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A few readers have asked me , how to convert their DNA from 2 strand 97% junk , to 12 strand nil junk DNA after 21st Dec 2012.

Here is a potent by easy tool.

SO HAM mantra was devised by Vedic Maharishis 8000 years ago.

Basically it is smooth diaphragmatic breathing, along the spine-- with no pauses between the breaths..

You witness your breath!

Visualize divine golden light flowing into you when you inhale and mentally say SO, and then when you exhale feel your ego-centric limited consciousness flow out and evaporate into the atmosphere .

As you say MMMM imagine the ball of golden light move in reverse ---from the third eye back down the spine to the base of the spine.

The Soham mantra is a simple, method that can be done by all. It is best done in the morning after emptying your bowels on a empty stomach.

Though the Vedic Maharishis have NOT advises this, I would recommend you to lightly plug your ears with cotton balls. This will enhance the SO sound of inhalation which is silent. Also the HUMMMMMMM will resonate your pineal gland.

Try saying MMM without plugging your ears and then do it after plugging your ears-- you will know what I mean. This humming increases the production of Nitric oxide. This was known to Indians and documented 7000 years ago.

Sit on a soft blanket in a cross legged position. Place your hands in Gyan Mudra (Gesture of Knowledge). Which is thumb and index finger lightly meeting, wrists resting gently on the knees and palms facing upward. The other 3 fingers are extended. Stretch your spine upwards, keep your neck erect, and bring your chin back and in, like how a soldier stands at attention.

Now inhale slowly while saying the sound "Soooooooo" mentallyand then slowly exhale while saying the sound "Hummmmmm". The HUMMM... sound is twice as long as the SO.. sound.

The mantra "so hum" is not only a reflection of the sound of the breath but also carries a contemplative meaning: "I am that" . (SO = "I am" and HAM = "that").

Use 108 bead rosary garland to get the timing right. 108 repetitions will take17 minutes--which boils down to 6.5 breaths a minute..

Knowing the connection between breath and consciousness, the ancient yogis devised SO HAM mantra to expand your consciousness. Yoga says that longevity depends on slow diaphragmic breathing

Humming or the sound MMMMMM boosts level of nitric oxide—this in turn ups the oxygen intake by 98%, the biggest secret . Ordinary breath is a mere 4%. When there is lack of oxygen in your blood , you living to a small percentage of your potential.

Deep breathing triggers the lymph, your body’s sewage system which will give your cells more efficiency

Mind is non material , but it works in partnership with communicator molecules. With every thought mind moves atoms of hydrogen, carbon , oxygen and other particles in the brain

You may wonder why Mantras are in Sanskrit.

The reason is that Sanskrit, the first language on this planet is a DIVINE language which originated from the 12 strand DNA of Vedic seers. Your DNA is the most complicated supercomputer on this planet.

Mantras must have precise golden ratio sound harmonics ( Fibonacci/ Sri Yantra )--and Sanskrit is a digital danguage, suitable for making conscious computers..

Since the past 5000 years ( since 3000 BC ) there have been no human beings on this planet with 12 strand DNA.

Mantras resonate your pineal gland with your DN. Pineal glands of Vedic seers were the size of a lemon. Ours in this 21st century is the size of dried raisin-and that too calcified .

Mantras reprogramme your DNA. The human DNA can produce longitudinal scalar waves . Mantra is a carrier wave with potent information within it.

Sound waves are longitudinal. Scalar waves which emanate from your mobius coil DNA are also longitudinal.

shivoham shivoham shivasmarupoham
nityoham shuddhoham buddhoham muktoham
nityoham shuddhoham buddhoham muktoham
shivoham shivoham shivasmarupoham

Hinduism is all about liberty and freedom to carve one's own path to divine. It has no concept of apostasy or blasphemy or even conversion!  But even without any push towards conversion it is winning hearts and minds of people all over the world by it's teachings, love and philosophy alone. The wheel is coming back full circle to the world’s first religion – dubbed as pagan religion .

In below video check out the cymatics of the human voice.

Vedic sacred geometry

What is consciousness?

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A few hours ago, Vishwanathan Anand beat challenger Boris Gelfand of Israel in a tense rapid chess tie-breaker, after a 6-6 deadlock in the 12 Classical games, to win the World Championship crown for the fifth time and fourth in a row. This is despite being in a cold hostile Israeli-Russian Jew nexus atmosphere..

