rich quick” system.

Now, let us look at your “legal” pyramid scheme.  Are you not aware that a pyramid scheme even if legal has a SATURATION POINT?

What will an intelligent man call a pyramid scheme where the bottom strata are doomed to lose money and the top strata makes moolah out of this displaced money.  The word is SCAM, right?. Here the upper layers support this fraud,  as they want more eager beaver recruits to shore themselves up, in a selfish manner . Salvation lies in rising up the pyramid strata, right?.

How can such a Amway cycle sustain itself, without approx. 90% people will losing their money somewhere down the line?  Once saturated  how is it possible to recruit the number of people required to pay off the previous layer of recruiters? 

Never mind the illusion of legality as presented by  revamped schemes supported by “lobbied up” celebrities like ex-US Republican presidents , they are still a fraud to an intelligent man, who knows for sure that the "emperor is NOT wearing clothes" .  

Legal multi-level marketing (MLM) involves being recruited in order to sell a product that actually has some inherent value, and ONLY if it is not OVER PRICED compared to the same products available with countless other major popular brands.. 

This is because once you have run out of friends and family to recruit, and your reputation as a “ slimy Amyway head hunter" or “ugly Amway prospector”  is laid threadbare, and people treat you like the plague even in malls and pizza joints , you are forced to selling this awfully overpriced consumer item to survive .  Making a profit this way is just a pipe fu#kin' dream.

Brainwashed Amway worker drones to the Amway success theory of “fake it till you make it” just burn up from inside. Their ego forces them to lie to their own wives and children, and take out their frustrations on them. This is how the Amway virus destroys close knit "once upon a time very loving" families.

First of all any pyramid scheme which does NOT deliver the return promised in writing involves deception and fraud . But hey, Amway has a loop hole to wriggle out of this. They will say that this moaning mangy loser man did NOT read our motivational books and listen to our tapes and did NOT attend our last seminar ( where he has to foot all expenses ). The entire blame comes like a ton of shit on your own head .

Amway forces you to buy the products ONLY from the direct layer on top of you , on this pyramid . In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to lie to and recruit new members into the MLM ( multilevel marketing (sic) ) in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive.  

The Jewish conman Bernard Madoff stole almost $65 billion by means of a Ponzi pyramid scheme . On June 29, 2009, he was sentenced to 150 years in prison, the maximum allowed. . 

In a Ponzi scheme, there is one person who takes people's money as an "investment" and does not necessarily tell them how their returns will be generated.  As such, the people's return on investment could be generated by anything; it could come from money taken from new investors - which means new investors essentially pay off the old investors - or even from money made by drugs, gambling or prostitution (or Bollywood or IPL ).

The founder of Amway Freemason Richard De Vos has a Jewish bloodline.  The first Amway building had a Masonic square and compass symbol on the front facade. The luxurious Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Amway has its international conventions for its distributors was built right onto a huge Masonic temple.

When a so called legal pyramid scheme has more than 98% failure rate of the bottom layer,  it becomes a scam. .  The US Federal Trade Commission has permitted the fleecing of Amway dupes because the money taken from the pockets of these poor victims has funded the lobbying kitty of the Amway empire to protect their fleecing of the flock business .


I have seen such a fraud in a casino in England.  My wife saw a machine where lot of whole pile of ONE pound coins were precariously perched on a ledge. You put one more coin and a big chunk of the pile would obviously come falling down, as there was no more place to accommodate a new coin entry..  My wife put a coin and a whole lot of coins fell down, and she made a neat profit of 6 pounds. So she put another coin. This time nothing happened. So I suggested that she give back the machine the remaining 5 coins.  Every time she put a coin she was hoping for the pile of coins to fall again.  But I noticed , now a small secret window had opened up at the sides.  No pressure would be put on the about to fall pile anymore. The new coin would push another coin into the sides – into the secret  kitty of the machine owner.  Now we waited till another person came. She also got lot of coins with his first try.  And you should have seen the way she ran to the counter to exchange a currency note for coins—so that nobody else can come to the machine in her absence and take away the coins will “will” fall for her soon.  So I showed her the secret slots which had opened up on the side. They machine recognizes a new fool , probably by a sensor taking in the color of the dress.   

So the people in Amway who make money are the ones who change the color of the dress-  


The people who gave this venomous money sucking squid Amway a legal business certificate should be investigated and jailed.

An Amway man is now recognized as the man who screwed his friends and family. There are reports than in India promotions and junior job selections are based on getting recruited into the Amway brotherhood.  Pretty much the same way Catholic convents convert poor Indian Hindu families by offering admission to their young children to English medium LG and UKG sections.

Does this Amway company who has become super rich, do any benefit to the national economy? Then how have they got in even into India ?  By ministers getting lobbied up, right?

Amway makes a profit on every sale of every product it offers for sale. The sales people are considered independent business owners (IBOs) and they make money on every sale they make and by recruiting others to makes sales of the same products.  They spend money buying Amway products. Strangely they also spend a lot of money buying compulsory CDs , books and attending seminars aimed at making them believe that having a positive attitude and working hard are the keys to success.  

In Amway, one is recruited as an "independent" distributor of Amway products by buying a couple of hundred dollars' worth of the products from the one who recruits you, known as your "upline." Every distributor in turn tries to recruit more distributors.  Income is generated by sales of products by the distributor plus "bonuses" from sales of his or her recruits and their recruit-descendents. The distributors  income depends primarily not on their own sales of Amway products but on sales made by others whom they've recruited.

In the seminars they use Amway specific slang and abbreviations to give them the sense of bonding , like how small convent girls talk in P language and feel important as a girly giggling gang.  WAPPAT IPPIS YOPPOUR NAPPAME.( what is your name ).

So when my wife’s Auxilium convent gang came to visit my ship 30 years ago, they thought they can hold secret conversations till I gave it to them in P and T language combined, twice as fast.

What is unique is the faith, devotion and hope that the Amway foot soldiers have—almost like the Mormons.  The way they work themselves into a passionate frenzy while prospecting new recruits in a shameless thickskinned manner has to be seen to be believed.  

Quitting  would mean giving up hope of a happy future, sipping margaritas on a yacht in a Caribbean bay,  right?.

The Amway “hook” is simple enough. You become a “distributor” for a low, low entry fee. This makes you a retail franchise, a businessman . You sell Amway products and make your profits..  But if you want to make real money, you sign up other “distributors”. They’ll be your “downline”, and when they sell anything, you get paid a commission (they call it a “bonus”).

You buy $200 a month of Amway products for yourself, upon which you get a few dollars back. But if you can sign up 10 people, and they sign up 10 people apiece (and so on, and so on), eventually you’ll have 7,000 people, which will qualify you for the “diamond” distributor category. And if each of those people buys $200 a month of Amway products, you will generate nearly $17 million in yearly sales! 

Now you can sit back, relax, and just rake in the moolah, right?


The model usually collapses long before that, because quite frankly, most people aren’t gullible enough to go for it.  

This is why 80% of Amway distributors drop out.  Amway business model is the enormous sales volume required in order to make any money.

There’s only two winners in the system: the people who run the parent corporation, and the people who sit at the top of the pyramid (even though the whole pyramid is losing money overall, they are taking such a large share of the commissions that they make money at the expense of the rest at the bottom ). 

In effect, 90% of the people in the pyramid must lose money so that the remaining 10% can divide the profits amongst themselves , with the lion’s share going to the people at the very top. 

These people then turn around and use this money to “lobby” ( bribe ) the powers in the government to keep their scheme operating. Now you know how the top of the pyramid gets rich, and how this system continues to be “legal”.

