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So the spider said to the fly, allow me into your parlour, you are in great danger, and only I can save you.  The fly opened the door -- Capt Ajit Vadakayil.

This post of for students of Economics.

Next time your professor teaches you something in college which you do NOT agree with or sound like bull to you , speak up.  99.99% of the time the teacher will NOT be able to explain , as he himself is a brainwashed zombie, belonging to the group who is trained to holler "4 legs good 2 legs better"

First of all imagine that you are a group of boy scouts. TERRAIN MUST PREVAIL OVER THE MAP, ALWAYS.

The science of economics is gone once you get past the supply and demand curve. Most everything after that is ideological, and therefore not science.

Economists routinely predict when the market needs a correction, and they do.  Most of the time it is like filling up ballast on the wrong side of the ship causing it to capsize.   

Yes, such a correction can cause a usual list of the ship .   But It does the reverse for an “ANGLE OF LOLL “ .  

Perception is requires to find out of the GM ( metacentric height ) is positive or negative.   Metacentric height is the distance between the centre of gravity of a ship and its metacenter.. Metacentre is determined by the ratio between the inertia resistance of the boat and the volume of the ship.

There is a DOMINO EFFECT factor—which causes market crashes and FALSE booms .

Punch into Google search-

Economists routinely predict when the market needs a correction, and they do. The problem is that there is a lot of "pseudoscience" in economics where observations and statistics are manipulated to support conclusions or theories based on political agendas, and the FAKE reputation of the economist , which muddies the waters in finding what is accurate and what is not.

Economics is an empirical pseudo science where the reverse happens, more often than not.

Bullsh#t phrases like "rising tide" and "trickle down" effect and percentages which economists mouth on TV , sometimes even to impress a good looking TV anchor is NOT even real.   Neoclassical Economics, has zilch predictive power.

Axiomatic systems ( proof ) are not bounded by correspondence with reality, and theoretic systems (truth ) are not bounded by our understanding of causes.  Mathematics can describe all of the universe, the universe cannot describe all of mathematics.  Axiomatic systems are not bounded by correspondence with reality, while theoretic systems are bounded by correspondence with reality.

The father of Economics is a Scotsman Adam Smith.

So who is or rather who was Adam Smith.

He was the "one man think tank" to the owner of British East India Company.  Rather he was the adviser to Robert Clive, the henchman of Rothschild..  Much later he would advise Rothschild on how to set up his banking cartel and set up a blue print on how to control the world.

Rothschild's agents in India for the Opium trade were the filthy rich Parsis in Mumbai, and Birla, JK and party in Calcutta. Sasoon who belonged to Rothschild bloodline, who operated from Bombay, kept a hawk's eye.

The agents for the black slave trade in USA was JP Morgan. 

In 1834, Rothschild prevailed upon Sir John Gladstone to replace African black slaves with Indian Indentured labour.  Never in the history of mankind has there been a saga of such greed and injustice-- where more than 1.3 million innocent Indians were duped whole sale , given a life sentence , dumped in far flung corners of the planet and forgotten for ever. 

Christian Missionaries were used deep in forests to lure tribals. 530000 Indians went to Guyana alone, while Mauritius had 350000 , Malaya 250000 and Trinidad had 150000 coolies.

And today we have Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have given the same Rothschild , a toe hold -- nay-- a drivers's seat , by allowing FDI in multi-brand retail, FDI in insurance etc.

On the Dec 20, 2004 letter, the FAM’s foreign trade committee chairman Chandrakant T. Shanghvi said that Manmohan Singh had categorically told a delegation of the traders’ body that “we should not permit FDI in retail trade… India does not require the kind of reforms which would, rather than creating employment, destroy employment”.  

So all this is the idea of W right ?-- and Manmohan Paaji is scared of her ?

By the way our own PM Manmohan Singh worked for a R0thschild financial concern before he became India's Finance Minister, as a part of re-orientation.  He was the Secretary General of the South Commission, an independent economic policy think tank headquartered in Rothschild banking cartel’s  home turf Geneva, Switzerland from 1987 to 1990.

Our poor PM Chandrasekhar was reduced to selling our Gold in 1991, and World Bank and IMF would NOT give a loan unless Manmohan Paaji was made Finance Minister. And later Italian Queen Bee Sonia would NOT have anyone else except "unelected" Manmohan Paaji as PM-- going against the Indian Constitution for a democracy.

Rothschild man Manmohan Singh was made the Finance Minister of India or IMF would NOT give a loan to India.  Rothschild had done the same with SIR Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh ( won Magsaysay award twice ) who was knighted in 1944 just because he had a Jew British wife. 

Rothschild would NOT give India a loan to procure wheat from USA unless our SIR was made Finance Minister of India.  

Why not a Jew wife ?   Chintamani Deshmukh bhaiyya was himself was a Bene Israel Jew whose ancestor was lifted from Kerala and dumped off the coast of Konkan, from a Rothschild owned British East India company ship..  ( later a lot of Bene Israel Jews opted to induct themselves into  Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu clan so that they could eat beef... saamp bhi mare laathi bhi na toote.) .

Rothschild used Edwina to arm twist Nehru and install him as the Finance Minister in the Union Cabinet (1950–1956).

SIR Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh attended the Breton Woods Conference to create IMF on invitation of R0thschild in July1944 . )  Rothschild liked him, and he was a member of the Board of Governors of both of IMF for the next ten years

R0thschilds controls the US Federal reserve, all the Central banks of all the countries of the world --except Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba. Libya has been taken out. The next in the pecking order is Syria--then Iran.

R0thschild also controls the IMF and World Bank. So, how does the IMF and the World Bank work?

They put a country in debt, in such a big debt it can`t pay it, and then they will offer to refinance that debt, and pay you even more interest, and you demand this quid pro quo which you call a “conditionality” or “good Paaji governance”. Their  bouncers – nay- watch dogs are S&P, Fitch, Moody’s etc.

This process of manipulation by the corporato-cracy through the use of debt, bribery and, political overthrow is called “Globalization”.  Just as the federal reserve keeps the American public in a position of indentured servitude through perpetual debt, inflation and interest, the World Bank and IMF serve this role on a global scale.

The basic scam is simple.  Put a country in debt either by its own indiscretion or through corrupting the leader of that country, then , impose conditionalities, or Structural Adjustment Policies…often consisting of currency devaluation, privatization of state-owned enterprises trade liberalization.. Or the opening up of the economy through removing any restrictions on FDI in multibrand retail or Insurance sector or foreign trade. The rating agencies will give low growth bull percentages.

This allows for a number of abusive economic manifestations… such as Jewish Walmart and Monsanto type transnational corporations bringing in their own mass produced products, undercutting the indigenous production and ruining local economies… Today, countless farmers are out of work, for they are unable to compete with the large corporations.

Another variation is the creation of numerous, seemingly unnoticed, unregulated, inhumane sweatshop factories, which take advantage of the imposed economic hardship.

The world is being taken over by a handful of business powers as per the blue print of Adam Smith , who dominate the natural resources we need to live, while controlling the money that we need to obtain these resources.

Adam Smith? Who the hell is Adam Smith?

Economic students need NO introduction. He is the father of Economics.

We Indians need to know more about Adam Smith.

The British soldier in India thought that he was fighting for queen and country. Actually simple John Bull shed his blood for a German Jew.  R0thschild had their own Hessian merceneray army, highly paid, who spoke no English. Whenever secrecy ,deceit and covert operations were involved , without even the British Parliament and Queen knowing about it , R0thschild used his hessian Regiment . The spoils went into his underground cellar.

Opium traders R0thschild took over India officially vide the Battle of Plassey in 1757 , and stopped all pretense of being traders,  by amazing deceit which sprung from the warped brains of Adam Smith

First of all the trigger of the Black hole of Calcutta was cooked up . It was tom tommed by British East India Company that Nawab Siraj Ud Daula locked up 146 Britishers in a small dark ill ventilated room, out of which 123 died. The truth is only 58 people were in the room , out of which 19 died..

Adam Smith used his deception model to end the Mughal Empire in India. There was supposed to be a great heroic Battle of Plassey in 1757, for the British East India Company under Robert Clive to take over India. The excuse was the incident called the Black hole of Calcutta. The R0thschild held media made a mountain out of the molehill.  Even today the world media and Hollywood is controlled by Rothschild cartel. The Indian news on Indian TV is Rothschild spun.

The Battle of Plassey itself is a huge lie.  It never took place. History was fudged. It is so easy when you control the peer reviewed media and publishing houses. This is why you get the truth on Internet.

Early in 1756, Siraj Ud Daulah had succeeded his grandfather Alivardi Khan as Nawab of Bengal. Siraj Ud Daula was killed before even a single shot was fired by his brother-in-law and army Commander Mir Jaffar, who was bribed by Rothschild employee Robert Clive.

Mir Jaffar was made a stooge Nawab and in return he gave a lot of Siraj Ud Daula's gold and diamonds for Robert Clive to take home personally in great secrecy. Clive wanted to squeeze him more and when unable to milk him further, shoved off Mir Jaffar and put his rival Mir Qasim as the Satrap.

Adam Smith ( born 5 June 1723 – died 17 July 1790) took ten years to write his economics gospel by way of a book “The Wealth of Nations “ , publishing it in 1776. .  He never married, and he used to walk like a CHAKKA.  He was delusional too,  sometimes in a morbid manner.

He is also said to have put bread and butter into a teapot, drunk the concoction, upped his ante and made a hue and cry over the quality of tea . Another time our man Adam Smith without as much as a “by your leave”  went out sleep walking in his nightgown in broad daylight and ended up 24 km outside of town, before nearby church bells brought him back to reality.

His house used to look like a garbage dump as he hoarded everything.

Much later in 1799, R0thschild would murder Tipu Sultan , and then make a huge pretense of a great war. By now Adam Smith was dead and gone. But the blue print was his alone.

The door of Tipu’s fort were opened by Mir Sadeeq on 4th May 1799. . All Tipu Sultan loyalists soldiers were sent away to stand in queue for wage distribution. Tipu Sultan was having his food, when he was killed by a single shot from close quarters on his left cheek. He was also stabbed three times on his chest and later dumped outside on the field among the dead at dusk  .

Mir Sadiq and his assistant Mir Moinuddin , who were bribed by R0thschild man Lord Wellesely, were both murdered by the British and made it appear as if they were killed by Tipu Sultan loyalists.  So the British made ousted King Wodeyar, rotting in Tipu's prison , the new king of Mysore.

R0thschild is like Phantom, The Ghost who walks. When one Phantom dies the son takes over the empire.

R0thschild  took away Tipu Sultan's gold worth Trillions, in 3 ships which were waiting for months to carry it away. This is the base banking capital of Nathan Rothschild. This gold was stolen from the Kerala temples by Tipu Sultan ,the fruit of 6 millenniums of spice trade. 

I am from Kerala. 

In a minor south Kerala Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple 25 billion US dollars worth gold was unearthed in July 2011. The main vaults are yet to be opened due to security issues and a judicial order. Tipu Sultan was left alone by Rothschild till be made a huge pile of gold by plundering the temples of Kerala, using his half Arab half Malayali Muslim spies.

Much later Winston Churchill , whose mother Jenny Jerome was Rothschild, would use the Adam Smith model to start both World Wars, to carve out the state of Israel. He used used Lusitania ( sister ship of Titanic ) to drag America into the war in WW1 and Pearl Harbour in WW2. Today Rothschilds owns most of Israel

Getting back to the father of Economics-- Adam Smith had OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. Hoarding is an effort to manage the anxiety raised by obsessive doubts.  There will be  a disruption to feelings of self-worth, interpersonal relationships, occupation, or health as a result of hoarding items which are worthless.. A hoarder will have an imaginary emotional connection to all such garbage. People with personality disorders , generally, blame others for their problems. They are awful to work with because they don’t accept responsibility for themselves and therefore never change.

When such people write the gospel of economics, " The Weath Of Nations" you know what you will get.  Much later Milton Friedman effectively took many of the basic principles set forth by Adam Smith and the classical economists and modernized them.  This is the reason why economists fall into the same hole again and again and again.

The heavy part comes now-- let me crack a quintessential  "Economist " joke, to cheer you up.

These dorks are so full of themselves .

Experienced economist and not so experienced economist are walking down Oxford street.

They get across shit lying on the asphalt.

Experienced economist: "If you eat it I'll give you $20,000!"

Not so experienced economist runs his optimization program on his I7 procesor laptop and figures out he's better off eating it so he does and collects money.

Continuing along the same road they almost step into yet another pice of turd.

The not so experienced economist: "Now, if YOU eat this shit I'll give YOU $20,000."

After evaluating the proposal , our experienced economist eats shit and pockets the moolah.

They go on.

The not so experienced economist starts thinking aloud : "Listen, we both have the same amount of money we had before, but we both ate shit. I don't see us being better off."

Experienced economist: "Well, that's true, but you overlooked the fact that we've been just involved in $40,000 of fucking trade."

Take a break -- come back and try and understand what I say.  I am a perceptive ship Captain. I really don't care for mother hen's opinion as to how good the omelette on my breakfast plate is.

Now let me digress and give you an brief introduction to the great American Depression of 1924. This is one of the holes I talked about before when all economists fell face down .

The international bankers mentored by Rothschild installed a Central Bank in 1913…The Federal Reserve. And as long as this institution exists, perpetual debt is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, economics is often viewed with confusion and boredom. Endless streams of financial jargon coupled with intimidating empirical mathematics quickly baffle and deter people from attempts at understanding it. However, the fact is, the complexity associated with the financial system is a mere mask, designed to conceal one of the most socially paralyzing structures humanity has ever endured.

Every single dollar in your wallet is owed to somebody by somebody; for remember, the only way the money can come into existence is from loans. Therefore, if everyone in the country were able to pay off all debts, including the government, there would not be one dollar in circulation. If there were no debts in Adam Smith modeled US money system, there wouldn`t be any money.

Now, so far we have discussed the reality that money is created out of debt, through loans. These loans are based on a bank’s “Reserves” and Reserves are derived from deposits. Through this fractional reserve system, any one deposit can create 9 times its original value, in turn debasing the existing money supply, raising prices in society. And since all this money is created out of debt and circulated randomly through commerce, people become detached from their original debt and a disequilibrium exists where people are forced to compete for labor, in order to pull enough money out of the money supply to cover their costs of living.

As dysfunctional and backwards as all of this might seem… there is still one thing we have omitted from this equation… and it is this element of the structure which reveals the truly fraudulent nature of the system itself.
 -The application of Interest.

When the government borrows money from the Fed or when person borrows money from a bank, it almost always has to be paid back with accrued interest. In other words, almost every single dollar that exists must be eventually returned to a bank, with interest paid as well. But, if all money is borrowed from the central bank and is expanded by the commercial banks through loans, only what would be referred to as the ‘principle’ is being created in the money supply…. So then, where is the money to cover all of the interest that is charged?

Nowhere. It doesn’t exist. The ramifications of this are staggering, for the amount of money owed back to the banks will always exceed the amount of money that is available in circulation. This is why Inflation is a constant in the economy, for new money is always needed to help cover the perpetual deficit built into the system, caused by the the need to pay the interest.

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.-John Adams-1735-1826).

OOPS I went of tangent --let me get back to the Great American Depression of 1924.

The nineteen twenties was a period of great prosperity in the United States.

The financial jackals decided that it is the right time to pull the rug from the feet of the gullible.

Schemes were laid down where by paying a small amount , you could buy almost anything , provided you give a monthly recurring payment--or in short put the common man in the vice of debt.

The gullible common Yank had NO dang idea , of the dangers of debt and high interest rates --  and kept shopping merrily.

Advertising became part of the fabric of American culture as ads dominated newspapers and magazines--about huge discounts and hassle free loans.

Keeping up with the Joneses , social snobbery and false studies convinced consumers to buy more.
With massive corporate growth, high employment and a post-war bull-market on Wall Street, first time American investors went on a stock-market buying spree.

Everyone wanted a piece of this cake.

People bought stock on margin or credit for as little as 10% down. They then used the stock as collateral to borrow more money to buy more stock. Then they did it again. The market was a free-for-all. It was prosperity heaven.

Although everything looked rosy, it was a castle made of sand and the great American party ended on October 29th 1929 when the stock market crashed and caught everyone off guard.

Everyone except the Jew Rothschild money bag insiders and their financial jackals --that is.

In April of 1929, Paul Warburg, the father of the Fed, sent out a secret advisory warning his friends that a collapse and nationwide depression was certain, then in August of 1929 the Fed began to tighten money.

Huge financial Wall Street giants were forewarned in secret of the incoming tsunami .

John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Bernard Beruch and all the Free Masons ( read as the old Opium running partners of Rothschild family) got out of the stock market just before the crash and put all their assets in cash or gold.
On October 24th, 1929, the big NY bankers called in their 24-hour broker call loans. This meant that both stockbrokers and customers had to dump their stocks on the market to cover their loans, no matter what price they had to sell them for. As a result, the market tumbled and that day was known as "Black Thursday".

Curtis Dall, a broker for Lehman brothers, was on the floor of the NY stock exchange the day of the crash.  In his 1970 book, "FDR: my exploited father in law", he explained that the crash was triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the NY money market.

Within a few weeks, $3 billion vanished into thin air. Within a year, $40 billion vanished.

But did it really disappear?

Or was it simply netted by the financial jackals?

And what did the Fed do? Instead of moving to help the economy out, by quickly lowering interest rates to stimulate the economy, the Fed continued to brutally contract the money supply further, deepening the depression.

Between 1929 and 1933, the Fed reduced the money supply by an additional 33%. The Federal reserve engineered the great Depression.

But the money lost by the common Yank during the depression, didn't just vanish. It was lined the nests of the jackals who had gotten out just before the crash and had purchased gold, which is always a safe place to put your money just before a depression.
Following the crash the great depression put 1/3 of the US workforce out of work.

The banks foreclosed on property and took possession of peoples' homes and farms. When panicked citizens lined-up at banks to withdraw their hard earned savings, the banks gave them only 10c on the dollar.

Homeless and desperate, many Americans set up tent cities and roamed the rails looking for work.

Congressman Louis McFadden, chairman of the House Banking Committee, claimed the crash was planned by the international bankers who sought to become rulers of us all. In his famous 1932 Congressional address he said "Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt 3 times over. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States through the defects of the law in which it operates and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

The common Yank thinks the Federal Reserve Banks are government institutions. They are not government institutions; they are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves.

Following a series of death threats, McFadden was finally poisoned and done in by the jackals.

Murder-- yes-- you are dealing with ex-drug runners and slave traders, right?

Economics has done a poor job of understanding the economy,  as demonstrated by the failure of metrics,  statistical collection of data ,  academic monitoring . Not a single Economical Science expert out of millions could predict the 2008 recession, despite indications to the contrary. Economics fails because it can only understand the economy in abstract terms, and so it is seen clearly.  Economics appears to primarily study large corporations and small businesses with the catchall term of “firms.”

I can see that you are pretty depressed by now--let me tell you another joke, while you have your coffee.  

For what follows after the joke will be pretty depressing and you will get terribly angry at the WAYS OF THE PIED PIPER.

An American banker needs to go for a crap , and so he stops at the best motel in town in Oklahoma .

He tells the motel owner at the reception that he needs to stay overnight, but he has to check out the best room first, and only if it suits his standards, only then , he will stay overnight.

The owner agrees, takes 100 dollars from him as a refundable deposit, and the traveller goes up to check out his room.

Meanwhile the motel owner races to the town’s resident whore and returns the 100 dollars he owes her. The whore rushes to the tailor and return 100 dollars she owes him. The tailor rushes to the butcher, the butcher rushes to the tavern owner etc etc—this 100 dollar changes hands several times , before the 100 dollar bill comes back to the motel owner via the local blacksmith who had used the motel several times.

