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To her whose feet are washed by the ocean, who wears the Himalayas as her crown, and is adorned with the gems of rishis and kings, to Mother India, do I bow down in respect.

Below video :  Nasadiya Sukta 

This is what the Troika of Rothschild wrote about our priceless Vedas.

The Vedas are a worthless set of books.  There is no reason either to call them sacred or infallible.  Nobody has had the courage to ask why these worthless books which contain nothing but invocation to tribal gods to destroy the enemies, loot their property and give it to their followers, have been made sacred and infallible.
BR Ambedkar

The Vedas are idle fantasies and absurd legends, which have NO sancity .  If there is only one God, who created the whole mankind, why did he write the Vedas only in Sanskrit language despite his anxiety for the welfare of the whole mankind?  What about the welfare of those who do not understand this language?   Vedas are a form of false consciousness .
Mahatma Jyotirao Phule

The Vedas must be burnt.  A careful study of the Vedas, etc., proves beyond doubt that they were written by the Aryans with a view to disgrace, enslave and exploit the Dravidians.

EVR Periyar

A citation awarded by R controlled UNESCO described EVR Periyar as “the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia, f ather of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners”.

 The Nasadiya sutra verses have been acknowledged as THE earliest account of skeptical inquiry . Astronomer Carl Sagan quoted it in discussing India's "tradition of skeptical questioning and unselfconscious humility before the great cosmic mysteries.

QUOTE : This idea of a periodically expanding and contracting universe, which involves a scale of time and space of vast proportions, has arisen not only in modern cosmology, but also in ancient Indian mythology. Experiencing the universe as an organic and rhythmically moving cosmos, the Hindus were able to develop evolutionary cosmologies which come very close to our modern scientific models : UNQUOTE -- 
Capra, The Tao of Physics

Christian historians have been trying to date Rig Veda to 1500 BC ( instead of 5000 BC ) because as per  Bible the big bang happened in 4004 BC at 9 AM on 23rd October.  

 Naturally you cannot have a book written before the creation of cosmos , right ?  

And how can the servant race be better than the white master race ?

Digression :

The white master race had NOT invented or discovered anything till they came to India, other than what they grabbed from the Arabs to whom we sold our knowledge in gold.

As soon the immoral white invader came to India they learnt Sanskrit, stole our intellectual rights patented it in their names and destroyed the originals  ( or kept it back after injecting POISON into the originals ).

Why should a Master learn the language of a slave ?

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QUOTE :  Dashavataras ( ten principal avatars of Lord Vishnu ) are a true sequential depiction of the great unfolding of evolution.  Like the evolutionary process itself the first true manifestation of the god is a fish the Matsya, then comes the aquatic reptile turtle, the Kurma,  then an animal the boar Varaha, then Narashimha, a humanoid being, Vamana, the pigmy man then the rest five are humans. UNQUOTE -  
JBS Haldane – British evolutionary biologist  

The 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu are-
1. Matsya (the fish)
2. Koorma (the tortoise)
3. Varaha (the boar)
4. Narasimha (the human-lion)
5. Vamana (the dwarf)
6. Parasurama (the angry man, Rama with an axe)
7. Lord Rama (the perfect man, king of Ayodha)
8. Lord Krishna (the divine statesman)
9. Lord Ayyappa.
10. Kalki (the mighty warrior)--the FINAL avatar

I have put up some posts about the first five avatars of Lord Vishnu .

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I have put a VERY small account of 6th avatar Lord Parashurama , with respect to the ancient fortunes of my home state Kerala.



"They were very advanced Hindu astronomers in 6000 BCE. Vedas contain an account of the dimension of Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets and Galaxies." (Calendars and Constellatio'  - Emmelin Plunret  )

After 30000 years by oral route, the Vedas were penned down in 5000 BC  — the Maharishis predicted that the human DNA will  getting degraded , pineal glands would get atrophied , memories and mental acuity would  deteriorate.

When I was in school we had in our school science text, ( prepared by Lord Macaulay ), the Indian concept of the planet. 

It was the back of a tortoise , and the white man ridiculed that Indians were dead scared of people falling off the edge of the world.

And then they gave various other models of Greek, English , etc where the white man got it right, unlike the stupid Indian.

I remember getting very embarrassed as a 8 year old child--and breaking into a sweat.

Today I know that every ancient Indian Vedic knowledge, written down in Sanskrit in books in 5000 BC  were stolen by the white man, who patented it for themselves.

A lot of this knowledge they wrangled from the Arab middlemen .

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All the writings below are more than 7000 years old.

Earth goes around the sun – Rg Veda 10. 22. 14. and Yajur Veda 3. 6.

Sun and whole universe are round – Yajur Veda 20. 23

Shape of Earth is like an Oblate Spheroid. (Rig VedaXXX. IV.V)

Moon is enlightened by the sun – Yajur Veda 18, 20.

‘Earth is flattened at the poles’ (Markandeya Purana 54.12)

Blue Sky is Nothing but scattered sunlight (Markandeya Purana 78.8)

There are many suns – Rg Veda 9. 114. 3.

Seven colours in the sun – Atharva Veda 7. 107. 1.

Electromagnetic field, conversion of mass and energy – Rg 10. 72.

The gravitational effect of solar system makes the earth stable (R.V.1-103-2, 1-115-4 and 5-81-2).

The axle of the earth does not get rusted ,the earth continues to revolve on its axle (R.V. 1-164-29)

The Sun never sets or rises and it is the earth, which rotates (Sama-Ved 121).

The science of Time and its subtle nature is described in (R.V.1-92-12 and 1-95-8)

Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were named Shweta, Shyama and Teevra in our Vedas  ( Vyasa Muni). . The names of the rest of the planets have been used in astrology in the rashis.  Uranus , Neptune and Pluto are NOT used in horoscopes as they stay in a single rashi for too long and are too far away to effect the human DNA.

Ptolemy came to India in 155 AD, and he stole from the astronomical data from Surya Siddhanta (12.85-90) , the most significant being the diameters of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn . You must understand that these diameters were calculated accurately more than 7 millenniums ago when even the atmospheric refraction of earth was different.

Greeks Pythagoras and Plato studied in India. Orpheus was an Indian sage.

"From the Vedas we learn a practical art of surgery, medicine, music, house building under which mechanized art is included. They are encyclopedia of every aspect of life, culture, religion, science, ethics, law, cosmology and meteorology."  -- William James, American Author

Whenever I have read any part of the Vedas, I have felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated me.  In the great teaching of the Vedas, there is no touch of sectarianism.  It is of all ages, climbs, and nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. When I read it, I feel that I am under the spangled heavens of a summer night. “  Henry David Thoreau, American Thinker 

"India - The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas."   --Wheeler Wilcox

I shall provide a translation of the seven verses .  It requires Indian DNA to translate it.   The white man cannot do justice as his perception cannot match up. 


The beauty of the 7 verses is in its powerful content—you get to see the working of ancient seers minds packing tiny Sanskrit verses in rich analysis on cosmological thought constructs--written 7000 years ago.. These 7 verses ask  the most fundamental question about the beginning of the universe and our existence.

A perceptive man will note that these verses are the most sublime expressions of Cosmic Creation in all of human legacy, and is the most sophisticated poetic reflections on how this magnificent cosmos emerged.

Vedas is NOT about metered poetry alone . They go deep into the cause of the events taking place in the cosmos and unveils the facts..  Seven verses, which start from ‘no time, no space’ mode, gradually reaches the center of deep darkness, surrounded by smooth, unending ether.

Lo and behold ! Out of shapeless nothing, matter with shape emerges.  The whole description is amazingly picturesque. Poetry is said to be a window with a frame of words and through this window, you get to see beyond space time .

These hymns take us to the loftiest heights of philosophy at a time when the rest of the world were doing GRUNT GRUNT for language .  It is doubtful whether the human mind will ever  surpass these heights. 


नासदासीन्नो सदासीत्तदानीं नासीद्रजो नो व्योमा परो यत्
किमावरीवः कुह कस्य शर्मन्नम्भः किमासीद्गहनं गभीरम् ॥१॥

nasadasinno sadasittadanim | nasidrajo no vyoma paro yat |

kimavarivah kuhakasya sharmann | ambhah kimasidgahanam gabhiram \\1||

There was NO existence then , nor non-existence.
No realm of air yet , nor etheric aakasha beyond..
What cloaked  all,  where, by whose maya ?
Did not the cosmic waters pervade dark and deep !.


मृत्युरासीदमृतं तर्हि रात्र्या अह्न आसीत्प्रकेतः
आनीदवातं स्वधया तदेकं तस्माद्धान्यन्न परः किं चनास ॥२॥

na mrutyurasidamrutam na tarhi | na ratrya ahna asitpraketah |
anidavatam svadhaya tadekam | tasmaddhanyannaparah ki~jchanasa || 2 ||

There was no cycle of birth or decay
Nor a mediator for darkness and light
The field of consciousness breathed , self sustaining .
Apart from morphogenetic BrahmAn , there was none !


तम आसीत् तमसा गूळमग्रेऽप्रकेतं सलिलं सर्वमाइदम्
तुच्येनाभ्वपिहितं यदासीत् तपसस्तन्महिनाजायतैकम्

tama asittamasa guhlamagre praketam | salilam sarvamaidam |

tuchchenabhvapihitam yadasit | tamasastanmahina jayataikam || 3 ||

Dark energy concealed in darkness
A continuum of dark cosmic ocean
Then That which lay in void thus covered
Burst forth in glory self excited by intent


कामस्तदग्रॆ समवर्तताधि मनसॊ रॆत: प्रथमं यदासीत्
सतॊबन्धुमसति निरविन्दन्हृदि प्रतीष्या कवयॊ मनीषा ॥४॥

kamastadagre samavartatadhi | manaso retah prathamam yadasit |

sato bandhumasati niravindanna | hrudi pratishya kavayo manisha || 4 ||

In the great cosmic mind all pervading
Vibrations of Kama sprout from conscious thought
The seers who have searched within with wisdom
Have witnessed the conscious equation between matter and energy

The video below is understood in the 7000 year old Vedas-    if you are NOT shocked you have NOT understood it .  This is the reason why all Quantum physicists including Einstein desired to be cremated as Hindus.


तिरश्चीनो विततो रश्मिरेषामधः स्विदासी दुपरिस्विदासी
रेतोधाआसन् महिमान आसन् स्वधा अवस्तात् प्रयतिः परस्तात्

tirashchino vitato rashmireshamadhah | svidasi duparisvidasi |

retodha asanmahiman asanna | svadho avastat prayatih parastat || 5 ||

An oblique ray cut Being from Non-being . 
What was described above, and what below this screen?
Above was the power of conscious intent ,
Below was the strength of creative discipline

को अद्धा वेद इह प्र वोचत् कुत आजाता कुत इयंविसृष्टिः
अर्वाग् देवा अस्य विसर्जनेनाथा को वेद यतआबभूव

ko addha veda ka iha pravochat | kut ajata kut iyam visrushtih |

arvagdeva asya visarjanaya | atha ko veda yata ababhuva || 6 ||

Who really knows? Who in this world may declare it! 
When was this holographic exhalation , whence will be the pralaya inhalation?
Only after this holographic projection ( ADVAITA )came the field gods
Who move nature’s opposites ( DVAITA ) .  Who truly can say !


ADVAITA VEDANTA : The brahmAn ( GOD of Hindusim) is the morphogenetic consciousness field , the empty space within the tiny atom in which electrons whiz around, to the  ether of the vast cosmos.

