Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I come from a place Kerala of India, where there are more coconut trees per square kilometer, than anywhere else on this planet.   

So who could be more qualified than me than to write a piece on the magic of tender coconut water.

Recently the secret was spilled , that the pop singer Madonna, uses tender coconut water, to prevent ageing.

Immediately Coke and Pepsi made a dash to make money out of this. Pepsi started selling packages coconut water from Brazilian outlet Amococo. Coke, not to be outdone, started selling Zico. Many other US firms also jumped into the bandwagon.

All YE foolish people who drink this packaged stuff-- take this from Capt Vadakayil-- 

You must drink the tender coconut water within a minute of exposing the water from the opened coconut to the atmosphere. After 60 seconds the water dies.

The magic is in the QUANTUM action, of the pristine water. 

It contains Lauric acid, found in Mothers milk.

The magic is NOT in the vitamins and minerals--of course it has mundane benefits--  but NOT the magic.

Tender coconut water is the most sterile and purest liquid on earth. It is the only liquid which can be used for intravenous plasma transfusions , as it is electrolytic. In the 2nd World war it saved so many soldiers from certain death, that it is called the water of life.

People in Kerala India drank coconut water, to recover faster from Chikunguniya ( break bone fever, Dengue ). Otherwise the terrible joint pains , take too long to subside.

Let me list out the good effects of LIVING coconut water:--

Prevents hypertension.

Prevents fatty liver problems

Increases libido and sexual performance for both sexes.

Revitalised the reproductive system , for barren couples.

Anti-oxidant and chases away free radicals.

Flushes toxins away from the cells due to proper surface tension.

Urinary infections and bladder problem

Natural diuretic for flushing the urinary system, the water flows through fast

Prevents kidney stones and flushing ones already built up

Controls Cholesterol and hardening of arteries 

Improves bowel movement and hence constipation

Helps faster recovery from Bacterial and Viral diseases, without side effects

Boosts blood circulation due to pH balance

Increases metabolism and weight loss

Boosts immune system

Isotonic beverage , more Potassium/ Sodium ,less Sodium and NIL fats 

An excellent skin softener and anti wrinkle wash

Contains the following minerals:--

    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Phosphorus
    • Iron
    • Potassium
    • Zinc
    • Sodium
    • Selenium
    • Copper
    • Manganese

Contains the following Vitamins:--   

    • Vitamin C
    • Riboflavin
    • Thiamine
    • Niacin
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin B6
    • Folate
    • Pantothenic Acid
    • Choline

Water is a perfect conductor of electricity and is thus important in the operation of our bodies. The electrical potential is shared between the brain neurons through electrochemical transmitters. This electrical potential of brain chemistry must be present for any of our "thoughts" to take placeThe human brain is about 85% water.

 Water is a good diet aid and fat reducer. It suppresses the appetite, reduces sodium buildup and helps maintain muscle tone. Water helps the body eliminate waste and toxins. It relieves fluid retention. If you don’t drink water , it holds onto to existing water tenaciously so it wont run out. When your kidneys don’t get enough water, it causes the liver to get overloaded.

Our bodies need the minerals that are in water. Our body cannot readily adsorb colloidal minerals. Our bodies can only absorb minerals which are water soluble. The bodies job is to transform food into atoms and molecules that are found in our bodies. This transformation occurs inside the cells in our bodies. 

Every cell is like a building block or a little miniature factory which can process the food we eat into energy for growth and performance of its own particular body regulating function. Nutrients travel in the bloodstream, which will carry them to where they are needed.  

We have more than 70 trillion cells in our body. Water passes through our cells on a regular basis . The cell has no way of passing anything through it that is not water soluble.

More than 60% of the bodies total water content is contained inside the cells. 

Minerals decrease the surface tension of water leading to easier absorption in the large intestine resulting in better hydration. 

Trace minerals support alkalinity of the tissues of the body by buffering acid. 

Tender coconut water ( drunk within 2 minutes of opening ) is good for people who are on the road to Diabetes 2 - have one glass coconut water a day.