The traveller meanwhile declares that the motel room is below his standards, ( but he used the toilet for a nice crap quietly ) collects his 100 dollars back from the motel owner , gets into his car and drives away. Now—

Every body has benefitted—the traveller had his free crap at leisure, the entire town have repayed their debts in a MERRY GO ROUND WAY , and is looking forwards to a better future with renewed confidence.

This is how the American system works.

Since 99% of my readers are NOT economists , I must give them a brief run down of what this pseudo science is all about.

Adam Smith (1776) defined what was then called political economy as "an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations".

Economics is a study of man in the ordinary business of life. It enquires how he gets his income and how he uses it.  It is a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and ze scarce means .

Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.  Positive economics (describing "what is"), normative economics (advocating "what ought to be") , Mainstream economics (more "orthodox" and dealing with the "rationality-individualism-equilibrium nexus") and Heterodox economics (more "radical" and dealing with the "institutions-history-social structure nexus.

Economists use gross domestic product (GDP) to keep track of how an economy is doing, which is a flawed way. GDP measures the value of all final goods and services produced in an economy in a given period of time, usually a quarter or a year.   So a recession occurs when GDP is decreasing.  A boom occurs when GDP is increasing.

The assessment of economic growth based on Gross Domestic Product is a fallacy, because GDP is merely a measure of the amount of money in an economy. The one thing it does not measure, which is central to economic progress (note progress, not growth), is the level of entrepreneurial activity in a country like India.  Don’t believe me , just take a flight to Coimbatore or Ludhiana . This has important implications for the efficacy of government interventions and solutions to the current economic crisis.

On a ship I judge an officer by his future potential. NOT by what he did in the past. At sea we look ahead and we do NOT look too much into the rear.

GDP is basically the sum total of recorded business activity at the consumption level plus government spending expressed in money terms.  If the government spends more, GDP rises; give more money to consumers, GDP rises; give more bank credit to consumers or business, GDP rises.  Cut government spending, GDP falls. This is not contentious and has nothing to do with economic progress.  Importantly, it excludes future entrepreneurial activity, except to the extent that an entrepreneur has actually spent some money putting his future plans into action. The obsession with GDP means that entrepreneurial activity, which is Adam Smith’s unseen hand that guides our future, is invisible to economic planners.

Misleading statistics such as GDP are leading all governments into bad policy decisions, and their choice has narrowed down to either ever-greater reflationary attempts to pump up GDP, or alternatively facing a collapse in the GDP number as bank credit contracts.. The twin errors of misunderstanding GDP are the failure to see that monetary inflation is concealing a deepening economic depression,  and it encourages policies that destroy entrepreneurial activity, or economic progress itself.  This is a deadly combination, the equivalent of being in a hole and continuing to dig.

We cannot expect politicians to stop digging deeper and faster when their economic advisers are calling for more shovels. All politicians are fully committed to the fallacies that result from confusing GDP with economic progress. They pursue economic policies that are the equivalent of eating their own children.

Microeconomics is generally the study of individuals and business decisions,  while macroeconomics looks at higher up country and government decisions.

Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand and other forces that determine the price levels seen in the economy.  It examines the behavior of basic elements in the economy, including individual agents (such as households and firms or as buyers and sellers) and markets, and their interactions.

Macroeconomics does not adhere to a valid scientific method and supporting evidence cannot be sufficiently provided as there are so many factors which are totally ignored. Most theories lack any plausibility This is the field of economics that studies the behavior of the economy as a whole , entire industries and economies. This looks at economy-wide phenomena, such as Gross National Product (GDP) and how it is affected by changes in unemployment, national income, rate of growth, and price levels. 

Macroeconomics would look at how an increase/decrease in net exports would affect a nation's capital account or how GDP would be affected by unemployment rate. Macroeconomics analyzes the entire economy and issues affecting it, including unemployment, inflation, economic growth, and monetary and fiscal policy.  It examines the economy as a whole to explain broad aggregates and their interactions "top down", that is, using a simplified form of general-equilibrium theory. 

Such aggregates include national income and output, the unemployment rate, and price inflation and subaggregates like total consumption and investment spending and their components. It also studies effects of monetary policy and fiscal policy. Macroeconomic analysis also considers factors affecting the long-term level and growth of national income. Such factors include capital accumulation, technological change and labor force growth.

The microeconomics upon which modern macro has now been founded is indeed bull  but if we do the micro right, then we can come up with non-bull  macro.  When the computer takes in Micro crap, the output Macro crap will still be crap.. Maybe we can come up with slightly better macro than what we’ve got now, but the underlying micro is never gonna to be right. Economics is haunted by more fallacies than any other study known to man. Probably Economics must be taught about culture and human behavior, there can be no generalisation here.

The bottom line is that microeconomics takes a bottoms-up approach to analyzing the economy while macroeconomics takes a top-down approach.  We must shove in food through the right orifice and excrete it from the right orifice.

Modern economics has degenerated into a vulgar pseudo-science.  Economists could no more explain periodic trade depressions than to predict them. Economics is so fundamentally disconnected from the real world we live in , it is downright destructive.

 Economics is a pseudo-science and economists are its alchemists.  The rating agencies are just the mob muscle for the financial companies. In case a Rothschild bank needs to squeeze the ba##s of  a "client"  just get the “pet dog” rating agency to threaten to downgrade a little bit. We live in the age of the economic engineer, where everything means nothing and nothing means everything.  Pick a number, any number, and do what you like to it.

Wrong-headed economics was the cause of the financial crisis. It has brought us a mountain of debt.  It has encouraged us to waste the world’s resources without much thought for the consequences.  It is behind the rise in individualism and the weakening of many democratic principles.  It has warped our ideas of charity, social responsibility and progress.

We need to ditch many modern economic ideas. Notions about the free market, competition, regulation and trade need to be reconsidered. We need a different measure of progress. We need to put ourselves, our societies, back at the core of what we want to achieve. Modern economics has fallen short. It has widened the gap between rich and poor.

It has not allocated the world's resources fairly. It has brought the West to the brink of financial ruin. It has placed short-term gain before long-term progress. And it has made us focus on the individual, not the society. The end result is a worldwide financial crisis of epic proportions and a planet being scraped clean of the resources needed by future generations, and things are only getting worse.

The authorities could no longer calculate the risks and started relying on the risk management methods of the greedy banks themselves-- or to be more precise highly paid bakers covering their  own asses.

A pseudoscience is  presented as scientific, , it lacks supporting evidence and  cannot be reliably tested. Due to the sheer scale and complexity of national, regional and global economies, no macroeconomic theories can be reliably tested. The economy is so complex that macroeconomists massively simplify it in order to try and make some data fit their theories. 

Economic models are almost totally useless, as there are trillions of factors which affect the economy constantly. This is like calculating the Shear forces and bending moments of a complex ship meant to ply stormy oceans , using a rectangular barge in still harbor waters.

Economics contain quite complicated Calculus and Math equations that just happens to have little or nothing to do with what it's supposed to prove. To suggest economies were not generally efficient would  be heresy in many classes. You see Amatya Sen’s wife Emma is now glorifying Adam Smith. After all he was a servant of her family.

Indian Nobel prize winner , Amartya Sen's third wife is Emma Rothschild, who is the direct blood sister of Amschel Mayor James Rothschild.

Bengalis who were NOT playing ball and resisting Opium cultivation in their fertile fields were forbidden to plant rice. This was on Adam Smith’s advise to Warren hastings. 

In 1769, there was a great famine deliberately introduced and sustained  killing more than 10.2 million ( 102 lakh ) Bengalis.

“Famine has never risen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting by improper means, to remedy the inconvenience of dearth.” – Adam Smith 

Adam Smith talks above,  about the Bengal famine, he initiated which killed 10.2 million Bengalis ( 102 lakh ) .  Warren Hastings was crucified. 

Adam Smith had a painful death after this event-as divine retribution

What an king sized asshole!

Much later in 1943, R0thschild stooge Winston Churchill would deliberately starve 5.4 million Bengalis as vicious retribution to the decision of Subhash Chandra Bose to form INA and jump boats in mid-river from the British side to the Jap side.

In 1943 Winston Churchill ( whose mother Jennie is Rothschild ) deliberately starved and murdered 5.2 million Bengalis , as vicious retribution to Bengali Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose forming INA , who jumped boats in mid-river from the Brit boat to the Jap boat.  Now Indian would fight Indian. 

A Nobel prize was arranged for Am#rtya Sen by his R0thschild wife Emma. He now had to white wash Churchill’s genocide using Economic jargon and bull. 

This is how he did..

QUOTE-- But Smith's defense of private trade only took the form of disputing the belief that stopping trade in food would reduce the burden of hunger. That does not deny in any way the need for state action to supplement the operations of the market by creating jobs and incomes (e.g., through work programs). If unemployment were to increase sharply thanks to bad economic circumstances or bad public policy, the market would not, on its own, recreate the incomes of those who have lost their jobs. The new unemployed, Smith wrote, "would either starve, or be driven to seek a subsistence either by begging, or by the perpetration perhaps of the greatest enormities," and "want, famine, and mortality would immediately prevail...." UNQUOTE--  BLAH BLAH BLAH—

By all this jargon,he meant to say in plain language—

1) There was adequate food in Bengal at the time of the great famine in 1943.
2) There was NO need for Churchill to send rice to India .
3) Diverting grain ships from Australia passing India enroute to Suez Canal every few days, was NOT necessary.
4) Bengalis did panic buying and greedy hoarding in a disgraceful manner.
5) The local administration consisting of mainly Bengalis were corrupt and inefficient in food distribution.
6) How incompetence and corruption can cause famine in a land of plenty.
7) Root cause of famine was inflation and speculative hoarding by Bengalis. It was NOT hoarded by British for the army.
8) Food was stocked 13% more in Bengal than in 1943 than in 1941. Hence it was OK for Churchill to export food from India.
9) Famine cannot exist in proper democracy. ( India under princely states never had famine )
10) 1943 famine was a local Bengali man made thing. The incompetence was native NOT of the British.
11) Bengali producers exported food.
12) Wages of labourers was NOT in par with food prices. Enough food was there , believe me, I saw it in the local bania godowns .

Am#rya Sen baffle you with human rights, poverty, inequality , welfare economics , social choice theory , democracy to prevent famine, food distribution systems , FAD, entitlement theory, third degree shortage in a under nourished society, misdirected policies, negative freedom, positive freedom ( sic!) , entitlement shifts -- BLAH BLAH. 


Let us imagine a boy king of 12 is in charge of a kingdom threatened by famine --  as it has happened so many times in our history. 
He knows that even Napoleon cannot eat thrice the amount of rice (or staple food like potato) he normally eats -- we are NOT talking about caviar here.  

He will know that all available food has to be immediately secured or siezed , by strict monitoring.  He will make hoarding a death penalty.  For this he does NOT have to search the whole country, where 95% people are hand to mouth --"there goes one more day" pattern. 

He will prohibit any family from having more than a week of food stock in their houses.   He will introduce a fair price rationing system for people below the poverty line.  When it comes to the crunch he will give a royal order that only the king's depots  can sell rice. 

He will make sure epidemics are controlled , by advocating alternate foods , instead of rice --  as usually 60% of famine deaths are by malnutrition related diseases. He will eliminate waste. He will d his level best to import food.  He will leave no stone unturned to run survival kitchens.

He is not gonna be constrained by bullshit modern economist theories -- where just mere earthy commonsense is required.

He needs no Adam fu#kin’ Smith theory, to save his people.

As soon as Amartya Sen won the Nobel prize in 1998 for Economic sciences 10.4 lakh Bengalis delirious with joy had taken out a rally on the streets of Calcutta, dancing for hours.  

His R0thschild wife Emma rewarded him for white washing the war crime of her own family R0thschild and Winston Churchill . Amartya Sen's third wife is Emma R0thschild, is the direct blood sister of Amschel Mayor James Rothschild.

Bengalis were prohibited to plant food and all their boats . Even bullock carts and elephants were confiscated, as a scorched earth policy( sic!) against Jap invaders.Starving skeletoned people in a terribly shocking condition started pouring into Calcutta, by the millions . They would forage , fight over scraps , and eat any sort of garbage .

Adam Smith was responsible for the Chinese Opium misery. It was his idea.

His theory was-- EVERY MAN IS ALLOWED TO PURSUE HIS HEDONISTIC DESIRES TO A LAWFUL CONCLUSION, AND THAT OPIUM IS A "LEGITIMATE PRODUCT" . ( If you want to know what is Hedonism , go to Negril Jamaica , and check out drugged orgies on the open beach in broad daylight -- own pleasure first ! screw everybody else !!)  ALL OBSTACLES TO BUYING CHEAP AND SELLING DEAR MUST BE REMOVED, WHICH IS THE CORE OF GLOBALISATION...

Emma R0thschild's has also done a good job of white washing  hedonist and East India company employee, Adam Smith vide her book ECONOMIC SENTIMENTS.

Sorry Emma--here is one in the eye for you, below -- ( above picture is of Richard Cantillon

Adam Smith's brilliance cannot be questioned with economists around you,unless you want to be insulted. n. Any errors he made were excused as the inevitable flaws of any great IQ absent minded professor..

'Adam Smith ties' were worn as a badge of honour in the upper echelons of the Reagan Administration. Nobody would wear a Hitler tie, right?

Marxists, hail Adam Smith as the ultimate inspiration of their own Founding Father, German Jew Karl Marx, who was related to Rothschild.. Indeed, if the average person were asked to name two economists in history whom he has heard of, Smith and Marx would probably be the runaway winners of the poll.

Adam Smith originated nothing that was true, and  whatever he originated was bull. Adam Smith was a shameless plagiarist, from the works of Richard Cantillon.

Have you seen our own mediocre economist Amartya Sen lisp the word “model” in every third sentence ?   He wants to stand out as a brilliant guy of the Adam Smith school, which is so dear to his Rothschild wife ( third one )..

Modern economics is obsessed with modelling.  If an economist does NOT say the world model or even hear it, he will go crazy with withdrawal symptoms.

What is a model?

Models  describe a situation, and describe how that situation would be changed by a given set of event—demand and supply. A mathematical model as a predictive tool to demonstrate the outcome of events in this complex world run by human emotions — is for the gullible.

Economists are pretenders who use formal mathematical techniques to understand, and hold your breath - accurately predict the result of changes in the economy .  The truth is that these stupid models can never  accurately predict the future.  When you fire a gun you know where the bullet will make a hole. But hey, our modern economists baffle you with bull, that they can accurately model the trajectories of prices, employment and interest rates .

An economist with mediocre brains ( otherwise he would be a rocket scientist ) pretends to be a master of all trades -  philosophers, social engineers, historians, sooth sayers, mathematicians, statisticians, political scientists, sociologists and psychologists, among many other things.  The math equation is difficult to comprehend , as it is nonsense.

Yet economics — and economic decisions, from the macro to the micro level — is a human subject NOT math.  It is subtle and psychological and sporadic. A human subject requires human language, human emotion, human intuition. The grand theoretical-mathematical approach to economics is nonsense...

The pseudo-scientific school of mathematical economics if for the perfect world run by robots without emotions— where even the weather is math controlled and there can be no domino effects-- where there is no subtlety or ambiguity or uncertainty.

Mayer Amschel (Anselm) Rothschild, was born in Juddddenstrasse Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 1744, and is held to be  the founder of the famous House of Rothschild. But his money lending father  had financial interests in bothe Germany and France.

Richard Cantillon (1680s – May 1734) was an Irish-French banker and economist . He wrote the Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en Général (Essay on the Nature of Trade in General), a book considered by William Stanley Jevons to be the "cradle of political economy" .

During the late 1710s and early 1720s, Cantillon speculated in, and later helped fund, John Law's Mississippi Company, from which he acquired great wealth.

Cantillon was influenced by his experiences as a banker Essai is considered the first complete treatise on economics, with numerous contributions to the science. These contributions include: his cause and effect methodology, monetary theories, his conception of the entrepreneur as a risk-bearer, and the development of spatial economics.  Adam Smith copied from Cantillon's Essai .

 In 1716, the French government granted him both permission to found the Banque Générale and virtual monopoly over the right to develop French territories in North America, named the Mississippi Company.  Essai was not published until 1755 as a result of heavy censorship in France, it did widely circulate in the form of an unpublished manuscript between its completion and its publication . 

Adam Smith lifted Cantillon’s sustenance theory of wages—whole sale.

Adam Smith not only contributed nothing of value to economic thought; his economics was a grave deterioration from his predecessors. 

The mystery of Adam Smith, then, is the immense gap between a trumped up reputation ( ashe rubbed shoulders with Rothschild ) and the sordid reality. The Wealth of Nations was made to blind all men, economists and laymen alike.

The Wealth of Nations exerted such a colossal impact on the world thanks to Rothschild and East India Company, that all knowledge of previous economists was blotted out, hence Smith's reputation as Founding Father. 

Enough of false god and plagiarist Adam Smith and his reflected brilliance!

Capitalism has to be understood and rejected in its entirety.  Capitalists, do not create wealth.  Workers do. Workers are not dependent on the capitalist class but could run society in their own interests within common or co-operative ownership and democratic control. Capitalists are dependent on the exploitation of workers for their wealth and attached privileges.

Capitalism benefits capitalists, not workers . Capitalist economics is the employer's set of ideas and rules to keep workers in their place. You will not hear Chancellors of the Exchequer lecturing the CBI to make less profit and give workers higher wages but you will always hear Chancellors telling workers to be more productive and not to take increased pay rises and bonuses.. But one thing they do not have is an understanding of is their own subject matter.

Economists students must ask how the profession had been blind to the fact that its theories were leading people down the wrong path. The oft repeated paradigm that the market corrects itself, is sheer bull. Economists assumption that everyone in an economy can borrow at the same risk-free rate is pure bull.

Without a rethink, we face the end of growth. We face the end of progress. We face more poverty, greater conflict and rising ill-health.  Life expectancies will fall, as will standards of living. In developed countries, health care, savings and pension promises will be broken.  In the third world hopes for development will not be met. Tensions between peoples will grow.

We have to re-ground it in a new paradigm. A new economics can only be originated by a new outlook on value and wealth. The GDP cannot be considered a measure for the standard of our lives.

Modern Economists ( especially the ones who snort Cocaine )  are strongly influenced by their testosterone levels.

Mainstream economic and financial models, the ones that currently rule the markets and determine value, have shifted their focus over the years from what is best for the society they should try to model to what is mathematically possible to achieve for maximizing benefit of a few.  Most economists and financiers are nothing more than “hands on” mathematical labourers and their models are pseudo science.

Mainstream economic and financial models pursue an idea of value that is divorced from any concept of the general wealth and well being of human beings and society.

Prevailing models are based on a totally driven by the lust for individual profit.  These models are rooted in the win-lose paradigm . They call it “competition” and a gigantic and ineffective apparatus has been unfairly created to “ensure” fair competition.

The starting point is to define what the role of the government should be and which policies an economic model should mirror.  Any government should first and foremost protect the freedom of its citizens under the constitution.  For an Indian who suffered 800 years of slavery — it is  freedom from any risk of slavery. We do NOT want to be a banana republic where each and every Minister and  MP of the ruling party is paid bribes  by huge corporations like Walmart , Vedanta or Monsanto.

We the flies must have the ability to protect ourselves from huge spider enemies and freedom from tyranny. People must have the entrepreneurial freedom to start own small "pop and mom" ventures and business. There must be a network of support for the development of any form of free enterprise.