DVAITA VEDANTA : The field forces of Brahma/ Vishnu / Shiva ( creator/ mediator / destroyer ) which control life’s and nature’s opposites. 

Cathode/ anode
Aerobic bacteria/ anaerobic
Catabolism/ anabolism
Potential energy/ kinetic energy
Attraction/ repulsion
Excitation/ inhibition
Organic / inorganic
Freezing/ melting
Positive pole/ negative pole
Ionization/ de-ionisation
Absorption/ secretion
Contraction/ relaxation
Evaporation/ condensation

The negative and the positive must exist in a balance to ensure that creation and life can exist.  When one wanes the other must seamlessly wax –the harmonious teamwork of Brahma-Vishnu- Shiva ( creator- mediator- destroyer ) .

The Saṃkhya Vedanta philosophy holds that there are only two primary principles ( force fields) , Puruṣa and Prakṛti , and creation is only a manifestation or evolution of the constituents of Prakṛti  ( trinity – dancer ) due to the action of Puruṣa's ( brahmAn- witness ) Consciousness.       

Vedas explains all natural phenomena 

(a) in a poetical manner, for the esthetic mind, 

(b) in a practical prosaic way to satisfy the pragmatic, down-to-the-earth layman mind, --and also 

(c)in a philosophical way to satisfy the spiritual seeking mind.  

The knowledge is communicated to all the three facets of the ever-inquisitive human mind, effectively.  

That is the way the timeless book speaks. 

Take your pick , based on your own level.


इयं विसृष्टिर्यत आबभूव यदि वा दधे यदि वा
यो अस्याध्यक्षः परमे व्योमन् सो अङ्ग वेद यदि वा नवेद

iyam visrushtiryata ababhuva | yadi va dadhe yadi va na |

yo asyadhyakshah parame vyomann | so amga veda yadi va na veda || 7 ||

He from whom this creation arose,
He may hold the reins , or he may not ( for no one else can !)
He who surveys it all from his highest heaven,
He verily knows it, or perhaps even he does not ? (What say you ?)

Note : This “what say you” is for ignoramuses who are in search for the causative forces alone.

The Hindu is not asked to blindly follow a practice or a belief. He is expected to rely on his conscience in the absence of single holy books, middlemen with a hot line to God and single messiahs.

Without the ending  punchline about the paradox of creation , Nasadiya Sukta verse 7 ( Rig Veda 10:129) would lose a lot of its charm.  That was the style of a Maharishi.

In the end... the maharishi rishi leaves the choice of knowing god... to the enquirer. It is the greatness of the Vedas and ancient Hindu philosophy that it does not force any conclusion on its followers or ram down religion from  a single holy book , down unwilling throats ..

" In its noble simplicity, in the loftiness of its philosophic vision it is possibly the most admirable bit of philosophy of olden times. .. .. .. No translation can ever do justice to the beauty of the original." - Paul Deussen (Ref. 5, pp 119 & 126)

In ancient Indian tradition , the purpose of debate was to seek agreement by evoking conscience — NEVER EVER for victory , by putting down others .

The ancient Maharishis were masters of  mind sciences -- Metaphysics, Dielectics and Epistemology. They were philosophers whose theories deal with puzzles about the source, nature, foundation, scope, validity and limits of human knowledge.

The maharishi ponders of a pre-creation stage with nothing in the universe. This is a remarkable vision of the pre-big-bang phase.  That unimaginable phase is described as an eerie nothing where there was no air or ether. 

The poet dwells about who might have encapsulated such an awesome void, and where in the world it could have been when there was no where at all in the world. The seer ponders about how life have emerged when its very substratum was not there to begin with.

For the entire universe to emerge from cosmic waters , there must have been unbounded energy. Modern cosmology speaks of no original energy whence it all came.  The Vedic poet postulates that the universe must have come about from an innate spiritual energy.  He refers to it as tapas ( intent ).

In the final verses the maharishi ponders ( he does NOT ram anything down your throats like single holy book religions  )sixth verse-- who will know and who can declare when and where from it all started--  since the seekers were not there and also the causative forces were not present..

The philosophy contained within these few verses are mind blowing ! To fathom the creation of the cosmos thousands of years ago and peer into the nature of reality while the rest of the world was living in caves eating raw meat is just incredible.

In verse no 5 – what is this power of Intent?

Potential is only manifested when we provide the frequency information through our intentions — concept of  “ Mind over matter”.   

Human intention can create quantum fluctuations in the ZPF ( Zero point field ), a vast unharnessed energy source .  We resonate in Zero Point Energy —human intention can influence the universe.    

Consciousness, is a form of EM energy, that focused thought (with intent) can achieve extraordinary things.   Your intention ( basically an impulse ) is a powerful activator of your internal pharmacy.   “Deliver us from evil” is the usual intention, say when we break a coconut   

Above picture:  Since past 11000 years Hindu vedic rituals require breaking of the coconut at Yagnas.  It is a bloodless sacrifice.  We do NOT sacrifice animals .  The liquid spilt is electrolytic plasma.   In quantum physics terms -- it causes a " butterfly effect " .   While breaking the coconut the devotee must INTEND as per the vedic traditions.  This is to tune our self to the quantum level energy matrix,  this energy is transferred to our DNA.

Each individual mind has access to the universal mind.  Human perception occurs because of interactions between the subatomic particles of our brains an the quantum energy sea.  We literally resonate the Cosmos.  

The quantum field or pure consciousness is influenced by intention. Intention is like the tuning fork which causes other forks to resonate to the same frequency. Our intentions create our reality.  As proved amply by the double slit experiment the consciousness of the observer brought the observed object into being.

Swami Vivekanada had told Nikola Tesla that the "emptiness" of empty space is in fact not empty, but a great ocean of seething energy!  This included the empty space within the atom in which electrons zoomed around. 

Akasha is the womb of creation bringing forth every physical aspect that can be perceived with the senses according to Hindu traditions   

A beam of coherent intention is split into two—past and future. They meet in the present moment of NOW in the holographic universe.

Scalar waves can be regarded as electromagnetic sound waves , being longitudinal and NOT transverse. Scalar waves from your mobius supercoil DNA couples with intention and consciousness.  

Intentions enhance the body’s natural flow of scalar energy produced by DNA.   Your DNA can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of ether.. 

The primodial cosmic waters or Akasha ( Zero Point Field) is an information field as it encodes everything that has left its traces in the form of Scalar waves in this universe.  

This boils down to the recording of every little thought that was ever thought and every little move that was ever made. The interference patterns of the scalar waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe.

Intention is like the tuning fork which causes other forks to resonate to the same frequency.  Chromosomes that are damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words or Mantra, to DNA!. 

When properly activated by sound combined with intention, the superconductor that is DNA is designed to re-harmonize the entire bioenergy blueprint.

The seemingly magical operations of psychoenergetics, sometimes called "psychotronics," cannot be achieved with ordinary transverse EM wave energy. But they are possible with longitudinal scalar waves because the mind itself is scalar in nature.

Nothing in the universe existed as an actual thing independently of our perception of it.  Mind and matter are both made of the same basic stuff. The difference has to be found in the composition of vibration or ripples.  

Matter belongs to larger and slower waves, which implies that it possesses less energy of the absolute.  Mind is made out of much finer ripples, which indicate that it contains more of the consciousness of the absolute.

Scalar waves allow for information transfer across the universe, connecting every atom with every other atom and since these waves travel at super luminous speeds they is the explanation of the non-local effects that were predicted in theory and empirically discovered in quantum physics. 

The Reiki wave ( healing science lifted from Vedic India , for which Jesus Christ came to Kerala to get initiation ) is a scalar wave.

Scalar waves are information carrying waves rather than energy waves, which are linked to human consciousness and are created by human thought and emotions. They are the interface between the mental and the physical world although we must keep in mind that in reality there is no duality between them.

Scalar waves encode the information of space and time into a timeless spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns.

Little did idiot Charles Darwin know , that Biology is a quantum DNA process.  All the processes in the body including cell communications are triggered by quantum fluctuations, and all higher brain functions and consciousness also appears at the quantum level.  Idiot Isaac Newtons modern physics has set mankind back by many centuries.

In verse 2  --  There was no matter prior to creation of the universe. Also matter needs space to exist and as there was no space before the explosion so there is no possibility of existence of matter. Space and matter came into existence after the big bang explosion.. 

Also because of the infinite temperature, pressure and density of the singularity, there would be vibrations, which can be identified as breathing by its own nature. Breath here refers to sustenance and not physical breathing.  

It is symbolic in the sense that inhalation meaning withdrawing everything within into a black hole of the Kleins bottle and exhalation means creating universe.  Since there is a period of silence between inhalation and exhalation, where there is no activity (recaka and kumbhaka), it means no activity. 

In verse 1-  Before the Big Bang, the whole universe was condensed as a point with infinite curvature, as is present in a black hole called the singularity.  There was no air, nor any sky or space.  Because what existed was just a point with zero dimensions of length, breadth, height and time.  

Water usually represents proton or hydrogen in Indian creation myths.  There was no space and time before the big bang explosion happened. It was only singularity which was there. 

God has given us 5 senses of narrow bandwidth, so that we do NOT have an information overload breakdown.

The quantum world cannot be observed by our 5 senses, and they do NOT follow the cause and effect laws of classical physics.  We live in a time obstructed world using 5 senses -- and also a timeless realm in the quantum dimension, where what you see is NOT what you get.

Without factoring in consciousness there can be NO Theory of Every Thing (TOE) and Grand Unification Theory (GUT).   When science meets the consciousness field of Vedanta written 7000 years ago, the last frontier can be breached.

 The morphogenetic field or BrahmAn of Vedanta, has a self organizing electro magnetic nature. This is a merged grand Akashik field of several morphic fields of different nature by resonant coupling.  This inductive field has consciousness and self initiating nature. The ORIGINAL god of Sanatana Dharma cannot be seen or sensed by our 5 human senses.

This non-linear field is holographic and holds information of not only past history by even every thought , emotion and feeling held in the right hand subconscious lobe of your brain. This explains the power of prayer and intention.  

The whole cosmos is interconnected in this field and speed is NOT restricted to speed of light.  Both "Time" and "Space" exist within the realm of our all pervading consciousness .

Vedanta has told 7000 years ago that brahmAn is the fundamental enitity from which everything else has come.  Darwin and his monkey gang may NOT agree.  Consciousness shapes our material world.  DNA about which Darwin had zilch idea , is a transceiver of information, some from the space time dimension and the other form the quantum world.

Tvasta , the double helix coiled serpents ( DNA ) which cannot be destroyed- is mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC , as that which gives rise to all life in living creatures.  The quantum-vacuum morphic field interactions play a significant role in the fields of cosmology, physics, biology and consciousness.  The brains job is to maintain the physical portion of the link, between the body and consciousness .  

Any observer must be conscious, and therefore the consciousness of the observer is critical to the outcome of any quantum experiment.  It is NO great coincidence that almost all the great quantum scientists were proficient in Vedanta.   

The timeless principles of Vedanta is expressed in the technical language of Quantum Mechanics and the philosophy of science, even today with little or no attenuation of meaning.  Scalar electromagnetics is a unified field theory, of electromagnetics and gravitation, as per the Sri Yantra divine geometry.

What is in the macrocosm is in this microcosm.

As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos. 

None of the quantum scientists have categorized Vedanta as a religious work. They have perused and found that it is a subtle mathematical or scientific analysis.  .

