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(Remember INTEGRITY is more than a core value --as it guarantees other values.)

Our company values are like fingerprints, we leave them all over everything we do.

As is inherent in our company symbol, our core values obviously are --

1) High ethics.

Welcome to the high moral ground where committing a felony even to support the company is not a career move .

We rely on own merit to push a case, not blatant use of personal charm as a way to wheel and deal. Our company has a conscience . Our clean reputation and absence of deception is our biggest intangible asset which is reflected in our brand equity and not on our balance sheet.

Our ethics are not abstract notions , but practical guides to employees on how to feel, act and behave. Ethical behavior is a habit in our company , not an act. All employees are part of the ethical fabric .

We have a DEO ( designated ethics officer ) cum mentor to get this core value into the blood stream of the company , to oversee compliance , provide a frame work of conduct and to provide support to an employee who wants to do the right thing.

Our ethics champion is no lesser than the MD himself , with a moral barometer and an ethics radar to do ethical climate assessment. There exists a strong belief that it is acceptable to deliver bad news to the company or raise personal concerns.

Our mature ethics programmes have reduced voluminous codes of conduct to just a few sub core values like fairness, integrity, transparency, respect , tolerance for culture, responsibility , spirit of inclusion etc. Seminars are used to clarify ethics values , as sustaining an ethical culture is a continuous process without a finish line.

We trust our employees to do the right thing when confronted with a situation that provides no easy answers. We don’t have yes-men who will not tell the truth to safeguard their jobs. We temper all technical judgments by the need to support and maintain human values.

We honour our contracts and don’t cut corners. We do not allow conflicts of interest, which provide a competitive advantage to one client over another. We respect the intellectual property rights of our clients, and guard them zealously.

We do not advertise ourselves or our services in a deceptive manner, and will not misrepresent or allow the misrepresentation of the services by affiliates, associates, contractors, employees, partners and vendors.

We do not promote our own interest at the expense of the dignity of the marine profession. We obey the law in both letter and spirit. We maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

We do not encourage nepotism, fully aware that blood is a poor substitute for competence.

2) Innovation

There is something about innovation that quickens our collective hearts. We recognize there is no such thing as instant innovation. The farmer must invest in the soil before he reaps a rich harvest. We nurture a climate where innovation happens.

Innovation at our neck of the woods is evolutionary not a revolutionary panic response to change . To innovate is not to reform, but to bring useful change. Changes need not be innovations but innovations are changes. Application of creativity is innovation.

We recognize that bureaucracy kills creativity. We encourage our people to use their imagination , listen to their their inner voice and use all their six senses to check assumptions and apply their creativity. We encourage creative dissent and we protect human feelings.

We brainstorm often to get feedback. We have a commitment not to allow our policies , procedures and rituals to get in the way of innovation. We can sense the drift of change and ensure that we are aligned to it in advance as surely as a ship enters a narrow channel. We take change by hand before it takes us by the throat. We give recognition to creative thinkers and innovative doers .

We don’t try to get our creative wild geese to fly in military formation. We recruit people who have the seeds of the future within them. Innovate or die—is our slogan .

Our organisational gatekeepers frame the environment that enables innovation, however innovation is enacted – recognised, developed, applied and adopted – through individual employees..

3) Dynamics

We have reinvented team dynamics . Our team is a dynamic whole based on interdependence rather than on similarity or cloning. Our team acts in unity , almost like a single living organism, that requires to be nurtured to maintain its growth. We understand team chemistry—the natural forces at play, to determine whether they are acting for ill or good and can make timely interventions to make the dynamics positive.

Our people are harmonious team players and there is a natural force of inclusion which results in transparent communications. They inspire the highest level of commitment from each other. Everyone is accountable to one another. They share similar values, attitudes, ideals and goals .

Proper team dynamics ensures extraordinary results .Team dynamics consists of critical areas such as personal abilities, educational backgrounds, life experiences and personality compatibility of each exclusive teammate .

Our HR department does TDP ( Team Dynamics Profiling ) to give us concrete indications on how the team will bond, interact and ultimately perform. Our seminars are basically team retreats where we enjoy our team rituals, chants and gleeful routines.