Other hidden expenses for distributors include mailing, handling, doing forms, advertising, cell phone roaming bills, and driving personal vehicles to deliver or pick up products.  Unless you hire a servant type who will foot slog with a bag of goodies , you spend a lot on petrol.

Amway's attitude toward any insider critical of the organization has bordered on paranoia. In any seminar of meeting dissidents are not allowed to give their testimony .  They are told off and an elaborate guilt trap will be laid on you, something you never ever faced in your life 

You are just dumb —you are a failure—you did NOT work hard enough—you did NOT devote enough time and energy—you did NOT listen to the latest CD, here buy one— you have not yet developed the Amway prospector’s eye—  you loser, were you serious about your dreams of giving your children a good education --  you are low on loyalty and courage of your  convictions,  no wonder it didn't work for you--- you didn't do exactly as you were taught—you need to retune your prospecting radar— stop worrying , it will all fall in place soon—how can you say this,I thought your are a bright guy-- is this the level of your commitment to your family?--if you have not yet seen the light , whose fault is it ?”

Sometimes you will be told “ Have faith and just keep doing what you're doing, Amway’s way is a tried and tested model"  

Something like what Winston Churchill tells through drunken lips, with a heroin suppository up his a$$hole for good measure  “ If you are going through hell, keep going !!”.

Some will even put a carrot on stick.  “When we find you are ready  ( meaning properly brainwashed to be non-skeptic ) we will show you ways how you can make extra money from the sales of tools to your own downline . You may not understand it now, but it will become clear when you're successful. You work more on the front end, but get lots of money at the back end." You are too dumbstruck to ask what this back end is.
Because the group is offering their own form of salvation, the deception is rationalized because the end goal justifies whatever means are necessary to achieve that goal.

They will never admit that you have been deliberately lied to and dumped on an down going escalator and told to run up and take all the money lying for you on top. The inherent flaws in the system does NOT allow you to make money unless you sell your soul and cheat people.

Deception lies at every step from the first day to the last stage . When the new distributor starts to build the business, he is taught to contact people about "building a business," not about "building an Amway business."  

I dare anybody to say , that in a mall he pounced on a prospect and said “ Hi wanna join Amway?”  When a gullible new person is sponsored, he is told to make a PIMPING list (using carbon paper in this age ) of all the friends and family he knows.  A copy of the list is given to his sponsor who can then contact those people for him. 

They will even invade your face book account.

In India where people scam goes further that the West, the Amway people start the GENI tree and they take a lot of pains, trying to be very pally pally with the “see we are all of same blood tree”. 

These Amway people have NIL character, they will lie through their teeth , and they will sacrifice you on the altar of greed. 

The worst is people using nuisance potential, to wrangle a recruit. If you want water connection, well can you be an Amway recruit?  Or you wait, till the cows come home.  

You wife is invited to a “kitty party” to join the sorority , and the moment she reaches there everybody looks at her with Amway eyes. 

Amway has injected poison into relationships, which we Indian value, unlike the West.  This is the fountain head of our happiness , friends and family. The Indian Government must have fast track justice system (  like rape ) for people who arm twist innocent and vulnerable people into joining Amway, to realize an IMPOSSIBLE pipe dream.

The distributor cannot return unsold over priced products. This forces him to use it himself and he just cannot afford this . So he runs from pillar to post to sell it , putting his honour in pickle , to recruit more new people .

Amway makes money on their initial sign up fees and the motivational CDs and books which are expensive.  Amway gives a damn if the distributor cannot sell the products which he bought.  For if products are not sold, since the pressure to move products rests with the 'distributors'.   In India, distributors will have to "renew their contract" by paying a fee—more riches for Amway.

In motivational seminars all the jokers stand in a circle bend down with arms over each other in a huddle and cry “ GO FOR DIAMOND “ like what to see in American football matches, in a ridiculous manner..  

I am sure a lot of them will be muttering under their breath “ FU#K YOU AMWAY”. Some of them have been reduced to using office telephones during coffee breaks , to save of cellular roaming charges.

Next time you see an Amway man in a mall trying to brown nose his way ask him “ So, selling soap and detergents will make me a millionaire, what else is new ?” and then watch his face.

In Amway the only people , the distributors care for is themselves. Pyramid schemes are generally abusive business practices where thick skinned and hard work is forced upon lower-level employees so that more senior workers can relax and profit,  with little independent effort. 

Lower-level workers always find it hard to make much money under these adversely tilted conditions.  In India several doctors  prescribe AMWAY herbal products/vitamins to their patients, against medical ethics.

Rothschild is involved in Amway. In China Merrill Lynch International, Jardine Fleming International and N.M. Rothschild & Sons was co-managing.

At every function, Diamond distributors who make grand entries in B&W sedans , tell stories about their hardships when they were building the business. When the Diamonds say "we drove for miles and miles for that meeting," the distributors in attendance believe that if they "drive the miles and miles," they too will become Diamonds.  

The Diamonds also repeat over and over that, by using the tools, they became successful. Therefore, the same tools will work for you as well, never mind that every person is different and cultures clash.

For a new recruit to beat the odds, he must develop the “conman gene”. As Amway science is NOT suited for the noble honorable man. So you can very well gauge the character of the distributors who have risen up the pyramids, after beating the odds. They have cheated several gullible new recruits with financial salvation.

Like missionaries, these  Amway distributors have gone out into the world preaching that Amway is the only way  to "save yourself" from the lurking  "financial disaster" as well as the only way to achieve your lifelong dreams. As long as the new distributors feel they are following the tried and tested Amway way, they believe like a misled cult  what they are doing is right and fair and many of them think nothing of lying and conning.. 

Some of these brainwashed people when asked about their relentless foot slogging and rebuffs on the face with  low pay and long hours, actually claim that they are rewarded by their own "personal growth." They refuse to accept that they are in a catch 22 situation. Amway diamonds and platinums tell on face book about their holidays to Aruba and Hawaii, while actually people would have spotted them at home in pyjamas over the fence.

These  Diamonds don't have public stockholders to answer to, and since their seminar audience is looking to emulate them, they have no one in the audience to critique their speeches — only gaping in awe party. Such is the effect of this cult, that its leadership's charisma and integrity is not to be questioned.  In the Amway business, distributors are taught that there is virtually no other lifestyle worthwhile outside of the Amway business. 

The speeches pound into the heads that a distributor will only be happy when he reaches the Diamond level- but he will never tell them it is beyond reach. He will never tell you how much time you need to spend to break even, leave alone make a tidy profit. .  They are told again and again that this is a "proven system", and if they just follow it like a recipe they will retire in about 4 years.

The Amway dream began in 1959 in an old garage , where Jay Van Andel and his friend Richard DeVos created a multi-level marketing plan. They offered laundry and cleaning supplies to start-up entrepreneurs.  For Jay and Rich, this was THE American way, thus the name, Amway.  

Van Andel was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1924. He met Richard DeVos in high school when Van Andel charged DeVos 25 cents for rides to school in his 1929 Model A Ford, so much for being close buddies.  

Their first product was called Frisk, a concentrated organic cleaner developed by a scientist in Ohio. DeVos and Van Andel bought the rights to manufacture and distribute Frisk, and later changed the name to LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner)

They went around telling that Multilevel marketing is just a way to remove the average person in the buying and selling process of a service or product and give the cost of marketing back to the customer. Oh yeah? The more you buy, the poorer you get but the "richer" your "upline" gets. Their refrain  was the usual bull "you have to spend it to earn it", "work now, play later”. 