None of the economists are prepared to see the obvious because it is not in their equations and wish lists. Crap in equals crap out, no matter how you dress it up in fancy maths which in any case only a small percentage of people can understand.  It's just about bamboozling the masses so they don't query what bull they are being told. 

Every equation in neoclassical economics is rubbish.  The differential equations describe nothing.  Economics is not about mathematics,  it is about the human being-- in a complex country like India. Virtually all commonly held beliefs about economics--whether espoused by "baffle them with bullshit" political activists, politicians, journalists or taxpayers-- are just plain wrong.

Economics will always be bullshit because it relies on the premise that human beings behave in a systematic way, when they don’t. We cannot predict consumption/saving/investing behavior in long-lasting ways.  "Culture" is a  inexplicable, chaotic force that makes economics hopeless.

There's no guarantee that what may  hold today will hold tomorrow. Science rests on the assumption that the mechanisms of the Universe are stable. When that assumption fails, economic science fails.  Even if the macroeconomy is incredibly chaotic, the economists use brute-force computer power to make short-term forecasts, like how weather forecasters do.

Economics previously was not a very mathematical science, at least compared to the way it is today.  Economists used to write articles with very few equations, or even without any equations at all. 

People don’t understand complicated math, so economists can automatically win arguments with someone who cant understand math.  Nowadays, most papers on economics have complex equations in them.  All economists have to be able to talk about their ideas using grandiose mathematical models and statistics, or other economists won’t respect them. This is part of what is called being able to “think like an dazzling economist.”

Economists still like wearing their 3-D glasses after the 3D Titanic movie is over and they drive home to go to bed with great self importance.

Economics starts with assumptions and then tries to do voodoo math with the assumptions. Why are the ignorant and low IQ politicians and commentators who confidently speak economic nonsense treated as sages? And why do so many journalists uncritically repeat their nonsense? If not they may lose their jobs, right?  The news media lavish on high-profile politicians and pundits who baffle people with confident bull with absolute certainty --on matters about which their own words show they know nothing.

Too few people in public life understand economics, numbers or algebra. None of them did Math or Calculus in college. Hardly any remember, the crucial concept underlying matters of economics and finance known as accounting identities. 

Accounting identities are statements that must be true no matter how you arrange the components. Thus 2+1=3 just as 3-1=2.  Likewise, net worth equals assets minus liabilities just as assets equal liabilities plus net worth and profits equal revenue minus costs.

I have NOT yet seen an economist who can solve a simple math below, which even a illiterate chai-wala boy in Calcutta can do.

Three friends go to a bar for drinking beer ( costing 10 dollars a bottle )
As usual they take out one 10 dollar bill each from their wallets and gives the waiter,  3 nos 10 dollar  notes or 30 dollars.

The bar owner is in a expansive mood and he tells the waiter -- "happy hour time! -- give them 5 dollars back!!-- i will charge only 25 dollars for 3 beers today ".

The clever waiter knows 5 dollars cannot be split between 3 regular dutchmen. so he pockets 2 dollars and returns 3 one dollar notes .

The three of them put back one dollar each into their respective wallets.  Initially each wallet had one 10 dollar bill--now it has only one single dollar bill.

Now comes the perception part:

All three of them spent 9 dollars each-- 27 dollars total.
The waiter got 2 dollars.


Be honest to yourself and dont read further, till you figure this out.

You tell an accountant without perception to give you a debit/ credit accounts statement--and see the way he sweats.

See literacy has nothing to do with perception.  A illiterate chaiwala boy in mumbai can make an ass out of you, when it comes to accounts.

Daft accountants make a mistake when it comes to "receipts" and " balance ".

Here in this case it is - 30+0= 27+3.

Opening cash + receipts = spent cash+ balance cash.  It can never ever be 30-3+2=29

See, you cant argue with dorks.   2 dollars is something which happened in the mann mandir of the waiter.  How do you know that he stole 2 dollars ?   Accounting has to be objective.

This is where the economists confidence goes for a toss.

In economics, Gross Domestic Product equals consumer spending plus government spending plus investment plus the net of exports and imports.  Or in its simplest form: Spending = Output = Income.  One can predict that , over the long term, if marginal costs exceeds marginal revenues, then a firm will go broke.

Economists are charlatans hired by politicians to push a particular point of view, masquerading as sure science. Politicians know very well how to fix the economy, but their masters, blinded by greed, refuse to let go.  Our minds are raped  with the scientific nonsense. It is all about greed. That is the only element driving our economic system, which is called capitalism, is greed.

Economic models try to simulate the real universe of commerce, with idiotic assumptions based on SCANTY INFORMATION , which of course will lead to stupid predictions. Natural science models can predict more accurately because they deal with simple inputs.  Human behavior can never ever be a simple input.

Modern economics is obsessed with modelling.  A mathematical model is a predictive tool created to demonstrate the outcome of events in a over simplified alternate universe.  Mathematical economic theories cannot accurately predict the future. This is NOT a calculation like low tide-high tide or sunrise- sunset time. 

Physicists can very accurately model the trajectories of rocks in space. But economists cannot accurately model the trajectories of prices, employment and interest rates down on the rocky terrain. So they make the map more important that the terrain.

Economics — and economic decisions, from the macro to the micro level — is a human subject. It is subtle and psychological and sporadic. A human subject requires human language, human emotion, human intuition.

The grand theoretical-mathematical approach to economics is fundamentally flawed. Trying to smudge the human reality of economics and politics into cold mathematical shackles is degenerative.

The pseudo-scientific school of mathematical economics hungers and craves for a perfect world, where each river is the same, where there is no butterfly effect, where human preferences are expressed in equation form, where there is no subtlety or ambiguity or uncertainty.

Economics students waste 3 years, learning to fiddle with budget constraints and production functions, and using constrained maximisation to solve irrelevant problems that are completely detached from reality.  They are given completely arbitrary utility functions and aren't told why those functions are appropriate to use. And then, when they have  solved these archiac problems, they are told  that it "proves" that the free market works, and that the price signal ensures efficiency.

The whole purpose of economics is to justify the status quo, to act as apologists for environmental degradation, income inequality and neoliberal capitalism. If the student tries to innovate with ethical arguments he is accused of  not "thinking like an economist".  He is supposed to argue on behalf of the delusional Adam Smith that throwing people out on the streets is the rational policy to pursue.

I honestly don't see why economics continues to be taught . It is a complete pseudoscientific discipline with no redeeming features that has contributed to a huge number of problems in this world.  It's no better than withcraft, and it's consequences are much more severe

We need people to start speaking out against this discredited "science" before it damages any more lives.

We need to take away hoarded OLD 100/ 500/ 1000 rupee notes-- and have noted with better tracking facility and security.

The Human Race will only make progress once economics is no longer subsidised and taught at our prestigious universities, and is only mentioned in history classes as a prime example of a discredited science from the past.

How can you justify an academic discipline that's sole purpose is to act as apologists for an economic system that has failed a significant percentage of the world population and it's inherent weaknesses responsible for the worst financial crisis since the Wall Street Crash? I'm NOT saying that we should only be taught Marxist theory, but there is no balance in economics whatsoever. 

The subject is completely divorced from reality, and when empirical evidence goes against theories (like, as if if reality doesn't correspond to right wing theory, it's reality that's to blame. No proper science would operate like this.

Whenever scholars from other disciplines try to debunk economic theories, they're called left wing idiots. When other heterodox economists criticise economics, they're called cranks, without any attempt to rationally debate their arguments.   Economists love presenting their work as scientific  however, many of their theories can never ever be reliable tested, because people's "utility" functions simply cannot be measured in any sense

80% of economics these days is empirical.  Economics is a complete pseudoscientific discipline with no redeeming features that has contributed to a huge number of problems in this world.

In science, theories and models are tested against reality. If they are contradicted by confirmed events, theories are either modified or rejected. In the long run there is a winnowing out process which selects one or a few theories as being most probably correct.  In a pseudoscience, no such winnowing out occurs: when confronted with strong evidence against a pseudoscientific theory, either the evidence is dismissed whole sale or reinterpreted to conform to theory. 

Or the theory is reinterpreted to make it consistent with the data. Abandonment of the theory is never even an option. There has been no winnowing out of economic theories. When an "impossible" event occurs the theory is simply tweaked and reinterpreted to conform to the new situation. So we have unstable sky scrapers, too dangerous to live in.
Nobody in thier senses will ever say that that economics is even a science in the strictest definition of the term.  Social Sciences in general are not science in it’s strictest sense. To hold economics or political science to the strictest scientific method is impossible..

Production of wealth should NEVER be tied to its distribution. The former is in the field of "applied economics" while the latter belongs to "social economics" and is largely a matter of power and politics.

Even the best economists cannot make exact predictions about future events. What is the current state of economics today?  Contemporary economics appears to rest in a state of polarization between two opposing philosophies: capitalism and neo-Marxism.  Both are flawed.

Economics fails to take into account human nature as the greatest driver of behavior and when it does, it does NOT understand culture and priorities .Human nature is studied in the subfield of behavioral economics, which essentially tries to explain why people are “irrational.” 

Quantitative metrics, such as per-capita income and median income, are flawed, primarily because they can easily be skewed by the higher wealth of small communities where wealth is highly centralized. Qualitative metrics and sociological examination are needed.


How did the crash of 2009 happen?

QUOTE : Before the recession ,  the 2002–2008 period encouraged high-risk lending and borrowing practices; international trade imbalances; real-estate bubbles that have since burst; fiscal policy choices related to government revenues and expenses; and approaches used by nations to bail out troubled banking industries and private bondholders, assuming private debt burdens or socializing losses.

The U.S. Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission reported its findings in January 2011. It concluded that "the crisis was avoidable and was caused by: Widespread failures in financial regulation, including the Federal Reserve’s failure to stem the tide of toxic mortgages; Dramatic breakdowns in corporate governance including too many financial firms acting recklessly and taking on too much risk; An explosive mix of excessive borrowing and risk by households and Wall Street that put the financial system on a collision course with crisis; Key policy makers ill prepared for the crisis, lacking a full understanding of the financial system they oversaw; and systemic breaches in accountability and ethics at all levels.“

Author Upton Sinclair (1878–1968) famously stated: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."

In the years leading up to the crisis, the top four U.S. depository banks moved an estimated $5.2 trillion in assets and liabilities off-balance sheet into these SIV's and conduits. This enabled them to essentially bypass existing regulations regarding minimum capital ratios, thereby increasing leverage and profits during the boom but increasing losses during the crisis. As the shadow banking system expanded to rival or even surpass conventional banking in importance, politicians and government officials should have realized that they were re-creating the kind of financial vulnerability that made the Great Depression possible—and they should have responded by extending regulations and the financial safety net to cover these new institutions.

As long as the damage caused to people, cultures, and ecosystems is not denominated in money, it is in the realm of other, off the balance sheet. The same goes for business accounting, in which costs can only be externalized when the payer is, again, off the balance sheet—an other. To the extent that we identify with our communities, we cannot export costs to them.

By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it. 

The shadow banking system is the collection of financial entities, infrastructure and practices which support financial transactions that occur beyond the reach of existing state sanctioned monitoring and regulation. It includes entities such as hedge funds, money market funds and structured investment vehicles (SIV). Investment banks may conduct much of their business in the shadow banking system (SBS), but most are not SBS institutions themselves.

The core activities of investment banks are subject to regulation and monitoring by central banks and other government institutions - but it has been common practice for investment banks to conduct many of their transactions in ways that don't show up on their conventional balance sheet accounting and so are not visible to regulators or unsophisticated investors.For example, prior to the financial crisis, investment banks financed mortgages through off-balance sheet securitizations and hedged risk through off-balance sheet credit default swaps.

The volume of transactions in the shadow banking system grew dramatically after the year 2000. By late 2007 the size of the SBS in the U.S. exceeded $10 trillion and by late 2011 had increased to $24 trillion according to the Financial Stability Board. Globally, a study of the 11 largest national shadow banking systems found that they totalled to $50 trillion in 2007, fell to $47 trillion in 2008 but by late 2011 had climbed to $51 trillion, just over its estimated size before the crisis. Overall, the world wide SBS totalled to about $60 trillion as of late 2011.Shadow institutions do not accept deposits like a depository bank and therefore are not subject to the same regulations. Complex legal entities comprising the system include hedge funds, structured investment vehicles (SIV), special purpose entity conduits (SPE), money market funds, repurchase agreement (repo) markets and other non-bank financial institutions.

Shadow banking institutions are typically intermediaries between investors and borrowers. For example, an institutional investor like a pension fund may be willing to lend money, while a corporation may be searching for funds to borrow. The shadow banking institution will channel funds from the investor(s) to the corporation, profiting either from fees or from the difference in interest rates between what it pays the investor(s) and what it receives from the borrower.The shadow banking system makes up 25 to 30 percent of the total financial system, according to the Financial Stability Board (FSB), a regulatory task force for the world's group of top 20 economies .

This largely unregulated sector was worth about $60 trillion in 2010,.Like traditional banks, shadow banks provide credit and liquidity but, unlike their traditional counterparts, they do not have access to central bank funding or safety nets like deposit insurance. Unlike traditional banks, shadow banks do not take deposits. Instead, they rely on short-term funding provided either by asset-backed commercial paper or by the repo market, in which borrowers offer collateral as security against a cash loan and then sell the security to a lender and agree to repurchase it at an agreed time in the future for an agreed price. They are often based in tax havens, invest in long-term loans like mortgages, providing credit across the financial system by matching investors and borrowers individually or by becoming part of a chain involving numerous entities, some of which may be mainstream banks.

As shadow banks do not take deposits, they are subject to less regulation than traditional banks. They can therefore increase the rewards they get from investments by leveraging up much more than their mainstream counterparts and this can lead to risks mounting in the financial system. Unregulated shadow institutions can be used to circumvent the strictly regulated mainstream banking system and therefore avoid rules designed to prevent financial crises.

In January 2012, the global Financial Stability Board announced its intention to further regulate the shadow banking system, in the interests of the real economy.

The full extent of the shadow banking system was not widely recognised until work was published in 2010 by Manmohan Singh and James Aitken of the International Monetary Fund, showing that when the role of rehypothecation was considered, in the U.S. the SBS had grown to over $10 trillion, about twice as much as previous estimates.

This been implicated as significantly contributing to the global financial crisis of 2007–2012.

The rapid increase of the dependency of bank and non-bank financial institutions on the use of these off-balance sheet entities to fund investment strategies had made them critical to the credit markets underpinning the financial system as a whole, despite their existence in the shadows, outside of the regulatory controls governing commercial banking activity. Furthermore, these entities were vulnerable because they borrowed short-term in liquid markets to purchase long-term, illiquid and risky assets. This meant that disruptions in credit markets would make them subject to rapid deleveraging, selling their long-term assets at depressed prices.

Economist Paul Krugman described the run on the shadow banking system as the "core of what happened" to cause the crisis. "As the shadow banking system expanded to rival or even surpass conventional banking in importance, politicians and government officials should have realized that they were re-creating the kind of financial vulnerability that made the Great Depression possible—and they should have responded by extending regulations and the financial safety net to cover these new institutions. Influential figures should have proclaimed a simple rule: anything that does what a bank does, anything that has to be rescued in crises the way banks are, should be regulated like a bank." He referred to this lack of controls as "malign neglect." UNQUOTE

Competitive individualism actually destroys societies dependent on team dynamics , as it undermines the moral consensus holding human communities together. Human welfare is best measured by the market-based national product accounts (per capita products)

During the Age of Enlightenment society flourished, propelled by the wonder of new discoveries, radical ideas for economic and social development, and a sense that we all had a responsibility to improve our world.  It's time to get back to those lofty ideals, step back , examine and re-evaluate our values, and work out what humankind really needs.

All perceptive students of economics on this planet --  please start demanding answers from your professors — I am sure you know that you are being taught empirical pseudo-science in college.

If it is blasphemy so be it!  The emperor is naked indeed , and you must expose him !!

We must make a new win-win model ensuring the down trodden are not left behind, with freedom from “risk of going back to slavery” as number one condition.

We must NOT confuse GDP with economic progress.  We are destroying entrepreneurial activity and burning our own babies. 


Economic theory abstracts from virtually anything having to do with time.  All of it is a 3D graph—time must be taken into account.  We are NOT intelligent or perceptive to talk in 4D.

But we all know the planet survived very well before Adam Smith and Rothschild's mistress Ayn Rand cooked up super-man John Galt ,right?

Economists must be lateral thinkers!

ATLAS SHRUGGED was written in 1957, by a Jewish Russian American by the name of Ayn Rand ( Alisa Rosenbaum , born 1905 , from St Petersberg ) . She has put herself in the book as Dagney Taggart--the heroine.  

The hero was of course John Galt, who is clearly Phillipe Rothschild. The book glorifies capitalism and the virtues of selfishness-- typical of Zionist bankers and Free Masons. John Galt does not make an appearance in the novel till it is 2/3 over.

But he gets a great introduction -- rather his reputation precedes him, by the constant corny brain thumpin' refrain " Who is John Galt? "

-- the readers are now in the common quest to discover this answer rivalling the holy grail .

 As the bullshit plot unfolds John Galt is turn out to be a creative inventor, the great all American Jewish capitalist who has all the grey matter and moolah. He and his Jewish industrial leader ilk are supposed to hold the burden of this planet- like how Atlas held up the whole world on his shoulders , as per Greek mythology.

So in 2008-- as per the John Galt blue print -- Jewish Lehman brothers went bankrupt first -- causing the DELIBERATE DOMINO EFFECT.

The whole worlds wealth SELF DESTRUCTED ON COMPUTER and suddenly vanished -- this is the essence of financial engineering --


Trillions of Dollars were then spent to bail out and prevent the world system from collapsing FURTHER and total fiasco.

This bail out money would be the common poor mans' future tax burden. 

US Federal Reserve which is a private Zionist Jewish organisation ( it is NOT owned by US government ) injected billions of dollars into the American banking system.

Other banks had to follow suit and Wall Street was brought on its knees, Global equities including in India nose dived. 

IMF lead by Rothschild man Kahn and IBRD would make trillions of dollars available to struggling countries, and put them in the vice of debt traps . The Fed gave 2 Trillion dollars in loans to Citigroup , Morgan Stanley etc.

The crash of 2008 had been planned for several years--as a inner Bilderberg club decision. 

It did NOT happen overnight.

A piece of advise for our new patriotic " Economic Warriors" who can make a difference, for Bharat Mata. 

Dwell over it. Make a CHANGE for the better. India is NOT like other downwardly mobile countries, whose looted money is getting over . 

We have a potential--every which way..

As Einstein said, we cant solve our complex problems with the same colonial mindset and thinking that created them.

Making easy money by digging up and shipping it overseas is NOT the economy model we wish for. 

This has been overdone by corrupt politicians who wanted kickback accounts in foreign Swiss banks. 

Before they lose power these politicians will loop it back into India using benami names ( like in IPL cricket league ) via FDI to launder the ill gotten money and convert it into tangible assets.

The need to drive the economy growth must be balanced with the need to care for our down trodden people and the need to protect our environment . The economy is just a  tool we invented for governing the relationship between people, and between people and nature.

We  need to fabricate new economic tools. We need to give incentives for “ reuse and recycle”.

India’s prosperity depends upon our collective wisdom, our health,  our creativity and on a healthy environment.

GDP just measures what we make and consume, not who we are  (our human and social capital) or where we live (our natural capital).  It totally disregards the ever widening chasm between haves and have nots. Let some have nots be invited on our foreign funded TV , instead of Lord Meghnath Desai prototypes.

Adam Smith driven economists love a catastrophe in our country. They generate economic activity, regardless of the human cost, right?.