We encourage each person in the team to give both positive and negative feedback. We choose team players who will complement each other, rather than exclude each other, no matter what superstars they are.

What we require is not well balanced individuals, rather individuals who balance well with each other . We devise strategies so that team players can feed off each other rather than cancelling out each other. Thus we remain united in our pursuit of our goals, resistant to disruptive forces.

Our inspirational team leadership uses emotional impact. We afford an inspirational environment to our high performance teams . Communications in our Company is a group process, and mutual trust and respect are maintained in order to keep the channels open. No body's perfect , but we believe that our team is.

Our team can produce a quality and quantity of work far higher than the sum of what the separate members could have ever produced on their own. Collective synergy of experience and expertise, accented with harmony, loyalty and camaraderie is indisputably our core asset.

4) Compassion

We respect and appreciate culture in terms of itself. We are sensitive to cultural nuances . We listen and we respect local values . We think globally, but act locally. We understand that culture has a life of its own and is stronger than life and triumphs over death. We believe human beings have feelings unlike machines.

Our human resources are not mere dehumanized code numbers or cheap labour to be exploited, thereby breeding indifference. They are our biggest assets. We recognize that people are not things and they need to be led and motivated rather than being managed.. When people do their jobs we get out of their way.

We recognise that our employees are bread winners at home. Our company can grow only if our employees grow. We run a innovative organization which relies more upon shared ethos, than adherence to hard written rules. We have people feel and our HR dept knows how to monitor the pulse of our employees.

If at all we criticize we do so in a constructive manner. We do not manipulate by unfair or insidious means. We assure the psychological, safety and social needs of our staff. No wonder our staff is eager to walk that extra mile to get things right— the XXXXX way.

These core values represent our brand promise.



I have worked for a lot of ignorant companies, who confuse goals with values. Their collective noses are stuck forever in a knothole. They get their knickers in a twist when they are reminded that --

"A goal is something you intend to accomplish. A value is something you believe in"

It is better to keep away from such immature rubbish.



  1. Captain,

    Any relation between Lord Dattatreya and Lord Ayyappa?
    Aren't both the same person?
    Kindly forgive me and delete this comment if i sound stupid.

    Thanks Captain.

    1. hi jj,

      dattatreya is a FAKE god created by the white invader -- as an avatar of shiva.

      shiva has NO avatars. only vishnu has avatars.

      you can see TIMES OF INDIA putting a post every 3 months HOW MANY AVATARS DID SHIVA HAVE ?

      .rothschild even did propaganda that guru gobind singh wrote Dasam Granth in which he says that Dattatreya was an incarnation of Rudra ( Shiva ).

      when you know the truth about who wrote the guru granth sahib you will know the immoral deeds of rothschild.

      punch into google search-

      today the internet is full of FAKE stories about aghoris who eat dead bodies in the graveyard.

      Punch into google search- DATTATREYA WIKIPEDIA

      So Rishi Atri gets a son named Dattatreya -- all bull.

      This is the trash you get.

      QUOTE The Markandeya Purana reports that Dattatreya, to free himself of all attachments, dove into a lake where he stayed for many years. By doing so, he also hoped to evade an assembly of Munis who remained on the banks of the lake awaiting his return. Datta emerged from the water naked in the company of a beautiful woman. The text relates that he made love with her (maithuna), drank liquor, and enjoyed singing and music. UNQUOTE

      You will also get NONSENSE like-

      “Goddesses Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvati wanted to test the chastity of Anasuya, who was reputed to be the epitome of chastity. So, they sent their husbands Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, who asked Anasuya to serve them food in her nude form” ( i wonder of she was allowed to wear her sanitary napkin ) .

      Such is the posion injected by the Christian white man..

      Aghor tradition believes that Jagadguru Dattatreya propounded the tradition of Aghor.

      The word Aghor literally means “that which is not difficult or terrible.” There are a number of Dattatreya temples in Maharastra.

      Theoretically these people don’t attach themselves to anything mortal—that does NOT mean they eat corpses..

