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As children we used to play football, cricket and 7 tiles ( chatti ) , as soon as we came back from school, till dusk. During the holidays we used to play throughout the day. We were a gang of about 16 boys.

During the summer vacations, invariably there would be a exhibition ( fair ) in Calicut. One of my friends ( 13 years old ) used to have his own lemonade stall, like Dennis the Menace.

His elder brother and mother used to make Sarasaparilla sherbet concentrate for him. And we used to watch.  In Kerala everybody loves to have Nannari spiked lemonade in summer. So this stall used to do roaring business.

This is how they prepared it--

1) Break the Nannari roots into say 5 cm long pieces and then dry them under the hot sun for about 5 hours.
3) Crush the roots with a ammi and remove the hard portion from the inside of the root.
3) Powder the remaining parts.
4) Boil water in a vessel. Once it boils, remove the vessel from the fire and now add the powdered root and mix well.
5) Leave the mixture aside for 12 hours, without stirring--it has to diffuse.
6) Strain the liquid out with a muslin cloth into another vessel.
7) Add brown sugar into the mixture.
8) Place the mixture onto the stove again and boil till the texture become a bit sticky.
8) Let it cool, now bottle it
9) Add fresh lemon juice to a table spoon.
10) Put crushed ice and the lovely aroma ( woody + vanilla + fruity ) drink is ready to be served.

Sarsaparilla is called Anantamul in Sanskrit.  6000 year old Ayurveda uses Sarsaparilla root extensively as it is an anti-oxidant and has quantum healing effects.  

It is administered in the form of powder, infusion or decoction as syrup. 

It is also a major component of several Ayurvedic medicinal preparations.

Sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus) is a woody wine that can grow up to a height of 50 m and bears small flowers and black, blue or red berry-like fruits.

The exposed part of the root is brown in colour, while the inner part is whitish. The root has an astringent taste and a pleasant odour. The herb is found in foothills and only the roots of the herb are used for extraction.

Decoction of stalks and leaves is used for skin eruptions.

Decoction of the roots ( which contain vitamins A, B-complex, C and D, also the minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur, copper, Zinc, and iodine) , have several uses in the treatment of several disorders :--( in random order ) 

Diuretic , to increase the excretion of uric acid,increases volume of urine and flushes out stones from body

Coolant,  promotes sweating , binding with toxins in the skin and the sweating then pushes the toxins from the body through the skin pores---

let me rush through now--

blood purifier---anti-inflammatory--- arthritis--- edema--- rheumatism---- kidney---- liver cleansers---- treating kidney stones----  venereal diseases---- epilepsy---- nervous diseases---- tonsillitis---- syphillis---- stomach disorders---- lose weight----  constipation ---- alleviate inflammation of spleen and gall bladder---- urinary disorders---- anaemia----  wheezing---- infertility----impotence----.diarrhoea----acidity----  tonsillitis----antipyretic----, astringent to bowels----.urino-genital----tract inflammation----.gout---- epilepsy---- insanity---- chronic nervous diseases---- intestinal gas---- production of sexual hormones---- antibacterial activity---- .sore mouths of children---- lack of  appetite----bronchitis----asthma---- ulcers---- body odour---- mouth odour---- piles---- uterine complaints---- paralysis---- premature graying of hairs---- eye and catarrhal problems---- scrofula and ringworms---- abdominal distention---- turbid urine----  pre and post-natal care---- PMS---- immuno suppressant tonic---- eczema---- psoriasis----stimulates the flow of bile----  good for hair growth---- stimulates the production of sexual hormones etc

Leprosy can be controlled by regular intake of the root powder in dose of 3 to 6 gms twice daily along with decoction of this plant. 

The juice of the roots can be applied as eye drops for burning sensation of the eyes.
The root powder can also be administered for dysentry, leucoderma and piles etc.

Negates the fatal effects of a phospholipase A2, which is one of the major components of venom released by cobra, krait and Russell’s viper snakes.--also for treatment of scorpion stings and rat bites.

A saponin from the plant is found to have antiinflammatory activity against formalin induced edema.

A safe natural and organic drink, as an  alternative to thirst quenching modern canned drinks that contains toxic and acidic chemicals. The Chinese Admiral Zheng He used to love it.

Indian Sarasaparilla or Nannari, is different from American Sarsaparilla which they use in root beer.

I will advise Chilean wine makers to use Sarsaparilla as a flavour--to make it an elexir .

Never confuse taste with flavour.  Taste is a chemical sense perceived by the receptor cells in the taste buds. Flavour is a fusion of multiple senses.  Your perception of scent is more than a thousand times stronger than your perception of taste. Taste is 78% smell.

Grace and peace!



  1. i love to have nannari soda sherbet at perintalmanna or manjeri bus stand whenever i visit kerala....

  2. Our science has always been very advanced since time memorial !!


    What is the theory behind BO? Onion and Garlic have been observed by me too. I used neem water to bath, but after 4-5 hours, I could smell the difference. Diet/ external factors or both?

    1. hi dds,

      what smells in sweat is toxins and bacterial explosion.

      i have proved again and again--

      i have hung my sweat soaked T shirt in the ship's TT room , worn it continuously for one month without bad odour.

      BO is the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids. propionibacteria break amino acids down into propionic acid.

      Propionibacteria live in the ducts of the sebaceous glands of adult and adolescent humans.

      Isovaleric acid (3-methyl butanoic acid) is another source of body odor

      Bacteria thrive on dead skin. If the soles of your feet have patches of dead skin remove them with a pumice stone.

      About 10% of people complaining of body odor do not completely digest particular foods because of enzyme deficiencies or digestive problems.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. I read your posts including 1. probiotics 2. coconut oil 3. virgin coconut oil 4. ashtang yoga. I am suffering from heartburn and smell allergy of milk and its immediate by products which is major - in the terms that I cannot smell them but have them with closed nostrils. What change should I implement in diet and exercise( which is - nil बटा सन्नाटा ). Does piercing ears help in stomach digestion?

    3. hi dds,

      NO - piercing ears wont help.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Leukotriene modifiers (leukotriene antagonists) and my problem is Rhinitis - I am suffering from its milder version but no so mild, I can eat every ghee, curd dish and drink white milk but with a condition if anyhow their "authentic smell" is removed.I ate everything as a child but not now. I have also noticed similar smell when Heeng is used to give tadka and the preparation of Kadi is worst, I have to go out of the house or lock myself in the room. Dust causes uneasiness. A regular practitioner would know Leukotriene or do I need to go a specialist? One more thing that to compensate above foods, I started nonveg in regulation, but now have abandoned it. Are there other vegetarian foods to compensate them?

    5. hi dss,


      keep a diary of the things which give you allergy- avoid them-- fit a powerful exhaust fan in the kitchen.

      capt ajit vadakayil


      ABOVE Link, HEHE! It is their authentic smell Capt. which forces me to puke out, not the food - I have been eating "dahi bhalla" like items til now, but haven't puke them out. One thing I remember clearly - I used to drink white milk normally, but one day when I switched to drink it in a bigger glass, I gulped too much, and puked out everything. From that day, my immune system has taken the smell offensive, and therefore I can easily figure out, that many foods smell like authentic milk products. I will avoid them as you say.

  4. Please share the science of giving tadka

  5. Gracias por compartir su conocimiento.