GDP is useful for its purpose – for predicting tax revenues , for example – but it cannot be seen as the bench mark , of our progress as a nation and our entrepreneur drive .

The GNP does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or our patriotism to our beloved country, which broke the chains of 800 years of slavery, just 65 years ago.  We need a driver in the drivers seat with 100% Indian DNA—and not an Italian waitress.

GNP measures everything , except that which makes life worthwhile in India. And we have simple tastes and we are a happy family .

Productivity is a word that suffers terrible abuse at the hands of Adam Smith driven business lobbyists . 

Above picture shows LOBBYING with ruling party ministers---- as per their own disclosure statement in USA,  Walmart has have paid 53 crores in the last 2 years, in India ( so little? )

There must be some dang  evidence that allowing workers to be treated more harshly and unfairly does anything to improve society.

Productivity gains are best found through investing in the future of Indian economy – through constant prioritization of needs, education,  R&D, health and better management of our bountiful resource .

Healthier people are more productive workers, with fewer sick days. A better educated population is a more productive population. Clearly we need to get our priorities straight.

Why do we give billions to multi-national corporations like Vedanta and not more assistance to cottage industaries and pop and mon small businesses?

The West has gone back to clean rivers , blue skies and green fields. We must protect our environment also helps people, creates jobs and helps the economy.

We must not allow desh drohi politicians and money bags, to pander to evil companies like Monsanto, who will bury our food security. No food for 1.3 billion people means civil war, and this is what the jealous West wants. 

Monsanto came to India for selling genetically engineered seeds by bribing Indian politicians. Sonia Gandhi favours Monsanto. Once you get into the pay roll of Monsanto there is NO way out.  It is just like doing a favour for any drug cartel .  Once IN there is no way OUT. 

Thanks to Monsanto the bee population on this planet has declined. This is dangerous as bees are essential for pollination. Nil bees and the planet will die in less than a decade. When bees are affected by pesticides they inbuilt radars get shut down, and they get lost. 

This evil monster has taken away the age old farmers right to use their own grown seeds .  We have to buy seeds from Monsanto , as Monsanto GM seeds  are terminator seeds or sterile seeds. And like how Bill Gates changes the Windows version , Monsanto also started their Version 1 , Version 2.2 seeds--or-- second / third generation seeds.  So the farmers had to borrow money from money lenders, and get themselves into a debt trap, with declining yield crops.

Contrary to Monsanto claims genetically engineered seeds does NOT increase the yield. The Monsanto method has given birth to Super Weeds and Super Pests, as they become resilient. Ground water is now polluted as more deadly pesticides have to be used in greater doses. 

Honestly Indians are being used as guinea pigs , all under the blessings of our politicians and foreign funded double agent NGOs--who have Swiss bank accounts. By the way Swiss banks are owned by Rothschild.  

Today if you visit hospitals in India the kidney and liver sections are full . Our old people get Alzhiemers which was never heard of in India thanks to GM seeds. Whom do we need to thank?

US President Obama has filled up all important posts with Monsanto stooges-- Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center, Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto, Tom Vilsack., Hillary Clinton, Islam Siddiqui, , Ramona Romero, Rajiv Shah, Elena Kagan . His biggest financiers Bill Gates and George Soros are major Monsanto share holders

Russia has just stopped all consumption of Monsanto corn , as a French lab published that lab rats which ate it developed tumors and died prematurely.

We can make this vision a reality, but only if we recognise that the economy needs to serve the needs of people and nature, not the other way around.

Let me end with a true anecdote to cheer you up!

Farmers belonging to the Christian community in Kerala, are educated and highly aware . All of them now oppose FDI in retail, courtesy Cacafonika nay Sagarika Ghose’s CNN-IBN ( wife of Rajdeep Sardesai ) pea-brained tweets. 

“Holy mother of Jesus Christ! She greeted us on Good Friday and asked for Easter eggs, son!  So when such a person talks about FDI as though it’s the panacea for all of world’s problems, we know this is Jesus’ way of guiding us in the right path—HALLELUJAH ,” reasoned Thomas Verghese, a vegetable vendor from Alleppey, and solemnly crossed himself.   

Sagarika Ghose  tried to finger Mamata Bannerjee --who is India's No1 politician, when it comes to honesty and being PRO- downtrodden--and she got flak on her face.

CNN-IBN ( and NDTV ) is pro-Sonia and pro-Walmart!!


Japan's false GDP was inflated by banks on an over lending spree. GDP by itself is never  a good indicator of economic health , as it does NOT take into account small entrepreneurship, as in India .

The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) trend indicated by production levels, new orders, supplier deliveries, inventories and employment level-- with each indicator having a separate "India unique weightage facor " is a good indicator.

The tonnes of diesel consumed , number of ships and of what type ( export/ import/ cargo type ) in port , amount of loans applied for by businesses , electricity consumption , railway cargo volume - are all indicators.

PMI number should NOT be based on large corporations like Reliance, Tata etc, but it must take into account small and medium sized enterprises (SME), which is more indicative—for a complex country like India.  Poor SME health ( be aware of trend) of less than 35 out of 100, will indicate that the overall state of the Indian economy is in a bad state..


When my ship was discharging Clay Slurry at Vancouver Nanaimo island, a Norwegian Supercargo came on board.  We had to prepare to load MEG FG for UCC with chlorides less than 0.29 ppm. My Chief officer remarked. This Super cargo is very resourceful, considering how well he managed things ashore.  So I told him " His next assignment is in Chittagong. I will bet my bottom dollar, that he wont go there, and pretend that he is sick" . 

And I was right, as proved later. 

Get the drift of what is Bangladesh specific and Canada specific? 

Economics is the only educational field where students become more evil as they progress. Capitalist economists in capitalist countries are paid precisely in order to support the rich.

Models based on " flawed assumptions" about such things as unemployment, inflation, etc., are programmed into a computer and then the ill programmed computers spit out thier conditioned responses.

There will be no corporate jobs for those who call into doubt the rationality of the existing flawed capitalist system.

Economics students in college are taught  the "works of the giants in their field" like Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Alfred Marshall, and John Maynard Keynes—all men with ulterior motives and an agenda.

We churn out new generations of economic charlatans, under the guise of "science" . These charlatans will peddle their bourgeois nostrums to corporate power in the hope of getting good jobs and big bucks.

I do NOT believe that all of them are daft. 

They are just selfish, and they do NOT have a conscience. These evil men and women are driving the world as we know it ineluctably towards destruction. 

I have not touched the evil field of “stock market playing field tilting” and “market manipulation”, “insider trading” and, “ inflate and deflate tactics” to favour a greedy handful of the  wealthy and powerful .

They do all this on computer with impunity, using brokers.  Stocks rise in the morning, the powerful, fed with “inside undisclosed information” sell and share prices get deflated by the end of the day.

How do hedge fund industry movers and shakers justify such incredible windfalls?   Because they bring such incredible smarts to the table—with their empirical statistical models to weave magic , which nobody else can comprehend?

Why does the hedge industry operate behind closed doors?  Can anybody just walk off the street into a stockbroker’s office and invest in a hedge fund?  Why do the Hedge funds face precious zilch regulation? 

Oh, I got it --them deep-pocketed investors have the sophistication to protect their own interests, right?.
Regulatory hands-off means hedge fund managers nay scamsters are totally free to invest anyway and in anything they want. 

They can buy new-fangled speculative assets they think will soar in value. They can also “hedge” their bets, by laying down financial wagers that a particular asset’s value is going to sag.

For all this investing and hedging, hedge fund managers demand majestic levels of compensation.

And when s#it hits ZE fan, there is always that —"hey Ma , I still have mE stimulus package"— bail out , right?

Where else can you have billions of dollars in wealth disappearing into thin air, just by tweaking a formula in a computer?


I have been at sea for the past 4 decades – and this is my observation. 

There was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures or sea levels for the past 4 decades.

Green house gases causing Global Warming is a BIG LIE,  so that rich countries without natural resources can get richer .

The global warming computer modeling  – propagated by Rothschild and his stooges—is worse that their Adam Smith Economic Theory.

Third world and under developed countries must stop paying “carbon tax”.

Stop the global warming nonsense being taught to innocent school children.(  Darwins theory is still being taught in this age of DNA , what a disgrace )

This must be done immediately!



Energy occurs in many forms, including chemical energy, thermal energy, electromagnetic radiation, gravitational energy, electric energy, elastic energy, nuclear energy, rest energy. These can be categorized in two main classes: potential energy and kinetic energy. Rothschild had shoved in money into this model— where potential energy added to kinetic energy remains a constant. They do it in a capacitance, conductance and inductance model.  Only morons will NOT release that money is handled by fallible human beings who can be manipulated—and some humans have less potential than others.

How many of you knew that Marx ( blood relative of R0thschild ), Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky etc are all Jews. 

Communism is nothing but state capitalism, and this is why it is not free from the defects of capitalism. 

In state capitalism industries are centralized. Capitalism and communism are essentially the same internally, to an intelligent man.

For several years now, Indian economy has displayed its independence, has been growing stronger and is indifferent to fluctuations of other economies. 

It does NOT get shaken and stirred by fluctuations in the U.S. and EU markets.

Adam Smith made a couple of observations – that the butcher, the baker and the brewer do not supply meat, bread and wine for satisfying the ‘consumer’ but for serving their own self-interest in the form of ‘making a living’.  Every idiot knew this , he did NOT run to the Rothschild monopolized media to print this out.

Adam Smith also identified the principles of supply and demand. Every idiot knew this too. The idiots knew further—that after eating 2 tasty biriyanis, his HUMAN PSYCHE does not allow him to eat a third one, without allowing a TIME FACTOR in between.

This is where and when Adam Smith should have been discarded into the garbage bin.

Bottom of the barrel modern economists rarely have mathematical brains.  It is NO wonder that their unreal and daft mathematical equations failed.

In 2008 we had a great humpty dumpty fall .  How many of these “baffle with bullshit” modern economists saw it coming?

Mediocre economic students are arm twisted into studying a ridiculous abstract model saturated with overly mathematical theories of economics. They do NOT understand that this model must apply to the psychology mankind.  Even ecology should have been  factored in.   

Can what is good for “unlimited potential” India be the same as what is good for Saudi Arabia?  Can a stork sip water from a flat plate or a fox from a narrow necked jar?.

None of these economic students had the grey matter to ask , if  economics can indeed be blindly interpreted in an unreal abstract manner ( like Picasso’s nonsense ) through numbers and equations without any background in the real social sciences or any consideration of the ‘human subject’ central to it all.

Margaret Thatcher was steeped in firm belief (of the Chicago School ) that mass privatisation was the cure to society’s ailments – meaning a more hardened, unleashed, unregulated and profit-determined capitalism was the way forward. 

Of course she had her financial advisor Victor Rothschild to tell her all this, for this shop keeper’s daughter just did NOT have the grey matter.  She treated unemployment as a mere statistic, something to be negotiated not in terms of the suffering of those John Bulls unemployed but in terms of freeing her government of responsibility.  

Did not Margret Thatcher lisp pseudo individualism though her ill fitting dentures  “there is no society, only individuals and families” and keep capitalism alive through crisis after crisis, generating mass wealth for the top 1 percent.  Her concept of  society was based on Freemason Charles Darwin’s psychology of ‘the survival of the fittest’.

Modern Economics is an empirical pseudo-science which exists solely to support and propagate a social order in which the top few  have mind boggling wealth,  the rest of the masses exist in poverty, and corporations enjoy unfettered power. This new social order is called neoliberalism. 

Ever understood the pyramid schemes like Amway where the top apex rakes in all the moolah while sitting still on their gargantuan backsides, while the slave drones at the base of the pyramid drown in their own blood and sweat?.

Business schools brainwash their students with absurd mathematical fictions, stolen without comprehension from 19th century classical physics, in which "free" markets operate as perfect timeless machines which maximize everyone's happiness.  Even today they continue to tell these immoral stories in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that they are false because doing otherwise would require economists to grapple with power, emotion, and the frailties of humanity.

Even the great fall of 2008 did NOT spur these economists to do self gynecology ( they will never accept an outside opinion like mine ) .  

They will NOT allow anybody to interfere with their divine ( cocaine charged ) policies and assumptions of natural equilibrium, market efficiency and statistical predictability. 

They will NOT agree that this world is too complex and uncertain to be analyzed with models that assume a natural equilibrium of a future that is predictable, at least in a probabilistic sense.  

They will NOT agree that even competitive and perfect markets can make disastrous mistakes, as emotion controlled humans (  not pre-programmed robots ) call the shots.  

They will NOT agree that a world economy that is highly unpredictable must be managed with fairy broad and flexible tolerance ranges for indicators such as inflation, government borrowing or unemployment, instead of the precise inflation targets of the pre-crisis period.  

They will NOT agree that rigid rules devised many years ago are totally irrelevant.

Is there any need for perfect mathematical solutions?  Is anything wrong in flexible nay solutions where an imperfect human is factored in.  Confucious would have spake- “Every problem has multiple solutions and that each solution will lead to new problems down the road”.

The truth is that there is NO global economy.  All  economics, like all real estate for, example, is LOCAL. History proves capitalism which maintain central banks who create money out of thin air, is NOT self-correcting.  These central banks completely ignore the impact of bank lending—no wonder they are unable to ward off the effects of  financial crisis.  

The models used by economists and central bankers  do not reflect the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of the global financial industry.  82% of the entire global corporate world is controlled by less than 100 companies.  And the vast majority of these cartel controlled financial institutions that have become so highly interconnected that a seemingly isolated problem in one institution can quickly spread to infect the whole system. 

When the human body develops gangrene , the bad affected part must be amputated, so that the whole body is NOT infected .

Rothschild's Indian agent ( his wife is Rothschild ) Amartya Sen is the Mother Teresa of the Banksters.  Both Vatican poster girl Teresa and Bankster are criminal words. 

Some of you may want to know further about EVIL Mother Teresa.  Come back later and punch into Google search - DIABOLICAL MINISTERING ANGEL TERESA VADAKAYIL

When an economist cannot understand what is happening and is asked simple questions on TV he will start using complicated words ( baffle with bullshit method )  like “dynamic stochastic general equilibrium”, to show that he knows more than the public.

They keep making zany assumptions in percentages based on scanty or NIL  information. Next time check out the dogma of Montek Singh Ahluwalia and our PM Manmohan Singh .

This is the same type of dogma our own yuv-raj , the quintessential akkal ka dushman ( enemy of  perception ) dishes out to village kids — he will never engage in a debate on live TV . . After all, the more dogmatic the policymaker the more likely he will be overconfident and allow simple policy errors to become enormous and costly policy errors.

The economists with the highest public profiles are invariably those economists ( like Montek Singh Ahluwalia ) that are the most dogmatic. Probably all these economists must be wired to a lie detection system when they come on TV.

There must be a law to punish such people who fool the masses deliberately with assumption made to suit their method of useless thinking. These are policymakers who have fallen victim to the fallacy of treating an abstraction ( the model of the economy) as if it were the real thing.

With macroeconomics — the study of the economy as a whole — you can’t put countries and entire economies in a lab. All you can do is to it there and watch history go by, and try to deduce some patterns, which vanish like smoke wisps as soon as you think that you’ve found one. 

After all Economics is a pseudo-science which is made to look like real science with math, and graphics by banksters and bankster monopolized media and  peer-review journals. The Rothschild cartel stooges,  the economists like Amartya Sen , are mere propagandists.

Money is simple.  Psychopath bankers have made it complicated because it benefits them dis-proportionately to their contribution to society, to keep the crafty system in place.

The world’s Banking Cartel is equivalent of the corrupt and immoral Vatican of the middle ages which had to be fought and reined in by the protestants and others.  The Church of the middle ages was just as powerful as the modern international bankers  are today.

The evil church’s power was broken because of the  printing press invented by Johannes Gensfleisch  Gutenberg . People started reading and interpreting the bible themselves instead of relying on the priests. 

Likewise the information superhighway provided by the large hearted internet is our new Gutenberg, to bring the evil economist cartel to their knees. The cartel is unable to control the information flow on the net ( like this post ) and is screwed , and knows it too.

The business schools create brainwashed economists. These are charlatans and propagandists giving pseudo-intellectual cover to the looting and general criminality perpetrated by the 1% against the rest of us. They have to toe the line or they wont pass their exams or get employed. Committed charlatans to the top 1% are given scholarships to US universities and given falthu "best economist "awards .

The very fact that our own PM Manmohan Singh inaugurated Amway in India shows who he is.

Punch into Google search-


Jew John Maynard Keynes's Civil Service career began in October 1906,  in the Rothschild’s India Office.   The India Office was a British government department created by Rothschild one year after he took over British Raj in India officially in 1858 to oversee the administration, through a Viceroy.

We have Rothschild Stooges like Manmohan Singh sucking up to Keyes brand of Economics -- reflecting "His Master's voice".  

Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke in favour of “Keynesian fiscal stimuli” ( BLAH BLAH )  at the 2008 G-20 Washington summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, Nov 14–15, 2008, in Washington, D.C.   

So pretty soon we have a  rapid shift of opinion took place among many prominent economists in favour of Keynesian stimulus, and, policy makers began announcing major stimulus packages, in hopes of heading off the possibility of a global depression.  

These morons think that Manmohan Singh is Mensa intelligent. Only we Indians know what he is worth.

‘Keynesian economics rests fundamentally on the proposition that macroeconomics isn't a morality play – that depressions are essentially a technical malfunction.

As the Great Depression deepened, Keynes famously declared that "we have magneto trouble" – i.e., the economy's troubles were like those of a car with a small but critical problem in its electrical system, and the job of the economist is to figure out how to repair that technical problem.’

It requires a real stupid brain to perceive that an economy can be compared with a machine, when you could tweak things with a pipe wrench.

Unlike a machine, an economy was neither designed by anyone nor built in a factory.  There are no plans...no owner's manual...no guide to troubleshooting problems...and no website where owners go to talk about the problems they've had and the tricks they've used to fix them.

First, an economy is a ‘complex adaptive system.’  It has lots of moving parts, in other words, and each of these parts has information and desires of its own.

The parts have desires of their own. You build a machine to accomplish the desires of the designer. An economy, on the other hand, is merely a way for the constituent parts to achieve their own ends.
The production of wealth should not be tied to its distribution.  The former is in the field of "applied economics" while the latter belongs to "social economics" and is largely a matter of power and politics.

Assumptions must NOT be made on scanty information. This is how you get financial market depressions.  The field of information economics includes both mathematical-economical research and also behavioral economics, akin to studies in behavioral psychology.

An economy is not some independent physical process like plate tectonics. It is a collaborative human enterprise. BRICS is now all set to upset the immoral applecart of the Rothschild banking cartel by introducing a new central bank. 

Since the economy serves a social function, it can not be separated from politics and social engineering . The early economic thinkers knew this and wrote in terms of political economy. Somewhere in the 19th century this concept was lost and immoral economics as propaganda was born.  

Mythological beasts known as “free markets” appeared. Common sense tells us that free markets have never existed, that it has always been a question of who controls them for whose benefit.

The result of all these vulgar lies and confabulations is that society’s purposes, its goods, are replaced by the few greedy banksters who use the political process to steal and concentrate the wealth of the many into their hands.  

Because economic processes are agentless and independent, they can claim that their wealth is just a natural outcome of these processes. In other words, they stole nothing and all their lootings are legitimate. 

Furthermore, any attempt to redistribute their wealth, society’s resources, back to the many would be the real theft. The people who speak about this theft are jailed or eliminated or raided and decimated by the IRS. Economics is not a set of laws but a set of power relations. 

