Monday, January 21, 2013

KING OF THE ROAD , Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4- CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL

KING OF THE ROAD , Lamborghini Aventador LP700,4 --  CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL

Every weekend my elder son and a couple of his software friends fly off to Las Vegas to let out their steam.

It is more of a necessity as in the R&D business where you keep writing computer software codes--  if you cant get your inbuilt stresses unlocked , you get burnt out.

Lot of people do NOT understand the difference between stressed out and burnt out. 


They stay at the super expensive Bellagio or Caesars's palace and splurge. 

He gambles on the roulette, craps and black jack.  My wife has brought him up well, and he gives her a blow by blow account , and so I am not alarmed.

They take expensive sports cars on rent at the Las Vegas speedway and race with each other.

Last week my son took Christiano Ronaldo's car, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4.  

Only difference is that Ronaldo's car is matte black.  Ronaldo treated himself on his 27th birthday with this super car.   

My son says this purist's dream is THE king of the road,  for he was easily able to outpace all these mundane Ferraris, Porsches, Aston Martins etc.  

The car has amazing and extremely exact wheel control with excellent steering precision and sensitive feedback with a robotized gearbox.

Aventador name has a  symbolic connection to the world of fighting bulls, sharing a name with the legendary Aventador, a trophy-winning high spirited bull in the world of Spanish bullfighting. This fine animal had entered into battle in October 1993 at the Saragossa Arena, earning the "Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera" for its outstanding courage, against all odds. 

The start button, instantly fires the high-performance growling engine into life.

With a top speed of 349 kilometers per hour on a 7 speed transmission, with instant response and superb traction , this car is indeed a beast-- no wonder it was chosen for the 2012 movie "Dark knight rises ".. 

The car presented at the Geneva show was the only unit to be produced, and was sold for US$2.8 million.

The Aventador posted the third fastest time ever recorded on the Top Gear track with a time of 1:16.5, handily beating not only the monstrous $2 mil Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, The Ferrari Enzo and the Porsche GT3,  but an extensive list of A-list super cars from around the world.

Every line has a clear function, every form is dictated by its need for speed, yet the overall look is nothing less than spectacular and breathtaking. 

To flaunt its engine , the engine  bonnet is transparent so at to showcase  the twelve-cylinder V12 like a technical work of art—what more do you want?.

The interior is dominated by a next-generation dashboard - as in a modern fighter aircraft, the instruments are presented on a TFT-LCD screen using innovative display concepts.

A self-blocking rear differential together with a front differential electronically controlled by ESP make for even more dynamic handling.

On the front axle, the shock absorbers are equipped with a hydraulic lifting system, which enables the front end of the super sports car to be lifted by 40 millimeters at the touch of a button, simplifying its ability to negotiate minor obstacles—how do  you like that?.

It’s brutal power, outstanding lightweight engineering and phenomenal handling precision are combined with peerless design and the very finest equipment to deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

Today if you have half a million dollars to splurge , you can buy a personalized model-- like Christiano Ronaldo.

Grace and peace!



  1. Hello Caption,
    I want to know whay indian automobile industry is not growing with the world?
    consider TATA every car of tata will have same front except Nano and Safari.

    Also how much any of those sport car will cost if it is fully developed in India.


    1. hi goraksha,

      if india can make nuclear missiles and place our flag on the moon -- why do you think we cant make good cars?

      because-- this is NOT a priority.

      a good car is NO good if you dont have the roads to drive it on.

      what is the point in having a lamboghini , when you stay in a place full of potholes, where you can overtake an auto rickshaw in front as the road is too crowded or narrow , where a child or dog can run across at any time?

      what is the point on buying a 500 dollar nike shoe of size 10 , when you leg size is only 6?

      first we need to have wide and smooth roads-- it is CHEAPER to do this than waste 60% of petrol and diesel by idling or driving on 2nd gear .

      corrupt conress who ruled us since independence must be blamed for the slow pace of indian development.

      if we have a good leader, india can overtake USA in just 25 years.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Hello Caption,

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and your thoughts via this blogs, it really helped me.

    Can you please post something on how to guide and train children so that they are morally and intellectually correct when they are grown up?

    1. hi mintu,

      nowadays , after the delhi gang rape, we find all pathetic moth eaten faces coming on TV calling for a change of MINDSET in men.

      these pea brained women think that mindset is a switch, which you can flick on .

      women have to give GOOD UPBRINGING to the children they give birth to.

      this involves a mother --

      --giving their sons 100% love and care ,
      --being involved in their daily activities , ---teaching them good values,
      --teaching them to fear god ,
      --teaching them the value of gratitude ,
      --mothering them ( this is different from mentoring ) to be noble and graceful ,
      --rewarding good behavior
      -- being there for them , sitting in the front row at a school function
      --teaching them , assisting with homework -- etc etc .

      my two sons are role models for their friends and colleagues .

      for this -- the woman has to be a good wife first .


      my elder son has flown the nest and is now in USA.

      i do NOT remember a single day when my younger 18 year old son has NOT given his father ( me ) and his mother ( my wife ) a kiss.

      this is NOT a indifferent peck on the cheek -- rather a bear hug and a smooch full of affection.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Capt.
    Am sure you would have seen the speech of Rahul, son of queen bee...

