Wednesday, October 10, 2012



My son who works abroad , will NOT play this song.  Though he is a wizard on the piano-- he wont !

I guess it may be difficult-- for your motherland is NOT just a lump of earth.

( Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera
Tujhe Hai Pukara....
Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahin Sakta )...(2)

Mitti Ki Hai Jo Khushboo, Tu Kaise Bhulayega
Tu Chahe Kahin JaYeh, Tu Laut Ke Aayega
Nayee-Nayee Rahon Mein, Dabi-Dabi Aahon Mein
Khoyeh-Khoyeh Dil Se Tere Koi yeh Kahega
Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera
Tujhe Hai Pukara....
Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahin Sakta

Tujhse Zindagi Hai Yeh Kah Rahi
Sab To Pa Liya, Ab Hai Kya Kami
Yun To Sare Sukh Hai Barse, Par Door Tu Hai Apne Ghar Se
Aa Laut Chal Tu Ab Deewane, Jahan Koi To Tujhe Apna Mane
Aawaz De Tujhe Bulane, Wohi Des
Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera
Tujhe Hai Pukara....
Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahin Sakta

Yeh Pal Hai wohi, Jismein Hain Chhupi
Poori Ik Sadi, Sari Zindagi
Tu Na Pooch Raaste Mein Kahe, Aaye Hain Is Tarah Dorahe
Tu Hi To Hai Raah Jo Sujhayeh, Tu Hi To Hai Ab Jo Yeh Batayeh
JaYeh To Kis Disha Mein Jayeh, Wohi Des
Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera
Tujhe Hai Pukara....
Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai Jo Kabhi Toot Nahin Sakta

this land of yours, your motherland is calling out to you --  

this is a bond which can never break — 

do you still remember the scents of your land ?-- 

you can go anywhere but you'll always come back —

for at every new path, every sigh of yours from your lost heart — 

will whisper to you -  there is a land of yours , your motherland —

your conscience now tells you - 

you have achieved everything what you had set out to seek --  

what else is left --  material happiness has been showered on you - 

but you're far away from your mother --  

come back oh lost one in a strange land –  

come where at least someone will call you their own— 

to your own country – to a land that is truly yours .....

hark-- this very moment has in it --  a whole lifetime— 

for you are now at the crossroads -- 

you must choose the path -- you must choose which path to take--  

to bring you back to this land of yours....

Oh boy-- this English translation sucks.

Great writing by Javed Akhtar ,  great music and voice by Oscar winner AR Rahman—


I challenge any Indian abroad to listen to the song with headphones, and not get misty eyed. 

By the way 4 out of 10 souls in NASA are Indians--  

NO!  they are NOT there as cheap labour.  They never get to be seen in photographs though!


In the video below-

if any Indian abroad see this clip and does NOT get tears in his eyes -- he does NOT have 100% Indian DNA. 

In which case he is better off abroad!

In the video below, the parting gift is priceless--Indian culture in a small wooden box.  

When the World Trade Centre fell down, a minister from India went to New York to express our condolences.  

A priceless gift was given, a gold urn containing clay from all the holy rivers of India-- in great reverence, to be put at the memorial site and mixed with the soil ..  

In return he got 2 baseball caps , literally thrown at him -- with the logo of the New York Fire Brigade. 

So the Indian Minister, took one put it on his head -- and returned the other saying, that he has only one head. 

You need wisdom to understand this!

Gifts which must touch the soul-- are FREE !

At home when I go for functions, I wear a Mundu -- the Kerala mundu does NOT take it from between the legs like in the video below.   

By the way my hand amde Kerala mundus cost more than a 3 piece Saville Row  suit-- 

Sometimes I am the odd man out , among  thousands in a wedding reception hall -- with everybody else wearing natty pants, 

I feel good in it-- this is who I am!!

Does anyone realise the value of the FREE Internet?



  1. hi Captain,
    After knowing that i am living in this world full of lies, i concluded that one must live like a free bird. As i responsible for my karma, my soul, my body, why should i listen to media/people surrounding me/book etc what is good for me and what is not! Who the HELL these people are to tell me that i should buy from WALMART and i should take HORLIKS/BOURNVITA. Do HELL with this propaganda. My guruji use to say, don't believe any thing as belief led to violence. He always use to tell me, watch this sky, clouds, sunset, full moon, stars and live close to nature. I think this is where one can build stronger conscience.

  2. after reading the your post captain i really do understand the value of internet...way to go...cheerss

  3. In the Video "Paani to Paani" SRK forgets to return the water glass to the boy.

    1. hi,

      that is a disposable , environmental friendly and hygenic glass.

      rather , it is a matka -- a clay pot.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Respected Sir,
      It is with great difficulty and after much hesitation and apprehension that am writing to you had asked your readers to post your comments on websites and spread it on social media.i am unable to do it had warned such readers to stay away from your blogs.i have not been able to read your blogs since then.could you forgive me and permit me to read your blogs please and your blogs hold a special place in my life.please don't get angry, irritated with me sir.
      Thank you


  4. Respected Sir,
    Do I have your permission to read your blogs sir.... thank you very much for your kindness.
    Thank you

  5. Respected Sir,
    Yippee !! Thank you very much sir.
    The first blog of yours that I read was that of king cobra and snake temples of kerala.i believe that God took me to you.when you put that warning in that blogpost also you had put a picture of vava Suresh holding the king was like a sign sir.i could not get past that and your warning without your express permission.i wish and pray for the best of the best for you and your family and regards to you and Ma'm.
    Thank you

  6. Respected Sir,
    Sir you had granted me permission to read your blogs even though am unable to do what you have asked i.e spread your blogs/messages on social media/websites.
    Now you have asked such people to stay away from your blogsite with grave consequences/misfortune otherwise.
    Do I have your permission to continue reading your blogs please sir even if am not able to spread your messages/posts on social media like how you asked....
    This request is for my lifetime sir as I have to muster courage to write to you this way which requires great effort and energy as I am terrified of your reply and your fierce temper.
    Thank you

  7. Respected Sir,
    Yahooooo !! Thank you very much dear sir for your kindness!it has not sunk in yet(your reply).was terrified to see your reply!You have psyched my mind with those messages which say grave life is in a bad shape and that is the last thing I would want to happen to me.i do believe what you say will happen because you are no ordinary soul!you have powerful eyes sir and if at all am lucky to meet you and Ma'm and if you give a stare I might freeeeeze or run for my life like Usain Bolt! have to confess that I do feel guilty that am not doing what you asked please forgive me,will try to work on it.your blogs mean the world to me!
    taking this opportunity to get your blessings seeking good health and good you and Ma'm and wish the moon for you and your loved ones!
    Good day 😃😁

  8. Realised my mistake, sorry for being selfish sir.kindly forgive me.