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Unmukt Chand and his team manfully faced the chin music dished out  by the aggressive Aussies, down  under, and he came out victorious.  

He came back to India with the U19, Cricket World Cup, to a rapturous welcome.

Then came the cold water dumped on his head, by his college dean , Thampu Saab , which shook him back to harsh reality.   

He would NOT be permitted to take his exams , as he did NOT have the requisite attendance.  

He would be detained . Worse still ThampuJI  would NOT even congratulate him.  

Valson Thampu, is a rabid Hindu hater, and was appointed by Sonia Gandhi’s advise as the Chairman NCERT curriculum Review Committee.

This delusional man came on National TV at prime time and was at his cynical best.  Rules are rules. It does NOT matter to St Stephen, that he won the World cup for India or did some other world beating exploit.  Unkind words are like nails. Even if the nail is taken out, the holes remain.

Thampu Saab , the dean spake as if he had divine sanction , in a “if you don’t like it you may lump it”  manner  “There is no way he can be promoted. The rules don’t permit that.  We’ve not detained him. Unmukt detained himself. This is for Unmukt and all other prospective Unmukts for the future”

For the un-initiated, Unmukt took admission in the arts stream of St Stephens college last year under the sports quota after obtaining 80 per cent marks in Class X and 74 per cent marks in Class XII.   Cricketing engagements have kept him away from the college and the 19-year-old has failed to garner minimum attendance stipulated .

“I don’t watch these cricket matches because you never know which is a fixed match,” he observed in a morbid manner.  ThampuJI says further . “ In our country we go overboard with regard to sports. We’ve seen all the muck during the Commonwealth Games.”

Way to go ThampuJI.

Sports Minister Ajay Maken has now stepped in to help the Under-19 Indian cricket team captain, Unmukt Chand, solve his academic woes. He shot off a letter to the Vice Chancellor of the Delhi University requesting to allow Unmukt take his exams, but also change the archaic rules for deserving sports persons .

Unmukt had played a heartwarming ,match winning,  unbeaten knock of 111 not out in the tense final against Australia to lead India Under-19 team to World Cup glory.  

ThampuJI has misjudged the mood of the nation.  If so, what type of an educator are you?

Now this is what I have to comment—

Unmukt is NOT asking for free degrees.  He is just asking for a chance to write the exams.

We all know the threadbare attendance of “unaccountable” Yuv-raj Rahul Gandhi in our Lok Sabha.  

We Indians also know the educational qualifications of our Queen bee Sonia Gandhi, who has been singled out for doctorates by three foreign universities. Three cheers to our DOCTOR Sonia Gandhi.

We all know what her educational qualifications are. And how she passed off her stint as a waitress in Cambridge restaurant , as a degree from the university.  Thank god for Subramanium Swamy. This means if you are a waiter in a Udipi restaurant at Mumbai , you can claim to be a graduate from IIT Mumbai.

My elder son sailed with me for 5 years . He skipped three years of school.  He had NIL ,or ZERO attendance.  The Principal encouraged him to sail and widen his horizons—God bless him. 

My son used to go back, write a special exam, tougher than the regular one, and max in all the subjects.  He got general proficiency right through school  .  In the final year of 12th a girl in his class and division, beat him to top rank in the All India 12th standard CBSE board exam ( Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Calicut ) . She stood first in CBSE India , by a mile, and she was the Youth Brand ambassador of India after Sania Mirza, bestowed by President Abdul Kalam.

Standards of education are far higher elsewhere in India , than in St Stephens Thampu saab.

When I did my Second mates and Mate’s exam in Mumbai , I had NIL attendance or ZERO attendance in LBS Nautical college.

It was compulsory to have a percentage of attendance , or you cant write the exam. My batch mates used to go to college daily.

 I did NOT go because I did NOT like to see the gruesome sights of dirty slums on the way from Reay Road to Haybunder Mumbai, which got me depressed and affected my whole day.  I am from Kerala where you can scoop off spring water from the gutters and wash the face.  We are not used to seeing small children wallowing in sh#t.  

So much that after passing my Mate’s orals I went to LBS college with my roommate , just to see what it looks like. I wanted a light for my cigarette, and I saw somebody walking past smoking. So I rushed to him and asked him for a light. I will NOT mention here if I got the light or not.

