Thursday, November 1, 2012



Cats are underestimated. They can learn complex tasks, especially if the reward is food.

In highly structured tests of learning ability, cats often outperformed dogs in the ability to master conceptual problems.

Cat's have the ability to master "oddity learning" in which the animal is shown three objects and is rewarded for selecting the one that is most unlike the other two. In the test, cats learned to paw a square block rather than two round blocks presented at the same time, because food was hidden beneath the square block.

They are capable of forming attachments to people and communicating their needs and wants. They are capable of "instinctual thought."

They have personalities - and that may mean that they don't hesitate to demand whatever they want, be it food, play, or to be left alone.

How do cats get our attention? Those with louder "voices" may meow at their owners endlessly. They may also follow you around, insist on sitting on your laps , or rub against your ankles. All of these are signs that the cat uses to say "I'm here! Pay attention to me!" 

I saw my cat up on my dining room table, trying to eat the fired fish from the top floor . When I walked down the stairs to the dining room, she quickly jumped onto the chair that she usually sleeps on, and pretended she was sleeping!

All my three cats know how to open door handles. They know how to press the knob and open the microwave too.

Cats, like humans, have binocular vision that gives them depth perception.

Twice my cats warned my wife when a snake came into our compound.  Once when it entered our house.

Cats are far more independent and can take care of themselves better.

Provide adequate food and water and a cat can be left home alone for a few days while you go on vacation, dogs can't.

Cats have a personality are too intelligent to perform on command, unlike dogs who are “follow the leader” type pack animals..  The solitary cat answers to no one and is motivated by the sole need to survive. 

Cats have excellent memory, and positive experiences are just as easily stored and recalled, particularly if they have to do with food or play.  

Many of them also have an uncanny ability to know the hour of their regular feeding time.  They will wake up the sleeping owner by nibbling on the toes.  

Our cats respond to the name call by looking into the eyes, with an instant MEOW.

Cats can be toilet trained.  Outdoors they dig a hole for a crap and cover it up. Indoors they go through the same motions as programmed in their DNA.

Dogs will take a command, cats do as "they" please. Owning a cat is a good forerunner of marriage. You learn that you cannot control another living being, or expect someone to do everything you want.

Cats give themselves a bath.

Cat owners are smarter than dog owners. The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard cats. A cat has absolute emotional honesty, human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat is not a hypocrite.

If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave.

It is such a joy to see them early in the morning chasing butterflies and squirrels. 

I have seen a squirrel PLAY DEAD for 3 hours , and then when I shooed my cat away ( who was toying around with it with such determination ) , the squirrel just took off like a bullet.

When it comes to small babies, cats show some uncharacteristic patience!

And remember-- a cat MEOWS only for a human being -- for nobody else!-- unlike dogs who are "bark and growl happy" !!



  1. Reading every blog of yours starting from 2009. You must publish a book or so. You are brilliant!

  2. I had a tom cat who lived for 6 years and was a part of my family. My mom treated him as her third kid along with me and my sis..and he used to get all the attention whenever from us, when he wanted. Still miss him..!

  3. Hello captain,
    Very often cats like to take a nap on our knees while we sleep. Why is this ? Do the lymph nodes on our knees make the knees warmer during sleep?

    1. hi j,

      just establishing ownership .

      the other way would be to pee on your legs.

      when you work on your laptop ,your pet cat will sit on the keyboard. be careful when you lift it up,as a couple of keys will come up along with it -- happened to me twice.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Namaste!
    You have advised not to touch cats whiskers, why?

    1. hi ar,

      Whiskers are the cats SIXTH SENSE.

      A cat trusts nothing unless it is put to its whisker test. A cats emotional honesty is due to its whiskers. It is a feelings sensor.

      Cats have on an average 24 mystacial whiskers . These are super antennas— able to detect depressions in the SPACE TIME FABRIC. It is alert to slightest stimuli and protects them even while sleeping, as it can sense AURAS ( energy ) and temperature signatures.

      The whiskers supplement the cats sense of hearing and sight, by a strange parallel processing in its brain. This is the reason why they say the cat has superior hearing sense. Whiskers can sense the air draft caused by sound. To make your cat blink just touch its whiskers, as they are rooted in a nerve ending and blood vessel rich area.