 An economist is an pseudo expert who claims to know tomorrow by the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today. He is dangerously close to asking the public to treat economics as a religion.  

These immoral economists have built themselves into powerful policymakers and advisers, precisely because they argue that economics is as reliable and predictive a science as physics or chemistry.

Stop printing and broadcasting the opinions of economists so frequently.  Every time a Rothschild controlled rating agency like Fitch or Moody’s or S&P lowers India’s rating don’t behave as if you balls have been electrocuted.  

This is the way the waitress turned empress ushered in FDI in multi-brand retail into India, right?  These people whom  we drove away in 1947 after 800 years of slavery have been given a toe hold all over again.

Insist that all predictions and pronouncements from economists include a full disclosure of the assumptions and limitations of the models used.

It is high time we shortened the leash on the nostrils of these  ninnies, and  have them up on a single toe.We must restrain these people from making a fetish out of mathematics . These pea brained people were never good at Math in high school, and hence chose the bottom of the barrel Economics subject as their career,  rather than Electronics or Computer Science which requires grey matter.

Today’s so called economists are the modern equivalent of medieval churchmen in robes trying to confound and baffle the world by shoving in high school calculus in between the Bible verses.


Debts that cannot be repaid will not be repaid.  The debt held by the US public was approximately 12.01 trillion USD or about 75% of US GDP.  Intragovernmental holdings stood at 5.02 trillion USD , giving a combined total public debt of 17 trillion USD .   5.6 trillion USD or approximately 47% of the debt held by the US public was owned by foreign investors, the largest of which were the People's Republic of China and Japan at just over 1.1 trillion USD each.

If a mischief maker uses his “paid up media” and spreads the rumors of the  company's  ( or country’s ) bankruptcy,  within no time the investors will withdraw ALL their investments from that company's share and the price of the share will fall down drastically. 

Those who want to know more about human emotion , punch into Google search-


Above: If a pig's squeal is NOT sweet music to your ears, it is better off dead.

Above: Map over terrain?

All policy making economists must be made to take a  “Hippocratic Oath”,  stating that any policy advice will be first weighed to do no (or minimal) harm to the public good.

A computer does NOT have a conscience. This is why Modern Economics which is hijacked by empirical formulas or Quadratic Equations , which can be tweaked to suit a selfish soul less Central banker, has wreaked terrible damage to society.

Every human being on this planet has natural rights . he has a right to food, water and shelter.. Anyone who attempts to snatch away these basic sovereign essentials is a vulgar villain and must be treated as such.

The defining principal of economic governance, should be a fair deal and a fair equity for all. 

Modern Economics has failed miserably . The rich and greedy of the Bilderberg Club have used their clout  to dictate the rules of economic theory and further their self interest…

Central banks now dictate terms to large developing nations .  Or they will be  bled dry by carte blanche banking practices.  India has to accept Rothschild’s demand that their stooge Manmohan Singh will be mane finance minister by giving him a back door Rajya Sabha ( House of Lords) entry from a remote Assam state. 

Slavery is being  permitted in the name of economic growth and profit.  We've all contributed to allowing Rothschild’s economic system to enslave our lives.

This modern cryptofascist plutocracy has refined human exploitation to a high degree.  Politics first,  its handmaiden/method of enslavement - economics, second.  The knife that cuts cannot cut itself.

Economics is the only “science” where 100%  wrong theories has persisted for  generations.   Why is the intelligentsia of this planet NOT confronting these fake economists who perversely insist that the Adam Smith theory is still valid in contradiction to the evidence. 

Is this mental insanity? 

Why does it take a ship’s captain to pour his thoughts in his blog post, hoping against hope that some reality will creep in?.

Modern  economics has failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis. After 5 years of analyzing the crisis there are still NO answers totally discrediting all these self conferred kingpins of economics—like our Manmohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia .  

History holds no lessons for our turbaned "snap shot" expert duo.  

They talk about economics as a homogeneous field in which “free market” “rational expectations” holds water.  .Their field of economics is strewn with bullsh#t theories, many of which are not based on rationality assumptions or completeness in markets.

 Some times they come on TV and start taking questions— and they confidently give  religious cult type gibberish –nay- zombie nonsense like dorks . They talk in such a deliberate foggy manner  to induce cerebral numbness and a blank, all accepting stare.   

I wonder if they would do the same thing if hooked on to a lie detector.   Economics is a handmaiden employed to perpetuate the Banking Cartel privilege, an evil institutionalised system of enslavement of the many by the few.

It is truly ridiculous that people still accept that Rothschild’s  Central Bank can be directed by the government. .  

Choo Chweet --  giving control of our money away to Banks exclusively doing business and profiteering, by lending it back to us?

Is it not obvious to even a dumbo , that  those banksters who lived on the return on lending has an interest to deceive  the public using all vulgar and immoral tricks at their disposal and also to  to have governments ( on their payroll)  intervene in the market in their favour.

A fair model of economics in consonance with principle of natural justice is the need of the hour..  Fake and fraudulent economics must NOT be allowed rules over humanity.  

As a civilised society we can demonstrate awareness by not fawning over the fake conservatives enamoured with the now dead theories.  

Check out this bullsh#t-

GDP is an empty abstraction devoid of any link to the real world, and, therefore, has little or no value in economic analysis.

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports − imports), or
GDP = C + I + G +  ( X - M )

Above is bullsh#t of the highest order , dressed up in fancy mathematics to look like science.

They add up all the transactions in the economy, whether they represent benefits or costs, call the total the Gross Domestic Product and refer to it as “the economy”.

The GDP framework cannot tell us whether final goods and services that were produced during a particular period of time are a reflection of real wealth expansion, or a reflection of capital consumption.

For instance, if a government embarks on the building of a Mayawati’s self statues, which adds absolutely nothing to the well-being of individuals, the GDP framework will regard this as economic growth.   In reality, however, the building of these ugly statues will divert real funding from wealth-generating activities, thereby stifling the production of wealth.

Modern economics uses the trappings of science, like dense mathematics, but only to baffle with bull.  Modern capitalist economics cannot predict the future, as the global financial crisis showed.
Economics has become a kind of religion, belief in which is necessary unless one be cast out as a pariah or a heretic.  

Big business magazine Forbes loudly demanded that the new socialist city councillor in Seattle, Kshama Sawant, be banned from teaching economics – a subject in which she has a PhD – because she doesn’t believe in the Rothschild capitalist version. 

You have to parrot what the Rothschild remote controlled and brainwashed teachers have taught you in business schools, to survive.  Science can prove itself in practice and has nothing to fear from opposing views –  while pseudoscience can only rely on immoral force and vulgar rhetoric.

The oligarchs use pseudo-philosophies like Ayn Rand’s Objectivism, and other non-rational ways to convince themselves that they “deserve” their privilege and power.  

Economics is and never will be a science in the same sense as a hard science.   Economics isn't a physical science and can't pretend to contain processes that are governed by laws; not even by theorems.
e more complicated to overcome some obvious failings to explain human behavior.  The theories are expanded and made more complex in an dazzling attempt to include more realism.

Is is no wonder that these mindless theories eventually become so complex and restrictive that they become more interesting to economists to show how smart they are, but less useful to the world at large.

Without measurement and quantifiable assessment, economics becomes just political economy; linked to politics and power, and using words such as "should" and "ought" and "perhaps" and “I believe”.    

Economic models are not applicable across all times and situations.   MS DOS computers do not work in the era of Windows 8 .  A model might “work” in one era and in a very specific set of circumstances, but fail in another era or in a similar set of circumstances.  

Economics must hedge in culture.  Culture is not a static set of objects, it is a constantly shifting interplay of feedback loops.

Macroeconomics is the study of the overall flow of wealth in the economy at large. 

Microeconomics studies the individual actions within an economy.  

So far so good.

The near-universal use of Gross Domestic Product as a measure of economic success, and by implication of quality of life, does not even qualify as basic accounting.  This is because the GDP measures “activity” involving money, but makes no distinction between useful, useless and harmful activity: the cost of cleaning up pollution is added to the GDP. 

This would be like a shop keeper entering all his transactions (income and costs alike) in the credit column of his ledger, adding them up, and claiming his business is booming.  

So a tree fell on the roof of your house splitting it and also broke your effin' leg.   And you are doing well as per your accounts ledger , right?

What is needed of course is a balance sheet.  It would also be helpful to separate economic, social and environmental factors.  All of these things are available, but they languish because politicians ( like our Rothschild economist Manmohan Singh ) love the GDP and love to mouth percentages to look wise.  

Mainstream economists fail,  collectively, to point out the falsity of using GDP as a measure of welfare— for if you do as business college , you will NOT pass..

Mainstream economics is incomplete, grossly misleading and destructive.  It reflects the gross ignorance and long-term intellectual isolation nay bankruptcy of its practitioners.  It uses a lot of fancy mathematics only to baffle.  All this complex math  can’t disguise the fact that mainstream economics is not science – it is pseudo-science.

When GDP is divided among a population, it gives a average value for every person. But within a population, it is common to some have people with higher wealth and welfare and some people with lower welfare. 

By showing an average value for each person, it may be over-valueing or under-valueing an individuals welfare.  People can just change their minds and behave completely differently. 

Wise people will NOT view  GDP as a measure of the welfare of citizens Economics was like psychology, a pseudoscience trying to hide that fact with intense theoretical hyper elaboration.  

And gross domestic product was one of those unfortunate measurement concepts, like Freemason Charles Darwin’s evolution theory (ridiculously based on his goodie bag of dried up finches) in this modern age of DNA, that ought to have been retired long before.  

No economist has the guts to say that the Emperor is NOT wearing clothes, it just shows the quality of their moral fibre.

These are concepts and phrases popular with crooked politicians because that uncertainty gives them power over the ignorant, the uncaring, the desperate and the leaderless. 

It is difficult to wake up an economist who is pretending to sleep. He has to be kicked awake on a spot where it hurts real bad.

Below video: What is GDP worth ?

So here we go with rocking horse shit--

Microeconomics :--. the study of small things such as how firms and households operate, the behavior of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources-- applies to markets where goods or services are bought and sold.

Macroeconomics:-  the study of things such as inflation, monetary policy, and international trade,  the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole, rather than individual markets—applies to national, regional, and global economies.

Econometrics :  the study of e estimates that may be made when applying statistical methods to social data,  application of mathematics, statistical methods, and computer science, to economic data and is described as the branch of economics that aims to give empirical content to economic relations.


Nowadays I get mE kicks by listening to pea brained economists after a market crash.

GDP purports to measure economic activity while largely divorcing itself from the quality, profitability, depth, breadth, improvement, advancement, and rationalization of goods and services provided.

If you build a 1000 fishing trawlers who have NOT caught a single fish for 5 years ( due to an inherent problem ) it nevertheless contributed to GDP.

If GDP purports to measure economic activity which benefits society, the inclusion of government expenditures is dubious.

GDP is Designed to Advance the Keynesian Agenda. The welfare of a nation can scarcely be inferred from a measure of national income.  Yet the blind usage of GDP persists. That its permanence and persistence only serves the Keynesian policies of greater consumer spending, increased government expenditures, and larger exports through currency debasement should not be considered coincidental.

Unfortunately, the resulting economic stagnation, debt accumulation, and price inflation are as inevitable as they are predictable.

GDP is the market value of all final goods and services in a given year. As such, it is only an accounting identity reflecting the quantity of money in the economy.

Transactions reflecting both wealth creation and also economically destructive state spending are included in GDP without differentiation.

GDP has nothing to do with economic progress. It is a flawed statistic that imperfectly summarises the money-value of selected transactions over a given period.

Modern economic theory is a MODEL established by Kenneth Arrow and Gerard Debreu. They started with an extremely abstract mathematical model of an economy -- a set of producers, consumers and commodities -- and then built theorems about its properties.  

Their  result was that, under a gamut of conditions, this imaginary economy would possess a unique  equilibrium, one set of prices that would perfectly match production and consumption.

In mathematical economics, the Arrow–Debreu model suggests that under certain economic assumptions (convex preferences, perfect competition, and demand independence  BLAH BLAH ) there must be a set of prices such that aggregate supplies will equal aggregate demands for every commodity in the economy.

The model is central to the theory of general (economic) equilibrium and it is often used as a general reference for other microeconomic models. It is named after Kenneth Arrow, Gérard Debreu.
The theory is based on two assumptions:--

Firstly, that a competitive equilibrium exists if each person in the economy possesses some quantity of every good available for sale in that market;

Secondly, that exploitable labour resources exist which are capable of being used in the production of desired goods/services.


"The economist specialist is, in the truest sense, an idiot—nay – an asshole ".—Capt Ajit Vadakayil   

       Capt. Ajit VadakayilNovember 3, 2015 at 12:08 AM



Recently Indian changes the method of our GDP calculations ( long over due ) which made all Zionist Western nations frown.

This does NOT bother us. We have stoped caring for western reactions -- we are good enough o manage our own affairs.

But hey, our Rothschild man , the ex-chief economist of IMF Raghuram Rajan got upset . And so our chief economic adviser to the finance ministry Arvind Subramanian.

Whose side are they on?

Indian GDP calculations need to be modified again , to suit true state of affairs.

Our GDP has long been undervalues deliberately by Rothschild stooge Indians.

At the same time they did NOT fry foul when the western Zionist nations cooked up an inflated GDP and rating agencies gave them a good percentage--out of tune with reality.




In 2014, the Italian government’s National Institute of Statistics was awarded the Ig Nobel prize in economics, for “proudly taking the lead in fulfilling the European Union mandate for each country to increase the official size of its national economy by including revenues from prostitution, illegal drug sales, smuggling, and all other unlawful financial transactions between willing participants.”

HULLOOOO- How do the GDP calculations allow for “black economy” transactions such as drug dealing or prostitution?

For long the Zionist Jew west has tried to brand our family based ultra skilled cottage industries as bonded slave child labour generating GDP .

The desh drohi foreign DNA Indian leaders played along.

They Zionist Jews sponsored people like Kailash Satyarti to kill our family based untra skilled cottage industries using his Zionist funded Goodweave/ Rugmark NGOs. For doing a good job, they gave him Nobel peace prize.

We do NOT want Zionist Jews to save Indian children. Their parents know how to save them

In India we have lakhs of amazing UNTRA SKILLED cottage industries who are NOT in the tax bracket OR covered by the stock market.


India’s GDP which is undervalued must reflect our cottage industry production and our huge potential.

The western standard of living and their decadent way of life has nothing to do with India.


How much does a Yank family save at the end of the month, as a percentage of his income? How much does an Indian family save ?

If GDP purports to measure economic activity which benefits society, the inclusion of government expenditures is dubious.—to maintain prisons, to prevent crime, to sustain wars ( in foreign nations to establish puppet crypto Jew rulers) , to clean up pollution etc

A country like USA is 18.6 trillion USD in external debt yet, the money spent is repaying / servicing this debt this is not reflected in a decreased GDP. Every Zionist white nation has run up a huge debt and their GDP is a fake inflated figure.




    GDP only includes positive values: if something is destroyed by war, then rebuilt by a private company, GDP goes up while economic well-being is unchanged or even became worse.

    War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious

    Recessions are almost impossible as long as a country is engaged on protracted war.

    In Zionist western nations with HUGE and UNPAYABLE debt , like I said, the tail wags the dog. We Indians are NOT stupid, NOT to figure out their GDP is a cult thingy

    An Indian washes his own windows and GDP is unaffected; the white man in a high rise employ a window cleaner and output is boosted . He trashes his car on the highway and the costs of repairing it add to GDP. The production of cigarettes that cause lung cancer and handguns that are used in murders are also counted as a positive in GDP terms.

    The flawed GDP measure method has created a society obsessed with mindless consumerism, in which the focus on growth has obscured the damage done to natural resources.

    In India women are homemakers . We do NOT employ servants .

    Unpaid women’s labor, for instance — running the household, raising the young, nurturing the sick and old parents — has little value.

    If those same women join the ranks of Wall Street quantitative analysts, or old home nurses loolin after other’s parents for moolah, their status suddenly yields high incomes and high contributions to GDP.

    They value what they measure.

    In India we do NOT need to measure our pricks and twats every hour.

    In USA accidents, addictions, oil spills and war, all great boosts to GDP growth, and adds to our collective HILLY BILLY YANK well-being.

    That using up vital resources depletes the collective natural capital, -- this liquidation of assets does not count against the GDP.

    GDP omits the astounding good work done in the Indian village home mostly by women. It values expenditure on war and nursing care on the same basis. It records the despoliation of the environment only by reference to the amount spent despoiling it, and then includes the amount spent to clean it up.

    In USA if a ship is built at hajaaaar expense — whether it carried cargo or lay idle in a lay anchorage did NOT matter – this ship contributed to GDP. In India there is very little waste.

    GDP fails to accurately assess the value of goods and services provided or estimate a society’s standard of living.

    Our way of life is NOT the same as the Yank and their rcowboy riding posse's ( alies/ coaltion ) way of life.

    Our life is based on happiness NOT pleasure and material pursuits like golf , dining at night under candle light drinking bullshit wine , and shaking gaand in a disco.

    We do NOT care for Rothschild's rating agencies like Moody's who are just bouncers for big brother.

    FUCK OFF !

    capt ajit vadakayil

Grace and peace!



  1. shyamalganguly (USA) replies to ajit vadakayil
    Gold: 5473742
    You are doing a great job in exposing pseudo slave economists of India like Manmohon Singh, Montek Ahluwalia and Amartya Sen. It would be great if you could write something about the citadels of Management Studies called IIM. Even well trained engineers from IIT go there to get brainwashed after graduating from IITs. I have seen IIM candidates getting starting salaries in even India which are outrageously out of tune with the job market. Are these all rigged? BTW: having trouble with reCAPTCHA. Can not submit response on your blog.

  2. hi shyamal,

    a supreme example is CHETAN BHAGATm who is a rothschild propaganda man.

    i have put a para for him at the bottom of my post PERCEPTION AND RELATIVITY- VADAKAYIL.

    lot of people are groomed like this by foreign masters -- example of arundhati roy, amish tripathi etc.

    chetan bhagat had the gall to ask baba ramdev how to cure homosexuality etc in a drisive manner .

    this is why for assholes like chetan bhagat i have put a post YOGA AND AYURVEDIC MASSAGE FOR DRAINING LYMPH NODES- VADAKAYIL.

    when a man is oversexed he will put his dong into a hole in a wall too!!

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Dear Capt Ajit Vadakayil,
    I just had a cursory glance due to paucity of time and saved the entire material for a very leisure reading. Simply a piece of marvellous work. My congratulations. Please keep it up.

  4. Capt, the salaries of IIM grads is justifiable if we see the amount of profits that their employers make out of crony capitalism and their links with the politicians. The paid media never bothers to go back and check those companies which offered large renumerations during last few years to verify if they were among those implicated in the recent scams or some or the other corporate relations with companies like Vedanta etc. Wealth Managers who manage wealth generally end up managing the black money routed thru hawala etc.

  5. hi,

    CHETAN BHAGAT is now being heavily sponsored. have you read his DAFT books?

    he talks about how much rent he paid in hongkong while working for goldman sacs, and impressed all the mangy indians.

    after being to hongkong more than 100 times over the past 40 years , this type of rent is what you pay for a ONE BED ROOM APARTMENT at the seaface.

