Thursday, January 31, 2013



The 84th Oscar awards ( 2012 ) audience "shivered their musical timbers" , when two living legends cum geniuses Indian AR Rehman and German Hans Zimmer joined forces on stage.

Check out the video below ( Sangamam ) yourself-  put on your headphones.

This is the 3rd time AR Rahman is performing on the Oscar stage-- to a spellbound and appreciative Western audience.

In 2009, the Rahman won two golden statuettes for best original score and best original song (Jai ho) for the Hollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Rahman is a music composer, singer, songwriter, music producer, musician  and multi-instrumentalist . Zimmer is a music composer and producer.

In addition to two Academy Awards, Rahman has won two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, four National Film Awards, fifteen Filmfare Awards and thirteen Filmfare Awards South in addition to numerous other awards and nominations.  

He is called " the Mozart of Madras"-- 

To be frank he is a greater genius than Mozart or Hans Zimmer as he can sing too, in addition to being astonishing on the keyboard.  

In 2009, Time placed Rahman in its list of World's Most Influential People. The UK based World Music magazine Songlines named him one of 'Tomorrow's World Music Icons' in August 2011.

German Hans Florian Zimmer has composed music for several hit Hollywood movies like for The Lion King (1994), Crimson Tide (1995), Gladiator (2000), The Last Samurai (2003), The Dark Knight (2008) and Inception (2010). 

He has received four Grammy Awards, two Golden Globes, a Classical BRIT Award, and an Academy Award. 

He was also named on the list of Top 100 Living Geniuses, published by The Daily Telegraph.


Late addendum :

Below video shows Tamil music director Ilayaraja's genius  ( see my comments column below )--  he has pulled soul strings in almost 1000 movies-- and how!. .


Check out a clip of the Malayalam movie Pazhassi Raja below --  Ilayaraja, bagged the National Award for the best background score for Malayalam film Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja. Shivered your timbers-- nay --every cell of your body , right?

Let me introduce young Stephen Devassy,  a genius Malayali keyboard player from Kerala--  a Dhoni look alike.  Can Hans Zimmer do this?

Stephen holds the record at Trinity College of Music, London for completing the course in three years’ time-- the shortest ever.

See video below.



Grace and peace!



  1. Sir,have you seen Vishwaroopam yet? Whats with all the controversy about it?

    1. hi matt,

      india will go to the dogs if powers who rule cannot make a simple differentiation between a DESH BHAKT and a DESH DROHI.

      as per AKD ( akkal ka dushman ) yuv-raj, RSS is worse than laskat e toiba. this is what he told the US ambassador -- as exposed by wiki leaks.

      laskar e toiba massacred indians in mumbai and is trying to snatch away kashmir and also arm the naxals and maoists.

      RSS was created to fight for indian independence and to help in times of national calamity and interfere when our hard earned freedom is in danger.


      find out why nehru made RSS march in the republic day celebrations along with our armed forces.

      also find out why indira gandhi banned RSS to save her own skin during emergency on a selfish PERSONAL basis which has nothing to do with statesmanship.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Hi

    I think AR Rahman man does not deserve the praise he is given. If you see Sharukh Khan, Amir khan, salman, Saif Ali and all Muslims are projected as heroes. I feel some international lobby promotes them. AR Rahman music does not have the melody which Illayaraja had. the media has made Shahrukh Khan and AR Rahman as our icons,forget the Hindu past,the future is of Muslims,thats what media is telling us,they have submitted before Muslims and now want us to do the same.AR Rahman can never get my respect because he changed his religion,his voice and his music lacks soul and yet he has become the darling of the media because he changed his religion so now he is an icon of secular India,if you are a true Hindu reject AR Rahman and his music and also realise that the reason he got an Oscar was that he composed the music of a film that shows the poverty and disgrace of our great country

    1. hi,

      of course illayaraja is a genius-- and UNRECOGNISED.

      he is a gold medalist in classical guitar from Trinity College of Music, London

      he is the first Asian to compose a full symphony performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London's Walthamstow Town Hall.

      and nearly 1000 movies as an amazing music director. is this NOT a world record?

      so i guess , he stands shoulder to shoulder , if NOT one step ahead of AR Rahman -- as he can sing too.

      he is also a lyricist which AR Rahman is not.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Dear capt.,

    I agree with Thennavan, but still luck has favoured ARR in efficiently mixing (rather copying)all the best, should appreciate, that is also a talent.


