Friday, January 28, 2011


Right now i am at Chennai doing a 2 week re validation course , for my Master's certificate of competency.

I stay at Breeze hotel which is at a walking distance from the college-- a good one ( expensive too ).

While down on the massage chair at the gym, i saw some scenes of the Hollywood movie " My cousin Vinny ".  ( This chair gives a lovely lower back knead -- this pain has pleasure in it! .   This gym also has 20 kilo dumbbells , which i prefer - reason for my obscene biceps )

This is my most favourite movie. It is a hilarious low budget movie which is worth seeing again and again.  Joe Pesci and Marisa Thomei were outstanding.

When i first saw this priceless movie , it made a deep impression on me, which in a way has moulded my character.

Two young New Yorker boys are charged with man slaughter in hilly billy rural Ala- fuckin' -Bama  -- for a crime they never did.  Joe Pesci , who has never contested a case , is a lawyer related to one of the boys.  He meets them in jail and asked them " Did you kill the store clerk?".

When the boys said NO!--he tells them ( to this effect ) .

" -- if you have not done the crime, then the prosecution will try to show that you did it.  Their case is like a building which they will try to show the judge and jury as real and solid -- while actually it is just a facade . I am smart enough to expose the illusion from the right angle and perspective "

This is the meaning of wisdom, ladies and gentlemen!

Think about it!


Vinny Gambini [to the jury] Hey, how ya doin'? 
[to witness] 
Vinny Gambini: Mr. Crane, what are these pictures of? 
Ernie Crane: My house and stuff. 
Vinny Gambini: House and stuff. And what is this brown stuff on your window. 
Ernie Crane: Dirt. 
Vinny Gambini: Dirt. And what is this rusty, dusty, dirty looking thing that's covering your window? 
Ernie Crane: That's a screen. 
Vinny Gambini: A screen! It's a screen. And what are these really big things that are right in the middle of your view of the Sac-o-Suds and your kitchen window, what do we call these big things? 
Ernie Crane: Trees? 
Vinny Gambini: Trees, that's right, don't be afraid just shout 'em right out when you know 'em. And what are these thousands of little things that are on trees? 
Ernie Crane: Leaves. 
Vinny Gambini: And these big bushy things between the trees. 
Ernie Crane: Bushes. 
Vinny Gambini: Bushes. So, Mr. Crane, you can positively identify the defendants, for a moment of 2 seconds, looking through this dirty window, this crud covered screen, all of these trees, with all of these leaves on them, and I don't know how many bushes. 
Ernie Crane: Looks like five. 
Vinny Gambini: Uh, uh, uh, don't forget, this one and this one. 
Ernie Crane: Seven bushes! 
Vinny Gambini: Seven bushes. So, what do you think? Isn't possible you just saw two guys in a green convertable and not necessarily these two particular guys? 
Ernie Crane: I suppose. 
Vinny Gambini: I'm finished with this guy. 

-  here's another one--

Vinny Gambini: I understand you played a game of pool with Lisa for $200, which she won. I'm here to collect. 
J.T.: How 'bout if I just kick your ass? 
Vinny Gambini: Oh, a counter-offer. That's what we lawyers - I'm a lawyer - we lawyers call that a counter-offer. This is a tough decision here. Get my ass kicked or collect $200. Let me think... I could use a good ass-kickin', I'll be very honest with you... nah, I think I'll just go with the two hundred. 
J.T.: Over my dead body. 
Vinny Gambini: You like to renegotiate as you go along, don't you? Well here's my counter-offer... do I have to kill you? What if I were just to kick the ever loving shit out of you? 
J.T.: In your dreams. 
Vinny Gambini: Oh no no... in reality. If I was to kick the shit out of you, do I get the money? 
J.T.: You kick the shit, out of me. 
Vinny Gambini: Yeah. 
J.T.: Yeah. you get the money. 
Vinny Gambini: So, here are my options. Option A: I get my ass kicked or Option B: I kick your ass and collect the 200. I think I'm gonna go with Option B: Kickin' your ass and collecting $200. 
[Takes off his jacket] 
J.T.: We're gonna fight now? 
Vinny Gambini: Yeah. But first, show me the money. 
J.T.: I have it. 
Vinny Gambini: You have it, then show it to me. 
J.T.: [pause] I can get it. 
Vinny Gambini: You can get it? Okay, get it. Then we'll fight. 
[Takes his jacket from Lisa] 



  1. Dear Captain,

    I too regard this movie as possibly the best I have seen and do watch it over and over again. I enjoy your various articles including those on Chemical tankers. I would like to pose a question to you wrt over pressuring of ships tanks when receiving nitrogen - may I have your email contact and your mobile phone number.

    Kind regards,

    Capt Allen Brink

  2. hi allen,

    i will post on this today-- 3.8.2011


    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. I was thinking , may be you wrote the script captain

    1. hi chistu,

      remember we had taken lot of photos in athens at acropolis and parthenon?

      remember singhota?

      how many children do you have?

      what are you doing now?

      i will delete your answer after i read it.


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  6. Pranaam Vadakayil ji,
    I was watching David Icke's interview to a Scottish accent man, ( Anything Goes) on my mobile and after listening to what he said about higher powers contacting him, I just got a feeling maybe he's a double agent. Though my guess can be wild and fully wrong. Two days back I felt as if he's guiding the human race.
    He says that in 1989 he felt like there's someone else in the room. An English psychic told him that he is to guide the world from 1990. He then felt like Peru was calling him. So he went there. He was traveling in a taxi when he could feel that the mountain wanted to talk to him. He walked up the hilly mountain and there he stood in a white circle made of stones and he received signs from the higher powers. Nearby was lake Titicaca.
    I find it hard to believe but then it may happen also. Why didn't this stuff happen to a truthful man named Ajit Vadakayil? I get a feeling they read your blogs and are trying to project David Icke as a Messiah. He keeps saying about 2030. So that's 40 years from 1990. Moreover who provides him with all the information? He doesn't have a large employees working for him. He is not an Indigo child. And his name is David...the great king of Jews. So they are trying to portray him as Vishnu avatar, who will save the world.
    Consider me as average mind. I don't intend to ask unnecessary question or fill the comment box with chaff. Please reply

  7. Pranaam Vadakayil ji,
    Wishing U and all your family members a very Happy Vishu. May Vishnu reestablish the imbalance caused by the evil minded people.

  8. Pranaam Vadakayil ji,
    This lockdown has come as a blessing, for me atleast. The mind is more still with so many less distractions. In my PG in Mumbai we don't even have TV. I thought of doing Aum chanting. It has helped to control the endless chatter in the mind. I could feel vibrations in the forehead region. Now I am thinking of doing Chakra meditation and Beej mantra chanting. I read your Aum Anuswaram Beej Mantra post. I have some doubts...
    You wrote that the beej mantra Lam is to be sounded as Lang. So do I have to chant as Lammmm or Langggg? If it is latter, then there's no mmmm humming sound right? But if I chant as Langggg, my mouth remains open. Should I close it and continue the gggg humming?
    Does this mean that the bottom 5 beej mantras have ngggg vibration but the beej mantra Aum has mmmmm vibration?
    Please reply as I don't want to do anything wrong.