    VEDANTA is controlled by rothschild.

    punch into google search BAUXITE MINING, NAXAL MENACE- VADAKAYIL.

    now all the mormons ( american arm of rothschild's religion ) in india are feeling very happy that mitt romney will become the new US president as i had predicted 2 years ago, in several of my blog posts.

    god save india.

    if you write a comment against vedanta in the e news like TOI or ECONOMIC TIMES--immediately you
    will be attacked by monkeys with abusive comments--


    capt ajit vaadkayil

  6. Hats Off,

    Dear Capt Ajit,

    Very good research study and the so called economics is designed for top business people the bankers and insurance companies,

    this will end soooon because it is slowly realized by public.

    that's why god has created internet which can not by destroyed.

    Keep posting and god bless you.


    1. Hilarious. God has created Internet? It has been created by goras, that too US army research.

  7. I knew few things about Rothschild, US Fedreal Banking and Opium & Tea trades. But there are more than I could read in 1 sitting. I loved it all the way.
    If could also please elaborate on how to do our homework for Investments in this rotten economy.. I would really appreciate your inputs.
    Thank you so much.
    Anil Reddy

  8. hi jbor,

    the goras who creates internet , google , apple etc were all HIPPIES who came walking all the way to india in the sixtees.

    punch into google search STEVE JOBS - VADAKAYIL.

    previously tge goras knew only how to TAKE-- after they came to india they understood the joy of GIVING.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Not quite the way you put it. He actually learnt from the flaws in Indian culture. From his biography:

      "Steve was disillusioned with the poverty he encountered in India and found it hard to reconcile this with the high spiritual ideals of the country. He had a burning desire to help the masses but he gained insight during his trip that the way out of poverty was not through socialism or spirituality but through technology and capitalism."

      Majority hippies who come to India ultimately realize the flaws of the swamis of today. Don't get me wrong. I am a big believer in spiritualism, especially the way Vivekananda approached it, where he tried to merge the ancient vedas with the latest scientific wisdom (but not forcefully). My feeling is that, if the scholars from the Vedic age were around, they would have been first-grade scientists (philosophically similar to American scientists and hippies of the mid-1900s) because they often wondered about cosmology and the stars. They would not be like the fraud, unintelligent swamis and yogis we see today.

  9. hi anil,

    go for moderate profits . this way your investment will be safe.

    when things are TOO GOOD with very high returns, there will always be a catch.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  10. Captain Ajit,

    Superb work and an eye opener for the present generation economics students.

    Keep the good work going .


  11. hi jbor,

    if steve jobs found india to be poor -- he is right.

    his white christian invader cousins stole the wealth of india, for 250 years before he came , india was the richest country on this planet.

    his mind and soul healing in india was aborted--as he got pasted for his selfishness.

    that is why he claimed credit for all the inventions his employees did ( which bill gates did NOT do ).

    steve jobs was a KING SIZED ASSHOLE like the quintessential yank edison.

    punch into google search EDISON- VADAKAYIL.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Capt. Vadakayil,

    My mornings do not start without your posts.

    You are extremely radical in your approach and we like it. I am sure anyone who has a clear conscience can hear the very words you write from within himself / herself.

    Keep writing,


  13. Thanks Capt. Ajith for the awesome post.

    I couldnt see you mention about Rothschild connections with Illumnati/Freemasons/Builderberg etc the cancers in World politics.

    Would love to knwo your perception.
    Niaz Ahmed

    PS I am from Calicut as well, would love to connect.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.


  15. OH NO ANUJ!!!


    an accountant will make a CREDIT balancing DEBIT excel sheet of 30 BALANCING 30

    showing --

    30+0= 27+3.

    Opening cash + receipts = spent cash+ balance cash.

    98% of accountants alos get it wrong. this is what BRITISH math education does to you.

    an illierate chaiwala boy of 12 years from Calcutta or Calicut, can lead you all the way to china town by your nostrils -- as his mind is NOT corrupted by education.

    his mind will NOT thing about 2 dollars, as he is very practical.

    capt ajit avadkayil

    1. hello captain

      An ardent fan of your blog. I got to ask these questions after reading your post

      # This post in particular and many in general can convince anyone that Rothschild & Co. is the evil and they do it like GOOGLE who though claim "WE DON'T DO EVIL". This means captain that every soul on earth is compensated by the SIN MONEY of the group(as your perception claims that they control the central banks barring few countries). Now that SIN MONEY is used to feed the family who including the earning member participating in the BAD KARMA. the Law Of Karma take on even though one is honest and cant escape the consequence.

      Tell us captain how to earn HONEST MONEY. Is the humanity in Catch 22 situation from the beginning and we have to be like that?

      # Is blaming Economics justified for the worst on earth? You have a strong liking for Physics so do I. Atom bombs in World War and Arms race henceforth have strong participation of Physics in them. Does that make Physics an Ugly moron?

      # Mathematization of economics has definitely speed up to understand the change with time. Calculus is a tool to analyze the change in our surrounding and that's the beauty of this branch of maths which not only influnces science but also humanities ( like socio, ECO). Yes excessive use of higher maths is absurd like real analysis metric system chaos theory but so far as it keeps things intact I guess its fine. If there are trillions of variable which affects ECONOMICS(according to your perception) and which are not taken into account while developing model then there are many variables too which are rejected while studying PHYSICS, Friction being a major one.

      # The Utility function which you claim to have many fallacy IS NOT the one the graduates encounter when they work for sensible RESEARCH HOUSE in real world. You can visit any good Economic Research house and check it out. THose functions like the famous cob-Douglas function are simple textbook examples.

      Dont blame the subject rather question the way Subject is being presented and taught. No wonder you send your son to Cornell and didn't mind even giving a miss to IIT.

      # Yes IIM is not the end of the story and it snot the pinnacle of achievement but still. You hate Chetan bhagat. Fine. No Issues. But trust me there are several examples of IIM guys who are working at grass-root level and their name you wont even know in your entire lifetime

      Dig deeper captain...How many times you would dare to risk your life by gulping sample of water to know exactly what villagers are pouring in their body? chances are NONE. there is someone( IIM_A) whom I personally know who has been hospitalized several times for such many acts. And there are many

      Her water sanitation and management company is thanked many time by the common villagers for the generous effort. yes.....HER

      Just one flaw and entire things come under lens..I wonder

      But as you say captain its all about perception.


  16. hi apurva,

    99.5% of the denizens of this planet are entitled to a far better life than what they are getting.

    i am one of the privileged guys --

    i do hope you have some idea how much a merchant ship captain can earn in 3 decades of command --

    we earn in dollars and spend in rupees-- all take home money -- all free on board including daaru.

    my children have spent their entire lives in AC comfort.

    so when my elder son was 13 and younger son was 6, i called them to mumbai and i made them take a local train from nerul to VT.

    the station cashier of nerul, nearly fell of his chair-- he says " with the same return ticket money on first class, you can take an AC cab --and he pointed out a blue cab to me"

    i said " no, my children are gonna get the biggest lesson of their lives today".

    see in calicut it is all neat and clean and pretty --i can scoop spring water off the gutters and drink it.

    since my wife did her school and college in mumbai , she knew what i was up to.

    after the train reached VT, my children were in no condition to eat mc donalds burger.

    such was the filth and squalor they saw, just 2 meters off the track. today they are better human beings due to one single act of mine-- they realised how lucky they are.


    i am not saying that my steward on my ship must get a mini apartment like me, with TV, fridge , family carrying privelege , another steward for him etc.

    by the way-- all computer students in cornell etc are all on 2 way lane.

    the college gains--as the students do deadly projects.

    punch into google search MY SON AT CORNELL- VADAKAYIL.

    he slogged his ass off 19 hours a say there. it was a sweat shop.

    he was lucky to get brainy koreans as project his partners for writing complex codes and doing graphics.

    on the first day the professor told the students , who were taken aback.


    ring a bell? we dont do that in IIT, right?

    capt ajit vadakayil

  17. There are bitter truths in your posts. I agree with most of them, but the curious part is that you don't have a single negative comment ;) So aren't you manipulating the truth.

  18. hi

    If Economics is an Absurd and Vulgar Subject I want your view on these Economists and their works

    # Arvind Panagariya

    # Jagdish Bhagwati

    # Avinash Dixit

    # Raghuram Rajan ( Current Chief Economic Advisor)

    # Ashima Goyal

    # Gita Gopinath ( Harvard Economics Dept A rising superstar in INTERNATIONAL MACROECONOMICS)

    # T C A Ananth ( Chief Statistician Of India)

    List can go on.....

    Its the way humans destroy the essence of Economics which is to be questioned rather the subject.


  19. nice exposure sir .
    check the below video for our country s problem & solution


  20. I've never read or heard Adam Smith being referred to in such light. I'm intrigued. Captain, Could you please provide what sources you have used wrt Adam Smith's involvement with Rothschild or his the influence of his works in subsequent British economic policies in India? Much appreciated!! Thanks

  21. hi mystic monk,

    as you can see -- this blog exists to flush all false history written by gospel SOURCES into the sewage tank where they belong.

    these peer historian liars told the world that they had a hotline with god --

    -- and when god was on vacation, they had a time machine in which they can step back in time, right?

    false gods will be buried in my blogsite.

    real heroes like nikola tesla ( my first post ) will be exhumed.

    this was my promise to my first reader when i set out to write just 2 years ago.

    i have just started.

    every written word in a book or tape on this planet is written by human being -- it has NOT fallen from heaven.

    and maybe I am more perceptive and truthful than that human being.


    all your queries are represented in several of my posts.

    i guess you can start off by reading --


    anytime you feel you are reading nonsense--juts stop reading--

    and i wont miss you --among 670, 000 page views daily --and this graph is upwardly mobile .

    maybe all of them are fools?

    capt ajit vadakayil

  22. Hi Capt,
    I've read many of your blog entries in the last few days since I found it by chance. I always end up agreeing with MOST of what you have to say as it corresponds to my world view. You put thing wonderfully simple and straight. Thank you for these writings and the passion behind it. Would love to sit for a beer with you should I ever visit Kerala. I last visited in 1998, its about time again I guess !!

  23. Hi Capt.

    So FDI in India will go like this,

    Federal reserve prints billions dollars out of thin air and lend it to banks for a small interest rate. US Banks lend it to Walmart etc and Walmart pumps it into India.
    Indians will work for them and provide all infrastructure out of Indian tax payer's work.

    Indians are workhorses here. Walmart , US banks enjoy the profit.

    Why do we need FDI, we can print Rupee and do same thing ??

    What we need is only technology.. as you said we have nuclear and space technology.. and not for FDI ?...

    Is Interest rate is deliberately kept low in US ?

    1. hi,

      the only countries which do NOT have rothschild's central banks are libya, syria, iran, north korea, sudan , cuba.

      libya is taken out.

      next is syria.

      the moment indira gandhi nationalised the banks-- it was clear she will be bumped off, soon. she was a patriot.

      LTTE , Khalistanis , Naxals etc are all pawns of big brother.

      what do people know about world intrigue?

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  24. really nice to know opposite view by you capt,really it is very practical and need thoroughly study to comment on many topic ,you mastered art of going into depth and present many angle to idea,whole universe is big learning ground but mind control by media, power ful hidden agenda of money supply and control change everything, mind control when people are at child change lot of thinking of root,india is enslaved by muslim by christian but surprisely,,,hindu still contitute majority is very strong point of their conviction regarding their faith and proud of their heritage, i met lot of fizzy hindu,they were also proud of their vada heritage and whole science discoveries, i wasno awared of because whole marxist,congress media,study curriculam changed whole syllbus with english slave,,thanks to internet we are studing lot of stuff and it is very interesting,can you write on sati ,loot of english rule,muslim rule effect on culture, ethic and psychology,,

    1. hi t,

      punch into google search THE OPIUM RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY VADAKAYIL

      and also


      capt ajit vadakayil


  25. Unknown

    June 16, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    Very interesting blog post, Captain. You may be interested to know that many Americans are even more optimistic than you story above illustrates. In fact, there are plenty of Americans who believe that if there was only one dollar in existence, if we could just make that one single dollar circulate fast enough, then everybody could make a million dollars, several times every day! Nice theory, eh?

    What do you think about the financial theories of the late Ezra Pound?



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    June 16, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    He was one of the first who understood the chicanery of the banking cartel. In 1933 Rothschild controlled Time magazine called him "a cat that walks by himself, tenaciously unhousebroken and very unsafe for children."
    Ezra Weston Loomis Pound wrote long ago. “ The provision of finance is a utility, just like the distribution of water and energy. Yet this public good is in the hands of private sector managers who have done a disastrous job”
    Financiers have organized themselves so that actual or potential losses are picked up by somebody else—if not their clients then the state – while profits are kept to themselves. There is a chance to make finance once again the servant of the public, as it should be. The Bank of England can directly create sterling assets (that is, print money) if it needs to—i.e. it does not have to “borrow” from the banks it has just had to bail out”
    “It is not money that is the root of the evil. The root is greed.”
    “It is an infamy that the STATE in, and by reason of, the very act of creating material wealth should run into debt to individuals.”
    “The government pays interest to private organizations for the use of its own credit . . . So that actually the government is getting itself into debt to the banks for the privilege of helping them to regain their stranglehold on the economic life of the country.”
    Pound’s prophetic critique of anti-democratic capitalism became a major theme after the 1929 Crash and the Great Depression of the 1930s—and it led to his being falsely accused of being himself anti-democratic.

    punch into Google search -

    capt ajit vadakayil

  26. HI capt

    Shud hv put a head on comparison with arthshastra

  27. Raghuram Rajan India's chief new advisor has worked at IMF before.

    1. hi rk,

      all IMF ( rothschild ) stooges.

      manmohan singh, montek singh ahluwalia ,-- the lot.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Captain
      I read your post on economica....following is quote written by

      People with personality disorders , generally, blame others for their problems. They are awful to work with because they don’t accept responsibility for themselves and therefore never change.

      If I have a same personality disorder and I am aware of it.. And also want to come out of this disorder.... Then what shud I do?

    3. hi mr,

      people like you go for SABARIMALA PILGRIMAGE to wipe out warped DNA memory and re-program it..

      capt ajit vadakayil

  28. Thank you Sir,
    This was a real eye-opener.
    The other day I was in Sharayu-Amazon (Book Store in Mumbai) where I was Kautilya's Arthshastra. So I picked it up. I don't remember the publication house but it was from London. Copyrights are with the same house and the price tag said INR 3700.
    I guess the price is taken to pay royalty for those who manipulated the text of Kautilya.
    But if you could suggest any older version from India of the above mentioned book it would be a great help to know what he had done so keep economy healthy and stable. I'hv heard that Chankya or Kautilya was the first person to introduce Jakaat which was later followed by Chatrapati Shivaji. Shivaji was following Kautilya's pattern as bible.


  29. Dear Capt. Saheeb,
    There is one more thing which I wanted to be clear about. As you keep saying again and again that
    the only countries which do NOT have rothschild's central banks are libya, syria, iran, north korea, sudan , cuba.

    libya is taken out.

    next is syria.

    What about RBI then? Is Rothschild running it too?
    Can you put some light on it too? And if yes then how to deal with it?

    1. hi b,

      is it not crystal clear?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  30. Capt. Namaste I a so bloody amazed at the depth of your clearity and frank unfearful way of telling the truth. Your blog has just become so important part of my dya to day life. Recently i came across words like world govt. And rome club would please post something about it thank you

  31. Captain - That is your diagnosis , what is your prescription ?

    1. hi dj,

      any intelligent man can find the prescription.

      i want only intelligent people to read my financial blogs.

      this is not mythology.

      what did ancient man do?

      before he had paper currency , banks , inflation etc.

      this post is a call to basics. heard of barter?

      Hungary has just done something --following Russia and Iceland .

      Before that Hitler tried it and the Jews fixed him for good.

      you must understand what is printing our own debt free money.


      seen the pattern?

      sudan, libya, syria , north korea, cuba, iran? these countried did NOT have rothschild's banks.

      punch into google search-








      the contents of these posts will NOT be taught in business schools.

      amartya sen's rothschild ( third ) wife is ZE adam smith expert.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  32. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/03/atlas-shrugged-book-club-entry-7-the-impotent-irrationality-of-john-galt/274273/


  33. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Galt

    1. hi f,

      wiki will put you in fog.

      rothschild has used john galt to screw this planet.

      there are thousands of people taking THE JOHN GALT PLEDGE , including indians-- where they promise to be selfish and NOT care for anybody they trample on.

      punch into google search-


      you will NOT get the contents of the above post anywhere else or in main stream media.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. The Last Bling King, anti-thesis to Atlas Shrugged.

  34. Amazing blog..............!
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  35. Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    December 16, 2013 at 9:08 AM


    SUBJECT: Las Vegas developer selling $7.85 million mansion, will accept payment in bitcoin


    The Times of India
    10:34 PM (1 minute ago)

    to me
    Dear Reader,
    Your comment has been taken off the website as our user community did not approve of it. We encourage you to participate in conversations on the site while refraining from posting obscene, defamatory, or inflammatory comments and not indulging in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.
    Comment Removed: GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET-- READ THIS-- ########################## BITCOIN is the virtual currency of BIG BROTHER for his NEW WORLD ORDER . IF BIG BROTHER WANTS TO FUND A REVOLUTION IT WILL BE ANONYMOUS . Example: IF YOU TRY TO SELL SOME DRUGS , THE POLICE WILL KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR PRETTY SOON WITH BITCOINS-- WHICH WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU USED CASH FOR THE TRANSACTION . Already the currency’s optimistically transparent framework has made it possible to track down and crackdown on illicit activities, as evidenced by the drug website Silk Road . The FBI takedown would have been nearly impossible if Silk Road had used cash. The NWO agents spread false propaganda that bitcoins assure anonymity--which is bull . The bull the NWO agents are trying to spread is that rothschild's central banks have no control over the flow of money, which theoretically puts monetary exchange in the hands of the people . sorry-- think again ! Though Bitcoin advertises freedom, what if it is simply a ruse set up by the New World Order to control us . The saying goes, ”anything that seems too good to be true, probably isn’t. ” since all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger known as a blockchain, they wouldn’t even have to apply NSA-like tactics to know how much you spent on booze last week . Bilderberg choice US Vice President Joe Biden is calling for a new economic world order . When you want to buy something, you find out the anonymous identification number attached to the seller's wallet, and transfer coins from your wallet to his. AND BIG BROTHER WILL WATCH EVERY CENT OF YOUR TRANSACTION . The NWO is about monopolizing global trade under one global currency .The currency itself is meant to exist only in digital form. So no one can do business in the New World Order without it . After all, one of the quickest ways for the New World Order to take control of the world would be by knowing how everyone spends their money . capt ajit vadakayil ..
    Best wishes,
    Team TOI


  36. sir, what is this "raam currency" doing rounds in the west?

    1. hi lk,

      In the Netherlands, the Raam notes are accepted in Dutch shops at a fixed rate of 10 Euros per raam.

      There are now about 100,000 Raam notes in circulation. Maharshi Mahesh Yogi started this currency among his followers and is NOT legal tender.

      The Raam was launched in 2001, in denominations of 1,5 and 10.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  37. Sanathan Dharm

    February 23, 2014 at 1:55 AM
    Hi Captain,
    i was searching this rothschild word in www.youtube.com and i found something interesting by this guy. hopefully he is also not killed someday. what you were telling all these days he is also telling the same thing. slowly i'm getting an idea of this evil things although it confuses me why do this rothschild family want to do this and kill this world. what harm have the innocents done.

    thank you captain for giving us knowledge and god bless you and your family.



  38. Shreyas Niranjan

    February 26, 2014 at 8:52 AM
    Greetings Capt.,

    I have heard you speak about many american presidents but you have spoken very less about Andrew Jackson except for a few quotes. Was he a patriot or was he another of the Rothschild Agents? After all he was a Freemason..! I didnt wanna come to a conclusion on him without asking you.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 26, 2014 at 11:13 AM
    hi sn,

    US President Andrew Jackson the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837) was a man with balls of steel -- the only man who took on Rothschild and won.