When I got back my horrified friends numbering about 15,  immediately took me to task for insulting Capt TK Joseph, an Extra Master, who was the most senior most and most respected professor in LBS college. All thought that I was being cocky as usual. 

Nobody would believe me that I had no idea who that man was—till my room mate in Seaman’s club told them that I have passed both my 2nd Mates and Mates exams with NIL attendance, and I really did NOT even know who Joseph was, leave alone recognize his face.

How could this happen? Well the people in charge of the attendance register were Ex-Captains, who were more worried about results.  As long as you hit a six, who cares how high your back lift was, where your back foot was and in which direction your right shoulder pointed — the purists could go to hell.  Dhoni with his helicopter shot will agree with me.  

In any case where is the intelligence in facing spin, cutters and swing with a straight bat?  That will be another post.

I did NOT go to college for my Masters too.  Capt TK Joseph taught Magnetism, a three hour exam paper, using the Kemp and Young rod method (and also Shear forces and Bending moments chapter of ship stability ).  I did my own studies of magnetism at the club, from a book by Merrifield.  Joseph’s class used to overflow and students stood at the doorway too.  I missed all of that deliberately.  

Now -- did I get that light?  

Today I consider myself as one of the best Compass adjusters on the planet, if not the best, and I have 30 years of practical experience doing this.  When I go to the ship’s monkey island with a  plus screw driver to compensate the magnetic compass , I do NOT remember a single dang line of what I learnt in magnetism for the exam —all I know is unlike poles attract like a boy and a girl.

So now, then let me define education—Thampu saab are you listening.

"When you have studied, written your exams and forgotten the whole dang thing, what remains in your head is education. It is all about boring new tunnels or connecting new pathways in your brain "- Capt Ajit Vadakayil.

Here is some wisdom for you Thambu JI. Take some time off to think.

A weak mind is like a microscope which magnifies trifling things –but just cannot receive the great ones.  Watch out for minions for whom pleasing a superior or following a rule, can become more important than campaigning for or doing the things he believes is right for the organization. Change is our greatest ally in these times.. The changes I and you have seen in the past 50 years is mind boggling , right?

The kind of thinking that brought you and me where we are,  will NOT get our children where they want to go.

People who make a difference are always the ones with the concern – not with the credentials. So what are your credentials, ThampuJI?.  

Detect and check deviations from standard operating procedures to see if they are for the better, in times of change. 

Preoccupation with small technical problems and getting bogged down with tiny meaningless regulation details is undesirable.

Blindness or fear of the new , causes leaders who are heavily invested in yesterdays ideas, to miss the boat.  Spend time building people up instead of tearing them down—and that too on national network.  

Do not use fear as the key . Do not give untimely criticism. Do NOT misjudge the mood of the majority.

Hindsight says that 75% of all sackings are not because somebody did not do his job—but because he did not fit into the rotten corporate culture. .

There is a difference between a positive constructive feedback and destructive verbal attack.  You cant motivate people with logic. If you want to move people you must touch their emotions.

We would have not found all this so bizarre if you had a single meeting with the boy,  before you came on TV, to shoot your divine mouth off.

So our honourable Thambu Saab says, "Rules have to be applied. It's a question of working within the system."  In fact, St Stephen college's dean should be proud of Unmukt's achievement and encourage him instead of belittling him in the media.  

For Unmukt the Nation is bigger than you and your corny St Stephen rules--ThambuJI..

We need to change these archaic laws along with the “power drunk by divine right “ oldies who are thoroughly insensitive to students who make the nation proud.  Did someone say that sexual repression is the root cause?

In fact anyone who desires to prove his worth in any creative arts or sports field should be encouraged to come back to academics later in life.  Adult education should be welcomed for sportsmen . Mr Maken must start a debate on why Indian institutions should allow mature age students.

A student with 100 % attendance and gets 35% marks  cannot be better than another student with 10% attendance and 80% marks , right? So there goes your argument into the garbage ka dabba , Thambu Ji.
Tambu saab I suggest you watch the Bollywood movie “3 Idiots”.

In sport you have to start young. This is the time a child is in lower school.  Wanna see some pictures, and judge for yourself how the Chinese get so many Gold medals ?

