Thursday, July 21, 2011



Whiskers are the cats SIXTH SENSE. 

A cat trusts nothing unless it is put to its whisker test. A cats emotional honesty is due to its whiskers. It is a feelings sensor.

Cats have on an average 24 mystacial whiskers . These are super antennas— able to detect depressions in the SPACE TIME FABRIC. It is alert to slightest stimuli and protects them even while sleeping, as it can sense AURAS ( energy ) and temperature signatures.

The whiskers supplement the cats sense of hearing and sight, by a strange parallel processing in its brain. This is the reason why they say the cat has superior hearing sense. Whiskers can sense the air draft caused by sound. To make your cat blink just touch its whiskers, as they are rooted in a nerve ending and blood vessel rich area.

The cat does NOT like the natural alignment of its whiskers , in place due to electrostatic charge to be disturbed. To feel the ticklish charge just lightly brush your lips or nose tip on the whiskers of your cat. This is the reason if you feed your cat from a narrow mouthed bowl, it will take the food else where.

The whisker hair strand acts as a DIPOLE antenna ( quarter wave rod, representing one half of a dipole , the other ground half being the cat's face ) where HF waves induce weak electrical currents. Cats love to sleep at telluric line crossings.

Cats are known to have traveled hundreds of miles to find their owners in new homes to which they themselves have never been. -called psi (psychic) trailing. Scientists have not been able to find a physiological or psychological explanation for this ability. The secret lies in the whiskers. In extremely dim light, a cat may feel its way by using its whiskers.

The cat uses its whiskers in conjunction with its tail to land on its feet after a jump— a natural righting reflex.

Mother cats remove the whiskers of the kittens till they are capable of fending for themselves and explore.. The whiskers give the cat intuition .

Understanding cats:

An Estonian friend of mine, discared his pet cat . He said it spoilt all the expensive matresses and carpets in his house by defecating and urinating on it. And he had to spend nearly one months salary to replace everything.

I asked him " Did you make your cat nervous?"

He said " NO, not at all. But my son had bought a new puppy , as a pet "

I told him " This is the way the cat's DNA blueprint is programmed by god. If you make a cat insecure, it will deposit urine and feces around the house to mark its territory. Even rearranging furniture in your house , or a sudden change in routine , will make your cat stressed, leave alone bringing a new pup-- as a cat is a creature of habit!".

After he heard all this, he felt bad.

When a cat falls sick, it will withdraw and be almost lifeless to conserve energy, but will recover sooner than later..

Owning a cat is a good forerunner of marriage. You learn that you cannot control another living being, or expect someone to do everything you want.

The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard cats. A cat has absolute emotional honesty, human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat is not a hypocrite. If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave. The cat has no need of society, and obeys only when she pleases.

To please himself only the cat purrs. - Irish Proverb



  1. Respected sir,
    i am your reader, since last two year. From last one and half year, want to see this world from ur eyes. You have provided very important and exclusive knowledge about cat in this blog also as usual.
    People say that dogs(or pets) sense and take problems of family or owner on them. Is there anything like this, however I personally do no have any pet, but wish to have a desi cow when possible.

  2. Captain, just as whiskers for cats and head hair for humans, all images of Lord Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, the ancient people, depicts men with long hair, does long hair have a connection to the sixth sense for humans?