Saturday, June 5, 2010


Two days ago a Kashmiri antique dealer enticed me to his shop in a mall in Chennai. 

While displaying his wares like handmade shawls costing over 1 lakh rupees, I noticed a Black Onxy gem stone pendant 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.  

He said the stone was found in Ladhak.  I immediately bought it at an exhorbitant price,  getting my son pissed off, at my naive foolishness.

So what did i buy?

Black onyx is the most powerful protection stone, worn by Buddhist monks in the Himalayas.  It is extremely shiny and has a hardness of 7 on the Moh’s scale.

Black colour is the best absorber and radiator.  All south Indian temples have back idols which absorbs and radiates energy. ( North Indian temples have white statues )

Black Onyx atone absorbs all but 3% of the radiation that strikes its surface, regardless of its wavelength and reflects no light.

Hung on the solar plexus , it helps one to absorb from the universe only those energies which are needed . It can absorb and transform negative energy. Hence it can  relieve stress and give you emotional stability. It is almost like a Shiva linga in powers.

It can also radiate away and  release your ego and all that is not in harmony within you. It helps you to sleep better.
Black Onyx is can centre and align your total person to the higher powers. It can thus enhance self control and encourage happiness .
Onyx is a protective stone worn when facing adversaries in battles or conflicts of all kinds. It can also be used as a defense against negativity consciously directed against you. 
It eliminates negative thinking and can keep your emotions and passions under control. 
Black Onyx can assist you to discard vices and change habits. 

Black Onyx is good for opening the root chakra and is the stone for grounding. It increases concentration and  relieves tension. 

On the physical level it boosts cellular regeneration.

This solid - feeling stone is in short brings you good fortune. It can store and modulate enormous amounts of energy.
Note:  Black Onyx has NIL streaks or spots or other colours like Black Agate, though both are Silicon Di Oxides. . Black Onyx will NOT allow light to pass through like Black Saphire, which is Aluminium Oxide..
below are 3 famous black stones of 9000 year old PAGAN temples--

Grace and peace!


  1. Hi Capt,
    You are wrong in the 3rd pic.
    The dome of Rock, or Masjid Al-Sakra, envelopes a hollow stone which is not Black in color.
    I my self visited this masjid in 2005 and have touched and seen the stone. It's light brown in color and is hollow within, so much so that at least 4 people can stand and perform prayed at time.

  2. hi murat,

    the black shiva lingam stone is NOT exposed at the dome of the rock -- like at mecca kaaba.

    this place is an areas which was once under the rule of indian kings.

    nowadays even in india, in many shiva temples, the shiva lingams are totally covered in a veneer of gold metal -- that you cant see the stone.

    the stone in vatican is also hidden in a vault.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Hi Captain,

    I am able to find black onyx for less than 10$ .. do you think cheap ones are fake?.. If you know how to verify, please let me know


    1. hi sri,

      just because you got one cheap does NOT mean it is fake.

      black onyx will NOT allow light to pass through.

      capt ahjit vadakayil

    2. Hi Captain,

      You mentioned you bought it at exorbitant price .. So I was surprised to see so many of them .. I was thinking its some rare stone or something like that... Thanks anyways.
      While searching for good black onyx, I came across some other stones which people reviewed as being more helpful(like Tumbled Gold Tigers Eye Stone)..Good to know.. but i don't know technicality for any of these.


  4. hi caption
    i have mfg. of onex in jaipur. & export to u.s.a. some times i seen that black onex is more heard than others perhaps it is a onex . it more harder in cutting. but some times it look like more deeper brown in high lamp. do you have an idea on it.
    thanks & regards

    1. hi hs,

      Black onyx is BLACK.

      Most Black Onyx that is commercially available today is color enhanced (heated and dyed) to increase it's depth of color, although this process does not decrease it's value in any manner.

      BLACK onyx is used as a protection against black magic, as well as defensive shield when negativity is directed toward you.

      capt ajit vadakayil

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    3. Hi captain,
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    4. hi ee,

      do pranayama.


      capt ajit vadakayil

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    7. Hi captain,
      Ppl who do black magic Wat kind of karmic consequences they face?

    8. Hi captain,
      Every energy is vortex.scalar wave also energy .so that means black magic is also some kind of scalar wave (idk) .if I want to return this wave to that person Wat kind of gem or instrument or mantras I can practice.

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