An athlete who must be a world beater, has to sacrifice.  He has to start young. This sacrifice must be recognised.  

If you cant do that you are a fu#kin' DORK.

My ship was on her way to Philadelphia. I had two yank pilots on board. One of them heard me talking on mobile to my son in Ivy league Cornell University Ithaca.  He told me that the other pilot was from Cornell. 

So I had a chat with him.  He did a course by the name of "Governmental studies" --which is just a bullshit names-sake thing.  He being a strong giant was very good in American football.  That is how he got a scholarship and went to Cornell.  

Above is the Cornell League stadium. When my son passed out the ceremony was held in this stadium-- it was chock-a-block with parents and students.

The pilot from Cornell had told me-- all he did in college was to play and practise.  They helped him out with studies and projects to get a degree.

Check out what a French writer has to say about Valson Thampu.

I accuse Sonia of having let her Christian and Western background, in four years, divide India on religious and caste lines in a cynical and methodical manner.

 I accuse Sonia of being an enemy of the Hindus, who always gave refuge to persecuted minorities, and who are the only people in the world to accept that God may manifest under different names, in different epochs, using different scriptures.

I’accuse Sonia of exploiting the Indian Press’ obsession with her. She hardly ever gave interview in 20 years, except scripted ones to NDTV, yet the Press always protects her, never blames her and keeps silent over her covert role. Nevertheless, she is a danger to India.

Her very presence, both physical and occult, open the doors to forces inimical to India. Even Indian Christians should understand that she is not a gift to them: 

her presence at the top has emboldened fanatics like John Dayal or Valson Thampu, who practise an orthodox Christianity prevalent in the West in the early 20th century, but no longer, to radicalise their flock.

Indian Christians should recognise that they have a much better deal here than Christians or Hindus have in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia or Saudi Arabia.

2nd Dec 2008 -- Francois Gautier ( French writer , living in Inida for 42 years )

Grace and peace!



  1. I love this post....what a royal bastard this thampu is! what fun do they get by trying to put a dent in a student's career?

  2. hi devavrat,

    i did my UKG, LKG, 1st and 3rd in St Joeseph's Anglo Indian Girls High School, Calicut.

    the nuns were kind-- some of them them were white.

    I got double promotion and was made to skip 2nd standard, as I was not attentive in class.

    then i shifted school , as it was a girls school.

    4th and 5th class , I studied at St Joseph's Boy's High School of Calicut-- run by Indian catholic padres.

    there was hardly a day i did NOT get caned.

    every reverend father carried a cane like a mobile phone of today.

    The Principal father Makil even has a huge python and a mongoose as pet. in the sshool magazine his photo would be there, with the python around him.

    these sadist reverend fathers are supposed to be noble, holy and full of grace.

    it was a reign of terror by the indian padres--looks like sexual repression to me today.

    some periods, the teacher would not come, and the christian CLASS LEADER ( one of us ) would write down a list of "talkers" -- we are supposed to be silent.

    80% of the class used to get thrashed black and blue--we had lines on our back sides to prove it. and what was our age at that time?

    after 5th standard , enough was enough-- my parents changed my school and put me in kendriya vidyalaya ,calicut.

    after that , I never got beaten up in school by a teacher.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Hi Captain..
      Glad to know you are frm calicut. I did my schools in Presentation HS, Calicut and graduation in St.Josephs college, Devagiri, Calicut.
      Your articles are really eye opening. Keep the good work going on. My support to you. I have copied some of your views on to my Facebook account so that others might know the truth.

    2. Respected Captain,

      I am thinking of enrolling my son to Boy's school (Loyola).
      Little bit confused and unable to decide whether I should go for any co-ed school. Would co-ed education have nay advantage over 'Boys only' school?

      Could you guide me please?
      Loyola is a State board and not CBSC; but it's a reputed and good school.


    3. hi sk,

      it must be your personal choice .

      there is NOT much of difference between state and CBSC board syllabus nowadays.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Dear captain,
      There is no mention of ICSE or IGCSE board here

      What if we compare cbse vs ICSE vs IGCSE board

      As many school are opting for ICSE or IGCSE board

  3. Dear Mr Ajit,
    I read your article with interest. However, somewhere along, I guess you became the "typical" journalist talking only about what you had to say and hiding the rest of the facts.

