Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Rory Delap who plays for Stoke City in EPL, can throw a ball from the side lines with a FLAT trajectory to a distance of around 40 metres.

It has the same effect as a corner kick, with the advantage of NO OFFSIDE. The ball starts off 7 feet higher than the ground . No defender can position himself due to the flatness of the trajectory.

This strikes terror into the hearts of the goalkeeper and defenders. Delap has been the reason for 50% of Stoke city’s goals.

No coach in the world has been able to figure out his secret, which is threatening the football world.

Today my 23 year old son soccer nut son was practicing the throw, with “ your truly” as the golden retriever.

My son has cracked the Delap code. He is not exactly dumb, as he is bound for Cornell University for doing his ME in Computer science. He has powerful shoulder muscles and tendons , as he works out at the gym.

What he does is to take a 4 short and one long stride just before the throw, dig his front foot in, allow the mental ball of energy to flow from the ground to his right hand finger tips ( like in a Kung fu punch where the energy comes from the waist jerk )

-- and release the ball using his right hand to deliver a spin, with the left hand held in position only to legalise the throw. The spin counters gravity and is accurate.

No slow motion camera can tell that this one handed throw is illegal—because technically the left palm and right palm releases the ball together..

Innovations can be best brought in by outsiders from the industry—they are not hampered by silly rules and limitations—they don’t even know the existence of such a rule.

This is why language translater Inter Milan coach JOE MOURINHO is successful. Innovation has a lot to do with your ability to recognize unusual phenomena. If you cannot communicate you cannot innovate .

I think of innovation as the "best way" skill.

Do not hesitate to break virtually every rule, held sacred by conventional wisdom. Always define the right outcomes, rather than the right steps, while coaching.


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