Tuesday, November 15, 2011



In the past month, I have made an observation.  Our pseudo Gandhi Anna Hazare has a KING SIZED EGO. He is NOT some graceful Sri Sri Ravishankar.  He needs a ego massage daily. We all know how big the egoes of Keriwal, Kiran Bedi, and senior Bhushan is.

Younger Bhushan ever since the K word, is an "also ran" langDa ghoda -- just tagging along-- avoiding hostile gazes of the patriotic Indian.

In the video below, Arundhati Roy makes good sense-- for the first time . This means she is NOT pea brained .

Pseudo Gandhian Anna Hazare and his team are hell bent on getting Jan Lokpal bill passed where foreign funded NGOs will not come under the scanner.

But the Prime minister Manmohan Singh , Defence Minister Antony, or Chief Justice will be spied on and what to do with them will be decided by foreign forces. . Are the unelected Bhushans, Kejriwals, Kiran Bedi's better than them?

After 800 years of slavery, we Indians have become free.

If we dance to the tune of Team Anna we will NOT be free any more.

The Magsaysay awards given to Kiran Bedi , Kejriwal, Sisodia are from the Rothschild foundation ? ( Ford foundation , Rockfeller foundation, US Federal reserve , IMF and World Bank are just part of it ). Rothschild was the owner of British East India Company, who made us slaves.
Kejriwal received Foreign funds when he was in the service of the Government of India--breaking the law . Why is this man unpunished?
Most of Indian TV channels who give news are funded by Rothschild. This is why at prime times we get to see the same moth eaten and low IQ faces.  Lord Meghnath Desai, Colin Gonsalves , and thrice divorced Alyque Padamsee types lecturing us . 

When Peter Roebuck ( I knew that he was a homosexual and boy stalker 6 years ago ) was lying splattered on the road down below, and he was being scrapped off the gravel--  all these foreign funded TV channels reported that he was found dead inside his hotel room-- so much for being objective.

But Anand Jon must get 59 years.
Recently President Bush came of a flying visit to India. He was here to do propaganda so that insurance of the common Indian can be done by foreign forces --of course they will give you a better deal than LIC initially.
None of these foreign funded NGOs are interested in India's prosperity. Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal all have NGOs supported by Rothschild.
A Christian missionary funded NGO is responsible for Koodamkulam nuclear plant rabble rousing, even after respected President Abdul Kalam , gave a clean chit. We Indians are second to none in the nuclear field. Though our first rocket at Thumba was taken on a bicycle. Is our national security of no concern?
We should never compare low IQ ex-army truck driver to Mahatma Gandhi, just because he wears a Gandhi topi and can fast in front of the screen. Anna Hazare does NOT know real politic--he cannot even think straight. He cannot answer a single question on Jan Lokpal bill despite being coached by Kejriwal.
The Naxalite movement in India is funded by NGOs--all in the garb of human rights and environmentalists. There are Trojan horses -nay-sleeper cells.  When  foreign funded TV channels sent a plea " All those who support the Anna movement please send SMS "-- now they have the mobile telephone numbers of their warriors too, who can be activated by a mass SMS to come on the street and do rabble rousing.
Mighty USSR despite their iron clad KGB security , came crashing down the same way by Glasnost and Perestroika by newly mushroomed NGOs.
Same way the red corridor extends 35% of India. We all know the role of foreign forces who arm drop weapons by air.
You find the foreign funded NGO missionaries driving a wedge between Hindus and Muslims and Christians daily, for minor matters. India has 1300 million people. Even in a closely knit house like Big Boss 5 see the fights daily. This is Indian emotions-- we are NOT cold and calculating. We explode and calm down and repent. Teetsa Setalvad is a permanent fixture to make sores deep on foreign funded TV channels.
So far Anna Hazare and his NGO team has NOT been transparent about their foreign funds. But these conscience keepers of the nation want everybody else to be transparent.
The moment an Indian is given a Magsaysay award for human rights--it is time to smell a rat. Remember Gandhiji was NOT given a Nobel prize. Israeli and American presidents are winners.
Any moron can see how media savvy, brand equity savvy and event organiser savvy all Team Anna activities are.  Original Gandhiji never needed such props.
Super Ayattolah Anna Hazare once he ensconces himself will be hard to shake off. His holy crusade warriors will have a field day. They are all unelected and we encourage a fascist body to control a popularly elected democracy.
When Burma had a cyclone, Western governments made a condition. If we give you aid, then you must allow our NGOs to distribute aid. The Myanmar government told then to FO--sorry no foreign tentacles , in our land-- we have seen enough of you .  The government would have stolen the aid and eaten 6 meals a day and slept under 3 blankets, right?
Every foreign funded NGO ia a TROJAN HORSE. Their warriors will give false evidence in courts. They will do rabble rousing and make mountains out of mole hills. In the recent past every popular uprising was triggered by foreign funded NGOs or TROJAN HORSE warriors.
Total power corrupts. Even if Anna is a honest man-- he is just a front for the likes of Bhushans and Kejriwals. Kiran Bedi is long known for playing to the gallery. This woman loves publicity.
The right to recall is nothing but an arm twisting mechanism of elected important portfolio ministers. " Shut down this nuclear plant , or buy the fighter jet from this country --or else--!"
Anna Hazare will wear swadeshi clothes-- then why is he not asking his team to shun foreign funds?  Will not Indian people contribute for a just cause, however poor he is ? Is the common Indian not large hearted?

