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all over india people are prevented from travelling/ opening their businesses/ entering malls and restaurants etc unless they have a covid vaccination certificate… the people enforcing it are at the level of illiterate peons and pandu havaldars … now the armed forces have started arm twisting soldiers to take covid shot.. we ask vaccine lobby agent and deep state darling pm modi—make an announcement on tv, what is the govt position.. one way or the other we the people want to know.. not a single vaccine ( as of today ) worlds against covid virus mutants.. IVERMECTIN MUST BE ADMINISTERED TO ALL VACCINATED PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET, AS EVERY VACCINATED HUMAN IS A DEVIL’S WORSHOP TO MUTATE LAB SPLICED COVID VIRUS.. ivermectin is nothing but a strain of neem ( azadirachta indica ) found in kerala snake groves which is mentioned in 6200 year old charaka samhita as a potent broad spectrum anti-parasite. macrocyclic lactones are a group of complex compounds with high parasiticidal efficacy that are natural products produced by special snake grove soil microorganisms.. the neem-based extracts are harmless to birds, mammals and beneficial insects.. azadirachtin does not affect priceless pollinator stinging bees.. THE SOIL OF SNAKE GROVES HAS MILLIONS OF HEALTHY MICROBES. WHEN WE PLUCK ANY HERB FROM A SNAKE GROVE, WE DO NOT WASH IT THOROUGHLY—JUST A CURSORY RINSE TO GET RID OF SOIL.. THE MICROBES ON THE PLANET AND ITS ROOTS REMAIN INTACT.. any drug that kills germs in your body is technically an antibiotic.. the avermectins are macrocyclic lactones isolated from the fermentation broth of the soil actinomycete, streptomyces avermitilis. . included in this avermectin group is ivermectin, which is used for parasite control in humans .. ONLY IVERMECTIN CAN PREVENT A THIRD COVID PANDEMIC WAVE IN INDIA.. The first patient for DEADLY DELTA PLUS COVID VARIANT is a Bhopal woman who was vaccinated twice. DR SOUMYA SWAMINATHAN HAS BEEN CHOSEN AS CHIEF SCIENTIST OF WHO TO SABOTAGE INDIA ECONOMICALLY.. her father dr ms swaminathan ( agent of kosher evil pharma ) was a traitor who imposed the green revolution on india, destroying our top soil, making Indians lose our natural body immunity.. ... ONCE YOU START VACCINATING HERD IMMUNITY IS IMPOSSIBLE... HERD IMMUNITY DEALS WITH NATURAL PURE BODIES WHO CREATE THEIR OWN GOD GIVEN HUMAN IMMUNITY... evil racketeers for the jewish deep state , WHO and US CDC hide the truth that herd immunity does not apply to a case like today , where many are vaccinated by different types of vaccines

Recently there was this BUMBLE DATING APP in which Priyanka Chopra starred.. #### ####... As per the advertisement Priyanka walks into a pub where a young stranger male is sipping alcohol.. She introduces herself as his blind date .. This is her “blind date for the day” for pure no strings attached lust laden sex.. The Bumble Youtube advertisement shifts to the next day morning where the Pickle John is cooking with “kanth langot” nay tie ready to go to office for work.. He is cooking “stir fry “ mushroom angrezi breakfast .. Chutney Mary Priyanka Chopra ( with purulent twat full of semen ) is sitting by his side is sipping champagne while surfing the internet on Bumble app for her next fruitful blind date .. She intends to go from BUMBLE SEH BUMBLE THAKK till the day she puts on a demure ghoonghat and fools an innocent man into marrying her.. This is what Modi and his pet liberal judges Chandrachud/ Nariman has planned for India.. This is the gruesome threesome who kicked Bharatamata into the adultery/ living together/ homosexuality kosher mandi.. #### ####.. Capt Ajit Vadakayil will etch the legacy of this gruesome threesome on rock.



recently SUPREME COURT JUDGE CHANDRACHUD overstepped his limits , ordering pm modi to give 900 tonnes extra oxygen to delhi cm kejriwal.. this unconstitutional fiat deprived twelve states of oxygen and hundreds of indians died of covid.. an ordinary judge had the gall to taunt the elected pm of india , see the link below.. judge chandrachud taunted modi, we cannot sit in a ivory tower like you.. judges have no powers to rap the pm of india on his knuckles , as imagined by pea brained main stream media.. #### #### .. judge chandrachud is in line to the cji.. he is not fit to be a supreme court judge , leave alone cji.. chandrachud is considered as a top traitor of india.. check out this poll below where 27,700 people have voted.. #### ####.. recently traitor judiciary taunted the central govt.. YOU CAN AFFORD TO BURY YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND--WE CANNOT.. #### ####.. JUDICIARY IS THE ONLY ORG IN INDIA WHO HAS ITS HEAD BURIED IN THE SAND.. JUSTICE IS BLIND ! .. why is president/ pm/ law minister allowing supreme court to play god?.. abolish collegium judiciary.. zstupid judiciary does not know the difference between treason and sedition.. the word treason is not found in the indian constitution.. we ask pm and law minister to immediately formulate a national policy for the judiciary. .this must be etched on a large brass plaque in large letters and placed in every court room , behind the judge’s chair , and the offices of the chief justices of lower courts/ high courts and supreme court.. inscription on large brass plaque .. #### “ JUDICIAL POLICY-- THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DOES NOT DEAL WITH ISSUES INVOLVING TREASON. . IF ANY BODY CAN PROVE THAT A CASE BEING HANDLED INVOLVES TREASON, THEY MUST GIVE A COMPLAINT TO THE JUDGE IN WRITING COPIED TO CHIEF JUSTICE , LAW MINISTER, NSA AND PM.. THE JUDGE SHALL THEN IMMEDIATELY RECUSE HIMSELF , TILL HE GETS A GREEN SIGNAL FROM CJI TO PROCEED” #### … when someone calls for dismemberment of the watan ( motherland ) , wedging off khalistan , secession of kashmir to pakistan, it is high treason.. treason affects the entire nation and all its law abiding citizens .. INDIAN JUDICIARY IS NOT EMPOWERED TO DEAL WITH TREASON... ONLY STATE AGENCIES LIKE NSA ( AJIT DOVAL ) CAN HANDLE IT.. judges save traitors again and again and again, by providing technical loopholes.. the punishment for high treason is death and this is beyond the scope of constitution or judiciary .


Twitter blocked Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s account on the faalthu grounds that he violated the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  This was over a Youtube video of AR Rahman’s patriotic song “Ma tuhje salam” which he posted a few years ago in a tweet .. Was the Youtube video clearly marked for copy right infringement ?  Not at all.  Then whose fault is it? EVEN IF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO CONTAINED A CLEAR COPYRIGHT WARNING, ALL THAT TWITTER CAN DO IS TO EXPUNGE THAT PARTICULAR VIDEO OR MAXIMUM DELETE THE ERRANT TWEET CONTAINING THE VIDEO .. TWITTER CANNOT BLOCK THE WHOLE ACCOUNT..  Deep state racketeers Twitter/ Google/ Facebook/ Quora / Youtube/ Instagram  has blocked the word “VADAKAYIL” because I supported Trump against Biden during US elections..  Now,  I have penned 1734 blogposts and published 2.45 lakh comments in my Google blogsite over 12 years .. IF I WERE TO USE THE VIDEO “MA TUJHE SALAAM” VIDEO ON AN INDEPENDENCE DAY GREETINGS POST ( WHICH I HAVE DONE THRICE ), GOOGLE CAN EXPUNGE THAT PARTICULAR VIDEO ( PROVIDED IT CONTAINED A CLEAR COPYRIGHT WARNING ) OR AT THE MOST DELETE THAT ERRANT BLOGPOST ..   BUT GOOGLE CANNOT BLOCK MY WHOLE BLOGSITE , THE FRUIT OF 12 YEARS OF RELENTLESS BLOGGING 16 HOURS A DAY.. The truth is Google has red flagged my blogsite for supporting anti-covid drug Ivermectin.. The first time Google red flagged my blogsite was for supporting Donald Trump over Joe Biden.. Today I cannot even put a link of any of my own 1734 blogposts in the main blog , the whole blogpost gets deleted .  If I put a link of my own blogpost in any blog comments window the comment gets deleted. WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THIS ?? THE REASON IS WE HAVE A NOBEL PRIZE KA BHOOKA NAPUNSAK TATTU MODI AS OUR PM WHO HAS SURRENDERED INDIA’S SOVEREIGNTY TO THE JEWISH DEEP STATE...


reckless justice is being slapped around SUO MOTO on the basis of the personal whims and fancies of low mental caliber judges with non-technical minds . mind you these judges are the bottom dregs of the school cerebral barrel and the loser dregs of the lawyer pool.. supreme court judge chandrachud unconstitutionally has given direct orders to pm modi to suppy delhi with extra 900 tonnes of oxygen depriving 12 other states causing hundreds of deaths. ####   ####...  another example ?-- in this covid pandemic, an unconstitutional order was given by supreme court to the private laboratories not to charge the covid-19 test .  under the essential commodity act, such powers are the sole prerogative of the elected and accountable  government,  to regulate the prices of testing done by private labs..  so so so -what is SUO MOTO cognisance?..   in law, suo motu ( latin term for -"on its own motion") describes an act of authority taken without formal prompting from an aggrieved  party.  in simple terms, it means taking total control over a matter like the captain of a ship at sea.   suo moto cognizance is when the courts take it upon themselves to interfere in any MANN KE TAMANNA matter , sometimes at the behest of india’s external enemies or foreign funded traitor ngos.. This is unconstitutional judicial tyranny or the dictatorship rule of the unelected and unaccountable.. JUDICIAL ADVENTURISM VIDE SUO FUCKIN’ MOTO CLAUSE is an overreach into the executive domain , a blatant intrusion into the proper working of democracy..  article 32 and article 226 of the indian constitution impute down the provisions for FILING PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION (PIL) in supreme court and high court respectively. THIS IS NOT A LICENCE FOR SUPREME COURT JUDGES TO PLAY GOD.  article 32 in the constitution of india 1949 deals with the power of  supreme court to issue narrow spectrum directions or orders or writs  . suo moto in india is being pushed by judges under article 32 & article 226 of the constitution..  in india, article 32 and article 226 of the indian constitution provide the provisions for public interest litigation (pil) which connects the public with the judiciary. ... the concept of pil or suo moto cognizance reflects the unconstitutional judicial adventurism nay tyranny of unelected and unaccountable collegium  judiciary..  article 226 in the constitution of india 1949 deals with the. power of high courts to issue certain narrow spectrum writs.. the power conferred on a high court by this article shall not be in derogation of the power conferred on the supreme court by clause ( 2 ) of article 32, this is where it begins and ends to an intelligent man..  article 131 in the constitution of india 1949 allows the supreme court to, have original jurisdiction in any dispute  between the government of india and  states; or between two states--: provided repeat provided that the said jurisdiction shall not extend to a dispute arising out of any treaty, agreement, covenant, engagements..  under article 131 of the indian constitution, suo moto cognizance of the supreme court is given.. this article gives power to the supreme court to initiate cases directly in the highest court of the country without going through the lower court or reviewing the judgment of lower courts.. to initiate the suo moto cognizance, the prior consent of the attorney general is not required..  article 131 merely gives the supreme court the power to take up such cases straight instead of going through a lower court or reviewing a lower court's judgement.. this is not a licence to play low flying messiah moses or play god..  SUO MOTO’S ACTIONS BY INDIAN COURTS ARE A REFLECTION OF EXTREME JUDICIAL ADVENTURISM IN CONTEMPT OF THE CONSTITUTION/ WE THE PEOPLE / THE WATAN / DHARMA..  judicial review of executive or legislative actions is  unconstitutional , unlike the judicial review of judicial actions.  . judicial activism has flourished  in india and acquired enormous legitimacy with the naïve indian  public aided and abetted by desh drohi media in the payroll of the jewish deep state and pakistani isi/ chinese commie party.  the seven judge bench of the supreme court declared in p ramachandra rao’s case that:- “the primary function of the judiciary is to interpret the law. they cannot entrench upon in the field of legislation properly meant for the legislature”..  article 21 of the constitution of india provides that no person shall be deprived of its life and liberty except  according to the procedure established by law..  this article is grossly misused by traitor judges to hijack the constitution ..  a whole new set of rights which were not explicitly provided by the constitution were read into article 21..  the term pil was introduced by a traitor judge justice p.n. bhagwati,  who is a darling of the jewish deep state , traitor ndian main stream media and pakistani isi funded ngos.  traitor journalist rajdeep sardesi got pasted by the indian public in new york when he taunted them with pn bhagwati’s ridiculous PUJA CULTURE taunt on patriotic American diaspora Indians.. the original proponents of unconstitutional  judicial activism were deep state darling judges like v r krishna iyer, p n bhagwati, chinnappa reddy and d a  desai, who have rendered many judgments touching upon  basic rights of the people based on their flights of fantasies.. this inflicted frequent and unwarranted judicial  interventions  in the form of judicial ‘adhocism’ / judicial tyranny…  Judicial adventurism using suo moto bullshit severely weakens the legistature and elected executive who are expected to perform by  themselves without any prodding by the mentally inferior and unaccountable/ unelected judges..  the adoption of such an all powerful messiah moses nay YHVH god attitude by the  judiciary does not augur well for a healthy democracy.  the reckless use of the power of contempt by judiciary is unconstitutional and  uncalled for.  “the  naked  truth is that the traitor judiciary ,  has it nose knotted into their own twisted stinking undies ,  ridiculously struck with its own image of authority and hijacked truth-  backed by the JEWISH DEEP STATE AND PAKISTANI ISI..  the primary function of the judiciary is to interpret the laws but rather than interpreting them, they start doing the work of legislature i.e. making the laws, issuing guidelines and direction. judicial overreach kills the separation of powers on which the democracy is based..  extreme judicial activism nay adventurism is based on political and personal prudence nay whims nay leftist commie political leanings of the judges .  it factors ulterior motives rather than existing legislation.  in the words of black’s law dictionary, judicial activism is the conviction of judicial pledges whereby judges give their personal views about public policy .. the decision of bribed and honey trapped judges becomes a standard for deciding other cases via sTARE DECISIS..   the time has come for "we the people" to declare --whatever laws have been created by stupid judges via stare decisis and attached to the constitution like a tail ( addendum ) are all null and void .. we cant have the judicial tail wagging the constitutional dog.. "stare decisis" is a deep state sponsored system where you build upon past lies… past judgments made by "we are blind judges" -- is being used as the gospel--to judge future cases.. WAH RAAJAH WAAH !..  any laws can be overridden by the judges that clearly indicate the violation of the constitution..  we the people who are above the constitution will not allow the unaccountable judges to ride rough shod over the constitution and the parliament..  in india pils have a hidden agenda. stupid unqualified judges are taking major decisions about environment ( striking down defense related navy requirements or nuclear requirements ) , finance ( bitcoin ) , scrapping cars, cultural terrorism ( homosexuality/ adultery/ living together ) etc .. judiciary even tried to distribute all indian mineral rich ( uranium ) forest lands to christian convert / commie naxal tribals..  supreme court and the high court today mostly deals with pil rather than the other cases, thus, leaving pending cases creating a humongous backlog.. judges die, lawers die of old age, yet the mad TAAREEK, PEH TAAREK PEH TAREEK goes on.. what about the lost lawyers fees of a poor harassed citizen ? this is why peaceful law abiding citizens become violent.. according to stupid judges, police can be stoned, but no judge can be stoned and slashed with sword ( remember 26th jan 2021 ? …. today the farmers led by traitor rakesh tikait , touted by media as descendant of emperor harshvardhan ( who never existed ) are gheroeing raj bhavans. you can block the road to the pm’s office but you cannot block the road to a court or a judge’s home.. they are LORD FUCKLANDS, right?.. excessive activism on the part of the judiciary ( judicial adventurism must be severely punished ) .. judges have no right to step on rights of the other arms of the government. the word treason is not mentioned in our constitution.  why is the no 1 crime not mentioned?.. simply because judiciary cannot deal with treason.  indian judiciary can only deal with sedition.. sedition is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of an elected govt , treason is the ultimate offense of actively levying war against the motherland . chanting BHARAT TERE TUKDE HONGE INSHAAL ALLAH , is treason.. the us congress holds the power to declare the punishment of treason, not the judiciary , which is usually death..  RIGHT TO EQUALITY DOES NOT MEAN THAT A DONKEY CAN ASK FOR SAME RIGHTS AS A HORSE.. horse is a horse, donkey is a donkey. we have wheel chair athlete cheat deepa malik raking in crores by claiming equality as per the constitution.. merit must rule.. we cant have rotten stinking mangoes with worms inside selling at the same price as good mangoes.. where is the intelligence?..we cant run the nation on sentiments. we cant sent elephant kumaari for miss world contest..the meaning of independence of the judiciary is the independence of the exercise of the functions by the judges in an unbiased manner i.e. free from any external force. read this line a zillion times.. judges cannot rule the nation, as is happening in india..  judiciary can only interpret the provisions of the constitution… us constitution is a four page document. it has only 4543 words , almost like a POLICY STATEMENT.. in contrast the ridiculous indian equivalent ( splitting pubic hairs ) is the longest written constitution of any sovereign country in the world, containing 444 articles in 22 parts, 12 schedules and 115 amendments, for a total of 117,369 words, the social engineering section written by rothschild’s agent jew john dewey for br ambedkar.  india is not a nation governed by constitutional supremacy as is touted by desh drohi judiciary and the lackey media .. the constitution is a dynamic document to move with changing times.. the constitution can be amended by “we the people” using their elected representatives. indian constitution is not etched in rock.. .. it is nonsense that the parliament can exercise its functions being only within the bounds of the indian constitution. SORRY, WE THE PEOPLE, WILL NOT ALLOW THE WATAN TO BE A POTTED PLANT.  THE CONSTITUTION CANNOT STRAIT JACKET “WE THE PEOPLE” WHO ARE ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION.. parliament is the supreme legal authority in india which can create or end any irrelevant law. THERE IS NOTHING CALLED CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTISM AS THE JEWISH DEEP STATE AND THEIR TRAITOR AGENTS SUGGEST.. PATRIOTISM IN INDIA IS TO THE WATAN ALONE .. PERIOD


capt ajit vadakayil asks modi to stop his useless mann  ke baath..  will putin ever talk to his countrymen russians looking down at them like retarded kids dripping from the nose  ? ..  WE THE PEOPLE WANT MODI TO GIVE TWO ASSURANCES  …  ####  AAA) THE RT –PCR SAMPLES TAKEN FROM INDIANS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, ARE NOT BEING SOLD TO THE JEWISH DEEP STATE .. THERE IS A DARK CLANDESTINE GENOME SEQUENCING GOING ON TO IMPROVE THE CORRUPTED JEWISH GENETIC POOL, AS A RESULT OF THEIR ANCESTORS BEING CANNIBALS.. ####   ####.. the first people’s crusade was an attempt to repair the corrupted jewish dna ( homosexuality/ auto immune chrons disease / autism etc… manipuri indians were fooled into being a lost jewish tribe ( for jewish dna repair ) and taken to israel.. after a brief photo shoot of theme lost no more ( hugs and tears ) , the shocked manipuris were housed in most dangerous areas ( hamas rocket prone ) of jew settlers,  and asked to clean streets and toilets the next day.. what was the reason of the first people’s crusade led by jew peter the hermit under instructions of the jewish pope urban ii ?.. the jewish pope urban ii sacrificed an entire "peoples army " of 43,000 , carrying sticks and shovels , led by his agent jew peter the hermit , to draw the european nobility into his attempt to capture jerusalem and drive all those who did not submit to the authority of pope away … seljuk turks were bribed by the french jewish pope to ambush the peasant crusade army.. all men died ( women were kidnapped ) except pope’s agent, peter the hermit.. the pope’s plan had two ulterior goals.. the MAJOR GOAL WAS TO IMPROVE THE GENETIC POOL OF THE JEWS ( WHOSE DNA WAS CORRUPTED DUE TO CANNIBALISM ) BY FRESH STOCK OF GOOD LOOKING YOUNG CHRISTIAN WOMEN .. the seljuk turks who ambushed them to kill christian men selectively were jews – not muslims.. the purpose of slaughtering 32,000 men and kidnapping 11,000 YOUNG WOMEN peasants was to create outrage among the european elites and knights into popes crusade , with an ulterior motive of handing over jerusalem to jews.. jew peter the hermit declared that he had seen the holy grail which contained the blood of jesus christ ( who never existed ) collected by joseph of arimathea while on the wooden cross… crypto jew monk peter the hermit , produced a letter written to him by god and delivered personally to him by jesus. this letter was cooked up by crypto jew pope urban ii . this impressed the illiterate christian masses .pope urban ii held a meeting in clermont, attended by more than 200 bishops ( most were crypto jews ) on 27th nov 1095. the pope declared that it is gods will for christians to kill the muslims and pagans amalekites in jerusalem ( while in reality it was to kill orthodox christians of jerusalem who defied him).. all those who joined the crusade would be assured a place in heaven as their past sins would be forgiven spake the pope, the middleman in fancy robes , holding curved staff, between god and the believer.. POPE URBAN II SCREAMED LIKE A MAD WOMAN AGAIN AND AGAIN DEUS LO VOLT , GOD WILLS IT AND WHIPPED UP A FRENZY NEVER SEEN BEFORE ON THIS PLANET . GOD WOULD BE THEIR GUIDE AND THEY WOULD SET OFF AS SOON AS THE ICE MELTS .. not a single jew in jerusalem was killed in the first crusade ( 1096 to 1099 ) , as all the jews went out of jerusalem quietly before the arrival of the knights.. only hindus, muslims and orthodox christians were slaughtered.. ####  BBB- WE THE PEOPLE WANT AN ASSURANCE THAT THE VEDIC SEENS IN OUR FROZEN HIMALAYAN SEED BANK ARE PURNAM ( HOLOGRAPHIC ) WHOLE..  take out 10% seeds and grow them physically to verify that they reproduce..  once verified replace the 10% seeds with new vedic seeds ( ensure no GMO SEEDS are stored )... ####   ####...

WE THE PEOPLE ASK MODI TO BURNT ALL NCERT HISTORY BOOKS FULL OF JEWISH LIES AND REWRITE THEM AGAIN.. my wife told me once—“when you are in an expansive truth exhuming mode you sing a corny malayalam song –  NIRRMALANAAYA DAAWOOD YUDHATHINU PURAPATTU,  TIRICHU VEESHI TIRICHU VEESHI ERINJUU--  BLAH BLAH FUCKIN’ BLAH” .. ( young tender boy david set out to war .. david twirled his sling and killed goliath with a single stone) …. well, when i was four years old my mom sent me with my two elder sisters to the local church to learn handicraft hobby ( summer vacations ) .. i was a naughty boy.. but instead the nuns were trying hard to brainwash us to convert to christianity”.. this was one of the songs i learnt , about jewish hero david…  in india our school books teach is “nero fiddled while rome burnt”,  “boy david killed giant goliath “ etc—all jewish deep state lies..  sorry – both are foul lies cooked up by jewess helena the mother of hindu roman emperor constantine the great in 325 ad..  AAA -  DAVID NEVER KILLED GOLIATH..  KERALA THIYYA SOLDIER ELHANAN SENT BY DAVID’S GENERAL KERALA THIYYA URIAH KILLED GOLIATH..   QUOTE :2 Samuel 21:19/ 19 And there was again war with the Philistines at Gob, and vElhanan the son of Jaare-oregim, the Bethlehemite, struck down Goliath the Gittite, wthe shaft of whose spear was like a weaver’s beam. UNQUOTE .. jewish hero david was a most evil bastard.. his best friend kerala hindu thiyya uriah , the general of his army, made him king.. but ungrateful david lusted after uraih’s wife kerala hindu namboodiri woman bath sheba and got uraih killed to usurp his wife..####   ####.. BBB- NERO NEVER FIDDLED WHEN ROME BURNT .. well hindu emperor nero never had a fiddle..  nero punished traitor roman jews who set rome on fire.. roman emperor nero knew only how to play the sitar ( kithara ).. hindu roman emperor nero was a wise, efficient , compassionate king.. it is a lie that nero watched rome burn from the tower of maecenas on the esquiline hill, as this was one of the first places to be gutted in the fire ..  hindu nero was painted as a tyrant by jewess helena , the mother of roman emperor constanine the great in 325 ad, when she cooked up jesus who never existed, at the first council of nicea.. jewess helena wanted to hide the fact that nero built the roman colloseum for kerala hindu sage apollonius of tyana on whom jesus who never existed was modelled..  hindu etruscan king rama was the first king of rome.. i am an etruscan..  the glory of ancient rome before 337 ad , was hindu glory.. all roman emperors before constantine ii were hindus and so were all 800 kerala thiyya elite bloodline roman senators..  the jewess mother helena of roman emperor constantine the great, personally destroyed all hindu temples in jerusalem and built christians monuments on its foundation , to erase hinduism from jerusalem history.. jewess helena caused her son hindu son constantine the great to shift the capital of rome to istanbul. this was to decimate the hindu royal bloodline and bloodline of hindu senators..  rome was set on fire by the jews ..  the jews set rome on fire when hindu emperor nero went to his summer resort palace, and the wind was in the right direction..  his mother empress agrippina ( the younger ) was a very kind and compassionate woman..  neros mother agrippina is a favorite character in all xxx porn stories cooked up by jews..pedophila/ incest –the works..   nero ruled from 54 ad to 68 ad.. nero is credited with persecuting christians and feeding them to the lions in the colosseum ..  sorry, christianity did not exist those days.. those days rome has majority hindus and minority jews.. christianity / bible/ jesus was cooked up by jewess helena ( mother of hindu roman emperor constantine the great ) in 325 ad at the first council of niceae.. when the great fire of rome started on 18th july 64 ad, nero was not in rome.. he was at his summer palace in cool resort antium ( anzio ).. horsemen came rushing to inform nero of the fire.. and nero rushed off to be in direct charge of firefighting incognito , without his guards.. the fire soon became too big to be controlled .. nero noticed jews using torches and spreading the fire..  nero noticed hundreds of jews running with expensive items on their heads , to the jewish quarters of rome.. ( east of circus , near capena gate )..  nero was eyewitness to this..  it is a lie that nero started the fire.. after the fire burnt itself out– nero went to inspect the jewish quarters of rome with his army commanders and senators..  the jewish quarters was packed chock a block with stolen goods–all expensive ..he got some jews arrested , as he himself was eye witness..  later nero would torture them and get the whole criminal jewish plot out of the bag .. nero got eye witnessa count that a bunch of jews started the fire in three jewish merchant shop around rome’s chariot stadium, circus maximus..  the most beautiful and ancient hindu temples of rome were gutted.. 850 year old temple of jupiter stator ascribed to romulus / temples of vesta and diana etc .. 75 % of rome was gutted.  neros own palace , the glorious domus transitoria was gutted..  out of rome’s 14 districts , only 4 were intact– one was the jewish district.. for the relief of the homeless, fugitive masses nero threw open the field of mars, including agrippa’s public buildings, and even his own gardens. nero also constructed emergency accommodation for the destitute multitude.  food was brought from ostia and neighboring towns, and he gave away corn for free . the fire burned for 6 days and seven nights.  after a quick inquiry nero rounded up 800 jews ( only men ) , most were hiding in deserted areas, outside rome..their homes in the jewish quarters of rome , were empty ..  these bastards were made to wear shirt impregnated with tar and set on fire- with almost the whole of rome watching –and cheering..  their execution (in a circus on the vatican hill, where nero’s family possessed a villa and a park) was a kind of comic relief to the badly hit romans..  nero did not waste his time while rome burnt.. he got his senators and architects together writing a stronger fire code and designing a new city. nero started reconstruction two days before the fires died..  the fake eye witness account of a jew cassius dio ( that nero was fiddling ) , was cooked up by jewess helena in 325 ad..  nero was a great builder and a visionary. rome was rebuilt “in measured lines of streets, with broad thoroughfares, buildings of restricted height, and open spaces, while porticoes were added as protection to the front of the apartment-blocks… nero also established building codes that required new houses to be built with fire walls, and organized a fire department. from the ashes of the fire rose a most spectacular rome. . a city made of marble and stone with wide streets, pedestrian arcades and ample supplies of water to quell any future blaze. the debris from the fire was used to fill the malaria-ridden marshes that had plagued the city for generations.  narrow streets were widened, and more splendid buildings were erected.. nero was murdered by jews ( stabbed by a bribed jew guard ) in 68 a.d. at the age of 30. . with the death of nero, the imperial line which traced its descent from julius caesar and augustus became extinct.. nero , was a great-grandson of hindu caesar augustus. all senators of rome were hindu.. it is a lie that nero murdered his own mother agrippina, 5 years into his rein.. she was murdered by jews, and nero knew about this plot..  why did jews set fire to rome?..  jew were expelled from rome from 41 ad to 53 ad. the spies of hindu emperor claudius found that jews were plotting against the emperor in synagogues.. he warned jews not to engage in politics in a house of prayer –but the jews under a rabble rouser jew chrestus ignored him.. every time jews ran away from rome they would come to calicut ( my hometown ) by ship–half way around the planet.. kerala was the only place on the planet where jews were never persecuted .. because these jews just came home.. kerala created judaism and hebrew ..  according to the jewess helena’s cooked up history — in a.d. 67, in the last year of nero’s reign, st. peter was hung upside down and beheaded at the circus maximus . peter baby never existed –like jesus.. their kosher goal was to destroy ancient hindu temples in rome like, the 850 year old temple of jupiter stator ascribed to romulus / temples of vesta and diana etc, and nero’s own palace , the glorious domus transitoria..  after the fire which ran for 6 days and 7 nights, out of rome’s 14 districts , only 4 were intact– one was the jewish district east of circus , near capena gate ..  sorry jews– the lie of “nero fiddled while rome burnt ” will soon be removed from every school text book all over the planet.. a brown blogger is in town..


jewish deep state darling modi has allowed jewish CIPLA to import jewish moderna mRNA vaccines to india.. i was waiting for this to happen, it happened today.  the great kosher lie is that cipla is a islamic company..  sorry cipla has always been a jewish company initally started by german jew rothschild using his agent jew khwaja abdul hamied .  khwaja abdul hamied’s parents were both jews , uzbekistan jew  khwaja abdul ali and jewess masood jahan begum.  jew khwaja abdul ali’s uncle was jew sir syed ahmed khan.  jew  khwaja abdul ali   was a close friend of jew zakir husain , who went on to become the president of india.  hamied and hussain were sent to germany sponsored by german jew rothschild to pursue graduate studies.  german jew rothschild educated his agent jew khwaja abdul hamied in berlin germany alomgh with jew zakir hussain. salman khurshid is the grandson of jew zakir hussian who used to openly pray at the jewsih synagogue at khan market new delhi..  jew khwaja abdul hamied’s son, jew  yusuf hamied headed cipla after him for the next 52 years.  jew yusuf hamied was born in poland to lithuanian commie jewess  luba derczanska.. she married jew khwaja abdul hamied in the choral synagogue in wilno.. jew yusuf hamied  commissioned statues of kathiawari jew gandhi and his lithuanian jewish gay partner hermann kallenbach in vilnius. german jew rothschild educated his agent jew khwaja abdul hamied in berlin germany and made jhim the sheriff of Bombay..  jamia millia islamia university,  was founded by german jew rothschild in  1920 ad using his agents  jew mohammad ali jauhar, jew hakim ajmal khan, jew mukhtar ahmed ansari, jew abdul majeed khwaja, and jew zakir hussain under the presidentship of jew mahmud hasan deobandi .. jew abdul majeed khwaja was the son of jew khwaja muhammad yusuf whose sidekick was jew motilal nehru..  jew khwaja muhammad yusuf’s nephew, was jew khwaja abdul hamied the founder of cipla..  aligarh muslim university was founded by german jew rothschild in 1875 ad using his agent jew sir syed ahmad khan.  jew rothschild used sir ahmad khan to create the first madrassas, to sow the seeds of hatred to hindus at a young age... this drohi sir ahmad khan sided with jew rothschild during the 1857 first war of independence..  crypto jew sir syed ahmad khan openly wrote that muslims must loyally serve the british empire, which shocked all muslims in india .. jew rothschild used sir syed ahmad khan to propagate urdu to divide muslims.   as per rothschild historians crypto jew sir syed ahmad khan , crypto jew mohammad ali jinnah,  crypto jew allama iqbal ( poet ) and crypto jew mohammad ali jauhar are responsible for wedging away pakistan. . .jew jinnah lived on pig sandwiches and neat whisky during the last decade of his life … pakistanis call sir syed ahmad khan as one of their founding fathers. . . jew rothschild used jew syed ahmad khan, jew jinnah and jew iqbal ( poet ) to propound the two nation theory…  sir syed ahmad khan is buried inside aligarh university campus—a rothschild fiat !. jew zakir hussain is buried in the campus of jamia millia islamia in new delhi—a rothschild fiat.  in october 1920, jew maulana abul kalam azad was elected as a member of foundation committee to establish jamia millia islamia at aligarh in u. p. to propagate urdu ( divide and rule )..  star kid swami vivekanandas father , vishwanath data was a a stooge of rothschild and a freemason —  rothschild used kayastha vishwanath datta to propagate urdu.    he was attorney to sir barnes peacock..   he was the first chief justice of the calcutta high court in india.    peacock crushed the 1857 mutiny as a rothschild agent..  urdu has more than 105 million speakers today.. urdu has been given official language status in up, bihar, telangana and of course kashmir . in mecca signs and boards are written in arabic, and urdu.  rothschild used khadiboli as the base and threw in some persian and arabic words as a hotch potch—and hey presto rothschild had a new language urdu,to divide north india from south india.  rothschild created urdu language for his crypto jew sayyids who claimed to be descenants of mohammad the prophet.. saayyids wrecked the mughal empire from within for rothschild..  many of the early crypto jew sufi saints that came to uttar pradesh claimed to be  sayyid . urdu was created for muslim kayasthas in mughal courts who worked in the payroll of jew rothschild..  rothschild wrecked the mighty mughal empire from within using his urdu speaking kayastha agents.. the kayasth effortlessly became a brown sahibs during british  rule.. in modern times, kayasthas sponsored by kosher deep state have attained success in politics. jyoti basu, lal bahadur shastri, netaji bose , rajendra prasad etc were kayasthas .  the muslim kayastha community  adapted to changes, such as the advent of the british raj. they learned english, the more affluent ones sent their children to the united kingdom, they became civil servants, tax officers, junior administrators, teachers, legal helpers and barristers, and rose to the highest positions accessible to natives in british india.  some of these powerful men were crypto jews who occupied the muslim seats of indian national congress. the divide between urdu and hindi was created by jew rothschild to drive a wedge.  lot of muslim kayasthas migrated to pakistan in 1947.  in pakistan, urdu is the official language used in instruction at government schools, at the district level administration, and in the mass media. literally, the word urdu (originally turkish) means camp, or the royal camp..  hardly anybody knows that moghul emerors after humayun ( baburs son ) were all jews..   humayuns wife was a jewess..  humayun’s wife and akbar’s mother was hamida banu begum..  jew mirza zul quarnain, was an adopted son of akbar and his armenian jewess wife. he was well versed in malayalam and portuguese..   emperor jahangir conferred on him the title of amir. mirza baby was a conduit for jesuit jews in goa. mirza was also a poet, singer and playwright, and he composed verses in urdu .  98% OF INDIAN MUSLIMS IN INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS TILL 1947 WERE JEWS WITH MUSLIM NAMES..


recently in kerala a man killed a cobra who was sleeping inside his kitchen.. he beat the  dangerous reptile with a stick in self defence..  he was dragged over burning embers for hurting wild life which is against the constitution ( sic) as per the animal rights NGOs.. .. lawyers in the payroll of the deep state did HOOO HAAAA.. the injured poisonous snake was taken to hospital meant for humans .. this much care is never given even to a baby girl knocked down on the road by a speeding vehicle..  the foreign funded ngos tried to slap section 429 in the indian penal code on the man..  ####   429. Mischief by killing or maiming cattle, etc., of any value or any animal of the value of fifty rupees.—Whoever commits mis­chief by killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering useless, any ELEPHANT, CAMEL, HORSE, MULE, BUFFALO, BULL, COW OR OX, whatever may be the value thereof, or any other animal of the value of fifty rupees or upwards, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both.   #### ..  ..  ####   Section 428 in The Indian Penal Code ..  428. Mischief by killing or maiming animal of the value of ten rupees.—Whoever commits mischief by killing, poisoning, maiming or rendering useless ANY ANIMAL OR ANIMALS OF THE VALUE OF TEN RUPEES OR UPWARDS, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.   ####..  STRAY DOGS RUN FREELY IN INDIA BITING SMALL CHILDREN.. HEY A DOG CAN BITE THE CHILD OF PM/ PRESIDENT—BUT CANNOT BITE THE CHILD OF A MELORD JUDGE.. TEE HEEEE. . capt ajit vadakayil demands to know—where is india headed ?.. THE INDIA CONSTITUTION PROTECTS ONLY LAW ABIDING INDIAN CITIZENS WHO PAY THEIR TAXES.. the jewish deep state has bribed/ honey trapped judges to scuttle the indian constitution with main stream media in cahoots.. TODAY THESE TRAITOR JUDGES FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF ILLEGAL ROHINGYA INFILTRATORS..   read again about the word “citizens” who constitute “we the people”..   THERE IS NOTHING CALLED “ WE THE ANIMALS”.... ANIMALS ARE NOT CITIZENS OF INDIA..  in the the context of animal rights, the supreme court has unconstitutionally brought animal rights under the ambit of the right to life through a stupid reading in the case of animal welfare board of india v. a. nagaraja & ors. (the jallikattu case).. and now by stare decisis this has been attached to the constitution as a tail ( addendum ) .. now the tail wags the constitutional dog..the supreme court packed with poor metal calibre judges ( bottom dregs of the school cerebral pool/ bottoms dregs of the lawyer loser pool ) held that article 51 a (g) of the constitution is the “magna carta of animal rights” and made several observations to safeguard the “life” of animals under article 21. TEE HEEE.. this is the way half wits nay dim wits think. these stupid judges reckon by using deadly terms like “MAGNA CARTA “, we will say WOW— what a bright and erudite judge.. ####   Article 51A(g) in The Constitution Of India 1949… (g) to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have COMPASSION FOR LIVING CREATURES;   ####..  stupid judges think that article 48a may become judicially enforceable under the ambit of the right to life under article 21. this is the way dripping cunts think..  as interpreted in animal welfare board of india v. a. nagaraja & ors. (2014), compassion for all living creatures includes concern for their suffering and well-being. in the case, the supreme court regarded 51a (g) alongside the duty to develop scientific temperament under 51a (h) as the magna carta of animal rights jurisprudence in india..  ####   Article 21 in The Constitution Of India 1949…  21. Protection of life and personal liberty.. No PERSON shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except according to procedure established by law   #### ..  article 21 protects life of humans – not snakes..  with the 42nd amendment of 1976, article 51 a of the constitution laid down the fundamental duties of indian citizens..  so so so, hey judges how about banning all animal slaughter?  how about protecting poisonous black mambas in your judicial langot?..  where is the fuckin’  intelligence ? ..  stupid judiciary is now using article 48 like how corny bhaiyyas use chaat masala everywhere..  ####   Article 48 in The Constitution Of India 1949.. 48. Organisation of agriculture and animal husbandry The State shall endeavour to organise agriculture and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds, and PROHIBITING THE SLAUGHTER, OF COWS AND CALVES AND OTHER MILCH AND DRAUGHT CATTLE   ####...  today the commies in the payroll of jewish deep state and the church wants to ban thrissur pooram.. they want live elephants to be substituted by statues. .  Google for the blogpost --  ####   THRISSUR POORAM FESTIVAL, THE MOTHER OF ALL CARNIVALS – CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL   ####..  on may 31st, 2019, the high court of punjab and haryana, in the case of karnail singh and others v state of haryana, recognized all animals in the animal kingdom, including avian and aquatic species, as legal entities..  the stupid court  unconstitutionally ruled that legal personhood has not and should not be restricted to just human beings..  hey chootiya judges, can we catch a fish and eat it ?.. how about chicken ?..  read below—just who the hell is a judge to unconstitutionally decide all this—and then make it law of the land by “stare decisis “?..  ####   ####...  traitor indian judges have bled bharatmata again and again by applying BODMAS the wrong way— where insignificant and obsolete constitution clauses and illegal “STARE DECISIS, past judgments sans context, attached to the addendum ” take preponderance over paramount laws.. the time has come for "we the people" to declare --whatever laws have been created by judges via stare decisis and attached to the constitution like a langot ( addendum ) are all null and void ..  we cant have  the judicial tail wagging the constitutional dog.. "stare decisis" is a deep state sponsored system where you build upon past lies... these stupid judgments were made on the system of “justice is blind sans context”.. past judgements made by "we are blind judges" --is being used as the gospel--to judge future cases.. It is a lie that the constitution establishes constitutional supremacy, i.e., the Indian Parliament cannot override the basic structure of the Constitution.. .  india is not a nation governed by constitutional supremacy as is touted by desh drohi judiciary and their lackey media .. the constitution is a dynamic document to move with changing times.. the constitution can be amended by “we the people” using their elected representatives. indian constitution is not etched in rock.. .. it is nonsense that the parliament can exercise its functions being only within the bounds of the indian constitution. SORRY, WE THE PEOPLE, WILL NOT ALLOW THE WATAN OR THE CONSTITUTION TO BE A POTTED PLANT.  THE CONSTITUTION CANNOT STRAIT JACKET “WE THE PEOPLE” WHO ARE ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION.. parliament is the supreme legal authority in india which can create or end any irrelevant law. there is nothing called constitutional patriotism as the jewish deep state and their traitor agents suggest.. PATRIOTISM IN INDIA IS TO THE WATAN ALONE .. PERIOD..


capt ajit vadakayil says that he has not seen one single judge since 1947,  who knows how to  interpret the constitution.    we must abolish the useless collegium judiciary . india is the only nation on this planet , where judges elect judges  .  .the illegal collegium judiciary scuttled NJAC, approved by a rare unanimous decision in both lok/ rajya sabha and signed into law by the president, by a unconstitutional judicial review, . we the people of india do not want loser lawyers to become judges--rather there must be a nation wide exam ( like IIT/ IAS ) to choose judges . … most of these loser lawyers became judges to cock a snook at their successful colleagues who drove mercedes cars while they foot slogged with hawai chappals …. our failed lawyers turned collegium judges do not have the cerebral wherewithal to understand that sane/ fair judgments must be within the perimeter of context --and natural justice must be inherent.... the melords cant even understand the meaning of circumstantial evidence .... . the system has broken down..  ###  .###  .### .###  .### .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .### .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  …  CHILDLESS MODI STOOD IN THE SHADOWS AND REMOTE CONTROLLED THE JUDICIARY WHEN BHARATMATA WAS KICKED INTO THE KOSHER MANDI OR ADULTERY/  LIVING TOGETHER/  HOMOSEXUALITY..  FIVE UNELECTED/ UNACCOUNTABLE LIBERAL COMMIE JUDGES WITH ULTERIOR MOTIVES ILLEGALLY DECIDED FOR 1380 MILLION INDIANS AND DECIMATED OUR 400 CENTURY OLD PRICELESS DHARMA AND CULTURE.


somebody called me up and cried.. captain your link below is incomplete unless you pulverise the bullshit of “contempt of court”. . ####   ####...  INDEED ..  telling the truth without being politically correct cannot be termed “contempt of court”.. arbitrary suo moto’s actions by indian courts are a reflection of extreme judicial adventurism in contempt of the constitution/ we the people / the watan / dharma..   the 2006 amendment to the contempt of courts act, 1971 clarifies that the court may impose punishment for contempt only when it is satisfied that substantially interferes, or tends to substantially interfere with the due course of justice. apparently judges get temporary amnesia.  the delhi hc has convicted four senior journalists of mid day daily of contempt of court by publishing certain scandalous articles about former chief justice of india, yk sabharwal..  mid day dated may 19, 2007 had carried news reports that the sealing orders issued by a bench headed by justice yk sabharwal was intended to benefit his sons who had ties with mall developers. .  the court unconstitutionally rejected the contention of the daily newspaper , which had submitted that a judge, after retiring, ceases to be part of the judicial system and writing against him didn’t come within the ambit of contempt of court. .  the contempt jurisdiction should not be used by corrupt judges to uphold their own personal dignity. .  nemo debet esse judex in proporia causa i.e. ‘no person can be a judge in their own cause’ is one of the most fundamental tenets of justice. .  the famous SULLIVAN DOCTRINE that public persons must be open to stringent comments and accusations as long as made with bonafide diligence, even if untrue..  a fair criticism of the conduct of a judge, the institution of the judiciary and its functioning cannot be contempt if made in good faith as a patriot and in public interest..  contempt powers can be only used if there is a clear imminent and present danger to the disposal of a case..  abuse of the authority by the courts as contempt of court has become a mercurial jurisdiction over time giving unconstitutional sweeping discretionary powers to the courts..  this certainly is not a positive development especially in the backdrop of several cases of alleged corruption, partisanship and nepotism in the judiciary.. courts exercise restraint and approach the contempt cases subjectively and not stifle the legitimate criticism of the judiciary. .  justice kurian joseph of the supreme court of india has said that the trial by the media on pending cases is tantamount to contempt of court.  sorry this SUBJUDICE bullshit applies only when the system is jury ( not judge ) .. a confused litigant ( brow beaten by a cunning lawyer and not familiar with the language ) refusing to answer a question put to him by the court does not constitute criminal contempt of court.  a corrupt lawyer without a soul who becomes a judge is eminently fallible – the court clerks will vouch how many times the judge when he was a lawyer bribed them. a tiger cannot change his stripes so fast.  judges in the superior courts routinely misuse the power to punish for contempt of court more to cover up their own misdeeds than to uphold the majesty of the law..  the criminal contempt law in india does not recognise the lack of intention i.e. mens rea as a defence to the act of contempt..  india  has ratified the international covenant on civil and political rights which provides that the freedom of expression can be curtailed by law  only when it is essential for a legitimate purpose. this cannot include a judge’s faalthu personal ego. the united nations human rights committee has stated that any contempt of court proceeding must be justified in the exercise of the court’s jurisdiction to sustain orderly proceedings.  in the united kingdom, the offence of scandalizing the courts was abolished in 2013 after a law commission report. this is interesting to note since the indian law of contempt of court is derived from the common law. the contempt law in england has been abolished and the last contempt proceedings occurred in 1930.  the united states of america currently has watered down the contempt law by numerous judgments which affirm that the dignity of the courts cannot be established by silencing public opinion or by restricting the free discussions about the court. in the united states of america, justice hugo black had observed in the case of bridges in 1941, that american public opinion could not be silenced in the pretext of contempt of court..  the criminal contempt powers of the courts must be abandoned at least in the form it is currently manifest in. the courts have overlooked that the terms, “scandalizing the courts and obstruction of administration” cannot have the same connotation today as it had in the british india,when we were slaves of german jew rothschild.  misuse of contempt jurisdiction could erode the public confidence in the judiciary..  judges, like everyone else, will have to earn respect. they cannot demand respect by demonstration of ‘power’ (of contempt).” this is not like a ship at sea in a storm where captain is  king..  the power of judiciary lies, not in deciding cases, nor in imposing sentences, nor in punishing for contempt, but in the trust, confidence and faith of the common man.”..  in 1866, the  high court of allahabad was established under the indian high  courts act, 1861 and was constituted as a court of record with  the power to punish slave indians for contempt. , the court observed that the power to punish  for contempt was “arbitrary, unlimited and uncontrolled”, and  therefore should be “exercised with the greatest caution..  prior censorship on institutional criticism in a democracy not just curtails the freedom of speech but also causes injury to the very institution.  the best way to sustain the dignity of the court and earn respect from the public is by the quality of their judgment, the fairness and objectivity in their approach, and subjective application of dharma ( natural justice )  and by the restraint and decorum which they observe in their judicial conduct.  justice ranjan gogoi, in its judgment,  permitted the use of photographs of the president, prime minister, chief justice of india, in the advertisements issued by the government and its agencies. Just who the hell is elected unaccountable CJI?  Pray? Prithee? .  our constitution does not define the expression “contempt of court”, as per the contempt of courts act 1971 . high court justice karnan said that some judges are corrupt and some are TRAITORS .… only law makers can deal with traitors and THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT HAVE THE WORD TRAITOR IN ITS TEXT. instead of treating him as a whistle blower and thanking him -- the higher judges closed ranks and targeted this whistle blower….. whither truth ?……. THE CJI SENTENCED JUDGE KARNAN TO SIX MONTHS JAIL FOR CONTEMPT OF COURT… sorry-- if you know the indian law or even world law --contempt of court does not apply here"…… you can abuse the elected pm ( i abuse modi daily ) --but cant point a truthful finger at a corrupt and stupid lawyer turned judge ?…. SUPREME COURT HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT TO IMPOSE A BAN ON PRESS ( KARNAN CASE ) …. THIS IS MORE DAMAGING TO INDIA’S IMAGE THAN THE "EMERGENCY OF 1975 "… contempt of court applies when the court is in session and someone in the court related to the case undermines the judge’ s authority repeatedly.. contempt of court cannot be applied along the length and breadth of india ( on land / under ground/ in space ) , as it is meant within the confines of a wee brick and cement building court room …  article 19(1)(a) of the constitution gives the right of freedom of speech and expression to all citizens…  articles 129 and 215 give the power of contempt of court to the higher judiciary, and this power limits the freedom granted by article 19(1)(a). .  the law of contempt has a vague and wandering jurisdiction with uncertain boundaries. such a law, regardless of public good, will unwittingly trample upon civil liberties. .  respect for the judiciary cannot be won by  shielding traitor judges ( bribes/ honey trapped by the deep state ) from .  such enforced silence, in the name of preserving the dignity of the judiciary, causes resentment, suspicion and contempt, more than it would enhance respect. ..  both civil and criminal contempt share the same punishment under the contempt of courts act 1971. the act allows for a maximum term of imprisonment for six months, and this can be supplemented with a fine of up to Rs 2000. .  in section 7, a person shall not be guilty of contempt of court for publishing a fair and accurate report of a judicial proceeding or any state thereof…  in india, the offence of contempt of court is committed when a person either disobeys a court order (civil contempt), or when a person says or does anything that scandalizes, prejudices, or interferes with judicial proceedings and the administration of justice (criminal contempt)… section 2(c) in the contempt of courts act, 1971..  (c) “criminal contempt” means the publication (whether by words, spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise) of any matter or the doing of any other act whatsoever which— (i) scandalizes or tends to scandalize, or lowers or tends to lower the authority of, any court; or..  (ii) prejudices, or interferes or tends to interfere with, the due course of any judicial proceeding; or..  (iii) interferes or tends to interfere with, or obstructs or tends to obstruct, the administration of justice in any other manner;…  capt ajit vadakayil declares that the definition of contempt in the contempt of court act should be restricted to civil contempt, i.e., willful disobedience of judgments of the court. so that the system does not break down.. criminal contempt law, has inadvertently trampled upon civil liberties ..  the supreme court holds constitutional powers under article 129 read with article 142 (2) of the constitution of india and subsequently, the high courts also have powers vested in them under article 215 of the constitution to punish for contempt. ..  article 142(2) in the constitution of india 1949 ..  (2) subject to the provisions of any law made in this behalf by parliament, the supreme court shall, as respects the whole of the territory of india, have all and every power to make any order for the purpose of securing the attendance of any person, the discovery or production of any documents, or the investigation or punishment of any contempt of itself ..  article 215 in the constitution of india 1949 ..  215. high courts to be courts of record every high court shall be a court of record and shall have all the powers of such a court including the power to punish for contempt of itself..  contempt can essentially be of two kinds: ..  being disrespectful and rude to the judge or an attorney or subsequently causing any form of a disturbance in the courtroom particularly even after being warned by the judge .. willfully failing or refusing to obey an order given by the court such as failure to pay alimony or child support…  commie traitor iyengar jew n ram stole "classified military secrets " to screw pm modi over the rafale deal.. at court the attorney general told cji gogoi that the evidence presented by commie n ram is a stolen military secret -- and is a crime which entails 14 years of jail.. but hey what does deep state darling cji gogoi tell the attorney general? they wont consider that the document was stolen.. they will check if the document holds water.. what the hell is all this ?..we ask pm modi - are you a babe in the fuckin’ woods ?.. stupid cji gogoi jumped into forbidden subjective territory and argued on behalf of deep state agent commie n ram --quote-- " if an accused stole a document to prove his innocence, it should be admitted in court" -- unquote.. the supreme court is in "contempt of the constitution" and in "contempt of we the people " who are above the constitution.. judiciary has no power to review laws created by the elected law makers.. this is unconstitutional ..  section 12 in the contempt of courts act, 1971 ..  12. punishment for contempt of court.—  (1) save as otherwise expressly provided in this act or in any other law, a contempt of court may be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both: ..  but hey juhi chawla was fined 20 lakhs for a genuine pil abot 5g which decimates pollinator bees. we have 1380 million people and we cannt feed them if bees get decimated.. the stupid judge will never understand this.. he got provoked because he heard a juhi chawla film song in the back ground while doing the video court session. ####   ####..  judges are allowing unreasonable fines like private org ima ( darling og jewish vaccine lobby ) suing baba ram dev 1000 crores for protecting ayurveda and yoga which THE CHRISTIAN EVANGELIST CUM IMA CHIEF DR JOHN ROSE AUSTIN JAYALAL was abusing ghadi ghadi.  people who sue ( ego based ) for 1000 crores for defamation -- must first deposit 50% of the amount sued for ( 500 crores ) of the money with the court , which must be called “aukaat deposit”.. if the ego maniac loses 50% of the aukat deposit ( 250 crores ) must go to the harassed whistle blower who was falsely sued.. the remaining 50% of the aukat deposit money ( 250 crores ) must go to the govt coffers…if the egomaniac wins he will get back his aukat deposit of 500 crores along with the 1000 crores he sued for ..there must be a fixed ceiling based on conditions in india..  the purpose of the power to punish for criminal contempt is to ensure that the faith and confidence of the public in administration of justice is not eroded. such power, vested in the  courts, carries with it great responsibility. care should be taken to ensure that there is no room for complaints of ostentatious exercise of power. .  there still exists a high number of civil and criminal contempt cases pending in various high courts and the supreme court. .  it is a very dangerous jurisdiction in which judges act in their own vested nay ulterior motived clause  .. unconstitutional suo motu powers of the court to initiate such proceedings only serve to complicate matters.  ####   ####..  it was rothschild’s agent(  mentored by jew john dewey ) br ambedkar presided over the drafting committee that proposed and successfully defended the inclusion of contempt of court as a restriction on freedom of speech despite vehement opposition from almost all  members of the constituent assembly..  the judiciary and judges may be corrected only by public criticism when we have an unconstitutional collegium system where judges are chosen by the jewish deep state.. the best answer to abuse of judges is not frequent or ferocious contempt-sentencing but fine performance. : like a hero cricketer states—let the bat/ ball do the talking for me not cheers or boos of the spectators .  right now the supreme court is relying on the wrong weapon, i.e. criminal contempt in a criminal and unconstitutional manner ..  in the era of social media ( kalki revolution of consciousness ) , besides the need to revisit the law on criminal contempt, even the test for contempt needs to be evaluated. there is an ocean of difference between well informed and ill informed criticism. what is said  in regard to a matter concerning the judiciary by a thinker like capt ajit vadakayil should be viewed differently from a similar statement by an uninformed cunt.”..  an inclusive, diverse, accountable, open and transparent supreme court would be able to administer justice without fear or favour, without needing criminal contempt to preserve its faalthu honour. .  if the court “delivers justice which is its professional, fundamental duty, criticism by cunts  loses its sting..  in a country as large and diverse as india, the supreme court continues to have its seat only in delhi. this is despite having the constitutional permission to establish benches elsewhere in the country. ..  people who have  researched extensively on the supreme court of india, know this – “ of the 36 men who had manned the supreme court as justices from 1950 to 1967— they was a GANG OF DEEP STATE DARLING COLLEGIUM FAMILIES,  the “SURMA IN AANKH “ kayasthas/ parsis/ chitpavan jews/ peshawari khatri jews.. the adage “change is the only constant” does not apply to india’s supreme court. for it continues to be the bastion of the privileged few, who are controlled by foreign forces. no judge has ever been impeached in india.


T cells or T lymphocytes originate from haematopoietic stem cells within the bone marrow. Vaccine-induced antibodies sit in our airways and float in our blood. As they encounter the virus, they immediately recognise and neutralise its spike protein blocking it from invading our cells.  antibodies are not the only immune response vaccines can elicit. There are T cells, too. Read this line twice.  COVID VACCINATED PEOPLE HAVE DIMINISHED T-CELL RESPONSES AGAINST THE SARS-COV-2 VARIANTS.  to effectively prevent infection, antibodies need to match the spike protein.  if this varies even slightly, antibodies might not recognise it, and the virus is free to make its way to cells and replicate.  current COVID-19 vaccines are based on the original strain first identified in Wuhan, so they elicit antibodies that perfectly fit the spike protein of that strain.   VACCINE-INDUCED ANTIBODIES DO NOT STICK PERFECTLY TO THE MUTANT SPIKES AND LOSE EFFICACY.  the antibodies that vaccines generate act against the spike protein SARS-CoV2 uses to invade our cells. BUT AS VARIANTS EMERGE, ANTIBODIES’ REDUCED ABILITY TO STOP THE INFECTION WILL MAKE VACCINES INEFFECTIVE.  uninfected people have no memory T cells and therefore no protection from a COVID-19 infection.  When antibodies wane over time or are not effective against a specific variant, some cells are infected. That is when T cells come to the rescue.  these T cells sit in our lymph nodes – the glands under the arms, and at the base of the neck, that are part of our immune system. during a viral infection, T cells can identify cells that have been infected and kill them. this mechanism prevents severe disease and ends the infection. but, unlike antibodies, it takes a few days before T cells kick in.  while antibodies limit infection, T cells clear the virus-infected cells. It’s a team effort..  in a natural infection, a virus enters a cell, seizes its machinery and starts replicating itself. However, the invaded cells can sneakily flag the invader’s presence by sticking many random fragments of the virus on its membrane.  T cells recognize these flags and kill the cell to stop virus replication.  antigen-specific, long-lived memory T lymphocytes form following an infection.   memory T lymphocytes are important because they can quickly proliferate into large numbers of effector T lymphocyte upon re-exposure to the antigen and have a low threshold for activation.  they provide the immune system with memory against previously encountered antigens. memory T lymphocytes may either be CD4+ or CD8+.. to be protected against the COVID-19 virus, you don’t necessarily need a whopping neutralizing antibody response, you need a whopping adaptive immune response – and that includes both antibodies and T cells.  antibodies work by binding to the virus itself and preventing it from entering cells. IF THE PART OF THE VIRUS TO WHICH THE ANTIBODY BINDS IS ALTERED, ITS ABILITY TO “HANG ON” AND THUS PREVENT IT FROM ENTERING A CELL IS DIMINISHED.   one big advantage of T cells is that they are highly specific and react to a much broader portion of the virus than antibodies, including areas outside of the spike protein. THIS IS WHY T CELLS MIGHT PROVIDE PROTECTION AGAINST THE VARIANTS, EVEN WHEN NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY LEVELS ARE LOW.  NATURAL T-CELL RESPONSE IS NOT SIGNIFICANTLY AFFECTED BY THE VARIANTS. READ THIS LINE TWICE..  T cells roles include directly killing infected host cells, activating other immune cells, producing cytokines and regulating the immune response..  A T cell is a type of lymphocyte.  T cells are one of the important white blood cells of the immune system and play a central role in the adaptive immune response..   each T cell has a unique T cell receptor (TCR) that recognizes a specific antigen. TCRs recognize an antigen when they bind with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on the surface of other cells.   MUTATION THAT HAS ARISEN IN THE SPIKE PROTEIN HAS ESCAPED RECOGNITION BY CD8 T-cell RESPONSES IN BOTH CONVALESCENT PATIENTS AND RECIPIENTS OF COVID VACCINES. Read this line twice..  the host adaptive immune system protects against viral infection by selecting specific antigen receptors present on B-cells and T-cells.  SARS-CoV-2 CAN READILY ALTER ITS SPIKE PROTEIN VIA A SINGLE AMINO ACID SUBSTITUTION SO THAT IT IS NO LONGER RECOGNIZED BY CD8 T-cells TARGETING THE MOST PREVALENT SPIKE EPITOPE..  cytotoxic T lymphocytes kill their target cells primarily by releasing cytotoxic granules into the target cell.  COVID-19 VACCINES THAT CONTAIN INACTIVATED VIRUS OR SPIKE PROTEIN CANNOT PRODUCE A T CELLS RESPONSE, READ THIS LINE THRICE..  NEW VIRAL LINEAGES CONTAIN MUTATIONS THAT HELP THE VIRUS TO ESCAPE THE ANTIBODY RESPONSE GENERATED BY VACCINATION.  RECENT SARS-CoV-2 VARIANTS CONTAIN CHANGES, OR MUTATIONS, AT A KEY SITE ON THE SPIKE PROTEIN CALLED THE RECEPTOR-BINDING SITE (RBS).  SOME OF THESE MUTATIONS RENDER ANTIBODIES ELICITED AGAINST EARLIER VIRUS STRAINS LESS EFFECTIVE. THIS ALLOWS THE VARIANTS TO PARTIALLY ESCAPE THE IMMUNE RESPONSE PRODUCED AFTER VACCINATION OR PRIOR INFECTION. THESE VACCINES CANNOT EXTINGUISH THE COVID PANDEMIC...  proteins like the SARS-CoV-2 spike consist of long chains of building blocks called amino acids that fold into a specific shape.   a mutation in the viral genome can lead to an amino acid getting replaced by one of a different type. this can, in turn, alter the protein’s structure and function.  the spike protein mediates the initial stage of the SARS-CoV-2 infection process and is the structure that COVID-19 vaccines have been based on.   because of the intricate nature of the immune system, the innate system also provides cues in the forms of chemical signals (cytokines) or degraded products of infectious organisms (antigens) to activate the adaptive immune system, using a process known as “antigen presentation”. without these cues, the adaptive immune system cannot be activated.  the adaptive immune system has evolved to provide a more versatile and highly target-specific defence with an ability to distinguish very subtle differences in the make-up of infectious agents.   but the adaptive immune system is slow and can take several days before two key cell types – B cells and T cells – are brought into play.  CD4+ are helper T cells that help the activity of other immune cells by releasing cytokines.  the cytokines prime the maturation of b cells, which become plasma cells and produce antibodies to neutralise the pathogen. CD8+ cytotoxic T cells, on the other hand, directly kill infected cells..  once the adaptive immune system has vanquished the invader, a pool of long-lived memory T and B cells are made.   these memory lymphocytes remain dormant until the next time they encounter the same pathogen. This time, though, they produce a much faster and stronger immune reaction. memory is the key feature of the adaptive immune system, enabling long-term protection.  some of these multipotent cells subsequently become lymphoid progenitor cells that leave the bone marrow and travel to the thymus via the blood.  Once in the thymus, T lymphocytes undergo a selection process in which the majority of developing T cells (called thymocytes) will not survive.  #### .. AAA-  mRNA VACCINE ..  vaccines include: pfizer-biontech, moderna ..  number of doses required: 2 doses, intramuscular ..  vaccine consists of mRNA molecules made in a lab that code for parts of the SARS-CoV-2 virus – specifically the virus’ spike protein.  once injected into the body, the mrna instructs the cells to produce antigens – such as the spike protein mentioned – which are then detected by immune cells, triggering a response by the body’s lymphocytes. ..  the killer T-cells destroy the infected cells, while the B-cells and helper T-cells support antibody production. whoever is exposed to the same non-mutated COVID-19 coronavirus in the future would have an immune system that recognises it, and in turn fight off the infection.  challenges: as an unintended immune reaction ultra low temperature storage issues, this type of vaccine has never previously been licensed for humans…  ##### .. BBB- NON-REPLICATING VIRAL VECTOR ..  Vaccines include: Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sputnik V ..  Number of doses required: 2 doses, intramuscular ..  this type of vaccine introduces a , modified version of the virus – known as “the vector” – to deliver genetic code for the antigen. in a covid-19 vaccine, the “vector” is the spike proteins found on the surface of the coronavirus.  once the body’s cells are “infected”, the cells are instructed to produce a large amount of antigens, which in turn trigger an immune response. . can trigger a strong immune response as it also involves both B cells and T cells..  challenges: previous exposure to the vector could reduce effectiveness..  ###### ..  CCC- DNA vaccines work by injecting genetically engineered plasmid containing the dna sequence encoding the antigen(s) against which an immune response is sought, so the cells directly produce the antigen, thus causing a protective immunological response. DNA vaccines induce an adaptive immune response. the basic working principle behind any dna vaccine involves the use of a DNA plasmid that encodes for a protein that originated from the pathogen in which the vaccine will be targeted.


OM is the opening word in every Sanskrit vedic sruti or mantra .. ####   ####..  Muslims say 786 = Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.  Printed on the cover of every Koran.  it is  the first word in the Koran . It is nothing but the symbol of OM shown into a mirror and then read from right to left. .  ####   ####..  AMEN is derived from the Hebrew āmēn, which means “ supreme truth,” It is found in the Hebrew Bible, and in both the Old and New Testament.  SHALOM is a Hebrew word meaning wholeness can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye ..  Adam and eve is atman ( consciousness ) and jiva ( energy ) of the Indian vedas downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 70 centuries ago. . Vedas  deal with atman and brahmAn—the individual soul and its mother field ( god ) from where it was splintered off.  ####   ####..  Abraham and sara are nothing but hindu gods brahma and saraswati which are cosmic allegories.. the breath of brahma exhalation is creation of cosmos, the inhalation is pralaya or dissolution of cosmos.. saraswati is the primordial quasar which has the brilliance of a trillion suns from which we derive prana ..  One woman Jewess Helena , the mother of Hindu roman emperor Constantine the great , cooked up the Torah and the Bible with all its fake characters like Abraham/ Sara/ Moses/ Jesus/ Gabriel/ Adam/ Eve / Jacob / Noah etc in 325 ad at the first council of niceae. ####   #### … Jewess Helena founded the bullshit concept of Single Messiah ( middle man with god ) and Single Holy Book..  The problem is that she never envisaged an Internet age.. She could never imagine that a brown Blogger named Capt Ajit Vadakayil will tear asunder her lying , deceitful Kosher ass apart.  There was no religion on the planet other than Sanatana Dharma before 2950 years . Every ancient structure in Jerusalem is Hindu.. Today Muslims/ Jews/ Christians are fighting for it.  Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul was a Hindu temple.. Muslims and Christians must stop fighting over it.  ####    ####..  Objective moral values of Abrahamic religions are independent of the conscience of human beings. Natural justice or dharma is totally scuttled .. On the other hand subjective spirituality like Sanatana Dharma is rooted in natural justice and conscience.. No Hindu carries the subjective Bhagavad Gita around the way Muslims carry around their objective dogma laden Koran threatendendending blasphemy and death .. No Hindu will rush out of a temple after Friday noon prayer to kill non-beleiever kaffirs enmasse. Mehbooba Mufti told on TV that Muslims don’t rape, only Hindus rape.. she can watch this video below and then CATCH AND SWING .  ####   ####.. Hindu women jumped into the fire to fuse their vaginas as the Islamic invaders would rape even dead bodies of Hindu women who had committed suicide.. This is not SATI cooked up by Jew Rothschild..  Abrahamic religion priests can stop ridiculing that we Hindus worship a prick ( penis ) inset in a vagina .. Indeed we worship it an we are proud of it....  This is the divine phallus which provided the seed ( DNA ).. Imagine, the purpose of Haj pilgrimage in Mecca is just to kiss this prick ( black stone ).. Crypto Jew Zakir Naik who insults Hindu godscan fuck himself.. ####   ####.. Imagine he was the sidekick of Freemason and Turk Jew Adnan Oktar ( Harun Yahya )..who is now in jail for 1075 years .. ####   ####.. 33 vedic deities is the reason why the Islamic rosary called Misbahah , to keep track of counting of Tasbih has 33 beads, to perform dhikr ( tasbeeh/ tahmeed/ takbeer ).. 33 vedic deities is the reason why in precise Torah,  Elohim is written 33 times,  genesis' story of creation .. According to the Biblical numerology, the number 33 is used as a symbol of giving a promise to someone.. The 33rd time Noah's name is used in Abrahamic Scripture is when God makes a special covenant or promise with him. ####   ####...Lies wont work anymore.. A brown blogger is in town.. I can give hundreds of examples.. But what I said above is good enough..


somebody called me up and asked .. captain is PAKISTANI TERRORIST HAFIZ MUHAMMAD SAEED  who is a co-founder of lashkar-e-taiba (let) and the chief of jama'at-ud-da'wah (jud)  a jew ?  captain, you are the only human on this planet who can triangulate while sitting at the bindu looking outwards, factoring in the time axis.. INDEED HE IS A DALIT GUJJAR CRYPTO JEW.. sayyids are touted by jews as the descendants of mohammad, to grab power .. today 98 % of saayids are fake and their lineage cooked up by jew rothschild.. 85% of these cooked up sayyids are crypto jews..  MEHBOOBA MUFTI’S FATHER IS A CRYPTO JEW SAYYID.. THE MOTHER OF FAROOQ ABDULLAH IS THE JEWESS DAUGHTER OF ROTHSCHILD’S AGENT FRENCHMAN MICHAEL HARRY NEDOU.. SHE WAS THE WIFE OF JEW LAWRENCE OF ARABIA... JEWS ARE FIGHTING FOR MUSLIMS? WAH RAJAH WAAH.  sayyid is an honorific title like “sir”  denoting people who are descendants of the islamic prophet muhammad and his cousin and son-in-law ali ibn abi talib through his grandsons, hasan ibn ali and husayn ibn ali,31 sons of muhammad's daughter fatimah and ali.. these sayyids commanded immediate respect as very holy men who are stalwarts of islam... german jew rothschild created his own instant crypto jew sayyids to control the islamic world. so what else is new ?  I HAVE NEVER SEEN A SAYYID WHO HAS A ZEBIBA MARK ON HIS FOREHEAD OR HAS IT IN THE RIGHT PLACE.. ####   ####... female sayyids are given the titles sayyida.. in shia-islam the son of a non sayyid father and a sayyida mother claim the title mirza, whereas in sunni islam a son of a non sayyid father and a sayyida mother can claim the title sayyid or sharif. almost all mirzas and sharifs are crypto jews.. today there are millions of sayyids on this planet—all fake.  APUN BHI SAYYID, easy way to grab faalthu illegitimate power.. like i too saw babaji when i went to himalayas.. they don’t even know that mohammad the prophet’s father was the younger brother of the kerala aryan namboodiri priest ( in the payroll of the calicut king ) of the hindu shiva temple at mecca oasis..  prophet mohammad described his grandsons, hassan and hussain, as sayyids ( with malayali blood ).  THE SAYYIDS ARE BY DEFINITION A BRANCH OF THE HINDU BANU HASHIM CLAN..  rothschild’s historians write that sayyids are direct descends from ishmael , and collaterally descends from his paternal half-brother isaac, the sons of abraham (ibrahim)- who never existed..  the original koran penned down at the kodungallur mosque owned by the calicut king after the death of malayali mohammad , does not contain abrahamic religion heroes like moses/ jesus/ gabriel/ abraham / sara  etc.. on calicut king’s orders this original koran was buried under the hot dry desert sands of mali ( timbuctoo ) and is hence the most expensive book on the planet.. rothschild tried his best to destroy this original koran using french mercenary legionnaires , but failed…  rothschild has been doing hegelian dialectic in india since 1657 ad when he first infiltrated the royal court of shah jehan using crypto jews ..  THE SAYYID BROTHERS SYED HASSAN ALI KHAN BARHA AND SYED HUSSAIN ALI KHAN BARHA WERE CRYPTO JEWS AND AGENTS OF JEW ROTHSCHILD ..  ROTHSCHILD USED THE SAYYID BROTHERS TO GRAB POWER AFTER AURANGZEB'S DEATH IN 1707.  jew rothschild gave fake propaganda that the sayyid brothers were the descendants of the prophet muhammad through his daughter fatima . the sayyid brothers ensured that there was no strong mughal emperor after jew aurangazeb. . aurangzeb's son jew bahadur shah i defeated his brothers to capture the throne with the help of sayyid jew brothers..  bahadur shah i died in 1712, and his successor jahandar shah was assassinated on the orders of the sayyid jew brothers--who took orders from jew rothschild.. in 1713, the sayyid brothers installed farrukhsiyar as king. in 1719, the sayyid brothers blinded farrukhsiyar and installed rafi ud-darajat as king.  then the sayyid brothers poisoned king rafi ud darajat and installed rafi ud-darajat as king in 1719.. rothschild made muslims believe that jewish sayyid brothers held the authority of the prophet --after all he was same blood..  the sayyid brothers then poisoned king rafi ud-daulah and installed a 16 year old boy muhammad shah as puppet king.  jew rothschild now found that the sayyid brothers were not listening to him.  sayyid brothers were sons of jew syed abdullah khan who claimed to be of banu hashim clan of prophet muhammad and fooled aurangazeb by claiming he is descendant of ali-- fatimah's husband .  rothschild  got  crypto jew qamar-ud-din khan, asif jah i to murder the sayyid brothers .  ASIF JAH'S GRANDFATHER JEW KILICH KHAN WAS INJECTED INTO THE COURT OF SHAH JEHAN BY JEW ROTHSCHILD ..  JEW ASIF JAH WAS INSTALLED AS NIZAM OF HYDERABAD BY JEW ROTHSCHILD AND HE RULED FROM 1724 TO 1748.  TIPU SULTAN AND HIS FATHER HYDER ALI WERE BOTH FAKE SAYYID JEWS, CREATINS OF JEW ROTHSCHILD.. exactly 100 years after german jew rothschild infiltrated the royal court of shaj jehan , he conducted a hegelian dialectic by way of battle of plassey in 1757 ..  Jew Oswal Jagat Sheth was Rothschild’s opium drug runner. In the 1757 battle of Plassey the Seth sided with Rothschild and played a key role in bringing down Siraj ud-daulah . Opium trader Rothschild took over India vide the battle of Plassey in 1757..  The Battle of Plassey in 1757 was a BIG LIE..  The battle never took place. Siraj Ud Daula was killed before even a single shot was fired by his brother-in-law and army Commander Mir Jaffar, who was bribed by Rothschild employee Robert Clive..  Mir Jaffar was made a stooge Nawab and in return he gave a lot of Siraj Ud Daula's gold and diamonds for Robert Clive to take home personally in secrecy. .  BANU HASHIM CLAN WAS HINDU.  THE ORIGINAL SAYYIDS WERE ALL KERALA MALAYALIS ..  jew rothschild destroyed the graves of the original banu hashim sayyids at mecca and medina:--  --all graves of banu hashim in mecca.   .  --mahhalla complex of banu hashim, in mecca.  .  --the mosque at the grave of sayyid al-shuhada’ hamza ibn ‘abd al-muttalib.   . --mosque and tomb of sayyid imam al-uraidhi ibn ja‘far al-sadiq, destroyed by dynamite on august 13, 2002.   . --bayt al-ahzan of sayyida fatima, in medina…..    persecution of hindu banu hashim( direct descendents of the prophet) were done  initially by umayyads and later by abbasids who took them as a threat to their power. the prophet muhammad,  was born in mecca around 570 ce.  his namboodiri father died before he was born, and muhammad was put under the care of his grandfather, head of the prestigious banu hashim pagan clan.   his mother died when he was six, and his grandfather when he was eight, leaving him under the care of his namboodiri uncle abu talib, the new head of the clan and the head priest of the mecca shiva temple.  . his uncle was also in charge of the customs free trade post. the quraysh pagan ( hindu ) tribe monopolized the spice route.  banu hashim was the sub-clan( of  banu quraysh)  of banu abd manaf, clan of hashim, the prophet muhammad's great-grandfather..  ####   ####...  the quraysh were a rich and powerful pagan  merchant tribe that controlled mecca oasis .  the islamic prophet, muhammad was born into the banu hashim clan of the quraysh tribe. access  to the pagan  idol was controlled by the quraysh tribe ..  muhammad in 630 ce, he removed all idols of  pagan ( hindu ) gods from the temple at mecca oasis.  abū ṭālib ibn ‘abd al-muṭṭalib( 539 – 619) was the namboodiri uncle of muhammad and chief priest of mecca shiva temple and respected  leader of the banu hashim, a clan of the pagan hindu quraysh tribe of mecca ..   abu talib was known for his wisdom ..  abu talib did not convert to islam despite muhammad’s best efforts .   both uncle and nephew loved each other dearly..  abū ṭālib was a brother of muhammad's father, 'abdullāh ibn abdul-muttalib, who had died before muhammad's birth..  the hindu quraysh elicited the support of other hindu tribes to boycott trading with or marrying members of the banu hashim lineage. .  this boycott started seven years after muhammad first received revelation and lasted for three years..  abū ṭālib's died in 619, at more than 80 years of age. muhammad was protected for 42 years by his namboodiri uncle abu talib, a powerful brahmin who never accepted islam..  abu talib was married to fatimah bint asad. . they had four sons and two daughters..  after aminah's death when muhammad  was six, he was taken care of by his namboodiri grandfather, `abdul muttalib.   after namboodiri hindu `abdul muttalib's death when muhammad was eight years old, his uncle, abu talib, became his guardian.   abu talib used to take muhammad on his mercantile spice trips to as far as syria to oman .  at the deathbed of abu talib, muhammad urged his uncle to confesse to allah, even though deathbed confession is not acceptable in islam.  .  abu talib died a pagan hindu ..  abu bakr was the the father-in-law of prophet muhammad. .  he became the first muslim caliph following muhammad's death.   abu bakr was born in mecca some time in 573, to a very rich spice trade hindu family in the banu taym, clan of the quraysh tribe..  bahadur shah i died in 1712, and his successor jahandar shah was killed on the orders of the sayyid brothers.   bahadur shah's death followed a war of succession among his four sons, jahandar shah, azim-us-shah, jahan shah and rafi-is-shah. jalandar shah killed his 3 brothers to ascend the throne .  azim-us-shah's son farrukhsiyar killed his uncle and ascended the throne.  in 1719, the brothers blinded, deposed and murdered farrukhsiyar..  sayyid brothers were soon killed by muhammad shah.   ahmad shah, son of muhammad shah, was blinded in 1754 by the wazir ghazi-ud-din imad-ul-mulk.. alamgir ii (1754 - 1759) was killed by ghazi-ud-din imad-ul-mulk's orders.   shah alam ii (1759 - 1806) blinded by the afghan chief gulam qadir.   bahadur shah-ii was falsely accused by the british of treason and rebellion and exiled to burma. his descendants were beheaded and heads presented to him on a platter –  -- and the glorious mughal empire was swept away once and for all..  HARDLY ANYBODY KNOWS THAT MOGHUL EMERORS AFTER HUMAYUN ( BABURS SON ) WERE ALL JEWS..   humayuns wife was a jewess..  humayun’s wife and akbar’s mother was hamida banu begum..  jew mirza zul quarnain, was an adopted son of akbar and his armenian jewess wife. he was well versed in malayalam and portuguese..   emperor jahangir conferred on him the title of amir. mirza baby was a conduit for jesuit jews in goa. mirza was also a poet, singer and playwright, and he composed verses in urdu and persian…    jew sir thomas roe was planted in jehangir’s court from 1615 to 1618,  as british ambassador to  jahangir.   at the mughal court, roe got jehangir addicted to laudanum ( opium / alcohol/ codein mix )—and extracted all his secrets during  their daily night drinking sessions.    he sweet talked him into employing fake crypto jew sayyids as clerics and poets.   british jewess frances steele webbe  was a secret mistress of emperor jehangir.    he gave kosher company to jahangirs  mother  jewess dona maria mendes  ( mariam uz zamani )  , wife of akbar..  when shah jahan  knew he was dying, he praised jew sayyid sayyid muhammad qanauji for his faithful service and asked if there was any way he could reward him. sayyid asked him to forgive his son aurangzeb (1618–1707), and the emperor reluctantly agreed. .  the syed can be found among both shia and sunni muslims double wah rajah waah. sayyid boys' names generally end in "ali" or "husain," and occasionally in "shah.".  MANY OF THE PASHTUN KHAN JEW  PATHAN TRIBES, CLAIM SAYYID ORIGIN.  SIR SYED AHMAD KHAN WAS  A JEW..  in afghanistan the crypto jew sayyids control much of the commerce, as their holy character allows them to pass unharmed..  the sayyids had a short-lived dynasty in india, which reigned at delhi during the first half of the fifteenth century. their name again figures in indian history at the breakup of the mogul empire, when two sayyid brothers created and dethroned emperors at their will. in 1901 the total number of sayyids in india was 1,339,734. this number included many well-known and influential families. the first muslim appointed to the council to india and the first appointed to the privy council were both jewish sayyids..  PAKISTAN IS INFESTED WITH FAKE SAYYIDS 99% ARE DALITS CONVERTS—GIVEN THE TITLE BY JEW ROTHSCHILD.  pakistan was safe place for syeds after the independence from british rule.. never mind they did not get ZAKAT DOLE.  in saudi arab and egypt their is no culture of using sayyid as family name. rather these crypto jews  use al-shareef or al-shareefah before their name. .  rothschild created urdu language for his crypto jew sayyids who claimed to be descenants of mohammad the prophet.. saayyids wrecked the mughal empire from within for rothschild..  many of the early crypto jew sufi saints that came to uttar pradesh claimed to be  sayyid . urdu was created for muslim kayasthas in mughal courts who worked in the payroll of jew rothschild..  rothschild wrecked the mighty mughal empire from within using his urdu speaking kayastha agents..  patriot gaddaffi had ousted a crypto jew king of libya king idris ( el sayyid prince muhammad idris bin muhammad al-mahdi as-senussi) --installed by rothschild..  british collector henryvalentine_conolly is credited for planting the nilambur teak plantation- we are taught this in school– to be grateful . this plantation existed since antiquity..  the guy who got him killed was a fake jew sayyid imported by jew rothschild..  the father sayyid son duo are heroes for north kerala muslims.. mambaram is a major pilgrimage centre .  german jew rothschild who ruled India used his agent sayyid fazal pookoya thangal to drive a wedge between hindus and mappilas ( half breed muslims ) in north Malabar Kerala… he did it well and as a reward was made king of dhofar ( south of oman / north of yemen ), but locals drove him away after a few months ..   sayyid fazal pookoya thangal got the white collector of calicut hv conolly murdered for writing a detailed report that his father mamburam sayyid alavi thangal was the spearhead of hindu/ muslim riots and grabbing hindu lands .. . fazals father sayyid alavi thangal ( a koran expert at age 8 – and who was fluent in malayalam ) from dhofar , was first introduced by jew rothschild to north kerala , at the age of 17 as a 30th descendant of mohammad the prophet . . He drove wedges between peacefully co-existing hindus and muslims. He masterminded several riots where lands of hindus were grabbed ( example eranad/ paruthan riots ) ..  jew rothschild cooked up “sayyid” and imported to kerala mamburam sayyid alavi thangals dargah ( died 1845 ) at mambaram jama masjid , malappuram is now the largest islamic pilgrimage centre for indian muslims.  rothschild make the sayyid son Fazal  , the king of dhofar ( south coastal belt of oman –north coastal belt of yemen ) .. the king of calicut owned dhofar and twin ports salalah and gwadar .  the kingdom of dhofar ( south of oman to north of yemen ) was owned by the calicut king — — the calicut king owned the mecca oasis– the calicut king owned gwadar port( balochistan / pakistan )..  the ports where the spice laden ships of the calicut king unloaded spices was at salalah and gwadar.. from salalah ( in modern day oman ) spices went by overland camel route to mecca oasis where there was a shiva temple ( kaaba today ) . this oasis was a free trade spice outpost..  from here spices went to the mediterranean by camels–to palestine ..  from the sea ports of palestine white jews took over the spices to be taken in ships to europe.. these ships were owned first by the family of portuguese jewess gracia mendes nasi and german jew rothschild..  ships of gracia mendes nasi family loaded spices from constantinople ( turkey ) for sale in Europe..  ships of rothschild loaded spices from palestine and batumi ( georgia — khazaria) for onward transmission to europe.  after calicut kings ships unloaded spices in gwadar, the overland mules and camels took over for transport to batumi ( georgia ) and constantinople ( turkey )..  these ports in israel/ turkey / georgia prospered as spices were more valuable than gold those days –when there was no refrigeration and meat became baku, there was a temple ay gwadar with eternal flame .. this temple was swallowed up by an upheaval..  from gwadar port ( privately owned by the calicut king –like salalah in oman ) spices went by overland route right up to constantinople ( turkey ) and batumi in georgia ).  this devi temple ( where satis head fell ) at gwadar was a shaktipeetham like baku.  this spot is not the temple of hinglaj mata , the patron goddess of aghoris ( sic ) — as tom tommed by the white invader.


sometime ago when jayalalithaa was already dead and hooked on to an ECMO machine i watched india’s no 1 celebrity doctor naresh trehan with an ECMO machine explaining the function.. a kerala nurse could have done better.  i then posted a blog on ecmo machine , warning all not to pull the wool over the eyes of the public.. within hours of publishing the post below, apollo hospital declared jayalalithaa dead… ####   ####..  celebrity doctors who come on tv to give faalthu funda about covid pandemic be warned..   you can impress the chutney mary / pickle john pot hole journalists.. vadakayil will tie you up in knots which will remain till you reach your grave. i will disgrace you forever… check out the link below..  ####   ####..  indian doctors have been recklessly administering  corticosteroids (i.e. dexamethasone, hydrocortisone or prednisone) orally / intravenously for the treatment of patients with covid-19..  capt ajit vadakayil says that it is wrong to administer corticosteroids in the treatment of patients with non-severe covid-19 ..  steroid treatment should be reserved for sickest covid-19 patients who are drowning in the cytokine storm syndrome and on the verse of kissing their asses goodbye.. as a last resort.  the need of the hour would be s a fast, reliable, and inexpensive test to measure cytokines and identify patients who are most likely to benefit from dexamethasone treatment.  cytokine storms develop when excess or abnormally regulated levels of cytokine proteins in the body lead to hyperinflammation and tissue damage.  ####   ####..  ####   ####..  while dexamethasone and other steroids are prescribed to treat CYTOKINE STORMS, they said these drugs can backfire in patients whose immune response is already suppressed..  corticosteroids are a class of steroid hormones released by the adrenal cortex, which includes glucocorticoids. the term “corticosteroids” is generally used to refer to glucocorticoids.  corticosteroids decreased low affinity memory t cells by suppressing fatty acid metabolism essential for memory t cells .  glucocorticoids suppress the immune system in numerous ways and by interfering with the function of multiple cell types including suppression of T CELL function . glucocorticoids prevent B CELL lymphocytes activation, proliferation and release of immunoglobulins ..  the short-term early use of corticosteroid could suppress the immune cells, which may prolong sars-cov-2 shedding in patients with covid-19 ..  dexamethasone  is a corticosteroid. it is used to treat inflammation of the skin, joints, lungs, and other organs ..  corticosteroids reduce/ suppress  the activity of the immune system.  people taking steroids,  will have a slower, weaker response to covid vaccination..  spike proteins, found on the surface of the virus, are what enable the virus to attach to and enter human cells, and all current vaccines are directed against them ..  WHO / US CDC/ NIH/ IMA/ ICMR/ DGHS/ DCGI/ dr soumya swaminathan / dr antony fauci/ bill gates are criminally suppressing the use of ivermectin..  heads wll roll, we the people watch every inch of your movements.   ivermectin docked in the region of leucine 91 of the sars-cov-2 spike protein and histidine 378 of the host cell ace-2 receptor blocks its entry into the host cell.  only ivermectin can prevent the third wave.. the vaccinated people who are devil’s workshops to mutate the virus need it more. ####   ####.. ####   ####... ####   ####...


