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In 1839, Capt TS Burt , an engineer of the British East India Company stumbled on to some huge stone block structures in a dense forest infested with wild animals and snakes.  

It was getting dark, so he came back the next day with a huge work force to clear the thicket , and what they saw struck the wind out of their sails. They were least prepared for a sight, out of this world. In an area of 9 square miles they found 85 vandalized temples, of which 25 were partially intact.  

Amazing erotic sculptures lay shattered everywhere with hammers , the work of mindless Muslim invaders 650 years before. 

Since then the whole area was uninhabited. 

 Much later it was found out that a Mughal Sanskrit scholar Abū al-Rayhān Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Bīrūn had visited the temple complex in AD 1022 while he accompanied the Muslim invader Mahmud of Ghazni . Mahmud 's soldiers raped even dead Hindu women. 

Ghazni plundered gold from the temple . Al Birun stole all important texts in Astronomy, Science, Maths and Medicine which he would translate later to Arabic and Persian.  

The Moroccan Arab traveler Ibn Battuta visited the ruined temple complex in AD 1335 and had written about the temple structure . No cement was used. Huge blocks of granite some as heavy as 20 tons , were fitted in place and the temples was held together by gravity.  

The Chandela Rajput Dynasty who built these temples belonged to the Tantric Vamachara of left handed branch of Hinduism.

See the video below

There are two ways to a goal.  An acceptable to society front door entry and an unacceptable and maybe more pleasurable back door entry. Vamachara branch took this back door.

Let me explain the back door entry in a more lucid manner .

On my ship I allow my crew to meditate via the back door every month. It is important for their mental health, in a chemical field fraught with danger.

The motto on board is WORK HARD PLAY HARD. Every day we play with deadly chemicals on our stainless steel chemical tanker. Mind you, this field is merciless and unforgiving.  It saps your will, if you cant win against the elements hurled against you day after day , hour after hour. The work is enervating. 

My wife , who has sailed with me for 9 years , sometimes asks me , listen,  why don't you retire from chemicals tankers and do something more safer.  This will be like asking a tiger who tastes blood daily to eat grass, or a shark which needs the deep ocean salt water ( read as pressure ) to flow past its gills , to swim in a mangy chlorinated swimming pool.  

"Meditation via back door concept " was first propounded by Osho Rajneesh, a very intelligent man-- rather he is the NO 1 genius, to walk on this planet.  He had the answers to life management.  You make yourself dog tired in a medium you love- it could be dancing – it could be sex-- after that you go to sleep.

After the storm comes the peace ( maan, don't ask me how many pieces ) . Piece -- nay-- peace , comes to you whether you like it or not.  I assure my crew continuous rest of 12 hours after such a " meditation " session.

At sea we don't have the pleasure of shoving piece – nay-- peace down our throats, by proper time consuming meditation. When they wake up they feel like babies.

I tell my officers to keep their stripes and attitudes in their cabins , before they come down to the lounge for the party. No coming to the party with old baggage. For they have to jump into the melting pot. They have to place their ego on the back burner or rather melt their egos, and gel with their subordinates, once a month.

I keep a hawk's eye , yet nobody knows this, or cares.  For if a leader cant bond with his team in harmony in times of peace , how can he bond with them when sh#t hits the fan -- in the midst of a raging fire and bodies and limbs strewn around you, after an explosion?

In the party all are equal, nobody is more equal than others.  It is NOT about dancing entirely. We have fun,  we talk , we converse, we sing, we crack jokes, we reminisce.

No one-upmanship,  no putting people in their places,  no chattering minds,  no self delusions-- no hidden agendas,  no over inflated self importance,  no distorted interpretations,  no selective perceptions,  no staring into the rear view mirror,  no self pity,  no resentments.

-- yes—

you may call this Utopia. 

At this very moment if some boss from my company were to suddenly drop from the sky, he would wonder, what the hell?  He will not understand . 

We are now doing the Vamachara .

Ok, put your head phones on and listen to Vamachara by Archerontas, a black metal group. 

This might help you to savvy what follows—  for Black Metal is the Vamachara branch of Rock music. The guitarists use dissonance, along with specific scales, intervals and chord progressions— to create a sense of awe and dread.  Raspy vocals include shrieking, screaming and snarling. 

Having modeled themselves in the Vamachara style, these concerts are highly controversial shows, with impaled animal heads, mock crucifixions,  medieval weaponry and band members doused in animal blood. Black metal artists dress in black with combat boots, bullet belts, spiked wristbands and inverted crosses to reinforce their anti-religious stance.

Now back to Tantra.

Tantrics regard the cosmos as an indivisible whole.

The Sanatana Dharma Vedas do NOT allow mundane worldy pleasures to be woven with the purity spiritual quest.  

In this respect  you can be either in dark and forbidden Vamachara river bank  or bright and accepted Dakshinachara river bank  – not both .  

You are NOT allowed to mix lust with love.  

Both the sides of the river are never to meet from source to the sea.. Tantra sees the river and its banks as a whole—it is a different view altogether. River cannot exist without its banks.

Tantrics are well aware of the Quantum screen and how yin ( Tamas ) became Yang ( Rajas ) via the middle prong Sattwa, in a seamless manner.

The Dakshinachara style is the Vedic style ( right handed path ) were you undergo pain via penance to come into consciousness.  

The Vamachara style ( left handed path ) is done via forbidden pleasures . Yet none of the Tantrics are hedonists as they remain above this base plane.  

This left handed style is now dead. The Vedic right handed style has decimated this Vamachara path. 

Probably few naked tantrics who converge at the 12 yearly Kumbh Mela might still know this science. But they will NOT show that they know it.  

People used to say that a certain “Devarahawa Baba “ was a great master. He might be dead now, even though all call him the “ageless sage” . By the way an ordinary saint is different from the extra-ordinary sage. 

Yatha pindande tatha bhrahmande. Whatever is in the microcosm is also in the macrocosm.

They knew the cosmos is holographic,  including the human body.  The human body belongs to the microcosm , and it has a perfect equation with the macrocosm.   

The human body could send scalar fields to hyperpace by actuating the Mobius coils in the DNA and the blood veins and arteries.

They knew the seven chakras of the human and their powerful equation with the macrocosm.  Tantrics hold the human body as the pinnacle of creation, and they spent their energies in unlocking these amazing secrets by hit and trial or by following a Guru who had already experienced everything.  

They experimented with longitudinal sound waves ( mantras ) , the shape of divine FRACTAL 4D geometry ( Sri Yantra which holds the Theory of Everything ), the VIBGYOR colours attributed to human chakras, the silent communication with the macrocosm with fingers ( mudras ) , the powers of super herbs hallucinates like SOMA for exploding the 5 human senses, the subtle properties of minerals , the power of breathing ( pranayama ) , the positions of the moon ,stars and planets , visualization of chosen dieties while meditating , the organic chemistry of herbs – all this in relation with his own mind , soul and body.  

Chosen deities are called ISHTA DEVATAS -- you choose a god for yourself, whose form or avatar,  you are comfortable with--from hundreds--  only Hinduism affords this total freedom.  

This is the charm of Hinduism .  It does NOT chain you.  Some ridicule that we have too many gods.  

Well we dont think so-- as we like to have the total freedom of choosing from hundreds of paths to the same goal.  We like to be comfortable with what we visualise, after all God is within is . 

Some may NOT like to visualize a god in pain bleeding all over on a cross,  or a god without form  and you are forbidden under pain of death from visualizing it too,  or a god sitting in a boring meditative pose etc.  

There is great power in human conscious CHOICE. What happens to you after 21st Dec 2012,  depends on your conscious CHOICE. 

Fire whch cannot be polluted and which spreads upwards negating the law of gravity , is the centre of all Tantric rituals.  Tantrics can cure people with incurable diseases just by using holy ash from the fire he has meditated on.  This is done in conjunction with astrology and a bit of alchemy and a subtle connection with Akasha or the Zero Point Field . Tantra addresses all concerns of the body, mind and spirit..

Tantra is a highly complex and sophisticated science and hence it requires a Guru to teach you Tantra. 

The Internet is full of thousands of fake charlatan Tantrics wanting free screws with attractive women. Tantric have always shunned the spotlight for millieniums, even by adopting unacceptable behavior, and there is NO way they will advertise their wares by TV and Internet.  

All such people should be put in jail.

To be honest,  Tantra existed before the Vedas were written.  

Even today we have Tantra rituals  ( sans sex ) in Kerala kavus and several temples all over India.  Tantrics can seduce and manipulate , such is their magnetism, but they are not allowed to do that.  

This is why most of them are naked , cover themselves in ash and mud and hold human skulls to revolt the senses of selfish learners who want a crash course in Tantra so that they can grab power in society.  

These Tantrics can sit in the middle of a venomous snake pit filled with hundreds of cobras and vipers and draw a circle around them, which no snake will transgress.

Can you imagine Rasputin having a thousand times more power and perception?

The white Christian invader and their missionary double agents who flooded Indian had one look at Khajuraho temple in Orissa and cried “ Aaaha , Tantra is perverted sex”.  

They already were a bit puzzled with several bizarre things they witnessed like the Great Indian Rope Trick , holy men swimming for hours in a lake full of ice,  hanging upside down on a tall tree by the bent knee for days together , if they fall asleep they die,---

---  staring at the solar eclipse, surviving only on sunlight and water,  stopping the heart beat voluntarily,  hanging by the hair for a whole day, accelerating heartbeat and then reducing the rate as and when told , sleeping on a bed of sharp nails , driving enemies insane without looking at them , walking on fire,  etc.  

They could maintain huge penile erections the whole day in front of a cheering crowd and lift huge boulders with sheer prick power -- or suck water from a bowl by using the penis like a straw, break as many coconuts as you want with their heads , neutralize the bit of a venomous snake , cure small pox---

-- catch thieves by telling a crowd of people inclusive of the thief by holding a “singing bowl” ( lota ) which they would resonate by mental vortex zaps ( the thief will drop it with a bang as if he got an electric shock ),  lead you to lost valuables , making wild beasts follow them like the pied piper etc 

In fact when the British first saw Vivekananda’s guru Swami Paramahamsa, they were surprised to see many incompatible animals and birds following him around in harmony where ever he walked.  

And then they knew something is there behind all this.

For driving enemies insane they concentrate the powers of the mind on the feathers of two natural enemies –say an owl and a crow. They do this at night on a full moon. They further charge the feathers with chillie , salt, neem paste, silently recite INTERNALcontemplative Bhairava mantras ( Bhairava is a powerful form of Shiva ) , manipulate fingers in Mudra signs and bury it a chosen place. 

let me digress-

I had an Estonian IT engineer coming on my ship to retrieve my Satcom communication system which had a virus. He and his wife were running a Kundalini and Mudra school, back home . He has zilch idea what the ancient Vedic science was, yet they were teaching a highly evolved art, where everything has to be done with Fibonacci precision and timing .

Their own bodies act as Yantras and channels .This is all about retentive energy. The uninitiated who try to do this without adept guidance can slip off the razor’s edge , can get mentally and psychologically injured which they will take as vices and phobias into their next birth.

I am reminded of what one pilot in UK told me. When he was a third mate , his ship went to Calcutta and a Tantric came on board . He was stitting in the Chief Officers cabin ,when the Gangway watch brought this Tantric up to the cabin. 

The British Chief Officer who did NOT believe in charlatans , being a staunch Catholic believer, ridiculed this man and told him to get off the ship.  

This man then told something softly and Chief Officer fainted on the spot.  

The Tantric walked off the ship.  After the Chief officer was revived, he was ashen faced and did NOT say anything about this for two month. 

Then one day he got roaring drunk and said that the Tantric told him about a murder he committed in England about a decade ago,  including the way he did it.  

Nobody knew this except himself.  From that day onwards he lost a major debilitating phobia of his.

Let me digress into science –

The human blood contains the electrogenetic Mobius coil in the shape of DNA-- the sacred spiral. The mysterious Spiral is a uniting symbol for all the subjects ,cosmology, quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, ancient civilisations, megalithic cultures and all occult belief systems. 

The vacuum is actually a plenum. It contains an abundant amount of energy, the zero point energy. There is a cosmic dance of energy back and forth between the physical realm and the zero point field, a constant creation and destruction of matter from the void. 

Our DNA is influenced by scalar waves and acoustics ( mantras ) can send and receive powerful data through the universal network of ether .The primary function of our DNA is not protein synthesis, as biologists will tell you , but the reception and transfer of scalar energy. 

We can tap into the Zero Point Energy field. It is called vacuum energy because it is descriptive of the energy in a perfect vacuum, where no light or matter is present.

For a diatomic (two atoms) molecule, for example, the zero-point energy per mole, E0, can be given by the equation: E0 = y N h c f, where N is the Avogadro constant number of 6.0221367 × 1023 ,   h is Planck’s constant of 6.626 × 10-34 joule-seconds, c is the velocity of light in vacuum of 299,792,458 m/sec , and f is the frequency of vibration depending on the mass of the molecule, (which is different  for different isotopes of the same element.).

A scalar wave is far different from a regular wave in that a scalar wave goes in all directions into the surroundings. A vector quantity has magnitude and direction while a scalar quantity has only magnitude. 

