Saturday, January 22, 2011


This piece is for future poets who want to carve a niche for themselves on this planet. 

Poetry is the flow of intense thoughts— otherwise it is NOT poetry.  

It need not rhyme , unless you are writing it as a nursery rhyme for little children to sing along.  Once you start reading poetry you will NOT be able to stop.  And finally when you do stop, you will feel something inside your heart— if it is good poetry.  

Love and nostalgia take very little effort to make that impact. 

Gone are the days of Victorian bombardment. An ordinary man on the street can write good poetry. Good poetry means 90% of the people both erudite and illiterate who read it will be impressed. 

The remaining 10% misanthropes of this planet , who need something other than poetry to get impressed, please excuse.


You ran into my life with girlish glee

smilin' , blushing - yet excitingly bold

the wonderful gift i have always sought

as the brightest star in my private heaven

even when we fought, you said "i love you"

in your sweet special touching way

how time stood still last valentine's day

being two, feeling one, moments so rare

you had schemes for a path we ought to share

a sweet distant spot you make me hunger for

anxious you were to walk the path with me

but not to find the distant magic spot too soon

a heart shaped promise ring silver pendant

still over on my chest hurts my poor heart so

i am amazed at the way love can be canned

i realise how far behind you have left me

to dance your freedom far away from me

darling-  what forced you to destroy me so?



  1. Sir
    is it true that a perdon has a love marriage if the heart lines of both his palms make a moon like figure when looked at together?