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Yes, the worst racists on this planet ever
WERE ( past tense )  the Namboothiri

Brahmins of Kerala.
We had racism all over the world, but this takes the cake. Read and understand what went on in my home state of Kerala for 6000 years.

Namboodiris form a very minuscule percentage of Kerala’s population today less than 0.188%.  These Aryan Indians arrived from the Saraswati river region ( near Indus ) 6000 years ago, after a tectonic shift caused the river to be non-perennial. They walked along the west coast of India till they reached Kerala. At that time the local Dravidian population of Kerala worshipped nature, and they lived in harmony.

Namboodiris came along with Lord Parashurama, who was the Guru of Guru Dronacharya, who in turn was the Guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabharata epic. Parashurama , considered an avatar of Vishnu, was a fierce warrior saint and was the great grandson of Brighu rishi.  He was the youngest of the 5 children of Jamagdhani and Renuka. One day King Sahsrarjuna killed his father. Seeing his mother totally distraught, he flew into a terrible rage and killed Sahsrarjuna and all his sons  swore to kill every Kshatriya of the clan.  Continuing in the vein of frenzy, he started chasing and killing every warrior ( who was not married)  of the Kshatriya clan , with his battle axe, till his grandfather Richeek Rishi stopped him.

Above --an Antharjanam with marakuda , wending her way to the temple.

Lord Parashurama accompanied the Namboodiri Brahmins and came to Kerala, seized all lands and donated it to them. The term “Parashurama threw his axe and reclaimed Kerala from the Arabian sea” must be read in this context.  Parashurama re-claimed the land from the original landowners.  He has NOT thrown his axe and created a tsunami.  Nobody dared oppose Lord Parashurama or get on his wrong side.

 The Namboodiris who studied the Vedas and knew Sanskrit, had their tails up and they devised the most bizarre and cruel social system on earth.

The 8000 year old Vedic caste system of Sanatana Dharma was called Chaturvarna, or a 4 tiered system for team dynamics.  It was graded inequality to sustain society in a harmonious manner — Brahmins ( knowledge , spiritual matters ) , Kshatriyas ( executive matters and defence ) , Vaishyas ( skilled workers and traders ) , Sudras ( unskilled labourers ).  

On a ship we have a crew list. Everybody cannot be Captains. There are various grades including navigators, engineers, crew, cooks etc—every body has a role so that the ship runs smoothly in a optimum manner .  The wages are not the same. The cabin comforts are not the same. This does NOT mean that Captain can shit on the faces of his engineers, or he can force his officers wives to expose their tits , or have sex with them— just because he is superior in the pecking order.

The crafty Namboodiris , under the “so called patronage of Parashurama “ made they own corrupt system. They are the Brahmins, who will hold the land —everybody else are untouchables. Even the King ( from Khatriya clan ) was subservient to these chosen men of Parashurama.

They gave big bullshit ( this is NOT mentioned in the Rig Veda of 5000 BC ) that Brahmins wee created from the face of Brahma the creator, the Kshatriyas from the hands, Vaishyas from the thighs and Sudras from the feet. And since Brahmins came from the head , they deserve the highest respect and must control the rest.

Again let me repeat-- this terrific LIE is

NOT mentioned in the original Rig Veda.

Parashurama came in 4000 BC from Saraswati river along with the Brahmins. He drove away the Thiyyas. He then donated all lands to the newly formed class, Namboodiris- who would geminate and produce their own Kshatriya Nair class. The ordinary people of Kerala suffered from Vishnu’s two avatars. Vamana  avatar who killed the beloved Asura king ( Thiyyas were the Asuras ) Mahabali and later Parashurama , to grab the lands and donate it to Namoodiris.

During the reign of King Vikramaditya in 7000 BC, the people of Kerala called Thirayyar ( sea warriors ) did trade with the Island of Crete.  

The patron saint of the Kerala Thirayyars  is  Rishi Therayar , the first disciple of Maharishi Agastya . Agastya , the greatest of the Sapt Rishis, also famous as the first of the Siddhas , who also founded the Kalari Payattu art of fighting.