BBC WAS RIDICULING YOGA AND AYURVEDA A FEW HOURS AGO, SHOWCASING INDIAN HINDUS AS SAVAGES.. bbc showed half naked hindus doing surya namsakar ( a yoga asana ) smeared with cow shit on face and body.  sorry , surya namaskar is done with clean body.. it prevents covid.  then they showed a hindu who said he eats cow shit to prevent covid. Listen PANCHGAVYA is a organic fertilizer not a medicine for humans..  we indian sip a teaspoon of fresh humped cow serum urine which has biodegradable NANO GOLD COLLOIDS ( to prevent cure covid ) . recently deep state agent trisha shetty, who rubs shoulders with us presiden/ queen of england/ un chief etc ( for throwing shit on india/ hindus )  implied that yoga is gymnastics, while ayurveda is “snake oil” fraud. .  yoga is not gymnastics like what the west thinks when you tie yourself into pretzel knots.  yoga is an alchemical process of balancing and transforming energies of the psyche..  the science of brain breathing is known as swara yoga.. the two hemispheres of our brain do not work in a synchronised way. when the left (the analytical, rational and logical brain) is working at full speed, the right side (the synthetic, irrational and intuitive brain) slows, and vice versa..  the ancient rishis called the negative flow ida and the positive flow pingala. the maharishis of yore knew the techniques to channelize bio-energy or prana throughout the body. . ida rules the left nostril. pingala rules the right nostril..  the objective of yogas deep diaphragmatic pranayama breathing training is to restore proper breathing biochemistry (co2 levels), establish proper rhythm of breathing (reducing breath holding), lower respiratory rate, increase breathing depth, transfer the focus of breathing from chest to diaphragm, encourage nasal breathing, relax diaphragm during exhalation, reduce accessory muscle activity, and establish a high vagal tone..  deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises (e.g. pranayama breathing) can enhance parasympathetic (inhibit neural responses) tone, decrease sympathetic (excitatory) nervous activity, improve respiratory and cardiovascular function, decrease the effects of stress, and improve physical and mental health.. the MMMMMM GENERATES NITRIC OXIDE–the magic molecule.. the bhramari pranayama breathing technique derives its name from the black indian bumblebee called bhramari.  NITRIC OXIDE IS PRODUCED BY EPITHELIAL CELLS IN THE PARANASAL SINUSES. . lack of prana makes you lose REM sleep..  ONLY NITRIC OXIDE CAN PREVENT COVID, NOT VACCINES.  yoga must be done when your body is earthed, it is about electrically neutralising FREE RADICALS. yoga to cleanse the lymph nodes..  ayurveda relies on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health.. ayurveda is a complete way of life.  ayurveda improves not only a person's health, but also their well being, behaviour and state of mind.  ayurveda uses only organic herbs grown in snake groves and nano gold colloids which breach the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER and are biodegradable.   ayurveda is prevention-oriented, is free from harmful side-effects and treats the root cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms.  ayurveda views illness as caused by an imbalance in a person's physical or mental constitution and therefore seeks to gently bring a person's body and mind back into a healthy balance.. in ayurveda, body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance.  ayurveda taught how to plug prana leaks and redirect it.. lack of prana makes you lose rem sleep and behave like a chrons laden asshole.  throughout the human body are 108 secret marma points that are used for healing in ayurveda ( or to destroy in kalari ).. .. marmas are used therapeutically in ayurveda/ kalari to bring in a shift of consciousness in the cells..  ayurveda was the first to write about AUTOPHAGY.. literally self eating -- it’s the body’s system of cleaning house: your cells create membranes that hunt out scraps of dead, diseased, or worn-out cells; gobble them up; strip them for parts; and use the resulting molecules for energy or to make new cell parts…  autophagy makes us more efficient machines to get rid of faulty parts, stop cancerous growths, and stop metabolic dysfunction like obesity and diabetes.. the process plays a hand in controlling inflammation and immunity.  jew edward jenner stole his vaccination from ancient ayurveda. we used leeches as injection syringes to vaccinate egyptian pharoahs 12000 years ago.... this ides was stolen by jew edward jennner.there is no better medicine for jaundice ( liver regeneration ) than kizhar nelli , even today.  or papaya leaf juice for increasing the blood platelet count in a jiffy- like magic.  surya namaskar is a way to absorb vitamin d and generate nitric oxide.   surya namaskar boosts your body immunity. this post below is the most widely read post among my 1738 blogposts—93% by foreigners. ####   ####... suryanamaskar without its associated sanskrit mantras aint no suryanamaskar at all.  it is most important to utter the mantras which secrete nitric oxide with every suryanamaskar pose. it improves REM sleep.  uttering OMMMMM ( drag the MMMM ) in low altitude sunrise facing the sun boosts the production of NITRIC OXIDE , the magic molecule.   surya namaskar gives a massage to your VAGUS NERVE, due to the deep diaphragmatic belly breathing involved. yoga mastered the VAGUS NERVE and drove body LYMPH FLUIDS WHICH HAVE NO PUMP like the heart .  nitric oxide is involved in the regulation of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and central nervous system function..  in 6000 year old mahabharata there is a reference to arjuna being told to do surya namaskar by lord krishna to overcome his depression,  sleep problems and general alertness .  after the first day the whole army ( both sides joined in )..  people who do suryanamaskar will never get decadent. suryanamaskar does dna repair. modern doctors and allopathy do not know of cellular level medicine. endocrinology is in its infancy…  surya namaskar  helps your body maintain its circadian rhythm.  your circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that regulates biochemical, physiological, and behavioral processes and makes you feel tired when it’s dark outside. .  exposure to low altitude sunlight by suryanamaskar  in the makes it easier to fall asleep. the key to quality rem sleep is optimizing the secretion of melatonin. the pineal gland is responsible for the secretion of melatonin..  many diseases which modern doctors call “ genetic “ ( auto immune diseases ) can be cured by surya namaskar. vitamin d along with surya namaskar mantras will optimize > 20% ( > 4000-  6,000) of your total genes - even if you inherited a rotten “deck of gene cards”..  white jews with thin upper lip, jews who have inherited warped dna because their ancestors were cannibals must know this. even homosexuality can be cured by suryanamaskar.  jews do not have to suffer from chron’s disease where they use toilet paper on 5 assholes on their bottom after a shit.  surya namaskar triggered vitamin d is able to enter cancer cells and trigger apoptosis (cell death). if your body has ample vitamin d levels, it helps reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.   our 400 centuryies old vedas  expound the chakra system which  has recognized light energy frequencies in the body..  every chakra correlates functioning of specific ductless endocrine glands to a color in the light spectrum (and to musical notes), thus effecting the body’s hormonal production..   we are human photocells and without sunlight as a biological nutrient, there is no health. your body requires vitamin d to absorb calcium. when we don’t get enough calcium for our body’s needs, it is taken from our bones causing osteoporosis . calcium helps our blood clot, nerves send messages and muscles contract . about 99 percent of the calcium in our bodies is in our bones and teeth. each day, we lose calcium through our skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine and feces, but our bodies cannot produce new calcium. obesity is associated with vitamin d deficiency with the human body accumulating fat as vitamin d levels fall. having enough vitamin d in your body is essential to reducing your risk of every disease that we know of. every single one, -- mind you.  vitamin d and calcium work in tandem as PER 6200 YEAR OLD AYURVEDA TEXT CHARAKA SAMHITA .  suryanamaskar prevents onset of diabetes type 2 as sunlight controls blood sugar level.  latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) is a highly heterogeneous disease and the most common form of adult-onset autoimmune diabetes. ####   ####... when the sun shines on the skin, the nerve endings absorb energy and send it throughout the entire body.  this calms the nerves. when the sun hits your skin it manufactures vitamin d in your body and then works as a great natural aid to calcium absorption. calcium soothes the nervous system..  i had several invitations to take up a shore job in scandinavian and european countries. my stock answer was -  “ Balls I am gonna stay in a place , which is fuckin' cold and dark and screw mE SUPRACHIASMATIC NUCLEUS !”..  when your skin is exposed to the sun, it produces vitamin d and sends it to your liver. if you take supplements or eat foods that contain vitamin d, your gut also sends the vitamin d to your liver. from here, your liver changes it to a substance called 25(OH)D..  at 70 years of age, the average person has approximately 30% of the capacity to generate vitamin d from sunlight that a 20-year old has. .  the “master clock” that controls circadian rhythms consists of a group of nerve cells in the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or scn.    the scn contains about 20,000 nerve cells and is located in the hypothalamus. the scn receives information about incoming light. when there is less light—like at night—the scn tells the brain to make more melatonin so you get drowsy.  even if you eat foods that contain a lot of calcium and phosphorus, without enough vitamin d, you can’t absorb them into your body.  when your doctor talks about your vitamin d levels, he means the amount of 25(oh)d you have in your blood.  to know your vitamin d level, there is a simple blood test called 25(OH)D, or 25-hydroxyvitamin D.  the biologically active form of vitamin d is 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25(OH)2 D).  decreased levels of 1,25(OH)2 D can result from chronic kidney disease, and severe vitamin D deficiency. the decrease of 1,25(OH)2 D level is more prominent when kidney failure progresses..  the active form of vitamin d, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 [1,25(OH)2D3], has been shown to inhibit the development of autoimmune diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and several asshole disease chrons ( monopolized by jews ) . .  in fact, vitamin d does nothing by itself; it’s completely inactive. . vitamin d travels through the bloodstream to the liver, where it’s turned into 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (25(OH)D or calcidiol).    This is a prohormone or precursor for the vitamin D hormone.  the vitamin d prohormone travels through the bloodstream to the kidneys, where it’s turned into the active form, 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol (1,25(OH)2 D3 or calcitriol).  1,25(OH)2 D3 is the active vitamin d hormone. it is released back into the bloodstream where it then regulates how your body uses calcium and phosphorus. because the liver and the kidneys are involved in the production of calcitriol, diseases of these organs may affect your ability to make this hormone.  kidneys produce most of the calcitriol that ends up in the blood.   the best understood role for calcitriol is in the control of how your body uses calcium and phosphorus to make strong bones.  vitamin d isn’t a vitamin at all. it’s a steroid hormone that influences virtually every cell in your body.  those with low vitamin d levels were more likely to have type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome, regardless of their weight. vitamin d and calcium supplementation in combination ( CHOONA LIME IN PAAN / yoghurt of humped cow a2 milk ) with suryanamskar exercise can prevent pre-diabetes from progressing into full-blown diabetes. vitamin d fights infections, as it regulates the expression of genes that influence your immune system to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses.  the immune cells use vitamin d and that they activate vitamin d. the immune system is primed with vitamin d in order to help fight infections.  vitamin d is a potent immune modulator, making it very important for the prevention of autoimmune diseases, like inflammatory bowel disease. as per 6200 year old ayurveda text charaka samhita 85% of diseases originate in the human gut.  countries with the highest calcium consumption like sweden have the highest rates of osteoporosis -known as the "calcium paradox”. western civilization vastly overconsumes calcium.  useless humpless western cows giving toxic a1 milk .  ####   ####...  THE IDEAL CALCIUM TO MAGNESIUM RATIO FOR THE HUMAN BODY SHOULD BE 1:1.  .  too much calcium, depletes magnesium levels.  HUMPLESS COW A1 MILK'S CALCIUM/ MAGNESIUM RATIO IS 10:1.    every 1 part of calcium will use up 1 part of magnesium, in order to be assimilated.   by relying on such HUMPLESS cow's milk for calcium, you will have magnesium deficiency and imbalance.  too much calcium can contribute to depression and irritability, whereas magnesium helps your brain make the calming and feel good chemical called dopamine.  depression and anxiety can begin with an imbalance of calcium and magnesium.  magnesium is anti-inflammatory and a de-toxifier. magnesium is the master molecule of the human body and is needed in over 300 different process the body performs. it is the catalyst of life.  stress causes magnesium to be flushed out through the urine or bowels . deficiency of magnesium causes the body to accumulate toxins, degenerate quickly and premature aging leading to a host of other diseases.  72% of migraines are related calcium magnesium imbalance. magnesium is required for the body to produce and store energy. without magnesium there is no energy, no movement, no life. it is that simple .  magnesium permits a small amount of calcium to enter a nerve cell, just enough to allow electrical transmission along the nerves to and from the brain, then forces it back outside. even our thoughts, via brain neurons, are dependent on magnesium.  magnesium compounds keep calcium in solution.  if you are deficient in magnesium, you can get kidney or gall stones that contain insoluble forms of calcium. calcium represents a congealing or cementing quality, while magnesium represents dissolution or flexibility.  i know when to use calcium and magnesium in my green lawn.  Serotonin is a natural antidepressant, but your brain needs magnesium in order to make serotonin.  Low serotonin production can cause a number of symptoms including depression, obsessive thinking, and anxiety. When you're under stress your body loses more magnesium than usual.  vitamin d is the gatekeeper, while vitamin k as the traffic cop, directing the traffic to where it needs to go.  vitamin d is fat-soluble--meaning some dietary fat is necessary for its absorption like virgin coconut oil  or humped cow ghee.  the ratio of calcium to magnesium has to be 1:1, as compared with a 15:1 ratio in present-day diets.  magnesium is essential for thousands of enzymes in the body and may be said to represent enzyme strength, while calcium represents structural strength or bone strength. .  6200 year old ayurveda text charaka samhita dwelled on the calcium magnesium ratio. some of kerala women festivals were all about calcium/ magnesium ration food intake and easing menstrual pain.  ####   ####...  magnesium is essential for proper insulin levels. you cannot produce insulin, you cannot secrete insulin, and your cells cannot recognize insulin without proper levels of magnesium. excess calcium reduces magnesium.  calcium and magnesium work together in muscle contraction and relaxation.  if magnesium isn't available, the mineral ion channels in cells are left wide open and calcium floods in leading to it's calcification. loss of magnesium leads to a relentless increase of sodium and calcium which ultimately becomes the greatest form of cellular "stress”.  . refined gm oils and refined sugar  remove all magnesium.   the human body is equipped to absorb dietary magnesium sources from organic foods and not from pills , tablets and processed foods.  In tv reality shows like BIGG BOSS they keep the contestants low in magnesium so that they fight and behave in a stupid manner in the name of entertainment. .  GREEN REVOLUTION HAS BROUGHT DOWN THE LEVEL OF MAGNESIUM.   the father of green revolution was a deep state agent tamil iyengar jew ms swaminathan. his daughter dr soumya swaminathan ( agent of vaccine lobby ) is now the chief scientist of who pushing india into mRNA vaccines. mass bathing in ganges during kumbh mela is to INCREASE THE POPULATION OF BACTERIOPHAGES in the river water.. we hindus sip the ganges water as bacteriophages give us immunity. ganges is the only river on this planet which have bacteriophages.  the west is inundated by allergy problems due to C-SECTION , IVF DELIVERIES and lack of breast feeding .. in hindu tradition when a baby boy is born, the father is not allowed to handle the baby till the 16 day.. On the 16th day, the father takes a bath, puts some ganges water ( containing bacteriophages ) on his scalp and squeezes some water from his hair from his kudumi ( shika ) into the babys mouth .. after that he will cuddle the child allowing skin to skin contact.. this is no savage superstition.  BALLS TO JEWISH DEEP STATE RACKETEER BBC..BASTARDS ! WE ASK MODI TO PUNISH EVIL BBC.


####   ####...  i ask my readers..  evil google deleted most of my 26th revelations ( made in eight covid specific blog posts ).  but my 27th revelation is being held true..   as usual someone else will claim my intellectual rights..  #################..  Capt. Ajit Vadakayil  July 1, 2021 at 7:28 AM.. somebody called me up and cried…. captain….  you are the only thinker on this planet--..  why is covishield ( astrazeneca ) and pfizer/ moderna ( mrna vaccines ) causing blood clots?....  captain you are not a hen, but you are the best judge of an omelette… balls to these stupid ima and their doctors….  listen-..  the who chief ethiopian politician tedros is not even a doctor.. indians who have the same degree as this slave of bill gates drive auto rickshaws and serve as salesmen and waiters….  i have made more than 26 original revelations about covid-- the first on the planet….   now let me make my 27th revelation…  listen…. COVID VACCINES ARE MEANT TO BE INTRA MUSCULAR….  THIS VACCINE MUST NEVER EVER BE INJECTED INTO A BLOOD VESSEL OR CAPILLARY….  muscles have good vascularity, and therefore allowing injected drug to reach systemic circulation quickly, bypassing the first-pass metabolism..  from what i can see on tv ( both indian and foreign ) the vaccine is being injected intravascularly, subcutaneously or intradermally …  intramuscular injection of the deltoid muscle should be given along a line drawn vertically downwards from the mid acromion of the upper arm side..  injecting a vaccine into the layer of subcutaneous fat with poor vascularity resulting in slow mobilisation and processing of antigen leading to vaccine failure..   the antigen may take longer to reach the circulation after being deposited in fat, delaying presentation to t and b cells that are essential for immune response. in addition, there is a risk that the antigens may be denatured by enzymes if they remain subcutaneously for prolonged period.  subcutaneous injections can lead to localised cellulitis, granuloma formation and abscess.  in india heart problems and water in lungs after covishied vaccine is being suppressed by the doctors.  intramuscular injection is best given on the buttock making sure the sciatic verve is not punctured..  ####   ####... the first time i gave an injection to an aged sailor on the buttock, the sharp needle bounced off his ass three times ( tough skin )..  then whatever i pumped in came out like a fountain..  after that i have learnt to slide the outskin layer epidermis inject and then release .. MOST STUPID NURSES AND DOCTORS ARE LIFTING THE EPIDERMIS ( OUTER LAYER ) AND DERMIS ( MIDDLE LAYER ) BEFORE INJECTION .. THIS IS WRONG.. THE EPIDERMIS MUST BE SLID TO ONE SIDE..  we ask the health minister to train doctors and nurses about the “ z-track method” ..  ####   ####...  by leaving a zigzag path that seals the needle track, this technique prevents drug leakage into the subcutaneous tissue, helps seal the drug in the muscle, and minimizes skin irritation. .  there was a time when two doctors failed me as a heart patient.. i told them to fuck themselves.. ####   ####...  THIS PLANET IS SHORT OF THINKERS.. AAARRRGGHH PPTTHHEEEOOOYYYYYYY .  Capt ajit vadakayil..  ####################..  here is my 28th revelation ( medical covid specific ).. i have made more than 10,000 original non-medical revelations. .  THERE IS NO COVID PANDEMIC .. IT IS A LIE FOISTED ON PEOPLE.. WHOEVER PANICKED AND WENT TO HOSPITALS DIED DUE TO EXCESSIVE USE OF OXYGEN ( HUMAN BODY REQUIRED AIR WITH NITROGEN ) / STEROIDS AND DANGEROUS MEDICINE COMBINATIONS .. ####   ####... MORE PEOPLE HAVE DIED ON COVID VACCINE THAN THE DISEASE ITSELF.. I HAVE TOLD THIS SEVERAL TIMES.. I HAVE MENTIONED AT LEAST TEN TIMES ABOUT HOW WHO DELIBERATELY WANTED RT-PCR TESTS AT HIGH CYCLIC RATE TO PRODUCE FALSE POSITIVES..  THIS IS THE REASON WHY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED OF OTHER CAUSES ( IGNORANT DOCTORS MURDERING PEOPLE IN HOSPITALS ) HAVE BEEN ADDED TO COVID STATISTICS.. below is a revelation of rt-pcr tests cycles being too high , as set by useless org WHO.  ################## …  Capt. Ajit Vadakayil  May 16, 2021 at 9:30 PM ..  somebody called me up and cried..  captain..  1) why did google delete you blogposts on covid thrice? ..  2) what is this bullshit about "there is no need to test covid patients with rt-pcr prior discharge from hospital? "..  well..  MY POSTS WERE DELETED BECAUSE I TOLD THE CUNTS IN WHO / US CDC THAT RT-PCR TESTS AT 45 CYCLES ( SET BY WHO ) WILL GIVE "FALSE POSITIVE" AS THE TEST IS TOO SENSITIVE..  A HEALTHY MAN CAN HOLD A MANGO IN HIS HAND AND BOTH WILL TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19..  KARY MULLIS WAS MURDERED AND HIS PATENT WAS STOLEN AND HIJACKED.  IT IS A LIE THAT RT-PCR TEST CAN DETECT COVID..  ####   ####...  ####   ####..  100% PATIENTS TESTED FOR COVID AFTER HOSPITALIZATION TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID WITH RT-PCR TEST..  THE CRIME HERE IS THAT ALMOST ALL OF THEM HAD "BLACK FUNGUS" INSIDE THEIR NOISE AND THROATS.. this is what i wrote in part 6 of my covid blog series , one of the deleted posts..  ####   ####...  #############  QUOTE---  people will not be contagious if it takes more than 25 cycles to find the virus..  ANY TEST WITH A CYCLE THRESHOLD ABOVE 30 IS TOO SENSITIVE ..  KOSHER EVIL PHARMA AND WHO WANTED 45 CYCLES. WHERE FINE DUST IN YOUR NOSE IS CONSTRUED AS CORONAVIRUS..  At 25 cycles the original material has been multiplied 33,554,432 times..  At 30 cycles the original material has been multiplied 1,073,741,824 times..  At 40 cycles the original material has been multiplied 1,099,511,627,776 times..  chaiwaala modi will not do anything unless his jewish masters approve...he has the biggest faaalthu ego on this planet.. he wants white jews to praise him..  in order to discover the virus, reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (rt-pcr) devices amplify the sample’s genetic material in cycles..  THE TEST — REVERSE TRANSCRIPTION POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION, OR RT-PCR — IS SO SENSITIVE IT CAN PICK UP DEBRIS FROM AN OLD INFECTION. THE TEST CAN BE POSITIVE EVEN AFTER SOMEONE HAS CLEARED THE LIVE ORGANISM..  PEOPLE WILL NOT BE CONTAGIOUS IF IT TAKES MORE THAN 25 CYCLES TO FIND THE VIRUS. .  WE DO NOT NEED 45 CYCLES WHICH IS A KOSHER VACCINE MAKERS CONSPIRACY..  ANY THING MORE THAN 35 CYCLES COULD BE ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION..  ABOVE 25 CYCLES IT STARTS PICKING UP HARMLESS INACTIVE DNA FRAGMENTS…  AT 25 CYCLES IF YOU HAVE NO SYMPTOMS, A POSITIVE TEST SIMPLY MEANS IT HAS DETECTED INACTIVE VIRAL DNA IN YOUR BODY. THIS WOULD ALSO MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS AND POSE NO RISK TO ANYONE…  RT/ PCR TESTS RECOMMENDED BY THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ( SLAVE TO BILL GATES ) ARE SET TO 45 CYCLES… crucially for the economy, it means that thousands of people are being sent into 10-day quarantines faalthu mein, after positive rna tests DESPITE HAVING ALREADY PASSED THE TRANSMISSIBLE STAGE OF INFECTION ..  THE DEATH RATE DUE TO COVID-19 IN INDIA IS VERY LESS.   it is ridiculous to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy indians with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects. --- UNQUOTE..  #############  this is the reason why google red flagged my blogsite..  pm modi and health minister hardhvardhan ( darlings of bill gates and the vaccine lobby ) are criminals..  capt ajit vadakayil.. ####################### .. WHY WAS KARY MULLIS MURDERED?.. KARY MULLIS MADE THIS STATEMENT BEFORE HE WAS KILLED…  QUOTE:   “PCR is a process used to make a whole lot of something out of something, it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.” UNQUOTE..  THIS VIDEO BELOW DOES NOT LIE.  ####   #### ..  IN ESSENCE WHAT HE SAID WAS THAT IF YOU LOOK HARD ENOUGH WITH PCR YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING, AS ALL MOLECULES CAN BE FOUND IN ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.   THIS IS WHY I MENTIONED THE MANGO BELOW IN MY COMMENT ABOVE..  QUOTE: A HEALTHY MAN CAN HOLD A MANGO IN HIS HAND AND BOTH WILL TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19.. UNQUOTE ..  criminal doctors/ hospitals did roaring business by setting the rt-pcr test amplification cycle to suit their evil agenda.  the number of amplification cycles that was needed to detect genetic matter from the virus, which is referred to as the cycle threshold, typically isn’t included in test results sent to doctors and patients.  there were too many deliberate false positives- a crime .. we have a short rope and a lamp post earmarked for these doctors / scientists / media / SUO MOTO judiciary traitors..  People with no symptoms are being tested FORCIBLY , and the tests WERE DELIBERATELY  carried out at high cycles..  these false positives lead to people and their contacts having to stay at home, in isolation for two weeks. AND THIS KILLED INDIA’S ECONOMY DURING THE BULLSHIT SECOND WAVE..   JUDICIARY AND  MEDIA IS IN CAHOOTS WITH THIS CRIME..  the false positives are being used to create the illusion of a problem that most likely isn’t even there, and are used to justify a dictatorial, authoritarian regime. WHO ENFORCED COMPULSORY VACCINATION..  I HAVE WARNED MODI ATLEAST 30 TIMES… COUNT ONLY DEATHS IN INDIA NOT INFECTIONS.. INDIANS ARE NOT DROPPING DEAD ON THE STREETS- NOT YET.. THEY DIED ONLY IN HOSPIATLS WHERE THEY WERE MURDERED.


#### 2018, the reserve bank of india (rbi) barred regulated entities from dealing with cryptocurrency-related businesses and customers. after petitioning from cryptocurrency exchanges in india, the supreme court struck down this measure in march 2020. . modi stood in the shadows and remote controlled the traitor judiciary to legalize bitcoin..  the main JUDGE PARSI RF NARIMAN is considered by “we the people” as a traitor in india.. ####   ####...  EVEN THE RAJYA SABHA DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER TO TAKE ECONOMIC DECISIONS, LEAVE ALONE COLLEGIUM JUDICIARY..  the biggest political sponsors for childless modi are the gujarati cryo jew bitcoin traders who are also the diamond lobby like mehul choksi.. how many of you think jew mehul choksi/ jew nirav modi were tipped off to flee from india?..  i penned a 19 part post on bitcoin and a 33 part post on shell companies, which modi ignored.  bitcoin is used for almost every ransomware attack.  i penned a 4 part blogpost on  money laundring.. this too was ignored by childless gujju no 2 modi.  colonial pipeline usa paid the hacking group, affiliated with a criminal ransomware provider called darkside, roughly $5 million in bitcoin to recover its stolen data.  cryptocurrencies like bitcoin adds to the challenge of tracking down ransomware criminals because of the “borderless” nature of these types of digital money.  you can move hundreds of millions of dollars worth of bitcoin across national boundaries in seconds.. it is the best tool in the hands of criminals to perform money laundering, to shift currency from one state to another in a way that's in a sense untraceable and definitely uncontrollable.  until recently, many cyber crimes involved the small-scale theft of individual credit cards or bank accounts.  bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made it possible to extort huge ransoms from large companies, hospitals and city governments. and it is very difficult to catch them..  ironically, cryptocurrency exchanges take place on what are called "public ledgers” ..this means anybody can observe online. the catch is that the parties in a transaction are anonymous, disguised with a random number..  you see exactly the way the money moves from one address, and one wallet, to another while holding your prick in your hand ( or have your thumb up your asshole ) .. however, there is no way for us to associate a person with these wallets. and a lot of people have not just one address, one wallet, but have dozens, hundreds.;. hackers can keep moving the currency from one anonymous account to another. that makes it almost  impossible — to trace.  in the case of colonial pipleline hack the fbi located the computer, and had the court order, the bureau still needed the secret encryption key to unlock the account and capture the bitcoin..  CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS SUSTAINED  ON THE DARK NET BY BITCOIN..  we have childless pedophile / homosexual rulers of various nations sponsoring this.  after obfuscating the extorted funds, ransomware criminals may either withdraw the funds into hard cash, or because cryptocurrencies have become increasingly common (and their value has been steadily rising), they may keep their profits in cryptocurrency and use them to pay for other illicit activities. he decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes international cooperation of paramount importance for catching bad actors – but the jewish deep state who sponsored bitcoin  wont allow this to happen.. the ransomware industry is developing its own version of the 1%, where a small number of players enjoy most of the wealth. BITCOIN IS A PONZI SCHEME.. A Ponzi scheme, or "ponzi" for short, is a type of investment fraud with these five features:-- --People invest into it because they expect good profits, and.. --that expectation is sustained by such profits being paid to those who choose to cash out. However,.. --there is no external source of revenue for those payoffs. Instead,.. --the payoffs come entirely from new investment money, while.. --the operators take away a large portion of this money… the investors are all those who have bought or will buy bitcoins; they invest by buying bitcoins, and cash out by selling them. the operators are the miners, who take money out of the scheme when they sell their mined coins to the investors. it takes a cunt not to fifue this out. i declared that bitcoin is a ponzi scheme 4 years ago.. ####   ####... at any time, the total amount that all investors have taken out is considerably less than what they have put into the scheme; the difference being the amount that the operators have taken out. thus the investors, as a whole, are always in the red, and their collective loss only increases with time. the expected profit from investing in such a scheme is negative. while some investors who cash out may make a profit, that comes at the expense of other investors, who will lose more than their "fair" share of the general loss above. a ponzi only needs to create the expectation of profit in enough people, which it usually does by actually paying such profits to the few who choose to cash out. its investors will then be its main promoters. cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not money but speculative assets,they are used to facilitate money laundering, ransomware attacks, and other financial crimes.. ####   ####.. raees cajee, 20, and his 17-year old brother ameer founded africrypt in 2019, setting it up as a fund that invested in bitcoin.. the brothers went ,issing after sending an email to investors telling them the platform had been “hacked,” and shuttering africrypt’s website. bitcoin worth an estimated 3.6 BILLION USD is allegedly missing. ####   ####..  ## on april 12 2021 bitcoin value was 63559 usd..  ## on june 8th 2021 it fell to 32191 usd..  33 on 25th july 2016 the value of bitcoin was 566 usd..  most insurance companies are no longer covering ransomware.. ransomeware is the criminal business model of the internet for two reasons. the first is the realization that no one values data more than its original owner, and it makes more sense to ransom it back to them—sometimes with the added extortion of threatening to make it public—than it does to sell it to anyone else. the second is a safe way of collecting ransoms: bitcoin.  kidnappers had a modus openadi for centuries. the riskiest part of the operation is collecting the ransom. that’s when the criminal exposes themselves, by telling the payer where to leave the money. or gives out their banking details. this is how law enforcement tracks kidnappers down and arrests them. the rise of an anonymous, global, distributed money-transfer system outside of any national control is what makes computer ransomware possible..  in a chain swap, the criminal transfers the bitcoin to a shady offshore cryptocurrency exchange. these exchanges are notoriously weak about enforcing money laundering laws and—for the most part—don’t have access to the banking system. once on this alternate exchange, the criminal sells his bitcoin and buys some other cryptocurrency like ethereum, dogecoin, tether, monero, or one of dozens of others. they then transfer it to another shady offshore exchange and transfer it back into bitcoin. voila—they now have “clean” bitcoin. .  the criminal needs to convert that bitcoin into spendable money. they take their newly cleaned bitcoin and transfer it to yet another exchange, one connected to the banking system. or perhaps they hire someone else to do this step. these exchanges conduct greater oversight of their customers, but the criminal can use a network of bogus accounts, recruit a bunch of users to act as mules, or simply bribe an employee at the exchange to evade whatever laws there. the end result of this activity is to turn the bitcoin into dollars, euros, or some other easily usable currency. one bitcoin in results in one bitcoin out. criminals and their victims act differently. victims are net buyers, turning millions of dollars into bitcoin and never going the other way. criminals are net sellers, only turning bitcoin into currency. the only other net sellers are the cryptocurrency miners ..  all significant net sellers of cryptocurrencies as potential criminals and report them to both in-country and u.s. financial authorities. any exchange that doesn’t should have its banking forcefully cut..  countries such as the uk and usa have laid down that cryptocurrencies should be treated like capital assets.. china's sweeping ban on cryptocurrency mining has paralysed an industry that accounts for over half of global bitcoin production, as miners dump machines in despair or seek refuge in god forsaken places.. chinese authorities declared that cryptocurrencies disrupt economic order, and facilitate illegal asset transfers and money laundering.. banning cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is the only solution. but hey, childless modi wants his donassan ( hafta ).. why blame sachin vaze ?..


indian judges are world known for repeating the phrase “majesty of law” and “dignity of court “ must be sustained at all costs .. and in this process they are in contempt of the constitution, we the people, the watan and dharma ( natural justice )...  properly speaking, this “ majesty “ term can be applied only to god, for it signifies that which surpasses all things in grandeur and superiority.  but it is used to kings and emperors, as a title of honor.  hey melords , how about majesty of “ we the people “ as enshrined by the constitution? pray? prithee? ..  judiciary is called the guardian of the constitution because it is empowered to interpret the constitution .. the judges have power over life and death..  this is by no means majesty of law..  the majesty of courts is located in the objectivity, consistency, and intellectual integrity of their judgments which must remain open to public scrutiny and fair comment. subjectivity and fairness based on dharma/ natural justice must never be scuttled.. did a man kill to save his under aged daughter from being gang raped?.. justice cannot be blind all the while.. context must never be ignored.  dignity of court does not exist in a democracy , what exists is dignity of human life.  every human has a soul within… a soul is part of the field of brahman ( god ) albeit at a lower frequency.. this is why we in india do NAMASTE.. ..  AMRITASYA PUTRAH VAYAM' –  WE ARE ALL BEGOTTEN OF THE IMMORTAL… This is how VEDAS downloaded 400 centuries ago,  introduces human beings… a sense of immortality and divinity ( soul within ) is attributed to all  human beings in our ancient vedanta... the  human personality was given a metaphysical interpretation…  life is sacred and all people are worthy of respect, no matter who they are or where they live . you cannot throw humans into jail for 30 years as undertrials , where after 30 years the alleged convict does not even remember what crime he had committed.. all he knows is tareeq peh tareeq peh tareeq.. breadwinners of thousands of families have been awaiting justice as undertrials for decades.. ####...   ####...  human dignity is the recognition that human beings possess a special value intrinsic to their humanity and as such are worthy of respect simply because they are human beings.  do not burn human self-worth his pride in himself so that he can live a meaningful life, worthy of the respect of others…  dignity and honour are important to sustain the human spirit…  treating other people with dignity means treating them the way we'd like to be treated ourselves…  dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. .  a dignified life means an opportunity to fulfill one's potential  ..  i was a ship captain for thirty years.. i was a martinet but i tided up all my crew to their highest potential..  i broke every rule while delivering subjective fairness  ..  i knew to err is human.. i never crushed first time inadvertent offenders..  i put my own head on the chopping block while defying my shore bosses and rule books .. i would never allow my crew to be treated like a “THING WITH A CODE NUMBER”..  this is the reason why i am a LIVING LEGEND AT SEA.. FOR CAPT VADAKAYIL “MAJESTY OF THE CAPTAIN” DID NOT EXIST.. ……  AJYESTHAASO AKANISTHAASA YETE; SAM BHRAATARO VAAVRUDHUH SOUBHAGAYA ….– RIGVEDA, mandala-5, sukta-60, mantra-5 ( penned 5000 BC )… “NO ONE IS SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR; ALL ARE BROTHERS; ALL SHOULD STRIVE FOR THE INTEREST OF ALL  AND PROGRESS COLLECTIVELY”…  dignity refers to the state of being worthy or honorable. respect refers to admiration for someone because of their qualities or achievements. . every human being has the inherent right to life. this right shall be protected by law. no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life. ..unless he is a traitor to the nation in the payroll of foreign enemies. the meaning of dignity is therefore context-specific ..  WHEN CHINESE ADMIRAL ZHENGE HE CAME TO CALICUT HE WAS AMAZED THAT THE ALL POWERFUL KING IN REALITY RAN A DEMOCRACY WITH A UNWRITTEN CONSTITUTION WHICH CAME DOWN FROM KING MAHABALI WHO RULED KERALA 12500 YEARS AGO..  ####   ####..  after the second  world war there was this acute  realization by denizens of this planet that human dignity  needed to be cherished and protected.  IT IS BEING DONE NOW BUT HEY , ROMANI GYPSIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. bastards in UN knows about it, but they pretend to sleep while expecting you to wake them up..  1.8 million romani gypsies were exterminated in europe during WW2 and gypsy dead was counted as jew dead by JEW HITLER—to bring up the bullshit figure of six million jews dead , which is now etched on spleens and rocks. .  ####   ####... article 3 of the geneva conventions explicitly prohibits “outrages the U.N. CHARTER, 1945, adopted immediately after the second world war, dignity of the individuals was mentioned as of core  bhalue nay value. the almost contemporaneous universal declaration of human  rights (1948) echoed same sentiments…  Now now now-- upon personal dignity..   in india we will not apply this to traitors.. TRAITORS ARE THE REASON WHY BHARATMATA WAS IN CHAINS FOR 800 YEARS ..traitors set fire to dignity of law abiding patriot citizens.. he sets ablaze the watan.. THE WORD TRAITOR IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON…. in the poll below 98% voters say that godse is the real patriot—among other mahameru fake patriots… ####   ####..  in the poll below 98% voters say that gandhi was the traitor not his assassin godse.. ####   ####...  balls to general manoj naravane who wants constitutional patriotism and not patriotism to the watan.. if i were the pm, i would have sacked him that very hour.. imagine we have come out of 800 years of slavery.. gandhi brainwashed us to put our thumbs into our collective assholes and watch like napunsak tattus while german jew rothschild who ruled india robbed the watn blind and converted india from the richest to the poorest in 200 years flat. . ####   ####...  the constitution is expressed in the opening words “WE THE PEOPLE”.   this “we the people” are PATRIOTS AND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS..  ILLEGAL POISONOUS BLACK MAMBA ROHINGYA IMMIGRANTS CANNOT FIND PLACE IN “WE THE PEOPLE” .. pakistani isi / jewish deep state bribed / honey trapped judges prohibit india from doing narco test on traitors funded by pakistan ISI / china , ILLEGALLY claiming human rights ..  THIS IS CONTEMPT TO THE WATAN/ THE CONSTITUTION/ WE THE PEOPLE AND DHARMA..   DHARMA IS ABOUT ELIMINATING TRAITORS .. SORRY JUDGES ARE PROHIBITED FROM DEALING WITH TRAITORS TO THE WATAN BY THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF.. TREASON IS "THE HIGHEST OF ALL CRIMES"— defined as intentionally betraying one's allegiance by levying war against the government or giving aid or comfort to its enemies.  THE JUDCIIARY MUST RECUSE THEMSELVES , FOR THEY CANT DEAL WITH TREASON..  we ask pm and law minister to immediately formulate a national policy for the judiciary. .this must be etched on a large brass plaque in large letters and placed in every court room , behind the judge’s chair , and the offices of the chief justices of lower courts/ high courts and supreme court.. inscription on large brass plaque ###### “ JUDICIAL POLICY--  THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DOES NOT DEAL WITH ISSUES INVOLVING TREASON..  IF ANY BODY CAN PROVE THAT A CASE BEING HANDLED INVOLVES TREASON, THEY MUST GIVE A COMPLAINT TO THE JUDGE IN WRITING COPIED TO CHIEF JUSTICE , LAW MINISTER, NSA AND PM.. THE JUDGE SHALL THEN IMMEDIATELY RECUSE HIMSELF , TILL HE GETS A GREEN SIGNAL FROM CJI TO PROCEED”#######… in the past traitor indian judges in foreign payroll have again and again tried to wrangle critical national secrets , with foreign payroll media in cahoots, to be passed on to foreign enemies mostly by pil route..  traitor judges are the reason why india has the khalistani terrorist problem/ kashmiri secession problem and naxal red corridor terrorism problem..  ARTISTIC FREEDOM CANNOT OUTWEIGH THE NATIONAL INTEREST.. we the people wont allow this.. like in a bollywood movie the female jet fghter pilot says that she became a pilot for the joy of flying, not because she is patriotic or loves the watan..  the authority and dignity of the higher judiciary as the custodian of constitutional principle rests,  not on the “coercive BULLY power” of the judges but the deference and respect which is paid to them and their acts from an opinion of their justice and integrity.. A JUDGE WHO TRIES TO SAVE A TRAITOR IS A TRAITOR HIMSELF AND HE MUST BE TRIED BY MILITRY COURTS EVEN IS HE IS THE CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA.  balls to foreign funded traitor jew stan swamy..  ####   ####...  articles 14 and 21 of the indian constitution read as follows:-- “14. equality before law. - the state shall not deny to  any person equality before the law or the equal  protection of the laws within the territory of india.”…  “21. protection of life and personal liberty. - no person  shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty except  according to procedure established by law.”….  THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DOES NOT PROTECT A TRAITOR TO THE WATAN.. read this line a zillion times..  human dignity is used as lodestar for equality and to counter unfair discrimination while interpreting Article 14 of the  Page 9 of 27.. .  Constitution, thereby providing a clear linkage and connection between  dignity, equality and unfair discrimination under Article 14.   Indeed but this stops where a DONKEY DEMANDS TO BE TREATED AKIN TO A HORSE on the race track or ELEPHANT KUMAARI WANT TO GO AND PREEN ON THE RED CARPET OF CANNES , INSTEAD OF AIHWARYA RAI.. imagine that EGO LADEN CONWOMAN DEEPA MALIK convinced the govt that rotten mangoes must have the same value as good mangoes and raked in crores.. she is now training her daughter to do the same things. .subjectivity must rule here not faalthu objectivity..  The basic spirit of our Constitution is to provide each and every  person of the nation equal opportunity to grow as a human being, irrespective of race, caste, religion, community and social status. This does not mean that a MENTAL RETARD DEMANDS THAT HE MUST REPRESENT INDIA AT THE INTERNATIONAL MATH OLYMPIAD TO ROSHAN KARO the name of india.. ( the way deepa malik wants ).. BALLS- FUCK OFF…  stupid cji ranjan gogoi spake -- it was the aura and majesty of the higher judiciary that attracted the talent of the bar as lawyers were willing to work hard and make sacrifices in terms of money..  capt ajit vadakayil says balls—here is a reality check..  most of these loser lawyers became judges in india to cock a snook at their successful colleagues who drove mercedes cars while they foot slogged donning rubber chappals …. MAJESTY OF THE LAW CANNOT BE ENHANCED BY RIDICULOUS USE OF “CONTEMPT OF COURT “ CLAUSE..   CJI GOGOI IS THE STUPID FELLOW WHO MADE THE CBI DIRECTOR SIT IN THE CORNER OF HIS COURT ROOM THE WHOLE DAY LIKE A CLASS DUNCE,, the system broke down.. it should have been the other way around.  gogoi was the fellow who threatened retired ex-cji markanday katju ( far senior to him ) and ex- chairman of the press council of india  of six months jail for contempt , for writing inpalatable truths in his personal blog..  ####   ####...  whistle blower high court judge karnan was thrown into jail by the cji for six months for contempt of court,  for saying that some judges are traitors..  supreme court had no legal right to impose a ban on press ( karnan case ) …. this was more damaging to india’s image than the "emergency of 1975 "… deep state darling modi kept quiet..  WE THE PEOPLE WATCH.. THERE IS A SHORT ROPE AND A LAMP POST EARMARKED FOR EVERY TRAITOR JUDGE.. WE KNOW WHO THESE BRIBED/ HONEY TRAPPED JUDGES ARE..


philippine president rodrigo duterte has warned that those who refuse to get covid-19 vaccination will be treated as pigs and injected with ivermectin. #### ####… PRESIDENT DUTERTE , AAPKA MOONH MEIN GHEE SHAKKAR.. ( means kudos to you for saying a good thing ) .. you have provoked capt ajit vadakayil to think.. The jewish deep state and Vatican called duterte a criminal who must be hung by the international community.. capt ajit vadakayil disagrees.. vadakayil says duterte is god’s gift to his people. the International Criminal Court (ICC), controlled by the deep state has stated that they intend to hanh hero duterte for 'crimes against humanity' .. Patriot Duterte who has balls of steel, saved his country by cracking down on foreign sponsored drug lords. . thousands of filipinos have sailed under my command over a period of thirty years.. what i have noticed is that every filipino is affected by pig parasites.. it reduced their thinking power and body immunity.. when filipino sailors join my ship all of them secretly bring their private stock of medicines for serious diseases and afflictions.. if captain makes an adverse comment about his long term health , that is the end of his sea career.. i ask my filipino crew, if you have a medical problem , come to me first.. only after i clear you, you can visit the shore doctor .. let god strike me dead if any filipino under my command ever visited a shore doctor.. SECRET? i had a stock of ivermectin for them..i never told them what it was. FILIPINOS WERE ONCE PROUD HINDU MAHARLIKAN HINDUS , BRAVE, BRIGHT AND STRONG- BEFORE THE CATHOLIC POPE TOOK OVER THE COUNRTY AND MADE THEM PIG EATERS DEGRADING THEIR DNA.. THE MARCOS GOLD IS KERALA HINDU TEMPLE GOLD.. KERALA THIYYA KINGS FROM CALICUT ( MY HOMETOWN ) RULED PHILLIPINES IN ANCIENT TIMES. #### ####.. THE VISHAYAN PEOPLE WERE ALL HINDU AND EVEN TODAY THEY ARE THE LARGEST ETHNIC GROUP IN THE COUNTRY.. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL ASKS PRESIDENT DUTERTE TO RENAME PHILIPPINES.. SNATCH BACK THE ANCIENT GLORY OF YOUR OPPRESSED PEOPLE.. GIVE THEM DIGNITY AND HONOR. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT.. ivermectin docked in the region of leucine 91 of the sars-cov-2 spike protein and histidine 378 of the host cell ace-2 receptor blocks its entry into the host cell. the need of the hour is to prevent sars cov2 virus from mutating.. for this every vaccinated person must be administered ivermectin at the correct dosage. every vaccinated person is a devils workshop to mutate the virus. india can prevent the covid third wave by administering ivermectin.. the second wave nearly killed our economy. getting back to pigs and duterte… DUTERTE STATED AT A RALLY IN APRIL 2016 THAT HE SHOT A FELLOW CATHOLIC STUDENT WHO HAD BULLIED HIM ABOUT HIS HINDU VISHAYAN ORIGIN.. FILIPINOS CAN BECOME A WORLD POWER IF THEY KICK OUT CHRISTIANITY .. vishnu’s third avatar varaha was a boar, the reason why we don’t eat pigs. this is not superstition.. it is to avoid homosexuality.. if you stand on the streets of manila every seventh person walking past is a homosexual.. jesuit historian pedro chirino has written foul lies about the ancient hindu vishayans. these people believed in karma and moksha and their deities were devatas.. filipino dialects are loaded with sanskrit and malayalam ( my language ) words. in 1595, the newly appointed archbishop of manila became the inquisitor-general of philippines— filipino hindus were tortured and killed—a genocide which the western historians have ignored. modern filipinos do not know that their nation is named after king phillip ii of spain. none of the current vaccines ( as of today ) work on mutant covid virus..the need of the hour is to have safe broad-spectrum antiviral drugs and vaccines against sars-cov-2.. PIG HAVE SIMILAR DNA TO HUMANS.. DO NOT USE INDIANS AS GUINEA PIGS.. FIRST USE PIGS.. porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is an alphacoronavirus that causes severe diarrhea in pigs. the six fusion protein core amino acid residues, along with four adjacent residues upstream and three residues downstream from the core, are identical between SARS-CoV-2 and PEDV. the efficacy of a SARS-CoV-2 fusion protein vaccine could therefore be tested using a PEDV challenge model in pigs. furthermore, pigs are also very similar in physiology and immunology to humans and are the closest model to humans apart from nonhuman primates. while PEDV is predominantly a gastrointestinal tract disorder, and SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory disease, both coronaviruses are transmitted across a mucosal barrier and have useful parallels for studying vaccines. 

somebody called me up and cried…  captain,  you have written that HUNDREDS OF BLOOD CLOT INDUCED DEATHS have happened ( suppressed ) because of IGNORANT DOCTORS INJECTING VACCINES INTO BLOOD CELLS. .  ####   ####...  WHAT IS THE SAFE ALTERNATIVE?.. PRAY? PRITHEE ? .WELL.. i have still not seen an intramuscular injection for covid being administered the right way—on indian and foreign tv.. i have seen hundreds of such jabs.  in india hospital sweepers and anganwadi workers ( villages )  have been administering injections.. the doctors are ignorant..  for millenniums ayurveda physicians administered shallow dendritic vaccination using leeches.. kerala thiyya physicians  used leeches as dendritic injection syringes to vaccinate egyptian pharoahs 12500 years ago.... the vaccine is immunologically processed by antigen-presenting cells of the skin.. the god of ayurveda dhanwantari rose up from the cosmic waters as the fruit of samudra manthan holding a bounty in each of his 4 hands.. LEECH ( DENDRITIC VACCINATION SYRINGE , SLOW DIFFUSION ), conch ( golden spiral and golden mean 1.618, stolen by italian thief fibonacci) , amrit ( scalar powered natural chemical medicine factory of the human body without side effects) , and sudarshana chakra ( the ultimate scalar interferometry weapon )..  EDWARD JENNER STOLE HIS VACCINATION IDEA FROM 6200 YEAR OLD AYURVEDIC TEXT CHARAKA SAMHITA.. ####   ####..   edward jenner, did not have leeches so he did an alternative ayurveda method --  apply a drop of vaccine and  scratching it onto the recipient’s skin by an extra sharp flat needle criss cross several times . as a child i remember getting vaccine this way at school. i complained at five years age , that the needle is blunt and caused me pain and that the needle is not sterilized , as the same needle was used for the last child...BAAAD VADAKAYIL.. ALWAYS CAUSING TROUBLE TO THE ESTABLISHMENT.. the dermis comprises two layers: the more superficial papillary dermis and the deeper reticular dermis. the papillary dermis (100–300 μm) is the target layer for id immunization and is rich in antigen presenting cells (apc), such as dermal dendritic cells (ddcs). it is rich in fibroblasts, a network of elastin and collagen fibers, lymphatic and blood vessels, dendritic cells, macrophages and t cells. dendritic cells are distributed in the epidermis and in the dermis, in particular around its vascularized areas. ddcs capture antigens deposited in the dermis and migrate to regional lymph nodes, where the antigens are presented to t lymphocytes. soluble antigens also migrate to lymph nodes, resulting in activation of b lymphocytes.  antigen-presenting cells (apcs) in the skin include dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages. they are highly dynamic, with the capacity to enter skin from the peripheral circulation, patrol within tissue, and migrate through lymphatics to draining lymph nodes..  dendritic cells (dc) are professional antigen presenting cells, uniquely able to induce naïve t cell activation and effector differentiation…  dendritic cells (dcs) are specialized antigen presenting cells abundant in peripheral tissues such as skin where they function as immune sentinels. skin dcs migrate to draining lymph node where they interact with naïve t cells to induce immune responses to microorganisms, vaccines, tumours and self-antigens. ####   ####... antigen-presenting cells (apcs) are a heterogeneous group of immune cells that mediate the cellular immune response by processing and presenting antigens for recognition by certain lymphocytes such as t cells. classical apcs include dendritic cells, macrophages, langerhans cells and b cells.  in order to infect our cells, the virus that causes covid-19, sars-cov-2, first attaches a molecule on our cell surface, but then it has to fuse with human cells.  in order to infect cells, sars-cov-2, the virus that causes covid-19, needs to insert itself into the membrane of human cells; . we need to figure out what parts of sars-cov-2 are critical for that interaction, revealing new potential drug targets.  the sars-cov-2 virus inserts itself into the membrane of a host human cell using a small part of its spike protein  called a fusion peptide, to begin the fusion process..  dendritic cells (dcs) are the most potent professional antigen presenting cells, and have been widely used as the apc partner in fusion cell vaccines ..  coronaviruses use fusion proteins that mediate fusion of viral and cellular membranes. they consist of 15-25 amino acids that reorder the membranes after receptor binding and have minimal sequence variation across the coronaviridae family. in fact, across all four coronavirus genera the fusion protein core is identical.  with the emergence of various sars-cov-2 variants, a vaccine targeting a conserved region of all coronaviruses, such as the fusion peptide, may potentially lead to a broadly protective candidate vaccine. fusion peptides comprise conserved hydrophobic domains absolutely required for the fusogenic activity of glycoproteins from divergent virus families. microarray patches (maps) are an attractive intracutaneous biocargo delivery system that enables safe, reproducible, and controlled administration of vaccine components (antigens, with or without adjuvants) to defined skin microenvironments.  microneedles comprise arrays of micronsized needles that offer a pain-free method of delivering actives across the skin. MICRONEEDLES ARE MORE PATIENT COMPLIANT AS THEY CAN BE SELF-ADMINISTERED.   MICRONEEDLE VACCINES INDUCE  A ROBUST IMMUNE RESPONSE AS THE NEEDLES RANGING FROM 50 TO 900 µM IN LENGTH CAN EFFICIENTLY DELIVER THE VACCINE TO THE EPIDERMIS  AND THE DERMIS REGION, WHICH  CONTAINS MANY LANGERHANS AND DENDRITIC CELLS.   microneedles are fabricated  using various geometries and various metals, silicones, and polymers.  the application of  microneedle patches into the skin forms microscopic aqueous pores to allow the diffusion of  drugs to the skin’s epidermal layer.  the microneedle  array looks like band-aid patches and offers the advantages of avoiding cold-chain storage and  self-administration flexibility. the slow release of vaccine antigens is an important advantage of  using microneedles. the vaccine antigens in the microneedles can be in solution or suspension form,  encapsulated in nano or microparticles, and nucleic acid-based  microneedles’ smaller size allows for precise delivery into the dermal layers. the insertion depth is sufficiently shallow to avoid  impinging innervated tissue..  dissolving microneedles are made using biodegradable materials such as various  polymers and sugars loaded with therapeutics. after the needle is applied to the skin,  the needles dissolve to release the payload into the skin. the advantage of dissolving  microneedles in contrast to solid and hollow microneedles includes the ease of fabrication  and single-step application of the patch…  a key cell type of the resident skin immune system is the dendritic cell, which in normal skin is located in two distinct microanatomical compartments: langerhans cells (lc) mainly in the epidermis and dermal dendritic cells (ddc) in the dermis. langerhans cells (lcs) are a specialized subset of dendritic cells (dcs) that populate the epidermal layer of the skin. langerhans cells (lc) are a unique population of tissue-resident macrophages that form a network of cells across the epidermis of the skin, but which have the ability to migrate from the epidermis to draining lymph nodes (ln).  langerhans cells populate the epidermis from the early developmental stage as a dense network of immune system sentinels. these cells act as the outermost guard of the cutaneous immune system and are likely to induce the first reactions against pathogens encountered via the skin. they specialize in antigen presentation and belong to the skin immune system (sis).  when microneedles penetrate the skin layers, vaccine antigens are released into dermal tissue. released antigens are processed by langerhans cells and dermal dendritic cells (dcs). dermal dcs contribute to trigger effector t cells, including cd4 + and cd8 + t cells.  intramuscular (im) injection administers the vaccine into the muscle mass. vaccines containing toxic adjuvants should be injected im to reduce adverse local effects..  the battle of waterloo was lost because the leeches ( big and small )  to be latched on to jew napoloen’s chrons asshole was lost..    i learnt that the battle  was lost because the horse shoe was lost as a small child in school.  hey how about a new poepm with leech and asshole?.. ####   ####...  microneedle patches can be applied by chootiya sweepers and anganwadi workers—bindaaasss.  skin’s unique ability to serve as an immune-responsive organ has not been appreciated due to advances in our understanding of skin immune mechanisms that initiate and regulate innate and adaptive immune responses against invading pathogens..  IN AYURVEDA SKILLFUL MASSUERS CURED DISEASES BY MASSAGE ALONE .  in addition to the usual-- it breaks down knots and fibrosis, encourages metabolism, increases muscle tone, eases tight muscles and tendons, enhances blood circulation, increases venous and lymphatic flow, releases feel good chemicals, reduces nerve root compression due to tight muscles, increases excretion of waste, re-moisturises skin etc etc.  the ayurvedic massage for lymph node drainage is amazingly scientific, using nav-dhanya dry powder. nav dhanya is 9 different grades of grain and pulses , having different scales of hardness and size.  the lymphatic system in your body is a series of connected nodes, ducts and organs that play a vital part in your immune system. blood is responsible for collecting and distributing oxygen, nutrients and hormones to the entire body where lymph is responsible for collecting and removing waste products left behind in the tissues.  main stream science and medicine has not caught up yet with the lymphatic system. a good lymph specialised ayurveda doctor can have one look at you, and tell you what is wrong with you. this science is so exact.  since there is no pump, the lymph movement relies on contraction of smooth muscle tissue lining the walls of lymph vessels. YOGA DRIVES LYMPH FLUIDS IN A SCIENTIFIC MANNER.. IT IS NOT GYMNASTICS AS THAT UGLY COCKEYED ( LOOKING LONDON SEEING TOKYO ) FEMALE TRISHA SHEETY SAYS. AND AYURVEDA IS NOT SNAKE OIL SCIENCE AS THIS DEEP STATE TRAITOR AGENT SAYS.  lymphatic drainage massage must take place in a warm room, as warmth is an important factor in increasing lymphatic flow.   the lymph flow has to go towards the heart.  when i did my lymph drainage ayurvedic massage, the routine was one hour daily for 10 days.  three people labored on me with nav dhanya - 9 different types of broken grains and pulses of different hardness and sizes..   the shallow abrasive dry grain massage causes the outer layer of skin slough off.  initially you feel as if sand is being rubbed on the skin. it uproots all the body , arm , leg , hair too, as the long superficial stroke is mostly against the lay if the hair. if you do not use dry grain powder, you have to use a brush with bristles.  the day you go for the massage eat only fruits, and drink lot of water. after the massage drink lot of water again.  a lot of  you have got yourself a hard massage from ignorant masseurs and permanently damaged the non-return valves of your lymph nodes. ####   ####...


judges say that police can be stoned by kashmiri terrorists .. but they are not wiling to get stoned?... pms home can be gheroed but a lower court judge’s home cannot be..   unlike india which has a judge system usa has a jury system..  jury consists of ordinary people who now shit about the law or the constitution..  the idea is to deliver subjective natural justice ( dharma ) to the people , not enforce blind objective law..  subjective judgement --with eyes wide open-- within perimeter of context..  the judge only conducts and monitors the proceedings in court lisping words like "objection sustained", "objection over ruled " etc..  the jury system removes the blindfold from the eyes of lady justice .  the jury system is used to sustain “natural justice “  where conscience and dharma is never flushed down the shit hole.  this system of jury not enforcing the objective law ( justice is blind system )  is called JURY NULLIFICATION “ or   jury equity “  . india had a jury system like usa and other major first world nations..  indian jury system was abolished after the naval commander nanavati case.  nanavati was a tattu parsi who was married to a nymphomaniac british white woman named sylvia who needed a hard pounding in all her three orifices every day..  cuckold nanavati allowed a rich and virile sindhi named ahuja to keep his wife sexually satisfied.  all was hunky dory till nanavati read a latter where his wife begs her lover to marry her .. a furious nanavati killed ahuja.. ram jethnalani kicked his own sindhi community in the teeth and became famous.. in a jury system citizens who know shit about law or the constitution direct the actions of a judge by using their conscience alone.  this is why the term “ SUBJUDICE “ applies only to jury system, not judge system.  in the nanavati case, the jury was compromised.   jury members can be influenced by the press , tv or discussions in legislatures .  NOW INDIAN JURISPRUDENCE HAS NO JURY SYSTEM -  SUBJECTIVE NATURAL JUSTICE ( DHARMA )  IS DEAD.   TODAY , INDIAN JUDGES ARE TOTALLY INDEPENDENT AND GOVERNED ONLY BY THE OBJECTIVE LAW OF THE LAND -- BASED OF JUSTICE IS BLIND SYSTEM.  goood nanavati confronted baaaad ahuja :   "will you marry sylvia and take care of my 3 children?"--  this is a terrific cooked up lie , with zero evidence .  ahuja, the evil serial offender cried "NO.   AM I SUPPOSED TO MARRY EVERY WOMAN I FUCK?"   – this is a terrific cooked up lie , with zero evidence . this is the power of “FALSE NARRATIVE”  .  the judge should have immediately warned the jury—not to all prey to statements with zero evidence .  he did not.  the damage was done by deep state agent parsi rk karanjia— he hijacked the subconcious brain of the jury.. every day of the court session karanjia would organize anglo indian and parsi girls to scream and swoon as soon as they saw dashing commander nanavati ( never mind that he could not get it up ) in full white uniform and regalia resplendent with shining medals.  the entire naval officer clan closed ranks behind commander nanavati— or forget your promotion.   YELLOW TABLOID  BLITZ went on and on— how dashing   kawas maneckshaw nanavati  ( never mind this tattu cant get it up) was getting hundreds of proposals from beautiful young girls .  rk karanjia had turned the murder trial into a fight between the middle-class honourable values of gallant parsi nanavati and the bourgeois depravation of ahuja, baffling the gullible jury and the entire nation. ABOVE THE CONSTITUTION LIES "WE THE PEOPLE"...  ABOVE THIS LIES "THE WATAN".. ABOVE ALL LIES "THE RULE OF DHARMA" DERIVED FROM SOUL CONSCIENCE .. THE WEST CALLS THIS NATURAL LAW..  pm and law minister are napunsaks of the first order.. they allow pea brained judges to play god..  in their watch supreme court struck down njac, which was passed with 100% unanimity in both lok / rajya sabha-- and signed by the president..  VADAKAYIL DECLARES , NJAC STILL STANDS.. THE JUDICIAL REVIEW STRIKING DOWN NJAC ACT IS NULL AND VOID..  our traitor judiciary created the naxal red corridor , causes ethnic cleansing of kashmiri pandits and khalistanis to grab the ancient ancestral lands of punjabi hindus.  judiciary has no powers to stop elected executive from following the rule of dharma..  many indian journalists , collegium judges , professors of social sciences in elite indian colleges are in deep state payroll… the white jew knows than in 11 years india will be this planets no 1 superpower and it plans to make india implode from within.. JUDICIARY HAS NO POWERS TO INTERFERE IN BHARATMATAS INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SECURITY.. THE WORD TRAITOR IS NOT FOUND IN THE CONSTITUION.. constitution does not provide privacy to pakistani isi payroll desh drohis who engage in treason and sedition..  WHY HAS JUDICIARY LEGALIZED BITCOIN WHICH IS USED TO FUND ISLAMIC MERCENARIES IN KASHMIR AND DESH DROHIS IN INDIA?... EVEN THE RAJYA SABHA CANNOT TAKE ECONOMIC DECISIONS OR EVEN ENDORSE IT.  darling of deep state bribed/ honey trapped judiciary props up harsh mander who triggered the delhi anti-caa muslim rights riots is an agent of jew soros who has donated one billion usd to fight hindus and create discord in india..  judiciary has no powers to interfere in bharatmatas internal and external security..  pakistani isi funded ngos sent gujarat home minister amit shah into jail for a pakistani isi funded islamic terrorist name sohrabuddin.. can this happen anywhere else on the planet?..  all the judiciary can do is to interpret the constitution..but hey they rule india suo moto.  ####   ####... bharatmata will not survive this decade if we do not cleanse the illegal collegium judiciary of traitors in foreign payroll… IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPTS OF JNU/ JU/ TISS/ DU/ IITS..  BURN THE COMMIE SECTIONS OF THE LIBRARIES OF JNU/ BRENNAN COLLEGE KANNUR..  ban communist party of india.. if necessary throw the top leaders in jail.. we dont need communism in india.. communism in india is sustained by jewish money and propaganda is done by rothschilds media.. in the name of social sciences -- absolute lies are being taught to students..  collegium jnu professors of social science are chosen by commie columbia university..  WEED OUT PAKISTANI ISLAMIC FUNDING OF BOLLYWOOD.. THESE FINANCIERS ARE JEWS WITH MUSLIM NAMES WHO SPONSOR STAR KIDS OF PESHAWARI KHATRI JEWS AND PASHTUN KHAN JEWS.. we warn deep state agents like army chief general manoj naravane - shove your "CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTISM"..  ####   ####.. WE WILL HAVE PATRIOTISM TO THE WATAN, NOT TO SOME BULLSHIT CONSTITUTION , WHICH HAS A VERY LONG ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED LANGOT CALLED STARE DECISIS..  we the people will not allow "constitutional patriotism " ( maos red book type ) which caused indian commie to support china in the 1962 war ..  illegal and unconstitutional stare decisis is all about "building up on past lies".. stare decisis is not allowed -- where past rulings of stupid judges under the mindless system of "justice is blind sans context " is attached as an addendum-- nay-- langot to the constitution..  burn all laws created by illegal collegium supreme court via pil route.. burn all past judgments of illegal collegium judiciary which  is being mindlessly used as a langot to the constitution via stare decisis.  no judge should be allowed to quote any other judgment made by a past judge without context..  our constitution stands alone -- it does not need a langot of past judgments sans context of stupid judges , to use as an appendix..  an example is judiciary deciding that delhi cm kejriwal can save kanhaiya kumar by refusing to sign for the state ..  for sedition cases "state " is the centre-- not the cm of delhi , who does not even control the police.. delhi cm post is like a glorified mayors post..  sedition applies to the whole watan .. and the “state” is ruled by the pm modi ( chief of central elected executive ) -- ..  judges are merrily creating new laws fed into addendum of constitution via illegal stae decisis via pil system …. today pakistani isi funded ngos are filing pils ..  SUPREME COURT CANNOT CREATE LAWS FOR INDIA-- THEY CAN ONLY INTERPRET LAWS..  stupid fellow cji dipak misra said " supreme court is supreme "..  like how the ships chief cook will declare " i am chief of the ship"..  why do we employ stupid judges ? this is the pits... same way section 14 is being used by judge madan lokur ( who was sent by the deep state to corrupt the judicial system of fiji ) to say on ndtv that india must take in illegal muslim rohingya refugees.. SORRY , OUR CONSTITUTION PROTECTS ONLY  LAW ABIDING INDIA CITIZENS .. law abiding includes paying you fair share of the taxes..  now constitution is being applied by stupid judges to animals..  ####   ####...  president of india/ governor of states ares not a mere rubber stamp, as contended by stupid judiciary and benami media .. they are  vested with enormous subjective powers by the constitution..  we all know that lawyer turned judges are the bottom dregs of the school cerebral barrel and discards of the lower lawyer pool..  we all know that judges are unable to interpret the constitution as they dont have the brains to apply BODMAS ..which a 12 year old class topper in school can.. THE TAIL OF STARE DECISIS WAGS THE CONSTITUTIONAL DOG..  we can use artificial intelligence to help out judges with bodmas-- but not stare decisis ..  the preponderence of laws in the constitution must be clearly laid out in a crystal "bodmas " style..... 1 + 5 x 6 - 3 + (4 - 2)... AI can help in this task..  what part should you calculate first?.... what are the priorities…. “we the people “ are above the constitution.. today illegal collegium judges are in contempt of the constitution as well as “we the people”. .  the watan and dharma ( natural justice ) lies above the constitution and “we the people”..  calculate them ( prioritize ) in the wrong order, and you will get a wrong answer !... the sun is to sustain life on earth, not to play monkey and snake shadow games… this is where “BODMAS” kicks in !...... this is pure math..  our unsuccessful lawyers turned collegium judges dont have the brains to prioritize...... b- brackets first.... o- orders (ie powers and square roots, etc.)..... dm- division and multiplication (left-to-right)..... as- addition and subtraction (left-to-right).. .... the team headed by br ambedkar who compiled our constitution, did not have the cerebral wherewithal - nay- percepion-- to apply BODMAS .... this has resulted in even foreign forces using trojan horse ngos ( via pil ) to hijack our constitution.. clever lawyers manipulated this to their advantage..  judges cannot make and break laws for the whole nation via pil route ( adultery/ homosexuality/ breaking culture, sabarimala womens entry ) , filed by foreign payroll desh drohis.. judges do not have the powers of judicial review of laws created ( example sec 370 ) by law makers.. there is no provision for “judicial review “ in the constitution.. these words just don’t exist ..  the supreme court is itself bound by the constitution of india and the parliament can amend the constitution any time they want.. the constitution... constitution cannot be allowed the straitjacket the people/ watan/ dharma..  we ask pm modi to jail some desh drohi deep state controlled traitor collegium judges using military courts an exemplary measure..  our JUDICIARY IS IN CONTEMPT OF WE THE PEOPLE..  example: aaa- if you hold a referendum on adultery 99.9% will reject it.. if put to vote in the parliament 90% ( leave out foreign paryroll mps ) will reject it..   AT SABARIMALA , JUDGES TRAMPLED ON 5900 YEAR OLD CULTURE..  ####  ####...  JUDICIARY IS IN CONTEMPT OF THE WATAN..  the red corridor was created by the judiciary is 3 decades flat.. judges do not realise that the constitution is only to protect lawful abiding desh bhakt citizens -- not to protect desh drohis ( indian / foreign ) holding foreign guns or the foreign funded thinkers who control them..  ####   ####... JUDICIARY IS IN CONTEMPT OF DHARMA OR NATURAL JUSTICE-- judges must not enforce the law at the expense of justice ( fairness )..justice can never be blind sans context .. justice must be subjective not objective.. jew rothschild who ruled india wanted only objective justice as he was ruling over slaves.. it was jew rothschild who created the legend that lady justice is blind..  this was to show that the crown prince and a old dying leper on the street will get same impartial justice..  in due course this fine concept was hijacked in a cunning manner to a foul “ crime is crime.. we the masters of slave indians don’t care why they did a crime ”— mind you, it could be for sheer survival or to break chains of abject slavery ..  JUDGES ARE IN CONTEMPT OF THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF ...  collegium judiciary is not allowed by the constitution.. judges cannot make and break laws for the whole nation via pil route , filed by foreign payroll desh drohis..  people have woken up.. even a 12 year old class topper school boy can download the indian constitution and interpret it ( applying BODMAS ) better than any judge in india.. we want the constitution to be part of the school syllabus..  we the people want the deep state controlled opaque judicial system to be broken down and built from scratch..  homosexuality / adultery loving vineet jain of “MIRROR NOW” TV keeps repeating " YOU FIRST " ( NAXALS/ TRAITORS ) -- when it should be " our watan first "..  traitor stan swamy was doing a graham staines.. mineral rich ( uranium ) forest lands were being illegally occupied by christian missionary converted naxals.. graham staines was a deep state agent , engaged in slimy covert "proselytisation. this deep state agent in the garb of a missionary created the red corridor in orissa and also acted as an evil pharma agent for testing vaccines on tribals with unpolluted brain and bodies who never needed these vaccines..  proselytisation involves persuasion ..  propagate is a different kettle of fish.. a rumor is propagated .. there is no persuasion here ..  an fake idea that the red sea parted for jews ( chosen people of the promised land ) by moses who never existed , can be propagated..  proselytization by a missionary includes hijacking of human conscience and exploiting vulnerability -- both are not allowed by our constitution..  when a christian church’s agent stands outside a kidney dialysis hospital offering free dialysis if the entire family converts to christianity-- what is this ? this is now happening in christian english medium primary ( lkg/ ukg ) class schools during admission time . .. right to propagate religion is not a licence to proselytise.. 100% .. capt ajit vadakayil says so.. does anybody dare to question my intellect ?..  historically islam has used coercion by fear ( sword ) christianity has used inducement of vulnerable people by sops.  jesus was modelled after a kerala hindu sage named apllonius of tyana in 325 ad at the first council of nicea where the bible was cooked up..  ####   ####...  we ask the judiciary,  do not destroy our culture. if push comes to shove, we hindus will fight back.. khaps who deliver subjective justice are better than our useless indian judiciary--where a few wise old men ( who know all the people in the village since they were born ) deliver subjective conscious justice -- swift / within the perimeter of context/ wise to the ways of local culture / laden with dharma...  we need a system where intelligent judges ( who have the cerebral wherewithal to glean circumstantial evidence) are selected by a nation wide entrance exam like iit... lawyer turned judges who cannot think beyond the objective, are the bane of indian judicial system… they cant take fast decisions.. they cant glean circumstantial evidence..  can they pass a simple iq test live on tv ?... dharma ( natural justice ) can never be objective and given to a non-conscious calculator / computer , which can never tell the moral of a story , laugh at a subtle joke or understand what is culture..  the khaps who sit under the banyan tree were wise old men who had the respect of the villagers.  they knew the history of every body in the village from birth.. they have watched them growing up.   they know who provokes and who reacts. meaning is context bound...  it was jew rothschild who created the legend that lady justice is blind... this was to show that the crown prince and a old dying leper on the street will get same impartial justice..  in due course this fine concept ( BRILLIANT ON MAP SHIT ON TERRAIN ) was hijacked in a cunning manner to a foul “ we don’t care why you did a crime ”— mind you, it could be for sheer survival or to break chains of slavery ..  justice must never ever be blind , as it kills dharma or natural justice which is above the constitution ...  the new world order has been trying hard to delete the subjective from this planet.. and they succeeded at sea, till a hardcore ship captain  named ajit vadakayil came along.


####   ####.. in the post below liberal judge chandrachud supports traitors to the watan..darling of jewish deep state and liberal judge chandrachud refuses to look at congress tool kit case which is bascially blatant treason to the watan.Supreme court judge chandrachud is one of the biggest traitors of india as per a popular poll conducted by capt ajit vadakayil..IN THE POLL BELOW, 27813 VOTERS PARTICIPATED.. . JUDGE DY CHANDRACHUD REMAINS AT THE TOP STRATA OF TRAITORS TO THE WATAN..####   ####..nixon was fooled into resigning by a gallup poll where less number of voters participated..THE CONGRESS TOOL KIT MALIGNED THE IMAGE OF THE WATAN ( TREASON ) NOT THE IMAGE OF ELECTED PM MODI ( SEDITION)..   jewish deep state agent greta thunberg was involved in it nostril deep , using disha ravi as a mere front. WHY IS GRETA THUNBERG WORRIED ABOUT INDIA’S FARM LAWS ?  INDIA IS A SOVEREIGN NATION. . on 4 february 2021, swedish climate activist jewess greta thunberg tweeted a toolkit related to the ongoing farmers' protest ..the tool kit  amplified the cause of the illegal farmers protest. The whole world is jealous as india will be this planet’s no 1 superpower in 11 years..  india wastes 38% of its food, yet we are food surplus with no place to keep food in our godowns .. china is a food importer as chinese soil and water in polluted making cheap plastic toys for the white man.THE ORIGINAL TOOLKIT CALLED FOR A DIGITAL STRIKE ON OR BEFORE 26 JANUARY 2021 (REPUBLIC DAY) AND UNDERSCORED 'CARRYING OUT PROTESTS OUTSIDE INDIAN EMBASSIES' AS ONE OF THE ACTIONS TO MALIGN INDIA..NOT MODI..the document also mentioned various HASHTAGS FOR TWITTER STORM such as #AskIndiaWhy, #FarmersProtest, and #TheWorldIsWatching…the toolkit shared by the swedish climate activistgreta thunberg  played a major role in turning the 26 january 2021 tractor parade' violent, storming the red fort, pulling down the national flag, flying khalistani flag instad , leaving a few hundred police personnel injured. THE SAME HAPPENED ON JAN 6TH 2021 AT CAPITOL HILL — HUNDREDS OF AMERICAN PATRIOTS ARE NOW FACING 25 YEARS IN JAIL ..TRUMP WON THE ELECTIONS BY A LANDSLIDE.. THE JEWISH DEEP STATE RIGGED THE ELECTIONS USING FAKE POSTAL BALLOTS AND THE HELP OF GOOGLE/ FACEBOOK/ TWITTER..the farmers initially agreed to carry out the march on the specified route but later agitators broke the barricades and took a detour to red fort, this plan was part of the tool kit.delhi police alleged that disha ravi along with lawyer nikita jacob and engineer shantanu muluk created a toolkit and shared it with others to tarnish the image of india. THE ACCUSED PEOPLE HAVE BEEN BOOKED UNDER IPC SECTION 124 (A) FOR SEDITION AGAINT THE MODI GOVT —WHEN THE REAL CRIME IS TREASON TO THE WATAN.on 23 february 2021, traitor to the watan, disha ravi has been granted bail by a delhi high court subject to two sureties of 1 lakh each.  because traitors with collegium judicary support get away, traitors like jewish deep state darling trisha shetty are gung ho.. two days ago while defending traitor stan swamy on tv, trisha shetty lied that sadhvi pragya faked her cancer.. traitor trisha baby, you will soon be in jail like snale stan swamy..

useless additional sessions judge dharmendra rana said, "considering the scanty and sketchy evidence on record, i do not find any palpable reason to breach the rule of bail for a 22-year-old girl who has absolutely no criminal antecedents." he dubbed the delhi police's reasoning about the activists conspiring to cause the violence during the farmers' tractor march on 26 january 2021 as conjecture.   this is the time treason must be seen through the prism of  CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.. the  judge questioned, "so you don't have any direct evidence to connect disha ravi with the january 26 violence?"..  our failed lawyers turned collegium judges do not have the cerebral wherewithal to understand that sane/ fair judgments must be within the perimeter of context --and NATURAL JUSTICE ( TO PEOPLE OF INDIA / WATAN—NOT THE FOREIGN FUNDED TRAITOR ) must be inherent....  the melords cant even understand the meaning of circumstantial evidence. the system has broken down.. we need a system where intelligent judges ( who have the cerebral wherewithal to glean circumstantial evidence) are selected by a nation wide entrance exam like iit... lawyer turned judges who cannot think beyond the objective, are the bane of indian judicial system… they cant take fast decisions.. they cant glean circumstantial evidence..  CAN CELEBRITY JUDGES CHANDRACHUD/ NARIMAN  PASS A SIMPLE IQ TEST LIVE ON TV  TAILORED FOR THEM BY CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL?..THE WORD TREASON IS NOT FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION AND HENCE JUDICIARY CANNOT DEAL WITH IT.. ONLY NSA / PARLIAMENT CAN DEAL WITH IT.THE TOOL KIT GAVE ORDERS -- USE THE PHRASE 'INDIAN STRAIN' WHENEVER TALKING OF THE NEW COVID MUTANT. THIS IS TREASON..the document instructs to mobilise former civil servants to raise questions about the pm-cares fund like they did earlier.   another section was on 'india covid: kumbh mela pilgrims turn into super-spreaders.   sorry the BACTERIOPHAGES OF THE GANGES RIVER ENTER THE NOSE AND BLOCKS COVID PANDEMIC SPREAD. ONLY GANGES RIVER HAS BACTERIOPHAGES. bacteriophages are viruses that infect harmful virusus pathogens and bacteria but are harmless to humans.bacteriophage, is a virus,  —it literally means  “bacteria eater”.. THIS IS WHY WE CALL GANGES A HOLY RIVER.KUMBH MELA MASS BATHING IS A GANGA MANTHAN AS IT INCREASES THE POPULATION OF BACTERIOPHAGES IN THE RIVER.before the suez canal was built,  british east india company ships would stock up ganges water from the fag end of ganges river  off calcutta.  this water would hold excellent quality till the ship arrived at london, and sailors would be in the pink of health . on the reverse passage they would stock fresh water from river thames and this water would develop fungus , have bacteria and stink, and the water had to be discarded and replenished enroute .  sailors used to he half dead by the time the ship reached india. he ganges which flows from the mythical hairlocks of lord shiva is self cleansing due to the action of bacteriophages ,  silver/ himalayan salt colloids  and hyper oxygenation—and it is the only river on the planet which has this ability. more than 128 years ago there was a cholera outbreak in india and dead bodies were dumped in the upper river. yet strangely ganges water did not spread the cholera down the river . THIS IS WHY I TOLD MODI GOVT NOT TO PANICK WHEN DEAD BODIES WERE FOUND FLOATING IN GANGES RIVER .. AND COVID DEAD BODIES BURIED BY THE WET GANGES BANKS WERE SEEPING INTO GANGES RIVER. a british bacteriologist by the name of dr ernest hankin found that colonies of cholera bacteria that thrived in ground water quickly died in ganges water.  he pursued his experiment by using boiled ganges water and filtered ganges water. to his surprise, while the filtered water ( which could not hold back nano colloids ) continued to show an antibacterial effect, the boiled water did not.  heating water flocculates ( agglomerates ) and sediments the magic colloids and also kills the magic bacteriophages.ganges is heavily populated with phages which multiply rapidly , travel fast and home in on targets . they are harmless to humans because they are strain specific.  this means phages that infect the cholera bacterium can only infect the cholera bacterium and no other bacteria.when a bacteriophage finds a bacterium with proteins which match its receptors, it can insert dna or rna into the bacterium and direct the organism to start producing replicas of the virus..  unlike antibiotics, phages take out the pathogen without harming the natural flora and friendly bacteria present in the body . the evil pharma has killed all effeorts to revive phage research.  bacteriophages which are viruses infect and kill their host bacteria by a magical search and destroy action. phages have been keeping keeping bacteria in check for three and a half billion years! antibiotics have been around for a few decades are they are already failing to do their job what with antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.even today the polluted ganga that kills pathogens twenty-five times faster than any other river. but with the onslaught of toxic chemicals from tanneries this rate has slowed down.dams have prevented the phages from doing their job. there are phages for all bacteria. a cholera phage can only attach to a cholera bacteria, an e. coli phage only to that specific e. coli and so on. they simply bide their time until they can sense that bacteria .  THIS IS INTELLIGENT ACTION AND THIS IS WHY WE PRAY TO THE GANGA MATA.a phage or virus is a kind of macromolecule. it cannot replicate itself in nature. it has to penetrate the body of a suitable host and use its mechanism to replicate.  it can hang around in shady waters for years, but you won’t notice it because there is no host. it will only express itself when there is a bacterial host. without a host in sight it just remains dormant. the phage that will kill cholera will not kill shigella dysentery even though they are both diarrhoeal diseases. and one that kills shigella will not kill typhoid, and so on.the bacteria which phages feed on can come from human bodies when they bathe. the human body in water in fact acts as a catalyst.  the higher the concentration of bathers the more food for the phages to feast on.  so wherever there are major bathing festivals like the kumbh mela,phages will flock.ISKO BOLTHA HAI GANGA MAIYYA KEE  LEELA !.having found out its prey, the phage will multiply and the whole area suddenly becomes rich in phages.  so a few days after a kumbh mela the riversuddenly acquired greater powers of self-purification.bacteriophages can eliminate the bacteria in the water. compared to antibiotics, bacreriophages go deeper into the infected area IN AN INTELLIGENT MANNER . the replication of phages is concentrated on the infected area where they are needed the most.bacteriophages are viruses cannot multiply through the division of cells because they are acellular (they do not have cells).  instead, they seek a host cell in which they replicate and assemble themselves using the metabolism and machinery of the host cell.  antibiotics are metabolized and removed from the body, with associated side effects. ganges water heals at the cellular level.  hardly any modern doctors understand the strange tango of minerals in the human cell.ganges water  is highly alkaline and has an extraordinary amount of hydrogen with an extra electron, to neutralize damaging free radicals , which cause dna damage, diseases and ageing.  it holds high amounts of silver colloids , is highly sunbathed and oxygenated , and is indeed bio-energised miracle water.  low surface tension water ( normal is 73 dynes ) can store information for healing in its vibratory structure. it easily penetrates the 75 trillion cells and mitochondrial membranes, to supply nutrients and flush away toxins. as we grow old our bodies are not able to absorb water into the cells. we are more than 70% of water.ganges water has been kept in copper pots at the shiva temple at rameshwaram and has not developed algae and bacteria for centuries.  ionised water is structured water with hydrogen bonding and have positive polarity.  all other waters are negative in polarity.  NO MICRO ORGANISM CEN EVER STAY ALIVE AGAINST COLLOIDAL NANO SILVER AND GOLD FOUND IN GANGES WATER.####   ####...