      The cat does NOT like the natural alignment of its whiskers , in place due to electrostatic charge to be disturbed. To feel the ticklish charge just lightly brush your lips or nose tip on the whiskers of your cat. This is the reason if you feed your cat from a narrow mouthed bowl, it will take the food else where.

      The whisker hair strand acts as a DIPOLE antenna ( quarter wave rod, representing one half of a dipole , the other ground half being the cat's face ) where HF waves induce weak electrical currents. Cats love to sleep at telluric line crossings.

      Cats are known to have traveled hundreds of miles to find their owners in new homes to which they themselves have never been. -called psi (psychic) trailing. Scientists have not been able to find a physiological or psychological explanation for this ability. The secret lies in the whiskers. In extremely dim light, a cat may feel its way by using its whiskers.

      The cat uses its whiskers in conjunction with its tail to land on its feet after a jump— a natural righting reflex.

      Mother cats remove the whiskers of the kittens till they are capable of fending for themselves and explore.. The whiskers give the cat intuition .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  5. Dear Captain,

    I have always been a lover of cats.
    Even sometimes whenever a stray cats come near home, feel for it and have given milk whenever possible. Our house owner says, once you feed, they'll always be hunting there.

    Also have always been advised against having a cat as a pet for two reasons ( as advised by ppl)

    1) It's a bit strange not sure, if you call it mythical)
    The cat always pray that the owner who feeds it be blind and in the process chances are that the owner of the cat will be become blind one-day.

    2) Although they have good toilet habits (put they potty in an ground and cover it), sometimes when they vomit, the smell becomes horrible to bear and wouldn't go even after 3-4 days.
    Once this had happened and it was a bit disgusting.

    Also have a 6 month kid; Is it advisable to have a pet cat in home now (Considering the fur hairs are dangerous, if it enters our body/ kids stomach via food)

    Also you have a very good black cat. They say black cats are good in home as they ward off black magics. (Not sure about this.)

    Looking forward to clear this confusion and help me with clarify.
    I would always be happy to own a cat; they are friendly too.

    Grace & Peace

    1. hi p6,

      some christian priests keep black cats for the falthu AWE factor.

      like you see sadguru jaggi vasudev dealing with a kind cobra--

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Dear Captain,

    I don't want to keep cats for the Awe factor. Generally do not want to keep Dogs as Pets, considering one should know how to tame it.

    Please advise & clear my ignorance :-).

    Grace & Peace..

    1. hi p6,

      the west keep dogs as they give unconditional love -- and brings some mental peace into their loveless lives.

      i said BLACK cats for the awe factor --

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Ahh ok. Thanks Captain.

    Grace & Peace.

  8. Respected captain,

    we have a mid aged dog in my home and doctor insisted not to get its mating done because he said it will run away from the home so we din't get its mating done.

    now my problem is regarding my brother's marriage ,he is 29 and we are not able to find a perfect match for him yet even after seeing many alliance . do you think its because of bad karma of preventing our dog from mating?

    i don't even know if iam being foolish asking this but please kindly answer me. thanks in advance.

    1. hi rkvj,

      no connection with your brother's marriage.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Capt.,
    What about black cats crossing your path?

    1. hi hd,

      it means the cat is travelling from point A to B.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. Which cat is better white or black? I have seen national geographic series about pet animals transfer disease such as cat with their panja to human being and parasite live in our body tell us something about this

  11. Hi captain,happy to read your blogs,I stumbled on it accidently,can't remember how:). can you please tell us something about Men in black..also have you heard about a book called as alien identities??

  12. In pets (Cat Vs Dog) it is said that when there is an increase in the family member then dog is generally happy as dog thinks that dog will get more affection, whereas the cat feels sad as cat thinks now the attention of owner is more divided. Also, you forgot to mention the loyalty part.

    1. I have 5 cats, 3 males 2 females, all of them play with each other and us, we enjoy their company.



    The Bovis scale, is used dowsers , to quantify the strength of TELLURIC energy.
    The Hartmann grid is associated with the Earth’s magnetic field and is lifted from ancient Sanskrit texts. . Its lines measure between 8 and 12 inches in width approximately. These lines are spaced about 6 feet apart in the north-south direction and about 10 feet apart in the east-west direction.