Tapping the zero-point energy means making one or more energy patterns reverberate, which will cause extra energy to follow suit, just like acoustic amplification in a wind instrument or Bose wave-radio. 

Super genius Nikola Tesla could tap into ZPF. He was introduced to this akasha concept by the great Indian master Swami Vivekananda.

Getting back--

The Khajuraho temple does NOT leave anything to the imagination with men , women and animals engaged in group orgies. The Indian king who contructed this temple belonged to the forbidden Vamachara sect—like I said before , older than Vedic Sanatana Dharma.  

And you may be shocked when I tell you that this secretive sect has the amazing magic powers . Even today when you go for the 12 yearly Kumbh Mela you can see them coming out from nowhere totally naked . 

They do NOT display their powers to the camera, for they shun publicity, for fear of losing their powers.

All Indians are very familiar with Satya Sai baba producing Vibhuti ash from his closed fist. This is a miniscule act as far as Tantra is concerned.  Energy and matter is inconvertible.  E=MC2 , and that energy cannot be destroyed was known to Indians even before it was written in the Vedas in 5000 BC.

In Kerala the Vamachara Tantriks have meat, fish ,liquor and sex. The Tantrics wear the 9 gem ring. Recently when the Russians excavated the Arkaim Stonehenge they found this Navagraha ring and the Swastika ( a Tantric energy vortex sign ) . 

This is a sure indication that this structure was used by tantrics.  The Russian Arkaim Stonehenge is 3000 years older and much larger and grander than the British one .  

This place was visited by Putin in 2005 and declared as a national treasure as soon as he saw the ancient Hindu Swastika symbol on non-earthen  pottery , and found the square within a circle similar to the Sri Yantra mandala and this Navagraha ring.  

This Stonehenge was built during the rule of Emperor Vikramaditya in 7000 BC.

All real tantrics know how to raise the Kundalini just by an act of controlled sex . 

This breed of Vamachara Tantrics is now dead, as Soma ( an organic herb thousand times more potent than LSD ) which is mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC, is NOT available any more. This is NOT Western hedonism.

They knew how to use the Mobius figure of eight coil inside the rib cageand the DNA.

Soma is frequently mentioned in the 7000 year old Rigveda, whose Soma Mandala contains 114 hymns, many praising its energizing qualities.

We have drunk the Soma;
We have become immortal;
We have gone to the light;
We have found the gods    
Rig Veda 8.48

The cobra on Lord Shiva’s shoulder is indicative of released Kundalini.  

Jesus Christ stayed in Kerala for 3 years , before he burst upon the scene at Jerusalem, to learn from Tantriks and to raise his Kundalini.  This self realisation (of opening the third eye) , is the ultimate goal of consciousness.  

In human beings, Shakti, the feminine aspect is called Kundalini.  This potential energy rests at the base of the spinal cord. The object of the Tantric practice of Kundalini-yoga is to awaken this cosmic energy and make it ascend through the psychic centres, the chakras, that lie along the axis of the spine as consciousness potentials. She will then unite above the crown of the head with Shiva the pure consciousness. This union is the aim of Kundalini-yoga: a resolution of duality into unity again, a fusion with the Absolute. By this union the adept attains liberation while living which is considered in Indian life to be the highest experience: an union of the individual with the universe.

Kundalini awakened humans are provided with a life force beyond everyday understanding.  It allows them to fully experience their spiritual as well as worldly lives, as the line separating the two becomes almost nonexistent. And Vamachara Tantra uses sex to do this all the while enjoying yourself..

Tantra carries us beyond the dualities of masculine and feminine.  By awakening our consciousness to ourselves, we awake our consciousness to the universe. We move beyond the dualities imposed by human minds. We move beyond the ego and for a moment, we experience pure bliss.

A Vamachara tantra master trains his disciples in overcoming of sexual inhibitions, guilt and fear.  He takes his student to unimagined heights of ecstasy. When about to explode into an orgasm you decelerate until time stands still.

The spiritual awakening of a sadhak is described in Tantra by means of the symbol of the awakening and rising of the Kundalini power.

There are two kinds of energy associated with matter- potential and kinetic, the sum total of which is a constant. The kinetic energy, which may be only a fraction of the total energy, is involved in the movement or action of a body. 

According to Tantra, the Kundalini, in the form of cosmic energy, is present, in everything, even in a particle of matter. Only a fraction of it, like the kinetic energy, is operative, while an unmeasured residuum is left, like the potential energy, ‘coiled up’ and untapped at the ‘base root’. 

A specific ratio between the active and the total energies of the kundalini determines the present condition and behaviour of the bodily apparatus. A change in the ratio is necessary to effect a change in its present working efficiency by transforming the grosser bodily elements into finer. A transformation, dynamisation, and sublimination of the physical, mental, and vital apparatus is only possible through what is called the rousing of the Kundalini and its reorientation from ‘downward facing’ to ‘upward facing.’ 

The passage of the awakened Kundalini lies through the Sushumna, which is described as the central nerve in the nervous system. A kind of hollow canal, the Sushumna passes through the spinal column connecting the base centre (Chakra) at the bottom of the spine with the centre at the cerebrum. Tantra speaks of six centres (Chakras) through which Sushumna passes.

In the ordinary worldly person these centres (Chakras) are closed, and the lotuses droop down like buds. As the Kundalini rises through the Sushumna Canal and touches the centres, these buds turn upward as fully opened flowers and the aspirant obtains spiritual experiences. The goal in spiritual practice is to make the Kundalini ascend from the centres, which are lower and more veiled to those which are higher and more conscious.. 

At this sixth centre (the two-petalled white lotus located at the junction of the eyebrows) the jiva sheds its ego and burns the seed of duality, and its higher self rises from the ashes of its lower self. It now dies physically, as it were, in order to be able to live in pure consciousness. The sixth centre is the key by which the power in the thousand-petalled lotus in the cerebrum, which is like the limitless ocean, is switched on to the little reservoir which is the individual self, filling the latter and making it overflow and cease to be the little reservoir.

Finally the Kundalini rises to the lotus at the cerebrum and becomes united with Shiva, or the Absolute, and the aspirant realises, in the transcendental experience, his union with Siva-Sakti. The opening of the petals of the thousand-petalled lotus, which endows the illumined person with omniscience, is equivalent to the functioning of all the brain cells of a yogi in samadhi-- the open third eye.

Kundalini which exhibits pronounced psychic and trans-temporal effects is the 'channel' that connects the unmanifest void, with the manifest world of subatomics, atoms, molecules and cells and is the cellular expression of energy generated from the vacuum .

Kundalini buffers the harshness of bare reality.  Increased heart field and EMF of the nervous system during the peak Kundalini, acts like a biological synchrotron to actually change certain elements in the central nervous system into their high spin monatomic state.  Scalar waves  encode the information of space and time into a timeless, spaceless quantum shorthand of interference patterns.  Kundalini has the  effect of stimulating an increased flow of ions upping the body’s dipole and increasing the EMF.

A cell possesses two characteristics—capacitance and inductance—which are the elements of a tuned circuit like a radio. The cell must be tuned to the desired frequency needed to sustain life. 5% of our nervous system is composed of monatomic elements. Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight is Rhodium and Iridium. During heightened activation the body can transmute certain palladium group elements such as Iridium and Rhodium into their high spin state by adding energy in the form of photons to the atoms. 

It is through this high spin atomic nervous system that we achieve cosmic consciousness, Buddha mind and all ESP and spiritual phenomena. Each cell has its own individual bio-quantum potential.  The planet is a living being,  each cell has its own individual bio-quantum potential , each molecule has its own electromagnetic signature.

Our DNA is capable of producing and receiving sound (phonons) and light (photons) The DNA is a kind of a lens which can attract electromagnetic energy into itself.  Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal.

Cells themselves have the ability to perfectly reprogram their own DNA when the external environment demands it.  Life is fundamentally electromagnetic than biochemical, the DNA blueprint functioning as a biohologram which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical form.  DNA can be influenced by acoustic, electromagnetic and scalar waves our DNA can even be “read” or “rewritten” as a textual (and acoustic!) genetic code. Hence no antioxidant can be as powerful as thought.  Cymatics has demonstrated the power of acoustics ( mantras ).

The sexual part is basically CHAKRA PUJA.  The human body has 7 chakras , which are altars of the body temple. The tantric master is the Chakra Master or the Lord of the Chakras spirals. This concept has been hijacked and murdered by Harry Potter.

All energy is a spiral , rather a vortex--  there is nothing called a wave , you see in physics books. In real nature, in the proverbial real “real world”, there is no such thing as a circle.   This is the naked truth. Nature is in constant evolution—It can never ever be a circle. 

Rather it is a SPIRAL which swings on and on, upwards, higher and higher still, ever changing, where not a single thing remains the same from one loop to the next, forever and ad infinitum.  Even magnetism is a spiral. Our  enchanted world is in full forward flow. It must. It was never designed to stand still and sink into chaos and atrophy.

They is always a backdoor easier entry to everything in life.  Here the divine force resides in the Muladhara Chakra ( hanging out pointing downwards at your scrotum ) at the base of your spine. Kundalini Shakti ( the female form of Shiva ) is dormant there.

The Tantric masters use puja purified liquor to raise the Kundalini, in the absence of the potent hallucinant Soma.  The timing is as per auspicious stellar and planetary configurations when cosmic forces render assistance, in a spiritually charged place.  Hindu gods are regularly displayed with their female consorts or counterparts.  Tantra involves the balancing of these two aspects—Shiva (representing consciousness) and Shakti (representing energy)—in a manner reminiscent of yin and yang.

Tantra looks at life with a total vision. It wants to look at life as it is, without.. bringing any mind in between . Tantra avoids mind and encounters life face to face,  no acceptance no rejections , simply facing that which is- in a YES YES manner.. They believe that nobody has ever reached to the divine by saying no to anything. 

You must just float with the current. You dont struggle against the mighty river, you simply go with it. This floating with it, relaxing with it, is Tantra. There are no repressions including sexual. Tantra acceptance comes out of  a deep contentment -- not out of  frustration and helplessness.

Your whole being becomes a deep contentment. All the religions of the world, except Tantra, have created split personalities. All the religions of the world, except Tantra, have created schizophrenia. They make something bad in you from which you have to be saved . And they say the good has to be achieved and the bad denied, the devil has to be denied and God accepted. 

The priests create a inner conflict within you. They make you feel guilty, because how can you destroy the part that is organically one with you? Catholic priests must dwell over this. Nothing can be killed out of existence, nothing can be destroyed.  You can only repress or hide it. Tantra says a transformation is possible. And a transformation comes when you accept yourself the way you are..  

If you accept and say yes, a rearrangement happens. Instead of just noise , now a melody, with harmony comes in.  In a noise there is no center. A madman playing on the piano; the notes are the same, the sound is the same, but a madman playing -- it has no center to it. 

If you can give center to noise it becomes music. When a musician plays on the same piano , the same notes have a pattern with a center to them. Tantra says you are a noise right now as you are. Nothing is wrong in it -- simply because it does not have a center. Once you have a center, everything falls in line.  

Vamachara Tantra says everything has to be absorbed, without any condition. Sex has to be absorbed, then it becomes a tremendous force in you.  Sex is human magnetism. Tantra accepts you in your totality. When you come to me, I accept you in your totality. I am not here to help you deny anything. I am here only to help you to rearrange, to get a center of all your energies, to converge them to a center.

A simpleton is simply without experience. He may be a fool, but he cannot be a sage. A sage is one who has lived all the sins of life, who has not denied anything, who has not called anything a sin, who has simply accepted whatsoever has happened, who has allowed it to happen; who has moved with every wave, who has drifted, who went astray, who fell down to the very hell. Tantra accepts everything, lives everything. 

That's why Tantra never could become a very accepted ideology. It always remained a fringe ideology, just somewhere on the boundary outside of society. Civilization has chosen to deny, to say no to many things. Civilization is not courageous enough to accept all, to accept everything that life gives. Through experience one transcends. When in the lowest you can see the highest, when even in hell you can create a heaven, then, then you have become the artist of life. 

And Tantra wants to make you great yea-sayers.  Tantra says, "Be yourself". You don't cut your desires -- just by accepting, they disappear. And when suddenly this moment happens wherein all desires have gone, and there is a sudden enlightenment. Suddenly, without doing anything on your part, it just happens. 

The earliest documented use of the word Tantra is in the Hindu text, the Rigveda (X.71.9) of 5000 BC, which show Tantra existed , especially in Kerala Malabar, and the NE of India before the Vedas were written.

Tantric spiritual practices and rituals  aim to bring about an inner realization of the truth that "Nothing exists that is not Divine" (nāśivaṃ vidyate kvacit ) . Tantra deconstructs all pre-conceived notions of the human condition.  This allows the person to experience total liberation and then unity with ultimate truth or reality. 

Tantra seeks to access the supra-mundane through the mundane, identifying the microcosm with the macrocosm. Tantric practitioner seeks to use prana, an energy that flows through the universe (including one's own body) to attain goals that may be spiritual, material or both.

During the sexual union with overlapping of energy centres or body altars, WITH there is a method of changing the "outgoing current" into the "return current," transforming the fetters created by Maya into that which "releases" or "liberates."  This view underscores two maxims of Tantra: "One must rise by that by which one falls," and " the match by which the monkey sets the house on fire can cook food when used by the wise." 

