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In the last 4 months my ship went  4 times through the Somali piracy area.

This means we rigged and unrigged our defences 8 times.  A fast moving pirate dhow came within 40 metres of my ship a dawn , right in the GOA transit corridor.  See picture below. The dhow has 3 skiffs, one of them being towed.

They saw our elaborate defences and also our British gunmen ( 4 nos ) eyeballing them from behind steel fort plates and melted away.

The captain is in supreme command on my ship. The British gunmen cannot shoot unless I give the order. This is NOT like a Hollywood movie when a car engine from half a mile away , back fires making an explosive sound-- and immediately President Bush's security guards will pounce on him, spill him on the floor, bundle him by the scruff and crotch into the nearest car and drive away into the hoary night , PEE POO PEE POO.

We cannot have a Italian Marines ( Kerala incident ) type situation. I am from Kerala and the fishermen who died of bullet wounds are my country cousins. These Italian marines on Enrica Lexie shot and killed by MISTAKE two fishermen. 

A mistake is a mistake.

In any case marines are like robots. They subconsciously respond to training. They are NOT allowed to think too much. If so and so comes within so and so distance BHAAAM.

The Italian Govt and Vatican tried their best to get the Italian Marines off the hook. But Italian Roman Catholic woman Sonia Gandhi who calls the shots in India has burnt her fingers VERY badly with UNCLE Q.  Previously uncle Quatrocchi would walk into the Ministry of Defence and shout at the babus.

Not any more

Poor Q was caught embezzling the Govt of India, all the while taking the Italian first family of India for holidaying in posh locations in Italy.

Vatican played devious games by dangling the juicy bait of promotions for brown skinned Malayalam speaking Indian clergy in the Vatican hierarchy-- alas, it was of no use.

In my opinion , these two Italian marines of Enrica Lexie must be let off, after the Italian shipowner compensates the grieving families.

You cant bring the dead back to life, right? 

I can say for sure that the shooting was NOT deliberate.

When a suspected pirate boat comes near your ship,  I do know how paranoid everybody on board gets.

If you dont have armed guards you cry on VHF.  When you have licenced gunmen, there will be a tendency to shoot.

On my ship , I do NOT follow the BMP4 and company guidelines. Our barricading considers the fact that pirates cannot fly, nor do they come on helicopter.

Pirates board by grappling hooks and long aluminium ladders and long hook poles.

We have 3 spacers rigged and vertical swishing razor wire head rippers. There is no way a boat can come alongside withing 3 metres of ship.

The below pictures are of my ship-- a Chemical tanker, carrying expensive lubes. 20,000, 000 litres of lubes is a huge bounty.

Imagine how much you pay at the car service station to replenish a litre of lub oil in your car engine. And lub oil can be sold retail by the pirates. The pirates had information about us, possible from the Suez Canal, where we need to declare our cargoes. We do NOT Enter this info in the AIS.

I cannot give away too much of information, as pirates and their helpers and Internet savvy too.

But I would suggest you read my post --punch into google search  GOLD FINGER VADAKAYIL, to understand what hush hush stuff is going on there.

All pirates chew Khat leaves.

This is an Amphetamine like stimulant which makes them alert, euphoric, excited, causes insomnia and suppresses hunger. These leaves ingested via the mouth lining, makes them hyper active without feeling tired and talkative.

It reduces sex drive . Almost 80% of the Somalians -man and woman chews on these leaves.

While on board the pirates, keep these leaves fresh by sprinkling water or even refrigerating it in a plastic bag, to sustain the potency.

Let me put some pictures of other ships and events.These are NOT available on the internet, and like I said before I cannot compromise too much information .

Somalians piracy must be addressed at the roots. There is NO government there, since US got rid of Somalian President General Mohammed Farrah Aidid in 1996..

The pople in Somalia do NOT see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If the money spent yearly on anti-piracy is given to produce food in Somalia, piracy will die. There are lot of vested Western interests.  Somalia's fish is being stolen -nay decimated..

I am lucky to be born where I was born.

If I were born in Somalia , probably I would be a war lord TRYING TO SAVE MY COUNTRY from the blood sucking vested interests.

In 2009, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton brushed off any suggestion that Somali piracy could be solved by addressing its root causes. "You've got to put out the fire before you can rebuild the house. And, right now, we have a fire raging."

How sweet!

Hi, HillaryJI-- have you heard of the fire triangle? 

Suggestion: Just knock off the oxygen leg which is feeding the Somalian fire, from abroad.

Punch into google search GOLD FINGER - VADAKAYIL and read my post again!

The UPA Govt of India under Sonia Gandhi does NOT have the will to get the Indians held by Somali pirates from MT.Asphalt Venture. 

Somali pirates secured a multi-million dollar ransom and released all the Indians except 7.  They want an exchange swap deal of 8 Somali prisoners held in India --and we have about 150 of them. 

None of these Somalis have come to India deliberately, but have drifted into Indian waters by engine breakdowns during the SW monsoons. 

So what is the fu#kin' problem? 

Where is the intelligence in stonewalling? 

Swap the prisoners and get it done with! 

It is our bad luck we have such an indifferent Italian WTE ( waitress turned empress ) ruling India.  She is more concerned with the Italian marines than with Indians. 

It appears that there is a SPECIAL deal for the armed British guards, who remain on the monkey island, without attacking the pirates.