There was a great tectonic shift and volcanic activity in 5000 BC ,  and then trade was abandoned.  Some settled down in Judea. They lived on the seaward side of Western Ghats of Kerala while the Malayyars being highlanders lived on the landwards side. Today these people are called Thiyyas in Kerala, with a matrilineal society which rest of India did NOT have.. Till Parashurama came there did not do Vedic worship. Today their Tantric worship forms called Theyyam can be seen in some temples of Kerala.

To make sure the land never left their hands , they devised a method where only the eldest son of the Namboodiri family will marry . The rest of the sons will make “ sambandham “ from pretty women of the lower castes who were more fair skinned than the others. These sambandham children will NOT be Namboodiri brahmins.  
This means they could walk in into any house and screw the daughter or the wife, and produce children. This was the will of God, they did propaganda – as per Vedic system.

Over time a new clan with Namboodiri-Nair children came up. 

This mixed clan grew in numbers very fast.  Just like  the Anglo Indian clan of India, during British/ Portuguese  rule who had the white man's gene. The Madame Chutney Mary and brown sahib Pickle John  Anglo Indians were loyal to the white man in a strange manner, though most of them were illegitimate backyard products . When a white British man told a Anglo Indian half breed to jump, he asked only " How high sir?" --never -- Why? - ditto with Nairs when it came to Namboodiri orders.

This new " NAIR CLAN" became very subservient and dependant on the Namboodiris who held all the land, in an agricultural society with abundant spice cash crops.  This clan today includes Menon, Nambiar, Pillai, Kurup, Adiyodi, Asan, Eradi, Kaimal, Kartha, Nayanar, Nayars, Menoki, Achan, Thampi, Vellodi, Panickar, Unnithan etc.

In time the Nair clan became the henchmen of Namboodiris, for financial benefits . Good exchange this—sex for money. They became the warrior class.  They stayed in clusters in and  around the Namboodiri Mana or Illam ( house ) . They would not step out of their houses without weapons.  They learnt Kalari martial arts from the age of 7.  They enforced the cruel caste system of Kerala, the way the Namboodiris wanted it.

The Vedas talk about BrahmAn as god ( CONSCIOUSNESS )—the BrahmIns went around saying that it was referring to them them, and not god.  

I have yet to see a living Namboodiri who understands the meaning of "consciousness".

The Nairs themselves could never touch a Namboodiri, and had to be 6 feet away (theenda padu ).  But Namboodiris could have sex with their wives and daughters. Being the warrior class Nairs could have stopped this anytime, over the years , but this parasitic clan did not.

The king was made to understand that Namboodiris are the ambassadors of god, and even he had to bow to them. Every word from a Namboodiris mouth was the word of god. They styled themselves different from the Brahmins of other parts of India.

Other Brahmins wore a poonool or holy sash of 2 threads while a Namboodiri wore only one. Other Brahmins chanted Mantras while bathing, while Namboodiris would not. Brahmin women wore white cloth only when she became a widow, while Namboodiri women always wore white.  Other Brahmin women don’t observe pardah, while a Namboodiri woman can show her face on to to her husband, not even her father and brothers. 

Other Brahmins tie their hair behind their heads while a Namboodiri will tie his hair towards the side. 

Above: Namboodri male hair do, a tuft to the side for easy recognition..

The Kerala Namboodiris would do work only related to Vedic knowledge or rituals.

 It was the Nairs job to enforce the illegal Vedic law, or the so called “will of God “  that all lower caste women has to expose their breasts in public and not cover the legs below the knees.  

Above: A low caste girl

This “exposing breasts” in public  thing which ran for nearly 6000 years stopped only 99 years ago. 

Above: A Nair girl

The punishment for non-compliance could be as severe as losing both breasts.

The Namboodiris allowed the Nairs only to fight.  Most of the Nairs never saw old age, as they died in battle . As a result they were NOT mentally geared to takes up any responsibility of family life and kept themselves detached from emotions.

