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This post is in response to one of my readers.

When my elder son was doing his ME at Cornell University , USA he narrated an amusing scene at campus on Skype, which caught the eyeballs of all.

The Tamilian students had chartered a bus , decorated it with the film posters of Enthiran ( Robot ) and were driving down to a nearby city to watch the movie.  The bus was jam packed with noisy revelers, like what you get to see after winning a world cup soccer finals--  with a couple of Japs thrown in for good measure.

They were the cynosure of all eyes,  and none of this made sense to any- including my son

So I had to explain that the people of Japan fell in love with a dubbed movie "Muthu" starring Rajnikanth. 

It is now standard practice for Japs to fly down all the way to Chennai to attend the first day release of Rajnikanth's movies.

In addition to the movie they get to see the emotional fireworks of his die hard fans. His fanatic fans totally in awe would do puja, break coconuts, burst crackers, distribute free sweets-- you get to see the works.

And when the movie started , there would be thunderous applause when Rajni-saar first appeared on screen. The audience laughed when he laughed , they cried when he cried, they sulked when he took the first punch and they burst into rapturous cheers and threw confetti when he hammered ze bad guys.

When Rajni hit them bad guys , they stayed hit--as simple as that. A couple of uppity elite might smirk at his gravity defying jumps, or when he kicks three prime asses with two feet . But then who cares- as long as the masses love it and they lap it up.

His unique mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and style tailored dialogue delivery on screen are the trade secrets of his astonishing mass popularity and appeal.   The man with the Midas touch pulls out all stoppers on screen .

Did someone say that anybody can do all this -- well sonny-boy, that is not the way the cookie crumbles. You need to create a sense of entertainment among viewers to achieve this. 

You need to have the ability to connect with everyone in theaters- it makes them stop demanding answers. The only actor, whose movie tickets sell like hot cakes on the first day is Rajinikanth.
It will be no exaggeration to declare that Rajinikath is the most loved film star on this planet. He has been in the industry for 30 years --and he is getting more love with every passing day.

Every movie of his would have a punch line--the audience knew it.  Finally when the invariable happened , they would cry WOW! -- and that would be the talk of the town for the next 3 months.

“Andavan solran, Arunachalam seiran.”  

“God decrees, Arunachalam delivers.”

The audience slips from the edge of their seats and jumps on their feet.



To decode the Rajini phenomenon Grady Hendrix, a writer at, once wrote, “If a tiger had sex with a tornado and then their tiger-nado baby got married to an earthquake, their offspring would be Rajinikanth.”

Rajnikanth's  image is larger than life, in a way you can hardly imagine. Over the years his mass base has swelled--even with people who have never seen his movies , but just seen flashes of him on TV.  For some it is impossible to fathom, the method behind all this madness

On the Internet you find Rajini jokes --if RajiniCANT nobody CAN. --all in good humor.

Rajinikanth doesn't answer Nature's call. Nature attends Rajinikanth's

Rajinikanth doesn’t wear a watch. He decides what time it is.

Rajnikanth once wrote a cheque, the bank bounced!

When GOD got shocked he exclaimed  Oh my Rajnikanth!!

Rajniknath knows what came first, the egg or the hen!

Rajni chahte hain ke big boss confession room main aye

He is the highest paid actor in Asia due to his amazing on screen charisma , and has worked in over 150 films-yet he is a simple , unassuming, courteous and god fearing man. . 

He does not carry his screen image in real life and he acts his 62 years age--sans ego . People love humble and generous celebrities. He is NOT the kiss and tell type philanthropist.

He is not even conventionally handsome. He has NIL starry airs and displays a remarkable absence of flashiness.  Those who haven't watched a Rajini movie are left perplexed by the frenzied crowds every new film draws.  But there's no denying Rajini Saar's appeal,

Born in an impoverished Maharashtrian family , to a policeman, he struggled to make both ends meet . He secured a low paying job as a bus conductor in Bangalore. 

A born performer , happy go lucky Rajni kept his passengers amused with his daily gibberish and mimics of top film stars . People loved to ride his BTS bus and were happy when he took in their two penny advise, on how to be a better performer.

Fate smiled on him and he got to act on stage as Duryodhana . He was instantly noticed and he was given a break by the Tamil movie director K Balachander as a villain in Apoorva Raagangal.  It takes a Balachander to spot raw talent. 

The veteran director, it seems, confided in his close friend and associate Ananthu, “Watch out! There is a fire in the young man’s eyes. One day he will take Tamil Nadu by storm.”

There was NO lookin' back and he went from strength to strength and soon built up the most dedicated fan following on this planet.. He truly made it large--in the right sense.

People friendly themes like respect for the aged parents,  helping the downtrodden  and the underdog,  hard work , the power of self-help,  flimsiness of materialism,  preponderance of relationships  over money, listening to the voice of conscience , repeatedly featured in his songs and movies . 