The Tantric aim is to sublimate rather than to negate relative reality. This process of sublimation consists of three phases: purification, elevation, and the "reaffirmation of identity on the plane of pure consciousness. The Soma charged participants are completely dissolved in a unity of cosmic consciousness.

 The word Tantra means "to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave." In this context, sex is thought to expand consciousness and to weave together the polarities of male (represented by the Hindu god, Shiva), and female (embodied by the Hindu goddess, Shakti), into a harmonious whole.

The basic principle of Tantra is unity. That can be expressed in many forms. It could be unity with the world around you, or unity of spirit, which brings peace and clarity, or when related to sex, the unity of man and woman to bring about the ultimate pleasure and fulfillment. Once you achieve the desired unity, you reach a higher consciousness and connect with a divine place. 

When discussing Tantra and the idea of unity, it is necessary to include Shiva and Shakti, who represent masculine and feminine archetypes in Hindu symbolism. Shiva, the male, is pure consciousness; Shakti, the female, is the power of creation — she's the life force energy that combines with his power of thought to manifest the physical world. One cannot exist without the other, as the two are inseparable and it takes both powers working in harmony to keep the universe functioning . This is the science of Tamas Rajas (yin-yang) .


I have already posted the para below in a post  before by the name of MURINGAKAI , ANTI NAGGING VEGETABLE- VADAKAYIL.

It is so dang important that I will mention it again.

And I am sure macho- men never went into a cooking vegetable post.

I am reminded of a small anchorage at Fujairah, one decade ago. A Pakistani Third Mate and an Indian Third Mate ( Bihari bhaiyya ) used to start fighting on VHF , as soon as they come on watch.

For 4 full hours they would be trading choicest MA BAHEN abuses, or various variations which included animals too. At the end of the watch they would tell each other " Accha , good night--see you tomorrow!".

It was amusing to monitor this.

And the Pakistani taunts the Indian " Tum shakahari bhojan khaake kya maarega yaar?" ( By eating vegetarian food what quality screwing are you gonna do, my friend ?)--

I found this so hilarious that even today it brings a smile on my face.

Well vegetarians , read this up-- help is at hand! 

Whenever a young officer or sailor signs off my ship to get married , he has to compulsorily go through a 20 minute pep talk with me.

It is about happiness in marriage , avoiding nagging and divorce. Since I am reputed to run a good ship, all pay keen attention. I tell him before signing his CDC and paying him his wages-- “ Son, sit down for a 20 minute session on life management ”

Only we Indians have provided life management answers to this planet , as it requires ancient wisdom, which emanated from deep jungles having fantastic animals, birds , insects and plants.

The gist is as follows, and it is about sex. The prudes can skip the paras in Italics. Go and have coffee.

Believe me-- behind closed doors these split-personality prudes can be something else. 

A good sex session in bed leaves the woman totally defenceless, unable to move, with every muscle and nerve on her wide open legs quivering for the next 5 minutes.

In fact during the act, she will slide up and come to a sitting position on the bed head stand and you have to pull her down , a couple of times back to a lying position. This is called sheer MAN POWER.

Every woman wants the original caveman when it comes to sex. She wants a man with broad shoulders and powerful arms. She would love to be impaled and lifted off the ground , without use of hands --with sheer manhood power . 

Look MAAA no hands! 

99.9999% of women on this planet die without knowing what this means. 

By this I mean only one, in a million women ever knew what real sex with pleasure means.

 During this primal act, which sustains this planet, she does NOT care for your bullshit sense of humor, or your ability to keep her amused, or your bank balance , or your poetry or nice genteel manners or respect for womankind or not being a loser or your chivalry or your penchant to whisper sweet nothings or your ability to respect her space or your swank style or your fan following or your facebook status or the type of car your drive or your deadly IQ -- or whatever.

 All she wants is to be roughly dominated and to be given a good manful pounding. 

Note: In Vamachara Tantra there is NIL roughness--it is poetry in sex-- gentle, intimate, loving, prolonged , timeless--

After the act, for the next 5 minutes she will just lie there unable to move— trillions of her cells resonating.

As soon as she regains control over the muscles of her trembling legs and tingling nerves and pores, you tell her nay-- order her-- to make fried eggs and coffee for you, just see the way she runs to make it, in a grateful manner. And see if she dares to nag you, against the laws of nature, that day at least.
If you have screwed her like a weakling Khargosh (rabbit), she will tell you to make your own dang coffee and eggs—and while you make it she will be nagging your all the while, from bed.  Hey, maan, are you a kharghosh?  Is your wife one among the rest of the 1 million?

All around you see couples getting divorced. One of the main reasons is nagging—the drip drip, constant nag or it can be the hurricane force nagging. The marriage is now full of negativity, contempt, one-upmanship and resentment. It is a black hole vortex , and once you cross the event horizon, the net result is a miserable divorce—and the uprooted lives of small happy children.

Contrary to what is written , men feel the after effects more than a woman—but his pride prevents him from letting this secret out. . The woman will sooner or later, find someone very soon and she will wipe her slate off clean. The children more often than not, become misfits and misanthropes.

Hi prudes--welcome back!  PSSST--  cant trust them prudes!  TEE HEEEE!!

In Modern times the most commonly used and most popular Tantric mantra is "Om Mani Padme Hum" which literally translates to "the jewel is in the lotus" --    or is another way of saying "the lingam is in the yoni. ( penis is inside the vagina ) " This is for a daft layman.  For the erudite the lotus is the crown chakra, blooming with Kundalini power.

The below video of the Sanskrit mantra  OM MANI PADME HUM ( Avalokiteshwara ) can re-activate junk DNA after 21st Dec 2012. .
It has to be repeated 108 times , along with this video.   

Why 108 ? -- well,  it is about sacred Sri Yantra divine geometry.  Triple lines of Sri Yantra intersect at 54 points of yin-yang. Remember the magic is in the MMMMMM part. So drag it a little more than the chant in the video. 

This video is Buddhist-  they have NOT got the pronunciation right-- but the purity of utterance and vibratory quality is OK.    for example :--
mani is jewel in Sanskrit -- it cannot be pronounced as mAAni.
padma is lotus in Sanskrit -- it cannot be pronounced as pEdme

While you chant look into the center spot or the Bindu ( Singularity -Black hole ) of the Sri Yantra . It balances the right and left lobes of your brain.  A person who has access to both brain lobes is generating scalar waves and thus is in touch with higher dimensions of functioning.

Thus Tantra literally means weaving together the polarities of the male and female forces. Through tantric synergistic union, we create harmony and balance to all aspects of the human psyche, mind and body. In Tantrism the state of ultimate bliss is a transcendence of dualities male-female, energy-consciousness, Shiva-Shakti...

The idea of "cultivating" sexual energy from the woman by deferring or avoiding ejaculation. Women have larger sexual appetites and the capacity for multiple orgasms and hence had more sexual energy. It was assumed that a woman could experience innumerable orgasms without experiencing any physiological, psychological, or sexual harm - and still be 'enlightened', whereas a man "once he ejaculates falls into a deep sleep, totally drained of all of his strength."  

Therefore, a man should strive to bring a woman to many orgasms and delay his own because he would then benefit from her energy (her yin). The longer that a man could stay within the "jade chamber," and the more orgasms he could solicit from the woman, the more yin energy he could absorb.

To avoid "premature ejaculation" (by Tantric standards), the man  presses his tongue against the roof of his mouth and tickles it , and sucks in his breath. Then he will not ejaculate and the semen will ascend inward on its own account.

Tantra sex goes on for hours without ejaculation—it is divine and revitalizing.. 

In the late 1970's, sex researchers, Masters and Johnson  just lifted from India Tantra and patented the sexual knowledge of Kama Sutra and Vamachara Tantra. 

( To check out how Isaac Newton patented Kerala Calculus, punch into Google search ISAAC NEWTON - VADAKAYIL )

They re-invented the wheel and  rediscovered that it was possible for men to be trained to experience the pleasure of orgasm (possibly several times) without ejaculation. 

When the western world "rediscovered" the same thing in very old eastern "Tantric" tradition, a great renewed interest in the rituals and practices of Tantrism was sparked. A lot of Westerners came running to India, skippety skip.

The G spot is a rippled tissue located just behind the front wall of the vagina (towards the belly), about two inches inside. The G spot is short for Grafenberg or, in Tantric circles, for Goddess. Stroking this area can greatly deepen a woman’s sexual response. 

Both women and men have Pubococcygeus (PC) muscles  which run from the pubic bone to the tailbone in a figure eight around the genitals. They play a vital role in both male and female sexual response. 

Strong PC muscles help to increase blood flow in the pelvic region, heighten sexual sensation, intensify orgasm, and help the couple to resonate their cells, send chakras vortices on overdrive, blood racing through the mobius coil in the rib cage to release scalar energy , and achieve orgasm . 

The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The Pubococcygeus muscle controls urine flow and contracts during orgasm. 

In Kerala women who do first delivery have to strengthen the PC muscles by swabbing the floor on their haunches at least 1 month before delivery, to prevent the MODERN , Western educated vested gynecologist demanding for a Ceaserian. We prefer natural delivery. Both my sons had natural delivery.

The full body orgasm is the movement of pleasure up the energetic channel of the spine, through your etheric heart center and into the head, enabling them to feel the intensity of their orgasm in every of the trillions of cells of the body, not just in the genitals. 

Nadi or “River.” are invisible channels of psychic energy, woven throughout the subtle body. Conduits of prana. Yogic texts state there are 72,000 of them. Together with the chakras, the nadis constitute the composition of the subtle body in Tantra. Sushumna is the principal nadi of the subtle body located in the spinal column, which raises the Kundalini. This psychic channel controls spiritual evolution and is the “highway” that connects this world with the next.

Tantra has been well tested over thousands of years, not in worldly laboratories but in the laboratories of the human body, the most complicated machine in this cosmos by Maharishi Yogi scientists. We have become creatures of habit, this means that we make love in the same boring missionary or doggy style way ( because of BO and MO? ) , the same positions, and the same days and for most people sex has become a goal-oriented activity, the goal being the rabbit type orgasm.

Looking into each other’s eyes during lovemaking forces you to be there with your partner.  Have you noticed almost all married women close their eyes during love making ? This is because you are a rabbit , not a stud bull, and she is imagining someone else—definitely NOT you. 

This shows us that another aspect of Tantric sex is vulnerability. Both partners being willing to show their real selves, their strengths and weaknesses. This is often difficult for men, who are brought up with the ‘sailors don’t cry’ mentality.

When you piss and stop suddenly in mid-flow, you will use a set of pelvic voluntary muscles. This physical part of your anatomy is intimately connected with the energetic reality of your Muladhara Chakra.  The emphasis is not just on building up a strong love muscle but being able to sense or feel this place inside you, and build a relationship with it, from the inside. 

In doing so, you can vastly increase your genital sensitivity and therefore your capacity to enjoy with withholding ejaculation.   You'll also develop a deeper and more connected experience of yourself and of life as a whole.  Tantric Yoga is the is the only one that deals with the biggest energy in your body- the sexual energy— it teaches you how to control and manipulate it so you can benefit from it.  

God wants to procreate,  that is why you have continued a lineage and you are reading this post. The biggest disservice you could do to your ancestors is to allow your lineage to terminate.  Since you are a conscious animal, you must enjoy sex. 

None of the animals can see themselves in a mirror except elephants , who are conscious. Some lime Bonobos and Chimps are partly conscious. 

By the way dolphins enjoy sex.  All conscious animals enjoy sex. 

Tantric Yoga is the is the only one that deals with the biggest energy in our body- the sexual energy—it teaches us how to control and manipulate it so we can benefit from it.

Tantra is non-judgemental. When we make love we are celebrating the energy of the Divine. Tantra is about how you do, not what you do. In our world we have made our genitals dirty and a separate part of ourselves.. We hide them away and only let them out under very strict circumstances, often with great embarrassment. We don’t show it to our own parents or siblings . 

Our emotions and tears, all are part of being human. To deny any part of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - is to deprive us of our humanness and our joy. The goal of any Tantric experience is joy, happiness and laughter. The tantra teacher acts as a mediator between the earthly existence of his students and the celestial divinity that they wish to tap into.

No one who has not seen the light can guide you to it. The tantric master helps his students to attain complete independence. Once this is achieved, the contract between the two is essentially over. 

When we repress our basic nature, sex takes root in the unconscious, creating an unnatural obsession.   This psychological state has produced a mental sickness and widespread, unhealthy obsession within society today. Therefore, you might say that a Vamachara Tantra master considered sexual exploration and indulging your personal needs as a valuable contribution that you make to society and the world in general.

The goal of tantra sadhana is a direct experience of the Divine, which occurs whenShiva (pure consciousness) and Shakti (the creative force of consciousness) unite at the crown chakra. 

The couple who practice Tantric sexual union use the subtle energies of the man's body and the complementary energies of the woman's body for attaining the state of harmony with the Absolute.

A tantra orgasm can go on for a long, long time. Throughout this period, the mind stays completely in the moment, and so the moment literally seems endless.

This utterly quiet, peaceful and blissful state is the ultimate aim of all spiritual activity this highest state is not affected by Maya The Waker, The Dreamer, The Deep Sleeper and The Observer.

Therapy acknowledges the wholeness that we are spiritual, psychological, emotional,  and sexual beings.  

Men who do Tantra sex will never have prostrate gland problems.

OM is the four states of consciousness, as per Patanjali Yoga.
OM is the waking state or jagrat. Beta brain wave
OM is the dreaming state or svapna.  REM sleep state
OM is the deep sleep state or sushupti. (dream-less deep sleep state , the delta brain wave)
Om is the transcendental state or turiya. (beyond all the states) , the fourth has been called nirvana.

Four stages: consciousness plus thinking is waking, consciousness minus thinking is turiya, unconsciousness plus thinking is dreaming, unconsciousness minus thinking is sleep.  Dakshinachara Tantricss attempt to fully realize the state of Turiya through practice, engaging in sound resonance, breathing exercises, and body forms.

There are two paths in Hinduism.

One is the Advaita ( non-dual ) and the other is Dwaita ( dual ) philosophy of Sanatana Dharma.

The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field  -- the akasha, the intelligent conscious space between the whizzing electrons in an atom.  An electron drops or rises one single orbit and the matter changes drastically.

The Dwaita form looks at God as the trinity of creator Brahma , preserver Vishnu and destroyer Shiva alos known as Tamas -Rajas- sattwa.  The modern world knows this as Yin-Yang .

Energy/ matter
Particle/ wave
Cathode/ anode
Conscious/ subconscious
Aerobic bacteria/ anaerobic
Catablism/ anabolism
Potential energy/ kinetic energy
Attraction/ repulsion
Excitation/ inhibition
Birth/ decay
Static / dynamic
Organic / inorganic
Freezing/ melting
Vaporization/ condensation
Positive pole/ negative pole
North pole/ southpole magnetic
Ionization/ de-ionistaion
Clockwise vortex/ counterclockwise vortex
Absorption/ secretion
Contraction/ relaxation
Evaporation/ condensation
Conscious/ Subconscious
Left brain lobe/ Right brain lobe

These dual poles are connected via consciousness.  It is about the quantum possibility wave vibration between two poles. If the restraining balance or equilibrium is lost , the universe will spiral out of control and end. This guarantees change, growth and evolution Lessening of Yin- always results in increase of Yang and vice versa.  One cannot exist without the other and they are mutually dependant . Balance can never be permanent—  Yin and Yang continuously devour each other – and life flows on.

Could this 11000 year old Hindu religion be one invented by bumpkin shepherd's or by evolved seers?

To know more about beej mantras used to raise the Kundalini-

Punch into Google search-


Grace and peace!

Punch into Google search AGNIHOTRA VADAKAYIL and get shocked out of your pants. 



  1. Dear Captain

    You complete the TRILOGY. Earlier you have meticulously written on MANTRA and TANTRA. This post on TANTRA competes the Triangle .

    Though a preliminary idea It is enough to explain another interesting and complex dimension of Hinduism. Rightly said Hinduism is not a religion but a way of living. It is so diverse that it provides every soul according to his/her mental level the opportunity to discover the divine nature which is obvious. Nothing to be claimed rather to be discovered. Tantra is one of the ways

    I read somewhere that when Cleopatra died she was unburied and pervert men around had sex with her just to tell the world that "Yes We It!".
    It was disturbing to read that Mahmud 's soldiers raped even dead Hindu women. I wonder which part of their consciousness led them to do such heinous act or whether they had it(sense).

    It is useless to make people understand who blatantly reject such ideas as absurd. As you have written, in the west the so-called Tantrics are promoting themselves as those special TRAINED who can let you know the secret behind MAXIMUM PLEASURE. They cant understand that secret is not in maximum pleasure but going beyond it, transcending the senses and perceive the divine reality.

    Tantra is very delicate and chance of slipping on this path is 99 times out of hundred. But RAJ-YOGA is a scientific and step by step process which can help you attain what Tantra can open up. Former is a bit time taking but safe and later is quick but dangerous without proper guidance.

    Religion which suppresses the fundamental source of life(sexual energy) is bound to embed perversion in it's followers. It should be understood properly. Why to shy away from something which is yours. Don't put a blanket on it rather try to understand the dance of this energy inside the temple(human body). Pornography is the by product of ignorance about this energy. Surprisingly no institution in this world teaches anything about it. If it happens we will see geniuses not 1 in 100 rather 80-95 out of every 100 population sample.
    Will anybody??

    I am waiting eagerly to see what is beyond these words... "TO BE CONTINUED" :)


    Captain I was reading the post title " The Whole World is Coming Back To Hinduism". It's a great post but what disturbed me was the WAR OF WORDS which continued after some HENRY posted his pervert mind in words. You should have allowed a single post after what he wrote for the first time.

    I wanted to add something from my side but didn't as you mentioned that The Henry Story will be closed soon.

    I think he is a typical yank who doesn't know what to do in life So why not do something filthy which boosts the personnel ego and disturbs other. Plus I guess he watches too much of absurd Hollywood movies. That stupid Rap and use of local dialects..... Lets forget it

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have been ardently following all your posts and comments.I am doing B.Tech(3rd yr) in Mechanical.what are career options for a mechanical engineer at sea.Sir, please give your email id so that i can clear my doubts.
    Nelson Singh

  3. hi nelson,

    ads come on the internet for MARINE ENGINEERS from shpping companies. you can respond to them by email or telephone.

    mechanical engineers as employed at sea on ships.

    if you think you are good and intelligent-- you must NOT go out to sea.

    i am telling this after 4 decades at sea. i did NOT send my own children to sea.

    why did i go to sea?

    thise days only MERIT mattered at sea. it was a pleasure to have good intellectual company-and money for abundant.

    today you can get good money ashore too!

    i dont give my email id to anybody due to obvious reasons.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Thanks for posting on Tantra, Capt. Ajit.

    - Anandan

    1. Hello captain,
      I enjoyed reading your view about Tantra in this post. The JUICE of the post is contained in before the paragraph which begins with “Tantra looks at life with a total vision” and after the para which begins with “ In modern time the most commonly used and most popular Tantric mantra is “OM MANI PADME HUM”

      The portion which starts with “Tantra looks at life…” and ends with “Once you have a centre everything falls in line….” is a STRAIGHT LIFT from a beautiful book “Tantra: The Supreme Understanding by Osho”. It wasn’t needed.

      The section where you have mentioned what a man should do to let her women offer him a cup of coffee and egg after a BULL not RABBIT bed session is quite interesting. I am sure, both bharat ki junta in general and westerners raging with high level testosterone in particular would read that part again and again.
      Overall a nice post.

      A matter of concern:

      A Pakistani Third Mate and an Indian Third Mate (Bihari Bhaiyya) used to start fighting over VHF, as soon as they come on watch….
      You know what captain, writing Indian Third Mate was enough but what you have written in bracket manifest itself as a WMD in the hand of western or foreign funded Indian media and pervert people like HENRY(the guy who wrote TOTAL BAKWAS on your post on Hinduism).

      Such words become intellectual excuse for them to say “I told you so” that Indians hate each other and are divided on the basis of region, religion language etc. even though it (THOSE WORDS) doesn’t mean that deep.

      Throughout the country people from different regions have been tagged by the local. For examples North Easterners are CHINKI , Tamils are MADRASI people from Kerala are Darky Mallus, Nariyal-pani wala or People from Uttranchals are “e PAHARI idhar aana,. And this is not HUMOUR …think of its consequences in longer term

      If we continue talking about each other like this then I ‘m afraid that “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” phrase will be a formal line in our social science texts.

      I hope you will give some thought to it. Not something very serious, just a concern. But if you think its OK and whatever you have written is fine let it be and enjoy.

      I wrote to this length coz I consider you as a responsible blogger and your words(every post is unique) have certain IMPACT on readers.


  5. hi apurva,

    no text on TANTRA in modern times is complete without a reference to osho's thoughts.

    he revived tantra .

    his words burn on to your minds screen.

    i have spoken to osho's disciples from sweden to japan. they all wear that mala. i know what he did in his ashrams -- which never got printed.


    osho puts philosophy into hinduism --

    i add science in hinduism -- probably this is why foreigners find my posts interesting.

    this is the charm of hinduism-- it merges with quantum physics so well, which no other religious text can.

    i have studied quantum physics ( on my own ) just to understand the meaning of prayer.

    and regarding calling a bhaiya and bhaiya , or a mallu a mallu-- i do know what i am doing.

    this blog caters to more than 95% foreigners as of now -- and with a readership ranging from 9 year old girls to old men -- and FAR wider range and number than a major newspaper.

    prudes can skip this blog-- there is so much reading material elsewhere.

    i do hope you read my posts --

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. # On your two INTERESTING posts:


      What to say I had a bellyful laugh and my thoughts stopped without touching the upper palette with the tip of my tongue. Such was the intensity of my laughter. I want to say something regarding first post. I saw a video of OSHO enlightening his followers on that WORD for every occasion. Just curious were you inspired from that video or it’s your original take? You got to talk to this Osho guy seriously why he is appearing again and again?

      PUNCH OSHO ON FUCK in You Tube and enjoy
      # Two mini questions:

      •what are BANDH and the proper way to practice it. Its benefits

      •What is so specific about 21 days mentioned in one of your post for habit forming?

      # A request

      * Please write a post on DREAMS and SLEEP starting with what BOTH ARE. Why people dream and am not going to take the usual response that what you can’t fulfill in real life that you see in dream. Coz my dreams are very wayward and it has no connection to reality.

      # Two teaser
      * Thinking and Breathing are both continuous process but what’s the KEY point of difference?

      * Why Thought travels faster than Light?

      I am a thorough fan of your blog and will remain so.

    2. hi apurva,

      we used all permutations of FU#K on my training ship where we have 250 officer cadets -- 4 decades ago.

      i have NOT put the whole range -- and whatever i put was 20% censored by my wife, so as not to offend the female denizens of this planet.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Hello captain,
    Good Evening
    I would like to share few points regarding my last post and your response to it.

    # About calling bhaiya a bhaiya and mallu a mallu

    Captain I never meant that you are hurting someone’s feeling. I know it’s a healthy humor on your part but it’s NOT when common people hear it. A hockey stick is not banged on your rib or knee just because you belong to KASHMIR. You have not been molested or treated in a pervert way when you questioned when somebody called you a CHINK. . A girl couldn’t complete her PhD in International relations although she interviewed the Sri-Lankan President and presented her original analysis just because she was DARK SKINED. I hope you are getting where I am trying to bring your attention. Healthy humor is not a problem but it BECOMES once it get interpreted by a common person the way he/she has experienced and when it reminds of the wound (psychological/physical) faced by him/her. The concern is not your 95% foreign followers but average Indians not those who are beyond the struggle of ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAN and know that such remarks are just for fun and nothing serious about it.

    # On Osho

    Do you totally reject the fact that Osho was an enlightened man and calling himself BHAGWAN was a kind of ego-branding on his part?

    Do you mean to say that although he was a great philosopher but he had not the slightest of hint about Shakipat or Kundilini rising? And he didn’t had the strength to initiate any person on the path of Sanyaas

    I am not For or Against Osho I just want to know

    what you think.

    Here are six books which either you have read or would like to:
    * From Sex TO Superconciousness
    * Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Vol I&II
    * The Book Of Understanding
    * Einstein The Buddha
    * Beyond Psychology
    * Main Mrityu Sikhata Hoon.

    I wish you read them and then form your own perception about him with your consciousness letting you know the truth. The disciples from Sweden to Spain as you have mentioned, well can be bought by the governments too. He was a danger to American government and Christianity. Many presidents like RONALD REGAN rejected his challenge for open debate on religion and politics and western powers did EVERYTHING to destroy him and his effort. Osho was a problem for Indian government too coz he was dead against politicians and priestly class. I haven’t heard of any person with fiercely INTO YOU FACE attitude in Modern World which he had. Even if little bit but everyone is a mild politician. He was chained like a HARDCORE CRIMINAL in US PRISON and poisoned.

    # On Quantum Physics

    Captain I truly appreciate your effort to understand such a penetrating subject all on your own. I studied Physics in my school days then we moved to our respective ways. Although I still like to read articles on latest development in science and tech. Scientific American India is my favorite magazine and am yet to read my first issue of NATURE. Our own science reporter is also good but lacks the maturity of Scientific American.

    By the way If I have to educate myself about Physics where shall I begin? Which book I should start with? Which books you read to christen yourself as a QUANTUM EXPERT? Enlighten us.

    One question: Is Universe Leaking?

    continue in the next comment

  7. hi apurva,

    considering the amazing muck our bhaiyya could spew from his mouth-- which could even make a whore blush-- i reckon i should NOT call him sirjee.

    osho's IQ was the highest --

    people do NOT know how to measure IQ.

    my elder son has high IQ, when it comes to the mensa style. he can write complex computer codes. he works for the R&D division of a big company-- and last year he got the highest bonus. he can play the piano.

    my younger son will NOT qualify for mensa. he is not interested in maths and physics.

    but my younger son can take one look at you, and draw you, starting with your feet upwards.

    you can see 2 of his paintings if you punch into google search-- PICASSO VADAKAYIL.

    the dragon painting is actually 4D, if you see in higher resolution.

    since the age of 10 he has been into creative writing and he has his own fan club on the internet.