You were also highly encouraged to disassociate yourself from quitters because they will "try and steal your dream”. So then Amway becomes No.25 among the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes in 2012.  How sweet.

Multi level marketing business that relies on selling to people you know, then they sell to people they know and on and on. You are given "gem" names to represent where you are in the business regarding your sales to further inflate your ego and create more false security. Ruby & Sapphire's are mid range but the big goal is to make "Diamond" and then there is also "Double fu#ckin’ Diamond".

Upline is the name given to everyone a head of you and "downline" is for those beneath you. All you need is to get fired up to spread the great news to all of your family and friends, so you can all retire with lot of moolah.

The 1990s rang in a new generation of leaders. Steve Van Andel and Dick DeVos succeeded their fathers as chairman and president, respectively. Doug Van Andel, another son of Jay's, is now president. Van Andel and his wife Betty both died in 2004; Betty had Alzheimer's disease, and Jay had Parkinson's.

Amway expanded overseas to Australia in 1971, to Europe in 1973, to parts of Asia in 1974, to Japan in 1979, to Latin America in 1985, to China in 1995, to Africa in 1997, to India and Scandinavia in 1998, to Russia in 2005, and to Vietnam in 2008.

On August 6, 2011 Kerala Police sealed the offices of Amway at Kozhikode, Kannur, Kochi, Kottayam, Thrissur, Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram following complaints of being sold fake dreams.

The dream sold by the website of Amway India offers its members a monthly of Rs. 62,500 if they succeed in enrolling 102 members downline of each member with the business model of 6-4-3. 

That means every member has to enroll six members and in turn these six members has to enroll four members each and these four members has to enroll three members each to complete one cycle. If the cycle is completed the first member would earn every month Rs. 62,500 without any personal effort, like magic.

Greed is quite common weakness in humans and MLM companies very effectively target that and most people don’t find any fault as such in the system and easily fall pray. 

QNet ltd, formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong based MLM company selling  energy, weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, luxury goods, and fashion accessories.   

QNet was founded in Hong Kong by  a Malaysian businessman  Vijay Eswaran in 1998.  In July 2011 issue of Rothschild’s Forbes Asia, he was named as one of 48 'Heroes of Philanthropy' in the region. 

QNet operates in India through its franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd, which carries the company's brand name in the country, whose major shareholder is billiards player Micheal Ferreira and the minor shareholder another Christian..  

The gullible opportunistic  Egyptians are getting duped whole sale.

QuestNet and GoldQuest, duped people with  limited edition gold coins “whose value would increase over time” ( sic ) and we charged and forced to shut dowin in India.  However like the quintessential phoneix their new avatar QNet came back with more of such products like  bio-discs, Chi-Pendants and herbal products for anything between Rs30,000 to Rs7 lakh. 

QNet promises fabulously high returns” so long as new distributors are enrolled rapidly” TEE HEEEE !

 Its product brochure says, “With 8 ways to earn and up to 50% of the sales paid out in commissions, QNET offers the most dynamic and innovative compensation plan in the direct selling profession.” OH Boy !!

Bottom line: We all can be richer than Amway owners if we are con men.  Punch into google search EXPLORING THE MIND OF A CON MAN  VADAKAYIL

So next time some fat lady smiles at you in a mall, look at you with beady eyes and lisps  "Oh, have we met before?",  remember, she could be prospecting for a gullible Amway recruit.

Time to lift your lungi and run!  



    QUOTE: owing to URJIT Patel’s absence, the scheduled sitting of the parliamentary standing committee on finance next week has been postponed. This could delay the committee’s finalising its report on the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill 2018. UNQUOTE





    As its name indicates, the pyramid scheme is structured like a pyramid.

    It starts with one JEW ( OR HIS BENAMIFRONT ) - the initial recruiter - who is on top, at the apex of the pyramid. This person recruits a second person, who is required to "invest" for instance Rs 10,000 which is paid to the initial recruiter.

    In order to make his or her money back, the new recruit must recruit more people under him or her, each of whom will also have to invest Rs 10,000. If the recruit gets 10 more people to invest, this person will make Rs 90,000 with just a Rs 10,000 investment.

    The 10 new people become recruiters and each one is in turn required to enlist an additional 10 people, resulting in a total of 100 more people. Each of those 100 new recruits is also obligated to pay Rs 10,000 to the person who recruited him or her; recruiters get a profit of all of the money received minus the initial Rs 10,000 paid to the person who recruited them.

    The process continues until the base of the pyramid is no longer strong enough to support the upper structure (meaning there are no more fools to recruit)

    People are deceived into believing that by giving money they will make more money ("with an investment of just Rs 10,000, you will receive Rs 90,000 in return"). But no wealth has been created; no product has been sold; no investment has been made; and no service has been provided.

    It becomes easy when the Pyramid Schemers pay the first batch of people, this is because they now have vocal ambassadors and witnesses who have been paid and hence can convince people that scheme is a legitimate one. The fraud lies in the fact that it is impossible for the cycle to sustain itself, so people will lose their money somewhere down the line.

    Those who are most vulnerable are those towards the bottom of the pyramid, where it becomes impossible to recruit the number of people required to pay off the previous layer of recruiters.

    It is estimated that 94 % of people who get involved in a pyramid scheme will lose their money.

    Because people are attracted to the idea of making a quick buck with very little effort, many different forms of disguised pyramid schemes have succeeded in fooling people. Despite the illusion of legality presented by these revamped schemes, they are still illegal.

    Legal multi-level marketing (MLM) , involves being recruited in order to sell a product or service that actually has some inherent value. As a recruit, you can make a profit from the sales of the product or service, so you don't necessarily have to recruit more salespeople below you.


      And while you may be encouraged to recruit other salespeople whose sales would give you more profit, you can stick to just selling the product directly to the consumer if you choose.

      Ponzi Schemes-- Named after Charles Ponzi, who ran such a plot from 1919-1920, the Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment plan. It is not necessarily a pyramid, which is hierarchical.

      In a Ponzi scheme, there is one person who takes people's money as an "investment" and does not necessarily tell them how their returns will be generated.

      As such, the people's return on investment could be generated by anything; it could come from money taken from new investors - which means new investors essentially pay off the old investors

      They usually tell ignorant Kenyans that they invest in teak trees on banks of the river Nile , offshore trade and have business in tax free Havens. . This is the most difficult type to identify; this is because they hire smart marketers and know how to network with opinion leaders in any society so as to earn the confidence of the locals.

      capt ajit vadakayil

Grace and peace!



  1. pankaj
    March 9, 2013 at 7:28 AM
    Hello Sir,

    Please share your thoughts about , networking business which organisations like Amway are in to. I always find it hard to believe about there long list of promise of become financially independent and blah blah.
    It would be great if person who is rational thinker like you,can shed some light on it.
    Thanking you


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    March 9, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    hi pankaj,

    rothschild employee manmohan singh was put in the chair of finance minister of india by rajya sabha back door entry-- or else no IMF or WORLD BANK loan. these two agencies are controlled by rothschild.

    manmohan singh introduces amway to india when he was finance minister. we all think he is a desh bhakt angel , right?

    i will put a post on this later.

    capt ajit vadakayil


    March 10, 2013 at 1:30 AM

    thanks a lot sir for your prompt response.
    eagerly awaiting for your post.

    thanks once again


  2. Super awesome dear captain ,

    This is one post which I feel my uncle and aunt maternal need to learn a lesson..

