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A couple of days ago, I saw a National Games Taekwondo Championship recording on TV, which was held in the Calicut Indoor stadium.

That sent me down memory lane.

When I went to the swimming pool in Calicut I saw the gym coach and the pool coach about to ride off into the sunset on a bike.  

So I asked them , what is the tearing fu#ckin' hurry?

Well they just received the news that the UNOFFICIAL championship has just started.  

After the results are announced , and if the silver medalist or the bronze medalist feels short changed , due to partial judges ( which happens every single time ) then after the trophy ceremony, they settle it out again—this time for real , where real blood flows, and nobody stops a fight , till one man is down .  

And sometimes this changes into an all-out FREE FOR ALL brawl . They coaches said that they had witnessed it , the previous two years – as they rode off .

The Calicut indoor stadium is attached to the main Calicut Corporation Soccer stadium.

Two decades back I was a regular at the tennis clay court with my elder son, who was just 6 years old. He used to play well and then he lost interest.  I guess I pushed him too hard, as a father-coach . This is what happens when play becomes work , and the joy of playing a game is lost.

The tennis coach was my good friend and he used to introduce me to the National SAI coaches who stayed with their family in the Calicut Indoor stadium complex.  And I used to give them fancy baseball caps, which I bought from USA.  

So one day , the national Table Tennis coach allowed me to play with the National men’s champion. Rather he ordered the champion to play with me , and I got beaten 21-4.  Just one single game.

Then after a couple of days , I wrangled a TT match with the National women’s champion.  She won the first game 21-8.  

In the second game ,the score was 15-15 , when my tennis coach friend shouted from the side lines “ Ajit , what is the score?” – and then she reeled off 6 points in a row and I lost 21-15.

After the match the tennis coach conveyed to me over a drink , that he has been categorically told by the National TT coach Mr Agarwal, that I can never ever play with his students.  Apparently my game is weird , having no smash, only ball control and googly spin , and I had totally demoralized the women’s champion.

Twice her bat missed the ball totally, while making  top spin full blooded smashes --  which can be very embarrassing, even for a novice.

It seems she used to beat the men’s champion sometimes , and there was NO reason for her to be 15-15 with me.  

She and her coach never heard of the MAGNUS EFFECT.

But then this is what coaching is all about . You have to play to the weaknesses of the opponent.

The Tennis coach ( we called him Siddettan ) is now dead.  May his soul rests in peace . He was an educated man, and spoke very good English , with a good accent , unlike the typical Malayali English accent.  

I could have a good intelligent conversation with him. He had hundreds of National Geographic magazines, to which he subscribed .  

He died a bachelor .  A few weeks before he passed away, we met over a couple of drinks . He told me that he never had sex with a woman, and he often wondered how it would be.  Poor guy was the eldest  and he has three younger sisters to marry off , and it did NOT happen . A sort of domino effect . His 3 sisters were  spinsters too.  I never asked him why?  

One day he confessed that the only time of the day he really enjoys,  is when he takes out out his bottle of whisky from his cupboard and he pours the liquid into his glass.  And he used to pour it slow in silence so that he can hear the gurgle and splash of the liquid. And then he used to go to sleep thinking about this sweet noise which would happen again the next day.

Just to show how life dishes out a raw deal to good people.

As I said, the main soccer stadium is attached to the Indoor stadium or rather vice versa.  As a young boy while studying in school , our most exciting period was when the football season started.  Our Calicut stadium hosted the Sait Nagjee Football Tournament.  

The stadium was walking distance from my  home. We had a big neighborhood gang of more than 20 young boys. The galleries those days were made of bamboo.  Initially our main interest was to go under the stadium bamboo galleries while the match is in progress and forage for empty cigarette packets . 

People used to drop the empty packets down.  We used to flatten the packet covers of Scissors, Passing Show, Charminar , Wills brands and take it home.  

These were our playing chips during outdoor games and gambling chips during the rains , when we were confined indoors. 

The Indoor game when it rained was pretty simple and straight forward.  A ten paise coin would be flipped and the question would come “head or tails?” . I remember in vernacular it used to be “Guru or Chapa?” ( or was it bhuru? ) . 

And then we used to place our bets .

