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Today it is all over the newspapers,  that Britain is including Sikh history and Indian Freedom struggle , in the school curriculum  of schools in England , for the Indian students. 


Check out the Sikh hand in the picture above-- restraining the Muslim hand . 

It was NOT a Sikh hand at all. 

Guru Gobind Singh started Sikhism on the Baisakhi day of 1699.   

Seven years later Aurangezeb died,  and the Mughal empire was on the decline SOLELY due to the efforts of a Hindu Tantrik Banda Bahadur.  

Before 1699 there was NO Sikhism at all.   

When Guru Gobind Singh died , Sikhs did NOT hold an inch of land .. 

It was a tantric Hindu saint by the name of Banda Bahadur who first wrested land back from the powerful son of Muslim Emperor Aurangezeb ( who had just died )--  at the peak of the Mughal Empire.. ( see map below ) . 

Imagine devout Christian boxer Manny Pacquiao has won 50 world title tournaments by KO.   

One fine day his descendant after 300 years converts to Muslim religion, and then claims that his champion boxer ancestor was also Muslim. 

He immorally starts painting Manny in Islamic garb, and replaces the Bible in his hand with the Koran in the picture.  

What nonsense is this? 

Is there NO clear thinking?  

Capt Ajit Vadakayil can think crystal clear.

Some Sikhs have NOT understood me so far?

Let me explain again.

You are a Sikh today , right?

Can you paper convert your Hindu ancestor born 1000 years ago into a Sikh?

It is NOT possible at all !!.

Same way, You cannot "paper convert" any of the first 9 gurus into Sikhism -- before the 10th Guru Gobind Singh had his amrit chakna ceremony for his Panj Piaras into Sikhism and created the 5K Sikh religion.

It does NOT work the  way you think,  if you have some brains.

For being a Hindu, Banda Bahadur's army , which contained Sikhs was split into two by Guru Gobind's wife. -- into  Hindu faction and Sikh 5Ks  faction.

Above : Golden temple Amritsar in 1857

Above: Golden Temple today.

The glorious Sikh History has been totally hijacked by Khalistani separatists who have opened up thousands of sites on the Internet churning out false propaganda to poison young impressionable Sikh minds .

Level headed desh bhakt Sikhs must know that they are the ornaments of Mother India. 

Their Hindu ancestors stood up arms ONLY to protect their motherland from the rampaging Muslim invaders.  

Desh bhakt Sikhs must know that all their ten gurus were born Khatri Hindus. 

When Guru Gobind passed away, the Sikhs did NOT hold an inch of land.  Their status was that of "brave but gullible" loser guerrillas

Above : 10th Guru , Gobind Singh-- who started the Sikh religion.  His second wife Sundri paid put to his dreams .

Guru Gobind Singh personally went to Nanded far away from the Sikh bastions to meet a Hindu Dogra Tantrik by the name of Banda Singh Bahadur. 

This name was conferred by Guru Gobind Singh along with a sword of honour.  His original name of Lachman Dev later called Madho Das after he became a Tantrik.

It was a Hindu , Banda Singh Bahadur who first captured Moghul lands by astonishing bravery and sharpness of mind.  Later Maharaja Ranjit Singh would carve out the mighty and glorious Sikh empire -- just by uniting small Sikh MISLS created by Hindu Banda Bahadur..

I have already posted on Ranjit Singh considering every Sikh site and text is making Ram our of Ravan and Ravan out of Ram.  Some of these historians are just naïve with no perception or ability to connect the dots , or even know that a German Jew by the name of Rothschild ruled India .  

This ship owner of British East India Company came to trade in spices. The British army fought for the German Jew.  Only in this Internet age, the gullible Brits have come to know that their King and PM were just stooges of this Banking cartel.

Punch into Google search –

Till Muslim invader Tipu Sultan came to Calicut with his long range and accurate cannons Kerala ( gifted by the French arm of Rothschild ) was virtually impregnable , as we had the traditional system of Kalari martial swordsmanship.

Why should a white Jew give arms to an enemy Muslim?

Punch into Google search-

And here we have Salman Khurshid and the waitress turned empress trying to make a freedom fighter out of Tipu Sultan, who have apparently put hazaar bori ghee aur shakkar into the moonh of Hindus..

The same SECULAR duo was actively involved in passing the Anand Marriage act in 23rd May 2012.  The Nirankari Conference in Rawalpindi in March 1855 introduced Anand Marriage act , which was drafted by Rothschild    

Sikh marriages are now to be registered under the Anand Marriage Act instead of the Hindu Marriage Act.  Besides Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists are also issued certificates under Hindu laws.  Sikh marriage ceremonies are known as 'Anand Karaj' (blissful event).

In 1857 later Rothschild stopped all pretenses of being a trader and took over India with Sikh help.

Punch into Google search-

The Queen Bee  could NOT deliver justice to the poor Sikhs of 1984 , who were massacred .  But here they are successful in amputating Sikhs from Bharat Mata, under pressure from separatist Canadian Sikhs .  

In 1905, Arur Singh, manager of the Golden Temple , on being goaded by the British ordered the removal of all Hindu idols from the precincts of the Golden Temple. Till then the Hindu Brahmins had presided over different Sikh marriage ceremonies.  

They expelled the Brahmins from the Har Mandir, where the latter had worked as priests.  They also threw out the idols of “Hindu” Gods from this temple which were installed there.  These were the same gods that Guru Nanak had worshipped  and mentioned so lovingly in his memoirs.

The 1909 the British granted separate electorates to Muslims for creating a political electorate based purely upon religious difference.  Christians and Sikhs were on the side of the British already. Hindus were  splintered by Rothschild’s stooges like BR Ambedkar.

Punch into Google search --


Indira Gandhi’s fate was sealed the day she nationalized the Indian banks .  Rothschild runs the International banking cartel.

Below : The family tree of the Gurus--- Guru Ram Das the fourth Guru was the son-in-law of 3rd Guru Amar Das , and hence has NO blood connection with Guru Nanak.

All the Sikh Gurus were Khatris . The Bedi sub-caste of the Khatris derives its lineage from Kush, the son of Rama in the Hindu mythology.  Sodhi sub-caste claims descent from the Lav, the other son of Rama.  

The Khatris are among the very few non-Brahmin communities that have traditionally studied the Vedas.  Guru Nanak was a Bedi,  Guru Angad was a Trehan, Guru Amar Das was a Bhalla, and the rest of the Gurus were Sodhis.

We all know that Christianity and Islam are invaders religions. They look for salvation in Saudi Arabia and Israel and Italy.  Today a lot of these Indian converts are Indians second and Muslims/Christians first.  

Will Sikhs go the same way?  Till 2012 when we imagined an Indian soldier it was always a proud Sikh soldier who came into our thoughts. 

Everybody knows when the Moghul invaders started terrorizing the Hindus, they got together and donated their first born to wear the 5Ks’ and be a Sikh warrior.  

The Jats fighting Moghuls were already observing the five Ks’ long before this became a visible symbol of Sikhs. The sword, the nada shorts , and the long hair was always there . 

The Khada was worn on their body or the head , basically a very sharp circular disc which can be thrown even to kill by unskilled people . The Kangi ( comb ) was an addition.

Guru Nanak himself has seen and recorded the gruesome sack of Multan, where Babur’s army raped dead Hindu women .  Guru Nanak was in jail for several days doeing chakki peesing. It was then reported to Babur by the prison guards that a holy Sufi saint was in jail by mistake. 

Babur then met him and freed him. This events is recorded  in the Guru Granth Sahib holy book , as Babur Vani.  There is a Pakistani version I know, which is NOT worth being mentioned in this post.

13.83 lakh Indian soldiers were recruited by Rothschild’s  South African import Gandhi for the First World war. 

Rothschild stooge Gandhi did NOT have to recruit Sikhs,  as Sikhs were directly recruited by Rothschild in the British Army.   

Out of this 1.10 lakh Indian soldiers died in the First World war.

The Indian soldiers were used as cannon fodder in the most dangerous sectors of battle. There is NO memorial for the Indian soldier as they were counted among the donkeys and mules.

Out of 25 lakh ( 2.5 million ) Indian soldiers recruited with the active help of our non-violent Rothschild stooge Gandhi for the 2nd World War , to kill the Germans , ...243000 ( 2.43 ) lakh Indian soldiers died.

The First and the Second world wars had only one single purpose --to carve out the Jewish state of Israel.
In the first world war there were pure Sikh Regiments  under British commanders .  

Brave Sikhs fought for the white man and earned 28 battle honours.

In both the First and the Second World Wars 1.62 lakh  turban-wearing Sikh soldiers were killed and 2.34 lakh were wounded .  This figure is only for turban wearing Sikhs. 

Below: Majestic looking Sikh soldiers.

14 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Sikhs.  As late as  2002, the names of all Sikh VC and George Cross winners were inscribed on the pavilion monument of the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill next to Buckingham Palace, London.

The Sikhs had been chaddoed on the proverbial  channe ka jhaad quite early.  Low how mothers praise their children so that they don’t  sneak out to play and study well.  

They were regularly praised for their bravery by the British and later they would smirk over it while having their brandy and cigars. 

The Sikhs had a reputation to live up to, while fighting for their masters.  The Sikh Regiment were awarded a one rank seniority over other Indian Sepoys and awarded the authorisation to wear the coveted  red turban (which is still worn by the regiment today) opposed to the standard blue head dress worn by British Indian Army Units at the time.  

They were constantly reminded and praised about their brave fight with the Afridi Lashkars who attacked Saragarhi on September 12, 1897. Their job was to do and die like the “ charge of the light brigade" poem .
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
 Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell
 Rode the six hundred.

-- Lord Alfred Tennyson

Rothschild would ensure that the liquor  flowed  free before a Sikh regiment assault..  Then they would be taken to the make shift Gurudwara  to get spiritual strength. 

It was constantly drilled into their simple heads how the British Parliament interrupted its proceedings and gave standing ovation to the brave Sikh soldiers of Saragarhi.  

How each Sikh hero was awarded an Indian Order of Merit (IOM), the highest award given to an Indian soldier in British Indian Army for valour and sacrifice. ( 21 IOMs were awarded ).  

Every September 12 is celebrated as "Saragarhi Day" by all the battalions of the elite Sikh Regiment.  Rothschild caused UNESCO to  recognises this battle as one among eight battles of the world known for collective bravery. 

Rothschild had created a similar hype for the Gorkhas , that once they unsheathed their Khukri,  blood has to be coated on the sharp steel. If NOT then the Gurkha has to smear the blade with his own blood. These were all Rothschild's requirement.

To find out how Rothschild planted Gandhi  on the driver’s  seat of the bus of Indian freedom fighting, till Israel was carved out –

Punch into Google search-



Gandhi’s ahimsa was only against the rulers British.   When it came to Germans he had temporary amnesia about non-violence .

The war cry of the Sikh regiment was chosen by Rothschild the  from Sikh scriptures : Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal' (Victory belongs to those; Who recite the name of God with a true heart).

Lord Dalhousie who annexed Punjab, and had told Rothschild about the extinction of Sikhism, with Muslim invaders no more around. The British made sure the Sikh identity was kept intact and boosted every day.  They made it very strict rule for every soldier of the Sikh regiment to observe the 5 Ks and baptisms by Amrit chakhna compulsory. 

Every time the holy book Granth Sabib was taken past the British soldiers were under strict orders to jump to attention and salute. Non compliance or disrespect to the holy book meant instant dismissal for the white soldier.

Above : 132 year old picture of Golden Temple.

The very recruitment was a great sentimental melodrama calculated to give the gullible Sikh a ego massage , sense of separateness and exclusiveness—literally 3 in 1.  Only such Sikhs were recruited who observed the marks of the Khalsa.  

They were sent to receive baptism according to the rites prescribed by Guru Govind Singh.  Each regiment had its own granthis.  The greetings ex-changed between the British officers and the Sikh soldiers were Wahguruji ka Khalsa ! Wahguruji ki Fateh.

A secret C I.D. Memorandum for “divide and rule” , prepared by D. Patfie, Assistant Director, Criminal Intellegence, Government of India (1911), says that "every endeavour has been made to preserve the Sikh soldier  from the contagion of Hindus.  The Sikhs must  regard themselves as a totally distinct and separate nation."

Much later the British would congratulate themselves  "preservation of Sikhism as a separate religion was largely due to the obedient ego massage action of the British officers," 

They would smirk how they deleted Hindu Banda Singh Bahadur from Sikh history using their own white historians , one of whom even became a Sikh for show.

The whole venture of the Rothschild in India stood at jeopardy without the Sikh regiments who were willing to fight to the last breath , for their white masters.  How India wishes that the common Sikh knew how Rothschild took apart the might empire of Ranjit Singh in just a few years by sheer deceit and also killed their favourite hero..

After the Vellore mutiny in 10 July 1806, Rothschild stopped trusting his favourite soldiers from the South of India.  The backbone of the British Indian Army, which were previously recruited from South Indian regions. Sikhs came as a welcome substitute .

The Sikh Regiment came into existence on August 1, 1846, with the raising of Regiment of Ferozepore Sikhs and Regiment of Ludhiana Sikhs by Captain G. Tebbs and Lieutenant Colonel P. Gordon respectively , and were used in great effect in crushing the 1857 Indian War of Independence where Hindu and Muslim fought shoulder to shoulder, for the British has robbed mother India blind.

Just before the first war of Independence  in 1857 the British started doing rigorous propaganda of a FAKE  prophesy among the followers of Guru Tegh Bahadur that they would attack Delhi with the help of white man and completely avenge the old insult.  

Above : 1857 War of Independence-  Sikhs assisting their white masters to hang their own countrymen -- their Hindu and Muslim brothers 

In order to dazzle the Sikhs about the prophesy , Brevet Major William Stephen Raikes Hodson  “deliberately” murdered the two sons and a grandson (Mirza Abu Bakr) of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah.

 Below: Slave minded Sikhs praising the messiah Hodson

This was after having promised them safe conduct. He then presented the heads of the two princes Mirza Mughal and Mirza Khizr Sultan, to their father Bahadur Shah on a golden platter.

Hodson took the Mughal princes on a bullock-cart to Delhi.  At the Khooni Darwaza Hodson ordered the three princes to get off the cart and to strip off their top garments. He stripping them of their signet rings, turquoise arm-bands and bejewelled swords and shot them dead . 

Thereafter he ordered their bodies to be taken to Delhi and displayed in public at the same place where the head of Guru Tegh Bahadur had been exposed over a century and a half before.  

Below : Khooni Darwaza 

After three days, Hudson ordered the corpses to be removed for “sanitary reasons”.  

The prophesy had been fulfilled - that is all the gullible Sikhs cared for.

The Rotshchild propaganda Topeewala Sikhs ( hat wearing Sikhs, that is, the white skinned Christian Britisher ) would come from the sea and avenge Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji  was executed on 11 November 1675 by Guru Tegh Bahadur was executed on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi.  He was kept in an iron cage and taken to Delhi in November 1675. 

Above: Guru Tegh Bahadur being beheaded on orders of Emperor Aurangazeb.

He was asked by Aurangazeb to perform some miracles to prove his divinity.  Refusing to do so, Tegh Bahadur was beheaded in public at Chandni Chowk.   After the execution Guru's head and body were placed on the back of an elephant and paraded into the streets and bazars of Delhi. They were kept at the Kotwali in Chandni Chauk for public to view. 

On the evening of 12 March 1858, Hodsons's body was buried in the garden of La Martiniere Lucknow. His grave is still located within the grounds of La Martiniere College. The memorial bears theterse  inscription "Here lies all that could die of William Stephen Raikes Hodson".

Her Majesty Queen Victoria honoured Major Hodson posthumously by granting his widow a Grace and favour apartment at Hampton Court Palace "in consideration of the distinguished service of your late husband in India".  

Below :  Picture shoot- messiah avenger -- the white Sikh Hodson .

I guess she was very pleased with him for snatching away the two priceless sword of Emperor Bahadur Shah  and presenting it to her collection --one with the name ‘Nadir Shah’ and the other with the seal of Jahangir engraved upon it, which Hodson intended to present to Queen Victoria.

Below : The last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar 

In 1914 Bagha Jatin nearly drove away the British.  The well planned Ghadar movement was crushed with active Sikh help.  

The Sikh leaders wrote “ the rebels who should be dealt with mercilessly”. If this movement has succeeded Bagha Jatin would have been the Father of the Nation.

Kirpal Singh was a spy and soldier of the British Indian Army who gave away the secret of the date  of the Ghadar uprisal in Feb 1915. Kirpal Singh, flushed out information from his cousin serving in the 23rd Cavalry, was able to infiltrate the leadership.  

As the date for the mutiny approached, a desperate Rash Behari Bose brought forward the D-day to the evening of 19 February, which was discovered by Kirpal Singh on the very day.  

No attempts were made by the Ghadarites to restrain him, and he rushed to inform his British masters of the change of revolt plans.  Ordered back to his station to signal when the revolutionaries had assembled, Kirpal Singh was caught and detained by the would-be mutineers, but managed to make good his escape under the cover of answering the call of nature.  Because of one desh drohi Sikh the whole plan went PHUT.

Punch into Google search-



Above: Tomb of Ranjit Singh in Lahore-- 132 year old photo 

The British created a famine in 1769, STARVING TO DEATH more than 10 million Bengalis and Biharis .  This was severe retribution for NOT allowing Rothschild’s Opium to be planted instead of the regular food and cash crops.  Seeds were confiscated.  Warren Hastings was found guilty in 1770 and was censured verbally,  to proclaim British Justice to the world..  

The Sikhs knew very well how evil their British masters  were.

Punch into Google search—

There are some gruesome pictures in the post above —don’t miss it.

Just like how the British injected our Vedas with poison, using Sanskrit scholars, they did the same to the Sikh manuscripts too.  

They put words into the Gurus mouth— words which have never been uttered by them.  Passages like a day will come when the Sikhs will fight for the white man.

Words like Guru Gobind saying that after my death the holy book will be the next guru.  This was to cut down the chance of Banda Singh Bahadur,  a Hindu from claiming the 11th guru status.   

Both Sikhs and Hindus loved him for his grit and balls, for he made the Muslim invaders shiver . The Mughals always said that there were 11 Sikh Gurus .  This man did NOT betray the trust reposed in him by Guru Gobind Singh.   His mere presence was magic and some stated saying that he is a magician NOT a tantric.