Vedanta and Quantum Mechanics describe the same subject—ultimate reality—from opposite points of view and perspective.  Vedanta examines evidence, asserts hypotheses, quotes established authorities both pro and con its thesis, and closely reasons its way to a well-substantiated conclusion.

The space between the electrons , which gave free energy to the perpetual motion of the electrons , which prevent them from falling into the nucleus, is called Akasha as per Vedanta . The electrons, protons and neutrons are only a small part of the atom.  It is the space between them that is, the “substance.”  

Vedanta has told 7000 years ago that matter is not condensed substance but a diffused form of energy—and this is what Einstein who was proficient in Vedanta too seconded.. Vedanta is the ultimate philosophy of all philosophical speculations.

That Vedanta is available in the “soap is civilization” Christian West primarily through religious interpreters in pagan saffron robes has prejudiced their evaluation of its relevance to scientific concerns.

The Bible says that the universe is only thousands of years old. While Vedanta and the modern quantum theory agrees that it is around 14 billion years.  It is amazing that the timeless Vedic tradition remains relevant and easily expressible in terms of contemporary scientific concepts.

'Om Isha vasyam idam sarvam, yat kincha jagatyam jagat'
"All this- whatever exists in this changing universe, is pervaded by consciousness" 
-Isa Upanishad- 5000 BC

"Om purnamadah purnamidam purnaat purnamudachyate,
  purnasya purnamadaya purnamevaavashishyate"

"That  (consciousness) is full (perfect) ; this (the manifest universe of matter; of names and forms being maya) is full.  This fullness has been projected from that fullness.  When this fullness merges in that fullness,  all that remains is fullness."
-Isa Upanishad

Above video :  Space has an energy density of 1094 grams per cubic centimeter. To call space a “vacuum” or the “quantum vacuum” is a misnomer because everything that we know about space indicates that it is not empty.  It is not a vacuum but rather a plenum—an absolute fullness, characterized by nearly infinite energy density and boundless luminosity.  Space is literally efflorescing with virtual photons and electron-positron pair production. It is not dead, empty or inert but radiant and shimmering with energetic potential.

Vedanta has always spoken about the importance of the conscious observer.  The mystic and the physicist has now arrived at the same conclusion; one starting from the inner realm, the other from the outer world.

Everything is energy. Einstein expressed an understanding of this truth in his famous theorem E=MC^2, which established the interchangeability of matter and energy. 

Concerning matter, Einstein once remarked, "We have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter."  

He has just quoted from Vedanta which clearly stated Maya, the illusion often mistaken for reality.

The theory of relativity, and the space-time character of the universe, were perceived by the old Indian Rishis in their advanced stage of spiritual consciousness , for more than  30 millineums  and penned down 7000 years ago.    

In their state of higher consciousness they realized that the ultimate constituents of the universe - energy and mass, particle and wave, - were but different aspects of the same basic process, but the same Oneness which pervaded the entire universe

Science, in its most advanced stage, is closer to Vedanta than ever before. The intuition of Indian mystics led them to understand the multidimensional reality and of space-time continuum which is the basis of the modern theory of relativity.

Akasha –the morphogenetic consciousness field , as per Vedanta is the source of everything that exists, and in which the memory of the cosmos is encoded.  

When the Gita says "The Universe produced phenomenally in me, is pervaded by me. . . From me the world is born, in me it exists, in me it dissolves."  It can only be understood if we understand consciousness. This is why the Western readers who has NO idea of consciousness , thought that the glorious Vedas are bumpkin shepherds verses . 

Only consciousness can explain consciousness. The brahmAn (morphogenetic field) is the reason why a partially formed biological structure (the 'morphogentic germ’) gets attached to the morphogentic field of a species, which then guides the growth of the rest of the form. 

Below: After you watch this video ( in HD ) you will realise that BrahmAn resides within you 

Every structure carries its own morphogentic field. The fabric of the universe, the primal Field, was created by consciousness and is held in existence by consciousness. The entire universe is the consciousness of the Creator.  Consciousness creates energy, it creates matter, and it creates the perspectives of space and time.

The DNA is a transceiver for the BrahmAn or the morphogenetic consciousness field.   The brain and DNA is governed by the laws of quantum physics rather than the laws of biology or neurophysiology.   Scalar waves ( made famous by Nikola Tesla ) is the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness influence each other . 

 ‘Yato va imani bhutani jayante; yena jatani jivanti; yatprayantyabhisamvishantiti; tadvijijnasasva; tadbrahmeti”.
Know That from which all beings originate, emerge; That in which all beings rest; and That into which all beings finally merge - That is Brahman. - Taittiriya Upanishad  (3.1.1) 5000 BC

Stupid Isaac Newton’s classical objective  science is devoted only to that which is observed by the 5 senses. I wish Newton was around to see the latest Android mobile phone..  

Soon psychology came along, to the process of observation.  But western science like Vedanta  never devoted itself to who's observing, and a science that does not take into account the observer, who is so fundamental to the observation, because without the observer there would be no observation - is an incomplete and mindless science.   We cannot call it a science; unless we include consciousness.   

The Upanishads are not philosophy but are darshanas, “something seen” and therefore to be realized. The Vedas are considered to be eternal, without beginning and end as they represent the divine truth itself as perceived through the elevated consciousness of great seers. The ancient Vedic rishis in all their wisdom wrote down as 5000 BC , that our universe is not woven from matter but consciousness.

mayā tatam idaṁ sarvaṁ, jagad avyakta-mūrtinā
mat-sthāni sarva-bhūtāni, na cāhaṁ teṣv avasthitaḥ

“By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded.
All beings are in Me,  but I am not in them.Bhagawat Gita (9.4) 4000 BC

The ancient seers said, that the universal laws are clear, your attitude about your life will shape it, that  matter, energy and consciousness are interchangeable.   7000 years before the hologram was invented Vedanta has written about the holographic universe and the holographic function of the brain.

Swami Vivekananda met super genius Nikola Tesla , in Chicago in 1893, and introduced him to the ZPF, or akasha ( ether )-the all pervasive sky of quantum energy of the universe. Vivekananda  told Tesla that classical science must factor human consciousness in, or be stuck in the mud for ever. 

He introduced him to the wisdom of ancient Vedas , which considers the universe and consciousness as fractal Sri Yantra geometry.  Much later Tesla used to see brilliant blinding flashes of this TOE geometry .

We see incredible order and harmony and pattern which no accident can produce. The image of the human being is contained within the microscopic DNA strands of the fertilised egg in the womb.  On the subatomic level—mind is over matter. 

Our billions of cells and DNA have memories that influence our behaviour and traits. If we stare back down this ‘great chain of being’, we see a continuous process of spiritual evolution. This is something idiot Darwin will never understand , as he did not have the intelligence .

The classical physics of idiot Newton takes a material perspective in which the Universe is composed of discrete building blocks, solid and unchangeable.  Quantum physics takes a spiritual perspective in which there are no separate parts, in which everything is fluid and always changing.

Stupid Newton pushed consciousness into the realm of religion and mysticism.  Scientists who wanted to factor consciousness in were chucked out of the scientific community and the peer reviewed magazines controlled by free masons made them pariahs.  With the advent of quantum science we now know what great injustice was done.  

This universe is NOT a clockwork as contended by Newton. Newtons classical physics holds good only for what that can be sensed by the 5 human senses, ( like the rotten apple falling on his head ).,  NOT the sub-atomic world.  There is a deep connection between consciousness and matter.  The quantum double slit experiment has shown that a measured electron can appear either as a particle or a wave, but NOT both at the same time.

Our solar system and the milky way galaxy is just one of several billion in the universe. The speed of light is 186000 miles per second. This means light travels 6 trillion miles in one year. Our own galaxy is 60000 light years from edge to edge, and several light years thick.  

Light from the nearest star Alpha Centauri takes 4.27 light years to  reach the earth. The Bible says that the universe is only thousands of years old. While Vedanta and the modern quantum theory agrees that it is around 15 billion years.  

We live in a time obstructed world using 5 senses -- and also a timeless realm in the quantum dimension, where what you see is NOT what you get..

As seen by the double slit experiment, we create reality by conscious observation.  Quantum rules does not care for Newton’s third law, which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.   Quantum rules dictate that every action has a multitude of reaction possibilities.  

In nature there is nothing like a circle, it can only be a vortex spiral with ever changing evolution—nothing can remain same for ever and till ad-infinitum.

The space between the electrons , which gave free energy to the perpetual motion of the electrons , which prevent them from falling into the nucleus, is called Akasha or Ether or Zero point field.  The ancient Vedic sages on the banks of the river Saraswati  did NOT need to do Mathematical calculations on paper--they could do it 1000 times faster in their great fractal minds

The quantum world thus transcends time and space. Virtual particles have free access anywhere , everywhere , everywhen. Since our wolrd is 4 dimensional, the quantum points can arrange themselves in anyway. They get instructions from the transceiver called DNA. 

A male and female contributes ½ of the DNA to produce a new born. Consciousness creates our space time. Since quantum stuff reacts to consciousness, the universe is constructed by consciousness. By adding the dimension of time to 3D space, our consciousness is given the ability to evolve. Without change there is NO evolution, hence the vortex spiral.  

The Vedic Maharishis were clairvoyants. Clairvoyance is the ability of one person to "tune in" to another person's field of consciousness and pick up their thoughts – both the conscious and unconscious ones.  And, because the field of consciousness exists in a timeless and spaceless dimension, the clairvoyant can "see" both forward and backward in time .

The Vedas contain the meaning of consciousness. A visible attribute of consciousness is an energetic field that governs the shaping of organisms. Morphogenesis is a scientific term to explain this very shaping of tissues, organs, and entire organisms. Consciousness is the creative force of the entire universe. 

The entire universe is in fact a single living conscious organism with complete awareness of itself. Not only is consciousness responsible for the physical universe and its elements-- it is the universe. The field of consciousness contains information about everything that has happened since the dawn of time.

Fields of conscousness are called M fields –morphogenetic.  Just like electromagnetic and gravitational fields.  All life forms are connected by "morphic fields" or strong intertwined energetic connections. Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness. 

Our bodies are piezo-electric bio-crystals, resonant transducers of living light and life force. We have unlimited access to the radiant field of consciousness which is infinite active universal intelligence. We all have direct and immediate access to the scalar field of consciousness he ancient 

Vedas tell us that the basis of all creation is the all pervading  morphogenetic consciousness field. The Vedas said that all energy is a spiral and that empty space is not empty at all. It is a plenum, containing zero point energy..  

 Consciousness becomes energy and then transforms to matter. Forces of attraction cause the particles to come together to form nuclei with electrons orbiting around them giving the illusion of matter. These atoms are attracted together to form molecules. 

Molecules are brought together by organizing forces inherent in the particular morphogenetic field of that being or material, causing the creation of DNA, cells, tissue, organs, systems, organisms, societies and on a larger scale, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. All of this from the one and only quantum field of consciousness .

There is DNA everywhere around you. It remains unchanged for the past 4 billion years.  In your body you have 125 billion miles of DNA, which is 500 billion trips around the earth.   The DNA double helix looks like 2 snakes making love, or rather a twisted rope ladder.  

DNA is conscious.  It knows where to go and what to do and how and when to divide. It is a supercomputer which can hold enormous information. Yet, it is so small that you cannot see it without a electron microscope. Charles Darwin and his monkey gang will never ever understand all this. 