    He was fearless and tough , he challenged those he did NOT like, to a shooting duel and killed several of them.

    In 1835, Andrew Jackson paid off the entire US national debt, the only time in U.S. history that has been accomplished .

    the current debt is 17.34 TRILLION US DOLLARS.

    if you do NOT beleieve this , punch into Google search-


    and watch the debt clock running .

    why do you think USA is scared of India today ?

    when Andrew Jackson took over US presidency, he knew that 20% of his presidential staff and white house staff were under Rothschild's pay roll.

    So our man implemented the theory of rotation in office for political appointments .By the end of his first four years, Andrew Jackson had dismissed more than 20% of the Federal employees who were working at the start of his first term, -- all Rothschild stooges . In the first two years itself he sacked more than 2,000 of the 11,000 employees of the Federal Government.


    On January 30, 1835, Rothschild tried to have him assassinated . When Jackson was leaving a funeral an assassin named Lawrence from England aimed a pistol at Jackson, which misfired. Lawrence immediately pulled out a second pistol--but our man Jackson pounced on him with a cane and beat the sh#t out of him.

    Andrew Jackson had told his vice president, Martin Van Buren on the spot , "The Jewish bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me...."

    After a couple of weeks Andrew Jackson found out the plot and he gave a speech.

    "You Rothschild bankers are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning".

    These were exactly Hilter's sentiments.

    Andrew Jackson was not happy with the Rothschild central bank. When Rothschild’s agent banker Biddle sought to renew the bank’s charter in 1832, President Jackson put his re-election bid on the line and vetoed Congress’ attempt to renew the charter. He vetoed it for three reasons. The bank was becoming a monopoly; it was unconstitutional, and it was a grave danger to the country by having the bank heavily dominated by Jewish foreign interests



      Rothschild immediately put the screws on Andrew Jackson for refusing to allow him to re-establish the Rothschild central bank by shrinking the US money supply. He did this by refusing to make loans. By so doing, he upended the economy and money disappeared. Unemployment ran high. Companies went bankrupt because they could not pay their loans. T he nation went into a panic depression. Rotshchild felt he could force Jackson to keep the central bank. So confident was he that he publicly boasted that he had caused the economic woes in America. Due to his foolish bragging, Andrew Jackson became a folk hero and the central bank died. It died until its re-establishment in 1913.

      Andrew Jackson was unique for the times in being elected by the voters, without the direct support of a recognized political organization. He vetoed the renewal of the charter for the Bank of the United States on July 10, 1832.

      When Jackson came to the Presidency in 1828, Rothschild’s banker agent Biddle was in full control of the Federal government’s central bank. This was not the first time that a central bank had been established. Twice before, first under Robert Morris, and then under Alexander Hamilton, had a central bank been tried, but in both cases it had failed because of fraudulent actions on the part of the Rothschild bankers who were in control. After the War of 1812, a central bank was tried again, and it was in this third attempt that we find R agent banker Biddle.

      punch into Google search-

      Narendra Modi will be another Andrew Jackson.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  39. pavan kumar
    March 7, 2014 at 5:32 AM

    What are your views regarding Jeff Bezosm founder and ceo of Amazon.com. In one of your posts, you said that he also gets an invitation to Bilderberg club. Why is he som important to receive an invitation to this evil club.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 7, 2014 at 6:31 AM
    hi pk,

    yes-- jeff bezos attended the last bilderberg meeting chaired by Henri de Castries, Chairman and CEO, AXA Group.

    how do you think owns AXIS ( sponsor of satyameva jayate ) / AXA etc?

    sunil bharti mittal ( man with ZE midas touch --TEE HEEE -- how about Rothschild touch? )--
    of AXA cannot attend as he is brown skinned.


    google this--

    " http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/sunil-mittal-venturing-into-retail-agri-and-insurance-business-2007/1/156570.html "

    you will find photos of sunil mittal with LADY lynn rothschild and also Henri de La Croix de Castries-- with rothschild stooge manmohan singh acting as middleman.


    capt ajit vadakayil

  40. Anand MOHAN SHARMA

    March 7, 2014 at 3:45 AM
    Dear Sir,

    Please shed some light on the News : Bitcoin exchange CEO found dead in Singapore.
    Seems to be some plan gone wrong costing the life.




    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM
    hi ams,

    A fool and his digital money are soon parted.

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, so-called because it uses cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money. Conventionally, the capitalized word "Bitcoin" refers to the technology and network, whereas lowercase "bitcoins" refers to the currency itself.

    As the first “cryptocurrency,” Bitcoin has been championed as a way of having money bypass the clutches of central authorities.

    On February 28, 2014 Mt. Gox, one of the world's biggest virtual currency exchanges filed for bankruptcy in Tokyo after its computer system was hacked and lost 850,000 bitcoins (750,000 of customer bitcoins and 100,000 of Mt. Gox own bitcoins) worth approximately $477 million at the time, representing around 7 percent of the world's supply.

    It is entirely possible that the collapse of Mt. Gox could have been manufactured by a rothschild central bank.

    The conspiracy community has been wondering if Bitcoin isn’t just a nicely disguised NWO creation. After all, one of the quickest ways for the New World Order to take control of the world would be by knowing how everyone spends their money. And since all Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger known as a blockchain, they wouldn’t even have to apply NSA-like tactics to know how much you spent on beer last month.

    Bitcoin is designed to be inflation-proof, double-spend-proof and completely distributed.One draw of Bitcoin is that central banks have no control over the flow of money, which theoretically puts monetary exchange in the hands of the people.

    The very scheme of a bitcoin transaction, forces the user to remain with realm of high-bandwidth communications while carrying a powerful computer. This is exactly the full prerequisite for total surveillance by the state on its residents, with the powerful computers, e.g. iPhone/iPad, keeping on reporting to the Prism on every move you make and on any step you take.

    Bitcoin has become increasingly popular among tech enthusiasts, libertarians and risk-seeking investors because it allows people to make one-to-one transactions, buy goods and services and exchange money across borders without involving banks, credit card issuers or other third parties. Criminals like bitcoin for the same reasons.

    It seemed ludicrous that the 64-year-old Japanese-American man whose name really is Satoshi Nakamoto credited with inventing Bitcoin – the world’s most wildly successful digital currency, with transactions of nearly $500 million a day at its peak – would retreat to Los Angeles’s San Gabriel foothills, hole up in a rat hole type home and leave his estimated $400 million of Bitcoin riches untouched.

    In October 2013 , the FBI shut down Silk Road, an infamous Internet-only black market, and it arrested Ross William Ulbricht, who the FBI said was the owner of Silk Road, named Dread Pirate Roberts, or DPR. Later that month, New York U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara announced that the government had seized 144,336 bitcoins from Ulbricht.


    1. Capt. Ajit VadakayilMarch 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM

      Already the currency’s optimistically transparent framework has made it possible to track down and crackdown on illicit activities, as evidenced by the drug website Silk Road. (The FBI takedown would have been nearly impossible if Silk Road had used cash.)

      Early adopters benefit more than the johnnie come latelies -- so it MAY smell like a Ponzi scheme.

      Bitcoin, an anonymous and unregulated digital currency, has become the poster child for the libertarian ideals of eliminating the Federal Reserve, avoiding inflation and keeping currency separated from governments. As it turns out, however, the world's largest bitcoin holder is the U.S. government.

      So it is scratch scratch ?

      -- knowling fully well that rothschild invented capitalism and its arch enemy communism too.

      since the battle of waterloo, rothschild has his legs in both boats-- always.

      and any threat to the banking cartel monopoly-- they know how to deal with it in a slick manner.

      after all in India we knew rothschild supported mill owners and manned the trade unions too.

      saamp bhi mare, laathi bhi na toothe !

      capt ajit vadakayil

  41. Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    March 8, 2014 at 7:04 AM
    March 8, 2014 at 6:05 AM
    Dear Sir,

    Requested to shed light on the following:

    1) How could Reserve Bank of India be formed when there was no India in 1934.?
    2) Whose funds were those when the Bank was formed with and what was its objective ?(was it to collect the funds by the British and transfer them to England on a legitimate basis)



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 8, 2014 at 7:03 AM
    hi ams,

    rothschild has the wealth of mostl indians kings in his bank.

    some smart kings refused to put their money --and thus have their balls inside the vice of rothschild--which he will tighten , to gain leverage.

    the nizam had 12 million US dollars-- a great fortune those days wrapped in newspapers , stored in his attic and basement. never mind he did NOT get interests , at least his moolah was safe.

    rothschild gave nizam the title HIS EXALTED HIGHNESS and they would bow and bend before him--but nizam was not a fool to put 180 million USD in gold, 500 million USD in jewels and the 185 carat victoria diamond ( jacob diamond ) in rothschild's bank vaults.

    but rothschild stole the great white diamond from a Muslim ruler who stole it from a vijayanagara temple ( vishnu idol ) and sold it to nizam for a mind boggling amount in gold -- using a jew broker named aleksander jacob --an armenian jew.. after that they tried to force nizam to keep this priceless diamond in their bank vaults.

    nizam refused and wrapped the diamond in newspaper and used it as a paper weight on his own deck. nizam addcited to opium , with rotting teeth, had 33 children from 46 women ( 4 wives and balance mistresses--all gorgeous women ). he trusted only one son price berar.

    nizam paid aussie sidney cotton 30 million dollars ready cash when he heard about operation polo , to buy guns and ammunition. the best part was his won egyptian general el edroos told indian govt everything as a plea bargain to save his own ass, and avoid the gallows.

    punch into Google search-

    poor nizam !

    capt ajit vadakayil

  42. Capt. Ajit VadakayilMarch 23, 2014 at 10:49 AM
    March 23, 2014 at 9:23 AM
    hi captain

    this is for - all those 'Supari Killers' in all those news channels - who are working day in day out for years and years to destroy our country-india.

    prannoy james roy, raghav behl, aroon purie and their pets like rajdeep, sagarika, karan, wagle, barkha, nidhi, punya prasun, deepak chaurasia and their fellow weeds like vinod mehta, vinod sharma, kumar ketkar, s. varadarajan, ramachandra guha, aarti jayrath, shankarshan, hartosh bal, javed anand, shoma chaudhury,and many-many-many more like them - they are not criminals by chance. they are criminals by choice - they are - what we call - 'Supari Killers'.

    and 'Supari Killers' always obeys their 'Master' - here - 'Maalkin' to the hilt - to their life - to their death and that's what they have done - that's what they are doing and that's exactly what they will do in times to come - in all times to come.

    remember everybody - in all these years - for so-so-many years - they have not tried to destroy only 'modi' so many times - many-many times but they have also tried to destroy - hindu religion - hindu beliefs - 100 crores of hindus - our Country - our Motherland - our Bharat Maa - each of the time - every-every time - all the time.

    and so they can not be allowed to get away - they can not be allowed to go unpunished - they will have to pay & they will have to pay severely for all their sins - for all their crimes and not in some other 'Yuga' or some other 'Birth' but in this 'Our Age' & in this 'Our Time'.

    and 'Till Such Time' - 'goodluck' to them & 'goodbye' from us.

    and regards to all of us and definitely - definitely not to those scumbags - those rats - those dirts.

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    March 23, 2014 at 10:47 AM
    hi a1888,

    right now i am watching ROTHSCHILD STOOGES on CNN IBN.

    it is amazing how blatant they are.


    in the studio they have allowed only a partisan pro-rothschild audience --entirely selected on their twitter leanings. all of themhold placards " TELL THE NEXT PM BLAH BLAH SELL OUT TO ROTHSCHILD BLAH BLAH "

    you can see none of them like narandra modi - but they have accepted in their DESH DROHI minds that modi will be the next PM, whether they like it or not.

    the anchor is media tycoon RAGHAV BAHL who owns TV18 India. He did his doctoral program at the Graduate School of Business, in rothschilds opium funded Columbia University, New York. He is a member of rothschild controlled World Economic Forum (WEF). Hey, he also won the Sanskriti Award for Journalism--like that rabid Islamic female Rana Ayyub of Tehelka.

    now --


    AAA- PERCY S MISTRY, chairman and CEO of oxford International UK, who give rotshchild's advisory services to governments and transnational companies. This man is also Director of the Rotshchild controlled JP Morgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust. He was also a Director and Senior Financial Advisor at the rothschild controlled World Bank .

    BBB- DHEERAJ NAIR, CEO of Raghav Bahl's --Network 18 ( IBN 18 Broadcast Ltd, CNN-IBN , IBN-7, IBN-Lokmat First Post , IBN 18 Broadcast Ltd, Web 18, Studio 18, Shop 18, Infomedia 18, and Viacom 18. CNBC-TV18 , Viacom 18, Colors TV,MTV India,Nick India and VH1 India ,.History TV18,Universal Channel,Diva Universal,Sci Fi Channel,TV18 News etc etc


    god save India.

    capt ajit vadakayil




    when barkha dutt was interviewing arun jaitley, she asked the audience for a raise of hands about sec 377 and gay sex.

    the entire audience 100% raised their hands -- the fastest i have ever seen ..

    then barka dutt tells arun jaitley-- " see this is what india wants "

    -- gay marriages and sodomy and lesbian oral sex -- called LOBE nay --love.


    yesterday it was amusing to see the anchor of CNN IBN , media tycoon RAGHAV BAHL ( rothschild man )---

    -- who owns TV18 India ( CNN IBN , first post, Network 18 , IBN 18, IBN-7, CNBC, Colors TV, MTV India , VH1 India ,.History TV18, TV18 News etc etc -- doing the same thing.



    and then he asks for a show on hands-- and 100% audience wants the same thing -- hand over all nationalised indian banks , govt insurance houses -- everything to rothschild banksters .


    these pathetic creatures must know that it is the internet age.






    HO HO HOOOOOO !!!!

    capt ajit vadakayil


    Aadhaar program is the largest biometric database in the world with 765 million people and with 10 Petabytes of data.

    Rothschild Controlled Reserve Bank of India has planned Aadhaar-linked bank account for all adults of India by January 2016 as its commitment of nation-wide Financial Inclusion .


    the court reiterated that no person will be denied any service or benefits for want of the bullsh#t card.

    the apex court also ruled that UIDAI can't share Aadhaar details with any agency without nod from the card holder.

    nandan nilekani - the billionaire with 7700 crores and the waitress has been arguing that that the Aadhaar is merely an identity proof -- and that their intentions were BILKUL bonafide --

    -- to change the PHASE -- nay-- face of India, make it the most digitized nation in the world, TEE HEEEE !

    UIDAI has contracted for biometric technology from a former US company, L1 Identity Solutions, with close links to US intelligence agencies.

    Some time ago I had been to Calicut post office -- and pasted on every pillar of the hall was a poster --WITHOUT AADHAR CARD THERE CAN BE NO TRANSACTIONS.

    Linking your Aadhaar number with your AXIS BANK bank Account lets you:
    ---Have a single financial address for government subsidies
    ---Receive direct credit of LPG subsidy from Government into your account
    ---Receive direct credit of other Govt subsidies like welfare funds, pensions, scholarships, MNREGA wages etc. into your account.

    Axis Bank started an eKYC (know your customer) facility for account openings by business correspondents in rural areas, with a massive drive to open lakhs of such accounts to drive its financial inclusion programme.

    till today nobody from main stream media or social media or the internet DARES to say who is the real owner of axis bank .

    manisha lath gupta , the executive vice-president and head, marketing, retail liabilities and electronic banking has left her well paying job and joined AAP .

    the much-hyped Aadhaar card is available for a payment of 500 rupees even to illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh, according to a sting operation by investigative website Cobrapost---. without any proof of identification or address

    axis bank has more than 2330 branches in India--all swank plus offices with a US dress code.

    the US nonimmigrant visa application fee in cash can be obtained only at Citi or Axis Bank branch in India.

    the first branch of AXIS BANK in india was inaugurated at ahmedabad by Manmohan Singh, then finance minister of india.

    to find out how rothschild INSTALLED ex-employee manmohan singh on the finance minister's chair --

    punch into Google search-

    god save india !

    capt ajit vadakayil

  45. Hello Captain Vadakayil,
    What is your opinion of Robert Reich (Labor secretary under clinton, maker of the documentary "Inequality for All" and Steven Colbert (Colbert Report), Jon Stewart (The daily show show with John Stewart)
    Vijay Nair

    1. hi vn,

      Robert Reich, author, professor at the University of California, Berkeley who has been telling why 300 richest Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million combined.

      But he has NOT told how Rothschild owns more wealth than this top 300.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  46. Jeet DattaMay 14, 2014 at 6:19 PM

    Amaresh Misra (writer, author and historian. He is convener of the Anti Communal Front in Uttar Pradesh state for Indian National Congress. He was a student leader of the radical Left CPI-ML (Liberation) party in Allahabad University) is arrested yday for inciting violence in UP. All post result Vijay rally are banned in UP.


    looks like in coming days major conflict r going to erupt against state of india by these trojan horses and desdrohis. we have to keep constant vigil on every events.

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    May 15, 2014 at 7:39 AM
    hi jd,


    why does it take a capt ajit vadakayil to tell all and sundry that homi bhabha's plane was missiled out of the sky?

    punch into google search-


    a reader from nepal asked me about the royal massacre-- and i told him that the prince could NOT shoot the opposite part of his own head , with a revolver.

    a kenyan reader wanted to know about the kenyan mall attacks-- and i had told him long ago that when ajmal kasab and party attacked mumbai-- the train station attack was a DECOY— a smoke screen -- while the rest of the places were infested with DIAMOND TRADERS --taj, oberoi, chabad house, the beer bar etc.

    a couple of years ago i had written in one of my posts that the mumbai blasts RDX came by an indian jew's ship to mumbai by a 20 foot TEU container -- i had even provided the name of this jew and his place of domicile .

    people have persecuted the sikhs and alienated an entire LOYAL community -- because of Indira gandhi killing -- sikhs were just pawns – this intrigue was about international banksters.

    the tamils of sri lanka suffered genocide because rajiv gandhi killing -- LTTE were just pawns for the rajiv gandhi bomb blast. It was about russian leaning .





    We had 2 out of the 4 hindu mutts campaigning against narendra modi at Varanasi--
    when was the last time these RICH arab kingdoms supported a brother muslim country when it was attacked by the israel and the white man ?

    the faster indans know about world intrigue -- the better.





    why do you think than when you punch DNA NASA in google search-- the post of a black skinned blogger by the name of capt ajit vadakayil comes ahead of even NASA -- page 1-- items 1 and 2 --among nearly 50 million posts ?





    god save india and the good citizens of this planet !

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Hello sir, not able to digest, such a fool all along. Thank you sir for being a light.

  47. Capt.Ajit Sir,

    Thanks for enlightening an economics student like me. Can you shed some light on Kautilya's Arthshastra as a treatise on wealth? Also, is the old gold/silver coin system better than these banking cartels? But, I think then we wouldnt be able to benefit from loans...

  48. SUBJECT: 014-15 GDP growth seen at 5.4-5.9%: Economic Survey .


    If Mayawati makes lot of statues of herself for 500 crores , which adds absolutely nothing to the well-being of individuals, the GDP framework will regard this as economic growth .

    Rothschild economists consider that 100 million dollars spent in constructing jails for criminals and security systems to spy on Islamic terrorists an indicator of the country’s progress .

    Is this the same as constructing factories to employ people or good wide roads without potholes to save fuel spent on traffic jams, low gear driving and vehicle braking ?

    GDP measures only output, and makes no claims on the quality of that output, let alone on subjective concepts such as social progress or human happiness .