He stayed aloof from media attention when the rest of the ego laden stars were hungry for the limelight.  A true ascetic, he even went on pilgrimage to the Himalayas.

Two days ago on 12th Dec 2012,   Rajinikanth’s birthday is not his to celebrate alone. Around the country, his fans organized blood donation camps, pujas at temples, charity events to garner financial aid for the needy and even special lunches at old-age homes. 

In a rare coincidence  this day falls on 12-12-12, a unique day which occurs once in a 100 years.

The Mega star  has produced a medley of hits, unmatched by anyone who have been in the film industry for so long-- 30 years of it.  People cannot have enough of his cigarette toss, his corny walk, his sunshades flip, his chuckle and his giggles on screen-- he can be a good comedian too, unlike MGR.

Once to spite him,  his neighbour ex-actress Jayalalitha’s ( Chief Minister ) minion watchdog police stopped his car in a huge crowd , ( waiting to see her ) till she passed through.   It was to impress upon Rajni , the immense popularity of Jayalalitha .  Rajni was tired after a shooting shift and wanted to get home,  so he got out of the car and started walking towards his home at Poes gardens. The entire cheering crowd followed him, and it turned out to be a case where the spit fell on the own face. There can be no retribution as severe as this.

Yes he has earned love and respect- unlike the others who demanded it , and sulked when they did not get it. 

He is the only actor on the planet who gave back money to the producer/distributors when one of his films did NOT do as well as expected.

He says that his most valuable possession is the appreciation letter from K.Balachander for the film "Mullum Malarum"-- speaks a lot of inherent gratitude and his moral fibre.  

Gratitude is the noblest of all virtues and is the parent of all other human virtues.  Grateful people have memories stored inside their hearts. 

It was indeed a fine poet who wrote " Blow, blow, thou winter wind, and chill my bones- thou art not so unkind as man's ingratitude" . 

Rajnikant,  if you read this post,  you must know that you are destiny’s child.   If you join politics and provide a clean government to uplift poor and downtrodden people,  your name will be engraved on rock for ever.



  1. I am a fan of rajini in my school days. But today when I watch rajini movies, I feel how stupid I was. None of his movies had any story. Except Billa, Anbukku Naan Adimai (plus few movies) none had story. Yet his movies were hit and is a super star. I think God is with him nothing else.
    Kamal Hassan takes better movies and due to some obscene scenes Kamal movies flop.

    1. Well Rajni is Rajni. Your Kamal Hassan cannot act in a similar way like Rajni. Rajni believes in God and his personal character is too great to compare with anyone. I dont know as to why you are jealous of him.

  2. Rajini has the charisma to woo audience of any age. Even 4 - 5 year old kids (apparently with no option of their minds corrupted) become his fans.

    Inspite of Rajini not having any of the qualities an actor should IDEALLY have (height, body, skin complexion, acting skills, age) he breaks every record, when it comes to box office collections and fanbase.

    Even though I was a die hard Kamal fan, of late I started to admire Rajini - the phenomenon.

  3. Dear Capt,

    thanks for this post which gave a lot of joy, Rajnikanth has been idol for all age groups which is a wonder!! i am his fan from my school days and today even my schoolgoing kids love him not only the new movies but old ones also!! He makes everyone turn which is ultimate for mass entertainer!!


  4. Wow Capt,
    Thanks for this wonderful post, you need to be Rajini Fan to understand the phenomenon.
    BTW as seeker I also admire him, after padayappa there was long gap and then made the movie Baba .That was the time he was into Kundalini practice and you can see the effect in the Knife used in baba.
    He is also very knowledgeable he says Sanskrit is Devalipi and should not be mispronounced, I did not know the meaning unless read your post about Sanskrit.
    -Venkat, Chennai.

  5. Sorry request has nothing to do with the present posts

    Do You follow/research about the shamed Indian National Sport.....CRICKET

    Please research & post on the History of BCCI & also the inside stories of few of Indian Demi-Gods

    1. hi dnm,

      cricket is played by 8.5 ( eight and a half ) countries on this planet.

      if you are not first, you are last at -- 8.5 spot.

      where is the glory in being no 1 in cricket -- unlike soccer where almost all the 196 odd countries play.

      how can we compare a paper tiger like sachin tendulkar to a world champion like usain bolt-- who is the fastest among 7000 million people.

      why are we losing perspective?

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Namaste
      don't forget Viswanathan Anand.
      and RAjini joke
      Ram and Ravan were in serious war. Suddenly Ravan saw a man standing behind Ram.

      Ravan: chal ok bye!!

      Ram: par kyu?

      Ravan: Kuchh nahi... bas bye!!

      Ram: arre bata toh kya hua?
      Ravan: Yaar tune choti si baat pe Rajnikant ko bula liya.

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  7. Rajini is a man with MIDAS TOUCH.