Even the death of Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded is hotly contested by certain sects ,  the most prominent being the Namdharis.  They say that nobody saw him entering the cremation pyre.  His bones were NOT visible after the fire cooled.  His horse and weapons were missing.  There were people who saw Guru Gobind Singh riding away and one of them even spoke to him.

Above: Nobody saw Guru Gobind Singh die--he arranged for a purdah around the pyre .

Like how Prophet Muhammad disappeared from dome of the rock Jerusalem with his horse, leaving behind a holy book .  

Same way Rothschild made Guru Gobind Singh disappear with along his horse,  leaving behind a holy book .

Now let me talk about the tantric Hindu -- Banda Singh Bahadur alias Lachman Dev or Madho Das.

Emperor Aurangazeb was pissed off with the  Guru Har Rai and Sikhs in general .  Dara Shikoh the eldest son of Emperor Shah Jehan was a very capable crown prince. His younger brother Aurangazeb poisoned him using tiger’s whiskers.

Shah Jehan knew that Guru Har Rai was a herbal doctor, and he begged him to save his favorite son. Guru Har Rai administered a laxative and saved Dara Shikoh.  So the Sikhs was on a good wicket with Emperor Shah Jehan

Then Aurangezeb killed Dara Shikoh and presented his elder brother’s head on a golden platter to his father Shaj Jehan whom he put under arrest.  Emperor Aurangezeb was dead against the Sikhs.

The two elder sons of Guru Gobind Singh, Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh, died in the battle with the Mughals.  Guru Gobind’s  mother Mata Gujri and the his two younger sons were captured by Wazir Khan, the governor of Sirhind appointed by Aurangazeb. 

The boys were walled alive for refusing to convert to Islam.. His mother Gujri jumped from a height and killed herself..  Guru Gobind’s two wives Sundari & Sahab Devi were jailed  by the Mughals.

Aurangzeb's son Bahadur Shah I (Muazzam ) killed his brothers Muhammad Azam and Muhammad Kam Bhaksh to capture the throne.  On request Guru Gobind Singh sent his army under the command of Bhai Dharam Singh, to help Muazzam.    Muazzam's forces defeated  his brother Azam’s forces in the Battle of Jajau on 12 June 1707. Both Muhammad Aẓam and his son Bidar Bakht were killed in the battle.

So Guru Gobind Singh was on a very good wicket with Emperor Bahadur Shah or Muazzam who conferred the title of Hind Ka Pir (the Saint of India).  Guru Gobind singh was the Emperor royal guest in Agra for 4 months ,till November 1707.  Then they rode together to kill the emperors brother  Kam Bakhsh.

But soon Guru Gobind Singh fell out with his good friend Emperor  Bahadur Shah as he was friendly with Wazir Khan of Sirhind who killed his sons, and refused to punish him as a return for his favours .   He felt the threat to his life and moved far away to Nanded to meet an old friend Madho Das the Hindu tantric.

Now let me digress a bit—
I recall a ship’s party and the Electrical officer a sardarjee cracked a joke which still makes me have a belly laugh. He told us that the incident is true and it happened in his hometown , but I am sure it is tongue in cheek, about a greater “true”  incident.

A traveller sardarjee from a far away village came to his town. He asked for directions and some youngsters decided to make an ass out of him. They would direct him on the wrong path. Then they would take a short cut and the same boys misdirected him twice more. 

On the way this simple rustic traveller saw the town plumber using a big pipe wrench and turning a huge water valve without a hand wheel to release water . Immediately he pounced on him and started raining blows on his head crying” Saala, rasta ghuma rahe ho , subah se main pareshan hum “ ( you are turning my path, when I am in distress since morning ) .

This alludes to a legend where Guru Nanak went to Mecca with Baba Mardana Jee. He was tired at the outskirts of Mecca and was resting when a Muslim mullah came and shouted at him for sleeping with his legs towards holy Mecca.  

So as per the legend , Guru Nanak told him to turn his legs away from Mecca.  Whenever the Mullah shifted his legs Mecca also shifted along with his legs in all four directions .  

The truth is that a tired Guru Nanak just told him to turn his legs in any direction which pleased him, so that he could get past this silly argument and go back to sleep.

If I were in Guru Nanak's situation , I would tell the Muslim Mullah “ Point my legs towards a place where there is NO Allah.  Why are you worried so much about stone and brick Mecca my dear friend.  

The British has used their “white sikh” and historian Max Arthur Macauliffe to support any type of miracle attributed to the Sikh gurus like flying in air, turning Mecca on a vertical axis etc. 

The level leaded Sikh must resist falling prey to such ridiculous stories. All this happened a couple of centuries ago, when people’s DNA on the planet has been reduced to 2 strand and 97% junk.

I would like to quote 72 miracles ( sic !) attributed to the eldest son Baba Ram Rai , of sikh Guru Har Rai . Har Rai sent his son to Aurangazeb’s court in lieu of himself . Despite performing all these miracles the poor boy was still bypassed by his father and NOT made his successor.

QUOTE  ( I leave this ridiculous piece unedited and un-corrected )

1. First day Aurangzeb send his Murshad Peer and Shahi Qazi to test Baba Ram Rai. He send a Mutton with them. Ram rai gave the fourth part of Mutton to both. Next day, In morning Aurangzeb again sent mutton and said that "Prince was willing to eat the same mutton. Keep this mutton and give that one". Ram rai understands the situation and send the all three parts of mutton to aurangzeb's court. People amazed . Badshah asked "where is fourth part". He got the reply from Bhai Tara that The fourth part had taken away by Peer and Qazi saab, yesterday. Peer and Qazi ashamed a lot as they have eaten the fourth part. So Aurangzeb got that its impossible to break the values of Guru Nanak house.

2. Aurangzeb called Ram Rai for meeting. He made a thin floor on a well so that when baba Ram Rai sat on it he would fall in, but when baba Ram Rai sat on that floor nothing happened to him. He sat there till conversation ended.

3. Qazis, Ram Rai was given poisoned clothes to wear but nothing happened to him.

4. Ram Rai described the birthmarks and features of the body of Aurangzeb's lovely queen, when he asked. Nothing is said of whether this matched. As it is recorded as a miracle someone must have thought so, presumably only Aurangzeb would know.

5. On demand of Aurangzeb, Ram Rai showed him a Padmani (A Kind of Jewel).

6. Ram Rai, after demand of Aurangzeb, showed 2 moons in a night, one from east and other from west.

7. Ram Rai also told the Badshah of the fraud done by the relatives of Badshahi Qazi who had felt bad about eating a forth of a mutton and covered this fact up.

8. The Badshah asked Ram Rai what a specific pregnant mare will give birth to. Baba Ram Rai replied she will give birth to a horse and this happened. Even though mares always have horses they considered this a miracle.

9. The Moghul Wazir Azad Khan had many daughters, he wanted a son to carry his name and hunt with. ect, Ram Rai told him his next child would be a son, it was! We do not know if this was during Ram Rai's stay or later, the same or another of his wifes.

10. Aurangzeb send a palki (palanquin) without Kaharan (palki carriers) and asked Ram Rai to come to court by using it. Ram Rai rode the Palki into Aurangzeb's Darbar as if on a flying carpet. All were understandably stunned.

11. Ram Rai described all of Aurangzeb's treasure, including each and every coin and the date it was stamped. When the value of all the coins was checked--the sum was the same as Ram Rai's calculation. Must have been in the crores!

12. One day as Aurangzeb was about to go out on a hunt he asked Ram Rai what animal/s he might bag that day, Ram Rai repilied, "A lion and he will first kill, one or two, of your soldiers." And it happened in exactly that way--a fierce lion, attacked and killed one or two of the beaters (who would drive the beasts toward the Emperor, high on his elephant), Aurangzeb killed the beast and he was so pleased that Ram Rai's prediction came true that he quit hunting refusing to shoot any other animal, which would have course ruined the prediction.

13. Aurangzeb asked about the previous birth of his baaz (Eagle). Ram Rai replied he was the wazeer of Shah Jahan and bring flesh for him and one day he got killed and the desire of serving flesh remains, so now he became an Eagle and brings flesh for you.

14. Aurangzeb asked about his previous birth, Ram Rai replied you were a panther in your last birth and you troubled and killed people. You were killed near a saint's aashram so now you became a King due to the saint's darshan but you still cause trouble and kill people.

15. Aurangzeb asked for fruit of Bahaishat (Type of fruit). Ram Rai with long hand brings that fruit and when Aurangzeb tried to eat fruit disappeared from his hand.

16. King and many rich people were given patkas and when the patkas were rubbed on their beards it became Royal Black (whether the beard or the Patkas is not noted) and remained black for many days.

17. One day while walking on the bank of the Yamuna Aurangzeb commanded Ram Rai thus, "cross without a boat, lets go for hunting fast". Ram Rai waded into the water the river was only as deep as their ankles and both crossed. The hunt is not mentioned.

18. One day Ram Rai cused hailstones to fall, on request of Aurangzeb, all the hailstones fell in a pond and fields and the army was not pelted.

19. Aurangzeb said " In the hindus granths, Ram Ravan and kaurav Pandav fight, Stones from sky, agni, Raining, bringing mani babar bahan sher from pataal. Many false matters are there. Baba Ram Rai created a rain of fire and stones that fell in the Yamuna river.

20. Baba ji went tunneled into the earth unseen and brought back a mani (jewel) and used it to light up the night (such was its brilliance). Unlike the Koh-i-noor the majical jewel did not need the sun's light to reflect. Apparently the stone was not among the Moghul treasures captured by Nadir Shah from the Mughal Padishah. It has never been found, maybe still in someone's private treasure.

21. Send a Jeopardial Elephant for Ram Rai to come by sitting on it and that elephant shows goat's nature.

22. In court, a Badshahi Maulavi said ill about Guru Nanak. Ram Rai in anger said that you will become dumb with holes in your tounge. His words became true. From that day no one has said anything wrong about Guru Nanak.

23. One day in the month of Katak a group of Tidd (Locust/Cricket/Termite) comes out of nowhere. Frightened the people are sure their feilds will be covered by the swarm and their crops will eaten up by the insects. Hearing of this Aurangzeb requested Ram Rai to change direction of the tidds towards the Himalyas and the fields of Jammu & Jashmir and Ladakh. If this happened is not here recorded.

24. One day Narunga's son came down with a severe fever. Even the royal hakeems failed to stem the child's ragging fever, then Ram Rai bound a 'Satnam thread' around the boy's neck and the fever went away

25. One morning he made the stars in the sky shine in the light of the day to the Moghul Court. All were stunned. (This actually happens when you stand in the center of the eye of a hurricane or typoon during the daytime, quite remarkable--the winds reverse and the monsoon starts again.)

26. Aurangzeb called champ players of chonpadh. Ram Rai played 12 bazi and win 12 thousand gold coins.

27. When disease (Chicken Pox) spread in city thousands of people began to die and Ram Rai give thread of satnam and all who wore were cured.

28. One day while hunting, Aurangzeb demanded shade as he was bothered by the heat of the of suns light; Ram Rai caused clouds to spread in the sky.

29. When Begam's reproductive system (Aula Band Ho Jana) failed, Ram Rai sent her satnam water to drink. Bahadur shah was born later, it is said thats why he never turned against the guru's house in his entire life.

30. During Wrestling, son of Sher Afghan Sher Auzbeig was a Champ and was awarded as Rustmey Hind, gurus server Sehzae Baerarh who was weak like a sparrow in front of auzbeig lion, defeated him.

31. Alaudin Umra who was known for bragging about his bravery was bested by a jatt, whom Ram Rai sent to fight with him. The Jatt snatched his sword and dhall (shield) and put Alaudin Umra to his knees. Is this a miracle or is this Jatt a farmer who knew nothing about swords?

32. A khoja(Khwajah) was playing daughter of Aurangzeb in his kuchad. Ram rai watched and asked whose son he is? When Khoja directed his finger towards king with in that time daughter turned in to a male. Everybody was Stunned.

33. When Aurangzeb asked the Baba to tell what he (Aurangzeb) did last night, Ram Rai told all and also told that in his dreams Aurangzeb was killing fish. Aurangzeb confirmed his accuracy. Everybody was Stunned.

34. One day Aurangzeb and Ram Rai were in a boat in the Yamuna suddenly the boat started to sink, Aurangzeb requested Ram Rai to save his life. Ram Rai majically caused the water to splash out of the boat and in the mean time the boat grounded itself on the bank of the river. The two must have been out fishing alone for no mention of anyones alarm at seeing their Badishah sink is mentioned in the telling of this miracle.

35. One day while sitting in Aurangzeb's court, Ram Rai became invisible and watching all but nobody could see him. Since no one was aware of this the miracle must have been recorded by Ram Rai.

36. Peer Gauss Muhommad who had been once in deep meditation came came before Aurangzeb one day and said that he controlled death and said, "I will die in thirty months. Ram Rai looked at the Peer and told him he (Gauss Muhommad) would die day after tomorrow and--he did! Word of this news spread over the whole city.

37. One day Aurangzeb asked that How Baba Nanak with his freinds had travelled so far. Ram rai asked the Emperor where he would like to go, Aurangzeb replied, he wanted a glimpse of Mecca. Ram Rai asked him to close his eyes, and both were shifted to mecca, with a change of dress. When aurangzeb opened eyes he was stunned and read namaz. Then he went over to the Kabbah and, here he closed his eyes again and opened them again back in delhi. He told the Hazis about mecca and they confirmed his descriptions. It isn't related whether the Hazis saw the 2 men dissapear or if it was only a dream the Guru's son had caused the Emperor to envision.

38. One day Aurangzeb and Ram Rai visited all forts invisible.

39. Put Lokanjan in badshah eyes. He take all jeweleries from Queens rooms and viewed all the activities of palace workers. Nobuddy can see him.

40. One day Ram Rai and Aurangzeb were wandering and a lady were weaping loudly. After asking she told that her son died and send to buried. Ram Rai said he is not dead he is alive. When son was going to bury, he opened his eyes and came home safely.

41. One Cow was died his calf due to hunger shouting, so taras aaya and gau alive.

42. Qazis said in court that Guru nanak ask "Ketey Ind chand soor". Shown sun before them and they all were hairaan.

43. Aurangzeb lost his 2 precious Jewel(Moti). They caught many people for this theft. Baba Ram Rai told its in the trunk(sandookhri) of younger queen and aurangzeb found it in.

44. One day the dinner done by aurangzeb in night tolda ll by baba ram rai that what he had eaten last night.

45. One day Aurangzeb demanded for Black Grapes of Kabul and fresh mewas. Baba jee open his box(Baksaa) and the demanded things were in between.

46. A peepal tree on the door of the fort under which many people sit and get shayyaa, one day peepal tree become dry and baba ram rai just put small amount of water(sheetae) and peepal again becomes green.

47. One day aurangzeb demanded to see a swan(Hans). Ram rai jee on friday near mosque on bank of a pond throw two jewels(Motee) and two swans came flying take away both jewels

48. One Angrej saudagar sold the pair of Gajj pearl(Jewel, Motee) of rs 2 and half laakh. second day ram rai said that pearls are fake, when they find out ram rai was true and saudagar have to give orignal pearl

49. One day guys were talking about Yoga vidyaa. Baba Ram Rai dunno know about it then also he fall deep in meditation for 11 days.

50. One day aurangzeb on his horse went deep in river actually orse went mad. Aurangzeb shouted keep me baba jee(Save me - Rakh Lao), baba jee ** and horse jumped out.

51. ram rai jee nu badshah dae paas chonki soojni wali miliyaa kardee see. ik din kazian nae soojni heth sri guru granth sahib jee dae patrae rakh dittae. ram rai jee nae matha tek kae patrey chuk litey tae soojni utey aa baithey.

52. One day Qazian nae aurangzeb nu sikha kae chonki chuka ditti. Khali soojni farash uttey rehan ditti. Eh gai tan soojni aapae chonki ton vee utey ho gai. Ram rai g us utey aa baithey. Lok were haqas baqas.
53. One day on demand of aurangjeb, ram rai jee brings Hippoptaumas

54. One day back bitters i.e qazi told aurangzeb that the pearl neclace which you gave to ram rai, he forwarded it to a fakeer and dhikkara your gift. When ram rai jee was called pearl necklace was in his neck.

55. Aurangzeb said that Krishan who lift up govardhan mountain is a lie, ram rai jee went outside and lift the shahi mousque on his little finger.

56. Aurangzeb got a news that one kehar(animal) come across Ganga. when aurangzeb went to hunt it, he found Baba Ram Rai sitting on it. King went back.

57. Qazi said that revolving Mecca by Guru Nanak is a myth. Ram Rai took little water and start spraying round and round and all were stunned as Kingish(Shahi) mosque was also moving around the spray.

58. Aurangzeb said to put baba ram rai in prison, when aurangzeb came out of palace he found baba on his horse, then he went to prison back he was sitting over there. he send two mans to the place where baba resides he was also there.

59. One day ram rai was called to eat food, when ram rai came, and sat and the delecious cuisines came forward , chawal keerae tae botiyan daddan ho kae tar paye.

60. Aurangzeb's daughter zublnasa nu vehaal ho gaya, ram rai spray holy water and she was cured then.

61. one day a lion arrives during hunting watching baba ram rai lion comes and fall in baba's feet aurangzeb asks what is this who is this. he told that he was guru's sikh but end time his mind was in meat and he became a lion because of his desires but he likes guru's house very much.

62. Aurangzeb's daughter roshanara was a baanjh but fali fuli with kirpaa of ram rai baba.

63. One day auranage kept the surahi of wine in guru's langar when in morning aurangzeb asks what's in surahi, ram rai said it's milk and when he pour it was milk

64. One day Baba Ram Rai came to the fort, there was a lock of 1.25 Man(Weihing unit) on the entrance gate. He picked a stick and hit on the lock. The Lock broke and fall down.

65. One day in month of maghar he went to aurang's garden. aurang demanded for Mangoes. In non season he start plucking mangoe like father did with bhai kuram

66. Aurangzeb head was bald with no here baba just put holy water and hair grew up again.

67. Aurangzeb demanded rain as its needy at that season and it becoming dry he falls in feet of ram rai and 8 days heavy rainfall occurs again he fall and rainfall stops.

