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This fan is so pissed off, that he takes revenge by buying and selling Van Persie 3 times.

“My goal has been to win trophies with the team,” Van Persie had once said, confirming that he will not seek or sign a new contract.
His league campaign yielded 30 goals and nine assists and made him the double Footballer of the Year. He rescued an imploding Arsenal and propelled them out of crisis talk and back into the Champions League.  
Arsenal was a one-man team – they are now is losing the one man. Enough excuse for a nice rant,if you are a fan. 
Van Persie had insisted that money is not his consideration , but money – Chelsea and Manchester City’s money, in particular – has altered the footballing landscape.  
Arsene Wenger is the great loyalist, the one who stayed when Real Madrid and Barcelona and however many others came calling. He is the symbol of the club. 
Judging by recent history, the Arsenal armband exerts special powers, rendering its wearer irresistible to would-be money bag buyers.

To be honest ranting is called releasing steam from the relief valve --which is your mouth. If you don't do that it could involve your leg or fist.

So in a way it is healthy as long as the audience enjoys it--in this case, we all do, right?

Even Van Persie would enjoy this rant.

It is about the brain exercising its primal tendency, so that the left lobe ( conscious) does NOT have to transfer it to the right lobe ( sub conscious ) during the REM sleep. It is about voicing your piece and movin' on.

Better this than busting a capillary in your brain.

I used to keep an empty pipe in my car, to calm myself down , when I am consumed by ROAD RAGE.  It does NOT have tobacco inside. 

Just PUFF PUFF instead of RANT RANT. 

Better to do this , that to get down from the car in a huff, and bloody an alien nose.



  1. I am posting this because i found a very interesting topic on net and wish you would research more on it and shed more light on it.
    you make it a lot interesting..
    i know its inappropriate here but pls pardon..

    The Aztec Quetzalcoatl - a Hindu Priest?

    The Great feathered Serpent

    THE Cross, The Kundalini Snake,The Son God ...?
    Hinduism and Buddhism went from India to China and Korea to Japan. Images of Ganesha and Vishnu have been found throughout Japan. Numerous Buddhist deities were introduced into Japan and many of these are still very popular

    According to D. P. Singhal, "some Hindu gods, who had been incorporated into the Buddhist pantheon, were amongst them. For example, Indra, originally, the god of thunder but now also the king of gods, is popular in Japan as Taishaku (literally the great King Sakra); Ganesha is worshiped as Sho-ten or Shoden (literally, holy god) in many Buddhist temples, and is believed to confer happiness upon his devotees. A sea-serpent worshiped by sailors is called Ryujin, a Chinese equivalent of the Indian naga. Hariti and Dakini are also worshiped, the former as Kishimo-jin, and the latter by her original name. Bishamon is a Japanese equivalent of the Indian Vaisravana (Kubera), the god of wealth.

    "It is also interesting to note that the Mayan calendar began with a date around 3112 B.C., very close to the Hindu traditional beginning of the Kali Yuga/Age viz., 3102 B.C. This period in India corresponds to the Indus valley or Harappan civilization which lasted for a few thousand years, at least up to the first millennium B.C., or even later.

    The period around the first millennium B.C. is also the period of the Epic Mahabharata. Marine archaeological researches in the Dwaraka region of Western India put this period near 1500 B.C. In fact the Mahabharata period of India overlapped the Indus valley period. Arjuna one of the heroes of the Mahabharata was a friend of Maya, an expert architect and he had also married a Naga princess, two facts, which, as will be seen now could be of significance. Maya himself is described as an Asura, as contrasted with Devas (literally bright ones), an other fact of significance."

    ( literally bright ones),

    The sun and its encircling planets also occupied the central attention of the Mayan astronomer caste in Central America .

    Churning of the Milky Ocean

    The Indian myth of the Churning of the Milky Ocean reached America. In Codex Cortes there is a grotesque but recognizable Maya representation of the ocean churning. The tortoise, however, is on the summit of the mountain-pestle instead of being beneath it, and the other form of the serpent god appears above his avatar. Round the mountain-pestle is twisted a snake, called "a rope" by Seler. Two dark gods, like the Indian Asuras, hold one end of the snake-rope while the other end is grasped by the elephant headed god. To the rope is attached a symbol of the sun (Kin).'

    The Mexican doctrine of the World's Ages - the universe was destroyed four consecutive times - is reminiscent of the Indian Yugas. Even the reputed colors of these Mythical four ages, white, yellow, red and black are identical with and in the same order as one of the two versions of the Indian Yugas. In both myths the duration of the First Age is exactly the same, 4,800 divine years. The Mexican Trinity is associated with this doctrine as in the Hindu Trinity with the Yugas in India.