Team Anna has told WHITE LIES when they said on all TV channels that 99.9% of people in Rai Bareili and 99% of people in Amethi said that they will NOT vote for Sonia and Rahul, if Jan Lokpal bill is NOT passed in winter session-- as per a referendum . 

We all know how many of Mahatma Gandhi's fasts were Nero's circuses like that of Anna Hazare , with free video footage on national TV,  free T shirts,  free food,  free entertainment by nautankiwallas--

The fledgling baby's first steps are

mired in lies and deceit.

Burn all 'em Trojan horses!

All genuine criticism of Zionism is automatically branded and disqualified as "Anti-Semitism", "Discrimination". All public debate on the political abuse and misuse of "The Holocaust" is branded as "Revisionist Denial", "Antisemitism", "Hate Mongering", etc... This is all tantamount to Intellectual Terrorism.



The Delhi High Court has rejected the claim of Senior Advocate Shanti Bhushan that his heart is a ‘Plant’. The Delhi High Court emotionally said “No two individuals deal with matters of heart similarly; often confounded, as to how to deal with it – which is why a famous lyricists expounds on this very peculiar quandary thus: DIL-E-NADAN TUJHE HUA KYA HAI AKHIR ESS DARD KE DAWA KYA HAI. (Here heart is personified. It is asked of it what ails it? What is the remedy for the malady).”

The events leading to the case are as follows. In the assessment year 1983-84, Shanti Bhushan had filed an income tax return declaring a total income of Rs 2,15,520/-. This return was later revised and in that, he had claimed as expense a sum of Rs. 1,74,000/- incurred by him on coronary surgery performed on him in Houston, USA.

Mr. Bhushan claimed waiver under Section 31 of the Income Tax Act (IT Act) which, inter-alia permits deduction of expenditure incurred on current repairs of plant. His stand was that a human heart is in the nature of a ‘plant’ and therefore the expenditure incurred by him on the coronary surgery was akin to expenses incurred on current repairs of a plant.

The Assessing Officer rejected the claim under Section 31 and Section 37 of the I.T. Act. An appeal was filed before the Commissioner of Income Tax (CIT) against the order of the Assessing Officer. The CIT upheld the order of the Assessing Officer. Aggrieved by this, further appeal was filed before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) by Shanthi Bhushan.

The Tribunal also rejected the claim under Section 31 relying on the test laid down by the Gujarat High Court in the case of CIT vs. Elecon Engineering Co. Ltd. (1974) 96 ITR 672 (Guj.). It said “for the expenses incurred on the repair of the plant to be allowed, the assessee would have to demonstrably show that the plant was used as a “tool” with which he carried out his business or professional activity.” The Tribunal came to the conclusion that the assessee could not have demonstrated that heart was used as a “tool of his trade” since the heart was even otherwise an organ, essential for normal and healthy functioning of a human body, and not necessarily for a professional, such as a lawyer.

An appeal was filed before the Delhi High Court, which was also rejected. The court held that “Firstly if the heart of a human being, as in the case of the assessee, were to be considered a plant, it would necessarily mean that it is an asset which should have found a mention in the assessee’s balance sheet of the previous year in issue, as also, in the earlier years. Apart from the fact that this is admittedly not so, the difficulty that the assessee would face in showing the same in his books of accounts would be of arriving at the cost of acquisition of such an asset. Therefore, in our view before expenses on repair of plant are admitted as a deduction, the plant would necessarily have to be reflected as an asset in the books of accounts. The second ground on which, we are persuaded by the counsel for the revenue not to accept the assessee’s claim is that, even if one were to give the widest meaning to the word ‘plant’ under Section 31 of the IT Act, human heart would still not fall within the definition of the word plant.”