The outdoor game was quite exciting. A circle would be drawn on the ground and we placed our bets, like cards .  A pile would be made and kept in the circle. Then we used to go about 30 feet away and fling a flat piece of tile , about 3 inch square and half inch thick towards the circle.  The child whose tile was closest to the circle would be allowed the first chance of knocking the pile of flattened cigarette packets, and put it out of the circle. And then all these packet chips outside the circle would be his.  

What a splendid game! 

We spend hundreds of happy hours playing this game. And then we used to run home at sunset , count our chips stash it away in our kijoris and feel very proud , if we had a positive flow .  Often when a neighbor friend came to visit , his first request would be “ Can you show me your packs!”.

And then on seeing a good heap, he would say WOW!--  and my little chest would swell with pride!

Then as we got older, we started enjoying the soccer tournaments.  We used to be so excited that we used to hop and skip all the way to the stadium. The atmosphere there would be electrifying , especially on Sundays and Saturdays. The best games were reserved for those days.  

One day I saw my uncle , who stayed 25 kilometers away . And when I told my father , he remarked “He has a season ticket and he never misses a match “. There were people from neighboring districts , who used to travel upto 80 miles to see a soccer club game. 

Such was the soccer craze in Calicut. Recently Maradona had come to Kannur , my wife's place. Good players were hero worshiped.

Today all this fades to insignificance. 

My elder son will be soon travelling all the way from USA to Manchester UK with his computer nerd friends to watch a single soccer match at Old Trafford, the home stadium of Manchester United.  You have to book the tickets by internet , 4 months in advance, or you dont get one even for the small games.

By the way, my elder son is a Manchester United nut, my wife supports Chelsea and “yours truly”  supports Manchester City.  

The Chelsea –Man City game got over just one hour back on ESPN and Manchester City won 2-0, and since then my wife has been moping around a bit.   I know her body language, when she gets deflated .  

I am a Carlos Tevez fan, and he scored the second goal , with a thundering right footer into the corner of the net.  You will note that the Chelsea defender is afraid of this powerful shot.

Check out the video below:

That pushed me back in time and set me thinking of the thundering right foot of Bir Bahadur of EME Secunderabad .  

In 1965 EME Secunderabad beat MRC Wellington and in 1966 they beat Leaders Club Jullundur to lift the trophy.  Even today , my body responds to the the amazing electrifying atmosphere of Calicut Corporation stadium in the sixties. Those days, the sound of full throated cheering from the stadium after a goal, could be heard in my home.  

Each of my friends had their own soccer heroes.   Peter Thangaraj , the East Bengal Goal keeper, Jarnail Singh , the defender of Mohun Bagan,  Ranjit Thapa or Gurkha Brigade, Mohd Yusuf Khan of Hyderabad City Police, Chuni Goswami of Mohun Bagan, Inder Singh of Leaders Club Jullunder, Chattunni of EME Secunderabad  –the lot.  

Those were happy , carefree days.

Today the Calicut stadium can seat 35,000.  Cricket has taken over – thanks to renovation work which took more than 8 years . 

Once Roger Binny hit a resounding six which landed among the devotees at the neighboring Sri Kanteshwaram temple of Calicut.  Now people are just happy to watch EPL on satellite TV.

Above : The Calicut Corporation soccer stadium which arouses nostalgia, where bitter-sweet childhood memories are embedded.

We used to compare the thundering right foot of Bir Bahadur ( number 9 jersey of EME ) with the left foot of Ferenc Puskas, the Hungarian soccer hero.. Those days the football was hard and nobody would dare to form a human wall in front of Bir Bahadur , when he took a free kick .

I have put a post about the UNSUNG Hungarian Puskas.


I represented my Training ship at Mumbai, with 250 cadets in both junior and senior years.  And my Top the “Starboard Fore Top”  were the soccer Champions in both years.  

Recently I was quite distressed to know that Bir Bahadur , is in utter poverty and sells Pani Puri ( chat ) near St Anne’s School, Secunderabad ( Lakdawala cantonment area ) from a mobile kiosk.  Apparently his army pension is NOT good enough.

Just see, fate –nay- apathy, has given him a greater kick on his head, than his thundering right footer bolt.

Forgotten and unsung Naik Bir Bahadur was the star centre-forward of the Indian football team at the Asian Games in 1966, where India finished fourth at Bangkok. 

Cricket is played by nine and a half countries. It is no big deal if Sachin Tendulkar is No 1.  Any way can you imagine Sachin selling Pani Puri on the streets to make ends meet?