    GDP is a poor measure of social progress because it does not take into account harm to the environment with dead rivers and lakes and saline intrusions into depleted aquifers .

    It can obscure growing inequality and encourage the depletion of resources .

    It can’t differentiate between spending on good things (education) and terrible things (cigarettes). GDP measures everything “except that which makes life worthwhile.”

    Increasing GDP shouldn’t be governments’ only objective. Nor should GDP be considered a definitive measurement of human welfare. It is a mindless tunneled visioned calculation of cash flow .

    GDP, has to be replaced by a new concept called GPI or Genuine Progress Indicator. The GPI adjusts for income distribution, add for the value of household and volunteer work, and subtract for crime and pollution .

    The GDP is wrong in that it's not measuring progress, just the making of bulllsh#t stuff. GDP is not reliable when it comes to calculating the quality of life .

    GDP, as gold standard of economic data to gauge a nation's relative prosperity is for dimwits and R stooges ?

    The GDP, generally expressed as a per-capita figure and often adjusted to reflect purchasing power, represents the market value of good and services produced within a nation's boundaries. Sounds reasonable. Until we consider what it doesn't measure: the general progress in health and education, the condition of public infrastructure, fuel efficiency, community and leisure .

    Because it's averaged, the GDP mystifies and masks the gap between rich and poor. There is a HUGE disconnect between the GDP and what ordinary Indians are experiencing. Rising health and medical costs may be tough on families, but it boosts the GDP. So bad GM foods, bad veg oils, toxic A1 milk, , formalin doused fish ,everything boosts GDP .

    It takes an IDIOT not to see the paradoxical relationship between the growth rate (GDP) and decline in employment .

    The GDP suited a different era when Rothschild ran the world—now we must have a new indctaor for the FREE WORLD , a metric for our modern India. GDP does not account for any work done outside of the monetary system, like the terrific cottage industries of India .

    GDP does NOT include black money which occupies a larger space in India. The GDP does not recognize the dimension of interrelation, not to say the very dependence of the economic system on its surrounding .

    Punch into Google search -


    Narendra Modi must co=operate with BRICS central bank , for a news system. We must kick out the R brainwashed professors in our business schools.

    Today the free thinking students are better than their sold out ( to big brother ) professors .

    Capt ajit vadakayil


    In his first Independence Day speech, in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced scrapping of the Indian Planning Commission.

    The waitress had reduced the Planning Commission of 600 members as a refuge for cronies and handkissers –some of them on the salary roll of R.

    Both the Chairman ( Manmohan Singh ) and the deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia were R favourites. Everybody knows from whom this pied piper following duo took their orders from.

    There will be a think tank. We do NOT want any more Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda OOPS—sam – angrez hai naa ? --types

    The fate of the Planning Commission was sealed the day they shoed their worth. They spent 35 lakhs to renovate two blocks of toilets—at the same time declaring a SHOCKING , threshold of poverty of a monthly consumption of 860 rupees in urban and 673 rupees in rural areas. They were of the firm opinion that citizens who consumed goods worth Rs 27 or more a day were not poor.

    The Planning Commission is an institution in the Government of India, which formulates India's Five-Year Plans

    These are the guys who made 5 year plans to catch Veerappan—thousands of crores which went into India’s GDP count.

    There is NO Planning Commission provided in our Constitution or statute. Yet during the rule of the waitress , it emerged as a parallel cabinet— unable to meet the dynamic and IMMINENT needs of India.

    Just like NAC which made an Italian waitress our SUPER PRIME MINSTER.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  50. Sir your views are justified regarding the use of GDP as a measure of economic development.The shortcomings of GDP are accepted by World Bank and IMF and yet it is used as a primary index of evaluation.This itself is a paradox.What are your views on the Gross National Happiness index being used in Bhutan?I think it covers almost all aspects of human development(including spiritual),yet it is being used by only one small nation.It might have some little drawbacks but it can be reorganised and reshaped according to the conditions of a particular nation.Regarding pure monetary growth(as propagated by World Bank),I think NNP is a much better evaluation than GDP.

  51. Actually a physicist(Didier Sornette) had predicted the 2008 financial crisis using a physical model.So I guess in future economics will return to its mother,i.e physics from where it borrowed the mathematical equations.Econophysics and NeuroEconomics might completely redefine the subject in the future.

  52. Kapil Agarwal

    September 6, 2014 at 8:24 PM
    Mahmoud Ahmedenjad really kicked some Butt. I my view he took the zionist single handedly and refused to bow down. My respect went up for him after i watched this video. I really wish he was in power in Iran with narendra modi team. that would have been a dream team. Below is the link of his interview which pissed this westerner presstitute. What are your views about him sir?



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    September 6, 2014 at 11:09 PM
    ki ka,

    there are 18 countries where if you say only 5.5 millions jews were killed-- they will put you in jail and the IRS will take away all your money.


    The Zionists have been frothing from their collective mouths hysterically crying that six million Jews were dead, dying or in grave danger in Europe and Russia since the late 1800′s.

    They forget past / present and future tense when they repeat this fantastic LIE.-- sourced from a Jewish-Talmudic religious myth that says “ye shall return minus six million” or “you shall return to the land of Israel with six million less”,

    SIX MILLION JEWS DEAD is a pathetic attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. The state of Israel if founded on the basis of this LIE.-- the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state" -- see our prophecies are so true.

    iN 1911 Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodore Herzl, warns of the “annihilation of six million people” at the Zionist congress in Basle, Switzerland. This was 22 years before Hitler came to power and 3 years before WW1 started.

    In 1921 when Russian patriots found out about the Trotsky/ Lenin conspiracy using R funds in kiiling the czar and the Jewish Bolshevik revolution --in a vain attempt to disguise their hatchet involvement in murderous Bolshevism, the LYING Jews reeled out the “six million” myth once again






    again i say-- it is compuslory for my readers to watch the video above.

    after that they must punch into google search-


    see the only way the jews can redeem themselves and reduce the hatred is to remove falsehoods .

    in india the hindus gave refuge to jews for more than 3000 years ( in kerala )-- but as soon as they had the power they reduced india from the richest nation on this planet to the poorest . the british east india company was owned by a german jew R.

    you have no idea who these muderderous and UNGRATEFUL jews screwed a past benefactor who saved them again and again.

    and now we have narendra modi sucking up to them-- all because of personal branding received from APCO..

    capt ajit vadakayil


    Benami news paper times if India has come out with a FAKE poll —


    Naturally they will push their own selfish foreign funded agenda—big brother decides .

    The overwhelming poll result will be BJP IS SUFFERING DUE TO YOGI ADITYANATH ( this man has the courage and integrity to defend Hinduism against vulgar and immoral attacks by foreign funded bigots ) .

    The BENAMI media has tried all this for Rahul Gandhi—they even gave him awards for this .


    All readers must know that this is a tested JEW Rothschild method of PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT .

    Want two examples of HEROES created out of fake polls ?

    Punch into Google search-

    And .


    They tried all such FAKE polls with Narendra Modi ( negative ) and Anna Hazare ( positive ) – fell flat on their faces— yet they try again and again in a shameless thick skinned manne r.

    90% if my patriotic comments shoring up bharatmata are deleted by times of India— you expect this newspaper to have any integrity ?

    Benami TV used to have a slanted studio audience based on twitter leanings – and the raise of hands in the studio was a hoax—like 100% raising hands in favour of homosexuality or FDI in multibrand, finance etc .

    When they found that this does NOT work, these immoral TV stations used to have impromptu street interviews .

    There was the hilarious street interview where a gujarati man was going on and on of how EVIL Modi is—just before the elections .

    Then another man broke in into the camera vision and shouted—this is the only man in this entire neighbourhood who is anti-Modi —I challenge to you ask any of the 1000 people you see around – why are you trying to fool india ?




    Foreign supari fed presstitutes making sunset our if sunrise—will NOT work .

    Main stream media is NO longer the 4th pillar of democracy , as their funders lie abroad—social media is now the 4th estate !!!!


    Capt ajit vadakayil

  54. hi n,



    Battle of Plassey in 1757, for East India Company to take over India. The battle itself is a white lie. The battle never took place. Siraj Ud Daula was killed before even a single shot was fired by his brother-in-law and army Commander Mir Jaffar, who was bribed by Rothschild employee Robert Clive.

    Mir Jaffar was made a stooge Nawab and in return he gave a lot of Siraj Ud Daula's gold and diamonds for Robert Clive to take home personally in secrecy. Clive wanted to squeeze him more and when unable to milk him further, shoved off Mir Jaffar and put his rival Mir Qasim as the Satrap.

    Robert Clive returned to Britain in 1767, he purchased a HUGE and expensive estate dubbed "Claremont." Immediately critics who knew what transpired at Plassey pounced on him and asked how he got so much of personal wealth.

    This man used his Rothschild connections to quash the proceedings and the British Parliament let it go. Lord FUCKLAND Robert Clive defended his thief's honour by stating "I stand astonished at my own moderation" given opportunities for greater gain.


    Major-General Robert Clive, 1st Baron and LORD FUCKLAND Clive, KB MP FRS killed himself , cutting his own throat , with a penknife on November 22, 1774 at the age of 49--having sired 9 children . Robert Clive established the first BEEF slaughterhouse of India in Calcutta in 1760. These are the white invaders who say that Lord Shiva ate BEEF.

    That is a bull story -- the truth his he was a right hander and cut not have cut his own throat that way. His blood showed an overdose of Opium.

    Rothschild had wrangled for a illiterate non-graduate Robert Clive received an honorary degree as DCL from Oxford University in 1760. In 1764 he was named a Knight of the Bath. Later in 1768, Rpbert Clive was made a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS). Only R could wrangle all this .

    The debate above was a BACK SWING-- to legitimise EMPEROR ASHOKA and to kick forwards Adi Shankaracharya in time by 2700 years .

    punch into Google search-

    capt ajit vadakayil

  55. hi np,



    punch into Google search-

    capt ajit vadakayil


  56. DealsUp - 2 – Date
    October 26, 2014 at 1:10 AM
    Hi Capt,

    I want to share a post with you, which belongs to NY times and totally humiliates Sanatan Dharma and says that we are one of fools who think that western inventions belongs to India and more rubbish.
    The sad part is writer himself is an Indian, why some people downgrade to this extent and that to a Mainline newspaper how can they print a typical racism attack.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 26, 2014 at 3:34 AM
    hi du,

    this pankaj mishra character will now be in the TIME TOP 100 of world intellectuals.

    this blogsite has been created to SINK these JUDASES.


    other than what he learnt in our ancient universities of taxila/ nalanda / kodungallur bhojshala/ universities.--

    whatever the ancient greeks had were all lifted from kerala , including their GODS.







    capt ajit vadakayil

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    October 26, 2014 at 4:02 AM

    three years ago, i went to console one of my seniors who went into depression -- as his darling daugher eloped with a Tamilian boy .

    I remember when his daughter tanker double banked with my ship, the huge mother tanker , he came on board with his wife and this darling daughter just over a year old—and I had carried the baby in my arms –

    i had two nights of beer with him -- reliving old days – how time flies –

    he had taken over from me on one ship , as a chief officer -- he begged me to draw his fiancé from memory –

    I drew her face almost producing her face LIVE on paper – at school I was an award winning painter and sculptor--

    --and then to finger him I started kissing my creating my own art creation— he jumped up and started raining blows on me—

    And then we both had a HUGE laugh at the stupidity — with me saying this art is mine – and him saying that is my would be wife -

    -- and his wife told my wife while cooking in the kitchen , while we were having beer , that she has never seen her husband so alive , the joy de vivre, the bacchanalia –

    -- she had attended my marriage coming all the way to kannur.

    I had asked her—did you see that art on chart paper which I kissed—and she blushed—

    ---with my wife of 30 minutes wondering what I kissed and why she blushed – yeh kya ho raha hai Kannur mein ?

    two months later after this re-union , my wife called me up and broke the news " he is dead "- (before that he reconciled with his daughter, and saw her baby).

    that instant i realised—

    -- like when Vishnu shows his vishva roop, you instantly realize your very purpose of existence on the planet --






    this has NOTHING to do with Hinduism-- only ancient india, when India was 100% hindu !


    So, today here I am -- after 850 off posts , have just revealed about 1.9 % .

    i ask my readers --


    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. you are certainly doing well. Thank you.

  57. Jatin Kohli

    December 8, 2014 at 12:50 PM
    Dear Captain

    I've read that Putin is taking only gold in exchange for the oil he's selling. Excellent way to counter the US and Europe, don't you think?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    December 8, 2014 at 1:20 PM
    hi jk,

    the NATO leaders have kicked awake the russian bear at G20 summit brisbane . the mighty grizzly is now hopping mad .

    Putin will now screw the daylights out of the West.

    Russia has taken advantage of lower gold prices to pack the vaults of its central bank with bullion as it prepares for the possibility of a long, drawn-out economic war with the West.

    Putin knows for sure that Europe will not be able to survive without energy supply from Russia.

    The main principle of world petrodollar model is allowing Western countries led by the United States to live at the expense of the labor and resources of other countries and peoples based on the role of the US currency, dominant in the global monetary system (GMS) .

    The role of the US dollar in the GMS is that it is the ultimate means of payment. This means that the national currency of the United States in the structure of the GMS is the ultimate asset accumulator, to exchange which to any other asset does not make sense.

    What the BRICS countries, are doing now is actually changing the role and status of the US dollar in the global monetary system.

    From the ultimate means of payment and asset accumulation, the national currency of the USA, is turned into only an intermediate means of payment. Intended only to exchange this interim payment for another and the ulimate financial asset - gold.

    Thus, the US dollar actually loses its role as the ultimate means of payment and asset accumulation, yielding both of those roles to another recognized, denationalized and depoliticized monetary asset - gold.

    In 1971, US President Richard Nixon closed the 'gold window', ending the free exchange of dollars for gold, guaranteed by the US in 1944 at Bretton Woods.

    In 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reopened the 'gold window', without asking Washington's permission.

    In KGB parlance it means CHECK MATE, GAME OVER !

    Traditionally, the West has used two methods to eliminate the threat to the hegemony of petrodollar model in the world and the consequent excessive privileges for the West.

    One of these methods - colored FALSE FLAG Zionist remote controlled revolutions.

    The second method, which is usually applied by the West, if the first fails - military aggression and bombing.

    NATO knows that they cannot match Putins nuclear ICBMs –not now – not in another 30 years .

    Ever since the the Bretton Woods agreements, the Golden rule set by Rothschild was : "Who has more gold sets the rules."



    capt ajit vadakayil

  58. hi bz,

    the hindu must stop being SELF LOATHING. after that everything will fall into place.

    3 decades as ship captan- i made sure all were in AWE of India ( not capt ajit vadakayil ).

    i used to attend GORA job interviews just for the heck of it -- just for kicks

    i dared them to fail me, because the interview would be a panel - not a single man .

    I had ZERO inclination of joining them. for i was the blue eyed boy of my company SCI, i worked in .

    Just one WEE example?

    in 1983 i appeared for a MOBIL interview for ship captain .

    why did i choose mobil -- because they had sacked ALL the Indian captains they had chosen till then , for incompetence .

    and i knew they would call me first -- for i had maximum of VLCC experience with COW / IG etc which nobody else had . VLCC is a ship which carries around 300,000 tonnes of crude.


    2 days before the interview with a certain englishman capt sindon ( a hard nut ) at mumbai yacht club, i was sleeping in seaman's club when my batchmate woke me up and told me " ajit , capt aga senior wants to talk to you. he is waiting for you ".

    capt aga senior ( a parsee ) was considered by all the grand old man of indian shipping.

    so i walked down to his chambers just 50 metres away .

    Aga told me " son, all the Indian captains whom i have chosen have let me down -- all of them have been sacked , or will be sacked soon for incompetence, could you reverse this trend , or i stand to lose this agency . they will soon stop recruiting Indians "

    i re-assured him " Sir, Capt Sindon will see me in his worst nightmares !"

    i wore a suit for the interview .

    i was the first to be called in, as i predicted .

    there were 5 men in the panel ,which included capt aga with the GORA Capt Sindon , calling the shots.

    no good mornings from me -- so the red colour sprung on sindon's ears .

    a brown indian must grovel, right ?

    he was rude -

    he asked me some trick questions whose answers i gave even before he could finish the questions - now his nose too became red .

    some of his questions - i answered with counter questions ( it requires brains to do that ) and now his whole face was red ..

    then he reminded me brusquely -- that he is supposed to ask the questions in that room.

    he stuck to pure tanker work -- in this area i was the principal of the school where Englishman capt sindon would not even get admission in LKG.

    he asked me about a vent riser fire –

    i told him a revolutionary concept of cutting off the flame with a flame quencher wire mesh ( available in a store ) -- i used to play in the school lab on the bunsen burner .

    he said -- you cant do it.

    i said-- i can, your opinion is your opinion .

    infuriated , capt sindon looked on either side and saw the interview panelists ( all wise experienced Indians all over 65 age ) were smirking with capt aga's gargantuan belly jumping like jelly.

    he now turned technical.

    he literally threw the tank profile of a product tanker -- this was supposed to be the failing question -- see i am gonna screw you-- you brown bastard .

    i saw from the corner of my eye that it was the tank profile of a russian product tanker on whose sister ship i had made 37 voyages as a chief officer -- carrying 4 grades of petrol, kerosene, naphtha ,and high speed diesel for IOC.

    if there was an expert on the planet on that sheet of paper it was ME alone .

    i asked him-- name the grades -- he did.



      i filled the sheet from forward part of the ship towards the aft - using only my PEREPHERAL VISION -- all the time eye balling the red faced gora gaand.
      i must admit - it is IMPOSIBLE to do that-- unless this tank profile was in your subconscious-- and i had not even looked at the sheet.

      i filled up the cargo grades and threw the sheet back at him , exactly the way he threw it at me . -- not an iota more - not an iota less.

      gora gaand was stunned -- he nearly fell of the chair .

      he asked me what my considerations were - - and i told him - about contamination, the port rotation , max pumping rate -BLAH BLAH .



      thinking i was lucky he gave me another blank tank profile sheet and gave me a different port rotation with different cargo rotation.

      Again, i filled up the blanks using my peripheral vision , all the time eye balling our red faced gora gaand -- this time in reverse from aft of the ship to forward part .

      this is impossible even for an extremely intelligent person - but I had a secret of 37 voyages —why should I tell him that ?

      it takes a great deal of perception even to fill up grade wise .

      by now the indian panelists were openly smirking PRR BRRR TTRRRRR and making merry-they had sort of thrown caution to the winds .


      by now 45 minutes had passed -it was like a exam--and i had come out with flying colours.

      he asked the indian interview panel captains--would you like to ask Capt Ajit something ?

      they aid NOPE -- you have asked him enough !!

      he stuck his hand forwards and cried " WELCOME TO MOBIL! "

      i ignored his outstretched hand and said -- so far you have asked me all the questions , now it is my turn –

      what are my terms and conditions ?

      gora gaand now nearly got a stroke-- he hissed at the Indians "have you not told him about this already- what the hell is happening , BLAH BLAH "

      i interjected " they told me about your mobil logo boiler suit and your safety shoes --that is not what i look for -- what are my terms for wife carriage , i plan to get married soon ?"

      now he nearly frothed from his mouth , he went back to interview mode .

      he hissed - dont you think wives are a disturbing influence on the ship.

      i drawled -- not indian wives!

      all indians started smirking again--PRR TTEE BRRR TSSS!

      then he asked - if your second mate's wife has an affair with the mate , what action ?

      i lisped- as far as i know my second mate and mate will be indian -- so i will NOT have this problem- that is the answer .