Married Nair women were free to choose their multiple lovers. Namboodiris who came for Sambandham went back in the morning after a ritual bath. Since the man can stop visiting when was fed up, the same way a Nair woman can ask for divorce any time she feels like. She just ritually returns the pudava cloth he gave her. Both of them can remarry. A widow Nair woman can remarry. In South Malabar a woman got more respect if she was servicing as many as a dozen men. The men used to share the expenses. It was common for several Nair brothers to share a wife.

The low caste women could not wear jewellery. All lower castes has to keep a fixed distance from a Namboodiri so as NOT to defile him. This ranged from 6 feet for Nairs to 64 for Pulayas, to 72 feet for Paraya ,Ullatan, Nayadikal, Kadar caste – all in multiples of 6 .

It must be remembered that the 7000 year old Vedas, do NOT pemit untouchability, leave alone all these ridiculous distnces.

The cottom mundus had to be blackened with ash even if new.  No footwear or umbrella was allowed,in a region where it rains 7 months in a year. When  the Namboodiris walked along the outdoor paths, they would shout HOOOY .  The low caste then has to shout NJAAVOO (  njaan evidee undooo ) for the Namboodiri to slow down his passage and for the low caste to quickly hide behind a tree or melt away behind a bush or just make himself scarce. 

The low castes had to cover their mouths with palms while speaking. They could NOT refer to themselves as ME or I—it have to be a subservient bowed pose, using  self denouncing speech in  approved “adiyan”  format.

The lower castes could not do the work of higher castes. He could not drink water from a high caste well. His children could not go to school. He could not visit the temple.  He could not go to the market, where high castes go. He could not put tiles on his house or have double storeys or have a  gate and walls.

The over smartness of the Namboodiris were their own undoing.  They did NOT have the brains to figure out that they all killing their own race, in the greed to hold on to all the land, by preventing subdivision and fragmentation. . 

Until 1933, only the eldest Namboodiri son was allowed to marry within the Namboodiri caste in the traditional Rig Veda ritual style called Veli Othu..  If any younger brother marries a Namboodiri woman he is excommunicated. So the Nair clan encouraged the Namboodiris to fornicate with their sisters and daughters. And some of the pretty Nair women would has about two dozen men servicing her regularly.  Apparently it was a great honour to be screwed by so many holy dongs.  

They were so servile that they thought Namboodiri blood would purify their race. Today they realize that a Namboodiri man or woman is an inferior race due to inbreeding.  No Namboodiri man can dream of winning any national athletic event, or pass an IIT entrance exam forcream subjects, or win a strength contest or even a good looker contest. Most are slothful and not firm limbed .  

No Namboodiri woman can ever dream of winning a beauty contest.  Yes they could get up in the morning at 4 AM and study hard and score well in an academic exam, but when IQ is required , like for an IIT entrance exam, they come a cropper every time.

So the younger brothers had no choice but to have SAMBANDHAM ( illicit liason ) with a Nair woman or a low caste woman. No Vedic system will ever allow this—this was a Namboodiri creation to have free sex with attractive women which their race did not have ..  And they were all so happy , for most Namboodiri woman look insipid ..  

She was not allowed to comb her hair or put a bindi( pottu ) . Namboodiri women are called Antharjanams ( the ones who live indoors ). They led a strange secluded life. If at all she has to go out to some temple, or to visit a relative, she has to cover her face with a palm leaf umbrella, and be accompanied by a Nair maid walking in front, keeping a hawks eye for infidelity or if this frustrated woman is  doing “mental copulation” with some one on the way..

The Namboodiri pattern was strangely to keep their own women virgins. Even if the eldest Namboodiri son marries a Nambodiri woman he can keep up to 5 wives, and he can also go for “sambandham” liasons.  The antharjamam was allowed only praying, a bath and cooking in the kitchen. Antharjanams could NOT wear gold jewellery, but they were allowed silver and brass. Widows cannot remarry and she is ignored and becomes an inanimate object of contempt . Even married Antharjanams die without enjoying the meaning of good sex or motherhood, for her Namboodiri husband will be having many illicit liaisons with whom familiarity has not yet bred contempt..