  4. hi

    I totally agree with two of the above comments,word by word. Rehman is a technician rather than a musician. His composition has western beat and lacks Indian originality. The obvious greed got exposed when he obliged Phirangis by holding Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire. Forget about shoulder to shoulder he stands nowhere in front of Illayaraja-the Maestro musician

    And I wonder that how happily you have mentioned in your post that TIME , A ROTHSCHILD PROPAGANDA MAGAZINE, according to your own perception, voted him one of the 100 influential people of the world.

  5. Hello Captain,

    I am of the opinion that A.R.R. does not deserve the Bharat Ratna. There are several classical Indian musicians (and not just classical) who have made far greater contributions to music than him, although I will be the first person to say that he is a phenomenal talent. Also, to call him Mozart is blasphemous, considering the fact that we have had contemporaries of Mozart albeit Indian classical composers who have created music that has lasted centuries. But of course, they cater to a very select audience and are definitely not popular culture, as has always been the case with any classical music. A.R.R.'s music will never be studied in any music college in the world, whereas Carnatic music and Hindustani music are studied in music conservatories, not just in India. None of his compositions will become jazz standards either. After 300-400 years he may even be forgotten. Film music is not original, it is not creative, and it can be generated by a computer.

  6. captain jee
    I love all your post but its like i also agree with above comments,all AR devotional song are on allah mollah and that fake Suffism which always lack devotion and are more of propaganda,mridangam tabla sitar and flute music are more delight to all senses.
    Captain jee see this video
    it has simple yet great music and it also exposes. UPA and WTE

    1. hi,

      ar rahman came to calicut. i paid 30,000 bucks for 2 tickets for me and my wife.

      what i noticed was - he allowed himself to be totally hijacked by the local muslim
      politicians ( muslim league )of north kerala-- a mangy lot.

      rahman was NOT dancing to their tune -- and i can say that he was feeling very uncomfortable , with this stark I TOO MUSLIM-- YOU TOO MUSLIM thing.

      and contrary to the spirit in the calicut stadium containing 32000 people , he sang a KWAJA OH KWAJA song, which was the only song which did not involve the audience participation.

      it was a lovely song --

      but it sent a JARRING note -- that even a musical night had to be hijacked for appeasement.


      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Dear All,

    Let us stay away mixing Arts with Religion. What has religion got to do with soul, from where music emerges?

    So what, Dileep became Allah Rakha Rahman? Did the Hindu bigots lend a helping hand to the family when Sekar (ARR's father) passed away? Were any of the critics of ARR present and supported Dileep Kumar when ARR had to quit school to earn a living through music.

    ARR had faith. period. Does not matter he worshiped Allah or Shiva. The faith produced the power to pull through the difficult times, created a sense of self belief, understand his strengths, capitalize opportunities and achieve fame.

    In spite of his achievement, he is still humble.

    Who says A.R. Rehman can not compose melody? Just google.

    Ilayaraja is a genius of different kind, different time. Ilayaraja is elder to ARR by 23 years. Even though they are contemporaries, comparing them is childish.

  8. Dear Capt.,

    The Bharat Ratna should be considered as the nations's honour for a person's lifetime work. It is the expression of love and honour of the people for that individual's contribution to this ancient land, it's modern descendants and the world.That said, A R Rahman,Vishvanathan Anand, Sachin Tendulkar have lot more steam left in them as contributors in their respective professions.Let us not judge them before the race is won.

    It is surprising you jumped the gun given your age, experience and maturity and also given your stated position on Tendulkar. No offense intended, Sir. I have been blown off my mind by the information in your blog posts though this one, I humbly submit, is something you should reconsider. I studied your dignified exchange on a Belgian Indologist's comments section at his blogsite and respectfully submit that this post be edited.