    It is interesting how there is a close relationship between the pachisi game of India and the patolli game of Mexico,

    Quetzalcoatl was a Naga or member of India's major commercial sailing caste. According to the Hindu holy books, the Nagas (snakes) settled in America, brought here by God Vishnu's Eagle Garuda, carrying them in its beak.

  2. In his History of the Jews, the Jewish scholar and theologian Flavius Josephus (37 - 100 A.D.), wrote that the Greek philosopher Aristotle had said: "...These Jews are derived from the Indian philosophers; they are named by the Indians Calani." (Book I:22.)

    Clearchus of Soli wrote, "The Jews descend from the philosophers of India. The philosophers are called in India Calanians and in Syria Jews. The name of their capital is very difficult to pronounce. It is called 'Jerusalem.'"

    "Megasthenes, who was sent to India by Seleucus Nicator, about three hundred years before Christ, and whose accounts from new inquiries are every day acquiring additional credit, says that the Jews 'were an Indian tribe or sect called Kalani...'" (Anacalypsis, by Godfrey Higgins, Vol. I; p. 400.)

    Martin Haug, Ph.D., wrote in The Sacred Language, Writings, and Religions of the Parsis, "The Magi are said to have called their religion Kesh-î-Ibrahim.They traced their religious books to Abraham, who was believed to have brought them from heaven." (p. 16.)

    There are certain striking similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati, and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai, that are more than mere coincidences. Although in all of India there is only one temple dedicated to Brahma, this cult is the third largest Hindu sect.

    In his book Moisés y los Extraterrestres, Mexican author Tomás Doreste states,
    Voltaire was of the opinion that Abraham descended from some of the numerous Brahman priests who left India to spread their teachings throughout the world; and in support of his thesis he presented the following elements: the similarity of names and the fact that the city of Ur, land of the patriarchs, was near the border of Persia, the road to India, where that Brahman had been born.

    The name of Brahma was highly respected in India, and his influence spread throughout Persia as far as the lands bathed by the rivers Euphrates and Tigris. The Persians adopted Brahma and made him their own. Later they would say that the God arrived from Bactria, a mountainous region situated midway on the road to India. (pp. 46-47.)

    Bactria (a region of ancient Afghanistan) was the locality of a prototypical Jewish nation called Juhuda or Jaguda, also called Ur-Jaguda. Ur meant "place or town." Therefore, the bible was correct in stating that Abraham came from "Ur of the Chaldeans." "Chaldean," more correctly Kaul-Deva (Holy Kauls), was not the name of a specific ethnicity but the title of an ancient Hindu Brahmanical priestly caste who lived in what are now Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Indian state of Kashmir.

    "The tribe of Ioud or the Brahmin Abraham, was expelled from or left the Maturea of the kingdom of Oude in India and, settling in Goshen, or the house of the Sun or Heliopolis in Egypt, gave it the name of the place which they had left in India, Maturea." (Anacalypsis; Vol. I, p. 405.)

    "He was of the religion or sect of Persia, and of Melchizedek."(Vol. I, p. 364.)

    "The Persians also claim Ibrahim, i.e. Abraham, for their founder, as well as the Jews. Thus we see that according to all ancient history the Persians, the Jews, and the Arabians are descendants of Abraham.(p.85) ...We are told that Terah, the father of Abraham, originally came from an Eastern country called Ur, of the Chaldees or Culdees, to dwell in a district called Mesopotamia. Some time after he had dwelt there, Abraham, or Abram, or Brahma, and his wife Sara or Sarai, or Sara-iswati, left their father's family and came into Canaan. The identity of Abraham and Sara with Brahma and Saraiswati was first pointed out by the Jesuit missionaries."(Vol. I; p. 387.)

  3. hi kartheek,

    i have already written in couple of my posts that ABRAHAM of christianity/ islam/ judaism is none other than --

    --BRAHMA -- the creator of the trinity brahma/vishnu/ shiva( creator/preserver/destroyer ).

    and if you read my post KERALA , BRIEF HISTORY OF PARADISE ON EARTH-VADAKAYIL i have told about the JEW/ KERALA connection.

    mary magdalene , queen of sheeba and solomon's mother bathsheba were all dark skinned with long flowing hair. and those days there were extensive sea trade between kerala and aqaba ( jordanian port near jerusalem )

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Hi kartheek,

    the catholic italian waitress sonia gandhi , (who has been PLANTED in india), and her "not so bright" son, and her kitchen cabinet of sychophants who are more loyal to this woman, than the motherland--and who do hindu bashing every day--


    the koreans ( both north and south ) are so proud, that their ancient queen came from ayodhya more than 2 millineums ago.

    they say that their superior brains and looks ( when compared to japanese ) have emanated from this union of korean king suro and indian queen from ayodhya huh hawang ock's off springs.

    they consider AYODHYA as a holy land.

    capt ajit vadakayil