Bir Bahadur served the army for 22 years playing football  for his unit , at top tourneys like Durand Cup, Santosh Trophy , Sait Nagjee trophy, and Rovers Cup. . 

At his peak, he was offered big money by rich private clubs like Tata, Mafatlal, Mohun Bagan, East Bengal etc  and he preferred to stay in the army,  doing justice to the loyal Gurkha blood in his veins.  

I can tell you today, that he was a TOP striker in those days.  His own father, Sukhlal Bahadur, was a centre-back for Services.

Bir Bahadur had joined the Army in 1963 and was transferred from Dehradun to Secunderabad EME. Pretty soon he proved his mettle . His thunderbolt right footer and fast feet was noticed.  He was on board the plane as part of the national side for the Asian Games at Bangkok.

Those days the Indian soccer team ( unlike today ) was a strong team.  India won the gold in the 1962 Asian Games where they beat South Korea 2–1 in the final, though some of our players played barefooted.  In the AFC Asian Cup India finished with silver medal.

Bir Bahadur retired as a Naik in 1985. Finding himself in a terrible financial crisis, he took up a job as a private security guard for peanuts. After he married off his daughter he fell into debt, and then he had an accident which made things worse. Today he is a psychological wreck. 

People who recognize him as a past champion who wore the Indian Soccer Jersey , tell him to keep the change , which cuts him up. 

He even went and met YSR the CM of Andhra Pradesh with his wife Devaki.  It was no use and YSR would care for him only if he converted to Christianity. Imagine a proud Gorkha having to face this choice and changing his name from Bir Bahadur ( bravest of the brave ) to some Tom, Dick or Prick..

You must know that when the media highlighted Bahadur's plight, relief came from Sunil Gavaskar's CHAMPS Foundation.  After I heard of this, my opinion of Sunil Gavaskar changed and my respect for him has gone up. I had never respected him as a selfish cricketer.

Sometimes Bir Bahadur enjoys pride of place in VIP enclosures at major football events. Then he goes back to cleaning dirty dishes soon after.

This loyal Gorkha Bir Bahadur , who donned Indian colors , is a victim of army apathy.  

Let my post get published, the EME Secunderabad brand will take a hit.  

Let people know how loyalty is rewarded by the Indian Army and Indian Government.  

Is it worth being proud of wearing Indian colours? 

Today they are loyal to the likes of Robert Vadra who is exempt from frisking in any airport or security area in India.

Grace and peace!



  1. Captain,
    great write up!
    Really shameful on IA's part. Hope Bir Bahadur gets some justice soon.

  2. Same story like Paan Singh Tomar.

    FYI, thousands muslims rioted Canning, a major town of Bengal, burnt 200 houses. Not a single newspapers covered the news. You are awakening Hindus, but what will happen if the entire race is going to vapourise? From Govt, media, current generation all are totally apathetic towards Hindus. How we could survive? We go on cramming old tradition, spirituality, atma, paramatma and get under the sword of Islam, conversion of Christian.

    1. hi das,

      my blog site is also awakening the indian christians and the muslims.

      times are changing.

      this is why they are trying to harness and censor the internet.

      todat we had pj kurien with the italian waitress's help, going after 120 facebook accounts.

      we must resist.

      but unfortunately we hindus are COWARDS.

      we allow our desh bhakts to be called terrorists.

      desh drohis are ruling the roost. even our nuclear rights have been signed away.

      british east india company whom we drove away from india in 1947, is back on invitation.

      our ministers , media , police and judiciary are now in their pay roll.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Mr.Ajit,
      From your blog posts you have made it clear that you want to bring out the truth."Only Truth will set you free".
      So I request you to please write in your posts about the apathy of Hindus in Bhojshala and Canning(the above post from Mr.Das ).Only you can bring into light the plight and attack on Hindus in this so called "sickular" country(If a Hindu is killed by a Muslim its secularism ,but if a Muslim is killed in retaliation its communal-ism or saffron terror!)
      You have always tried to make us proud about being an Hindu/followers of Sanatana Dharma by bringing to us our glorious history.Please write about Bhojshala and Canning,Hindus can be proud when they alive,not when they are ashes,right?

    3. hi roni,

      read about bhojshala at the end of this post.