68. Aurangzeb put snake in a utensil and send to ram rai and when baba ram rai open changes to jeweleries of queens.

69. Qazi demanded for those jewelaries he given back to qazi, when qazi open utensil at home he find snake and that snake killed qazi n qazi's son.

70. One day King Aurangzeb was eating flesh of grilled sparrows and said that noone can make them alive. Baba Ram Rai said, Maare maar jewaley soiee(He is one, on whose command one gets killed and get alive) and Baba ram Rai ji sprinkled holy water on those dead sparrows due to which a miracle happened those sparrows again come back to live and flew away. Aurangzeb Shocked.

71. One day aurangzeb while hunting due to sunshine resides under the shadow of kaidoon tree(A bitter fruit). Aurangzeb said Guru nanak made bitter fruits of soapnut(Reethey) sweet is a lie. Ram Rai just shake tree and khaidoon changes to black grapes of Kabul. This stunned everybuddy(soldeirs and other rich peoples) and every buddy filled the baskets of that grapes for there home.

72. One day Wazirwas saying about famous Indian cuisines i.e Pedey(Peda is a north Indian sweet, shaped like a thick cookie.) of Mathura, Jhinjhwadey of Sunam, Rebrhi of Rohtak, Kachori of Patna, Kadah of Amritsar, Ganeri of Saharanpur, Mangoes of Malwa, Paan of Nagpur are all delecious things to eat and famous one. Baba Ram Rai just took of the chadar(A cloth used as a head covering and veil and shawl by Muslim and Hindu women) aside him and all the cuisines were under it.

UNQUOTE. ( Oh Boy!! )

The Qazis of Aurangazeb asked Ram Rai," Ram Rai, your Guru Nanak has written against the Muslim religion.  In one place he has said,
'Mitti Musalman ki peirei paee kumiar;
Ghar bhandei itan kia, jaldi karei pukar.'
(Asa Mohalla 1, p-466)

'The ashes of the Mohammadan fall into the potter's clod; Vessels and bricks are fashioned from them;
they cry out as they burn.'

What is the meaning of this?"

Ram Rai tried to be tactful , not wanting to lose his head .  Ram Rai replied," Your Majesty, Guru Nanak wrote, 'Mitti beiman ki', that is the ashes of the faithless, not of the Musalmans, fall into the potter's clod. The text has been corrupted by ignorant persons and Your Majesty's religion and mine defamed. The faces of the faithless and not of the Musalmans, shall be blackened in both worlds."

All the Mullahs and  priests were pleased with this reply.  The Emperor then conferred a mark of favor on Ram Rai and dissolved the assembly.

The Sikhs of Delhi immediately sent an envoy Guru Har Rai asking for an explanation how a  mortal could change the words of Guru Nanak . ( Guru Nanak was not a bigot against Islam or Musalmans

The Guru decided that his son Ram Rai was not fit for Guruship.  He spake," The Guruship is like a tigress's milk which can only be contained in a golden cup. Only he who is ready to devote his life thereto is worthy of it."

The Guru feeling his end approaching thought of his successor and called for a meeting of his Sikhs. He seated his younger son, Har Kishen who was only five years old, on Guru Nanak's throne—ignoring his eldest son Ram Rai.  

The whole assembly then rose and did obeisance to the young Guru. Guru Har Rai enjoined all his Sikhs to consider Har Kishen as his image, to put faith in him, and they would obtain salvation. 

The 8th Guru Har Krishan died of smallpox at the age of 7.

When asked to name his successor, the delirious 8th boy Guru boy  cried out ‘Baba Bakala’. He did NOT name his elder brother.  Bakala was the ancestral village of Guru Hargobind .  Immediately 22  pretenders  from Bakala called themselves as the ninth Sikh guru.

So this was deemed to be Tegh Bahadur the youngest of the five sons of Guru Hargobind, the sixth Sikh guru, and his wife Nanaki, by Makhan Shah Lubana a wealthy shipowner .

Sikhs tell even on the internet that when they took amrit they were categorically told not to communicate with Ram Rais in any way , willingly.

Now let be talk about Banda Singh Bahadur --one of India's true heroes --UNSUNG and sunk by both Muslims and Sikhs.

What I write here will NOT tally with India hating and desh drohi Khalistani version of history , who have opened thousands of Sikhism internet sites to poison young desh bhakt Sikh minds. They have totally muddled up true Sikh history.   

It will also NOT tally with “Sikh pride” slanted historians  which tried to convey that they are the only brave and honourable lions, while Rajputs, Jats etc  fighting the Mughals were chicken hearted cowards without honour , wearing bangles and petticoats . 

Some Khalistanis even write that Rajputs were on the side of the Mughals – an lie most foul.  On the other hand naive Sikhs under Mata Sundri ( second wife of Guru Gobind Sigh ) were on the side of the Muslims for a brief while ,when power politics shook Sikhism. This part of true history you will NOT get elsewhere. History must be written in a correct manner.

These self-praising frogs in the well , have NOT yet heard of other brave soldiers in the rest of India.  Banda Bahadur was NOT a Sikh. He  was a Hindu who led the Sikhs— out of  respect for his friend Guru Gobind Singh who was in despair.  .

Khalistani historians say that Aurangzaeb died because he got a shock after reading a letter from Guru Gobind Singh.  Come on folks — the  man was 89 , there is something called old age.

The Guru himself had to go into hiding and wander from place to place till he reached Nanded town in far-off Maharashtra where he is “said” to have died .  I will investigate this loose end of the story later . 

Guru Govind Singh had commissioned a Dogra Rajput , Lakshaman Dev  Bairagi, a Hindu from Jammu to avenge the defeat of hus sons and mother..  Guru Gonind Singh has a sense of destiny, and you must appreciate him for trusting a mere tantric.

All he knew was that once upon a time in the past this tantric was the best archer and spear thrower  in that area  , with terrific physique —  who renounced worldy life after a gruesome incident involving a pregnant deer.. .

One day when Lachman Dev  shot an arrow on a fleeing deer from a distance , he did NOT know that the deer was pregnant.  In the throes of pain the deer delivered a baby , and the baby doe died in front of him.  There were witnesses to this incident.  Nobody saw Lachman Dev the next morning –he just disappeared .

In 1696,Guru Gobind Singh had met him at Kankhal, near Hardwar, where both the great souls formed a mutual admiration society..

Banda Bahadur more than fulfiled his mission.  He was joined by fresh formations of the Khalsa and the Hindus at large gave him succour and support.  It is not correct to say this glory is only due to Hindus converted to Sikhism, as his army had both Hindus and Sikhs . 

Banda Bahadur was NOT baptized into Sikhism after taking Amrit and the five Ks— the reason why Guru Gobind’s second wife accused him and cut his strength by splitting his "till then " loyal army into two . 

Guru Govind Singh was on the run with Muslim soldiers of Auranagezeb from Sirhind in hot pursuit.
A Hindu Sadhu Narayana Das advised him to take refuge with a tantric by the name of Madho Das at far away Nanded in Maharashtra .  It dawned on Guru Gobind Singh that this man was none other than the Hindu Lachman Dev, whom he had met before . 

The moment Guru Gobin Singh saw the huge physique of Madho Das he knew this man was his old friend Lachman Dev.  

According to Ahmad Shah Batalia’s Zikr-i-Guruan wa Ibtida-i-Singhan wa Mazahib-i-Eshan, the following dialogue took place between Madho Das and Guru Gobind Singh:

Madho Das: Who are you?
Guru Gobind Singh: You know.
Madho Das: What do I know?
Guru Gobind Singh: Think it over.
Madho Das (after a pause): Guru Gobind Singh! Yes!
Guru Gobind Singh: Yes.
Madho Das: What brings you here?
Guru Gobind Singh: To make you my disciple.
Madho Das: I am your Banda (slave).

Other accounts state - Banda Bairagi told ," I am a mere Sanyasi…..i have renounced the world”

Guru Gobind Singh with a sense for destiny told him," Sanyasi does not mean…he can be neutral in the hour of need for the society.  Only you are worthy to be the commander of the Khalsa and save Punjab from Muslim invaders and take revenge for my children ( Fateh Singh and Jorawar Singh bricked alive aged 9 yrs and 7 yrs )  ….. this is your sure path to Moksha.”

Guru Gobind Singh gave him 50 arrows and a bow and directed him towards Sirhind ( where his two sons were bricked up ) with his blessings . 

It is a lie Lachman Dev alias Madho Das was baptized and converted into a Sikh Banda Singh Bahadur.  Banda means  servant .  Bahadur means brave.  

Banda Bahadur Singh  roamed all over the Punjab, defeating one Muslim army after another in full headlong frontal fights rather than cowardly hit and run tactics guerilla like terrorists.

Sirhind, where Guru Govind Singh's younger sons had been walled up, was stormed and sacked.  The bouncers  of Islam who had walked with immense swagger running with their tails between their legs.

Large tracts of the Punjab were liberated from Muslim depotism after a spell of nearly seven centuries. More and more Hindus and Sikhs joined his army.

Banda first made a daring surprise attack on Garhi, where Ali Hasan who deceived Guru Govind Singh and  Jallaluddin (who killed Guru Teg Bahadur  ) were holed up.

Banda spared nobody and every Muslim was put to the sword for three full days , with Banda Bahadur leading from front— He had broken away from past tradition of useless and cowardly guerilla tactics , whose main purpose was to save the leadership's skin .  His bold policy was seedha ghar mein ghuske maro.

Banda personally cut  Ali Hasan into several pieces.

News of Banda’s  astonishing ferocity spread like wild fire and ordinary Hindus and Sikhs came running from Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to join him.  It was rumored that he possessed divine powers .  Hindus whispered in awe , they whispered that this tantric could be the very incarnation of Lord Parashurama

More and more Sikhs guerillas of Guru Gonind Singh who were hiding in deep jungles joined him their imagination aroused . Next Banda massacred Muslim invaders  in Ambala,  Sifabad, Jhambaru, Dhamal, Kaithal, Kunjpura, Sanduara , Balod etc.

At Balod Banda Bahadur was upset with the complaints of brahmins against a Muslim bully Manne Khan, whose group used to kidnap Hindu girls.. Banda Singh had him roasted in fire. These were all gruesome Muslim invader tactics of Ghori and Babur , now being given back with simple --nay-- compound interest.

Banda now became a full fledged King dividing his army led by generals both Hindu and Sikhs. He turned a blind eye when his generals looted .

The Nawab of Sirhind knew that Banda was heading towards them soon.  So they tried to pre-empt his impending attack by sending 6000 of the best horsemen to Ropad city where Banda camped with his army.

Banda did not have any firepower while the Muslim Sirhind troops had  heavy armory.  Banda himself hid on trees and killed the Muslim specialist gunners  from far range using his archery skills.  Seeing their commanders getting picked off despite being in heavy armour , the muslim troops got unnerved and fled in fear.

Soon Banda challenged Wazir Khan telling him “ I am Rajput you are Pathan—  if you have drunk the milk of your mother,  let us fight a single combat and decide “. ( typical Rajput dialogue you see in Bollywood movies now )

Wazir Khan who bricked up Guru Gobind’s sons , ignored this challenge . He tried to escape but captured and roasted in a fire supervised by Banda Singh.

At Sirhind more and more enthusiastic Hindus and Sikhs joined Banda’s army, that it was getting difficult to sustain fast riding and river crossing logistics.  Soon Banda rode to Doaba. Pamal Maler Kotl and Phagwara.  Every Muslim either ran or was put to the sword.  

He never asked any Muslim to convert back to Hindusim. At Phagwara Jaladhar , the Nawab even wanted to join his army. Banda crossed the  Beas River he reached Manjha (Amritsar) where the Hindu majority danced and celebrated.

Seeing the confident festivities  and that the Hindus and Sikhs were getting cocky, many Mughal camps gathered at Hoshiarpur and dared Banda to attack.

They clashed at Baijwada  . This was NO hit and run guerilla tactic.  The army of Banda pounced upon the Muslims ferociously with Banda leading from the front in front,  that at dusk  Muslims ran helter skelter.  The commander of the Muslim army was chased by Banda  and killed .

The entire ground tract between Yamuna  and Sutlej came under the Banda command .  He asked  Baba Vinod Singh to rule that area using the Saffron flag .  Finally Ranjit Singh united 12 such misls and founded the glorious Sikh Empire.. 

Ranjit Singh's father Maha Singh was the Commander of the Sukerchakia misl of West Punjab based around his headquarters at Gujranwala.  In 1799, Ranjit Singh captured Lahore from the Bhangi Misl and later made it his capital.  Soon he brought the whole of the central Punjab from the Sutlej to the Jhelum under his sway.  After several campaigns, he conquered the other misls and created the mighty Sikh Empire.

With a few months  Banda Singh overran with amazing ease Kahlur, Sonepat, Karnal-Panipat Hissar, Hansi, Tarawadi, Kaithal, Jind, Sirsa, Firozpur, Chuniya, Kasur, Saharanpur, Behar, Ambheta, Nanauta, Najamabad, Lohagarh, Gurdaspur, Sialkot , Pathankot , Kangda -- 

--- all the regions were now under the Saffron flag replacing the green Islamic flag.  I guess this is what happens when the leader is NOT afraid of death.

Muslim Nawabs ran with their valuables as soon as they heard Banda was coming—for Banda allowed his soldiers to loot — NOT rape..  In hindsight this could be the reason why the army swelled so fast.  

Revenge plus retrieval of stolen goodies were surely a great incentive. The Muslims called Banda tantric Jinn (ghost) whom they can never win by force.  He was invincible till date. 

Banda now headed from the plains towards the hills. The Muslim ruler of Nalagarh Nahan offered to serve Banda.  You must know Ranjit Singh has Muslim commanders in his army.

Banda now ruled from Yamuna to Ravi.

He asked the Hindu ruler of Jejo Kailore,  Ajmer Chand to unite for greater and stringer nation.  The king declined but also insulted him.  Ajmer Chand knew he had provoked Banda Singh. So he got 22 ally kings to rally at Kailore.

As soon as Banda killed Ajmer chand all the remaining kings accepted the blanket governance of Banda . Banda was also respected as a saint not just a warrior.

Soon Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb died of old age in 1707 AD.  The fake Sikh historians even claim credit for this .

His successor  Bahadur Shah who was once a great friend of Guru Gobind Singh ( later fell apart)  was wary of Banda Bahadur.

Many bloody battles followed between Banda and the veteran generals of  Bahadur Shah-- Asgar Khan, Samand Khan, Samand Khan, Abdulla Khan & Noor Khan.  

The Mughal Emperor  left Delhi for Lahore where he died in 1712.  For two three years Mughal rule was unstable because of as usual fight for throne among Mughals for throne. Bahadur Shah’s successor Jahandar Shah was killed on the orders of the Sayyid Brothers.

Bahadur Shah's death followed a war of succession among his four sons, Jahandar Shah, Azim-us-Shah, Jahan Shah and Rafi-is-Shah.  Jalandar shah killed his 3 brothers to ascend the throne .

Banda took advantage of Mughal throne divergence. The  Jaladhar ruler Faizali Khan & Saifulla Khan accepted Banda's Governance.  Then he captured  Haridwar.

Farukhusear became ruler of Mughals throne after Bahadur Shah. He was a cunning man, and he knew that Banda is invincible by armed forces. He used the theory of divide and rule.

He wrote a letter and conveyed it by a Hindu Ram Dayal to the wife of Guru Govind Singh Mata Sundari Devi that he want peace and that Banda is blood thirsty of Mughals and also disrespecting the teachings of the holy book . 

He assured that  Punjab & Mughals will live peacefully from hencforth. Sundari accepted his proposal and wrote a letter to Banda to accept this proposal.  

Banda knew very well the aim of Guru Govind Singh was to establish Khalsa.  So, when Banda read her letter he was surprised and wrote back saying that  this is just a trick to bide for time and to strengthen the Mughal army and also to divide us.  

He asked here if she forgot that that they bluffed Guru Govind Singh and brutally murdered his sons.  He wrote back said that couldn't forget the sacrifice of Guru Teg Bahadur  and Guru Arjun Dev. 

Sikhs and Hindus had suffered so much under cruel hands of that it’s not wise to forgive the Muslim invaders.  He wrote back that he will continue following Guru Govind Singh orders .

This reply made make Sundari very upset with Banda . She called Banda arrogant and that he does  not follow the 11th Guru --meaning the holy book .  

She was upset that the coins minted by Banda has NO reference to the revered Sikh Guru lineage - instead the coin described Lohgarh ( Mukhlisgarh ) , the make shift capital of Banda : "Struck in the City of Peace, illustrating the beauty of civic life, and the ornament of the blessed throne."

If you look at the situation dispassionately Banda was under orders from Guru Gobind Singh to establish Khaksa which he took upon himself at great risk to his life .  

He was living peacefully as a retired saint at Nanded and he did NOT have to take this type of interference from a petty minded woman, and that too after he had achieved so much .   

Like how Sonia Gandhi thinks that she is Rajiv Gandhi multiplied by 100 .  This unsavory portion of history involving Guru Gobind Singh’s wife has been deleted .

Sundari living in Delhi issued a hukam-nama ( Islamic type fatwa ) declared Banda  is a Hindu and  those who will support Banda will be considered out of Sikhism.  By now Hindu Banda was being considred as the 11th Guru by Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims - and Sundari did NOT appreciate this..

On Baisakhi of 1717 A.D,  when Banda sat on the throne of the assembly,  stooges of Sundari - Baba Kahan Singh and Vinod Singh asked him to stand up shocking everybody.   There was commotion everywhere .

The whole assembly was split into two groups Bandai Khalsa ( Hindus and loyal Sikhs ) and Tat Khalsa ( only Sikhs ) in a most shocking manner . 

Banda was accused by Mata Sundari that his battles were NOT  in consonance with the high principles of Sikhism - and that he is now excommunicated . 

She quoted that when her  adopted son Ajit singh went against Sikh code she had disowned him too. Second wife  Sundari was barren and had only this adopted son. 

It dawned on Banda that everything was now held in the light of the Guru lineage and Guru Khatri blood.  Guru Gobind Singh’s second wife ( with the first wife still living ) Sundari was a Hindu , the  daughter of Hindu Khatri Bhai Ram Saran of Bivjara, near Hoshiarpur.  She  married Guru Gobind Singh at Anandpur on 4 April 1684.

She and her father was converted to Sikhism few days before marriage. The Khalistanis have tried to hide this part of history, with some even claiming that Guru Gobind Singh had only one wife  .