  1. Capt. We get packaged coconut water here in US. Is it healthy? I love coconut water and just not able to find fresh coconut water here in Wisconsin. I took you advise on coconut oil too and bought non-hydrogenated oil from our local grocery store and as you mentioned the pure oil neither hasany taste not it is highly aromatic. My husband couldn't detect it in the cooking so I think I am good on that.
    Thanks a lot for saving us from the poison.

    1. hi surabhi,

      coconut water must be drunk within 2 minutes of exposure to the air for its cell cleansing effect.

      hope they do NOT put preservatives in this packaged coconut water.

      Punch into Google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. It does state on the pack that there are no preservatives added.So, I am hoping that its true. Nevertheless I enjoy it. Thank you again.

  3. Cap'n, very informative. Thank you for sharing. What about the 'malai' left over in the shell - could you elaborate on its health benefits?

    1. hi s,

      never throw the white coconut meat inside.

      it is an amazing food.

      punch into google search-


      alzhiemers patients in USA drink neat virgin coconut oil straight from the table spoon.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. My father has kidney stone since 1981 operated in 1986. Went through some ayurvedic medicine, though they reduced the size of stone but could not completely flush it. Stone doesnt hurt. Now stone size 15mm. He has swelled legs below knee for past 3 months. Uric acid 7.5. medicine of uric acid not affecting. Rest of the tests ultrasound are fine. Heart test not done. Could you help someway? Will coconut water help in flushing the stone?

    1. hi sk,

      i have described an incident where one of my crew members was in severe pain at sea, and how i managed it-- or rather cured it.

      punch into Google search-

      ayurveda used pomegranate seeds .


      stones in the urinary tract usually form in the kidney and migrate down the ureter (a narrow pipe that connects kidney to the bladder) and pass into the bladder.

      small stones pass from the bladder to the outside. some stones get stuck in their migratory path due the narrow sections of the urinary passage – this usually happens at a few points in the ureter or in the urethra (the pipe-like structure that connects the bladder to the outside.

      many people with undetected kidney stones are startled to find blood in their urine, which is a very common symptom of kidney stones.

      stones often cause intense pain in the regions of the abdomen, flank, or groin. if the pain radiates from the loin to the groin region it means that the stone is migrating down from the kidney towards the bladder.

      one may experience pain towards the end of passing urine or there maybe an intense desire to pass urine but without much of it being passed out ( this symptom is called strangury).

      most often, stones can be flushed out by drinking plenty of water but if the stones are too large like in your case, then medical intervention is required.

      Ureteroscopy involves the use of laser to break up the stone and has an excellent success rate in experienced hands.

      Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) where shock waves are directed over the stone to break it apart. the stone particles will then pass spontaneously.

      meanwhile - increase fluid intake to maintain urine output at 3 litres per day. reduce salt intake and become a vegetarian.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Capt I am a pharmacist and I love your comments info like this never learned anything close to what I learn from you. I copied this comment of you to read in more detail

  5. guruji, best way to recover from a viral fever? besides having coconut water.

    internet has tons of ayurvedic remedies.

    1. hi s,

      take a mixture of lime juice, fresh turmeric juice, amla juice and honey -- half a cup.

      slice some fresh garlic with a sharp blade-- half a tea spoon. wash it down with water.

      in fact i do above DAILY morning - before my morning tea.

      i also have coconut water whenever possible--as i am from the land of coconuts.



      capt ajit vadakayil

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  9. Great job, it is very interesting article. I must congratulate the writer because he writes so well. I do agree that this tender coconut water has more nutrients than mature coconut water . If you feel craving to drink something cool or tasty, replace your other drinks with one glass of coconut water. The health benefits of coconut water are countless. I am very impressed with your article and I suggest everyone to read this article at least once.

  10. 1) Which is more beneficial: coconut water after flesh formation (which tastes sweet) or coconut water without flesh formation (which tastes like alkaline)?
    2)Should the ripe coconut water (I mean hard coconut that we break during puja)be consumed? Is it also beneficial & effective like raw coconut water?
    Because somebody told me that raw coconut water should be consumed & ripe coconut water should be thrown away.

  11. "You must drink the tender coconut water within a minute of exposing the water from the opened coconut to the atmosphere. After 60 seconds the water dies.

    so is it ok if no saliva is mixed while drinking it quickly ?

    wow i had missed on this advice

  12. thank you guruji i will spread your devine knoweledge

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