    We the new generation owe you a lot sir.

  3. Dear Ajitji,

    This is a very timely post when "Desi" versions of various multilevel marketing mushrooms are booming up and trapping 20% of unemployed population of India. I see fools around here who work(or fool around) day and night for a six sitter business jet they are promised to get in 2022 while they don't have a cycle today.!!! This is the level of madness.

    I think wrong upbringing of current generation of youngsters is equally responsible for this mess. We were always told to not to believe on easy money but now days, I have seen parents encouraging their unemployed son/daughter to do "something, no matter what" to earn money for them self. This attitude from parents encouraging today's young boys and girls to do anything from ponzy schemes to prostitution.

    With our economy being slave of Rothschild banking cartel and current global stagflation (Stagnation + Inflection) expected to be here till next big war, our semi-qualified, non qualified youngsters futures is completely doomed.

    I analyse and create various economic scenarios as my job. What I collectively see is without all out war or revolution, India won't go anywhere from this slow bleeding phase. It can't remain in this phase for long duration due to its biggest strength and weakness, more than 60% population will be YOUNG and most of them will be JOBLESS.

    As this article was fundamentally about illusioned and directionless youth, please give us an an article about future of Indian Youth. They are not very well qualified, their number will be more than 75 crore in less than 10 years, most of them will be jobless or earning less than required, they won't have much pressure and guidance of older generations. Its very easy for anyone to convince them what Karl Marx or some Prophet or some cult leader says.. We have started to see this effect as Naxalisam and religious terrorism.

    I always worry about this, think lot and get blocked. Is there any good future for our children and motherland?



  4. Sir how many countries have you visited so far.

    1. hi,

      in 4 decades almost all non-landlocked countries.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. Dear Captain,

    Yes.. this was long awaited.. thank you.
    Once, these ppl were attending the meetings in full business suits ( like MBA ppl) in one of the college auditoriums in the evenings.

    I happened to ask what is it ( thinking that it may be a learning program, as most of them are experienced ppl attending this seminar. Fell into the trap.. within one month, this guy pestered me so much that, I took the membership. and he gave that loadfull of Amway sh*t.

    Then he again was pestering(forcing) to list down some contacts of friends..etc.. Somewhere I felt the same thing, what you mentioned above. They are kind of blood sucking matter what.

    God was on my side.. somehow. I avoided this guy ( and these Amway b**sh*t) even after this guy used to call me several times, asking me to meet him ( attend seminars..etc)

    I felt relieved today, after reading this post, that whatever the decision I took was indeed right( never mind the 6K I lost for the membership. Even today I tell my wife, that those ppl see every one as a business prospect and it's kind of dangerous..

    Thanks again for educating / throwing the knowledge on this . Cheers.

  6. Capt.,

    You have taken every word right from my mouth. A rare instance where you have written each and every word that came to my mind after I saw what amway is. Yes I tried it once and bailed out - thanks to my rather skeptical nature. What else can it be when the onus is on getting "apps" rather than selling stuff? That day when I met the guy who had introduced me to it (long after I'd stayed away from amway), he said he's doing so and so business. "And amway?" I asked. "Oh, its still doing great!" "Really?? If its really doing so great, WHAT do you need another business for?" is what I felt like asking him...but didn't as I did not want him to feel as if he'd cheated himself (yeah, that's what he's done in the first place!).

  7. Hello Sir,
    thanks for this post. I took the membership to help one of my friend and to ofcourse down the line make money. Lost 7k at last, after a while few of us decided not to continue because of the lies that we have to tell and hear and also compel to travel to places which i dont like. I took the right decision that time by leaving it, eventhough I lost 7K which i took from my mom. She scolds me till this date for that. I really hope this post will help some people around the globe for good.

  8. Hello Captain,
    It would be so helpful if you debunk the CITI BANK SCAM and the Innocent Harshad Mehtha and Share Market.
    I doubt these corporate Banks HDFC, HSBC, AXIS and so on Banks.
    How safe is it to put our futures in these banks.
    I live in USA and they are trying to Impose Martial Law now, I can guess what would be the future in here now. And they want to unarm the people here

  9. Greetings, Captain. Spot on again. You have brought out the ills associated with pyramid schemes very well. Something which other bloggers/journalists should emulate. Very complete. This post triggered memories of 15 years past. A sharp media guy named Ramjee Chandran (yes, a keralite) had started a mag called Bangalore Monthly, when he did a detailed investigation and broke the news with the title 'Amway Scamway'. Those interested can read the editorial here.
    I guess you may have seen it with that tongue in cheek 'soap' comment :)
    At that time, the article created a lot of buzz and had its share of controversies. A few weeks later, a distant uncle (a highly sucessful, moneyed man with kids studying in UK, landed at my house with a lady, his sister, I think, in tow. This gent was well respected in my family and I was surprised to see him at my humble abode. They started with pleasantries and then asked me whether I (an upcoming struggling youngman at that time) was interested in handling a business. Having read the article, I immediately smelt a rat and pointblank asked him if it was Amway. He was taken aback and affirming, handed me an audio casette (without its case, cheap guy) and asked me to hear it and come back to him. He said that he would invite me to a seminar later. My expression was like, whay the f**k are you doing this at this stage in your life? Needless to say, we have'nt heard from him since. Later, I met a lot of acquaintances who took up Amway. One of my colleagues was a Amway Distributor, and as you have said, he has nil value for relationships. Though, I tried to warn him, he is very shrewd and shrugged it off, with a I'll make my profits' comment. He's running a driving school and was palming off the car care and other products on rich students. The uncle is now busy building the family genealogy tree on Geni. BTW, can you comment on this site and its implications? A lot of my family members are communicating on it, thanks to this 'uncle'.

  10. hi swadeshi,

    in kerala every amway distributor starts the GENI tree and FACEBOOK gets sudden love for all relatives and friends.

    no-- i have not seen the site of ramjee chandran.

    punch into google search EL NINO AND LA NINA VADAKAYIL

    there is a para --

    QUOTE: The Norwegian Director of the Charterers ( no names ) send me a sarcastic telex . “ Captain, we are already into March 1998 , and so far Norway did NOT have a single minute of snow. My daughters are very disappointed over this. The winter is over, Captain--period!" : UNQUOTE


    then i deleted this as my radio officer asked me if i wished to delete it , as this is NOT capt vadakayil -- and i cooled down and was in an expansive mood.

    this term we used in school, 45 years ago.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Haha Captain.
    You are bang on about Amway.
    I've experienced this Amway cult personally.
    My Father's friend came to our house and showed many products and how it can transform our lives and all that blah blah.
    He even showed us an experiment of how Amway products are of high quality.
    He open up an capsule in Glass and then he hover the magnet on top of it and all the iron particles attracted towards it.
    Next experiment he showed same thing but with Amway pill and told us that see there is no harmful iron particle. lol.
    After that he boasted about the millions of product on Amway by showing us its Prospectus which he bought for around 1k lol..
    They just lured you into their talking.
    So I advised my father not to listen to him anymore.

    I will be happy to spread your post rather then be in Amway fraud lol :P.

  12. whoa ! Man, you are sensitive ! Yes sir, I accept your take. Guess Ramjee picked it up from you, both being from God's own country, whot ! No offence meant. You are very dear to me, sir, keep it flowing. Whew !