He is now the undisputed world champion. To win a 5th world championship at the age of 43 is indeed commendable. He has won the chess oscar 6 times.

Anand is the only player to have won the world title in three formats--classical, rapid and knockout.

Anand first won the World Chess Championship title in 2000 beating Latvian Alexei Shirov in Tehran in 2000. He then followed it up with wins in 2007 (Mexico), Bonn (2008), Sofia (2010) and now Moscow (2012).

In 1987, he became India’s first Grandmaster and the youngest Grandmaster in the World at that time.

In 1991, Anand won his first major International Chess Tournament, finishing ahead of world champion Garry Kasparov and former world champion Anatoly Karpov.

Anand is an exciting player. Playing his moves at great speed, he earned the nickname of 'Lightning Kid.

He makes us proud to be an Indian.

A lot of Indians may disagree, and would love to see Sachin Tendulkar getting the award. But let me remind them , cricket is played by 9 countries on the planet-- nay -- 8.5 countries-- this would be more appropriate.

Football is played by all the 200 odd countries on this planet-- and so is chess.

Hardly anybody in the world outside these few cricketing nations knows who Sachin is .

Cricket is a team game, and is also a game of chance . Chess is an individual sport where you can be cock sure that only the skill of the player matters.  There’s no luck and no teamwork. 

Unlike cricket, Chess is probably one of the most competitive sports in the world, with 158 national associations and millions of rated players. To emerge the world champion 5 times out of these millions of players is no mean task and requires great concentration, immense hard work and a sense of purpose.

Anand had already been a world champion for 5 years when Sachin debuted in 1989 .

Anand is one of the only 6 players to break the 2800 FIDE ratings mark,. In the highly competitive sport of Chess which has a history of more than a thousand years.

As far as  upholding nation’s intellectual image in the competitive world is concerned, who can be a better ambassador than Vishwanathan Anand, reigning the world space and bringing right dignity to cerebral content of India for decades.  And he is the longest world champion in sports category, without any taint to his public profile.

Vishwanathan Anand  has never been in any kind of controversy concerning brand and sponsorship. He is THE role model for yound Indian kids. He cares to visit local championships when he is in India.

He has grace.

Who cares if chess is a physical sport or not?-- we Indians are proud of him , as a sheer achiever in a combat mode mindsport..

We Indians are rather surprised that our sports minister , makes noise only for stupid matters.He is a poor motivator.

Sachin can be given Bharata ratna for his acting skills, as he has claimed tax exemption on this ground.  This greedy man has declared that his earnings are only from acting not cricket. What is the difference between him and other tax evaders? .

In order to save tax of around Rs 2 crore on income derived from doing TV commercials, Tendulkar told the Income Tax tribunal that acting, not cricket, is his profession.  This is like Bollywood stars claiming concessions as  cricketeer , just because they played a Sunday game, to generate money for a cause.

Sachin has to go a long way.  India lost the game in which he scored his hundredth century, due to his pathetic strike rate —as in many other games.

Who cared for Sachin in IPL 5?  He is just hanging on, taking away a slot for a talented youngser.

And we all know the shabby way he treated his best buddy Vinod Kambli.  Vinod Kambli's first class average is 60 which is higher than Sachin's 58.6, who has played lesser games.  Here are the first class averages of the other paper tigers---- Dravid ( 55 ) , Lakshman ( 52 ), Ganguly ( 43 ) Azharuddin ( 51 ) Gavaskar ( 51) and Sehwag ( 49 )

And when did Sachin last win a match for India?  Who cares for his centuries ?

More people on this planet know about an Indian called Anand, than an Indian called Sachin.

Sachin has a HUGE ego-- Anand has humility. He even said that the Bharat Ratna should go to Sachin.
Need I say anything more?.


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This will be THE most valuable post on Shirodhara, among thousands on the Internet or what is written by ignoramuses in books.

I will keep this short and simple to keep the layman in the loop.

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic holistic treatment, from Kerala, India.  I am from the most beautiful part of this planet , Kerala.

It is the king of all healing treatments, basically surgery of the subconscious mind to amputate negativity, and to expand your consciousness.