    Unmukt certainly brought the country glory by winning the World Cup and deserves all the support from the establishment that he can garner. However, you failed to state that being a sportsperson, he was allowed to have an attendance of JUST 33% and still attempt his exams. I am sure attending just 1/3 of the classes would have been possible even with all practices and coaching that he had to endure. A classic example of the same is our own Saina Nehwal, who used to devote 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, on either side of her classes towards practice and brought greater laurels to the nation (relatively) as compared to Unmukt. Further, she has been doing it for years.

    One point that everyone does not want to talk about is that Unmukt also played for the IPL, a purely commercial affair, where he was earning money. Being a part of the Delhi Daredevils team, he of course had to miss out on classes since he was required to travel with the team. No wonder he could never get the 33% attendance.

    Before criticizing someone I would request you to at least consider all the valid points. IPL has spoilt many a young cricketer's career and here seems another glaring example.

  4. hi rahul,

    my post is in general.

    i have been dealing with foreigners all over the globe for 4 decades.

    when they want to score a point over me ( i am a nationalist ), they will just say " indians cant get a dang medal in olympics ".

    --and that shuts me up.

    when venus and serena williams were taken by their father, to learn tennis , with a racket bigger than them -- ALL in that club, looked at the gawky black kids and smirked --some laughed loudly.

    today mr williams has the last laugh.

    studies are NOT everything.

    unmukt belonged to arts stream , not electronics, or computers or engineering---- so what would he learn in college ?

    a) history is a part of arts -- written history is 100% BULLSHIT.

    b) economics is again 100% BULLSHIT.

    today even manmohan singh and montek singh ahluwalia, whom we bank on to deliver us from poverty, has NOT understood the simple term INFLATION.

    i have explained it to them. punch into google search MURKY TRUTHS OF INFLATION- VADAKAYIL.

    C) environment? -- again all 100% BULLSHIT. global warming blah blah. want to know the truth? punch into google search THE LIE OF GLOBAL WARMING- VADAKAYIL.

    indians must look beyond-- doctor, engineer, CA, lawyer careers for their children.

    when mayawati wanted to do IAS, kanshi ram told here " hey, one day you will have an army of IAS officers touching your feet. join politics ,come with me "

    i have put my younger son for "creative writing" --because that is what he wants.

    my elder son is a hi fi computer engineer --coz that is what he wants.

    we have to see what unmukt wants--and he seems to know what he wants.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  5. hi,
    it is not what Unmukt wants!! if he wanted to play cricket full time, he could have enrolled in a distance education program. but if he's joined full time college, then he has to comply with the requisite attendance norms.

    and to blow up the issue to such a level was a stupid thing done by the indian media.

    i hope this serves as an example for other budding sportsmen.

    p.s-lbs college roads are still dirty. today you cannot get an attendance certificate without attending classes. be it modular courses or competency. no matter how smart the guy is or how dirty the roads are he has to attend classes.


  6. @A.ku & RA
    "t is not what Unmukt wants!! if he wanted to play cricket full time, he could have enrolled in a distance education program."

    lots of ifsss there ,better learn to ask how does a holder of doctorate in theology from an AGRICULTURAL university becomes eligible for giving such homilies to students..

  7. hi sandeep,

    usain bolt was offered scholarship by several top US universities.

    i wonder what subject he would have chosen, if he had gone there.

    sport builds character.

    if indian customs , police take top sportsmen, who know the meaning of HUMAN SPIRIT, there will be less corruption.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Sir,
    Could you please brief us on this:

  9. hi,
    what do u comment about the increasing drug usage, rave parties etc that are common in cities like mumbai & have ruined the young generation. this is due to disposable income of the youngsters.

    i request you to post an article on "young generation's drug abuse"

  10. hi anand,

    punch into google search THE RUSSIAN JEWISH MAFIA- VADAKAYIL

    it is so easy to stop this if there is a political will and exemplary deterrent punishments, including death penalty.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  11. hi matt,

    i have written about thorium conspiracy before. punch into google search --


    and for the uranium conspiracy by christian missionary foreign funded NGOs --


    we do have a problem in india -- we are ruled by traitors. our press and media except a couple of them are all judases--who sell their mother land for a few pieces of silver.

    no body wants to address this matter.

    national security matters are brushed off as caste and religion divides.

    today i have written a post on GANESH SAVARKAR-- a freedom fighter, who has been ignored by indian history.

    muslim politicians and hindu pseudo secularists are gonna attack me as an RSS stooge--just for talking about a freedom figher.

