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Quantum In-separability, still called the EPR effect (standing for Einstein Podolski Rosen), is a quantum phenomena which runs counter to common sense. 

Let's imagine two particles which interact then distance themselves one from the other: These two twinned particles are said to be correlated, like for example two photons emitted by the same excited atom .  Two correlated photons would thus have a polarisation of +1 for one and obligatorily of -1 for the other.

Following the classical interpretation, each photon conserves its polarisation after their separation: one is polarised +1 and the other -1, well before an observer makes any measurements. The two photons constitute two separate systems and are totally independant, the one of the other.

It is not until the moment where the measurement is made of a photon that the other acquires its characteristics: if the polarisation of one photon is +1, the other becomes -1 and vice-versa. The two particles form an inseparable ensemble, even if they are infinitely distant...

Two correlated particles are still one despite their distance of separation.

Knowledge of one has an instantaneous influence on the other, without the transmission of information resulting in any physical action.

This shows an instantaneous telepathy between particles, and the "indivisible totality" of the Universe!

In one experiment, new-born rabbits were separated from their mothers. The mother rabbits were hooked up to ECG and EEG monitors. Then the new-born rabbits were killed. It was found that the stress levels of the mother rabbits were raised dramatically, even though the new-born rabbits were killed in another location. 
Telepathic biological links between mother and offspring were therefore shown to exist. To test whether water blocked out the telepathic signal, the mother rabbits were transferred to nuclear submarines. These rabbits were found to ’know’ when their offspring were killed, even when they were deep underwater. This experiment showed that hundreds of feet of sea water could not block out the psi effect. 
Consciousness,  is a form of Scalar energy, that focused thought (with intent) can achieve extraordinary things. 

The  behaviour of subatomic particles  is unpredictable . The jiggling of subatomic particles is caused by the zero point field or Aakasha as Vedic science said . Randomly virtual photons jump back and forth between the zero point field and our physical world. They collide with and are absorbed by subatomic particles that will be excited into a higher energy state. After nanoseconds the energy is released again by means of another virtual photon that returns to the zero point field. The photon is called a virtual photon since it comes and goes from the zero point field and is not here to stay in the material world. It is only used in the energy exchange between the zero point field and the material world

Not only photons but also all sorts of elementary particles come into our physical reality from nowhere at all. They seem to come from the zero point field, make their appearance in our physical reality for only thousandths or millionths of a second to disappear once again into the void. These forms of mystical particles were called virtual particles since they were not stable enough to stay around in our reality. 

The zero point field is a quantum foam of virtual particles and photons. Our universe is never at rest not even in empty space!

Even in a pitch-dark room where absolutely no light from the outside world can penetrate, scientists can still measure the presence of virtual photons.

The existence of the zero point field has been known to Indian sages and seers more than 8000 years ago.

Matter is not a condensed substance but a diffuse form of energy.  Scalar waves are very different from electromagnetic waves; for one thing they can travel over immense distances with no loss of energy at super-luminal speed (faster than light). 

All atoms are in vortex kinesis, it is spinning energy, an intensified example of the natural state of any matter. The great galaxies rotate.  In relation to a galaxy, our solar system is nothing more than a tiny atom. A vast swirling energy of a hurricane is centered at its imploding vortex core. 

A spinning magnetic field (vortex) affects the most mysterious force field of gravity. Gravity is more than simple attraction.  It is orientation.

The human brain is more complex than anything man can comprehend.  In our memories we can recall past events, in color, black & white and even technicolor.  We can recalls sounds, smells, still pictures and in motion, of faces long stilled, hear voices long quieted.  

Our dreams are vivid spectacles, sometimes frightening but also pictures of places and past events and make-believe scenes.  How can the brain do it?  It has no lens, no film, no camera, no projector, but it replays pictures, moving and still, with little difficulty?

Most of us are operating on roughly 5% brain capacity (which is all we need to survive). 

The language of the soul and subconscious is comprised of symbols and holograms. 

Vedic Tantra is about powerful cosmic symbols and highly accurate measuring holograms.  Sri Yantra which contains the elusive theory of everything is a Tantric symbol. Don't listen to the white man's propaganda that it is about sex or bullshit occult

 I will post soon on this. 

Thoughts, attitudes, concepts, decisions, alignments, agreements, polarized struggles -- all of thought – are constructed holographically in the brain. These higher brain functions contain memory of everything that can possibly be known, including soul memory (past-life memory).

Quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. These subatomic waves or particles not only know about each other , but are also highly interlinked by bands of common scalar fields, so that they can communicate together. They are like a multitude of tuning forks that all begin resonating together. As the waves get into phase of sync, they begin acting like one giant wave and one giant subatomic particle. It becomes difficult to tell them apart. 

Many of the weird quantum effects seen in a single wave apply to the whole. Something done to one of them will affect the others, coherence establishes communication,  some sort of collective vibration was responsible for getting proteins to cooperate with each other and carry out instructions of DNA and cellular proteins.

Once energy reaches a certain threshold, molecules begin to vibrate in unison, until they reach a level of coherence. The moment molecules reach this state of coherence , they take on certain qualities of of quantum mechanics incl non locality. They get to the point where they can operate in tandem.

Each molecule in the universe had a unique frequency and the language it used to speak to the world was a resonating wave. Molecules speak to each other in oscillating frequencies. The ZPF creates a medium enabling the molecules to speak to each other non locally and virtually instantaneously.

Electrons glide easily along light pipes without getting entangles in their environment, or settling into any set single state. This means they can remain in quantum state, a condition of all possible states, enabling the brain eventually to finally choose among them. This is free will. At every moment our brains are making quantum choices, taking potential states and making them actual ones.

Newton's classical physics has set mankind back by many decades. In ignoring the effect of ZPF they had eliminated the possibility of interconnectedness and obscured a scientific explanation for many kinds of miracles.

An electron is not a precise entity, but exists as a potential.—a superimposition or sum of all possibilities until we observe or measure it at which point the electron freezes into a particular state. Once we are through looking or measuring the electron dissolves back into the ether of all possibilities. One of the fundamental laws of quantum physics says that an event in the subatomic world exists in all possible states until the act of observing or measuring freezes it or pins it down to a single state. This process is technically known as the collapse of the wave function where wave function means the state of all possibilities.

Reality is created by each of us only by our attention.

On the subatomic level—mind is over matter.

"After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense."  - W. Heisenberg (German Physicist, 1901-1976)

Grace and peace!



  1. Hello captain,

    Please see this link

    I think there is a need to use the further partitioning of time than the picoseconds etc that we use. Time in that range needs to be analyzed in dimensions other than the usual 3D which is used.

    Kindly share your thoughts.


  2. hi sri devi,

    this chinese experiment is NOT a new thing.

    the american and russians have done it many years ago.

    and this was known to our ancient maharishis 9000 years ago.

    reiki energy coming from the human body travels almost instantaneously through the solid earth.

    Planck's time, the shortest physically meaningful instant of time, is approximately 5.4 x 10-44 seconds.

    capt ajit vadakayil