On April 14th during the Vaisakhi spring festival of 1699. Guru Gobind Rai took the name of Singh and created the Panj Pyare, a council of five to administer the immortalizing Amrit to Khalsa initiates.

He did this after his first wife Mata Jito Ji gave birth to her third son Fateh Singh ( February 25, 1699 A.D.)  Guru Gobind Singh married Mata Jeeto Ji  in July, 1677.  Sundri outlived Guru Gobind Singh by 40 years –the proof being hukkumnama letters in her own hand, where she used her powers as the wife of the last Guru..

Why should Khalistani historians subvert history converting two women into one ?  

For Guru Hargobind had three wives Damodri Devi ,- Nanki Devi , Maha Devi .  Guru Hari Rai had several wives  . Prem Kaur , Chand Kaur , Anokhi Devi , Ram Kaur , Laddli , Krishan Kaur and Kalyani .  ( Mata Nanaki, Mata Mahadevi, and Mata Damodari  as per British sources )

Maharaja Ranjit Singh had several  wives—some Hindu,  some Muslim..

Sundaris accusations and antics crushed the lion like spirit of Banda.  Here was a petty minded woman splitting hairs,  and ruining a movement gathering steam -- to drive away the invader Muslims from the motherland.

He was like a meteor till then, now extinguished by a jealous woman, who thought that he was trying to be the 11th Guru.

She accused him of ignoring the guidance of the Panj Piaras.  Banda Singh could have replied that 3 of the Panj Piaras dies in the the battle on the banks of Sarsa--

-- and  that Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Dharam Singh who were the first and second to offer their heads on the call of the Guru Gobind Singh , had come to Nanded along with   Guru Gobind Singh . Both of them died in Nanded -- as they did NOT accompany Banda to Punjab.

Mata Sundri was NOT happy to know that Banda Singh introduced a new calendar dating from his capture of Sirhind and struck coins as a mark of creating a new Hindu Kingdom .  

Mata Sundri had NO power over Banda Bahadur as he was a Hindu-- but she had "self conferred " power over his Sikh soldiers. 

She accused Banda of adopting  “fateh darshan”  in place of  “Waheguru ji ki fateh‟  given by Guru Gobind Singhi.  She even accused his Sikh soldiers of having a longer kacha which extended below the knees-- i guess it takes a petty minded woman to point such things out..

Tat Khalsa Sikhs went under Mughal flag as desired by Sundari.  Now, only few loyal Sikhs were left with Banda holding the Saffron flag.

To increase his army strength Banda started recruiting untrained Vaishyas and Brahmans in his army from Hindu society.  Vaishyas  left their businesses and  Brahmans left the temples and Vedic books.  

All picked up the sword to regain Bharat Mata from the Muslim invaders.  Some desh bhakt converted Indian Muslims also joined Banda .  He tried his best to train his  army but his army was not so strong as earlier.

The combined Hindu army with few loyal Sikhs of Banda fought with Mughals at Nanokot.  It was a fight to finish crusade for both the armies.  It was very confusing when the same passionate cries emanated from both armies.  Jai Dharma, Jai Bharat, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Maa Kali, Har Har Mahadev , Allaha hu Akbar Nara e tadbir.

Banda Bahadur fought continually three days by sitting on the back of horse trying to raise the morale of his amry.  

Finally Banda won and some Sikhs left Sundari and joined Banda. He took them back graciously. What he did NOT know was that Sikh spies had now infiltrated, he knew that but could not do much so as NOT to crush the morale of his forces..

Banda now wanted to consolidate and march towards Lahore from Gurdaspur Fort.  His  army soon reached Batala.   The combined forces of Lahore and Delhi coalition forces amassed to stop Banda’s onlasught.

Banda won again.

Banda now marched towards  Gurdaspur enlisted more Hindus and Sikhs and reached Bagvanpure of Lahore city.  Aslam Khan Governor of Lahore was waiting in ambush with  12,000 Muslim and Pathan soldiers.

Banda fought bravely, leading from front . Suddenly something happened which  broke his heart.  

Deceit most foul.

A band of 6000 Sikhs of Tat Khalsa ( Sundri group ) leaded by Meer Singh Khalsa in the Harwal brigade of Mughals pounced on him flying the  Islamic green flag.  Brothers were killing brothers.

With the name of Guru Gobind Singh on his lips and his promise to him of the Khalsa ,  Banda retreated in battle for the first time since he left Nanded.

What a disgrace !!!!. 

This is the sole reason why Maharaja Ranjit Singh never trusted Sikhs alone in his army .  He had Hindus and Muslims and even white Generals with him.  He had may wives and he did NOT care too much for holy principles.

Banda then wrote letter to the Tat Khalsa head and to Sundri , that Hindus must remember that they took up arms and became Sikhs only to protect Bharatmata from the foreign Mughal rulers. He pleaded for sanity. He even quoted from the Mahabharata  .

Banda letter was read aloud in the Tat Khalsa community. Some had a change of heart and  supported him but final verdict was against him . A young Sikh shouted that  Mughals are not betraying us its Banda who is doing so.   

Anyway, Banda won this battle too and the Tat Khalsa soldiers who were once in his army were put to the sword.,

He then marched towards Kalanaur.  The Nawab Fatedeen surrendered.  Then, Sialkot was taken without any bloodshed because the Nawab ran away.  Banda then took Wajirabad and captured large tracts of Gujarat .. He then captured Pothothar (now Islamabad).

Now, the entire Imperial force was organized to defeat and kill Banda Singh. It was do or die for the Mughals .  In March 1715, Banda Singh Bahadur was in the village of Gurdas Nangal, Gurdaspur, Punjab, when the army under charge of the Governor of Lahore  Abdus Samad Khan, the Moghul king of Delhi laid siege .

Banda and his army defended the small Gurdas Nangal fort for eight months. Then food and water ( poisoned ) soon ran out.  There was NO option.

In December 7, 1715 Banda Singh Bahadur was captured and put in an iron cage.  The nemesis of Muslim invaders for so 9 years  , was now a caged animal. The 780 starving and dehydrated survivors out of the original 12000 in his army was captured, chained.

Above : Convert to Islam or die.

2,000 Sikh and Hindu heads hung on Muslim spears, and 700 cartloads of heads of slaughtered Sikhs used to terrorize the population.  

On the way to Delhi Muslims threw rotten vegetables on Banda , danced and distributed sweets. Guru Gobind made an important concession for Banda.  Banda was a vegetarian being a Hindu Bairagi saint while the Sikhs ate Jhatka meat.  

Keeping in view the susceptibilities of Bairagi followers of Banda Singh, Guru Gobind Singh ordained that henceforth only vegetarian food can be served in the Guru ka Langar would cater to the people of all faiths. Guru Gobind appointed Banda Singh on Kartik Sudi 3, BK. 1765 (October 5, 1708.).

Hindus and Sikhs wept inside their  houses.  

Emperor Farukhusear ordered his Qazi to start the sharia Islamic court. Qazi put his condition that Banda’s life can be spared if he accepted Islam.

On their firm refusal all of them were ordered to be executed.  

Every day, 100 Sikhs were brought out of the fort and murdered in public. This went on for a week.  On June 9, 1716, Banda Singh’s eyes were gouged, his limbs were severed, his skin removed, and then he was killed.  

Muslims thronged to see if his tantric powers  existed . Red hot pliers were inserted inside the body of Banda. Small chunks of his flesh was taken away in slow torture.  

Banda Singh never cried out in pain even when he was scalped ( hair with scalp shorn off leaving a bloody skull )  . 

Banda had kept his promise of Khalsa to his friend Guru Gobind Singh and was on his path to Moksha.

Sundri had accused Banda of drifting away from  Guru’s teachings and Khalsa tradition by forming a new maryada.   She had falsely accused him of adopting “ Fateh Darshan” instead of the  traditional “Waheguru ji ka Khalsa”.

Why not?   Banda though helping Guru Gobind’s cause after coming out of sanyas of several years on request  , was NOT a baptized Sikh—and he was NOT at the mercy of this woman..

It was obvious to all that Mata Sundari ji,  was goaded by Emperor Farukhsyar,  to send a letter to Banda to stop his attacks on Mughals in lieu of some concessions and sops.  

Above:  If this woman , the second wife of Guru Gobind Singh had NOT divided Banda's army--  after the Mughals were driven away, the British would have been driven away too -- and India would have been free of all invaders 220 years before.

She did NOT have the commonsense to understand that on one hand, Moguls were promising grant and safe passage to Sikhs—while on the other hand, they were offering a fixed price for every Sikh head taken to their Muslim governors.

The Khalistanis have tried to discredit Banda Bahadur . They write false stories of how Banda ‘s wife ( he never married ) a girl from Chamba , was captured by the Mughals and she willingly became a Muslim and entered the ‘harem’ of a Muslim noble.  

I do NOT want to say here what my Pakistani officers told about the status of Mata Sundri under the patronage of the Muslim invaders  —this will cause a heart ache to the desh Bhakt Sikhs.   Let it be.  Mughals also kept records NOT just guerilla Sikhs . 

Till today nobody has seen the Hukamnama written by Mata Sundriji  addressed to Banda .  What happened to it?  I have been trying to locate this letter for several years now.  The first available Hukamnama of Mata Sundriji is dated 1717 about a year after the death of Banda Singh Bahadur. 

It must be known that many Sikhs in those days were in the pay of Moghuls and worked against the Sikhs fighting Moghul tyranny. Just like how Muslims were in the pay of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Hukamnama is a Islamic word , meaning same as Fatwa. All Mata Sundri’s hukamnama’s started with the words- SRI MATA JI DI AGYA HAI (  the holy mother thus commands ) .  Her fatwa included one which reminds Sikhs that the Guru had  bestowed Patshahi (Rule or Sovereignty) on the Panth and not on any individual , like Banda.

The British invader tried his best to make A FAKE HINDU POPE write such fatwas . Till Independence it worked from FAKE mutt - Kanchi . 

Not any more.

Punch into Google search-


After the death of Banda differences fanned by Sundri rose so much that there was a bloody fight  inside the Amritsar Golden temple between Bandai khalsa led by Amar singh Nibber and Tat khalsa— 

-- where Amar Chand was outnumbered in combat and killed in a foul manner at  Harimandir's Parikrama.

After the martyrdom of Banda Bahadur, a Hindu Baba Amar Chand Nibber had assumed the supreme leadership of the Bandai Khalsa faction.  Just like Banda Bahadur this man was a natural leader. He was  extremely ferocious with a  athletic physique and was a majestic 6 feet 7 inches in height.  

He was so strong that he could continuously wield a 22 kilo sword from morning till evening — while a normal soldier could NOT go more than 30 minutes .

This verse describes the death of brave Baba Amar Singh ( who was converted to Sikh religion with 5Ks' by FAKE white historians )

tad sudhasar that darshani darwaze agey Jang |
Mach gayo masurmedh ka dhar veech keech surang ||
kar sees pag bhuj bakh sabal hath majh asaar|
chad gayee luthain pe luthain kaat marey jawaan apaar |
Jab jujh dharani pai paryo Singh Amar anekan maar ||
Bhag gaye turat Bhandai leeni fateh Singhan maar

It was his firm land base that helped Maharaja Ranjeet Singh to establish his glorious empire  in later years. 

What Sikhs so NOT know is that Banda Singh Bahadur held many times more land than Maharaja Ranjit Singh, when he was killed--

--  and more important , he had the cocky Mughal invaders both by their balls and their short curlies too.

 Above : Maharaja Ranjit Singh's empire-- basically Rothschild left him alone, by a treaty --  so that he is a buffer against Muslim invasion.

Now let me talk about white skinned historians imported to drive a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs.

A common British fear was that a warrior class Sikhism was by Hindus by donating the eldest male child ,  created solely to fight Islamic invaders was bound to turn against Christian invaders sooner than later  –  which has to be stopped at all costs.   

Muslim invaders did NOT take the wealth out of India  after the initial years .  While Christians invaders were stealing every day in broad daylight and shipping the Indian wealth and even knowledge out to England.

In the bargain if they could turn these gullible, “not so bright” rustic Sikhs against the mother religion Hindusim by “divide and rule “ ,  by giving them a holy book like Koran/ Bible it would be the best thing to happen.

One effective fake historian was Joseph Davey Cunningham , the aide-de-camp to the Governor-General, Sir Henry Hardinge.  His book made the Sikhs very happy as he blamed Hindus for the fall of Maharaja Ranjit Singh . It made the Sikhs very upset with the Hindus. He added some added criticism of his own boss to make himself appear as a great friend of Sikhs and a truthful guy .. In  Ranjit Singh’s history if Dhian Singh is Ram,  Gulab Singh is Lakshman..  Cunningham died in Ambala, Haryana state in 1851 AD of Cholera.

Another effective fake  historian was Sir John Malcolm ( picture below ). Today you can see his over life-size statue  in Westminster Abbey.  In June 1805 he was appointed chief agent of the governor-general of British Raj.  His false history writing efforts set the foundation for  Sikhs to support white invader Britain in the first war of Independence, against their own Indian brothers.

Lepel Henry Griffin  ( photo below ) injected poison -- that Hinduism had always been hostile to Sikhism and even socially the two had been like cobra and mongoose .  He was Rothschild chosen Governor-General's Agent in Central India and Resident in Indore, and also resident in Hyderabad. In 1880 he became Chief Secretary of the Punjab.  He served Rothschild well and his younger of his two sons, Sir Lancelot Cecil Lepel Griffin became the last political secretary of British India.

The British need to act fast.

Their  Punjab Administration Report of 1851-52 observed :
QUOTE  "The sacred tank at Amritsar is less thronged than formerly, and the attendance at the annual festival is diminishing yearly. The initiatory ceremony for adults is now rarely performed. Not only did the fresh recruitment stop, but also a new exodus has begun.  Khalsa Sikhs now join the ranks of mother religion Hinduism whence they originally came, and bring up their children as Hindus. This phenomenon is unabated " UNQUOTE

Another British  Administration Report of 1854-55 says -

QUOTE  " Now that the Sikh commonwealth is broken up, people cease to be initiated into Sikhism and re- vert to Hinduism. Our census reveals that the Lahore division which included Manjha, the original home of the Sikhs,  has only 200,000 Sikhs in a population of three million “-UNQUOTE

In 1869 AD German Jew Rothschild sent one Dr. Ernest. Trumpp, a German Crypto Jew and Indologist  to have a look at Sikh literature to find ways of injecting poison into it –  or at least remove all references to Hindu Vedas and Gods.   

His report was to be for Rothschild’s eyes only. This was serious stuff . 

They needed to hold back millions of  angry Indians using a few thousand soldiers. 

Deceit would be used at every step 

Ernest Trumpp, who was Regius Professor of Oriental Languages at the University of Munich and member of Royal Bavarian Academny of Sciences. He knew 17 languages.

Ernest Trumpp’s job was to peruse the Sikh scriptures and prove that their theology and cosmology were totally different from those of the Vedas and the Upanishads.   

Trumpp painstakingly translated the Sikh scriptures into English.  He also  translated  Puratan and Bala Janamsakhis, the lives of the later Sikh gurus, including an account of their teachings. 

Trumpp wrote that  Guru Nanak is  a "thorough Hindu," his religion "a pantheism, derived directly from Hindu sources."  Trumpp found nothing in the Sikh scriptures to support the view that Sikhism is separate from Hindusim.

Trumpp concluded that Adi Granth was not worth translating in full--"the same few ideas, he thought, being endlessly repeated".   "The Adi Granth is a very big volume, but, incoherent and shallow in the extreme, and couched at the same time in dark and perplexing language, in order to cover these defects...."

Gilchrist said that the Dasam Granth was not worth translating at all. This book  contains much of the texts attributed  Guru Gobind Singh.  

Dasam Granth is separate granth is NOT the Guru Granth Sahib.  The British called in a few “Sikh pride” zealots and showed them Ernest  Trumpp’s work  and they got very upset.

The British by then had made their own manuscript of Puratan Janamsakhis (also spelt Janam-sakhi), the earliest known biography of Guru Nanak, from London. Trump stated that only the the external marks of the Sikhs separated them from the Hindus and once these were lost,  they relapsed automatically into Hinduism.  

The studies of Rotshchild Horace Hayman Wilson, Monier Monier Williams ( Sanskrit scholar ) , and Friedrich Max Muller were also used by the British.

It must be noted that in 1813 Horace Hayman Wilson published the FAKE Sanskrit text with a  free, translation in English of the FAKE and rhymed verse of FAKE Kalidasa's the Meghaduuta, or Cloud-Messenger.

Punch into Google search-

John Oman Campbell who wrote the book “ Mystics, Ascetics and Saints of India” in the late 19th century made two visits to the Golden Temple of the Sikhs and was of the conclusion, “Sikhism as a distinct religion possesses little vitality and by a generation or two will be reunited to Hinduism from where it sprang.  The Sikhs who already bow down to the old divinities of India, would not in all likelihood object to the formal admission of their Gurus and their Book into the Hindu Pantheon.”  

German linguist Ernest Trumpp's (1821-85) translation of parts of the Sikh scripture, was published under the title The Adi Granth.   

He wrote that the Sikh scripture starts with the words "Ek Oankar." , whiich is nothing but Hindu king mantra OM and also looks the same. The syllable Om is also referred to as Omkara.

OM has been lifted by Christians as AMEN, Jews as SHALOM and Muslims as 786 ( see OM symbol in mirror ) .

Trumpps observations  where Hindusim and Sikhism merged in the scriptures was noted . Later another white historian Max Arthur Macauliffe , converted himself into a Sikh to fool the naïve Sikhs . 

Max Arthur Macauliff  deleted and amended all such unwanted passages, to sanitise Sikh scriptures of anything which remotely resembled Hindusim.

Max Arthur Macauliffe (1841-1913) ,the British civil servant  published “ego massage “ articles for the Sikhs in the 1870s.  

Sikhs were so happy with apna hi maal GORA SIKH that in 1893 he received Sikh institutional support to write a history of the Sikhs along with translations of sacred texts.  

The result was the six-volume Sikh Religion published in 1909.  

Every desh bhakt Sikh must know the open case of fraud perpetrated upon them by the British invader.

They used the Mata Sundri group Tat Khalsa to sow the seeds of distrust with Hindus . Every Sikh Guru was a Kahtri Hindu. Sikhism did NOT exists till Guru Gobind Singh created the Panj Pyaras.  