This is exactly what you would like to kick start your 2 strand, 97% junk DNA conversion-- to 12 strand nil junk DN, after 21st Dec 2012.

Shiras means head and Dhara means unbroken flow-- both in Sanskrit and my language Malayalam.

It is a Pineal Gland massage.

Shiva lingam is the Pineal Gland of Shiva. This is a black meteorite stone , from the binary star Marthanda. You will find this ellipsoid stone in Indian temples.

A powerful Shiva Lingam has to be quenched with a continous flow of water, from a hole at the bottom of a Thaara Patra hung from top, or the stone will crack. Same way a nuclear reactor is cooled with water.

You can see such a cracked black meteorite stone on the SE corner of Mecca Kaaba , 5 feet above the ground.

Here is the lore--

Bhaghirata was a benevolent king who wished to save the souls of his sixty thousand uncles by sprinkling the water of the celestial river Ganga. The only way to get the river water on earth was to perform a severe penance. Bhagirata’s penance lasted for one thousand years. At last, Lord Brahma was pleased. He allowed Ganga to flow on earth.

However, Lord Brahma cautioned Bhagirata of the destructive impact of the river falling on earth. He advised that Lord Shiva could save the world by containing Ganga.

Bhagirata continued his severe penance and successfully got the favour from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva took the entire force of the falling Ganges river on His head. Ganges flow from Lord Shiva's head.

So this is depicted by water dripping on Shivalinga continuously from a small hole of the overhanging vessel.

Enough of lore-- now let me get back to reality.

You lie down face up on a wooden bed with your eyes closed, with a soft towel supporting your neck.

Before that you have to evacuate your bowels. Make sure you do NOT eat too much . Shiradhara is best done in the morning after sunrise. The previous 24 hours , you must eat only vegetarian food. Shirodhara is normally done immediately after a full body exfoliating and lymphatic massage.

The eyes are covered with soft cotton balls and a folded towel is placed it. An earthen pot hangs 6 inches above your head . Earthen pot, because undesirable static electricity is kept away.

The pot has a small hole at the bottom. The pot of more than 2 litres capacity is filled with scalar healing wave enhanced FRESHLY extracted coconut oil. This oil is slighly warm. The room is deodorised with Jasmine flowers.

An unbroken thin stream of liquid now impinges your forehead in between the eyebrows and it drains off into another pot , flowing past your scalp and hair roots for 30 minutes. The oil in the pot below , can be reused for yourself, after slight heating in a nearby hotplate ,but NOT for another person. Shirodhara hence requires two people , one to direct the flow and rock the stream gently for the comfort factor, and the other to collect , reheat and refill.

The room must be very quiet and cool. The picture of the Ayurveda god Dhanwantari is hung in the room. Some people will cry, but this is normal.

After the oil flow is over you are reft to relax for 15 minutes , in a ALPHA brainwave state, of Hindu king matra OM or the Schumann's resonance, without any disturbance --for environmental synchronisation. If you fall asleep, never mind.

Afterwards you will be woken up for a bath. Make sure you do NOT go into the hot sun for a while--rather you should get some rest. Be in a grateful disposition , as per the laws of the universe.

The kings of Kerala used to do it with fresh scented honey. Chinese Admiral Zheng He wanted a Shirodhara every time he came to Kerala, 600 years ago.

Wile the Shirodhara is going on and the oil stream is falling on your forehead, concentrate on you breathing, to still and hold your mind.

Your brain is the biggest pharmaceutical factory. The best part is that it produces these natural chemicals at the right time at the right dosage and there are NO ill effects. During Shirodhara, the brain releases Pinoline and DMT.

Pinoline produced by the Pineal Gland resonates to7.83 hertz or the earth's heartbeat. Pinoline is 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC . 7.83 Hertz, or the frequency of OM is the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith.

DMT is the spirit molecule that bends space-time. . Pineal DMT is the chemical messenger which links body and spirit. Pinoline enables the threshold levels of DMT to become active in the brain.

Quantum physics has showed the ancient Indian Yogis were NOT mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness, where our bodies, our brain and its mind, as inextricably joined with other matter and the mega dipole of universe .

Consciousness is created by quantum mechanical phenomenon that takes place in brain cells The brain and the DNA are transducers for quantum information from the scalar field. Quantum coherence in the micro tubules of every cell is the key to consciousness . Most people never raise their consciousness much above that of the animal and the spark of divinity within them remains dormant the whole of their lives.

