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A few hours ago, Vishwanathan Anand beat challenger Boris Gelfand of Israel in a tense rapid chess tie-breaker, after a 6-6 deadlock in the 12 Classical games, to win the World Championship crown for the fifth time and fourth in a row. This is despite being in a cold hostile Israeli-Russian Jew nexus atmosphere..

He is now the undisputed world champion. To win a 5th world championship at the age of 43 is indeed commendable. He has won the chess oscar 6 times.

Anand is the only player to have won the world title in three formats--classical, rapid and knockout.

Anand first won the World Chess Championship title in 2000 beating Latvian Alexei Shirov in Tehran in 2000. He then followed it up with wins in 2007 (Mexico), Bonn (2008), Sofia (2010) and now Moscow (2012).

In 1987, he became India’s first Grandmaster and the youngest Grandmaster in the World at that time.

In 1991, Anand won his first major International Chess Tournament, finishing ahead of world champion Garry Kasparov and former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

Anand is an exciting player. Playing his moves at great speed, he earned the nickname of 'Lightning Kid.

He makes us proud to be an Indian.

A lot of Indians may disagree, and would love to see Sachin Tendulkar getting the award. But let me remind them , cricket is played by 9 countries on the planet-- nay -- 8.5 countries-- this would be more appropriate.

Football is played by all the 200 odd countries on this planet-- and so is chess.

Hardly anybody in the world outside these few cricketing nations knows who Sachin is .

Cricket is a team game, and is also a game of chance . Chess is an individual sport where you can be cock sure that only the skill of the player matters.  There’s no luck and no teamwork. 

Unlike cricket, Chess is probably one of the most competitive sports in the world, with 158 national associations and millions of rated players. To emerge the world champion 5 times out of these millions of players is no mean task and requires great concentration, immense hard work and a sense of purpose.

Anand had already been a world champion for 5 years when Sachin debuted in 1989 .

Anand is one of the only 6 players to break the 2800 FIDE ratings mark,. In the highly competitive sport of Chess which has a history of more than a thousand years.

As far as  upholding nation’s intellectual image in the competitive world is concerned, who can be a better ambassador than Vishwanathan Anand, reigning the world space and bringing right dignity to cerebral content of India for decades.  And he is the longest world champion in sports category, without any taint to his public profile.

Vishwanathan Anand  has never been in any kind of controversy concerning brand and sponsorship. He is THE role model for yound Indian kids. He cares to visit local championships when he is in India.

He has grace.

Who cares if chess is a physical sport or not?-- we Indians are proud of him , as a sheer achiever in a combat mode mindsport..

We Indians are rather surprised that our sports minister , makes noise only for stupid matters.He is a poor motivator.

Sachin can be given Bharata ratna for his acting skills, as he has claimed tax exemption on this ground.  This greedy man has declared that his earnings are only from acting not cricket. What is the difference between him and other tax evaders? .

In order to save tax of around Rs 2 crore on income derived from doing TV commercials, Tendulkar told the Income Tax tribunal that acting, not cricket, is his profession.  This is like Bollywood stars claiming concessions as  cricketeer , just because they played a Sunday game, to generate money for a cause.

Sachin has to go a long way.  India lost the game in which he scored his hundredth century, due to his pathetic strike rate —as in many other games.

Who cared for Sachin in IPL 5?  He is just hanging on, taking away a slot for a talented youngser.

And we all know the shabby way he treated his best buddy Vinod Kambli.  Vinod Kambli's first class average is 60 which is higher than Sachin's 58.6, who has played lesser games.  Here are the first class averages of the other paper tigers---- Dravid ( 55 ) , Lakshman ( 52 ), Ganguly ( 43 ) Azharuddin ( 51 ) Gavaskar ( 51) and Sehwag ( 49 )

And when did Sachin last win a match for India?  Who cares for his centuries ?

More people on this planet know about an Indian called Anand, than an Indian called Sachin.

Sachin has a HUGE ego-- Anand has humility. He even said that the Bharat Ratna should go to Sachin.
Need I say anything more?.



  1. hi Sir, i was reading about Sunil Mittal of Bhrati Airtel, and there are a few interesting things i found about him.

    He attended Wynberg Allen School in Mussoorie which is supposed to be a christian school, however the keyword: "Wynberg" Proves jewish control.

    I started tracking "Airtel", and its parent company is SingTel.

    Simon Israel, Chairman

    The answer is simple, the Joint ventures that happen in this country is more like a cover to fool the people of India that we have control when Jews are pulling all the strings so they can feed off our lives forever.

    Its not enough for these monsters that they destroyed us for generations, they will continue to do so until we exist.

    They truly are amazing monsters of greed.

  2. Kindly comment on
    I got calls from them requesting support but the intentions doesn't seem to help the nation but to stop using coal and start use of RENEWABLE RESOURCES to save nature?????

  3. Greenpeace was created by Jews as "Controlled opposition", as long as they can control the opposition -- they can perpetually manipulate the world forever.