They are allowed to jump into the sea and rescued by a NATO helicopter, before the ship and crew is taken away to Somalia.  The Brits communicate by their own GPS tracker Satellite phone.

How do you like that?

So much for honour !!


Here is a 7000 year old Sanskrit chant. Grace and peace!!



  1. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge...I look forward to your posts.

  2. Amazing post....
    but if there are pirates raging and rampaging the seas, what does our navy do. why dont they patrol the seas prone to attacks.
    why dont they keep a controlling hand in somalian region???

  3. hi kartheek,

    the Indian navy has an escort battleship, in the somali GOA transit corridor.

    they have done a good job -- and even foreign sailors like to take the Indian Navy Convoy.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. hi,
    i am capt. anand kumar. i liked your posts on marine engineering self examiner. may i request u to make such series for deck officers also(esp-c/o)
    The spacers on the railing are a good ideal, will try out on my next trip to GOA. ours was also a parcel carrier carrying molasses from karachi to barcelona. the tech suptdt had suggested us to fill the deck with hot water from butterworth heater. that didnt seem to work because the more hydrants we open, the temp drops.

    yes , the indian navy has a good convoy going on in GOA.
    mainly u get indian or chinese naval convoy.


  5. hi capt anand,

    our method of PREVENTING pirates from boarding was appreciated by a UKMTO commander who visited my ship at Dubai.

    all other ships on the planet do CURE.

    they pack up the decks with razor wire and barricades, to SLOW DOWN PIRTES WHO HAVE ALREADY BOARDED.

    they want to buy time to scoot to the citadel.

    this is bullshit, as once a single pirate comes on board, it is too late.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  6. hi capt,
    i think i know the reason for this bullshit! do doctors who have not operated for 30 years teach the students in medical school how to operate? this only happens in our industry. these people who make laws/rules must actually try to go on ship and implement it themselves. even our archaic exam system and faculties/surveyors who last went out to sea 20 years before are equally to be blamed. these people dont care about the sailing staff because they dont have to go out to sea anymore.

    this signifies the reason why they did not save the vdr data in the two incidents off the coast of kerela. for them vdr is a latest gadget!!
    if they carry on at this rate, pretty soon we will have acute shortage of masters,c/e's and due to this ships will be manned dangerously.


  7. hi sir nangia here ....need your email id ...also need permission to publish your somalia article in sailor today .....pls respond on


  8. hi nangia,

    You have my permission to reproduce the post SOMALI PIRATES AND KHAT LEAVES in sailor today.

    Here are my terms—
    1) Nothing can be added or subtracted— ( except for the video and a couple of pictures ) .
    2) It must be printed below the article “ reproduced from ”


  9. Hello captain
    So the picture is same here also hunger and deprivation. Its obvious that somalia donot have rich natural resources like oil or gas otherwise uncle SAM had injected them with DEMOCRACY too.

    Captain something about the Chechnian and albanian terrorists


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  11. Hi captain,

    Saw the movie Captain Phillips yesterday. Did you see it ? Felt it was a good movie. Remembered that I had read your article and the movie was mostly what you had described in your article, crying over the VHF and everyone getting paranoid etc and ofcourse the famous khat leaves. But the captain did not command the kind of respect you did. no coffee offered to him on bridge. No customary introductions reigning the captain as supreme. Obviously the defences were poor. but enjoyed the movie. I am a fan of Tom Hanks, but I frankly that he was too cool in those situations. May be the actual captain was. your take on this captain.

    Best regards

    1. hi sk,

      there is a big difference between a fighting navy captain and a merchant navy captain.

      the warship captain is respected for his stripes , the merchant ship captain for his leadership spirit .

      the merchant ship captain again falls in to two groups. this is where knowledge is power comes in.

      when you have foreign nationalities in your ship -- they only respect your knowledge and you leadership spirit. you could have 100 stripes on your shoulder for all they care.

      an indian captain with indian officers and crew will get respect, as is our culture . with foreign nationalities ,

      a white man will respect a black skinned captain, only if he is better than him --VERY WHICH WAY.

      the intellect is all too easy.

      this includes the feeling that this black SOB can beat the daylights out of me, if he is provoked. .
      on all my ships i keep a 15 kilo dumbell -- and in the very first meet i invite my crew to try and beat me . strenght is NOT in muscles-- it is in the tendons.

      it is a VERY juicy bait when made to a foreigner who towers over you-- especially russians, bulgarians, and turkish -- who are traditional olympics weight lifters.

      i remember the british marines , of the somalia group --laughed and challenged me. they know who won.

      i MAY dedicate a post on this. if it is called boasting-- so be it.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Do you know why the KDF invaded S Somalia in 2011? It wasn't to safeguard the tour industry,because the West 'sent/paid/bribed the GoK to do so. It was to protect Africa's largest infrastructure;the Lamu Port. S Sudan,Central Africa Republic, Cameroon highway,railway and oil pipeline.
    With significant Chinese input this project will link the Indian and Atlantic serving as a land bridge linking not just Africa but shortening shipping times between Asia and N America. Look at the map!
    Anyway after the invasion smth happened:the pirates halved their ransom demands. Once the terrorist base of Kismayu was captured in late 2012 piracy fell to ZERO! Apart from a Red Sea hijacking in January this year Somali piracy is dead.

    1. hi mk,

      somalia's THORIUM is gone !

      punch into Google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil