Saturday, May 15, 2010


My son has chosen Cornell university among 11, who have given him an acceptance letter for his ME in Computer Science.

One of the major factors affecting his choice is that as of 2009 , there are 42 Nobel laureates affiliated to Ivy league university Cornell.

So-- What is the worth of a NOBEL PRIZE?

Mahatma Gandhi was nominated 5 times for peace , but never got it. Later Nobel commitee clarified that Gandhi died and they do not believe in posthumous awards. But they developed amnesia and gave a posthumous award to Dag Hammarskjold.

When Gandhi went to London to see the queen , he was told that he was not sufficiently dressed--to which he remarked that the queen would be wearing enough clothes for both.

Henry Kissinger got it for peace , despite being a war monger-- joint prize winner Le Duc Tho refused to dishonour himself and declined the joint peace prize .

Nikola Tesla could not get it-- for lighting up the world, for he was eastern orthodox Serbian, and Edison used money power and media against him. Marconi got it after stealing Tesla's work.

Mark Twain was ignored , probably because he was too friendly with Nikola Tesla.

Rabindranath Tagore gets it for penning our national anthem Jana Gana Mana --written solely to welcome King George to India -- though art the dispenser of our destiny -- blah blah--

Opportunist Mother Theresa who hardly dirtied her hands got it for opening 500 convents worldwide-- yes she was there with dirty hands , in all photo shoots done by the white man.

And how about this-- Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins the 2010 Nobel Prize--and the kisses of the west.

Menachem Begin , a mass murderer on whose head Britain had a bounty of 10000 pounds when he was head of the terrorist group Irgun in 1948, got it for peace!  Imagine Osama Bin Laden receiving a Nobel peace prize !!-- just because the top superpowers are Muslim.

Al Gore gets it for giving bull about meteorology-- ( he did terrific self marketing by making sure all international flights played his findings on DVD ).  We all know the effect of HAARP on the ionosphere and subsequent global warming.

Dimitri Mendeleyev could not get it for his fantastic Chemical periodic table-- just because he gave Sanskrit names to a few elements --out of courtesy to Panini.

22% of all Nobel prizes giev has been bestowed on Jews. 181 Jews to be exact.  This is bizarre as the world Jewish polulation is just 0.02%. 

Only 3 Muslims have got the Nobel prize so far.

Shows the hold of Rothschild and Zionists in this arena.


Here is a 7000 year old Vedic chant--Grace and peace!



  1. Hello Sir,
    My name is Rakesh and we met at the mumbai airport [if you remember :) i was flying to goa with my wife snehal ]
    I am back in US and after one month i have started reading your blogs. The topics you choose are simple awesome and very informative.

    Take care bye

    Rakesh Shetty

  2. Haha..this reminds me of an asshole (who tried and threatened to physically assault some GIRLS inside his classroom over some jealousy/racism issues) securing some award for having outstanding human values and ethics award at our university for himself:P He happens to be one hell of an ass-kisser of the brigade of chakkas who run the scene over there :P (i've heard about him baby-sitting for some professor's kid LOL n suchlike ). Matlab jo poori duniya mein ho raha hai uska chhota sa microcosm already I have been subjected to (in an over-hyped Indian prrrrrrrrivate university :D)

    1. hi rm,


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      please keep the profanities away - or my blog site will go to "FOR ADULTS ONLY" category.

      the server computers screen this and averages this out.

      i have small innocent 9 year old girls as my regular readers -- and their mummies will get worried.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. The black magicians in control of secret societies organizations do not fool around. The symbolism is always dualistic, the white facade always concealing the dark face beneath.

    Small wonder then that the Nobel Peace Prize should be founded in the name of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of an explosive

  4. How much do you make out of this blog through Google Adsense?
    If you can, please make this public, there's nothing wrong with making money by spreading facts.

    1. I think he does not make anything. I do not see any ads.

  5. What do you think about likes of Ms. Sudevi Nithyananda and her in particular.
    To be blunt, they can be trojans and maybe they are creating more of it in India. If they are really interested in "Peace Keeping" then they should do it from their respective countries.

  6. Have you seen today's ( June 5th, 2014) front page of the Hindu?
    1. US., U.N. wade into rape now. Ban Ki Moon, Hilary have all been commenting over the horrific conditions in India
    2. Garo Woman shot dead for resisting rape.
    3. Techie dies after attack by Hindutva group.

    Why are the US and UN commenting so much? Here what India replied -
    ]The External Affairs Minister try made no official response to the statements, but official surces said the comments had been noted, saying the US and the UN should be aware that "there is a system already in place and the process has already been set in motion to deliver justice and law and order."]

    Are they trying to create a pretext to invade India to deliver women rights to the women of India?

  7. Valid points, there!

    And Skipper, what do you think (I have, intensely) about Malala's Ignoble NOBEL prize?

  8. Thanks for writing. I understand that the west is just trying it to spread their culture through all the possible means, wealth, power, media, talking bad about Sanatan Dharma and problems associated with it such as Sati, caste system, cow piss, dirty Ganga, etc. and popularising their culture by talking about women freedom by letting them wear no clothes and encouraging and calling it freedom, show that they are higher breed as they have done all the advancement in technology and stuff. This scientist that scientist, great alakshindr and great britaan, blah blah blah. Nobel laureates, peace, etc., Mother Teresa as the noblest women on the earth ever born. I can clearly see they have been doing this since the time they step on the land of BharatVarsha. This very believing by Indians that they are some great people has been sowing the seeds of their expansion of empire and they will continue doing this in the future also.

    It happens, when a civilisation steps on the other lands, after setting cantonments, military basis or whatever, they call in their scholars, intellectuals, artists, scientists, preachers and stuff. Islamists did that too, they called in sufi saints, singers, musicians, religions scholars, linguists and other people to spread their culture. This spreading of the culture leads to the tightening of the grip in the lands and people slowly start adopting the new culture as they see it right from the beginning of the childhood and it becomes a part of them. People who oppose it openly are considered fanatics, chauvinist. It is about creating a new generation who adopts their values and then that generation itself will strengthen their grips that will lead to their financial gains, power, history or whatever their evil desires are.

    Keeping that aside, you talked about Mother Teresa, the way that white lady has been popularised. I do not know what intentions she had, but certainly she was used up a lot by the english to spread their culture as loving and great and stuff. First, you completely loot a nation, make a wealthy nation a poor and turn your own countries from poor to rich and say after looting, we do great services to the humanity, we are a civilised race and we have a burden of civilising others.. Shit..

    One instance I remember, Navjot Singh Sidhu once was talking about Teresa and said when he used to play he went to her organisation to donate and he went inside to meet her. He said she was so loving that she was cleaning a sick man with her hands in such a motherly loving way and that guy was so sick, his skin was almost melting and had disease that Siddhu could not stand there and wanted to puke. I do not see much reason why he would be lying. May be, that white lady would have had good feelings for all humans, but just like they use the scientists who are just interested in research, but ultimately the scientists are scrutinised and their findings are turned into new more deadly weapons. Just like that, the good intentions of that lady could have been turned into some propaganda and spreading the word that white are nice people, they are great, they do good work for humanity and all..

  9. Captainji why are your blogs so slow to load ? Please make the blogs more bright and attractive and illustrated . PLEEAAJJE...learnt this spelling from you