      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Hi Mr.Ajit,
      I have read the post earlier.I had actually requested you to write about the recent happenings at Bhojshala(what happened on Saraswati Puja) and Canning(in WB).If you don't write about these nobody would ever know of our plight.

    5. Pujya Acharay Dharmendra is one of the warrior saint of Bharat. He does tapasya for Bharat. You can listen to His fiery speech in youtube. We need these type of personalities to save Hindus. Get ready. Hindus are roaring.

      Please refer :
      Pujya Acharya Dharmendra going to Dhar with other Saints to intensify ‘Bhojshala’ agitation!

  3. To make hindus brave or create hindu brotherhood . first start helping fellow hindus. Instead of making costly journeys to temples far away give the money to your relatives who are poor. Donate money (2025 Rs) to "Akhsaya Patra" run by ISKON. If you are in interview panel and see a poor hindu who did not get job for a long time. Ask easy questions and get him a job. For every 10 interviews you do one like this. I see xians and muslims doing this.MNC are now dominated by christians.
    Advice your girl children to be loyal to hinduism. Advice them not to fall in love with other religious boys. The come with hindu names and fool us. .
    Near my locality one shameless church runs a program on friday they call all hindu women to pray to "Mary AMMA" Stupid hindu ladies go and pray they thing Mary and Kali are same. My heart bleeds on seeing all these

    1. hi,

      i once did a selection after an interview.

      i gave preference to one muslim boy from pune whose father sold vegetables in a thela.

      and then a christian boy whose father was a BEST bus driver.

      i gave them preference over hindu boys from rich backgrounds , who had passed out from premium schools.

      when it comes to such things i do NOT care for the religion he was born into. it was NOT his choice, his parents made the choice for him.

      today if you look around people make mafia choices, based on religion.


      I have narrated how CM k karunakaran of kerala, was hounded out of the CM chair for being a desh drohi--

      --and the ak antony was installed on the CM's chair.

      the christian media and even the christian cops, just went after poor karunakaran hammer and tongs.

      and he was a ex-freedom fighter, and belonged to the nehru era.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Dear Captain

    How to curb Eduthuchatam?

    1. hi sanju,

      i used to suffer from road rage before.

      at that time i get down from my car and catch the other guy by both his ears , till i cool down.

      if the guy wears specs , i just remove his specs till i cool down-- then i dont have to catch his ears.

      now mE wife and kids have banned me from such uncouth behavior.

      so i keep an empty pipe ( which i used 2.5 decades ago ) and do PUFF PUFF till i cool down. it works.

      for others -- who are peaceful blokes.

      take a deep breath and count till 10.

      if a menopause woman with PMS does eduthuchattam , pl understand it is a clinical condition.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Captain
      Due to utter luck, most of whatever I did due to Eduthuchattam, had benefitted me. but while introspecting myself I found that it will do a great harm to myself and people around me. I would know more about Vivekam.
      This Eduthuchattam has earned Me a nick name
      "Bharatchandran I.P.S."
      From My childhood, I have been hearing,
      "Eda Manushyan ayal Vivekam Vennam". How shall I be able to develop Critical thinking?

    3. hi sanju,


      i was a captain for 30 years, a go-getter who needed to provide strong leadership ( never mean )to multi-national crew.

      so who can write about ego better than me, on this planet.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. We Hindus actually did lot of harm to our own people in name of caste,creed etc. We allinated our own brothers and evangelists took the full opportunity. One converted is worse than even a christian or muslim.

    Secondly, we have to donate or support groups that are propagating Hinduism. Recently Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Agniveer, Struggle for Hindu Existence, F.A.C.T, Sri sri Ravishankarji are doing good job. As captain ji adviced donate to Iskon. Amma is spreading Hinduism through love. So, like zakat every Hindus should give atleast Rs.500 per month such organisation.

    Thirdly, we should implant the concept of Hinduism from very infant. Atleast children should feel proud to call as Hindu. Every cheistian educates their child through church, every muslim send their children to madrasa. We are sending our children to, javiers, ryan, thomas etc etc.

    Fourthly we should fight.with pen, because we can not be that brute. Everywhere wd should file PLI, letters to media on every attack. Let them hear our roar. Even if we have to be brute we should repeat Godhra. This is the only language those b....ds understand.

    Even BJP is not in favour of us. This prooves in case of Bhojshala issue, govt offered protection for only 16 muslims but brutally beated Hindus. VHP,RSS,Bajrang dal are not present in canning and Deganaga riot of bengal. Once more noakhali is going to happen .