Above: A namboodiri family
Many young Namboodiri girls were married off to old Namboodiri men who could not even have sex. So many Namboodiri women were spinsters and virgins at the time of death. Their lives were really sad.  She had to eat in the same banana leaf used by her husband.  Some antharjanam could not get married due to the dowry expenses involved. Finally they land up being the fifth wife of some Namboodiri. A Namboodiri woman can never marry a Nair man or have sex with him.

If a married Namboodiri girl has sex with another namboodiri or a Nair she is excommunicated after a most elaborate 6 stage trial termed smarthavicharam. The first stage is daasi vicharam (the trial of the maidservant ) in which a prima facie report is taken from the maid of the suspected Antharjanam's sexual misdeeds or lack of mental chastity.  Personal affections are placed on the back burner. If there is prima facie evidence (sangayum thurumbum), the Antharjanam is isolated, anchampurayilackal (isolating the accused in a special cell) - the second stage.  
After the woman is isolated, the head of the family informs the ruler about the trial, and the king sends four lawyers, together with a smarthan (the judge) and Brahmin representative of the king. The lawyers, in consultation with the representatives of the king, prepare the questions. The third stage involves questioning by the smarthan regarding the status of the accused as a Antharjanam. The smarthan questions her sitting outside of her cell without seeing her.

The questioning will continue for several sessions - sometimes for several days - until the accused accepts the allegations and becomes a Saathanam or is proved innocent. The accused woman is subjected to physical torture during this time. A popular method was to pack the guilty woman in a pullupaya mat, like a dead body, and roll it from the housetop. Other women were also forced to carry out torture to make the accused confess her guilt.  Rats, snakes and scorpions were driven into the isolation cell of the Saathanam.
It must be remembered that those close blood relatives living under the same roof until the woman became an accused undertook such inhuman types of torture. The literal meaning of Saathanam is inanimate object. A Saathanam loses her status as an Antharjanam, and the smarthan questions the Saathanam face to face to get the names of the jaarans (the men involved).
It was not enough that the Saathanam names the jaarans, but she had to prove it, specifying some body mark in the private parts of the man thus named. The trial would continue until the smarthans are convinced there aint no more jaarans. The king would be informed of the men involved in the offence.  If the accused men denied the accusation, they were subjected to sathiyapariksha (a test of truth) at a Suchidran temple to prove their innocence.
The fourth stage is sorupamchollal: if the accused men are found innocent through the test, they are declared innocent. The fifth stage is dehavichedam in which the Saadhanam, as well as the involved guilty men, are ceremoniously excommunicated. In the sixth stage, sudhabhojanam (pure meal), there is a sharing of a meal among the accused and the trial team once the accused is proved innocent.
The last reported smarthavicharam took place in 1918, but the most famous was the samarthvicharam of Kuriyedath Dhatri. This attractive woman  had sexually entertained 65 jaarans, and she remembered the body marks of them all , including the sizes of their dongs, to substantiate her "naming" the men.  It is said that the smarthans stopped questioning her when it was almost clear that the 65th jaaran to be named was the king himself, and the situation became too hot to handle.

An Antharjanam who has sex with a low caste man is made an out caste and driven away from the mana or Illam. She is deprived of her breast cloth and Marakuda veil or palm umbrella . She is gransferred to an isolation cell called Achampura or Pacholapura. Her funeral rites are conducted in the Vedic manner, and now she is a saadhanam or inanimate object. Then she will roam around as a beggar or marry some low caste man or even be sold as a slave to Muslims ( mulappedi, mannapedi ) .

Once the Palakkad Namboodiris prevented their King from marrying a attractive low caste girl , he was in love with. They threatened that they wold stop doing pujas in the temples, and then all hell would break loose due to god's wrath. Immediately the opportunistic Tamil Brahmins held secret negotiations with the king and told him that they would solemnize his marrriage. Their condition was that all Namboodiris ( who looked down on Tamil brahmins ) must be banished from Palakkad. So this is what the desperate king did. He just drove away all the Namboodiris to Payyanur , and today in Palghat , Tamil Brahmins are everywhere in Agraharams, you find only 21st century Namboodiris there.