The Delhi High Court observed that “the question raised is the product of experience, deftness and obvious artfulness of the petitioner who is a seasoned, experienced and an eminent Advocate of the country.” We will have to wait and watch if Shanthi Bhushan will prefer an appeal to the Apex Court against the Delhi HC’s order.

Mr. Bhushan WITH HIS LYING HEART OF PLANT is now part of Anna Hazare’s gruesome foursome team. This man is worth hundreds of crores--just see his mindset to save peanuts as IT refund.

How come crores of poor Indians who had heart attacks , never had this bizarre brainwave? Are we to trust this diabolical man -- has Amar Singh not given enough warning?

Do NOT disturb Anna Hazare-- he and his gruesome foursome team is now busy collecting crores of CHANDA DONATIONS and laundering it in their NGOs. Kerjriwal being ex-IRS knows how to do it.

Anna Hazare the truck driver, is no Mahatma . We trust Manmohan Singh , NOT this old ignorant man who plays to the gallery, and cannot utter a SINGLE INTELLIGENT sentence..

There are several ministers (like Defence minister Antony), who are very clean and efficient. Imagine "nautankiwalli" Kiran Bedi being our Defence minister-- who has come up in life by being herself--playing to the gallery !!

In the video below , see the face of a 74 year old out of shape man, who has fasted for 13 days. Now imagine Usian Bolt in his place-- he would NOT be able to sit up.



  1. Dear Capt. Ajit,

    "So far Anna Hazare and his team has NOT been transparent about their funds".... I totally disagree with this and since you have not verified this fact, it makes your whole article very biased... Would have loved to read an unbiased article... Team Anna has it's flaws, would love it if you can highlight it

    Please see the link below for IAC's funding details - http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org/donate.html

  2. hi mithun,

    i refer to FOREIGN FUNDS.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. hi mithun,

    i am sure anna hazare, like other indians, do NOT believe the wealth declaration of sharad pawar ( who is one of the richest men in india , and who owns pratibha shipping )--

    -- just because his auditor / accountant put a TRANSPARENT figure 12 crores officially.

    that is why anna hazare said sarcastically " EK HI ADMI THAPPAD MAARA?"

    --and then shocks the whole nation by denying the innuendo.

    his PR man some gandhi came on TV trying to justify to a shocked nation " bhaiyya , aisa nahi hai-- anna just wanted to know, if only one man hit or several men hit -- and he was so happy when only one man hit!"

    -- we deserve these lying people, to take care of our nation.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. hi sir,

    i found your comments on several sites and eventually landed up here.
    well, you are very much elder to me. may be elder than my dad. am just a grad-student but still i would like to say that your article looks pretty much biased. and also at some places it isnt clear what u r trying to convey...
    anyways, let me tell you that i am neither an anna supporter nor a congress supporter. i have neutral mindset and follow facts rather than sentiments unlike the most of the indian population did, during that anna campaign...

    u seem to be on the manmohan singh side. so my only simple question is : do you support congress? & if yes then do you really think that our current political(congress) system is perfect and ideal???

  5. hi sushant,

    all i am saying is manmohan singh and party is lesser than the two eavils.

    manmohan and sonia has sold out the nation over the nuclear deal. ever since that UPA has lost my support.

    i have voted only once in my life-- about 12 years back ( for the congress )--being a sailor.

    a good anti-corruption janlokpal is good for the nation---

    but i would rather be in a corrupt and FREE country rather than be in a ENSLAVED country, which is over run by TROJAN HORSES sent by foreigners.

    during the ramlila maidan rally, i was also a anna supporter.

    i just opened my eyes after doing some research.

    anna will soon expose himself. already the "mahatma" tag is gone -- after saying EK HI MAARA? he is a ayatollah in the making.

    after reading my posts you will notice , that i cannot be accused of being NON-perceptive.

    when you take a medicine , make sure you can handle the side effects.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. hi sushant,

    i do NOT support FDI to save our airlines--when UPA can give 3 BILLION USD to afghanistan , for which they will NEVER be grateful.

    nor i will support WALMART eating up our small pop and mom stores.

    looks like manmohan singh and family will get a GREEN CARD to settle down in USA, after retirement.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  7. dear captain
    you have done great job. i have directed many friends to review your blog. i want you to review right to recall graft attachment (www.rahulmehta.com/lokpal2.pdf)
    into janlokapal bill. joining RTR graft cleans janlokpal bill.
    it keeps the power with citizens of india, power to chose,recall/retain/replace 11 members effortlessely. no easy way for NGO and trajons.
    (though i opt to recall all 11 members - rahul asks only one). anna contacted with this modification since 2010 dec, not commented clearly.

    i want you to look at this bill and write a blog on this... because your blog is very strong..

    again also look at www.rahulmehta.com for all related laws which keep pwer with people - which is first time proposed in the history!