An atom is pure energy held together by a intelligent force.  The conscious intelligent field ( BrahmAn – the unseen God in Sanatana Dharma )  lies in the empty space in between the electrons.   99.9999% of every atom is empty space.  What we perceive as physical dense matter is actually 99.9999 % empty space - large electron fields with very little matter in the center.   

We live in a universe created of "objects" that are actually 99.9999% space.  The electrons, protons and neutrons are only a small part of the atom.  It is the space between them that is, ironically, the “substance.”  Within the electromagnetic force of the atom is the key to everything:  creation, transmutation . -limitless power.

This intelligent field decides why a electron should remain in a particular orbit. : Electrons can change position instantly without taking time.  They suddenly appear in another orbit of higher or lower energy or distance from the nucleus.  

We are NOT independent from this cosmos. We are part of it.  This is the reason we must live in harmony with the laws of the universe by exercising our free will.  Quantum Physics which suddenly appeared in the 20th century is the result of ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts being translated by the Christian invaders . These texts are 7000 years old.

Newton’s absolutism broke down at the foundation level of matter.  Stupid Newton’s billiard ball would miss the pocket hole every time at the sub-atomic level.  Newton’s laws  applies only to the macroscopic world, the world which can be detected by our 5 senses. 

In the microscopic world quantum physics rules.  Nothing is certain.  In the quantum realm the observer is king, as he creates reality, as demonstrated by the Double slit experiment . This is what the Vedas and our Maharshis have been saying for thousands of years –before the Vedas were penned down in 5000 BC.

The least we talk about Darwin in this age of DNA, the better. But such is the control of big brother that we still are forced to learn Darwin’s stupid theory in our schools.  Freemason sponsored Darwin with his bag of dried finch beaks and goodies is the greatest blunder of science.  

The universe is in perfect harmony and balance.  The cosmos is a unified system.  A little disharmony and the entire matter of the universe will go back into the black hole.  Playing around with HAARP and galactic resonance is a dangerous game.  

 Matter is NOT a inert substance.  It is conscious and active.  Experts in organic and inorganic chemistry know what I mean.  Matter constantly makes choices for alternate possibilities.

We live in a holographic universe. Our mind is holographic. The hologram has the power to hold and process enormous amounts of data.  In holography, a three dimensional image of an object is filmed with a laser.  The amazing part is that any part of the holographic picture may be used to recreate the whole image.  

In quantum physics, unlike the Newton’s classical physics, the whole and the part are intimately related. Poetically speaking, we can say that the ocean is contained in every drop.   

Each of the 100 billion cells that make up the body contains the complete version of the original DNA, that was the source of the entire body.  Each part of the holographic picture contains the whole image.  In the holographic theory of the universe, the universe is represented by each component, regardless of the size.
To get the perfect theory of everything TOI, consciousness has to be factored in by science. It will NOT be possible to understand gravity without doing this.  Every atom within us depends on the rest of the cosmos. 

This is the basis for Vedic Jyothish or astrology. There are very few real astrologists nowadays, most are pretenders.  Unless you follow the laws of the universe you cannot be a good astrologer and read into the akashic field or ZPF.

A scalar wave is far different from a regular wave in that a scalar wave goes in all directions into the surroundings. A vector quantity has magnitude and direction while a scalar quantity has only magnitude. 

Ordinary electromagnetic waves are transverse waves, while scalar waves are longitudinal.   Strangely these scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world,  but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain.   

All orderliness that we find exhibited in all levels of nature - from the smallest atom, through the living organisms, to the largest cluster of galaxies - is the expression of the infinite orderliness that is contained in consciousness.  Quantum coherence in the micro tubules of every cell is the key to consciousness.

Holograms are all about changing the angle at which two lasers strike a piece of photographic film- to record many different images on same surface. Any image thus recorded can be retrieved simply by illuminating the film with a laser beam possessing the same angle as the original two beams.   

Our FREE CHOICE is about finding the right angle to call up the image / memory of what we want or search. 

This is why a person seconds away from suicide can be given a tight slap across his face , to force change this angle-- and then he would not want to commit suicide at all.

All spacetime events are conscious: they are conscious of other space time events.  We are made of stardust. Exploding stars are the only way that carbon enters the universe, and our bodies are composed of carbon .

According to Rig Veda the knowledge of the "soul," or the Self of all beings is the prerequisite to the understanding of anything else.

The Upanishads say: "Know that, by which everything is known”. Once we have a glimpse of the omnipresent nature of our consciousness, once we have a glimpse of a field of existence that is indeed the omnipresent source of all that exists, we naturally start to be aware of the interconnectedness of all levels of creation.

Once we have seen the whole, we start to recognize the parts as expressions of the whole. Since the whole is holistic in its nature, its expressions are holistic representations of the whole. Vedas say that Brahman is the consciousness, the Self of all beings. 

Thus the ancient Vedic Science corroborates what modern science has discovered,  ( rather vice –versa )  that this omnipresent field of pure Creative Intelligence, which is transcendental in its nature, beyond the level of the Planck scale of 10-33cm, is the ultimate cause, the unmoved mover of everything in creation. 

One indivisible wholeness of consciousness is the source of all multiplicity of Creation, and that this one unbounded ocean of consciousness is our own consciousness.

 "Purushyo'yam loka sannidah"    "Man is a miniature universe" --(Charaka Samhita IV).

"Sarvam khalvidam Brahma"     "All this is nothing but Brahman" ---(Chh.Upanishad. 3.14.1).

Consciousness ( BrahmAn ) is the only element in creation that knows itself.   By being in constant interaction with itself, consciousness knows everything about itself.

“Prajnānam brahma”--  " Brahman knows everything ".

That says it all!

Empty space is not empty at all!   The vacuum is actually a plenum. It contains an abundant amount of energy, the zero point energy. 

We can tap into the Zero Point Energy field.  Positrons emanate from "the quantum vacuum"  and get annihilated. These are energy oscillations at zero degrees Kelvin, where all activity in an atom ceases.
It is called vacuum energy because it is descriptive of the energy in a perfect vacuum, where no light or matter is present.  

In this state, random electromagnetic oscillations can still be observed, meaning that there is still some energy present.  Such residual energy is enormous and a cup of it could boil off the planet’s oceans in a few seconds.

For a diatomic (two atoms) molecule, for example, the zero-point energy per mole, E0, can be given by the equation:
E0 = y N h c f
where N is the Avogadro constant number of 6.0221367 × 1023  ,   h is Planck’s constant of 6.626 × 10-34 joule-seconds, c is the velocity of light in vacuum of 299,792,458 m/sec , and f is the frequency of vibration depending on the mass of the molecule, (which is different  for different isotopes of the same element.).

This is the zero point effect resulting from a very complex scalar-wave interaction between electromagnetic  fields and matter.  Like I said before , a scalar wave is far different from a regular wave in that a scalar wave goes in all directions into the surroundings. A vector quantity has magnitude and direction while a scalar quantity has only magnitude.   

The energy in between the atoms is chaotic,  unpatterned, zero-point energy. The quantity of the energy is limitless. Tapping the zero-point energy means making one or more energy patterns reverberate, which will cause extra energy to follow suit, just like acoustic amplification in a wind instrument or Bose wave-radio. 

That is how "free-energy", "over-unity machines", "zero-point energy", or "fuel-less generators" really work.  No colleges teach this and no experts can imagine this— super genius Nikola Tesla could.  He was introduced to this akasha concept by the great Indian master Vivekananda.

Below:   Nikola Tesla -- this planets's No 1 inventor -- invented AC electricity .   JP Morgan was Rothschild's agent.

Below video : Nikola tesla gave me inspiration to start this blogsite.   My first blog was about him.  I needed to exhume him . He is this planet's only martyr . He was a Serbian NOT a Croatian !

The video below contains big brother's usual disinformation .  Tesla did NOT try to sell his death ray like a mercenary — rather this true martyr destroyed vital papers and denied big brother the chance of laying hands on destructive weaponry.   

For this they BURIED his name.  Today --no school child knows that Tesla lit up this world with AC electricity. --and HULLO !-- JP Morgan did NOT pay his hotel bills .

Below : Nikola Tesla lit up this planet , with AC electricity --yet nobody knows who he is !

Getting back-

The infinite potential of the all-pervading plenum is our potential. Gravity is more than simple attraction.  It is orientation.    Gravity is a function of time.  . Time is a measure of the phase cycle of an electron.  UTC is based on an atomic clock today.

Atomic clocks placed at orbital heights recorded time passing just slightly faster than those at sea level—just because  gravity is weaker higher up.  The atomic clock installed at US NIST in 1999 , which measures light emitted by supercooled Caesium atoms as they fall though a microwave cavity, can run for 20 million years without losing or gaining a second .  

Where gravity, and hence a curvature of space, was greatest time moved more slowly; where it was not, more quickly.  The passage of time as we record and experience it here was actually slower than in space.

Gravity can even affect the travel of light.   Black holes exist in space, where gravity is so strong the light cannot escape, where not even time can be registered for the clock would stop, where everything vanishes.  

Below: Kali devours KALA ( time ) 

God lives in Time and Space and moves with Time  (both are eternal ).  Heavens, Earth, day and night all serve Kala ( time ) and Kala controls All .- (Rig Veda 1-95-7) 5000 BC.

Gravity can be reduced, nullified and inverted by means of electromagnetic radiation.

The universe is made up of four dimensional space-time, three dimensions of space and one of time.  But when a mass is present space-time is curved up into the fifth dimension outside of space and time.  This means that time and space may be manipulated by the presence of mass, the denser the mass the greater the warping of space-time.

'That which is above the sky, that which is beneath the earth, that which is between these two, sky and earth that which the people call the past, the present and future, across space is that woven like warp and weft.   - Brhadaranyaka Upanisad 5000 BC

Below : 2D

Zero Point Field—the mother of all fields—provides the ultimate holographic blueprint of the world for all time, past and future.  It is this that we tap into when we see the past or future.

Below video : 3D

“Elementary time is measured to its covering of a particular elementary space. That time which covers the unmanifest aggregate of the elementary particle is called the great time ( Mahakala )” :- Bhagawatam 3.11.14

Scalar waves are at the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other.  Their effect is independent of distance and time and is 4 times stronger than that of electromagnetic fields.  They transmit information too, not just energy.  

The transmission of scalar information creates consciousness fields— Morphogenic Fields.  They cannot be detected by the usual instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields, which work by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission .  

Scalar waves propagate at faster-than-light speed except when transmitting scalar information on electromagnetic carrier waves.  

All ancient astras with personal mental passwords were faster than light applications.  

If something travels faster than light, it means that it can penetrate any matter as though it wasn’t there.  Therefore scalar waves pervade all matter and cannot be shielded against by Faraday cages . Reiki healing waves pass through the earth.

“At the end of the night of the time all things return to my nature; 
 and when the new day of time begins I bring them again into light.
Thus through my nature I bring forth all creation and this rolls around in the circles of time.
But I am not bound by this vast work of creation. I am and I watch the drama of works.

I watch and in its work of creation nature brings forth all that moves and moves not: 
and thus the revolutions of the world go round.” -- Bhagawat Gita 4000 BC

“ This idea of a periodically expanding and contracting universe, which involves a scale of time and space of vast proportions, has arisen not only in modern cosmology, but also in ancient Indian mythology “  Fritjof Caprag.

Thinkers like Carl Sagan and Fritjof Capra have pointed out similarities between the latest scientific understanding of the age of the universe, and the Hindu concept of a "day and night of Brahma", which is much closer to the current known age of the universe than other creation views.  

