Monday, August 1, 2011


Last year , while waiting for my flight at London, I decided to have a beer .

A female came and sat next to me, and I saw her using her right hand thumb to type a message into her mobile phone. Her thumb was a blur , typing amazingly fast, with NIL mistakes and deletions.

This set me thinking.

 Her mobile phone keyboard was not QWERTY.  

This is a stupid configuration, this planet is stuck with.

On modern mobile phone keyboards where you type with one hand, this layout is bullshit.

This type key layout was designed, when Remington wanted to sell their mechanical typewriters, 140 years ago . So they trained their salesmen to type typewriter , very fast, and WOW all the dumb bumpkin folks.  It was easy as fingers needed to type only on the top row.

The peabrained designer said to himself that as long as he puts QW and ZX at extreme corners on LH side ( as most people were right handed ) he would be called innovative.

If you notice the keyboard itself is not ergometric. It was meant for human beings with VERY narrow shoulders, who could keep their elbows pressedto their body sides.  This means the typist cannot have pectoral muscles.

When you have a mechanical typewriter you cannot type too fast , or the keys get entangled.  This layout was meant to slow you down deliberately.

This stupid QWERTY keyboard required most of the typing to be done on the top row, which required the fingers to travel.

The middle row which is the home row should do most of the typing on a efficient system. and the bottom row should do the least-- as it is difficult to reach. Typing should be alternated between two hands.

It is high time a SPLIT innovative keyboard is made , for real HE men with pectorals.

A typewriter is NO longer a cute typists monopoly--or for the matter a pigeon chested Amol Palekar type babu's. 

Arnold Swartznegger types too have to type -- when sitting in the California Governor's office.

Macho men all over the world are forced to type now.  Shorthand and dictation stenographers cum typists are history.

It is a survival skill as important as driving.

The below key board is DVORAK-- a woman by the name of Barbara Blackburn hit an amazing 212 words per minute .



  1. Nice blog sir, i wish my typing speed was that high!

    Sir, i have been doing some research behind the death of "Srila Prabhupada" the creator of ISKON, and i found out that he was poisoned by the people closest to him.

    I have a strong feeling that it was the CIA/ Vatican Christian ploy to plant people closest to him and kill him off and take over ISKON.

    When Srila Prabhupada was still alive, an opposite wave was create by the Vatican Christianity - known as Gnostic Christianity which was started by a Vatican Jesuit!

    It was done to keep the word "Christ" flowing within the system, as ISKON had began Krishna consciousness, Gnostic Christianity propagated Christ Consciousness. Their long term battle plan is to re-assimilate people who till use the name of "Christ".

    It was the Vatican that planted people within ISKON to propagate negativity within its system like drugs/ prostitution etc.

    Now its just a front for CIA agents to hide and come out when needed.

    Plus, they make a lot of money from donations and selling "their version" of Gita.

  2. I also have a question after reading your older blogs:

    Q) Why in Kerala Diwali is not celebrated? If Sri Ram is considered to be one of the das avatara, then why people of kerala do not celebrate it?

  3. hi druv,

    I can think of only one reason. But this is pure guess work.

    Ravana had 10 heads. It does NOT mean he actually had 10 heads, it alludes that he held 10 heads worth of knowledge.

    In those day ( 6300 years ago ), Vedas were the only knowledge available. And to know Vedas you had to be a Brahmin.

    It is possible that Ravana was of Kerala descent. History can get fudged over centuries,by historians -- but festivals celebrated by the masses do NOT lie.

    -- and if Ravana had won the war instead of Ram , we could have been shooting fire arrows on Dusshera at Ram instead of Ravana.

    If you read the Mahabharata , without preconcieved notions you will find that you actually sympathise with the Kauravas. You cannot say that all stalwarts like Drona, Bhisma, Karna are bad people.

    Draudadi was responsible for the war-- she made fun of Duryodhana when he stopped at a highly polished area of the palace floor thinking it was a water pool. Then again when he actually fell into a real pool, she again made fun of him. And he told here "" This laugh of yours will cost you dear ".

    When Yudhistra went to heaven ( after the dog incident ) he was shocked to see Duryodhan sitting there, already.

    History remembers only winners.

    Vatican moles in CIA used to pay people to PISS on Hare Rama people in public -- and US police would look the other way. This is mentioned in one CIA man's book--probably his conscience troubled him .

    When Fidel Castro came to USA to meet the US president , the same people puy ITCHY powder on his chair in White House , so that he would be scratching his balls in front of the press-- and then all could say " What an uncouth communist!"

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. So they "never" celebrated this festival?

    True, i agree with you, that some people of Kerala could be the decedents of Ravana. The facial features and darker skin tone as lanka is closer to the equator.

    As for Mahabharata, The original name of Duryodhna was suyodhana.

    Su-yodhan = su would denote good

    dur-yodhan = would denote evil

    Due to his deeds his name transformed from good to evil.

    It was his Uncle that fed him evil thoughts, warping his mind to instigate war and take over the kingdom.

