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Few days ago, while I was driving KOLAVERI DI song came on FM Radio. After the song was over my wife asked me if I liked it.

I replied " Well i would call it simple and mast. Apparently it is a song sung by a inebriated young man, about his love who kicked him in the teeth".

My wife said " This is the most viral song on the Internet!  Even MTV had played a Tamil song for the first time"

So I checked it out. Yes-- this laid back song was sung by Dhanush , the son-in-law of mega star Rajnikanth and the music by provided by his nephew Anirudh Ravishanker.

I found out that SOUP BOY is a guy who failed in love.

See the video below.

This is what the planetary precession shift of 21st Dec 2012 is all about.  Our DNA wants to challenge the establishment--nay --cock a snook at it. People don't want stereotyping and duplicates.

Why was the song a hit?--   ala MACARENA?

Again unknown to Tamilians , it is about their DNA programming. The beat of the song is the timeless 5000 year old KAVADI temple festival beat. Sometimes you see Renga coming to IPL cricket matches and sounding this beat.

We in Kerala had a singer by the name of Jassi Gift who broke the shackles of the establishment in Malayalam music, and came in like a breath of fresh air.

You cant be a success in Malayalam music unless you are proficient in classical music. If you see the Malayalam singing contests , the judges bisect and dissect every syllable, every raga, every tone, every scale .

So singers like Jesudas held monopoly for long. The established singers tried to kick down unestablished singers by pointing deadly unpardonable faults is their SA and PAs'.


See this video LAJJAWATIYE, which broke the shackles of big brother.

And now we have the MALLU PHENOMENON Santosh Pandit from Calicut my hometown. Pandit is the most Googled word around--even more than Kolaveri.

He made a Malayalam film in which he does everything. He wrote the story, he acts, directs, sings. creates music-, edits-- he does everything himself-- IN A MOST DELIBERATELY SHODDY MANNER.

He is the LINKIN PARK who sings hate songs and makes the audience hate him enough to love him?

Does it make sense?

Yes it does for the cinema halls are full --all with young men. Women are afraid to go to the theatre , as the audience cheers and claps and whistles throughout the movie. The movie is NONSENSE, and some guys wear motorcycle helmets to avoid being seen watching this crap.

Santosh will even put the camera out of focus or off target to piss you off.  Suddenly you will see the grass and ants instead of the actor.

And the people love him.

3.1 hours of unadulterated madness and crazed cheering from die hard fans- - better to do so than squirm in your seats, right?

You must understand that Kerala movie going public is generally more intelligent than the rest of India. That is why when the whole of India burns with race and religions riots nothing happens here.

His dialogues are ridiculous.  He takes Plain Jane heroines.

He sold his house to make his first movie. And the movie is low budget. His whole effort is to piss off the audience.

And hence he is targeted on face book and twitter. But his audience who fills up the theatres love him. Since the advent of DVDs' cinema halls are rarely houseful.


Like how Linkin Park fans love the band. I remember while driving long distance, my younger son wants to listen to Linkin Park-- and driving becomes a real ordeal. But he loves the band.

Here in the video below, the young intelligent college crowd, gives RAVE reviews after a cinema show.

And see the below video where Santosh Pandit writes , creates music and sings ( like shit!) for his next movie , which is bound to piss off everybody.

He cant sing for nuts-- but his audience loves him!

Was is NOT a smart bird who tweeted NOTHING SUCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS? Well Pandit is rakin' in the moolah.

His movies are NOT like the ANDHERI RAAT MEIN DIYA TERI HAATH MEIN type Dada Kondke double meaning vulgar dialogues.

His movies are crazy!

The story line goes like this.  John (Pandit) is making hazaar money by designing flex boards. He has also directed an album and the heroine of the album is head over heels in love with him. But he has already given his heart to Radha. But the problem is that she belongs to another caste. So the two gets married, walks out of their homes and starts living in a rented house.  He is known as Krishnan to the lady who owns the house. Now sprinkle in generous loads of corny romance, equally corny songs, ridiculous dances,  mushy melodrama,  confusions galore, funny fights,  seedy rape,  floods of tears- which make you laugh ,  smart ass social messages, hilarious dialogues, mallu sentiments… you name it , you get it—by the bushels --nay-- truck loads

Santosh Pandits fashion sense if 4 decades old, with large flap collars.  

Santosh declares cockily in an interview “ My film has "eight songs, eight fights!"

There is a saying”When the pain crosses the threshold limit, you start enjoying the pain”. Pandit has self imposed and self conferred super stardom.

Even though the film is said to be ridiculous, techie youngsters insist they will watch the film again, ''just to get their rocks off and have some fun with friends.'' The film features Santhosh, the actor, director, script-writer, editor, music director, lyric writer, editor and playback singer, alongside five heroines!

Sometimes, when you are offered something terribly bad, you can't help but go right back and see how bad it really is.
Let me digress:
This is a true story caught on video camera by Nat Geographic. There was this cute lil monkey frolicking in the jungle. The playful monkey moves a boulder. Suddenly a huge king cobra stands upright and hisses viciously at the monkey. The poor monkey faints out of sheer fright.

After two minutes the monkey revives.  The camera pans the face of the monkey, showing that it recollects something. Meanwhile cobra has gone back under the safety of the boulder.  Instead of running away, the monkey goes back and lifts the boulder a second time. The cobra does an encore and our monkey faints and falls all over in a heap again. 

Next time the monkey revives, the guy ( a bit wiser ) -or was it a gal?- runs for her dear life.
How else can you explain this anomaly of such a film is running to packed houses, competing with big budget films and mega star movies , from other languages. This is absolute pandemonium inside the theatre.