    Suhurtham !

  8. Hi Sir,
    Can u confirm any haarp like divine weapons been used in this week in near mavelikara and got a chance to click..My mail id is reply Captn

    1. hi raj,

      haarp is NOT a divine weapon.

      what happened at mavelikara?


      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi Sir,
      If haarp is not a divine weapon then which all are divine weapons?
      I had got a chance to click some pics in which clouds where in round ring shape...Capt. Can you confirm whether this is haarp or wood pecker like weapon?

    3. hi raj,

      just because a ring shape is seen -it does NOT mean HAARP is involved.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Hi Ajit ji,
      i hope that you have noticed the climatic change.Now we have a moody climate with severe cold which we have never been seen in our area
      Also i travelled to trivandrum..surprisingly it was moody climate but hot

    5. hi Ajit ji
      Hope you will reply and would like to know about divine weapons

    6. hi raj,

      i have put a para about divine weapons . punch into google search




      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hi anuj,

      young india does not lie in saint xavier's college mumbai-- will kudi , convent , car etc as priorities--

      it is not about the content of the book-- his books are childish and lack cerebral content.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. hi sir
    my name is tejas memane i like ur blog and i am very glad that i found such good things to read can you please write an article on the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
    ps are u on facebook

    1. hi tejas,

      i am not on face book.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Pera Kettale Chumma Adhirudhule..

    Awesome post sir..

    Thanks a lot...

  12. Great article sire, why not an article on 'Akshayapatra' world's largest mid-day noon meal programme for government school kids run by ISKCON bangalore?

  13. Captain, you are absolutely right, Rajni is not just an amazing actor and artist- but a good human being. The fact he is not yet stepped into politics is itself a exhibition of his humility. iMagine what will happen if he steps into politics. it will be watershed! he will become the next PM of India

  14. Some people have AURA. They are feeded Grandur with golden spoon. Rajnikant is one of them. He is a very clean person and innocent at heart with genuine desire to help the needy. This puts him in the club of "FEW GOOD MEN"

    But so far as acting skill is concerned I will differ.He is OK in this department. But As I mentioned earlier, even this OK is enough to create hysteria, coz he has AURA.

    Acting equals KAMAL HASAN. Who can forget his classic performance in VELU NAYAKAN which inspired Feroz Khan to direct "DAYAWAN". Although Nayakan was Mani Ratnam's tribute to Godfather, which is every Movie Director's wish list.

    By the way Gangnam style is nothing new. This is what our DESI UNCLES do when they are high on WHISKY. Good for PSY..Korea will be known for more than Nano-technologists.

    1. yeah.
      kamal hasan puts on a show even in real life.
      he is fake itself

  15. Enjoyed your Writing, Capt.

    There is a video on Youtube, which, sort of, tells you how humble he is:
    Amazing personality. Have not seen many of his movies- but as a human being- he is outstanding. "Aura" is right.
    Thanks and keep writing.

  16. Jeet Datta

    January 22, 2014 at 10:24 AM
    Namaskar Ajitji,

    one off track question for you,
    what do u think abut Cho Ramaswamy and Thuglak (why such a name) magazine.
    Do you think Cho is a desh-bhakt.

    please enlighten us.



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    January 22, 2014 at 5:30 PM
    hi jd,

    Cho introduced political satire into theatre with a touch of class. His 50-year career spans law, theatre, journalism, politics, TV and cinema, and hence you cannot ignore him. No political discussion on TV in Tamil Nadu is complete without Cho's witty repartee.

    Newspapers quote him liberally, theatre lovers throng his plays, and readers swear by every word printed in Thuglak, his Tamil weekly. But for Cho Tamil atheists would have destroyed Hinduism.
    Sharp witted and God fearing Cho had ridiculed Atheist Karunanidhi .“ Here is a CM who wants to know , in which Engineering college did Lord Rama study to build the Sethusamudram bridge?”

    `Vande Mataram', a teleplay by `Cho' S. Ramaswamy, is a tribute to the sacrifices of numerous individuals for the cause of Independence. So I guess he is a patriot for EVR Periyar would have burnt the CD.

    Karunanidhi is NO longer an atheist-and he has been secretly funding Temples in Tamil Nadu.

    You see this is what happens when you are nearing the sunset of your life have to meet your creator soon.

    "Spending money on temple renovation would not help the DMK government fetch any votes," said Cho Ramaswamy, political commentator and editor of Tamil magazine Thuglaq.

    Cho has always been a rabble rouser.

    MGR and Jayalalitha have discarded EVR Periyar’s rationalism long back.

    To find out how EVR Periyar conspired with BR Ambedkar to destroy Hindusim and support British rule—

    Punch into Google search-



    Every Indian must read above two posts- It is about two desh drohis. It is NOT about people who ran down Hindusim.

    capt ajit vadakayil