By Sambandham a Nair woman could initiate , consent to or terminate a sexual relationship . A Namboodiri would come after dark, screw his Nair woman , in full knowledge of her father, brothers  or husband and leave after taking a ritual bath in the morning, to wash off pollution.  Nair girls would be dressed in colorful clothes, wearing gold jewellery , anointed with perfumes.

The children of Sambandham were legitimate, but without rights to succession, inheritance  and property. . This son could not eat or bathe with his father, as they were still untouchables .  This small boy cannot even visit his father for financial help in the Mana or Illam. So though the Namboodiris held on to their land, their population came down drastically.
Even the sight of a low caste man made the Namboodiri  polluted, and he had to ritually purify himself by taking a bath.  Till he takes a bath he wont eat. But if the same low caste man was converted to a Christian of a Muslim yesterday—then it was OK.

In Kerala we dont have a cluster or houses in a village like else where in India. Here the houses are widely separated, due to the Namboodiri Jenmi holding land and leasing it out for rent in form of money and produce.

With the new land act, Namboodiris lost all their lands , as a ceiling was created that you cant hold too much land over a limit. It is now against the law to lease land. The temples under the Namoodiris lost their abundant income.

So few years ago US president Bill Clinton came to Indian Parliament and said “ Why cant the rest of India be like Kerala?” . For the social indicators or Kerala are better than that of Scandinavian countries.
Well Bill, you must read this post. There is NO way a Namboodiri  is  gonna own up to all the shocking truths written above. 

Above a quintessential Namboodiri, with narrow shoulders, tuft titties, big bottoms and a gargantuan pot belly.
Most of the attractive Nair girls in Sambandham to frail repulsively ugly old Namboodiris were just about 13 years old, immediately after their first menses. We had institutionalized rape out here, by subverting the holy Vedas. 
Swami Vivekananda on his way to meditate at the sea rock of Cape Comorin, saw all this and was aghast.  
He wrote down " Kerala is a MAD HOUSE!" .

He found that the 13 year old attractive Nair girls families felt privileged to be mauled by a lecherous old ugly drooling Namboodiri with 5 wives, who could not even get his manhood up erect. 

Today the same Nairs and Namoodiris people cry foul over Mullahs subverting Islam from a mosque. At least Mullahs are NOT sexual perverts. 

Ibn Batuta had given detailed accounts of the girls exposing their breasts in public in Kerala. When he was annointed the mullah at the new mosque in Maldives, by Calicut King Zamorin, Ibn Batuta tried to make the young Muslim women cover up their breasts and wear purdah, and he fell into heavy opposition-- for as per local custom this " bouncing bare breasts in public " was just normal culture.

He was then told by Zamorin to FO el pronto , and not to create disharmony--and then he left for Sri Lanka.

Today the Kerala population percentages are Hindus 55% ,Muslims 25%, Christians 20%.  Out of the Hindus Thiyyas/ Ezhavas are the majority with 25% and Nairs and they groups at 13%.

The extraordinary high rate of Hindu conversions to Muslim, Christian ( 45% of the population, which includes forced ones ) are thanks to the Namboodiris, who made life tough for all Hindus.

The Khilafat movement in Kerala ( 1921 ) metamorphosed to the oppressed landless Mappilas ( muslims ) revolting against the high handedness of the  landowning Namboodiris and Nairs -- some being chopped up by swords for retribution .   One lakh high Hindus fled North Kerala in this incident called Moplah revolt ( mappila lahala ).
The idea of penning this blog , is to preserve history in the right persepective.  The young Kerala Christians and Muslims must know what drove away their fore fathers from a fantastic Sanatana Dharma-- and why we in Kerala churned out generations of atheist communists, who lost faith in the supreme.

I could have made this post run into a hundred pages , with pictures -- it is NOT worth it!  Why create discord.  I will just put the bare minimum down, with some amount of deserved intensity.

A lot of information was provided by my own Namboodiri sailor officers and friends, talking about their own family dirt,  some of whom stay in the immediate vicinity of Guruvayur Nada. These modern youngsters (100%) and their wives , do NOT support the misdeeds of their ancestors.