####   #### ..  THE STUPID JUDGE DOES NOT KNOW HOW 5G DECIMATES POLLINATOR BEES.. WE HAVE TO FEED 1390 MILLION INDIANS..   stupid delhi high court judge justice j r midha who illegally and unconstitutionally slapped 20 lakhs fine on juhi chawla has delusions of grandeur when he threatened    “ I HAVE THE POWER TO LEVEL CONTEMPT OF COURT CHARGE “..  ####   ####... we ask the law minister to punish justice j r midha who will be retiring soon and block his pension and perks as an exemplary measure.  ####   ####... WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF “MAJESTY OF JUDGE”… HEY HOW ABOUT “ MAJESTY OF JUSTICE”  OR MAJESTY OF “WE THE PEOPLE”??..####   ####... we ask the new law minister to abolish the current collegium judiciary system.. read all the POLL OR POLLS below- ####   ####...  ####   ####...  INDIA HAS THE MOST USELESS JUDICIARY ON THIS PLANET.. ####   ####... there is an imminent need to punish traitor judges.. ####   ####... I ASK MY READERS , WHO MUST BE PUNISHED?  EGO LADEN JUSTICE JR MIDHA OR PATRIOT AND FORMER MISS INDIA JUHI CHAWLA.. 

someone asked me when did the jewish deep state take full control of  indian judiciary and make it is slave collegium system..  JEWISH DEEP STATE AGENT ,ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT JUDGE JAGMOHANLAL SINHA illegally and unconstitutionally ruled in the state of UTTAR PRADESH V. RAJ NARAIN LAWSUIT..  HE INVALIDATED THE ELECTION OF PRIME MINISTER INDIRA GANDHI AT RAE BAREILI..   indira gandhi had won the elctions by a land slide despite the jewish deep state rigging the elections in raj narain’s favour. THE JEWISH DEEP STATE WANTED A REGIME CHANGE SO THAT INDIA WILL LEAN TOWARDS USA NOT RUSSIA..  GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD WHO RULED INDIA WAS UPSET THAT INDIRA GANDHI NATIONALIZED HIS BANKS..  unparalleled in the history of legal history, the security of the prime minister was managed by lawyers of the high court who formed a human chain when indira came to court. . the lawyers were strictly instructed not to stand up when the prime minister arrived, as that honour was reserved only for the judge.  the loaded  judgement  ran to 258 pages. gandhi was declared guilty of corrupt practices and her election to the lok sabha was declared null and void. she was charged under section 123(7) of the representation of the people act. INDIRA GANDHI WAS ALSO DISQUALIFIED FROM CONTESTING ELECTIONS FOR SIX YEARS. INDIRA GANDHI FELL FOR THE SLIMY HEGELIAN DIALECTIC..   within 13 days of the judgment, Indira gandhi declared a state of emergency on the nation. subsequently, Indira gandhi used the opportunity to change the law which allowed her to rule by decree. she suspended freedom and liberties and brought indian democracy to a halt. consequently, in march 1977,  Indira gandhi and her congress party were routed in the elections. this ended the uninterrupted rule of congress over india.. DEEP STATE AGENT RAMNATH GOENKA RALLIED THE MEDIA AGAINST INDIRA GANDHI.. AFTER ALL INDIAN EXPRESS WAS FOUNDED AND FUNDED BY JEW ROTHSCHILD IN 1932.  it was a false claim without evidence that indira gandhi’s election agent yashpal kapoor ( sic )  was a government servant and that she used government officials for personal election related work. THIS WAS WORSE THAN DISQUALIFYING A ELECTED PM FOR JUMPING A RED LIGHT..  indira gandhi was rattled by the harsh , rude and sustained cross examination conducted on her by raj narain’s lawyer jewish deep state agent SHANTI BHUSHAN with the judge’s permission,, father of PRASHANT BHUSHAN.. the judge jagmohan lal ( who DEFIED THE UP CHIEF JUSTICE DS MATHUR ) looked at the crowd and rapidly read the operative order. he began: “in view of my findings on issue no. 3 and issue no. 1 read with additional issue No. 1, additional issue No. 2 and additional issue No. 3, the petition is allowed and the election of Smt. Indira Nehru Gandhi, respondent No. 1, to the Loksabha is declared void.” . the judge read the rest of the order quickly in a rambling manner and rushed out of  the courtroom. no body heard him. the bribed crowd was raising loud cheers of “RAJ NARAIN KI JAI,” “SHANTI BHUSHAN KI JAI.” .  rothschild's BENAMI mouth piece THE STATESMAN had headlines ready-- “BY NOT RESIGNING, SHE WILL BE GUILTY OF FAR MORE THAN ANY VIOLATION OF AN ELECTORAL LAW.”.  asked if justice sinha’s verdict changed the course of india’s history, senior advocate shanti bhushan - who represented raj narain – said: “yes indeed the emergency as well as indira losing the 1977 election was the direct result of justice jagmohanlal sinha’s judgment.”.  THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD AND ROTHSCHILDs KOSHER MEDIA APPLAUDED -- THEY FELT THAT THEY SCREWED RUSSIA..  on an appeal filed by indira gandhi, justice vr krishna iyer – a vacation judge of the supreme court - on june 24, 1975 granted a conditional stay on justice sinha’s verdict allowing her to continue as prime minister. however, she was debarred from taking part in parliamentary proceedings and draw salary as an mp. while the emergency was in force, the supreme court later overturned her conviction on november 7, 1975.  post emergency, with the tables turned, shanti bhushan became the law minister..  in 1976, bihari kayastha ravi shankar prasad was the blue eyed boy of JP, all know that..  everybody knew that the papa yv chandrachud would be CJI..  CIA MOSSAD USED PUCL ( FOUNDED BY CIA SPOOK BIHARI KAYASTHA JP ) AND A MAD CAP NAMED RAJ NARAIN TO BRING DOWN INDIRA GANDHI IN 1977..  INDIA GANDHI WAS CLEVERLY ARM TWISTED TO IMPOSE EMERGENCY IN 1975 BY THE KOSHER DEEP STATE india was leaning towards russia... the whole affair was rigged by kosher foreign forces, who wanted india to be under the umbrella of cia/ mossad.  INDIRA GANDHI HAD NATIONALIZED ALL JEW ROTHSCHILDs BANKS IN INDIA.. JEW ROTHSCHILD WOULD HAVE HER MURDERED BY KHALISTANI ASSASSINS WITH BBC WITNESSING THE MURDER LIVE ..   khalistan concept was created by white jews using crypto jew sikhs with pale eyes..  the collegium judiciary became strong in india with cia / mossad influence... collegium judiciary is not allowed by our constitution.. it is illegal for judges to elect judges .. india is the only nation on the planet with a collegium system.  consequently, in march 1977, indira gandhi and her congress party were routed in the elections--with jew rothschild controlling indian affairs using his benami media, from the shadows.  JEW ROTHSCHILD RULED INDIA --NOT THE QUEEN OR BRITISH PARLIAMENT..  the moment emergency was declared , indira gandhi got raj narain arrested and imprisoned on the same day along with several leading opposition leaders including j.p. narayan, morarji desai, satyendra narayan sinha, charan singh and atal bihari vajpayee ..   SWAMY, MODI, GEORGE FERNANDES ETC WERE ALL IN DISGUISE WITH MOSSAD SPOSNORED SIKH TURBANS , EVADING ARREST DUEING EMERGENCY..  as health minister mad cap raj narain went on a indian navy ship --and addressed a gathering of high ranking admirals , commodores , captains.. " ITNA BADA JAHAAZ , SAMUDRA KE SHANTI KE OOPAR ? YEH SAB BHAGWAM KE LEELA HAI" ..  i have seen the video..  THE ITALIAN WAITRESS TRIED THE SAME THING WITH MODI IN 2014 LOK SABHA ELECTIONS WITH THE HELP OF TRAITOR TO THE NATION PRANNOY JAMES ROY WITH A WHITE JEWESS MOTHER .. modi was falsely accused of breaking the election code by flaunting the bjp election symbol after he came out of the voting booth..  during the 2014, lok sabha elections , narendra modi came out of the polling booth after voting , and then he walked away to a distance and took a selfie showing his inked finger with a tiny lotus symbol in view.  IMMEDIATELY THE ITALIAN WAITRESS MADE A HUE AND CRY , STATING THAT THE POLL CODE WAS VIOLATED.  the election commission ordered an fir with the ahmedabad crime branch.  the ec said that “from the substance, tone and tenor of the address” and the “manner in which the symbol, lotus, of the bjp was being displayed by him… thereby displaying to the public election matter by means of television in areas going to polls today”, it is “evident” that it “was in the nature of political speech intended and calculated to influence and affect the result of elections in the constituencies going to polls today, not only in ahmedabad but also in all other constituencies in gujarat and elsewhere in the country. modi has violated the provisions of sections 126 (1) (a) and 126 (l) (b) of the representation of the people act, 1951. if any restrictions have been imposed by the competent authority in ahmedabad under section 144 of crpc, then complaints/ flr should also be made under section 188 of IPC”. BLAH BLAH..  the EC also directed that separate complaints/ firs should be filed against all the tv channels and other electronic media which carried the proceedings/ images of the meeting and display of election matter. ec warned that supreme court had ruled that an mp would be immediately disqualified if convicted by a court for a criminal offence with a jail sentence of two years or more. if convicted, modi’s status as a gujarat mla or a lok sabha mp (if elected) could be in jeopardy..  at that time i told my wife who was watching tv with me— “ prannoy roy will give an award to the election commission soon !. i have not reached this far in life by being a CHOOT !!“..  then an hour later when i was sitting in the lawn , i heard my wife exclaim OH SHIT !..  she came running outside and cried –what you said have become true. NDTV will be giving the entire election commission INDIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD..  prannoy james roy ( with an irish mother ) held up the cec hand , as if he was a winning boxer, during the award ceremony.  NDTV tried their best to get modi disqualified from the PM chair using the COLLEGIUM JUDICIARY and malicious/ immoral technical grounds .  in the video all could see prannoy james roy putting a patronising hand on the CEC's backside as if he was a king maker like ramnath goenka..  everybody knows that beta "liberal" chandrachud will be future cji of india.. he kicked bharatmata into the adultery / homosexual/ live in together  mandi, we all know that.. BETA DY CHANDRACHUD IS CONSIDERED BY INDIANS AS A TRAITOR. ####   ####... the italian waitress tried  to abolish AFSPA.. armed forces special powers act (afspa), created by nehru 1958 is an act of the parliament of india that grant special powers to the indian armed forces the power to maintain public order in "disturbed areas" , when china was funding naxals openly and india was being attacked by traitors from within. THE RED CORRIDOR EXTENDED FROM NEPAL TILL KERALA, LITERALLY CUTTING A SWATHE THROUGH INDIA..  this world must know the italian maino jewess  became chief of congress,  by quintessential kosher deceit. HER LACKEYS LOCKED POPULAR PAST PRESIDENT SITARAM KESRI IN THE TOILET.. HE DID NOT WANT TO GO TO THE TOILET, HE WAS PHYSICALLY LIFTED DUMPED INTO THE TOILET AND DOOR LOCKED AFTER TYING HIM UP AND TAPING HIS MOUTH.. the lackey lutyens media did not report this crime.


modi has taken a new health minister to push his “gujarati “ dna vaccine, a gujarati  named mansukh l. mandaviya.  gujarati mansukh malaviya is least competent to be india’s health minister during this covid pandemic..  he is worse than that ethiopian chief tedros of who..  GUJARATI  MANSUKH L. MANDAVIYA  WAS A VETERINARY LIVE STOCK INSPECTOR and has been educated at songadh gurukul and gujarat agriculture university, gujarat. he later completed his MA IN POLITICAL SCIENCE..  the outgoing health minister harsh vardhan  was  a  doctor. this gujarati fellow  mansukh l. mandaviya who does not know english .. you expect him to read scientific journals.. is india so bereft of talent?..  or may be like illiterate modi  who wrote a book on climate change, this gujarati fellow got spontaneous knowledge from akasha.. has already visited the gujarati zydus cadila factory.. HE IS FAAAST LIKE SUDDEN. capt ajit vadakayil declares—if zydus cadila is a gurajati vaccine then covishied ( pune serum institute ) is a parsi vaccine.  aatma nirbhar bharat my ass.. these are just fronts of the kosher vaccine lobby.. ZYCOV-D IS A DNA PLASMID BASED COVID-19 VACCINE being developed by cadila healthcare with support from the biotechnology industry research assistance council. I am sure king of faaltu "gujarati pride" narendra damodardas modi did not sleep the whole of last week... after all his gujarati vaccine company zydus cadila has produced the PLANET'S FIRST PLASMID DNA VACCINE FOR COVID19, with great fanfare.. it is another thing that this vaccine is useless against mutant strains and cause deadly auto immune diseases..   GUJARATI MODI WANTS TO USE INDIANS AS GUINEA PIGS FOR THE UNSAFE AND UNTESTED DNA PLASMID VACCINE OF JEWISH ZYDUS CADILA.  ZYDUS INTERNATIONAL WAS A JEWISH COMPANY.  THEY NOW USE INDIA AS A FRONT.. LIKE HOW ASTRAZENECA IS USING COVISHIED OF PUNE SERUM INSTITURE ( ORIGINALLY PRODUCING CLANDESTONE STUD/ RACE HORSE STEROIDS ) AS A FRONT..  modi would like us to believe that zydus cadila plasmid dna vaccine is purely india— gujarati desi.. atmanirbharr braart kee jai ! ..  all are eager to play gujarati ball.. so that useless brain dead slaves can survive in useless indian orgs ima/ imcr/ dgca / niti ayog / think tanks etc..  the zydus cadila company lies that its vaccine is easily adapted to deal with any mutation in the sars-cov-2 virus, including those already existing. the vaccine is following a needle free three-dose regime..  ####   ####... zydus cadila india is headquartered in ahmedabad, gujarat, india..  CADILA WAS FOUNDED IN 1952 BY GUJARATI RAMANBHAI PATEL A USELESS LECTURER IN THE L.M. COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, AND HIS SHADY GUJARATI BUSINESS PARTNER INDRAVADAN MODI.  zydus cadila's major shareholder remains the gujarati patel family. pankaj ramanbhai patel (born 1953), son of the founder, is the chairman of the company. in 2004, pankaj patel was included in forbes' annual list of india's richest people.. he is the chairman of zydus hospitals, a large chain of hospitals in gujarat.. CADILA'S SUBSIDIARY ZYDUS HEALTHCARE BOUGHT SIX BRANDS FROM MSD PHARMACEUTICALS INDIA, THE LOCAL ARM OF US-BASED MERCK..   THE BRAND ABSTRAL TOO HAS CHANGED MANY HANDS. IN 2011 IT WAS ACQUIRED BY GALENA PHARMA FROM THE SWEDISH COMPANY CALLED OREXO. GALENA LATER SOLD IT TO SENTYNL IN 2015 FOR $12 MILLION.  in july 2020, the company got permission to conduct human trials of the developmental covid-19 vaccine named zycov-d, from the drugs controller general of india (dcgi), government of india..  WE DEMAND THAT IMA/ IMRC/ DGCI OF INDIA BE DISSOLVED .. SACK EVERYBODY AND TAKE FRESH QUALIFIED PEOPLE.—WE DON’T WANT DEEP STATE SLAVES OF THE VACCINE LOBBY IN THESE ORGANIZATIONS—LIKE IN WHO / US CDC/ NIH.  IMA CHIEF CHRISTIAN EVANGELIST DR JOHN ROSE AUSTIN JAYALAL HAS RUN DOWN AYURVEDA AS SNAKE OIL SCIENCE , USING DEEP STATE AGENTS LIKE TRISHA SHETTY.  ima who ridicules ayurveda as snake oil science does not know that 6200 year old charaka samhita used tobacco snuff powder via the nose with pox pustules to provide immunity. edward jneener stole his vaccination theory from 400 century old vedas where god of ayurveda dhanvanthari rose from the cosmic ocean ( samudra manthan ) with a leech in one of his four hands..  it is a lie that tobacco was introduced into india after columbus discovered tobacco in americas. our 6200 year old charaka samhita expounds the use of tobacco ( puka ila ). the use of tobacco as snuff powder ( inhaling via nose ) for ayurveda cures is well documented..  PLASMID DNA ZYDUS CADILA VACCINE FOR COVID CAUSE AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES.. THERE IS NO CURE FOR AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES IN ALLOPATHY.. THE HUMAN BODY IS A WONDERFUL MACHINE TILL AFFLICTED BY AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES.. modern science still does not know how to prevent auto immune diseases and conveniently pass it off as genetic disorder , when in reality vaccines with dangerous adjuvants are the main culprit..  multiple sclerosis (ms) is the most common demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. in this disorder, your immune system attacks the myelin sheath or the cells that produce and maintain it. ####   ####... unlike viral vector vaccines or inactivated vaccines as covishield ( astrazeneca ) and covaxin, THE PLASMID DNA ( ZYDUS CADILA ) AND MRNA ( PFIZER/ MODERNA/ GENNOVA ) VACCINES USE PART OF THE VIRUS’ OWN GENES TO STIMULATE AN IMMUNE RESPONSE,.  ####   ####...  dna vaccine delivers the message via a small electrical pulse that pushes the message to the cell.  at a cellular level, the transportation of highly charged macromolecules such as dna across a negatively charged phospholipid bilayer membrane and subsequently through the highly restrictive nuclear envelope is challenging . we don’t need indians to be used as guinea pigs..  classic dna vaccine when administered, after entering the body, it converts into rna and mimics viral rna structure and induces host immunogenicity while the mrna vaccines are administered in viral genetic material form i.e. rna itself. so basically mrna vaccines are one step ahead of dna vaccines.  THE COMPANY ZYDUS CADILA SAYS THAT DNA VACCINES OFFER A NUMBER OF POTENTIAL ADVANTAGES OVER TRADITIONAL APPROACHES THAT INCLUDE STIMULATION OF BOTH B AND T CELL RESPONSES, IMPROVING THE VACCINE STABILITY, SAYS WHO. .. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL SAYS – BALLS ! ..  vaccine maker zydus cadila that already has anti-covid treatments available in the market claimed to have conducted the largest clinical trial in india so far at over 50 centers and the participants included people between age group 12 and 18 years—using them as guinea pigs..  more than 1000 subjects belonging to age group 12 and 18 years in india participated in the dangerous trials..  animal trails done on non-conscious animals who cannot see themselves in the mirror or see colour is not the real testing field .. conscious humans have a different dna.. the pig is genetically very close to humans , the reason why 400 centuries old vedas don’t allow us to eat pigs. AFTER ALL GUJARATI POWER ZINDABAAD.  zycov-d uses a “plasmid dna” platform containing a genetically engineered version of a type of dna molecule that contains the code for the spike protein, which allows the sars-cov-2 virus to infect cells..  zycov-d works using a “plasmid dna” platform — it contains a genetically engineered version of a type of dna molecule known as a plasmid.  plasmids are circular deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) vectors that can be used as vaccines..  a plasmid is a small, circular, double-stranded dna molecule that is distinct from a cell's chromosomal dna. plasmids naturally exist in bacterial cells, and they also occur in some eukaryotes..  plasmids are genetic elements of dna molecules in the form of small circles present within the bacterial cell cytoplasm outside the bacterial chromosome. because they are separate from the chromosome, they reproduce independently. ... plasmids differ in size and number of copies in the cell.   small pieces of dna, such as human dna, can be attached to appropriate elements, circularized, and then introduced into bacteria, where they are propagated--or in other words, copied--along with the host bacterial chromosome. these small circles containing the cloned dna are called plasmids.  the human genome is comprised of 23 pairs of linear chromosomes, and approximately 3000 megabases (mb) of dna..  a clear danger of dna vaccines is that they could potentially trigger autoimmune diseases by eliciting anti-dna antibody production, owing to the use of prokaryotic dna vectors.  immunization with these recombinant vectors allows intracellular expression of the encoded antigens by molecular and cellular machinery of transfected cells, stimulating an antigen-specific immune response.  plasmids transfect resident cells and use the cellular machinery to express the encoded antigens, stimulating the host’s immune response..  protective efficacy is achieved by the induction of a strong humoral and cellular immune response dependent on b and t cells. the manufacturrers falsely claim with zero evidence that this offers protection against autoimmune diseases.. capt ajit vadakayil says fuck you !.. dna vaccines have an advantage of not requiring such rigorous temperature control as the protein-based vaccines require. however, the stability of nucleic acid-based vaccines under dry conditions (i.e., storage and transportation) or under aqueous conditions is highly dependent on stabilization techniques..  a dna vaccine consists of a plasmid produced in bacteria that encodes the protein of interest (an antigen) in the presence of a mammalian promoter. it is placed in a way that it reaches the cell nucleus, enabling the transcription and translation in the transfected human cells..  dna-based vaccines comprised plasmids encoding one or more antigens. compared to mrna-based vaccines, they are more stable, but carry insertional mutagenesis risks due to vector integration. intriguingly, all current clinical trials of dna vaccines utilize the delivery of the spike protein as the antigen..  the secretion of a spike protein portion will function as a competitive antagonist by interfering with the binding of coronavirus to the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ace2) receptor.  a major obstacle in dna vaccine development is low immunogenicity. administration of naked dna vaccines is usually inefficient, since its negative charge prevents it from crossing cell membranes because of charge repulsion with negative charge phospholipids.  an important development in dna vaccination is the improvement in the delivery with nanoparticles of chitosan. chitosan nanoparticles have provided an effective means for prevention of dna vaccine degradation while the cationic nature enables binding to the negative charge of dna.  chitosan nanoparticles have provided an effective means for prevention of dna vaccine degradation while the cationic nature enables binding to the negative charge of dna.  chitosan-coated poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles as a delivery delivery system.. chitosan is a biopolymer that can form hydrogels as a consequence of small modifications of ionic strength or ph.  i ask ten of this planet’s best virologists / vaccine experts to debate me live on tv.. they must bring a bucket of grease along..  capt ajit vadakayil is not a hen, but he is the best judge of an omelette than any hen on this planet.. ande ka funda indeed !.. let us dance like cunts !!  ####   ####...


tech giants FACEBOOK TWITTER and GOOGLE have banned the word “VADAKAYIL”.. now they have banned the word “IVERMECTIN”.   CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL’S BLOGSITE WAS RED FLAGGED BY EVIL GOOGLE RACKETEER OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE TWICE..  first was because he supported trump against biden..  the second time was because he praised ivermectin as a wonder drug to prevent cure covid, which went against the agenda of the kosher vaccine lobby who wanted the trillion dollar gravy train for itself.  37 american states have now sued google for the same thing , VIOLATING ANTI-TRUST LAWS. .. GOOGLE’S PLAY STORE IS ANTI-COMPETITIVE..  google puts false security warnings on android phones.. when you try to download apps from outside the play store your android phone puts a false warning.. a notification will popup that the app is dangerous, that it has a virus, it will steal your information and so on.  google wants people to use only play store.  GOOGLE DEPRIVES YOU OF CHOICE..  IT IS ALL ABOUT MONOPOLIZING BUSINESS AND MAKING MONEY IN A CLANDESTINE MANNER .. google discourages people from buying cheaper and better quality items..  CHINA IS BENEFITTING .. this is why though trump won the elections by a landslide , joe biden sits on the president’s chair,  by rigging the elections with chinese help - with fake chinese ballot papers and harvested private information about voters from its tik tok app ( and facebook ) .   app developers lose out on android users.  such unfair competition must not be allowed.  GOOGLE FORCES APP DEVELOPERS TO PAY COMMISSION , THE LITERAL POUND OF FLESH LIKE JEW SHERLOCK.    now if you want to but paid content on this app, it forces the app users to use google billing for the transaction..  google now gets more than 30% commission on every purchase..  google prevents app developers from selling their products outside their play store.  GOOGLE RAKES IN MONEY UNLAWFULLY AND EVERYBODY ELSE LOSES OUT.  usa has filed a bi-partisan law suit..  ####   ####...  dr mobeen syed has declared that youtube owned by google deletes whatever he says about ivermectin.   THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GOOGLE DID TO CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL’S BLOGS ON IVERMECTIN..  GOOGLE JUST ARBITRARILY DELETED THE POSTS WITHOUT WARNING..  ####   ####..  we know that childless modi is part of this deep state consiracy..   google keeps donating to modi ( hafta like sachin vaze ) ..  the carrot of nobel prize has been dangled in front of modi..  modi has now appointed a most useless man , his slave , as india’s new health minister..  he is a mphil in political science .. this gujarati fellow does not even know english..  IS INDIA SO BEREFIT OF TALENT DURING THIS PANDEMIC ?..


it is now obvious to all that when joe biden answers questions put to him media, it is fixed.. he knows the question and he refers to his cards even to answer these elementary questions..  in his meeting with putin, any journalist could ask putin any question.. but joe biden called out a journalist by name, and the took out a card from a bunch and answered .. he knew the question and he read it out of the card kept in sequence .. FROM HIS BODY LANGUAGE VADAKAYIL GLEANS THAT JOE BIDEN HAD UPPERS.. putin was decent enough to declare tongue in cheek that “ joe biden never missed a thing “ .  john f kennedy did the same “upper thingy”  in his summit with ussr premier nikita  khrushchev.. accidently kennedy overdosed and was crying from one eye and twitching from the cheek on the other side, when an amused NIKITA  KHRUSHCHEV CUT HIS TIE AND HAT .. while negotiating the cuban missile crisis with soviet premier nikita khrushchev, us president john f kennedy was pumped with three shots of meth by dr max jacobsen..  kgb knew about it and they prolonged the meet wearing down john f kennedy almost to death ..   ONE OF MY RUSSIAN CHIEF ENGINEERS KGB AGENT FATHER WAS THERE..  kgb took secret videos.  the outcome of the meet was known to krushchev in advance  who toyed around with john kennedy,  and they joked about it during the coffee breaks..   usa capitulated to ussr , a  total disgrace.. NIKITA KEPT SMIRKING , TYING UP KENNEDY IN KNOTS , WIPING THE FLOOR WITH HIM.. john admitted to his entourage after his talks with kruschhev  -.  “ NIKITA  SAVAGED ME, HE CLEANED OUT MY CLOCK,  HE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF ME ’ ..  never had an american president been humiliated so much in a foreign land.. PUTIN WAS DECENT THOUGH JOE BIDEN HAD BRANDED HIM A “KILLER” AND A “MAN WITHOUT A SOUL”..  kennedy took dr max jacobsen on air force one whenever he has an important meeting with world leaders ..  a heavy  meth shot was timed to kick in when talks with the hostile khrushchev began, but the wily russian  —  tipped off by his own kgb, who were on to jacobson by now — deliberately turned up late when kennedy was sliding down from his high .  panicking, john kennedy demanded another injection, and jacobson, despite his misgivings about giving another one so soon, did as he was asked.  hours after the two leaders first sat down, kennedy emerged from their meeting. “his face was sullen and fatigued, and he was clearly nervous”; plus, “his speech was slurred.”..  he asked jacobson for another shot, and the doctor told him, “you’ve already had too much. too much will cloud your thinking.”..  “but i need the edge,” the president begged. “this guy’s making all kinds of demands. he thinks he can push us around.”.  jacobson gave him one last shot, telling him, “ mr president, i can’t let you have a serious overdose,” and kennedy returned to the meeting reinvigorated and then within minutes quickly frazzled . . what happened next is history..  but the russian nikita outwitted kennedy in the talks , playing with him as if he was a retarded child , and thoroughly humiliated him.  nikita knew which ego button to press when dealing with a man drugged out of his mind with meth... what is certain is that khrushchev came away with the impression that the u.s. president is a drug addict.  that, in turn, gave the soviet leader the confidence to build the berlin wall just months later and challenge the u.s. in its own backyard in the cuban missile crisis the following year.  traditional american history proposes that due to john f. kennedy's toughness soviet leadership gave in and the cuban missile crisis was avoided.   to the american public, this rendition of the crisis has come to be an icon of presidential leadership..  american history has long portrayed president john f. kennedy as the heroic who courageously steered the united states out of a nuclear catastrophe. kennedy was the hero who made khrushev blink first.. tee heeeeee ..  the entire us history is a pack of foul lies.  that the world had come so close to nuclear war because the president had been bested by the soviet leader in vienna did not go unnoticed among certain echelons in washington.  that he was increasingly under the influence of the very drugs that had left him helpless at the vienna summit left them scrabbling for a solution to a growing problem. something had to be done to avert a catastrophe.  kennedy’s dependence on jacobson was clearly total.  on the way back from vienna, the white house contingent stopped off in britain — and dr feelgood slipped into buckingham palace to shoot up not only the president but jackie, too.  on the flight to washington, he administered more shots on air force one.  many found the doctor’s constant presence around the president unnerving. the press had also begun to notice him and ask questions about the president’s health.  bobby kennedy ( who was fucking jacjie on the sly along with his brother robert ) was worried enough to secure vials from his brother’s stash of drugs and have them analysed.  he then confronted the president about the high amphetamine content, to be brushed off with: ‘i don’t care if it’s horse piss. it makes me feel good.’..  all were worried about his undisciplined sex life and tendency to blab state secrets (including plans to assassinate fidel castro) to bed-mates such as marilyn monroe.  such before john f kennedy was assassinated jacke was fucking onassis .. onassis later told that all jackie needed was a jewel to fall out of her folded breakfast napkin.. he kept fake ones and Jackie never knew the difference..  the questions got ever more serious. was this a president who could complete a second term? ..  was this a president who should even be allowed to complete his first? .  it was vice-president lyndon johnson who gave the nod to kennedy’s assassination and also authorised the cover-up story that it was the work of deranged loner lee harvey oswald.  we have CACKLIN’ KAMALA ( QUEEN OF FAKE SMILES ) with zero grass root support doing foreign trips ..####   ####..  deep state agent jew dick cheney was the only powerful american vice president america ever had ..otherwise in usa the vp cannot even fart without permission. ####   #####.. jacobson is “officially”  recorded to have visited the oval office, pictured during the current president's office, some 30 times while kennedy was in power.. he taught kennedy to use the syringe on himself..  on special occasions like in the televised debate with nixon, he took a shot direct on the larynx..  marilyn monroe was high on an injected drug from dr feelgood ( dr max jacobsen )  when she sang happy birthday to president kennedy..  ####   ####...  dr max jacobson traveled with john f kennedy to inject the couple with an elixir of "miracle" drugs in 1961 while visiting queen elizabeth and on their trip to paris. probably it made them curtsy better..  ‘mrs dunn is calling,’ his office receptionist would announce, using the codename for kennedy, and jacobson would stop whatever he was doing to take the call — and bask in the glory of his own importance. after kennedy’s death, dr max jacobsen continued dispensing his drugs to all and sundry.   finally, a newspaper exposed his activities and a medical panel eventually disbarred him on 48 counts of unprofessional conduct and fraud.  jacobsen’s medical license was revoked on 25 april 1975, by the new york state board of regents.  jacobson died in december 1979 having never regained his medical license.  balls to the camelot family.  john f kennedy is the worst president of america.. a sex maniac..  king of camelot john f kennedy fucked more than 1000 women in his lifetime.. this is a conservative estimate after a detailed inquiry for ten years .. wife jackie matched him step for step. here are a jew men whom jackie fucked. ormsby gore, warren beatty, peter lawford, paul newman, gregory peck, frank sinatra, william holden , marlon brando, andre malraux, rudolf nureyev, john p. marquand jr, john husted jr, fiat czar gianni agnelli, aristotle onassis, charles addams, dr. christian barnard, peter cook; charles bartlett, john white, roswell gilpatric, pete hamill, lord harlech; robert lowell, jack warnecke, inga arvad, paul morrissey, maurice tempelsman, fdr jr, several of her security guards ( she needed rough sex like her sister ) etc etc.. john f kennedy was the first president to mass rig his elections using the mob.. actually Richard Nixon wont by a landslide ( like trump against biden ).. imagine italiamn jewess nancy pelosi had the gall to ask that 25th amendment be invoked on america’s sharpest president ever donald trump, for being mentally senile.  very soon evil nancy pelosi’s connections with a  pedophile ring with come out.. wait for it.. read all 4 parts of the post below--..  ####   ####...  hunter biden has admitted that he bore the expenses of his father joseph biden over the years –this is the meaning of giving his slice of the loot. America has done hundreds of regime changes in the last century.. America tried to kill FIDEL CASTRO ( BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF JUSTIN TRUDEAU ) more than 600 times .. so called evil iran/ venezuela/ syria / north korea has never done this even once .. VADAKAYIL WARNS—THE LEADER OF THE COWBOY RIDING POSSE ( INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY- TEE HEE ) RIDING AFTER THE OUTLAW ( PRESIDENTS OF RUSSIA/ IRAN/ NORTH KOREA/ VENEZEULA / SYRIA )  WILL SOON FALL OFF HIS HORSE.


when JUSTICE JR MIDHA FINED JUHI CHAWLA 20 LAKHS, she was expected to deposit the money as “ COURT COSTS FOR FRIVOLOUS PETITION TO GRAB PUBLICITY ” in SHCIL ( STOCK HOLDING CORPORATION OF INDIA )..  DECIMATION OF POLLINATING STINGING BEES SEEM TO BE FRIVOLOUS TO MAJESTIC BUT STUPID JUDGE JR MIDHA.. the delhi high court, took strong exception to fresh pleas filed by juhi chawla seeking waiver of rs. 20 lakh which was to be deposited by her as “costs” in relation to her plea against 5g rollout in the country ..  ####   ####... SCLSA,  is just one beneficiary, with others including the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA), and the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association (SCAORA).  SCBA WAS ILLEGALLY BEING FUNDED BY DESH DROHIS FROM ABROAD.. ####   ####... SUPREME COURT HAS BEEN SUPPORTING TRAITOR FOREIGN FUNDED ( BY PAKISTANI ISIS ) NGOs IN INDIA UNCONSTITUTIONALLY.. THE WORD TRAITOR IS NOT FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION.. ####   ####... in april 2018, a bench comprising justice madan b. lokur and justice deepak gupta had  UNCONSTITUTIONALLY fined the centre rs 1 lakh while dismissing a plea as “frivolous”: the centre had filed an appeal against a retired soldier, despite the fact that pleas of a similar nature had been dismissed by the court earlier. SHCIL ( Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited ) was established in 1986 as a public limited company and is a subsidiary of IFCI. it is responsible for e-stamping system around india…  funds lying in float with SHCIL/a non-public authority - which by rights should have been with govt of India/RBI. ####   #### ..  court fees and stamp duties etc are collected via SHCIL, which in its own words, is not a public authority, and there is no clarity on ledgers, compliances, adherences, et al..  GST, on the other hand, to give just one similar example pertaining to centre-state subjects, is collected and deposited directly to the reserve bank of india.. ####   ####... while the telgi scam investigation was raging, the government came up with the idea of e-stamping, as a  transparent and electronic replacement for physical stamps that were susceptible to counterfeiting.  the stock holding corporation of india limited (SHCIL) designed an e-scam at the very initiation of the new system.  SHCIL acted as depository of shares for many brokers of cse. .. there is also an allegation against SHCIL about circular trading in stocks. .. india’s top public sector banks and institutions had come together to set up SHCIL..  once e-stamping was announced, it bagged the mandate to become the central record-keeping agency.  at the centre of the scam were R Jayaraman Iyer, chairman and managing director of SHCIL, and S Ramanathan, his deputy and CEO of SHCIL Services Ltd (SSL), a fully-owned subsidiary. as in the telgi scam, Mr Iyer and Mr Ramanathan co-opted extremely powerful people (regulators and the police) in India and abroad,  a CORRPUPT Cabinet minister.  prime minister Manmohan Singh had ordered the removal of the Jayaraman Iyer-Ramanathan duo and asked IDBI Bank, the lead promoter of SHCIL, to take charge.  the SHCIL scam was audacious and elaborate. under the benign watch of its regulator, the securities & exchange board of india (SEBI) and, despite a powerful board of bank chiefs, SHCIL began diluting the shareholding of SSL until it had sold 76% of its equity to private and foreign entities. This was like stealing a quasi-government company from under the nose of powerful banks and institutions, such as LIC, ICICI, IDBI, IFCI and others, who were on the SHCIL board. in all these years, the market regulator, which keeps inventing new regulations, compliances and disclosures to ensure good governance, has never, ever, questioned these board directors who allowed a whole subsidiary company to be hijacked under their watch. SSL went on to create layers of subsidiaries, including a singapore-based entity called Unitec Value Solutions PTE Ltd.  the e-stamping contract was ostensibly signed between SHCIL and Crimson Logic PTE Ltd, a government-linked company of Singapore. However, the legal document was actually a contract between Crimson Logic and Unitec Value Solutions. A nice chunk of the money paid out to Crimson Logic was to be retained by Unitech Value Solutions, which was 80% owned and controlled by Jayaraman Iyer and S Ramanathan and their friends..  SHCIL had no clear regulatory oversight and the fraudsters managed to co-opt anyone who would have objected. at the same time, it conducted a witch-hunt against suspected whistle-blowers until everybody eventually clammed up. even today, it is unclear who regulates, inspects and oversees large e-networks like these which handle our tax information, e-stamping, corporate filings, etc..  many officials, who colluded with the dubious-duo, remain in top positions at the organisation.   the e-stamping scam is a prime example of how technology can be manipulated for illegal gains and it will remain hidden for a long time, unless somebody at the core of operations blows the whistle.  TELGI STAMP PAPER SCAM IS THE NO 1 SCAM OF INDIA..  IT WAS NOT ABOUT SELLING FAKE STAMP PAPER FOR PEANUTS..  IT WAS ABOUT LAND GRABBING AND CHANGING LAND RECORDS IN REGISTRY OFFICES..  wikipedia says the size of the scam was estimated to be more than 1400 million usd.. i say that this scam was worth 100 times more.  wikipedia says that an assistant police investigator was found to have a net worth of over 14 million usd  despite making a salary of only 130 usd a month.. abdul karim telgi used to go to dance bars shower currency notes of more than one crore ( 100 kakh rupees ) . the  topaz bar at grant road, mumbai was owned by one of my officer’s uncle.. sachin vaze was asked to collect 100 crores every month from chamiya bars and hotels. our judges burnt midnight oil to re-open chamiya bars ( beer bars with dancing whores ).. as if a few dozen good looking young girls cannot earn a decent living.. the no 2 scam is thorium scam, where thorium rich sands were stolen from kerala and tamil nadu beached in darkness hours after the entire area was converted to christianity..  i penned a post on this telgi scam and sent it to modi more than 35 times.. in the narco test the scamster took the name of sharad pawar during the narco truth serum test.. this video is in the post below… ######   ######.. so, what does our man modi do?..  he touches sharad pawar’s feet and gave him india’s second highest award the padma vibhushan..  in mumbai there is no undisputed land or property.. this is why land sharks controlled by jews from pakistan ( dawood ibrahim ) control the mumbai building business.. if anybody goes against the mafia based in pakistan , he will just disappear.. police/ judges/ politicians/ media were all in cahoots.. telgi stamp paper scam was not about selling fake stamp paper for peanuts ... it was about regularising land grabbed by commies and politicians ... it was about  making forged land deeds and inserting it in govt registry offices…  all over india the naxals / maoists burnt govt land registry offices and killed the current and retired land registrars.. dead men tell no tales..  khalistani sikhs ( most of them are in canada today ) killed hindus and grabbed their ancestral  lands. every body knows that prathibha is sharad pawar;’s wife, and prathiba shipping belongs to pawar.. but when a pratibha ship sank off chennai all went into radio silence mode.. this is the fear the name pawar evokes.. telgi was small fry. he just did what he was told to.. telgi was a single basket fruit seller outside mumbai railway stations .. what power does he have over the india security press at nasik?..  this press is a government press is a subsidiary of the security printing & minting corporation of india limited (spmcil), a public undertaking of the indian government. the company is charged with the task of printing passports, visas, postage stamps, post cards, inland letters, envelopes, non-postal adhesives, court fees, fiscal, and hundi stamps in the country.  the nexus ran deep.. those with a clear association with the scam were let off or listed as witnesses rather than accused..  the police arrested the wife and minor daughter of telgi , without gathering adequate evidence against them, designed to extort money from telgi.  panchnamas were not been counter-signed by the investigating officer, witnesses  were turned into accused and crucial evidence has  been omitted from the case diaries and investigation records.  the telgi case died a quiet death.  telgi was injected with hiv virus in jail . telgi died on 23 october 2017..  dead men tell no 2018, a year after telgi's death, the nashik sessions court in maharashtra had acquitted abdul karim telgi and six others in the case in absence of "solid evidence" against them. in 1996, telgi, by navigating through powerful connections had set up his own press on mint road in mumbai.  several good printing machines declared to be obsolete and telgi bought all of them... telgi had 41 properties around the country and had more than 107 bank accounts in major cities..we the people ask modi to reopen this case..


just check out the terrific lie.. after thousands of covid  vaccine deaths in india, AEFI which is a slave for the vaccine lobby criminally reports just one death , three weeks ago.  ####   ####...   UNVACCINATED PEOPLE WHO STAYED AT HOME EASILY REVOVERED BY NATURAL BODY IMMUNITY .  fearful people affected by scare mongering by media got vaccinated and ran to hospitals for the slightest breath shortness ( which is normal ) ..  98% OF COVID HOSPITAL DEATHS IN INDIA ARE DUE TO IGNORANT DOCTORS USING EXCESSIVE 100% OXYGEN / STEROIDS / UNSAFE DRUG COMBINATIONS.  the air we breathe has only 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen for a good reason.. our body needs magic molecule nitric oxide for immunity..  VIRUSES HATE  NITRIC OXIDE.. NITRIC OXIDE IS PRODUCED BY EPITHELIAL CELLS IN THE PARANASAL SINUSES.. oscillating airflow produced by humming MMMMMM OF BRAHMARI PRANAYAMA ( YOGA )  or RECITING HINDU KING MANTRA OM  enhances sinus ventilation and thereby increases nasal nitric oxide levels.. VACCINATION FOR COVID-19 IS PURE BIOTERRORISM TO DEPOPULATE THE PLANET.. when there is a scare of down syndrome and homosexuality people will deliberately choose not to have babies..  A VACCINATED PERSON IS A DEVIL’S WORKSHOP FOR MUTATING SARS-COV-2 VIRUS. ####   ####... vaers report indicates 9,000+ experimental covid-19 vaccine-related deaths, a 2,000 increase in one week –  IT IS A CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY THAT VAERS ( A RACKETEER FOR THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY ) JUST REPORTS  0.9% OF VACCINE INJURIED/ DEATHS. ####   ####...COVID VACCINE IS ‘BIOTERRORISM BY INJECTION’ AND HAS CAUSED MORE DEATHS THAN THE COVID DISEASE ITSELF..the current experimental covid-19 vaccines sterilizes the young, fosters cancer, cause autoimmune diiseases, causes down syndrome in babies and causes homosexuality ( to reduce population ) .. this bioterrorism has come in two stages, including the “Phase I” which consisted of a “respiratory virus that spread across the world and effected relatively few people, about one percent of many populations, but generated great fear.  this fear enabled multiple levels of government mitigation policies including shutdowns, mask mandates, and mass testing. every single thing that was done in the public health response to the pandemic made it worse ..  the vaccine lobby funded by terrorist bill gates  want a needle in every arm to inject MESSENGER RNA OR ADENOVIRAL DNA into every human being. the current ethiopian WHO chief tedros is a slave of bill gates .. we have shocking cases of thousands of young people developing myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart.  there’s no clinical benefit in young people whatsoever, to get the vaccine..  there is no data safety monitoring board for this pandemic ..  CDC’s VAERS system released few days ago reveals reports of 411,931 total adverse events in the united states following injections of experimental covid-19 gene therapy vaccines, including 6,985 deaths and 34,065 serious injuries, between dec. 14, 2020, and june 25, 2021..  more than 68%of people who are already immune, naturally immune are still getting the vaccine. since there is no medical, clinical or safety reason for such people to be injected with these biological agents, it reveals that“the vaccine is contrived. this whole thing is criminally contrived- A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY..  now the US CDC has cleverly  changed the RT-PCR cycle threshold down to lower, so they’re going to make fewer cases, so it’s going to look as if the vaccine reduced cases and deaths..  ####   ####..  these novel experimental gene-therapy injections fosters cancer and lead to infertility in the young..  the first wave was to kill the old people by the respiratory infection. the second wave is to take the survivors and target the young people and sterilize them.  in the united states, is, they’re not even interested in the old people now. they just want the kids…the entire media is working for the kosher vaccine lobby.  lipid particles concentrate in the ovaries.   the ovaries get the highest concentration of lipid nanoparticles from mRNA / DNA vaccines. this turns the ovaries into a very large manufacturing plant to turn out toxic spike protein..  as vital components of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, LNPs play a key role in effectively protecting and transporting mRNA to cells. Liposomes, an early version of LNPs, are a versatile nanomedicine delivery platform.  lipid-based nanoparticles are made up of lipid vesicles that encapsulate drug or transport lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs to their target. examples of lipid base nanocarriers include liposomes, bilayers, and micelles. carbon nanotubes have attracted the attention of many scientists and engineers owing to their specific chemical and physical properties including optical, thermal, electrical, mechanical, and structural diversity.. carbon nanotubes such as, graphene oxide, and graphene quantum dots are now becoming popular.. WUHAN CHINA USED 5G TO TEST HUMANS WITH MAGNETIZED GRAPHENE OXIDE IN VACCINES AS A DEADLY TOOL FOR BIOWARFARE..  PEOPLE WILL DROP DEAD BY JUST INCREASING THE POWER OF 5G ( VIA SATELLITE ) LEAVING THE FLORA AND FAUNA INTACT .. THERE IS NO NEED FOR NUCLEAR MISSILES WHICH WILL CONVERT THE LAND TO RADIO ACTIVE WASTELAND .  graphene oxide was synthesized by hummers method through oxidation of graphite. GRAPHENE, ONE OF THE WORLD'S STRONGEST MATERIALS, ISN'T NORMALLY MAGNETIC. BUT WHEN STACKED AND TWISTED, GRAPHENE DEVELOPS A RARE FORM OF MAGNETISM.  pure carbon is not magnetic-, we can engineer this property by arranging three graphene sheets at just the right twist angles. the magnetic field isn't created by the usual spin of electrons within the individual graphene layers, but instead arises from the collective swirling of electrons in all of the three-layers of the stacked graphene structure. you can control the properties of the twisty stack of graphene by applying an electric field. when the electric field was oriented in one direction, the system acted like a twisted double layer of graphene. when they reversed the field, the stack took on the properties of a twisted four-layer graphene structure. graphene bonded with boron nitride can give rise to a strange magnetic field; that field arose from the molecular bonds of the carbon in graphene and the boron in boron nitride. the new research reveals that this same type of magnetism can occur in pure graphene alone, simply because of interactions between carbon molecules. 9th july 2021 reports of injuries following wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination have surpassed 400,000, according to government data.   as of july 5, there have been 411,931 vaccine injuries reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system (vaers). of the more than 400,000 reports, 6,985 of these were deaths following inoculation. this is not vaccine, this is deadly injection to depopulate ..  the most recent vaers data showed 411,931 total adverse events from dec. 14, 2020 through june 25, 2021. the 6,985 total fatalities were a result of 872 deaths being recorded over the previous week. meanwhile, 34,065 serious injury reports were noted – an increase of 2,825 compared with last week’s figures. of the almost 1,800 reports of vaccine-related anaphylaxis, 99 percent were attributed to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. VAERS data also showed cardiovascular issues following inoculation with COVID-19 vaccines – with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine accounting for the majority of these.   of the 300 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis submitted to the system, 296 were linked to the pfizer shot.   all but one of the 52 reports of blood clotting disorders were also attributed to the new york-based company’s vaccine. researchers from the evidence-based medicine consultancy (EbMC) in England found an “overwhelming” number of adverse reactions linked to the COVID-19 vaccines.  They looked at data from Yellow Card and surmised that the high figures definitely raised alarm bells. EBMC Director DR. TESS LAWRIE wrote about her group’s findings in a June 9 letter to MHRA Chief Executive Officer Dr. June Raine. dr tess lawrie’s letter said that between jan. 4 and may 6 of this year, yellow card recorded a total of 888,196 adverse events and 1,253 deaths.  given the figures, she noted that “the MHRA now has more than enough evidence to declare the covid-19 vaccine unsafe for humans.”..  dr tess lawrie later told trialsitenews in an interview: “the scope of morbidity is striking, evidencing a lot of incidents and what amounts to a large number of ill.”   she added that the yellow card system was “incredibly opaque” as researchers are unable to filter vaccine safety incidents by age, gender or other attributes.  according to dr tess lawrie, about 60 percent or more of covid-19 vaccines in the U.K. came from astrazeneca ( covishield ).   the pfizer/biontech vaccine made up the remainder of the vaccines used in its inoculation program.  THE VACCINE ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS) controlled by the kosher vaccine lobby  is a US program for vaccine safety, co-managed by US CDC and  US FDA.   VAERS is a postmarketing surveillance program, collecting information about adverse events (possible harmful side effects) that occur after administration of vaccines to ascertain whether the risk–benefit ratio is high enough to justify continued use of any particular vaccine. VAERS, the vaccine safety datalink, and the clinical immunization safety assessment (CISA) network are tools by which the CDC and FDA monitor vaccine safety  to fulfill their duty as regulatory agencies charged with protecting the public. protecting people my ass, they protect their masters, the evil kosher vaccine lobby..  VAERS BLATANTLY  UNDER REPORTS VACCINE DEATHS AND INJURIES..  EVIL VAERS IS NOT FOR THE PEOPLE, IT IS AGAINST THE PEOPLE.. US CDC ( in payroll of the kosher vaccine lobby )  in a clever nay criminal manner manner cautions that it is generally not possible to find out from VAERS data if a vaccine caused the adverse event, or how common the event might be. the world health organization (WHO) knows VAES as adverse events following immunization (AEFI).  IN INDIA WE MUST HAVE OUR OWN COVID SPECIFIC VAERS SYSTEM BY MOBILE PHONE APP WHERE PEOPLE CAN REPORT DIRECT BYPASSING THE BRIBED DOCTORS AND POLITICIANS .. THIS SYSTEM MUST NOT BE A ULTERIOR MOTIVE TOOL TO CLAIM FAKE COMPENSATION..   ####   ####...


in india we always treated flu akin to common cold..   in india we never had flu deaths , except in lying official statistics by bribed allopathy doctors and deep state darling ima .. i remember when one of my friends had flu i went to comfort him, closeted in his bed room , playing an indoor game.. do i look like an idiot to you..  in usa the average flu deaths in a year if in excess of 71,000. this was why i was most shocked when modi and his side kick, the previous health minister jp nadda made flu shots compulsory for new born babies.. the idea was to use kosher flu vaccines of evil vaccine lobby and use our healthy unpolluted children as guinea pigs.. i shot it down with a 4 part blogpost , below—####   ####...the trillion dollar vaccine gravy train was derailed by a blogger—yes ! Imagine getting flu shots for every seasonal variant..  even today in the hour of pandemic i hasten to advise indian parents.. if you small child has fever, dripping nose,  and sneezes, do not panic.. the child has god given natural immunity..  rather the child getting common cold is a good thing as it raised the child’s body immunity with every episode of common cold..  after five common cold episodes the child’s body immunity  gets stable..  most old doctors in indian govt hospitals will never ever catch cold or flu as their bodies are naturally immune..  when i got chicken pox while in my training ship at the age of 17 , with 250 cadets on board, i celebrated.. i said to myself, now i am immune to chicken pox, it is done and dusted with....  jp nadda and modi then latch on to pre-teen school girls and injected them with hpv vaccines without parental permission..  modi and his side kick  jp nadda can tried and hanged under indian laws for this humongous crime ..  let them not think they got away because they are in power..india has the least “loss of virginity “ before marriage by percentage on this planet..  we have 1390 million people..  we don’t have proms in schools like the west where parents send their daughters to school to lose their virginity with an advise not to spoil the rented dress with blood and semen.. in the hollywood movie contagion released a decade ago ( a covid pandemic  similar to the one now ) the father mitch emhoff played by matt damon is so guilty that his daugher jory could not attend the cancelled school prom that he arranged it inside his home..  in fact the father shed copius tears while lamenting thathis 13 year old virgin daughter missed the critical “RITE OF PASSAGE” of her life ... he then arranges for a private prom. so that his daughter can get FUCKED BY HER BOYFRIEND BEFORE HER ADOLESCENCE DRIFTS AWAY.. TEE HEEEE... one of contagion’s final scenes shows daughter jory dancing to u2 number ( all i want is you – nay your prick ) with her newly vaccinated boyfriend andrew at a makeshift prom her dad has thrown her in their home.   papa  mitch goes downstairs to take pictures of his daughter jory and her current boyfriend andrew. mitch watches them dance.  In that moment, there is hope for the phuture nay future. AIYYOOOOO..     IF YOUR 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER GETS FUCKED ON PROM DANCE NIGHT , THERE IS SOAP FOR HER HOLE—OOPS—NAY--HOPE FOR HER SOUL..   THIS IS THEIR CHOOTIYA FUCKIN’  CULTURE..  ####   ####... “  when all i want is you, you say you want ,  your love to work out right , to last with me through the night “ …. SNIFF…  BOOO HOOOOO.. I AM SO FUCKIN’ TOUCHED..  FOR THEM PROM DANCE IS LIKE A CULTURAL THING.. LIKE WE HAVE MUNDAN CEMEREMONY IN INDIA..  There are sixteen rituals (Shodasa samskaras) prescribed by 400 century old vedas and adhered to across the land of Bharath.  1/Garba Aadhana – Pre consummation rites which purify the parents  2/Pumsavana – Rites for the carrying mother  3/Simantonnayana – Prenatal rite for the protection of carrying mother and her womb  4/Jatakarma – Natal rite purifying the new born  5/Namakarana – Naming Ceremony  6/Nishkramana – Exposing the infant to outside world7/Annaprashana – First Feeding of solid food  8/Chaulam – Tonsure  9/Karnavedhana – Piercing the ears  10/Aksharaabhyasa or Vidyaramba – Beginning of Education  11/Upanayana – Opening the eye of wisdom. Lit. bringing near the Guru, scripture and God. Investiture of Sacred Thread.  12/Vedaarambha – Initiation into the Vedic Education  13/Keshanta or Ritusuddhi – Whole body Shave for boys or Nuptial rites for girls  14/Samaavartana – Convocation or Completion of Education  15/ Vivaha – Marriage 16/ Anthyeshti – Funeral Rites.. NO , THERE IS NO PROM SAMSKARA.. ####   ####...vaccinating small children with MRNA/ DNA vaccine is a humongous crime.. they do not get any benefit from it.. all they get is negative effects.  we do not want our future generations to be saddled with deadly auto immune diseases, down syndrome, homosexuality.. with the scare of down syndrome / homosexuality people will voluntarily not have children.. who wants a life time of sorrow and tears. AND FORGET ABOUT THIS VACCINATED CHILD TAKING CARE OF YOU IN YOUR OLD AGE.. ####  #####..childless modi, a deep state darling , who had the carrot of nobel prize dangled in front of him, is warning parents that only if you vaccinate your small children can we avoid the third covid wave.. this is a foul lie. again, capt ajit vadakayil warns—do not vaccinate your small children..   they must have natural body immunity..   if any school head master/ principal insists on compulsory vaccination as a condition to sit in class,  we the people must deal with him in a most severe manner ..  so far there is no rule in india that vaccination is compulsory for adults, leave alone small children..  herd immunity bandied out on tv by celebrity doctors is not for vaccinated humans—it is only for natural immunity of non-vaccinated people.  EVERY VACCINATED PERSON IS A DEVIL’S WORKSHOP CREATING NEW MUTANT VIRUS STRAINS..  WHO/ US CDC IS DOING REVERSE PROPAGANDA… the chief scientist of WHO dr soumya swaminathan is chosen not by merit, but because her father ms swaminathan was  a traitor and an agent of the jewish deep state ( father of green revolution )..  the green revolution in just 65 years dried up 95% of our lakes which were millions of years old and reduced our microbe rich top soil thickness from six feet to ten inches.  IVERMECTIN TO PREVENT/ CURE COVID  IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS..  again stupid doctors still come on tv in india and talk about herd immunity.. once you start vaccinating herd immunity is impossible...  herd immunity deals with natural pure bodies who create their own god given human immunity...  racketeers for the jewish deep state , WHO and US CDC do not know that herd immunity does not apply to a case like today , where many are vaccinated by different types of vaccines…. the human body is a wonderful machine till you get auto immune diseases..  If you small child is coughing, having fever and having blocked nose—do not panic. This is normal.. we all went though this as small children, this is god’s way. If push comes to shove let your child lose one year in school..  make sure your child eats nutritious organic food and has sunlight , vitamic c like sour lime and fresh turmeric in curry .. every parent wants a healthy child.. this is their prize nay bounty.. when this child becomes an adult and starts earning let him spend his salary on a good happy life— not endless visits to hospitals for auto immune diseases... there is no cure for auto immune diseases not let your child die earlier than you..  all the doctors and scientists who claims on tv that mRNA / DNA vaccine will not impact DNA are lying. ####   ####...  senile old faart joe biden used the phrase “vaccine deniers” to describe those who do not want the vaccine.   like holocaust deniers, six million jews died, remember?..   vaccines will explode cases of in variant creutzfeldt-jacob disease (vcjd), a prion disease (or protein misfolding disease). when england was feeding their cows with waste meat, i told pm margaret thatcher –don’t do this..  both margaret thatcher and her supporter president ronald reagan did not know that they ruled nations a year before their death.. slimy  margaret thatcher pre-recorded messages for events which had not yet happened –like wishing people happy new year or thanking for birthday wishes . for a year which was in the far future..  ####   ####... like I said several times “vadakayil may not lay an egg, but he is a far far better judge of an omelette than any hen on the planet” ..  let the top ten scientist/ virologist  from WHO/ US CDC/ NIH/ IMA / ICMR engage in a live debate with vadakayil on tv..  see what happens ..  they must bring a bucket of grease each along.. I DON’T LIKE NOISE POLLUTION WHEN HUMPING THEIR STUPID MINDS ASUNDER INTO SMITHEREENS.


somebody called me up and cried..   captain you are most upset with the christian evangelist chief of ima dr johnrose austin jayalal and deep state agent trisha shetty for branding AYURVEDA AS “SNAKE OIL” SCIENCE..   and you called for dissolution of IMA/ ICMR/ DCGI/ DGHS calling them a bunch of ignorant pompous cunts .. can your authenticate ?  well i am from the land of ayurveda , north kerala..  AYURVEDA IS “SNAKE GROVE SOIL” SCIENCE WHICH TEEMS WITH MICROBES...  jew rothschild destroyed all kerala’s snake groves calling it superstition.. the snake grove lands , which held ayurvedic herbs were given away to christian converts and commies .. today we have only 5% of ayurvedic herbs which were available 300 years ago.... neem strain found in kerala snake groves with special soil,  has natural ivermectin. macrocyclic lactones are a group of complex compounds with high parasiticidal efficacy that are natural products produced by special snake grove soil microorganisms ..  ####   ####...  THE SOIL OF SNAKE GROVES HAS MILLIONS OF HEALTHY MICROBES. WHEN WE PLUCK ANY HERB FROM A SNAKE GROVE, WE DO NOT WASH IT THOROUGHLY—JUST A CURSORY RINSE TO GET RID OF SOIL.. THE MICROBES ON THE PLANET AND ITS ROOTS REMAIN INTACT.. any drug that kills germs in your body is technically an antibiotic.. the avermectins are macrocyclic lactones isolated from the fermentation broth of the soil actinomycete, streptomyces avermitilis. . included in this avermectin group is ivermectin, which is used for parasite control in humans .. ONLY IVERMECTIN CAN PREVENT A THIRD COVID PANDEMIC WAVE IN INDIA.  AYURVEDA KNEW MORE ABOUT HUMAN IMMUNITY 6200 YEARS AGO ( CHARAKA SAMHITA / SUSTRUTA SAMHITA ) THAN MODERN ALLOPATHY.. in hindu tradition when a baby boy is born, the father is not allowed to handle the baby till the 16 day.. On the 16th day, the father takes a bath, puts some ganges water ( containing bacteriophages ) on his scalp and squeezes some water from his hair from his kudumi ( shika ) into the babys mouth .. after that he will cuddle the child allowing skin to skin contact.. this is no savage superstition.   mass bathing in ganges during kumbh mela is to INCREASE THE POPULATION OF BACTERIOPHAGES in the river water.. we hindus sip the ganges water as bacteriophages give us immunity. ganges is the only river on this planet which have bacteriophages.  the west is inundated by allergy problems due to C-SECTION , IVF DELIVERIES and lack of breast feeding . CHARAKA SAMHITA EMPHASISED THE IMPORTANCE OF VAGINAL NATURAL CHILD DELIVERY.. caesarian born babies lack a specific group of good bacteria, which found in babies delivered naturally, even if they were breastfed.  they take longer to accumulate good bugs, which delays exposure to microbes that kick start the immune system-- establishing immunity to allergies later on in life.. babies  born by cesarean section are six times more likely to be sensitive to dust mite allergens than babies born naturally.  the babies who are born via c-section have a different microbiome in their gastrointestinal tract. . the mother must hug her new born baby skin to skin with the umblical cord uncut.. in ayurveda we did not clamp /cut the umblical cord the instant the baby is born like the west. we wait for about 90 seconds ( count to 90 ).. this ensures about one tea cup of highly nutrient blood is  transmitted from mother to baby..  BY THIS DELAY THE BABY WHO RECEIVES A POTENT AND NATURAL ANTI-OXIDANT  WILL NOT REQUIRE STEM CELL THERAPY. .  the baby continues  receiving nutrients from the placenta until the very moment this connection to the mother is severed.. the microbes picked up by the baby during vaginal natural delivery protects him for a lifetime.  at birth, there are no bacteria present in the gastrointestinal tract.   during NATURAL VAGINAL BIRTH, bacteria from the mother vagina are swallowed by the baby and within a few weeks or months, they populate the baby’s gastrointestinal tract. when the baby passes through the birth canal, the baby is exposed to the mother's mycobiota (fungi), and then these colonize in the infant's gut..   babies born by C-SECTION miss out on receiving health-promoting bacteria from their mother.. after birth, a parent kissing and touching the baby (skin to skin contact) also transmits microbes, including fungi, to the baby.  the small intestine contains an extensive immune system. the immune system protects the intestine from disease-causing viruses, bacteria and parasites.  I HAVE YET TO SEE A CELEBRITY DOCTOR ON INDIAN TV WHO KNOWS THE SCIENCE OF HOW THE SARS COV-2 VIRUS INVADES THE HUMAN BODY.. all of them talk about ACE2  ( angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 ).. NOT ONE OF THESE CUNTS EVER MENTIONED CD 147. NOT ONE OF THEM KNOW HOW IVERMECTIN PREVENTS/ CURES COVID-19.  the transmembrane receptor CD147, present on the red blood cell (RBC)  is a  key binding site for SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.  spike protein (SP) from virus binds to ACE2 or CD147 on the host cell, mediating viral invasion and dissemination of virus among other cells. CD147 expression was detected in CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, but no expression of ACE2 was detected   ..  CD147, a receptor on host cells, is a novel route for SARS-CoV-2 invasion. thus, drugs that interfere in the spike protein/CD147 interaction or CD147 expression inhibitS viral invasion..  CD147 is significantly upregulated in activated T lymphocytes.   the expression of CD147 was significantly increased in both activated CD4+ and CD8 .   CD147 is an alternative receptor for SARS-CoV-2 infection, especially in ACE2-deficient cell types + T cells, however, the expression of ACE2 was not increased..  CD147   also known as Basigin or EMMPRIN  is involved in regulation of the T cell response. extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (EMMPRIN), also known as basigin or CD147, is a glycoprotein..  CD147 or EMMPRIN belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily of membrane receptors and is expressed in epithelial cells, cancer cells and T cells of the immune system…  CD147 is a T cell activation-associated molecule and is involved in T cell development. in T cells CD147 suppresses T-cell receptor-dependent activation mainly by inhibition of nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFATs).. ####   ####.. CD147 is strongly upregulated on T cells after activation  and has a critical role in thymocyte expansion and T-cell development ..  treatment with anti-CD147 antibodies prevents invasion of host cells by plasmodium falciparum and SARS-CoV-2 (in vitro and phase 2 clinical trial)…  CD147 mediates virus entering host cells by endocytosis. endocytosis refers to the process of uptake of extracellular material or membrane proteins by invagination of the cell membrane, followed by formation of vesicles inside the cell in the endosomal (ESCRT, endosomal sorting complex required for transport) pathway…  CD147 is involved in the process of macropinocytosis, which is an actin-mediated, clathrin-independent endocytosis important for viral entry .  macropinocytosis is the engulfment and uptake process of large amounts of fluids and membranes. certain viruses and bacteria exploit macropinocytosis to enter host cells and spread infection..  macropinocytosis or ‘cell drinking’ is a type of endocytosis that involves the nonspecific uptake of extracellular material, such as soluble molecules, nutrients, and antigens..  Both   ACE2 and CD147 receptors are expressed in lung tissue and in the endothelial lining of the vasculature. BUT ONLY CD147, NOT ACE2, IS PRESENT IN RBCS AND WHITE BLOOD CELLS.   CD147 is an adhesion molecule with a dense  distribution on blood cells..  CD147 as a new receptor for SARS-CoV-2 infection..

NOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT BECAUSE IVERMECTIN DEALS WITH IT – NOT CURRENT SET OF VACCINES. IVERMECTIN induces anti-viral responses in epithelial cells by increasing levels of interferons and interferon-stimulated proteins and decreasing viral replication and release. this drug decreases expression of metalloproteinases (MMPs; molecules closely related to CD147). THE LOSS OF CD147 OR BLOCKING CD147 BY IVERMECTIN INHIBITS SARS-COV-2 REPLICATION..  BY CONTRAST CD147 OVEREXPRESSION PROMOTES VIRUS INFECTION.   SARS-COV-2 virions enter the host cells through the CD147-spike protein route by endocytosis..  although ACE2 is expressed in the lung, kidney, and intestine, its expressing levels are rather low, especially in the lung. considering the great infectivity of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2  depends on other routes to facilitate its infection. THERE IS A DISTINCT interaction between host cell receptor CD147 and SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.  the abundant distribution of CD147 on red blood cells (RBCs) suggests a hypothesized “catch” and “clump” framework whereby virally-mediated bindings of RBCs to other RBCs, platelets, white blood cells and capillary walls impede blood flow, which in turn underlies key morbidities of COVID-19.    a significantly higher rate of capillary flow in younger people explains a corresponding decreased severity of COIVD-19..  WHEN THE CORONAVIRUS INVADES A CELL, IT TAKES THREE TO TANGO. The dance began with the ACE2 receptor, a protein on human cells that allows SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to enter and infect the cell. but now enter a new dance partner – another protein – that is present on human cells. THIS TANGO OF THREE PROTEINS – TWO HUMAN AND ONE VIRAL – ENHANCES THE ABILITY OF SARS-COV-2 TO ENTER HUMAN CELLS, REPLICATE AND CAUSE DISEASE.  CD147 regulates ACE2 levels and both receptors are affected by COVID virus infection.  CD147 is involved in signal transduction and cell adhesion functioning either directly as a signal transmitting adhesion molecule or as a regulator of adhesion..  CD147 is a transmembrane receptor interacting with several extracellular and intracellular partners forming a transmembrane supramolecular complex.. intracellular and transmembrane partners of CD147 are equally important in the infection process of SARS-CoV2.  CD147, a receptor on host cells, is a novel route for SARS-CoV-2 invasion. thus, drugs that interfere in the spike protein/CD147 interaction or CD147 expression can inhibit viral invasion and dissemination among other cells, including in progenitor/stem cells.  CD147 is a broadly expressed cell surface glycoprotein of the Ig superfamily whose expression is up-regulated upon T cell activation. CD147 is also known as M6 antigen , extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer (EMMPRIN) or human basigin.  the CD147 molecule is broadly expressed on human peripheral blood cells, endothelial cells, and cultured cells of hemopoietic and non-hemopoietic origin..  significant expression of CD147  exists in neoplasms of the bladder, liver and lung.. monoclonal antibodies are proteins that mimic the ability of our immune system to fight off harmful pathogens like viruses. the product is directed specifically against the spike protein of sars-cov-2, designed to block the attachment and entry of virus into human cells..  monoclonal antibody cocktail cuts risk of death in hospitalised covid patients..  suppression of science on antiviral treatments by the evil kosher vaccine lobby has paved the way for emergency use authorization of experimental dangerous  vaccines and forced countless patients to suffer (and die) on ventilators, without treatment.   IN INDIA 98% OF DEATHS IN THE HOSPITAL WERE MURDERS BY IGNORANT DOCTORS..AND IMAGINE KACHRAWAAL WANTS TO GIVE THEM BHARAT RATNA AWARD..


somebody called me up and cried .. CAPTAIN WHY IS WHO/ US CDC/ IMA/ ICMR SUPRESSING THE CD147 ROUTE, WHY DO THEY HARP ONLY ABOUT ACE2  ?.. ####   ####... THIS IS BECAUSE THE VACCINE LOBBY WANTS TO OWN THE TRILLION DOLLAR COVID GRAVY TRAIN.. THEY DON’T WANT CHEAP , RELIABLE AND ULTRA SAFE IVERMECTIN .. RACKETEERS OF THE VACCINE LOBBY HAS BEEN VERY VEHEMENT ABOUT REJECTING CD147.. CHECK OUT THE POST BELOW-..  ####   ####.. CD147 acts as an alternative receptor for SARS-CoV-2 in ACE2-deficient cell types..  ivermectin docks between the spike protein and our cell’s own ACE-2 / CD147 receptors.. making a barrier that hinders it’s ability to connect to the ACE-2 receptor (making it harder for it to infect that cell).   THIS IS DIRECT ACTION, NOT THE BULLSHIT WAY THE VACCINES WORK DAMAGING OUR BODIES PERMANENTLY, MAKING US PRONE TO AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES , DOWN SYNDROME , STERILITY, BRAIN FOG, AND HOMOSEXUALITY..  watch the video below ..####   ####... IVERMECTIN hinders the binding of the SARS-COV-2 spike protein with the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2 receptor) on our cells. it docks in the region of leucine 91 of the spike, and histidine 378 of the ACE2 receptor. The immunoglobulin superfamily member CD147 plays an important role in fetal, neuronal, lymphocyte and extracellular matrix development.  SARS-CoV-2 arrives at the cell either by Pinocytosis or Phagocytosis, or by binding with the ACE-2 / CD147receptor and fusing with cell membrane.  While phagocytosis involves the ingestion of solid material, pinocytosis is the ingestion of surrounding fluids). This type of endocytosis allows a cell to engulf dissolved substances that bind to the cell membrane prior to internalization..  the spike protein (S-protein) has two sub-units, called the S1 and S2.  S1 mainly contains the (Receptor Binding Domain = RBD) which is responsible for recognizing the cell surface receptor (our ACE-2 receptor).  ivermectin disrupts the importin (IMP) α/β receptor which is responsible for transmitting viral proteins into the host cell nucleus.. these proteins are used by the virus to send messages to our nucleus not to defend itself. ivermectin disrupts these messages resulting in better cellular defence by our tissues.  ivermectin disrupts the RdRp enzyme of the virus reducing the virus’s replication.. RdRp’s function is to create more messenger RNA viruses, which controls the activities of the replication process, resulting in the reduction in virus replication.  ivermectin disrupts the viral main proteinase – the ‘3-Chymotrypsin Like Protease’ (3CLpro) enzyme..  ivermectin modulates the NF-kB pathway, exerting an Anti-Inflammatory effect.  ivermectin itself does not attack the SARS-CoV-2 virus. our body could take care of the virus except that the virus disables the cells defence system.  ivermectin disables the ‘viruses ability’ to take out our defence system..  if the virus is not suppressing our cells defences, the cell and our neighboring cells defence system is capable of taking care of the virus.  so it works alongside your immune system – removing hinderances in it’s path to allow your immune system to do what it does best.  SARS COV 2 virus require TMPRSS2 for their entry into the body. ivermectin blocks/inhibits human TMPRSS2..  ivermectin was found to strongly and stably bind with TMPRSS2 which indicates that ivermectin has the potential to disrupt host-virus interaction.  TMPRSS2 is an endothelial cell surface protein that is involved in the viral entry and spread of coronaviruses including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) – the virus that causes COVID19.   blocking TMPRSS2 could potentially be an effective clinical therapy for COVID-19. Transmembrane serine protease 2 (TMPRSS2) is a cell surface protein primarily expressed by endothelial cells across the respiratory and digestive tracts. as a serine protease, it is involved in the cleaving peptide bonds of proteins that have serine as the nucleophilic amino acid within the active site.  for SARS-CoV-2 to get into our cell, it is first held in place by heparan sulfate, then furin splits the spike to fit to the ACE-2 receptor, then the spike attaches to ACE-2. once attached, TMPRSS2 cuts a wedge from both the ACE-2 and the spike, which enables cell entry.  TMPRSS2 performs a crucial role in the ACE2-mediated entry in human cells and pathogenesis of SARS-COV-2. TMPRSS2 is a protease.  the spike (s) protein of SARS-CoV-2, which plays a key role in the receptor recognition and cell membrane fusion process, is composed of two subunits, S1 and S2.  the S1 subunit contains a receptor-binding domain that recognizes and binds to the host receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, while the S2 subunit mediates viral cell membrane fusion by forming a six-helical bundle via the two-heptad repeat domain.  the spike protein (S-protein) has two sub-units, called the S1 and S2.  S1 contains a (Receptor Binding Domain = RBD) that locates & binds to our ACE-2 receptor (explained above in the ACE-2 section).  S2 contains basic elements needed for the membrane fusion.  S2 contains a fusion protein which binds with the cell membrane after priming with TMPRSS2.  ivermectin was found to strongly and stably bind with TMPRSS2 which indicates that ivermectin has the potential to disrupt host-virus interaction.  both ACE2 and TMPRSS2 are expressed in nasal, bronchial, and gastrointestinal epithelium. TMPRSS2 activates; or primes, the spike protein domain (a key glycoprotein found on coronaviruses) which leads to the virus fusing to the respiratory epithelia on the cell surface through binding to ACE2.  as TMPRSS2 is a serine protease, it primes the spike-domain (S) of SARS-CoV-2 by cleaving as the S1/S2 sites.  TMPRSS2 is also expressed across the gastrointestinal (digestive) tract, such as in intestinal epithelial cells – which are the targets for many enteric (gut) viruses. one symptom associated with COVID-19 is diarrhea and abdominal pain in many patients, often preceding respiratory symptoms.  evidence has shown that SARS-CoV-2 can infect intestinal enteroids. However, compared to the respiratory tract, SARS-CoV-2 rapidly inactivates in the harsh gastric environment.  INHIBITING TMPRSS2 (BY IVERMECTIN CAMOSTAT MESYLATE) CAN BLOCK THE ENTRY OF SARS-CoV-2. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW …  ####   ####... capt ajit vadakayil says – dissolve useless  IMA/ ICMR/ DCGI/ DGHS..  all they do is to run down Ayurveda..  the brain dead celebrity doctors ( agents of the kosher vaccine lobby ) who come on TV singing the praises of vaccines, must be punished by making all of them SHIT IN A BUCKET, dipping a hard broom in it making them stand in a line, and SLAPPING THEM ACROSS THEIR MANGY FACES…


somebody called me up and cried.. captain you were very harsh in your last poll, DEMANDING THAT IMA/ ICMR/ DCGI/ DGHS MUST  BE DISSOLVED .. you wanted the celebrity doctors who praise vaccines and runs down ivermectin to be mustered   QUOTE-..  the brain dead celebrity doctors ( agents of the kosher vaccine lobby ) who come on TV singing the praises of vaccines, must be punished by making all of them SHIT IN A BUCKET, dipping a hard broom in it making them stand in a line, and SLAPPING THEM ACROSS THEIR MANGY FACES… UNQUOTE.. captain, you are famous at sea not to go to your shore bosses with a problem ( like the rest of the captains ) without an attached solution, the reason they took so much of shit from you.. what is your attached solution ??.. YOU SAY THE DOCTORS KILLED THE PEOPLE IN HOSPITALS WITH EXCESS USE OF OXYGEN AND STEROIDS.. IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE ?.. ####   ####... 6200 YEAR OLD ANCIENT AYURVEDA TEXT CHARAKA SAMHITA HAD ARISHTAMS AND KASHAYAMS TO BE TAKEN BY ORAL ROUTE WHICH HAD HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, WHICH COULD PREVENT / CURE VIRAL DISEASES…  yoga has a breathing exercise called BHRAMARI pranayama which generated magic molecule NITRIC OXIDE..  breathing was in the ration of 1- inhale / 4- exhale with mmmmm sound / 2 rest for lungs.. ####   ####...being a chemical tankers man i am an expert of hydrogen peroxide.. it was i who started the pracyise of coating tanks walls / bottom with hydrogen peroxide, to prevent superwhite clay slurry from being discoloured grey during sea passage .. ####   ####..  in every ships medical locker we had a brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  doctors killed covid patients with excessive nebulization using corticosteroids.. this to help patients who complained of difficulty in breathing..  given its anti-infective and oxygenating properties, hydrogen peroxide  ( 0.2% ) offers prophylactic and therapeutic applications for responding to the covid-19 pandemic..Nearly everybody can tolerate a 50/50 combination of the 3% hydrogen peroxide and water.. IN THE YOUTUBE VIDEO CHECK OUT THE DOCTOR WHO USES 1:3 COMBINATION OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AND WATER ON HIMSELF ..  ####   ####...  regular off-the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide can be utilized. . for most adults, the 3% concentration can be utilized in the nebulization chamber undiluted. this optimizes the degree and rapidity of anti-viral and anti-pathogen effect. just attach the delivery mask to the nebulizer output. then add 3-4cc of the hydrogen peroxide mixture to the nebulizer, place the mask over your mouth and nose, and breathe. it's as simple as that.. still lower concentrations can be utilized with clearly beneficial effect. as it is a completely non-toxic therapy, nebulization can be administered as often as desired REPEAT as often as required.. hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) contains one more atom of oxygen than water (H2O) and is naturally produced in the human organism as a by-product of oxygen metabolism. it is metabolized by enzymes known as peroxidases and catalases, which decompose low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide into water and a free oxygen ion. hydrogen peroxide is a ubiquitous molecule. we exhale it, excrete it and take it in from diet. . given that the H2O2 molecule decomposes into water (H2O) and oxygen (O−), in appropriate doses, it is relatively safe for human uses, as well as nontoxic…. H2 + O2 → H2O2… hydrogen peroxide decomposes to form water and oxygen .. 2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2…  the rate of decomposition increases with rise in temperature, concentration, and pH (H2O2 being unstable under alkaline conditions..  hydrogen peroxide has been used for millenniums in ayurveda by oral route  to conquer viral infections ..  ALEXANDER THE GREAT WAS GIVEN ALOE VERA BASED KASHAYAMS AND ARISHTAMS ( KUMARYASAVA / BALARISHTA )  BY HIS KERALA THIYYA WIFE ROXANNA TO HASTEN HIS CURE AS HE COULD NOT BREATHE…  ####  ####...  hydrogen peroxide consists of a water molecule (H2O) with an extra oxygen atom (H2O2). it is the extra oxygen atom that makes it so deadly for viruses .. hydrogen peroxide is a very potent anti-viral. because the virus enters through the nose, down the sinuses, and in the throat, if you can take a safe dose of a nebulized peroxide through your nasal cavity you can sterilize your sinuses, nasal cavity, and throat. if you can sterilize this area during the incubation process (those first 5 – 14 days before symptoms show) then you can kill the virus before it incubates… hydrogen peroxide offers therapeutic benefits by directly destroying microorganisms through dual oxidative and oxygenating actions, caused by the released oxygen molecules..  in its pure form HYDROGEN PEROXIDE  is a very pale blue liquid, slightly more viscous than water. it is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic. hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide (a compound with an oxygen–oxygen single bond). it slowly decomposes in the presence of light. hydrogen peroxide is typically stored with a stabilizer in a weakly acidic solution in a dark colored bottle. hydrogen peroxide is found in biological systems including the human body. enzymes that use or decompose hydrogen peroxide are classified as peroxidases….  #### HERE ARE TWO TESTIMONIALS –  AAA---   Here is a 90 years old man who sings the praises of hydrogen peroxide nebulization therapy, self inflicted  ..  I have been inhaling 3% peroxide for over 13 years .  increased the times that I inhale the peroxide into my mouth to 7 or 8 times a day. I used a nasal spray pump. With each inhale I would pump the pump about 10 times. This went on for four months. I now pump 5 times with each inhale and 7 inhales every day. most efficient way was to inhale the 3% peroxide into my mouth and on into my lungs. I just happened to have a "Nasal Spray Pump" (see sample picture below). I dumped the contents out, put in the 3% peroxide as it comes from the drugstore. Now, how many times do I pump? I settled for one pump per inhale, and 4 times a day. That went on for about a month. As I was laying down for a short rest, I noticed that I was breathing freely. No forced inhale or exhale. That was the first thing that I noticed while inhaling the peroxide. I then changed the time when to inhale the peroxide. Now I inhale 2 times in the morning and at night. While deep inhaling I pump the pump as many times as I can, usually 8 to 10 pumps each inhale. Another thing I noticed was, I sleep all night with my mouth closed. I used to have heart aches that were very uncomfortable, no more. ### BBB-My wife and I have been inhaling peroxide for 9 years now and no colds, sore muscles, aches or pains. I take no medication or vitamins. I am less than two years to 80 years old. My lungs don't give out when I work in my garden or other things around the house. My house is 160 years old, so the work never stops. Peroxide keeps our oxygen blood count in the high 90%'s.  ANOTHER SHOCKING NAKED TRUTH IS THAT INDIAN HOSPITALS ARE UNSTERILIZED , HEAD QUARTERS OF SARS COV-2 VIRUS.... THE LINEN AND THE TOWELS ARE LADEN WITH COVID VIRUSUS.  98% OF DEATHS IN HOSPITALS HAPPENED DUE TO OUR BROKEN SYSTEM… IGNORANT DOCTORS KILLED THEM.. IF THEY STAYTED AND HOME ANS USED HYDROGEN PEROXIDE NEBULIZATION ON THEIR OWN, ALL WOULD HAVE SURVIVED..  i have told modi more than 60 times to use ozone..  but this childless fellow wont listen, such is his ego. THIS GUJARATI WRETCH ( I cant find a more apt word ) needs ego massage and nuske to milk votes , and shaabashi from his white jewish masters .. MODI TELL HIS PMO TO FINGER ME BY TELLING ME TO GO TO THE LOCAL POLICE STATION AND FILE FIR WITH A ILLITERATE KHAINI MUNCHING PANDU HAVALDAR ..vadakayil wont give modi an ego massage .. MODI CAN BE HUNG FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AFTER HE LOSES POWER , LET HIM NOT BE SO MUCH GUNG HO.... i am a world expert on ozone.. ####   ####.. in my own home I have three ozonisers.. veggies/ fruits/ meat/ fish is ozonized in water .. then I have a heavy duty imported ozoniser which I use for 20 minutes to ozonize my whole home ( with my wife and son closeted inside the bedroom, I stay outside on the balcony  ), and then a medium power ozoniser to run at the garbage area/ door delivery area . ####   ####..


India , a slave to the kosher covid vaccine lobby,  has BANNED ZINC for covid treatment protocol .. ####   ####...  Zinc, in the presence of a ZN IONOPHORE (SUCH AS IVERMECTIN), shows potent antiviral activity in vitro against coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV2.  IVERMECTIN  IS A  ZINC IONOPHORE WHICH INCREASES INTRACELLULAR ZINC CONCENTRATIONS AND THUS  WORKS AS A POTENT ANTIVIRAL.  Intracellular elemental zinc (Zn) inhibits sars cov2 virus..  an ionophore is an “ion carrier” – a molecule that facilitates the movement of electronically charged ions in and out of cell membranes. ionophores are lipid-soluble and are typically biosynthesized by microorganisms. their mechanism of transfer involves reversibly binding to ions and releasing them on one or the other side of a cell membrane. ionophores are lipophilic, capable of reversibly binding ions and transporting them across membrane supports..  zn coupled with an zn ionophore (pyrithione), inhibits sars-cov replication (even at very low micromolar concentrations).   zinc pyrithione, has anti-viral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties..  zinc ionophores pyrithione inhibits herpes simplex virus replication through interfering with proteasome function and nf-κb activation.. america whose 96% of population is afflicted by herpes simplex virus must know this..  the vaccine lobby clandestinely uses mrna vaccines to cure the herpes epidemic in usa and the west.. THIS HAS BOOMERANGED..  mrna vaccine makers and who/ us cdc hide the truth that there is an explosion of  herpes zoster after administration of the pfizer –biontech / moderna mrna vaccine in patients with disorders such as autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis. 96% of all people in usa and the white west have herpes. indians who go to usa for work gets herpes within the first six months without have sex or kissing a local girl.  44% of the population of usa and white west have hsv-2, which usually causes genital herpes.  most people living with herpes, caused by either hsv-1 or 2, are unaware they have the infection.  there are two types of herpes virus: herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2 (hsv-2). hsv-2 is more common in women.  there is currently no cure for hsv-1 or hsv-2. once a person has it, the infection is lifelong. the symptoms may come and go, but the virus will stay in the body.  hsv-1 is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact to cause oral herpes (which can include symptoms known as “cold sores”), but can also cause genital herpes.  hsv-2 is a sexually transmitted infection that causes genital herpes. again, both hsv-1 and hsv-2 infections are lifelong..  the most obvious symptom of hsv-2 is the development genital herpes sores, which can form on the genitals, in the groin and upper thigh area and around the anus.  both types of herpes are most contagious when a person has symptoms. however, herpes can still spread when no symptoms are present.  a lot of covid deaths in hospitals have happened due to zinc deficiency..  immunocompetence is severely disturbed in those with zinc deficiency..  global prevalence of zn deficiency is greater than 24 %..   zinc deficiency is common in the elderly, especially those aged over 75.  ANTIHYPERTENSIVE MEDICATIONS INCREASES URINARY EXCRETION OF ZN IN AGED PEOPLE.   zinc is an essential mineral forming a component of more than 300 enzymes in the body with immune system functions , building proteins and dna, fertility in adults and growth in children..  covid-19–related changes in smell or taste perception are related to zinc deficiency.. the prevalence of anosmia and ageusia among covid affected people is 30.8 % .. in covid-19 patients ageusia and anosmia are not accompanied by nasal obstruction or other rhinitis symptoms majorly. this indicates direct damage of the virus on the olfactory and gustatory receptors..  covid recovered patients do not report impotence , hair loss, reduced eye vision, new mesntrual problems and depressed immunity.  in india we have medical orgs who do nothing.. they survive by giving ego massage to modi and dancing to the tune of kosher big pharma/ vaccine lobby.. vegetables high in zinc include, green peas, spinach, beans, lentil sprouts,  okra, rajma, almonds, cashew, sweet corn, A2 milk curd,  etc..  zinc is crucial for normal development and function of cells mediating innate immunity, neutrophils, and nk cells.  macrophages also are affected by zinc deficiency.  phagocytosis, intracellular killing, and cytokine production all are affected by zinc deficiency.  zinc increases the activation of cells responsible for fighting infection.  zinc deficiency results in immune dysfunction and promotes systemic inflammation.  zinc deficiency compromises its biological functions, its effect on the immune system and its antiviral activity, increasing vulnerability to covid.  compared to several other metal ions with similar chemical properties, zinc is relatively harmless. cellular zinc underlies an efficient homeostatic control that avoids accumulation of zinc in excess..  zinc’s influence reaches all organs and cell types, representing an integral component of approximately 11% of the human proteome, and encompassing hundreds of key enzymes and transcription factors.. the tight regulation of zinc homeostasis both systemically and intracellularly indicates that zinc plays an essential role in human health. zinc-binding proteins such as the metallothioneins possess antiviral roles. in cytoplasm, zinc mostly binds zinc-chelating proteins called METALLOTHIONEINS..  metallothioneins are a family of proteins which are able to bind metals intracellularly, so their main function is to regulate the cellular metabolism of essential metals. T lymphocyte metallothionein increases and decreases with zinc supplementation  and depletion  respectively.  zinc absorption is directly proportional to intestinal metallothionein levels and imply a significant role for metallothionein in zinc absorption.  an ionophore is an “ion carrier” – a molecule that facilitates the movement of electronically charged ions in and out of cell membranes. ionophores are lipid-soluble and are typically biosynthesized by microorganisms. their mechanism of transfer involves reversibly binding to ions and releasing them on one or the other side of a cell membrane. ionophores are lipophilic, capable of reversibly binding ions and transporting them across membrane supports..  CHRISTIAN EVANGELIST DR JOHNROSE AUSTIN JAYALAL, THE CHIEF OF IMA RIDICULED AYURVEDA FOR “MIXOPATHAY”..   HE WAS ALLUDING THAT AYURVEDA DOES NOT CONTAIN ANTIBIOTICS.. HE IS 100% WRONG.. .. 6200 year old charaka samhita contained a chapter on anti-biotics based on snake grove soils..  the route adopted was intracellular ionic zinc.. Zn deficiency  increases the risk for severity of COVID-19 infection. zn directly inhibited the coronaviral rna-dependent rna polymerase, which functions as the core enzyme of the rna viral synthesizing machinery.   zn inhibits sars-cov papain-like protease 2, which is also a key enzyme for viral replication and assembly of functional viral proteins.  zn and several zn chelates  inhibit furin (proprotein convertase) which is important in the pathogenesis of covid virus..  zn inhibition of host furin in sars-cov-2 infectionis an important antiviral mechanism.. chloroquine has been shown to be a potent zn ionophore and transports zn through the cell membrane substantially increasing intracellular levels of zn, especially in the endosomal-lysosomal compartment. these same ionophore properties  apply to the closely related molecule, hydroxychloroquine (hcq). interestingly, coronaviruses enter cells via lysosomes or endosomes which requires proteolysis. the main, overarching function of proteolysis is to break down the protein molecules from the food that we eat into smaller amino acids that can be used by the body..  when the protein material is passed to the small intestine, proteins, which are only partially digested in the stomach, are further attacked by proteolytic enzymes secreted by the pancreas. these enzymes are liberated in the small intestine from inactive precursors produced by the acinar cells in the pancreas.  AS PER 6200 YEAR OLD AYURVEDIC TEXT  CHARAKA SAMHITA MORE THAN 85% HUMAN DISEASES ORIGINATE IN THE HUMAN GUT.  ayurveda knew more about the human gut even before the white man graduated from grunt grunt to language..####   ####..####   ####..####   ####..####   ####...zn is not stored in the body, thus, must be obtained through the diet or supplements. the adult rda for elemental zn is 11 mg per day.   zn is an important factor in respiratory viral pathogenesis or infections..  compared to several other metal ions with similar chemical properties, zinc is relatively harmless. cellular zinc underlies an efficient homeostatic control that avoids accumulation of zinc in excess..  zinc’s influence reaches all organs and cell types, representing an integral component of approximately 11% of the human proteome, and encompassing hundreds of key enzymes and transcription factors.. the tight regulation of zinc homeostasis both systemically and intracellularly indicates that zinc plays an essential role in human health. zinc-binding proteins such as the metallothioneins possess antiviral roles.  in cytoplasm, zinc mostly binds zinc-chelating proteins called metallothioneins..  metallothioneins are a family of proteins which are able to bind metals intracellularly, so their main function is to regulate the cellular metabolism of essential metals. t lymphocyte metallothionein increases and decreases with zinc supplementation  and depletion  respectively.  zinc absorption is directly proportional to intestinal metallothionein levels and imply a significant role for metallothionein in zinc absorption.  Ivermectin [mixture of 22, 23-dihydroavermectin B1a (80%) and 22, 23-dihydroavermectin B1b (20%)]  is a macrocyclic lactone with a broad-spectrum antiparasitic pharmacological activity..  streptomyces are important groups of soil bacteria from the actinomycetes family..  ivermectin is made from fermentation products of the actinomycete bacterium streptomyces avermitilis..  ACTINOMYCETES ARE A GROUP OF MICROBES FOUND IN KERALA SNAKE GROVE SOIL.  actinomycetes have unique bioactive metabolites, including antibiotics, enzymes, and plant growth factors.  95% of kerala snake grove herbs have vanished from the planet thanks to the white invader who called snake groves ( ayurvedic organic herb banks ) as savage hindu superstition.. we used not only the plant but the roots with its soil microbes inherent..  actinomycetis have wast range of biomedical applications such as antiviral, antibacterial , antibiofilm , antifungal , and anticancer activities.  snake grove soils are rich in zinc. the function of zinc is to help the plant produce chlorophyll. leaves discolor when the soil is deficient in zinc.. zinc is called a micronutrient because plants require it in  lesser amounts than the macronutrients nitrogen (n), phosphorus (p), potassium (k), and sulfur (s).  zinc is needed  for a plant’s enzyme formation and associated with hormone (indole acetic acid) formation. plants take up zinc in the zn++ ionic form. 