  8. hi shiva,

    instead of having anna hazare ( whose only ability is to fast and arm twist ) and his goons-- i suggest the names of :

    1)ex-president ABDUL KALAM
    2)ex-infosys president NARAYAN MOORTHY
    3)our current spotless and well loved defence minister ANTONY

    this way the three major religions in india are represented too.

    i am sure these three leaders of huge legacy will NEVER let india down, or sell india to foreign forces. give them teeth to bite-- these compassionate men will NOT misuse the power.

    we need to strengthen existing systems-- NOT have parallel systems-- which is IMPOSSIBLE.

    we must exclude the PM of India and the supreme court judges till they leave the office--for atleast 3 years.

    corrupt leaders must be severely punished.

    we all know that sharad pawar is worth more than the 12 crores he declared-- such deliberate mockery or cocking a snook at the system must be dealt with harshly. this is equivalent to vijay mallya's whisky being advertised on national TV as mineral water.

    all NGOs funded by foreign forces must be under the scanner.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  9. dear captain
    two questions.
    did yiu read the graft i said?
    keeping power with us - citizens to recall/replace any govt personnel is only the best result in outcome . dont you see that?
    2. why pm/ supreme court judges are different?

    people decide only which is best for them? why will they want to push artificially promoted by money/news person for long? they dont. what will you say?

  10. i will ask narayn murthy,kalam and anthony to to look into the draft as you suggested

  11. hi shiva,

    to be frank NO indian will mind if the PM ( top man ) steals a few crores as long as he runs a good show and takes the country forward as a whole.

    Posts like PM , Defence minister , Supreme court Chief Justice -- are VERY sensitive posts. These chairs must be respected. We cant allow rabble rousers with an agenda , heading foreign funded NGOs , to keep arm twisting them --

    hence it is important that they have Indian DNA and have a good track record..

    In India we do NOT have the awareness in the common man. The emotional Indian can be mislead very easily.


    capt ajit vadakayil


    just saw ARUNA ROY lecturing on SMJ2.


    all of you know that she bagged a rothschild agent ford's magsaysay award, which is always granted to desh drohis .

    let me start from the beginning-- she married her class mate sanjit bunker roy ( post-graduate studies at Delhi university ) in 1970.

    bunker roy is a rothschild communist. their marriage failed and aruna roy has NO children.

    well our man bunkey roy secured a place in rothschild controlled TIMEs 100 most influential personalities in 2010 .

    bunker roy also secured rothschild controlled Aga Khan foundation for "developing rainwater harvesting structures"-- the only hitch was he was forced to return the award when it was exposed that he had hired a professional architect Neehar Raina to get the job done--how do you like that ?

    aruna roy along with anjali gopalan is an early and vehement gay rights and gay marriage supporter. can you believe that in 2005, anjali gopalan was short listed for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    so what is she did NOT get it.

    anjali gopalan secured rothschild controlled-- France’s highest civilian distinction, the Legion of Honour (Chevalier dans l’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur). and she also found a place in Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World List”.


    our national security agencies are watching aruna roy's association with trojan horse foreign funded NGOs like AID--and many others .

    subramanian swami has clearly called aruna roy a naxalite supporter.

    aruna roy condemned the police riad in the Jaipur house of naxalite supporter Kavita Srivastava, General Secretary of PUCL.

    National Advisory Council (NAC) member Aruna Roy wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to “intervene” in what she called the State’s policies on human rights activists"

    i have heard her on TV --telling -- TECHNICALLY THERE IS NO GOD.

    Secular Aruna Roy went all the way to USA to complain about790 Muslim deaths ( Godhra ) , but doesn’t condole a single Hindu life roasted alive in a train-- 59 people including 25 women and 15 children.

    She was silent when a Congress prime minister justified deaths of 3,000 Sikhs in Delhi. She has never uttered a word for ethnically cleansed Kashmiri Pandits.

    Along with magsaysay award winners Anna Hazare, Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia --she did NOT want foreign funded NGOs to be included in the ambit of JANlokpal.

    Do NOT let her large bindi and her serene looks fool you.

    Aruna Roy along with NAC soul mate and fellow magsaysay award winner Harsh Mander was outraged over terrorist afzal guru's handing .

    aruna roy, along with admiral LN Ramdas was a vehement anti-nuclear kudankulam protestor.

    God save india !

    capt ajit vadakayil