    1. hi swadesi,

      i will not be able to attend the SBP fete. thanks for the thought to honour me.

      however i would be happy if you can make vernacular translations of PROUD TO BE INDIAN , PROUD TO BE HINDU in simple vernacular, so that people know the glory of ancient india.

      we have DESH DROHIS like dr zakir naik, telling indians that vedas are nonsense -- he is running down his own motherland and praising saudi arabia -- saying indians copied from the dester nomads.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi ! I would be very happy to make kannada translations AND spread the message! Its the least I can do. It would be a great honour.

      I take printouts of your blog to Dr KSN, who uses relevant portions in his articles and books. He has given due credit to you and also, would be glad to meet you.

      Hmm... unlike stereotypes, he is 'BRAHMAN', with a king sized pineal gland. He has visions and great perception, probably reads Akashic records (I have yet to see anything better, though you come close-again no offence meant--I see a lot in common) He is also a page reader(can grasp contents of an entire page, with a glance, unlike most who have to read line by line, word by word)

      Bit disappointed by your unability to attend, but the invitation stands. Anytime, and at your convenience. Privately, at his residence, if not publicly. I strongly feel that a meeting of the minds should happen soon.
      I have seen Dr ZN on YT, and he is pathetic, with his shows stage managed.
      But, he and countless others like him will be swept away by the punches from your huge biceps--Read as--energy emanating from your mind through your hand into a pen and onto this blog.

      We will do all we can to support your work.
      Keep punching and...Salutes.

  13. What's more interesting about Amway is taht you will se more of govt employees doing this stuff and now Kerala has banned Amway for charging a high price onits products.

  14. Hi Captain,
    An off topic question. Sorry for being off topic.
    Do you feel that modern science is anywhere close to understanding Ether? They go blah blah around electromagnetic , gravitation,nuclear as wave forces.
    Modern science has not been able to explain how gravitational force cannot be shielded.
    Being an electrical engineer , I understand a little bit about these forces. I feel that these people will never be able express Ether till the point they use cognitive methods and sensory experiments to explain Ether.

    It seems to me as if superconscious is needed by the person to realize it and consciousness is needed by the listener in order to understand it. All efforts using sensual imagination and Mathematics to understand Ether and matter is going to be give no result . Rishis in India found everything without experimenting and by closing their senses to become superconscious. Even if somebody says that the modern man can understand Ether using 5 senses and drinking alcohol. But , why did our Rishis worked hard for years in isolation by closing their senses. They could have done it in a easier manner using senses.

    Thank You

    1. hi,

      our maharishis were seers. what they wrote down in 5000 BC, is just being understood by science.

      sanatana dharma was handed down by word of mouth in verses from 9500 BC to 5000 BC--when it was written down.

      the entire elite of western QUANTUM PHYSICS scientists , refued to be buried as per their religion. the preferred cremation as per hindusim.

      in hinduism we worhip brahmAn, the morphogenetic consciousness field. this is the empty space in which electrons whizz around. this field decides if an electron should be kicked out, or dropped or raised in orbit. a small change in energy pattern and you get a new element.

      the brahmIns even called mistook themselves to be agents of god and created problems for the rest. go to the most learned brahmin and ask him what is brahmAn. he will keep rambling for hours.


      so blowing a conch is like blowing a whistle. some IDIOTS even say it is to drive away germs BLAH BLAH.

      nothing is further from the truth.

      probably i will post on SHANKH or CONCH next.

      thousands of books and millions of posts are available on the internet, about conch.


      you find hundreds of internet sites devoted to hinduism loaded with NONSENSE.

      lord vishnu carried a whistle with him like a soccer match referee?


      capt ajit vadakayil

  15. Sir an off topic question, which Life phase did you enjoyed. The life in the wilderness of oceans inhaling fresh air or this life phase where you are living in an environment full of CORRUPTION, HATRED, COMMUNALISM, LIES AND BACK STABBING.

    1. hi ajax,

      there is NO politics or even hypocricy at sea. -- and i am king on mE ship.

      so you ca well imagine.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Great post.Do u have any info on GENI,FACEBOOK etc websites.I am asking bcoz i had acs in geni,fb etc in the past,now completedly deletd my acs.

    OFF TOPIC:-do u know this site?

    1. hi,

      i do NOT have a FB account.

      yes, i know chris, who exposes BIG BROTHER in this site.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  17. We Hindus offer prayers to God by way of using water from the lake and putting back into the lake. Here GOD.Rothschild offers his willy thoughts to the Idiots and gets the benefit. So without investment he makes the profit and uses it to subvert the economy of a country.

  18. Any way is this AADHAAR a trick to involve all the people of India into his trap. Personally I feel so.

    1. hi ram,,once aadhar gets underway , iy will check every facet of your life.

      BIG BROTHER can switch your life off , with the flick of a switch.

      you cannot travel, cook, with dray money, stay in hotel, shop, communicate, get admitted in a hospital, buy fuel --

      capt ajit vadakayil

  19. Im a btech MECH graduate should i join MERI for 1 year course and enter merchant navy or do ME in marine engineering from abroad, please guide me.

    1. hi ajax,

      i do NOT take questions of such nature any more, for obvious reasons.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  20. Hello Captain,

    This is an eye opener. I have been looking for this information for long.

    Me and my husband is on an onsite assignment and we really don’t have good Indian friends here.
    It happened many a times that some Indians used to strike a conversation and take our mobile numbers. We would be overjoyed in having got a new friend. And believe me all those people were Scamway's chamchas. We had in vain invited them to our house just to get a shock of our lifetime when they started talking about their " scamway business empire". One couple forced us with 2 CDs !! Another couple told us that they both came here for an IT company like us but then quit their jobs and are now working full time for Scamway!!

    Not that I knew much about Scamway then, but we both decided not to join just because they took advantage of our friendliness. Now that I think of it, I feel relieved.

    And now we have decided not to attend calls from such acquaintances.

    Thank you again for such a good post.

  21. Guruji,
    I have heard & read lot about dangers of flouride in the water. Doctors and pediatricians i asked have said to me that it is an essential nutrient for body. On other internet sites, i read that it is a way to hinder normal functioning of pineal gland and make the person dumb. I'm not clear about this. Kindly let us know your thoughts on this.

    Best wishes as always...

  22. hi manju,

    in USA they put DANGEROUS flouride in the municipal drinking water , saying it is good for teeth.

    this is like putting toothpaste in drinking water--totally insane.

    punch into google search PINEAL GLAND THE THIRD EYE VADAKAYIL

    yanks have NOT yet punished the people responsible for this mindless disaster. this is the reason yanks are dumb -- and less spiritually evolved.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  23. thanks captain for wonderful article. When i was at bangalore, i met a person at "Udupi restaurant" on Old airport road in front of "Total mall". His name i will not reveal but he was M.Tech from IIT Roorkee, worked at Vedanta Zinc smelter Chittor and was working as Junior engineer at General electrics. He was resident of Tirupathi, so he immediately got respect from me. Later he invited me to visit his home on saturday. I humbly refused , as i am a shy kind of person. But as he keep calling me on saturday and persuaded me, one day i went to his home and was surprised to see lot many people gathering there (mostly first comer) and he with his friends were demonstrating amway product. I got alarming bell ringing at the back of my mind. What i saw there ... many eyes... FULL of GREED... vultures.. suffocating environment... Later he visited my home with some products and tried to sell those off to me... he wanted my relatives/friends contact numbers/addresses. He said he has left his USELESS job and want to be RICH businessman.. and this amway is BEST !! He want to know what are my dreams... Such simple looking 21 year boy with good eduction can be so cunning,.. i could have never imagined... Truly said in bhagwat geeta... "KAAM, KRODH, LOBH are doors of hell"- (GREED -LOBH is a door to HELL}

    Day before yesterday i visited Jagganath Puri and temple has incredibly wonderful environment... Cant explain in words .. to my surprise , painting on walls have triangular frame and hundred petal lotus was painted on ceiling. Jai Jagannath

    1. hi kuldhir,

      the problem in india is these amway distributors EXPLOIT VULNERABLE PEOPLE in an immoral manner.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. hi kuldhit,

      another thing.

      only IIT BTECHs are respected.

      none of the BTECHs opt for IIT MTECH.