    They are powerful, and evil "pretenders" who have "Actor Families" prepared for generations to deceive "Goyems/ Goy/ Gentiles" forever.

    They continue their rampage, and use "controlled opposition" also as a means to gain more "Shekels" at the same time.

    The donations they get through the NGO's they create goes all to the Jewish terrorist.

  4. hi,


    most of these environmentalists NGOs are double agents of rothschild.

    we had NDTV going overboard with greenathon, two weeks ago.

    they are giving solar battery charged lights FREE to indian villages.

    but what happens when the battery gets worn out or the bulb gets fused ? will they give another free battery or bulb ?


    the hook is now on.

    today i can give a poor man a cheap torch, and then force him to buy expensive torch batteries from my shop-- forever.

    in the olden days they used to give FREE polaroid cameras, and make you buy super expensive film.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  5. hi dhruv,

    Sunil Bharti Mittal is Rothschild’s agent in India. He runs walmart at Best Price store.

    He is the YSR of Punjab-- the only difference is that he is Hindu, while YSR is a Christian who poses at a Hindu, and goes to Tirupathi, so that he can control the Tirupati board and grab 5 of the 7 Tirumala hills .

    Sunil Bharti has a 50:50 tie up with EL Rothschild Group in FieldFresh Foods.

    They will pump Indian soil with artificial fertilisers and deadly pesticides.

    They will pay Indian famers,who do all the hard work- a pittance.

    They will sell the cheap Indian vegetables in Zionist stores abroad at 400 % profits.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. I agree sir, some thing is happening with the cable networks.

    In delhi, and certain other cities -- you have to have SET top box to watch TV.

    Cabel Amendment Act 2011 makes it compulsory.

    This was the Jewish channels can make more money by making people pay more after getting us all hooked to TV.

    The Norms of the Norman Jewish terrorist is more than clear...!

  7. I agree Sir, The same thing is happening with the Cabel networks--

    With Cabel amendment act 2011 its compulsory to have a SET TOP BOX to watch TV.

    Norms of the Norman Jewish Terrorist

    US Poultry Dump in India

    The US poultry industry, which has identified India as a big market for chicken eggs - a product that doesn't find much favor with the Americans - estimated that its exports could be as much as $300 million every year if restrictive standards are removed.

  8. awesome and very informative post thanks for sharing

  9. sir,
    i hav become a regular reader of yo blog .
    with full respect to your views i claim that comparing sachin and v. anand is inappropriate . i sincerely feel this article would be great if yu had let us know anand's greatness without comparing him to someone whose field is entirely different in nature .

  10. hi dev,

    i will be posting a blog of PERCEPTION AND RELATIVITY soon.

    sachin will be compared with icons of other sport, when an award common to all strains of art and sport have to be decided.

    200 countries playing soccer is NOT same as 8.5 countries playing cricket.

    100 metres sprint of usian bolt, open to all on the planet is NOT same as some horse jumping sport, which also ensures the SAME QUALITY GOLD MEDAL.

    if you must continue reading my posts-- be ready for bitter truths.

    my blog exists to do exactly this.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  11. thanks for d reply sir
    have learnt a lot of bitter truths about the world in your blog like the monsanto, motther theresa, rothschild jew monopoly etc.
    keep the good work going .
    all the very best

  12. hi dev,

    it is high time we indians take it easy on sachin tendulkar praise.

    being a champion of kabaddi played by 3 countries, (like frogs in a well) in the world is NOT the same as being a world hero and champion like maradona or ronaldo .

    sachin tendulkar does NOT have a single triple century to his name, which sehwag has.

    when sehwag , srikkant , vishwanath , dhoni or even virat kohli hits a century, india wins.

    when paper tigers sachin and gavaskar hits a century india loses. when you get too selfish this is what happens.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  13. Hi Sir,

    Today only I read this blog. You are 100% accurate on what you said about Sachin and Anand. My hobby was cricket and I can say I am an average player. I used to put sachin's photo above my pillow and sleep during my childhood and even during my 20s. Sachin had done very good job in his 20s to 30s for india as a cricketer...Now what I am saying here is what had he done as an Indian after achieving such glory for India. This matter has haunted me for a longtime. He is a person who loves cricket, who loves his family, and he will die as a person who loves glory and money...There is a dialogue in Spiderman movie, "With great power comes great responsibility." Now if you say Sachin or Imran Khan, who will you pick as a great cricketer, I will say with no hesitation, Imran Khan. Every cricket loving indian will say, I am a des drohi...go ahead...Nothing more I want to you Anand, you made me proud as an Indian in my life several times....thanks a lot..

  14. Dear Sir,

    you have forgotten dhyan chand....
    Won 3 gold medals in Olympic games

  15. Sir your logic is right for Anand. I also think that if any sportsperson from India should get Bharat Ratna then surely at first it should be Anand and Major Dhyanchand. But some of your logic in the last part of your article against Sachin is looking ridiculous.please don't mind,that is my personal opinion.