The propaganda that Guru Gobind Singh called the holy Guru Granth Sahib holy book as the 11th Guru , was created by a FAKE white Sikh Max Arthur Macauliffe .  He had no descendants . Yet he left all his wealth for someone in Ireland.

By the time Max baby stated his tricks on Sikhs , it must be said that Sikhs were already on the side of the British ruler. It is a disgrace that the rest of India fought for Independence in 1857, while the Sikhs fought to sustain the evil white invaders rule.

These immoral white men were looting  mother India blind. The Britsih convinced the Sikhs using their Tat Khalsa stooges that after their fight against Mulsims, the bext target should be Hindus. 

Max Arthur Macauliffe,  did the job entrusted to him by Rothchild ,very well. It was his job to ensure that the Sikhs must NOT consider themselves as part of the Hindu fabric at any cost.

He won the trust of the gullible Sikhs by dressing up as a Sikh with a turban even in court— where he was a divisional Judge.  He was also  Commissioner of the Punjab . He could put anybody in jail.   

Macauliffe had converted to Sikhism in the 1860s with great publicity.  He showed great fake respect to every Sikh , high or low —such a huge ego massage that the Sikhs who went to his court were floored. 

They whispered “ This man is truly a god send  friend of the Khalsa—just as how it was prophesized . We must trust our white skinned messiah to edit the holy scriptures and make it into a full book—our 11th and final Guru.”

Max baby translated  the  Sikh scripture and history into English.

Even today Max Artheur Macauliffe is held in very high esteem amongst the Sikh communion for his book  The Guru Granth Sahib shorn off all references to Vvedas, Upanishads and Hindusim. .  Still if anybody has read the Vedas and Unanishands – it is all there totally intact.

The publication in 1909 of Macauliffe’s The Sikh Religion (in six volumes),  received accolades all over the world ,by propaganda of Rothschild controlled world media. Even today the world media is controlled by Rothschild as are the central banks of every nation ( except Cuba, North korea , Iran and Syria ) and as is Hollywood ..

Macauliffe affirmed to the whole world that Sikhism is a separate religion—and it has NOTHING todo with Hindusism.

Max baby was assisted in writing his book The Sikh Religion: its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors (six volumes, Oxford University Press, 1909) by a British stooge Giani Pratap Singh .

In the annual session of the Lahore Singh Sabha , our Max baby proclaimed that the Guru Granth was matchless as a book of holy teachings and were miles ahead of all Hindu Vedas and Upansihads.
Thus the seeds of immoral lies and deceit had sprouted and were blooming ..

In 1898, Kahan Singh, the Chief Minister of Nabha , a great British stooge wrote a pamplet: Hum Hindu Nahin Hain (We are not Hindus).  This pamphlet was vetted by Max Arthur MacAuliffe.

Max baby told the Sikhs “ Hinduism was like a boa con- strictor of the Indian forests, which winds its opponent and finally causes it to disappear in its capacious interior." 


Max baby planted FAKE verses from the mouths of Gurus and invented prophecies by them which anticipated the advent of the white race to whom the Sikhs would be loyal.  And a topeewala white Sikh ( Hodson ) would avenge Tegh Bahadur.

Above:  700 followers of Guru Teg Bahadur beheaded  by Aurangzeb as they refused to accept Islam.  There was NO Sikhism at this time -- all were Hindus.

Gora Sardarjee Max baby described “ the pernicious effects of the up-bringing of Sikh youths in a Hindu atmosphere. These youth are ignorant of the Sikh religion and of its prophecies in favour of the English and contract exclusive customs and prejudices to the extent of calling us Malechhas or persons of impure desires, and inspire disgust for the customs and habits of Christians."

Rotshchild developed a special Army Policy which gave results even in the short run. While the British disarmed the whole Indian nation , they created privileged enclaves of what they called martial races like Sikhs and Gorkhas who were permitted to carry deadly weapons. 

No Hindu could argue with a Sikh bully.  All this superior complex of being tough , went into their heads – resulting in a bloody backlash massacre in 1984.

It must be said here that the honourable Gurkhas never tried to bully hurt anybody.

Max baby became the official interpreter of Sikhism to the  world.   His went around town saying that he was first inspired to be a turbaned Sikh when he  attending a Divali celebration in Amritsar shortly after arriving in the Punjab ( Oh boy - I am touched !) .

In 1893, the Khalsa Diwan offered him financial assistance to carry on his work, after he took voluntary retirement from the Indian Civil Service to keep writing.

He was now fully engaged in driving a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs.  It stood out like a sore thumb when even without Muslim invader threat the Punjabi Hindu families as per past tradition were still  making the first born son a turbaned Sikh.

Max baby made a great SHAM show of calling respected Sikh scholars to his home at Amritsar Cantonment road . The naïve Sikh Gyanis did NOT know what he was up to or his dirty games behind their backs.  

After all none of them has the knowledge of Max baby when it came to Indian and related languages, including Sanskrit , which was necessary  to master the linguistic complexities of the Guru Granth Sahib.
Sometimes Max baby used to go to his second home at Nabha, where another British stooge Bhai Kahn Singh’s  services were made available by British blessed Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of Nabha.  

Ripudaman was literally chadoed on top of the proverbial channe ka jhaad.   He used to be given a 15 gun salute , and was invited to meet King George as a great friend of Britain , (along with another stooge – his distant cousin Bhupinder Singh of Patiala ), when he came to India.

When King Ripudaman Singh of Nabha introduced the  Anand Marriage Bill in the Legislative Council in October 1908 and mobilized more than 300 public meetings on British demand , carrying 700,000 signatures— he was such a darling for the British. 

British stooge Maharaja Ripudaman Singh who attended the coronation of King George V at Westminster on 22 June 1911, was always told was to do by Rothschild stooge and Gandhi’s mentor, a Hindu Gopal Krishna Gokhale.  

Maharaja Ripudaman was one of the biggest financial contributors and soldier manpower to the first World war effort of Rothschild.  Finally his own cousin Maharaja Bhupinder of Patiala told the British to depose him  on 9 July 1923.  

Poor Ripudaman baby!.  

In 1927 he went on pilgrimage to Sri Abichalnagar Hazur Sahib,  Nanded,  where he took the Khalsa pahul (initiation rites) a second time and was renamed Gurcharan Singh.  He died broken hearted with very little pension doled out by the British at Kodaikanal on 13 December 1942.

When turbaned Max baby decided to put his 6 volume book The Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred writings and Authors into the Clarendon Press in Oxford  he took his stooge Bhai Kahn Singh along in 1909.

Vol I deals with Guru Nanak and the founding events.
Vol. II deals with Guru Angad, Guru Amardas and Guru Ramdas.
Vol. III deals with Guru Arjan Dev
Vol IV deals with Guru Hargobind, Guru Har Rai, Guru Har Krishan and Guru Tegh Bahadur,
Vol V. deals with Guru Gobind Singh.
Vol. VI deals with earlier Bhagats (Bhakatas) whose hymns help make up the Guru Granth Sahib.

The British made sure that every encyclopedia ( equivalent to today’s History Channel ) including the 11th edition of Encyclopedia Britannica , proclaimed that Sikhism is a separate tree and NOT a branch of Hindusim. 
Later on Maharaja Ripudaman Singh was discarded like the proverbial curry leaf— like how Gandhi was discared after Israel was carved out and India got its Independence.

You will be shocked to know that the NON- Tat Khalsa Sikhs participated in a Navy mutiny in 1946— which finally propelled India to her freedom.

Punch into Google search –INDIAN NAVY MUTINY VADAKAYIL

Max baby died on 15th March 1913 in his London home, Sinclair Gardens, West Kensington.  The Brits gave great fake propaganda that a Indian Muslim servant  Muhammad,  vouched that Macauliffe recited the Japu(ji),  10 minutes before he died.

Excuem me please – I am so touched that I must cry.—SNIFF !!


In 1911, the Sikh Educational Conference in Rawalpindi rejected a resolution commending Max baby’s work.  It was NOT that all Sikhs were gullible .

Here are a list of Gianis who had a tete e tete with Max baby.. Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha ,with Bhais Nihal Singh , Sant Singh of Sialkote,  Bhais Ditt Singh, Gurmukh Singh, Rajinder Singh, Nihal Singh of Lahore; Bhai Sardul Singh Giani, Prem Singh, Fateh Singh , Darbara Singh of Amritsar; Bhai Sant Singh of Kapurthala; Bhai Bhagvan singh of Patiala , Bhai Dasaundha Singh of Firozpur,among many others .

Max Arthur Macauliffe secured from Maharaja Sir Hira Singh of Nabha the services of Bhai Kahn Singh, the royal tutor.

Earlier the British revived the Mata Sundri hard core Sikh faction establishment of Tat Khalsa ( the 'True Khalsa' ) Singh Sabha in Lahore in 1879, as a political rival to the moderate peace loving  Sanatan Sikh Sabha.

The Sanatan Dharma Sikhism acknowledged  its roots in the Vedic culture and believes in Hindu-Sikh unity.
The Sundri Mata unit of Tat Khalsas were hell bent on having a separate  Sikh identity,  separate from the Hindus who were still traditionally donating the eldest child as a Sikh.

The white invader easily put a wedge between the Sikhs and non-Sikh Punjabis , by injecting funds to Tat Khalsa , giving moral support and subverting all literature.

Sikh soldiers continued being servile to their prophesized white masters wearing TOPEE . For the Tat Khalsa Sikhs, the British shit did NOT smell.

Soon after their establishment, the Tat Khalsas with the institutional support of the colonial Christian missionaries  and rulers, began throwing out the Jathedars from the management of the Gurudwaras. Force was used force when needed.  If needed blood was spilt..

To promote this new Sikh identity separate from the former glory of Hindu-SikhBanda Bahadur and Ranjit Singh  days,  a foul reform movement was initiated.

All older source material was suppressed, marginalized, denied, invalidated or even, as in case of Gurbilas, banned outright.  Sikh scriptures were totally reinterpreted to expunge any hint of Hindu-ness in them.
Every  Hindu fresco, painting and murti were removed from every Gurudwaras and all practices deemed to be Hindu were discontinued.

Rumours were spread that the Jathedars were promoting rituals that were 'forbidden by the Gurus'. and they were assaulted and some had their bones broken .

HariMandir ( Vishnu Temple) became to be known as Darbar Sahib, which is Arabic for 'The court of God'.

In 1905, the murtis removed from HariMandir included life sized murtis of Lord Vishnu, Chandi-Durga, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and even  Guru Ram Das Sodhi, the  Son in law of the third guru  Guru Amar Das. 

Why should Guru Amardas be dishonoured ? – he did NOT have Guru Nanak’s blood , but he had Guru Gobind Singh’s blood.

Gurubanis were highly mistranslated wholesale and Janamsakhis of Guru Nanak Devji were injected with poison.

Guru Nanak and all Gurus who were Khatri Hindus  had never permitted  Hindu bashing.   But Tat Khaksa Sikhs would believe only the white Sardarjee messiah evangelist Macauliffe.  Mind you, Max baby was forced to  revised his translation 7 times to suit Rothschild .

Whenever moderate Sikhs disputed anything the  British would step in as adjudicator and fan the fires. But their conculsions were always on the side of the Sundi group Tat Khalsa.

Let me present an moderate example of Macauliffe’s,  Rothschild vetted works -
Dilli takht par bahegi aap Guru ki fauj
Chatter phirega sis paar barhi karegi mauj
 Raj karega khalsa aaki rahe na koe
Khwar hoe sab milenge bache saran jo hoye

The army of your Guru will overrun the throne of Delhi  The Mantle will unfold on your head and make you very happy.  The khalsa will rule and no one should be left out.  Those who will resort to the khalsa will overcome all evils.

The events of 1857 had created a brand new identity for the Sikhs and this ideal of a parallel nationalism
dominated by the wicked politics continue to haunt the desh bhakt Sikhs even after  the passing
away of colonialism .

It was he Max baby inserted terms such as Sikhs only bowing before the Granth and nothing else.  Like how Muslims will bow only to the Koran.

Max baby for all his popularity with the Tat Khalsa Sikhs is unknown in the west today. Even the current Sikhs do NOT know this kingpin who revived and founded Mata Sundri’s  Tat Khalsa,  the radical section of the Singh Sabha reform movement,  heavily funded by Rothschild .

A leader of Tat Khalsa Singh Sabha was Bhai Gurmukh Singh, a professor at the Oriental College of Lahore.  He contacted Bhai Kanh Singh of Nabha, a notable scholar, who wrote Mahan Kosh (encyclopedia of Sikhism) and Ham Hindu Nahin (We are not Hindus).  British stooges Bhai Gurmukh Singh and Bhai Kanh Singh cooperated with Max Arthur Macauliffe.

 The hegemonic Tat Khalsa position, asserted that only those initiated into the Tat Khalsa in accordance with the injunctions of Guru Gobind Singh were true Sikhs.A poet of the Tat Khalsa is Vir Singh .

Max Arthur Macauliffe knew what he was doing when he wrote  –“. We know the teachings of Socrates only through the writings of Plato and Xenophon.  Buddha has left no written memorial of his teaching. Kungfu-tze, known to Europeans as Confucius, left no documents in which he detailed the principles of his moral and social system.  The founder of Christianity did not reduce his doctrines to writing and for them we are obliged to trust to the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  The prophet Muhammad did not himself reduce to writing the chapters of the Quran.  They were written or compiled by his adherents and followers.  But the compositions of Sikh Gurus are preserved and we know at first hand what they taught”

Despite all the efforts of the separatist and hardcore Tat Khalsa and Max Arthur Mac Auliffe — let me quote excepts of some verses from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book currently in the Golden temple Amritsar.

There are 1431 pages .

Max baby may know 17 languages . But he knows  shit about Hinduism. This is why each of the 1431 pages are FULL of Hindusim. Vedic and Vedanta thoughts are all over each and every page.

Page 2 / Verse 4 : The Guru’s  Word is the Wisdom of the Vedas;  the Guru’s Word is all pervading. The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi

Page 2/ Verse 8: Listening —Shiva, Brahma and Indra. Listening— even foul-mouthed people praise Him. Listening —the technology of Yoga and the secrets of the body. Listening the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas. O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.

Page 3 / Verse 15 : The mythical bull is Dharma, the son of compassion; this is what patiently holds the earth in its place. One who understands this becomes truthful. What a great load there is on the bull ! ( the load on the bull is Lord Shiva )

Page 4 / Verse 20: I bow to the Lord of the World, to His Word, to Brahma the Creator. He is Beautiful, True and Eternally Joyful. What was that time, and what was that moment? What was that day, and what was that date? What was that season, and what was that month, when the Universe was created? The Pandits, the religious scholars, cannot find that time, even if itis written in the Puraanas. That time is not known to the Qazis, who study the Koran.

Page 5 / Verse 25: The Vedas and the Puraanas speak. The scholars speak and lecture. Brahma speaks, Indra speaks. The Gopis and Krishna speak. Shiva speaks, the Siddhas speak.

Page 6 / Verse 27: Shiva, Brahma and the Goddess of Beauty, ever adorned, sing. Indra, seated upon His Throne, sings with the deities at Your Door. The Siddhas in Samaadhi sing; the Saadhus sing in contemplation. The celibates, the fanatics, the peacefully accepting and the fearless warriors sing. The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the supreme sages of all the ages, sing. The Mohinis, the enchanting heavenly beauties who entice hearts in this world, in paradise, and in the underworld of the subconscious sing.

Page 7 / Verse 34:  Nanak, when you go home, you will see this. ||34 || This is righteous living in the realm of Dharma. And now we speak of the realm of spiritual wisdom. So many winds, waters and fires; so many Krishnas and Shivas. So many Brahmas, fashioning forms of great beauty, adorned and dressed in many colors. So many worlds and lands for working out karma. So very many lessons to be learned! So many Indras, so many moons and suns, so many worlds and lands. So many Siddhas.

Page 8 : The Righteous Judge of Dharma sings at Your Door. Chitr and Gupt, the angels of the conscious and the subconscious who keep the record of actions, and the Righteous Judge of Dharma who reads this record, sing of You. Shiva, Brahma and the Goddess of Beauty, ever adorned by You, sing of You. Indra, seated on His Throne, sings of You, with the deities at Your Door. The Siddhas in Samaadhi sing of You; the Saadhus sing of You in contemplation.

Page 9 : The Pandits, the religious scholars who recite the Vedas, with the supreme sages of all the ages, sing of You. The Mohinis, the enchanting heavenly beauties who entice hearts in paradise, in this world, and in the underworld of the subconscious, sing of You.

Page 11 : O Dear Infinite Lord; they practice disciplined meditation and chant endlessly. For You, many, for You, so very many read the various Simritees and Shaastras. They perform rituals and religious rites. Those devotees, those devotees are sublime, O servant Nanak, who are pleasing to my Dear Lord God.
Page 15: O Baba, the splendor of Maya is deceptive. The blind man has forgotten the Name; he is in limbo, neither here nor there.

Page 16: With the body of saffron, and the tongue a jewel, and the breath of the body pure fragrant incense; with the face anointed at the sixty-eight holy places of pilgrimage, and the heart illuminated with wisdom —( Pilgrimage is prohibited in Sikhism )

Page 21: Wherever I look, I see the Lord pervading there, in the union of Shiva and Shakti, of consciousness and matter. The three qualities hold the body in bondage; whoever comes into the world is subject to their play.


Page 27: After all their reading, the Pandits, the religious scholars, and the astrologers argue and debate. Their intellect and understanding are perverted;  they just dont understand. They are filled with greed and corruption. Through 8.4 million incarnations they wander lost and  confused; through all their wandering and roaming, they are ruined. They act according to their pre-ordained destiny, which no one can  erase .( which religious book will talk this way? Pray ? Prithee ? )
Thomas Patrick Hughes was a British missionary who worked in India from 1865 to 1884.  He wrote many books including “Dictionary of Islām” wherein he added an article about “Sikhism”.  

The reason offered by him for adding an article about Sikhism in a book about Islam is that:
QUOTE “…it is enough for the purposes of this article to have established the fact that Sikhism, in its inception, was intimately associated with Muhammadanism; and that it was intended as a means of bridging the gulf which separated the Hindus from the believers in the Prophet.”UNQUOTE

This was to prove that Guru Nanak is a Muslim, like what the Ahemadiyyas claim. Guru Nanak just accompanied a Muslim friend to Mecca.  Nowhere is it written that he went round the Kaaba ( which has a Shiva Lingam at the SE corner 5 feet above the ground ) 7 times. If he had done it he would have written or told about it.

