Monday, May 31, 2010



When you are under anesthesia, the Gamma brain waves stop.  Obtaining a stress-free gamma state is perhaps one of the GREATEST FEELINGS imaginable

If i suddenly put a King Cobra in your room , as soon as you see it, you will experience intense fear --your brain will jump into the Gamma range ( >40 Hz on EEG  ) for a very brief time . The mind is extremely focused on just one thought while in the gamma brainwave range.

Gamma Brainwaves are associated with the brain function which creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective. The Gamma state fosters intuition and creativity.

When i wrote the Chemical Handbook for my company--i used to be in the Gamma brainwave state for about 8 hours a day--- in a state of crystal-clear mental lucidity and great focus . It is a state of peak performance.

Gamma brainwaves have a frequency of over 40 Hz (40 pulses per second). This EEG frequency registers during problem solving.  Gamma brainwaves are associated with high-level information processing in the brain.

Gamma waves are associated with enhanced perception and a high level of consciousness. There happens a binding of your senses . The gamma brainwave is what allows you to experience, smell, touch, vision, taste, and hearing altogether.

Your brain is able to operate more efficiently at a higher level. Thoughts are easily processed and the brain is able to easily absorb and understand new information and changes in one’s environment.

The gamma brainwave is a natural antidepressant and it boosts your overall levels of happiness.

People with high amounts of gamma brainwaves have a advanced learning abilities.

The gamma brainwave has been associated with higher than average levels of intelligence. People with lower I.Q.’s and learning disabilities cannot have gamma brainwaves.

Gamma brainwave activity is present in Rapid-Eye Movement (R.E.M.) Sleep .

Observing a thought not only makes you aware of the thought but it also makes you conscious of yourself as a witness to the thought. 

A new dimension of consciousness has stepped in, the habitual, compulsive thoughts have lost their power and will gradually subside. 

As you learn to go into the high Gamma state, you decide when to think, and in the empty spaces between the thoughts, you will feel an inner peace and calmness. This is not a state of trance - there is no loss of consciousness here. 

On the contrary you are much more awake, aware and present, than in the state where you identify with your thoughts.

In the high Gamma state with no thoughts, you become conscious of your own being-- of your own true nature.  

In this sublime state you will realize that all that really matters such as beauty, freedom, love, creativity, joy and inner peace,--  is found beyond thoughts.

Gamma is the harmonizing frequency - for example when you are observing an object, its colour, size, texture etc are all perceived and processed by different parts of the brain, Gamma allows for unification of all the different information.

Beyond Gamma you have HyperGamma, Lambda and Epsilon frequencies.

They are linked together in a circular relationship -where if you looked with a magnifying glass at an extremely slow Epsilon brain frequency, you would see hidden within it a modulation frequency of 100 - 200 Hz.  

If you stand back far enough from an extremely fast 200 Hz brainwave frequency, you would see that is it riding on the crest of a slow motion modulating wave of Epsilon.

This Epsilon state of consciousness (the state Yogi's go into when they achieve "suspended animation") is where western medical doctors can perceive no heart beat, respiration or pulse.

The vedic civilisation flourished from 9000 BC to 4000 BC on the banks of the river Saraswati, till the river dried up due to an earthquake blocking the glacial mouth at the Himalayas. These seers had 12 strand DNA and king sized resonating pineal glands.Yoga was born on the banks of the river Saraswati.

HyperGamma and Lambda states of consciousness are the states associated with the ability of certain sects of Tibetan monks who can mediate in the Himalayan mountains in sub-zero temperatures with scanty clothing and melt the snow all around them. 



  1. I m a daydreamer n I know that most of the times it's like temporary happiness while daydreaming about happy events. I struggle a lot while keeping myself in conscious state when m free, as I start day dreaming.

    1. hi sk,

      All of us daydream for 35% of our waking hours, although a single daydream lasts only a few minutes. So you are normal. If this makes you happy , and you have NOT neglected your job so what ?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Hi Sir ,
    Thanks a lot for the post and enlightening me.
    How can we achieve a Gamma state?
    In the post you have stated that you have been in gamma state while writing a book. Request you to please guide me how to achieve that state.

  3. May I ask you a stupid question or two? How do you know they had "12 strand DNA"? Lab scientists would have to examine their bones to discover that, if they can even find any usable DNA in bones that are several thousand years old! More importantly, how do you know they had "{king sized, resonating pineal glands" (whatever that would mean)? There would have to be well preserved bodies of several of them mummified, to even begin to deduce that as a theory! Just my two cents. BBeware of deception arising in this last hour, people!

    1. hi mt,

      our ancient records show in great detail, the superhuman feats of the ancient maharishis .

      understand the function of dna and pineal gland.

      google DNA NASA and read items 1 and 2 on page 1.

      google PINEAL PINOLINE THIRD EYE and read item no 1 on page 1

  4. Respected Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    In your blog you had mentioned that you used to attain the gamma brain state for 8 hours.
    I am a MBBS doctor studying to qualify for pre-pg exams.
    May you please enlighten and guide me how can this Gamma Brain State be achieved voluntarily.
    Thank you
    Always holding you in high respect.