The Pineal gland also produces the powerful anti-oxidant Melatonin.Serotonin, which keeps you happy, is transformed into melatonin only in the pineal gland. Decline in melatonin is the trigger for the aging process.

Healing is NOT a physical process, rather it is mental. Mind can wipe mistakes off the DNA blueprint and destroy any disease that has disturbed the design. DNA's ability to repair itself is affected adversely when a person is in depression.

When we intentionally generate alpha waves and go into resonance with that earthy frequency, we naturally feel better, refreshed, in tune, in synch..

Cancer, hypertension, cardio, neurological, leukaemia, Alzheimer’s, reproductive and other diseases may be triggered and/or aggravated by disruptions in the Schumann Resonance that push it either too high above or too far below the master 7.83Hz frequency.

Several important diseases of the nervous system are associated with dysfunctions of the dopamine system. Parkinson's disease, an age-related degenerative condition causing tremor and motor impairment, is caused by loss of dopamine-secreting neurons in the substantia nigra. Schizophrenia has been shown to involve decreased levels of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is also believed to be associated with decreased dopamine activity.

Now let me list out the benefits of Shirodhara, which works at a deep cellular level:--.

Release of mental demons by reprogramming of DNA,-- like fear, jealousy, anxiety, excessive thinking, phobias, insomnia, schizophrenia, OCD like hoarding, guilt, lack of self worth, ego, hysteria , mood swings, addictions, inability to unlearn etc.

In short it is for people who have one leg in the past and one in the future to piss on the present moment. When the mind returns to its usual level of consciousness, it acquires some freedom to move.. Grace and peace are the hallmarks of a healthy non-delusional mind in a healthy body.. The happiness is stable. You live longer.

Opens blocked energy channels and stimulates neurotransmitters.

Relief for Vertigo

Memory improvement.

Raises immunity, improves metabolism

Expansion of perception and intuition

Improves grace and kindness

Kickstarts your divinity and spirituality.

People in USA who had Flourine in their muncipal tap water , which causes their Pineal glands to shrink and calcify, will find the Shirodhara helpful

What more do you want?

Harshil Shah
September 21, 2014 at 9:06 AM
Pranam Guruji,

Indeed, i read the above post and its exactly same. Sir, however one question - usually we offer water on shiva lingam (due to reasons explained in one of your earlier post), then at vatican and kabba, are they still continuing the same practice covertly ?... What happens if this is not continued or are there any other alternatives (may be a silly question).. I am still learning...

Harshil Shah


Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
September 21, 2014 at 9:57 AM
hi hs,

You will find millions of funda on the internet and Hindu literature – even by learned gurus like Vivekananda and hundreds of shankaracharyas..


NOBODY HAS UNDERSTOOD HINDUISM SINCE ADI SHANKARACHARYA OF 2000 BC—and few German Quantum physicists ( who all converted to Hinduism and got cremated. .)

Shiva Lingam contains the soul-seed ( DNA ) within which lies the essence of the entire cosmos.

Water holds memory.

Copper kalasha drips water right on top of the shiva lingam and this water bathes the lingam uniformly. In ancient days this water used to be LIVING ganges water.

The base has a run off for water – and this water is holy theertham . The white man called the Lingam as Shiva’s erect phallus and the run off base for water as YONI( vagina – note the extreme sarcasm ).


I have been telling this in my posts .

One day, three years ago NASA agreed with capt ajit vadakayil.

Punch into Google search-

You will find it on page one item one among 8 million posts—even ahead of NASA’s post on this subject .

If you cant see it by some quirk, enter-- NASA DNA METEORITE VADAKAYIL.

Theertham water holds memory .

The computers of the future ( maybe 200 years in future ) will NOT contain silicon chips.

They will hold water . In another 400 years I predict computers will be conscious and they can laugh at a joke or tell the moral of a story narrated to it .

Punch into Google search-


We had INDOPHILE white men and women ( like Wendy Doniger ) interpreting Hindusim for us , right?—all wolves in sheep’s clothing !




Capt ajit vadakayil

Check out the video below-- The pineal gland of this planet is Mount Kailash--the abode of Lord Shiva.





