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Unknown, August 25, 2012 10:58 PM

Greetings to you sir and THANK YOU for the ENLIGHTENMENT that you provide through your blog.

"The Cooking oil" dilemma that has been bothering me for quite a long time and has been cleared.

Sir,  if you could grant me the permission, there are few other doubts in my mind regarding such day to day issues for which I never found a QUANTAM ANSWER all this while.

I shall do so only with your kind permission...



Capt. Ajit VadakayilAugust 25, 2012 11:09 PM

hi ,

go ahead and ask.

capt ajit vadakayil


UnknownAugust 26, 2012 12:45 AM

Thank you very much sir.

Just like olive oil, canola oil etc the most hyped up WONDER GRAIN/CEREAL – OATS. It is been marketed as a great health food. Rice – our staple food is the WORST FOOD. What is your take on this wonder food


We are settled in the gulf for almost a decade now and the desalinated that is the ONLY source of drinking water here. Is it OK??(Not that I have a choice) . Is it ok to use the tap water for COOKING, I know of many who uses only bottled water for cooking. Is it better to do so. I have been having lot of skin problems from the time I entered gulf, I attribute it to the water here. Am I right ?

I have always wondered about the effect of this on the marine ecosystem. I am sure you are the best person to answer this.

Since you advocate Ayurveda (In its true sense) in most of your blog. What is your take on the multitude of AYURVEDIC products like dhatri ,Indulekha, sree dhariyam, and some massage oils claiming weight loss. Recently there was raids across Kerala on these companies. But I did not know the outcome.

Last but not the least, the chemicals that we use to CLEAN the house like lizol, dettol, harpic etc, Are they really CLEANing , The naïve home makers sometimes makes over use of these things in the name of CLEANING, There was a recent news here in Dubai where a home maker was left scarred for life after the liquid she used to clear a clogged drain burst.

Pardon me for the STUPID question from this “not so bright” reader.

hi XXXX,

Wheat can have a negative effect for people who are sensitive to gluten, a protein found  in wheat. Gluten intolerance, which can induce miraines, brain fog or “not too bright” condition , weight gain and symptoms similar to the irritable bowel syndrome. Try this yourself. Go to your kitchen and put a table sppon of wheat in your mouth. Keep chewing till you get a piece of chewing gum in your mouth. It is very soft, but exactly like chewing gum. This is the culprit. Ingesting gluten leads to irreversible damage of the lining of the small intestine. This results in weakening of the immune system since essential nutrients and vitamins are not absorbed.

Given below are some harmful effects of gluten.
Abdominal Bloating
Abnormal Stools
Calcium Metabolism Disturbance
Flatulence—keep farting
Impaired Growth
Intestinal Malabsorption
Iron-Deficiency Anemia
Muscle Wasting
Offensive uggghhh Stools and Subtle Cramps
Poor Appetite or Irritability
Poor Muscle Tone (Hypotonia)
Recurrent Oral Ulcers

Gluten affect Lymph drainage.  

Punjabi and North Indian women know the meaning of urinary infection and uterus fibroids, right?

I will be putting a separate post on Lymphatic system.

Lectins are sugar-binding proteins.  Lectins are naturally produced by wheat plants to protect them against their enemies. Lectin induces obesity. Lectins are resistant to human digestion and they enter the blood unchanged.  

Why do you think all Punjabi women look so attractive at the age of 18, but at the age of 35,  she looks terrible— like a sack of potatoes?.   Punjabi men nowadays eat GM wheat, high in Lectin. Already the effects of Lectin are showing on this sturdy and well built race.  I do hope they understand what I say.

Eat boiled rice with brown spots on the grain. This is fibre.  Half the world eats rice. The other half would have eaten rice if the climate and soil was suitable. Rice gives instant energy, good bowel movement. Rice stabilized  blood sugar levels and providing essential source of vitamin B1 to human body. Other benefits include skin care, resistance to high blood pressure, dysentery and heart diseases.

Don’t listen to the wheat lobby. There is a vested egg lobby too. They will not give high cholestrol eggs to their own children.

You get reverse osmosis purifiers in the market. Make sure they have a built in mineraliser or I would advise you not to buy it. If you drink RO water or even ionised water ( DI water or even distileld water ) , the absence of salt in it makes this movement occur VERY fast, as the body starts to try to reach equilibrium. The salt movement is a bit too fast and has so much force behind it that the cell walls basically explode from the shock, which of course kills the cells. Kill too many of the 100 trillion you have -- you can get internal bleeding. The water in muncipal taps of gulf is produced by reverse osmosis and then chlorination. This is NOT living water, like Ganges water.

Massage oils will NOT give you weight loss.  Real Ayurveda weight loss massage is a 10 day course. Three people will be surface massaging you with coarse nav-dhanya.  A selection of 9 different grains.  It is a abrasive, dry ,non-oily, skin surface massage and the first day, all the hair on your body will get ripped off with the roots and you will burn like mad. I had this lymph drainage massage once-- and it works.