    Punch into google search ON THE TRAIL OF TRUTH- VADAKAYIL. i have put a query about james bond sitting in a corner of a room.

    this is real IQ.

    james bond has IQ--not kasparov or einstein.

    a person like OSHO who can find answers to life management has the highest IQ -- for man is the most complicated machine on this planet.

    instead of feeling proud of him, we indians are ashamed of him,

    i am a fan of osho-- i have NOT read many of his books , though.

    he can make white into black and then vice versa --just for kicks .


    punch into google search BANYAN TREE- VADAKAYIL. i have given a picture right at the bottom of the post.

    this is the hindu way of visualising the universe.

    inhale/ exhale--

    tamas/ rajas.--

    big bang/ singularity.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  8. hi apurva,

    BANDHS must be declared illegal.

    this can only happen if we make gandhi irrelevant to modern india.

    just wait and see -- very soon people will celebrate 2nd oct as shastri jayanti.

    habit forming as it has to me more than half a lunar cycle-- for cellular retention.

    punch into google search CELLULAR MEMORY - VADAKAYIL.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  9. respected sir,
    I am new to your blog. What you have penned down in these blogs give a small insight into your tremendous knowledge regarding our sanatanic and tantric dharma....I want to know more about 21st dec 2012. Since you emphasised that date a few times. Is it that the whole world will rise towards consciousness??also there have been mayan descendants refuting this claim and accusing the westerners for earning out of spreading myth....pls enlighten me about the same...also the russian stonehenge mentioned by you...i googled and found weak references to hinduism...could u pls provide more links to substantiate the same?(ps i dont doubt your wisdom..i wanna learn more)..thanx a lot


  10. Sir,
    Thank you for the post, western minds (from India also) views the Khajuraho temple in completly different perspective, so Thank you for your effort in setting the record straight.
    Anyone still fallows/teaches Tantra?
    Also could you please comment on, how come Tantra powers were never used to protect India against Invading barbarians?


    1. hi bharata,

      some sadhus who come for kumbh mela know tantra.

      india was invaded by alexander the great , but we drove him back.

      in the past 2000 years very few people knew tantra.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Vedic viki

    April 26, 2013 at 1:59 PM

    Hi capt.
    Ohk! So if saraswati was the epicentre then where was the seat of gandhara kingdom, Somewhere in saraswati basin?? Were they of Indian origin And the followers of sanatan dharma too???
    Could you also refer me some sources or books where I can read about them in detail.
    Mahabharata texts say that in Sat yuga there were no gandharvas and they had their origins in treta yuga and then began to multiply fast and suddenly became very powerful, They were great devotees of Shiva, But I dont know about the place of their origin!!
    One of the earliest Aryan King Pururavas married beautyful apsara Urvashi from Gandhara, was his time contemporary to the Gandharva empire?



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    April 26, 2013 at 7:56 PM

    hi vv,

    emperor vikramadita's father himself was a gandharva, with the seat at ujjain in 7000 BC.

    ujjian is one of the oldest cities on this planet of the mahakala dynasty.

    this city UJJAYINI is situated exactly at the TROPIC OF CANCER ( 23.4 degrees latitude ) and the greenwich meridian equivalent ( 75 degrees longitude ) for india .

    this is the most ancient university of this planet.

    At Ujjayini university Lord Krishna, Balram and Sudama were initiated into the learning of Vedas and Vedanta in 4100 BC.

    on the banks of the mighty shirpa river , has been kicked forward in time by 9000 years by the white christian invader.

    The Mahakaleshwar Temple for the SWAYAMBU jyorthirlinga ( born by itself )is one of the oldest tempes in india. This lingam is smeared with hot ashes from the burning ghats to extract the DNA.

    The Harasiddhi temple has one of the oldest sri yantras. According to Shiva-purana, when Lord Shiva carried away the burning body of his wife Sati from the sacrificial fire of Daksha-prajapati, her elbow fell on this spot.

    vikramaditya's elder brother , who abdicated the throne due to the infidelity of his beloved wife pingala , meditated in the bhatruhari caves -- which is named after him.

    the Kumbh Mela religious festival is held here every twelve years.

    Mythological sanctity of the invisible and underground river Saraswati, associated with the story of Triveni-sangam, is attributed to ujjayini.

    again, you msut refrain from asking me questions on the basis of what others wrote.


    punch into google search --


    this is the reason why I went after NASA hammer and tongs , when they said phosphorus is replaced by arsenic.

    it is all about phosphorus extracted from the shiva lingam.

    punch into google search -


    and read the last para in blue.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Nelson Singh
    May 17, 2013 at 10:33 AM
    Namaste Guruji

    In your posts you use slokas from vedas and their meanings in English.From where do you get them with english meanins . Can you please tell the best translated author for Vedas in English.
    (RIG VEDA- Translator Ralph T.H. Griffith )is this a good book .because after reading your posts i stopped reading Vedas translated by westerners. Please suggest a good E-book for Vedas in English. Guruji what about books of Gita Press,Gorakhpur.

    Nelson Singh



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    May 17, 2013 at 6:54 PM
    hi nelson,

    i am from kerala , where the namboodiri brahmins , including adi shankaracharya , have preserved the tradition of the vedas and ayurveda.

    probably this is why parashurama chose them, to come to the southern most tip of india .

    they did NOT suck up to the british like the tamilian iyers.

    nor were they uprooted and vulnerable people like the kashmiri brahmins.

    the brahmins in north india are a joke. see the amount of brahmins in UP , bihar etc. did they have so many temples there.

    or are they all brahmins by induction?

    vedas cannot be translated into english unless the person is highly perceptive. if you translate it literally it will sound ridiculous . mere knowledge of sanskrit is not enough.

    the german quantum physicists were the first to understand the wisdom and allegory in the vedas.

    i will NOT be able to recommend any book -- as i do NOT know what they contain.

    have you ever seen any text on this planet--which explains brahmAn ( of the vedas ) as the empty space between the atom, where the electrons whiz aorund? ( ADVAITA )


    the trinity of brahma/ vishnu/ shiva , as dance the of two opposites with a mediator in between? ( DVAITA )


    SANKHYA as the observer brahmAn ( as purusha -advaita ) the audience of the dancer ( prakriti - the trinity - dvaita )

    if you really understand what i mean here you will be shocked to see the wisdom in the vedas.

    even vivekananda has NOT understood the true essence of hinduism created by noble seers , probably because he did NOT have a scientific mind.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. sir,
      You are all the way right in putting across your understanding on tantra.But then How come you came to think the Parasurama choose malayalee brahmins as his sires.The greatest sreevidya upasaka of kerala Sree Chattambi swamikal writes and belived that the story of Parasurama as the creator of kerala is a nonsense. Though "The Parasurama Kalpasutra" is again is much adored by
      Sree Chattambi swamikal.

      please comment

    2. hi m,

      chattambi swamikal was of the opinion that nairs existed before namboodiris came to kerala from sarswati river banks.

      He established that nairs were the early inhabitants and rulers of kerala.


      spiritual leaders should NOT attempt to re-write history.

      nairs are like anglo-indians.

      anglo-indians are the offspings of the white christian man and the natives low castes

      nairs are the offspings of namboodiris and thiyyas ( mainly ).

      NAYA --means watch dog.

      modern nair spin doctors are giving various spins to save their faces.

      punch into google search-

      the british even employed a white christain evangelist to teach chattambi christianity.

      it was all about DIVIDE AND RULE and making hindus ashamed and confused..

      rothschild bribed the high castes ( with sops ) to prevent low castes entering temples on one hand-- and on the other hand exhorted and supported the low castes to fight for their rights to enter temples.

      punch into google search-




      for the past 3 centuries rothschild has supported and funded both the sides in a conflict ( created by rothschild ) and milked both sides.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  13. Hi capt.
    An amazing one! You said that people who could raise kundalini through tantric sex existed 4000 years ago! why? can't we do it today after a very good session, following the right techniques of mating, to raise our kundalinis??

    1. hi vv,

      tantra has been run over by imposters. the art of tantra and mudra is lost, due to degraded DNA.

      you see the internet, FOREIGN tantra masters are advertising. all they want is a free screw.

      even our temples pujaris do NOT know how to chant sanskrit mantras or even understand the meaning of what they chant.

      in kerala thanks to communist and congress government policy of dalit appeasement -- our temples have become like government hospitals.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  14. Hi capt.
    I have read that post already, its awesome indeed!
    Actualy you are right, the Tantra has been run over by imposters, I did some personal research and found out that The very idea that the Tantras are focused on heightened intimacy and sexual pleasure has been completely fabricated by the west! It requires years of initial spiritual yogic workout to gain Tantric powers to do something mentioned above, These include sacred initiation and aligning subtle body energies with the Divine through yoga and visualization, strict dicipline and control over all physical and mental activities, which has NIL SEXUAL COMPONENT instead one may have to follow Bhramcharya for a long time to fasten his progress! lol
    The word Tantra refers to a vast corpus of sacred ritually-oriented texts that governed the spiritual practices of a given sect's initiates. The texts themselves are called 'Tantras' (i.e. containing ritually oriented practices that "expand" awareness, The main aim is to turn every action including breathing, eating and sleeping into rituals and sacred activities). Tantra is of 3 types left handed, right handed and direct! And people may be surprised to know that Direct Tantra involves the complete renunciation of all sexual activities so as to transform that energy into spiritual power to make a quantum jump to the heigher levels of consciousness.
    Regards, Viki

    1. hi vv,

      sex may be involved.

      it is about ENTRAINMENT and RESONANCE which the world of physics has now come to understand only in this century.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  15. Hi capt.
    Yeah! Many of our vedic maharishis were married and no doubt they had Tantric sex, But we cant compare ourselves with those great souls, They could make sex a sacred activity through their gyan chakshus! ;)
    Left handed Tantra focuses on Sex as a core life force which can be manipulated to raise kundalinis, BUT a person has to go through severe yogic and spiritual workout of the mind before indulging in such activities cuz one wrong move can turn sex into torture!! But as you said we have lost the true knowledge of Tantra n Mudra so Im not sure anyone can do that in this age!!
    Could you please elaborate about resonance and entertainment?
    Thnx, viki

    1. hi vv,

      It is NOT entertainment, it is ENTRAINMENT.
      When the brain is subjected toa rhythmic stimulus, ( say a drum beat ), the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical impulses.

      If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brainwaves.

      When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm.

      Entrainment is a BASIC principle of physics. It is defined as the synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles.

      It is a wonder that if you place two unsynchronized clocks side by side on a wall, they would slowly synchronize to each other. In fact, the synchronization is so precise not even mechanical intervention could calibrate them more accurately.

      The principles of entrainment appear in chemistry, neurology, biology, pharmacology, medicine, astronomy etc.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Hi capt.
    May be that's why it's said "Yeh tapasya toh janmon janmantar ka phal hoti hai" technicaly speaking it takes our brain a lot of time to synchronize itself to the resonance of Mantras, when its done through constant focus and concentration! it takes mind to the higher levels of consciousness!!
    The left handed path is a shortcut to this level, Rhythmic Sex makes the synchronization faster? Right capt?? Please also tell us about the obstructions which won't allow us to be successful via this, correct me if I am wrong Sir, your blogs are opening the secrets of this universe slowly and steadily!! ;)
    Regards, viki

  17. Hi capt.
    Is left handed path a shortcut to raising kundalini? Which one is better left handed or right handed path to super consciousness??
    Regards, viki

    1. hi vv,

      ENTRAINMENT is sure shot and fast.

      but this art is lost-- just like mudra.

      in kerala athiratram homam, the chief namboodiri brahmin has to clench his fist for several days -- to prevent him from doing secret mudra.

      almost all ( 99.9 %) modern tantra masters are fake.

      the few who know it and come to kumbh mela, do NOT care to reveal it.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  18. Hi capt.
    Ok, thnx for all the wonderful info. :)

  19. hi capt.
    In Bhagwat Gita, The God is shown to be pure and divine who can be achieved only through Satvik thinking and eating, the sexual desires are considered to be Tamsik and loathsome, where as in Tantra, the sexual desires are welcome and are considered to be the channel to achieve super consciousness. Sir, why didn't Lord Krishna revealed the other side of Yog(Tantra) in his teachings? Does Tantra leave a negative impact on a person!??

    1. hi vv,

      you must read above post again.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  20. Hi capt.
    Awaiting your reply. :)
    Regards, viki


  21. RASIN

    August 25, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    HI Dear captain,
    Following you for more than two years now.There where lots of doubts that i wanna ask you.But i thought being a captain you may not have enough time to reply. So tried alternate ways to gain the intel.
    but with my surprise you keep up with all comments.(for this article alone more than 160)
    namichu! :)
    Today I wanna know about two things.
    1. Is kechari mudra really works? What is the scientific and metaphysical explanation on that?
    2. Can you recollect the top 3, most amazing things you have witnessed in remote ocean?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    August 26, 2013 at 4:31 AM
    hi r,

    40 years at sea-- was able to see amazing things.