    Waiting for your post on reply to that...

    1. hi keeth,

      you can find my answer -- punch into google search


      both sonia and rahul do NOT come on TV as they cant answer questions -- they cant think clearly --

      -- they read prepared speeches.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Capt.

      Read that already, but this time, they have taken a emotional route and looks like many in India are falling for it. Am worried that many are going to be carried away with those tricks. GOD SAVE INDIA THRU ALL OF US.

    3. hi keeth,

      as i put in my post --


      our PM , manmohan singh has been installed on the chair by ROTHSCHILD by affording him a back door entry via rajya sabha.

      probably my next post will be to SCRAP the rajya sabha ( house of lords ) so that the rich can grab the parliamentary system by the short curlies.

      democracy is a farce if the rajya sabha exists. just like the UN security council VETO power afforded to rothschild run countries ( leaving aside china ) .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Capt.
    Can't wait for 2014 elections and your post !

  5. Hi Capt.,

    How long you think the earth's oil resources last if we consume like bullish ? May be 30-50 years ?
    Are we going to run out of oil after that?
    Some say oil will get replenished. some say it wont.

    Anyway I think its high time we start switching to moderate and sustainable life style.


    1. hi,

      the bio diesel and bio alcohol industry is already monopolized by big brother.

      on my chemical tankers we carry such fuel-- it has NIL mineral oil in it.

      i had put a technical post on it --

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Sir,can you please tell us about the Somanath Temple in Gujrat if you can?

  7. Looks like your boy is living it up in Vegas!! What happens in Vegas :). Good for him!
    I have never been to Vegas and have no desire either.
    Here's a question though, would you allow your daughter to live it up in Vegas too, if you had one :)?
    To add to your advise, having a strong mother and a father who respects and loves the mother is also important.
    A father figure, so to say is very important for boys.
    I worked with some underprivileged kids and the number one factor was all the boys had a missing or absent father!!

    1. hi aaina,

      if i had a daughter i guess my wife would bring her up with her own old kerala values.

      my wife did her entire schooling and college in mumbai ( auxilium / podar ).

      when she sailed with me the first time in 1983, she learnt malayalam on board by herself.

      she follows the culture of kerala and observes each and every tiny custom . in her ancestral home girls were meant to be seen and not heard.

      30 years of married life -- i woke up at home everyday with a cup of steaming tea in front of me.

      i dont know what i would have done with a wife who is gonna do oneupmanship with me every hour of the day -- like some of the LOUD hi fi vulgar girls you get to see on TV.

      the answer is NO -- my daughter ( if i had one ) cannot go to las vegas and live the high life.

      double standards? YES! so be it!!

      three weeks ago when my wife took my elder son's ( 25 years old ) horoscope to the astrologer , to find out when he has to be married off--

      this is what he said --


      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Greetings Sir.

      Over the past few days I have read many of your articles and am in awe of your knowledge and experiences.

      This double standards about treating sons and daughters is something I'd have to respectfully differ with you on.

      I feel, such separate rules of life & freedom between sons & daughters at Indian households are a primary reason why women aren't treated as equals and without respect in our society. Our sons grow up with a mistaken sense of entitlement of extra freedom which manifests itself in various actions which aren't all great for our womenfolk.

      Anyhow, we all have our opinions.

  8. I would'nt want my daughter going to Vegas either.:).
    If you have your principles and morals well established during childhood you dont get astray. I never once made a decision without asking my parents even though I was thousands of miles away.It was not for fear but love and respect for them.
    BTW thanks for deleting the personal back and forths email from your blog.
    I do not watch TV except for whatever my 5 year old son wants to watch, which is usually monitored by me for no more than an hour a day.
    Wow, 30 years ! Congratulations!
    time for you to retire capt and become a a full time Blogger :)

    1. hi aina,

      when my elder son was 11 years old he used to shut his bed room door while going on the internet.

      so one day my wife looked worried and asked me if she should prevent him locking the door .

      i said " boys must know about the birds and the bees "

      however if it was a daughter , i will NOT allow her -- as a young girl from the age of 11 to 16 is VERY VERY vulnerable.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. I´m from Saragossa, “Zaragoza”. No idea about the story…oh I don´t like that car, Christiano Ronaldo and bullfighting.

    1. hi sirena,

      i have been to EVERY spanish , portuguese and italian port over 40 years -- but never been to saragossa, as it is deep spanish interior.

      capt ajit vadakayil

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