Saturday, August 20, 2011


In the video clip below I am "trying" to sing the ROAD TO HELL by Chris Rhea.

Never been good at singing--

but when the crew  requests the Captain in a party, he just cant be the wet rag.

In the video above yours truly is "trying" to sing BEAUTIFUL NOISE by Niel Diamond, and KOI HUM DUM,  NA RAHA by Kishore Kumar.

the guy who strikes a pose on my request is my 2nd Mate from Bangladesh-- a shy soul!

Our get-togethers on board , are to release our locked up stresses, and to let down our hair.

Every body performs to an appreciative audience.

It aint no competition.


there is no one I can depend on anymore
Now I belong to none and no one belongs to me
in this dusk of loneliness, how will I find my destination
the only  star that lit the path to my destination is no more

cruel world please don't laugh at me,  as I walk away
my beloved is not mine anymore , I know not where I will go
the only person who could call me back,  wont any more--



  1. Sorry to bother you sir, but i was reading the "Indian independence act 1947"

    India and Pakistan are referred as "Dominion" - are we a free Dominion or are we the dominion of Britain or Common Wealth?

    I found this in this video:

    My father said that this guy is a member of BJP and he is saying wrong stuff -- what is the truth sir? please help.

  2. hi dhruv,

    when we became free on aug 15th 1947, we did NOT have a constitution.

    the constitution came only on 26th Jan 1950. this reigns supreme above the parliament , but under WE the people.

    this is what anna hazare is trying to say-- the constitution and WE the people are above the parliament.

    the ranting on the video means nothing-- INDIA IS A FREE COUNTRY!

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Good Evening Captain.
    It is a very special feeling to hear your voice for the very first time. U sure know how to rock a party :)

  4. Sir I need your help I know you are the only one who can help me on this problem. Actually I am very shy when talking to the opposite gender. I realised this very late now I am in the final year of my graduation. ...I have a very good physique like broad shoulder, well built body but because of the shyness I am not able to bank on it ....I am introvert and reserved in nature please suggest me a remedy for it.........Also can a girl and a boy can ever become a friend or most of them are just pretending with hidden motives? Thank you in advance. ....

  5. Aww captain. Where is your voice..i finally found ur voice sample.. Wanted to listen.