Zheng He had mentioned about a bizarre practise. One day in a year , Namboodiri women who had NO hope of getting married, could officially go out of the Mana , and get "touched" by a lower caste suitor.  This temple festival day is announced well in advance by drummers with a particular rhythmic beat, and all Namboodiri women are expected to be safe indoors.  

On this day low caste men are allowed to visit the temple.  Once a "touched" Antarjanam  declares this incident back home , she is allowed to leave the Mana for ever, by ex-communcation and lead a new happy married life. Zheng He cannot be wrong as both the British and the Portuguese too had written about this " free for all day". 

As per the British , Moosads brahmins were imported from the east coast of India , by Lord Parashurama himself  to make up for the lack of men for the Antharjanams and they were allowed to marry an Antarjanam by official "veli" rituals.  Moosads are neither namboodiris or Nairs.
I asked my good friend P. Vinod Bhattathiripad  ( Bhattatiris are the creamy layer of Namboodiris ) who runs NAMBOODIRI DOT COM site, a history knowledge quiz.   This was in reponse to his claim that his web site about Namboodiris is used by all Western Universities -- and he rattled off lot of names in quick succession like Oxford, Cambridge , etc  hoping to impress a certain Capt Ajit Vadakayil who has been dealing with the white man for 4 decades--, of all the people .
I just asked him " Can you tell me why there are NIL Namboodiris in Palghat ?  For I dont see this in you web site " -- and he came a cropper.  

His web site highlights THE SIMPLE LIVING , HIGH THINKING WAYS of his Namboodiri clan . 

Literally the Namboodiri shit does NOT smell in the web site ( At sea , there is a popular saying " The  USCG thinks , that their shit does not smell" ).

Yes simple living -- true --
For if you strip a Namboodiri boy wearing a 3 piece suit abroad, you will still find him wearing a KONAM instead of briefs or undies, and he cannot think beyond his rice, kalan and avial ( take this as a benign joke ). 

High thinking! -- Oh yeah?

The least we talk about it the better !!

The Namboodiri excesses and arrogance was stopped by a Pulaya low caste man by the name of Ayyankali. He was a firm limbed Kalari martial arts expert. He defied the Namboodiris and Nairs and drove his bullock with clanging bells through the principal street into the market, with a turban talekettu on his head and kasavu golden braid angavastram vesti on his shoulders.

He was stopped by a bunch of angry Nairs . By the time the British had banned Nairs from carrying weapons. The Nairs found that he was too tough to handle, the moment he took out his katthi dagger. 

Mahatma Gandhi came all the way to Venganoor in 1937 to hug and congratulate Ayyankali and said " We are both fighting for freedom. Please continue your good work!". .

Today we have children of ex-indentured labour from India , living abroad who have zilch idea what mental and physical agony their forefathers went through.  

We must know our roots, if we have to do well in life.  

A lot of them who have read my post  INDENTURED COOLIE , SLAVERY RE-INVENTED VADAKAYIL have thanked me from the bottom of their hearts-- it made painful reading, but they were grateful for the truth.

The Namboodiri clan in  2011 is mostly hand to mouth now, living in abject conditions. While the rest of Kerala has prospered . Divine retribution, I must say for 6000 years of crimes against humanity.

Namboodiris while supporting the Nairs, deprived the Hindu majority Thiyyas and Ezhavas economically , as they who would NOT give their women for Sambandham in the past.

Today a Namboodiri can only dream of past glory and hubris.
The free screws with under age attractive girls, without liability and future obligations , for 6000 years , by subverting Vedas and Sanatana Dharma , has cost them dear -- as they have been reduced to a miniscule 0.188 % of the Kerala population.
The Namboodiris did NOT have much luck in screwing Nair females north of Trichur. The Thiyyas , the original inhabitants of Kerala ( who have not succumbed to Namboodiri pressure ) and the North Nairs held their own ground.

Even today no parent north or Trichur wants to give his daughter to a Southerner.