    1) divine experience of being closest to the biggest storm on earth, where the sea looked like milk. after this experience i am NOT scared of anything on this planet.

    punch into google search-

    2)an amazing temperaure inversion in the red seas-- immediately after a sand storm and a cold shower. saw two ships upside down coming towards my ship.

    on the 13th day of the mahabharata war lord krishna created a temerature inversion with his scalar wave howitzer , which causes a temporary SOLAR ECLIPSE.

    punch into google search-

    3)amazing bioluminescence in the ocean-- life of pi tried to recreate this by animation.

    punch into google search-


    kechara mudra-?

    well if i talk too much about this people will start cutting their tongue fernulems ( which must NOT be done ).

    in tantra sex as the couple explodes into an orgasm -- BOTH put the tips of their tongue into the nasal cavity above the soft palate- the nasopharyngeal cavity.

    they keep the spirit level in the inner ear steady ( eustachian tube ).

    they will taste SWEET amrit ( ambrosia ) and their body auras become golden .

    there is a MOBIUS COIL scalar field effect. they get surcharged with cosmic energy and the kundalini climbs up in an instant.

    "Immortal liquor is the nectar exuding from the moon (pineal gland). It is produced by the fire, which is generated by inserting the tongue into the nasopharyngeal cavity"

    i guess i have said enough.

    capt ajit vadakayil


  22. RASIN

    August 25, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    HI Dear captain,
    Following you for more than two years now.There where lots of doubts that i wanna ask you.But i thought being a captain you may not have enough time to reply. So tried alternate ways to gain the intel.
    but with my surprise you keep up with all comments.(for this article alone more than 160)
    namichu! :)
    Today I wanna know about two things.
    1. Is kechari mudra really works? What is the scientific and metaphysical explanation on that?
    2. Can you recollect the top 3, most amazing things you have witnessed in remote ocean?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    August 26, 2013 at 4:31 AM
    hi r,

    40 years at sea-- was able to see amazing things.

    1) divine experience of being closest to the biggest storm on earth, where the sea looked like milk. after this experience i am NOT scared of anything on this planet.

    punch into google search-

    2)an amazing temperaure inversion in the red seas-- immediately after a sand storm and a cold shower. saw two ships upside down coming towards my ship.

    on the 13th day of the mahabharata war lord krishna created a temerature inversion with his scalar wave howitzer , which causes a temporary SOLAR ECLIPSE.

    punch into google search-

    3)amazing bioluminescence in the ocean-- life of pi tried to recreate this by animation.

    punch into google search-


    kechara mudra-?

    well if i talk too much about this people will start cutting their tongue fernulems ( which must NOT be done ).

    in tantra sex as the couple explodes into an orgasm -- BOTH put the tips of their tongue into the nasal cavity above the soft palate- the nasopharyngeal cavity.

    they keep the spirit level in the inner ear steady ( eustachian tube ).

    they will taste SWEET amrit ( ambrosia ) and their body auras become golden .

    there is a MOBIUS COIL scalar field effect. they get surcharged with cosmic energy and the kundalini climbs up in an instant.

    "Immortal liquor is the nectar exuding from the moon (pineal gland). It is produced by the fire, which is generated by inserting the tongue into the nasopharyngeal cavity"

    i guess i have said enough.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  23. Hi Capt,
    I am silently following your blog and want thank you by million times for creating as well as spreading the ancient Indian/Hindu knowledge. I have a blind faith in hinduism. I have studied in RSS funded school so these things are fueled in my blood.
    Now one request...I am married man ans Me and My wife want to raise our Kundalini by Left way. Please Guide us how to proceed. ..


    1. hi vi,

      i have made it very clear, that i will NOT be taking questions on this.

      even if you seek a guru-- 99% chances are that he will be a fake.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  24. Hello capt.
    I finaly decided to read the post, its very well written on a quite misunderstood and controversial topic! I have some questions which you didn't answer that day!
    Firstly, its possible that Shivalingam was a phallic symbol during the time of Tantric India before Vedic period, people must be doing lingam worship to reinforce/energize their sexual parts? What you think about this capt.??
    Secondly, Does Tantra promote fornication or promiscuity? if yes, then how is it divine??
    I will ask the rest after hearing from you about these, Thanks and regards :)

    1. hi sk,

      in our vedas it is written that shiva lingam provides the SEED.

      what do you call something that provides the SPERM or DNA ?

      we call it a PHALLUS , right?

      it is officially proved by NASA that these black meterotite stones from outer space provided the DNA on earth.

      punch into google search-



      capt ajit vadakayil

  25. Hello capt.
    You are right, but is it possible that Lingam worship was performed as a Tantra symbol for sacred sexual initiation, even before the meteorite worship came into being??
    Like in the above post you translated Om mani padme hum into Lingam is in the yoni, so it makes Lingam a phallic symbol irrespective of the fact that it was the seed of mother Earth or not...!! May be Lingam worship was performed even before our ancients discovered meteorite brought DNA, The rest only you can tell capt. :)

    1. hi sk,

      our scriptures are very cleat about mother of all mothers aditi - delivering her misshapen son marthanda and discarding him .

      this is the binary star marthanda from where shiva lingam rains on earth.

      punch into google search-

      In the Rig Veda written in 5000 BC , Aditi is mentioned more than 80 times.

      tantra is an easy way to raise the kundalini.


      almost all the tantra experts today 99.999 % are FAKE-- who is out to have easy sex with good looking women who become their slaves .

      however you can read-

      to get a hang.

      of course the penis is deep in the vagina, and the tongue tip is deep in the nasal cavity

      capt ajit vadakayil

  26. Hello capt.
    And you didn't reply to second question! Does Shaivite Tantra promotes fornication and promiscuity? Tantra is a part of bigger corpes of Vigyan bhairva! You said Tantra sees life in totality so every aspect of life is being tried to look under divine light and pure! But how can they see something Tamsik desirous like Sex as divine and path to God?? There must be some sacred principle behind that, could you please enlighten us about that...!!

    1. hi sk,

      fornication is only to raise the kundalini , assisted by a master.

      indira gandhi tried it-- but her master was FAKE.

      this science is known only by a handful on this planet-- some of them come to kumbh mela.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  27. Hello capt.
    Thanks and you are right about everything! But if Tantra is such an easy and right way to raise kundali shakti and attain super consciousness then why did our Vedic maharishis, Swamis, Sants etc did so hard tapasya, renunciation, calibacy and went through so much pain and opted Satvik lifestyle to attain God consciousness?? Why didn't go for the easy and fun way Sir? They even propagated the Sattva to common man as the path of truth and wisdom?? Like Swami Vivekananda and many more like him!!

    1. hi sk,

      there are two ways for everything.

      you can teach your daughter to become a whore..

      or i can make her study well, work hard and become rich.

      choice is yours.

      all this SATTVA you are talking about is all bull.

      the problem with hindusim is that it has been interpreted by sanskrit scholars without brains OR by the STUPID west with bad intentions .

      even vivekananda never fully grasped hinduism. he became famous because he went to USA and spoke about it.

      if you had read my karva chaut post properly you would not be talking about SATTVA like the way you said..

      punch into google search-

      so read it again.

      there are 2 ways to get bed tea.

      1) slap my wife
      2) she makes it out of respect for me.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  28. Hello capt.
    And last thing! Whats mobius coil effect btw?? And if fornication is allowed with the master only so that means Tantra way of life also known as Shaivaism permits mating only with the spouce?? It doesnt allow promiscuity and immoral pre marital relationships??

    1. hi sk,

      if you had read my karva chaut post properly you would NOT have been asking me about mobius coil.

      so read it again.

      the wise have taken the essence -- the pea brained chutney mary's have seen only the bed tea part of it.

      punch into google search-






      capt ajit vadakayil

  29. Hello capt.
    Swami Vivekananda was the greatest Vedic scholar of 20th century after Ramakrishna paramhansa and Ramana maharishi, The later two were seers actualy, they all were calibates!! My question is very simple....leave aside mobius coil and sattva, I will read your karva chauth post I haven't read it yet!!
    If Raising kundalini and attaining super consciousness is so easy through Tantra, then why did our Vedic Maharishis adopted Painful ways of Tapasya, renunciation etc Most of them were Sanyasis living in jungles eating just roots to attain Brahman! They went through so much pain and sacrifice and talked of sublimating sexual energy, only lately after attaining salvation they came back to the society, why capt. ?? We can't call them naive....I really wonder about them....!! Tantra may be an incomplete way or may be it wasn't meant to be understood the way its understood today in narrowed down manner, may be it was a much broader concept!!
    Thanks and regards!

  30. What say capt. Awaiting your reply on this??

    And Swami Vivekananda was the first man to use Physics in explaining the concepts of Vedanta! The entire modern quantum physics world is just following in his footsteps, be it Tesla, Einstien or Dr. Oppenhiemer!!
    I wish I could marry him! Lol

  31. PRETTY EXCITING! I must say some of the stuff is addictive. I am reading since last night and now iys 4:29 PM. I have read lost of your articles now. I have few questions (by the way do u remember me? I asked u a ques on some other post of urs yesterday)

    Q1: What if one day u wake up and see that world as it is never existed. u were dreaming and u r not you any more. What if everything i am seeing never existed. If it is so then why should care about any vedas and what they say because I am sure what theu are and what is my end, who wrote them?

    Q2. I found u a man of knowledge but what if u come to know that whatever u knew about life, matter and universe- it doesnt matter in the end and u got nothing out of it.It went in vain

    Q3. Do u used to perform sex on ur shio with ur staff too in ur parties. Just curious.

    Q4 . If sex is meadium to reach above and unite with supereme power them do i have the right to perform sex with whomsoever i want (can i woman pick from all the men in society). It it is a way why people dont accept it and make world a free society why one needs to do it in secret.

    Q5. I am not scared of society neither I hide my feelings or change my views based on society. What if u like some other women too apart from ur wife. What if u cant resist her. U imagine her and she is available too. Will u not unite with her. If not why? Whill it be wrong if yes then why. Why cant u fulfill ur basic desires.

    Q6. Ichha shakti ko vash me karne bhi to ek iccha h. And saints preach to be free from ichha. I thin k it is never possible

    Q7. I really dont who which version of history is right. Which version of religious books is right. But i do know is humanity is my way of living life. It involves
    no castism
    freedom of sex
    emotions (love/kindness/attraction/zest/epathy)

    1. hi sm,

      one day i MAY post on a 7000 year old text - VIGYANA BHAIRAV TANTRA-- all your queries will be addressed.

      this is basically lord shiva's answers to his wife parvati's questions - regarding meditation techniques for centering the self, and going BEYONF consciousness ..

      ′Vigyana′ means consciousness, ′Bhairava′ means the state which is beyond consciousness, and ′Tantra′ means the method: the method of doing it.

      Parvati asks--

      O Shiva, what is your reality?
      What is this wonder-filled universe?
      What constitutes seed?
      Who centers the universal wheel?
      What is this life beyond form pervading forms?
      How may we enter it fully, above space and
      time, names and descriptions?
      Let my doubts be cleared!

      Yoga is outgoing energy; tantra is energy moving inwards. In tantric sex there is NO ejaculation and can go on from sunset to sunrise..

      --the opposite pole energy is renewed.

      the tantra ecstasy will last for for weeks.

      this planet is NOT ready for all this--as too may selfish people exist.

      one day i will dismantle Georgi Gurdjieff-- never to be assembled again .

      till then --

      capt ajit vadakayil

  32. clever reply man. It will be nice if u may answer my all questions in sequential order. I do not want answers to be complex I do not understand vedic language. I am a woman of today . U are open enough to write on tantric sex they why u fail to reply my open questions. Do u have a dual personality. Are u trying to save ur ass as true replies to my questions may hamper ur image in any way. I though u r as open as I am and as bold.

  33. captain it is easy to write blog by fixing history here n there. but it really takes a man to reply bold questions

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. hi sm,

      good girls do NOT put their email ID on a public space.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  35. Captain I am 28, not a girl anymore and my definitions of good generally are different from common people. Lets come to the point. U can email me ur replies so that I can help myself.. Hope u understand.

  36. U know when i was a kid mah parents corrupted my head by making me believe that sanaclause existed and later they used to beat me when i used to wait for santa at nights explaining me that it was all a story. u did the same

    Alright Captain. I was hoping against the hope. Good luck with all hypocrite stuff.


    i will post on somnath temple next.

    when mahmud of ghazni came to destroy this temple 1000 years ago, he found 500 most beautiful dancers decked in jewellery --whom he enslaved and carried away.

    contrary to what the whole world thinks -- he did NOT get anything --and took these girls and the huge sandal wood doors as PROOF that he raided somnath temple..

    a sun temple at modhera was made immediately -- and this temple has erotic sculptures like khajuraho, forcing western and islamic historians to think that TANTRA is sex.


    tantra is called a technique in malayalam and sanskrit.

    YANTRA is a device.

    in VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA shiva shows 112 techniques to parvati-- how to raise consciousness. to be frank this 7000 year old written document is one of the most precious items on this planet.

    actually it is 108 only. the jealous white man made this a recent kashmir document of 800 AD-- as usual.

    very few can interpret it--

    OSHO tried hard but failed..

    so TANTRA is NOT sex.

    i MAY post on somnath temple. history written on somnath temple is FAKE. written by a islamic fox who did NOT get the grapes.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  38. Hello capt.
    Is this some sort of reply to my message which is not allowed to be published??!