The days and nights of Brahma posit a view of the universe that is divinely created- an ongoing cycle of birth, death, and rebirth of the universe. Rather inhalation and exhalation as in a Klein bottle.

Even a dim-wit will notice that modern science says the same thing written in the Vedas 7000 years ago—which had gone down thousands of years by the sruti oral route.

Immediately after the exhalation ( big bang ) the inflationary mode ends, having made the universe smooth and almost homogenous. Matter, anti-matter, and radiation are a bubbling opaque stew.  And an uninterrupted continuum of fluid. 

Few seconds after the exhalation ( big bang ) the universe expands. Matter and anti-matter annihilate each other.  There is slightly more matter and this excess comprises the matter in the cosmos today forming galaxies.   It came in material form and shape -- Brahman and his intent ( heat of tapas ).

Vedas have always suggested that as long you are in search of the causative forces only, you will not get the answer.  Stephen W. Hawking, famous theoretical physicist of the present day, says in his book “A Brief History Time”: “If the density of the matter in the universe is greater than the critical value, gravity will stop the expansion ( exhalation ) at some time in the future”

Will the universe eventually stop expanding and start contracting or will it expand forever?

Stephen W. Hawking, famous theoretical physicist of the present day, says in his book “A Brief History Time”: “If the density of the matter in the universe is greater than the critical value, gravity will stop the expansion at some time in the future” .   

As we are not in a position at present to calculate the density even to an approximation, we cannot answer the question ( so convenient ) .

Robert Jastrow confirms that modern science now  envisaging a cosmos ( like in the vedas ) that oscillates forever passing through infinite number of moments of creation in a never-ending cycle of birth, death and repetition. 

Someone has to bell this effin’ cat.   

Someone has to show a place from where they made the  BIG BANG. 

 Even a dim-wit can understand this .   

This calls the stupid bluff of the BIG BANG.

What preceded the effin' explosion?  .

In his book “God and the Astronomers” Robert Jastrow seconds creation .  Not that JastrowJI is the ultimate authority.  

That breathless One is breathing on its own” . The beginning of universe, its expansion, demise and re-emergence – entire process is like involuntary process of inhaling and exhaling.

The perceptive go GA GA about innate wisdom in the Rig Veda 10:129 ( Nasadiya Sukta ) that states -- creation was unavoidable, a natural necessity,  simply because there could be no non-being without its opposite, being..   

DVAITA Vedanta of the dance of the opposites mediated by the preserver ( trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) is inherent.  Only the intelligent and the perceptive will ever understand this.

Vedas has nailed the fact that  creation and its ending is a repetitive cycle, like exhalation and inhalation  ( pralaya )..

The word pra-laya comes from Sanskrit meaning 'dissolution' by inhalation or by extension 'reabsorption, destruction, annihilation or death'.
kararavindhena padharavindam / mukharavindhe vinivesayantham
vatasya patrasya pute shayanam / balam-mukundam manasa smarami

(Translation) With His soft lotus hands, our baby Mukunda has grabbed His lotus like toe and placed it in His lotus mouth, decorated with red lips, and sucks on it in amusement as He rests on the tender shoot of a Banyan tree leaf contemplating on the next cycle of creation.

As per our puranas , during the cosmic deluge, the Supreme Lord Narayana takes the form of a little baby floating on a banyan leaf over the dangerous torrents of pralaya jalam, the waters of cosmic dissolution.  He protects all the universe and its beings by swallowing them in His tiny stomach and rests them there , while contemplating about their creation once again after the deluge by releasing the Universe and its beings from the safe storage place .

This was pralaya, the final dissolution of the world, before its regeneration. The sole witness to this cosmic deluge was Markandeya Rishi, a great saint. t is stated by the Lord in the Vedas: “Oh, Human! This village of yours is balanced on the banyan leaf and your lifespan is just alike a drop of water running down that leaf, which may fall any minute.”

Suddenly, amongst all the confusion, Markandeya noticed a banyan leaf floating on the ocean, tossed by the waves. On this unlikely raft lay a beautiful and adorable child, suckling his right toe, unperturbed by the calamity that had befallen the world. It was Krishna as Balaji, the newborn cosmic child.

The infant's heavenly smile negated the brutality of the pralaya (cosmic deluge). His compassionate glance reassured Markandeya that life would go on, convincing him that the world never ends, but only changes.

Now, Markandeya saw that the baby was sucking his own big toe. The Mahatmas have said, about this, that the baby was the Lord Bala-gopal himself. He was sucking his big toe, to check what sweetness it has, which makes people drink the water touched by it.

When Markandeyaji went close to this baby, he was sucked in with the air, when the baby took a breath. Inside, he saw hundreds of thousand of universes and all that had been consumed by the deluge - the skies, the seas, the earth, gods, demons, humans, animals and plants. So mush so, that he even had a glimpse of his own Ashram on the banks of the Subhadra River. He saw himself sitting in meditation. 

Markandeya thus realized that the child was none other than the cosmic god (Narayana) who had withdrawn the world into himself. , the lord replied as follows: "I am the Primal Cosmic Man, Narayana . . . . I am the Lord of Waters.

After the Lord disappeared, O brahmana, the banyan tree, the great water and the dissolution of the universe all vanished as well, and in an instant Markandeya found himself back in his own hermitage, just as before.

Matsya Purāṇa (2.25-30) gives an account of initial creation. After Mahāprālaya, the great dissolution of the Universe, there was darkness everywhere. Everything was in a state of sleep. There was nothing, either moving or static. Then Svayambhu, Self-manifested Being arose, which is a form beyond senses. It created the primordial waters first and established the seed of creation into it. The seed turned into a golden womb, Hiraṇyagarbha. Then Svayambhu entered in the egg.

The term MAYA  is mentioned  72 times in Rigveda written down in Sanskrit in 5000 BC.  Maya is mentioned  29 times in the Atharva Veda.  The mystics took existence for granted, and knew how to get from here to there.  They got to see beyond the apparition of Maya.   The distinction between the self and the Universe is a false dichotomy.

The classical physicists took  non-existence for granted, and tried  to get from there to here stumbling badly in the process .  The distinction between consciousness and physical matter  is the result of an unenlightened perspective.

The modern Big Bang cosmologists want to get the Universe out of nothing PHUKKAT MEIN .  It's like asking us to believe that nothing made everything out of nothing. They could not understand singularity which the Vedic seer did.  The Bindu of Sri Yantra depicts Singularity.

The goal of spiritual enlightenment is to perceive BrahmAn and Maya and distinguish between them.   Conversely Maya gets destroyed for a person when they perceive BrahmAn with transcendental knowledge.  
Maya, the illusion is often mistaken for reality—like the sun going round the earth . What is the difference between a quantum physicist and an ancient Indian maharishi seer?

The seer placed himself inside and saw outwards,  for he has the perception afforded by a king sized pineal gland and 12 strand DNA to do so.

The quantum scientist with a shriveled pineal gland and 2 strand DNA ( 97% junk ) with pre-conceived notions pounded in by a stupid Isaac Newton  stood outside and peeked inside all the while scratching his head.

The ancient Maharishi would hardly blink an eyelid after seeing a modern mobile phone .  Isaac Newton would have scratched his head ?   For according to dim-wit Newton the 5 human senses with negligible bandwidth rule supreme.

Coordinate geometry was discovered by Aryabhatta in 2700 BC.   Mathematically space-time  is a manifold consisting of "events" which are described by three spatial dimensions (length, width, height), and one temporal dimension (time) .  In spacetime, a coordinate grid that spans the 3+1 dimensions locates events (rather than just points in space), i.e. time is added as another dimension to the coordinate grid.  This way the coordinates specify where and when events occur.

Vedanta is the apex of the knowledge of the Vedic tradition, exactly as Quantum Mechanics and allied fields are the most advanced subjects in Western science. 

None of the quantum scientists have categorized Vedanta as a religious work. They have perused and found that it is a subtle mathematical or scientific analysis. Vedanta and modern Quantum Mechanics describe the same subject—ultimate reality—from opposite points of view and perspective.   

Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism believes that God has given us 5 senses of narrow bandwidth, so that we do NOT have an information overload breakdown.   Again-- the quantum world cannot be observed by our 5 senses, and they do NOT follow the cause and effect laws of classical physics.

We live in a time obstructed world using 5 senses -- and also a timeless realm in the quantum dimension, where what you see is NOT what you get. At the level of quantum reality the universe is not made up of things. It is comprised of oscillating fields of energy.  

In the quantum domain everything is interrelated.  Photons and electrons have an ability to shift their form in an instant.  Measured one way they behave as particles. Measured another way they act as waves.

In spiritual dimensions energy is the reality. These energies have different vibrational levels and none are as dense as the physical world.

The theory of relativity, and the space-time character of the universe, were perceived by the ancient Maharishis  in their advanced stage of spiritual consciousness.  In their state of higher consciousness they realized that the ultimate constituents of the universe - energy and mass, particle and wave, - were but different aspects of the same basic process, but the same Oneness which pervaded the entire universe. 

The intuition of Indian mystics led them to understand the multidimensional reality and of space-time continuum which is the basis of the modern theory of relativity.  Without such space time knowledge it is impossible to record the accurate speed of light in Vedas , 7000 years ago. In Vedic cosmology, the concept of spacetime combines space and time to a single abstract universe

God lives in Time and Space and moves with Time (both are eternal). Heavens, Earth, day and night all serve Time and Time controls All --  (Rig Veda 1-95-7) 5000 BC

The Vedas state that without manifestation of time, the unmanifest material energy cannot become active and take form.

From Time all beings emerge, from Time they advance and grow.  In Time they rest.  Time is embodied and also timeless.   He who knows the entire concept of Time ( kala ) and Space (dis )  know Vedas. (Maitri Upanishad- 4-14-15).-5000 BC

The Sanskrit word for the space/time continuum is Akasha, as told to Nikola Tesla by Vivekananda.  The space  /time continuum is produced from the vibration created by the alternation between infinity and a point at infinite frequency. 

Below: The white invader has given away the Maya of Time to Einstein!!

ABOVE VIDEO :  Albert Einstein’s time dilation was written down 7000 years before in our scriptures.   It narrates a vimana with a single spaceman who went to the highest planetary system due to an urgent situation and stayed there for only few minutes.  When he returned he could not find any of his family and relatives, the sons and  grandsons—and there was NO record of the family tree. An example of Maya of time.

Brahma is seen in Ellora caves with 4 heads.  This represents four dimensions of space time, which Albert Einstein lifted from Hindusim.  

Did somebody say Oh yeah?

Till the Western scientists got their hands on ancient Indian Vedic scriptures which dealt with Vimanas , they did NOT know about time dilation.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, time was believed to be independent of motion, progressing at a fixed rate in all reference frames; however, later experiments revealed that time slows at higher speeds of the reference frame relative to another reference frame.

Such slowing, called time dilation, is explained in special relativity theory. Many experiments have confirmed time dilation, such as the relativistic decay of muons from cosmic ray showers and the slowing of atomic clocks aboard a Space Shuttle relative to synchronized Earth-bound inertial clocks. The duration of time can therefore vary according to events and reference frames.

There are several events in ancient Hindu scriptures.

Let me just quote one of them from Srimad-Bhagavatam 9.3.28-32

There is a story of a king named Kakudmi, who was able to travel to the world of Brahma and experience Brahma’s scale of time.