Today the ordinary Indian feels that CBI can do a job -- if they really want to.

Take the case of his Chief Minister father YSR or Y Rajashekara Reddy.

He was a Christian and he was buried as per Christian rites.  Wikipedia has called him a Christian, after an investigation.  Never mind that his wife Vijaya Lakshmi sports a Hindu bindi on her forehead and their children Jagan Mohan and Sharmila have Hindu names.

He was a master of vote bank politics.

During his tenure as CM, he went to Israel twice, to meet Zionist industrialists.

He camouflaged his business visit as a pilgrimage.  .

Israel and the West is interested in the vast amount of Uranium found in Tumalapalli village of Kadappa recently. This mine has more than one lakh tonnes of Uranium and it is the world's largest reserve. This is the reason of excessive foreign funded christian missionary NGO activity ( Trojan horses ) here ?

He went one step further to subsidise Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the way the Muslims go to Mecca on subsidy.   

Multinational Jewish companies like Walmart in the form of Bharti Best Price ( Nidamanuru, Guntur, Hyderabad ) , Monsanto dropped anchor in Andhra Pradesh, with the blessings of W..

During YSR's tenure as CM, withW's blessings, he allowed Christian missionaries a free run in his state. Christian foreign funded NGOs bloomed all over the state. 

Thousands of crores came in via Trojan horse NGOs ostensibly to help the poor and the weak--but with a heavy price--you have to prostitute your soul and convert, whether you like it or not--  that is if you want the goodies. This foreign money was used to buy land in benami names, for the church.

A lot of funds to naxalites came from these NGOs, who threw money like water. YSR’s understanding with Maoist and PWG (Naxal) groups allegedly helped in his victory in the 2004 elections. 

As per the understanding, he allegedly stopped the anti-Naxal operations in the name of ‘peace-talks’ and allowed them to regroup and roam the state freely with arms and ammunition.  The Naxal and PWG utilized this huge opportunity to establish contacts with Maoists in other states and Nepal.

YSR's father Raja Reddy was a dare devil war-lord.  Brutally murdered in 1998, his killer Perla Uma Maheshwara Reddy was hacked to death in a gory manner within a few hours, and the best part is that all knew it was coming . 

Below the gruesome Raja Reddy.  Every body in Cuddapah knows his rags to riches story , and how he secured the Baryte mine lease from his boss Venkatasubiah, who was murdered one fine day. Anybody who dared to go to police or court against him would gets their limbs broken.

Labourers killed in the Barite ore mines would be thrown on the railway tracks, to be recorded at suicide.

Police left the Reddys alone--such was their clout.

During YSRs' rule , the Red corridor spread to over 15 states across India, from Nepal to Andhra Pradesh 

Thousands of churches have been planted by missionaries throughout the state totally disproportionate to the Christian population . 

The pastors of the planted churches straightaway started their ‘harvests’ particularly in rural areas, where mass conversions have been rampant for the last five years. While the government figure of Christian population is 1.5% (2001 census), the Church itself puts the figure at 10 to 12%, which could certainly be more in view of the large scale conversion in the state.

YSR was Sonia Gandhi's favourite CM, just because he was Christian. And YSR was doing a damn good job in Hindu to Christian conversions. 

Never mind that YSR was Protestant and Sonia was Roman Catholic. She allowed YSR to give tickets to his own servile Congress MPs.  Nobody dared cross YSRs' path, leave alone cross swords with him.

Money was spent like water to change the ancient name of Kadapa to YSR district.  Kadapa ( Gadapa ) meant gateway to Tirupati.

Below :  Christian YSR clicked with scarf covering his face -- comfortable in Tirupati robes too.!

Most converts are Scheduled Castes who pretend to be Hindus to enjoy reservation benefits, while they practice Christianity at home,in addition to YSR's largesse.  The AP Assembly passed a resolution for SC status for Christian SC converts. 

YSR a fanatic Christian with a Hindu name did everything possible to destroy the sanctity of Tirumala hills and had plans to build a Christian cathedral in ALL seven Tirumala hills and to destroy the sanctity of Lord Balaji and Tirupati temple using various tricks and using paid agents of catholic churches.
YSR planned along with Christian missionary funded NGOs to destroy Tirupati by putting his Christian half brother as its chairman. A man who has no faith in the Lord has been appointed as Chairman of the TTD Board.  People say that his helicopter crash could be divine retribution.