I am sure the drain was clogged with hair and grease. The drain cleaners are mostly strong acid ( like phosphoric acid ) or strong alkali ( like caustic soda )  with some disinfectant. Acids scars skin.   Try and buy biodegradable floor cleaners which used cleaners like citrus (  lime / neemboo )

Grace and peace!



  1. hi,

    My wife gives my younger son 17 years old Quaker Oats before he sets out to college in the morning - that is all he has for breakfast.

    It helps lower cholesterol.

    The soluble fiber in oats helps remove LDL or "bad" cholesterol, while maintaining the good cholesterol that your body needs.

    The soluble fiber in oatmeal absorbs a considerable amount of water which significantly slows down your digestive process.

    This result is that you'll feel full longer, and this way oatmeal can help you control your weight.

    Oatmeal contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates and iron.

    dont have oats at night-- you will put on weight.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Sir,

      There is a new reseach that LCHF diet, Low carb and High Fat diet is the diet which can keep the insulin low and also help the people with obesity to reduce the weight, especially for the people with people who tend to have bigger bellies than rest of the body, and High carb diet rice, wheat , cereals pulses have been root cause for this kind of epidemic in USA, what do you think about this.

  2. Hi Captain Vadakayil:

    I have some chronic health issues that Western medicine can't help. I am in New York/USA- Do you know any good Ayurvedic practitioners in USA?

    my email is

    Success to you- Glenn

  3. hi glen,

    suggest you go on google search and put in KOTTAKKAL ARYA VAIDYASALA.

    you may get hold of some telephone numbers and email numbers.

    kottakkal is 40 miles from my hometown calicut and their lineage is 6000 years.

    maybe they have a unit in usa.

    deepak chopra , can give you a US ayurveda outlet, near your place of residence -- i am sure you can get his contact id on the internet.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Namaskar Ajitji,

    do u think recent spike in rice price is a conspiracy to push people towards wheat (GMO variety with high gluten and lectin). rice and wheat price difference is quite high compared to what it used to be 2/3 yrs before?
    In bengal people eat more boiled rice than white(raw) rice variety ate in karnataka. do u think boiled rice more healthy than raw rice or vice versa?


    March 22, 2014 at 6:09 AM
    An eye opener indeed....
    Latest in the market is the CMD (mineral drops) sold in the same way as MLM. is the site. Many people have been lured to buy this.
    One such chap stays in our building selling these drops.
    Kinldy check that out & how safe it is for the general public.
    Also, what food should on have in order that rich minerals go into the body.
    HAve already the blog Dynamics of the Cell.
    Will be visiting the country where your favourite beer comes from.
    Warm regards...

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 22, 2014 at 7:58 AM
    hi oss,

    BioTrace CMD Ionic Concentrated Mineral Drops is a highly concentrated Ionic Mineral Supplement that contains 72 Macro and Trace Minerals.

    These minerals originate from the northern waters of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and are harvested through solar evaporation.

    The body needs about 70 different minerals to carry out all the functions a body is required to do.

    But many may not realize there are two types of minerals: organic and inorganic.

    There is a big difference between minerals obtained from ORGANIC fruits / veggies/ fish readily absorbed by the human body and INORGANIC rock minerals from a salt lake.

    Rock sourced minerals not usable by the body, but are downright dangerous.

    Veggie / fruit minerals are bonded to carbon atoms while there is NIL carbon in inorganic minerals.

    We as human beings are carbon based, being bonded to a carbon atom theoretically makes any element more bioavailable and usable by a living organism.

    When minerals come from water, they are inorganic. Today, due to pollution, you take great risks drinking from a mineral stream.

    On the other hand most of the GM veggies/ fruits/ grains consumed today is excessively processed to the point of having little or no mineral nutrient content.

    Organic minerals from FRESH veggies / fruits are living and can bring life to cells. These contain carbon, and their electrons spin clockwise, just like those of the human body.
    Additionally, these cells can form an ionic bond with the body and can easily break down into materials to help with bodily function, such as tissue repair.

    Inorganic materials- these were never living, without carbon and cannot bring life to cells. The body treats these metals like toxins and are tightly held together; they cannot be easily broken down. And, their electrons spin counterclockwise, out of sync with the rest of the body—they do NOT tell you all this , right?

    Inorganic minerals are removed from water during nature's water cycle, that is, during evaporation from the sun, only the water itself is removed, with the inorganic chemicals behind—as god wants.

    Inorganic, or non-living, minerals cannot be utilized by humans or animals. However, plants can. And, they are the organisms that turn them into the organic minerals we can use through photosynthesis.

    But, the inorganic minerals that pass into our drinking water cannot help us and can in fact, harm us.

    This is because inorganic chemicals cannot absorb as nutrition into the cell walls and thus gets deposited elsewhere into the body.

    This can cause arthritis, joint pain, kidney and gallstones and even clogged arteries. Lime (calcium carbonate) is one of these minerals. Just think about what that does to your bathtub!

    OOPS !

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Thank you very much sirji for this short yet wonderful post.

    Now, i understood that why i did not lose weight.

  7. Sirji,

    Most of us eat normal white rice(no browen spots on grains) except for few who eats brown rice. I buy paddy directly from farmers after they harvest their crops. What do you have to say about white rice?. Is it healthy enough to consume on regular basis?