COVID-19 IS NOT A PANDEMIC..  VACCINE LOBBY IS INJECTING US WITH A BIOWEAPON ( S1 SPIKE PROTEIN )  , NOT VACCINATING US………..  WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW OF DR DAVID MARTIN.. IT IS COMPULSORY.. WATCH IT TWICE……  ####   ####..............  WE THE FREE DENIZENS OF THIS PLANET WILL OBSERVE 24TH JULY AS “ IVERMECTIN DAY “..  ####   ####..  there are 34 polls in the link above.. the media kept harping on infections, while i warned modi more than 60 times to count only covid deaths ( of people who have not been admitted to hospitals ) where natural body immunity failed ..  we indians ( unlike the polluted west)  have natural body immunity because of the spices in our curries and organic food grown on six foot thick top soils rich in microbes...  phagocytes , chew up invading organisms. others, called lymphocytes , help the body remember the invaders and destroy them..  lymphocytes are b lymphocytes and t lymphocytes. lymphocytes start out in the bone marrow and either stay there and mature into b cells, or go to the thymus gland to mature into t cells.  b lymphocytes are like the body's military intelligence system — they find their targets and send defenses to lock onto them. t cells are like the soldiers — they destroy the invaders that the intelligence system finds.. I WAS THE FIRST ON THE PLANET TO WRITE THAT SARS COV2 IS A MAN SPLICED VIRUS IN A WUHAN LAB TO BE USED AS A BIOLOGICAL WEAPON AGAINST USA/ INDIA....  racketeer of jewish deep state google deleted it.. in india 98% covid deaths are murders in hospitals by ignorant doctors using unsafe drug combinations/ reckless use of body immunity lowering steroids ..  media created the scare of breath shortness / oxygen deprivation deaths..   UNVACCINATED PEOPLE WHO STAYED AT HOME SURVIVED.. i was the first to write that corticosteroids lower body immunity and spike blood sugar.. this was deleted by google.    that endless oxygen intake kills a man.. the air we breathe has 78% nitrogen for a good reason, god given.. abolish RT-PCR tests which give you what you want—using the cycles setting.   i was the first to write that RT-PCR CYCLE setting of 45 is too high..  and that 25 cycles is reasonable.. hang traitors to the planet-  italian jew dr anthony fauci / tamil iyengar jewess dr soumya swaminathan  ( daughter of deep state agent and traitor ms swaminathan ) /  criminal ethiopian tedros / bill gates..####   ####...  after 4 decades there is still no vaccine for hiv..  ####   ####.. vaccines are designed to contain the very element which is killing people.. The spike protein “damages cells” causes “vascular disease” even without a virus..  THE VACCINE IS THE WEAPON OF BIG BROTHER OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE . YOUR MATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM IS YOUR DEFENCE.. EXPERIMENTAL COVID INJECTIONS  ( NOT VACCINES )  ARE BIOWEAPON DELIVERY SYSTEMS THAT FLOOD VITAL ORGANS AND THE BLOOD STREAM WITH INFLAMMATORY SPIKE PROTEINS. the injected spike protein can invade and live in the neural tissue, infecting neurons and causing neurotropism.  The brain’s endothelial cells attempt to hide the spike protein in the brain capillary glycocalyx, which can lead to degradation of the glycocalyx, dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and cerebral edema.. When these spike proteins cross the BBB, they induce neuron-inflammation and impair basic function of the central nervous system.. The spike protein can manipulate the central nervous system, causing an influx of cytokines, and setting off a cytokine storm. This influx of cytokines can also cross the blood-brain barrier, doing further damage to the immune response. When the viral binding protein crosses the blood-brain barrier, it enables the virus to cross the blood-brain barrier as well, allowing the virus to directly influence regions of the brain that regulate respiratory function..  ABOLISH RT-PCR TESTS WHICH GIVES YOU WHAT YOU WANT— USING THE CYCLES SETTING..  WHO/ US CDC is trying to use vaccine passports to divide the world, profiling and controlling the vaccinated while segregating and persecuting the unvaccinated. .I HAVE A NEBULISER AND 3% LIQUID FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE AT HOME..    I HAVE AN AMBU BAG WHICH DELIVERS 100% EMERGENCY AIR TO LUNGS AT HOME.   I HAVE OZONE GENERATORS TO STERILISE MY HOME AND FOOD..  BEING 64 YEARS OF AGE , I MAKE SURE MY ZINC LEVELS ARE MAINTAINED BY ZINC RICH ORGANIC FOOD INTAKE ..  india must go back to organic farming to boost body natural immunity..  i penned a  7  part post..  modi ignored it..  ####   ####.. Covid-19 virus is a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon… ####   ####... suppression of  Ivermectin by WHO/ USCDC/ ICMR is for the kosher vaccine lobby to own the trillion dollar covid vaccine gravy train.


CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL RUNS TWO SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS .. ONE IS GOOGLE BLOGGER.. ####   ####... THE OTHER IS WORDPRESS WEBSITE.. ####   ####... THE NO 1 MOST WIDELY READ BLOGPOST AMOMG INDIANS  IS ONE ABOUT INDIAN ARMY CHIEF GENERAL MANOJ MUKUND NARAVANE PUSHING FOR “CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTISM”..    IF I WERE THE PM OF INDIA INSTEAD OF CHILDLESS MODI, I WOULD HAVE SACKED HIM WITHIN THE HOUR FOR BEING AN AGENT OF ENEMIES OF THE WATAN..  BUT THIS FELLOW NARAVANE IS STILL GOING STRONG.. IT JUST SHOWS WHO CONTROLS INDIA..  ####   ttp:// was deep state darling ex-president pranab mukherjee  who first did propaganda for “constitutional patriotism “ and that too at an rss enclave ..  the moment pranab baby decided to speak at an rss conclave, i told my wife, he is gonna do dome evil anti-watan propaganda.. my wife told me later “ you were 100% right”.. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL DECLARES “PATRIOTISM CAN ONLY BE TO THE WATAN/ MOTHERLAND “.. PATRIOTISM TO A BOOK CAN MAKE US SLAVES..check out the tweet of deep state agent trisha shetty. she says pakistani isi agent and separatist umar khalid is a  patriot .. this is the kashmiri muslim traitor who chanted at JNU “ bharat tere tukde honge inshah allah “.. ####   ####.. THE SUPREME COURT DOES NOT KNOW THAT THE WORD “TREASON” IS NOT FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION.. only the word “sedition” is found.. there is a word of differenve between a treason and sedition.. a traitor has no protection under the indian constitution.. NO JUDGE CAN SAVE A TRAITOR.. HOW TO DEAL WITH A TRAITOR IN FOREIGN PAYROLL IS THE SOLE DOMAIN AND PREROGATIVE OF NSA/ AJIT DOVAL/ PARLIAMENT..   only vadakayil can expose this great deceit.. jew rothschild deliberately blurred the lines between treason  and sedition using the english dictionary..  IMMEDIATELY SHUT DOWN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPTS OF  JNU/ JU/ TISS/ DU/ IITS.. BURN THE COMMIE SECTIONS OF THE LIBRARIES OF JNU/ BRENNAN COLLEGE KANNUR.. in the name of social sciences -- absolute lies are being taught to students..  the word sedition is found in section 124 a of the indian constitution..  real patriots really don’t care for this term.. section 124 a of the indian penal code ( ipc ), drafted by rothschild’s agent thomas babington macaulay and included in the ipc in 1870  just protected a foreign ruler ( rothschild )  of an enslaved nation called india...what india has experienced with jewish deep state sponsored khalistanis/ pakistan sponsored islamic terrorists / chinese commie party sponsored naxal terrorists is treason –not sedition..  treason applies only to free india,  not enslaved india.  india became free only in 1947.. treason is to the watan ( motherland ) not a ruler elected ( modi )  or unelected ( like italian waitress turned empress via nac)..  judiciary cannot deals with cases like jnu student umar khalid  controlled by pakistan isi screaming and inciting  bharat tere tukde honge inshah allah… BHARAT TERE BARBADI TAKK JUNG RAHENEGE.. this is high treason...  if umar khalid screams “ MODI TERI BARBADI TAKK JUNG RAHENGE” – it is not treason... even idiot rakesh tikait funded by khalistanis has warned modi that he will remove him from pm chair using large crowds and tractors ..treason affects the entire nation .  when someone calls for dismemberment of the watan ( motherland ) , wedging off khalistan  , secession of kashmir to pakistan, it is high treason..  khalistanis in canada and pakistan are doing this daily.. they are not calling for pm modi’s removal.. THE PUNISHMENT FOR HIGH TREASON IS DEATH AND THIS IS BEYOND THE SCOPE OF CONSTITUTION OR JUDICIARY ... abusing a ruler on a throne or any mortal is not high treason.. capt ajit vadakayil abuses pm modi daily..  modi does not care as all know i am a patriot .  nsa ( ajit doval ) has to form military courts and first hang traitor indian judges in foreign payroll or honey trapped judges like the us supreme court chief justice.. there is no need for any constitutional amendment.. but these military courts must have few thinkers , not thousands of brain dead monkeys..  judges who demand for national secrets as evidence in court , are in contempt of the constitution / we the people / the watan and hence should have tried by nsa military court , sacked and jailed with loss of all retirement perks.. we ask pm and law minister to immediately formulate a national policy for the judiciary. .this must be etched on a large brass plaque in large letters and placed in every court room , behind the judge’s chair , and the offices of the chief justices of lower courts/ high courts and supreme court.. inscription on large brass plaque ###### “ JUDICIAL POLICY--  THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DOES NOT DEAL WITH ISSUES INVOLVING TREASON..  IF ANY BODY CAN PROVE THAT A CASE BEING HANDLED INVOLVES TREASON, THEY MUST GIVE A COMPLAINT TO THE JUDGE IN WRITING COPIED TO CHIEF JUSTICE , LAW MINISTER, NSA AND PM.. THE JUDGE SHALL THEN IMMEDIATELY RECUSE HIMSELF , TILL HE GETS A GREEN SIGNAL FROM CJI TO PROCEED”#######… in the past traitor indian judges in foreign payroll have again and again tried to wrangle critical national secrets , with foreign payroll media in cahoots, to be passed on to foreign enemies mostly by pil route..  traitor judges are the reason why india has the khalistani terrorist problem/ kashmiri secession problem and naxal red corridor terrorism problem..  the NAC, with sonia gandhi as chairperson, and other members have jointly committed offences under ipc sections 153a & b, 295a, and 505.. they must be tried for high treason by military court under nsa, for high treason..  NSA HAS THE POWERS TO HANG THE CJI, IF HE HAS SOLID PROOF THAT THE CJI IS IN FOREIGN PAYROLL AND HAS COMMITTED HIGH TREASON..  judiciary cannot deal with treason. INDIAN JUDICIARY CAN ONLY DEAL WITH SEDITION.. sedition is conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of an elected govt , treason is the ultimate offense of actively levying war against the motherland..  JUDGES SAVE TRAITORS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, BY PROVIDING TECHNICAL LOOPHOLES.. the punishment for high treason is death and this is beyond the scope of constitution or judiciary . .  bharatmata was in chains for 800 years because of traitors.. wanna know about the first among traitors? read the post below-..  ####   ####...  patriotism to a book ( mao’s little red book )  is what caused indian commies to support china in the 1962 war against their own watan. .  TREASON MUST BE SEEN BY NSA THROUGH THE PRISM OF CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE.. . circumstantial evidence which require brains is dead in indian judiciary..  the lawyer turned judges are the bottom dregs of the school cerebral barrel.. we all know that.. the melords don’t even have the cerebral wherewithal to even glean simple circumstantial evidence which even monkeys and crows can do.... .. when you destroy “direct objective evidence”, in a justice is blind system , the case falls apart.. no judge in india has the cerebral wherewithal to  deliver “ circumstantial subjective evidence”.. this is why naxals look into the camera and say--we trust our supreme court… -- for fake witnesses can be produced out of thin air by foreign money ( like teesta setalvad )…. we know the nexus between collegium judiciary / nhrc/ ncw/ ncm / human rights orgs …with naxals . we the people who are above the constitution want collegium judiciary to be abolished …. we the people of india dont want collegium judges to bleed bharatmata.. we want natural justice and "perimeter of context, which ego laden judges too much entangled in procedures and propriety cannot give ….. high court justice karnan said that some judges are corrupt and some are traitors.…  this whistleblower senior judge was sent to jail for daring to revel the names of traitor judges.. the system has broken down.. ...  we need a system where intelligent judges ( who have the cerebral wherewithal to glean circumstantial evidence) are selected by a nation wide entrance exam like iit... LAWYER TURNED JUDGES WHO CANNOT THINK BEYOND THE OBJECTIVE, ARE THE BANE OF INDIAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM… they cant take fast decisions. can celebrity judges chandrachud/ nariman ( who are considered traitor judges by the indian people )  pass a simple iq test live on tv tailored ( gleaning circumstantial evidence ) for them by capt ajit vadakayil?..  ####   ####...  today almost all direct witness are fake , produced by bribes out of thin air.. we had lawyer rk anand having a safe house for fake “direct” witnesses ( witness kulkarni-  suresh nanda bmw crash case )  to be produced in court at time and place of his choosing..  THE CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE SECTION 106 IN THE INDIAN EVIDENCE ACT, 1872 MUST BE RE-WRITTEN BY AN INTELLIGENT MAN..  ####   ####...


My last poll is below-… ####   ####... INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO GLEAN CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE WILL FIGURE OUT THAT SARS-C0V-2 VIRUS AND ITS VACCINES ARE BIOWEAPONS .. AND AMERICA ( JEWISH DEEP STATE ) IS NOSTRIL DEEP IN IT NOT JUST CHINA .. I have put a link in the poll at the end.. it is a bit too long .. I will provide some extract below to show my readers that vaccines for covid-19 is a bioweapon to depopulate the planet.. WHEN HUMANS START HAVING INFERIOR BABIES WHO ARE PRONE TO AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES/ DOWN SYNDROME/ HOMOSEXUALITY—THEY VOLUNTARILY WILL STOP HAVING BABIES.. THE WOMEN ON THIS PLANET WILL HAVE A PLAY PEN BETWEEN THEIR LEGS AND NOT A NURSERY.. ####   ####..Dr. David Martin and his work:.. Chairman of M-CAM International Risk Management.. World's largest underwriter of intangible assets used in finance in 168 countries.. Their underwriting systems include the entire corpus of all patents, patent applications, federal grants, procurement records, e-government records..  They track what is happening, who is involved in what's happening, and monitor thematic interests for clients and their own commercial use..  They maintain three global equity indices which are top-performing large-cap and mid-cap equity indexes worldwide..  Their business is to monitor innovation around the world, especially its economic significance..  On SARS coronavirus:..  They have reviewed over 4,000 patents issued around SARS coronavirus.. Done a comprehensive review of the financing of manipulations of coronavirus which gave rise to SARS.. There are  over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest the declaration of a novel coronavirus is entirely false. There was no novel coronavirus, there are countless very subtle modifications of coronavirus sequences that have been uploaded. But there was no single identified novel coronavirus. .They found patent records of sequences attributed to novelty going to patents that were sought as early as 1999..Until 1999, the patent activity around coronavirus was uniquely applied to veterinary sciences.. The first vaccine ever patented for coronavirus was sought by Pfizer and specifically included the "S" spike protein – the same thing that we allegedly rushed into invention. The first application was filed January 28, 2000.. . Timothy Miller, Sharon Klepfer, Albert Paul Reed and Elaine Jones, on January 28, 2000, filed what ultimately was issued as US Patent 6372224, which was the spike protein virus vaccine for the canine coronavirus.. Early work until 1999 was largely focused on vaccines for animals. The two receiving the most attention were probably Ralph Baric's work on rabbits and the rabbit cardiomyopathy that was associated with significant problems among rabbit breeders; and canine coronavirus in Pfizer's work to develop "S" and spike protein vaccine target candidate.  neither the coronavirus concept of the vaccine, nor the principle of the coronavirus itself as a pathogen of interest with respect to the spike protein's behavior, is anything novel at all, in fact it's 22 years old based on patent filings..  Anthony Fauci and NIAID found malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines ..  SARS is not a natural progression of a zoonetic modification of coronavirus. In 1999, Anthony Fauci funded research at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From patent application filed April 19, 2002, the NIAID built an infectious replication-defective coronavirus targeted for the human lung epithelium. In other words, we made SARS and we patented it before there was ever an alleged outbreak in Asia, which followed that by several months. This US patent 7279327 clearly lays out in very specific gene sequencing that we knew of the ACE receptor, the ACE-2 binding domain, the S1 spike protein and other elements of Covid-19 ..  Throughout the fall of 2001, they began monitoring an enormous number of bacterial and viral pathogens that were being patented through NIH, NIAID, USAMRIID, and other agencies internationally. Their concern was that coronavirus was seen not only as a potential manipulable agent for use as a vaccine vector, but also as a biological weapon candidate.. Alleged SARS outbreak that took place in China in 2002-2003 gave rise to a problematic April 2003 filing by US CDC..  They filed for patent on the entire gene sequence on what became SARS coronavirus, a violation of 35 USC section 101 - you cannot patent a naturally occurring substance.. REMEMBER HOW MUCH INDIA FRETTED WHEN AMERICA PATENTED TURMERIC/ NEEM , WHICH WERE FOUND IN 6200 YEAR OLD AYURVEDIC TEXT CHARAKA SAMHITA?.  THIS IS EQUIVALENT TO INDIA PATENTING APPLES AND MAKE EVERYBODY WHO EATS AN APPLE ON THIS PLANET, PAY US MOOLAH?..  This was patent 7220852, with derivative patents including 46592703p, 7776521..  These patents also covered the means of detecting coronavirus using RT-PCR..  This is problematic because if you both own the patent on the gene itself, and on its detection, you have a cunning advantage to be able to control 100% of the provenance of not only the virus itself and its detection. You have entire scientific and message control..   the CDC ultimately in 2007 got the patent on SARS coronavirus.. Every statement the CDC has made that this was in the public interest is falsifiable by their own paid bribe to the patent office. .  On April 28, 2003, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals in Maryland filed for US patent 7151163 on antiviral agents of treatment and control of infections by coronavirus. This was 3 days after CDC filed the patent on SARS coronavirus. Sequoia Pharmaceuticals and ultimately Ablynx Pharmaceuticals became rolled into proprietary holdings of Pfizer, Crucell, and Johnson & Johnson..  How would one have a patent on a treatment for a thing that had been invented 3 days earlier?.  The Sequoia patent on coronavirus treatment was issued and published before the CDC patent on coronavirus was allowed. The only way Sequoia could know information in CDC patent is by insider means, because CDC had BRIBED to keep it secret. This is the definition of criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion. This is not a theory, it is evidence. .  On June 5, 2008 – which was around the time that DARPA took an active interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon – Ablynx, now part of Sanofi, filed a series of patents targeting what we've been told are novel features of SARS-CoV-2. They targeted the polybasic cleavage site for SARS-CoV, the novel spike protein and the ACE-2 receptor binding domain. These are allegedly novel to SARS-CoV-2, and all of these were patented on June 5, 2008. The patents were issued between November 24, 2015 (US patent 9193780; this came out after the moratorium on gain-of-function research, after the MERS outbreak in the Middle East), followed in 2016, 2017, 2019 by a series of patents covering not only RNA strands but also sub-components of gene strands, all issued to Ablynx and Sanofi…  Crucell, Rubius Therapeutics, Children's Medical Corporation, and numerous others including Ludwig Maximilian's Universität in Munich, Protein Science Corporation, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, University of Iowa, University of Hong Kong, Chinese National Human Genome Center in Shanghai, all identified in patent filings ranging from 2008 to 2017, every attribute that was allegedly uniquely published by the single reference publication "The Novel Bat Coronavirus", the paper that has been routinely used to identify the novel virus…If you actually take what they report to be novel, you find 73 patents issued between 2008 and 2019 which have the elements that were allegedly novel in SARS-CoV-2. Specifically the polybasic cleavage site, the ACE-2 receptor binding domain and the spike protein…. By 2016, a paper by Ralph Baric was funded during the gain-of-function moratorium, saying SARS coronavirus was poised for human emergence. At that time, it was not only poised for human emergence, but was patented for commercial exploitation 73 times... 73 patents on everything clinically novel, all issued before 2019..We know of 117 patents with the ACE-2 receptor targeting mechanism for the SARS coronavirus. It's in publications going back to 2008, in weaponization conferences that took place in Slovenia, all across Europe and the DARPA infrastructure. We've known about that since 2013, its isolation and amplification… Moderna knew it was going to be placed in the front of the line with respect to development of a vaccine in March 2019. At that time, for reasons that are not transparent, they amended a series of rejected patent filings to specifically make reference to a deliberate or accidental release of coronavirus. They amended 4 failed patent applications to begin the process of coronavirus vaccine development. They began dealing with a problem they had, which was that they relied on technology they did not own. Two Canadian companies, Arbutus and Acuitas, actually own the patent on the lipid nanoparticle envelope that's required to deliver the injection of the mRNA fragment. Those patents have been issued in Canada, the US and around the world. Moderna knew it did not own the rights and began negotiating with Arbutus and Acuitas to get a resolution of LNP technology available to put into a vaccine. In November, they entered into a cooperative R&D agreement with UNC Chapel Hill with respect to getting the spike protein to put inside the LNP, so that they actually had a candidate vaccine before we had a pathogen allegedly running around…By March of 2019, in the amended patent filings of Moderna, we see there's an epiphany that says "What if there was an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen?" The phrase is exactly recited in the book A World at Risk, which is the scenario put together by the WHO in September 2019 – months before there was an alleged pathogen – which says "We need a coordinated global experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by September 2020 must put in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate." The language of an intentional release of a respiratory pathogen was written into the scenario that "must be completed by September 2020."..Any assertion that this pathogen is somehow unique or novel falls apart on the actual gene sequences which are published in the patent record... By 2005, it was unquestionably a weapon of choice. We're injecting a spike protein mRNA sequence which is the result of a computer simulation, not derived from nature, of a sequence which has been known and patented for years…When Anthony Fauci tried desperately to get some of his "synthetic RNA" vaccines published, he had his own patents rejected by the Patent Office. ..Anthony Fauci himself was told by the Patent Office themselves that what he was proposing as a vaccine does not meet the patentable standard, the legal standard or the clinical standard…we are now sitting in a world where we have hundreds of millions of people who are being injected with a pathogen-stimulating computer sequence, which is being sold under what the Patent Office, the medical profession and the FDA in its own clinical standards would not suggest is a vaccine. But by using the term, we are now subjecting hundreds of millions of people to what was known to be by 2005 a biological weapon..The only way Sequoia could know information in CDC patent is by insider means, because CDC had BRIBED to keep it secret.".., we made SARS and we patented it before there was ever an alleged outbreak in Asia, which followed that by several months. This US patent 7279327 clearly lays out in very specific gene sequencing that we knew of the ACE receptor, the ACE-2 binding domain, the S1 spike protein and other elements of Covid-19".. it's interesting the patents were filed only a few days apart, and how Sequoia then got rolled up into organizations now making the Covid-19 "vaccine"…If this was all there was, it would be an interesting coincidence, but the claim that every "novel" feature of Covid-19 can be found in a collection of 73 patents across 2 decades seems significant…####   ####...... IN THE VIDEO BELOW WATCH BILL GATES TALKING ABOUT DEPOPULATION WITH VACCINES. WHO CHIEF ETHIOPIAN TEDROS IS A SLAVE OF BILL GATES..  ####   ####.. THE JEWISH DEEP STATE IS SHITTING IN THEIR PANTS.. JEWESS ANGELA MERKEL WITH HITLER’S EYES AND CHIN ( WHO HAS RIGGED ALL HER ELECTIONS  IN 2005/ 2009/, 2013/ 2018.)  IS NOW ON THE WAY OUT..  SHE IS STILL VEHEMENTLY PUSHING THE KOSHER VACCINE AGENDA ..


hollywood is monopolized by jews…  ####   ####... THE WHOLE IDEA IS TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET THAT JEWS ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET AND THAT THE GOLD STANDARD OFF HUMAN BEAUTY  IS THE WEIRD LOOK OF THE QUINTESSENTIAL JEW ..  SAME WAY PATENT HOUSES WAS CREATED BY GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET THAT JEWS ARE THE MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPlE ON THE PLANET..  thank god they could not rig the olympics and beat usain bolt.. they did so for a while with sports performance enhancing steroids.. JEW  MONOPOLISED PATENT HOUSES WERE THE PLACE WHICH PRODUCED PEOPLE LIKE GERMAN JEW ALBERT EINSTEIN..    mediocre brain albert einstein was converted to the most intelligent man on the planet by rothschild.. ####   ####... JEW ALBERT EINSTEIN WAS A THIEF --  OPPORTUNISTICALLY EMPLOYED AT THE US PATENTS OFFICE.. the federal intellectual property agency was founded on 15 november 1888. albert einstein worked there as a patent clerk for several years, including 1905, his annus mirabilis (miracle year)…below einsteins college report card --  6 is rock bottom, 1 is top grade ..Einstein would have scored 1 in LYING.. CHECK OUT HIS GRADES IN COLLEGE :  ALGEBRA-6, GEOMETRY-6, PHYSICS-6, CHEMISTRY-5..  the Jewish Media of Rothschild made a genius out of albert einstein, after he stole information from the patent office.  SCIENTISTS WHO FILED THE PATENT AND WERE KEPT ON HOLD ( OR REJECTED ) WOULD DIE MYSTERIOUSLY. .  in 1895, einstein failed a simple entrance exam to an engineering school in zurich.. this exam consisted mainly of elementary and basic mathematical problems, and einstein showed himself to be mathematically inept in this exam..  jew albert einstein with extremely poor math abilities was planted as a technical clerk by jew rothschild in the swiss patents office in 1902.  . einstein spoke of the federal office for intellectual property as "that worldly cloister where i hatched my most beautiful ideas".  hey instead of hatching – how about stealing ?..  most of einstein’s root ideas like energy and matter is inter convertible ,  space time dilation etc  were known to other europeans as these were written down in the vedas 7000 years ago..  thief albert einstein lifted from vedas without proper understanding.. this idiot saw a stagnant universe with E=MC^2 while the vedas downloaded 400 centuries ago speak of a spiraling universe..  every rule would be bent for german jew albert einstein by german jew rothschild.  most of his math was outsourced to india.. his first marriage was an arrangement of convenience where she would do all his math…  the hollywood movie "THE SOCIAL NETWORK " tells the truth...  INDIAN DIVYA NARENDRA AND THE WINKLEVOSS TWINS ( WHO HAVE MUSCLE BETWEEN THEIR EARS ) COMPLAIN TO THE JEW PRESIDENT OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY , THAT JEW MARK ZUCKERBERG STOLE THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ( FACEBOOK )...THE JEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY JUST TELLS THEM TO GET OUT OF HIS OFFICE...IN MOST IVY LEAGUE US/ UK UNIVERSITIES ( ROTHSCHILDs OPIUM MONEY FOUNDED ) THE JEW DEAN AND PROFESSORS HELP IN STEALING INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS ON NON-JEW STUDENTS TO BE PASSED ON TO A JEW STUDENT.. the whole idea is to do propaganda that jews are an intelligent race... in open competition where a exam paper is not set by jews or evaluated by jews-- the white jew is nowhere …  ecg sudarshan learnt the hard way.. his intellectual rights was passed on to three jews--one of them a pakistani ahmeddiya jew with a muslim name called abdus salam... ####   ####...



in 1987, john mcafee wrote the first commercial anti-virus software, founding mcafee associates to sell his creation.  McAfee was arrested in Spain over FALSE U.S. tax evasion charges RIGGED BY THE DEEP STATE.  on 23 june 2021, mcafee was found dead ( MURDERED ) in his prison cell at the brians 2 penitentiary center near barcelona, hours after the spanish national court ordered his extradition to the united states on criminal charges filed in tennessee by the united states department of justice tax division.. JOHN MCAFEE TWEETED BEFORE HIS DEATH THAT HE STORED COMPUTER FILES ( WHICH EXPOSED SECRETS OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE-- 31 TERABYTES OF FILES  ) IN THE FLORIDA CONDO BUILDING THAT LATER COLLAPSED.  .  john mcafee knew that he would be murdered and his damning data would be erased.. this is the way jewish deep state operates..  john mcafee owned a condo at the building that collapsed..  the address of the building was 8777 collins avenue south. here is a tweet he put out june 8, 2021. “if anything ever happens to me, please know that the 31tb of files i have are located on hard drives in my condo near 88th street and collins avenue just north of miami beach,” read text in an image made to resemble a tweet from mcafee’s account. This is small fry.. WHEN THE DEEP STATE COULD MISSILE OUT PENTAGON ( WITH MAXIMUM HIDDEN CAMS ON THE PLANET ) AND BLAME IT ON A VAPOURISED PASSENGER PLANE , WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE ? . ####   ####..before world trade centre twin towers came crashing down, all jews closed their offices in the building—one of them being rothschild’s mafia shipping arm agent jew sammy ofer. INDIAN SUPER GENIUS SRINIVASAN RAMANUJAN WAS MURDERED BY THE JEWS.. the white jew stole the diary of ramanujan and claimed several nobel prizes for math.. we know who they are..  math genius srinivasa ramanujan died at a young age.. during his funeral his young level headed wife started crying loudly.. a few well wishers who smelt a rat took her to a room and there she revealed that the white man was constantly stealing her husband’s work and patenting it in their own names, and she showed the proof in personal letters .. #### ####.. EVEN TODAY THE LOST DIARY OF RAMANUJAN IS A WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE.. THE WHITE JEW STOLE THE DIARY OF RAMANUJAN AND CLAIMED SEVERAL NOBEL PRIZES FOR MATH.. We know who they are.. The diary with dozens of torn pages missing has been located. #### ####.. i can give hundreds of such examples where the white jew stole intellectual property..  Jc bose knew that filing a patent would cause him to be murdered.. so what did the jews do? They stole his briefcase from his hotel.  AAA ..The intellectual property of JC BOSE was stolen by Jew Marconi.. Thief Jew Maroni stole the brief case of Bose.. He was seen in the hotel lobby just before the brief case was stolen.. JC Bose should have received Nobel prize twice as a brown Indian. One for radio and the other for P and N type Semiconductors.. If he was a White European Jew he would have got several Nobel prizes… #### ####.. BBB.. The intellectual property of SATYENDRANATH BOSE was stolen.. The BOSON particle of CERN collider is named after him.. #### ####.. CCC… We all know how JEW MARK ZUCKERBERG stole Divya Narendra’s intellectual property.. I conducted a poll on this issue.. #### ####…  #### ####.. Jews have cornered all Nobel Prizes , though they are a minuscule part of the world population.. Muslims who constitute a major part of the world population has got only a handful of Nobel Prizes.. And the best part is whichever Muslim got a Nobel prize was actually a CRYPTO JEW. Do you think Pakistani MALALA YOUSAFZAI would have got a Nobel prize if she was not a Jewess?.. Do you thing mental and physical midget GRETA THUNBERG would have climbed to such dizzying heights if she was not a Jewess?.. #### ####.. Or for example ugly paintings which fetch millions.. #### ####..   hundreds of non-jews have kept quiet , because the system was that way...  INDIAN STUDENTS INN USA/ EUROPE ( WHO TOOK BANK LOANS ) WERE SCARED OF BEING DEPORTED , WITH LOSS OF VISA..  INDIAN STUDENT MAINAK SARKAR SHOT DEAD HIS JEW PROFESSOR WILLIAM SCOTT KLUG  WHO PASSED ON HIS INTELLECTUAL RIGHTS TO ANOTHER JEW STUDENT...   sarkar graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur , India, in 2000 with an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering.   ####   ####..  the modern french patent system was created during the french revolution in 1791.triggered by jew rothschild..  ####   ####..


the nuremberg code was developed in response to the horrors of this experimentation, with the aim of protecting human subjects ( used as guinea pigs ) in medical research to make money and grab power..  the nuremberg code consists of 10 principles, the first of which being that the voluntary consent of the human subject ( parents for children ) is absolutely essential in any experiment on humans. the human subject should be free to exit the experiment. RIGHT NOW UN-VACCINATED ( EMERGENCY USE ONLY INJECTIONS ) PEOPLE ARE BEING TREATED AS THIRD CLASS CITIZENS WITH NO HUMAN RIGHTS. .after ww2 the japanese emperor escaped hanging ( unlike the pm ) for transferring all clandestine medical data to the jewish big pharma in usa. . ####   ####...  “informed consent” must be rendered for any medical intervention not otherwise chosen by the individual based on international ethical standards established after wwii and the nuremberg convention in 1947.  It begins with this unequivocal statement:--QUOTE: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This  means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent;  should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without  the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching,  or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient  knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved  as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. : UNQUOTE…  naïve covid vaccine believers claims that the vaccine confers “superior immunity” reveals a level of “herd ignorance” that is simply astonishing.  just check out this bullshit article published in deep state agent media “the print”.. ####   ####... long-lived bone marrow plasma cells (bmpcs) are a persistent and essential source of protective antibodies.  antibody-producing bone marrow plasma cells, or bmpcs, are among the body’s arsenal of immune weapons against invading pathogens, forming a part of what’s known as immunological memory. when the immune system comes across a microbiological threat that it has encountered previously, it launches a more rapid, aggressive, and targeted attack against the offending microbe the second time around.  since sars vo-2 is lab made as a bioweapon, bmpc formation might not occur as effectively in covid patients as it does in the case of other viral infections, meaning that those who have recovered from covid may be at risk of reinfection. levels of anti-sars-cov-2 serum antibodies decrease rapidly in the first few months after infection ..   infection with sars-cov-2 induces robust antigen-specifc, long-lived humoral immune memory in humans. there is zero — yes zero — evidence that any vaccine for the covid 19 virus does this. .  IN INDIA DARLINGS OF THE JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY MODI AND HEALTH MINISTER JP NADDA USED PRE-TEEN INDIAN SCHOOL GIRLS AS GUINEA PIGS FOR THEIR DEBAUCHED WESTERN COUNTERPARTS FOR HPV VACCINES.. india has the  amount of “LOSS OF VIRGINITY BEFORE MARRIAGE “on the planet by percentage repeat by percentage… we have 1390 million people .. .these hpv vaccination was forced on the school girls without parental consent.. modi and jp nadda can be hung for their crimes against humanity.. let them not think they got away because they are in power.  today almost all drug couriers in punjab are school going girls in uniform who hide punches in their vaginas.... most punjab sikh school girls drug addicts give free sex for a drug fix... instead of eradicating the root cause, our politicians in zionist jew payroll, give them hpv vaccinations .. ncw encourages all this... ncw created by the jewish deep state in india, sponsors valentine’s day.. THE GOAL OF NCW IS TO MAKE SURE NO INDIAN GIRL IS A VIRGIN AFTER THE AGE OF 13..    we saw jnu woman  ugly swara bhaskar , an icon of ncw making  trrr and prrrr sound in a bollywood movie.. the sound changes as she shifted the vibrator dildo from one bottom orifice to the adjacent orifice one inch away.   QUORA HAS AN ENTIRE SECTION FOR SEX AMONG CHILDREN , EVEN PEDOPHILE SEX WITH TEACHERS ..  capt ajit vadakayil shot down the hpv vaccination conspiracy against india school girls which render them infertile ..  ### ### . when i penned the post above i was threatendedneded with long term jail by govt authorities. we have an arranged marriage system in india.. no need for the girl to lose her virginity on school prom night, or allow her boy date to taste her fruits on the first date.. my own wife was a virgin. today dangerous mrna / dna covid vaccines are being forced on small school children by the kosher vaccine lobby.. the human immune system is one of the most sophisticated achievements of god provided evolution.  the survival of our species has depended on it for millennia, and today, we are still very much relying on it. for the record,  99.4 % of indians  infected with sars-cov-2 recover without treatment. 98% of hospital deaths were murders by ignorant doctors who recklessly used steroids and dangerous drug cominations , with excess oxygen intake..   without a functional immune system, there can be no effective vaccine. steroids instantly lower body immunity and spike up blood sugar levels..  AIR HAS 78% NITROGEN FOR A DAMN GOOD REASON. THE HUMAN BODY REQUIRES THE MAGIC MOLECULE NITRIC OXIDE.  till oxygen levels declined on planet earth by a shiva lingam meteroite strike humans could not be born ..   this meteorite strike caused fires to rage on the rotating planet for 30,000   years , causing oxygen levels to dip to 20.9%. this exterminated all dinosaurs.  dinosaurs required 35% oxygen and 64 % nitrogen , .. humans require 20.9 % oxygen and 78.1 % nitrogen for prana ..  nitrogen is an important part of our bodies. amino acids all contain nitrogen and these are the building blocks that make up the proteins in your hair, muscles, skin and other important tissues.   nitrogen is an important part of your dna, which defines what you are like .. ####   ####... once recovered, the immune response recedes, notably via a decrease in antibodies. it is not only natural; it is indispensable to restore the body to a normal balanced state. just as a permanent state of fever would be harmful, a high number of targetless antibodies or t-cells constantly circulating throughout the body could create serious complications such as autoimmune diseases. taking an evolutionary perspective, only those whose antibody and t-cells count waned post-infection survived. so, a dropping number of antibodies and t-cells is reassuring, even healthy. but this decrease in t-cells and antibodies doesn’t mean at all that immunity is gone. it means the immune system has adapted to the new situation, and is now just on sentinel mode: memory b- and t-cells, circulating in the blood and resident in tissues, act as vigilant and effective sentinels for decades..  the main stream media, racketeers of the kosher vaccine lobby keep harping that vaccines provide better protection than natural immunity.  truly spoken like drpiin’ cunts.. how can a vaccine be more effective at immunisation than the disease it is trying to mimic? pray? prithee?..  NATURAL IMMUNITY IS BETTER THAN VACCINE-INDUCED IMMUNITY..  fewer immune targets: mrna/dna vaccines present only a fraction of the virus genetic code (5-10%). for example, they don’t utilise orf1 highly immunogenic epitopes. therefore, the immune system will recruit a smaller number of t-cells tapping into a narrower repertoire,  consequently with a less effective response. the logic: imagine you lose a number of key players for a football tournament – you might still win, but it will be harder.  longer immune trigger time: the smaller number of epitope targets also means that the alarm to the immune system will be delayed. this is a key driver of success in the covid-19 battle. the wider the target repertoire, the faster the encounter between dendritic cells and identifiable antigens. the logic: like a party you go to, you can start partying much faster when you have ten friends there than when you have only one. they are just easier to find.  inappropriate delivery location: the intramuscular delivery of current vaccines unfortunately doesn’t mimic viral penetration and propagation at all. coronaviruses don’t enter the body via muscles. they do so via the respiratory tract, often infecting cell to cell.  contrary to muscle-delivered vaccines, natural immunity places a strong sentinel force of memory resident cells at the portals of entry and shuts the body entrance to the virus preemptively. from an evolutionary standpoint, this makes perfect sense. vaccinating people recovered from covid doesn’t bring any benefit. it  reality it is the opposite, because of the risk of building tolerance to elements of the virus translating into reduced immune potency.  in their very nature, vaccines tinker with the sophisticated balance of one’s immune system. that in itself demands respecting rigid safety protocols. ..we are still very far from understanding its intricacies and subtleties, especially when it comes to novel mrna and dna technologies.  IMAGINE CHILDLESS MODI IS ON HIS “GUJARATI PRIDE “ DRIVE WITH DANGEROUS DNA VACINES BECAUSE ZYDUS CADILA IS A GUJARATI FRONT FOR THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY.  ####   ####...  the lipid nanoparticles, the carriers of the mrna, were supposed to remain in the muscle, but ended up broadly distributed throughout the body, notably in the ovaries, the liver and in the bone marrow. unexpected immune responses have occurred against peg-conjugated nanocarriers. polyethylene glycol (peg) is a bio-inert, thermoelastic linear hydrophilic polymer with the molecular formula (c2nh4n+2on+1). eg has been used for surface modification of nanocarriers such as liposomes, nanoparticles and therapeutic proteins, to increase their circulation half-lives.. peg is more immunogenic than admitted by the vaccine lobby.. ace-2 receptors susceptible to binding to the spike protein are highly expressed in the endothelial cells of highly sensitive areas, such as the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver and both male and female reproductive systems. the spike proteins induced by mrna/dna vaccines have been shown to be pathogenic, and highly inflammatory, notably because of the similarity of a spike sequence to that of staphylococcal enterotoxin b. it has also been found to be directly causing blood clots through platelet activation. sars-cov-2 spike protein causes lung injury even without the presence of an intact virus.. there is the huge risk of disruption of the blood-brain barrier, a fundamental filter mechanism to protect the brain. the spike protein has also been found to cross the bbb and create inflammation in the brain. it is a criminal conspiracy that vaers ( a racketeer for the kosher vaccine lobby ) just reports  0.9% of vaccine injuried/ deaths.the covid-19 vaccines are more harmful to children and teens, notably with a growing number of myocarditis events. the fact that vaccine doses are not adjusted for body weight is notably a cause for concern given the discovery of circulating nanoparticles and spike toxicity…. #######    lakhs of  opv polio deaths among children in india has been covered up..first world countries like canada and the us have banned opv as far back as 2000 or earlier but we have continued it. why?...lakhs of babies died all over india - but this was hushed up by bribing all involved in india.. doctors were sent abroad for sexual jaunts...these bribed lutyens deep state minister, babus and doctors did massive propaganda that opv is best suited for indian conditions ( sic ) due to its low cost, high efficacy and ease of administering.what they did not say was a western baby vaccinated with ipv could not spread the disease.but an indian baby given opv ( by mouth drops ) could spread disease to babies who have not been given the polio drops. a killer condition called vapp...when a baby is given opv, ( oral polio vaccine ) the content is ingested, the viruses replicate in the intestinal tract, providing immunity to subsequent infection…vaccine-derived poliovirus (vdpv) is a strain of poliovirus that was initially included in oral polio vaccine (opv) and that has changed over time and behaves more like the naturally occurring virus…this means it can be spread more easily to people who are unvaccinated against polio and who come in contact with the stool or respiratory secretions, such as from a sneeze, of an infected person... these viruses may cause illness, including paralysis - especially among the undernourished indian children… ######## ….. natural immunity effectiveness is better than vaccine-induced; natural immunity needs not booster jabs. RIGHT NOW THERE ARE ONLY TTWO EFFECTINE WAYS TO PREVENT/ CURE COVID.. IVERMECTIN AND NITRIC OXIDE.. ####   ####...



####... THE FIRST BATCH OF 64 LIVING TRAITORS WERE PUT TO VOTE IN POLL NO 136 BELOW..    27848 VOTES WERE POLLED..   WHEN PRESIDENT NIXON WAS ARM TWISTED TO RESIGN, THE GALLUP POLL HAD LESSER VOTERS..  THIS IS “VOX POPULI VOX DEI “, UNBRIDLED BY THE DEEP STATE ..  WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE CHANGE MAKERS.. ####   ####... judge rf nariman..judge dy chandrachud..prashant bhushan..indira jaising..arundhati suzanne roy..shobhaa de..romila thapar..irfan habib..rana ayyub..sagarika ghose..barkha dutt..rajdeep sardesai..ravish kumar..sonia gandhi..amartya sen..sundar pichai..raziman tv..ashok swain..siddharth varadarajan..harsh mander..prannoy james roy..aroon purie..aamir khan..mahesh bhatt..sitaram yechury..swara swaminathan..capt amarinder singh..kamalhassan..pritish nandi..manmohan singh..sharad pawar..admiral l ramdas..vineet jain..kejriwal..kailash satyarthi..yogendra yadav..p chidambaram..n ram..hamid shinde..mani shankar aiyer..leela samson..trupti desai..subramanian swamy..pinarayi vijayan..zakir naik..kancha iliah..john dayal..derek o brien..kapil sibal..prakash raj..atishi marlena..anurag kashyap..shekhar gupta..john brittas..colin gonsalves..vrinda grover..raghuram rajan..digvijay singh..hardik patel..chandrashekar azar ravan..akbaruddin owaisi..taapse pannu..


A NEW ADDITIONAL LIST OF 64 LIVING TRAITORS IS BELOW..   i have included names like self proclaimed patriot SONAM MAHAJAN ( sullen face with taran taran goodies which don’t measure up ) , who wrote that vadakayil writes crap , and that i have been stalking her for years on the internet.. BAAP REH..   and cockeyed ( looking london seeing tokyo ) TRISHA SHETTY who wrote that vadakayil threatened to rape her .. AIYYOOOO..  even the thought makes me faint ..  PERUSE THE LIST TWICE AND THEN VOTE ..   YOUR CONCIENCE SHALL BE YOUR GUIDE..



































































SOMEBODY CALLED ME UP AND CRIED..   CAPTAIN , GRAPHENE OXIDE USED IN mRNA VACCINES IS NON-MAGNETIC AS PER PFIZER/ MODERNA AND CANNOT BE MANIPULATED BY 5G..   what cant you challenge the top ten vaccine scientists on the planet and rape their mangy minds without grease..  listen..  six years ago i wrote a blogpost on the conspiarcy to convert indian road vehicles from petrol/ diesel to lng by chuldless modi..   i wrote about dumbing down of india with nano carbon tubules from vehicle  exhaust ..women who cooked chappati on lpg stoves had their blood brain barriers breached to reduce their capacitiey to produce babies.    till now not a single soul have supported me on the internet..  ####   ####...  lng/ lpg vehicle exhaust includes carbon nanotubes, which are worrisome because nanotubes resemble asbestos fibers that can linger in lung tissue. more dangeous is that they breach the blood brain barrier.  carbon nanotubes (cnts)  are cylindrical-shaped graphene sheet-like structures which consist of carbon atoms with sp2 hybridization.. carbon with sp2  hybridized atomic orbital is formed by mixing one s and two p atomic orbitals.  ADVAITA VEDANTA IS ALL ABOUT THIS.  ####   ####... ####   ####...  the blood–brain barrier (bbb) is a complex physical and functional barrier protecting the central nervous system from physical and chemical insults.  graphene is a two-dimensional material, basically a single layer of graphite, with carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal, honeycomb lattice. carbon nanotubes are hollow, cylindrical structures, essentially a sheet of graphene rolled into a cylinder. carbon nanotubes (cnts) are tubes made of carbon with diameters typically measured in nanometers.  PFIZER/ MODERNA PRODUCE MRNA VACCINES WHICH USE GRAPHENE OXIDE AND PEG..I WAS THE FIRST ON THE PLANET TO WRITE ABOUT 5G BEING USED TO MANIPULATE MAGNETISED GRAPHENE OXIDE IN mRNA VACCINES.   EVIL GOOGLE, THE RACKETEER OF KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY  DELETED IT..  graphene has extraordinary mechanical and electronic properties, but no magnetic properties. this can be made up for with the help of the lightest element: hydrogen, which transfers its magnetic moment on coming into contact with graphene.  unlike more common magnetic materials –such as iron, nickel and cobalt– where the magnetic moment generated by each atom is located on a few tenths of a nanometre, the magnetic moment produced in graphene by each hydrogen atom extends several nanometers..  ####   ####...  graphene oxide nanoparticles (go-nps) have been shown to increase leukocyte numbers such as macrophages and t cells. this effect does not boost adaptive immunity, as per propaganda of pfizer/ moderna. for better immune response..  the current covid-19 mrna vaccines (moderna, pfizer/biontech) contain mrna wrapped in lipid nanoparticles. .  when graphene oxide is mixed with hydrogen it becomes magnetic (mgo.) it is also known as reduced graphene oxide .. the evolution of magnetism for graphene oxide (go) before and after chemical reduction can de deduced by electron spin resonance (esr) spectroscopy. pegylation of reduced graphene oxide induces toxicity in cells of the blood-brain barrier.. reduced graphene oxide invades the blood brain barrier..  ####   ####...  polyethylene glycol (peg) coating has been frequently used to improve the pharmacokinetic behavior of nanoparticles. .  pharmacokinetics is defined as the study of the time course of drug absorption, distribution, metabo- lism, and excretion..  the pharmacokinetics (pk) and tissue distribution of the nanoparticles largely define their therapeutic effect and toxicity. chemical and physical properties of the nanoparticles, including size, surface charge, and surface chemistry, are important factors that determine their pk and biodistribution..  ####   ####...  each dose of the Pfizer vaccine they examined contained around 747 nanograms of graphene oxide. this meant that more than 99 percent of the pfizer vaccine was made up entirely of graphene oxide. graphene oxide, a material formed from graphite, is a known toxic substance..  no reason for graphene oxide to be in vaccines except to cause auto immune diseases in vaccinated humans and to corrupt their dna..  it can damage the liver and the kidneys, spur on the formation of granulomas in the lungs, decrease cell viability and trigger cell apoptosis or pre-programmed cell death..  injection of graphene oxide in the body deposits the toxic substance in the lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys. researchers have also reported difficulty in cleansing the material out of the body..  many face masks being peddled by corporations are coated or lined with graphene.. wearing face masks coated in graphene can cause serious lung problems..   i had suggested to use activated coconut shell charcoal in face masks and airplane hepa filters to adsorb sars cov2 virus   in my first blogpost on covid which was deleted by evil google, the racketeer of the kosher vaccine lobby.. activated charcoal, has small, low-volume honey comb pores that increase the surface area available for adsorption ..  due to its high degree of microporosity, one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 3,000 m2 (32,000 sq ft)..  ####   ####...  dr jane ruby says “ graphene oxide  destroys literally everything inside the cell. it explodes the mitochondria. it creates a situation where the body is on a 10-alarm fire truck and inflammation, cytokines, chemokines. this is incredibly violent… inflammatory storm comes in and it has particular affinity for creating acute inflammation of the lungs, it creates an inflammatory storm in cardiac tissue and in brain tissue… there’s no other reason for this to be in [the vaccines] except to murder people.”..  ruby rounded out her conversation with stew peters on his show, the stew peters show.  by noting that, according to the spanish researchers, many of the symptoms most commonly associated with covid-19 could also be caused by excess levels of graphene in the body..  she then warned that pfizer and other pharmaceutical corporations were in the process of developing an inhalant version of the vaccine. this inhalant version would be more potent because it will go right into the lungs. “it creates a pulmonary storm of pneumonia right away,” said ruby.  MAGNETISING GRAPHENE OXIDE HAS A SINISTER PURPOSE WHICH INVOLVES 5G.. carbon nanotubes such as, graphene oxide, and graphene quantum dots are now becoming popular.. wuhan china used 5g to test humans with magnetized graphene oxide in vaccines as a deadly tool for biowarfare..  people will drop dead by just increasing the power of 5g ( via satellite ) leaving the flora and fauna intact .. there is no need for nuclear missiles which will convert the land to radio active wasteland .  graphene oxide was synthesized by hummers method through oxidation of graphite. graphene, one of the world's strongest materials, isn't normally magnetic. but when stacked and twisted, graphene develops a rare form of magnetism.  pure carbon is not magnetic-, we can engineer this property by arranging three graphene sheets at just the right twist angles. the magnetic field isn't created by the usual spin of electrons within the individual graphene layers, but instead arises from the collective swirling of electrons in all of the three-layers of the stacked graphene structure. you can control the properties of the twisty stack of graphene by applying an electric field. when the electric field was oriented in one direction, the system acted like a twisted double layer of graphene. when they reversed the field, the stack took on the properties of a twisted four-layer graphene structure. graphene bonded with boron nitride can give rise to a strange magnetic field; that field arose from the molecular bonds of the carbon in graphene and the boron in boron nitride. the new research reveals that this same type of magnetism can occur in pure graphene alone, simply because of interactions between carbon molecules.. WHAT ARE OUR INDIAN THINK TANKS WORTH?..


jewish deep state agents, senile old faart joe biden and cacklin’ kamala , the queen of fake smiles plan to invoke the PATRIOT ACT to screw people ( branded as terrorists ) who have not subjected themselves to pfizer/ moderna mrna vaccines.. the purpose of the usa patriot act is to deter and punish terrorist acts in the united states and around the world…  i must now raise the level of my covid polls from lcd to hcd..  i ask my readers – will dr soumya swaminathn or ethopian chief of who tedros or dr anthony fauci or dr johnrose austin jayalal of ima, or celebrity doctor randeep guleria, even understand what i write below.. VACCINES ARE BIOWEAPONS.. THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR NATURAL BODY IMNMUNITY..  ALL OVER USA/ ISRAEL PEOPLE WITH HERPES VIRUS IN THEIR BODIES ARE SUDDENLY GETTING COLD SORES DUE TO LOWERED BODY IMMUNITY..  in america whose 98% of population is afflicted by herpes simplex virus. mrna vaccine makers and who/ us cdc hide the truth that there is an explosion of  herpes zoster after administration of the pfizer –biontech / moderna mrna vaccines.. THIS DATA IS BEING SUPPRESSED BY VAERS WHO IS A RACKETEER FOR THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY.   A PREGNANT WOMAN WILL DELIVER AN AUTISTIC/ DOWN SYNDROME BABY. . mrna covid vaccines cause auto immune diseases and loss of fertility for the agenda of depopulation....  natural killer cells (also known as nk cells, k cells, and killer cells) are a type of lymphocyte (a white blood cell) and a component of innate immune system.  dendritic cells (dcs) represent a heterogeneous family of immune cells that link innate and adaptive immunity. the main function of these innate cells is to capture, process, and present antigens to adaptive immune cells and mediate their polarization into effector cells .. WHY IS MAIN STREAM MEDIA CENSORING IVERMECTIN? ..  VAERS IS WATERING DOWN VACCINE DEATHS AND INJURIES . WHY? .. SARS-COV-2 infection pathway. (1). SARS-CoV-2 has a spike glycoprotein that must first be cleaved by TMPRSS2. (2). Spike protein interacts with CD147 or Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE-2). (3). The virus is endocytosed and cathepsin L (CTSL) must further cleave the virus. (4). The virus fuses with the endosome membrane, thereby releasing single stranded RNA (ssRNA) into the cytosol.  Once cleaved by TMPRSS2, the spike glycoprotein can interact with a cell surface receptor, either CD147 or ACE-2, thereby facilitating virus-cell fusion.  CD147, also called Basigin or EMMPRIN, is a type 1 transmembrane protein that belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily.   CD147 is utilized by the host for nutrient transport, leukocyte migration and matrix metalloproteinase expression. It is also utilized by multiple human pathogens as a cellular receptor..  ACE2 is a transmembrane dipeptidyl carboxydipeptidases that acts as a functional receptor for the spike glycoprotein.. the transmembrane receptor CD147 can also act as a viral receptor in lieu of ACE-2, and this truth is being suppressed. CD147 has been critically shown to be expressed in the retina as well as the ocular surface, the reason why doctors in covid wards must wear eye protection. The ocular surface and retina have variable expression of TMPRSS2, CD147, ACE2 and CTSL and are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Nasal epithelium is known to highly express TMPRSS2, CD147, ACE2 and CTSL, the reason to wear face masks in covid wards.  Prevent drainage of virus from tears into nasal epithelium  prevents SARS-CoV-2 infection. . SARS-CoV-2 infection promotes CTSL expression and enzyme activity, which, in turn, enhances viral infection. CTSL functionally cleaves the SARS-CoV-2 S protein and enhances viral entry. The circulating level of CTSL is elevated after SARS-CoV-2 infection..  ####   ####... The viral spike protein binds with the ACE-2 cell surface receptor for entry, while TMPRSS2 triggers its membrane fusion.  Ivermectin efficiently binds to the viral S protein as well as the human cell surface receptors ACE-2 and TMPRSS2; therefore, it inhibits the entry of the sars cov-2 virus into the host cell..  Ivermectin  docks between the viral spike and the ACE2 receptor ..  Coronavirus nonstructural protein 14 (nsp14) has been shown to function as a proofreading exoribonuclease.  The SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the disease, uses RNA capping to evade the human immune system. Nonstructural protein (nsp) 14 is one of the 16 nsps in SARS-CoV-2 and catalyzes the methylation of the viral RNA at N7-guanosine in the cap formation process.  The highly efficient binding of ivermectin to nsp14 confirms its role in inhibiting viral replication and assembly. It is well known that nsp14 is essential in transcription and replication. It acts as a proofreading exoribonuclease and plays a role in viral RNA capping by its methyl transferase activity ..  The docking scores with nsp14 revealed that  ivermectin shows the highest binding affinity.  Ivermectin formed four H-bonds with Thr74, Asn128, Gln174, and Leu178 amino acid residues present at the predicted active site of the protein. ivermectin showed  high binding affinities and protein–ligand interactions ..  The free binding energy of human ACE-2 with ivermectin  is −227.529…  the free binding energy of human TMPRSS2/camostat complex was −266.882. High free binding energy of TMPRSS2/was  recorded with ivermectin as −293.245 ..  Ivermectin shows high binding affinity to the viral S protein as well as the human cell surface receptors ACE-2 and TMPRSS2. Ivermectin  inhibits the entry of the virus into the host cell. It binds to Mpro and PLpro of SARS-CoV-2;  and prevents the post-translational processing of viral polyproteins…  the molecular docking of ivermectin with TMPRSS2 shows the power of ivermectin in inhibiting the entry of the covid virus into the host cell,  by increasing the endosomal pH…  The highly efficient binding of ivermectin to the viral N phosphoprotein and M protein showcases its  role in inhibiting viral replication and assembly.  it is involved in inhibiting nuclear transport. Ivermectin is a specific inhibitor of importin α/β-mediated nuclear import able to inhibit replication of covid virus…  Miracle drug ivermectin's broad spectrum antiviral activity relates to its ability to target the host importin (IMP) α/β1 nuclear transport proteins ... ivermectin inhibits IMPα/β1-mediated nuclear import of the N protein…  in vitro trial has shown ivermectin reduces the number of cell-associated viral RNA by 99.9 % in 24 hours. Ivermectin  blocks the cargo transporter, so the viral proteins can’t get into the nucleus. By taking Ivermectin, it means the body can fight the infection like normal, because its antiviral response hasn’t been reduced by the viral proteins.  ####   ####... HIV DID NOT CAUSE AIDS.. AFTER 40 YEARS WE STILL DON’T HAVE A VACCINE FOR AIDS..  ####   ####.. vaccines are designed to contain the very element which is killing people.. The spike protein “damages cells” causes “vascular disease” even without a virus..   Listen to the experts below. Dr Judy Mikovits was sent to jail by the kosher vaccine lobby.  Dr Judy Mikovits has authored 40 scientific papers and is widely known in the scientific community..  She was research director of CFS research organization Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) from 2006 to 2011.. In November 2011, she was arrested and held on false charges that she stole laboratory notebooks and a computer from WPI.. you see in this business there are lies etched on rock like “SIX MILLION JEWS DEAD” ( when there were less than 4.9 million jews in the whole of Europe), which you have to parrot— or kosher big brother will destroy you..   Judy blew the whistle regarding the common use of animal and human fetal tissues , which were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases.  ####   ####... Google/ Facebook/ Twitter/ Youtube/  Whatsapp/  Instagram/ Quora  are all banning the word “VADAKAYIL”. Modi has chosen a Gujarati slave as his new health minister who is an agent for dangerous DNA vaccine of Zydus Cadila.. .  ####   ####...


capt ajit vadakayil demands from modi.. before you give your NEXT MANN KE BAATH, ask yourself a question.. will putin ever speak to fellow russians the way you do..  or any other world leader?. . ” DOODH PEENA MAANGTHA.. MUNDI PEH TEL DAALNA MAANGTHA… GANDHIJI AUR BR AMBEDKAR SAAB KE BATAYE HUE MARG PEH CHALNA MAANGTHA”… what the hell is all this.. the whole word is sniggering.. the latest is “4T TO PREVENT THIRD WAVE”.. TEST/ TRACK/ TREAT/ TEEKA .. TEE HEEEEE…  i commanded ships for 30 years.. at safety meets i taught my crew how to extinguish a fire……..  #####  F. I. R. E MEANS FIND/ INFORM/ RESTRICT/ EXTINGUISH  #####.... the intelligent acronym sequence of “INFORM” and “RESTRICT” is paramount..  or  ship will sink with total loss of lives.. there is great intelligence in this unlike your mindless 4T.. do you ever think i would give a mindless acronym of some FFFF?..   will 4T now be part of IAS question pool, like akkla ka dushman’s “BAARAH CYLINDER”..? in the video below watch his italian mothers face..  it is priceless.  . she now feels her son has come of age and is ready to be PM.. ####   ####.. modi, we ask you to inform the new indian it minister that twitter is behaving like a racketeer of the kosher vaccine lobby..  MY READERS HAVE BEEN PUNISHED BY TWITTER BY COMPLETE BAN ( INABILITY TO TWEET FOR A PERIOD OF TIME)..   TWITTER IS PLAYING GOD, NOT AS PUBLISHER.. WHILE IN REALITY TWITTER IS A MERE IT PLATFORM.. below is an example of twitter banning one of my readers murthy for 12 hours.  ##################..  RN Murthy  July 16, 2021 at 8:03 PM..  Dear Capt Ajit sir,..  I am banned on twitter from posting for 12 hours as I wanted to share your post info below with this poll… ####   ####.. ########### .  we ask.. does twitter have the wherewithal to even understand such a highly technical post?..  WHY DON’T THEY JUST RED FLAG THE TWEET OR EVEN DELETE THE HORRIBLY OFFENDING TWEET.. WHY BAN MURTHY ( WHO ONLY RELAYED A MESSAGE OF WORLD IMPORTANCE ) FROM TWEETING FOR ANOTHER 12 HOURS, LIKE A DUNCE IN CLASS GETTING PUNISHED .. we the people  warn modi.. you are skating on very thin ice.. indians now look on you as a stupid fellow with no courage , character or integrity..  narendra damodardas modi, with you as pm we indians feel that india is not a SOVEREIGN NATION but a slave of the jewish deep state.. COLLEGIUM INDIAN JUDICIARY HAS UNCONSTITUTIONALLY TAKEN OVER THE WATAN .. ####   ####... example?.. a corrupt retired judge yogesh kumar sabharwal was saved by cji using “CONTEMPT OF JUDGE “ nonsense..  in sept 2007 4 mid-day newspaper journalists were jailed.. during karnan case the cji js khehar banned media from reporting about high court judge karnan ( who was sent to jail for contempt )..  ####   ####..  MODI, BE WARNED.. YOUR HONEYMOON WITH AAM ADMI IS NOW OVER.. once you are out of power be ready to face the music.. i refrained from putting you name in the traitor’s poll below, because you will get maximum votes.. ####   ####..


the reason i gave in my posts below is that these vaccines for hpv and flu are not required in india , and that we are being used as guinea pigs for the white population in usa and europe. in india nobody dies of flu and WE TREAT FLU AKIN TO COMMON COLD.. in usa 72,000 people die of flu yearly on an average.. and flu virus mutates rapidly and new flu jabs have to be taken every year .. this is a trillion dollar gravy train for the kosher vaccine lobby. ####   ####...  india has least “LOSS OF VIRGINITY BEFORE MARRIAGE” on this planet by percentage.. we have 1390 million people..  below is a 4 part post..  ####   ####...  THE INDIAN HEALTH MINISTRY/ DOCTORS HAVE SUPPRESSED AUTO IMMUNE GRAVES DISEASE CAUSED BY CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION OF HPV AND FLU VACCINES.  graves' disease impacts approximately 27 million patients across europe and the usa and has been caused mostly by hpv vaccines and flu shots..  IN INDIA WE NEED A VAERS MOBILE PHONE APP WHERE VACCINE INJURED PEOPLE CAN REGISTER DIRECT WITHOUT A MIDDLEMAN DOCTOR..   THIS VAERS SYSTEM MUST NOT BE A TOOL FOR CLAIMING FALSE FINANCIAL COMPENSATION.  graves' disease is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). graves' disease is an autoimmune condition where your immune system mistakenly attacks your thyroid which causes it to become overactive. graves’ disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism in the united states. the disease affects about 1 in 118 people….  graves’ disease can cause some serious health problems, including-- an irregular heartbeat that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related problems---  an eye disease called graves’ ophthalmopathy or graves’ orbitopathy (go), which can cause double vision, light sensitivity, and eye pain—and, can lead to vision loss ----  thinning bones and osteoporosis.. graves' disease impacting the thyroid gland and affects about 7 percent of all women.. the ratio of women versus men diagnosed with graves' disease is 6:1 and around 7 percent of all women will develop graves' disease during their lifetime. thyroid gland releases the hormones thyroxine, and triiodothyronine, which controls body metabolism. .  ###  conditions linked with graves’ disease include---…  rheumatoid arthritis, a disorder that affects the joints and sometimes other body systems..pernicious anemia, a condition caused by a vitamin b12 deficiency…lupus, a chronic, or long-term, disorder that can affect many parts of your body..addison’s disease, a hormonal disorder..celiac disease, a digestive disorder..vitiligo, a disorder in which some parts of the skin are not pigmented..type 1 diabetes..lada..  ####   ####... gardasil is a vaccination designed to protect against the human papillomavirus (hpv), which is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the united states and europe.. hardly any white girl is a virgin after the age of 13.. this includes lesbians who use dildos ( remember swra bhaskar and her TRRR PRRR ? ) and “tongue power” on each other. allergic reactions begin in your immune system. when a harmless substance such as dust, mold, or pollen is encountered by a person who is allergic to that substance, the immune system may over react by producing antibodies that "attack" the allergen. with allergies, the immune system overreacts to harmless allergens. interestingly, this is the same type of response that expels viruses, parasites, and bacteria from the body.. being a chemical tanker man I am a world expert on allergies. ####   ####.. COVID VACCINES CAUSING AUTOIMMUNE GRAVES DISEASE IS BEING SUPPRESSED BY VAERS WHICH IS CONTROLLED BY THE EVIL KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY. 

IN THE POLL BELOW ( LIVING TRAITORS ) JUDGE JS KHEHAR HAS GOT MAXIMUM VOTES.. ####   ####...js khehar   was chief justice of india from 4 january 2017 to 27 august 2017  for a period of 235 days.. HE WAS A KING MAKER FOR HIMSELF..  PERSONALLY JS KHEHAR PAVED THE WAY FOR HIMSELF TO BE CJI FOR EIGHT MONTHS.   js khehar vehemently opposed the idea that he must recuse himself from heading the njac bench as he stood to gain personally..  JUDGE JS KHEHAR UNCONSTITUTIONALLY QUASHED THE NJAC ACT , PASSED IN BOTH HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT BY AN UNPRECEDENTED UNANIMOUS VOTE AND SIGNED INTO LAW BY THE PRESIDENT..  on 16 october 2015, when hl dattu was cji the  five-member constitutional bench of supreme court headed by the justice j.s. khehar   ( j. s. khehar, madan lokur, kurian joseph and adarsh kumar goel   )upheld the collegium system and struck down the njac..  THE NJAC ACT AND THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ACT CAME INTO FORCE FROM 13 APRIL 2015. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL SAYS IT IS STILL VALID, AS JUDICIARY DOES NOT HAVE THE POWERS TO STRIKE IT DOWN..  the national lawyers' campaign for judicial transparency and reforms had challenged justice khehar's appointment contending that since he had presided over the five-judge constitution bench which revived the collegium after striking down the national judicial appointments commission (njac) in october 2015, he was a beneficiary of his own verdict..  illegal collegium judiciary used a judicial review process and struck down NJAC ..  Elected executive does not have to convince collegium judiciary anything..  India is the only nation on the planet where judges elect judges .. This breeds nepotism and traitors in deep state payroll..  before 1947 almost all our judges were in the payroll of german  jew rothschild who ruled india . .he still controls indian judiciary 74 years after independence..  ALL KNOW THAT THE INDIAN JUDICIARY HAS BEEN CONTROLLED BY A FEW TIGHTLY KNIT FAMILIES OF PARSIS/ ROTHSCHILD CREATED KAYASTA CLAN/ CHITPAVAN JEWS/ PESHAWARI KHATRI JEWS / TAMIL IYENGAR JEWS/  CHRISTIAN JEW --CONTROLLED BY THE DEEP STATE…  we know collegium judges have foreign support when their legislate, do extreme judicial overreach . . . every time desh drohi foreign forces ( like pakistan isi / china / jewish deep state ) want a new law in india, they use their trojan horse ngos to file a pil which strangely is given top priority.. our collegium judiciary burnt midnight oil to open chamiya bars ( whore houses operating as dancing beer bars in mumbai ) is common knowledge that the hafta  paid to extortionist cops sachin vaze were distributed among politicians , top police and judges..  bharatmata is racing to be this planets no 1 superpower in 11 years --before that the jealous new world order wants india to implode. stupid judge had slapped both "sedition" and "contempt of court " on union minister arun jaitley for saying constitution does not support "collegium system" but only njac … collegium system in not allowed by our constitution.. according to stupid judges, police can be stoned,  but no judge can be stoned.. you can block the road to the pm’s office but you cannot block the road to a court or a judge’s home.. they are lord fucklands, right? you can abuse modi, but you cant abuse a lowly magistrate..  melord judges, are so squeamish ( out of inferiority complex ) that they will send you to jail for "contempt of court " at the drop of a hat..  we the people of india do not want loser lawyers to become judges--rather there must be a nation wide exam ( like iit/ ias ) to choose judges . … most of these loser lawyers became judges to cock a snook at their successful colleagues who drove mercedes cars while they foot slogged with hawai chappals …. our failed lawyers turned collegium judges do not have the cerebral wherewithal to understand that sane/ fair judgments must be within the perimeter of context --and natural justice must be inherent.... the melords cant even understand the meaning of circumstantial evidence .... . the system has broken down..    melord khehar is the fellow who threw senior high court judge karnan into jail for daring to say that some judges are traitors..  TODAY THE SYSTEM IS SUCH ( CONTROLLED BY THE DEEP STATE ) THAT A CLEAR DISTINCTION IS MADE BY THE INDIAN JUDICIARY WHEN THEY CONVICT A MAN ..  #### IF THE MAN IS A PATRIOT TO THE WATAN HE IS CONSIDERED A BAD MAN TO BE PUNISHED…  #### IF THE MAN IS A TRAITOR IN FOREIGN PAYROLL ( PAKISTAN ISI / CHINA/ JEWISH DEEP STATE ) HE IS CONSIDERED A GOOD MAN..AN ANGEL TO BE SAVED AT ALL COSTS…  ### BLACK IS WHITE….. ### WAR IS PEACE….. ### SUNRISE IS SUNSET…. THIS IS THE WORLD ORWELL PREDICTED IN HIS BOOK 1984.  ####   ####... this is why trisha shetty , a darling of the indian judiciary , who rubs elbows with the queen/ un chief/ president obama etc dares to tweet that umar khaid in payroll of pakistani isi who led jnu student mob to scream " BHARAT TERE TUKDE HONGE INSHAAH ALLAH"  to be a patriot..  ####   ####... THIS PESHAWARI KHATRI JS KHEHAR  IN TURBAN WITH PALE EYES, TRIED HIS BEST TO GET WHITE JEW LAWYERS ( ADL ) TO PRACTICE IN INDIAN COURTS..  ####   ####...  in 2017, the committee on judicial accountability published the suicide note written by former arunachal pradesh chief minister, kalikho pul.  in the note, pul accused that judge js khehar had demanded rs 49 crore (para 15.22, page 39) and rs 31 crore (para 15.27, page 41) in bribes from pul for delivering a favourable verdict.. why do you think justice karnan called js khehar a corrupt judge?..   judge js khehar used tamilian judge r banumathi to screw tamilian judge cs karnan who called him a corrupt judge and a traitor... banumathi was my class mate 52 years ago.  after karnan came out of jail, he was was falsely accused of trying to invade the home of banumathi and again punished ..  in may 2017, justice karnan became the first sitting high court judge to be held guilty of criminal contempt of court.( read as contempt of judge khehar )..  judges now rule india via SUO MOTO clause --unconstitutionally.  judge js khehar was a darling of the indian main stream media for declaring privacy as a fundamental right..  sorry, the constitution protects only law abiding indian citizens , not some illegal immigrant rohingya or traitor to the watn like umar khalid in the payroll of pakistani isi..  the blog below is one of the highest read posts.  ####   ####...  js khehar , a darling of the italian maino jewess , quashed president rule in arunachal pradesh illegally and unconstitutionally... ..  js khehar sent india's second highest employer ( after railways ) patriot subrato roy to jail. WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT AGREE WITH JS KHEHAR STRIKING DOWN NJAC AND HENCE THIS JUDICIAL STRIKE DOWN IS NULL AND VOID..  NO JUDGE CAN STRIKE DOWN A LAW SIGNED BY THE PRESIDENT -- APPROVED BY BOTH LOK SABHA AND RAJYA SABHA BY AN UNPRECEDENTED UNANIMOUS VOTE.. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT EX-CJI JS KHEHAR BE PUNISHED BY ABOLISING HIS RETIREMENT PERKS , FIRST AND THEN ARRESTING HIM FOR JUDICIAL ADVENTURISM..  WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT ALLOW THE WATAN AND THE CONSTITUTION TO BE A POTTED PLANT IN THE MANN KE AANGAN OF ANY JUDGE..  WHEN THE BABY GROWS, LENGTHEN THE CRADLE --DO NOT CUT THE BABY'S FEET.. THE JOB OF LENGTHENING THE CRADLE IS FOR THE ELECTED LAWMAKERS ALONE..  in the opinion of we the people judge js khehar is the worst cji of india, all this in a small span of eight months.. . this sikh cji  played not melord, not messiah moses-- khehar played god..  at the sesquicentennial of the allahabad high court, khehar is reported to have said that when he became a judge, his legal knowledge was only service law (sirf ek field aati thi, usme main sab kuch bata sakta tha, baki kuch nahi aata tha).  cji js khehar  collapsed eight courts into four to give more space for courts in the east wing.  scba president suri said that he was not consulted. it was all done during the vacation…  WE THE PEOPLE ASK THE NEW LAW MINISTER..  STRIKE DOWN THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL COLLEGIUM SYSTEM..  CJI MUST NO LONGER BE APPOINTED ON BASIS OF SENIORITY..  ABOLISH THE SCHOLL TYPE VACATION OF THE JUDICIARY.. THIS VACATION WAS FOR WHITE JUDGES TO GO TO ENGLAND FOR BRIEFING FROM JEW ROTHSCHILD..  justice khehar was  aggressive, quick to use the contempt weapon.. for him it was “CONTEMPT OF JUDGE”— it was personal.   WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE LAW MINISTER TO READ THROUGH ALL POLLS BELOW…  ####   .####   .####   .####   .####   .####   .####   .###  .###  .###    .###  .### .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .### .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###  .###


the human body is a wonderful machine till it starts attacking itself.. the main cause of suicides on this planet today is pain caused by auto immune diseases. .people do not know that osho/ rajnish killed himself because of excruciating pain caused by auto immune diseases..  ####   ####...  in 6200 year old ayurvedic text ITP is called TIRYAKA RAKTAPITTA..  herbs found only in kerala snake groves could treat this in a jiffy.  some spices we include in our curries ( example turmeric ) prevented this. neem based kashayams was used to treat it.  ancient ayurvedic texts were stolen and taken away to germany by jew rothschild—thousands of them. . ####   ####... the ayurveda prose was in sanskrit verses and that is why jew rothschild kidnapped sanskrit scholars. some texts were in malayalam.. ANGELA MERKEL CAME TO INDIA AND SAID THAT GERMAN UNIVERSITIES TEACH ONLY SANSKRIT AND MALAYALAM AMONG INDIAN LANGUAGES .. both have 54 alphabets. ####   ####... WHEN I WROTE THAT SARS COV-2 IS A LAB SLICED VIRUS IN A WUHAN LAB 16 MONTHS AGO, GOOGLLE DELETED MY POST..  COVID mRNA/ DNA VACCINES cause immune thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP..  ITP causes your body's immune system to destroy your platelets.. COVID-19 VACCINATION INDUCED ITP IS SUPRESSED BY WHO/ US CDC/ NIH RECKETEERS OF THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY..  hundreds of covid vaccinated women are bleeding and dying due to low blood platelet count just before child delivery. this is being suppressed by VAERS which is just AN ARM OF THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY.. I WAS THE FIRST TO SAY THAT HIV IS A LAB MADE VIRUS.. THERE ARE NO VACCINES FORTHCOMING AFTER FOUR DECADES. magic johnson has survived  30 years with HIV.. imagine he broke the news in 1991 .  ####   ####... low platelet count is one of the common features of viral infections. when platelet levels are low, you  bleed excessively INTERNALLY.  platelet levels  improve as soon as you treat the underlying cause. bone marrow produces platelets.  ####   ####... ALEXANDER THE GREAT , WHOSE MOTHER AND WIFE WERE KERALA THIYYA WOMEN, WAS TREATED WITH PAPAYA LEAF JUICE AND A SPECIAL STRAIN OF ALOE VERA JUICE BY KERALA AYURVEDIC PHYSICIANS TO STOP HIS INTERNAL BLEEDING.  ####   ####...I WAS THE FIRST ON THE PLANET TO SAY THAT CHIKUNGUNYA IS A LAB MADE DISEASE.  my post below has saved millions  of lives world wide ..   i had propagated an ayurvedic treatment mentioned in 6200 year old ayurvedic text charaka samhita— ORGANICALLY GROWN  PAPAYA LEAF JUICE TO BRING UP LOW BLOOD PLATELET  COUNT  WITHIN A HOUR.  ####   ####.. dangerous internal bleeding can occur when your platelet count falls below 10,000 platelets per microliter. severe thrombocytopenia which causes bleeding into the brain, is  fatal.. ####   ####.. WE THE DENIZENS OF THE FREE WORLD WILL OBSERVE 24TH JULY 2021 AS WORLD IVERMECTIN DAY..####   ####... Watch the video below..  ####   ####..PFIZER/ MODERNA MRNA VACCINES CARRY 13 BILLION mRNA AS PER THE EXPERT DOCTOR RICHARD FLEMING IN THE VIDEO ABOVE.  FLEMING SAYS THAT ASTRAZENECA ( COVISHIELD ) AND JOHNSON VACCINES CARRY 50 BILLION DNA .. they have kept this a secret.. COVID-19 IS NOT A PANDEMIC..  VACCINE LOBBY IS INJECTING US WITH A BIOWEAPON ( S1 SPIKE PROTEIN )  , NOT VACCINATING US..  vaccine deaths / severe permanent  injuries are being suppressed by vaers which is a instrument of the kosher vaccine lobby to do exactly that..   jewish deep state controls the main stream media all over the planet.. they are in cahoots.. THIS IS WHY “IVERMECTIN” IS A BANNED WORD ON MAIN STREAM MEDIA.. THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE WORD “VADAKAYIL” IS BANNED BY GOOGLE/ FACEBOOK/ TWITTER/ WHATSAPP/ YOUTUBE/ INSTAGRAM..  make no mistake.. the vaccine lobby/ big pharma  is more evil and vicious than the drug ( heroin/ cocaine ) lobby.. the profits are just too great..  china made a lab spiced virus as a bioweapon  for targeting usa and india..  5G RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION FROM WIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ON THE WUHAN  LAB MADE SARS-CoV-2 VIRUS CAUSE VIRAL ACTIVATION AND INCREASE VIRULENCE AT THE FLIP OF A SWITCH.   the mRNA vaccines loaded with magnetized graphene oxide magnified this and triggers auto immune diseases instantly. ####   ####...  VIRAL mRNA VACCINE ALONG WITH THE SPIKE PROTEIN THAT IT PRODUCES CAN BE ALTERED BY 5G RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION WHEREBY, BOTH WORKING IN TANDEM CREATE A VIRUS-LIKE COMPLEX OF THE HUMAN CELL ITSELF.. digression-- do you think that stupid judge jr middha who fined juhi chwala 20 lakhs can ever understand all this,  does he even know that 5G decimates pollinator stinging bees..INDIA WASTES 38% OF FOOD EVERY YEAR , YET WE ARE FOOD SECURE WITH 1390 MILLION PEOPLE.. CHINA IS A FOOD IMPORTING NATION.. china has polluted its soil and water to make cheap plastic toys for the white man..  getting back--this mobilized state would then launch an immune response against healthy body cells since they now resemble viral pathogens; thus creating a sars-cov-2-like disease state within the body without the presence of the actual virus itself!  why then would anyone want to take a vaccine that is intentionally geared to altering the very same body system that is suppose to protect you from infection? china and the deep state are involved in this bioweapon..  you now have vaccines that have become “cell snatchers”!.. 5G RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION CAN BE SET AT “KILL FREQUENCY” FROM SATELLITES.. modi does not know that the rafale jets he buys from jewish dassault will not work against the white man .. when the pandemic started in january 2020, a lot of effort went into censoring social media claims about the connection of 5g and the covid-19 viral outbreak. why?  5G IS NOT ABOUT THE INTERNET OF THINGS; IT IS A MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS SYSTEM..  THEIR AGENDA IS “DEPOPULATION” ( LEAVING FLORA AND FAUNA INTACT ) AND THE BIOWEAPONS DELIVERY SYSTEM ARE THE UNTESTED GENETICALLY-ALTERING VACCINES.. this depopulation without affecting flora and fauna ( or converting soil into radiactive wasteland ) using hiv/ aids was aready tried out— no aids vaccine has been forthcoming after 4 decades..  FUNDING FOR THE BIOWEAPON CAME FROM DEEP STATE BASED IN USA AND WAS MADE IN CHINA..the planet does not know of evil dr Anthony fauci , that ethiopian WHO chief tedros and the daughter of traitor ms swaminathan, dr soumya swaminathan, the chief scientist of WHO.. LAB MADE VIRUSES MUTATES TO SURVIVE IN A VACCINATED PERSON.. EVERY VACCINATED PERSON IS A DEVILS WORKSHOP FOR SARS COV-2 VIRUS..  WHO/ US CDC DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO INTERFERE WITH DOCTORS DECISIONS.. WHO cannot ban some drug like ivermectin  and demand that a non-approved injection ... it is a violation of the 9th US amendment..  the ninth amendment to the constitution of the united states (amendment ix) is part of the united states bill of rights. its main idea is to protect rights that are not expressly enumerated in the constitution. HERE ISA  BOMBSHELL.  mRNA VACCINES AS A BIOWEAPON CAUSES PRION DISEASES. vaccines will explode cases of in variant creutzfeldt-jacob disease (vCJD), a prion disease..  cows were fed with meat to convert them into prion bioweapons.   PRION CAUSED VARIANT CREUTZFELDT JACOB DISEASE HAS LONG INCUBATION PERIODS AS HAS ALREADY KICKED IN ..people become half wits ..  prions cannot be destroyed by fire,  freezing, strong disinfectants, sterilization procedures, incineration, intense radiation etc.  prions are actually the "clean-up crew", formed by the body, to get rid of the toxic mess inside the body to cleanse it.  We have been taught in school that germs cause disease.  But germs don't cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage.   garbage causes flies , not vice versa.  DEAD PARSI BODIES ATTRACT VULTURES.  VULTURES ON A TOWER OF SILENCE DO NOT  ATTRACT A DEAD PARSI .  in the case of mad cow disease, humans have ingested these prions by eating the flesh of the infected cow—fed with minced and putrid dead animal and parts.  .  when these “clean up crew”  start cleaning out the toxins in the body, the toxins are dumped into the blood stream to be filtered and eliminated from the body.   these toxins then cause symptoms which the doctor diagnoses as "disease" and the doctor then names the disease according to the symptoms it produces.  have you seen the way the modern doctors call every disease genetic for which they do not know the cause.  ####   ####... the science of immunology is being suppressed by the vaccine lobby controlled WHO/ US CDC/ NIH who harp on anti-bodies... memory t cells are antigen-experienced cells that mediate a faster and more potent response upon repeat encounter with antigen. these cells are long-lived and when developed following an infection can protect against subsequent infections with the same pathogen.  in ancient times there was only one medical system on the planet—ayurveda whose herb bank was a snake grove teeming with king cobras.. today the symbol of allopathy medicine is a king cobra..  ####   ####...    penicillin was the first antibiotic, “discovered” by alexander fleming in the 1929, and has saved countless lives from bacterial infection since then.  what he has not told that he copied this from 6200 year old ayurveda text charaka samhita whicg gives detailed information of snake grove moss.. he got the nobel prize in medicine in 1945.  samudra manthan of vishnu’s second avatar kurma was about the god of ayurveda rising from the cosmic waters with a LEECH ( VACCINATION SYRINGE ) in one of his four hands..  ####   ####.. JEW EDWARD JENNER LIFTED HIS VACCINATION FROM AYURVEDA. ####   ####  even today people scholars wonder how dumb greeks/ arabs suddenly became intelligent in subjects like math/ science/ astronomy / medicine etc.. imagine writing medical books in the middle of the barren desert, using kerala snake grove herbs.. and astronomy books with constellations / stars named in sanskrit or its equivalents. and today the white man’s peer reviewed houses call indians savages .. WE WERE SLAVES FOR 800 YEARS TILL 1947.. that is why we could not find free self expression .. all wondered how india sent a rocket to mars.  ####   ####.. THE SOIL OF SNAKE GROVES HAS MILLIONS OF HEALTHY MICROBES. . WHEN WE PLUCK ANY HERB FROM A SNAKE GROVE, WE DO NOT WASH IT THOROUGHLY—JUST A CURSORY RINSE TO GET RID OF SOIL.. THE MICROBES ON THE PLANET AND ITS ROOTS REMAIN INTACT..  any drug that kills germs in your body is technically an antibiotic.. the avermectins are macrocyclic lactones isolated from the fermentation broth of the soil actinomycete, streptomyces avermitilis. . included in this avermectin group is ivermectin, which is used for parasite control in humans .. ONLY IVERMECTIN CAN PREVENT A THIRD COVID PANDEMIC WAVE IN INDIA..  ayurveda uses only organic herbs grown in snake groves and nano gold colloids which breach the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER and are biodegradable.   ayurveda is prevention-oriented, is free from harmful side-effects and treats the root cause of a disease rather than just the symptoms. .  Trisha shetty and christian evangelist DR JOHNROSE AUSTIN JAYALAL THE CHIEF OF IMA dubs Ayurveda as “SNAKE OIL SCIENCE”—sorry it is “SNAKE GROVE SOIL SCIENCE “.. animals and birds dare not enter a snake grove .. the soil is organic and pristine.. the king cobra snakes go out of the grove for a shit and a fresh feed.   jew rothschild destroyed all kerala’s snake groves calling it superstition.. the snake grove lands , which held ayurvedic herbs were given away to christian converts and commies .. TODAY WE HAVE ONLY 5% OF AYURVEDIC HERBS WHICH WERE AVAILABLE 300 YEARS AGO.. 6200 year old charaka samhita contained a chapter on anti-biotics based on snake grove soils..  the route adopted was intracellular ionic zinc.. Zn deficiency  increases the risk for severity of COVID-19 infection. zn directly inhibited the coronaviral rna-dependent rna polymerase, which functions as the core enzyme of the rna viral synthesizing machinery.   zn inhibits sars-cov papain-like protease 2, which is also a key enzyme for viral replication and assembly of functional viral proteins..  the maximum adsorption capacity showed that the neem biomass had a mass capacity for zinc (147.08 mg zn/g for neem leaves and 137.67 mg zn/g neem bark). ... due to its outstanding zinc uptake capacity, the neem tree was proved to be an excellent biomaterial for accumulating zinc from aqueous solutions ..  the corrosion inhibition of neem (azadirachta indica (azi)) leaves extract as a green inhibitor of zinc corrosion in h2so4 has been studied using the gravimetric method.  neem extracts contain significant amounts of water soluble, electrochemically active compounds.   ivermectin is made from fermentation products of the actinomycete bacterium streptomyces avermitilis..  ACTINOMYCETES ARE A GROUP OF MICROBES FOUND IN KERALA SNAKE GROVE SOIL.  actinomycetes have unique bioactive metabolites, including antibiotics, enzymes, and plant growth factors.  95% of kerala snake grove herbs have vanished from the planet thanks to the white invader who called snake groves ( ayurvedic organic herb banks ) as savage hindu superstition.. successive commie/ Christian kerala govts have decimated our snake groves for votes..snake grove soil and the neem plants found in it are rich in zinc. ZINC HAS ANTIVIRAL PROPERTIES. SARS-CoV 2 Main protease (Mpro) and RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) are the molecular target of zinc.  zinc is called a micronutrient because plants require it in  lesser amounts than the macronutrients nitrogen (n), phosphorus (p), potassium (k), and sulfur (s).   zinc is needed  for a plant’s enzyme formation and associated with hormone (indole acetic acid) formation. plants take up zinc in the zn++ ionic form.  IVERMECTIN SELECTIVELY OPENS THE PASSAGE WAYS FOR ZINC TO GET INTO THE CELLS.  Quercetin is a plant pigment (flavonoid) found in plants and creeps of kerala snake groves.  Quercetin is a natural zinc ionophore that increases the bioavailability of zinc within cells.   It boosts immunity ,  fight inflammation and  combat allergies..  ITALIAN HALF BREED RAHUL GANDHI won elections in wyanad kerala by a landslide because the land of snake groves destroyed by jew rothschild was distributed among christian convert tribals. for millenniums the only source of organic medicinal herbs on this planet were kerala snake groves.. JESUS CHRIST WHO NEVER EXISTED IS MODELED AFTER A KERALA AYURVEDA DOCTOR/ SAGE NAMED APOLLONIUS OF TYANA.  ####   ####...