Hughes baby writes - QUOTE The literature and traditions of Sikhism present a strange intermingling of Hindū and Muhammadan ideas; and this is so palpably apparent that oven superficial inquirers have been led to conclude that Nānak purposely intended his creed to be a compromise between those two great religions.UNQUOTE

This is after Guru Nanak witnessed the brutal killings and the rale of dead women by the army of  Babur .

Regarding the origin of Sikhism, Reverend Hughes writes--

“ Sikhism  emerged out of Sufīsm and t Bābā Nānak was himself a Sufī.  Guru Nānak, although a Hindu by birth, came under Sufī influence, and was strangely attracted by the saintly demeanour of the faqīrs.  In pictures they are represented, with small rosaries in their hands, quite in Muhammadan fashion, as though ready to perform zikr".   

"All the Adi Granth  verses composing the poem rhyme together, in singular conformity with the principle regulating the construction of the Persian ghazal.  While meeting Muslim dervishes, Guru Nanak used to greet them with Islāmic greeting of “Assalam-o-Alaikum” and receiving back the same greeting of “Wa-Alaikum-Assalam.  Guru Nanak had a intimate relationship with with Shaikh Farid that lasted for twelve years.  ”

This Christian missionary Hughes baby goes on and on—

Reverend Hughes also describes the meetings of Bābā Nānak with Shaikh Ibrahim, who saluted him us a Muslim, and had a conversation with him on the unity of God; Miyan Mitha, who called upon him for the Kalimah which leads to a long conversation, in which Bābā Nānak lays emphasis on the Sufī doctrine of the unity of God. 

In this conversation, Nanak says, "The book of the Qur'ān should be practised." (fol.144) He also acknowledged that "justice is the Qur'ān." (fol. 148) When the Miyan asked him what is the one great name, Nanak took him aside and whispered it his ear, "Allāh". Immediately the great name is uttered, Miyan Mitha is consumed to ashes; but a celestial voice again utters the word Allāh!" and the Miyan regains life, and falls at the feet of Nanak. (fol. 147)

British used Gurdwaras  power apart from Sikh aristocracy power , for arm twisting the Sikhs.  The British gave huge dharmarths (grants)  and in  virtually controlled their Gurudwara administration .  

The British followed the precedent of Ranjit  Singh since 1815 in appointing a manager for the Golden Temple, Amritsar, to justify their  appointing a manager of the shrine.  

The British Army Regulations laying emphasis on baptism for the Sikh soldiers, and they made it compulsory. The Lt. Governor of Punjab, Sir Robert Egerton, and the Viceroy, Lord Lansdowne,  were patrons of the Tat Khalsa Sabha with radicalized at Amritsar.  

The previous Sikh Sabha at Lahore had Hindus attending too, but NOT at Amritsar later.. The British helped in creating a weekly, Gurmukhi Akhbar, to popularise the Sikh ideals .The Tat Khalsa Sabhas constructed their own gurdwaras, with granthis, ragis, and updeshaks, and they became centres of new revivalism.  

In 1905, the British arm twisted King Abdur Rahman of Afghanistan  to throw out the Hindu idols inside the  dharmsala (Gurdwara) Hari Rai in Kabul.   A Muslim King declared that Hindus had no concern with Sikh shrines, as Sikhs had nothing to do with Hindi Thakurdwaras or Shivdwaras.

Despite all this Sikhs themselves opposed the  the removal of idols form the Golden Temple . There was blood shed inside the temple. Some Sikhs shouted that the white Christian invader was doing  ‘divide and rule’. However the radical Tat Khalsa, the Khalsa Advocate, the Khalsa Samachar, the Khalsa Sewak etc  made sure that the gurudwaras were taken over.

To reward the Sikhs for killing their brother Indian Hindus and Muslims in 1857 war for freedom , the British in the 1871 census,  enumerated the Sikhs as a  separate community, for the first time.

Let it be known that Rothschild stooge Scindia and Nizam of Hyderabad also supported the British in 1857.  Today the young Scindia MP acts as he and his family are khandani desh bhakts, and will do anything for the Italian waitress turned empress.

Governor-General Lord Charles John Viscount Canning had passed an extraordinary fiat, reproduced below from The Calcutta Gazette, June 26, 1858 --

“ The Right Hon’ble Governor General, in order to mark his appreciation of the Gwalior Maharajah Jayajirao Scindia’s deep  friendship, and his gratification at the re-establishment of His Highness’ authority in his ancestral dominions, was pleased  to direct that a Royal Salute shall be fired at every principal station in India.

Ripudaman baby got only a  15 gun salute , Jayajirao Scindia baby , when he kicked the bucket in 1886 was conferred a personal salute of 21 guns by the British .

Oh boy !!


I must cry now.


The British made sure that  Singh Sabhas were started, manned mostly by loyal ex-soldiers.  These worked under Khalsa Diwans established at Lahore and Amritsar.  They all wore the badge of loyalty to the foreigner British and hatred for the Indian Hindus and Muslims . 

For the British it was a simple matter of bribery, intimidation and manipulation of Sikh leaders to sell their souls and create a new 'modern Sikhism' . The ancient and historic portraits of Guru Nanak had sandalwood and kum kum Tilaks on his forehead,  with a 108 bead Hindu Rudraksha mala around his neck.  

All these painting were destroyed and newer paintings of Guru Nanak generated by the Tat Singh Sabhias, portray him as  a Muslim sufi saints, like the  Arabs from the Biblical stories of Jesus.

Every Sikh knew  that the glorious Sikh empire of Ranjit Singh was snatched away by the white man and Maharaja Duleep Singh, the descendant of Maharaja Ranjit Singh had been converted to Christianity and taken away to England after snatching away the Kohinoor diamond .  

All knew that each of the ten Gurus were in fact from Hindu families and lived as Hindus until their final days- except Guru Gobind Singh who started Sikhism..and this Guru trusted only a Hindu Banda Bahadur to take over his mantle .

A fortnight ago there were landslides and floods at Kedanath , Uttarakhand . At this time our cricketer Harbhajan Singh was on his way to Hemkhund Sabib  nearby Kedarnath temple at Chamoli district. 

Originally this was a Durga Mandir, later converted to be a Gurudwara .  There is a natural sarovar lake with crystal clear water at a height of 15,200 feet . 

Guru Gobind Singh was a devout bhakt of Hindu Goddess Durga.  This fact is mentioned throughout all Sikh historic texts of how he performed the MahaChandi yagya at NainaDevi with help of Brahmin priests before setting off for battle.

 In his auto biography the 10th Guru writes--
Hemkund parbat hai jahan, sapt sring sobhat hai tahan, Vaha hum anik tapasya sadhi, Mahakal Kalka aaradhi.
In my previous life, I did lot of penance ( as a Rishi ) at Hemkund, and worshipped the primordial Mother (Mahakal Kalka). 

This is a pilgrimage centre though Sikhism does NOT allow pilgrimages. There is a Lakshman Temple closeby.

This Gurudwara Sri Hemkunt Sahib  is devoted to Guru Gobind Singh and it find finds mention in Dasam Granth.  Hindus go there more than Sikhs. King Pandu, the father of the Pandavas used to do Yoga on the lake bank 6000 year ago. .  

This is written in the Dasham Granth too.  Hemkund is inaccessible from October through April because of snow bound paths and glaciers.

After the death of Banda Singh Muslims rose in power again.  Mughal invader, Ahmad Shah Abdali, the founder of the Durrani Empire andthe founder of the modern state of Afghanistan demolished Harmandir sahib of the Golden temple twice.   

Both the times he slaughtered may cows in the sacred pool and the water was blood red.  Ahmed Shah Abdali even kept a Randi ka Mandi there-  dancing girls.

Both the time Hindus and Sikhs ralled together to defend the temple. . It was the Hindus who rebuilt the temple everytime, as the Sikh skilled worker , population of the area was very little. Baling out of the sarovar water was a joint effort. The Sikhs have forgotten all this.  

The golden temple was originally built in 1574. The land for the site was acquired free from Hindu Zamindars.  Thr original idol installed in this temple was that of Lord Vishnu ( Hari Mandir ) and then Devi Mata Durga and Lord Shiva  –later broken and thrown out by the Tat Sikhs of the Sundri faction. 

The original name of Amriit Sarovar was Vishnu Kund. The Vishnu Purana describes how during the Satyug era, emperor Ikshwaku performed a Mahayagya in order to propitiate Lord Hari. The area from then on became to be known as Yagyasthan or a place of austerities.  

The first Guru Nanak used to sit here feeling the good vibes to meditate along with the Hindu saints of the time under a huge Dukh Bhanjani tree. The city of Amritsar dates back to the Satyug Era of Emperor Ikshwaku.

The British propaganda is that Emperor Akbar, gave the land for Golden temple as a wedding gift to Bibi Bhani, a daughter of the third Guru Amar Das,  when she married a Hindu Khatri Jetha who later became the 4th  Guru Ram Das . The myth of the foundation stone for Hari Mandir being laid by a Muslim sufi Mian Mir is also another immoral fabrication of the British .

The Sikh god of Waheguru is exactly, repeat,  EXACTLY THE SAME as BrahmAn of Hindusim.  It is shapeless, timeless, and sightless.

Punch into Google search-  


The Dasam Granth is a scripture of Sikhs which contains texts attributed to the Tenth Guru Gobind Singh. The Dasam Granth holds a significance of great amount for Sikhs, however it does not have the same authority as Adi Granth.   

Some compositions of the Dasam Granth like Jaap Sahib, (Amrit Savaiye), and Benti Chaupai are part of the daily prayers/lessons (Nitnem) of/for Sikhs. Since Guru Gobind Singh was a Goddess Durga bhakt , the wars of Durga with demons, (Chandi Chritras: Chandi Chritra I, Chandi Chritra II, Chandi di Var) were written to instill the spirit of war among Sikhs.

Takht Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib and also known as Abchal Nagar, is located on the banks of the River Godavari at the city of Nanded, in the state of Maharashtra. 

It is where the  Guru Gobind Singh is said to have passed away. The construction of the gurdwara was done from 1832 to 1837 by order of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  

There is also a  Gurdwara called Baba Banda Bahadur Ghat at Nanded.

Guru Nanak cast off the costume of a saint , and spent the last 18 years of his life as a householder at Kartarpur off-Ravi river.

Guru Hargobind gained his freedom, after an incarceration of about seven years (1613- 1620)  at Gwalior fort ( NOT 3 years as told by Sikhs ) .  Emperor Jahangir makes no mention at all of Guru Hargobind in his memoirs  .

The days of Baisakhi ( coincides with Vishu of Kerala ) and Diwali which are chosen for Sikh festivals , are also Hindu festivals all over India.  However today Sikhs have converted these two days as related to their Gurus.

Baisakhi is the day on which the Khalsa was born and Guru Gobind  Singh who baptized the first 5 Sikhs using sweet nectar Amrit.  

And for Diwali the Sikhs celebrate the release of Guru Hargobind from Jehangir’s prison in Gwalior fort.  They are sure of the day —BUT not at all sure how many years he was in jail— paradox.

Above : Gwalior fort.

A religion is known by its festivals.  All the ten Gurus, themselves Khatris, married Hindu Khatri wives. The Khatris are Vaishyas mercantile community, who originated in Punjab . The Khatris are among the very few non-Brahmin communities that have traditionally studied the Vedas.

During the British rule of the 19th century, the Khatri virtually had a monopoly over trade in Punjab ,Pakistan and Afghanistan. In Punjab, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir, Punjabi, is their first language of the Khatris and the Gurumukhi script is used to write it.

Guru Govind Singhwho was named after Lord Krishna ( Govinda ) created  the Khalsa, solely in order to defend “Hindu dharma” and his mother land.  So what happened in 1857— a Sundri group by the name of tat Khalsa just hijacked the  Guru’s vision and saved the Christian white invader when the whole of India rose like one to drive them away?

With the connivance of the FAKE white historians holiest shrine, the Sanskrit name Hari Mandir ( Vishnu temple )  was replaced with the Urdu name Darbar Sahib (“revered court-session”).  An Islamic fatwa became the Sikh hukumnama (“command-letter”).   The Vishnu statue in the Hari Mandir were broken, and thrown away which none of the 10 gurus did NOT dare to do.

It was the German Jew a stooge of German Jew  Rothschild, the  Principal of Government College at Lahore Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner who coined the name Singh Sabha and gave all the Urdu titles using a  Urdu Muslim scholar, Maulvi Karim-ud-Din.  Our Jewish man Leitner used to dress up as a Sikh.

Guru Govind passed away in 1708, over 200 years after his passing the Sundri group Tat Singh Sabha in 1906, suddenly decide to remove the original idol of Lord Vishnu kept there by Guru Gobind Singh and all the previous Gurus ..

If so, then why not remove the name of Vishnu from the holy book Guru Granth Sabib too?

Can you imagine Jews and Muslims working together to screw Hinduism and Mother India ? Sikhs must know desh bhakti is to the mother land and NOT to a book or person on a throne.

How will it feel if tomorrow Buddhism form a Tat Buddhist sect and remove the holy book from the Golden temple— just because they have more violence potential and muscle power?

 How will it feel if tomorrow Buddhism form a Tat Buddhist sect and remove the holy book from the Golden temple— just because they have more violence potential and muscle power?

Leitner started a “Sikh Bhai” class just to teach the Sikhs all false history and poison injected Guru’s writings with BUDDHIMAN ( gyani title in fake history ) examinations and bait of good administrative jobs — by then in 1883 , called the University of Punjab..  

The Gyanis who passed out of these Sikh theology classes ( formed on the guidelines of Catechism ) were literally Tat Sikh evangelists whose job was to keep giving unsolicited advise to common eldest son Sikhs ( with remaining family Hindus ) that Sikhism has nothing to do with Hinduism.

This was a fiat from Freemason founder Rothschild to his fellow Freemason Viceroy George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon.

On 2nd Nov 1879, the Tat Khalsa Sabha ( only for Sikhs ) was funded and conceived at Lahore.  Viceroy Ripon commanded  the  Lt Governor of Punjab Sir Robert Eyles Egerton ( 1877 to 1882 ) , to boost the Tat Sikh Sabha and control all Sikh temple affairs. 

Egerton was to drive a wedge between Hindus and Sikhs who were brothers in arms by weakening and targetting the Sanatan Singh Sabha ( both Hindus and Sikhs ) .  Since 1849 the Punjab was just a province of British India.

You wont believe this.  Viceroy Ripon wanted to appoint Sikh Judges in 1883 to try even white British offenders in criminal cases.  This was shot down by the BROWN SAHIBS ( wanna be Gora Sahebs , who will smell of chutney and pickle ) – the Anglo Indian Community.  TEE HEEEEEE !!!

Guru Gobind Singh was an perceptive man. To fulfil a certain need of the hour, he- preached the gospel of the Khalsa, the pure or the chosen to basically fight against enormous odds.  He did NOT want any mother to lose all her sons,  and hence only the eldest son was required to be inducted as a warrior.

Those who joined his group passed through a ceremony known as pahul, and to emphasize the martial nature of 'their new vocation,  they were given the old title of Singh or "lion". They were expected to fight like lions .  
Can any hardcore Sikh say today that the sect founded by the 10th Guru Gobind Singh was based on birth?  
Did Sikhism exist before the Guru Gobind Singh?  

This sect was never  based on birth but which drew its recruits from those who were not Khalsa by birth. It was wholly drawn and manned by the Hindus—NOT  Christinas,Jews , Buddhists or any other religion.. Let me get this clear—I am NOT saying this to convert Sikhs back to Hinduism.  

Hinduism does NOT want them back. They are OK wherever they are and as they are .   It is only to dispel the seeds of mistrust created after Operation Bluestar by the separatists in foreign lands.  

In an India Pakistan cricket matches in UK , these turbaned separatists have shown banners  “ WE SUPPORT PAKISTAN “.  

Is this what the Gurus wanted , to support enemy Muslims -- who killed their Gurus and name their missiles GHORI and BABAR and their sea ports MUHAMMAD BIN QASIM --against Sikhs and Hindus playing together as a team.

What a disgrace !!!

Guru Gobind Singh formed the Khalsa to gather spirited and determined souls , to save his traumatised motherland and  tyrannized people from cruel Mughal foreign invaders who raped dead women.  The Panj Pyaras were all Hindus, who reposed implicit trust on a leader , and they were willing to give their own lives to him. 

It must be said here that only the first man to offer his head to Guru Nanak gets the prize in  my book.

Guru Gobind shouted :  “The entire sangat is very dear to me;  but is there a devoted Sikh who will give his head to me here and now?  A need has arisen at this moment which calls for a head.”  

A hush fell over the assembly assembled on Baisaki day of 1699 AD at Keshgarh Qila at Anandpur.  The 10th Guru spent 25 years at Anandpur Sahib and to protect India from the cruel  Mughal invaders .

Daya Ram, a Hindu Khatri of Lahore, arose and offered himself.  He walked behind the Guru to a tent near by.  Guru Gobind Singh returned with his sword dripping blood and demanded another head.  

The Guru again asked for another head, this time Dharam Singh, a Chamar from Hastinapur, presented himself to the Guru.  

Guru Gobind Singh gave three more calls.  Mohkam Chand, a calico printer/tailor from Dwarka Gujarat ,  Himmat Rai, a water-bearer from Jagannath Puri, and Sahib Chand, a barber from Bidar Karnataka , stood up one after another and advanced to offer their heads.

Above: This was the historic spot of Keshgarh Qila.

The Tat Khalsa with British connivance have even fudged the places of birth of these five Pyares— and converted them all into Guru worshipping Sikhs from Punjab.   

Daya Ram of Dall , Dharam Das, of Jatwara,  Sahib Chand of  Nangal , Himmat Chand of Sangatpurat and Mohkam Chand Chhimba, of Ambala.   

Is Orissa, Gujarat , Karnataka etc  NOT good enough -- only Punjab is good enough ?

The woman in the picture is Guru Nanak’s first wife  Mata Jitoji, who bore him three sons  Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh.   It is  NOT  2nd wife Sundri  ( British and Tat Khalsa heroine ) who later adopted a son Ajit Singh , who even tried to become the 11th Guru--  Mata Jito mixed sugar in water to make amrit.