While in power, he surrounded himself with Christians, including his chief secretary--and W was so happy.  

YSR made sure the new Christian converts were financially rewarded. 

He used his own Evangelist son-in-law Anil Kumar , as the front.  

Christian converts would get easy reservations while he ruled.

YSR died when his Bell 430 helicopter crashed. Till today nobody knows or cares what he was doing on top of Naxalite infested forests.

In connivance with R controlled media, a huge propaganda was created that 402 people died of heart attack and 60 people of Andhra people committed suicide, in sheer shock, after hearing of YSR's death.  

Foreign Christian missionary funded NGOs also played their part to show how popular Christian leaders can be in India-- and what a do gooder he was. Never mind if Hindus and Muslims were kept away from this largesse.

The whole idea was to prove that YSR was even more popular  than Anna durai or MGR of Tamil Nadu. 

How come hundreds did NOT commit suicide when darling Jagan Mohan Reddy was arrested?   

Jagan Mohan Reddy was at his theatrical best when he came on TV and BEGGED people of Andhra Pradesh NOT to commit suicide ( SNIFF !!!! )-- 

In Kerala we had Christian CMs' like Oomen Chandy and AK Antony.  They did NOT find it necessary to do a YSR, and sell out their state to foreign forces.   There has never been a CM in India , who was single mindedly involved in religious conversions .

What is the need to convert by giving incentives, if the religion is good? 

What is he difference between all this and a sick pervert offering a innocent 6 year old girl an ice cream to suck on ?

Hindu taxpayers funded Christian weddings, with Rs 15,000 being gifted to each couple. YSR has handed over the distribution of mid-day meals meant for government school students to Christian bodies and Christian missionary NGOs, who make the small children recite ' Yesu nama ' before giving them the food. 

This not only tantamounts to forced conversion but also involves the psychological abuse of minors.

"Namaste Reddy"--  even in jail, he was acting like a leader on campaign. He does NOT care if nobody even looks at him.

Jagan was the main accused in the TDP ML Paritala Ravi case, who was murdered in 2005.  He was cleared by the same CBI--such was the clout of his father YSR.   TDP party workers distributed sweets as soon as Jagan was arrested.

Jagan Mohan Reddy went on a condolence yatra and made sure these suicide party and heart attack party claimants were rewarded even further.

When YSR was the CM, his dear son Jagan Mohan Reddy, had a field day with R controlled Zionist international business houses. He was their type of businessman.

In 8 years flat he became a billionaire. His house in Yelahanka , Bangalore in 22 acres of land is allegedly worth 300 crores. This is in addition to a posh home in Hyderabad.

The floor plans of his palatial house at Lotus Pond , Hyderabad shows 14 escalators, 10 lifts, a mini-theater of 200 seating capacity, libraries, squash court, gyms, marble flooring in about 60 rooms and huge bathrooms ..

In 2009 Jagan paid a paltry 2.92 lakhs income tax. His wife Bharati has immense wealth in her name.

YSR's daughter and Jagan's sister Sharmila's husband Evangelist Anil Kumar was caught for a racket in November 2001. An illegal international calls racket was busted in Hyderabad following a complaint by the BSNL that some telephone booth operators were misusing the services of a private telecom company to terminate incoming international voice calls bypassing the VSNL gateway and BSNL network.  

The police booked cases pertaining to the violation of the Indian Telegraphic Act and Section 420 of the IPC against four persons, including pastor Anil Kumar who surrendered to the police. In March 29 last year, police raided a guesthouse in Karimnagar and found Rs 10.40 lakh in cash with three pastors who said that they were waiting for Anil Kumar.

YSR gave Bayyaram iron ore mines in Khammam to his daughter's husband, our christian preacher Anil Kumar which is worth a fortune. He runs the iron ore mines and start steel plant through benamis -Rakshna steels. 

When CPI and TDP have demanded into probe for such allotments, Rosaiah cancelled leases of Bayyaram mining. Our holy preacher is also the principal partner in the Athena power projects where Jagan has also stakes with project worth a fortune..