    1. hi sk,

      i do NOT allow my readers to write whatever they want -- and hijack something which is the essence of india.


      any comment which is NOT congruent to the line above may NOT get published.

      you had written that TANTRA does NOT involve sex.

      SEX if involved in some of the 108 techniques of "centering the self " -- VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA -- which is a conversation between two divine lovers shiva and parvati.

      verses 48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63 are all about Tantric Love Meditations OR contemplation OR opening the door of consciousness.

      VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA verses are coded and an abbreviated way, which only the discerning and enlightened can shed light on-- OSHO was unable to do this.

      parvati is shakti. The mind is lost, the division is lost-- there is a oneness.

      VIGYAN BHAIRAV TANTRA is not a dialogue between a guru and shishya, it is a dialogue between two lovers. For only then can the higher, the beyond, be expressed.

      Lovers have always known what saints have not known, for they have have touched that center.

      The whole of tantra is concerned with the techniques of how to transcend the mind for the human mind lives with laws and an order.

      Osho is right when he says " in tantra there is no devil, only divine existence" and that the tantric orgasm is a deep, relaxing meditation..

      here is a mantra of hoary antiquity--

      I am not mind, intellect, ego and the memory.
      I am not the sense of organs(ears, tongue, nose, eyes and skin).
      I am not the five elements ( ether, earth, fire, air and the water).
      I am supreme bliss and pure consciousness, I am Shiva,
      I am all auspiciousness, I am Shiva.

      Tantra will not give you the answer--it just shows a technique to attain the answer.

      Tantra says that when there is no mind, that is the state of a Bhairava – a no-mind state.

      Yoga is suppression with awareness, while tantra is indulgence with awareness. Tantra teaches you how to be witness.



      a match stick can be given to a monkey-- only after the monkey is trained.

      Other wise you have monkeys like Georgi Gurdjieff --


      is that what seema kapoor and shivani malhotra wants?

      wait for my post on somnath temple.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  39. Hello capt.
    I did not say that Tantra doesnt involve sex, I meant that Tantra in this age has been narrowed down to sex only, which is bad. I liked Vedic vikis comment because he tried to give a broader view of Tantra apart from just sex. And Im against Tantric sex and I really hate people like Georgi...!!
    Well, lets come to your point, Yoga is not suppression, it is to Conquer!! And the one who can conquer his mind is eligible for liberation! Tantra was the most ancient way of life in the sub continent and the most sacred and divine as well. I did not mean to manipulate it, Tantra involved living your life in a diciplined and controlled manner, and life is not just about sex.....infact Sex is a small part of it, thats why Vigyan bhairava Tantra doesn't talk about just sex only but about music, dance, arts and crafts as well....Everything n every act is tried to be seen with a divine eye and is prescribed to be done as if performing an austerity for Shiva!

    The yogis and seers adopted the hard way to attain super consciousness because raising kundalini through sex involves heavy dependence on lower chakra and the person may be lost in the delight of it alone without ever ascending! Plus it involves dependence on a partner and you can't liberate and transcend yourself on your own! This is not being a true yogi...!!

    I personaly feel those who get high on drugs n sex never get high on their true consciousness, because there is no coming to consciousness without pain, even the Tantrics of kumbh mela undergoe penance and yogic and mudra training to enable themselves to use left handed path, Tantra is a very wide and deep concept...!!
    Capt. You are right about many things but when you will write about Vigyan bhairava Tantra only then we will be able to see the true essence of Tantric India...!!

    Regards :)

  40. Capt.

    This is surprising to me, when you said Osho was unable to do this. Man if you can sit without a transcript given to you and talk for 1 to 2 or 3 hours at a time on ANY subject and there is pin drop silence in your audience and you do this day in day out throughout your life for 35+ years on all subjects/ questions I will take your word (to me that means your words are coming from heart with deep understanding).



    I don't know about George Gurdjieff that much and Osho often praised him but would see what comes out. I have watched a movie about Gurdjieff and in the last part if you see the dance of the disciples it is phenomeanal.

    1. hi sp,

      i am a fan of OSHO too.

      but i am disappointed that niether osho NOR vivekananda could discern what adi shankaracharya taught in 2000 BC.


      the god in hinduism is brahmAn -- a conscious morphogenetic intelliegnt FIELD..

      so STOP giving me your self righteous bull.

      punch into google search-




      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Sanathan Dharm
      February 24, 2014 at 12:27 AM
      Hi Captain,
      please can you explain clearly what did you mean by Sahasrara Chakra beejam are ALL + AH. i didnt understand this.


      Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
      February 24, 2014 at 1:31 AM
      hi sd,





      punch into Google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil


  41. thanks capt for pointing that trait out....I tend to do that many times....thanks for the insight

  42. Dear Sir,
    Just wanted to thank you, especially for the scientific info you provided here Captain!
    What is so upsetting growing up in America as I did is that so much of what I read on Tantra was poisoned with Semitic corruptions or subjective adulteration or omission by often imbalanced & chronically ill individuals with mental viruses at the very least! Much that you presented here I recognized from the few other sources I've found in my life who provided the REAL correct, exact elucidation which was based not just on Theory by actual PRACTICE! I only wish I had never come into contact at a young age, started reading about Tantra at 11 years old, with the poisonous writings I mentioned previously. I state this because it served no purpose but confusion ultimately! In fact I venture to state that for those men and women who are normal, healthy and grow up in a natural setting with other such people that most of the basics of Tantric sexual practice will come naturally! Seriously I was always baffled when I moved from my tiny village in rural Iowa to a polluted urban area of Kansas City that so many young men clearly failed to find satisfaction and fulfillment in their relationships with women which was obviously connected to being unable to provide this for their women! But I suppose those who I see as 'Normal' are really the 1 percent at best! SAD!
    Thank you again Sir!

  43. pavan kumar

    April 5, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    Please enlighten us with the benefits of Mool Bandh and how it can be done?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    April 5, 2014 at 11:29 AM
    hi pk,

    A bandha is a prana lock.

    This is one of the secrets of Tantra and is NOT taught unless supervised by a genuine guru. So I shall give only a brief explanation.

    72,000 nadis originate in a place just above muladhara chakra known as “medhra.” Mula bandha stimulates all 72,000 nadis at their source, an effect which makes it very powerful.

    Mula Bandha draws energy towards the lower end of the spine, into the Muladhara Chakra.

    There are three bandhas employed in yoga: the root valve located at the perineum (called mula bandha, also spelled as moola bandha), the stomach valve located around the belly (called uddiyana bandha) and the chin valve located at the throat (called jalandhara bandha).

    Mula bandha is performed by contracting and lifting inward and upward the muscles of the perineum—a muscle between the asshole and the balls- to sublimate sexual energy and raise it to higher chakras.

    As you “lock” the muscles of the perineum, you “unlock” prana and redirecting the flow upwards and reversing the natural tendency of apana to flow downwards.

    This muscle is NOT the muscle contracted when you are trying to hold a shit, NOR the muscle with which you are tyring to hold a pee.--but the muscle equidistant between the two, which contract during sexual orgasm .

    This muscle help men control premature ejaculation and women to have natural childbirth.

    This bandha indeed is the root (moola ) of creation and is mentioned in the 7000 year old Upanishads.

    The sleeping kundalini is aroused by the extreme heat and just as a serpent beaten with a stick straightens and hisses.

    The pubococcygeus muscle is a hammock-like muscle, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs.

    Activate this Mula Bandha at the end of an inhalation, as the exhalation starts. Draw the pelvic floor in and up.

    Brahma granthi, ( the knot of Brahma ) located near muladhara chakra, is pierced and then untied by a moola bandha.

    Kundlaini cannot travel upwards unless the Brahma Granthi is untied.

    By the way Brahma Granthi ( a muladhara chakra ) is related to the physical body, Vishnu Granthi ( at anahata chakra ) is related to the astral body and Rudra Granthi ( at Ajna chakra ) is related to the causal body.

    When Kundalini ascends Vishuddha Chakra and reaches Ajna Chakra, and beyond the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and akasha- he Ida and Pingala nadis cross over each other and disintegrate in the left and right nostrils, respectively.

    As lunar and solar channels, Ida and Pingala are time bound. After this plexis in Ajna Chakra, the time bound consciousness dissolves, and one establishes himself in Infinity.

    Well, Kalki Koechlin baby( of India today 2014 conclave fame ) , I suggest you stick to ONE husband – five is too much for you.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  44. hi captain..

    i have been a fan of osho from a while.. i can see that he was highly against any religion in the world, i have found him saying something about hinduism.. how do you interpret this..

    For example, T.M. Ramachandran has asked: ”OSHO, WHY DO YOU SAY THAT NOTHING HAS
    And what is this HINDU WAY OF LIFE? It is utterly life-negative! Even to call it a way of life is not
    right. It can be called a way of death, but not a way of life. How anything life-negative can become
    a philosophy of life?
    Hinduism teaches you to reject life, to renounce life. You worship the escapist people; you call them
    saints, mahatmas. Those who have gone against the world, those who have rejected the world,
    those who have condemned the world and all that it contains, they are thought to be people of God.
    God exists in the manifest world as the unmanifest center of it all. The moment you reject the flower
    you also reject its fragrance; if you escape from the flower you are escaping from the fragrance too
    – and God is the fragrance of existence. Those who go against life are going basically against God.
    You have heard the proverb: Man proposes and God disposes. Hinduism does just the opposite:
    God proposes, man disposes. It is God’s proposition – this existence, this life, but man disposes it.
    George Gurdjieff, one of the greatest Masters of this century, used to say that, ”Your mahatmas are
    all against God” – and he is absolutely right, one hundred percent right, because your mahatamas
    are denouncers. They negate. They make you feel guilty of love, of life, of laughter. They make you
    feel guilty if you are joyous, if you are cheerful. They make you feel guilty if you enjoy food, if you
    enjoy friendship, if you enjoy any kind of relationship. They make you feel guilty for all that you enjoy
    and they impose things upon you for which there is no enjoyment in you.
    All that you can do with these negative attitudes is nourish your ego. Hence your mahatmas are the
    most egoistic people in the world. But when one starts thinking of diseases as if they are something
    great, then it becomes very difficult for him to listen to the physician.
    I don’t reject anybody, Vinod. To me it is all the same whether you are a Hindu or a Mohammedan
    or a Christian. Your diseases are a little bit different but not basically, because all the religions that
    have existed in the past have used one similar strategy, and that is to create guilt. That has been
    the technique of the priest to dominate you: make people feel guilty of small joys – and of course
    those joys are natural and spontaneous.
    And when a person becomes guilty of his own nature he starts rejecting himself, he starts dying. It
    is a slow kind of suicide. He becomes sad, he becomes drained off His life loses flavor. And then of
    course, trembling, he has to go to the priest, because the priest knows the way how to go beyond
    this guilt. The priest creates the guilt in the first place – it is his trade secret – and then you have to
    go to the priest because there is nobody else who can guide you. That is the business of the priest:
    to guide you about spiritual affairs. And you are feeling so sad, so miserable; you need help, you
    need somebody to support you. You need somebody to teach you ways, means, methods so that
    you can get rid of your guilt.
    But the priest goes on creating more guilt in you. He creates so much fear of life in you that Hinduism
    became obsessed with the idea how to get rid of birth and death, how to get rid of AAVAGAMAN –
    coming and going into existence.

    captain please do not let this question unanswered..

    1. hi sp,

      osho had this habit of making sunrise out of sunset -probably for kicks.

      hinduism is about spirituality and finds NO need to convert -- rest are all religions who find the dire need to convert and do soul harvesting .

      only religions try to put the hook on to you after creating a guilt trap-- they try to convince you, that only their god and their holy book can save you.

      OSHO IS WRONG, IF HE SAYS " Hinduism became obsessed with the idea how to get rid of birth and death ".

      punch into google search-

      you hardly get mugged in india --even though there are people sleeping on the streets with NOTHING with them other than a loin cloth-- such is the belief in KARMA.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  45. captain.. he may be doing it just for kicks,but anyone serious about his words can become an atheist following only meditation nothing else.. and capt i have his discourses on vigyan bhairav you advice me to read it or should i wait for your post?i wouldnt have asked this question if you wouldn't have said that " osho is a no.1 genius to walk on this planet,he had answers for life management"do you think i should read what he had written on life management he qualified to talk about spirituality?i got this doubt just because hes against our philosophy which corely speaks about spirituality and meditation which he speaks about....

    1. hi sp,

      osho was a genius.

      but at the same time he would say sun rises in the east--and then after one hour say, sun rises in the west-- i believe just for kicks--for i do NOT think osho is stupid.


      what is the only cure ?

      spirituality , right?

      religion with a single messiah and a single holy book can NEVER cure it.

      if you do NOT believe me i want you to listen for 24 full hours to some evangelist religious channel-- and check out what bull they dish out.

      mostly life management --which has NOTHING to do with their single holy book.

      sanatana dharma is NOT a religion. it is a spiritual way of life. It is the practise of spirituality by elevating human consciousness in the personal quest for truth. Rather Hindusim is a relentless pursuit of truth, flexible to suit all situations.