####   ####..  recently i saw on CNN USA , dr sanjay gupta asking greta thunberg what the world must do to extinguish the covid pandemic flame.. this made by day.. greta thunberg gets spontaneous knowledge from akaska , right?.. check out the meet between angela merkel and greta thunberg in the video below—..####   ####... EXTREME CLIMATE EVENTS ON THIS PLANET KICK STARTED AFTER AMERICA AND CANADA STARTED FRACKING, LEAKING METHANE UNDERWATER AND INTO THE ATMOSPHERE.. there is no speculation here.. i will tell only 2%..  ever since fracking began in usa / canada there has been an increase in methane more depleted in CARBON 13.. the bastard deep state payroll scientists know this..  before shale fracking started a rise in atmospheric methane was accompanied by an enrichment in carbon-13, the heavier carbon stable isotope of methane .. CO2 PRODUCED FROM BURNING FOSSIL FUELS OR BURNING FORESTS HAS QUITE A DIFFERENT ISOTOPIC COMPOSITION FROM CO2 IN THE ATMOSPHERE.  THIS IS BECAUSE PLANTS HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR THE LIGHTER ISOTOPES (12C VS. 13C);  THUS THEY HAVE LOWER 13C/12C RATIOS.. Paris COP21 conference was full of ignorant cunts who needs to be shot with their own shit.. the GULF STREAM has become warmer and has slowed down.. nobody on the planet talks about this.... At paris and katowice all were mum, as if they were scared of jews. the thermohaline ocean circulation has now gone haywire…  the gulf stream current has become warmer than anytime in history due to methane in the water... a slower and weaker gulf stream current will carry less heat down to the deep oceans meaning more will enter the atmosphere.. there is a huge  disruption of ocean currents by the slower and warmer gulf stream into which methane leaks underwater.. all other oceans depend on the gulf stream current‘s movement of heat energy, climates across the planet can be dramatically affected. the AMOC ( global ocean current conveyor belt ) is currently at its weakest point of the past millennium due to methane laden gulf stream current slowing down and becoming warmer . when amoc slows down, less heat is sequestered in the seas and so our land surface temperatures increase.. today the amoc is weaker by 25 % than what it was 120 years ago.. amoc is a massive global heat distribution system .. amoc weakening and slow down reduces the ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide, exacerbating the effects of climate change.. amoc shutdown will result in extremely rapid increases in global temperatures, since the churning ocean current would be less able to store heat in the deep ocean, releasing it onto the surface instead. the amoc has only been continuously monitored only since 2004..  amoc affects the indian monsoon..the survival of india is at stake..we have 1390 million people are we ae dependent on the monsoons.. when the amoc is strong, there is more warm, salty water in the north atlantic and the subsequent sinking transports more heat to the deep ocean. this lessens human-caused warming at the earth’s surface. the weakening or strengthening of the polar vortex can alter the sea circulation more than a mile beneath the waves.. stupid people think the perpetual motion ocean current giant conveyor system runs on temperature and salinity gradients .. some wise guys even venture into surface wind friction , tides and gravity ..and even eddies thrown in for good measure .. tee heee.  sorry, perpetual motion is always based on the mobius pattern.. this is brahman ( advaita field ) at work.. on the micro / nano scale every internal human cell movements ( minerals / electrolytes / enzymes/ colloids ) are based on mobius pattern driven perpetual energy.. BEFORE USA RELEASED MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF METHANE INTO THE GULF STREAM, BY THE DEEPWATER HORIZON OIL RIG DISASTER AND MINDLESS SHALE FRACKING THERE WAS NO EL NINO / LA NINA PHENOMENON.. ####   ####... faster melting of the greenland ice cap, ( due to warmer gulf stream ) and more freshwater in the arctic ocean, has triggered a slowdown in amoc--the atlantic meridional overturning circulation. warming arctic decreases the strength of the jet stream. the jet stream has slowed down and is behaving erratic .   JET STREAM HAS COME CLOSER TO THE EQUATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE MAN CAME ON EARTH.. wherever there is an omega pattern ( inverted pyramid in nh  ) the climate will be hot.. EXCEPTIONAL AMERICA IS THE REASON WHY THE JET STREAM JUMPS LIKE A MONKEY AND POLAR VORTEX CROSSES THE RUBICON LINE.. AMERICA IS THE REASON WHY THERE IS POLAR OZONE DEPLETION . AMERICA IS THE REASON FOR EL NINO/ LA NINA.. AMERICA IS THE REASON FOR THE STUPID DEEPWATER HORIZON DISASTER AND CRIMINAL DELIBERATE STARFISH PRIME NUCLEAR EXPLOSION IN SPACE .. when ice melts in the arctic and greenland it causes an influx of freshwater into the ocean.  this extra cold less saline ( less dense ) freshwater drastically reduces the sinking of the cooling seawater, reducing how much warm water is dragged up from the tropics, thus weakening the circulation. methane leaked in atmosphere gets oxidised to co2 and the blame is deliberately shifted to india releasing co2 by burning coal .. CO2 is a good and life saving gas..  GLOBAL WARMING POTENTIAL ( GWP ) IS 1 FOR CARBON DIOXIDE, IT IS 302 FOR NITROUS OXIDE AND 104 FOR METHANE OVER A 20 YEAR PERIOD… IN PARIS COP21 / KATOWICE COP 24 AND MADRID COP 25 POTENT GREENHOUSE GASES METHANE ( BEEF LOBBY/ FRACKING LOBBY ) AND NITROUS OXIDE ( GM FERTILISERS/ EXPLOSIVES LOBBY ) WERE KICKED UNDER THE KOSHER CARPET.. and today exceptional america dares to point fingers at india for consuming coal to survive and causing climate change .. SORRY, INDIA HAS THE LOWEST ( BY PERCENTAGE OF POPULATION ) CARBON EMISSIONS/ CONSUMPTION OF ELECTRICITY / FUEL CONSUMPTION / LOWEST EMISSIONS OF CO2/ METHANE / NITROUS OXIDE ETC ETC.. WE HAVE 1390 MILLION PEOPLE. we don’t care for jewish deep state agents modi and his minions..FRACKING LEAKS OF METHANE IS CAUSING CLIMATE CHANGE.. THAT METHANE OXIDISES TO CARBON DIOXIDE BY A SIMPLE CHEMICAL REACTION, which I learnt at school at the age of 12.... the post below has been sent to modi more than eighty times.. evil google deleted my post .. ####   ####... WESTERN CANADA IS HAVING THEIR WILD FIRES..  USA HAD THEIR HURRICANES IN 2020 , THE LA NINA YEAR. AMERICA RAPED THIS PLANET .. AND THEY WANT INDIA TO MOTHBALL OUR COAL?..APPIDIYAAA?.. jewess angela merkel is wondering how so much rain fell in germany??? ..CHICKEN HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST.. there are no thinkers on this planet.. at cop 26 at glasgow desh drohi and nobel prize ka bhooka modi will boast how he moth balled india’s massive reserves of coal.. the uk will host the 26th un climate change conference of the parties (cop26) in glasgow on 31 october – 12 november 2021.. the jewish deep state criminally blames co2 for climate change and global warming to armtwist india into mothballing our enormous reserves of coal.. JEWS AND THEIR AGENT MODI DON’T WANT INDIA TO BE THIS PLANET’S NO 1 SUPERPOWER IN 11 YEARS ..


IN KERALA RAMAYANA MASAM HAS STARTED WHERE OLD GRANNIES NARATE THE ORIGINAL VALMIKI RAMAYANAM TO YOUNGSTERS.. this year, the ramayana masam begins on july 17 and ends on august 16. it is the last month in the malayalam calendar.. ####   ####... remember , the original valmiki ramayana epic ends when ram comes back to ayodhya from lanka in the pushpak vimana to a tumultuous welcome arranged by step brother bharata..  valmiki was a kerala sage.. rest all events are fake—like ram kicking pregnant sita into the forest and producing twins luv/ kush.   jew rothschild used the fake luv and kush as the ancestors of the ten sikh gurus. ALL TEN SIKH GURUS AND THEIR WIVES WERE PESHAWARI KHATRI JEWS WITH PALE EYES.  SIKHISM WAS CREATED BY JEW ROTHSCHILD..  THE HOLY BOOK GURU GRANTH SAHIB WAS WRITTEN BY ROTHSCHILD’S AGENT MAX ARTHUR MACAULIFFE , A WHITE JEW NAMED WEARING A SIKH TURBAN. THIS BOOK WAS CARRIED ON THE BATTLE FIELDS OF WW2— NAÏVE SIKHS LED BY THEIR ELEVENTH AND FINAL GURU— A BOOK— MASQUERADING AS A LIVING ORACLE- WITH ALL WHITE MEN SNIGGERING BEHIND THEIR BACKS.  SIKHS HAPPILY MARCHED TO CERTAIN DEATH..  apostle of peace gandhi recruited 13 lakh ( 1.3 million ) indian soldiers in the first world war..  the indian causality of ww1 was 1.24 lakhs ( 124,000 ) , fighting in trenches with spears and swords while the cowardly the man stood in safe places ..  gandhi recruited 25 lakh ( 2.5 million ) indian soldiers in the second world war. the indian causality of ww2 was 4.18 lakhs ( 418,000 ) ..  SIKHS OPENLY SIDED WITH THE WHITE INVADER IN 1857 AND 1942.   AT JALLIANWALLAH BAGH LOYAL 54TH SIKH INFANTRY SIKH REGIMENT HAD FIRED ON HINDUS AND MUSLIMS , INCLUDING WOMEN AND CHILDREN AT BAISAKHI FESTIVAL VILLAGE FAIR . LET TRUTH BE KNOWN..  ALL SIKH KINGDOMS HAS CRYPTO JEW PESHAWARI KHATRI RULERS.  in the farmers rally khalistani sikhs were openly brandishing large swords.. yet they don’t carry even a wee knife in any foreign plane as passenger .. hardcore muslims do not demand halal meat on passenger planes. strange inconsistency this.. ####   ####... ####   ####... let sikhs stop langar in gurudwaras.. after a month you will find gurudwaras are empty.. RELIGION THOUGH THE STOMACH IS THE PITS..  tulsidas, who composed the ramcharitamanas, in awadhi language, which narrates ram kicking his pregnant wife sita into the forest  never existed.  in our school ncert social studies and history text books were had to compulsorily learn about these fake bhakti movement stalwarts who never existed..the tamil nayanars/ alawars, chaitanya mahaprabhu, basava, jayadeva, the fake dasas- kabirdas, tulsidas, kalidas, ramdas, ravidas,  surdas, purandaradasa, namdev, tukaram, meera, ramanuja, madhavacharya etc..  JEWISH DEEP STATE DARLING NARENDRA MODI LIED “BHAKTI MOVEMENT ACTED AS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE COUNTRY’S FREEDOM STRUGGLE AS THE MOVEMENT BROUGHT OUT OF PEOPLE AN INHERENT QUALITY TO STAND UP AND FIGHT AGAINST EVIL FORCES.” tulsidas who wrote hanuman chalisa was a fake and backdated creation of jew rothschild- like every other dasa of the fake bhakti movement.. jew rothschild created devadasi clan devadasis could have sex only with white men.. these unfortunate under aged girls after first menses were given a small book called hanuman chalisa written by a fake tulsidas ( cooked up by jew rotshchild ) is awadhi . .to hold on to like maos little red book — to recite when in extreme trauma . . hanuman chalisain awadhi language , wasy printed by gita press gorakhpur created by jew rothschild attached to the fake gorakhpur mutt. yogi adityanath is the mahant of gorakhpur mutt today.. rothschild engaged a telugu devadasi poet to write vulgar and immoral poetry about lord krishna and the fake radha created by tulsidas ( who never existed ).. we never hears of radha or devadasis or hanuman chalisa till the white invader came to india.  in the hollywood movie slum dog millionaire anil kapoor asks the hero, why wrote the song ‘darshan doh ghanshyam”..  the 4 answers to chose from were all rothschild cooked up and backdated fake heroes.. surdas/ mirabhai/ kabirdas/ tulsidas—  all 4 never existed.. the correct answer would have been a bollywood hindi film lyricist gopal singh nepali, 1957 film narsi bhagat, directed by devendra goel.. check out the fake bhakti movement heroes– 12 alvars , 63 nayanars, andal, basava, bhagat pipa, allama prabhu, akka mahadevi, kabir, tulsidas, kabirdas, kalidas, ramdas, chandidas , surdas , ravidas, gusainji, ghananand, ramananda sripadaraja, vyasatirtha, purandara dasa, kanakadasa, vijaya dasa, six goswamis of vrindavan , raskhan, jayadeva goswami, namdev, eknath, tukaram, mirabai, ramprasad sen, sankardev, vallabha acharya, narsinh mehta, gangasati,chaitanya mahaprabhu etc etc . ROTHSCHILD USED THE FAKE BHAKTI MOVEMENT GODS HEROES TO CONVINCE HINDUS THAT THEY SHOULD NOT EAT ONION AND GARLIC.. TODAY THE KSHATRIYA BLOOD WITHIN THE HINDU HAS DRIED UP MAKING HIM AN ABJECT COWARD..  Hindus were asked by 1000 fake mutts to  stop eating testosterone boosting   garlic and onion – or we will burn in hell ( there is no heaven of hell in sanatana dharma )..rahu and ketu are shadow planets who substitute planets uranus, neptune and pluto ( along with moon ) in kerala astrology , as these planets are too far away and remain in one single rashi for too long.. After all a few thousand white invaders must keep millions of tattu hindus under control  -   and discourage them for picking up a stone and killing the invaders like mag jackals on a school street in broad daylight.. There was a limit to which “divide and rule” tactics  and using brainwash agents like jew gandhi would work..  When a man has the correct amount of testosterone in his body— he will fight for his honor.   He knows no fear .    Aggressive kerala kalari warriors knew no fear or depression  . Testosterone makes him feel like a real man , makes him feel good.    It increased his cognitive ability which is important in kalari, to know where the next blow is coming from. Testosterone make a male fighter competitive and feel indomitable .  Kings in ancient kerala ate testosterone rich foods as it was linked with his desire for status and honor. . The king was the custodian of dharma ..  He employed personal ayurvedic physicians who were specialized in this .. Rothschild diluted the hindu male kshatriya blood by reducing testosterone . He used agents like gandhi to make slave hindus scuttle their honor and dilute the inherent desire to fight against extreme injustice ..  Few thousand white men shat on the faces of millions of indians and bled bharatmata —we allowed them.  Rothschild used his agent gandhi to propagate this foul lie..  Gandhi eschewed  onions and garlic  and he was very vocal about this in an unsolicited manner..  Today iskcon supported by modi serves midday school meals without onion and garlic.. Lowering their body immunity in the hour of covid pandemic.  ravanas wife mandodari was the daughter of kerala thiyya master engineer , king maya danava.  in ramayana hanuman is a monkey, not a god. there was not a single hanuman temple when the white invader came to india.  maryada purush rama killed kerala danava king vali. vali was a human , not a monkey with a tail as cooked up by jew rothschild.  delayed laws of karma ( to vishnu avatar ) would apply and rama in his next birth as krishna would be killed by vali reborn as hunter jara.  valis wife tara is considered as the most beautiful woman in our puranas followed by mandodari.  emperor dilipa was a kerala thiyya danava emperor..  it was dilipas descendant king dasarathas wish that son ram should do his shradd pitr karmam at thirunelli temple kerala..  according to shrimad bhagavatam, naga king takshaka belonged to the ikshvaku kerala danava dynasty. he was a descendant ( family tree ) of rama .. rama and krishna were born in wombs of danava women..  emperor rishabha was a kerala thiyya danava king. ancient jains are from kerala.. king rishabha (8190 bc ) was the father of kerala king bharata ( 8165 bc ) and they were descendants of kerala danava king svayambhuva manu ( 8275 bc )..  vishnu avatar krishna killed kerala kings sishupala ( jaya ) and dantavakra ( vijaya ).  krishna’s yaduva race is kerala danava.. mulayam singh yadav and lalu prasad yadav can consume chaat masala and then catch and swing.  krishnas mother devaki and father vasudeva are both kerala danava..  the vishnu idol at guruvayur temple kerala was the property of krishas father vasudeva.  kerala king sishupala’s mother was the sister of krishna’s father vasudev from guruvayur kerala.  mahabharata was written by kerala sage vyasa a descendant of kerala sage parashara..  in dasam granth, the second scripture of sikhs, guru gobind singh mentions maharishi vyas as an avatar of brahma—nonsense .. all hindu gods are cosmic allegories. only vishnu as mediator/ preserver can have mortal avatars..  none of the vishnu avatars left a bloodline..nobody came claim to be a descendant of rama or krishna.. ayyappa did not marry.  krishnas beautiful wife jambavati was the daughter of jambavan, the king of the bear kingdom ( kerala )..  syamanthaka mani ( kohinioor diamond ) was given to krishna as dowry when he married jambavans daughter.  jambavans ancestor witnessed vishnu avatar vamana banishing kerala king mahabali to patala ..  jambavans ancestor was one of the 54 danavas at samudra manthan along with kerala kings swarbanu sr and kalanemi sr..  gujaratis ( dwarka party ) and bhaiyyas (mathura party ) never knew that krishna wives jambavati and rukmini were kerala thiyya princesses..  the khandava forest which was burnt down by krishna is kuttanad kerala ( chutta nad ). .  this green field in the video below is kuttanad ( chutta naad/ burned land ).. the place of the burning of the great khandava forest on which the indraprastha palace of mahabharata was built 6000 year ago -- which drove away the planet's greatest architect and engineer maya danava to mayan / aztec lands..  maya danava ran away from kerala to mexico to escape from krishna ..  maya danava escaped to patala ( peru ) in his vimana fearing krishna.. krishna caused the escape to happen to set up a foreign civilization of mayans 6000 years ago ..  vishnus ninth avatar is ayyappa for whom we hold the sabarimala pilgrimage in kerala. has been going on for 5900 years ..  ayyappa disappeared from kerala as a small child and resurfaced in egypt as imhotep, the god from the east , who was more powerful than the pharaoh..  vishnu avatar parashurama is keralas patron saint..  parashurama did shraddh at tirunayaya bharatapuzha river spot for all the hindu thiyya kshatriyas whom he killed for opposing land donation to kerala namboodiris. as per sanatana dharma varna brahmins cannot own land.. THAT IS WHY PARASHURAMA GAVE THE 4 VEDAS AND 108 UPANISHADS TO KERALA NAMBOODIRIS AND BROUGHT THEM SAFELY FROM SARASWATI RIVER BANKS TO TIRUNAVAYA 6000 YEARS AGO-- AFTER SARASWATI RIVER DRIED UP.. THEY ARRIVED AT TIRUNAYAYA LIBRARY FIRST TO STORE THE BOOKS. the tirunayaya temple library was set on fire in 1743 by jew rothschild, to make local believe that books were lost in the fire.. all these books were taken to germany..  jew hyder ali again set the tirunavaya temple on fire in 1761 ad and razed it to the ground-- he was looking for gold in the underground vaults..  the tirunavaya library had been rebuilt and we lost original documents scrounged from other kerala temples and sringeri mutt , the second time..  parashurama had consecrated an ayyappa idol in this tirunavaya temple in advance .. parashurama created the priceless ayurveda herbal banks – snake groves of kerala.. our legend says that vishnu avatar parashurama reclaimed barren land from the sea, and he used snake grove soil microbes to make the land suitable for agriculture..  ARYANS WHO DOWNLOADED VEDAS AND CREATED SANSKRIT WERE KERALA HINDU DANAVAS.. Namboodiris were mere Sanskrit knowing and Veda oral route transmitting cream of the ruling Kerala Thiyyas from 400 centuries ago to 70 centuries ago... malayalis have forgotten their own glorious history..since independence kerala has been ruled by commies/ Christians/ mulsims… in the last assembly elections BJP did not get a single seat.. even e sreedharan was kicked out.. today the loyalties of malayalis lie with vatican/ jerusalem/ mecca/ england / china/ pakistan..


VAERS has been deliberately ignoring blood clots and low platelet levels after COVID-19 vaccinations.. dozens of airline pilots all over the planet have died due to covid vaccine related blood clots. The longer the flight, the more at risk you are for developing a clot. DVT and PE may not occur for several days and up to two weeks after travel. Capt ajit vadakayils asks all major airlines to have separate airconditioning system for the pilots to avoid blood clots  . the cockpit must not have recalculated air from the passenger section....  till then it is dangerous to fly in a plane on a long haul flight piloted by vaccinated pilots. VACCINE-INDUCED IMMUNE THROMBOTIC THROMBOCYTOPENIA (VITT) is also called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) and VACCINE-INDUCED PROTHROMBOTIC IMMUNE THROMBOCYTOPENIA (VIPIT). These blood clots are different from the blood clots most people are familiar with; they are more aggressive and are more likely to cause death or severe disability.. pzider/ moderna are doing propaganda supported by VAERS that people with a history of heparin ( drug  used to prevent blood clots from forming)   induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) or cerebral sinus vein thrombosis (CSVT) with low platelets are at increased risk of VITT; they should receive an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) rather than an adenoviral vector vaccine. Pfiezer/ moderna are busy spreading the lie that VITT has only been seen with the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca ( covishield ) COVID-19 vaccines. Thrombosis in VITT can occur in typical sites of venous thromboembolism such as pulmonary embolism (PE) or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the leg; however, a distinctive feature of the syndrome is thrombosis in unusual sites including the splanchnic (splenic, portal, mesenteric) veins, adrenal veins (risk for adrenal failure), and the cerebral and ophthalmic veins. Arterial thrombosis including ischemic stroke (often, middle cerebral artery) and peripheral arterial occlusion has also occurred, often in individuals with venous thrombosis.. ####   ####... Capt ajit vadakayil was the first on the planet to ask for modified HEPA air plane filters as soon as covid-19 broke out at wuhan china..  evil google deleted that post.. Cabin pressurization is a process in which conditioned air is pumped into the cabin of an aircraft or spacecraft in order to create a safe and comfortable environment for passengers and crew flying at high altitudes. For aircraft, this air is usually bled off from the gas turbine engines at the compressor stage.. In a typical commercial passenger flight, the cabin altitude is programmed to rise gradually from the altitude of the airport of origin to a regulatory maximum of 8,000 ft (2,400 m). This cabin altitude is maintained while the aircraft is cruising at its maximum altitude and then reduced gradually during descent until the cabin pressure matches the ambient air pressure at the destination.. Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clotting condition that affects veins deep inside the body and can, in rare cases, occur after a long-haul flights.. A clot is a clump of blood that forms inside a vein or other blood vessel. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is when the clot is in a large vein deep inside your body, usually the lower leg or thigh. The clot can block the flow of blood through the vein.A clot inside one of the veins (vessels that take blood to the heart) deep within the body is called a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).. If a clot breaks free, it can get stuck inside a blood vessel in your lungs. This is a pulmonary embolism (PE), and it can be dangerous.. Pulmonary embolism is a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in your lungs. In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from deep veins in the legs or, rarely, from veins in other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis).  Deep vein thrombosis is more sinister than superficial vein blood clots, because deep vein blood clots can potentially come loose and move through the bloodstream to your heart and lungs, which is known as a pulmonary embolism.  Sitting on a plane for many hours not only allows blood to pool, but it also puts your knees at an angle that makes the veins inside them kink up. Just as water doesn't flow easily through a kinked-up garden hose, blood can't flow as well through a vein that has a kink.  Many old Indians have died while sitting on the easy chair with both legs on the armrest which kinked their artries/ veins at the crotch... they ignored the leg swelling symptoms with accompanied warmth below the knees.. Varicose veins can also raise your chances of blood clots. These bulging, thick veins have a faulty valve that allows blood to get stuck and pool inside them. The clots that form in varicose veins are closer to the surface of your body than those that form in deep veins. They're not as dangerous because they don't often travel to the lungs and cause PE, but they can be uncomfortable..  changes in air pressure inside the airplane cabin cut down the amount of oxygen you breathe in. Low oxygen in your blood can also make blood clots more likely to form.  The air you breathe inside a plane is often dry because the same air circulates around the cabin. When you're dehydrated, your blood gets thicker. Avoid coffee and alcohol, which can dry you out even more. One of my batchmates Veeresh Malik fell down from the top of the aircraft ladder to the bottom tarmac after a  flight  ..  his doctors were all confused ( so what else is new ) ..  I will be sending this piece to him..


CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL ASKS AMITABH BACHCHAN TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FROM 52.00 TO 57.00 .. BE WARNED.. DON’T TAKE IT LIGHTLY… ####   ####... AMITABH BACHCHAN GAVE HIS “DEEWAR TYPE , FAALTHU BOLLYWOOD PHILMY DIALOGUE” AND PUSHED INDIAN BABIES INTO DEADLY OPV VACCINES – WHERE THEY WERE USED AS GUINEA PIGS..   LAKHS OF BABIES DIED..  NUREMBERG LAWS WILL APPLY,  AMITABH BABY  !..  naïve women ran to the nearest vaccine centre for administrating OPV vaccine drops into their babies mouths..  when asked why they were running , most of them  said- “ AMITABH JI HAS BECOME ANGRY, AND WE DONT WANT TO ANGER HIM FURTHER”... what the HELL is all this?.. can this happen anywhere else on this planet?.. this is on tv news video..  ####   lakhs of  opv polio deaths among children in india has been covered up..first world countries like canada and the us have banned opv as far back as 2000 or earlier but we have continued it. why?...lakhs of babies died all over india - but this was hushed up by bribing all involved in india.. doctors were sent abroad for sexual jaunts...these bribed lutyens deep state minister, babus and doctors did massive propaganda that opv is best suited for indian conditions ( sic ) due to its low cost, high efficacy and ease of administering.what they did not say was a western baby vaccinated with ipv could not spread the disease.but an indian baby given opv ( by mouth drops ) could spread disease to babies who have not been given the polio drops. a killer condition called vapp...when a baby is given opv, ( oral polio vaccine ) the content is ingested, the viruses replicate in the intestinal tract, providing immunity to subsequent infection…vaccine-derived poliovirus (vdpv) is a strain of poliovirus that was initially included in oral polio vaccine (opv) and that has changed over time and behaves more like the naturally occurring virus…this means it can be spread more easily to people who are unvaccinated against polio and who come in contact with the stool or respiratory secretions, such as from a sneeze, of an infected person... these viruses may cause illness, including paralysis - especially among the undernourished indian children…####... ####   ####... AND HULLO JP NADDA- THE BELOW IS FOR YOU.. ####   ####.. WATCH BILL GATES TELLING THAT HE WANTS TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD..  CHILDLESS MODI PLAYED BALL.. ####   ####... FLU VACCINES WERE MADE COMPULSORY BY MODI FOR NEW BORN BABIES.. ALL THIS WHEN IN INDIA WE DONT CARE FOR FLU-- WE TREAT IT LIKE COMMON COLD.. in india flu never killed anybody--like in usa where on average 73000 people die every year.. read all 4 parts of the post bellow-- ####   ####... INDIANS HAVE BEEN USED AS GUINEA PIGS FOR COMBO MEDICINES..   ####...WE KNOW WHO GOT KICKBACKS TO PUSH 3 in 1 MMR VACCINES INTO INDIA FOR NEW BORN BABIES. ####   ####... GAVI is funded by bill gates who has an agenda of depopulation in india and reducing brain power of our children.. in my estimate gavi has killed 43 million babies worldwide.. as soon as bill gates comes to india he makes a beeline to the PUNE SERUM INSTRITUTE owned by parsi billionaire cyrus poonawala.. he was a mere stud horse serum manufacturer ( and clandestine racing steroid stuff too as per an insider whistle blower )  ..but hey cyrus baby took an almighty jump from horses to humans , and we know how.. like a ship cook jumping to captains chair.. bill gates has spent heavily on GAVI, contributing a whopping 1600 million usd . the ethiopian who chief tedros who is not even a doctor dances to the tune of bill gates.. bill gates has lot of money so he is entitled to play “CLIMATE DOCTOR” and VACCINE DOCTOR” to this planet, right? WRONG !..

MESSAGE FROM CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL TO AMITABH BACHCHAN..  YOUR CRIMES ( DELIBERATE AND INADVERTANT ) ARE STACKING UP..   the sword of karma is now right above you…. karma does not punish inadvertent crimes of a stupid fellow..   amitabh bachchan , you have killed lakhs of babies in india by a mindless Bollywood movie deewar type video where you show you are pissed off with indian village / tribal  women for not administering their babies with untested OPV vaccines.. ####   ####...  watch yourself in the video below amitabh baby— can this happen anywhere else on the planet?  what is all this?..  ####   ####..  we know why the panama papers episode is kept on the back burner by modi.. we know the reason.. your name and aishwarya rai’s names in in the group of “media personalities”.  i have a source in panama ( a powerful ship’s agent who controls panama papers ), i know more..  ####   ####..  just watch aishwaria rai in the video below.. see her face and body language.. APUN LIKHKE DIYELA HAI BHAIYYA, AKELA AUR EKATTA.. CHOO CHWEET APPAAH……  ####   ####...   AMITABH BABY—YOU WENT ON STAGE TO RELEASE THE BOOK OF DEEP STATE AGENT AMISH TRIPATHI WHERE SHIVA WAS REDUCED TO A SEX STARVED MORTAL BORN IN 1900 BC.. ####   ####...  the deep state sponsors amish tripati who called himself a CHARVAKA ..  charvaka philosophy rejects karma/ moksha/ re-birth theory which is the bed rock of sanatana dharma.. he is a valued guest in every desh drohi literary fest.. kayastha amitabh bachchan released his books denigrating shiva…  SHIVA IS A COSMIC ALLEGORY –  HE IS NOT A MORTAL.. conman padma vibhushan guru , sri sri ravishankar tweeted that COSMIC ALLEGORY SHIVA ANALLY RAPED COSMIC ALLEGORY VISHNU AND PRODUCED MORTAL AYYAPPA.. samudra manthan episode happened in antiquity, while mortal vishnu avatar ayyappa was born 5900 years ago..  not to be out done conman padma vibhushan guru sadguru jaggi vasudev told on youtube video that shiva was a yoga expert like sachin tendulkar is a cricket expert..  WE HINDUS CONVERTED LIVING SACHIN TENDULAR INTO GOD – THE WAY WE CONVERTED SHIVA , 15000 YEARS AGO, INTO GOD.. BAAP REH …  ####  ####...  ALL HINDU GODS ARE COSMIC ALLEGORIES ECXEPT MORTAL 13 STRAND DNA VISHNU AVATARS RAMA/ KRISHNA /AYYAPA..ONLY VISHNU HAS AVATARS ..  ####   ####...  ####   THE SHIVA LINGAM IS INDEED THE DIVINE PHALLUS, WHICH CAUSED YOU AND ME TO BE BORN ON PLANET EARTH.   ####...  ####   ####...  amitabh baby—in kaun banega karodpati , even dimwits  could figure out that you were doing propaganda for the jewsih deep state.  why did you make yuv netas out of traitors to the watan?   YOUR NAME HAS GONE INTO THE NATIONAL DESH DROHI DATABASE.. IT WILL AFFECT YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS.. ####   ####...  in the latest kalyan jewelers commercial adv ( with amitabh bachchan and his divorcee daughter shweta nanda, with her fake smile) , they show the bride entering the bride groom’s home after marriage , where she KICKS THE CORNUCOPIA placed at the door step. this is blasphemy. the bride throwing rice backwards before she leaves her home for the new husbands home is blasphemy ( death ritual ).. ####   ####...  i have had the misfortune of studying your kayastha fathers poems in our hindi school text book “saras kavya sanghrah”.. of course nehru sponsored harvansh and teji— all know that.  so amitabh baby—you are a wannabe kayastha leaders right?  ..  ####   ####...  amitabh baby, do you really want to know who a kayastha is? do you know how many cuts have been inflicted on bharatmata by the kayastha clan created by jew rothschild? ..  ####   ####... i can pile on at least 20 more of your grave misdemeanors.. i will let it be,  or angry nay incensed people will stone you on the streets..  MY WIFE IS YOUR FAN..  SO I SHALL LAY MATTERS TO REST.. as long as you are careful with the way you make your money in future.. by the way amitabh baby, did your  90 million twitter “incensed followers “ come to your rescue when you shot your mouth off with extreme sense of entitlement ??..  i counted , not even 40... great leveler this.. ####   ####.. one of my fans in America has a video tape for what parveen babi told her about you.. I wont rake it up.. but I must let NSA know what mahesh bhatt did to her.  parveen babi was murdered, in the video she says she will be murdered soon..   here is an extract from my post below—  ###################### .. parveen babi was a pashtun khan jewess.. . that is why she came on the cover of time magazine.. read about rich and beautiful parveen babi writing that her problems started after ug krishnamurti drugged her with a cup of tea, and how mahesh bhatt” saved her” ( LIKE GALLANT SIR LOCHINVAR “ … and then he carried her away.. so nice !.. READ HER POST BELOW TWICE — BE SHOCKED .. ####   ####... parveen babi told a judge that she had a chip implanted behind her ear.. she showed him the scar.. parveen babi had said that many foreign celebrities raped her on a sex orgy island .. ####   ####... ever heard of sex orgy islands ?.. ####,_U.S._Virgin_Islands   ####... one of them was jeffery epsteins where bill clinton was a regular.. why was it so difficult to believe ?.. rich and powerful pay millions to have sex with a gorgeous heroine who came on the cover of time magazine.. i had written about orgy island and lotita express plane when i wrote a 11 part post for donald trump, four years ago.. at that time nobody believed me ..  why was it so difficult for everybody to believe parveen babi was drugged and raped for years ? someone cut up a face with a knife ..( HER FACE WAS HER FORTUNE ) ..  SHE BLAMED A TALL BOLLYWOOD ANGRY SUPERSTAR -- the judge asked her for evidence..  parveen babi first panicked when her make up was sabotaged and her face became black .. she knew her room was bugged and telephone was tapped… Capt ajit vadakayil…  #############################... ####   ####..  AMITABH BABY , THIS IS NOT A WITCH HUNT..  JUST DON’T PROVOKE NAY TEMPT KARMA IN FUTURE. . IT IS NOT WORTH IT..  amitabh baby , i don’t ask for an apology.. inadvertent mistakes do happen when your ego is unbridled.. ####   ####.. by the way, compare your pissfart 90 MILLION followers with my 1111  MILLION google profile views.. ####   ####... 



CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL DECLARES THAT PFIZER MRNA VACCINE IS ZERO PERCENT EFFECTIVE .. when someone dies in covid hospitals , he is branded as “UNVACCINATED”.. when someone walks after of hospital after a stay, he is branded “VACCINATED” – actually god saved that person. BUT HEY—  PFIZER HAS A SLIMY STRATEGY.. THEY KEEP TWEAKING THE USLESS VACCINE AND CALL IT A NEW BOOSTER SHOT—LIES UPON LIES..  BOOSTER SHOT 1/ BOOSTER SHOT 2/ BOOSTER SHOT 3 -- LIKE JAWS 1 / JAWS 2 / JAWS 3..  in December 2020, the US FDA issued “emergency use ONLY “authorization for mRNA vaccines.. developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, making them the first mRNA vaccines available to the public. HUGE BRIBES WENT AROUND..   the foul propaganda was that mRNA vaccines differ from other approaches – teaching our cells to become autonomous vaccine production plants – and offering benefits of speed of production and the ability to keep up with new variants.  the propaganda was that pfizer vaccines work by training our bodies to recognize invading viruses. even a dimwit will say that sars vov-2 virus mutates, and that too in a vaccinated individual. because the vaccinated person’s body is a devl’s workshop for mutation of this lab made virus.  in the case of moderna’s and pfizer-biontech's mrna vaccines, people are  not injected with a whole virus or even a piece. instead, they are supplied mrna that instructs their body  cells to make a version of the sars-cov-2 spike protein. these instructions teach the cells to become their own vaccine manufacturing plants.. indeeed the “devil’s workshop”..  israel’s stock of pfizer vaccines are all expired/ spoint due to poor cold storage..  they are desperate to sell it to other nations at half price.  side effects for mrna vaccines kick in after several years ..  in the case of mad cow disease,  i wrote  eight  years ago that the long incubation  period for  variant creutzfeldt jacob disease,   is  because prions take that long..  today a lot of english people are silent carriers of variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease protein prion. though the incubation period is long and death may occur years later  , the people become dimwits.   the incubation period of variant creutzfeldt-jakob disease in humans takes decades.   the incubation period of prion diseases is very long as compared with other common diseases.   CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL DECLARES THAT  mRNA COVID-19 VACCINES LEAD TO PRION DISEASE..  ####   ####... vaers is criminally hiding the truth that most mrna vaccinated people exhibit  alzheimer's type dementia, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als), frontotemporal lobar degeneration (ftld), and other types of neurodegeneration  variant creutzfeldt-jakob diseases . .. read this line twice. ..  who/ us cdc lies that mrna from vaccines can’t modify human dna because it doesn’t enter the cell nucleus, where dna is stored. these bribed/ honey trapped people tell what the kosher vaccine lobby tells them to..  they lie that mrna vaccines cannot cause long-term effects in humans because rna is quickly broken down by the cell after it provides the cell with instructions to make the protein. tee heeeee.. cant even lie properly..  prions are misfolded proteins.. misfolded proteins have also been implicated in a number of other human neurological diseases, including alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and huntington’s. human prion diseases are conceivably the most heterogeneous neurodegenerative disorders. .  two proteins central to the pathology of alzheimer's disease act as prions — misshapen proteins that spread through tissue like an infection by forcing normal proteins to adopt the same misfolded shape..  you cannot do prion experiments in non-humans ( non-conscious ) who cannot see themslves in a mirror or see colour..  ameloid in brain is s formed from the breakdown of a larger protein, called amyloid precursor protein. one form, beta-amyloid 42, is thought to be especially toxic. in the alzheimer's brain, abnormal levels of this naturally occurring protein clump together to form plaques that collect between neurons and disrupt cell function…  magnetic resonance imaging (mri) theoretically provides the spatial resolution needed to resolve amyloid-β plaques. ifn-a is a multifunctional immunomodulatory cytokine with profound effects on the cytokine cascade including several anti-inflammatory properties..  different rt-pcr cycles are used for vaccinated ( 25 cycles ) and unvaccinated ( 45 cycles )..people..   if you hold a mango in your hand it will test positive at 45 cycles..  VEARS IS INVOLVED IN THIS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY .. all cry—this is not peer reviewed.. who cares for per review !!.. CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL WARNED MARGARET THATCHER AND RONALD REAGAN-- :”DO NOT ALLOW CRIMINALS TO FEED VEGAN COWS ( WITH UNSUITABLE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ) TO EAT WASTE MEAT.   KARMA RULED- BOTH REAGAN AND THATCHEFR DIED OF VARIANT CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE—CLOAKED AS ALZHIEMERS. THERE IS NO CURE VARIANT CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE. .  prions are virus-like organisms made up of a prion protein. these elongated fibrils (green) are aggregations of the protein that makes up the infectious prion. prions attack nerve cells producing neurodegenerative brain disease.  prions are protein-containing biological agent that could replicate itself in living cells without nucleic acid. human prions bind to neighboring normal proteins in the brain and create microscopic holes. prions, therefore, turn brains into sponge-like structures and lead to dementia and death.  the folding of tdp-43 and fus into their pathologic prion confirmations  causes als, front temporal lobar degeneration, alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases. regulatory approval of the rna based vaccines for sars-cov-2  ( by bribed / honey trapped scientists ) was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit. .  prions cannot be destroyed by fire,  freezing, strong disinfectants, sterilization procedures, incineration, intense radiation etc. .  to destroy a prion it must be denatured to the point that it can no longer cause normal proteins to misfold. sustained heat for several hours at extremely high incinerator temperatures 600 deg c may destroy a prion. such incinerators must have approved refractory and oxygen assisted swirling burners. people who dies of prion diseases must be crameted—never buried.  modern medicine treats the symptoms only. modern medicine ( allopathy ) is a disease care system and its job is to manage the disease. it is a stupid symptom suppressor.  so in reality, most drugs / vaccines never really take care of the problem. ayurveda on the other hand, finds the root cause of the problem and treats the problem and body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms.  scientists think that prion is the cause of the disease.  the truth is that it is the result of the diseased tissue and not the cause. the human body can produce friendly bacteria and viruses to combat hostile agents..  this means prions are actually the "clean-up crew", formed by the body, to get rid of the toxic mess inside the body to cleanse it.  we have been taught in school that germs cause disease.  but germs don't cause disease anymore than flies cause garbage.  garbage causes flies , not vice versa. dead parsi bodies attract vultures to the tower of silence.  vultures do not  attract a dead parsi . i am afraid only such an example can make people think better.  the body can produce its own "cleansing" agents such as a prions when the need arises.   in the case of mad cow disease, humans have ingested these prions by eating the flesh of the infected cow—fed with minced and putrid dead animal and parts.  when these “clean up crew”  start cleaning out the toxins in the body, the toxins are dumped into the blood stream to be filtered and eliminated from the body. .  these toxins then cause symptoms which the doctor diagnoses as "disease" and the doctor then names the disease according to the symptoms it produces.  have you seen the way the modern doctors call every disease genetic for which they do not know the cause..   the human body cures itself , not the pharma medicines/ vaccines  pumped in.  good doctors will not prescribe antibiotics for viral diseases..  .  lichens were used by kerala maharishis to embalm the pharaoh’s body along with cinnamon.  probably lichens can downgrade prions. .  a lot of white men who died of so called "alzhiemers " in their death certificates-- have died to to absorbing deadly indestructible prions from soft gels which they use in capsules like for omega 3 fatty acids and surgical sutures.  prions only seem to more concentrated  in nervous system tissue. .  in the brain, these  proteins cause native cellular prion protein to deform into the infectious state, which then goes on to deform further prion protein in an exponential cascade..  this results in protein aggregates, which then form dense plaque fibers, leading to the microscopic appearance of "holes" in the brain, degeneration of physical and mental abilities, and ultimately death.  the abnormal prion touches a normal prion and changes the normal prion's shape into an abnormal one, thereby destroying the normal prion's original function. the nerve cell tries to get rid of the abnormal prions by clumping them together in small sacs that merge with its "stomach" (lysosome). because the nerve cells cannot digest the abnormal prions, they accumulate in the lysosomes. .  the prion mode of action is very different to bacteria and viruses as they are simply proteins, devoid of any genetic material. once a misfolded prion enters a healthy person it converts correctly-folded proteins into the disease-associated form.   a prion is neither a virus nor a bacteria. prions are proteins that contain no dna or rna, two substances previously felt to be essential for reproduction of a living tissue.  the lysosomes grow and engorge the nerve cell, which eventually dies. when the cell dies, the abnormal prions are released to infect other cells. large, sponge-like holes are left where many cells die. numerous nerve cell deaths lead to loss of brain function, and the person eventually dies.  none of the hospitals have adopted effective method of sterilizing surgical instruments contaminated with the human form of “mad cow” disease , vcjd , just because it did not fit in with its established washing procedures.   a lot of people have had their lives blighted by surgery performed with instruments contaminated the prion protein responsible for vcjd — they did not eat the mad cow or have blood transfusions or whatever. the lethal prion protein, which sticks to the stainless steel of surgical instruments like superglue and can survive the high temperatures and sterilization procedures of hospital autoclaves.  a lot of people in uk are silent carriers of the infectious long incubation prion protein that causes variant creutzfeldt–jakob disease (vcjd).   due to the long incubation period, the full extent of the human vcjd outbreak is still not known.  the incubation period of the killer prion will be as much as 50 years.- shocked?  yes, mrna vaccine side efects take that long.. it causes auto immune diseasse, down syndrome babies, homosexuality etc..  ozone sterilization must be studied as a potential method for prion denaturation and deactivation. evil pharma will not like it though.  the post below has been sent to modi more than 80 times.. the illiterate chaiwaala ingored it..  ####   ####...  today people in usa and the west consume large amounts of pure virgin coconut oil daily to help combat alzheimer’s—all their false and immoral campaign against coconut oil has now officially ended..  cannabis can prevent prions for incubating to dangerous levels..  cannabis can disrupt the progression of prion disease variant creutzfeld-jakob disease as they can protects neurons against prion toxicity. dna contains instructions which get re-written in rna, and then the instructions in rna get translated into protein. so changes in a person’s dna can cause changes in the proteins their cells produce. everyone has a gene called prnp which codes for the protein called prp, and most of the time this protein is perfectly healthy and fine.  some people have mutations in the dna of their prnp gene, which cause it to produce mutant forms of prp.  these mutant forms don’t form prions instantly, and most people with prnp mutations live perfectly healthy for decades.  prions, like viruses, are not actually alive, although both can reproduce by hijacking the functions of living cells.  : the normal form of the protein is called prpc, while the infectious form is called prpsc — the c refers to 'cellular' or 'common' prp..  but as people get older, the mutant forms of prp are more and more likely to fold up the wrong way and form prions. once they do, the person has a rapid neurodegenerative disease like vcjd. — just don’t expect the evil pharma controlled and big brother controlled government to tell you any of this. they will sell expensive vaccines to you.  as early as 4200 bc, charaka, the father of medicine , used cannabis leaves for osmosis hot water immersion baths for  dementia he knew the anti-oxidative , neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. thc is  more effective at blocking clumps of protein that can inhibit memory and cognition in alzheimer’s patients.. The post below has been sent to childless modi more than 90 times.. He ignored it.  ####   ####...  japanese have done lot of cannibalism while in papua new guinea and they will have the effects of KURU, THE PRION DISEASE which has afflicted the cannibal natives of the island.  JAPANESE SOLDIERS ATE 21000 INDIAN SOLDIERS on rabaul island for dinner. the discarded waste was scrounged and eaten by the starving locals..  ####   ####...


after december 31, 2021, us cdc will withdraw the request to the u.s.fda for emergency use authorization (eua) of the cdc 2019-novel coronavirus (2019-ncov) real-time rt-pcr diagnostic panel, the assay first introduced in february 2020 for detection of sars-cov-2 only.   cdc says that they are  providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many fda-authorized alternatives.  I AM A WORLD EXPERT IN LAB REAGENT TESTING..  i am not an idiot who croaks while speculating on TV.  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  i commanded a highly automated huge methanol carrier with zinc tanks.. the regular run was between san fransisco and venezuela.  we discharge mtbe at san fransico and then wash tanks on the way to load lab grade methanol Venezuela ..  zinc tanks always failed the wall wash test  in the past with european and american captains and this caused humongous off hire losses .... THE TECHNICAL MANAGERS SENT VADAKAYIL—AS ONLY VADAKAYIL HAS ALL THE ANSWERS..   it put a lot of faalthu pressure on me ( digression: once kapil dev was asked about pressure  by a white reporter , after he hit 175 off 138 balls  against zimbabawe in the 1983 world cup odi match . kapil paaji blinked and remared—what preyyure, no preyyure.TEE HEEE .)..  so the french charterers employed a british expert to sail during the tank cleaning sea passage.. the ship had only a mass spectrometer for testing the tank cleanliness and that too provided by this british fellows agency in london..  i insisted for lab reagents, bought them without my head office permission, ..  found all zinc tank perfectly clean.  ####   ####...  something fishy had been going on in the past.. as this british fellow who charged quid by the hour had some sort of secret silver bullet.  I SURMISED BY CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE THAT FOUL CHEATING WAS GOING ON LIKE THE RT-PCR COVID TESTS WHICH GIVE FALSE POSITIVE FOR UNVACCINATED PEOPLE.  i got this mass spectometer cordened off with a thick curtain all round in the ccr office ( with a nice peep hole ) ..  we kept keen vigilance whenever this british guy went in..— this british limey fellow opened the instrument and adjusted the quadratic formula screw .. to show tanks failed.. and then aftter his effort ( on clean tanks ) , all tanks miraculously passed..  we caught him red handed adjusting the mass spectrometer on secret video cam.. that was the last we saw of him. BEFORE HE LEFT I EXPLAINED TO HIM HIS CRIME IN A HIGHLY TECHNICAL MANNER.  HE DID NOT UNDERSTAND ..  A mass spectrometer can measure the mass of a molecule only after it converts the molecule to a gas-phase ion. To do so, it imparts an electrical charge to molecules and converts the resultant flux of electrically charged ions into a proportional electrical current that a data system then reads.  we use gas ion chromatography to test wall wash samples for fibre grade / lab methanol..  ####   ####...  lab methanol is tested to 0.100 ppm chloride by gas ion chromatography.   ####   ####...  SAME TYPE FOUL CHEATING GOES ON WITH RT-PCR TESTS..  the mass spectrometer is expensive but it would cost only about rs 100 per test, and so far cheaper than rt-pcr.  THE CYCLES IS REDUCED TO 25 FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE AND INCREASED TO 45 FOR UNVACCINATED PEOPLE, TO GIVE FALSE POSITIVES  WHO/ US CDC/ VAERS ARE THE KINGPINS OF THE FOUL DECEIT.  why was kary mullis murdered?.. kary mullis made this statement before he was killed…  QUOTE:   “PCR is a process used to make a whole lot of something out of something, it doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.” UNQUOTE..  THIS VIDEO BELOW DOES NOT LIE.  ####   #### ..  in essence what he said was that if you look hard enough with pcr you can find anything, as all molecules can be found in anything and everything.   THIS IS WHY I MENTIONED THE MANGO BELOW IN MY COMMENT ABOVE..  QUOTE: A HEALTHY MAN CAN HOLD A MANGO IN HIS HAND AND BOTH WILL TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 AT 45 CYCLES.. UNQUOTE..   kary mullis was murdered and his patent was stolen and hijacked.  it is a lie that rt-pcr test can detect covid..  ####   ####...   100% PATIENTS TESTED FOR COVID AFTER HOSPITALIZATION TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID WITH RT-PCR TEST..  ANY TEST WITH A CYCLE THRESHOLD ABOVE 30 IS TOO SENSITIVE ..  KOSHER EVIL PHARMA AND WHO WANTED 45 CYCLES. WHERE FINE DUST IN YOUR NOSE IS CONSTRUED AS CORONAVIRUS..  At 25 cycles the original material has been multiplied 33,554,432 times..  At 30 cycles the original material has been multiplied 1,073,741,824 times..  At 40 cycles the original material has been multiplied 1,099,511,627,776 times..  chaiwaala modi will not do anything unless his jewish masters approve...he has the biggest faaalthu ego on this planet.. he wants white jews to praise him..  ..  the test — reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction, or rt-pcr — is so sensitive it can pick up debris from an old infection. the test can be positive even after someone has cleared the live organism..  people will not be contagious if it takes more than 25 cycles to find the virus. .  we do not need 45 cycles which is a kosher vaccine makers conspiracy..  any thing more than 30 cycles could be environmental contamination..  above 25 cycles it starts picking up harmless inactive dna fragments…  at 25 cycles if you have no symptoms, a positive test simply means it has detected inactive viral dna in your body. this would also mean that you are not contagious and pose no risk to anyone…  RT/ PCR TESTS RECOMMENDED BY THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ( SLAVE TO BILL GATES ) ARE SET TO 45 CYCLES… crucially for the economy, it means that thousands of people are being sent into 10-day quarantines faalthu mein, a.   it is ridiculous to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy indians with a DANGEROUSvaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects. --- criminal doctors/ hospitals did roaring business by setting the rt-pcr test amplification cycle to suit their evil agenda.  the number of amplification cycles that was needed to detect genetic matter from the virus, which is referred to as the cycle threshold, typically isn’t included in test results sent to doctors and patients.  there were too many deliberate false positives- a crime .. we have a short rope and a lamp post earmarked for these doctors / scientists / media / SUO MOTO judiciary traitors..  People with no symptoms are being tested FORCIBLY , and the tests WERE DELIBERATELY  carried out at high cycles..  these false positives lead to people and their contacts having to stay at home, in isolation for two weeks. AND THIS KILLED INDIA’S ECONOMY DURING THE BULLSHIT SECOND WAVE..   JUDICIARY AND  MEDIA IS IN CAHOOTS WITH THIS CRIME..  ..  I HAVE WARNED MODI ATLEAST 30 TIMES… COUNT ONLY DEATHS IN INDIA NOT INFECTIONS..   the use of pcr tests for covid illness diagnosis is a global scientific fraud, since no pcr instrument can produce quantitative results that can indicate a specific viral load. yet this cdc-approved testing protocol was relied on to fabricate the “casedemic” illusion which pretended that hundreds of millions of people around the world were infected with covid..  the entire thing was an elaborate quack science hoax..  pcr instruments are not quantitative instruments. .  from the very start, the entire pandemic has been nothing but a globally coordinated pcr testing fraud., pcr instruments cannot determine quantitative results. they do not use quantitative instrument calibration curves or quantitative external covid standards. this means pcr instruments have no legitimate role in diagnosing any person with illness or covid infections. the mere presence of a single viral fragment, multiplied trillions of times through pcr cycling, does not indicate anything of scientific or diagnostic value.  austrian court has ruled that pcr tests are not suitable for covid-19 diagnosis and that lockdowns has no legal or scientific basis.  the entire covid pandemic is a farce, and it was all based on fraudulent pcr testing.  IN INDIA 98% OF THE HOSPITAL DEATHS ARE MURDERS COMMITTED BY IGNIORANT DOCTORS USING EXCESSIVE OXYGEN ON MUCUS COATED LUNGS/ CORTICOSTEROIDS/ RECKLESS USE OF LIVER DAMAGING PARACETAMOL/ DANGEOUS MEDICINE COMINATIONS ON PEOPLE WITH CO-MORBIDITIES.. people were pushed into unsterilized hospitals with closed cycle ac system  by rampant scare mongering ( about breath shortness ) by main stream media and bribed/ honey trapped  celebrity doctors on tv.. when i did my rt-pcr tests i asked all the people in the camp about the cycles set for me —none of them knew—all hospital sweeper types.  pcr instruments useless for diagnosing infectious disease, as they cannot produce viral load concentration results from a given sample.  dr. fauci admitted that pcr testing is essentially a fraud when it comes to diagnosing covid illness..  pcr lab technicians and owners are gleefully participating in the same fraud, likely because they are earning huge profits from running fraudulent pcr tests that would never pass the scrutiny of any legitimate scientific test for accuracy or precision. pcr tests are neither accurate nor precise.. there is no such thing as precision when you’re multiplying genetic material in the sample itself. this process, by definition, destroys any meaningful knowledge of the mass or concentration in the original sample. if the same approach were used in breathalyzer tests for possible drunk drivers, every living person would be arrested for a dui, since there is at least one molecule of alcohol circulating in the blood of everyone.  cdc is withdrawing this pcr method they’re  because trying to cover their tracks and memory hole the fraudulent test that was used to drive the fake covid plandemic in the first place. but we already know the cdc is a criminal front for the vaccine industry, and that the cdc has no scientific credibility or authority whatsoever when it comes to legitimate infectious disease testing.  who/  us cdc/ nih/ icmr , just like the pcr test, is a complete fraud.  I PREDICT THAT AFTER 31ST DEC 2021, A NEW FRAUDULENT TEST WILL REPLACE RT-PCR TEST AIMED AT SHOWING THAT USELESS COVID VACCINES ARE EFFECTIVE.   AND BILL GATES WILL BE IN THE THICK OF IT… TRY IT BOYO.., VADAKAYIL IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU.. ####   ####... 

####   ####...  CHANDRACHUD IS A DARLING OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE , AND SO IS JEWESS GRETA THUNBERG..  ####   ####...  so we have a mutual admiration society ... teee heeeee.  JUDGE CHANDRACHUD IS CONSIDERED A TRAITOR BY MAJORITY OF INDIANS..  ####   ####...   judge dy chandrachud was on the bench ( like traitors in us judiciary sponsored by the jewish deep state , land up on critical ruling benches ) which kicked our ancient nation into HOMOSEXUALITY/ ADULTERY/ LIVING TOGETHER / DECIMATING PRICELESS INDIAN CULTURE  ( like pushing menstruating women into 5900 year old Sabarimala pilgrimage temple ) .. Sabarimala is a pilgrimage , this planets largest -- not a wee Bohra/ Parsi temple..India is no longer a moral nation.. In India judiciary is responsible for creating the RED CORRIDOR where 19% of our landmass is controlled by NAXALITES funded and armed by China and rothschild’s commie white jews..  jew rothschild used the father of judge dy chandrachud to decimate indira gandhi..  you see, we have a star kid system too in our judiciary. papa YV Chandrachud was a deep state agent.. sonny boy DY Chandrachud has applied SURMA IN AAKH –  he will soon be india’s chief justice from november 2022 to november 2024. he is propped up by traitor main stream media..   jumping over people ahead of him with deep state darling modi’s help .  everybody in india knew that the papa yv chandrachud would be  chief justice of india jumping over his seniors... why are things so predicable in india?.  papa became the longest serving cji of india with jewish deep state help.. harvard sponsored sonny dy chandrachud became india’s youngest additional solicitor general of india.. ... traitor judge dy chandrachud ignores the fact that the indian constitution protects only law abiding indian citizens.. they pretend to sleep and expect you to wake them up..  recently we had deep state darling indian judge CHANDRACHUD batting for menstruating women to go for sabarimala pilgrimage..  i had written against this and pretty soon all kerala women said that they dont want this evil bounty from these traitor judges ( sponsored by modi ).  menstruation is the monthly sloughing off and discharge of blood as well mucosal tissues from the endometrial lining of the uterus..  hindu women with menses do not go to temples ( on their own accord).  hindu women cannot utter or even listen to powerful sanskrit mantras ( like gayatri ) during menstruation..  positive scalar field of a powerful temple  causes the sloughing off to be incomplete. ..  the endometrium is the tissue lining the uterus (or womb). ..  for the menstruating woman—she has to shed the soft endometrium lining.. during this time she cannot absorb positive scalar energy which will cause the slough off to be incomplete ..  endometriosis occurs when the uterine tissue implants and grows outside of the uterus — affecting the function of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes..  if the endometrium travels outside the fallopian tube and to the other areas of the body, it results in endometriosis..  the shredded tissue and blood have nowhere to exit the body and can develop into cysts, adhesions and scar tissues over time rendering a woman permanently infertile. this is written down in 6200 year old AYURVEDA TEXT CHARAKA SAMHITA.. if you have endometriosis in the fallopian tube, the tissue will block the egg from passing into the uterus.  there is no cure for endometriosis..  this is the ayurvedic science part of it.  it is not superstition.  at sea i do not allow officers wives to enter the ships galley when they have menses.. the negative scalar energy does not allow the bread to rise..  ####   ####... recently SUPREME COURT JUDGE CHANDRACHUD overstepped his limits , ordering pm modi to give 900 tonnes extra oxygen to delhi cm kejriwal.. this unconstitutional fiat deprived twelve states of oxygen and hundreds of indians died of covid.. an ordinary judge had the gall to taunt the elected pm of india , see the link below.. judge chandrachud taunted modi, we cannot sit in a ivory tower like you.. judges have no powers to rap the pm of india on his knuckles , as imagined by pea brained main stream media.. #### #### .. judge chandrachud is in line to the cji.. he is not fit to be a supreme court judge , leave alone cji..liberal judge chandrachud supports traitors to the watan.. darling of jewish deep state and liberal judge chandrachud refuses to look at congress tool kit case which is bascially blatant treason to the watan. CONGRESS TOOL KIT MALIGNED THE IMAGE OF THE WATAN ( TREASON ) NOT THE IMAGE OF ELECTED PM MODI ( SEDITION).. jewish deep state agent greta thunberg was involved in it nostril deep , using disha ravi as a mere front. WHY IS GRETA THUNBERG WORRIED ABOUT INDIA’S FARM LAWS ?  INDIA IS A SOVEREIGN NATION. . on 4 february 2021, swedish climate activist jewess greta thunberg tweeted a toolkit related to the ongoing farmers' protest ..the tool kit amplified the cause of the illegal farmers protest. The whole world is jealous as india will be this planet’s no 1 superpower in 11 years.. india wastes 38% of its food, yet we are food surplus with no place to keep food in our godowns .. china is a food importer as chinese soil and water in polluted making cheap plastic toys for the white man.  THE ORIGINAL TOOLKIT CALLED FOR A DIGITAL STRIKE ON OR BEFORE 26 JANUARY 2021 (REPUBLIC DAY) AND UNDERSCORED 'CARRYING OUT PROTESTS OUTSIDE INDIAN EMBASSIES' AS ONE OF THE ACTIONS TO MALIGN INDIA..NOT MODI.. the document also mentioned various HASHTAGS FOR TWITTER STORM such as #AskIndiaWhy,  #FarmersProtest, and #TheWorldIsWatching… the toolkit shared by the swedish climate activistgreta thunberg played a major role in turning the 26 january 2021 tractor parade' violent, storming the red fort, pulling down the national flag, flying khalistani flag instad , leaving a few hundred police personnel injured.   can celebrity judge chandrachud pass a simple iq test live on tv tailored for them by capt ajit vadakayil?..THE WORD TREASON IS NOT FOUND IN THE CONSTITUTION AND HENCE JUDICIARY CANNOT DEAL WITH IT.. ONLY NSA / PARLIAMENT CAN DEAL WITH IT.  the tool kit gave orders -- use the phrase 'indian strain' whenever talking of the new covid mutant. THIS IS TREASON. .the document instructs to mobilise former civil servants to raise questions about the pm-cares fund like they did earlier.  another section was ON 'INDIA COVID: KUMBH MELA PILGRIMS TURN INTO SUPER-SPREADERS.  sorry the BACTERIOPHAGES OF THE GANGES RIVER ENTER THE NOSE AND BLOCKS COVID PANDEMIC SPREAD.  ONLY GANGES RIVER HAS BACTERIOPHAGES. bacteriophages are viruses that infect harmful virusus pathogens and bacteria but are harmless to humans.bacteriophage, is a virus, —it literally means “bacteria eater”.. THIS IS WHY WE CALL GANGES A HOLY RIVER.  KUMBH MELA MASS BATHING IS A GANGA MANTHAN AS IT INCREASES THE POPULATION OF BACTERIOPHAGES IN THE RIVER.before the suez canal was built, british east india company ships would stock up ganges water from the fag end of ganges river off calcutta. this water would hold excellent quality till the ship arrived at london, and sailors would be in the pink of health . on the reverse passage they would stock fresh water from river thames and this water would develop fungus , have bacteria and stink, and the water had to be discarded and replenished enroute . sailors used to he half dead by the time the ship reached india. he ganges which flows from the mythical hairlocks of lord shiva is self cleansing due to the action of bacteriophages , silver/ himalayan salt colloids and hyper oxygenation—and it is the only river on the planet which has this ability. more than 128 years ago there was a cholera outbreak in india and dead bodies were dumped in the upper river. yet strangely ganges water did not spread the cholera down the river . THIS IS WHY I TOLD MODI GOVT NOT TO PANICK WHEN DEAD BODIES WERE FOUND FLOATING IN GANGES RIVER .. AND COVID DEAD BODIES BURIED BY THE WET GANGES BANKS WERE SEEPING INTO GANGES RIVER. a british bacteriologist by the name of dr ernest hankin found that colonies of cholera bacteria that thrived in ground water quickly died in ganges water. he pursued his experiment by using boiled ganges water and filtered ganges water. to his surprise, while the filtered water ( which could not hold back nano colloids ) continued to show an antibacterial effect, the boiled water did not. heating water flocculates ( agglomerates ) and sediments the magic colloids and also kills the magic bacteriophages.ganges is heavily populated with phages which multiply rapidly , travel fast and home in on targets . they are harmless to humans because they are strain specific. this means phages that infect the cholera bacterium can only infect the cholera bacterium and no other bacteria. when a bacteriophage finds a bacterium with proteins which match its receptors, it can insert dna or rna into the bacterium and direct the organism to start producing replicas of the virus.. unlike antibiotics, phages take out the pathogen without harming the natural flora and friendly bacteria present in the body . the evil pharma has killed all effeorts to revive phage research. bacteriophages which are viruses infect and kill their host bacteria by a magical search and destroy action. phages have been keeping keeping bacteria in check for three and a half billion years!  antibiotics have been around for a few decades are they are already failing to do their job what with antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria .even today the polluted ganga that kills pathogens twenty-five times faster than any other river.  but with the onslaught of toxic chemicals from tanneries this rate has slowed down. dams have prevented the phages from doing their job.  there are phages for all bacteria. a cholera phage can only attach to a cholera bacteria, an e. coli phage only to that specific e. coli and so on.  they simply bide their time until they can sense that bacteria .  this is intelligent action and this is why we pray to the ganga mata. .. stupid judiciary does not know the difference between treason and sedition.  JUDICIARY HAS NO POWERS TO DEAL WITH TREASON, AS THE WORD TREASON IS NOT FOUND IN THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION. we ask pm and law minister to immediately formulate a national policy for the judiciary. .this must be etched on a large brass plaque in large letters and placed in every court room , behind the judge’s chair , and the offices of the chief justices of lower courts/ high courts and supreme court.. inscription on large brass plaque .. #### “ JUDICIAL POLICY-- THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION DOES NOT DEAL WITH ISSUES INVOLVING TREASON. . IF ANY BODY CAN PROVE THAT A CASE BEING HANDLED INVOLVES TREASON, THEY MUST GIVE A COMPLAINT TO THE JUDGE IN WRITING COPIED TO CHIEF JUSTICE , LAW MINISTER, NSA AND PM.. THE JUDGE SHALL THEN IMMEDIATELY RECUSE HIMSELF , TILL HE GETS A GREEN SIGNAL FROM CJI TO PROCEED” #### … when someone calls for dismemberment of the watan ( motherland ) , wedging off khalistan , secession of kashmir to pakistan, it is high treason.. treason affects the entire nation and all its law abiding citizens .. INDIAN JUDICIARY IS NOT EMPOWERED TO DEAL WITH TREASON... ONLY STATE AGENCIES LIKE NSA ( AJIT DOVAL ) CAN HANDLE IT.. judges save traitors again and again and again, by providing technical loopholes.. the punishment for high treason is death and this is beyond the scope of constitution or judiciary .


WE THE PEOPLE ASK MODI, IF CDC HAS DECLARED RT-PCR TESTS FRAUDULENT, WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING IT? this why you have chosen a gujarati health minister who does not know english?..  ####   ####... the centers for disease control and prevention (cdc ) is the public health agency / united states federal agency, under the department of health and human services and is headquartered in atlanta, Georgia usa.  the goal of cdc to be the protection of public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the us and worldwide. the cdc focuses national attention on developing and applying disease control and prevention. it especially focuses its attention on infectious disease, food borne pathogens, environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, injury prevention and educational activities designed to improve the health of people.. ####   ####...  MODI, WHY HAVE YOU KILLED ALL PAPA MAMA STORES AND BUSINESSES IN INDIA ?   today people in india order expensive food ( to survive ) using the demonetization digital banking tool from giants amazom/ licious/ fresh to home/ zomato etc..  my elder son’s class mate ( just an acquaintance not a friend )  , a prosperous muslim  , asked him for a huge loan ( several lakhs ) for reviving his dead business . this is the case all over india..  who is responsible? — one nobel prize ka bhookha fellow named narendra damodardas modi.. he is the illiterate fellow who wrote a book on climate change.. just see his wretched bearded face on tv .. is this the face of the PM of a nation?…  MODI, WHY DON’T YOU DECLARE THE NATIONAL POLICY OF RT-PCR CYCLES? ..  WHAT IS ALL THIS CDC POLICY OF HIGHER RT-PCR  CYCLES OR 45 FOR UNVACCINATED PEOPLE AND 25 CYCLES FOR UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ?..  This Is the exact wording on CDC website in end April 2021… QUOTE  ” For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value, submit only specimens with Ct value ≤28 to CDC for sequencing. (Sequencing is not feasible with higher Ct values.)” UNQUOTE ..  WHEN CONFRONTED CDC GAVE THIS LAME EXCUSE BELOW..  QUOTE : The statement is relevant to genomic sequencing, which is an additional test used on samples that already tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR.  The reason why this guidance is in place is because genomic sequencing requires a relatively large amount of the virus’ genetic material in the sample.  Therefore, a sample with only trace amounts of the virus’ genetic material, which would show a high Ct value, wouldn’t be suitable for sequencing.UNQUOTE.. BRAAAAAYYYYYYYY  …  This is when dr Anthony fauci himself admitted that rt-pcr cycles above 35 is meaningless.  The US routinely uses 45 cycles on unvaccinated people.. EVIL ITALIAN JEW FAUCI ( WHEN CONFRONTED ) SAID CATEGORICALLY THAT “ANY POSITIVE TEST ABOVE 35 CYCLES IS A FALSE POSITIVE”. This is what the whole pandemic is based on — fake test results. This is what the jewish vaccine lobby wants..  why did IMA/ ICMR/ DCGI/ DGHS ,  allow indian hospitals to administer endless oxygen to people who panicked due to main sream media onslaught ( shortness of breath ) with heavy mucus coating in lungs..  THE CORRECT WAY WOULD BE TO REMOVE THE MUCUS BY NAC (  N- ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE )  FIRST AND THEN ADMINISTER OXYGEN.  . nac reduces mucus in lungs and boosts  immunity and lowers sugar levels..   on the contrary cortisterods administered recklessly by doctors lowered body immunity ( in an unsterilised hospital with recycled ac ) and spiked blood sugar levels.. people were afflicted by dangerous black fungus.. ####   ####...  we see stupid celebrity doctors coming on tv and talking about monoclonal anti-bodies blah blah just to show that they are technically minded.. if i were in the tv studio i would have slapped them , live..  modi, you have failed india.. we don’t want to listen to your stupid mann ke baath ( foreign readers—this means a stupid man thinking aloud on sundays  ), where all modi does is to personally shine,  telling bewildered people that he have started this pradhaan mantri yojana and that yojana.. who cares ?  do you know what is the imminent need right now, chaiwaala modi?... what type of leader are you?.. unvaccinated people are failed by rt-pcr tests set at high 45 cycles and then forcibly quarantined killing their earning capacity..  desperate people were dragged by their nostrils and forced to vaccinate.. as on now , not a single vaccine works.. and hey presto, after you vaccinate then rt-pct tests are lowered to 25 for you..  readers—this is akin to “big brother “ stopping the cars of political defaulters / dissidents and using a “loaded” breath analyser to fail them and then banning them from driving by withdrawing their kosher ball or else ----- 16 months ago when i wrote about gold nano colloid instant detection covid  tests , evil google deleted it..  WE ASK –WHY IS RT-PCR TEST CONSIDERED UNNECESSARY FOR VACCINATED PEOPLE? have you heard of how fully vaccinated ( pfizer mrna vaccine ) israel is suffering..  ####   ####...  IS THERE NO UNIFORM NATIONAL POLICY..    MODI , WHY HAVE YOU ABDICATED YOU RESPONSIBILITY ?? ..  why don’t you just resign and fuck off from india..  just go to israel, who gave you a sikh turban to wear in 1976, wherever.. we will never forget , that you have not said a word for the palghar saffron clad sadhus who were beaten to death like poisonous black mamba snakes by a christian missionary controlled naxalite  mob 16 months ago, with a huge armed police contingent watching..  but hey, modi cried bitterly when hardcore muslim bollywood yester year actress shabana azmi got a few minor bruises – she never missed an opportunity to spit of modi’s face .. this is vote milking sabka vishwaas mode.. two pm tenures are getting over.. kashmiri pandits are still langushing in refugee camps… narendra damodardas modi, your honeymoon is over.. you are now skating on very thin ice.. whistle dr Judy Mikovits was got this planet’s most prestigious award , the VADAKAYIL PRIZE.. she worked under evil dr anthony fauci for decades ... she was thrown into jail and was converted to a pauper..she was made an example – you lose your fame and fortune and career, if you dare take on the jewish deep state.  in 1983 dr judy mikovits’s  nih boss italian jew dr anthony fauci delayed publication of her critical paper for 6 months to let his protégé italian jew robert gallo replicate, publish and claim credit. today robert gallo is the director and co-founder of the institute of human virology (ihv) at the university of maryland school of medicine in baltimore, maryland , usa..  ####   ####... dr mikovits’ studies revealed that the xmrv virus was present in the mmr, polio and encephalitis vaccines given to american children and soldiers. xmrv is so hazardous that the mere presence of mouse tissue in a laboratory can contaminate other tissues in the same room.  dr fauci ordered mikovits to keep her mouth shut. when she refused, he illegally confiscated her work books and hard drives, drove her from government work and blackballed her from receiving nih grants ending her science career. xmrv remains in american vaccines.  WE KNOW WHO GOT KICKBACKS TO PUSH 3 in 1 MMR VACCINES INTO INDIA FOR NEW BORN BABIES. ####   ####...we know who roped amitabh bachchan to sing the praises of dealy oral polio vaccine in india which killed lakhs of babies ..  ####   ####..  dr anthony fauci is like that jew mark zuckerberg who stole facebook from indian divya narendra.. in the poll below jewish hasbaras dumped 146 votes in his favour..  ###   ####..  Indians have been used as guinea pigs for encephalitis vaccines—all hush hush..  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  today dr soumya swaminathan ( her father was traitor ms swaminathan who conducted the green reolution in india, killing our soil and water ) ,dr anthony fauci and  ethiopian tedros adhanom goes into the vadakayil garbage bucket.. TODAY VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE DYING MORE THAN UNVACCINATED PEOPLE.. VAERS SUPPRESSES THE TRUTH.. THIS IS WHY VAERS WAS CREATED BY BIG PHARMA/ VACCINE LOBBY....


i was the first on the planet to write about using ACTIVATED CHARCOAL ( coconut shell ) in air filters ( both face masks and aircraft HEPA filters )..  evil google deleted this post.. people have read this and used GRAPHENE inside covid face masks..  the light blue SHANDONG chinese face mask has killed thousands of indians .   many indians who had to be rushed to hospitals for shortness of breath used these light blue chinese face masks..  IN FUTURE NO INDIAN MUST BE ALLOWED TO WEAR A COVID FACE MASK UNLESS IT HAS THE INDIAN GOVT STAMP ON IT.. NO HARM IF THE PERSON MAKES HIS OWN FACE MASK AT HOME.  it was my wife who warned me first 16 months ago.. she told me that when she wears the light blue mask, she gets some fungus deep inside her nose wjhich is hard.. if she tries to remove it the nose bleeds. after that she makes her own cotton mask.  ####   ####...  we ask modi to warn amazon not to sell chinese blue masks (AECC BIAM)  IN INDIA..  amazon peddles  chinese light blue face masks containing SHANDONG’S FLAGSHIP TECHNOLOGY “BIOMASS GRAPHENE.”.  ####   ####...  all indian companies   like NANOMATRIX MATERIALS (NM MATERIALS) who aped the chinese and sold graphene  face masks must be shut down and fined heavily..  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  just before the second covid wave millions of cheap chinese light blue face masks ( with a graphene layer inside ) were clandestinely imported to india..  during the second wave of covid , majority of indians wore the cheap but jazzy looking chinese face masks ( light blue ) with graphene embedded.  graphene is super-strong..graphene is the strongest material  some 200 times stronger than steel.  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  graphene causes cells to generate oxygen free radicals that can damage them and impairs their cellular metabolism.  the jagged edges of graphene nano particles material can easily pierce cell membranes and skin, which does serious harm to humans .. graphene is negatively charged with highly mobile electrons..


i have warned unvaccinated people not to accept blood transfusions from people vaccinated by mrna vaccines yesterday ..  world war iii will not use nuclear bombs which makes entire nations radioactive waste land with humans/ flora/ fauna dead.. rather only human will die, leaving the beautiful bountiful depopulated  nation in prime condition to be taken over by jews who control the deep state..  it is not funny any more..  WRETCH CHILDLESS MODI has turned out to be an agent of the jewish deep state.  modi chose a new gujarati health minister ( political science graduate ) who does not know english..  is india so bereft of talent? ..  ####   ####..  uk government has declared that reserves the right to forcibly vaccinate the entire british population!   in italy, the vaccine passport goes into effect as of august 6th 2021 .. digital technocracy will be the most orwellian authoritarian rule the world has ever seen. the digital health passport is already shipping, and contracts have been signed with 15 countries including the us, canada, sweden, spain, south africa, italy, portugal, france, panama, INDIA, mexico, united arab emirates and the netherlands. in india everyone who gets the jab will get a qr code-based electronic certificate, the MODI GOVERNMENT said…  mrna vaccines contain grapheme oxide.. we don’t need criminal pfizer / moderna to declare their dirty trade secret. there are enough independent scientists far smarter who have figured this out. . mrna vaccines are bioweapons.. people on the planet can be controlled or killed by the flip of a switch. ..  CRIMINAL PFIZER HAS NOT DECLARED GRAPHEME OXIDE IN THEIR MSDS SHEETS…  ####   ####...  What is msds sheet?..  As a ship captain on chemical tankers I was one of the pioneers to give sailor msds sheets.. I did not allow any chemical spill to be attended unless the msds sheets were read and understood..  Read the first item of the check list in the post below-..  QUOTE: when a chemical cargo overflows on a parcel tanker, there will be severe danger due to toxic, inflammable, carcinogenic, bioaccumulative , corrosive vapours.  the spilt liquid may be water reactive .  it is most important to know what has spilt and then to read the msds sheets.  on chemical tankers we do not rush helter skelter with fixed duties , like on oil tankers.  we do not expect crew to endanger their lives to prevent pollution.  the person first discovering the spill must remain clear of the area and upwind : UNQUOTE..  ####   ####...  Read item three in the link below- ..  ####   ####...  I AM NOT JUST ANOTHER RIDIOT FARTING THROUGH HIS MOUTH.. I AM A WORLD EXPERT AND A PIONEER…  ####   ####...  AS A SHIP CAPTAIN I DECLARED “ NO MSDS NO LOADING”.. FUCK YOU ! ..  read item 82 / 93/ in the post below- ..  ####   ####...  WHY HAS CRIMINAL JEWISH COMPANY PFIZER NOT DECLARED GRAPHENE OXIDE IN THEIR MSDS SHEETS?.. PRAY? PRITHEE?..  every human being vaccinated by mrna vaccine is a DEVILS WORKSHOP.. GRAPHENE OXIDE REMAINS NEUTRAL IN HIS BODY.. IT CAN BE ACTIVATED BY THE FLIP OF A SWITCH AND THE NEUTRAL GRAPHENE CAN BE CHARGED TO HARMFUL POSITIVE WHICH CAN CONDUCT ELECTRICITY .. THIS IS POLYMER DIELETRICS.  GRAPHENE OXIDE CAN BE MAGNETIZED. .  pure carbon is not magnetic..  ####   ####..  graphene oxide is nanoparticle. these nanoparticles become magnetic when they reach the same temperature as the human body.. nano-tech graphene oxide is superconductive and highly integrative with neuron cells in the brain the molecules of graphene can interact with neurons in the brain in a remote mode using different radio-frequencies (5g is justone of these). they can map the brain and transmit and receive instructions remotely. the graphene hydrogels literally grow a new neural network inside the human body and does so extremely rapidly graphene’s thermal property and electrical conductivity make it a superconductor. the artificial neuron-network can receive and transmit signals and can be externally controlled through 5g frequency and ai..  the cia has done brain experiments with a jew named ted kaczynski. he was a sleeper agent who could be commanded to destroy humanity..  read all 6 parts of the post below—..  ####   ####...  graphene family nanoparticles contain drug-chemical payloads for mrna “gene therapy” and it’s being deployed without informed consent..  grapheme nanoparticles are super sharp and super strong, easily piercing through cell membranes in human lung, skin and immune cells,  which can do  serious damage in humans..  graphene oxide has a certain magnetic resonance band, beyond which it becomes excited, which in turn leads to rapid oxydisation of the material. when the oxydisation level exceeds certain body biomarkers, it triggers a collapse of the immune system and a cytokine storm..  ####   ####...  the toxic effect of graphene oxide in the human body produces the same clinical effects as covid-19! these symptoms include programmable cell death, blood coagulation, platelet aggregation, clotting, cytokine storms, thromboses, pneumonia (flu like symptoms), inflammation of the mucous membranes, loss of taste and smell. .  MAGNETISED GRAPHENE OXIDE CAN ACTIVATE DORMANT PRIONS WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY..  ####   ####...  both the pfizer-biontech and moderna covid-19 vaccines are made with messenger rna (mrna) technology, which works by turning your body’s cells into veritable drug factories. the mrna vaccines teach your cells to produce a protein, or piece of protein, that triggers an immune response, including the production of antibodies…  because natural mrna is easily broken down, this means the experimental gene therapy needs a special delivery system to make it to the body’s cells. moderna and pfizer are using lipid nanoparticles that contain polyethylene glycol (peg)2 for this purpose. the mrna is wrapped in lipid nanoparticles (lnps) that carry it to your cells, and the lnps are “pegylated” — that is, chemically attached to peg molecules to increase stability ..  graphene multiplies frequencies and damages cells when exposed to emf.. graphene oxide  activates and start injecting electrons into anything surrounding it, anything that comes near it by resonance induction. all it takes is for the graphene to stick to a cell or others cells and start ejecting electrons.  .. graphene oxide promotes vascular blood clots and damages the immune system..  reduced graphene oxide is sold as a clear serum in india graphene oxide (go) has been found in saline solutions..  GRAPHENE OXIDE  BLOCKS DETOXIFICATION IN THE BODY BY BLOCKING GLUTATHIONE …  IS CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL AN IDIOT TO PEN SUCH A HUGE POST ON GLUTATHIONE ? .  N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — NAC is a precursor to reduced glutathione, which plays a crucial role in covid-19..  ####   ####...  this experimental mrna gene therapy and its lipid nanoparticle-based delivery system have never been approved for use in a vaccine or drug.  people will never trust big kosher pharma again .. the glass has shattered.. the milk has curdled..


What do I do to keep myself safe from getting covid ? .. ####   I consume 12 mg TABLET IVERMECTIN EVERY SUNDAY – the correct dosage is 0.2mg for every kilo body weight..  ####   ####...  ####  I CONSUME 600 MG   N- Acetyl-L-cysteine ( NAC )   EVERY ALTERNATE DAY.  ####   ####..  ####   Every three days I nebulize my sinuses and lungs ..  what is in the pot ? one teaspoon 3% food grade HYDROGEN PEROXIDE PLUS two teaspoons water PLUS one small pinch of sea salt ..  The above must be done by both vaccinated and unvaccinated people..  ALL VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE DEVILS WORKSHOPS FOR MUTATING THE VIRUS.. Hence vaccinated people must not wear a n95 mask ( with a non-return plastic valve ) which does not filter exhaled air..  DO NOT WEAR CHINESE LIGHT BLUE FACE MASKS WHICH HAVE A GRAPHENE OXIDE LAYER INSIDE..  Vivekananda suffered from 33 major ailments..  Jew Rothschild took him to USA and Europe and got the best doctors attend to him.. After all Kayastha Vivekananda was destroying Sanatana Dharma from within to make the Hindu self loathing.  ####   ####...  But western doctors could not treat Vivekananda’s  shortness of breath because his lungs had lost it elasticity and was perpetually coated with a thick layer of phlegm.  Finally Vivekananda was asked to go to Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala which is one hour drive from Calicut. The physicians took him to Vivekananda rock , a small rock island south of the tip of India .. He came back fully cured after a week. The treatment was basically SEA SALT SPRAY ( WAVES BEATING ON ROCK PRODUCING FINE SALT SPRAY ).. brahmari pranayama with MMMMM exhalation for producing NITRIC OXIDE — surya namaskar to DRIVE HIS LYMPH FLUIDS and intake of Vitamin D —and a NASAL FINE DRY POWDER INHALATION ( mixture of tobacco snuff and some ayurvedic herbs including pankajakasturi) .. Basically this Ayurveda treatment was far superior to the western medicines I mentioned above which is nothing but a derivation.. Balls Vivekananda went to the rock to meditate for world peace.. He went to save his own gargantuan ass. And what was his gratitude to kerala ?.. On the way back he made a remark “Kerala is a madhouse” as required by Jew Rothschild..  I start off my day with a quarter glass of a mix of amla juice ( gooseberry ) / sour lime juice/ western ghats wild orchid honey of stinging bees/ and a tinge of fresh turmeric paste.  In India if you get admitted in the covid hospital ( poor sterilization with recirc of AC ) your chances of survival are low..  better to manage at home.. don’t panic if you suffer from shortness of breath…  take DEEP DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHS of ordinary air with 78% nitrogen.... you can buy small cannisters of medical oxygen spray via amazon to kickstart the breathing ..  98% of covid deaths during the second wave were murders by ignorant doctors who used excessive oxygen without clearing the thick phlegm coating in lungs ( the air we breathe has 78% nitrogen for a good reason ) / reckless use of cortisteroids which lowered body immunity and spiked sugar levels / excessive paracetamol tablets which damaged the liver and dangerous drug combinations.


Somebody called me up and cried ..  Captain in your experience have shippers lied/ misdeclared in the MSDS sheets like how Pfizer moderna has deliberately ignored GRAPHENE OXIDE”..   Yes—hundreds of times.. and the captain of the ship has to safe guards the ships and crews interest.. most of the time it is to avoid payment of customs duty which is more for dangerous cargoes.. in the case of Pfizer it is to hoodwink the people.. Once I has to load liquid urea in Rotterdam.. urea is a fertilizer not required cleanliness of tanks as it goes into the soil.. but in this case the shippers/ charterers were demanding extra cleanliness and if we are going to eat the urea..  they wanted the tank to be padded with nitrogen gas.. so I send them a dire warning.. I am the fellow who will deliver the blue liquid urea in America.. if I find that the pipeline from the quay leads to an explosive factory—I will rip your balls off.  They tried to give vadakayil bull  .. that this blue liquid urea is environmentally friendly .. tee heeee. I told them this blue liquid urea can be used to power rockets. .YOU LYING CUNTS ARE SAVING ON CUSTOMS DUTY/ INSURANCE CHARGES AND FREIGHT BY MISDECLARING IN THE MSDS SHEETS..  the frightened shippers saw the light and came out with the correct msds sheets which branded the cargo as MOST DANGEOUS and gave procedures for spill and fire. Blue urea was used  in the first World Trade Center bombing in New York in February 1993. Ammonium nitrate and urea both contain the element nitrogen, but in different forms.. the reason why liquid urea is dyed blue is to indicate that this higly oxidative substance can be used by terrorists to make bombs. ####   ..   ####...  in my case my stainless steel chemical tanker had to unload the blue liquid urea at a way off quay in a god forsaken place .. the American pilot told me that this is a dedicated explosives berth. This berth had several major fires in its history..  ####   ####...