Jito Ji was a Khatri Hindu and her father Hari Jas was from Lahore.  She was married to Gobind Rai ( 10th Guru ) within a year , after he  succeeded his father as the tenth guru.  

Since Guru Gobind Singh was too young and could NOT travel to Lahore ( Guru  Tegh Bahadur has just been murdered  ) his uncle Kirpal Chand arranged for a massive  pandal  at Anandpur on June 21, 1677 A.D.

After seven years of marriage without children, Mata Jito ji's husband Guru Gobind Rai married again because his mother  Mata Gujri, forced him.

He then married  Sundari Swaroop, the daughter of Hindu Ram Saran and Siv Devi of Bavjara, on 6th April  1684 A.D.  She could NOT conceive and adoped a son Ajit Singh. She was very beautiful outlived Guru Gobind Singh by 40 years.

In 1690 A.D., after nearly 13 years of marriage, the child bride of 10 years , Mata Jito ji became pregnant and all very happy . She gave birth to her first son Jujhar Singh in 1691 A.D.  Then she bore Zorawar Singh on November 17, 1696 A.D. The youngest son Fateh Singh born on February 25, 1699 A.D.

Never mind what the FAKE British historians say.  

Guru Gobind Singh loved Mata Jito Ji.  A few weeks after the birth of his youngest son, Fateh Singh , the tenth guru established the Khalsa order on April 14th during the Vaisakhi spring festival of 1699.  

Even this day and month has been fudged by the British to make Sikhism separate from Hindusim as 30 March 1699 AD .

Today the Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi on 13th April.  In Kerala Vishu is on 14th April .

In 1984, the Khalistanis wrote all over the Internet and fudged records that  two women were  one.

I challenge anybody to show a Sikh historical record before 1800 AD that the two wives are actually one. Please excuse me from Khalistani  books after 1980 AD and Tat Khalsa books after 1900 AD.  The Mahan Kosh,  Twareekh Guru Khalsa,  Guru Padd Prem Parkash all say both are different women.

Some wisdom:  No Sikh present or future can EVER NEVER EVER NEVER  be  the Sikh Guru--  so please take it easy when fudging historical facts.

A very religious and a gentleman Sikh Chief Engineer had  sailed with me. He used to play Gurbani loudly throughout the day and this used to irritate me , as it affected my work . But I let it be. His beard almost touches his knees . He had told me that a 3rd alliance from Rohtas was brought to him.  

Guru Gobind Singh asked Mata Sahib Kaur ( born 1st Nov 1681 )  to stay and do seva for the panth .  At that time her father Bhai Ramu and mother Jasdevi Bassi queried  that if she does seva for the panth , then what about giving birth to children .  In reply Guru Gobind Singh replied that she will have millions of children and she would be the mother of Khalsa. 

There is a Gurudwara in Rohtas (district Jhelum, Pakistan)--  see above picture-- which was repaired by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but is now in very poor condition. Sikhs go there for pilgrimage even today. If this is true , Sikhs must get it repaired.  

For Mata Sahib Kaur is the mother of Khalsa – the honourable Sri maan Mata of Guru Khalsa Panth..   I do NOT expect my old Chief Engineer to lie.  

He said Mata Sahib Devi stayed  in the apartments of the Guru Gobind Singh’s  mother, Mata Gujri.    

He was 100% clear that it was Mata Jito ji  who poured the patashas in the Amrit for the Panj Pyares-- NOT Mata Sundri or Mata Sahib KKaur.. 

Gurudwara Nankana Sahib , at the  birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev , is located about 80 kilometers south west of Lahore .  This was made in 1600 AD and  renovated in the years 1819 AD by Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.

In July 1925, The Brtish and Tat Khalsa managed  Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (“Committee of Shrine Management”),  removed the Hindu idols and evicted the traditional pujaris / mahants (guardians , accusing them of theft.   British governor, Sir Malcolm Hailey, set up Tat Khalsa  elected central Sikh board,  and new Silh mahants he said represented the true Sikh community.  Sikh shrines and mahants were placed under the board’s control.

Sir Malcom Hailey used Master Tara Singh , a British loyalist in all these activities .  He later demanded  for a Sikh-majority state in Punjab, India.

Tara Singh was born a Hindu and can be considered as the ORIGINAL mentor of Khalistanis . Upon graduation from Khalsa College at Amritsar in 1907, he entered the Sikh school system in Lyallpur, becoming a Gyani  or “master,” a title associated with him thereafter.

In 1961 Tara Singh declared that he would fast until the Indian prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, ceded a portion of the Punjab as a Sikh state or until death claimed him.

He began his fast in August at the Golden Temple at Amritsar, but Nehru responded that submission to Tara Singh’s demands would be against India’s secular constitution and unfair to the Hindus in the Punjab.

After a personal letter from Nehru promising to investigate Sikh claims, Tara Singh broke his 48-day fast, incurring the wrath of the Sikh people. Tara Singh was brought to trial before a council of pijaras (Sikh religious leaders) and pleaded guilty.

His failure to starve to death in defense of his ideals had discredited him as a leader, and Sant Fateh Singh was elected in his place. Tara Singh’s dream of a Punjabi-speaking state was realized in 1966, when the present Indian state of Punjab was created.

Just in case you guys think that the British continuously made an ass of the entire Sikh Community-- here is something you must know.

You will NOT find this anywhere else.

So listen up.



An elaborate plan was made to show the Sikhs that they would be the new Brahmans of Punjab.

They would hold the power .

They would hold the good fertlile lands and the money.

Sikhs were told to buy up land at certain areas cheap throw away prices .

These lands were literally deserts. Nothing was ever gown there.

The Hindus and Muslim were wondering why the Sikhs are buying all these lands. 

Soon came the stunning news.

Canals would be dug by the British to make these lands irrigable. 

Road and rail lines would criss-cross these areas, so that the land became valuable.

Yeah--pretty much the way apna desh ka daamad Robert Wadhera --nay--Vadra did recently.

Take out your maps and check this out .

You can make a trip to the municipality or corporation to dig out the dates from old records if they exist.

The  desert lands to the west of Punjab were made cultivable by  canals and were allotted only to Sikhs residing in eastern Punjab at throw away prices.

Check out the huge and vast tract of land known as 'Nilibar' irrigated by the Chenab Canal.

Check out the Nuevo rich Sikh farm owners cum farmers in the districts of Amritsar, Ludhiana, Ferozepur and adjoining areas.

The most loyal stooges of the British got the canal zone lands free.  Tracts of land from 15 acres to 500 acres were doled out.

Canal networks  were dug at Upper Bari Doab, from river Ravi and lower Bari Doab as well from that River; the upper Chenab canal from Chenab river. The Shahpur Thal desert was irrigated by the canals taken from river Jhelum in upper Jhelum canal.

These irrigation projects covered entire lands which were previously arid deserts where not a blade of grass grew. 

These lands were made fit for agriculture from the Chenab river, 430 miles of canal were dug with  2293 miles of distributor channels, while 12,100 miles of the water course were taken.

Financial incentives were given to the most loyal British Sikh stooges.

Recommendations from loyal Sikh Maharajas were acquiesced to.  Now you know the secrets of 15 gun and 21 gun salutes and how Sikh Maharajas were found fit to visit king George in England.

These channels irrigated 2.6 million acres of land.  It was at the cost of 350 Lakh rupees ( a fortune in those days ) and the initial yearly value of the crop yielded over 900 lakh rupees -- every paise earned by the loyal Sikh farmers.

Posts for loyal Sikhs were reserved in the Army and in the civil services to be filled exclusively by baptized Sikhs, the Tat Khalsa.

The land owning Brahmins now depended on Sikhs who became the new Zamindars. 

The Sikhs held the money,  they were allowed to carry swords , they got the ear of Rothschild -   they were the new tough guys on the block .

Meanwhile the Christian missionaries converted 4 Sikh youth and all hell broke loose. The Christian missionaries were literally bambooed , and told to lay off from the Sikh community by Rothschild.

Why do you think there are so many anti- Hindu Khalistanis in Canada .

In 1897, Queen Victoria invited her most loyal Sikh Soldiers  to attend her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London.

These loyal badge Sikh soldiers, were then taken on a conducted tour of Canada on their way home.

They were promised large tracts of free land if they immigrate--as a reward for their loyalty.   

They were told to go back to their villages and spread the good world quietly among Sikhs only.  

It is another thing that the first batch of Sikhs who went there had eye infection ( trachoma ) and after that they made a new rule that the trip from originate from India by ship.. Which meant a good incubation period for any disease --and only healthy Sikhs would land up after a health check .

These Sikhs returned to India with stories of an attractive land of milk and honey waiting to be settled by British loyalist subjects.

By 1907, when the Khalsa Diwan society was organized in Vancouver with branches in Abbotsford, New Westminster, Fraser Mills, Duncan Coombs and Ocean Falls.

Sikhs were given employment with good salary in laying the tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway, in lumber mills and mines.

Though they earned marginally  less than white workers, they made more than enough money to send to India and get relatives to immigrate to Canada nay KENEEDAAA.

Today Canadian Sikhs who hate India are more than 2.02 % of the total population.

Can you believe this ? 

In late 1919, the British government got their loyal Sikh stooges to present a Saropa (Robe of Honour) to Lieutenant Governor of the Punjab , Sir Francis O'Dwyer who endorsed  General Reginald Dyer's action regarding the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and termed it a "correct action—he was later assassinated by Udham Singh.

He was given the Saropa in Harimandar Sahib -- a man who cheered the massacre of hundreds of innocent unarmed Hindus and Sikhs on Baisakhi day of 1919.  

So this is the meaning of fu#ckin' 

honour, right?


Maharaja Ranjit Singhs mighty empire went to the dogs , just because of a woman.   

Maharani Jindan Kaur’s  lover ( the biological father of Maharaja Duleep Singh )  Lal Singh and PM Gulab Singh did NOT see eye to eye.  She kept needlessly interfering in political affairs.  She dismissed PM  Gulab Singh and made her lover Lal Singh the Prime Minister on 26 February, 1847.

If you take stock—

Mahabharata war happened due to a vain Draupadi  laughing loudly and sarcastically when guest King Duryodhana fell in the pool -- 

--and Ramayana due to Sita refusing to come back from Sri Lanka with Hanuman ( Rama's ring episode ) as per her husband Lord Rama’s wishes., 

I guess my fonts are getting bigger .

If I proceed exhuming bitter truths any further -- it will cause a heart ache to desh bhakt Sikhs who are the ornaments of India.  This post which is already 137 A4 size sheets,  will go past 2000.

Let it be !

OK, some examples to whet your appetite?

When the Khatris, Ahluwalia’s , Aroras etc heard about the land bounty for Sikhs , there was a mad scramble again to CONVERT their first born sons into Sikhs.   Rest of the sons were called Monas  .

Rothschild  favoured Sunder Singh Lyallpuri of the Sikh Reform Movement .  A lot was written how much the British hated him ( all bull ) .  He was directly responsible for the Anand Marriage Act, where if you are NOT a 5K Sikh you cannot marry by the Anand Karaj ceremony.

For giving good co-operation his father Lakmir S Sandha was given free and canal  irrigated fertile lands  in the new Bar Chenab colony (Faisalabad ). 

But equations changed after the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre of 13 April 1919, and the British took back the donated lands and jailed Lyallpuri .   .  

Till Hindu Banda came on the scene as a leader the tactics were HIT AND RUN,  KACHA UDHAKE .    For banda it was DUSHMAN KA GHAR KE ANDAR GHUSKE MAARO.

The first born were told by their greedy parents to put a cloth ball on top of their the heads to look like a tied up hair bun,  tie a turban and growa beard -- and added Singh to their names .   They also joined the free British zamin aur maal party.

Initially at the time of Guru Nanak , Singh meant devotee .   There was NO lion meaning till Guru Gobind Singh alluded to it.   Only later it became synonymous to lion.

15026 names of Gods appeared in the original Adi Granth.  Out of this Hari or Vishnu was  mentioned 8009 times and Lord Rama 2531 times..

Master Tara Singh was the founder of Vishwa Hindu Parishad-- so what is this man all about ? Is he nuts?? .

Maharaja Ranjit Singh gold plated the Kashinath Vishwanath temple and asked Shah Shuja ruler of Kabil to stop killing cows if he wanted to be his ally..


VANDE MATARAM  - play this video below with headphones .

This is a hymn to the Mother Land (  "I bow to thee, Mother" ).  Unknown and unsung heroes sang this song in public and were sent to Kaala Pani ( overseas Cellular jail at Andamans ) by the British rulers .   This song  played a vital role in the Indian independence movement. 

Last month we had a Muslim MP walking away from Parliament when this song was sung.  

He is Muslim first and then a Paki. The singer AR Rahman , is a Indian first and then a Muslim.

Punch into Google search-


Some Sikhs waving Pakistani flags during an India Pakistan cricket match were identified by Indian security agencies as Babbar Khalsa Khalistanis who recruit from ex-military servicemen and police officers--and are funded by ISI of Pakistan.   

Babbar Khalsa is suspected by the Punjab police authorities to be responsible for a bombing at the Shingar Cinema Complex in Ludhiana on October 2007, in which 7 people were killed and 32 wounded.

To the misled Khalistani Sikh youth, I wish to tell them this.  

You can take your religion everywhere, but spirituality ( peace inside the heart ) lies in the watan –the mitti-- of your forefathers,  who lived in Punjab area since antiquity.   

Use your conscience when deciding for your children.

In another 20 years India will be No 1 superpower on this planet.  

Mother India’s arms are open to take her alienated children (driven astray by the cunning white invader man ) in.  

Don’t miss the chance .   

Dr Jagjit Singh Chauhan showed great wisdom when he preferred to die in India.  

He died on April 4, 2007, aged 78 at his native village Tanda in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab.

Harshil Shah
September 21, 2014 at 9:06 AM
Pranam Guruji,

Indeed, i read the above post and its exactly same. Sir, however one question - usually we offer water on shiva lingam (due to reasons explained in one of your earlier post), then at vatican and kabba, are they still continuing the same practice covertly ?... What happens if this is not continued or are there any other alternatives (may be a silly question).. I am still learning...

Harshil Shah


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
September 21, 2014 at 9:57 AM
hi hs,

You will find millions of funda on the internet and Hindu literature – even by learned gurus like Vivekananda and hundreds of shankaracharyas..


NOBODY HAS UNDERSTOOD HINDUISM SINCE ADI SHANKARACHARYA OF 2000 BC—and few German Quantum physicists ( who all converted to Hinduism and got cremated. .)

Shiva Lingam contains the soul-seed ( DNA ) within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos.

Water holds memory.

Copper kalasha drips water right on top of the shiva lingam and this water bathes the lingam uniformly. In ancient days this water used to be LIVING ganges water.

The base has a run off for water – and this water is holy theertham . The white man called the Lingam as Shiva’s erect phallus and the run off base for water as YONI( vagina – note the extreme sarcasm ).


I have been telling this in my posts .

One day, three years ago NASA agreed with capt ajit vadakayil.

Punch into Google search-

You will find it on page one item one among 8 million posts—even ahead of NASA’s post on this subject .

If you cant see it by some quirk, enter-- NASA DNA METEORITE VADAKAYIL.

Theertham water holds memory .

The computers of the future ( maybe 200 years in future ) will NOT contain silicon chips.

They will hold water . In another 400 years I predict computers will be conscious and they can laugh at a joke or tell the moral of a story narrated to it .

Punch into Google search-


We had INDOPHILE white men and women ( like Wendy Doniger ) interpreting Hindusim for us , right?—all wolves in sheep’s clothing !




Capt ajit vadakayil



  1. Awesome.! I always thought there might be some force that actually helping brits in army. ND at last d black sheep is b4 us nw..

    thank you sir.. Looking fwd of the post..

    1. Dear Mahaishwar
      Pardon me if you are not refering sikhs as a black sheep but
      If you are refering sikhs as a black sheep, I would say you are ill informed. you can not be a wise guy giving verdict after only listening to a one sided story. If you are interested in history then you have to research, speak to all stakeholder you are going to describe later on in your comments or in your blogs. otherwise it can be a fiction or imagination of someone's mind but not history.
      The post describe that In 1857 brits took over India with Sikh help. okay say this is even true then how this make sikhs a black sheep, when all the hindu kings of india sided with brits to win punjab. they fought war against sikhs in 1849.It was only five or six years ago that all hindu rajas had helped brits in winning punjab and then you call sikhs black sheep. you must look at history in a true manner. if you take out what suits you and leave the rest out you are not doing justice to it.
      and 1857 struggle was at best a mutiny not a struggle for independence. I have read a lot of information which obviously captain described as a false propaganda because it does not suit his style of writing(no offence captain). when they get organised and who they choose their leader a mughal, who had ruled them from last 900 or so years and was basically a outsider and also his recent ancestors were not a very kind king to the masses but they still choose him. Dont you think they if it was a struggle of freedom they should have chosen a local king may be from punjab so punjab army wont fight against them. They didnot even consulted punjab as I told you at best it was a mutiny because of religious symbols. when the new bullets were given to sepoys they had to chew it before using them in pistols. some one told them the bullet they chew were made of cow and pig. that was the reason of mutiny because both muslim and hindus were against it. It was not a freedom struugle it was a mutiny against their religious pricncipals.
      Now when they didnot involve punjab in struggle that emplies they didnot consider it a part of india back then. look all I am saying is you have to look at history in a very careful manner. Its not like someone is writing something which you happened to believe in is true. Power is a very dangerous thing as Captain would agree kings or leader of their time always try to change the history to present them in a better light and their enemy in worse.

      If I am writing this that does not make me a khalistani and if captain is writing this blog to telling people how great hindu religion that does not make him a desh bhakat. I consider myself a desh bhakat and I look at things in a very clear manner. I dont beleive in someone only that he is saying something good about me.

    2. hi as,

      i do NOT want my readers to fight on false ground.

