Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i knew of an accountant who had 12 females in his department--all of whom were in LOVE with him--but the poor guy never knew it--

so what are the signs emitted by a female who is interested in a male ?--

body language is an outward reflection of her emotional condition-- it can't lie--like words! when words and body language are in conflict--ignore 'em words-- and secret-- when women lie they always appear to be damn busy--


signals like pupil dilation ( opposite is beady eyes , which show NIL love interest ) --

  --and blushing can never be wrong -- by the way a blush is the most powerful charm of a woman's beauty--
---and basis body language signs are the same all over the world-- which i have been sailin' around for 3.5 

as soon as she sees you the first time , and she fancies you-- she will give that SIDEWAYS look , a second longer than necessary-- the eyes of a woman always smile at a man she is attracted to-


she could put her face on the backside of both her open palms-- with her elbows on the table-- inner wrists exposed-- and her eyebrows will flash a wee bit--


if she managed to hold your glance for an extended gaze of 4 seconds --and then looked down , she will soon enough bite her lower lips to make them red --like how the female rhesus monkey makes its ass red -- ( oops! i am NOT supposed to support darwin--for according to him, the evolution stopped after humans, i wish he lived longer to hear about quantum physics )  


she will look at your footwear to check out if they are elegant or bumpkin type--

and then--


IF SHE YAWNS --IT MEANS THAT SHE HAS FALLEN IN LOVE AT FIRST GLANCE ( i hold the intellectual rights for this , ok? ). Love yawns release huge waves of energy from the heart.

--it is basically a yearnin' sigh! big waves of energy emanates from her heart!!


and, she will be watching you using her peripheral vision--
lucky you!!




  1. Thank you sir. Thank you so much.

  2. Why did you keep this post so small ?
    Indian men could use it. Most are like the accountant

  3. Please also speak about body language or posture.

    Slouching in front of computer must be restricting deep breathing.

    How does putting weight on one leg while standing or on one hip while sitting affect the breathing ?

    Importance of sitting erect. Should one sit erect all the time ?

  4. obama doesn't look Putin in the eye

    Obama & Putin Breakfast - No comment

  5. Hello Sir,
    Please you have to do a post on being a man or alpha male for the indian guy.

    I am seeing lot of divorce happening lately.

    also the hindu guy is losing out to other muslim or christian guys who ll do any hook or crook.

    most guys are clueless about the feminine psyche.

    how the ancient indian housholders managed their family.

    It is very important for indians especially hindus to carry forward your work, but for that there has to be a stable family.

    might require you to play prick doctor, but thats your call.

    The situation is serious.

  6. Please when you get time speed read this book

    Robert Glover's, "No More Mr. Nice Guy "

    how this problem has hit india psyche

  7. whenever i do meditation for long duration ..... after i go outside girls stare a lot.

    also whenever girls give admiring look ...... why do i feel am not worth it ?

    like why would she be looking at me ? there are much good looking guys.

    i have bit of complex because my hair has thinned a lot with bald spot.

  8. How to look girls in the eye ? they get very concious when i look into their eyes

    its just hard to believe the yawning theory, can't relate it.

    one married women yawns a lot when she speaks to me ..... i thought i was boring her a lot

    1. Is love Yawn because of serotonin release ?

    2. When you are struck by a LOVE DART which you try to suppress –( heart chakra on overdrive , there is a reflex caused by Nitric oxide – a yawn –which is the simultaneous inhalation of air and the stretching of the eardrums, followed by an exhalation of breath.

      At this time the body aura increases.

    3. cool ...... and all this while i thought I was boring


  9. This would have been molestation in India

    EXTENDED VIDEO: Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau assaults two Members of Parliament

    Justin Trudeau Accidentally Elbows Female Politician, All Hell Breaks Loose

  10. what does scrunched shoulders mean in body language ?

    what does relaxed shoulders mean psychologically ?

  11. Sir,please, please put a post on how to be an alpha male.
    There is simply too many stuff that we do not know about women.