####   ####...  Hapag Lloyd announced that it would implement a penalty of USD 15,000 per container, effective from September 15, 2019 for misdeclaration of dangerous goods.. The advisory stated that “Failure to properly offer and declare hazardous cargoes prior to shipment is a violation of the Hazardous Material Regulations. Such violations may be subject to monetary fines and/or criminal prosecution under applicable law.”..   “To ensure the safety of our crew, ships and other cargo onboard, Hapag-Lloyd holds the Shipper liable and responsible for all costs and consequences related to violations, fines, damages, incidents, claims and corrective measures resulting from cases of undeclared or misdeclared cargoes.” it added..  ####   ####...  For far too long, shipping lines, ship owners, exporters, importers and more importantly the ships crew have been facing loss of lives, loss of cargo, loss of revenue, loss of trade, loss of time all because some unscrupulous or ignorant shippers fail to follow dangerous goods regulations resulting in misdeclaration of dangerous goods..  i never trusted the container weights declared by the shipper.. gm calculations are of no use when container weights are misdeclared by shipper to pay less freight… I  IGNORED THE CLASS APPROVED ELECTRONIC LOADICATOR DID MY OWN STABILITY CALCULATIONS USING MY OWN PENDULAM FORMULA..  TOWARDS THE END OF LOADING .. I LOOSENED ALL SHIPS LINES TO THE QUAY AND SAT ON THE BRIDGE IN FRONT OF THE CLINOMETER WITH A STOP WATCH..  IT GAVE PERFECT FLUID GM .. nobody minded as i was able to load more containers on the top tier..


####   ####...  GYMNAST SIMONE BILES MENTALLY DISINTEGRATED BECAUSE SOME GYMNASTS WHO WERE COMPETING WITH HER CALLED HER A CHEAT.. they should have taunted her at rio olympics too.. at rio simone biles was jumping one metre higher than the rest .. dipa karmakar lost a rio olympic medal because of this doped american cheat ..cheat us gymnast simone biles took home four gold medals and one bronze medal, making history as the first american woman to win four artistic gymnastics gold medals in a single olympics.. her medals don’t shine anymore..drug cheat us gymnast simone biles was allowed to compete at rio while clean russian pole vaulter yelena isinbayeva, was banned…a russian hacking organization targeted simone biles and other american athletes — including tennis players serena and venus williams — by breaking into the world anti-doping agency’s (wada) athlete database and releasing their medical records to the public. . the records show that biles and the williams sisters have tested positive for medications that appear on wada’s banned substance list, but receive medical exemptions to do so legally in the eyes of their sports.simone biles was secretly allowed to take medication to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd).. THIS CONDITION ADHD DOES NOT EXIST.. medication for adhd was dished out by corrupt doctors to step-parents who wanted to harness the tongues of their step children. cheating drugs like adderall or ritalin have been used in math olympiads to enhance their performance.. ADHD is not an entity on its own, but in fact a cluster of symptoms stemming from 12 other conditions, each of which requires a separate treatment. the comprehensive list ranges from harmless conditions (poor eyesight and giftedness) to more severe illnesses (bipolar disorder).. everybody knows that us athlete florence griffith joyner was a drug cheat.. she put on war paint to hide her masculinity and beard .. this super athlete dies at the age of 37..  flo-jo, she is the fastest woman of all time; the world records she set in 1988 for both the 100 m and 200 m still stand. her world records can be beaten only by  a man dressed up as a woman..  south africa's caster semenya can run 800 meters faster than any woman on the planet. but the two-time olympic gold medalist won't defend her title in tokyo because her testosterone levels exceed a 2018 limit imposed by track's governing body on female athletes competing in distances between 400 meters and 1500 meters..  “these kind of people should not run with us,” said one of semenya’s competitors, italian runner elisa cusma. “for me, she is not a woman. she is a man.”.. a bbc correspondent said in 2009 that semenya had “testosterone levels that are three times higher than those normally expected in a female”..  rothschild reduced the testesterone levels of indian men by making them stop eating onion and garlic by giving some bullshit stories about rahu and ketu ( samudra manthan ) ..  rothschild diluted the hindu male kshatriya blood by reducing testosterone . he used agents like gandhi to make slave hindus scuttle their honor and dilute the inherent desire to fight against extreme injustice ..  few thousand white men shat on the faces of millions of indians and bled bharatmata —we allowed them.  rothschild used his agent gandhi to propagate this foul lie..  gandhi eschewed  onions and garlic  and he was very vocal about this in an unsolicited manner..  today iskcon supported by modi serves midday school meals without onion and garlic.. lowering their body immunity in the hour of covid pandemic.   .AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM , IS NOW A TERM TO BE SPAT ON--ASHAMED OF…. IT IS NOW ALL ABOUT DIABOLICAL HYPOCRISY MOST FOUL…  HERE COMES THE EPITAPH ON THE TOMBSTONE OF THE GRAVE OF AMERICIAN EXCEPTIONALISM... THIS FROM CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL, THE NO 1 WRITER ON THIS PLANET …AARRGGHH FUCKIN’ PTTHHEEOOOYYYY !..  saikhom mirabai chanu is an indian woman weightlifter. she won the silver medal at the 2020 tokyo summer olympics in women's 49 kg.   mirabai chanu has won the world championships and multiple medals at the commonwealth games.. she won the gold medal at world weightlifting championships held in anaheim, california..  CHECK OUT CHANU’S HOME ..  ####   ####...  in contrast , a con-woman named dr deepa malik who sits on a wheel chair has raked in crores..   DEEPA MALIK WON THE SILVER MEDAL AT THE  2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES AT RIO, BY BEATING A FIELD OF FIVE AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 47.. YES—47..  CON-WOMAN DEEPA MALIK IS ALREADY TRAINING HER “CRIPPLE” ( SIC) DAUGHTER TO RAKE IN CRORES.  we had the misfortune of watching this insufferable ego laden woman deepa malik of tv ( whitehat jr coding classes ) because of cornerstone..  these are the type of women criminal org ncw supports ..  CHECK OUT DEEP MALIK IN THE VIDEO BELOW..   SHE BOASTS  --“MY PARALYSIS NEVER STOPPED ME FROM GLORYFYING THE NAME OF INDIA “..   ####   ####...  this is akin to a mental retard who won the “math olympiad for duffers “ boasting that by being a dim wit  has not stopped him from glorifying this planet.   only he got 2+2=4..  kerala atheletes who sacrificed their youth and brought glory to the nation are now living in poverty..  pt usua’s 400 metres hudles record stands after 37 years .. tintu luka’s 800 metres indian record stands after 11 years.. preeja sridharan’s 5000/ 10000 metres records stand after 11 years. op jaisha’s marathon record stands after 6 years..  anju bobby george’s   long jump record stands after 17 years .. mayooka johny’s triple jump record stands after 10 years .  ALL OF THEM LIVE IN POVERTY..  WE ASK DEEPA MALIK “WHO MADE YOU DOCTOR? ( LIKE CON-MAN GAURAV PRADHAN) ?.. is a "doctor" prefix so easy to obtain?..  ioc president  listen up..  ipc president listen up.. stop this charade of wheel chair olympics .. people who cheat get medals.. honest athletes get nothing, they get geela nay sookha thenga .  there are reports of wheel chair shot put gold medalists dancing in their hotel rooms behind closed doors.. yes, there are some hotels who have hidden cams..  in blind cricket, there are cheat blind batsmen who hit boundaries and sixes consistently while some honest blind batsmen keep missing wholesale..  stop this nonsense of paralympics .. it is not inspirational anymore.. cheaters win medals..  the paralympic games in rio was a total farce..  if you cannot provide a level playing field, abolish paralympics.. take the case of deepa malik who won a silver at rio olympics.. my officers who watched her say that it was an event shorn of any real competition. but check out the cash awards she has raked in..  AND IN THE TV AD SHE SHOWS OFF HER MEDALS.. EVEN USAIN BOLT DOES NOT HAVE SO MANY MEDALS..  WITH MORE MONEY AT STAKE, MORE ATHLETES ARE FINDING WAYS TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM TO WIN.  paralympic champion jessica long has held multiple world records, and has won 12 gold medals across 3 summer paralympics. but now her records are being broken by cheaters.. this is worse than drug cheating in the non-disabled field.. NO PENALTIES HAVE EVER BEEN SLAPPED ON CHEATING “CRIPPLED” ATHLETE EVEN WHEN THEIR DUBIOUS METHOD ARE DISCOVERED . THEY ARE SO SPECIAL? .  what could be better for an unscrupulous athlete than to declare he/ she is crippled and confined to the wheel chair and reap in cash wards and fame / fortune by advertising on tv ?. 

jessica long has discovered that cheaters can intentionally conduct themselves in a way that misrepresents the severity of their disability. by doing this, they are able to scam the classifiers and compete in the wrong disability class.  ####   ####...  since there are many types of disabilities and multiple degrees of impairment severity, the paralympic classification system is the only thing that ensures athletes with disabilities compete against other athletes with similar physical limitations.. doctors are bribed/ honey trapped ..  competitors must be divided into different classes based on their level of impairment. this provides every athlete with a level playing field and guarantees fairness.  australian maddison elliott is a cheat..  elliott was originally an s8 classified swimmer but in 2017 she was reclassified as s9 unfairly.. in 2017, elliott was reclassified to s9 but there were no penalties for cheating..  TALENT MANAGEMENT COMPANIES WHO DO THE SPADEWORK FOR CHEATING, RAKE IN AS MUCH AS 50% OF THE CASH WINNINGS..  “NO CURE NO PAY” ( MEDAL ASSURED IF YOU PLAY CRIPPLE BALL )  IS OFTEN THE CLAUSE..  ####   ####...  u.s. paralympic coach, brian loeffler, accused maddison elliott of im via his twitter account. loeffler, the 2014 paralympic national coach of the year, was quickly reprimanded and removed from his position on the coaching staff.  ####   ####...  british swimmer, stephanie millward seems adopted the attitude of, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”..  at the european championships, millward walked onto the pool deck for her event with no wheelchair in sight…  a month later at a meet in germany, she was using a wheelchair and needed assistance to get on the blocks. she then broke all records..  COMPETITORS WITHOUT DISABILITIES ARE COMPETING IN SOME PARALYMPIC GAME.. THIS IS BIG MONEY..  NO PENALTIES OR SHAME IF YOU GET CAUGHT..  "boosting", is used by wheel chair bound athletes with a spinal cord injury to induce autonomic dysreflexia and increase blood pressure..  ####   ####...  amanda reid is a cheat..  ####   ####...  lakeisha patterson is a cheat.  lakeisha patterson’s claim that early onset of parkinson’s disease had led to cerebral palsy affecting her left side is false.  ####   ####...  THE “DOPERS” OF THE PARALYMPICS HAVE RUN AWAY WITH THE RECORDS AND MEDALS!   ARE THESE CHEATERS OUR ICONS?..  and we in india cannot tolerate the endless boasts of this ego laden woman “doctor” deepa malik. imagine, this fat obese woman has won swimming medals.. we have some hidden cam videos of this “ doctor” woman..  right to equality does not mean that a donkey can ask for same rights as a horse..  horse is a horse, donkey is a donkey.  we have wheel chair athlete cheat deepa malik raking in crores by claiming equality as per the constitution..  merit must rule..  we cant have rotten stinking mangoes with worms inside selling at the same price as good mangoes..  where is the intelligence?.. we cant run the nation on sentiments.  we cant sent elephant kumaari for miss world contest.. cripple ( sic ) deepa malik raked in crores, by proving that rotten apples are better than good apples..  WHEN PMO/ SPORTS MINISTRY WAS TOLD ABOUT CHEATING AND MONEY LAUNDERING IN SPORTS —THEY WANT ME TO FILE AN FIR IN THE LOACL POLICE STATION WITH THE PANDU HAWALDAR.  ####   ####...   when i used to take my eight year elder son to play tennis at calicut indoor stadium,  there was a nine year old girl distributing chocolates for getting gold medal in tennis in her age group..   one day the coach made her play with my son.. the moment she started losing she declared " i dont want to play "..  imagine at her age she knew what to do. . her father was a bastard lawyer..  he was defrocked because he was caught fighting the same case in two states.   no wonder this girl was so haughty and slimy..  the coach , my beer partner , told me that she got the gold medal without playing , as she was the only girl who arrived there .   small boys were there but no girls..    there was no silver medal or bronze medal announced...   the lawyer  father swung the deal for his daughter.   i am sure this girl will be having  a room full of medals,  like deepa malik..  when i told my wife about this ( he knew the mother of this girl ) she asked me if our son would have ever accepted the gold medal in such a dishonorable way and then distributed sweets ..  the world loves it  love it when usain bolt boasts or showboats ..    i change the tv channel when i see deepa malik boasting.  ####   ####...


WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ISRAEL TODAY WHERE HOSPITALS ARE FULL OF DYING AND INJURED FULLY VACCINATED (  mRNA  PFIZER ) IS CALLED ADE ( ANTIBODY DEPENDANT ENHANCEMENT )..  capt ajit vadakayil the only thinker on this planet, declares  “ STOP ALL COVID VACCINATIONS, NOW ”..   AS OF THIS HOUR NOT A SINGLE COVID VACCINE WORKS..  viral levels are far far  higher in vaccinated people than in unvaccinated people—deaths and injuries are more in vaccinated people.. criminal org VAERS just reports 0.9%  of covid deaths/ injuries.  VAERS WAS CREATED BY THE KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY TO UNDERPLAY AND UNDER REPORT VACCINE DEATHS..  today, fully vaccinated persons in israel are getting infected with the covid delta variant and are rapidly  transmitting it to others..  If ADE occurs in an individual, their response to the virus can be worse than their response if they had never developed a vaccine assisted  antibody in the first place..  THE LIE OF WHO/ US CDC/ NIH/ KOSHER VACCINE LOBBY THAT THERE IS NOTHING LIKE ADE WITH COVID-19 VACCINES HAS BEEN BUSTED BY REALITY IN ISRAEL WITH FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE ( PZIZER ) ..  ADE ( ANTIBODY DEPENDANT ENHANCEMENT ) IS A VACCINOLOGISTS WORST NIGHTMARE.  i wrote about ade ( antibody dependent enhancement ) 13 months ago, demanding that all covid vaccinations must stop immediately, but evil google deleted it.  almost a year later , since google would not allow me --i wrote about it again on wordpress, below-..  ####   ###..  Here is what I wrote…  QUOTE:  what is devils workshop in a mrna vaccinated human? when an individual is vaccinated, neutralizing antibodies are created in the body, which could prevent further infections. but the chinese lab created sars cov2 virus antibodies do just the opposite and enhance the virus’ transmissibility.  these antibodies that help transmissions and trigger antibody-dependent enhancement, cause severe symptoms. there are infection-enhancing antibodies in the protective protein that affect the coronavirus spike protein’s n-terminal domain, or ntd. these infection-enhancing antibodies weaken the effects of neutralizing antibodies. in some cases non-infected individuals carried infection-enhancing antibodies, meaning that once they are vaccinated the level of this type of antibody increases..UNQUOTE ..  there anti-sars-cov-2 antibodies  exacerbate covid-19 through antibody-dependent enhancement (ade).  the trojan horse pathway occurs when non-neutralizing antibodies generated by vaccination fail to shut down the pathogen ..  instead, they act as a gateway by allowing the virus to gain entry and replicate in cells that are usually off limits (typically immune cells, like macrophages). that, in turn, can lead to wider dissemination of illness, and over-reactive immune responses that cause more severe illness..  the cause of ade is having antibodies to a virus that don't neutralize it. that enables the virus to be gobbled up by cells that have receptors for antibodies, but not the virus. that's the way of getting virus into cells that it ordinarily would not infect..  ade can also occur when neutralizing antibodies (which bind the virus and stop it from causing infection) are present at low enough levels that they don't protect against infection. instead, they can form immune complexes with viral particles, which in turn leads to worse illness.  current covid-19 vaccines were developed to protect against the original strain of sars-cov-2 that became dominant worldwide.   SCEINTSIST COULD NOT THINK DEEP ENOUGH, THAT MUTANTS/ VARIANTS OF THE LAB MADE SPLICED/ GRAFTED SARS COV-2 VIRUS WOULD SOON FOLLOW..  as more variants arise, one of these could become different enough to cause ade..  immune responses to pathogens involve many cells and proteins of the immune system. early during an infection, these responses are non-specific, meaning that although they are directed at the pathogen, they are not specific to it. this is called innate immunity. within a few days, adaptive immunity takes over; this immunity is specific to the invading pathogen. adaptive immune responses include antibodies. a major goal of antibodies is to bind to the pathogen and prevent it from infecting, or entering, a cell. antibodies that prevent entry into cells are called neutralizing antibodies. many vaccines work by inducing neutralizing antibodies. however, not all antibody responses are created equal. sometimes antibodies do not prevent cell entry and, on rare occasions, they may actually increase the ability of a virus to enter cells and cause a worsening of disease through a mechanism called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). . ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. instead, these antibodies act as a “trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response..  a neutralizing antibody is one that can recognize and bind to some region (‘epitope’) of the virus, and that subsequently results in the virus either not entering or replicating in your cells. a non-neutralizing antibody is one that can bind to the virus, but for some reason, the antibody fails to neutralize the infectivity of the virus. this can occur, for example, if the antibody doesn’t bind tightly enough to the virus, or the percentage of the surface area of the virus covered by the antibody is too low, or the concentration of the antibody is not high enough. basically, there is some type of generic binding of the antibody to the virus, but it fails to neutralize the virus. in some viruses, if a person harbors a non-neutralizing antibody to the virus, a subsequent infection by the virus can cause that person to elicit a more severe reaction to the virus due to the presence of the non-neutralizing antibody. this is not true for all viruses, only particular ones. this is called antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).. this problem of ADE is a major reason why many previous vaccine trials for other coronaviruses failed.  unlike viruses like measles or mumps that only have one type, dengue virus has four different forms, called “serotypes.” these serotypes are very similar, but slight differences among them set the stage for ade. if a person is infected by one serotype of dengue virus, they typically have mild disease and generate a protective immune response, including neutralizing antibodies, against that serotype. but, if that person is infected with a second serotype of dengue virus, the neutralizing antibodies generated from the first infection may bind to the virus and actually increase the virus’s ability to enter cells, resulting in ade and causing a severe form of the disease, called dengue hemorrhagic fever.  ADE causes enhanced respiratory disease and acute lung injury after respiratory virus infection (erd) with symptoms of monocytic infiltration and an excess of eosinophils in respiratory tract.  an antibody can be rendered a non-neutralizing antibody simply because it doesn’t bind to the right portion of the virus to neutralize it, or the antibody binds too weakly to the virus. this can also occur if a neutralizing antibody’s concentration falls over time and is now no longer of sufficient concentration to cause neutralization of the virus. in addition, a neutralizing antibody can subsequently transition to non-neutralizing antibody when encountering a different strain of the virus.  in MUTATED SARS COV-2 VIRUS, the binding of a non-neutralizing antibody to the virus can direct the virus to enter and infect your immune cells. This occurs through a receptor called FcγRII.   FcγRII is expressed on the outside of many tissues of our body, and in particular, in monocyte derived macrophages, which are a type of white blood cell. in other words, the presence of the non-neutralizing antibody now directs the virus to infect cells of your immune system, and these viruses are then able to replicate in these cells and wreak havoc on your immune response. one end of the antibody grabs onto the virus, and the other end of the antibody grabs onto an immune cell. essentially, the non-neutralizing antibody enables the virus to hitch a ride to infect immune cells.  PFIZER mRNA VACCINE IS ZERO PERCENT EFFECTIVE AGAINST THE DELTA VARIANT.  ADE  causes a hyperinflammatory response, a cytokine storm, and a general dysregulation of the immune system that allows the virus to cause more damage to our lungs and other organs of our body. in addition, new cell types throughout our body are now susceptible to viral infection due to the additional viral entry pathway facilitated by the fcγrii receptor, which is expressed on many different cell types. cd32 (cluster of differentiation 32), also known as fcγrii or fcgr2, is a surface receptor glycoprotein belonging to the ig gene superfamily. the human fcγrii family (also known as cd32 in the cluster of differentiation nomenclature) consists of a family of primarily cell membrane receptor proteins. they are encoded by the mrna splice variants of three highly related genes— fcgr2a, fcgr2b, and fcgr2c, which arose by recombination of the fcgr2a and fcgr2b genes.  ADE along with type 2 T helper cell-dependent mechanisms contributes to a development of the vaccine associated disease enhancement (VADE), which is not limited to respiratory disease.. 

WE INDIAN TAX PAYERS PAY FOR ICMR ( INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH ) .. ALL THEY DO IS DANCE TO THE TUNE OF THE JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY AND THE JEWISH DEEP STATE.  this is like the ICE STATION HEMADRI in the arctic..   we tax payers pay for this useless organization who does nothing but dance to the tune of the kosher climate change lobby, where carbon dioxide is the baaad gas and methane is a goood gas.   india must not burn coal for generating electricity..  but hey usa can do fracking to their hearts content..  and deep stare darling modi ( illiterate childless fellow who wrote a book on climate change ) will buy this shit fracked oil from half way around the planet.. this chemical laden shale oil screws up all combustion machinery it is used in..  I ASK— WHY DOES GOOGLE NEED TO DELETE THE POST BELOW?..  ####   ####...  CAPT AJIT VADAKAYIL DARES ICMR TO DECLARE IN INDIAN PARLIAMENT VIA THE NEW GUJARATI HEALTH MINISTER, THAT ICMR HAS ISOLATED THE SARS COV2 VIRYS, BASED ON WHICH WE DEVELOPED VACCINES LIKE COVISHIELD ( ASTRAZENECA) /  COVAXIN/ ZYDUS CADILLA (DNA VACCINE )/  GENNOVA ( mRNA VACCINE)  ETC USED ON MILLION OF INDIANS OF WHICH THOUSANDS HAVE DIED ..  modi chose a fellow gujarati mansukh l. mandaviya who does not know english.. this useless health minister  knows jack shit about health being a political science graduate, he is a fixer like jp nadda for modi ( or ethiopian criminal politicians tedros for who/ bill gates  ) ..  on what basis has india injected millions with vaccines when india has not isolated the chinese spliced lab made virus sars cov-2  ??  … icmr just follows orders of their jewish masters.. we want murder charges to be slapped on our scientists who have lied to the nation.  The SARS COV-2 virus has never been isolated, purified, sequenced, characterized and proven 100% to exist BY US CDC..  the gold standard of KOCH’S POSTULATES, or even the MODIFIED RIVER’S POSTULATES  have been ignored . Koch’s postulates are:--the microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals…  the microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture…  when introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism must cause disease…  the microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism..  river’s postulates were proposed by thomas m. river in 1973 to establish the role of a specific virus as the cause of a specific disease. they are modifications of koch’s postulates. they are as follows:..  the viral agent must be found either in the host’s (animal or plant) body fluids at the time of disease or in cells showing lesions specific to that disease…  the host material with the viral agent used to inoculate the healthy host (test organism) must be free of any other microorganism…  the viral agent obtained from the infected host must produce the specific disease in a suitable healthy host, and/or provide evidence of infection by inducing the formation of antibodies specific to that agent..  similar material (viral particle) from the newly infected host (test organism) must be isolated and capable of transmitting the specific disease to other healthy hosts…  whichever set of postulates is used, SARS-CoV-2 fails the test..  SARS-CoV-2 (allegedly causing the PANDEMIC  COVID-19) has not been shown to be present only in sick people and not in healthy ones…  Sars Cov-2 virus has never been isolated, which must be done with proper equipment such as electron microscopes and not useless tests like rt-pcr , with the amplification cycles used kept as a dark secret.. UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE SUBJECTED TO 45 CYCLES ( TO SHOW FALSE POSITIVES ) AND VACCINATED PEOPLE TO 20 ( TO SHOW FALSE NEGATIVES )..  WHO protocols that Pfizer used to produce the mRNA do not Identify any nucleotide sequences that are unique to the SARS-CoV-2 virus..  The DNA template does not come directly from an isolated virus from an infected person..  we don’t get impressed by mindless bullshit such as below--  ####   ####...  every year 69000 americans die of flu.. but in the last 12 months nobody has died in usa because of flu.. some strange inconsistency this.  IMMEDIATELY DISSOLVE ALL USELESS ORGS LKE ICMR/ IMA/ DCGI/ DGHS/CDSCO/ NTAGI/ CPCSEA etc


capt ajit vadakayil declares—  i have spent inordinate time in the last 6 months, speed reading through thousands of covid projects on the internet 16 hours a day, , which prove the existence ( sic ) of sars cov-2 virus and its prevention/ cure by vaccination..   the fake project dissertations are in high tech  jargon to baffle with bull and befuddle the naïve human mind.. .    VADAKAYIL’S  MIND CANNOT BE HIJACKED AS IT DOES 4D SPHOTA TRIANGULATION  .. VADAKAYIL DECLARES THAT 99.9% OF THESE PROJECTS / THESIS SUPPORTING WHO/ US CDC/ NIH / VAERS ARE FALSE.. whoever wrote these dissertations and the peer reviewed publishers ( agents of kosher big pharma ) must be punished. .  on the contrary anybody who wrote priceless dissertations about MIRACLE DRUG IVERMECTIN/ WONDER DRUG NAC were rejected by the establishment and the main stream media ..   negation of tall claims by vaccine makers and their agents  has reaped no rewards, but on the contrary has hurt the professional careers of thousands of experts with a  conscience ...  ####  ####.. hugely respected dr mercola is now being targeted.. now branded as a local quack. ####   ####... the humongous fraud is akin to hundreds of conmen / charlatans who claimed to have seen babaji in the himalayas and thus became instant gurus raking in the moolah .. ####   ####... covid is a greater fraud perpetuated on the planet by the jewish deep state than the “six million jews” dead false narrative to carve out the state of israel..  even today there are 18 european nations ( whose crypto jew rulers won rigged elections like joe biden )  who will kick you into jail and make you a pauper if you dare say that only five millions jews existed in europe at that time.  ####   ####... TODAY EVEN ISRAELIS KNOW THAT HITLER WAS A JEW IN THE PAYROLL FO GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD WHO SET THE WHOLE PLANET IN FLAMES AND KILLED ANAL SEX RECEIVING JEWS UNFIT TO MIGRATE TO THE PROMISED LAND...  ####   ####... ####   ####... agent of the jewish vaccine lobby, childless modi , dances to their tune. ####   ####...


we have criminal ethiopian politician tedros adhanom sitting on the chair of who chief..  tedros is not even a doctor..  lakhs of indians who have the same degree as tedros drive auto rickshaws and work as waiters in cheap restaurants..  we have dr soumya swaminathan, the daughter of traitor tamil iyengar jew ms swaminathan sitting on the chair of who chief scientist..  ms swaminathan, an agent of the jewish deep state, is also known as the father of the indian green revolution, due to which 95% of our lakes dried up and our priceless top soil was reduced from six feet thickness to mere ten inches.. watch the video below where DR VINAY PRASAD,(hematologist-oncologist)  an associate professor at university of california, usa is doing motor mouth talk with some piss faart dr zubin.. ####   ####..  i was a ship captain for 30 years.. i did brain storming to do root cause analysis often..   if i find anybody talking too fast ( like pathetic revolver rani  dr vinay prasad ) i tell him to shut up and hold his peace .. i don’t need preconceived notions.. even after the brain storming session i have a complete session of rem sleep before i take a final critical decision..  preconceived notions are the locks to the door of wisdom.. SAILORS AT SEA STILL TALK ABOUT VADAKAYIL WHO NEEDED A FULL REM SLEEP SESSION AFTER A BRAIN STORMING SESSION ,BEFORE HE TOOK A  MAJOR DECISION..  and when i have my rem sleep nobody dare disturb me.. THEY SAY HHUSSSHHH LION CAPT VADAKAYIL IS TAKING A CRITICAL DECISION EVEN AS HE SLEEPS.. truth reveals only when you dump preconceived notions..  dr robert malone is the founder of mRNA technology.. the jewish vaccine lobby punished him when he spoke in favour of miracle drug ivermectin.. i agree with dr robert malone when he says a single high dose of ivermectin can stop covid -19 on its tracks ..  all it giants blocked dr robert malone.. like how they blocked vadakayil..after all dr malonee is supposed to support mrna vaccines – his baby.. dr robert malone revealed how the kosher vaccine lobby is blocking truths of vaccine related deaths and injuries .  even LinkedIn suspended dr Robert malone’s account..  watch dr robert malone in the video below—..####   ####... JUST WHO THE HELL IS A RAT LIKE DR VINAY PRASAD IN FRONT OF GIANT DR ROBERT MALONE?.. ####   ####...NOW ASTRAZENECA IS ARM TWISTING ICMR TO MIX INDIAN COVAXIN  WITH THEIR SHIT VACCINE COVISHIELD WHICH THE POONAWALAS MAKE IN PUNE SERUM INSTITUTE..  mind you billionaire poonawalas made the almighty jump from clandestine race horse serum to human vaccines.. i guess these parsis sponsored by bill gates got spontaneous knowledge..  unlike the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Mrna vaccines, which store the instructions in single-stranded RNA, the astrazeneca/ covishould vaccine uses double-stranded DNA.   They used a CHIMPANZEE ADENOVIRUS, known as ChAdOx1 to enter the human cell. MIXING ASTRAZENECA WITH COVAXIN IS MOST DANGEROUS. To create covaxin, bharat biotech used a sample of the coronavirus isolated by india’s national institute of virology.  they doused these isolated viruses with a chemical called beta-propiolactone. the compound disabled the coronaviruses by bonding to their genes. the inactivated coronaviruses could no longer replicate ( sic )... but their proteins, including spike, remained intact.  they then drew off the inactivated viruses and mixed them with  an aluminum-based compound called an adjuvant. . aluminum adjuvants has absolutely no biological role inside your body and is, in fact, a demonstrated neurotoxin that leads to long-term brain inflammation,( myelin sheath damage) .. modi and jp nadda ( a criminal fixer like our new gujarati health minister ) gave our new born babies shots of flu vaccine using aluminium adjuvants – and baad boy vadakayil stopped it. in india nobody dies of flue.. we treat flu akin to common cold unlike usa where 70,000 americans die annually of flu.. read all 4 parts of the post below- ####   ####.. drinking soft drinks ( like acidic coke which used white phosphoric acid  ) which use aluminium cans damage your brain myelin sheath.. ####   ####.. i am a world expert on phosphoric acid. i was a pioneer in setting standards at sea. i am no shit ass motor mouth like dr vinay prasad who thinks that talking faaast in a glib manner can impress the shit of intelligent world denizens.. ####   ####... the post below has been sent to modi more than 60 times. ####   ####.... all know that vadakayil saved an eminent indian surgeon from being sacrificed by criminal org ima to save the kosher drug lobby who mixed up drugs in a mindless manner , damaging the liver..####   ####...IMAGINE PZIFER IS NOW TRYING TO PIGGY BACK NAY BROWN NOSE ASTRAZENECA ( COVISHIELD ) BY SAYING THAT IF PFIZER BOOSTER SHOTS ARE USED ON INDIANS AFTER INITIAL ASTRAZENACA ( COVISHIELD ) VACCINE SHOT, IT WILL BE EFFECTIVE..  ####  ####.. ALL KNOW THAT VADAKAYIL STOPPED PRETEEN INDIAN SCHOOL GIRLS FROM BEING VACCINATED WITH DANGEROUS HPV VACCINES –LIKE GUINEA PIGS- WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION.. ####   ####...lakhs of indian babies were killed by opv  ( oral polio drops ).. bill gates and Amitabh bachchan ( of panama papers fame- paise keliye kuchch bhi ) are responsible. ####   ####... HUNDREDS OF TRAITOR INDIANS IN THE PAYROLL OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE MUST BE HUNG UNDER NUREMBERG TRIALS.. ####   ####... ICMR MUST BE DISSOLVED.. THEY DO NOTHING ON THEIR OWN… ALL THEY DO IS TO DANCE TO THEIR JEWISH MASTERS..  LISTEN UP INDIANS --OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE AT STAKE.  CHILDLESS MODI JUST WANTS A NOBEL PRIZE.. ####   ####... VACCINES CANNOT BE MIXED LIKE RUM AND VODKA IN A BAR..  if you mix covaxin and covishield, the result will be degradation of our future babies with loss of thinking power/ down syndrome/ homosexuality..  among the living it will cause auto immune diseases and activation of dormant prions awaiting incubation..


i just watched the closing ceremony of tokyo olymic games.. it is time to bust the lie of olympic games. THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES WAS HELD BY KERALA THIYYA KING of CECROPS I IN 1506 BC..  the greeks remember their first king as a mythical ruler who was a snake below his waist.. the reason is that he had a huge kerala king cobra as his pet which he kept in the saraswati temple ( athena ) now called parthenon at athens..  ATHENS IS SEVEN CENTURIES OLDER THAN ROME.  the eruption of the volcano on the Island of Thera ( Santorine ) forced the Kerala Thiyyas to flee from Thera and Crete because of a massive tsunami and smoke. KERALA THIYYA QUEEN DIDO WAS ALSO KNOWN AS THE WANDERING SEA QUEEN AS SHE SPENT HER TIME BETWEEN GLORIOUS ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS SHE FOUNDED --  GREECE ( ATHENS ) , CARTHAGE ( TUNISIA ) , CORDOBA ( SPAIN ) , ALEXANDRIA ( EGYPT ) , TRIPOLI ( LEBANON ), CYRENE ( LIBYA ), UGARIT ( SYRIA ) SARDINIA ( ITALY ) ETC .. though a mere agent of the richest man on the planet, the calicut king, queen dido in her own right was the richest woman on the planet.  KERALA THIYYA KING , ETHRUSCAN RAMA , FOUNDED THE CITY OF  ROME ON 21ST APRIL 850 BCE.  I am an ethruscan  ####   ####...  today you can see acropolis on top of a hill. acropolis as built by kerala thiyya king cecrops i 3520 years ago.  it was initially a fort.  IT IS A LIE THAT THE FIRST OLYMPIC GAMES STARTED IN 776 BC . . THE ONLY TRUTHFUL CO-RELATION IS THAT THE FIRST SHIFTED GAMES AT THE CITY OF OLYMPIA IN THE GREEK CITY-STATE OF ELIS WAS IN 776 B.C .. THE FIRST OLYMPIC FLAME WAS LIT FROM THE HINDU TEMPLE OF HERA BY THE  VESTAL VIRGINS, THE HINDU PRIESTESSES OF VESTA..  the vestal virgins were attached to the shiva temple at the foot of mount olympus ( revered like mount kailash ).. mount olympus  is the highest mountain in greece..  ancient greeks worshipped shiva , which christian historians  converted to zeus..  . they believed that he lived atop mount olympus where the highest peak is called mytikas.  the entrance to the olympic stadium at olympia still stands after 2720 years. i have touched this..  i have put a picture in the post below.. ####   ####... TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THE OLYMPICS WAS A HINDU EVENT, THE WHITE HISTORIANS HAVE WRITTEN LIES THAT A 1000 COWS WERE SLAUGHTERED AS  BLOOD SACRIFICE BEFORE THE ANCIENT GAMES...  only 15 pillars of the original hindu shiva temple at olympia is still standing, 2 in the south-west corner and 13 at the south-east corner the fell into disuse after being pillaged during a barbarian invasion arranged by the jewish  pope..  all popes from 325 ad , the time christianity / jesus/ bible/ torah and the post of pope was created were jews, till islam was founded. .  ####   ####...  all temples / majestic structures in rome till 325 ad were hindu..  all roman emperors and senators since rome was founded by king rama ( romulus ), a kerala thiyya hindu etruscan were hindus..  roman kings and senators shifted to istanbul from rome and spoke greek ( just because helena was greek ) .  can you believe this?. ####   ####...  the pope was left alone in rome / vatican with an instruction— destroy every vestige of evidence / information that the glory of rome belonged to hindus from kerala, india.. destroy every evidence that jesus christ was cooked up based on the life of kerala sage apolloius of tyana from kerala. the jewish pope did well. the pope bribed foreign vandals/ visigoths and sacked his own bastion rome three times to destroy all magnificient temples built for kerala sage apollonius of tyana.. the present ruins you see in rome is a result of that. to kill rome as a city , the vandals / visigoths ( cannibals paid in pepper by the jew pope ) cut of fresh water supply by damaging critical parts of the roman aqueducts built by founder kerala thiyya king rama ( romulus ) .. the major sack of rome on 24 august 410 ad was undertaken by the visigoths – bribed by jew pope innocent i..  THE ANCIENT GREEK OLYMPICS WHICH RAN CONTINUOUSLY F ROM 1506 BC TO 393 AD   EVERY FOUR YEAR WAS BANNED, WHEN THE EMPEROR THEODOSIUS I DECREED THAT ALL PAGAN CULTS AND PRACTICES BE ELIMINATED..  theodosius i also called theodosius the great, was the roman emperor in istanbul-- when . jew siricius was pope in rome.  On 23 June 1894 , the ancient Olympic Games were reborn , revived by rothschild’s french agent pierre de coubertin..  between 1896 and 1925, he was ioc president.  the first olympic games of the modern era were held in 1896 in athens.


somebody called me up and cried..  captain you have set the cat among the pigeons..  people in europe and usa who have been administered mrna vaccines are now shit scared of losing their brain power, getting epilepsy and diseases like alzheimer’s/ parkinson’s and slow incubating prion disease variant creutzfeldt jacob.. you wrote than in the last year of their mangy lives us president ronald regain and uk pm margaret thatcher did not know that they ruled a country..  ####   ####...   captain, if you were an ayurveda physicians could you have cured these two criminals.  well—it is a piece of cake.  the cure for degenerative brain disorders is given in 6200 year old ayurvedic text charaka samhita.  as a small boy when i joined my kalari gym, the gurikkal asked me to come long with my father the next morning before sunrise.. both were RSS shakha camp room mates before independence.. he told my father “ when you send you son tomorrow onwards for kalari classes, just give him one cup of black coffee with lot of desi ghee ( humped cow ghee ).. and the he told him certain foods containing too much carbohydrates were banned.. and sunday holiday i had to fast because i was over weight.  while virgin coconut oil could be consumed in excess. today i realize it was nothing but a modern keto diet-lifted from ayurveda.  kalari was as much mental as it was physical..  ####   ####...  VIRGIN COCONUT OIL CONTAINS ABOUT 64% MCTS ( MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES ) AND GRASS EATING HUMPED COW GHEE IS ABOUT 42% MCTS..  ####   ####...  according to ayurveda, having ghee in the morning on an empty stomach treats the body like rasa, which is a major source of nutrition for every single cell in the body.  important: intermittent fasting along with supplementary medium-chain triglycerides ( ghee/ virgin coconut oil ) is a sure shot method to prevent sars-cov-2 infection.  the western doctor does not know that alzheimer's is a result of metabolic dysfunction in the brain.  the evil jewish pharma makes sure that such truths are not taught in medical colleges.. they want to make money.. no allopathy doctor likes a healthy man unlike ayurvedic doctors who intends / prays for you by chanting a sanskrit mantra before he administers any medicine or treatment..  the brain is like a modern hybrid engine which can run or electricity or petrol..  THE BRAIN HAS  A UNIQUE ABILITY TO GET ITS FUEL FROM GLUCOSE OR KETONES, BUT IN THE ALZHEIMER'S BRAINS THERE IS A FUNDAMENTAL GENETIC DEFICIT IN THE BRAIN'S ABILITY TO USE GLUCOSE.    the brain, which is progressively becoming deficient in its ability to use glucose, is now crying out for help;  it's starving in the midst of plenty.  the body is swimming in a sea of glucose ( provided by sugary soft drinks/ processed foods/ transfats/ white bread/ french fries ), but the brain just can't use it.  THE AVERAGE PERSON IS EATING INSULIN-SPIKING FOODS SO FREQUENTLY, THERE'S NEVER ANY KETONES AVAILABLE TO THE BRAIN.  ketosis is a metabolic state in which there’s a high concentration of ketones in the blood. this happens when healthy fat ( like ghee/ virgin coconut oil ) provides most of the fuel for the body, and there’s limited access to glucose. glucose (blood sugar) is the preferred fuel source for many cells in the body.  . PARENTS WHO ARE DESPAIRING OVER THEIR SMALL CHILDREN HAVING EPILEPSY—LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD.. SAME WITH PEOPLE WHOSE AGED PARENTS CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING..  evil jewish pharma would like to hook them on to dangerous modern drugs which treats only symptoms for a short time –this is easy money.. KETOGENIC DIETS  HAVE BENEFITS AGAINST DIABETES AND CANCER—BUT KOSHER PHARMA WANTS THIS TRUTH TO BE HIDDEN. .  when eating a very low carb diet, levels of the hormone insulin go down and fatty acids are released from body fat stores in large amounts.  many of these fatty acids are transported to the liver, where they’re oxidized and turned into ketones (or ketone bodies). these molecules can provide energy for the body.  unlike fatty acids, ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier and provide energy for the brain in the absence of glucose.  the blood-brain barrier (bbb), formed by the brain capillary endothelial cells, provides a protective barrier between the systemic blood and the extracellular environment of the cns.  reduction in carbs increase of healthy mct fats and intermittent fasting puts your body into this metabolic state called ketosis.  Ketosis is a process that happens when your body doesn't have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead, it burns fat and makes things called ketones, which it can use for fuel.  Ketone bodies, together with lactate, are the main alternative fuels for the brain and BOTH ARE ABLE TO CROSS THE BLOOD–BRAIN BARRIER through monocarboxylate transporters  in endothelial cells and astroglia.. read this line twice..  Ketone bodies  bypass the blood-brain barrier via passive diffusion  and enter extrahepatic tissues (e.g., brain, heart and skeletal muscle) via monocarboxylate transporters to provide an alternative oxidative fuel source during periods of low CHO availability, such as fasting..  Ketone bodies confer protection against oxidative stress in neocortical neurons..  BHB   (Beta-hydroxybutyrate )  a major ketone is a more efficient fuel than glucose, providing more energy per unit oxygen used..   The primary function of BHB is to act as a cellular energy source.. BHB doesn't only aid the body when it goes into ketosis, but it also provides energy to all parts of the body including the brain.  Ketone esters  impact anxiety for the better. .  Being in a state of ketosis increases production of a common neurotransmitter in the brain called GABA. .  Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain. Neurotransmitters function as chemical messengers. GABA is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter because it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system.  various anxiety disorders result from dysfunctional GABA activity. Low GABA levels is linked to clinical depression..  Eating a fermented foods like humped cow a2 milk derived yoghurt help to increase GABA levels.. The main function of the Krebs cycle is to produce energy, stored and transported as ATP ..  S-Acetyl CoA is needed to fuel the Krebs cycle ..  Energy for the body comes from the digestion and metabolic breakdown of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and protein) in the diet. The body prioritizes carbohydrate metabolism due to their availability from the diet and from stored glycogen in the liver and in muscles, chemically converting them through hydrolysis to glucose, which is oxidatively broken down through glycolysis to S-acetyl coenzyme A (or S-acetyl CoA).  .  Fats can be broken down hydrolytically to fatty acids that metabolically produce S-acetyl CoA for the Krebs cycle. This occurs through a repetitive β-oxidation process in the mitochondrion of liver cells (mostly). .NORMALLY, THESE TWO PATHWAYS TO S-ACETYL COA ARE COMPLEMENTARY AND CAREFULLY REGULATED METABOLICALLY.   WHEN PUSHED BEYOND THIS REGULATION BY DIETARY CONSUMPTION OR BY THE BODY’S IMMEDIATE ENERGY NEEDS, THE TWO PATHWAYS CAN BECOME INTENSELY COMPETITIVE.   by limiting the availability of carbohydrates in the diet and the accumulation of stored glucose (glycogen reserves), the body can switch to the use of dietary or stored fats to produce the S-acetyl CoA needed for the Krebs cycle..  When more carbohydrates are consumed, more insulin is released to accelerate the uptake of glucose to replenish glycogen stores, and the process repeats itself..  An average 75 kilo man typically stores around 400 grammes of glycogen in the liver (giving out a day’s worth of energy) but around 40 times that amount in fat deposited inside of adipocytes (fat cells). . if glycogen stores are depleted and no carbohydrates are consumed, the body will begin to break down both dietary triacylglycerides and triacylglycerides contained in adipose cells through the process of lipolysis .  Patients with Parkinson’s disease have shown improved scores on the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale after four weeks on a ketogenic diet..  ####  ####...  The infusion of β-hydroxybutyric acid  protects against dopaminergic neurodegeneration induced by neurotoxins that mimic the effects of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease..  Protein aggregation is a process in which misfolded proteins clump together to form well-structured fibrils that form filaments, known as amyloids. Accumulation of amyloids in the brain tissue correlates with a wide variety of neurodegenerative disease including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington disease, prion disease, and others ..  In the Alzheimer's brain, abnormal levels of this naturally occurring protein   amyloid-β clump together to form plaques that collect between neurons and disrupt cell function..  Amyloid diseases represent a group of more than 30 human diseases, which are characterized by deposition in different tissues of fibrous aggregates of conformationally altered proteins..  amyloid plaques are composed of prion proteins (PrP), which form filaments of relatively uniform diameter..  a prion (short for proteinaceous infectious particle) is a unique type of infectious agent, as it is made only of protein..  prions are even smaller and simpler than viruses or viroids. they're misshapen strands of protein that can somehow cause neighboring proteins to bend out of shape themselves..  prions are virus-like organisms made up of a prion protein. these elongated fibrils are  aggregations of the protein that makes up the infectious prion. prions attack nerve cells producing neurodegenerative brain disease.  prions are a subclass of amyloids in which protein aggregation becomes self-perpetuating and infectious.  protein misfolding diseases  involve the accumulation of an abnormally aggregated form of the normal host prion protein (PrP)..  you can  prevent the accumulation of amyloid plaque – a key feature of alzheimer's disease – by eliminating a class of molecules called heparan sulfates that form on brain cells..  the conversion of cellular prion protein (PrPC) to disease-provoking conformer (PrPSc) is crucial in the pathogenesis of prion diseases.  heparin enhances mammalian prion protein misfolding.. the β-amyloid peptide (Aβ) and the abnormally phosphorylated protein tau (P-tau) are deposed in Alzheimer's disease, α-synuclein in Parkinson's disease, and prion protein in an abnormal conformation (known as PrPsc) in prion diseases..   alzheimer's disease is characterized by two types of brain lesions, extracellular accumulation of amyloid plaques made of Aβ peptides, and intraneuronal accumulation of neurofibrillary tangles made of the abnormally phosphorylated protein tau (P-tau) ..  both the accumulation of Aβ peptides in the extracellular matrix and of P-tau inside neurons are critical events in the development and evolution of Alzheimer's disease, and because HS have been found in these protein aggregates in the disease brain .. HS ( heat shock ) proteins  plays a critical role in the mechanisms leading to protein aggregation in Alzheimer's disease.  Heat-shock proteins are named according to their molecular weight..  molecular chaperones, first identified as heat shock proteins (Hsps), help fold newly synthesized proteins, inhibit and reverse the misfolding and aggregation, and assist in the degradation of terminally misfolded proteins, thereby maintaining cellular proteostasis under physiological and stress conditions..  the microtubule associated protein tau (MAPT), or tau, is a protein that participates in microtubule and neuronal cytoskeleton stabilization and in axonal transport. under physiological conditions, tau is a highly soluble protein that shows no tendency to aggregate. however, in the brain of patients affected by alzheimer's disease, this protein is found aggregated in an abnormally phosphorylated form (p-tau) prone to aggregate.. in the pathological brain, P-tau forms paired helical filaments that accumulate inside neurons and grow into neurofibrillary tangles, characteristic of alzheimer's disease and other tauopathies.  amyloid beta and tau are both prions, and Alzheimer’s disease is a double-prion disorder in which these two rogue proteins together destroy the brain..  both Aß and tau are prions even though they propagate more slowly than highly aggressive PrP prions. .  way to prevent the accumulation of amyloid plaque – a key feature of Alzheimer's disease – by eliminating a class of molecules called heparan sulfates that form on brain cells..  criminal orgs  WHO/ US CDC/ NIH/ IMA/ ICMR and your racketeer agents soumya swaminathan / tedros / anthony fauci  / bill gates listen up and listen good –  BAAD BOY VADAKAYIL IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU.. KEEP GREASE ALWAYS AT HAND..YOU BASTARDS !

today i was watching “pawn stars” on history channel.. i watch it just to see to what extent history channel will go to subvert true history. .  as soon as an artifact  is brought in to be sold, the bald head ( jew rick harrison ) will give a false  narrative..  truth is buried..   ####   ####..  TODAY I HEARD RICK HARRISON SAYING THAT NORTH KOREA IS THE BIGGEST COUNTERFEITER OF US CURRENCY ON THE PLANET—  A TERRIFIC LIE.  south korea is a sold out nation.. the south korean leaders are chosen to dance to the tune of the jewish deep state.  north korea is ruled by the patriotic kim family.. kim clan has indian dna..they are not stupid..  ####   ####...  NORTH KOREA CAN NEVER FORGIVE THE JAPANESE..  ONLY KOREANS DIED WHEN AMERICA NUKE BOMBED HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI.. THE JAPANESE WERE KEPT IN PLACES WHERE THEY WOULD SURVIVE.. JAPAN NEVER EXPECTED THE POWER OF NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVTY ABD THIS CAUSED SEVERE INJURIES AND DELAYED DEATHS..  ####   ####...  north korea is the riches t nation on the planet because they have abundant reserves of rare earths..  ####   ####...  MAO WAS A JEW.. THE DEEP STATE EXPECTS TO INSTALL A JEW AS NORTH KOREA’S FUTURE RULER, SO THAT THEY CAN STEAL AT WILL…  ####   ####...  JAPAN OWES THE KOREANS AN APOLOGY..  the japanese emperor ( an agent of jew rothschild ) knew weeks in advance that hiroshima/ nagasaki would be nuked..  even today the jaopanese do not know that their silly puppet emperor was converted to god by jew rothschild..  ####   ####... in the 1889 meiji constitution ( cooked up by rothschild ) . article 3 of this constitution stated in its entirety ‘the emperor is sacred and inviolable’..  as soon as israel was carved out, rothschild made the jap emperor hirohito declare to his people that he is no longer god..  shogun was the title of the powerful military dictators of japan during most of the period spanning from 1185 to 1868.  the institution, as the shogunate , persisted for nearly 700 years, ending when tokugawa yoshinobu relinquished the office to emperor meiji in 1867 as part of the meiji restoration caused by jew rothschild.  during the 1850s and 1860s, the shogunate was severely harassed and pressured by jew rothschild.  upon japan's surrender after world war ii, american army general douglas macarthur became japan's de facto ruler during the years of occupation. so great was his influence in japan that he has been dubbed the gaijin shōgun by rothschild’s media and also by the emperor..  macarthur had taken his photo with emperor hirohito and splashed it in all japanese newspaper where the top part of emperors head came only upto his nipples . the japs were shell shocked as they always considered their emperor as a huge god..larger than life..  the meiji restoration of 1868 toppled the long-reigning tokugawa shoguns .. rothschild provided long range guns and rockets to the emperor to screw the shogun.. you must have seen the hollywood movie " the last samurai"..  when commodore perry forced japan to trade with rothschild the power of the shogunate was broken. the samurai with swords could not face log range guns—they became obsolete and lost their power and prestige. the emperor became the most powerful figure in japanese society and government replacing the shogun..  two powerful clans controlled and funded by jew rothschild joined forces in early 1868 to seize power as part of an “imperial restoration” named for emperor meiji.  all tokugawa lands were seized and placed under "imperial control", thus placing them under the prerogative of the new meiji government- a puppet govt controlled by jew rothschild..  a 16-year old stupid emperor, mejii, had just taken the japanese throne. his advisors, bribed by rothschild, sought to modernize japan .. the rothschild central banking system, a legal system and a parliament were created.  america knew about the impending attack on pearl harbour well in advance.. information leaked by emperor hirohito.. it was rothschilds plan to draw america into war at the right time.  the best ships including the air craft carriers ., u.s.s. enterprise and u.s.s. lexington, were sent out of pearl harbour.. only expendable ships and crewwere left inside to be sacrificed..  ####   ####...   JAPANESE PM TOJO WAS SACRIFICED BY THE EMPEROR TO SAVE HIS OWN ASS.   tojo was forced to resign as prime minister on july 22, 1944. after japan's surrender in september 1945, tojo was arrested, convicted by the international military tribunal for the far east, sentenced to death, and hanged on december 23, 1948.  as american soldiers surrounded tojo's house on september 11, he shot himself in the chest with a pistol but missed his heart. as he bled, tojo began to talk, and two japanese reporters recorded his words: "i am very sorry it is taking me so long to die.”..  after recovering from his injuries, tojo was moved to sugamo prison. while there, he received a new set of dentures, made by an american dentist, into which the phrase "remember pearl harbor" had been secretly drilled in morse code..  after the american atomic bombings of japan in august 1945, the emperor decreed that japan would accept allied terms for surrender in world war ii. in doing so, he defied die-hard generals who contended that japan should continue to fight..  thus in a national radio broadcast on aug. 15, 1945, he told the japanese people that they should ''bear the unbearable and endure the unendurable'' …  emperor hirohito knew well in advance about the atomic bombs to fall on hiroshima and nagasaki.  HE REPLACED JAPS WITH KOREANS DAYS BEFORE THE ATOMIC BOMBS FELL.  no japanese monarch lived or ruled as long; hirohito's reign lasted more than 62 years, beginning with the death of his father, emperor taisho, on christmas day 1926. all thanks to a grateful jew Rothschild..  rothschild agent macarthur's job to shield the emperor from indictment and to have all the blame taken by tojo were successful ..  the allied commander macarthur would use the emperor, and the emperor would cooperate in being used. their relationship became one of expediency and mutual protection, of more political benefit to hirohito than to macarthur because hirohito had more to lose–the entire panoply of symbolic, legitimizing properties of the imperial throne". .  to protect the emperor from being indicted, macarthur had one of his staff, brigadier general bonner fellers tell the genrō admiral mitsumasa yonai on 6 march 1946:--- ..  “ to counter this situation, it would be most convenient if the japanese side could prove to us that the emperor is completely blameless. i think the forthcoming trials offer the best opportunity to do that. tojo, in particular should be made to bear all responsibility at his trial. i want you to have tojo say as follows: "at the imperial conference prior to the start of the war, i already decided to push for war even if his majesty the emperor was against going to war with the united states."….  horrific and sadistic human experiments were done by japs on chinese.. the jap emperor would make sure that the results went to the jews of usa.. ####   ####..  ALL THROUGH EMPEROR HIROHITO WAS PERSISTENT IN THE IDEA THAT THE EMPEROR OF JAPAN SHOULD BE CONSIDERED A DESCENDANT OF THE GODS, AS REQUIRED BY JEW ROTHSCHILD.. ####   ####...TODAY THE GRANDSON OF JEW JOSEPH GOEBBELS ( JEW HITLER’S PROPAGANDA MINISTER ) IS MANAGING THE  UK VACCINE PASSPORT COMPANY “ENTRUST”.. ####   ####... ####   ####...


a foul kosher lie is being propagated by scare mongering using media to vaccinate small children with useless covid vaccines. ..RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS CAUSED FLU IS NOT COVID CREATED BY SARS COV-2..  IT IS AS DIFFERENT AS CHEESE AND CHALK..  US CDC / WHO and NIH are telling lies..  normal healthy children get respiratory syncytial virus (rsv)..   it's so common that most children on the planet have been infected with the virus by age centuries before covid was born...   this is not covid ..  in the last decade  ( pre-covid era )  rsv sent more than 72,000 american children to the hospital ( average ).. important : in the pre-covid era some 201,000 older adults are hospitalized for rsv each year in the united states, and 21,000 of them die.. TODAY RSV DEATHS ARE BEING PROJECTED AS COVID DEATHS SO THAT THE VACCINE LOBBY CAN MAKE MONEY ..respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) causes infections of the lungs and respiratory tract. most children and adults recover in one to two weeks..   children can get infected by rsv more than once..  rsv is the most common cause of inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) or the lungs' airways (bronchiolitis) in infants. these complications can occur when the virus spreads to the lower respiratory tract.. no vaccine exists for respiratory syncytial virus..  before the covid-19 pandemic, about 3.2 million children worldwide were infected with rsv each year, and it was the third  most common cause of death in young children.  india has very less cases of rsv in children..  the vaccine lobby tried to inject indian babies with rsv vaccines.. vaccines cannot do a shit.  baad boy vadakayil stopped it..  read all 4 parts of the post below..  ####   ####...  INDIAN BABIES WHO HAVE VAGINAL DELIVERIES AND BREAST FEEDING DON’T SUFFER FROM RSV..  the west is inundated by allergy problems due to c-section , ivf deliveries and lack of breast feeding .. in hindu tradition when a baby boy is born, the father is not allowed to handle the baby till the 16 day.. on the 16th day, the father takes a bath, puts some ganges water ( containing bacteriophages ) on his scalp and squeezes some water from his hair from his kudumi ( shika ) into the babys mouth .. after that he will cuddle the child allowing skin to skin contact.. this is no savage superstition. .  VADAKAYIL’S TIP:  the big difference between flu and rsv is the way symptoms begin. the flu usually starts with a high fever along with aches and pains. rsv starts out as a cold -- sometimes with fever -- but mainly a cold that leads to coughing, fast breathing and wheezing.  THERE IS NO SPECIFIC TREATMENT OR VACCINE FOR RSV INFECTION—ONLY SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT.  RSV IS A VIRUS LIKE FLU AND COMMON COLD , AND ANTIBIOTICS / VACCINES WON’T WORK..   STUPID DOCTORS WANT TO INJECT SMALL BABIES WITH COVID VACCINES WHICH DON’T WORK..  vaccine lobby  agents like illiterate childless modi are jumping up and down like cocaine snorting orangutans.. modi has appointed a gujarati fixer as his new health minister—this fellow does not know english.  there are stupid doctors who cannot differentiate between typhoid and malaria in india..  they pay money ( 90 lakhs bribe ) to get into medical colleges.  INDIA MUST EQUIP ALL MAJOR HOSPITALS WITH ULTRA HIGH RESOLUTION ELECTRON MICROCOPES. .. electron microscopy (em) is an essential tool in the detection and analysis of virus replication..  the electron microscope produces higher resolution images than the light microscope; because the wavelength of an electron is smaller than visible light..  em enables live imaging of cells and tissues with high-resolution analysis. em can determine functional features of viruses. rt-pcr tests are useless.  transmission electron microscopy (tem) is the only imaging technique allowing the direct visualization of viruses, due to its nanometerscale resolution. the advantage of the transmission electron microscope is that it magnifies specimens to a much higher degree than an optical microscope. magnification of 10,000 times or more is possible, which allows scientists to see extremely small structures..  in a tem, a monochromatic beam of electrons is accelerated through a potential of 40 to 100 kilovolts (kv) and passed through a strong magnetic field that acts as a lens. the resolution of a tem is about 0.2 nanometers (nm)..  ####   ####...  ISRAEL IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF ADE ( ANTIBODY DEPENDANT ENHANCEMENT ).. i had predicted ade 14 months ago, but google a racketeer of the kosher evil pharma deleted it.  so later i put this as a wordpress post three months ago..  here is a poll i conducted.. 2134 voters agee and zero disagree..  ####   ####...  ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT ENHANCEMENT (ADE) IS OCCURRING, IN WHICH ANTIBODIES GENERATED DURING AN IMMUNE RESPONSE CAN BIND TO A PATHOGEN, BUT ARE UNABLE TO PREVENT INFECTION – INSTEAD ACTING AS A TROJAN HORSE.  this allows the virus to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.


Somebody called me up and cried.. Captain..  You have again set the cat among the pigeons..  now all are worried about children dying of RSV which is a known killer of children for past several decades, what with RSV being deliberately clubbed as Covid...  ####   ####..  captain, you are the only thinker on this planet.. you have written that not a single vaccine works for covif.. can you suggest a magic bullet drug for RSV  other than NAC? ..  Indeed I shall…  THIOL-BASED DRUG  BUCILLAMINE CAN TREAT SEVERE COVID-19 AND RSV... Bucillamine (N-(mercapto-2-methylpropionyl)-l-cysteine)  a cysteine derivative that contains two donatable thiol groups, is capable of replenishing the thiol group in glutathione, thereby reactivating this endogenous defense against oxidant injury.   Bucillamine rapidly enters cells by the same mechanism that normally transports the amino acid cysteine.  Bucillamine is a more potent thiol donor than other cysteine derivatives..  ####   ####..  Glutathione (GSH) is referred to as the body's master antioxidant. Composed of three amino acids - cysteine, glycine, and glutamate - glutathione can be found in virtually every cell of the human body.  N-ACETYLCYSTEINE (NAC) IS A THIOL DONOR..  Glutathione (GSH) comprises the bulk of the pool of free thiol groups in biological systems..  BUCILLAMINE  INCREASES GLUTATHIONE ACTIVITY..  Glutathione is liver's natural antioxidant..  NAC too helps replenish glutathione..  NAC is an immediate  chemical precursor to glutathione.. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a derivative of the amino acid cysteine. When consumed, NAC gets absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, sent to the liver, and converted to cysteine. The liver uses cysteine to produce glutathione, which then enters the bloodstream and gets distributed throughout the body…  EVEN TODAY MODERN SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO REGENERATE THE DAMAGED LIVER.. The 6200 year old ayurevdic text has the only remedy—a herb called Kizhar Nelli..  ####   ####...  GRAPHENE OXIDE USED IN PFIZER’S MRNA VACCINE  BLOCKS DETOXIFICATION IN THE BODY BY BLOCKING GLUTATHIONE..  NAC inhibits RSV infection and mucin release in human A549 cells.  In RSV affected baby's lungs, it actually sounds like Rice Krispies in the lungs; it's all crackly.  RSV primarily infects respiratory epithelial cells..  Sputum contains bronchial epithelial cells from the central airways..  Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections have been associated with the exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This virus infects the respiratory epithelium, leading to chronic inflammation, and induces the release of mucins and the loss of cilia activity, two factors that determine mucus clearance and the increase in sputum volume. . These alterations involve reactive oxygen species-dependent mechanisms. The antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) has proven useful in the management of COPD, reducing symptoms, exacerbations, and accelerated lung function decline..  A549 cells are adenocarcinomic human alveolar basal epithelial cells ..  The diameter of A549 cells from inverted microscopy and TEM images was 14.93 μm and 10.59 μm.  A549 cells are permissive to RSV infection and express genes characteristic of a proinflammatory response..  Disulfide-thiol balance is critical for viral entry into the host cell.  The thiol to disulfide balance of critical Cys residues of the COVID-19 spike protein and the ACE-2 receptor may influence the risk of infection and the severity of the disease..   Cysteine residues are small, relatively hydrophobic amino acids that are often buried in the protein core ..  Age-dependent decline of LMW thiol/disulfide ratio of the extracellular fluids, plays a role in promoting the physical (protein-protein) interaction of CoV-2 and the host cell in the airways.  Binding of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to ACE2 is disabled by thiol-based drugs ..  Thiol-based mucolytics  reduce the secretion of mucus by breaking down disulfides formed between molecules within mucus, thus helping clear airway obstruction and reduce airway inflammation and infection. They are as safe, as  N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)..  Thiol-based mucolytics exhibit antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 through allosteric disulfide disruption in the spike glycoprotein ..  Thiol-based drugs decrease the viscosity and mostly decrease the elasticity of bronchial secretions by reducing disulfide bonds in proteins.  ####   ####...  Thiol-based drugs, cysteamine and WR-1065 (the active metabolite of amifostine) in particular, decrease binding of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to its receptor, decrease the entry efficiency of SARS-CoV-2 spike pseudotyped virus, and inhibit SARS-CoV-2 live virus infection..  NAC is an exogenous thiol.. Exogenous factors come from the environment and cause disease in a person.


DRUG REPOSITIONING IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR..   we the denizens of the planet will not allow Jewish vaccine lobby to arm twist WHO/ US CDC/ NIH / ICMR and brand IVERMECTIN as an anti scabies drug or n-acetylcysteine (NAC) as a drug to treat paracetamol overdose or BUCILLAMINE as an anti-artritis drug.. THE JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY KNOWS THAT THESE THREE DRUGS IVERMECTIN/ N-ACETYLCYSTEINE/ BUCILLAMINE CAN TREAT COVID AND DO AWAY WITH VACCINES WHICH DON’T WORK AND CAUSE SARS COV-2 VIRUS TO MUTATE INSIDE VACCINATED HUMANS.  for the uninitiated, DRUG REPOSITIONING is the re-purposing of an approved drug for the treatment of a different disease or medical condition than that for which it was originally developed..  somebody asked me—captain why did ancient Kerala people not use specs?   The reason is 6200 year old Charaka Samhita prescribed foods which caused liver to produce more GLUTATHIONE .. Glutathione plays an important role in the repair of liver injury and regeneration of liver.. EVEN TODAY MODERN SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO REGENERATE THE DAMAGED LIVER.. The 6200 year old ayurevdic text has the only remedy—a herb called Kizhar Nelli..  ####   ####...  Unlike most antioxidants, which come from plant sources, the human body naturally produces glutathione in the liver. however, glutathione levels naturally decrease with age..  Low glutathione levels cause age-related conditions, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.  Eating sulfur rich foods  increase glutathione levels in the body.   Jew Rothschild created more than 1000 fake mutts.. These fake mutts caused Hindus to reject Sulphur rich onion and garlic by creating fake stories of spilt blood of asuras rahu and ketu ( Samudra Manthan ) . . TODAY THE KSHATRIYA BLOOD WITHIN THE HINDU HAS DRIED UP MAKING HIM AN ABJECT COWARD..  Hindus were asked by 1000 fake mutts to  stop eating testosterone boosting   garlic and onion – or we will burn in hell ( there is no heaven of hell in Sanatana Dharma )…  Jew Rothschild used his agent Gandhi to propagate this foul lie..  Gandhi eschewed  onions and garlic  and he was very vocal about this in a unsolicited manner. Sulfur occurs in several amino acids, two of which — methionine and cysteine — are precursors for glutathione and therefore contribute to its synthesis trusted source. Today in india we have ISKCON cult and AKSHAYA PATRA which provide school meals without onion and garlic— childless Modi and criminal Mohandas Pai are in cahoots.  IT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO CONSUME ONLY HUMPED COW A2 MILK AND REJECT HUMPLESS WESTERN COW TOXIC A1 MILK.    A2 BETA CASEIN PROTEIN TRIPLES THE DISEASE-FIGHTING ANTIOXIDANT GLUTATHIONE (GSH)..  The structure of A2 HUMPED cow’s milk protein is more comparable to human breast milk. Digestion of A1 type milk produces a peptide called β-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7..  . Upon digestion, A1 β-casein milk of western humpless releases BCM-7, which is a bioactive peptide 7 amino acid.. BCM-7 level is five times higher in variant A1 of β-casein digested proteolyzed milk than the BCM-7 level of A2 milk..  BCM-7 from A1 humpless cow milk is most harmful..  during this covid pandemic is has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths on the planet.  Children who drink humpless cow A1 milk before a math exams score very poor marks..  A higher level of BCM-7 consumption ( humpless cow A1 milk )  is associated with neurological disorders, such as autism and schizophrenia. Depression of the brain-stem respiratory  centers  occur in infants due to the ingestion of the opioid peptides like BCM-7, which is derived from A1 milk of humpless western cows. Evil jewish pharma wants humans to consume A1 milk which lower their body immunity. The humpless western cows are worse than pigs..  Childless Modi is a traitor who dances to the tune of the Jewish deep state.  Modi has caused lakhs of deaths in India , he is responsible for humongous crimes against humanity and will face NUREMBERG trials... Jewish Deep state cannot save him..  ####   ####...


anti-vaccine lobbysist president of tanzania john magufuli was murdered by the jewish vaccine lobby as per my sources.  tanzania with a population of 63 million had zero cases of covid deaths..  the deaths per million in tanzania was the least on the planet- yes the least –when nobody was vaccinated.   life went on as usual..  the handful of people ( nine ) who died,  died of other diseases in tanzanian hospitals not sars-cov 2....  THE NEW PRO-VACCINE TANZANIAN PRESIDENT SAMIA SULUHU HASSAN  HAS BEEN CHOSEN BY THE JEWSH DEEP STATE .. THE HOUR SHE SAT ON THE PRESIDENT’S CHAIR SHE ORDRED VACCINES..  tanzanians have now started getting affected by covid pandemic..  ####   ####...  anti-vaccine president of haiti jovenel moïse was shot dead by merceneries sent by the jewish vaccine lobby.   during his rule there were zero deaths from covid..  life went on as usual in haiti which has 13 million peop-le..  . people who died in haiti hospitals died due to some other diseases.  THE NEW PRO-VACCINE PRESIDENT OF HAITI  ARIEL HENRY IS CHOSEN BY THE JWISH DEEP STATE .   THE HOUR HE BECAME PRESIDENT HE ORDERED VACCINES.. ####   ####... pm of ivory coast  hamed bakayoko who was anti-vaccine was murdered..  ivory coast had 28 million unvaccinated people.. nobody died of covid..  life went on as usual.. THE NEW PM PATRICK ACHI IS PRO-VACCINE AND AN AGENT OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE. THE HOUR HE SAT ON THE PM CHAIR, HE ORDERED FOR VACCINES.. ####   ####... NOW ALL USELESS COVID VACCINES ABOUT TO EXPIRE WILL BE DUMPED IN TANZANIA/ HAITI/ IVORY COAST..  all african leaders are now running scared.. they have to accept useless kosher vaccines which are about to expire.. so what else is new ?. ####   ####..

Blocking TMPRSS2  is an effective clinical therapy for COVID-19. .  Aprotinin is a serine protease inhibitor, which can  inhibit TMPRSS2 and is a treatment option for Covid ..  APROTININ INHIBITS SARS-COV-2 REPLICATION..   IVERMECTIN can also do the same thing.. Aprotinin, is also known as bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI)..  Bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor (BPTI) is a small protein consisting of 58 amino acids and stabilized by three disulfide bonds…  TMPRSS2 is an endothelial cell surface protein that is involved in the viral entry and spread of SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID19.    When a protease inhibitor blocks protease, the virus cannot multiply, and it stops spreading.  Transmembrane serine protease 2 (TMPRSS2) is a cell surface protein primarily expressed by endothelial cells across the respiratory and digestive tracts. as a serine protease, it is involved in the cleaving peptide bonds of proteins that have serine as the nucleophilic amino acid within the active site.  blocking TMPRSS2  is an effective clinical therapy for COVID-19. .. I have written about it in detail before in the links below- .  ####   ####...  ####   ####..  ALL COVID VACCINES ARE USELESS..  DRUG REPOSITIONING IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR-…  USE IVERMECTIN/ NAC/ BUCILLAMINE/ APROTININ..  ACCORDING TO SALVES OF THE JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY -- WHO / US CDC / NIH / ICMR, THE PUROSE OF THE SUN IS TO PLAY MONKEY AND SNAKE SHADOW GAMES—DRIPPING FUCKIN’ CUNTS !


NOT A SINGLE VACCINE WORKS AGAINST COVID-19 AS OF TODAY.. THE HOUR IS RIPE TO REPOSITION DRUGS WHICH HAVE BEEN SUPPRESSED BY EVIL JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY ( LIKE IVERMECTIN/ NAC/ BUCILLAMINE/ APROTININ ) . AZITHROMYCIN IS A ANTI-COVID-19 AGENT THAT WORKS THROUGH THE CD147 PROTEIN PATHWAY.. Anaerobic bacteria of lung microbiota is involved in the SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis.   Lungs of healthy people are colonized by microorganisms. Among the bacteria present in the pulmonary microbiota, a significant proportion is anaerobic.. WHILE THE GUT IS ANAEROBIC, THE LUNGS ARE AEROBIC (DURING HEALTH). FOR THE UNITITIATED THE HINDU GODS TRINITY OF BRAHMA/ VISHNU/ SHIVA IS BASICALLY A DANCE OF TWO OPPOSITES ( BRAHMA/ SHIVA ) MEDIATED BY VISHNU WHO HOLDS THE FULCRUM..  Nobody knew why god made a appendix within your body till blogger vadakayil explained it—the first man on the planet to do so. ####   ####...  Orally-introduced microbes must survive the acidic pH of the stomach followed by the alkaline pH of the duodenum during transit to the cecum and colon; at which point, they must ultimately compete for resources within the densely populated microbial communities of the large intestine. The lungs are a different story. The movement of air, mucus and microorganisms in the lungs occurs with minimal physical barriers between the larynx and the most distal sites in the alveoli. This flow occurs in both directions (i.e., “bidirectional”). The end result is that the bacterial populations of the lungs are more dynamic than that those found in the lower GI tract and the opportunity to establish colonization is quite different…  The gastrointestinal tract is of uniform temperature (37 °C) throughout its entire length, while the epithelial surfaces of the upper and lower airways exist in a temperature gradient that ranges from ambient temperature at the point of inhalation to core body temperature in the alveoli..  The vast majority of the lung’s surface area (the alveoli) is coated with surfactant, a lipid-rich substance that has bacteriostatic effects against select bacterial species..  A healthy human inhales 12–15 times per minute at rest, on average, with more than 20% of the air in the lungs being exchanged on each breath. GOD MADE SURE THAT THIS AIR HAS 78% NITROGEN AND JUST 21% OXYGEN FOR PRODUCTION OF NITRIC OXIDE IN PARA SINUSES.  Air that enters the lungs passes through the nasal and oral cavity and across the microbe-laden mucosal surfaces of these sites. All regions of the upper airways are mucus-covered epithelium, with a flow of mucus, resident microbes, trapped particulates and inhaled microbes down the aerodigestive tract (the vast majority moving with salivary flow into the gastrointestinal tract). In addition to air passing through oropharynx, there is a constant flow of saliva carrying resident and ingested oral microbes ( more than 2 liters per day). Further along, in the laryngopharynx, food, fluid, saliva, and mucus is diverted into the esophagus by the epiglottis, a flap of elastic cartilage, while air is diverted into the opening of the larynx and trachea. However, this constant movement of fluid and air through this cavity also creates a biologically significant amount of aerosols, even in healthy individuals. Microaspiration of these aerosols is responsible for the vast majority of the constant microbial seeding of the lower airways from the oral cavity during health and both nasal and oral cavity when nasal mucus flow increases..  Oral microbiome is the primary source of the bacterial microbiota in human lungs during health..  Smoking does not change the lung microbiome, although it does change the nasal microbiome as well as immune function in the airways..  SMOKERS CAN HAVE A BEER TODAY..   Early and severe viral infections, such as respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) alter the long-term immune response of the lung, especially in infants that may not yet have a stable lung microbiome.. ####   ####... A resident phagocyte population (alveolar macrophages) actively patrol the luminal surfaces of the alveoli during health..  Azithromycin is not a mere anti-bacterial anti-biotic..  It has  antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity and will WORK SYNERGISTICALLY with other antiviral treatments..  CD147 molecules have multiple cellular functions, such as migration, adhesion, invasion, energy metabolism and T cell activation.. CD147 is a T cell activation-associated molecule and is involved in T cell development..  CD147 (also known as Basigin or EMMPRIN) is a transmembrane glycoprotein..  ####   ####...  SARS-CoV-2 arrives at the cell either by Pinocytosis or Phagocytosis, or by binding with the ACE-2 / CD147receptor and fusing with cell membrane.   RACKETEERS OF THE VACCINE LOBBY HAS BEEN VERY VEHEMENT ABOUT REJECTING CD147.. check out the post below-..  ####   ####.  Nasal epithelium is known to highly express TMPRSS2, CD147, ACE2  the reason to wear face masks in covid wards.  DRUGS THAT INTERFERE IN THE SPIKE PROTEIN/ CD147 INTERACTION OR CD147 EXPRESSION INHIBITS VIRAL INVASION..   In addition to ACE2, CD147 plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of SARS-COV-2 to invade host cells. Therefore, therapeutic agents that affect the interaction of the CD147 expression and spike protein, including progenitor/stem cells, can inhibit the viral dissemination and invasion amongst other cells.  Treatment with azithromycin reduces the expression of certain metalloproteinases (downstream to CD147) and induces antiviral responses in rhinovirus-infected primary human bronchial epithelial infections, minimizing viral replication and releasing viral infection ..  only cd147, not ace2, is present in red/ white blood cells.   CD147 is an adhesion molecule with a dense  distribution on blood cells..  CD147 is a new receptor for SARS-CoV-2 infection..  The anti-inflammatory effects of azithromycin  reduce cytokine levels that help prevent progression to tissue damage and severe COVID-19..  Azithromycin rapidly prevents Plasmodium falciparum invasion, interfering with vital ligand / receptor interactions and influencing on SARS-CoV-2.  Drugs that interfere in the spike protein / CD147 interaction or CD147 expression inhibit Sars Cov-2  invasion..  AZITHROMYCIN induces anti-viral responses in epithelial cells by increasing levels of interferons and interferon-stimulated proteins and decreasing viral replication and release. This drug decreases expression of metalloproteinases (MMPs; molecules closely related to CD147).  CD147 is utilized by the host for nutrient transport, leukocyte migration and matrix metalloproteinase expression. It is also utilized by multiple human pathogens as a cellular receptor..  ACE2 is a transmembrane dipeptidyl carboxydipeptidases that acts as a functional receptor for the spike glycoprotein.. the transmembrane receptor CD147 can also act as a viral receptor in lieu of ACE-2, and this truth is being suppressed. CD147 has been critically shown to be expressed in the retina as well as the ocular surface, the reason why doctors in covid wards must wear eye protection.  The extracellular nutrient supply for bacteria in the airways, which is severely limited during health, is abruptly increased by the presence of mucus and vascular permeability..  Google is guilty of crimes against humanity by blocking blogger vadakayil and deleting his posts and red flagging his site.. IN THIS COVID ERA DROP PRE-CONCEIVED NOTIONS.. Or the planet will go the MAD COW way.. THERE IS AN URGENT NEED TO PULL BACK THE LENS AND GO FROM MICROSCOPE TUNNEL VISION EARTHWORM MODE TO TELESCOPE CONDOR MODE FREQUENTLY. DO NOT KICK THE SUBJECTIVE INTO THE SHITHOLE OF THE OBJECTIVE..VADAKAYIL DID NOT ALLOW THIS AT SEA DUING 30 YEARS OF SHIP COMMAND, THE REASON WHY HE IS A LIVING LEGEND.. Hey cunt Italian jew dr anthony fauci..  you were most sarcastic when you declared “ SENATOR PAUL RAND, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT” ..  Fauci baby , come and have a live debate on TV with baad boy vadakayil, the only thinker on this planet... I will show you how much you know.. bring a bucket of kosher chrons grease along.. WE ALL KNOW THAT SOUMYA SWAMNINATHAN/ TEDROS / ANTHONY FAUCI ARE JUST AGENTS OF THE EVIL JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY AND BILL GATES..


Somebody called me up and cried .. Captain ..  IT IS MOST SHOCKING TO KNOW THAT GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD ELEVATED JAPANESE EMPERORS TO GOD ( BY MEIJI DECLARATION ARTICLE 3 ) AND THEN REVERTED THE EMPEROR BACK TO A MORTAL AFTER THE STATE OF ISRAEL WAS CARVED OUT.  The greatest disgrace was that emperor Hirohito was arm twisted into downgrading himself by an “imperial rescript denying his divinity” – this was a  new year's statement on 1 January 1946 on orders from Jew Rothschild’s agent General Douglas Macarthur..  in the rescript, which started with his citation of the five charter oath of 1868, poor  the Japanese emperor denied the concept of him being divine.. ####   ####... CAPTAIN—IS THERE ANY OTHER EMPEROR JEW ROTHSCHILD CONVERTED TO GOD AND THEN DISPOSED HIM OFF LIKE A CURRY LEAF AFTER HE OUTLIVED HIS UTILITY?..  indeed – Jewess Helena cooked up the story that king Solomon’s wife Makeda was Ethopian ( Queen of Sheba ) and their son Menelik took the ark of the covenant back to Ethiopia.. The truth  is king Solomon’s mother was a Kerala Namboodiri woman named Bath Sheba..  Queen of Sheba was a Kerala Thiyya queen.. son Menalik brought the ARK OF THE COVENENT ( a black meteorite stone Shiva Lingam ) back to Calicut , my hometown from where it was stolen..  What was the need for Jewess Helena to convert Queen of Sheba into an Ethiopian?..  ####   ####..  THIS WAS TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THE KING OF CALICUT OWNED JERUSALEM.. AND THAT KERALA THIYYA KINGS WERE THE ANCIENT RULERS OF EGYPT/ ETHIOPIA/ SUDAN.  ####   ####..  THAT ALL ANCIENT ROMAN/ GREEK KINGS WERE KERALA THIYYAS.. ####   ####..  THAT THE CAPITAL OF THE ROMAN EMPEROR WAS SHIFTED FROM ROME TO ISTANBUL JUST TO CONVERT THE ROMAN ROYAL BLOODLINE AND SENATOR BLOODLINE FROM HINDU TO JEWISH. ####   ####... GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD HAS HIS OWN AGENDA.. HE CONVERTED EMPEROR OF ETHIOPIA HAILE SELASSIE AS A DIRECT DESCENDENT OF MENALIK, THE SON OF KING SOLOMON AND QUEEN SHEBA ..  SO THIS MAKES ETHIOPIAN EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE A JEW RIGHT?..  Haile Selassie ruled Ethiopia as Rothschild’s agent for  44 years – from 1930 AD to 1974 AD.  poor Haile Selassie  was overthrown in a 1974 by a military coup arranged by Jew Rothschild.  Haile Selassie was murdered by Jew Rothschild  on 27 August 1975 tied up to his bed and strangled.. ..reason? AFTER THE YOM KIPPUR WAR IN 1973, HAILE SELASSIE, UNDER PRESSURE FROM OTHER AFRICAN NATIONS LED BY EGYPT SEVERED DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH ISRAEL ..this was unacceptable to Jew Rothschild who had converted Haile Selassie to god and cooked up his royal  lineage back to King Solomon’s son Menalik... Haile Selassie's full title in office was "By the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Elect of God".. Baap Reh !..After all Rothschild has caused Haile Selassie to be  given precedence over other leaders at state events, such as the state funerals of John F. Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle, the summits of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the 1971 celebration of the 2,500 years of the Persian Empire etc because he was god incarnate, right?..  Haile Selassie wore the Star of David on his crown.. Selassie had stayed at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1936..   In 1943 Haile Selassie allowed thousands of anal sex receiving white Jews fleeing Jew Hitler’s Germany. These white homosexual Jew were most happy to have a long black dick deep up their assholes..  ####   ####...  Rothschild even converted Haile Selassie to be the messiah of the rastafari sect.  Rothschild made Jamaican rasfatarian Bob Marley a celebrity singer by the song “ non woman no cry”.. Rothschild got Haile Selassie face on TIME magazine cover twice.. Haile Selassie visited Jamaica on 21 April 1966, and Rothschild media whipped up such propaganda that approximately 115,000 curious rastafaris from all over Jamaica descended on Palisadoes airport in Kingston to greet him ..Rita Marley, Bob Marley's wife, converted to the Rastafari faith after seeing DIVINE Haile Selassie on his Jamaican trip..  This cuban woman even wrote a book NO WOMAN NO CRY: MY LIFE WITH BOB MARLEY..  ####   ####.. Rita Marley was just a wailer of his song group.. Their name is intended as a spin on the Rastafarian "I and I" concept of the Godhead within each person. Rita baby, claimed in interviews (and in her book No Woman, No Cry) that she saw a stigmata print on the palm of Haile Selassie's hand as he waved to the crowd which resembled the markings on Jesus Christ's hands from being nailed to the cross.. Jesus Christ was cooked up by Jewess Helena in 325 AD at the First Coucil of Nicea—and the life of Jesus was based on a Kerala Thiyya sage from my hometown Calicut named Apollonius of Tyana. Bob Marley's posthumously released song "Iron Lion Zion" refers to Haile Selassie. ####   ####... After Haile Selassie was murdered Bob Marley and his wife Rital too fell out of favour.. On 3 December 1976 two days before "Smile Jamaica", a large free concert organized by Bob Marley with the support of Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley..  Bob and Rita  were wounded in an assault on the Marley home by gunmen. Rita survived a shot to the head Bob had a bullet skid his chest and wound his arm.. Israel needed servants and sweepers.. Jew Rothschild converted an Ethiopians sect  who spoke a dialect Ge'ez. to Jews , like instant noodles.. branded them as Beta Israel (House of Israel).. In 1975, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi declared that the Beta Israel are indeed Jews, and they were granted automatic citizenship under the Law of Return.. Beta Israel community emigrated to Israel.. The Israeli and American Jewish deep state mounted aliyah (immigration to Israel) transport operations.. These activities included Operation Brothers in Sudan between 1979 and 1990 (this includes the major Operation Moses and Operation Joshua), and in the 1990s from Addis Ababa (which includes Operation Solomon). The first of these two immigration waves, between 20 November 1984 and 20 January 1985, was dubbed Operation Moses (original name "The Lion of Judah’s Cub") and brought 6,500 Beta Israel to Israel. This operation was followed by Operation Joshua (also referred to as "Operation Sheba") a few weeks later, which was conducted by the U.S. Air Force, and brought the 494 Jewish refugees remaining in Sudan to Israel.  At the end of 2019, there were 155,300 people of Ethiopian descent in Israel ..  Many of the Beta Israel's fake accounts of their own origins state that they stem from the very ancient migration of some portion of the Tribe of Dan to Ethiopia, were led by the sons of Moses, at the time of the Exodus. Sorry, Moses never existed.. Moses was cooked up by Jewess Helena in 325 AD..The real exodus of Semites ( symbol six point star ) was from Kerala/ punt to Palestine to escape persecution from Aryans ( symbol swastika ) , their own elder Namboodiri brothers -- where only Hinduism existed .. The exodus was from Calicut via the Red sea by ship , not from Cairo to Jerusalem by parting the Red sea... The lost ark was a wooden box with four handles containing a heavy black meterorite stone , Shiva Lingam.. Moses was in reality Kerala Thiyya king Akhenaten ( Pharaoh Amenhotep IV ).. I am a Kerala Thiyya.  The god of Abrahamic religions YHVH ( of burning bush fame ) was lifted by Helena from the Hindu god ( Brahman the field) , mentioned in Vedas downloaded 400 centuries ago as Yahvha.   ####   ####...  The Ethiopian history described in the cooked up Kebra Nagast relates that Ethiopians are descendants of Israelite tribes who came to Ethiopia with Menelik.. . In May 2015, Israeli Ethiopians demonstrated in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem against racism, after a video was released, showing an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian descent that was brutally beaten up by the Israeli police. Interviewed students of Ethiopian origin affirm that they do not feel accepted in Israeli society, due to a very strong racist black skin related discrimination towards them.. Ethiopian blacks in Israel were slaves used for menial work.. They were dumbed down and rendered unfertile by radiating the heads of black Ethiopian school children in the excuse of killing head lice... ####.. To repair the corrupted DNA pool of Jews, Indian light skinned Manipuri tribe were declared as Jews by the Jewish deep state. and then these artificial jews ( lost tribe -- sniff ) were take to Tel Aviv where they were given a tumultuous welcome. " LOST NO MORE " placards were all over the place.. the conned new comer Indians were made to kiss the airport floor. BOOOO HOOOOO..  Next day they were shifted to danger zone of settlers homes.. and then told to start cleaning toilets.. The first crusade ( people crusade ) was all about repairing the corrupted jewish genetic pool .. #### #### ..

WIKIPEDIA HAS FAILED TO PUT NAC /  N- Acetyl-L-cysteine   ( DAMAGED LIVER REGENERATOR ) IN THE LIST OF DRUGS IN THE POST BELOW- .. ####   ####...  WIKIPEDIA DOES MENTION IVERMECTIN/ AZITHROMYCIN/ BUCILLAMINE— BUT DOES NOT MENTION WONDER DRUG NAC AND APROTININ…  MORE THAN 3 MILLION OUT OF 4.34 MILLION COVID DEATHS AROUND THE PLANET HAS HAPPENED DUE TO LIVER FAILURE CAUSED BY IGNORANT DOCTORS RECKLESSLY ADMINISTERING PARACETAMOL AND TOXIC DRUG COMBINATIONS.   THESE ARE NOT DEATHS BUT MURDERS INSIDE HOSPITALS.. ####   ####... Glutathione is liver's natural antioxidant..  NAC helps replenish glutathione..  NAC is an immediate  chemical precursor to glutathione.. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a derivative of the amino acid cysteine. When consumed, NAC gets absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, sent to the liver, and converted to cysteine. The liver uses cysteine to produce glutathione, which then enters the bloodstream and gets distributed throughout the body… 6200 year old Charaka Samhita prescribed foods which caused liver to produce more GLUTATHIONE .. Glutathione plays an important role in the repair of liver injury and regeneration of liver.. EVEN TODAY MODERN SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO REGENERATE THE DAMAGED LIVER.. The 6200 year old ayurevdic text has the only remedy—a herb called Kizhar Nelli..  ####   ####...  Unlike most antioxidants, which come from plant sources, the human body naturally produces glutathione in the liver. however, glutathione levels naturally decrease with age.. ####   ####...  IF YOU GOOGLE FOR “ace2 covid”  7.1 MILLION POSTS POP UP…IF YOU GOOGLE  “CD147 covid”  ONLY 74000 POSTS CROP UP…. THE SCIENTIFIC WORLD DOES NOT KNOW THE EFFFCT OF APROTININ THAT WORKS THROUGH THE CD147 PROTEIN PATHWAY.. .  CD147 is a new receptor for SARS-CoV-2 infection ..  RACKETEERS OF THE VACCINE LOBBY HAS BEEN VERY VEHEMENT ABOUT REJECTING CD147..  DRUGS THAT INTERFERE IN THE SPIKE PROTEIN/ CD147 INTERACTION OR CD147 EXPRESSION INHIBITS VIRAL INVASION..  ####   ####...   .. ####   ####..