      Jew Rothschild was a trader .

      in 1857 he decided to stop all such pretenses and took over India officially .


      the 1857 war was triggered by rothschild himslef-and he allowed the flames to spread -- he in fact fanned the flames . this JEW tactic nowadays is called FALSE FLAG ATTACK.

      all this PIG and COW grease was rothschild's idea --and he himself informed indians and goaded them to revolt or they will become DHARM BRASTH .

      punch into google search-

      this is a truth exhuming blog -- I will will NOT allow khalistani internet propaganda to be entered into the comments column.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. bada singh bahadur was first King of Khalsa kingdom But he was not GURU . I think it would be false to project him as guru off course he was tantrik and hindu but became Singh . If you want to project him as guru i ll will yes he was KHALSA and As Guru Gobind Singh Said Khalsa is Who i am .
    & yes sikhs manuscripts were poisoned by Britisher's and Bhramins who thought they will out of business if sikhism grew . We have gap of histroy of about 200 yrs (after death of Guru gobind singh) which is being transformed and causing suffering to sikhs and there belief and faith . Guru Granth Sahib ji remains as as live Guru it not just book its parkash roop of God itself

    1. hi as,

      it is best to leave sikh faith as it is --as i do NOT intend to prove anything otherwise.

      all i intend is to explain the DECEIT of the rothschild who wrecked the mighty empire of maharaja ranjit singh --

      --and hijacked the simple sikhs for their own selfish needs of carving out the state of israel.

      i have NOT yet started explaining the role of the white historians in compiling the guru granth sabib - shorn off all references to hinduism .

      by the way i have read the holy book's english translation.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Captain Ajit

      Please shed some light on the worh HINDU. What is the origin. Where it is mentioned in Hindu literature. When this word came into existence.

    3. hi as,

      chinese cannot say R -- instead of right they will say light.

      japs cannot say L-- instead of love they will say rove.

      ancient persians could not say S-- instead of Sindhu they would say Hindu.

      they would refer to us as people on other side of river sindhu.

      hinduism was coined later-- the original name is sanatana dharma.

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Hi Captian av

      Thanks for prompt reply and clearing this. none of the people(more than 100) whom I have asked about this know it. Isn't it strange that 100 crore people take their name from outsiders. now I dont mean any disrespect but
      I believe my fellow hindu brothers and sisters should not use this word to identify themselves.

      Now as far other things here ia a quote from your blog

      "Imagine devout Christian boxer Manny Pacquiao has won 50 world title tournaments by KO.

      One fine day his descendant after 300 years converts to Muslim religion, and then claims that his champion boxer ancestor was also Muslim.

      He immorally starts painting Manny in Islamic garb, and replaces the Bible in his hand with the Koran in the picture.

      What nonsense is this?

      Is there NO clear thinking?

      Capt Ajit Vadakayil can think crystal clear."

      going by same logic if manny paquiao's descendents claiming him as a devout muslim is a
      nonsense then you or anyone else claiming descendent of manny paquiao to be christian
      because he was is also a nonsense.
      yes sikh gurus were born in Hindu(sanatan dharma) family but they did not choose to live as
      a hindu. They neglected the way of living which was practised at that time by the so called religious
      people of hindu and islamic religion. There are many differences in our faith and I am not saying yours
      is wrong or mine is superior. But sikhs are not hindus and our gurus have taught us a different way of
      practising religion which are living a truthful life, help others if you can, believe in one god, treat everyone
      equaly irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and so on. if you are serious about telling accurate
      history to your fellow indian I would suggest that you must read and understand sri guru granth
      sahib in order to write anything about sikh histroy. I do not follow any other book. If I need a
      direction, or need to check a story whether it is true or not, I would refer to Guru Granth sahib and
      see wether it is according to the teaching of Guru Granth Sahib or not. If not I do not believe
      in it.

      now as I mentioned earlier our gurus were born in hindu families but they didnot live according to
      hindu philosophy of that time. I am a sikh and I do not believe in those philosophies as well. So I
      would like to differentiate myself from my hindu brothers on base of my beliefs and their beliefs.

    5. hi as,

      your method of thinking is a bit muddled.

      all i am saying is that ALL your 10 gurus were born khatri hindus and they married khatri hindu women.

      your first 9 gurus died as hindus and were cremated under hindu rites.

      your last guru , guru gobind singh died as a sikh .




      and really i am NOT interested in a debate -- i am happy to lose this debate , if it will make indian sikhs become desh bhakts.

      the main idea of writing this post to to inform the canadiian and UK khalistani sikhs that their ancestors were accorded RED CAREPT WELCOME by the queen -- as a reward for their loyalty.

      you must know that gandhi was illuminati and he was imported from south african by CHITPAVAN JEW gopal krishna gokhale ( who was an agent of JEW rothschild , the owner of british east india company ) --so that gandhi can brainwash indians into ahimsa.

      the whole idea was to carve out the state of israel and indian soldiers would be given guns-- but it should be aimed at germans and NOT the british rulers.

      finally you must also know that Indira Gandhi was killed for nationalising Indian banks -by the banking cartel .

      sikhs were just pawns.

      if i were to write part 2 of this post-- sikhs will NOT be able to handle it.

      so let it be.

      it is NOT worth exhuming true history-- it will cause heartache.

      at least by virtue of my posts -- gandhi is no longer the "father of the nation".

      punch into google search-



      i am NOT a politician-- i am NOT asking anybody to believe me.

      how did rothschild get so much wealth that they control the planet today ?

      punch intogoogle search-

      have you ever heard a single reporter or TV anchor or author -- mention the dreaded R name?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Dear guru ji,

    I am interested in history from childhood, even though I am from computer science, I have tried hard to understand this english man white history but always had lots of questions unanswered, thanks to you now I got clarity, in this quest I started studying karnataka history, where I am from. Again same dump history repeated all over ( started with ka history by kamath,then raghunath then hand book of Karnataka by gov, then 1, 2 & 3 year BA history ext...) end up with same junk , I have read tippu by you it was the best so for to me , here I have personal request can you post on karnataka history


  4. Namaste Acharya

    Please throw some light on Jayadev (Githa Govinda Writer ).Is he a bengali or Oriya.There is continous tussle among people of bengal and odiya regarding his native.

    Nelson Singh

    1. hi ns,

      2007 episode of the popular Indian TV game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC III) mentioned Jayadeva as the court poet of king Lakshmanasena of Bengal.

      This triggered an immediate volley of protests by the culture-aware people of Orissa AND Shah Rukh Khan, the game show's host was denounced for spreading false information.

      Gita Govinda delineates the love of Lord Krishna for Radha, the milkmaid and his faithlessness .


      punch into Google search-

      Jayadeva the 12th-century poet did NOT exist.

      Kalidasa is another example of a poet produced out of thin air.

      After Tamilian Iyers , BONGS have done maximum to distort and drive fissures into Hinduism. so let bengal claim this fake work.

      rothschild has taken great pains to infuse gita govinda into classical forms of Kuchipudi, Kathakali of kerala and Bharatanatyam

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Namaste
      sir Surdas also wrote about Radha.

    3. hi t,

      go ahead and believe this vulgar wikipedia nonsense-- lifted from the white christian man's poison injected texts.

      Surdas falls into a well and is rescued by Lord Krishna when he calls him for help.

      Radha asks Krishna why he helped Surdas for which Krishna says its for his devotion.

      Krishna also warns Radha not to go near him.

      She however goes near him but Surdas, recognizing the divine sounds, pulls her anklets.

      Radha tells him who she is but Surdas refuses to return her anklets stating that he cannot believe her as he is blind.

      Krishna gives Surdas vision and allows him to ask for a boon.

      Surdas returns the anklets says he has already got what he wanted (the blessings of Krishna) and asks Krishna to make him blind again as he does not want to see anything else in the world after seeing Krishna.

      Radha is moved by his devotion and Krishna grants his wish by making him blind again thus giving him everlasting fame.

      i hope he did NOT grab anything more than the anklets , using his sense of hearing.

      the blind man has a keen sense of smell too.

      in slumdog millionarie the question in KBC --

      "who wrote the song darshan do ghanshyam" --the correct answer was declared as -- it was written by the 16th century poet SURDAS , right? as per rothschild controlled hollywood?



      lyrics of this song was written by gopal singh nepali.

      this movie also made lord rama give blessings with left hand, the hand he uses to wash his ass-- for the other hand he has an bow.

      CHEEE CHEEEE !!!

      lord krishna's mistress radha would have been mentioned in texts writen in 4000 BC -- NOT by unknown blind poets in 16th century , who is also included in adi granth by FAKE western historians , for good measure.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. sir u mean surdas is gora's creation.

    5. hi t,

      i knew all these things when i was in school kendriya vidyalaya studying NCERT hindi poetry texts of DURGAM PATH KI RAHI.

      tulsidas, surdas etc.

      when RADHA as lord krishna's mistress and lover , does NOT exists in any of our ancient sanksrit texts --

      --how come when the white christian invader came --

      -- all of a sudden an imbecile kalidas became DIVINE with kali , and a blind idiot surdas became DIVINE with krishna ?

      and they started writing dohas and shailis and such metered verses ?

      and suddenly out of the blue a mistress RADHA came up. severalpoets started parising RADHA.

      my ex chief officer greets his brothers on phone RAADHEY SHYAM ?


      and suddenly stooges like kerala raja ravi varma started painting RADHA and SHAKUNTALA?

      these type of HINDU names like tulsiDAS and surDAS never existed-- in our hindu methods of naming .

      after the christian white invader came to India, we have this DAS culture.

      today you look in the telephone directory you see plenty of dasas.

      punch into google search-

      DAS WIKIPEDIA and you can see that 3rd Sikh Guru was named amar das while he was born as amar bhan , while guru ram das was born as hari ram .

      also punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

    6. Namaste
      what about RamcharitManas by tulsidas..

    7. Capt. Ajit VadakayilJuly 13, 2013 at 11:53 AM


      July 13, 2013 at 11:24 AM


      what about RamcharitManas by tulsidas..



      Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

      July 13, 2013 at 11:51 AM

      hi t,

      Well in Tulsidas’s Avadhi version Rāmacaritamānasa, there is the story of Sati testing Rama when he is searching for Sita after she was abducted.

      Since Parvati is the reincarnation of Sati, Sati should have come first in these stories and Parvati later.

      However, in Tulsidas’s version Parvati comes first and Sati later.

      The Ramacharitamanas is composed by Tulsidas as Shiva appeared in dream and told him — OH BOY I AM TOUCHED!!

      The work of Tulsidas is full of ridiculous imaginations .

      Ramcharitmanas ends with Lord Ram returning to Ayodhya and they all lived happily ever after. No Lav , NO kush no nothing.

      This guy is supposed to have been imprisoned by Emperor Akbar as per British records.



      Just an example—

      I do NOT want to comment anymore on these fake DAS characters.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. captian jee pranam,
    if you can clear the origin of different ethnics like rajput gujjar jat ahirs as three of these claim to be descendants of lord vishnu and jats claims to be made of shivji's jatta(dreadlocks)?

    1. hi,

      Some foolish man by the name of Gorakh Sinha wrote some Sanskrit hymns Devasamhita about Jats being from the matted hair of Shiva.

      He must have been drunk.

      Jata means matted hair locks in Malayalam and sanskrit --as a literal meaning .

      But this Jata is different.

      Jata is mentioned in Mahabharata, Ramayana and Rig Veda. It is NOT hair—it means a democratic federation.

      The Rajputs were rulers and Jats their subject.

      So this propananda is to poke a finger into the Rajput’s eye.

      Jat are divided into about 2600 clans, or gotra—which include Ahirs, Khatris, Lohar, Ramgarhias, Kamboh, Gujjars etc.

      Hindu Jat clans of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh further align themselves into a larger supra-clan organizations, known as a khap.

      Jat clans also derive themselves from Chandravanshi, Suryavansha, Agnivansha and Nagavanshi lineages.

      Jat clans are named after persons- for example
      Randhawa, sohal, chattha, Bains , Sandhu, Dhaliwal, Ghuman, Cheema,, Brar, Sindhu, Ahluwalia, Bhola, Bajwa, Sidhu, , Maan, Jakhar, Budhwar, Dhillon, Lamba, aujla, Punia, Sangwan, Kahloon, Cheema, Gondal, Hundal, dahiya etc

      After places—ffor example
      Gill , Nahal , Kundu, Nehra, Tushar, Sisodia etc

      After languages—for example
      Kak, Gahlot etc

      After titles- for example—
      Chauhan, Solanki, Parmar, Rana, Dixit, Thakur, , Malik, Tomar ,Rajora etc.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. you are not fake... awesome knowledge you have... I am a literature student... and this is a fact that parvati comes prior to sati in ramcharitmanas...

      Good!! try your best as always in finding facts...

  6. dear Captain!

    how come such a great personality like banda bahadur was never heard of. I have only known about shivaji to be the great savior of the Hindus.

    why our government does not teach us of such great heroes in schools. will the whole of india know of history from your blogs.

    Secondly this article is putting William Dalrymples book Last Moughal in the bin as he mentioned about one gora regarded by hundus as incarnation of vishnu.



    1. hi j,

      it was a reader amanjit singh who invited me to write about this FUDGED part of sikh history.

      to be frank, I would have let this part of Indian history DEVELOP GANGRENE in the hands of thousand of desh drohi Canadian and British Khalistanis on the internet.

      but then why should some desh drohis sikhs living abroad , deprive the desh bhakt sikhs living in India -- of their own history ?

      i have tried to be kind to the ten gurus -- sometimes truth is best left un-exhumed for greater good.

      but I had to write about Mata Sundri --

      for she surely exceed her brief for 40 long years after guru gobin's death -- till she died.

      her silly hukkumnama ( fatwa letters ) are still in Indian archives.

      fatwa was never a concept of Hindusim or even the Sikh gurus.

      sikhism started with Guru Gobind Singh.

      This was the foul mischief of white historians who injected poison .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. capt you have third sense,i studied marxism but still i belief powers always create myth by concocting historical fact and present in their own branwashing myth by their tool to confuse coming generation and rule and divide syndrome they always create their own loyalties,,power ,money and ignorance, disunity among sufferers always help big boss to continue their loot and usurp whole wealth,letting known to them,,,shameful chaptor of history where little mind always got bogged down by petty thing thank you capt you presented lot of hidden fact of history

    1. hi t,

      german jew karl marx's original name is KARL LEVI.

      he is a blood relation of rothschild, the german jew.

      if you wanna know more about MN Roy who founded marxism in india- punch into google search-


      the indian communist IDIOTS do not know that marx, stalin, lenin , trotsky are all Jews.

      they all deserve each other

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. Sir,

    Please exhume all that you know about gurus and everything else. In the long run, nothing is more beneficial for humanity then truth.

    1. hi ls,

      i will NOT write anything , even if it is true-- which will cause a severe heart ache to the good desh bhakt sikh.

      these misguided khalistanis have no idea who all were used as political pawns .

      nor does the LTTE know.

      nor do the NAXALS know.

      punch into google search-




      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Hi Captain,

    Awesome again.It is amazing that reading about True Sons of the soil brings such great inner peace ,valour and purpose to life...and vice I mean when I take dinner and watch "Prime time news" it is as if all energy is being sucked up..But Banda to this guy...Sir,I am waiting for Rana Pratap & Shivaji posts..Also three unrelated points..

    1) As per my understanding treta means three and duapar means then how is that it is said..satyug,treta,duapar,kali..why do they say 3 before 2..I asked my mom..she pondered and then said ask "Your Captain" :)

    2) Whatever we would start in family would start like bullet and then somehow get stuck..anything.. buying a house..selling it...job's marriage...everything would be going fine and then suddenly would stop...Can we do a puja or something to get this thing rectified or are we as a family only day dreaming of something wrong...

    3) This is only thanks to you..Yesterday our new neighbour came to our house.."Dont you want to grow..rise in life..make extra income..i have secured my retirement.." AMWAYYYYYYYYYY.. I had already informed my family about the fraud that these guys are doing courtesy your post...WE HAD AWESOME FUN...NONE OF US SPOKE...we kept listening...looking at each other with mystery smiles..but when he said "LOOK AT THIS CD..THIS CD HAS TRANSFORMED ME"..we burst into laughter..poor guy didn't understand...Really what absolute phoney crooks..When my Baba Ramdev Toothpaste is working fine why should i go for 500 rs paste?? what rubbish..

    Thanks & Regards

    1. hi,

      i alsogot stuck with amway friends-- i did NOT want to break old friendships so i used to buy amway carwash --till it got over one day.

      then i went to a kirana store and bough a car wash costing 1/5 of the amyway car wash -- and to my surprise it washed better.

      the TUPPERWARE beady eyed kitty party female look is 100 times worse than the AMWAY trying to earn a living , male look.

      the cow of DHARMA is on 3 feet in Treta Yuga, on two feet in Dwapara Yuga .

      let me tell my experience in life.

      it has been a record with me, when whenever something BAD happens , later i do some hindsight and then i know that i have gained multifold. but for the bad incident i wouldnot have gained later.

      so today I welcome anything bad. i say " come on your bad thing -- take me on head long !"

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. Captain,

    Advanced wishes for 1000 Followers it is 999 Now...!!!!!


    1. hi sumesh,

      thanks maan !

      but really i do NOT really bother about the number of followers.

      i am on my VANAPRASTA DHARMA of resurrecting bharatmata and hindusim to its original glory.

      somebody has to do it .

      all the indian christians and muslims who were born into these religions due to the effects of sword and sops -- can see for themselves what a huge mistake their forefathers made.

      they have to look to foreign countries like saudi arabia and italy for solace.

      if you see in this post above - hundreds of sikhs and hindus accepted painful death -- than being converted to islam.

      nowadays my job in the evenings is to surf between 7 evangelist malayalam channels of christianity -

      extravagant and loud rhetoric rules -- indians imitate the melodramatic black pastors of USA

      i have so much of fun !!

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Yes sir, you are correct. I have good laugh on seeing Angel TV and Asirvadham Channel. The christians make good fun

  11. Namaskar Guruji,

    Its in news that Namo will be declared next BJP's PM candiadte. Also Subramanium Swami is merging his party with BJP. isn't they are deciding too early as congress will definately fix them in some fake case as they have got a total control over CBI.
    I am waiting as when these media people are going to Gujrat interviewing people on Godra riots as the elections are approaching.

    What is your perception & prediction .


  12. Sir,

    In sheer size and content, this post is the mother of all your posts. Hats off!!

    Looking forward to more such. I can understand the hours of data collection, painstaking research and solid reasoning in connecting the dots. Great!

    Padmanabhan R

  13. Sir, can u please increase the width of the content area of the blog ?Some pics are shown rotated to fit..