      IIT MTECHs are usually unemployed.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    3. hi ajax,


      in our time we had an all india entrance exam for training ship DUFFERIN -- a specific exam like IIT .

      this ship was a british troop carrier in the first world war.

      more than 2000 students wrote the exam from kerala, 2 were selected - i am one of the 2.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. I wasnt astonished to hear that you were one of the two, as SIR you are a knowledgeable and smart persom. By the way sir was it conducted after graduation or after 12th.

    5. hi ajax,

      at the age of 16 after 11th standard.

      no more personal questions.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  24. You are Energy.
    Love and Respect BABAJI.

  25. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for responding to my previous quesiton in the prvious post. This was one of those posts that i was waiting for. On the spot. You have nailed it ! Still many IBOs / dealers and their relatives pose themselves as nutritionists and suggest the Amway pills and powders. Can you kindly elaborate on the quality of their products and how it affects our economy on the whole ?

    Thanks and Regards,


  26. Karthik NK April 24, 2013 at 10:54 PM

    Captain Sir,

    What is your PoV on tupperware.
    Many urban ladies are sold on this. 80% of office goers carry food in tupperware.
    I cannot understand if plastic can be as safe as they proclaim.
    expensive and almost ponzi-like


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    April 25, 2013 at 4:58 AM

    hi karthik,

    Tupperware is just like Amway –a multi level marketing scheme ( pyramid scheme which swindles the base ) for a super expensive item.

    punch into google search--


    It had a funny design on the lid and when you pushed on the center it sealed with a satisfying burp.

    It cost a little more, but it had a lifetime warranty, WOW-- but there is a dang catch .

    If someone returns a container which does not FART –nay-- BURP then the Tupperware lady must pay for a new item (at a 75% employee discount) and then give it to the customer.

    So a extra-smart Tupperware lady will say “you may need to heat the lids to get them to fit the first time”— so that she can say later ” Oh, maybe you heated them effing lids way too much. It is your fault ”

    A Tupperware party is run by a Tupperware consultant for a host who invites friends and neighbors into his or her home to see the product line.

    She will look at everybody with TUPPERWARE EYES. They just prey and feed off personal relationships and family ties. Stay away from these soul less Tupperware ladies.

    and then the company cheated, due to which many americans got cancer. for they microwaved their foods in tupperware of class 7. This is Polycarbonate , a high-strength plastic made from a highly toxic monomer known as bisphenol-A (BPA) .

    when scientists complained , they got the US authorities to certify it safe by "lobbying". But quietly they banned this in baby bottles.


    now tupperware had done a somersault and claim proudly that their products are hormone disrupting , BPA free. how do you like that?.

    Tupperware products has used the "lifetime warranty bull" so that they do NOT have to resin code their products-- not intended for recycling . these bullshit plastic containers are timeless and forever, like diamonds , right?

    seceral americans found that their tupperware was marked with the #3 recycle code which is not food friendly. So now Tupperware cries --our containers are made from #4 (polyethylene) or #5 (polypropylene )plastics.

    4 and 5 are still NOT microwave fireendly as they leach off toxins.

    keep chopped garlic in pyrex and tupperware for a week. pyrex will NOT retain smell. tupperware will smell of garlic -- why?

    to get rid of the smell the tupperware has to be kept in the hot sun ( for UV rays )-- to kill odor ( bacteria ).

    this is the reason why the inner parts gets sticky over time -- because of micro level leaching and breakdown of plastic . tupperware is NOT suitable for indian foods.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  27. Amway destroyed my entire life and career. I quickly realised how much you have to lie hence I stopped recruiting downline as I did not want to make their life hell like mine. I am regretting till today and will regret for the rest of my life as it amway has detached me from my family and friends and god knows when I will regain the lost ground

  28. Dear Capt,

    While I was reading Times of india news on amway, I stumbled across your comment and that lead me to this blog spot. Am glad that I just found somebody who thinks in the same lines as me.

    I will be glued to your blogs for more knowledge. In the mean time I suggest a site for some knowledge about various facts and stuff related to rothschilds, rockfellers, bilderberg etc....

  29. Captain Sir,

    Excellent piece, except for the non-veg portions that make it difficult for me to forward it to some of my pesky relatives, who have been 'amwashed'!!

  30. Dear Captian,

    I very much liked your post about Amway. I would request you to please write a post on Qnet. It is spreading like wild fire in middle east and metropolitan cities in India. The people who joined that scheme are being systematically brainwashed and speak nothing else but Qnet products. They don't even spend time with family and friends.

    I have few of my friends who are Qnet members. I want to enlighten them this evil.

    Thank you

  31. I have a funny music CD making fun of amway!!
    Check it out here!

  32. Captain,

    I want to narrate my real experience with Amway. Around 12 years ago, I had just started my career in Sales and Marketing of Industrial Products in a multinational firm. For this I had to visit many Automobile & Engineering companies. In one of the companies, I had to meet this one person who was the end user of our products. I was desperately trying to get my first order from this customer as it would be my company's first order from this customer. He was very friendly and good man. I used to meet him a lot as he was very receptive to our products.
    Then one day, I still remember it was a Saturday evening and I was spending time with my family, when the phone rang and this person said "I have a surprise for you and I want you to come to meet me at a certain Meeting Hall". When I reached there all persons were in impeccable suits and dresses. It was the Amway meeting. There was all that motivational stuff and parading of the top performers. I was a little skeptical of all that was said. After this meeting, the person started asking me for joining Amway and but their products. I told him that I am not interested as I found this scheme undigestable. Also I found that I had to buy Rs. 4500/- worth of goods from them in order to start. At that time my salary was very less and I did not want to part of with rs. 4500/- as my monthly budget would go awry. After that day he was not the same person and stopped being receptive to our products. I told the whole thing to my Sales Manager and he was an understanding man and told me to not give in to such tantrums in order to get our business.

    After around 8 years, I was transferred to a new place on promotion as Sales Manager and happened to meet the same person at another company, in the same place as my new posting. It was surprising that he was not the same person and he had changed very much and was very friendly. We sat down and cheerfully discussed about our earlier meetings, etc. Maybe he was ashamed or had understood the Amway fraud by then. He gave my Sales Engineer, who was reporting to me, the biggest order till date.
    I just want to highlight that Amway just induces poison in the minds of good people and spoils relationships. They start looking at people only from the business point of view.

  33. hi-


    Canned foods having plastic lining, have been the cause of pregnant mothers delivering autistic babies.

    Never leave you plastic mineral water bottle in your black painted car on a hot day , as plastic will leach into water.

    If it is a plastic COKE bottle plastic will leach faster due to Phosphoric acid.

    Always use glass and ceramic containers to heat foods and drinks.

    Never use plastic in the microwave oven. Many people microwave cling wrap which is dangerous. ALWAYS MICROWAVE YOUR FOODS IN PYREX GLASS.

    Buy your meat and fish from the butcher and fishmonger directly to avoid the plastic trays and wrapping used by the Walmart type supermarkets.