    May i request all to atleast offer 108 chants or praying for establishing Hindu rashtra, for protection of Hindu all over the world.

  6. When Mahmud Gazni prepared for Somanath invasion, people knew it. Instead of making military preparation hindus went to temple to have last darshan of Lord Viswanath. This is the place we fell. Only the devotees who were present in the temple during invasion offered fight not regular soldiers. The cuplrit is our long poojas. We can wash GOd by water but milk, sandalhood abisek (bath) made us fools,

    1. we hindhus lack in Unity ..............plz dont balme poojas & our own customs For our failure dude

  7. I like your blog post. Keep on writing this type of great stuff. I'll make sure to follow up on your blog in the future.
    Hindu Saints

  8. @தென்னவன்
    Blame should be given to any rituals. Worshiping deities are integral part of Hinduism. This can not be an excuse for win or loss of a battle. Rather, devotion to one's own deity brings divine blessing. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was used to worship Devi Bhavani meticulously before any major decision and engaging in battle. By seer blessing of Maa Bhavani and obviously His own intelligence He able to establish Hindvi Swaraj. Similarly Rajputs are also great devotee. Gazni was treacherous. He betrayed good faith of King of Gujarat. Better you can blame 'Vasudhaiva Kutmbakam' approach. We believe foreigner too much rather than our own blood, for e.g. congress drinks feet-washed water of WTE.

  9. Sorry for typos.
    It will be 'Blame should not be....' in first line.

  10. Sir,

    My question is unrelated to the post.

    India has recently appointed "Raghuram Rajan" as its Cheif Economic Advisor. This person has been handpicked from the US by our government.

    Is this guy a stooge of some powerful US financial lobby?

    Would like your opinion on this..


    1. Hi pad,

      Unlike Manmohan Singh who is a Rothschild stooge, for his minion type submissiveness , Raghuram Rajan has brains.

      He is NOT a dumbo .

      Rajan is being popped up as a great economist, like how Amartya Sen was propped up.

      Yet he has been sponsored heavily by IMF, Financial Times , Goldman Sachs etc which are all controlled by the Rothschild banking cartel.

      But what is the use?

      India falls outside the Adam Smith model.


      Capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Capt,
    how can we use mercury as fuel Ancient flying saucers were triggered by mercury fuel.

    1. hi goraksha,

      NASA has used mercury ion technology for their SERT series rockets - and it works.


      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Hi Ajith,

    I got to know that many girls in KERALA are being trapped by muslim men in the name of LOVE and then converting their religion and being harrassed and tortured after marriage.

    The % of Hindu population over a decade has drastically fell down.Is it true ?

    1. hi,

      punch into google search MUSLIM HISTORY IN KERALA VADAKAYIL

      the chirakkal king gave his daughter's muslim lover part of his kingdom. they were caught doing something in the huge chera ( pool ), and it so "transpired" that the hindu princess was saved from drowning by the muslim low caste boy.

      this is the base of the muslim arakkal kingdom in kerala.

      and you know how the muslim arakkal kingdom did ?

      they invited hyder ali and tipu sultan to invade kerala, in a hum bhi muslim tum bhi muslim manner .

      this is how tipu sultan got enormous quantities of gold ( temple vaults ).

      one find day rothschild ( owner of british east india company ) took it away from tipu sultan -- and this is the foundation of the modern banking cartel.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  13. Dear Capt. Sir,

    I would like to know whether :

    1. Hindu tortured Sikh during 1984?

    2. Hindu tortured Buddhists & Jain, due to torture of Hindus there is no dominance of Buddhism and Jain in India. Buddhism was predominant religion before Islam.

    These concept is now spreading may be due to instigate those communities against Hindus.

    Please reply.

    1. hi das,

      1) no torturing sikhs -- only killing.

      but there was one case where a sikh doctor was put in a choona drum, where he got blistered before he died.

      2) hindus did not torture buddhists and jains. all lies cooked up by british using their stooges BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar.

      hindus have never been proactive in killing-but reactive. if you dont react , you are a COWARD.

      mahatma gandhi was groomed by the british to prevent hindus from reacting.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  14. Sir

    One more point - is it possible to arrange your article in alphabetically without arranging date wise. This will be more reader friendly. We can search more easily. I mean at one list all articles should be visible.