Next time anybody non-Malayali Indian or foreigner comes to Kerala, ask any parent north of Trichur this question. " Will you prefer a boy groom or a girl bride for your child from North or South Kerala?"  Take this answer as the truth.  It is a DNA program thing of revulsion to loose morals . 

Dont believe me. I could be giving you bull.

It is pretty sad to see the crumbling condition of their once glorious Manas and Illams, in prime vaastu areas -- they dont even have the money to paint the walls or windows, leave alone repair the houses.

The modern Namboodiris are all down to earth , looks like they have reprogrammed their DNA, -- there is NO more snooty behavior , at least externally -- nobody in Kerala will tolerate anymore nonsense from them. 

They no longer expect lower castes to palm their mouths while speaking to them, in a servile manner.

Imagine, these are the holier than thou folks who did pujas in our temples


The picture below gives some propaganda. These words are NOT there in the original Vedas. This Shudras being from the feet etc -- is all bullshit

This was added by the clever Brahmins , to cheat the public , and condone their HIGH HANDEDNESS-- that there have been given special powers over the rest by divinity.

By the way , when you meet a Syrian Christian in Kerala, you can be sure of one thing.

He  is soon gonna give you UNSOLICITED bull.  That he is a Namboodiri covert, and the conversion was done by the disciple of Jesus Christ,  Saint Thomas way back in 52 D. 

Just notice the look on his adivasi type face when he tells  you this.
My advise to you is " Don't bother to react .  Just ignore and enjoy  ". 
So he is a fuc#in' prick with 4 aces, who wants another deal, right?  
I wish to place on record that Namboodiris never sucked up to the white invader for sops and favours in administrative posts , like the Tamil Iyers.   And due Namboodiri efforts the Vedic Sanskrit mantras are still alive,  after 800 years of slavery.  

And even they do NOT know that Aryabhatta is Aryan Bhattathiripad of 2700 BC.

Punch into Google search-

People see only what they want to see.  Appreciate the wisdom of Lord Parashurama.  

He ensured that there is NO sub-division and fragmentation of rice cultivation lands ( division of ancestral property between children ) , in a small state like Kerala.  

Today the Kerala paddy fields are too small to engage in profitable rice cultivation.

Grace and peace!

Note: Chunks of information in this post is obtained from people of Kerala who converted out of desperation into Islam and Christianity, from dozens of Mappilas ( Arab half breeds descendants of Moplah revolt Kalapani prisoners, now living in Andamans  ) , low caste Kerala communist atheists,  --  white skinned Kerala British administrators who wrote about this strange system , whose books are in British libraries and old book stores.— and of course young modern outlook Namboodiris themselves..



  1. This explians well why Kerala had so many conversions to Xtianity.

    1. hi kumar,

      well it created the MOPLAH REVOLT ( mappila lahala ) where more than 1 lakh hindus were driven away. it is disguised as KHILAFAT MOVEMENT.

      the malayalis in karach i-- are those who ran away from british law.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Dear Capt Vadakayil,

    Congrats for your guts to pen the truth. Kerala has always been different from rest of India. Communism & conversions were escape routes for the society in 20th century.

    Still I have read adiradra yagam & other rituals done by Namboodiri clan very authentic.In Tamilnadu due to Periyar movement good brahmins suffered a lot. rituals of Grand temples suffer as younger generations leave their hometowns. How is the situation in Kerala??


  3. hi sheela,

    kerala brahmins mixed sex with vedas -- a huge mistake!

    god has given a ONE WAY supply of blood to the brain or your family jewels.

    when the blood supply goes down between a man's legs , the top part is deprived, by the one-way valve.

    in my opinion there is no need for all these elaborate yagams in modern times.

    read my post --

    anybody can do this-- not just brahmins.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. You are right .. Captain.. what you wrote is exactly the truth..

  4. Hi

    I went thru your blog... it is quite true. actually i was looking for my supposed ancestral roots in Palakad(Brahmin). My ancestors (two of them) went away from Palakad to Peroor and became Xians about 7 generations back. but what you are saying is that those ancestors won't be there now? were they driven away by the king? Only tamil brahmins are there now? It must have happened around 1765.
    could you give more facts on this?