    MF Hussain deserves bharat ratna, as per these traitors .

    capt ajit vadakayil

  12. hi captain
    Kumar sangakkara had this issue, as you know he is one heck of an intellectual,there is no better public speaker amongst cricketers of today as articulate as he is, he was the RYDE medallist best all-round student in his school in kandy. he entered the colombo university faculty of law with flying colours he wanted to be a criminal lawyer, his father too is a leading criminal lawyer in kandy sri lanka. but unfortunately sanga too had this problem, he too was kicked out for the lack of attendance due to his cricketing escapades in the international cricketing arena.I guess we share the same DNA. he plays one of the finest cover drives that you will ever see. his average in test cricket is better than that of the great sachin ramesh tendulkar(to me the greatest batsman to have walked onto a cricket field and i being a sri lankan will say this about this about great indian batsman going down to my grave).with refrence to your interesting two-liner,As long as you hit a six, who cares how high your back lift was, where your back foot was and in which direction your right shoulder pointed LOL, which would let me take you down memory lane, the golden days of yore that great west-indian cricket team,they were playing a test match when a tail-end batsman walked in to the crease and hit a four, the coach turned to alvin kallicharan that great west indian south-paw and said look where his feet are, kalli replied but sir look where the ball is.hang footwork!! does virender sehwag have footwork? but he is one of the greatest openers the world has ever seen, his hand eye coordination should be seen to be believed.nobody coached gary sobers nor did anyone teach mike proctor how to bowl, he was one of the only wrong-footers and greatest all-rounders south africa produced.
    Don't worry sir UNMUKT CHAND is one heck of a talent, and he is not alone we in srilanka too have lots of THAMPUJEES running loose.

    1. hi mike,

      indeed sangakkara has 8 double centuries in his name-- and he has plenty of cricket left in him.

      and sehwag has is the only player in world to score a double hundred in ODI and a triple hundred in Test Cricket -- i guess this will be hard to beat.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle.
    The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours. “
    GOOD LUCK young man.

  14. Sports, in general, are not at all devised to keep your body healthy and strong. That’s just the front, the illusion, so that everything sounds legitimate. The whole time, the tool necessary to implant all manner of hypnotic suggestion, is furiously destroying any conscious connection to awareness.

    Lucifer is the god of sports and then you see the athletes thanking JESUS WHEN THEY GET A TOUCH DOWN or win the BIG GAME

    SPORTS = STROPS reversed STROPS = ST – ROPS or ST – ROPES the rope of the saint or demonic entity. What do you do with a ROPE? Get bound, hung or led around.

    It is for the subliminal reasons shown above, that the OLYMPICS are used by the luciferian entity to manipulate the world at this last push for TOTAL CONTROL. These massive events have all the subliminal suggestion in place and this generates an enormous amount of energy and a powerful hypnotic TRANCE STATE from the masses around the world, all at the same time.

    Millions of churches allow "Christians" to idolize multimillion dollar sports-team players and franchises which hold gigantic football and baseball contests in huge, Roman-style coliseums broadcast to hundreds of millions on television, to the greater glory of money, the waste of time and the promulgation of mass stupidity.

  15. Respected Sir,
    the above write up is by you sir that rules are meant to be broken.
    could you please please consider me sir.its my sincere request sir.
    thank you






  16. Dear Sir,

    "People who make a difference are always the ones with the concern

    Detect and check deviations from standard operating procedures to see if they are for the better, in times of change.

    Spend time building people up instead of tearing them down

    Do not use fear as the key .

    There is a difference between a positive constructive feedback and destructive verbal attack. You cant motivate people with logic. If you want to move people you must touch their emotions"

    These are all your own wise words sir.may you forgive me for my mistakes.
    please please consider me sir.please delete sir.i have deleted only personal matters sir as it is a public have helped and guided me.i am grateful to you for able to talk to you freely sir.i trust you.i value your mean a lot to me sir.kindly consider my request sir.

    Thank you