    1. hi pk,

      brown rice is healthier than white rice.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Hello Captain , Greetings !
    All your posts are really wonderful with Deep Insight.
    Have been following them for some time. Keep up your Good work..

    Captain I have a question regarding Diet. I am a Vegan , and I have this curious doubt of Combining Green leaves or Spinach with Milk IN THE DIET. Does it create Kidney stones , or does it affect kidney in any other way . I genuinely wish to know this from you. Please if possible I request you to write something about " Food Combinations for Vegetarians " Thank you .....

    1. hi vk,

      if you drink milk and spinach mix--you will get calcium oxalate kidney stones .

      and then you are up sh#t creek without a paddle.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Thank you captain. I am stopping it. I do not want to bust my kidneys .

  9. Respected Captain,

    I am looking for an RO water purifier with the mineraliser and came across one with the Mineral Enrichment System (whirlpool purafresh+) where they say that it adds back the minerals to the purified water.
    Can we consider this as a 'built in mineraliser'?

    Is it good to have purifier with both RO and UV..or only RO is good enough?

    Thanks again!


    1. hi sk,

      RO purifier MUST have a separate mineraliser.

      it is better to have a UV attached .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. Thanks for the reply Sir!

    But not able to find any purifier with the built in mineraliser.
    Not sure if the TDS controller in Kent RO Purifiers can do proper job. Could you please comment regarding Kent Mineral RO?

    Do you recommend to have seperate unit of 'In line post RO mineraliser'? Dont know- from where to get that, though.

    Best Regards,

  11. Hello Sir,
    To remove the gluten from wheat as per ayurveda roast it before making flour.
    The roasting ll give aroma like popcorn.

    It goes for dalia, sheera as well

  12. and west is having problems mostly because they use super refined wheat flour, maida

    most indians are also using it

    also readymade flour has some in it

  13. Hi captain,
    If rice is so healthy then why doctors stop it from eating? Is rice beneficial for every one who lives in non rice grow area? What is your take on diabetes patients not allowed to eat rice but wheat. Is it safe for diabetes patient to consume rice?

    Also for some old posts which we have already read, if you post any new reply how can we come to know? As your comments reply are also equally full of knowledge.

    1. hi hk,

      some readers ask me secret question.
      after i reply i detete it.

      all comments are not PUBLIC.

      capt akit vadakayil

  14. Thanks for quick reply.
    Could you please tell is it safe to consume rice for diabetes patient?
    This diabetes is slowly eating indian population, it would be great if you write somthing on it.

    1. hi hk,

      punch into google search -

      capt ajit vadakayil

  15. how crazy the gora is

    The Crazy western ideas of health and diet

  16. I appreciate this blogger to give a meaningful and valuable post to cure different diseases with natural resources. This post is very much important who don’t have control on their body or fitness. All the natural resources grown from the earth , sunlight and water and Green Vanaspati play an important role to keep us healty, Home Remedies are given for the patients for different major problems or diseases

  17. Namastey sir
    Sir what is the best food for dinner. Does uncooked food ex. Sprouted gram moong can b3 sufficient for dinner.
    Can we eat raw rice like sprouted gram moong

  18. Namaste ajit ji ,
    I have been on oats breakfast past 7 years , however , recently I made modifications in it like raw cow milk (soaking them for 15 min) and adding 2 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil and 1 teaspoon castor oil with honey and dry fruits. Is there any anomaly in it ? Plus I have eliminated 90% white rice and sugar from diet and also replaced weight training with yoga asanas and calisthenics. Meat and eggs too are being phased out. I'm now keen to include pranayam and meditation to help integrate the trinity. Dhanyavaad , jai bharata matha .

  19. What is binge eating ? please elaborate ?

  20. A traditional way of rice preparation with particular benefits for Arthritis and musculo-skeletal disorders

  21. What is parboiled rice ?
    South Indians tend to eat that a lot ..... Is it healthy ?

  22. Hello Sir,
    Can Njavara rice can be had similarly like Matta rice ?

  23. Sir, is it better to use steamed rice or raw rice for cooking

  24. Sir ji
    Plz comment on having nutritional supplements
    Protein shakes detox drinks like Herbalife nutrilife etc
    Is it wise to invest heavily on such products to lead a healthy lifestyle... Plz answer

  25. Hi captain,

    Big fan of your posts.
    I intend to buy RO purifier+UV+UF.
    Taking the references of comments of Mr. Sujit kadam... Can u Pls guide regarding the RO purifiers with separate MINERALISER.
    Of all of them best I came across 'Aquaguard Geneus' which removes excess minerals+UV+UF......but no seperate mineraser
    Can u pls suggest RO purifier with separate MINERALISER
    I am sure many can benefit from this answers.... Waiting for your reply.

    Best regards.

  26. Captain,

    I've read that the minerals in wholegrains (brown rice, whole wheat etc.) are unavailable because they're chelated as phytate, unless soaked and soured with a source of phytase enzyme like fresh rye.

    Do you agree?