The proof of a pudding lies in the eating—every Master Chef knows that. Nobody is gonna eat it if he is gonna puke and choke on it. After eating too many rasgollas , we sometimes crave for a chilly Kondattam.

On his terms, and in his “cock a snook” manner. "Those who want to see my films, can watch them," was his terse comment. "I am not forcing or begging anyone to come to the theater.".

After listening to Yesudas’s painful high tech classical songs, did the ordinary Malayali not welcome Lajjawatiya or Mustafa with open arms.  Has Picasso not succeeded with his grotesque dreadful daubings passed off as art?

People are just amused that Santosh had the guts to sell his house and make a movie in which he handled all 18 departments. Do you have the guts to do this? Well then don’t bitch-- lump Santosh Pandit and his fare!  It is NOT easy to make even your enemies jeer and abuse for 3.1 hours! None of them walked out in a huff— they stayed put, till the curtains came down.

People criticize his unlikeliest hero looks— then how does PUFFY Mohanlal look nowadays. Have not Bollywood movie goers lumped broad assed heroes till Salman Khan brought fitness into Hindi movies. How many of the Kapoor Khandaan ( who cant even walk straight ) or yester year Bollywood actors could wear swimsuits exposing their gargantuan bottoms and tuft titties?  Imagine the lot—the entire Kapoor Khandaan, Ashok Kumar, Rajender Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar – the entire pathetic lot ( leaving out Dharmendra and Mithun ).

In Hollywood movies are we NOT lumping corny Jewish looks as the hall mark of beauty?

Has not Mr.Nobody nay "Alien Superstar" , beaten moth eaten mega heroes with fan clubs who buy entire first week cimema hall seats all over Kerala, ( funded secretly by the heroes themselves ) on their own turf?  

Hate him, but he wont be ignored.

I suspect that he is NOT narcissistic –he just pretends.

Capt Ajit Vadakayil is one of those non-conformist guys who performs better to a hostile crowd.  No homecrowd advantage works for him.  He just loves to hit 6 consecutive sixes right into the faces of a hostile crowd. ( this does NOT apply to my crew - we have fun )

The more , the merrier. Take that you fu#kin' a$$holes!!  Wanna have some more?



You are making films for the most intelligent state of India.

I always tell my junior officers “ It is very easy to secure a good job by chance—but very difficult to hold on to it (unless you are SC/ST in the Govt of India service) ”.

Ring a bell?



  1. Hi Sir, The above picture of you is my favorite, even your eyes seem to smile!

    And that necklace looks really cool as well.

    I always read your blogs, and your words are like "Soma" to me.


    I would like to add that the Triangle and the eye on the 1$ is actually "tower of Babel"

    Babel = Confusion of sounds

    And we know what it means in Sanskrit =)

    Asura = Demon = Negative wave = Confusion of sounds!!

    They try to connect it with God Shiva because they fear him, and they want to instill their fear in the "Goyim's".

    I know how to demolish the triple Asura religions now!

    Its time we make their fear come alive!

    Jai Kal Bhairava, its time he cut off the 5th head of Brahma !

  2. hi dhruv,

    BABEL tower was situated as SUMER.

    the original name of SUMER is SU-MERU --or the place of MERU .

    tower BABEL is mount MERU.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. I forgot to add that the Triangle on the $ sign is an incomplete triangle, and the tower of babel is also a incomplete pyramid.

    And the culprit is the 5th head of Brahma = YAHWEH

    Kali yuga personified himself, and the 13 tribes of Israel are the dark family line of Kali the demon.

    "G" sign of the Freemasons is the Grand Architect of the universe = 5th head of Brahma!

    I cant believe i figured it out =)

  4. Sir, the Originator of Abrahmic religions is Abraham.

    His original name is Abram.

    If Bram - is the beautiful dream of Vishnu, then

    Abram - is the nightmare of Vishnu.


    His wife's name is Sarai/ Sarah.

    She is ALakshmi, sister turned wife ( Genesis 20:12 )

    Abraham Rode a Donkey, just like Kali the demon.


    Chapter 11 of Genesis reveals the truth, and now we have the power to completely destroy them and save Dharma!!!

  5. hi dhruv,

    even the western christian , jew and muslim knows that ABRAHAM common to all 3 religions is nothing but BRAHMA ( the creator god ).

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. captain,

    tell something on the bermuda triangle

    1. hi anand,

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Dear Captain,

    Even i admire this guy he is the one who had the guts to Fu#k off mallu cinema lobbies of mohanlal and mamooty.

    Infact he became a sensation because of these great grandfather type heroes who would never let the present generation to build up. When i was a kid i admired these two megastars as they were heroes at that time but now that i am married and have a 4 year old child even they are accepting these old men as heroes is too pathetic.

    I hope these two shameless guys to play roles as per age.


  8. Dear capt.
    your blogs will make me "come of age".

    ANDHERI RAAT MEIN DIYA TERE HAATH MEIN----wiki says quote--Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein (Hindi translation: In darkness of night, lamp in your hand, another meaning: In darkness of night, given in your hand) is a Hindi film made in 1986. The film is well-known for its dual meaning dialogues (considered as obscene by many people, but enjoyed by many others) like in all Dada Kondke films.--unqoute

  9. Dear Sir,
    Sir I have been religiously following your blogs and am delighted to have known about your site....
    But since sometime I am unable to go through like how I do .......
    Hopefully with your blessings I can get back to reading your blogs.....I regard you as my teacher !!
    thank you