These power projects were gifted by YSR to his dear preacher son in law as dowry.
In Jagan's 2011 election affidavit he has revealed his direct and indirect ownership of 11 companies.
These are:
Sandur Power
Saraswati Power
Carmel Asia Holdings
Bharathi Cement Corp
Kealawn Technologies Pvt Ltd
Marvel Infrastructure
Classic Realty
Silicon Builders
Swasti Power Engineering Ltd

And now finally --

Jaganmohan Reddy, the YSR Congress president and the richest Lok Sabha member in the country, has been remanded to judicial custody till June 11 by a special court in Hyderabad.

The 40-year-old MP, who had declared his personal assets at Rs 365 crore while contesting the by-elections to the Kadapa Lok Sabha seat last year, was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Sunday in connection with the alleged disproportionate case.

We Indians want Jagan Mohan Reddy to be investigated.  

Let us see if our law will prevail --
--or the financial clout of the R controlled industries and the Christian missionary funded NGO Trojan horses.

One month ago Jagan Mohan Reddy went to Balaji Temple at Tirupati to worship, despite being a hardcore Christian, to fool the Andhra Hindu voters. The Dewasthana rules do NOT permit this. He just did a YSR, because his father used to do the same thing before elections. I wonder how many rogues will do this type of cheating.
Team Anna calls our honest PM Manmohan Singh a thief, but will NOT say a word against Jagan Mohan Reddy. These are our India's messiahs !
In Jagan's defence , you can say--why only Jagan .  He just ate a small piece from the corruption pie.  He is a very small player compared to many other politicians .  

Jagan Mohan Reddy  sounds very level headed, educated and wise when he talks . 
Why is Sonia Gandhi  after Jagan Mohan Reddy alone?

By the way Jagan's sister Sharmila Reddy is drawing crowds, in his absence.  She has done nothing wrong.  She was articulate on TV and her body language appears good.  If she pays her cards right, who knows the heights she can climb and her destiny. 

And if she indeed climbs high, my frank advise to her will be " Do NOT share the dias with your evangelist husband who does soul harvesting".

Below video--Sharmila's husband ( YSR's son-in-law ) evangelist Anil Kumar in blue shirt and black pants -- jiving away to the tune of the lord!!
And below video shows con-man Anil Kumar, doing what even Jesus could NOT do-- miracles galore!!  Suggest he use his miraculous powers, to get his sister's husband out of sh#t.creek.
YSR, misused government machinery to distribute Bibles to poor vulnerable students in Govenment schools and colleges. In many schools and colleges Hindu gods were allegedly replaced by portraits and statues of Jesus Christ.

Ambika Soni, is Sonia Gandhi's darling ( like YSR ) because she also is a Christian in Hindu garb. Now she has forced Wikipedia to remove her religion.


In the video below you can see how royally Christianity has screwed this planet.

Above British school kids are learning Sanskrit chants to kick start their 12 strand DNA conversion -
-and in India we are running to Jerusalem and Mecca-- the holy places of our invaders who ruled us for 800 years and killed 90 million of our countrymen..
--see the irony!

Foreign funded Christian missionay NGOs are behind arming the ultra factions in Assam and the Naxalites in forest areas.. It is NOT that the UPA does not know about this. They are afraid of rubbing the Catholic  Italian woman Sonia Gandhi the wrong away-- and hence will NOT do anything.
Graham Staines the Australian missionary was killed in Orissa in 1999.  Ostensibly he was helping the poor tribals , and the lepers. This was just a front. The actual job given to him by Vatican was to a "William Carey"  .
In its 76-page judgement, the court came out strongly against the practice of conversion. However, four days later, on 25 January 2011, the Supreme Court of India in a rare move expunged its own comments with regards to conversions from its Verdict-- a never before in India.  
On top of that his wife Gladys was given the Padmashree award , ( the 4th highest ) reserved for greatest National heroes, despite ALL knowing that Graham was doing forced conversions from Hinduism to Christianity, which is against the Indian law. 
I am not condoning his killing along with his sons, but would he dare to convert in a Islamic country like Saudi Arabia, or even Pakistan?
Graham has already made a English to HO dictionary for the 4.1 million tribals, and a HO Bible too to go with it for good measure. Probably the HO Bible is a cure for leprosy.
If you want to know more about William Carey, punch into Google search THE OPIUM RAJA VADAKAYIL.