Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ray Allen hit a record 8 three pointers in the 2nd NBA finals for Boston Celtics against Los Angeles lakers, yesterday.

He is the most accurate 2 pointer  shooter of NBA too.

He suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

When you suffer from  psycho neurotic disorder (OCD) you develop anxiety , become nervous and develop strange repetitive habits.

Michael Jackson did more than 30 plastic surgeries.

To be a excellent shooter in basketball you have to be IN THE ZONE.

It is about the mysterious K force which makes you left and right brain lobe work in harmony-- when action and awareness is in perfect sync--  and body and mind works in unison..

It is possible that in the next match Ray Allen is NOT in the zone -- - and hence misses all his shots.

A list of super achievers who had OCD ( a penalty you have to pay for the divine assistance ) are below--

Nikola Tesla
Michael Angelo
Charles Dickens


  1. Hello Ajit, this is your batchmate (73-75) Chaitanya Nadkarni. Please contact me at chaitanya.nadkarni@tc.gc.ca Thanks..

  2. If I can easily make circles with my fingers, in opposite directions, of the same size and speed, meeting at the same point at top and bottom, would that be considered "k force"? The ability to use both sides of the brain simultaneously?

    I am a male, and have only met a two females who could do this "trick", however, not as easily as myself. I am not bragging, so I appologize in advance if that is how it sounds...I am just curious as to why I can do this so easily and as to what path in life I could use it for, if any.

    Thank you,

    and love you blog, long time reader....but haven't read enough of the posts.

  3. And one last point after reading up on OCD it sounds like something I deal with in a typical day...thanks again and I hope you have time to write back. One love.

    1. hi bobby,

      OCD has been linked to abnormalities with the neurotransmitter serotonin which regulates anxiety.

      English footballer David Beckham has to count to count all of his clothes, books and keep them in a straight line.

      OCD sufferers have high attention to detail, avoidance of risk, careful planning and a greater sense of responsibility and will take time to make decisions, as their thinking processes are lateral.

      This why they are recognized to have higher IQ, because they think laterally- not vertically.

      Serotonin has the same chemical structure as an ancient drink of the Indian gods by the name of Soma which also widened their 5 senses.

      Inhaling negative ions ( like mist from a waterfall ) regulates the production of Serotonin in your brain.

      Soma is a divine LSD-- rather a million times more powerful DMT.

      A 12 strand Maharishi with NIL junk DNA can produce it naturally, by resonating his pineal gland with his DNA, and achieve telepathy and psychic teleportation.

      Serotonin is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. Decline in melatonin is the trigger for the aging process,

      Punch into google search QUANTUM PLANT TULSI VADAKAYIL

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Thanks for the prompt reply Captain.

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