    However, these values can vary immensely depending on geographical location.

    Cats love to sleep on telluric lines. Cats thrive on negative energies, and will always locate certain kinds of negative BEM grid nodes, for recharging themselves.

    Twelve hours before any earthquake tremors are felt anywhere in the world the BEM telluric grids undergo a change.

    At the actual time of earthquake the grids encircling the entire globe are badly shaken, and it takes about half an hour after the earthquake for them to become normal.

    Cats go crazy.

    These energy fields are termed Bio-Electro Magnetic Fields (BEM)

    The Hindu PAGANS of Rome , Celt Druids , and IMHOTEP of egypt oriented all the buildings with respect to the BEM grids.

    The intensity of these telluric BEM grids is not consistent throughout the day and the year. There arecyclic variations but these have a fixed pattern.

    For example, the concept of Brahmamuhurta, an extraordinarily auspicious time, is related to sudden, very high positive intensities of the BEM telluric grids between the period 0200 to 0500 hours everyday.

    The presence of an underground body of water is a must, as water also emanates BEM energy fields.

    ZERO Bovis represents no energy. 6,500 Bovis is the normal human,physical body energy if there isno disease of any kind in thesystem. An indication of lower physical energies of the body is a sign of disease, infection or a medical problem.

    The lower the body’s energy the more significant the disease, ultimately leading to death.

    6,500 Bovis to 16,000 Bovis are the energies of the different chakras of the body; these are also reflected in the different cultures as concentration of energy in the sanctum sanctorum or garbhagriha in HINDU TEMPLES. This is why churches and mosques have been traditionally MADE ON TOP OF TEMPLES. For they know they don’t have the energy sensitive SEER expertise.

    My wife tells me at what perimeter a Shiva lingam energy kicks in. Churches and mosques have traditionally recognized the wisdom of the Hindu chakras—they don’t like to admit it however

    In PAGAN ( Hindu ) wisdom the earth energies (BEM grid radiations and radiations of underground streams of water, faults in the earth, cavities below surface, etc.,) were all graphically represented by snakes. Garuda holding snakes under each claw and not allowing the snakes to mingle or cross, signified mastery over these earth energies.

    In man each cell of the body is like a radio receiver with its own characteristic frequency. Each cell in the body receives fundamental energies in the form of vibrations from the earth and nature. In our present technological world, man is being inundated not only by the telluric and cosmic energies, but by many more negative energy radiations such as those due to the generation, transmission, utilization of lectricity, television antennae and tubes, overhead and underground water tanks, reinforced cement concrete buildings and structures, synthetic materials and clothes; the list is unending.

    1. Also, we are more affected by these energies at our place of sleep and our place of work, as the body is stationary for alonger period at these places. These negative energy fields disrupt the vibrational energy of the cells in the areas they intersect the body, resulting in disease over a period of time.






      I had a Varma neighbor who made an outdoor shitpot toilet at KANNI MOOLA. Varmas are rulers of Krala. They daughter eloped . They lost their wealth.

      They sold their home to Jains ( my junior at school ).

      Both my junior and his wife dies of cancer immediately after moving in. I told his son, about Vaastu and the toilet at NW Kanni moola . He broke the toilet the same hour.

      SO WE HINDUS ARE SAVAGES-- as per BR Ambedkar, EVR Periyar, Mahatrma Phule saab, Kancha Ilaiya SQUEAK , UR Ananthamurty, Kalburgi, Pansare, Dhabholkar etc , right ?

      And I am a CHOOT for checking 400 horoscopes before I chose a bride for my elder son ?

      Well they have marital bliss.

      So, so -- only Benami media award winners , Literary fest drohis ad TIME top 100 intellectuals are right ?

      WRONG !

      Capt ajit vadakayil

  14. This would have saved some of my relationships

    Dogs will take a command, cats do as "they" please. Owning a cat is a good forerunner of marriage. You learn that you cannot control another living being, or expect someone to do everything you want.