    They say “BPA-Free” labels make foods safe from hormone disrupters. This is bull as most of the plastic containers from Walmart have tested for estrogen-like chemicals.

    Use only glass bottles for infant feedings.

    TUPPERWARE claimed that they were the best with a lifetime warranty--all bull. Tupperware products has used the "lifetime warranty bull" IN AN IMMORAL MANNER so that they do NOT have to resin code their products-- not intended for recycling

    Naive Yanks microwaved their foods in tupperware of class 7. This is Polycarbonate , a high-strength plastic made from a highly toxic monomer known as bisphenol-A (BPA) --and they got cancer. When scientists complained , they got the US authorities to certify it safe by "lobbying". But quietly they banned this in baby bottles.

    Americans found that their tupperware was marked with the #3 recycle code which is not food friendly. So now Tupperware cries --our containers are made from #4 (polyethylene) or #5 (polypropylene )plastics.

    4 and 5 are still NOT microwave fireendly as they leach off toxins.

    keep chopped garlic in pyrex and tupperware for a week. pyrex will NOT retain smell. tupperware will smell of garlic -- why?

    to get rid of the smell the tupperware has to be kept in the hot sun ( for UV rays )-- to kill odor ( bacteria ).


    This is the reason why the inner parts gets sticky over time -- because of micro level leaching and breakdown of plastic . tupperware is NOT suitable for indian foods.


    Recycle symbol number:
    PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) Single use bottled beverages including water & soft drinks, peanut butter container, squeezable bottles eg honey No known risk if used as intended ie only once. Some concern over possible leaching with extended use. To reduce land fill – dispose of in recycling bin and use a refillable water bottle instead when you can.
    HDPE (high density polyethylene) Milk & juice containers, yoghurt cartons, supplement bottles, margarine tubs No known risk and recycles readily.
    PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Clear food packaging eg refillable rice container, lunch boxes & kids backpacks Increasing concern over potential leaching of phthalates, chemicals linked to child development problems. Does not recycle well. Avoid where possible.
    LDPE (low density polyethylene) Bread bags, frozen food bags, squeezable bottles eg honey, mustard, microwave safe cling wrap No known risk and can be recycled.
    PP (polypropylene) Dishwasher & microwave safe reusable containers, takeaway containers, ready to eat fruit containers, kids cups, ketchup bottles, yoghurt cartons & margarine tubs PP has a high melting point and therefore is safe for heating food in the microwave and can go in the dishwasher. No known risk of chemical leaching and can be recycled.
    PS (polystyrene) Meat trays, cups & plates, Styrofoam cups Concern over leaching of chemicals such as styrene, a possible carcinogen, particularly on long storage (after a year) and when used for hot liquids or foods. More difficult to recycle. Avoid where possible.
    Other – anything other than the 6 above and can be a combination of resins used. Includes PC (polycarbonate) Most baby bottles (unless labelled BPA-free), sippy cups, children’s hard plastic plates & bowls PC contains bisphenol-A (BPA) that has been shown to leach into contents. BPA has been linked to health problems including cancer & child development issues. While not all plastics with the number 7 contain BPA you will often not know. To be safe avoid them all.

    capt ajit vadakayil.

  35. Indian law called Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 bans the promotion of multilevel marketing. Under the same law, Andhra Pradesh High Court held the Business model of Amway illegal. Amway is presently facing criminal cases in several courts throughout India. Hope more and more criminal cases are filed against Amway in India to throw the sucker out of the country.

  36. Amway, Herbalife, Forever Living Products, Tupperware, AMC, Avon, Max New York Life Insurance, Mary Kay, Oriflame and other companies are members of Indian Direct Selling Association. All these companies are into multilevel marketing cheating the gullible throughout the world.

  37. Hello sir, story of your captain's daughter is nice. I too want to share my own. My parent choose the guy has Ford figo and fortunately I love this car. I also have the same car bought from ford dealer in Chittorgarh. By the way keep posting like this.

  38. Captain, Recently one of my friends has given some amway products and the quality is amazing. Laundry SA8, G&H Body shampoo and Sanitique Hair Shampoo, LOC cleaner and Dishdrops we tested and my mom became fan of those products . What they claim is all the amway products are concentrated and need to be diluted as per the instructions . Ex : dish drops need to be diluted 1:3 and we did the same, it worked amazingly cleaing all the oily stuff. Now we are confused either to proceed or not with amway...

    Also if possible please comment on Nutrilite products sir, they are mentioning and demonstrating with visuals live or from youtube and products are too convincing like Nutrilite Protein powder, Multivitamin, BIO-C, tri iron folic etc..

    please comment on this sir . Thanks in advance Captain..

    1. hi s,

      keep away from amway.

      are you asking me all this AFTER reading my post ?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  39. Capt. Ajit VadakayilMarch 1, 2014 at 2:14 AM

    Lot of Indians believe the Wikipedia bull that Axis Bank , who sponsors SATYAMEVA JAYATE is the former UTI Bank .

    Let me quote Wikipdia –who throws FOG all around .

    QUOTE : The Bank was promoted jointly by the Administrator of the Unit Trust of India (UTI-I), Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), General Insurance Corporation Ltd., National Insurance Company Ltd., The New India Assurance Company, The Oriental Insurance Corporation and United India Insurance Company. The Unit Trust of India holds a special position in the Indian capital markets and has promoted many leading financial institutions in the country. Axis Bank (erstwhile UTI Bank) opened its registered office in Ahmedabad and corporate office in Mumbai in December 1993. UNQUOTE

    How many of you know that the first AXIS BANK branch was inaugurated in April 1994 in Ahmedabad by Dr. Manmohan Singh, then the Finance Minister of India.

    Manmohan Singh was planted on the finance minister chair by Rothschild.

    You must also know that ex-Rothschild employee Manmohan Singh inaugurated Amway too.

    If so why does US visa get processed very fast if the bank draft for fees is from AXIS bank ?

    capt ajit vadakayil

  40. Captain,
    An eye opener indeed....
    Latest in the market is the CMD (mineral drops) sold in the same way as MLM. is the site. Many people have been lured to buy this.
    One such chap stays in our building selling these drops.
    Kinldy check that out & how safe it is for the general public.
    Also, what food should on have in order that rich minerals go into the body.
    HAve already the blog Dynamics of the Cell.
    Will be visiting the country where your favourite beer comes from.
    Warm regards...

    1. hi oss,

      BioTrace CMD Ionic Concentrated Mineral Drops is a highly concentrated Ionic Mineral Supplement that contains 72 Macro and Trace Minerals.

      These minerals originate from the northern waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and are harvested through solar evaporation.

      The body needs about 70 different minerals to carry out all the functions a body is required to do.

      But many may not realize there are two types of minerals: organic and inorganic.

      There is a big difference between minerals obtained from ORGANIC fruits / veggies/ fish readily absorbed by the human body and INORGANIC rock minerals from a salt lake.

      Rock sourced minerals not usable by the body, but are downright dangerous.

      Veggie / fruit minerals are bonded to carbon atoms while there is NIL carbon in inorganic minerals.

      We as human beings are carbon based, being bonded to a carbon atom theoretically makes any element more bioavailable and usable by a living organism.

      When minerals come from water, they are inorganic. Today, due to pollution, you take great risks drinking from a mineral stream.

      On the other hand most of the GM veggies/ fruits/ grains consumed today is excessively processed to the point of having little or no mineral nutrient content.