Taking his own daughter, Revati, Kakudmi went to Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka, which is transcendental to the three modes of material nature, and inquired about a husband for her. When Kakudmi arrived there, Lord Brahma was engaged in hearing musical performances by the Gandharvas and had not a moment to talk with him. Therefore Kakudmi waited, and at the end of the musical performances he offered his obeisances to Lord Brahma and thus submitted his long-standing desire.

After hearing his words, Lord Brahma, who is most powerful, laughed loudly and said to Kakudmi, “O King, all those whom you may have decided within the core of your heart to accept as your son-in-law have passed away in the course of time. Twenty-seven catur-yugas have already passed. Those upon whom you may have decided are now gone, and so are their sons, grandsons, and other descendants. You cannot even hear about their names.”

King Kakudmi’s visit to Brahmaloka took 27 times 4,320,000 earth years.  Brahma’s time King Kakudmi’s visit lasted 3,456 seconds, or just under an hour.  The king had had to wait for a musical performance to finish before having a brief conversation with Lord Brahma. 

According to the Srimad- Bhagavatam the physical universe is surrounded by a shell, and Brahmaloka is located very close to that shell. The Bhagavatam gives the diameter of this shell as 500 million yojanas, which, using the standard figure of 8 miles per yojana, comes out to 4 billion miles.

The space travelers could return to Earth billions of years in the future. A scenario based on this idea was presented in the novel Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle.

Spacetime is interpreted with space as existing in three dimensions and time playing the role of a fourth dimension that is of a different sort from the spatial dimensions. 

Space and time are unified in a four-dimensional Minkowski continuum called spacetime, whose metric treats the time dimension differently from the three spatial dimensions .  Spacetime is thus not a Euclidean space.

The immoral white invader even injected poison that  Brahma originally had five heads. One of them was cut down by Shiva when he got pissed off with Brahma. And now we have our foreign funded national newspaper Times Of India saying 2 days ago,  that Brahma married his own daughter.

Above : “Brahma has four heads" (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 12.8.2–5).

If you see the immoral reasons the white Christian historian has given for Indian Hindus NOT worshiping  shapeless ( beyond quality/ quantity ) Brahma , you will split your sides with laughter- some may even puke!.
While modern mathematics, science and technology centre around linear dimensional reality , the Vedic systems avail multidimensional spiraling reality.  

Varahamihira the great Astrologer and astronomer from wrote 4600 years ago,  in the opening of his Samhita, “ It has been said in Vedas that the first primeval thing was darkness, which is not identical with the black colour, but a kind of non-existence like the state of a sleeping person.”

Singularity existed before the big-bang. When you have a big bang which created the cosmos, you need to have a black hole singularity too. This is commonsense which Albert Einstein and party ignored despite being very proficient with Indian Vedas.  

Consciousness of time can be likened to a deep hypnosis which causes one to be in sympathy with the various frequencies and pulses of the physical universe. 

Our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer.  As such, it creates not only space, but also time.  When scalar beams charge through hyperspace the flow of time gets redirected temporarily.   

Newton of apple bump on head fame, viewed gravity as an actual force. ( thank god he did not discover gravity ,while on the potty! ).   Stupid Isaac Newtons "isolated systems " are NOT found in nature. 

I ask – 

Why has Nasadiya Sukta of Rig Veda NOT been placed in text books and encyclopedias around this planet .   

Why is Rig Veda being explained on the basis of Greeko theories—who have dipped into the  written Vedas, older by 4800 years ?  

It is NOT clear to even a half wit that this has to the be the world's first exegesis or even theory on cosmogony.

These white historians are the same idiots who translated Ânid-avAtam (आनीदवातं  ) of verse 2 to be “He lived without breathing".    What do these dim-wits know of Prana or a scalar field without vibrations (avatam) ?   The white man must NOT try to interpret our priceless Vedas.

The whole world goes GA GA about Albert Einstein for this path breaking ORIGINAL ( sic !) theories –
--Energy and matter is interconvertible
--Space time fabric
--Space Time dilation
etc etc


Albert Einstein’s proficiency in Math was below par.  He was assisted in Math in his thesis.

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Math was outsourced to India and an Indian university VC, even became a SIR.

The white invader even converted India to a VERY SMALL country .

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"How I wish that day will soon come when in every home the Veda will be worshipped
together with Shalagrama, the household Deity, when the young, the old, and the women will

inaugurate the worship of the Veda!" -- Swami Vivekananda

Here is the beginning of the speech of Swami Vivekananada at Chicago on Sept 11, 1893

Sisters and Brothers of America,

It fills my heart with joy unspeakable to rise in response to the warm and cordial welcome which you have given us. I thank you in the name of the most ancient order of monks in the world; I thank you in the name of the mother of religions, and I thank you in the name of millions and millions of Hindu people of all classes and sects.

My thanks, also, to some of the speakers on this platform who, referring to the delegates from the Orient, have told you that these men from far-off nations may well claim the honor of bearing to different lands the idea of toleration. I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance. We believe not only in universal toleration, but we accept all religions as true.

I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth. I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bosom the purest remnant of the Israelites, who came to Southern India and took refuge with us in the very year in which their holy temple was shattered to pieces by Roman tyranny. CONTD ----   ------




Instead of following Lord Krishna’s advise,  we have been releasing with great respect , Black Mamba venomous snakes  who  came to  kill us.

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Anybody who has criticized the Vedas, is an enemy of Hinduism and is jealous of ancient India..  Any Indian who gave away our Vedas to the white , blond haired, blue eyed man is a double agent and a traitor.

The Vedas are the crowning glory, strength and sustenance of the wise Hindu race.   It is the Vedas which kept Hinduism alive after 800 years of debilitating slavery.

There is nothing in Hinduism that does not owe its origin and allegiance to the Vedas, directly or indirectly.  Every Hindu's conduct, social carriage  and spiritual attainments have been shaped, and will be shaped in the future by the Vedas.

These sacred texts are the foundation of the Hindu way of life,  and also the support for its evolution.  We are NOT the PAGAN human and animal sacrificing SAVAGES  , as branded by the proselytizing white man to be.  Imagine simple peaceful vegetarians sacrificing animals in temples.

When the warrior caste of the Hindu race failed to save the country from the brutal and cunning invaders, because they were too honourable, it was the Vedas that saved the Indian race from internal dissipation, as had happened in every other country.  

When the bulldozers of freemason driven science started tearing down every religion into meek submission, it was the Vedas that made the Hindus stand in all majesty and with dignity -- unconquered, unscathed.  

And finally, when materialism and its never satiating ally, consumerism, is sucking the globe of its vitality, it is the Vedas that make the Hindus laugh at the greedy and vain monster -- in derision.  

For Vedas has taught us to be happy internally—NOT to run after happiness. Rather happiness must alight on our heads like a butterfly.   Inner happiness is all about equilibrium or dynamic balance between your SPIRIT , MIND AND MATTER.  For life is a combination of spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects.  

We Hindus knew that after the game of life, the prince and the pauper goes into the same box.

The  “ultimate reality” of creation which physicists have arrived at by using mathematics , the Indian Maharishis arrived at by using their fractal brains, computed in instant 3D geometry.. .  

Among all  ancient civilizations , the Indian philosopher alone seems to have had any perspective of the vast space and time.

Yet the white man talks about other civilizations in the same breath as India—Maya- Hopi, Aztec, Egyptian, Mesopotamina, Sumerian, Greek, Roman etc.   

How many of these civilizations knew to talk , leave along write in 5000 BC ?  How many of them have left behind books of any value ?-- leave alone great mental leaps  !

Hindu philosophy is able to envisage beyond the point of 'singularity', at which modern scientific theories have stopped. The Hindu philosopher alone seems to have had any clear perspective of the origin of universe.  The Vedas are mankind's oldest scriptures. They are regarded by Hindus as direct revelation from God (Apourusheyas) absorbed by seers . 

The Vedic thinkers tried to understand the beginning, growth and end of life, and they tried to learn the truth, which controls not only our life, but the related planets too.  The Vedic philosophers called the universe Brahmanda, meaning infinite cosmic egg..  The whole universe was in a concentrated form which is mentioned as a point, or Bindu of Sri Yantra ( singularity ) .

Modern science says that this Universe is 13.7 billion years old. By weight, it is 4% of atoms, 23% of dark matter and 73% of dark energy.

This is in consonance with the  Na asat na sat concept of Vedas . describes zero state or total single black hole concept. From this state, the next stage of 'ambhas' ( cosmic waters ) is formed.

The Nasadiya Sukta despite being a humn transcends the limits of logical thinking-- for only in  poetry can such a profound message be conveyed --  invoking in splendid verses the Primal Mystery that transcends both human and divine...

Modern science says that this Universe is 13.7 billion years old. By weight, it is 4% of atoms, 23% of dark matter and 73% of dark energy.

This is in consonance with the  Na asat na sat concept of Vedas .  It describes zero state or total single black hole concept.  From this state, the next stage of 'ambhas' ( cosmic water ) is formed.

He created these worlds ambhas , marici , mara and apa --Yajurveda- 5000 BC

The Nasadiya Sukta despite being a humn transcends the limits of logical thinking-- for only in  poetry can such a profound message be conveyed --  invoking in splendid verses the Primal Mystery that transcends both human and divine...

In the beginning all this was unmanifested. From that emerged the manifested. The Brahman created Itself by Itself. Therefore it is called the self-creator.  Taittiriya Upanishad 5000 BC

 “Sahovaacha yadurdhvam gargi divo yadavaakprithivyaa yadantharaa dyaavaa prithivee
 ime yadbhutam cha bhavacha bhavishyachetyakshata aakaase tadotam cha protam cheti."  

( Maharishi Yajnavalkya telling Gargi ) ---Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (3:8, 4) 5000 BC

“Oh Gargi! The earth along with those which are above and below the earth, the time that is past, present and future, are all in unmanifested space.”     

This is the same which explains the equation between space and time, approved by modern science ( which immorally dipped from ancient Vedic science, without giving credit  ) .

"Tadejathi tannaijati taddure tadvantike
Tadantarasya sarvasya tadu sarvasyaasya bahyatah," Esavasyopanishad 5000 BC

"It (Self) moves. It moves not. It is far and it is near. It is within all this, and it is outside all this.”

The whole universe is contained in its space and the whole space is contained in its universe.

"Vishtabhyahamidamkrithsnam ekaamsena sthito jagat" ( Bhagawad Gita sloka 42)
"Only one microcosmic part of His abundant multiplicity pervades (fills) the whole universe."

German Jew Rothschild got the Rig Veda translated in 1830, in Latin by German Jew Friedrich August Rosen. His translation of the first book of the Rigveda appeared posthumously in 1838. The remaining books remained unedited for another five decades, until Rothschild employee German  Max Muller did it in 1890-92.

The first complete translation was in English, made by Rothschild’s employee Horace Hayman Wilson, who published it in six volumes over the years 1850-88.  He is the same man who translated ( sic !) the works of the FAKE Kalidasa in English.

Mr Horace Hayman Wilson does REVERSE TRANSLATION -

“Pleased on each terrace dancing with delight
The friendly peacock hails thy grateful flight:
Delay then, certain in Ujjain to find
All that restores the frame or cheers the mind,
Hence with new zeal to Siva homage pay,
The God whom earth, and hell, and heaven obey:
For at his shoulders like a dusky robe,
Mantling impend thy vast and shadowy globe:
Where ample forests, stretched its skirts below,
Projecting trees like dangling limbs bestow:
And vermeil roses fiercely blooming shed
Their rich reflected glow, their blood-resembling red.”