Somebody asked me captain why did you write about RSV below.. ####   ####...  my wife has a classmate ( auxilium convent mumbai ) and college mate ( poddar college mumbai )  , they studied together for 16 years ..   let me call her S .. S came for my elder son’s wedding and stayed in calicut for three days..  S has a grand daughter a two year old girl contacted “covid” ( sic )  in usa..    she was crying on skype, my wife does reiki for her and her family.. the small 2 year old girl was put in a day care unit as her mother ( daughter of S ) had to do her masters exam..  myself and my wife attended the wedding of the son of S..  i told my wife.. get the child tested for RSV..  From the symptoms I heard, it is 100 % RSV..  Do not allow covid drugs..   S has a cousin in USA working as a pediatric doctor in a big hospital.   just five minutes ago a call came from S to my wife —the child is suffering from RSV not covid..  RSV DEATHS IN US CHILDREN AND BEING DELIBERATELY PALMED OFF A UNVACCINATED COVID DEATHS SO THAT PFIZER CAN CREATE A LAW FOR VACCINATING YOUNG BABIES.. THIS IS A TRILLION DOLLAR GRAVY TRAIN..  FOR A CHILD WITH A WEAK IMMUNE SYSTEM RSV IS MORE DANGEOUS THAN COVID..  IN USA AND EUROPE SMALL CHILDREN GET RSV  IN DAY CARE CENTRES.. WHO/ US CDC/ NIH KNOWS ABOUT THIS TRUTH.. THEY ARE DELIBERATELY HIDING THIS..  3.2 million American children younger than 5 years of age visit hospitals due to rsv infections every year.. more than 3000  infants die of RSV every year in USA.. THIS TRUTH IS SUPRESSED AFTER THE COVID OUTBREAK..   RSV is the number one pediatric infectious disease to cause additional respiratory problems in infants, e.g. bronchiolitis and pneumonia, in the US.   Similarly to the common cold, there is no  treatment for RSV, only symptoms are managed.  IN USA TREATMENT FOR RSV IS MANAGE FEVER AND PAIN WITH OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS SUCH AS LIQUID PARACETAMOL ( ACETAMINOPHEN). THIS DAMAGES THE CHILD’S LIVER..  ####   ####..  N-acetylcysteine (NAC), an antioxidant agent that replenishes mitochondrial and cytosolic glutathione stores, is safe for children with liver damage due to paracetamol , at the correct dose..  RSV infections can lead to dehydration, so it is vital to drink enough fluids. Refusal to drink enough, or breathing too fast to eat or drink Is a sign of RSV . There is labored very quick short breathing—the ribs seem to suck inward when infant inhales.  RSV is the most frequent cause of bronchiolitis.  This is an inflammation of the small airway passages entering the lungs in infants and young children. RSV is also the most common cause of pneumonia in those under 2. RSV can live on surfaces, in day care centres. There is no vaccine for RSV.  Again, almost all children will experience an RSV infection by the time they turn two years old.


THE RUCKUS IN PARLIAMENT IS A HELEGIAN DIALECTIC TRIGGERED BY TRAITOR MODI TO PUSH CRITICAL FINANCE BILLS FAVORING HIS JEWISH DEEP STATE POLITICAL DONORS WITHOUT DISCUSSION  ..  the biggest traitors of india are the rulers of india— not people like stan swamy or varavara rao or kanhaiya kumar  ..  THESE TRAITORS TAKE POLITICAL DONATIONS FROM THE EVIL JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY / CLIMATE CHANGE LOBBY/ ARMS LOBBY / PROCESSED FOOD LOBBY etc USING INDIAN FRONTS AND SHELL COMPANIES..  for example , laws were passed in parliament to cover up and regularize all political donations from 1976 so that the cost of mossad provided sikh turbans to modi/ swamy/ george fernandes could be covered..   IN 1976 HUMONGOUS FUNDS CAME TO INDIA FROM GERMAN JEW ROTHSCHILD WHOSE BANKS INDIRA GANDHI NATIONALISED..  EVEN THE INDIAN JUDICIARY / MEDIA IS A SLAVE OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE..  ####   ####..  WHY DOES MODI ALLOW PARLIAMENT TO HAVE A RUCKUS ?.. THE RUCKUS IS A SLIMY DECOY ,  A SMOKE SHIELD.. THE WHOLE IDEA IS TO BULL DOZE AND PASS DESH DROHI BILLS FAVOURING MODI’S POLITICAL DONORS WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS.. THIS IS THE JEWISH DEEP STATE TEXT BOOK WAY..  The Finance Bill is normally allotted FIVE hours of discussion-- it passed in JUST 19 minutes IN 2018. The FCRA was passed in 2010 but the Centre has amended it with retrospective effect so that the Act will now be applicable from much before the original FCRA came into existence-this is FRAUD which is punishable.. They legalised corruption in politics from 1976 onwards and not a single question was asked.  Foreign enemies are running india’s democracy.. Why would you need to backdate a law to 1976 unless you did something in the last 42 years that you no longer want to be brought up in court?.. Entry number 217 in Part XIX of the amendments in the 2018 finance Bill (Amendment to the Finance Act, 2016), which reads -  “In the Finance Act, 2016, in section 236, in the opening paragraph, for the words, figures and letters ‘the 26thSeptember, 2010, the words, figures and letters ‘the 5th August, 1976’ shall be substituted..  Prior to the latest change, foreign funds received by a political party before September 26, 2010, when the FCRA was enacted, were open to scrutiny. With the latest amendment, the Government has, in effect, ensured that funds received by political parties since 1976 cannot be scrutinised.  1976 was the year white JEWS flooded money in India to bring down Indira Gandhi and bring back Rothschild’s private banks..  The Representation of People’s Act, which lays down the rules for elections, bars political parties from accepting foreign funds. But the 2016 amendments in the FCRA made it easier for parties to accept foreign funds. The 2018 amendment completely does away with the scope for scrutiny of a political party’s funding for the last 42 years.  The Delhi High Court had in 2014 indicted the two national parties, the Congress and the BJP, for receiving foreign funds in violation of the provisions of the FCRA.  The Narendra Modi government effectively made corporate funding of political parties more opaque, contrary to its promise of bringing in more transparency.  It did so with two key changes in the law: First, it has scrapped a ceiling that earlier restricted a corporate entity from donating more than 7.5 percent of its average net profit in the 3 immediate preceding fiscal years to a political party.  And second, the government proposed to cancel an existing rule that required corporate entities to disclose, in the profit and loss account, the name of the political party to which the funding is made. Both made it easier for political parties to make their election funding more opaque.  This means, for example, that an infrastructure firm could theoretically pay up to 50 percent of its net profits to a single party as donation without anyone getting wiser as to which party has been paid... this throws open the possibility that an order to build a highway or a railway bridge could be given to a firm and that firm could pay the donation to the party in power which placed the order with it. The beauty is that if this happens, it will be legitimate and no questions can be asked by any ethics committee of Parliament or by any CAG audit..  We have a situation, where the manner in which corporate donations, both from India and abroad, reach political parties getting more and more opaque, thus effectively helping the infamous corporate-political nexus. A company can secretly offer donations to a political party in power and expect favours in return. .  With the latest amendment even DESH DROHI foreign parties can safely join the nexus. WE ALL KNOW SOME POLITICIANS WHO WORE SIKH TURBAN, FALSE BEARDS AND DARK GLASSES DURING 1976 IN INDIA --AND WERE FOUND IN USA AND ISRAEL , FOR WHAT ?. humongous foreign money comes to india to support paris cop21 so that white jews can collect carbon taxes ... all politicans and media are singing the praises of covid vaccines when none work. we will not allow jews to make money out of thin air by sitting on their kosher asses using carbon credits / offsets / cap and trade bullshit... imagine illiterate modi wrote a book on climate change, he got spontaneous knowledge from aakasha , right?.  THIS PLANET CANNOT SUSTAIN THE GREED OF FRACKING LOBBY , BEEF LOBBY, GM NITRO FERTILISER LOBBY AND THE NITRO BOMB MAKING LOBBY.  ####   ####...  TRAITOR MODI HAS MOTH BALLED INDIAN COAL  JUST TO GET A NOBEL PRIZE AND GET MORE POLITICAL DONATIONS.   THE LINK ABIOVE SAYS MODI WILL GROWS FRUIT TREES OVER COAL RESERVES AND MINES.. ####  ####... there are no vaccines for RSV, which affects 99 % of children in usa/ europe  by the age of two..  indian new born  babies were used as guinea pigs for  autoimmune disease causing  / fertility reducing/ brain fog causing RSV vaccines.. this was after white baby deaths in 55 years ago,  just two in number  ..MY SOURCES SAY THAT THESE FLU VACCINES WHICH KILLED LAKHS OF BABIES IN INDIA WERE RSV VACCINES , NOT FLU VACCINES.. i shot down these flu shots by a 4 part post below—. ####   ####... i know which all foreign snakes funded kejriwal and his new aap when he first broke into the political scene after kicking anna hazare in his gums.. TODAY PAKISTAN ISI / CHINA/ DEEP STATE FUNDS OUR POLITICAL PARTIES. ####   ####.. now we have vp venkaiah naidu demanding that indians children must be covid vaccinated..  ####   ###...  DO YOU KNOW WHY INDIRA GANDHI DECLARED EMERGENCY? ..  EVER HEARD OF A JEWISH DEEP STATE AGENT , ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT JUDGE , TRAITOR JAGMOHANLAL SINHA ???..  ####   ####...   by the way, i had stopped writing on medical matters by an oath—i broke this oath to save this planet from the jewish vaccine lobby and its agents like traitor modi.. IT IS THE DUTY OF A PATRIOT TO SAVE HIS WATAN FROM ITS TRAITOR RULERS FUNDED BY ENEMIES FROM ABROAD.. modi stood in the shadows and used the collegium judiciary to kick bharatamata into the adultery/ homosexuality mandi.. childless modi legalized living together . modi regularized bitcoin.. modi supports the desh drohi green and white revolutions inflicted on india.. modi bought 36 jewish rafale jets which are useless and three times more expensive than better fighter jets.. just four of russian latest fighter jets can splash all 36 rafales in a dogfight in an hour with superior battle management system.. ….. #######  I ASK MY READERS , WHO IS THE NO 1 TRAITOR INDIA HAS PRODUCED SINCE INDEPENDENCE .. VOX POPULI, VOX DEI  ..#####..


traitor modi has declared in his speech on 15th aug 2021 that india will make it mandatory to fortify rice with iron to combat anaemia.. this is most dangerous for health..  modi dances to the tune of the jewish deep state…  this is a ploy to inflict iron infused GMO foods on indians ---pm modi is in cahoots with jewish pharma  !... the jews have already invaded bangladesh with iron fortified dhal.. the population of phillipines has been dumbed down by iron fotified rice.. EXCESS IRON CAUSES LOSS OF BRAIN POWER AND INFERTILITY –THIS IS WHAT THE JEWS WANT…modi wants small healthy children to consume iron fortified rice? what the fuck is all this?.. MODI’S DECISION TO FORTIFY RICE IS BASED ON BLOOD SAMPLE USING BLOOD DRAWN  FROM FINGER PIN PRICKS AND THEN PRESSING IT HARD TO DRAW OUT BLOOD .. THIS IS A DELIBERATE CRIMINAL STRATEGY IS TO SHOW LOWER LEVELS OF HAEMOGLOBIN.   the correct way to measure haemoglobin is via venous blood samples,  IT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO NOT SQUEEZE THE FINGER TOO HARD WHEN COLLECTING CAPILLARY BLOOD BECAUSE THIS CAN CAUSE INTERSTITIAL FLUID TO MIX WITH THE BLOOD DILUTING THE SAMPLE, THUS LEADING TO AN INCORRECT (LOWER) HB CONCENTRATION.. Even a cunt knows that capillary blood must not be used to measure HAEMOGLOBIN as it shows more than 1 g/dL error. You are diagnosed as anemic when you are not.. current who cutoffs to define anemia are deliberately kept higher so that staple food can be fortified to reduce fertility in third world nations. who gives wrong propaganda that iron fortified rice increases fertility.. EXPOSING SMALL CHILDREN WHO ARE NOT GENUINELY SUFFERING FROM ANAEMIA IS CRIMINAL. anemia is a condition that develops due to a low level of circulating red blood cells (rbcs), which reduces their capacity to carry oxygen in the body.. cap ajit vadakayil declares that iron deficiency is not the  leading cause of anemia… multiple factors  contribute to the etiology of anemia including other micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., zinc , vitamins a, folate and b12); helminth infection and malaria; other sources of blood loss, inflammation, and other chronic diseases; and blood disorders (e.g., sickle cell and thalassemia).. iron is primarily absorbed in the upper part of the digestive tract. ferritin is a blood protein that contains iron. a ferritin test helps your doctor understand how much iron your body stores. if a ferritin test reveals that your blood ferritin level is lower than normal, it indicates your body's iron stores are low and you have iron deficiency.. who is a slave of evil pharma.. THE PREVALENCE OF ANAEMIA IN INDIA IS MAGNIFIED BECAUSE OF THE USE OF INAPPROPRIATE HAEMOGLOBIN CUT OFF LIMITS..  are there no thinkers in India? excess iron accumulates in internal organs, causing damage to the brain , liver and pancreas.  very little free iron circulates in the bloodstream.  it is safely bound to proteins, such as transferrin, which keep it from causing harm.  iron toxicity can significantly increase the levels of “free” iron in the body.  free iron is a pro-oxidant – the opposite of an antioxidant – and cause damage to cells ..  the body has no easy way to dispose of extra iron. the most effective way to get rid of excess iron is blood loss.  iron overload leads to cancer .  there is no thumb rule for anemia— JAASTI  LOHA EKDUM CHENGA..  like less iron more anemia—the way cunts in Indian think tanks figure out .  time to burst into a song for retarded kids..  ####  ####..  iron availability is controlled by the liver peptide hormone hepcidin .  conditions that lead to anemia can be associated with high and low hepcidin levels.  oral iron is usually ineffective  when high hepcidin levels counteract its intestinal absorption.  hepcidin is a protein that in humans is encoded by the HAMP gene. hepcidin is a key regulator of the entry of iron into the circulation.. high hepcidin levels block intestinal iron absorption and macrophage iron recycling, causing iron restricted erythropoiesis and anemia .  body iron increase causes the production of hepcidin, which is released in the circulation and acts on its receptor ferroportin, a transmembrane iron exporter protein highly expressed on enterocyte, macrophages, and hepatocytes. hepcidin reduces the iron entry to plasma from absorptive duodenal cells and iron recycling macrophages by blocking iron export  and by degrading the iron exporter ferroportin..  hepcidin regulation requires a crosstalk between liver endothelial sinusoidal cells (lsec) that produce the bone morphogenetic proteins (bmps) to activate the bmp-smad pathway and hepatocytes that produce and release hepcidin .  anemias are classified on the basis of hepcidin levels as anemias with high and low hepcidin.  it is intuitive that persistently high hepcidin levels, by blocking iron absorption, cause iron deficiency anemia because of decreased iron supply to erythropoiesis. conversely, ineffective erythropoiesis characterizes the so-called iron-loading anemias that have low hepcidin levels and iron overload. these two groups of anemias are the outcome of opposite pathophysiology mechanisms.  in the first group, anemia is due to the inhibitory effect exerted by hepcidin on iron absorption and recycling that leads to systemic iron deficiency; in the second group, anemia is due to hepcidin suppression by an expanded abnormal erythropoiesis..  there are more than 400 types of anemia, and they’re divided into three groups:-- anemia caused by blood loss.. anemia caused by decreased or faulty red blood cell production… anemia caused by destruction of red blood cells… OUR THINK TANKS ARE PACKED WITH CUNTS WHO HAVE SHIT FOR BRIANS.. THEY SURVIVE BY GIVING MODI AN EGO MASSAGE.. excess iron intake adversely affects foetal development or birth outcomes in pregnant women and alter populations of human-friendly gut microbes.. there are two types of dietary iron:  heme iron: this type of iron is only found in animal foods, mostly in red meat.  heme iron is bound within a ring-shaped molecule called porphyrin..   it is absorbed more easily than non-heme iron….  high intake of heme iron increases the risk of colon cancer. heme iron from supplements or red meat increase the formation of cancer-causing n-nitroso compounds in the digestive tract.. non-heme iron: most dietary iron is in the non-heme form.  it is found in both animals and plants. its absorption can be enhanced with organic acids, such as vitamin c, but is decreased by plant compounds like phytate…. the body regulates iron levels by adjusting the rate of iron absorption from the digestive tract…. hepcidin, the body’s iron-regulatory hormone, is responsible for keeping iron stores in balance. its main function is to suppress the absorption of iron…. basically, this is how it works :… high iron stores -> levels of hepcidin increase -> iron absorption decreases. low iron stores -> levels of hepcidin decrease -> iron absorption increases…. an overdose of iron supplements  cause severe iron poisoning. under normal circumstances, very little free iron circulates in the bloodstream…. it is safely bound to proteins, such as transferrin, which keep it from causing harm. however, iron toxicity can significantly increase the levels of “free” iron in the body…. free iron is a pro-oxidant – the opposite of an antioxidant – and cause damage to cells. excess iron accumulates in internal organs, causing potentially fatal damage to the brain and liver…. ELEVATED LEVELS OF FREE IRON STIMULATE THE GROWTH OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES, so too much iron can have the opposite effect and increase the risk of infections…. excess iron leads to iron accumulation in vital organs like the heart, liver, pancreas, and endocrine glands. this stimulates the formation of free radicals, which damage proteins, dna, membranes, and can lead to cell death … hemochromatosis is the most common genetic iron overload disorder caused by mutations in genes affecting hormones that control iron levels such as ferroportin and hepcidin … iron overload is associated with several metabolic syndrome complications such as insulin resistance, high cholesterol, and liver damage, due to its pro-oxidant activity … EXCESSIRON ACCELERATES TUMOR FORMATION BECAUSE IT IS A NUTRIENT THAT PROMOTES TUMOR CELL GROWTH .  excessive iron deposition in the brain is consistently observed in alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases and contributes to the development and progression of these disorders … iron overload without high iron intake can also be associated with changes in the immune system and increased infections … the serum ferritin test measures your stored iron…. in some labs, set up by jews in third world nations like bangladesh a level of 395 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) falls within the normal range, which is far too high for optimal health. in reality, you're virtually guaranteed to develop disease at that level…. ideally, your serum ferritin should be somewhere between 20 and 60 ng/ml, certainly no higher than that. … menstruating women with excessive bleeding require some more iron say 70 ng/ ml… ninety percent of the energy your body creates is by burning carbs or fat with oxygen in your mitochondria to produce adenosine triphosphate (atp). you need oxygen to burn the fuel because it goes through the krebs cycle. ninety-five percent of the time, oxygen is converted to water…. but anywhere from 0.5 to 5 percent of the time, you're going to develop what's called a reactive oxygen species (ros). the first one is superoxide, which then transforms to the next ros, which is hydrogen peroxide… when you have excess iron in your blood, the chemical reaction (fenton's reaction) doesn't produce water. instead, the excessive iron catalyzes the formation of hydroxyl free radicals, which are the most potent and destructive free radicals known to man. they will decimate your mitochondrial dna, mitochondrial electron transport proteins and cellular membranes….. this is how iron overload accelerates every major disease we know of.  that's how it causes the pathologies, especially in liver and cardiovascular disease. …our 90 lakh donation party and quota/ sc/ st party doctors have no understanding at all of molecular biology… each year there are thousands of deaths from liver diseases ( many need liver transplants ) just because they cook in cast iron pots which is banned by Ayurveda text Charaka Samhita. . mostly all of these cases are affected by excess iron, whether or not they have a hemochromatosis genotype….. eating vitamin c-rich food with a meal that has iron will increase iron absorption.  if you're anemic, this might be a good thing, but if you struggle with high iron, avoid combining foods high in vitamin c and iron.   on the other hand, calcium will bind to iron, limiting absorption…. it impairs iron, so to speak, so if your iron is high, consider eating foods high in calcium. … AYURVEDA RECOMMENED TURMERIC IN CURRY SO THAT IRON OVERLOAD IS KILLED… Curcumin (derived from turmeric) acts as a potent chelator of iron and can be a useful supplement if your iron is elevated…. EVERY YEAR THOUSANDS OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY STUDENTS DO THESIS AND PROJECTS—THESE   BASTARDS  LIE TO PASS THE EXAMS . THE EXAMIINING STAFF HAS NO WHEREWITHAL TO CHECK OUT IF THE THESIS / PROJECT RESULTS ARE TRUE. THEY JUST PLAY ALONG AND USE INDIANS AS GUINEA PIGS… Your body is designed to not over-absorb non-heme iron, which is elemental iron. That's the iron inside vegetables and fruits. If you do something to enhance that absorption, the body will take it in…. The iron from meats you can’t control very well.  USA without telling anybody puts 44 parts per million of elemental iron in grains and flours…. AGAIN, EXCESS IRON CAUSES LOSS OF BRAIN POWER AND INFERTILITY –THIS IS WHAT THE JEWS WANT the excess iron is unable to be removed from the body, leading to accumulation of iron over time, in organs such as the pancreas…. consequently, the amount of insulin produced by the damaged pancreas is affected…. diabetes is a common complication of chronic pancreatitis as the amount of insulin produced by the inflamed pancreas is affected.   iron overload affects men a lot more than women, this is because women menstruate throughout their life, this regular monthly bleeding is a good way of keeping iron levels from being too high. … once women have reached menopause their risk of iron overload increases, and also their risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses increase, as they are no longer protected by monthly bleeding… avoid all iron supplements unless you have had a PROPER blood test showing that you are low in iron… iron accumulates as we age… humans have no controlled way of getting rid of iron from their bodies… the result is that as we get older, iron accumulates in our bodies, often to levels that damage health. in the developed world, humans no longer live in an environment in which iron is scarce. EXCESSIVE IRON IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CAUSES OF AGING AND DISEASE….again, ayurveda does not allow cast iron for cooking… iron is one of the few minerals we cannot eliminate except through blood loss, therefore supplements should never contain iron. since your body can’t rid itself of excess iron, it continues to deposit into your organs, which over time can kill you…. when consuming an iron rich food, orange juice (vitamin c) can be used to increase the absorption of iron from that food…. coffee (caffeine) can be used to block the absorption of iron.. THE RICE FORTIFICATION PLAN IS DRIVEN MORE BY EGO LADEN MODI WANTING TO BE SEEN IN HISTORY BOOKS AS THE MESSIAH OF INDIA.. VADAKAYIL WILL MAKE SURE PEOPLE WILL SALIVATE TO SPIT ( ON SEEING SHIT ) WHEN THEY HEAR THE WORD MODI.. imagine modi has written a book on climate change where co2 is the bad gas.. this traitor has moth balled indian coal.  criminal org  food safety and standards authority of india (fssai) packed with idiots of the first order considers it mandatory to fortify edible oil with vitamin a and d ‘so that people of india can enjoy better immunity with good health. ####   ####... the current WHO hemoglobin cutoff levels for defining anemia among preschool children and nonpregnant women is deliberately kept high. the reverse is true for blood sugar levels to help jewish insulin lobby make money..  micronutrients should be given as a supplement and staple food should be kept separate in india.  MODI DECLARED  FEW MINUTES AGO THAT INDIA IS NO 1 IN COVID VACCINES ON THE PLANET..   YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HOW THE CROWD CLAPPED—  ALL INVITED OI THE BASIS OF THEIR POLITICAL LEANINGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA,  Modi went around boasting like a nincompoop of how he coloured urea with neem for a full year ,drooling from his mouth, till vadakayil stopped him..  IN INDIA WE CANNOT GET COOKING SALT WITHOUT IODINE IN IT..  ####   ####...  A CENTURY AGO AYURVEDA COULD CURE ANY DISEASE BY JUST CONSUMING ORGANIC RICE  OF A PARTICULAR STRAIN GROWN ON PARTICULAR SOILS... TODAY THIS IS HISTORY…  ####   ####...  TRAITOR MODI DEPRIVES INDIAN SCHOOL CHILDREN OF ONION AND GARLIC IN THE MIDDAY SCHOOL MEALS..  ####   ####.. TRAITOR MODI PRAISED ROTHSCHILD’S AGENT TRAITOR VIVEKANANDA TO THE SKIES.. ####   ####...

three months before the us presidential elections in 2020 , i warned donald trump several times..  YOU WILL LOSE THE ELECTIONS BECAUSE POSTAL BALLOTS ARE BEING FORGED IN CHINA , USING PERSONAL INFORMATION STOLEN BY FACEBOOK AND CHINESE APPS LIKE TIKTOK. trump ignored my warnings and lost the elections. ####  ####.. NOW I DECLARE THAT RICH AMERICAN JEWS ARE NOT TAKING PFIZER mRNA VACCINES WHICH ARE IMPREGNATED WITH MAGNETISED NANO GRAPHENE OXIDE... these deep state agent rich jews get  forged vaccination cards from china , from the same company which produced the fake us ballot cards . #### ####... DR ANTHONY FAUCI IS A CRIMINAL.. ####   ####..


somebody called me up and cried.. captain you wrote that you heard india’s no 1 celebrity doctor on tv declaring that monoclonal antibodies can be used to treat covid-19.. you wrote that if you were in the tv studio you would have slapped him live for whole world to see..  why this vehemence?. Pray? Prithee?. listen  …  I WOULD HAVE MADE THAT CELEBITY DOCTOR SHIT ON THE TABLE, DIPPED A HARD BROOM IN HIS OWN SHIT AND SLAPPED HIM AROUND..  TALK ABOUT VEHEMENCE ! .  monoclonal antibody is specific for rsv ( it does not work for rsv  says vadakayil ) , palivizumab is not suitable for covid ..  palivizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody directed against the f (fusion) protein of rsv.. in the past indian babies were used as guinea pigs. this is why modi takes “FIXERS” as his health ministers. modi loves HAFTA ( political donnassans )..  ####   ####...  palivizumab  a most expensive drug is licences to prevent rsv..  of course jewish insurance lobby will pay.. my left ball this shit medicine works ..  A 100 MG VIAL OF PALIVIZUMAB COSTS $1866 IN USA.. AND THIS DAMN MEDICINE HAS ZERO EFFECT REPEAT ZERO EFFECT TO PREVENT RSV SAYS VADAKAYIL. palivizumab, sold under the brand name synagis, is a monoclonal antibody produced by recombinant DNA technology..  palivizumab is the only licensed respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) immunoprophylaxis (ip) approved to prevent rsv..  WHO/ US CDC/ NIH ARE SLAVES OF JEWISH BIG PHARMA..  THERE IS A NEXUS BETWEEN JEWISH MEDICAL INSURANCE AND JEWISH BIG PHARMA AND JEWISH VACCINE LOBBY.   ####   ####...  Palivizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody directed against the F (fusion) protein OF RSV.. This is a humanized monoclonal antibody (IgG) directed against the antigens of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus.. IT CAN NEVER EVER PREVENT RSV.. OF COURSE NOBODY CLAIMS THAT PALIVIZUMAB CAN TREAT RSV..  ####   ####...  IN THE WHOLE OF THE LAST 12 MONTHS RSV DEATHS IN USA WERE PALMED OFF AS COVID DEATHS.. DEATHS WERE DUE TO RECKLESS USE OF PALIVIZUMAB AND PARACETAMOL..  ####   ####... PARACETAMOL IS THE MAIN CAUSE OF CHILDRENS DEATHS DUE TO RSV ON THIS PLANET.. PARACETAMOL DAMAGES THE LIVER OF INFANTS.  Monoclonal antibodies are antibodies that have a high degree of specificity (mono-specificity) for an antigen or epitope. Monoclonal antibodies are typically derived from a clonal expansion of antibody producing malignant human plasma cells.  ####   ####...  US CDC says that In a typical year, RSV leads to about 177,000 hospitalizations and 14,000 deaths among adults 65 and older, and 58,000 hospitalizations and as many as 500 deaths in children under 5.  Capt ajit vadakayil declares that RSV deaths in US infants are grossly under reported ( factor of four ) . RSV infections in adults can  lead to pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and more severe symptoms of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). People with chronic heart problems, lung disease, and weakened immune systems are at higher risk of severe RSV infections.. THERE IS NO CURE OR TREATMENT FOR RSV INFECTIONS IN ADULTS, READ THIS LINE A 100 TIMES. IN USA THE CUNT DOCTORS DON’T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RSV AND COVID SYMPTOMS..  RSV symptoms are crystal clear ..---- # Short, shallow and rapid breathing.. # Flaring (spreading out) of the nostrils with every breath.. # Belly breathing (look for “caving in” of the chest in the form of an upside-down “V” starting under the neck).. # Bluish coloring of the lips, mouth and fingernails.. # Germs entering the space behind the eardrum can lead to a middle ear infection.. fluorescein-labeled antibodies that detect RSV antigen in the epithelial cells in respiratory secretions and have the advantage that the immunofluorescence pattern of the infected cells can be directly examined by microscopy that provides additional confirmation of specificity. RSV-specific intravenous immunoglobulin such as palivizumab is a monoclonal antibody directed against the RSV segment called the fusion (F) glycoprotein. It has also been used with aerosolized and oral ribavirin in people with a high risk of RSV infection. Palivizumab targets the fusion protein of RSV, inhibiting its entry into the cell ( sic ) and thereby preventing infection. My left fuckin’ ball it does that.. Palivizumab was approved for medical use in 1998.. This is why Indian doctors are sent to Bangkok for deviant sex—where hidden cams honey trap them for life. The CDC's original test (known as CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel) was falsely picking up RSV as COVID cases ( deliberate ).. Again, Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), also called human respiratory syncytial virus (hRSV) and human orthopneumovirus, is a contagious disease that causes respiratory tract infections. Antigen detection assays include:---- # Direct immunofluorescence assays (DFA).. # Enzyme immunosorbent assays (EIA).. # Chromatographic and optical immunoassays.. The DFA uses fluorescein-labeled antibodies that detect respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) antigen in epithelial cells in respiratory secretions. It has the advantage that the immunofluorescence pattern of the infected cells can be directly examined by microscopy, which gives an additional confirmation of specificity.. Isolation of RSV in tissue culture was considered the gold standard for confirmation of the disease. The advantage of this tissue culture technique is that it is more sensitive than rapid antigen detection kits.. Following transmission through the nose or eyes, RSV infects cells lining the upper and lower airway and continues to replicate within these bronchial cells for about eight days. After the first several days, RSV-infected cells slough into the smaller bronchioles of the lower airway. This sloughing mechanism is also thought to be responsible for the spread of the virus from the upper to the lower respiratory tract. The infection causes generalized inflammation within the lungs, including the migration and infiltration of inflammatory cells (such as monocytes and T-cells), necrosis of the epithelial cell wall, edema and increased mucous production. Inflammation and cell damage tend to be patchy rather than diffuse. Together, the sloughed epithelial cells, mucous plugs and accumulated immune cells obstruct the lower airway. Several tests exist to diagnose RSV, such as viral culture, serology, antigen detection tests and nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs). Conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and nested PCR MUST BE ABANDONED says baad boy vadakayil. Long ago somebody asked me what was my power over my shore technical engineering bosses who hated me like the plague.. Well, they knew that deck boy vadakayil ( ship captain ) could take out any technical fleet circular written by them, point out basic lack of engineering knowledge and get them sacked in disgrace.. ANY REFRIGERATION EXPERT WANTS TO TAKE THIS EXAM BELOW?  FIRST KEEP A BUCKET OF GREASE NEARBY.. ####   ####...


TODAY THE BRAVE PATRIOTS OF VIETNAM AND AFGHANISTAN HAVE BEEN AWARDED THE WORLDS MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD  “THE VADAKAYIL PRIZE” FOR MAKING “AMERICAN EXCEPTIONLAISM”  EAT CROW. america invaded vietnam, quoting a bizarre  nay foul “COMMUNIST DOMINO THEORY “, so that jews can make money . .there was nothing like communist domino theory..  it was all about protecting german jew rothschild’s opium fields in vietnam, cambodia, laos , thailand , myanmar and arunachal pradesh ( india) ... THE POPE WANTED ALL ANCIENT HINDU TEMPLES IN VIETNAM/ LAOS/ CAMBODIA TO BE BOMBED FROM THE AIR AND PULVERSIED.. pope pius xii was directly responsible for the american war in vietnam. he used rothschild's drug trade money power to put a vatican puppet and staunch roman catholic president ngo dinh diem ( in reality a crypto jew ) , as president of vietnam in 1955. the vietnam war was an excuse to bomb and destroy, ancient 12,000 year old hindu temples in the middle of dense jungles.. they defoliated with agent orange and then when majestic stone hindu temples popped out (vietnam/ cambodia/ laos ) , they were flattened by bombs..  wherever the american military saw huge tall banyan trees in the dense jungle they defoliated exposing ancient hindu temples and dropped bombs from hovering helicopters --in vietnam cambodia and laos.  the rationale was that viet cong guerillas hid their weapons and ammunition inside these ancient rock temples.. this is bullshit because most of the bombing in cambodia and laos was very far away from the scene of battle in vietnam. and after bombing the americans dropped land mines all around those areas.. ####   ####..  THE VIETNAM WAR ITSELF WAS TRIGGERED BY A FALSE FLAG ATTACK..  the gulf of tonkin attack was a false flag attack to kick start the war so that jews can make opium money..  ####   ####..   heroin came to america in body bags of dead us  soldiers in vietnam..  drug baron black skinned frank lucas ( a mere front for white jew mafia ) was busted in 1975, when his source in vietnam dried up, the week america closed its embassy in saigon and fled from vietnam.. frank lucas hired young women to mix the imported pure vietnam heroin with mannite and quinine.  the biggest american camelot hero president john f kennedy was in the drug business . president johnson allowed frank lucas to flourish. nixon stopped it.. this is why jewish commie deep state calls nixon a baad president. in reality america had only three good presidents since the nation was born…nixon / trump and andrew jackson..  the “international community” , ( read as the cowboy riding posse after the baad outlaw ) , declared pol pot as the most evil man on the planet..  WELL , POL POT GOT THE “VADAKAYIL PRIZE” FOR BEING A HERO .. ####   ####... NICHOLAS SAND  SECURED THE WORLD’S NO 1 AWARD, THE VADAKAYIL PRIZE.. THE PEOPLE’S AWARD .. unknown to all, american nicolas sand single handedly stopped the vietnam war.. he hid in osho ( rajneesh ) ashram in pune india and oregon usa and manufactured millions of lsd pills for eight years called orange sunshine.. bollywood actor vinod khanna was his assistant, pretending to be a gardener . later nicholas sand and vinod khanna shifted operations to oregon usa  .. as long as america killed more vietnam soldiers than american dead, the war was fruitful for president kennedy and johnson.. the problem was that american dead was being reduced to half, for american public consumption..   NICHOLAS SAND WENT TO VIETNAM AND ARRANGED FOR 6.3 MILLION LSD ORANGE SUNSHINE PILLS TOO BE DISTRIBUTED FREE TO US SOLDIERS IN VIETNAM.. THIS PILL KILLED THE “HUMAN EGO” AND “FIGHT AND FLIGHT” RESPONSE..  90%  of us soldiers in vietnam were addicted.. us soldiers took off by helicopter in the morning, soldiers got off in some peaceful jungle, they slept till evening, spent their ammunition by burying it in the ground, or firing into thin air, and came back to base camp in the evening.. and reported killing dozens of vietcong soldiers.. america invaded afghanistan giving a ridiculous nay  foul lie that afghanistan was responsible for world trade centre twin towers falling down..  ####   ####... since the past 50 years i have been reading about how pakistan's north west provinces are un-governable...  why?.. pray? Prithee? ..  this is where pashtun jews like pakistan pm imran khan thrive, growing opium in partnership with the jewish deep state..   north-west frontier province (nwfp) known since 2010 as khyber pakhtunkhwa was created by german jew rothschild , two centuries ago, whose leaders are all pashtun jews.. jew rothschild sourced his opium here.  jew gandhi was rothschild’s opium agent..  ####   ####...  parsis were radhiwaalas ( garbage recyclers ) till rothschild took them as his opium agents. ####   ####...  THE BOSTON BRAHMINS WHO RULE AMERICA VIA THE JEWISH DEEP STATE ARE DESCENDANTS OF ROTHSCHILD’S OPIUM DRUG AGENTS..  ####   ####...  PUSHKALAVATI ( lotus city in sanskrit ) is an ancient city where gandhari, the mother of kauravas was born.  the calicut king had a university at pushkalavati whose professors were all kerala namboodiri sages from kodungallur unversity ..  the sanskrit word / malayalam word gandha, meant "aroma" and referred to the spices bazar there exported by the calicut king..  alexander the great, has established a garrison in it- for storing horses, arms, food and water.. it is just 79 km from khyber pass..  ####   ####...  the city of pushkalavati was situated at the confluence of swat and kabul rivers.  three different branches of kabul river meet there.   that specific beautiful place is still called PRAYAG and is considered sacred..  it is a lie that king ashoka ( cooked up by jew rothschild ) built a stupa at pushkalavati which was described by xuanzang ( chinese traveller who never existed ) when he visited in 630 ad..  none of the buddhist chinese travelers who came to india and wrote false history of nalanda university ( of fake pali speaking pig eating buddha born in nepal ) and tales of st thomas in kerala existed..  when religions like judaism and christianity are rooted in deceit— what are the believers worth?..  jew rothschild seeded the valley of peshawar with jewish whores.. this is how the pashtun jews like pakistani pm imran khan’s ancestors came.  the valley takes its name from the city of peshawar.   peshawari khatri jews include all ten circumcised sikh gurus and their wives ..   the ancestors of the bollywood star kid pashtun khans are from here..  AMERICA IN THE CONTROL OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE PRODUCED OPIUM IN AFGHANISTAN TO MAKE MONEY ( WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL ) TO DO REGIME CHANGE ALL OVER THE WORLD.. evil iran ( sic )  has not done a single regime change till today..  AFTER THE FOREIGN WHITE INVADER TOOK OVER AFGHANISTAN, THERE WAS A RESISTANCE MILITIA TO TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK..  THIS PATRIOTIC MILITIA IS TALIBAN.. IF YOU LOOK AT IT DISPASSIONATELY -- FREEDOM FIGHTERS..  so so so ..  taliban enforces extreme sharia..  what does saudi Arabia ( whose royal bloodline is jewish like all the rest of the oil rich gulf kingdoms )  , the darling of " international community " do ? ..  ####  ####..  TALIBAN DOES NOT ALLOW ADULTERY/ HOMOSEXUALITY/ LIVING TOGETHER-- LIKE DEEP STATE DARLING CHILDLESS MODI.. SO WHAT?...  the jewish deep state establishment was forced to come up with a new way to deal with anyone who challenges the system.  so they gave birth to the term “terrorist” . the term ‘terrorist’ is an empty distinction designed for any person or group that chooses to challenge the establishment or big brother zionist bankers.   the original taliban leaders were all pashtun crypto jews in muslim garb  .in the hollywood movie rocky, after defeating the soviets in afghanistan and pulverizing them with fire and fist power , rambo rides away into the sunset with “allies” or “ cowboy posse” or “coalition”  bin laden and bearded and turbaned taliban party behind him. the true terrorists of our world, do not meet at dark nooks ,for some violent action. the true terrorists of our world, wear 5000 dollar suits, and work in the highest positions of finance, government and business in plush offices.  there are covert institutions, like the bilderberg group, which behind closed doors collude to control the political, financial, social, and environmental elements of our lives? recently people have got wiser, and this group were exposed after some eaves –dropping in golf courses . . ####   ###..  NCW in india was created by bilderberg club to convert indian women to whores and drive a wedge between man and woman.. they tried the same in afghanistan and got screwed..  ####   ####...  the illusion of democracy is an insult to our intelligence—when media , UNELECTED house of Lords ( Rajya Sabha ) and collegium judiciary are controlled by zionist jews. you have  two political parties owned by the same set of corporate lobbyists, and whoever goes into the white house dare not rub the zionist jew bankers the wrong way. .  objective information is impossible, with almost all tv , media and newspapers are controlled by zionist bankers. . this where the information super-highway afforded by the free internet, comes in . the big brother establishment is steadily losing control because of this free flow of information. today zionist jews have infilrated the internet with millions of hasbaras—these crypto jews sitting in pakistan and india abuse bharatmata.   ####   ####... trojan horse ngos are now owned by benami indian media barons-who create news and trigger race riots.  learn not to trust the free encyclopedias like wikipedia  or quora on first page of google search, which is nothing but zionist propaganda.  VADAKAYIL KALKI ARMY IS INVOLVED IN A MASS MOVEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE ON THE PLANET..  ITS AIM IS TO EXHUME LONG BURIED TRUTHS, MOBILIZE AND EDUCATE EVERYONE ABOUT THE INHERENT CORRUPTION OF OUR CURRENT WORLD SYSTEM. you can continue to be a slave to this rotten financial system and watch the continuous wars, depressions and injustice across the globe while placating yourself with gross entertainment dished out as “opium for the masses”  outside your homes..  you can lump in this materialistic garbage; or you can focus your energy on true, meaningful, holistic, lasting change which has the realistic ability to support and free all humans with no one left behind. the choice lies with you. GOD HAS GIVEN YOU CONSCIENCE, PERCEPTION AND FREE WILL. the most relevant change must occur first inside of you. THE REAL REVOLUTION IS THE REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. eliminate the divisionary materialistic noise you have been conditioned to think is true from childhood. every award given by desh drohis carried a cash incentive-which is nothing but a bribe to sell your soul.  bribes received by politicians from foreign conglomerates are called “lobbying money”–basically a supari..  why do you think traitor modi is a slave to the jewish vaccine lobby ( to dumb down indian brain power ) and climate change lobby , ( to moth ball india;s abundant reserves of coal )?  this was what nira radia was doing for the rich industrialists.   so once the bribe is taken, the politician has to deliver. money is already deposited into a kick back overseas account. if the politician develops cold feet, then retribution is very severe. it could be a kidney failure or a helicopter crash. the job is done by professional economic hit men -also known as jackals. the jewish vaccine cartel who is 100 times more vicious than the heroin cartel, has now started assassinating world rulers who don’t play kosher vaccine ball..  ####   ####.. INDIANS WERE SLAVES FOR 800 YEARS BECAUSE WE DID NOT HAVE BALLS LIKE VIETNAMESE AND AFGHANS..  instead traitors were praising the invaders for a piece of judas silver.. we put our thumbs up our assholes and watched like napunsaks when  rothschild reduced india from the richest nation of the planet to the poorest in 200 years flat.. rothschild built railways and bridges to cart away our wealth, not for indians to travel in comfort as this cunt suhel seth says... ####   ####.. vadakayil with write suhel seth’s legacy..


####   ####...  the western world does not know why harsh rules were created by muhammad the prophet.. it was for survival in a hostile environment in those times..  ####   ####..  the family of muhammad the prophet was from my hometown calicut..  the king of calicut still owns mecca oasis..  ####   ####..  the people of india love the people of afghanistan.. men of honor.. jew rothschild used naive kabuliwaalas to do reject opium retail selling on the streets in baskets of fry fruit which had secret compartments inside for opium.  majority of bollywood khan actors are descendents of these drug runners.. today nigerians do street drug pushing in india.  taliban is now at its strongest point in history militarily.. all us arms given to the afghan govt soldiers are now with taliban..  DO NOT EQUATE TALIBAN WITH ISIS TERRORISTS..  TALIBAN OUSTED THE WHITE AMERICAN INVADER.. AFGHANISTAN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WORLD TRADE CENTRE TWIN TOWERS COLLAPSE..  we indians were slaves for 800 years as we did not have balls of steel like taliban..  and sorry- afghan woman dont want the american way of life.. they are happy the way they are..  this is like indian supreme court ruling that menstruating women can enter kerala sabarimala temple-- and all kerala women declaring we are happy the way we are..  my wife graduated in poddar college mumbai.. she did not want a job.. she was happy to be in the kitchen being a house wife radiating happiness at home...  she did not collect her university bcom certificate..  finally after three years of marriage i got her classmate to collect it for her..  after 38 years of marriage, my wife has made every meal i ate at home.. serving her husband and children is bliss for her.. she does not care for the American Way Of Life.. she will not be caught dead in a discotheque or tattered jeans .. taliban will punish traitors who sided with the white invader .. traitors to the motherland do not deserve anything better.. translators my ass.  TALIBAN WAS CREATED BY CIA AND PAKISTANI ISI ..  taliban's top leaders are still pashtun jews who dont have ZEBIBA MARK or have it in the wrong place. we all saw the hollywood movie rambo in afghanistan.. ####   ####..  TALIBAN IN PASHTUN MEANS "STUDENT OF MADRASSA "..  ALL MADRASSAS IN PAKISTAN / INDIA/ BANGLADESH ARE RUN BY JEWISH MONEY..  taliban entered kandahar in november 1994 to pacify the crime-ridden city, and by september 1996 seized the capital, kabul, from corrupt president crypto jew burhanuddin rabbani, an ethnic tajik an agent of the jewish deep state.   taliban jurisprudence was drawn from the pashtuns’ pre-islamic tribal code and interpretations of sharia colored by the austere wahhabi doctrines of the madrassas’ saudi benefactors. wahhabi money is jewish deep state money.. the saudi royal bloodline is jewish like every other gulf oil rich kingdom..  imran khan of pakistan is a pashtun jew..  the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan was 117,000  in 2011.  nato had more than 142,000 troops from fifty nations stationed in afghanistan.  sorry afghan women do not want to wear miniskirt without undies underneath..balls to american way of life..  the taliban is now under investigation in the international criminal court for alleged abuses of afghan civilians, including crimes against humanity, carried out since 2003.  hey how about crimes against humanity by american president obama who used drones to recklessly bomb civilian populations of afghanistan..   muslims are expendable right?  will they use drones on jews ?this hardened the resolve of taliban..  ####   ####...  taliban has the support of 95 % of afghan population today.. smell the coffee , rothschild controlled main stream media..  fake / doctored polls by jewish deep state created  asia foundation cuts no ice..  asia foundation conducted a fake poll in 2019, and declared ( a lie ) only 13.4 percent of afghans had sympathy for the taliban..  russia and china supports taliban.. the “international community” ( teee heee ) can eat humble pie..  for the taliban, peace doesn’t mean an end to the fighting, it means an end to the evil u.s. occupation and american exceptionalism,  taliban is a  creation of american policy and ridiculous american exceptionalism run amok. it was a case of kosher chicken coming home to roost.  afghans have been humiliated by america..  these brave simple people don’t mind dying..  LTTE was created because the sri lankan buddhist govet sprayed hindu tamil villages with air compressor pulverised shit from helicopters.   beeeg mistake.  ####   ####...  the 1907 anglo-russian convention that formally ended this "great game" finalized afghanistan's role as a buffer between the russian empire's holdings in central asia, and the german jew rothschild’s holdings in india.  bolshevik revolution was conducted by jews  controlled by rothschild..  ####   ####... jew zahir shah, ruler of afghanistan between 1933 and 1973, belongs to the jewish muhammadzai clan of the barakzai subtribe of the durrani tribe..  zahir shah took the throne of afghanistan in 1933 after the assassination of his father, jew nadir shah of the afshar tribe. jew rothschild installed jew nadir shah as shah of iran..  king mohammed zahir shah reigned as an agent of jew rothschild but did not rule for twenty years.. it was during this period that afghanistan and the united states first exchanged ambassadors on orders from german jew rothschild..  even today nobody knows that all ottoman sultans after sulaiman the magnifient were jews.. ####   ####.. MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK WAS A DONMEH JEW..  ####   ####... ROTHSCHILD CREATED FAE LOST JEWISH TRIBE TO CONTROL KHYBER PASS.. ####   ####...  in 1953, zahir shah's first cousin, the 43-year-old  muhammad daoud khan became prime minister.. he tilted towards russia. daoud's government sought to buy arms, and approached the united states several times between 1953 and 1955 but all military aid had kosher strings attached.  the baghdad pact was a defensive organization ( like nato ) for promoting shared political, military and economic goals founded in 1955 by turkey, iraq, great britain, pakistan and iran.  in 1956, afghanistan purchased $25 million in tanks, airplanes, helicopters, and small arms from the soviet bloc, while soviet experts helped construct or convert to military specifications airfields in northern afghanistan. the cold war had come to afghanistan.  the root of the pushtunistan problem begins in 1893. it was in that year that sir henry mortimer durand, foreign secretary of india, demarcated what became known as the durand line, setting the boundary between british india and afghanistan, and in the process deliberately dividing the pushtun tribes into two countries..  the pushtunistan issue continued to simmer into the 1950s, with afghanistan-based pushtuns crossing the durand line in 1950 and 1951 in order to raise pushtunistan flags. daoud, prime minister from 1953 to 1963, supported the pushtun claims. as pakistan ensconced itself more firmly in the american camp, the soviet union increasingly supported afghanistan's pushtunistan agitations..  in march 1955, mobs attacked pakistan's embassy in kabul, and ransacked the pakistani consulates in jalalabad and kandahar. pakistani mobs retaliated by sacking the afghan consulate in peshawar. afghanistan mobilized its reserves for war. kabul and islamabad agreed to submit their complaints to an arbitration commission consisting of representatives from egypt, iraq, saudi arabia, iran, and turkey. arbitration failed, but the process provided time for tempers to cool.  in september 1961, kabul and islamabad severed diplomatic relations and pakistan attempted to seal its border with afghanistan. the soviet union was more than happy to provide an outlet, though, for afghanistan's agricultural exports, which the soviets airlifted out from the kabul airport. between october and november 1961, 13 soviet aircraft departed kabul daily, transporting more than 100 tons of afghan grapes..  the soviet union "saved" the afghan harvest, but pakistan's blockade  effectively ended the u.s. aid program in afghanistan..  on march 9, 1963, daoud stepped down. two months later, with the mediation of the shah of iran ( jew agent of rothschild ), pakistan and afghanistan reestablished diplomatic relations.  in 1973, daoud overthrew his cousin zahir shah and declared afghanistan a republic.  soviet premier leonid brezhnev, embracing a strategy of third world activism, sought to exploit daoud's coup to retrench soviet regional interests..  while pakistan had been founded on the basis of islamic unity, the 1971 war reinforced the point that in pakistan, ethnicity trumped religion. accordingly, pakistan viewed daoud's pushtunistan rhetoric (and his simultaneous support for baluchi separatists), as well as his generally pro-india foreign policy, as a serious threat to pakistani security.  pakistani prime minister zulfiqar ali bhutto supported an islamist movement in afghanistan, a strategy that islamabad would replicate two decades later with the taliban..  pakistan would be better able to influence succession should the elderly daoud die. it was thus in the mid-1970s, while both the united states and the soviet union continued to ply the kabul regime with aid, that pakistani intelligence -- with financial support for saudi arabia -- first began their ties to the islamist opposition in afghanistan.  the american defeat in vietnam had emboldened the soviet union to push harder and compromise less.  the soviet union threw its encouragement behind the people's democratic party of afghanistan (pdpa),  on april 27, 1978, pdpa  seized power in a bloody coup. on april 30, a revolutionary council declared afghanistan to be a democratic republic. the soviet union welcomed the new regime with a massive influx of aid.  having lost in iran's islamic revolution their staunchest regional ally, the united states sought to engage afghanistan.  #### december 1979, soviet premier leonid brezhnev, not willing to lose the tenuous soviet advantage in afghanistan, sent the red army pouring into the country. jew hafizullah amin was an afghan communist revolutionary, an agent of rothchild. when hafizullah amin refused to relinquish power, soviet units stormed his palace and executed him.  he organized the saur revolution of 1978 and co-founded the democratic republic of afghanistan, ruling afghanistan as general secretary of the people's democratic party from september 1979 until his assassination in december 1979.  while the red army and its client regime in kabul controlled the city, the soviets were never fully able to gain control over the countryside. pockets of resistance ( aided by america ) continued despite all attempts to stamp them out. the decision to arm the afghan resistance ( taliban )  came within two weeks of the soviet invasion, and quickly gained momentum.. american aid to taliban was in billions, not millions.. the soviet union contributed approximately $5 billion per year into afghanistan in an effort to support their counterinsurgency efforts and prop up the puppet government in kabul. by 1985, the occupying soviet 40th army had swollen to almost 120,000 troops and with some other elements crossing into the afghan theater on a temporary duty basis.. in march 1985, puppet of the jewish deep state ronald reagan decided to switch their strategy from mere harassment of soviet forces in afghanistan to driving the red army completely out of the country. the deep state wanted to cultivate opium.  reagan provides the mujahidin ( taliban ) with  stinger anti-aircraft missiles.. the cia  coordinated purchase of weapons and the initial training, but pakistan's inter-services intelligence (isi) controlled their distribution and their transport to the war zone. upon the weapons' arrival at the port of karachi or the islamabad airport, the isi would transport the weapons to depots near rawalpindi or quetta, and hence on to the afghan border. afghanistan was a bleeding wound for the soviet union. each year, the red army suffered thousands of casualties. numerous soviets died of disease and drug addiction. in 1988, soviet premier mikhail gorbachev announced his intention to withdraw soviet troops. cia directly supported arab volunteers who came to afghanistan to wage jihad against the soviets, but eventually used those american arms to engage in terrorist war against the west. rise of islamic fundamentalism was due to  u.s. involvement based on american exceptionalism.  by delegating responsibility for arms distribution to pakistani isi, the united states created an environment in which radical islam could flourish.  mullah muhammad umar, an afghan pushtun jew of the ghilzai clan and hotak tribe who had been wounded toward the end of the conflict with the soviet army, became talibans leader.  a robin hood myth grew up around mullah umar resulting in victimized afghans increasingly appealing to the taliban for help against local oppressors.  taliban maintained their momentum and quickly seized large swathes of afghanistan.   on september 26, 1996, the taliban took kabul.  pakistani isi  provided the taliban with a constant flow of new recruits brainwashed in madrassas funded by the jewish deep state.. in rish khor, on the outskirts of kabul, operated a training camp for the harakat ul-mujahidin, a pakistani-supported terrorist group waging a separatist campaign against india.  it was members of this group that hijacked an air india flight from nepal to kandahar in december 1999, eventually releasing the hostages after taliban mediation and escaping. afghanistan provided a useful base not only to train pro-pakistani militants and terrorists, but also to give them field experience.   while politicians in islamabad repeatedly denied that pakistan supported the taliban, the reality was quite the opposite.  pakistan remained the effective diplomatic and economic lifeline for the taliban's islamic emirate.  senior isi veterans like colonel "imam" sultan amir functioned as district advisors to the regional taliban leadership. guarding ministries in kabul in march 2000 were taliban officials who only spoke urdu, and did not speak any afghan language.  in 1971, there were only 900 madrasas (religious seminaries) in pakistan, but by the end of president zia ul haq's administration in 1988, there were over 36,000 madrassas funded by jewish wahabbis and salafis.. by january 2000, these madrassas teaching cooked up koran and hadiths were educating more than 700,000 children .  martyrdom and the reward of 72 virgin houris were drilled into their heads. – the legend of 72 virgin houris in jannat for martyrs does not exist in koran but only in poison injected ( by jews ) hadiths.. 72 number is lifted from hindusim which talks about 72 clear prana flowing major nadis of sages with raised kundalini to sahasrara chakra whose beej mantra is ALL AH .. only in 1996 did osama bin ladin relocate from refuge with the sudanese government to the taliban's afghanistan.. the reality is that osama bin laden was always in pakistan protected by isi with the knowledge of cia..  jewish deep state did propaganda that taliban sheltered osama bin ladin, even after his involvement in the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. american policymakers had a very stark choice in the 1980s: either the united states could support an afghan opposition, or they could simply cede afghanistan to soviet domination, an option that might result in an extension of soviet influence into pakistan. 2000 YEARS AGO THE POPULATION OF AFGHANISTAN WAS 99.9 % HINDU.. THIS IS AS PER RECORDS OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT.. ####   ####...


VADAKAYIL warns that PEOPLE WHO DIE OF PRION DISEASE VARIANT CREUTZFELDT-JACOB DISEASE (vcjd), MUST BE CREMATED in extra hightemperature special crematoriums , AND MUST NEVER BE BURIED especially in graveyards prone to water logging, POLL.. .. WARNING-- INDIA MUST NOT ALLOW CHRISTIAN/ MUSLIM/ LINGAYATH GRAVEYARDS IN PLACES WHERE POTABLE GROUND WATER WILL GET CONTAMINATED WITH PRIONS..  prions are now being used for bioweapons..    do not pretend to sleep and expect anybody to wake you up..    it is not funny anymore.   vadakayil warned margaret thatcher and ronald reagon by a vehement message from his ship at sea that cows in britain are being fed with waste meat.   i got this bizarre info from my london agent whose father was a farmer..  i warned that this will cause humans to be afflicted by dealy prion brain diseases with extra long incubating periods  .   i told them prion diseases research cannot be done on non-conscious guinea pigs/ rate ,  as the human brain is conscious which can see a  mirror image and colour..  I TOLD THEM THAT DURING WW2 JAPANESE SOLDIERS ATE 21000 INDIAN INA SOLDIERS ON THE ISLAND OF RABAUL OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA..  the japs discarded the brains / spleen/ liver / spine etc which the starving locals scrounged and  ate..   clever japanese knew what to discard...these criminals watched the naïve starving locals eating the discarded human parts..  ####   ####...  STARVING LOCALS EATING DISCARDED HUMAN BODY PARTS CAUSED THE LONG INCUBATING PRION DISEASE KURU..   it is a lie that papua new guinea people ate the brains of dead relatives as a funeral ritual.. this is a lie most foul..  THERE WAS NO KURU IN PAPAUA NEW GUINEA BEFORE WW2..  ..  ####   ####...  both reagan and margat thatcher  pretended to sleep .   i guess they were racist ..  they did not care for a  warning which came from a brown skinned man and that too a ship captain who should know fuck all about prions ..  KARMA RULED.. BOTH THESE CRIMINALS ( JEWISH DEEP STATE AGENTS ) DIED OF BRAIN PRION DISEASE.. BOTH DID NOT KNOW IN THEIR LAST YEAR THAT THERY RULED MAJOR NATIONS.  ####   ####...  a prion is the smallest infectious particle. recombinant prions can be bound to other substances in order to be spread through the air, or persist for years in the soil.  prions, like viruses, are not actually alive, although both can reproduce by hijacking the functions of living cells.    the normal form of the protein is called prpc, while the infectious form is called prpsc — the c refers to 'cellular' or 'common' prp..   but as people get older, the mutant forms of prp are more and more likely to fold up the wrong way and form prions. once they do, the person has a rapid neurodegenerative disease like vcjd. — just don’t expect the evil pharma controlled and big brother controlled government to tell you any of this..  “prion” stands for proteinaceous infectious particles.  prions strongly bind to soil and remain infectious.  prions are very stable molecules that do not break down easily. normal sterilization procedures such as cooking, washing and boiling do not destroy them.  prions cannot be destroyed by fire,  freezing, strong disinfectants, sterilization procedures, incineration, intense radiation etc ..  prions cannot be  inactivated by formaldehyde.  prions are misfolded proteins..  misfolded proteins have also been implicated in a number of other human neurological diseases, including alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and huntington’s.  human prion diseases are conceivably the most heterogeneous neurodegenerative disorders. .  two proteins central to the pathology of alzheimer's disease act as prions — misshapen proteins that spread through tissue like an infection by forcing normal proteins to adopt the same misfolded shape..    prions can enter the brain through infection, or they can arise from mutations in the gene that encodes the protein.  once present in the brain prions multiply by inducing benign proteins to refold into the abnormal shape. in human beings the abnormal prion has been reported in the brain, tonsils, spleen, lymph node, retina, and proximal optic nerve.  surprisingly, the immune system appears to behave as a trojan's horse rather than a protective fortification during prion infections. Because prions seem to be essentially composed of a protein, PrP(Sc), identical in sequence to a host encoded protein, PrP(C), the specific immune system displays a natural tolerance.  prions have the ability to reproduce, despite the fact that they contain no nucleic acid genome..  most prion diseases affect the nervous system predominantly or exclusively. The most common change caused by prions is the formation of tiny bubbles in brain cells, and the brain becomes filled with microscopic holes..  ####   ####...  AGAIN, YOU CANNOT DO PRION EXPERIMENTS IN NON-HUMANS ( NON-CONSCIOUS ) WHO CANNOT SEE THEMSELVES IN A MIRROR OR SEE COLOUR..  LISTEN , BEING HIGHLY TECHNICAL DOES NOT SERVE MY PURPOSE..  MY BLOG POSTS ARE FOR LCD ( LOWEST COMMON DENOMINTOR ) ..  the protein that prions are made of (PrP) is found throughout the body, even in healthy people.. The pathogenic prion protein core (called prion) consists of 142 amino-acids, is resistant to proteolytic enzymes. unlike other infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, prions do not contain genetic materials such as DNA or RNA.  the causative agent of prion diseases is a misfolded infectious isoform, called PrPSc, of a normally occurring cellular protein, PrPC.  because these particles are an abnormal version of a normal protein that is already coded for in the body, they do not trigger a host immune response, as other pathogens do.  CHROMOSOME 20  has more than  600 genes that provide instructions for making proteins..  the presence of an extra copy of only part of chromosome 20 is called partial trisomy 20..  mutations in the repeat region as well as elsewhere in this gene have been associated with Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease..  the PRNP gene provides instructions for making a protein called prion protein (PrP), which is active in the brain..  PRNP (prion protein) is the human gene encoding for the major prion protein PrP (protease-resistant-protein, Pr for prion, and P for protein), also known as CD230 (cluster of differentiation 230).. the human PRNP gene is located on the short (p) arm of chromosome 20 between the end (terminus) of the arm and position 13, from base pair 4,615,068 to base pair 4,630,233.   the protein encoded by this gene is a membrane glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored glycoprotein that tends to aggregate into rod-like structures. the encoded protein contains a highly unstable region of five tandem octapeptide repeats.  this gene is found on chromosome 20, approximately 20 kbp upstream of a gene which encodes a biochemically and structurally similar protein to the one encoded by this gene.  prions,  turn brains into sponge-like structures and lead to dementia and death.  FEEDING COWS IN BRITAIN WITH MEAT  WAS DELIBERATE ,   LIKE HOW JEWISH DEEP STATE MADE AMERICANS DRINK FLOURIDE INJECTED MUNICIPAL TAP WATER WHICH DUMBED THEM DOWN TO HILL BILLY HANKS..  only i know how dumb a quintessential yank is have travelled to america for forty years  ..  WHEN I WROTE THAT mRNA VACCINES CAUSE DOWN SYNDROME, MANY WERE MOST SARCASTIC..  i know more about down syndrome than italian jew dr anthony fauci/  tamil iyengar jewess dr soumya swaminathan, bill gates or that criminal ethiopian cunt jew tedros- or anybody in US CDC/ WHO/ NIH / ICMR...  read the post below—after that wanna have a live debate on tv with baaad boy vadakayil? keep a bucket of grease next to you..  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  to destroy a prion it must be denatured to the point that it can no longer cause normal proteins to misfold. sustained heat for several hours at extremely high incinerator temperatures 600 deg c may destroy a prion. such incinerators must have approved refractory and oxygen assisted swirling burners. people who dies of prion diseases must be crEmAted—never buried.  prions only seem to more concentrated  in nervous system tissue. .  in the brain, these  proteins cause native cellular prion protein to deform into the infectious state, which then goes on to deform further prion protein in an exponential cascade..  this results in protein aggregates, which then form dense plaque fibers, leading to the microscopic appearance of "holes" in the brain, degeneration of physical and mental abilities, and ultimately death.  the abnormal prion touches a normal prion and changes the normal prion's shape into an abnormal one, thereby destroying the normal prion's original function. the nerve cell tries to get rid of the abnormal prions by clumping them together in small sacs that merge with its "stomach" (lysosome). because the nerve cells cannot digest the abnormal prions, they accumulate in the lysosomes. .  the prion mode of action is very different to bacteria and viruses as they are simply proteins, devoid of any genetic material. once a misfolded prion enters a healthy person it converts correctly-folded proteins into the disease-associated form.   a prion is neither a virus nor a bacteria. prions are proteins that contain no dna or rna, two substances previously felt to be essential for reproduction of a living tissue.  the lysosomes grow and engorge the nerve cell, which eventually dies. when the cell dies, the abnormal prions are released to infect other cells. large, sponge-like holes are left where many cells die. numerous nerve cell deaths lead to loss of brain function, and the person eventually dies.  none of the hospitals have adopted effective method of sterilizing surgical instruments contaminated with the human form of “mad cow” disease , vcjd , just because it did not fit in with its established washing procedures.   a lot of people have had their lives blighted by surgery performed with instruments contaminated the prion protein responsible for vcjd — they did not eat the mad cow or have blood transfusions or whatever. the lethal prion protein, which sticks to the stainless steel of surgical instruments like superglue and can survive the high temperatures and sterilization procedures of hospital autoclaves.  a lot of people in uk are silent carriers of the infectious long incubation prion protein that causes variant creutzfeldt–jakob disease (vcjd).   due to the long incubation period, the full extent of the human vcjd outbreak is still not known.  the incubation period of the killer prion will be as much as 50 years.- shocked?  yes, mrna vaccine side efects take that long.. it causes auto immune diseasse, down syndrome babies, homosexuality etc..  ozone sterilization must be studied as a potential method for prion denaturation and deactivation. evil pharma will not like it though.  the post below has been sent to modi more than 80 times.. the illiterate chaiwaala ingored it..  ####   ####...  MAGNETISED GRAPHENE OXIDE USED IN PFIZER ( mRNA ) VACCINES CAN ACTIVATE DORMANT PRIONS WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY..  vaccines with magnetized grapheme oxide can activate dormant prions in the human body by the flick of a switch in an area affected by 5G..    we know why Pfizer has misdeclared their MSDS sheets. . DUE TO THEIR SINGULAR CHARACTERISTICS, PRIONS EMERGE AS CLEAR  DANGER SINCE THEY CAN BE USED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF BIOWEAPONS.. prions are very resistant to inactivation even with extra strong sodium hypochlorite..  ####   ####... ####   ####.. vaccines will activate dormant prions withing human body ( not yet incubated ) and cause variant creutzfeldt-jacob disease (vcjd), a prion disease (or protein misfolding disease.. VADAKAYIL DECLARES— COVID IS NOT A PANDEMIC. ####   ####... HEY GOOGLE? ARE YOU DOING THE RIGHT THIG BY SINKING VADAKAYIL’S  BLOG POSTS ??   ALL THIS IS ON RECORD !!!   WANNA GO THE RONALD REAGAN / MARGARET THATCHER WAY?   .. KARMA CAN BE A FUCKIN’ BITCH….


####   ####...  below false flag attack on afghan sikhs is just one among hundreds in the last month to discredit talinban..  ####   ####..  JEWESS NAYIRAH BROUGHT DOWN SADDAM HUSSAIN .. SHE READ OUT A FOUL SPEECH PREPARED BY THE JEWISH DEEP STATE TO BRING DOWN SADDAM HUSSIAN..  NAYIRAH IS THE QUEEN OF DISINFORMATION— IF ROTHSCHILD’S AGENT JEW JOSEPH GOEBBELS IS THE KING OF DISINFORMATION.  jewess nayirah is the 15 year old daughter of jew jew saud nasser al-saud al-sabah the kuwaiti ambassador to us at that time..  nayirah claiming to be a kuwaiti nurse lied to the the congressional human rights caucus that she had witnessed iraqi soldiers tear hundreds of babies from hospital incubators and leave them “scattered like firewood across the floor” suing bayonets impaled into babies assholes , at kuwait city maternity hospital..  ####   ####..  it was the lying testimony of jewess nayirah on october 10, 1990, which caused america to kill millions of iraqis and saddam hussain who has done no harm to america..  she lied that she was in kuwait when she was actually in america all the while.  WANNA KNOW HOW THE JEWISH DEEP STATE MILKED MONEY IN IRAQ -- AS VULTURES OF WAR?..  ####   ####..  GOOGLE/ FACEBOOK/ TWITTER/ QUORA/ INSTAGRAM/ WIKIPEDIA ARE ALL INVOLVED IN DISINFORMATION TO DISCREDIT TALIBAN..    FALSE FLAG ATTACKS AND HEGELIAN DIALECTIC IS ON THE BOIL..  honorable afghan freedom fighters taliban are not evil arab mercenary scum isis.. isis was created/ funded/ armed by the jewish deep state.  ####   ####... AFGHANS PROTECT THEIR WOMEN WITH THEIR LIVES …  THEY ARE NOT RAPISTS..  THE MAN IN THE VIDEO BELOW IS  AN HALF BREED ARAB WITH ZERO HONOUR.. HE CAN NEVER BE A AFGHAN..   CAN A HINDU EVER BE LIKE THIS EVIL HALF BREED ARAB DEVIL IN THE VIDEO BELOW ?.. ####   ####..  ####   ####...  WANNA KNOW HOW THE JEWISH DEEP STATE MILKED MONEY IN IRAQ -- AS VULTURES OF WAR?..  ####   ####... below is just one of the hundreds of false flag attacks done by the jewish deep state to make taliban look like shit..  ####  ####..  INDIA WILL RECOGNIZE THE TALIBAN AFGHAN GOVT..  ####   ####..  ####   ####..  war weary afghans need respite..


somebody called me up and cried.  CAPTAIN, THE “VADAKAYIL ASHRAM OF KALKI CONSCIOSSNESS “ AT DARJEELING HAS ITS SYMBOL – A BANYAN TREE REFLECTED IN WATER..  can you provide an explanation for LCD ( lowest common denominator )..  indeed..  the symbol must also be a huge mural in our new parliament building..  LATER BRIGADIER MOHIT HANDA ( VADAKAYIL KALKI ARMY ) MUST MAKE A GRAND POSTER..  WE WILL TEAM UP WITH AMAZON AND SELL THIS POSTER —THE KING OF ALL PROFOUND POSTERS..  BANYAN TREE (  AŚHVATTH TREE  ) IS A SYMBOL OF SANATANA DHARMA AND IS INDIA’S NATIONAL TREE.. india’s highest civilian award bharat ratna is a banyan tree leaf.  i have not yet seen an explanation for this ..  nobody knows— not even rothschild’s agent kayastha vivekananda..  so here we go for the LCD.  IN EVERY ANCIENT HINDI TEMPLE WE HAD A WATER BODY WITH A BANYAN TREE ON ITS EAST SIDE, SHOWINGS ITS REFLECTION IN THE WATER..  krishna tells arjuna 6000 years ago on the battle field of kurukhetra just before the war.  “ they speak of an eternal banyan tree with its roots above and branches below. its leaves are the vedic hymns, and one who knows the secret of this tree is the knower of the vedas “..   “ mulam adhah-sakham,  asvattham prahur avyayam,  chandamsi yasya parnani. yas tam veda sa veda-vit “--  Bhagavad Gita 15.1 , 4000 BC.. the banyan tree symbolises eternal life and change , due to its unending expansion..   this is a tree that does not grow out of the soil.  it grows out of its own branches.  .  the seed alights on the branch, germinates from there and produces handing roots that invade the soils to grow into a new tree. after a couple of centuries the host tree does not exist any more..  THE BANYAN TREE AND ITS REFLECTION EXPLAINS MAYA AND CONSCIOUSNESS. .  THE ORIGIN FROM WHENCE THE REFLECTION IS REFLECTED IS ETERNAL..  the tree of this material world is only a reflection of the real tree of the spiritual world. the material world is the perverted reflection ..  the material world thinks and perceives in an upside down manner..  WE ARE LIVING IN THE ILLUSORY REFLECTION ( MAYA ) OF THE REAL THING.   every ancient indian village held court, without written records under it, the tree being the sole witness.  under this tree people do not tell lies.. . instant justice was provided under the canopy of this majestic sacred tree of wisdom.  banyan tree is the last of plant life forms.. after that the soul takes next re-birth as low animal forms..  same way conscious elephant is the last of animal life forms.. after that the soul takes next re-birth as human… this is why our hindu temples have banyan trees and elephants..  A SANYASI DISENTANGLES HIMSELF FROM THE REFLECTION OF THE TREE BY CUTTING IT WITH THE WEAPON OF DETACHMENT..  THE ENTANGLEMENT OF THIS MATERIAL WORLD IS COMPARED TO THE REFLECTION OF THE BANYAN TREE..  WHEN IT IS SAID THAT A PERSON KNOWS THE VEDAS, IT IS ASSUMED THAT HE KNOWS HOW TO CUT OFF ATTACHMENT TO THIS MATERIAL WORLD. .  if one knows that process, he actually knows the vedas.. the purpose of the vedas, as disclosed krishna is to cut down the reflected tree and attain the real tree of the spiritual world..  a banyan tree is a tree that does not grow out of the soil. it grows out of its own branches. the seed alights on the branch, germinates from there and produces handing roots that invade the soils to grow into a new tree. .  after a couple of centuries the host tree does not exist any more, like how the human race changes form..  krishna says that the mystery of the aśhvatth tree is not easy to understand for the embodied souls, as they are deeply entangled in the continuous cycle of life and death…  because the banyan tree spreads out laterally and ‘drops’ roots that form into trunks, it is almost impossible to determine the original trunk of the tree. ..  SIMILARLY THE WORKINGS OF THE MATERIAL WORLD ARE SO COMPLEX THAT IT IS VERY HARD TO KNOW THEIR ORIGIN. .  a soul situated within the complexities of this incomprehensible tree remains trapped... all existence beyond the tree is forgotten, and he is fully enamored with the tastes of its fruits and berries..  THE GOAL OF SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT IS TO PERCEIVE BRAHMAN ( FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS ) AND MAYA AND DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THEM.


somebody called me up and cried.. captain what is the significance of bharata ratna award depicted on a BANYAN TREE LEAF?  i am sure it must be most profound wisdom ..  you are the only thinker on this planet to reveal the significance.  ####   ####...  WELL…..   the bharat ratna (jewel of india) is the highest civilian award of india which can be awarded only to the RAREST OF THE RARE.. HE MUST BE THE CHOSEN ONE , WHO IS WORTH IT , like maharishi markendeya.  on the reverse side of the banyan tree leaf is state emblem of india placed in the centre with the national motto 'satyamev jayate' .  Ideally the Sanskrit words “AHAM SARVASYA PRABHAVAH, (I am the origin of everything ) is part of the Vedic depiction of sadyojata blue tinged baby Vishnu floating on cosmic waters sucking his toe, past sage Markandeya. .  The song in the video below is apt for the scene of cosmic deluge with a smiling baby Vishnu representing DNA and singularity floating past in the vastness of the primordial cosmic ocean.  . DNA is a blueprint.   The song in the video is soul stirring..  “Prasanna vadana-saubhaagyadaa-bhaagyadaa-hastabhyaam abhayapradaa-manikanai nanavidhai bhushitaa-“  .. ####   ####...  bhagavata purana ( also mahabharata: vana parva, chapter 187-188 )   narrates that vishnu was pleases with the penances of sage markandeya  . he appeared before him when he completed his sandhya vandhana, and told him to ask for a boon..   SAGE MARKANDEYA  TOLD VISHNU THAT HE WANTED TO EXPERIENCE PRALAYA AND MAYA .  ACCORDINGLY VISHNU GAVE SAGE MARKANDEYA  A SPECIAL SOUL ASTRAL FLIGHT EXPERIENCE-- NOT THE REAL THING..  rishi markedeya is the sole witness to the cosmic deluge ( pralaya ), and this has nothing to do with flood water ..( balls to jewess helena and her bullshit noah ark ) ..  SAGE MARKENEYA WAS GIVEN AN ASTRAL SOUL TRAVEL EXPERIENCE OF PRALAYA ( COSMIC DISSOLUTION ) THROUGH THE KLEIN BOTTLE ( MOBIUS ) ..  COSMIC INHALATION AND EXHALATION.. In modern science a mobius coil is a topological modification of a toroid coil which is folded back on itself, thereby allowing current to flow in opposite directions.  four great oceans appeared on all sides, swallowing up the surface of the earth with their wind-tossed waves. in these oceans were terrible sea monsters, fearful whirlpools and ominous rumblings.  waters violently whipped into terrifying waves by hurricanes, covered up all the earth's islands, mountains and continents.  there was infinite darkness ..the entire expanse of the universe was flooded in all directions, and out of all its inhabitants only markandeya remained..  after cosmic dissolution vishnu gave sage markedeya a glimpse of cosmic regeneration .. lord vishnu,   after reversing the big bang, turned himself into a child ( read as dna from cosmos ) as small as that could fit on a tiny leaf of a banyan tree, floating in the aakasha , until he himself decides to recreate everything back out from himself.  suddenly, amongst all the utter chaos , markandeya noticed a banyan leaf floating on the ocean, tossed by the waves. on this unlikely raft lay a beautiful and adorable child, suckling his right toe, unperturbed by the calamity that had befallen the world. it was vishu as the newborn cosmic child.  the baby was the color of a flawless blue emerald, his throat bore marks like the lines on a conchshell.  just then the child inhaled, drawing markandeya within his body like a mosquito. there the sage found the entire universe arrayed as it had been before its dissolution.  inside, the baby’s body sage markedeya saw millions of universes and all that had been consumed by the deluge - he even had a glimpse of his own ashram on the banks of the subhadra river. he saw himself sitting in meditation. markandeya thus realized that the child was none other than the cosmic god (narayana) who had withdrawn the world into himself.  the sage saw the entire universe: the sky, heavens and earth, the stars, mountains, oceans, great islands and continents,. he also saw the basic elements ( panch mahabhutas ) of creation along with all their by-products, as well as time itself, which regulates the progression of countless ages within the days of brahma, he saw everything else created for use in material life. all this he saw manifested before him as if it were real. MARKENDEYA SAW ALL ALL LIVING BEINGS WITH A SOUL IN ITS DNA FORM.  the infant's heavenly smile negated the brutality of the pralaya (cosmic deluge). his compassionate glance reassured markandeya that life would go on, convincing him that the world never ends, but only changes.  then, as markandeya beheld the entire universe, the infant exhaled, expelling the sage from his body and casting him back into the ocean of dissolution.  at that moment the supreme personality of godhead, who is the original master of all mysticism and who is hidden within everyone's heart, became invisible to the sage ..  after the lord disappeared, in an instant markandeya found himself back in his own hermitage, just as before.  markandeya  realized that the child was none other than the cosmic god (narayana) who had withdrawn the world into himself.  it is stated in the vedas downloaded 400 centuries ago, : “oh, human! this village of yours is balanced on the banyan leaf and your lifespan is just alike a drop of water running down that leaf, which may fall any minute.”..  lord vishnu after reversing the big bang, turned himself into a child ( read as dna from cosmos ) as small as that could fit on a tiny leaf of a peepal tree, floating in the aakasha , until he himself decides to recreate everything back out from himself..  it takes brains to understand above wisdom. The west can stick to their “trick or treat “ Halloween bullshit..  kararavindhena padharavindam / mukharavindhe vinivesayantham.. vatasya patrasya pute shayanam / balam-mukundam manasa smarami..  “ With His soft lotus hands, our baby Mukunda has grabbed His lotus like toe and placed it in His lotus mouth, decorated with red lips, and sucks on it in amusement as He rests on the tender shoot of a Pupil leaf contemplating on the next cycle of creation”…    Sage Markendeya was the son of Kerala Maharishi  Mrikand..  ####   ####...  The Banyan tree is the male equivalent and peepal is the female counterpart. the bindu of the sri yantra represents singularity. the cosmos expands and contracts at regular cycles as explained by krishna in the bhagawat gita--just like inhalation and exhalation. today most useless people get the bharat ratna award like sachin tendulkar , ( a game played by nine and a half nations)  and chitpavan jew dhondo keshav karve ( who ran  a whorehouse of young widows for elite white invader officers ). jawaharlal nehru awarded bharat ratna to himself while serving as prime minister of india in 1955. when men on planet earth are no longer creative and moksha souls gave zero feedback to brahman ( the field ) in the seventh astral layer, there is dissolution of the cosmos.. ####   ####...  souls give feed back to brahman about their experiences on earth–brahman knows everything.  non-moksha evolving souls are parked in one of the six lower astral layers , awaiting re-induction ..  before moksha, the soul must go through all the experiences of life in the physical world—in every form from bacteria to bird to animal to human.. it is the soul which evolves ( from lowest frequency of unicelled fungus to highest moksha human jivan mukt frequency ) according to 400 century old vedanta.. we still study the fake darwin’s evolution from monkey to man in our ncert school books.  how the giraffe’s neck became longer because it ate off all the leaves on the lower branches of a tree.. braaayyyy.. the magic of sanatana dharma is that there are no losers who go to hell . it is win-win , though the worst souls take some more time for moksha . this is the hallmark of a good religion . abrahamic religions give you just one chance and you are doomed forever , if you cant make it at the hour of judgment or sent back from the pearly gates to hell. priests and mullahs thus have a vested agenda . . hinduism believes in a just world in which every soul is guided by karma to the ultimate goal of self realization, leading to moksha, freedom from rebirth.. change is the only constant— brahman does not allow stagnation.. in sanatana dharma there are no circles—only spirals. when the closed feed back loop of information from moksha souls to mother field of brahman becomes stagnant , there is pralaya , dissolution of the cosmos.. brahma breathes in and dissolves the cosmos .. brahma breathes out and creates.. this is also a closed mobius loop like a klein bottle.. moksha happens only from holy land india , and that too to a dead man who is cremated. excessive negative karmic baggage while born in india , can propel you to be reborn in some other god forsaken nation –say in somalia .. sanatana dharma does not have this stupid story of noah saving one male and female species in a large boat. noah was 950 years old at the time of the flood.- tee heeee. 50, 000-millions of animals boarded noah’s ark on the same day genesis: 7:13-14.. braaaaayyyy..  manu had three sons ( charm/ shar,/ yapeti ) while noah cooked up by jewess helena in 325 ad has three sons ( ham/ shem/ yapheth ) .. in hebrew noah is pronounced as mnuh ( manu ).. in our puranas manu is called nyuh , to differentiate him from manu the law giver.. one woman jewess helena cooked up the torah and the bible with all its fake characters like abraham/ sara/ moses/ jesus/ gabriel/ adam/ eve / jacob / noah etc.. the problem is that she never envisaged an internet age.. she could never imagine that a brown blogger named capt ajit vadakayil will tear asunder her lying , deceitful kosher ass apart.. ####   ####... Let me quota a verse from Rig Veda (10:129), Nasadiya Sukta downloaded 400 centuries ago and penned down 7000 years ago in Sanskrit…. कामस्तदग्रॆ समवर्तताधि मनसॊ रॆत: प्रथमं यदासीत् .सतॊबन्धुमसति निरविन्दन्हृदि प्रतीष्या कवयॊ मनीषा ॥४॥..KAMAstadagre samavartatadhi | manaso retah prathamam yadasit |..sato bandhumasati niravindanna | hrudi pratishya kavayo manisha || 4 ||---- “In the great cosmic mind all pervading.. Vibrations of KAMA sprout from conscious thought.. The seers who have searched within with wisdom.. Have witnessed the conscious equation between matter and energy”….  VERSE NO 6 … को अद्धा वेद इह प्र वोचत् कुत आजाता कुत इयंविसृष्टिःअर्वाग् देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यतआबभूव…  ko addha veda ka iha pravochat | kut ajata kut iyam visrushtih |..  arvagdeva asya visarjanaya | atha ko veda yata ababhuva || 6 ||..  “Who really knows?  Who in this world may declare it! When was this holographic exhalation , whence will be the pralaya inhalation? Only after this holographic projection ( ADVAITA- brahman the field  ) came the field gods who move nature’s opposites ( DVAITA – Trinity ) .  Who truly can say !”..#####..


somebody called me up and cried..  captain you have written that king solomon ( with a kerala namboodiri mother bath sheba )  fell for his wife kerala thiyya queen of sheba because he saw her hairy legs , as she strode up the sandal wood staircase ( donated by her ) to his throne , with two tiger cubs struggling to keep pace.. LISTEN-.. first he saw her bullet type nipples , as she was bare chested, as was kerala style..  AROUND HER NIPPLES WAS AQUAMARINE BLUE POWDER ( GROUND RAJWART/  LAPIS LAZULI  ) SPECKLED WITH GOLD . then he saw her anklet made of gold and red carnelian worn to balance the mooladhara chakra .. only then did he see her silky hairy legs which caused him to drool and fall for her.. queen of sheba removed a   a gold ring inset with a lapis lazuli stone from her thumb and presented it to king solomon.. in kerala astrology, blue rajwart it is a stone of planet saturn ( shani ) remove shani’s son gulika’s bad effects. lapis lazuli boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure.. MUCH LATER KERALA THIYYA EGYPTIAN QUEEN CLEOPATRA WOULD DO THE SAME TO ENTICE EMPEROR JULIUS CAESAR. the blue colour in ancient  ajanta caves is ultramarine..  MOSES WAS COOKED UP BY JEWESS HELENA IN 325 AD.. HE WAS MODELED AFTER KERALA THIYYA EGYPTIAN PHAROAH AKHENATEN ( AMNEHOTEP IV )..  HIS KERALA THIYYA WIFE NEFERTITI HAD A SCARAB OF  LAPIS LAZULI WHICH WAS FOUND IN HER TOMB..  #####   #####..  the tombs of tutankhamun is in reality his mother queen nefertiti’s tomb.. ####   ####...  DURING 20 YEARS OF OCCUPATION AMERICA HAS STOLEN MORE THAN 2.3 BILLION USD WORTH RARE EARTHS  AND LAPIS LAZULI FROM AFGHANISTAN’s  NORTHEASTERN BADAKHSHAN PROVINCE ..  these “exceptional “ thieves must return this money..  LIKE NORTH KOREA AFGHANISTAN HAS THE PLANET’S LARGEST RESERVES OF RARE EARTHS.  ####   ####..  the main lithium deposits of afghanistan are in three regions — ghazni province in the east and herat and nimroz provinces in the west.  american drones kept watch and if taliban approached these illegal mines operated by america they were bombed from air. dead men tell no tales.   there are videos ( russian hd satellite )  of american geologists working with the pentagon team conducting ground surveys on dry salt lakes in western afghanistan , which have large deposits of lithium.. russians were upset because americans stole their rare earths map. thse maps were in a vault  at the library of the afghan geological survey in Kabul. armed with the old russian charts, the united states geological survey began a series of aerial surveys of afghanistan’s mineral resources in 2006, using advanced gravity and magnetic measuring equipment attached to an old navy orion p-3 aircraft that flew over about 75 percent of afghanistan.. the data from those flights was so promising that in 2007, the geologists returned for an even more sophisticated study, using an old british bomber equipped with instruments that offered a three-dimensional profile of mineral deposits below the earth’s surface. it was the most comprehensive geologic survey of afghanistan ever conducted.  it is estimated that afghanistan has five trillion usd worth of rare earths which can be mined easily..  afghanistan  holds 70 million metric tons of copper, 3.1 billion tons of iron ore,  2.1 million tons of rare earth elements (rees) such as lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, and veins of aluminium, gold, silver, zinc, mercury, and lithium.  the copper mine at mes aynak in logar province has the world’s -largest copper deposit, valued at 80 billion usd .  in 2019, the us imported 83 per cent of its rare earth minerals from china, while the eu states got 99 per cent of these materials from china.  lithium is a key component in building the lithium-ion batteries that power everything from mobile phones to electric vehicles to new generations of submarines..  BALLS AMERICA WENT TO AFGHANISTAN TO SECURE WOMEN’S RIGHTS.. BRAAAAYYYYYYYYY. The piracy in Somalia is all about the white man stealing thorium.  ####   ####...