    Thinking of these awards, these awards have been awarded for political considerations, although I think some of the most worthy people waiting for the award to be bestowed on them would be BKS Iyengar. But with WTE and AKD at the helm, that will not happen. As you have pointed out, we need a desh-bhakt government to take such a decision.I do hope and pray that he lives till the age of 100 and is given the Bharat Ratna in his centenary year. Is'nt that the lifetime all pray for in the Vedas? What a life!!! Such sterling contributions to the world. He makes me proud that I belong to this ancient nation.

    Your opinion, Captain?

    If I have ruffled any sentiments, my humblest apologies again.

    1. ji,

      yes -of course.

      Yes, he deserved a better deal than Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan .

      China honoured the great Indian Yoga icon B K S Iyengar, by releasing four commemorative stamps commemorating the maiden visit of 93-year-old Iyengar to China—

      --and this was presented to him with great respect at a programme, attended by over 600 Chinese Yoga enthusiasts.

      In 2004, Iyengar was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. The people who says A R Rahman is not a true musician needs their ears checked. How can you say a guy who composed songs like 'kannukku meyyazhaku' or 'tu hi re' cannot create melodies! At the same time he created splendid fast numbers too. Rahman is definitely not a merely technician. I remember one of his interviews where he stated " i have a new tune in every seven seconds". Which shows how much musically gifted he is. Which musician can really beat Rahman in orchestration. Just listen to his debut album ROJA, where he truly revolutionized Indian film music forever. I really cannot believe there are people who thinks Rahman is not a musician!

    Please don't identify an artist based on his religion. For us audience He is not a Muslim or a Hindu but a musician first. We should be happy for the past 20 years for the 'Rahmania'.

  10. Dear Capt.

    A R Rehman will never come 5 % close to Illayaraja. This guy is a paper musician. Even Anu Mallick is better than him at least people understand that he willingly copies western music.

    This rehman on the other hand is very lightly he copies Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple quite brilliantly and puts his label.

    Definitely this guy deserves no respect, cause in one tv programme in malayalam channel Mattanur shankarn Kutty organised a thyambaka for this man and after the performance he and his team went to touch his feet of respect and this guy didnt even show him any respect and ignored him completely, this to the fact that Kutty marrar is elder to this SOB.

    1. hi jayan,

      the doctor who did an operation on PM manmohan singh is also given a padma award like for Ilayaraja. and ilayaraja was given it after he retired.

      this is what italian queen bee's UPA has done to India's awards -- they are worthless.

      if WTE had the chance she would have given it to quatrocchi.

      once quatrocchi's wife kicked an Indian security guard with her pointy italian shoes , for running a metal detector on her.

      capt ajit vadakayil

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  12. Dear Captain:

    I'm an ardent reader of your posts.. I tend to keep silence usually.. but what is happening with the Girl Band in Kashmir.. is utter nonsense.. I thought I'll write to you..

    Centuries ago, a bunch of lunatics travel miles of land.. conquer & occupy a foreign land, set up laws at their whims and fancies.. centuries later.. a section of their own think they are oppressed and figure out that the native culture is cool.. tries it.. and likes it.. Pakistan has lot of muslim singers both Male and Female.. and this grand dude mufti.. comes up as says singing is un-islamic.. and these stupid girls stop it.. In my opinion, currently there is no other religion in the world that is as paranoid, confused and self-contradictory as Islam.
    They speak of peace and violence; open minded & parochial; in the same line.

    With all the various negative forces (AKD,WTE) affecting the Veda Bhoomi, we need a strong divine intervention.. because the true patriots are very weak to withstand the nefarious designs..

    "yada yada hi dharmasya
    glanir bhavati bharata
    abhyutthanam adharmasya
    tadatmanam srjamy aham"

    Lord Krishna .. please save us.

  13. Respected Captain,

    Please check the below video

    Sivamani, is another self taught Indian marvel, in the video he starts off chanting Hindu Mantras, check out how he picks up pace in the end.