      No body knows Saibaba's religion and his cast and Creed.. Many of Hindu devotees like to believe that he is the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

      Sufi saint Baba Budan (also called Guru Dattatreya), who is revered by both Muslims and Hindus. There are several Muslim Sufis who are revered by their Hindu followers as forms or incarnations of Dattatreya.

      Guru Nanak went to Mecca, he was NOT killed. When he dies both hindus and muslims fought over his dead body.

      Sufi legend has it, that the slogan or elating cry for the Supreme Being Alakh means A-Lakhshana was first coined by Rishi Dattatreya.

      Oh yes, now we have a Youtube guru Dattatreya who stays in USA, with a perpetual sick mug, who speaks good English in a monotone..and who is propagating GLEEM instead of OM--

      IDIOT !

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. I was looking for Anasuya story all over the blog.

      i did no know Anasuya name. So i tried hard searching on google images.
      My mistake was searching 4 kid bhramin, then today i thought let me try 3.
      The memory is too faint. But the conclusion is etched in my subconscious.

      I loved as a kid to visit ganesh pandals. There used to be stories.
      The whole moving statues that too moving gave me the kicks.
      For some reason as a kid Ganapati was my favorite god.

      So in one pandal i saw Anasuya story theme. As a kid of maybe 5-7 years it disturbed me. First how could trinity stoop so low. I felt a bit ashamed as a hindu. I felt this is not true as a kid, but i was a kid.

      Today i know the impact of such fake stories on my mind for many years by media or people unknowingly.

      No more ll they disturb me.

  2. Captain,

    "Tripura Rahasya" really sounded meaningful and it was in terms with the Upanishads. So the authenticity of "Tripura Rahasya" is also doubtful? So Dattatreya isn't related to Lord Parashurama in any ways? He being Lord Parashurams' Guru is also a creation of the white men?
    Only u can clear these doubts captain..

    Thanks Captain.

    1. hi jj,

      lord parashuram is an avatar of vishnu.

      does this mean anything to you ?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Captain,

    Oops! Got my answer Sir.

    Thanks again.

  4. Captain,

    Anything on einstenian pain waves?
    You had mentioned about it some time ago.
    Waiting for it..

    Thanks Captain.

  5. hi jj,

    When a Vedic humped cow is killed it sends out soliton scalar waves which travel faster than light, and these waves can pass though the earth . The vedic Maharishi seers have been wise when they banned cow slaughter.

    These are almost like EPW or the Einsteinian Pain Waves or longitudinal wave ripples in space time , a term coined by modern scientists .

    When the Vedas talked about the power of the atom, all ridiculed us-- till the first atom bomb demonstrated the power.

    the real power lies in the vacuum of the atom -- brahmAn ( the hindu god ) which can boil off all the oceans in minutes.

    Only Nikola tesla knew this power -- he was a martyr to this planet , for NOT giving this to rothschild 's agent JP Morgan.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Captain,

      I guess now I understand the "Butterfly Effect" with much clarity.

      Thanks Captain.

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  7. Captain,

    How to deal with the 'infections' that succeeds a common cold or mild fever in children?
    What causes these?
    Are antibiotics the only answer?

    Thanks Captain.

    1. hi jj,

      common cold is a virus-- antibiotics do NOT work against viruses.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Captain,
    Those 5 hrs and 50 mins made everything perfectly clear.
    Adolf Hitler was a great Patriot who knew who the real enemy were.
    India will never fall like Germany.
    I pledge that never will i fall prey to any of the propaganda which the enemy wants us to believe.
    The enemies and their strategy have been exposed by this blog-site.

    Thanks and Salutes Captain.

  9. Captain,
    Whenever relaxed & eyes closed, I see a golden sphere of light getting smaller and contracting to a point.
    I think it is going away from me. This goes on repeating infinitely.. Been experiencing this from childhood.
    Donno how to explain this.. Is there something wrong ?

    Thanks Captain.

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. hi ns,

      i have been wearing LEVIs for 4 decades.

      capt ajit vadakayil

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  11. Hello Captain,

    Is 'Bakrid' anyhow related to the story about Brahma's son Daksha getting a goat's head?
    Anything on baphomet?

    Thanks Captain.

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    Good day

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