SCARAB IS A  SYMBOL OF IMMORTALITY OF MOKSHA SOULS....  ####   ####...  the heart was the only organ left in a pharoahs’s body when it was mummified. it was believed that the soul powers the heart .. when the soul exits a dead body, the heart stops..  All egyptian pharoahs were kerala thiyyas.. The blue scarab beetle which glows at night was used as royal seals to stamp important documents..   on the western ghats we had muniyaras of dead maharishis ( dolmens ) who were interned in a sitting yoga nidra position.   moksha souls of jivan mukts are not cremated.. when a jivan mukt guru dies he was not cremated, because he has achieved moksha while alive on planet earth , his soul had merged with the mother field of brahman .  ####   ####..  THE GLOWING BLUE SCARAB BEETLE WOULD ENTER THE MUNIYARA AND THE DEAD MAHARISHIS WOULD BE CONVERTED TO DUST..  THE INTERIOR OF THE MUNIYARA WOULD BE LIT WITH AN EERIE BLUE GLOW AT NIGHT .. khepri  is a scarab-faced god in ancient egypt who held a the ankh in his left hand which was the key to mount meru.  above his head  brahman ( aten ) holds the duat, a symbol for the afterlife. the duat was divided into 12 divisions .. your soul travelled through the twelve divisions of the zodiac. before taking up mokha on the seventh astral layer.. ####   ####...  rashi means heap in sanskrit..  each of 12 rashis is 30 degrees which makes 108— hindu king mantra..  ####   ####...  ONLY KERALA THIYYA EGYPTIANS KINGS COULD HOLD THE 108 BEAD MALA WITH ANKH AS THE STOPPER..  BELOW IMHOTEP ( AYYAPA ) HOLDING THE ANKH. .  ####   ####... ####   ####..  King Amenhotep iv renamed himself as Akhenaten ( AANK NATHAN ), or the custodian of the key to mount Meru..   Aank meaning eye in Sanskrit , is lifted from Shivas third eye.. Jewess Helena converted King Akhenaten into Moses and Kerala sage Apollonius of Tyana to Jesus Christ for her fantastic cooked up Bible in 325 AD … ####   ####... EGYPTIANS DO NOT KNOW THAT THE TALL OBELISK RIGHT IN FRONT OF ST PETER’S CATHEDRAL VATICAN WAS A WEDDING GIFT FROM KERALA THIYYA EGYPTIAN QUEEN CLEOPATRA TO KERALA THIYYA ETRUSCAN ROMAN EMPEROR JULIUS CAESAR.. I AM AN ETRUSCAN.. Historians are still in a tizzy why a Roman King should marry an Egyptians Queen. . The reason is both were Kerala Thiyyas.. Their son was sent to Calicut ( my hometown ) for safety.. He identified himself with his father’s monogrammed Damascus sword which the Calicut King has personally presented to Julius Caesar.. King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti were deleted from history and their obelisks pulled down.. This is what became the fake but kosher CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE.. Moses who never existed is mentioned 136 times in the Koran while hero Mohammad gets a mention only four times. (3:144, 33:40, 47:2, 48:29).. Moses was modeled after Kerala Thiyya Egyptian Pharoah Amenhotep IV ( King Akhenaten ) .. The name of Jesus ( who never existed  and modeled after kerala sage Apollonius of tyana  )  appears 187 times in the Koran.. ####   ####...  Amenhotep IV ( Akhenaten )’s mother’s was Kerala Thiyya woman Queen Tiye.  Her mummy’s  long silky black hair is still admired by the whole planet … #####   ######.. Jews want to delete Amenhotep IV's  (  Akhenaten )  wife Kerala Thiyya queen Nefertiti , so that wife of Moses , Zipporah ( who never existed ) can be modeled after her..  Nefertiti’s father Aryan Kerala Namboodiri Jethro, was the Chief priest of Egypt..   BIBLE AND TORAH WERE COOKED UP BY JEWESS HELENA IN 325 AD AT THE FIRST COUNCIL OF NICEAE, …WITH ALL ITS FAKE HEROES LIKE ABRAHAM / SARA/ JESUS/ MOSES/ GABRIEL/ JACOB / NOAH ETC WHO NEVER EXISTED.. Kerala Thiyyas were the original matriarchal society of this planet, where women wielded enormous power and inherited land ..  This is why you have powerful Egyptian queens like Nefertiti/ Hatshepsut/ Cleopatra-  all Kerala Thiyya women. .. Etruscan Roman Emperors like Julius Caesar and 800 senators were Hindu Thiyyas of Kerala.. The obelisk at Central Park New York, planted by Rothschild was stolen from the TEMPLE OF ATEN IN HELIOPOLIS Egypt built by Kerala Thiyya Pharoah Akhenaten ( Amenhotep IV ).. Jews are very keen to substitute Amenhotep IV with Rameses II who chased Moses ( never existed ) who parted the Red Sea..  Crafty Jewess queen Helena , found a blind sector of 17 years in the list of Egyptian kings ( in reality ruled by king Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV- died 1334 BC ) and filled that spot with a cooked up Jew Moses.. The whole idea was to allude that Jews built the pyramids of Egypt and Moses led the Jews out of Egypt to Israel after the good job was done.. Moses is shown in the Hebrew Bible as the half brother of Pharoah Ramesses II who reigned from 1279–1213 BC.. King Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti were deleted from history and their obelisks pulled down ( power hungry Egyptians priests who poisoned King Akhenaten/ Queen Nefertiti ) during rule of boy king Tutankhamen .. This stolen obelisk is what became the fake but kosher CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE at New York Central Park.. Jew Rothschild caused a slum to be created on top of the ancient 12,400 year old university campus of Heliopolis founded by kerala thiyya king kalanemi jr , so that Amenhotep IV ( King Akhenaten ) will be buried for ever.. All Professors went on deputation to Heliopolis from Kodungallur University Kerala , India.. GANIT WAS A KERALA MATHEMATICIAN BORN 12,000 YEARS AGO TEACHING IN KODUNGALLUR UNIVERSITY AND AT THE UNIVERSITY OF HELIOPOLIS, CAIRO,  EGYPT AS A VISITING PROFESSOR.. The three Giza pyramids were first built at a smaller scale by King Kalanemi Jr who also built the Bent and Meidum pyramids 12400 years ago.. A line drawn through the three pyramids would bisect the altar of the Temple of Heliopolis on the other side of Nile river..  In 3900 BC, Ayyappa ( the ninth avatar of Vishnu ) also called IMHOTEP, made the three Giza pyramids larger .. The lines ( Lehner ) pointing to the Temple of Heliopolis on the other side of Nile river, was then shifted to be the south-east corners of these pyramids ..  Akhenaten was the first human in recorded history to embrace the exclusive worship of one god ( Hindu god of BrahmAn the field, lifted by Islam as Allah )..  ####   ####...AMERICANS DID NOT INVADE AFGHANISTAN TO EMPOWER AFGHAN WOMEN .. BRRAAAYYYYY .... THEY WENT THERE TO STEAL... ####   ####... Egyptians are so stupid , that they think their ancient civilization began with Islam.  They do not know that the face of the 12,400 year old Sphinx is that of kerala Thiyya king Kalanemi Jr… ####   ####... Even today nobody knows that there are more pyramids in Sudan than Egypt.. ####   ####..



VADAKAYIL on STEELY RESOLVE OF AFGHAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS who raped mighty Soviet Union and America  IS ROOTED IN DHARMA OF ANCIENT HINDUISM not barbarism of medieval  islam, POLL #########   somebody called me up and cried..   CAPTAIN, SHAKUNI IS CONSIDERED AS THE MOST EVIL MAN IN THE EPIC OF MAHABHARATA PENNED 6000 YEARS AGO BY KERALA MAHARISHI VYASA.. IF SO WHY IS THERE A TEMPLE FOR SHAKUNI IN KERALA?..  ####   ####...  KERALA THIYYA KING SHAKUNI WAS THE BROTHER OF PRINCESS GANDHARI THE MOTHER OF THE KAURAVAS.. gandhari was born to subala, the king of gandhara -  modern kandahar of afghanistan the de facto capital of the taliban.. .. on 12 august 2021, kandahar fell to the control of the taliban. GANDHARI IS CONIDERED AS THE MOST CHASTE WOMAN IN HINDU PURANAS ( ALONG WITH QUEEN TARA WHO CURSED VISHNU AVATAR RAMA ) , SO MUCH THAT HER CURSE OF VISHNU AVATAR KRISHNA TOOK EFFECT..  alexander the great visited this ancient city of gandhara as his hindu mother was a kerala thiyya woman whose ancestral roots were in this place..  on greek maps this city was named alexandria of arachosia..  alexander the great was asked by his mother  polyxena to visit two places.. one was gandhara and the other was the 12,400 year old hindu temple of the oracle  at siwa oasis egypt built by kerala thiyya king swarbanu jr..  ####   ####..   LATER ALEXANDER’S  CREMATED ASHES WERE SCATTERED IN THE PRISTINE WATERS OF SIWA OASIS..  ####   ####..  beautiful princess gandhari had large expressive eyes, the most potent charm of her great beauty..  she was also terrified of the dark and could not sleep at night unless the bed room was lit up by lamps..  her marriage was arranged to blind king dhritarashtra, the eldest prince of the kuru kingdom, by grandsire bhishma ..  In those days nobody dared to object when respected Bhishma took a decision.. When she found out that her would-be husband was born blind, she decided to blindfold herself in order to be like her husband as a wedding ritual.   SHE WOULD BEAR A HUNDRED SONS ( TEST TUBE BABIES  KAURAVAS )..  the covert reason for krishna to come on earth as an avatar of vishnu was to decimate all 100 test tube babies who would be a burden of earth, as people without conscience ..  the official reason was to kill kerala kings shishupala ( jaya ) and dantavakra ( vijaya ) ..  gandhari would be dying a thousand deaths every moment of her awake life.. this caused her brother shakuni ( duryodhana's maternal uncle) to be very upset.. the moment she blindfolded herself,  brother shakuni who loved her too much, plunged his dagger deep into his thigh till the bone.. he would the keep the festered wound unhealed ( vow was till he got bhishma killed ), using his dagger again and again at the same spot.. he sliced the healed ligaments again and again, a very painful process.   HE DEVELOPED A PERMANENT PAINFUL LIMP.  shakuni was angry that his sister’s blind husband dhritarashtra was denied the throne because of his blindness, despite being eldest son and rightful heir as per our dharma. the throne went to albino pandu, the younger brother of dhritarashtra.. gandhari never complained..  when war was declared she lost her stately composure , ran and took her sword ( she was a good kalari sword fighter ) ..  ..  suddenly knowing the futility of wielding a urumi sword blindfolded , she cried out aloud - OFHH GOD, I AM AS MUCH AFRAID OF THIS WAR AS I AM AFRAID OF THIS ENDLESS DARKNESS..   ####   ####...   during the mahabarata war shakuni had plans to kill bhishma-- provided gandhari takes off her blindfold - but this chaste woman refused -- as her blindfolding herself was under her own oath..   during the last and 18th day of kurukshetra war, shakuni was killed by pandava sahadeva who smashed his head with his mace.. shakuni was a illusionist and that was how he could manipulate the game of dice. in kerala shakuni is considered as a man of virtue , but he became a bad man only because of his extreme devotion to his own sister gandhari ---there is a temple dedicated to shakuni at pavithreswaram in kollam district, kerala..  GANDHARI COULD NOT SEE ANY OF HER 100 DEAD SONS . . they kept dying every day of the mahabharata war. krishna watched her mourning each of her dead 100 CLONED sons. just before krishna blew his conch to kick start the  kurukshetra war , he ordered yuyutsu ( the only non-cloned son of  dhritarashtra to defect from the kaurava camp to the pandava camp.   yuyutsu was one among the eleven warriors to survive the terrible war. after the war, krishna crowned him the king of indraprastha..  this is what is written in mahabharata - queen gandhari’s ( mother of kauravas ) foetus was broken up and put in 101 mudpots by maharishi vyasa . these test pots were carefully attended to by trained morphic field resonator parichaarakas for 'incubating' these test tubes ‘..  this is the first written example of test tube babies and 'stem cell technology' . . dridharashtra's wife gandhari gave birth to a lumpen mass of flesh which vyasa cut into 100 pieces and kept each one in a pot. at the appropriate time, each piece was born as a son and thus a 100 sons were born to gandhari. (mahabharata, aadhiparvam, chapter 114, sloka 17).. that the cells from broken pieces of foetus because of totipotential nature of embryonic cells could be 'cultured ' into compete human forms in a morphogenetic field is expounded here..  texts about cloning in ayurveda was carried away by german hermann gundert from kerala-along with texts on math, astronomy , surgery etc. .when the first jar was opened gandhari took the baby out and named him duryodhan.  but alas! as soon as the baby started crying all the beasts of the jungle started howling , jackals bayed- and many signs of ill omen were seen.. everyone was shocked and disappointed as this meant that the baby was not auspicious and would bring harm on the entire clan of the kauravas.. the mahabharata world war was pre-ordained.. kerala king maya danava ( the illusionist architect, who was a master of panch mahabhutas ) ran away to mexico by vimana, before the war started, as he was afraid that krishna would make undue demands on him..  mayan calendar span is from death of krishna 4000 BC to 2012 AD ..#####   #####..  maya danava knew that duryodhana would be tricked into falling into the pool, inside the hall of illusions. he knew the secret acoustic spot where draupadi would stand and scream andhasya putra andahah ( son of blind parents is blind too ), but along with duryodhana , bhishma heard it too. angered by the insult to his chaste mother gandhari who was not blind ( only blindfolded ) duryodhana climbed out of the pool dripping wet swore this insult will cost you my dear.. it was insult to his chaste mother not to himself that angered him.  king duryodhana knew that the hall of illusions had a greater purpose, probably to trigger a world war.... evert time he saw a pool, he first tested it gingerly with his toes and it proved to be dry floor.. and every time draupadi would scream and taunt him of at focal points of acoustic concave spots , being a stupid coward which only he could hear..  duryodhana maintained his composure swallowing all insults . later when draupadi was disrobed in full court, bhishma made a terse statement DHARMA IS INDEED SUBTLE.    only vidura supported draupadi, no one else did, till krishna came to her rescue.. after the war yudhishthira approached gandhari mourning over the dead duryodhana .. he cried.."queen, the cruel yudhishthira, who killed your sons, stands before you fit to be cursed. do curse me who have committed great sin. i care not for life or for kingdom." saying this, he fell on the ground and touched her feet… all gandhari had to do was to remove her blindfold .. if her her vision fell on the prostrate yudhishthira he would be reduced to ashes on the spot.. this was the power of her chastity.. gandhari was  was rambling in extreme grief , her speech slurred. “duryodhana , my son , open your eyes. speak to me my first born…a hundred did we bear, all fine and proud. was it for such a foolish end? her husband, the blind king dritharashtra stood by, looking lost. sanjaya, the blind king’s escort, gently bent down to gandhari, to inform the blindfolded woman of the arrival of  krishna. her grief turned to a burning rage . gandhari cried out to krishna “you, who i worshipped as vishnu and you, known as an avatar of the supreme godhead. aren’t you ashamed of your doings? could you not have averted this war with your divine will and power? is this how you answer my prayers? ask your mother, devaki, the pain of losing a child. she had seven of her children being killed at birth and now i have seen a hundred sons of mine being butchered to death” . .  krishna laughed gently.  she now vented her steam “ oh mocking god , if my years of shraddha to vishnu  have been true, and if i have been true to my husband with this blindfold, then, MAY YOU DIE IN 36 YEARS FROM TODAY.  GANDHARI’S CUSP WAS 36 YEARS.. THE KALKI AVATAR CUSP IS 30 YEARS DEOM DEC 21ST 2012.  MAY DWARAKA BE FLOODED , MAY EVERY ONE OF YOUR YADUVA KIN PERISH BY KILLING EACH OTHER, just as you made the kins of kuru kill one another. may the yaduvas perish “.. suddenly the gravity of her words dawned on her .  her anger vaporized and she fell at krishna’s feet begging for forgiveness .. krishna smiled and gently lifted her up. he whispered “ oh mother , your curse will take effect, not only because of your true devotion towards me and your husband, but also due to the ever changing sands of time. in the mean time, let’s attend to the tending of the dead and sending them away on their journey to the heavens.”  krishna walked past the stunned pandavas..  I ASK— IF THE RESOLVE OF GANDHARI TO BLINDFOLD HERSELF ( AND NOT EVEN SEE HER 100 DEAD SONS WHO FELL EVERY DAY IN BATTLE )  AND THE RESOLVE OF HER BROTHER SHAKUNI TO KEEP HIS SELF INFLICTED THIGH BONE WOUND FESTERED AND PAINFUL IS NOTA STEELY RESOLVE ROOTED IN DHARMA  THEN WHAT IS IT? ..CAN YOU DO THIS?..  alexander the great wrote that 99.9% of afghans were hindus..  those days christianity and islam did not exist..   there were no jews in this area. the 0.1% were buddhists , followers of the real buddha not the fake one cooked up by german jew rothschild..   rothschild deleted ayyappa as the ninth avatar of vishnu and inserted the fake pali speaking , pig eating buddha who did not believe in soul.. like how in ncert books we still learn about edison and not tesla …the real buddha, whose statues are found in ancient rock cut temples, was born in 1900 bce in india, kikita, gaya, bihar, to parents anjana/ hemajit- he spoke sanskrit, was a vegetarian, and believed in the soul - the fake buddha, cooked up by jew rothschild as the 9th avatar of vishnu, was touted to be born in 480 bce in nepal, lumbini, kapilavastu, to parents mayadevi/ shuddodhana…  krishna was shot under his foot by an arrow by hunter jara ..  krishna consoled him and told him how his death was inevitable and things are going as per divine plan .  krishna says that in his previous birth as lord rama.  rama killed powerful kerala king vali from behind as a bystander from behind a tree .   this curse to maryada purush rama was from the most beautiful and chaste woman in our puranas , queen tara, wife of kerala thiyya king, krishna has now reaped the price for the same through jara who was king vali in his previous birth.  the taliban of afghanistan who have honor in their blood,  is not half breed arab savage ISIS created / funded/ armed by jewish deep state.  ####   ####...  WE DON’T WANT AMERICA TO SAVE AFGHAN WOMEN.. THEY ARE HAPPY THE WAY THEY ARE.. ####   ####..  ARNAB GOSWAMI OF REPUBLIC TV INDIA IS LEADING “OPERATION NAYIRAH 2” FOR A PIECE OF KOSHER SILVER ..   THE AFGHAN AMBASSADOOR TO INDIA/ TALIBAN MUST TAKE A NOTE .. PEOPLE LIKE THIS CLOSET COMMIE ARNAB GOSWAMI ARE A BURDEN ON PLANET EARTH..   ####   ####...


OPERATION NAYIRAH 2 IS GOING ON FULL THROTTLE LED BY DEEP STATE AGENT AND CLOSET COMMIE ARNAB GOSWAMI OR REPUBLIC TV..  TALIBAN HAS NEVER EVER SEND AFGHAN TERRORISTS TO KASHMIR..  maulana masood azhar was the founder and leader of the pakistan-based terrorist organisation jaish-e-mohammed, active mainly in the pakistani-administered portion of the kashmir region..  his terrorist outfit did not have a single afghan it leave alone taliban..  many indians are made to believe that indian airlines flight ic814 was hijacked to khandahar by taliban..  balls it was taliban.. on friday, 24 december 1999, the plane was hijacked and flown to several locations before landing in kandahar, ...khandahar was not the original destination..  IS TALIBAN CRAZY TO ASK FOR RELEASE OF PAKISTANI TERRORIST MAULANA MASOOD AZHAR ALONG WITH 35 OTHER NON-TALIBANI MILITANTS WHO WERE CAPTURED AND INCARCERATED IN INDIAN PRISONS..  in addition, a ransom of $200 million was demanded. taliban had nothing to do with this hijacking..  TALIBAN HAS ALREADY CLARIFIED ITS POSITION ON KASHMIR SEVERAL WHICH CONSIDERS THE K-ISSUE AS A BILATERAL AND INTERNAL MATTER..  maulana masood azhar is the founder and leader of the pakistan-based terrorist organisation jaish-e-mohammed, active mainly in the pakistani-administered portion of the kashmir region..    MAULANA MASOOD AZHAR’S TERRORIST OUTFIT DID NOT HAVE A SINGLE AFGHAN IT  LEAVE ALONE TALIBAN..  shortly after his release, azhar made a public address to an estimated 11,000 people in karachi. he proclaimed, "i have come here because this is my duty to tell you that muslims should not rest in peace until we have destroyed india," vowing to liberate the kashmir region from indian rule..  jaish-e-mohammed carried out a string of deadly attacks against indian targets, including the attack on the indian parliament in december 2001..  jem is run by azhar's family like a family enterprise.   TALIBAN WOULD NOT EVEN FAART OF JEM’S FACE..  jem maintained close relations with al-qaeda in afghanistan.    jem was created with the support of pakistan's inter-services intelligence (isi)..  jem was responsible for several terror attacks: the 2001 attack on jammu and kashmir legislative assembly, the 2001 indian parliament attack, the 2016 pathankot airbase attack, the 2016 attack on the indian mission in mazar-i-sharif, the 2016 uri attack, and the 2019 pulwama attack, each of which has had strategic consequences for india–pakistan relations..  taliban had declared again and again that the soil of afghanistan will not be used against 'any other country'- leave alone india..  HONOURABLE TALIBAN IS NOT HALF BREED ARAB ISIS..  TALIBAN PROTECT WOMEN WITH THEIR LIVES.  DURING THE KHALISTANI INSURGENCY IN PUNJAB SIKHS TERRORISTS WERE HUNDRED TIMES WORSE THAN ISIS..    the khalistani sikhs would just walk into any home where good looking women are seen.. i t could be hindu/ muslim or sikh—it did not matter. they herded the rest of the family into a room locked it and raped the woman. ####   ####...  the taliban have always been labeled as terrorists and extremists.   the mujahideen killing the soviets was hailed as the noble work of jihad while the taliban killings invader americans and thei afghan traitor agents are labeled as terrorism. the taliban were not welcomed and hosted inside the white house by us  president and equated with the founding fathers of the us.  the taliban defeated the mightiest army in the history of mankind plus the coalition of allied countries that had occupied their land, plus the local government in kabul.  THE TALIBAN DID IS WHAT NOBODY BEFORE HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO IN AFGHAN HISTORY.. ####   ####..  WHAT IS RAW AND OLD FAART AJIT DOVAL WORTH?   is this antique fellow working for bharatmata or the jewish deep state ?   he should be put out to pasture.. he got an extension because all he does is to give modi an ego massage..


AMERICANS STILL BOAST HOW STINGER SHOULDER HELD MISSILES GIVEN BY AMERICA TO AFGHAN MUJAHIDEEN TO SHOOT DOWN RUSSIAN HELICOPTERS TURNED THE TIDE OF THE WAR.. my russian officers father was a helicopter pilot in afghanistan from 1985 till the soviet withdrawal on february 15, 1989. HIS FATHER SAID THAT STINGER MISSILES WERE USELESS AND WERE FIRED BY ILL TRAINED MUJAHIDEEN.. #### ####.. the american propaganda is -- according to the 1993 us us air defense artillery yearbook, the mujahideen gunners used the supplied stingers to score 270 total aircraft kills in about 340 engagements, a 79-percent kill ratio.. with 53% of soviet helicopters shot down.. THIS IS THE GREATEST BULLSHIT IN THE ANNALS OF WAR. according to soviet figures, , only 23 aircraft and 49 helicopters were destroyed by all causes. the pakistan army fired 44 stingers at enemy aircraft without a single kill. INDEED WHEN SOVIET HELICOPTERS WERE FIRST SHOT DOWN ( BY TRAINED WESTERN MERCENERIES – NOT MUJAHIDEEN ) THERE WAS GREAT CONSTERNATION. SOVIETS IMMEDIATELY TOOK EFFECTIVE COUNTERMEASURES TO PROTECT THEIR HELICOPTERS. helicopter crews switched their operations to night raids since the mujahideen had no night-vision equipment. pilots made bombing runs at greater height, thereby nullifying the accuracy of shoulder held stinger attacks, measures included flares, beacons, and exhaust baffles to disorient the missiles, along with night operation and terrain-hugging tactics to prevent the rebels from getting a clear shot. soviet choppers and planes were not allowed to land with a long trajectory. while taking off and landing they were escorted by choppers which released heat flares to divert any potential missiles. all cargo flights were rescheduled for nighttime. in september 1986, a trained western mercenary team fired its first stingers at three soviet mi-24 hind helicopter gunships attempting to land at jalalabad airfield. locked onto the infra-red signatures of their targets, the five-foot-long, 35-pound missiles raced after the ill-fated helicopters at speeds of over 1,500 mph, smashing into them with "the kinetic force of a mid-sized car traveling at sixty miles per hour, over the next three years, the mujahideen, who received stingers from washington and extensive training on their use in pakistan, staged dozens of attacks that brought down nearly 270 aircraft ( terrific lie ) contributing in no small part to the soviet union’s decision to withdraw from afghanistan in 1989. fake jihadists presented u.s president ronald reagan with the remains of a missile used in the attack. TEE HEEE. by 1988, , the mujahideen had stopped firing expensive shoulder launched stinger missiles. anti-aircraft guns were better .. SOVIET DECISION TO WITHDRAW FROM AFGHANISTAN WAS MADE MUCH BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF USELESS STINGER MISSILES IN AFGHANISTAN.. THE SOVIET DECISION TO WITHDRAW FROM AFGHANISTAN WAS MADE IN OCTOBER 1985.. the soviet withdrawal was fully completed in a phased manner on february 15, 1989.. Soviet, and later, Russian, accounts give zero significance to the Stinger for strategically ending the war.. ALL THIS IS AMERICA’S RAMBO 3 FIXATION AND PROPAGANDA THAT IT IS A FIRE-AND-FORGET WEAPON. U.N. joined in with american propaganda that that "mujahadeen" fighters were destroying one soviet aircraft a day and stingers are slowly and surely turning the tide of the war BRAAAYYYYYY..  stinger missiles did not bring down any more aircraft than chinese heavy machine guns and other less sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry.. the 5-foot-long stinger missile travelled at twice the speed of sound and destroys its target with fragmentation explosives. the stinger's effective range is about 2.8 miles.. stinger missiles used passive ir/uv sensors. the missiles look for the infrared light (heat) produced by the target airplane's engines and track the airplane by following that light. the missiles also identify the uv "shadow" of the target and use that identification to distinguish the target from other heat-producing objects.. soviet union managed to capture a few stinger missiles , did reverse engineering and produced hundreds of such useless missiles to protect their helicopters .. russian vladimir kovtun a decorated retired colonel captured eight fim-92 stinger missile in 1986. lieutenant igor ryumtsev, claimed to be the first to capture a stinger in 1986.. after studying the american stinger missiles , soviet aviation designers modified the su-25 jets, improving their defense capabilities and heat flare feature – these measures helped to eliminate casualties for the ussr. the stinger missile functioned at low altitudes -- under about 4,500 feet – and was not effective against aircraft traveling at low altitudes but high speed.. the stinger missiles were useless in night fighting. . if the stinger operator can't see the approaching aircraft and launches at the missile at an that angle that takes it far from the aircraft, its chances of striking the target are virtually zero.. soviets used decoy rockets in their mi-24d helicopter gunships that were fired at intervals to provide a heat source that fooled the stinger. the soviet military also has developed powerful strobe lights that throw off the stingers' sensors in daytime.. russians had far better shoulder held missiles.. the strela-2 was the first soviet man-portable sam – it entered use in 1968. it was used extensively in vietnam.. 64 us helicopters were shot down by various strela-2 variants.. the soviet sa-7 grail playing a major role in neutralizing the american air force in the final communist offensive in 1975 in Vietnam . new generation of soviet sam systems entered service in the 1980s. these included the sa-10 grumble, a mach-6 mobile system with a 60-mile range deployed in both strategic and tactical versions; the sa-11 gadfly, a mach-3 semiactive radar homing system with a range of 17 miles; the sa-12 gladiator, a track-mobile replacement of ganef; the sa-13 gopher, a replacement for gaskin; and the sa-14, a shoulder-fired grail replacement. ACCORDING TO DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS, THE SOVIET POLITBURO WAS DISCUSSING WAYS OF DISENGAGING FROM AFGHANISTAN, AND ACTUALLY REACHED THE FIRM DECISION ON OCTOBER 17, 1985. gorbachev made the public announcement on february 8, 1988, and the first troops started coming out in may 1988.. the soviet withdrawal was completed on february 15, 1989, and afghanistan returned to nonaligned status. ..gorbachev himself, in his book (mikhail gorbachev, ponyat’ perestroiku … pochemu eto vazhno seichas. (moscow: alpina books 2006)), cites at least two factors to explain why it took the reformers so long to withdraw the troops. according to gorbachev, the cold war frame held back the soviet leaders from making more timely and rational moves, because of fear of the international perception that any such withdrawal would be a humiliating retreat. in addition to saving face, the soviet leaders kept trying against all odds to ensure the existence of a stable and friendly afghanistan with some semblance of a national reconciliation process in place before they left. the u.s.-built stinger antiaircraft missiles, was supplied to the mujahideen in very large numbers beginning in 1986.  the total supply is in excess of 2615..pakistani officers traveled to the united states for training on the stinger in june 1986 and then set up a secret mujaheddin stinger training facility in rawalpindi, complete with an electronic simulator made in the united states. the simulator allowed mujaheddin trainees to aim and fire at a large screen without actually shooting off expensive missiles,. the screen marked the missile's track and calculated whether the trainee would have hit his airborne target. #### ####… stinger anti-aircraft missiles, were channelled by the pakistanis to the hezb-i-islami faction of the mujahideen led by gulbuddin hekmatyar. after the 1989 soviet withdrawal from afghanistan, the u.s. attempted to buy back the stinger missiles, with a $55 million program launched in 1990 to buy back around 300 missiles (us$183,300 each). the u.s. government collected most of the stingers it had delivered, but by 1996 around 600 were unaccounted for and some found their way into croatia, iran, sri lanka, qatar, and north korea .. taliban forces in afghanistan still have about 130 u.s.-supplied stingers the taliban has purchased later-model russian versions of the same weapon. us trained mujahids spawned, al-qaeda and likes of osama bin laden..


VADAKAYIL SAYS,  TO STEAL RARE EARTHS, AMERICA WANTS TO SPLIT AGHANISTAN INTO TWO, BUT IT WONT HAPPEN IN PUTIN’S WATCH , POLL …  america has given up its mann ke tamanna of regime change in north koear to steal rare earths..  ####   ####...  north korea has more submarines then america and has massive second strike capability..  check out the link below-  ####   ####...  as usual america is lying..  the biden administration has suspended all arms sales to the government of afghanistan after the taliban took control over the country.    but america is arming and funding amrullah saleh..  ####   ####...  as per my sources american arms are pouring into the panjshir valley.. this is called the valley of the five lions, the five pandava brothers of mahabharata. 6000 years ago afghanistan was part of india..  the mother of the 100 kauravas slain in the war of mahabharata, gandhari was from kandahar, afghanistan..  ####   ####...  the panjshir valley is just 150 kilometres north of kabul, near the hindu kush mountain range..  ####   ####...  america is now looking to divide and rule and create two afganistans like what they did in korea and vietnam..  sponsored by america afghanistan’s vice-president amrullah saleh ( he is a tajik ) has declared himself interim president as he joined the remnants of the erstwhile northern alliance withdrawing to their sanctuary in the panjshir valley.  the northern was created by america to take on the taliban. the saga of cycle of violence in afghanistan is far from over. .  on august 17, 2021, saleh declared himself afghanistan’s interim president, citing the afghan constitution where the first vice-president would take over in the case of the ‘absence, escape, resignation or death’ of the president.  saleh, whose twitter descriptor reads ‘spies never quit’, is currently at an undisclosed location.  he is joined by ahmad massoud and general mohammadi. the panjshir valley, where the trio are believed to be in, is the only one of 34 not to fall to the taliban.. western merceneries hide here..  this valley is packed with tajiks ( sponsored by america ) who have no loyalty to afghanistan..   they are aliens planted there by america. during the soviet occupation.. tajiks are a persian-speaking iranian ethnic group..  never allow national demographics to be changed by illegal aliens.. in kerala malappuarm distric is packed with illegal muslim bangladesis and rohingyas.. nsa ajit doval does not know his own powers..   ajit doval is allowing traitor judiciary to deal with traitors.. the word treason is not mentioned in the constitution..  afghan ambassador to tajikistan zahir aghbar has said that this province will serve as a stronghold for resistance against the taliban by amrullah saleh, the afghan embassy in dushanbe in tajikistan put up the portrait of amrullah saleh as the caretaker head of state.  ahmad massoud, amrullah saleh, bismillah khan mohammadi are the leaders of the panjshir resistance.  northern alliance was the coalition of rebel groups that opposed the taliban rule between 1996 and 2001. apart from ahmad shah massoud, amrullah saleh, the alliance included karim khalili, abdul rashid dostum, abdullah abdullah, mohammad mohaqiq, abdul qadir, asif mohseni etc..  the taliban have not attacked panjshir and many believe that it is because of the location of the valley, which makes it a natural fortress and the people are well armed with sophistcated american weapons..  yesterday opposition fighters loyal to afghanistan's ousted government retook three northern districts from the taliban .. the former vice president claimed to be operating out of panjshir with the support of ahmed massoud, the son of slain afghan commander ahmed shah massoud..  panjshir valley is now the epicentre of what is being called the national resistance front of afghanistan or the second resistance. ahmad massoud, amrullah saleh, bismillah khan mohammadi are the leaders of the panjshir resistance..  on august 15, 2021 , as the taliban completed its takeover of kabul, a video posted on social media showed saleh, ahmad massoud and general bismillah mohammadi taking off in a american helicopter for an unknown destination. all three are ethnic tajiks..  saleh was earlier head of counter-intelligence in the afghan intelligence service, the national directorate of security (nds). like his mentor massoud..  he remains an implacable foe of the taliban as head of the nds, saleh accumulated files and addresses on the taliban and seeded pashto-speaking traitor agents into the taliban..  amaerica has to do monkey business all over the planet where they do regime changes so that jews can steal..  libya/ iraq/ syria were proesperous nations till america decided to do regime change to steal.  ####   ####..  ####   ####...


JEW ROTHSCHILD CREATED THE LIE OF SATI WHEN HINDU WIDOWS WERE FORCED TO JUMP INTO THE CREMATION FIRE OF HER DEAD HUSBAND..   WE NEVER HEARD OF “SATI” TILL THE WHITE INVADER CAME TO INDIA..  SO SO SO..  when i was married i had a dinner ( in a swank restaurant ) with my wealthy american agent and wife in usa in 1983 ..   they were very worried about my “slave wife” since i had an arranged marriage.. they wanted to know  ( LOADED QUESTION ) that if i died my wife will jump into the fire ..  i kicked my wife under the table , and i gave a LOADED ANSWER..  “ i expect her to jump”.. and my wife said with a dead pan face  “ of course  it is my duty to jump “. you should have seen their appalled faces.. it was priceless. TEE HEEEEE ..  ####  ####..  BAAD is a medieval islamic afghan method of settlement and compensation whereby a female from a criminal's family is given to the victim's family as a bride.    BAAD IS ILLEGAL UNDER AFGHAN LAW ..  TALIBAN HAS BANNED IT ..  in 1998,   the taliban issued decrees banning the practice of baad (the selling of young girls in  marriage as a means of dispute resolution) on the grounds that ’urf did not apply and that  certain pashtun practices violated islamic law. the taliban also banned levirate marriages on  the grounds that widows had the right to choose their own husbands, whether or not they  belonged to the husband’s family or tribe..  EXCHANGE MARRIAGES  ARE  CALLED (BADAL)..  the practice of baad has been eclipsed by offers of land and money. that the traditional practice has been replaced by a similar practice, wherein the victim’s family demands the  perpetuator’s family pay the price of a dowry and marital costs of a girl the victim’s family has  chosen from within the victim’s respective community..  the female is given in arranged  marriage to a male in the victim's family. IN PRACTICE, THE FEMALE GIVEN IN BAAD BECOMES AN EQUAL MEMBER OF THE NEW FAMILY – NOT A CHILD SLAVE.. the practice of baad has no islamic basis. it is rather considered un-islamic and illegal. as per the hadith, "a non-virgin woman may not be married without her command, and a virgin may not be married without her permission; and it is permission enough for her to remain silent (because of her natural shyness)." [al-bukhari:6455, muslim & others].  BAAD is a criminal offense under Article 517 of the 1976 Afghan Penal Code. ACCORDING TO AFGHAN LAW, THE SENTENCE FOR PERPETRATORS OF BAAD TWO YEARS OF PRISON.    baad is enacted in the event of a death, when a villager kills a member of a rival clan.   sometimes clans have fatal fight over land, or resources like water. the elders of the community then form a jirga, or council, to mediate the conflict and try and prevent further bloodshed. the jirga typically chooses a young woman from the perpetrator’s family and orders her to marry a man from the victim’s clan.   in theory, the resulting bond between the two families is meant to stop further turmoil.  my elder son had an arranged marriage.. WE NEVER HEARD OF  SATI TILL THE WHITE INVADER CAME TO INDIA.  KAYASTHA VIVEKANDNA PLAYED ALONG WITH JEW ROTHSCHILD LIKE PIR ALI MUSLIM RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY AND PIR ALI MUSLIM DWARAKNATH TAGORE ..  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  ####   ####...  JEW ROTHSCHILD FORCED MAHARAJA RANJITH SINGH’S  MUSLIM  CONCUBINES  TO DO SATI.   read the last part of the post below ..   ####   ####...  the original source of the eternal flame is the fire which emanated from shiva’s wife shakti ( sati ) , when SHE CAUSED HER OWN BODY TO SELF COMBUST when her own father daksha prajapati insulted her husband.. SATI WAS CHASTE , ONLY SHE COULD DO IT.. mind you shiva and wife shakti ( sati ) are cosmic allegories.. jew rothschild created the lie of sati—where hindu women jumped into the funeral fire in which her husband was cremated.. rothschild had everybody including his agent vivekananda promoting this terrific SATI lie.. THERE IS NO INCIDENT IN ANY PURANA OR HINDU SCRIPTURE , WHERE A WIDOW JUMPED INTO THE FIRE OF HER HUSBANDS FUNERAL..  german jew rothschild caused ( threat of snatching away the kingdom ) jew maharaja ranjit singh’s harem ( including muslim and jewess whores ) to jump into the cremation fire… gruesome pictures were splashed all over europe by his media .. sikh king ranjit singh was a rothschild agent, whose army was armed and led by white generals…the sikh kingdom was a buffer to keep islamic afghans away from giving pin pricks to rothschild.. NO HINDU WOMAN IS ALLOWED INTO THE CREMATION YARD AS PER RULES OF SANATANA DHARMA.. IF SO, HOW CAN SHE JUMP?  PRAY?  PRITHEE??.. amba frustrated with bhishma , jumped into a homam fire , whose flames has its source in the fire from sati’s body. .this is the source of three flashes at sabarimala pilgrimage..  ####   ####..  HINDU WOMEN JUMPED INTO THE FIRE TO FUSE THEIR VAGINAS AS THE ISLAMIC INVADERS WOULD RAPE EVEN DEAD BODIES OF HINDU WOMEN WHO HAD COMMITTED SUICIDE.. This is not SATI cooked up by Jew Rothschild..  this is a group practice called JAUHAR with the husbands alive awaiting their  last fight to death with the islamic invader....


whenever an important person is assassinated the first question to ask yourself is “WHO GAINED “ ? and then after the dust settles and WITH 20/20 HINDSIGHT  ASK YOURSELF AGAIN “ WHO GAINED “. ISRAEL GRABBED THE PRISTINE AND ABUNDANT  FRESH WATER OF GOLAN HEIGHTS FROM SYRIA BY A FLASE FLAG ATTACK..  ISRAEL ATTACKED ITSELF ( FIRED AT A LONE ISRAELI FARMER ) AND THEN GRABBED GOLAN HEIGHTS.. AND WE HAD DONALD TRUMP DECLARE THAT GOLAN HEIGHTS BELONG TO ISRAEL.. ####   ####... AND THEN TRUMP GAVE AWAY JERUSALEM TO ISRAELI JEWS.  ####   ####...  ISRAEL SHIFTS “AMALEK GOAL POSTS “ AT WILL , TO SUIT THEIR OWN SELFISH MOTIVES.  ####   ####...  i have told modi/ ajit doval/ amit shah/ defence minister at least 80 times that “FALSE FLAG ATTACK” AND “HEGELIAN DIALECTIC” must be part of the indian police / army academy syllabus.. they ignored it.  ANY INDIAN CAN ASK HIMSELF—WHICH INDIAN RSS  HINDU INDIVIDUAL SPONSORED BY MOSSAD GAINED BY THE MURDERS OF SYAMA PRASAD MUKHERJEE AND DEENDAYAL UPADHYAYA??..   same way who gained by the murder of the american ambassador in kabul, adolph “spike” dubs, who was kidnapped and killed on valentine’s day 1979.  i am stressing on valentine’s day.. i wont reveal the truth as it will cause heart ache to his wife and adopted daughter.  ####   ####...  WHATEVER IS WRITTEN ABOUT HIS MURDER IS BULLSHIT..  on february 14, 1979, on the same day that iranian militants attacked the u.s. embassy in tehran, iran, and several months before the soviet invasion of afghanistan. is this coincidence ?..  an autopsy showed that he had been shot in the head from a distance of six inches by 0.22 calibre bullets..   only professional cia trained hitmen use 0.22 bullets from point black range..  so so so the carter administration was outraged by the murder of the us ambassador.   adolph “spike” dubs was in moscow during the 1962 cuban missile crisis, translating messages between president kennedy and soviet leader nikita khrushchev- A DISGRACEFUL SESSION IN WHICH NIKITA CUT JOHN BABY’S HAT AND TIE,  WHILE A DRUG PUMPED KENNEDY WAS CRYING FROM ONE EYE. .  read all 4 parts of the post below— ..  ####   ####...  bruce flatin, the us  embassy's political counselor, was allowed to call out to dubs through the door of hotel room 117. in german, which both men spoke, spike was able to say he was all right. but after two brief exchanges, his captors broke off the discussion.  it is still not known who fired the "phantom" 0.22 pistol rounds, or even who the kidnappers were..  ten months later, soviet forces invaded afghanistan, triggering four decades of war.  after the door was broken open there was one man who did not have a single would.. there men including the us ambassador lay dead.  a brown paper bag was put on his head and taken away kicking and screaming .. he was killed by four 0.22 bullets in his head fired at point blank range   mysteriously...   DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES..  the official afghan incident report  in the form of a diplomatic note to usa , had listed weapons found in the room, and none of them were .22 caliber.  POLICE AND TROOPS DON’T USE .22 CALIBER—ALL KNOW THIS. .  CIA TRAINED  PROFESSIONAL ASSASSINS USE .22 CALIBER POISON TIPPED BULLETS AS A FAVORITE WEAPON….  after ussr invader afghanistan on christmas day premier alexei kosygin declared : “we must not lose afghanistan.”   soviets  feared that an islamic government might inflame 41 million muslims living in the soviet union.  on december 24, 1979, the soviet union invaded afghanistan, under the pretext of upholding the soviet-afghan friendship treaty of 1978. ...  after an emergency national security council meeting on dec. 27 1979 , carter signed a secret order: “our ultimate goal is the withdrawal of soviet troops from afghanistan. even if this is not attainable, we should make soviet involvement as costly as possible.”..  on 27 december 1979 the exiled leader of the parcham faction of the marxist people’s democratic party of afghanistan (pdpa), babrak karmal, was installed as afghanistan’s new head of government .  by jan. 21, 1980, the cia was shipping at hundres of tonnes of guns, grenades and mines to pakistan’s intelligence service, which delivered them to the mujahideen rebels.  the saudis began buying millions of dollars of soviet-bloc arms from egypt, and the cia flew them into battle. the chinese trucked missiles for the afghans over the world’s highest mountain pass.  afghan communists, backed by the soviets, had seized power in a coup one year before the murder of . adolph “spike” dubs..  he was killed during a deliberately botched rescue attempt after his kidnapping.  the cia nonetheless singled out the grim-faced gulbuddin hekmatyar as the most effective killer of communists. he would receive a huge share of the cia’s guns and money over the next decade. the united states and its allies gave him more than 2.1 billion usd  in armaments.  us president carter initiates a programme to arm the mujahideen through pakistan’s intelligence service. saudi arabia agrees to match america’s contributions. funnelling money and weapons through pakistan leads to fraud, and pakistan would pick which of the mujahideen factions would receive the most support, favouring only those with extreme islamic fundamentalist views.  by 1981 the us started the first of two packages of economic assistance and military sales to support pakistan’s role in the war. under president reagan us support increased. named operation cyclone, it became the largest covert operation ever and the total cost to us tax payers was 3 billion usd.. you wont find all this in jewish deep state mouthpiece wikipedia..  THE TALIBAN NEVER FOUGHT THE SOVIET UNION AND WERE ONLY CREATED IN THE MID-1990S.  the taliban differ from mujahideen/  al-qaeda as many of their principles stem from the traditional pashtun tribal way of life in afghanistan.  the group came to prominence in afghanistan in the autumn of 1994, and governed in the country for five years, from 1996 to 2001.  LOCAL PATRIOT AFGHAN TALIBAN IS NOT ALIEN ARAB MUJAHIDEEN MERCENERIES CREATED BY AMERICA .. THE WORD  MUJAHIDEEN, A WORD THAT MEANS ‘THOSE ENGAGED IN JIHAD’ IN ARAB ARABIC. AMERICA CALLED THEM FREEDOM FIGHTERS.  contrasted to the cosmopolitan arabs who formed the member base of al-qaeda, afghan taliban as representing “humanity in a pristine state – a righteous, pious, pre-industrial people – struggling against the brutal, soulless, mechanized force of modernity.  the taliban developed as a pashtun movement because the original taliban were pashtun, the movement started in the kandahar area which is predominantly pashtun, the pashtuns are one of the largest tribal societies in the world and they are proud of it. understanding pashtun culture is crucial to understanding the taliban. pashtunwali is their ancient set of tribal customs and is an “honor based behavioral code that still regulates all social intercourse” defending pashtun culture from foreign intrusion and protecting it from disintegration by external threats is paramount (because the taliban movement is deeply rooted in rural, tribal culture, they hold very rigid perspectives of urban culture. they don’t care for the values of the “international communist”.. they are happy the way they are.. they don’t need whorehouses, discotheques and golf courses ..   once they came to power, they taliban generally tried to govern by consensus.  the ministry for the promotion of virtue and the provision of vice enforced these policies quite subjectively and arbitrarily—only this works in a harsh environment. any good looking woman is marked for kidnapping- and there are no telephones to call for help. ####   ####... a culture is a time tested means to an end-- the culture ( or way of life ) of the more highly developed nation is “imposed” upon the less developed peoples . culture should be appreciated in terms of itself.  what is moral in one culture might be immoral or ethically neutral in another . he use of culture depends upon an ability for rational or abstract possessed by humans alone. animals dont have it.  culture could be a logical construct, or a psychic defense mechanism or even an abstraction from behavior.  once established, culture has a life of its own.  it flows down through time from one generation to another. it is the most highly developed means of promoting freedom from worry and continuity of life, in a series that began with the simple reflex.  man's immediate prehuman ancestors had societies, but they did not have culture.  it can cause a person to die of hunger, though nourishment is available, because some foods are branded unclean by the culture. and it can cause a person to disembowel or shoot himself to wipe out a stain of dishonour.  all know how america force fed pork to their islamic prisoners at guantanamo bay prison.  culture is stronger than life and stronger than death. culture triumphs over death and offers man eternal life..  cultures themselves must never ever be evaluated or graded as higher and lower, superior or inferior..  i was a successful captain at sea ( for 30 years ) because i respected culture.  RESPECT CULTURE!..


####   ###.. NOW MODI WILL GET NOBEL PRIZE, ZAROOR ! ..  KOHINOOR BELONGS TO INDIA, WE WILL TAKE IT BACK ON OUR TIME TABLE ..WE DON’T NEED MODI’S PERMISSION FOR THAT.  if you ask anybody what should happen to jewish art stolen by the nazis, everyone would say of course they’ve got to be given back to their owners.. but hey, kohinoor is a different kettle of fish.  the uncut kohinoor diamond which glowed blue in the dark was a dowry to krishna by danava king of kerala jambavan jr 6100 years ago..   king jambavan is known as the ruler of bear kingdom on the western ghats  in our puranas..  jambavan jr’s  ancestor witnessed vishnu avatar vamana banishing kerala king mahabali to patala ..  jambavan jr finds a mention in the older ramayana epic, for showing the medicinal aloe vera herbs to cure lakshman who was dying of his wounds in battle.  jambavans ancestor was one of the 54 danavas at samudra manthan along with mahabalis ( danava bloodline hiranaya kashipus / virochanas / kalanemi jr  ) ancestor and king swarbanus ( hiranyaksha ) ancestor ..  akrura who shared the same great great grandfather as krishna , had eleven younger brothers … akrura kept krishnas syamanthakam diamond ( kohinoor ) for safe keeping..  this diamond was stolen from akrura by a slave ..  later this diamond was set into the third eye of bhadrakali at a kerala temple..  krishna is from yaduva danava dynastry of kerala.. his biological father vasudevan was from guruvayur.  the queen of england shamelessly sits on the syamantakam diamond  since 1849, the size of a hen’s egg ( cut diamond kohinoor )..  between origin to destination, this diamond passed several hands.. all perished due to a curse attached to the diamond..  india was the only source of diamonds in the world till recently ...  till the white man discovered diamonds in south africa in 1886, diamonds were available only in india.  in 1726 the white man had found some" low quality" diamonds on a brazilian river bed. the next discovery was in 1906 in congo.   turco-mongol leader zahir-ud-din babur came from central asia through the kyber pass (located between modern-day afghanistan and pakistan) to invade india in 1526, establishing the islamic mughal dynasty and a new era of infatuation with gemstones. the mughals would rule northern india for 330 years, expanding their territory across nearly all of present-day india, pakistan, bangladesh and eastern afghanistan, all the while reveling in the mountains of gemstones they pillaged.  in 1628, mughal ruler jew shah jahan commissioned a magnificent, gemstone-encrusted throne.. all mughal rulers after humayun were jews.  jew shah jahan’s throne took seven years to make, costing four times as much as the taj mahal, which was also under retro-installation.  taj mahal has dozens of dry toilets-- why ?…   for jew shah jehan and his jewess wife mumtaz to use one for every occasion for every orifice ?  pray ? . prithee ?..  wht is the huge motif of hindu symbol kalasha kumbam ( top spire ) on the interior marble floor of taj mahal? .  kalasha kumbam  is the most potent symbol of sanatana dharma and is showcased as temple spires..  ####  ####..  among the many precious stones that adorned the peacock throne were two particularly enormous gems that would, in time, become the most valued of all: the timur ruby—more highly valued by the mughals because they preferred colored stones—and the koh-i-noor diamond. the diamond was lodged at the very top of the throne, in the head of a glistening gemstone peacock.  the priceless throne was located in the diwan-i-khas in the red fort of delhi.  it replaced the older stolen throne a large rectangular slab of engraved black basalt..  for a century after the creation of the peacock throne, the mughal empire ruled by jews retained its supremacy in india and beyond..  the prosperity of mughal empire attracted the attention of other rulers in central asia, including persian ruler nader shah…  when nader shah invaded delhi in 1739, the ensuing carnage cost tens of thousands of lives and the depletion of the treasury.  nader left the city accompanied by so much gold and so many gems that the looted treasure required 700 elephants, 4,000 camels and 12,000 horses to pull it... nader shah took the peacock throne as part of his treasure, but removed the timur ruby and the koh-i-noor diamond to wear on an armband.  the koh-i-noor would remain away from india—in a country that would become afghanistan—for 70 years. it passed between the hands of various rulers in one blood-soaked episode after another, including a king who blinded his own son and a deposed ruler whose shaved head was coronated with molten gold. with all the fighting between central asian factions, a power vacuum grew in india—and the british ( german jew rothschild ) soon came to take advantage of it.  rothschild had his  eye on a piece of priceless treasure: the koh-i-noor. after decades of fighting, the diamond returned to india and came into the hands of crypto jew khatri sikh ruler ranjit singh in 1813. ranjit singh was an agent of jew rothschild.. his top army generals were german jews equipped with long range guns...  ####   ####...  with rothschild’s help ranjit singh had won back from the afghan jewish durrani dynasty almost all the indian lands they had seized since the time of ahmad shah ,who plundered delhi in 1761..for rothschild , the kohinoor diamond becomes a symbol of divine potency rather than beauty.  rothschild  would at the right time murder ranjit singh by inducing a stroke by putting extra crushed pearls in his daily aphrodisiac drink,  his romanian jewish doctor got him addicted to.   addiction was achieved by adding opium in increasing quantities.  the stoke would be achieved by clogging his kidneys with crushed pearls..  when the british public learned of ranjit singh’s death in 1839, and his plan to give the diamond and other jewels to a sect of hindu priests, the british press exploded in outrage. “the richest, the most costly gem in the known world, has been committed to the trust of a profane, idolatrous and mercenary priesthood,” wrote one  editorial.  after peshawari khatri jew ranjit singh’s death in 1839, the punjabi throne passed between four different rulers over four years. at the end of the violent period, the only people left in line for the throne were a young boy, duleep singh, and his mother, rani jindan..  and in 1849, after imprisoning jindan, the british forced duleep to sign a legal document amending the treaty of lahore, that required duleep to give away the koh-i-noor and all claim to sovereignty. the boy was only 10 years old.  kohinoor signed away to queen victoria in 1849 by 10 year old boy king duleep singh while in exile.  as a reward he could play with the royal kids in london.  a ten year-old boy carrying a silk cushion was brought before queen victoria. his job was simple: to present britain with the most glittering and symbolic spoil of its war to subjugate the indian sub-continent.  the boy was duleep singh, the last sikh ruler of the punjab, and the prize his new imperial masters had made him travel 4,200 miles to deliver was the koh-i-noor diamond – the mysterious and terrible stone of emperors.  in 1849, the viceroy lord dalhousie  wrote: “my motive was simply this: that it was more for the honour of the queen that the koh-i-noor should be surrendered directly from the hand of the conquered prince into the hands of the sovereign who was his conqueror, than it should be presented to her as a gift.”..  now let me tell how rotshchild’s agent jew ranjit singh got his hands on the fabulous kohinoor diamond.  it passed through many hands over the years.  the 186-carat gem, whose name means mountain of light in persian and was described by one mughal emperor as being “worth half the daily expense of the whole world”, carried with it a curse and a 750-year bloodstained history of murder, megalomania and treachery.  nadir shah was assassinated and the kohinoor diamond fell into the hands of ahmad shah abdali, one of his ablest generals, who later became the king of afghanistan.  after his death in 1772, the koh-i-noor diamond passed into the hands of his successors.  . as one of nadir shah’s courtiers put it: “if a strong man should take five stones and throw one north, one south, one east and one west, and the last straight up in the air, and then the space between filled with gold and gems, that would equal the value of the koh-i-noor.”..  nadir shah, the conqueror of the mughals, was preparing to return home after sacking delhi in 1736 when he realised the diamond was missing from his booty.  he was supposedly tipped off by a disenchanted member of the mughal emperor’s harem that his enemy kept it hidden in his turban. using an old war custom, nadir shah proposed an exchange of turbans. as the gem fell to the ground from the unfurling cloth and caught the light, nadir shah is said to have proclaimed: “koh i noor.”  since then, the diamond has been lusted after by its owners, who have been hypnotised by its value and statusafter the assassination of nadir shah, another victim of the curse, the diamond passed through the hands of his successors, each dethroned and ritually blinded, until it was passed in return for sanctuary to ranjit singh, the lion of lahore, self-declared ruler of punjab and father of duleep singh.  in the changing fortunes of war,  shah shuja durrani was defeated and he sought asylum with ranjit singh in exchange for kohinoor, shuja’s desperate wife wa’fa begum. made this deal...   during his time in exile, shuja indulged his cruelty by removing the noses, ears, tongues, penises, and testicles of his courtiers and slaves when they displeased him in the slightest.  jew shah shuja durrani   (  yussafzai  ), was a  pashtun who claimed to be one of the ten lost jewish tribes.  the jews had a brief revival under the rule of jew king nadir shah (1929-33) who reversed many of the decades-old anti-jewish laws.  jew muhammad nadir shah , born muhammad nadir khan  ( died 8 november 1933) was king of afghanistan from 15 october 1929 until his assassination ..  disaster struck when the king jew  muhammad nadir shah (installed by rothschild )  was assassinated and this caused  the ghettoization of jews in herat and kabul. and balkh.  on 8 november 1933, nadir khan was visiting a high school and was shot dead by muslim abdul khaliq.. sixteen nooses were prepared at the execution site. khaliq was brought over and was asked with which one of his fingers he squeezed the trigger. he lifted his index finger, and immediately that finger was cut off. he was then questioned which eye he used to aim, upon which they immediately gouged out that eye with a dagger. the authorities eventually tortured khaliq to death instead of hanging him. "security officers tortured khaliq by cutting his tongue and gouging his eyes and soldiers killed him with bayonets while his family and friends were forced to watch.  during his time in india, shuja was imprisoned and forced to give up the timur ruby, koh-i-noor and the sister diamond dray-i-nur diamond to ranjit singh . he escaped from ranjit's detention at the mubarek haveli lahore.  jew shah shuja durrani’s autobiography is clear on how jew ranjit singh tortured his son to make him give up the diamond in 1813 ..  after securing the koh-i-noor diamond, ranjit singh had the prized jewel fitted in his turban. later he had it sewn into an armlet, which he wore on all the important state occasions, where it remained for twenty years.  before ranjit singh died in 1839, his priests tried to get him to donate the diamond to the temple of jaggannath.  apparently he agreed, but by this time he was unable to speak due to a stroke , and the keeper of the royal treasure refused to release the stone, on the grounds that he has not received such orders.  the terms of the treaty, at the end of the second anglo-sikh war specified that: "the gem called koh-i-noor, which was taken from shah shuja-ul-mulk by maharajah ranjit singh shall be surrendered by the maharajah of lahore to the queen of england.  john lawrence, the colonial administrator, put it in his waistcoat pocket and forgot about it. when asked for the prize, lawrence had no idea where it was. racing home, he asked his servant- who said, yes, he had found a small box, containing a piece of glass in his master’s waistcoat! ..  after gaining the famous diamond, the governor general, lord dalhousie immediately sent the koh-i-noor to england after taking every care to ensure its safe passage over the land and the sea-routes.  on 6 april 1850 the koh-i-noor left the shores of india on board of the hms medea.  so shrouded in mystery was its departure that even the captain of the medea did not know the precious cargo his ship carried. it was delivered to sir j. w. logg, deputy chairman of the british east india company, who presented the diamond to her majesty, queen victoria, in the presence of sir john hobhouse, at buckingham palace on july 3 1850.  from there, the diamond became a special possession of queen victoria. it was displayed at the 1851 great exposition in london.. , queen victoria wears the koh-i-noor diamond as a brooch in 1887.  . there is a curse attached to the diamond, that only gods and women can wear it with impunity.  prince albert hired stupid "experts" at coster diamonds in amsterdam to cut the diamond into a brilliant, reducing it by up to 43% of its original size, which made it lose its natural divine moonlight blue glow.  prince albert, queen victoria’s husband, had the stone recut and polished—a process that reduced its size by half but made the light refract more brilliantly from its surface. the real goal was to negate the curse of the syamanthakam.  little do the british know that their great empire went into decline and the mental acquity of their people eroded ( mad cow )  as a result of the curse of the kohinoor.   while victoria wore the diamond as a brooch, it eventually became part of the crown jewels, first in the crown of queen alexandra (the wife of edward vii, victoria’s oldest son) and then in the crown of queen mary (the wife of george v, grandson of victoria).  boy king at the age of 5, maharaja duleep singh’s godmother was kohinoor snatching queen victoria of england .   british crown gave the 10 year old boy king  an annual stipend of £50,000. he converted to christianity and became a member of the racy circle of the young edward vii, but died in poverty in paris in 1893.  the priceless kohinoor diamond  was in stark reality  presented to the english queen by jew rothschild , the owner of british east india company ..  king george’s wife  elizabeth ( present queen’s elizabeth ii’s mother ) was very shrewd. she got the great kohinoor diamond stolen from india for her own crown , and was most of the time sozzled on leg bucklin' zaza ( this is 30% gin and 70% dubonnet --neat-- with a slice of lime ).   the diamond came to its current place of honor in 1937, at the front of the crown worn by the queen mother, wife of george vi and mother of elizabeth ii.   the queen mother wore her crown for george vi's coronation, with her oldest daughter, princess elizabeth (now elizabeth ii)..  the crown made its last public appearance in 2002, resting atop of the coffin of the queen mother for her funeral. the indian high commissioner to london accused britain of “flaunting” the riches of empire when the queen mother’s 1937 coronation crown was carried atop her coffin in 2002.  the west came to know about indian diamonds as early as 3000 years ago, when king solomon was presented with huge diamond ( cut for total internal reflection ) by kerala thiyya queen of sheba..  ratna pariksha was a 5000 year old sanskrit text on optics which dealt with critical angles, high refractive index of diamond ( 2.4 ) and low critical angle ( 24 deg ) and  total internal reflection physics and the art of cutting diamonds, to make it spit fire. it clearly states that only diamond can cut diamond, hence polishing must be done with diamond , and that if a diamond is cut poorly it will not sparkle..  total internal reflection was a science written down in our vedic texts 7000 years ago. it was not just description. all this was in vedic mathematics crealy explaining critical angle and refractive index.  ####   ####...  in 1997 when queen elizabeth 2 came to india , the indian parliament requested her to return this dimond which has great sentimental value in india as krishna is a god.  she told us to fuck off !  epilogue: on 21 february 2013, while visiting india, david cameron, the uk prime minister, stated that it would be illogical to return the diamond to india. he further stated, “i certainly don’t believe in returnism, as it were. i don’t think that’s sensible.” we should remember that his country forced india to hand over this priceless diamond during the colonial era. cameron is keen to tap into india’s economic rise, but says he is “anxious to focus on the present and future rather than reach back into the past”.  the cursed kohinoor  is kept in the tower of london as part of the crown jewels collection which is worth an estimated 13 billion pounds—all stolen.  IN 11 YEARS INDIA WILL BE THIS PLANET’S NO 1 SUPERPOWER.. IT WILL BE PAY BACK TIME.


####   ####... taliban must take panjshir valley..  the valley is packed with tajiks who have no loyalty to afghanistan..  WHEN IT COMES TO WORLD INTRIGUE VADAKAYIL HAS NEVER BEEN WRONG..  ####   ####...  OSAMA BIN LADEN HELPED AMERICA TO DRILL FOR RARE EARTHS USING HIS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY WHICH SPECIALIZED IN MOUNTAIN TUNNEL DRILLING..  AMERICA CREATED OSAMA BIN LADEN..   in rambo 3 , the hero rides away into the sunset with osama bin laden..  taliban ( afghans ) did not fights soviets.. the mujahideen created/ funded/ armed by america fought soviets..   mujahideen consisted of half breed arab mercenaries--like the ones in isis.  islamist osama bin laden madehis first documented trip to afghanistan to aid anti-soviet fighters in 1984.  in september 1988 , osama bin laden and 15 other islamists form the group al-qaida, or “the base”, to continue their jihad, or holy war, against the soviets..  TALIBAN, PLAYED NO ROLE IN THE 9/11 ATTACKS, HAD NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE ATTACKS AND PUBLICLY CONDEMNED THE ATTACKS— THEY TOLD THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN IS HIDING IN PAKISTAN NOT AFGHANISTAN, AND THESE PEOPLE DON’T TELL LIES..  in 2011  u.s. forces overtook a compound in abbottabad, pakistan, and killed al-qaida leader osama bin laden on may 2, as he turned against america.  in 2012 president hamid karzai called for american forces to leave afghan villages and pull back to their bases after a u.s. soldier kills 16 afghan civilians inside their homes.  the taliban fought their war alone. they did not have the backing of some superpower providing arms and money. it did not have the moral support of the western media which had portrayed osama bin laden as a freedom fighter during the 1980s. the taliban have always been labeled as terrorists and extremists. they are not.. they are honorable freedom fighters..  if indians had 1% of the balls and honor of taliban we would not have been slaves for 800 years..  when the soviets left afghanistan in 1989, the mujahideen turned their guns on each other instigated by the jewish deep state..  mujahideen fought against the soviets in the 1980s and the taliban fought against the americans.  while the mujahideen’s defeat of the soviets was quite a momentous task, it dwarfs in comparison to what the taliban just did.  the mujahideen killing the soviets was hailed as the noble work of jihad while the taliban killings are labeled as terrorism.. you see this is the way american exceptionalism works. the taliban were not welcomed and hosted inside the white house by the incumbent president and equated with the founding fathers of the us. most importantly, the taliban defeated the mightiest army in the history of mankind plus the coalition of allied countries that had occupied their land, plus the local government in kabul. the taliban did is what nobody before has been able to do in afghan history. usually, the first book or movie is better than the sequel that follows. but in this case, the reverse is true..  the two organizations  mujahideen ( opportunist mercenary arabs with zero honour ) and taliban  ( afghan patriots ) are distinct and have very different goals, ideologies, and sources of recruits.  mohammed omar led the taliban..he founded the taliban movement in 1994 ..  he became wanted by the united states government after being accused of harbouring osama bin laden—a  terrific lie—because osama was in pakistan.  muslim  mercenaries  from other countries to fight soviets , were popularly known as "arabs in aghanistan "--. the mujahideen.  al-qaeda follows wahhabism ( created by jew rothschild )  – an extreme form of sunni islam that insists on a literal interpretation of the koran.  the group was founded in 1987 in pakistan by osama bin laden and mohammad atif  when soviets were occupying afghanistan.  most al-qaeda militants received a secular education, instead of a religious education and many attended american universities (some of osama’s comrades drank alcohol, gambled, and enjoyed strip clubs).. many al-qaeda members were highly educated and some could speak many different languages.  the mujahids who fought in afghanistan, were mostly from middle east and pakistan. they felt like crusaders for islam.. taliban has not fought for islam, they fought against america for freedom of their motherland.  the mujahids viewed themselves “as a borderless posse empowered by god to defend the entire muslim people..  death and martyrdom particularly attracted martyrdom and paradise seemed a lot more appealing than the pains of life fight in the jihad provided a deeper meaning for their otherwise frivolous or mundane lives this group included “pampered kids from the persian gulf who came on excursions, staying in air conditioned cargo containers ( like pakistani pm imran khan ) ; they were supplied with rpgs and kalashnikovs, which they could fire into the air, and they could return home, boasting of their adventures.” most of them were dumbo high school or college students..  although the mujahideen were aided by the pakistani, american, british, chinese and saudi governments, the mujahideen's primary source of funding was private donors and religious charities throughout the muslim world—particularly in the persian gulf.. every gulf oil rich nation is ruled by jewish bloodlines set up by rothschild’s agent lawrence of arabia.  read all 5 parts of the post below….  ####   ####.  kashmiri farooq abdullahs mother was the jewess wife of jew lawrence of arabia- daughter of french jew and rothschild’s agent michael harry nedou.. his wife molly is a white british jewess nurse.  WONDER WHAT MAKES OMAR ABDULLAH A MUSLIM WHO KEEPS REPEATING INSHAL ALLAH LIKE JEW IMRAN KHAN OF PAKISTAN..  the al-qaeda operatives were not popular with the taliban or other afghans because al-qaeda members were wealthy, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan.  they were quite racist and viewed the afghans as uneducated barbarians. the afghans resented the arrogance with which they drove their air-conditioned, shiny new vehicles that had blacked out windows and dubai license plates ..  the taliban’s priority is to build their own state, not attack other states.   most of those afghans, who would make-up the recruits of the taliban, were orphans who grew up in refugee camps.. a solution for these orphaned boys was to enroll them in islamic madrasas, funded by the jewish deep state  . you want them to learn physics and math? ..  taliban has never been in kashmir.. never mind the propaganda of the sold out indian media.  IF VADAKAYIL DOES NOT TELL THIS NOW IT WILL NEVER BE TOLD.  ####   ####...  the taliban had three goals from 1994 to 2001: cleanse afghanistan of the corrupt warlords and bring order to afghanistan, create a functioning government for the islamic emirate of afghanistan grounded in sharia law..  the first curbs on liberty of women were imposed by the mujahideen much before the taliban was created.  the taliban had softened their ban on girls' education and were turning a blind eye to the expansion of informal "home schools" in which thousands of girls were being taught in private flats. the medical faculty was about to re-open for women to teach midwives, nurses, and doctors since women patients could not be treated by men. the ban on women working outside the home was also lifted for war widows and other needy women.  OSAMA BIN LADEN AND AL QAEDA WERE BENEFICIARIES OF CIA ASSISTANCE,  TALIBAN NEVER GOT A PENNY FROM AMERICA..  photographs of us president ronald reagan with mujahideen leaders in 1980s say a lot about us foreign policy and the monsters it has often ended up creating. as a byproduct, the us also empowered the rogue state of pakistan that eventually became the ‘terror factory’ of the world.  al qaeda, at present, is headed by egyptian ayman al-zawahiri.  . ayman al-zawahiri is a jew with zebiba mark in wrong  place.    ####   ####...  in his book, knights under the banner of the prophet, zawahiri calls for global jihad (landscapes of jihad 61).. the entire globe is their field of islamic seeding and operations.  egyptian zawahiri succeeded saudi osama bin laden. department has offered a us$25 million reward for information or intelligence leading to al-zawahiri's capture.   operations carried out by al-qaeda members are similar to those of risks in the global market (the global market dictates the strategies of al-qaeda and alliances they build, just like any company in the global economy .  martyrdom means to “witness oneself” and the Arabic word for martyrdom is shahadat, which means to “translate one term into the other,” thus; bearing witness is to be martyred (Landscapes of Jihad 94).   IN THE MOVIE MAD MAX , FURY ROAD- MANY WONDERED WHY PEOPLE WITH DEATH WISH CRIED “WITNESS ME “.The word shahid in Arabic means "witness".  ####   ####...  the Arabic shahadat means martyrdom or witnessing.  poison injected ( by jews ) koran says that a martyr never dies and lives forever. thus, martyrdom in the koran is a very noble act of sacrifice of one's life; it places a martyr along with siddiquinwa al-salihin, i.e. upholders of truth and doers of good deeds. it is not an act of killing but rather getting killed to uphold the truth.  those who witness suicide bombings or other acts of martyrdom on tv, other media outlets or in person are active participants in the rites of martyrdom, making martyrdom a social and inclusive act that excites pity, anger, sadness and compassion in those who witness the act (those who bear witness also participate in the suicide bomber’s jihad either as friends or foes ..  the goals, operations, ethnic, cultural, and geographical backgrounds of al-qaeda and the taliban are entirely different and they are two very distinct organizations ..  when the soviets left afghanistan after ten years of a bloody and costly war in 1989, afghanistan descended into anarchy and chaos. what was left of najibullah’s regime did not wield any significant power and it collapsed in 1992. the pakistani isi helped institute a transitional government comprised of former mujahideen commanders in 1992, but soon the commanders competed for power and civil war ensued  the mujahideen who were semi-united during the war and fought the soviets had splintered and each mujahideen commander became warlords ruling over specific regions of afghanistan.  mullah omar started his movement with less than 50 armed madrassah students who were simply known as the taliban (pashtun for 'students').   his recruits came from madrassas located in afghanistan the practice of bacha bazi ( sodomising young boys ) by jewish warlords was one of the key factors in omar mobilizing the taliban ..  taliban unlike america does not allow homosexuality .. homosexuality was rampant among  half bed arabs of mujahideen..   by november 1994, omar's movement managed to capture the whole of the kandahar province and then captured the herat province in september 1995.   in september 1996, kabul fell to omar and his followers. in october 1997 the nation was named the islamic emirate of afghanistan and recognized by pakistan, saudi arabia and the united arab emirates.  described as a "reclusive, pious and frugal" leader, mullah omar rarely left his residence in the city of kandahar, and he only visited kabul twice between 1996 and 2001 during his tenure as ruler of afghanistan. in november 2001, during a radio interview with the bbc, omar stated: "all taliban are moderate. there are two things: extremism ['ifraat', or doing something to excess] and conservatism ['tafreet', or doing something insufficiently]. so in that sense, we are all moderates – taking the middle path." n 1998, despite receiving a personal invitation from king fahd of saudi arabia, omar refused to make a pilgrimage to mecca and would not do one in his lifetime. mullah omar was not a islamic zealot, he was a patriot..  in extremely harsh environments like afghanistan democracy does not work.  mullah omar said—“i did not want to destroy the bamiyan buddha. in fact, some foreigners came to me and said they would like to conduct the repair work of the bamiyan buddha that had been slightly damaged due to rains. this shocked me. i thought, these callous people have no regard for thousands of living human beings – the afghans who are dying of hunger, but they are so concerned about non-living objects like the buddha. this was extremely deplorable. that is why i ordered its destruction. had they come for humanitarian work, i would have never ordered the buddha's destruction”.  mullah omar knew that the mujahideen prospected for rare earths in afghanistan.. what was osama bin laden’s construction companies mountain drilling machines doing in afghanistan? to make train tunnels? tee heee.   osama bin laden’s family was close to the jewish al saud saudi royal family and his family owned the very successful multi million-dollar company the saudi binladin group..  in july 2000, taliban leader mohammed omar, in an effort to eradicate heroin production in afghanistan, declared that growing poppies was un-islamic, resulting in one of the world's most successful anti-drug campaigns the result was a 99.6 % reduction in the area of opium poppy farming in taliban-controlled areas, roughly 83% of the world's supply of heroin at the time. mullah omar knew that only america gained from opium production in afghanistan..   the ban was effective only briefly due to the deposition of the taliban in 2002.. opium cultivation resumed as soon as the taliban regime of mullah omar fell. us soldiers used drones to deter the taliban from destroying opium fields over which american soldiers stood guard..  taliban never had any heroin drug labs , all this is foul jewish deep state controlled main stream media propaganda.  u.s. president reagan met with afghan mujahideen at the white house in 1983.  Oh there was so much of bacchanalia. SNIFF ! western media always painted taliban black..  taliban representatives made appeals to foreign diplomats to recognize their government. one appeal was titled “time to recognize afghanistan’s legitimate government,” in which abdul hakim mujahed objected to foreign critics’ accounts of events in afghanistan and selective attention to human rights. he argued that the taliban are committed to the protection of human rights, international law, and individual rights, according to sharia law. mujahed added that the taliban government is grounded on “a traditional style of afghan self-rule that honors and protects all afghan women, who enjoy a proposition of dignity and honor and represent the crucible of our culture”.  unlike the taliban who had a vision and a coherent plan for the future of their motherland afghanistan, al-qaeda packed with half breed arab merceneries ( like isis ) did not have a prescribed vision and plan for the future. they did not care for nation building.. it is imprudent and wrong to treat each group as if they are the same entity..


ISIS was created/funded/ armed by the jewish deep state.  america creates wars to steal.. they are nostril deep in debt.  ####   ####..  white helmets was created to do NAYIRAH ONE.. they used professional film actors and directors to create a false narrative.  ####  ####..  i am writing all this because ajit doval and raw know fuck shit. mea does not know if they are coming or going in afghan matters.  ####  #####..  TALIBAN PROTECTS THE WATAN OF AFGHANISTAN..   MUJAHIDEEN FUNDED BY THE JEWISH DEEP STATE AND AMERICA PROTECTS THE POISON INJECTED WAHABBI/ SALAFI BRAND OF ISLAM..  taliban uses islam sharia to protect their women..  good looking women were raped by both soviets/ americans and foreign alien half breed arab mujahideen..  the rape and murder of boys and girls of a single family who were travelling to kandahar by mujahideen bandits aroused mullah omar, who is credited with the formation of taliban, and his students to take a vow to rid afghanistan of these foreign criminals.  mujahideen groups fought against the pro-soviet afghan government during the late 1970s.. this org was created/ funded and armed by america and the jewish deep state.  MUJAHIDEEN HELPED AMERICA STEAL RARE EARTHS FROM AFGHANISTAN..  once when i was staying in a hotel at montreal awaiting to join my ship, the restaurant waiter was an afghan refugee . he told me what western media will never write.  taliban is a pashto word meaning students.  taliban’s ideology can be seen as departure from the islamism of mujahideens. in the harsh conditions of afghanistan only taliban brand of sharia law works – western democracy does not work here where there are no telephones or police stations.  the mujahideen ideology can be termed as extreme islamic fundamentalism. TALIBAN IDEOLOGY IS ALL ABOUT DEFENDING THE WATAN..IT IS A LIE THAT TALIBAN OPPRESSES THEIR WOMEN. afghan women don’t want to dance in discotheques or do adultery.. jewish deep state darling , childless modi has legalized adultery / homosexuality and living together in india.. india is no longer a noble nation..  taliban or patriots  ruled afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 until they were ousted from power by the us military. TALIBAN DID NOT ALLOW AMERICA TO STEAL RARE EARTHS AND GROWN OPIUM..  ####   ####...  THE TERM TALIBAN IS SPECIFICALLY USED FOR PATRIOT FIGHTERS FIGHTING UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF MULLAH OMAR, WHILE MUJAHIDEEN CAN BE USED FOR ANY HALF BREED ARAB MERCENARY MUSLIM FIGHTER WHO BELIEVES IN JIHAD (ISLAMIC HOLY WAR).  isis fighters fighting in syria are called mujahideen.  by definition, the taliban means those who seek education. the word is derived from talib—a persian word for student. today, the term taliban is used specifically for patriot afghan fighters working under the banner of taliban movement that originated in afghanistan during early 1990’s.  taliban is the biggest groups fighting against american and nato troops in afghanistan. nato is the private army of jew rothschild mainly to do regime change for stealing . just like the french foreign legion created by french branch of jew rothschild family.  ####   ####...  ####   ####...   THE TALIBAN, A NEW GROUP, OPPOSED THE MUJAHIDEEN, SAYING THEY DID NOT CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF AFGHANISTAN.   THE TALIBAN THEN PUSHED BACK MUJAHIDEEN GROUPS AND CAPTURED OVER 92% OF AFGHANISTAN WITHIN JUST TWO YEARS.  both taliban and mujahideen have originated from the time when the soviets invaded afghanistan and forcibly occupied it for a number of years. MUJAHIDEEN HAS ALWAYS RAPED AND KIDNAPPED  LOCAL WOMEN..TALIBAN STOPPED THIS.. afghan populace was fed up with the endless war situation and they wanted peace at all costs. they yearned for a political class that could provide good governance and could bring peace to the war torn country. the word taliban was coined for such people the word taliban comes from talib, which in urdu means student. the reason why this group was created was to portray them as being different from foreign agents mujahideen armed and funded by jews. THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF CREATION OF PATRIOTIC TALIBAN WAS TO BRING PEACE TO WAR RAVAGED COUNTRY AND SHOVE OFF THE  FOREIGN AGENTS MUJAHIDEEN WHOSE MERCENERIES WERE ALL HALF BREED ARABS..   taliban came to power  after the soviet withdrawal in the south-east of the country, where among their first acts were summary justice courts for several cases of rape by half breed mujahideen , which gave them local credibility and allowed them to build a power base ..####   ####... when patiot taliban had gained control of most of the country, mujahideen leader ahmad shah massoud’s forces remained safely cloistered in one of afghanistans many mountain ranges the taliban could not penetrate.   ahmad shah massoud was a tajik and had no love for the motherland.   he was killed the day before the world trade center attack by a pair of taliban operatives disguised as a tv news crew (a bomb was smuggled in inside the camera).  the remains of massoud’s forces went on to be dubbed ‘the northern alliance’ by western militaries and media during the nato-afghan war.  his son ahmad massoud is now propped up by america at inpenetrable panjshir valley packed with traitor tajiks.   AS PER MY SOURCES AMERICAN ARMS AND WESTERN MERCENERIES AND  MUJAHIDEEN  MERCENERIES ARE POURING INTO THE PANJSHIR VALLEY TO FIGHT TALIBAN..  mujahideen groups ( funded by the jewish deep state )have spread to various countries like india, chechnya, bosnia and herzegovina, kosovo and macedonia, iran, iraq and somali.  coming to the etymology, mujahideen have been derived from two words jihad and mujahid. this struggle was for wahabbi brand of islam hijacked by jews.. BOTH KORAN AND HADITHS ARE POISON INJECTED BY JEWS .  MOSES, WHO NEVER EXISTED IS 136 TIMES IN THE KORAN AS PROPHET MUSA,   JESUS WHO NEVER EXISTED IS MENTIONED 187 TIMES, ABRAHAM 69 TIMES, ADAM 25 TIMES, GABRIEL 3 TIMES – ALL THESE 5 CHARACTERS WERE COOKED UP BY JEWESS HELENA IN 325 AD.  WHILE HERO OF ISLAM PROPHET MOHAMMAD IS MENTIONED ONLY 4 TIMES ..  ####  ####..   today if you want to visit the dargah of mohammad , you will be killed and buried under desert sand.. the graves of entire family of mohammad lies uncared for—see photos in the post below ..####  ###.. jihad means to struggle and mujahid means struggler. the particular verb stem from which both the terms are derived means ‘to struggle’ or “to exert effort against”. mujahideen was used for various armed fighters who subscribed to fake poison injected militant islamic ideologies.  the mujahideen’s have based their ideology completely in propagating extreme poison injected wabbahi/ salafi brand of islam.   IN INDIA/ PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH ALL MADRASSAS ARE CREATED/ FUNDED BY JEWISH DEEP STATE.  mainstream mujahideen factions included hezb-e-islami headed by gulbaddin hekmatyar, jamiat-e-islami headed by slain ahmad shah masood, and other smaller groups like hezb-e-wehdat and commanders such as sayyaf and rabbani (who was assassinated ).. hard core  islamists  mujahideen were trained by the pakistani isi with money from the us..   united nations islamic movement mujahideen   was created and funded by the us, because of its strategic interests in the area..  they included providing weapons and military training to these mujahideen.  the PDPA prodded on by america  claimed on coming to power that ‘afghanistan shall be free of islam within a year’ and regularly disrupted mosque services, marriages, et cetera.  the people's democratic party of afghanistan (pdpa) was a marxist–leninist political party in afghanistan established on 1 january 1965.  german jew marx was rothschild’s blood relative.  america is now looking to divide and rule and create two afganistans like what they did in korea and vietnam..  sponsored by america afghanistan’s vice-president amrullah saleh ( he is a tajik ) has declared himself interim president as he joined the remnants of the erstwhile northern alliance withdrawing to their sanctuary in the panjshir valley.   The Taliban has a goal and that is to establish a prosperous and peaceful state ..  The Mujahideen worked with more plans because they know exactly what they would like to get- their thinkers were the jewish deep state..  AMERICA GREW OPIUM IN AFGHANISTAN WITH THE ACTIVE HELP OF MUJAHIDEEN.   DRONES WERE USED TO BOMB TALIBAN WHO TRIED TO STOP IT.. AMERICAN / NATO SOLDIERS PROVIDED SECURITY FOR OPIUM FIELDS AND HEROIN LABS.. indian main stream media owned by jew rothschild is now doing NAYIRAH TWO.   baad boy vadakayil , the condor who has seen this planet for 40 years , is right behind them.. ####   ####...


####   ####...  there are a different set of standards for blacks under joe biden milk votes ..  ugly black man bill cosby routinely drugged and raped underage white women..  BUT WHAT HAPPENS TO INDIAN ANAND JON? ..  the jews fixed him up and he had no right to be in the fashion business monopolized by white jews..  MALAYALI ANAND JON WAS HANDSOME AND WEALTHY .. WHITE UGLY SKINNY MODELS THREW THEMSELVES AT HIM FOR SEX AND WORK..  ANAND JON WAS CONVICTED TO 59 YEARS IN PRISON.. they made sure he will die in prison.  ####   ####..  anand jon is the nephew of kerala singer kj yesudas, who holds the world record for maximum songs ever recorded.  hey, what about a WHITE JEW RAPIST ROMAN POLANSKI -- who specialized in raping young white girls anally? he would bloody their assholes , he was a sadist too.  he is free , making movies , getting awards and still raping underage girls anally..  ####   ####...  JEW HARVEY WEINSTEIN WHO HAS RAPED MORE THAN 500 BOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES GOT JUST 23 YEARS OF JAIL..  ####   ####...  we ask modi and cm pinarayi vijayan to ask kamala harris / joe biden-- what is happening?.  THE US SUPREME  COURT CHIEF JUSTICE  JOHN G. ROBERTS, JR.  WHO SWORE IN JOE CREEP BIDEN, IS A HONEY TRAPPED PEDOPHILE  ( SLAVE OF THE JEWISH DEEP STATE ) WHOSE NAME IS IN THE LOGS OF LOTITA EXPRESS AND PEDOPHILE ORGY  ISLAND OF JEW JEFFERY EPSTEIN.   the jewish deep state propaganda machine has white washed this..  ####   ####...  jeffrey epstein only mistake was that he took nude massage from underage girls between ages of 14 to 18..  jew jeffrey epstein needed a massage twice a day, not for sex but for the physical massage..  jeffrey epstein paid all his girls, double of what they expected .. these girls came back again and again on their own accord.. they were never raped...   what was the “me too” movement all about?.. lawyers ( worse than ambulance chasers and ward combers )  contacted these girls and made they narrate sob stories, as to how they were taken advantage of..   most of these girls were drug addicts and teen prostitutes when they were massaging epstein.   i ask my readers to watch this netflix series.  ####   ####...  the lawyers and the girls hoped to grab epstein’s billions . it was all about making money..  in james hadley chase books every villain is a young slut from west palm beach..  jeffrey epstein put all his money in a trust, checkmating these greedy lawyers and whores..  two days later he arranged for himself to be killed.   if he has hung himself a  certain cartilage would not have snapped.   the cameras went missing like for the “sweat equity woman” of shashi tharoor.  one of the main protagonists is a woman painter..  she gave a massage to jeffrey epstein.  jeffrey noted that she is a talented artist on basis of her self introduction and presentation.. he offered to sponsor her for future training in an elite college..  this female painter then paints a nude of her 12 year old sister with wee tits.. they show the painting, it was a good one..  this female then says " jeffrey stole my painting"..  well this is what her lawyer told her to say.. if she says she sold the painting to jeffrey , she would go to jail for painting a nude of a 12 year old girl..  then she pushed her sister to give jeffrey baby a massage..  again, all girls who gave massage to jeffrey were sluts, drug addicts and runaways..  later when they became derelicts with bloated abdomens , the work horse nay play pen between their legs run down  with cobwebs covering  it, they found a way to make millions by suing jeffrey... as trained by their greedy lawyers..  IN SUCH CASES THE EXPENSIVE LAWYER DOES NOT TAKE FEES, BUT SPLITS THE MONEY 50:50..  NO CURE NO PAY..  ####   ####... in usa there are no virgins on the wedding day..leave out dildo wielding lesbians..  on an average every woman is fucked by atleast twelve men before she married.. this is an average.. losing virginity on prom date is the culture..  and this slut debashree baby comes running to india from usa to start her own " me too movement"..  uska ( or is it uski ? ) mann mandir mein laddoo phoota..  not one single poor man was named.. only rich ones who could fork out money to the "aggrieved " slut with wide purulent twats and assholes.. john f kennedy took hundreds of photos with young girls, his face masked --shoving his prick up the girls cunts , mouths and assholes..  he fucked more than 1000 women, some underage .. his nymphomaniac wife jackie matched him step for step..  bill clinton was not the first president to get a blow job from under the presidential desk while he talked to world leaders on the phone..  camelot kennedy was the first to rig elections on a mass scale in america.. read all