    I do not think that a lady simply laughing would make her worthy of her clothes being ripped apart in public.

    Vishnu purana - Vishnu created Laxmi and she asked him, why have you created me if you are complete in yourself? Vishnu replied, that a man cannot be complete without a woman, and from then on God Vishnu declared that her name will be taken before him and he will be known as "Laxminarayan".

    This proves we are always supposed to give women a higher standing in life and treat them with utmost respect. Without women a home falls apart, they are the truth strength of a family.

    All true Sanyasi call all women as "Ma", its clear proof that drapadi did not deserve what duryodhan did to her. She was supposed to be a mother to him, as most Bhabhi are supposed to be treated traditionally.

    Like you said in one of your blogs, "Ego is the fountain head of unhappiness"

    Duryodhan's Ego took over and blinded him to commit evil deeds, the rest of his side of the family had to follow.

    Mahabharata was the beginning of Kaliyuga, and the destruction of our Holy path of Dharma.

    The three legs of nandi bull broken by kali, and now the world barely stands on one leg of truth which barely exists.

  5. hi druv,

    the people are Kerala are the ones who migrated after Saraswati river dried up. Their mentor was Maharishi Parashurama --this is why we celebrate Makara Sankranti, and the Sabarimala temple which attracts the largest number of pilgrims on this planet exists. Parashurama CREATED kerala.

    there has been mixing of blood for centuries. Hardly anybody knows the connection David/ Solomon of Jews have with Kerala.

    or that the priest of the Mecca shiva temple ,before the advent of Islam , was a high priest from the Cheraman Perumal court of Clicut. Cheraman went to Mecca to speak to Mohammed and his uncle the priest.

    Cheraman Perumal died on the way back at Salalah Oman. Salalah and Aden were the ports form where there was weekly ship service to Calicut .

    Ibn Battuta who could not write has spoken about all this. Most of his dialogues have been subverted by historians.

    I will be posting on Ibn Battuta soon-- he was a Qazi at Calicut king's court for a while in 1330 AD.


    why calicut? pray?-- why not London? or Tokyo? or Rome?

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Sir,
    Your view regarding the presence of Duryodhana at heaven as "History remembers only winners" not much suits with the actual happenings in Mahbharata. I think Ved Vyas was good writer on his time, interconnecting stories of Mahabharata will prove it. In my view as what I understood from the classic epic saga of the universe that Duryodhana played his part without any contradictions in his character for which he was deputed. In the case of Yudhishtira who came to the world with a roll of clean personality violated his morale & principles in one occasion knowingly to kill Dhronacharya. So he entered the heaven through hell only.

    G.Vijaya Kumar

  7. Ajit ji..
    There is a bigger picture. I see there are some subliminal and occult seeds in English language.

    Please read about 23 enigma (A simple youtube video search) and related events.

    Check that how W is placed carefully between 2 and 3. Also W is 23rd character and has three points above and two points on down side. I do not think this is a coincidence.

  8. Sir, the cosmic cow of dharma is standing on a single leg in the kaliyuga may denotes the power of money which only counts until recent now and on the two legs now kicked in can be considered as wisdom and money matters in this yuga and three legs may symbolize money, wisdom and righteousness and finally in the satyuga cosmic cow on the four leg is SANATHNA DHARMA estd.... Sory sir if am wrong.


    Three of the typing website from list of sites in google search from typing test, learn fast typing.

    Also came to know about the colemak layout... Just changed some keys of the qwerty for better.

    1. Hi all,

      For those interested.

      I manually altered the keys of my qwerty keyboard to dvorak keyboard. Then follwed the instructions on this site. Now I can use a dvorkd keyboard.

      Lets see how much time it takes to learn the layout. to check ur typing speed.

    2. PyFgC.. (pro football club).... RL ( Right Left)

      TYPE po, yo, fo, go, co, ro, lo

      ( Pow, Yo Yo, foe, Go , Cow, Row, Low

      Pow prisoners of war

      Aoeui,(vowels) eu , ui, id,
      (For learning home row make all words that are typed on the home row itself...i will make a list later)

      QJK (queen , jack or joker, King) BMW

      QJKxBMWvz (x....z , wV )

      Dvorak %
      22 top row
      70 home row
      8 bottom row

      Qwerty %

      For those interested, easy way to learn the dvorak layout.

    3. PyFgC.. (pro football club).... RL ( Right Left)

      TYPE po, yo, fo, go, co, ro, lo

      ( Pow, Yo Yo, Fo fowl, fuck off, foe, Go , Cow, Row, Low

      Pow prisoners of war

      Aoeui,(vowels) eu , ui, id, dhtns
      (For learning home row make all words that are typed on the home row itself...i will make a list later)
      for dhtns -----from right to left SnTHD-----seeN touch high definition, scieNce technology high definition

      QJK (queen , jack or joker, King) BMW

      QJKxBMWvz (x....z , wV )

      Learning dvorak made easy for beginners.
      Visualise it when u have free time
      Usually it will take a month to or so to easily use the dvorak. Then practice it.