Is above fu#kin’ verse an ancient Indian Sanskrit scholar style by any stretch of imagination? 

Oh fu#kin' yeah ?

This immoral man had made the Sanskrit-English Dictionary (1819) , totally created by Indian Sanskrit pandits and pasted his name over the book.

The year after the release of H. H. Wilson's last volume, in 1889, another complete translation into English was published - that of  Rothschild employee Ralph Thomas Hotchkin Griffith.  This guy is the one who translated ( sic )  Kumara Sambhava of the FAKE Kalidasa.

The Wilson and Griffith works are still the only complete English translations.

In 1951-57, Karl Friedrich Geldner published a German version, which was used for a Russian version in 1989-99.    Geldner sent the Rig Veda to the Rotshchild publishers in 1928 but did not reach the public until after the author's death in February 1929. 

The three volumes of his Der Rig-Veda aus dem Sanskrit ins Deutsche übersetzt were finally released in 1951.

It is strange that Friedrich August Rosen’s and Karl Friedrich Geldner’s works on Rig Veda had to wait till they both died.

The Rgveda has 1028 hymns (suktas) divided into ten mandalas (books). The shortest sukta (hymn) has 1 verse, whereas the longest has 58 verses, and the total number of verses is 10,462.

Above video: the Source of all -   Purusha sukta is hymn 10.90 of the Rigveda, dedicated to the Purusha, the "Cosmic Being".   The Purusha sukta gives a description of the spiritual unity of the universe.   It presents the nature of Purusha or the cosmic being as both immanent in the manifested world and yet transcendent to it.  From this being, the sukta holds, the original creative INTENT proceeds which causes the projection the universe in space and time.

Om taccham yoravrini mahe
ghatun yajnaya
ghatun yajnapataye
daivi svastirastu naha
svastir manushebhyaha
urdhvam jigatu bheshajam
sham no astu dvipade
sham chatushpade

Om shantih shantih shantihi
Om sahasra shirsha purushaha
sahasrakshas sahasrapat
sa bhumim vishvato vritva
atyatishthad dhashangulam

purusha evedagam sarvam
yadbhutam yaccha bhavyam
utamritatva syeshanaha
yadanne natirohati

etavanasya mahima
ato jyayagamshcha purushaha
padosya vishva bhutani
tripadasya mritam divi

 tripadurdhva udaitpurushaha
padosyeha bhavatpunaha
tato vishvajya kramat
sashana ashane abhi

tasmad viradajayata
virajo adhi purushah
sa jato atyarichyata
pashchad bhumimatho puraha

yatpurushena havisha
deva yajnam atanvata
vasanto asyasidajyam
grishma idhmash sharaddhavihi
saptasyasan paridhayaha
trissapta samidhah kritaha
deva yadjajnam tanvanaha
abadhnan purusham pashum

 tam yajnam barhishipraukshan
purusham jatamagrataha
tena deva ayajantaha
sadhya rishayashchaye
tasmad yajnat sarvahutaha
sambhritam vrishadajyam
pashugamstya gashchakre
vayavyan aranyan gramashcaye

tasmad yajnat sarvahutaha
richassamani jijignire
chandhagamsi jijignire tasmat
yajus tasmad ajayata

 tasmadashva ajayata
ye ke cobhaya dataha
gavo ha jijignire tasmat
tasmad jnata ajavayaha
yatpurusham vyadadhuhu
kadhita vyakalpayan
mukham kimasya kau bahu
kavuru padavuchayate

brahmanosya mukhamasit
bahu rajanyah kritaha
uru tadasya yadvaishyaha
padhyagam shudro ajayata
chandrama manaso jataha
chakshoh suryo ajayata
mukhad indrash chagnishcha
pranadvayur ajayata

nabhya asidanta riksham
shirshno dyauh samavartata
padhyam bhumirdishash shrotrat
tada lokagamm akalpayan
vedahametam purusham mahantam
adityavarnam tamasastu pare
sarvani rupani vichitya dhiraha
namani kritva abhivadan yadaste
dhata purastadya mudajahara
shakrah pravidvan pradishashcha tasraha
tamevam vidvan amrita iha bhavati
nanyah pantha ayanaya vidyate

 yajnena yajnam ayajanta devaha
tani dharmani pradhamanyasan
te ha nakam mahimanas sacante
yatra purve sadhyah santi devaha

 adbhyas sambhutah prithivyai rasacca
vishvakarmanas samavartatadhi
tasya tvashta vidadhad rupameti
tatpurushasya vishvamajanamagre

 vedahametam purusham mahantam
adityavarnam tamasah parastat
tamevam vidvan amrita iha bhavati
nanyah pantha vidyate'yanaya

 prajapatishcharati garbhe antaha
ajayamano bahudha vijayate
tasya dhirah parijananti yonim
marichinam padamicchanti vedhasaha

 yo devebhya atapati
yo devanam purohitaha
purvo yo devebhyo jataha
namo ruchaya brahmaye
rucham brahmam janayantaha
deva agre tadabruvan
yastvaivam brahmano vidyat
tasya deva asanvashe

hrishcha te lakshmishcha patnyau
ahoratre parshve
nakshatrani rupam
ashvinau vyattam
ishtam manishana
amun manishana
sarvam manishana

Om shanti shanti shantihi

The Cosmic Egg of Vedanta is akin to the point of 'Singularity' in astrophysics.  It is a point or 'Bindu',  at the centre of the Sri Yantra.

I wrote a post nearly 4 years ago-

Punch into Google search-

The double slit experiment just proved what is written in our Vedas.

Our universe is NOT a bunch of single individual parts of atoms, molecules, planets and stars that only maintain contact by separate forces such as gravity acting upon them.  Quantum entangled particles keep their coherent relation eternally and are not bothered by any distance separating them whether it be a few millimetres or the distance of a galaxy.  We cannot observe the quantum world using our limited ( narrow band width ) five senses--like how stupid Newton saw a rotten apple.

Make sure you watch the video below.   All this is part of Vedanta. 

In my hometown Calicut we are having a humble revival of the Vedas.   

You must know that Kerala is run over by R communist atheists, Christians and Muslims politically.    All of them run down Vedas and Hinduism subtly at every opportunity  –  as a result Hindus became self loathing .

Vedas were being branded as SAVAGE superstition -- as per the propaganda of the inner coterie of the waitress and  big brother / Syrian Jews- nay- Christian controlled main stream media ..

Yagashalas are single use structures.   

This is why you see so many stonehenges around the world. In ancient days all those areas were ruled by India.

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A brief mention about the style of the ancient Maharishis—metaphysics  and dialectics ( not empiricism )  which were lifted by the modern philosophers, who wanted to shine at the expense of others.

Metaphysics  means “what comes after physics”.  Its object is to determine the real nature of things—to determine the meaning, structure, and principles of whatever is insofar as it is-- with reality as a whole.  It is a call to recognize the existence and overwhelming importance of a set of higher realities that ordinary men could not deduce. Metaphysics is the science of ultimate reality , as opposed to appearance or the contrast between appearance and reality .

 It is the study and science of first principles or ultimate irrefutable truths. the two descriptions of the subject would thus be two sides of a single coin.. it.  Scientific theories can be brought to the test of experience, whereas metaphysical theories cannot.

The metaphysician is a sort of super scientist, unlimited in his curiosity and gifted with a capacity for putting together other people's findings with a skill and imagination that none of them individually commands. 
He can refute by debate (not to win an argument) , through a method for systematic evaluation of definitions.
Dialectic, in philosophy, is a method of investigating the nature of truth by the criticism of initial concepts and hypotheses.  The ancient Indian Vedic dialectic is based on a dialogue between two or more people who may hold differing views, yet wish to pursue truth by seeking agreement with one another.

This is in contrast to debate, in which two or more people hold differing views and wish to persuade or prove one another wrong (and thus a jury or judge is needed to decide the matter), or rhetoric, which is a relatively long oration conducted by a single person—lie the evangelists who jump up and down like orangutans on TV..

Empiricism, is  a doctrine that affirms that all ideas and knowledge are a posteriori, that is, derived from and based on experience, and denies that they can ever be a priori, that is, discoverable without having to rely on the senses. 

Laws that express  relationships between phenomena, without making any claims about the underlying causes of the phenomena, are called empirical laws.  The meaning of the term experience is generally limited to the impressions and sensations received by the 5 senses.

Thus, knowledge is the information apprehended by the five sense modalities— hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling.   Such knowledge is always about matters of fact, about what one can see, touch, hear, taste, or smell.   

For strict empiricists this definition has the implication that the human mind is passive—it is an organ that receives impressions and more or less records them as they are. 
Empiricism emphasizes those aspects of scientific knowledge that are closely related to evidence, especially as discovered in experiments  ( apun ko proof maangtha hai ,  gora gaand Newton poochta hai, evidaance kidhar hai ? Dikhao na ?)

It is a fundamental part of the scientific method that all hypotheses and theories must be tested against observations of the natural world, rather than resting solely on a priori reasoning, intuition, or revelation.  

Hence, classical science is considered to be methodologically empirical in nature.

And someone must tell MAHATMA Phule ( Guru of BR Ambedkar ) , that when Vedas were penned down, there was only ONE language on this planet .

The MAHATMA had said--  QUOTE :  If there is only one God, who created the whole mankind, why did he write the Vedas only in Sanskrit language despite his anxiety for the welfare of the whole mankind?  What about the welfare of those who do not understand this language? “UNQUOTE 

Baap re !  A veritable waterfall of wisdom !!  A mindboggling domino effect !!!

Deceit  introduced by the immoral white invader’s stooges have struck at the roots of Hinduism.  

The AGAMA culture is the main reason why there are so many ridiculous and meaningless practices and rituals in Hindu temples.  None of these have the sanction of the holy Vedas.

Today the ISKON sect hijacked by white men  , have even started saying that Lord Krishna is the only god in Hindusim and that Krishna is the ORIGINAL hindu god.

Lord Krishna was an earthy avatar of Lord Vishnu in 4000 BC.  

Lord Vishnu took an avatar ( 8th ) on earth as Lord Krishna , to kill his MOST LOYAL devotees Jaya and Vijaya – re-born as  shishupala and dantavakra—as per a promise made to Jaya and Vijaya .

We know of the ADVAITA morphogenetic consciousness field brahmAn ( unseen like allah ) and the DVAITA trinity of brahma/ shiva / vishnu and their spouses .

Shakti ( Devi / Bhagawati ) worship existed even before the Vedic gods came to Kerala via Lord Parashurama

Sanatana Dharma was loaded with millions of gods by forces remote controlled by the white invader – we never had so many gods the white invader came to India.

Internet Gurus who charge a fortune and creating more and more gods involving AGAMA shastra .

Narendra Modi MUST stop this practice and must NOT allow Hinduism to be milked by rogues.

Why do temples have bells?   People who are visiting the temple will ring the bell before entering the inner sanctum ( Garbha Gruha or womb- chamber) where the main idol is placed.  According to AGAMA Sastra , the bell is used to give sound for keeping evil forces away and the ring of the bell is pleasant to God ( Oh boy !)  .   

The vedic reason is that the ring formats our consciousness .   No sleepy dullards are expected to be near the sanctum  sanctorum .

Albert Einstein said  "We have been all wrong.  What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter." 

He has just quoted from 7000 year old Vedanta ( which he was proficient in ) which clearly stated Maya, the illusion often mistaken for reality.

The timeless principles of Vedanta is expressed in the technical language of Quantum Mechanics and the philosophy of science, even today with little or no attenuation of meaning.