      Organic minerals from FRESH veggies / fruits are living and can bring life to cells. These contain carbon, and their electrons spin clockwise, just like those of the human body.
      Additionally, these cells can form an ionic bond with the body and can easily break down into materials to help with bodily function, such as tissue repair.

      Inorganic materials- these were never living, without carbon and cannot bring life to cells. The body treats these metals like toxins and are tightly held together; they cannot be easily broken down. And, their electrons spin counterclockwise, out of sync with the rest of the body—they do NOT tell you all this , right?

      Inorganic minerals are removed from water during nature's water cycle, that is, during evaporation from the sun, only the water itself is removed, with the inorganic chemicals behind—as god wants.

      Inorganic, or non-living, minerals cannot be utilized by humans or animals. However, plants can. And, they are the organisms that turn them into the organic minerals we can use through photosynthesis.

      But, the inorganic minerals that pass into our drinking water cannot help us and can in fact, harm us.

      This is because inorganic chemicals cannot absorb as nutrition into the cell walls and thus gets deposited elsewhere into the body.

      This can cause arthritis, joint pain, kidney and gallstones and even clogged arteries. Lime (calcium carbonate) is one of these minerals. Just think about what that does to your bathtub!

      OOPS !

      capt ajit vadakayil
      capt ajit vadakayil

  41. Captain,
    Salute to you once again..
    Thanks for the detailed explaination.
    Now, I will give back his own bull s**t to this guy.
    Thanks once again Captain.

  42. A similar kind of trend called tupperware is catching up with middle class housewives in urban India. I have seen people( cant name them here) who have even got divorced after getting trapped in this whirlpool of greed and easy money and by the time they realized their folly it was too late. While some were lucky to have families who forgave them the unfortunate ones have plunged into depression and never recovered from that. Iam glad that you posted this blog to highlight the biggest fraud called amway.

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hi vs,

      Bill Britts was a hypocrite whose went around preaching Christian values , family values, morals and expounding his reputation as a savvy international businessman.

      He poses with his wife Peggy as if she was the best thing that happened to him.

      The truth is that all this LOVE is just for public consumption. Crown ambassadors Bill and Peggy Britt filed for separation in 2003.

      Yes— you are right the wedge was money-my money—your money –BLAH BLAH. And there was a mistress by the name of Phyllis Frankel too.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  44. Dear Capt Ajit Vadakayil sir,

    Can you please throw light on Robert Kiyosaki and his Success resources organization, whose team involves Gerry Robert - founder of Black card books...who are making a lot of money from their meetings in Bangalroe since last few please give us your feedback..are they good or not ?

    1. hi rm,

      he exposes the R lobby.

      capt ajit vadakayil




    Peter Benenson the son of hard core Zionist Jewess Flora Solomon, was the founder of Rothschild funded NGO Amnesty International.

    Flora Solomon ,the daughter of Jew Grigori Benenson, blongs to the Rothschild family.

    British double agent and Bolshevik Jew Rothschild communist spy Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby was controlled by Flora baby.

    Mind you Rothschild had wrangled the Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal for Kim bhaiyya.

    Kim bhaiyya was an advisor to crypto Jew King Ibn Sa'ud of Saudi Arabia

    Jew Rothschild wrangled for Jew Peter Benenson the Pride of Britain Award for Lifetime Achievement.

    Amnesty International now has a membership of over 7 million in over 150 countries and is engaged in HEGLIAN DIALECTIC.

    We do not want Amnesty International and BENAMI INDIAN MEDIA to save India.

    Cynthia Rothschild controls Amnesty's international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender network.

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are, essentially, weapons of the new world order of Rothschild.

    Who better than self-styled human rights activists to justify humanitarian wars?

    They provided much of the propaganda ammunition for the U.S. and European war against Libya, Iraq and Syria..

    Amnesty International did prcption managmnt that U.S. should remain in Afghanistan as long as it takes, for the sake of Afghan women. TEEEE HEEEEEEEE.

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch actively campaign for wars – and they always turn out to be the same wars that Washington is planning to wage.

    Both organizations are imposters on the world scene, pretending to care for human rights while advocating that the U.S. and its friends trample on the national sovereignty of weaker states – as if human rights can exist outside the framework of international law.

    As far as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are concerned, human rights are whatever Rothschild / Bilderberg club says they are.

    Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are simply mercenaries for empire, and sworn enemies of international law.


    capt ajit vadakayil

  46. DRAK
    November 6, 2015 at 2:02 PM
    "PM Modi says gold can empower women: All questions about the new schemes answered" -

    Modi launches gold monetisation scheme and India’s first-ever gold coin-

    above: GOLD COINS WITH GANDHI AND ASHOK CAKRA for dhanteras and laxmi pooja.

    Wah ji Wah.

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    November 6, 2015 at 2:36 PM
    hi d,




    WHO IS NO 8?












    JEW HAI NA ?












    capt ajit vadakayil

  47. Amway has launched a manufacturing plant at madurai, Tamilnadu with Rs. 550 crore investment, on 18 nov 2015. innaugrated by CM Jaylalita along with other ministers.
    Don't know , why the government give them permission ? Can u explain plz ?.... Amway is growing very fast in India..

  48. The article by Ramjee Chandran mentioned earlier in this thread can be read here: and from other links I am sure. I used to live in Goa when the article came out and I can tell you it saved so many people in Goa from signing away their hard earned savings to amway. Years later I travelled to Bangalore from New jersey and asked to meet the writer of the article. I had an terrific one hour with Mr Chandran who, not surprisingly, has a brilliant mind full of insights and analysis and with a great sense of humour. He is incidentally a Tamilian and not a fellow Keralite as someone else mentioned in this thread. Anytime Amway is mentioned, I forward a copy of this timeless article to them. I recommend you do too. Tilaka Puri

  49. Please expose QNET. How does it work and what is it all about ?
    Lot of my friends and relatives are going into it.

  50. Qnet India Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd

  51. QNET files appeal against Magistrate's order blocking websites


  52. Qnet Tobing VCon Jakarta 2012 Part4

  53. Qnet Scam in India

  54. QNET founder

    The Arrest of Joseph Bismark – Japa das

  55. Presentation Q-Net business plan mr.pathman senatirajah 1

  56. Find Your Two - Pathman Senathirajah

  57. hahahahahha Sir ..... you ll fall off your chair

    Dato' Vijay Eswaran speaks about Belief - VMalaysia 2011 (Part 3)

  58. Guruji, Kindly give a solution to delete our details from Aadhar Card scheme. After reading your views several readers would be glad to remove their details from Aadhar scheme.

  59. P Chidambaram, wife Nalini party to MLM fraud that duped 12 lakh people, says BJP

  60. Pawar, Deshmukh named in plaint
    Stating that names of former CM, late Vilasrao Deshmukh, and former agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, also have been mentioned by advocate Khanna in his complaint to the CVC, Bhandari said that the BJP, however, is desisting from levelling charges against them for want of documentary proof.

  61. Is QNet illegal ?
    My friends are involved in it ...... they act like a cult

    Qnet Scam: Padma Bhushan Awardee Michael Ferreira Arrested

  62. Check this Halal India

    some of my friends are buying these health products

  63. Network TwentyOne

    is network 21 kosher ?

    amway has big fields where the grow their own crop and extract the nutrition to be capsuled as their product

    are these crops GMO ?

  64. Namaskar Captain saab, Is this true that AMWAY has more than 700 patents and they have hugest of the production units in Kerela. They are doing research in jungles for priceless herbs,medicines and other. Buddha above trying to raise same topic, Is this all?

  65. A big amway store opened in nerul, palm beach road