      Religions are supposed to create peace , love , harmony , inclusion and grace-- NOT war. but have they NOT added fuel to it ? rather they organised violence and intolerance in a leviathan and focused manner .

      india and bali are the last pockets of spirituality on this planet.

      Hinduism is based on reason and NOT faith -- unless the faith is an extension of reason.

      Nowadays by telling lies again and again-- these modern religions are painting Hindusim with a coat of saffron terror. Can Hinduism ever have an Inquisition like Christianity and Islam?.

      Ask the Jews—they will say India is the only place where they never got persecuted over thousands of years—they always ran here for refuge.

      What the waitress calls SAFFRON TERROR -- is just the hindus making a free choice NOT to be cowards anymore and giving back as good as they got. Like what happened at Godra when 59 people mostly women and children were ROASTED ALIVE.

      Today foreign funded Indian TV calls all Hindus bigots – what an effin' joke !.

      Hinduism has a total lack of compulsions. You cannot get ex-communicated for NOT toeing the line.

      Under the doctrine of karma, the ability to make choices remains with the individual-and NOT what is being told as gospel in a holy book .

      The Hindu spirituality tradition , unlike other religions -- has always concerned itself with the “human” situation rather than the “our religion “ situation. WHY HAS OSHO FAILED TO RECOGNIZE THIS?


      OH FU#KIN' YEAH ?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  46. Hello Captain, I read thr' your post 1st time today,and found it interesting,also a bit informative. I found You have divulged only a small portion out of your reservoir. Actually it can be ok as well as wrong for the readers. Never the less you are sincere and well meaning. Pl continue, many would get know Tantra in it's totality. Regards. A.Mishra.

  47. lakshmi

    June 13, 2014 at 11:02 PM
    "Chengannur, the yoni mandala or female reproductive organ of Shiva’s first wife Sati fell, which explains why the Devi gets her monthly periods here."
    Sir can you please clarify the difference between Kamakya (Kamrup) temple of assam and Chengannur.
    It is claimed that Sati's uterus fell at Kamakya temple in assam.

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    June 14, 2014 at 1:34 AM
    hi l,

    The Kalika Purana is a poison injected Purana , created by the immoral white invader.

    Thi kalika purana was made out to be a manual on how to do HUMAN SACRIFICE , ritual intercourse before the devi idols, use of beef and drugs before a Tantra ritual etc.

    Sanatana dharma did NOT have even animal sacrifice, leave alone human sacrifice.

    Using this fake purana thousands of self loathing Hindu Indians have been converted to Christianity.

    It is this poison injected and FAKE Kalika Purana by the vulgar white historian which gives bull that the Kamakhya Temple spot was the place Lord Shiva used to have intercourse with his wife Sati -- and where Sati’s YONI ( vagina ) fell .

    The place where Sati’s uterus fell is Chengannur Bhawati temple shaktipeetham spot, in Kerala— a temple thousands of years older than the Tara devi's Kamakhya Temple of Assam. temple..

    capt ajit vadakayil

  48. anurag mishra

    June 21, 2014 at 9:03 PM
    Dear Captain,
    You have mentioned 1/4/2 pattern for breathing, same pattern is recommended by tony robbins in his book which I read.After watching Swamy Ramdev I stopped following 1/4/2 and started doing what he question is regarding specifics of 1/4/2 and how it helps,and how come tony could come to know what many yoga guru in India are not aware about.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    June 21, 2014 at 10:52 PM
    hi am,

    Time to let out a few secrets –which probably Ramdev does NOT know.

    Probably this is the reason why he fasted for a few days and then --pooora LUTAK GAYA.

    There are three types of Pranayama, viz., Adhama, Madhyama and Uttama (inferior, middle and superior).

    The Adhama Pranayama consists of 12 Matras, Madhyama consists of 24 Matras and the Uttama occupies a time of 32 Matras.

    The ratio between Puraka, Kumbhaka and Rechaka is 1:4:2.

    Puraka is inhalation. Kumbhaka is retention. Rechaka is exhalation.

    If you inhale for a period of 12 Matras you will have to make Kumbhaka for a period of 48 Matras. Then the time for Rechaka will be 24 Matras. This is for Adhama Pranayama.
    The same rule will apply to the other two varieties.

    First, practise for a month of Adhama Pranayama. Then practise Madhyama for three months. Then take up the Uttama variety.

    Time is, the time of duration of each of these, which is generally counted by Matra, which corresponds to one second. Matra means a measure.

    Now—why 1-4-2 ?

    Kumbhaka is retention of breath.

    Kumbhaka increases the period of life. It augments the inner spiritual force, vigour and vitality.

    If you retain the breath for one minute, this one minute is added to your span of life. Yogins by taking the breath to the Brahmarandhra at the top of the head and keeping it there, defeat the Lord of death, Yama, and conquer death

    A Yogi measures the span of his life not by the number of years but by the number of his breaths. Vital capacity is the capacity shown by the largest quantity of air a man can inhale after the deepest possible exhalation.


    When the breath is expired, it is Rechaka, when the breath is drawn in, it is Puraka. When it is suspended, it is called Kumbhaka.

    Tasmin sati svasaprasvasayor-gativicchedah pranayamah—“Regulation of breath or the control of Prana is the stoppage of inhalation and exhalation, which follows after securing that steadiness of posture or seat.”( Patanjali -yoga sutra ).

    The permanence of that thought thereafter is the restrained breath. This is the Pranayama of the wise, while the pressing of the nose is only for the unknowing.” (Adi Shankaracharya-2000 BC Aparokshanubhuti, 118-120).

    Pranayama is the perfect control of the life-currents through control of breath.

    It is strongly recommended not to hold breath 1-4-2 unless learning pranayama from an experiences yoga guru.

    Pranayama exercises should be preceded by relaxation in Savasana.



      After three months' regular and continuous practice, only, you must attempt to introduce Kumbhaka or retention of breath.

      The intial ratio in the time for inhalation, retention and exhalation for beginners may be 1:2:2.

      As you advance in the practice of pranayama , you may adopt the best ratio 1:4:2.

      Gradually increase the period of Kumbhaka. Retain for 4 seconds in the first week, for 8 seconds in the second week, for 12 seconds in the third week and so on, till you are able to retain the breath to your full capacity.

      Exhalation must have MMMMM. Pranayama exercises should be preceded by relaxation in Savasana.

      He who practises this Pranayama regularly, the proper way, will not be affected by the bite of serpents and scorpions-as per our ancient scriptures .

      He who practises Pranayama the right way, will have good appetite, cheerfulness, handsome figure, good strength, courage, enthusiasm, a high standard of health, vigour and vitality and good concentration of mind.

      “Dharanasu cha yogyata manasah—The mind becomes fit for concentration” (Yoga Sutras, II-53—5000 BC ).

      capt ajit vadakayil


  49. shiva prasad

    July 26, 2014 at 12:25 AM
    hi captain..

    does any community speak sandhya basha these days,or is it dead?



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    July 26, 2014 at 12:44 AM
    hi sp,

    Sandhya Bhasha is a western term.

    Ancient Indian scriptures were codes and had inherent mantra- tantra- yantra –mudra—metaphors and allegories .

    It was deliberately kept that way, as these verses were meant to be interpreted by men of perception.

    The immoral white invader has reduced Tantra to garbage QUOTE “ The fivefold classification presented in the tantras is remarkably comprehensive, embracing objects of every conceivable type; it includes the infamous set of 'five Ms' (fish, meat, wine, mudrā, sexual intercourse) and even a set of five 'body fluids' faeces, urine, blood, semen, flesh” UNQUOTE

    You have read my post on Kama Sutra, right?

    What is KAMA ?

    It is NOT sexual lust.

    This universe was created by KAMA ( desire / intent )

    कामस्तदग्रॆ समवर्तताधि मनसॊ रॆत: प्रथमं यदासीत् ।
    “ In the great cosmic mind all pervading, Vibrations of Kama sprout from conscious thought”

    A Sanskrit teacher is just a language expert. He is NOT a mind scientist..

    These verses were created at a time when the human DNA was 12 strand . Human DNA has deteriorated and pineal glands have atrophied..

    Example: Can you get GRPS or whatsup or skype in you ancient mobile phone which you had 20 years ago ?

    Once when I went to a doctor in Australia, he told me to take a chair.
    So since I was in a frisky mood, I held the chair over my head.
    The pretty nurse was startled, she started telling me, this is NOT what he doctor meant—BLAH BLAH.
    The doctor cut her down— he said “ Do NOT ever think this Captain is a dim-wit. He is having his kicks“

    capt ajit vadakayil

  50. alt3r 3go

    September 4, 2014 at 6:54 AM
    Hi captain,
    Is this guy narayan dutt srimali or paramahans nikhileshwaranand a genuine tantrik guru?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    September 4, 2014 at 7:56 AM
    hi alt,

    Sadgurudev Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji was Head of department for Hindi at Jodhpur University.

    All those who legitimized the Kamakhya temple of Assam were sponsored by the white invader’s media and historians.

    They hold this Kamakhya temple tantric meet –sponsored by R media—to show Hinduism in bad light

    The Kalika Purana is a poison injected Purana , created by the immoral white invader.

    Thi kalika purana was made out to be a manual on how to do HUMAN SACRIFICE , ritual intercourse before the devi idols, use of beef and drugs before a Tantra ritual etc.

    Sanatana dharma did NOT have even animal sacrifice, leave alone human sacrifice. In Kamakya temple they still do animal sacrifices to show Hindusim as a savage religion.

    Check out this link-

    Using this fake purana thousands of self loathing Hindu Indians have been converted to Christianity.

    It is this poison injected and FAKE Kalika Purana by the vulgar white historian which gives bull that the Kamakhya Temple spot ( Shakti peeth ) was the place Lord Shiva used to have intercourse with his wife Sati -- and where Sati’s YONI ( vagina ) fell .

    The place where Sati’s uterus fell is Chengannur Bhawati temple shaktipeetham spot, in Kerala— a temple thousands of years older than the Tara devi's Kamakhya Temple of Assam. temple.

    He installed a "Paard Shivalingam" weighing 21 kg at Rashtrapati Bhavan in 1995 when the then President, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, released his two books, "Meditation" and "Kundalini Tantrum". He was also sponsored by VP Jatti.

    After he died he TRANSFERRED ALL HIS POWERS TO HIS THREE SONS BY DIVINE FAX -- Mataji Parampoojya Nandkishore guruji, Kailash Chandra Guruji and Arvind Guruji along with Poojaniya Mataji. They work separately and their patrikas are named Nikhil mantra vigyan, Narayan mantra sadhana vigyan and Pracheen mantra yantra vigyan. They have offices in Jodhpur and Delhi .

    One of the most ancient temples on this planet has been desecrated by the white invader and his tamil atheist stooges.

    It still continues in 2014, as the Hindu hating ruling government of Syrian Christinas, Muslim League and atheist R communists want it that way.

    Punch into Google search-


    We hindus want Narendra Modi to stop this nonsense—all foul rituals created by the white invader for soul harvesting !

    capt ajit vadakayil



    "However he remained unmoved by Parvati's love and dedication. She also tried bringing fruits for him but he remained steadfast in his meditation. There are stories that indicate that Parvati was shunned by him due to her dark skin."

    " Parvati knows what her previous incarnation was, her marriage to Shiva as Sati. Destined to become Shiva's wife (again), Uma is impeded: Shiva renounced his sexuality. After their marriage, Uma gave birth to God Kumara?????? ".

    "In the Bhagavata Purana, after Vishnu deceives the demons by his maya female form, Shiva wishes to see the bewildering Mohini again. When Vishnu agrees and reveals his Mohini form, Shiva runs crazily behind Mohini, "bereft of shame and robbed by her of good sense," while the abandoned wife Parvati (Uma) looks on."

    " Shiva is overcome by Kama (love and desire, the god of love and desire). His "unfailing" seed escapes and falls on ground. From these seeds of Shiva, Ayappa is born. Ayyappa is therefore referred to as Hariharaputra, "the son of Vishnu (Hari) and Shiva (Hara)"

    "The Naked Lord came to the streets of the Rishis to get alms. At the charm of the naked Shiva the wives of the Rishis lost their heart. They forgot what they were doing and started simply following the Naked God. Meanwhile the Rishis also forgot the karma they were strongly advocating and followed the glamorous Mohini. When they saw their wives following a Naked man, the followers of karmic discipline lost their virtue."

    "Sage Bhrigu went to see Lord Brahma, but Brahma was preoccupied and did not notice Brighu’s presence. Feeling insulted, Brighu cursed Brahma, “You are so proud of your power of creation that you did not notice my arrival. For this you shall have no temples on earth.” Next, Brighu went to see Shiva in Kailash, but Shiva was occupied with Parvati at that hour. Brighu, again felt offended and cursed Shiva to be worshipped only as a lingam. This is the reason why Lord Shiva is primarily represented and worshiped as a lingam"

    " Mansa, the goddess who cures snakebites, was born when Shiva’s semen touched a statue carved by Kadru, mother of snakes. Thus she was Shiva’s daughter, but not Parvati’s child, much like Kartikeya"




    capt ajit vadakayil


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    September 8, 2014 at 9:59 AM



    8 WEEKS MORE--



    capt ajit vadakayil