Vedas are NOT about Indra running around like a jack ass looking for lost cows and then doing a animal or human sacrifice so that he can get the strength to screw the asuras...

OM is not calling your goat as ridiculed by the white historian – Yet all religions lifted OM of the PAGAN religion and mirrored it as AMEN, SHALOM, 786, OMKAR— or whatever. 

Have told the real story behind Lord Brahma not being worshipped in any of your blogs? I don't think the story of the curse of Lord Shiva is logical..
1.                        Description:*
hi hd,

Nobody has understood Hindusim after Adi Shankaracharya of 2000 BC.

The ADVAITA VEDANTA of Adi Shankaracharya tells us that the god of sanatana dharma cannot be picked by the 5 human senses. It is a morphogenetic consciousness field .  
This is the god which Islam has lifted.

In DVAITA VEDANTA we have the trinity of Brahma / Vishnu/ Shiva OR the creator – mediator- destroyer. Brahma is brahmAn personified on this template as creator .

In SANKHYA VEDANTA we have brahmAn as PURUSHA witnessing the dance of PRAGATI.

We have personified our gods . The earthy avatars of Vishnu are personified.

When King Kakudmi went to see Brahma with his daughter Revati, Brahma was watching this dance.

The allegories of Sanatana Dharma are NOT meant only for the perceptive. WE have NOT seen too many perceptive Sanskrit scholars lately.

The white Sanskrit scholars – the Doniger types -- are downright STUPID, --that is if she says that she is NOT a double agent !

Hinduism has been murdered by the FAKE mutts and FAKE Shankaracharyas created by the white invader, the white evangelists eager to harvest souls to claim credit from Vatican like insurance agents , their stooges ( the Christian converts ) and the atheists .

Has Swami Vivekananda done anything to reveal the POISON INJECTED by the white invader ? 

It is better that I say NO more !

capt ajit vadakayil

Above :  After death when you are cremated and your skull pops, your soul is shot up by a soliton carrier wave to one of these 7 energy layers / astral planes – depending on your aura energy / kundalini raise .   A moksha soul go to the highest  energy plane.  

Remember you are immortal—  you were born with the stars , at the beginning of cosmic creation.  Your cadaver/ body is like a pair of jeans , you discard on death .

Harshil Shah
September 21, 2014 at 9:06 AM
Pranam Guruji,

Indeed, i read the above post and its exactly same. Sir, however one question - usually we offer water on shiva lingam (due to reasons explained in one of your earlier post), then at vatican and kabba, are they still continuing the same practice covertly ?... What happens if this is not continued or are there any other alternatives (may be a silly question).. I am still learning...

Harshil Shah


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
September 21, 2014 at 9:57 AM
hi hs,

You will find millions of funda on the internet and Hindu literature – even by learned gurus like Vivekananda and hundreds of shankaracharyas..


NOBODY HAS UNDERSTOOD HINDUISM SINCE ADI SHANKARACHARYA OF 2000 BC—and few German Quantum physicists ( who all converted to Hinduism and got cremated. .)

Shiva Lingam contains the soul-seed ( DNA ) within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos.

Water holds memory.

Copper kalasha drips water right on top of the shiva lingam and this water bathes the lingam uniformly. In ancient days this water used to be LIVING ganges water.

The base has a run off for water – and this water is holy theertham . The white man called the Lingam as Shiva’s erect phallus and the run off base for water as YONI( vagina – note the extreme sarcasm ).


I have been telling this in my posts .

One day, three years ago NASA agreed with capt ajit vadakayil.

Punch into Google search-

You will find it on page one item one among 8 million posts—even ahead of NASA’s post on this subject .

If you cant see it by some quirk, enter-- NASA DNA METEORITE VADAKAYIL.

Theertham water holds memory .

The computers of the future ( maybe 200 years in future ) will NOT contain silicon chips.

They will hold water . In another 400 years I predict computers will be conscious and they can laugh at a joke or tell the moral of a story narrated to it .

Punch into Google search-


We had INDOPHILE white men and women ( like Wendy Doniger ) interpreting Hindusim for us , right?—all wolves in sheep’s clothing !




Capt ajit vadakayil

Sagnik D
December 13, 2017 at 11:59 AM
From reading so many of your blogs I just realized that in Kaliyuga we are obsessed with using our brain to create tools through technology to do things for us. But we (our brain and body) are actually the most advanced tool that is underutilized. In the past with better DNA and being in touch with nature we were able to do amazing things. We need to go back to this.


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil  
December 13, 2017 at 2:21 PM
hi sd,






Because space time is holographic, they could access it by quantum processes inside their brains. The Vedic Maharishis were clairvoyants. Clairvoyance is the ability of one person to "tune in" to another person's field of consciousness and pick up their thoughts – both the conscious and unconscious ones.

The interference patterns of the scalar waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe. Intention is like the tuning fork which causes other forks to resonate to the same frequency. Chromosomes that are damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired by simply applying vibration

This non-linear field is holographic and holds information of not only past history by even every thought , emotion and feeling held in the right hand subconscious lobe of your brain. This explains the power of prayer and intention. The whole cosmos is interconnected in this field and speed is NOT restricted to Einstein's SPEED OF LIGHT.

Sri Yantra ( DIVINE GEOMETRY OF OM ) which follows the Fibonacci series and the Golden ratio ( lifted from 7000 year old Vedic Mathematics ) is the mystical 3D holographic construct of the Cosmos by 9 VIRTUAL SPIRALLING VORTEX CONES — 4 pointing upwards and 5 pointing downwards, as a sort of ying-yang balance

The master cellular control system of the human body is holographic. Nothing we experience escapes being imprinted into our Cellular Hologram in the form of a cell memory. What we commonly refer to as "The Cellular Memory" is the collective energy field generated by these individual cell memories.

Sanatana Dharma was the first to understand the holographic nature of the cosmos. Vaastu is the basis of Hindu architecture.

DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and SCALAR WAVES. In the quantum holographic DNA-wave bio-computer theory, DNA is a self-calibrating antenna working by phase conjugate ( scalar waves and phase conjugation) adaptive resonance capable of both receiving and transmitting scalar energy .

As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos. . The brain without consciousness is inert and lifeless. Consciousness is a form of matter just as matter is a form of consciousness. All atoms in the entire universe are capable of mind reading and communicating with other atoms--THE BASIS OF ASTROLOGY


Capt. Ajit VadakayilDecember 13, 2017 at 2:22 PM

Our brain is holographic. While introducing Nikola Tesla to Akasha or longitudinal field ZPF waves , in 1903, the great Indian mystic has told him -"Every part is a whole and everything springs from the whole". This was 45 years before a hologram was invented.

The sound of OM in front of a drop of liquid, it will transform itself into a 3D Sri Yantra which is very specific visual form which is symmetrical and also holographic, in that every bit of it contains all of it.

Water holds memory and is used as THEERTHAM and also for IMMERSING OUR CREMATE ASHES .

The Hindu Sri Yantra divine geometry contains the Theory of Everything.

DNA blueprint functions as a bio-hologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.

DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and SCALAR WAVES..The interference patterns of the scalar waves form a huge hologram that permeates the whole of the universe.The body is holographic— when you influence one bio marker , you influence all..

Pineal gland is literally the third eye. Ancient maharishis and Vishnu's mortal avatars used their pineal glands for laser beams.Holograms are all about changing the angle at which two lasers strike a piece of photographic film- to record many different images on same surface..

Today we have shriveled calcified pineal glands ( like a dried up raisin ) and 2 strand DNA ( 97% junk ) -- yet our brain is a holographic machine existing in a holographic Universe







capt ajit vadakayil


December 7, 2017 at 3:42 AM
Hello Captain,
I was wondering what your thoughts are on "Nirvana Shatakam" written by Adi Shankaracharya. I've read your views on Jaggi Vasudev, and considering that he touts Nirvana Shatakam as one of the 'Vairagya' mantras, I wanted to get your take on it, if you have the time. Thanks! (

Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
December 7, 2017 at 2:14 PM
















In Dvaita Hinduism opposite poles Tamas and Rajas are conscious of each other. Tamas creates Rajas, and Rajas activates/ excites Tamas. Sattva preserves and mediates .

7000 year old Vedas say that the only constant in the cosmos is change, everything is in a state of flux, nothing is static-- everything is vibratory. This is what guarantees growth and evolution. It is a cosmic spiraling dance of separate opposing forces, which sustains this universe

One cannot exist without the other and they are dependant . No phenomenon in this universe is completely devoid of its opposite. They consume each other yet support each other.



If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost by the mediator ( Vishnu ) , the universe will spiral out of control and end. This is why Lord Vishnu is called the PRESERVER god. And only Vishnu can have mortal avatars.

As for the opposing forces TAMAS/ RAJAS ( Brahma/ Shiva ) it really does NOT matter as who is who, like in AC electricity-where you can plug into the socket both ways.

These two opposing forces are natural and transform each other , in perfect harmony. Harmony can never be stagnant . Lessening of Tamas always results in increase of Rajas and vice versa.

Balance can never be permanent— Tamas and Rajas continiously devour each other – and life flows on. This universe cannot exist without vibrations between two poles.


This is about the male and female joint TEAM effort. This is NOT a dance of opposites. In Hinduism we call the MALE- purusha and FEMALE- prakriti.

In the Tantric cosmology, the whole universe is perceived as being created, penetrated and sustained by two fundamental forces, which are permanently in a perfect, indestructible UNION. These forces or universal aspects are called Shiva ( Purusha ) and Shakti (Prakriti ).

Each of the trinity gods are powerless without their consorts.

Purusha and Pragati is expressed as Shiva and Shakti in the same body 50:50 – this is NOT a she boy or a transgender . It is a mindboggling, intelligent concept.

Both Shiva and Shakti are Consciousness---- Shiva is the changeless static aspect of Consciousness, and Shakti is the kinetic, active aspect of the same Consciousness.

Through uniting with Purusha , Pragati gave form to his spirit and created the universe.(we are talking about CREATION OF THE COSMOS here- not street side sex as figured out by small minds)

When the insentient Prakriti comes in contact with the sentient Purusha , the universe evolves.

Purusha symbolizes consciousness, the masculine principle. Pragati symbolizes the feminine principle, the activating energy.

The cosmos in all its manifestations, as an act of love. The relationship between say- Shakti and Shiva is the dance of consciousness and energy

Prakriti cannot be perceived, not because of its non-existence, but because of its subtlety. It is perceived in its effects.

The eternal and indestructible union between Shiva and Shakti gives birth to the whole Macrocosm, in its stable, static aspect as well as in its dynamic one. Not only is Shakti responsible for creation, it is also the agent of all change

Shakti is manifested by Shiva only during creation and is withdrawn into himself at the end of creation. This is for the perceptive.

Modern science repeats from our Vedas that matter and energy are interchangeable. So does consciousness and energy .

Samkhya as you can see was a masterpiece of modeling the ways of the inner universe.

The union of Shakti with Shiva by Kundalini rise is the liberation of seeker from the cycle of endless birth and death.


capt ajit vadakayil


(Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham)
Mano Buddhi Ahankara Chitta Ninaham
Nacha Shrotra Jihve Na Cha Ghrana Netre
Nacha Vyoma Bhoomir Na Tejo Na Vayu
Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham
I am not the mind, intellect, ego, or memory.
I am not the eyes, ears, nose, tongue or skin.
I am not the earth, wind, fire, water or ether.
Indeed, I am consciousness-bliss, I am Shiva.