  15. hi Sir
    i was just going through books in my college library and found book "worshipping false gods" by arun shourie . I was curious to read it but wanted to ask you if it is good read or not ?

    1. hi amanjit,

      yes, i guess he is the only writer who agrees with me on br ambedkar-- that he never spent ONE single minute of his life supporting india's freedom struggle..

      he wanted his masters' british rule to continue and he had spoken and written about this several times.

      but arun shourie does NOT know everything or he is scared to write about rothschild and columbia univeristy in his book WORHIPPING FALSE GODS.

      for after all arun shourie is also a zionist stooge having pre-actively supported FDI in multibrand retail.


      capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Dear Captain,

    Read about Bir Bahadur in your blog and am actually moved by the treatment meted out to such heroes of the nation. I am here in Secunderabad and want to find Bir Bahadur to help one of our many forgotten icons like him. Need your help in locating him, if yoou could be more specific about his address or location. Regards and thanks for publishing this.

    1. hi rm

      let it be.

      he is making a honest living .

      what does man need -- a roof under his head, 2 meals a day and some love.

      bahadur has all he needs.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Sir I'm Praveen Indian army, sir can I have mr bir bahadurs contact no or address

  17. Sir,

    Recently, I heard about the death of Mr Williams, Ex-eme footballer in the newspaper and that brought about the memory of Bir bahadur as well. And, when I searched the internet for Bir Bahadur and got this bad news from your blog. As a coincidence, I had a chance to meet Mr Chathunny the famous stopper back of EME in those days and we discussed Bir Bahadur's plight. And that made me write a letter to one of my relatives, a Retd. Brigadier from EME about the plight of some of our childhood heroes. (Bir Bahadurwas a hero to him as well) and he wrote to to me this mails 3 days back :

    "It was indeed so nice and thoughtful of you to have sent this report on EME Footballer, Bir Bahadur. Being an ardent admirer of the EME Centre team du the Chackola Trophy days ( and ater captained the EME team in Kamptee Centre, when I was posted there in 68-70, I took up this matter with Lt Gen Mehta, our Colonel Cmdt presently in Secunderabad.

    He has taken up the matter, and thru the pension office etc (to cut the story short) located the family. Bir Bahadur is presently suffering from Alzhemics and does'nt remember anything. His daughter is married to a JCO of EME and well seetled,. Their had a job, but got fired. Now helping Mom in Gol Gappas. Gen Mehta got them to his office, spent time with them, Offered them help. They have a debt of Rs 60K which the EME Regtl Asscn is taking care of. Also he is personally oushing the case for allotment of a house for them with the AP Govt. She as been offered a job in EME CEntre, Sec'bad, but she declines saying that Gol Gappas is the only thing she knows! Gen Mehta has offered them a stall in MCEME ( Military College OF EME - were all offrs and technicians are trained , normally a str 2000+ and famiies) free of rent and any other charges.

    I think you have done a gr8 job in getting the item and fwding to me.

    Lt Gem Mehta personally thanked me for the initiative taken, I did tell him about how I got the item thru you. Well done, you have done good for one family.

    EME has always been helpful ( the prob is Bir Bahadur seem not to have gone to them , ) however you have the CREDIT for it."

    SIR, sInce, I got the news from your BLOG, I pass on the due credit to you. Let whoever wants to help Bir Bahadur, let them get in touch with EME, Secunderabad now and see that the EME does whatever they have promised thro; this mail.

    thank you and best wishes

    1. hi r,

      you have done a good deed.

      god bless you !

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Pranam Guruji,

      It proves humanity is still alive. Keep it up Mr. Rajshekhar.


    3. Dear Rajshekar,

      Great Job Keep it up !!

  18. God cannot come in the open. But he can come through people. Congrats for becoming Gods agent. Thundering right footer from the semi circle breaking the double net behind the goal post at Municipal stadium thrissur (Chackola Trophy) Bir will be always remembered

  19. Hey sir,

    Ive been suffering from inflammation which is in my whole digestive track , colonoscopy results showed mild ulceration in my large intestines and endoscopy results showed mild gastritis. Sometimes ipass blood in my stools as well and Doctors said , there isnt any cure of this disease.
    Since my condition got worsened i had to come back from canada ,

    Is this problem curable in ayurved? Especially from cows urine,
    Thank you
    Rahul verma
    Age - 21