  5. Interesting blogs Mr Ajit! out of personal curiosity do you belong to the nair community in Kerala.

    you are right about Palakkad, my maternal grandparents lived in gramams.

    the history though of Kerala Iyers and nair landowners and kings wanting to support and encourage their settlements in Kerala is also very interesting.

  6. hi rita,

    i am NOT picking on anybody.

    as you can see i am a handsome hunk. you can keep guessing who i am.

    lot of people think that I am anti-jew ( considering my zionist expose ), anti-christian ( considering i expose foreign funded christian missionaries and sonia/ rahul gandhi's hindu bashing ) etc.

    i like to keep personal matters aside. there is a sense of responsibility in my blood which has come out of 3 decades of commanding ships.

    what others fear to talk about, i put here. speaking truth is not hate speech or defamation.

    my good friend vinod bhattathiri is a leader of the namboodiri community. just because i spoke some truths which does NOT suit or his community, that does NOT mean he and his family will have a cold war with me. this is what maturity is all about.

    history must be written without prejudice. if you want to describe a rose, include a sentence about the thorns.


    this is NOT like peer reviewed magazines where a vested gang will decide what to include in the magazine over brandy and cigars. this is why our children still study mad-cap darwin's bullshit at school.

    if a TV anchor or a press reporter speaks the naked truth, he can kiss his job goodbye.

    this is the reason why google gives importance to fresh blog content.

    this is why if you put DNA NASA on ( NOT dot co dot in ) you will find two of my blogs on page one , among 25 millions posts. i have pooh poohed NASA.

    if a blogger cannot land in the first 3 pages of google search , it is NOT worth blogging.

    the rest of india did NOT suffer under MALE brahmins --like the people of kerala.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Capt:) was only asking out of amateur academic interest-like to study people and culture.

    also because I went everyyear to Palakkad on holiday.

    I don't know why you mistook my simple questions.

    just an interest in was doing research on Namboodiris and came across your site.

    I tried getting the book "Antarjanam" but unsuccessful, so was trying the web for info.

    Thanks for your interest and good luck!

  8. hi rita,

    3 decades ago, before i got married, my wife's uncle asked my parents as to whta my job is.

    mt parents were under instructions to tell , that I am a 3 striper ( chief officer ), while in reality i had already commanded two ships and was sailing as captain on my third ship.

    i did NOT want a wife who is in love with my uniform.

    so on the "orappu-kodukkal" day--after the pledge was made, my grand-uncle gave a speech, that i have just been promoted to captain, and the bride party were maha thrilled.

    so in the return speech, her karunavar said " see , our daughter is so lucky for your son. the moment he was hitched to our girl, see how his luck as changed for the better "

    much later my wife saw my CDC , and found out for herself . and so she has decided to respect me forever --TEE HEEEEE!


  9. Capt remember me :)

    finally got Antarjanam from flipkart, the women in Namboodiri families I suppose suffered more than many at the lower end of the caste heirarchy.

    huge well endowed Ilams but often wilted away.

    plan to get Vasudevan Nair's Nalukettu.

    It might be delicate but if you could also post on subjects like Nair matrilineal system of society- would be interesting. Modern pple romanticize it and the middle class don't want to face it. what was the reality?

    BTW generally Brahmins owe their power to rulers and other wealthy benefactors.

    How did the Namboodiri caste "become" so rich and powerful.

    hope you are well!

  10. hi rita,

    in kerala when you see lot of people in a pandal, it could be a funeral or a wedding. unlike punjabi weddings where merrymaking sounds and balle balel can be heard miles away, as will be wailing for the funeral.

    i guess deep down all knew that sambandham practice , was immoral. and never mind what people may call it-- i will term it as legalised prostitution, so that the namboodiri can have his cake and eat it too.

    in north malabar it was no so bad, and some families even refused sambandham. in south malabar, the more manavalans a nair girl had,the merrier--and it went to a dozen. anything morethan that would be unbearable even any girl.

    the there was this custom of pulikudi ( tamarind water drinking ) given to a 9 month pregnant girl by her ammayi, so that the child comes out at the time decided by the panikkar astrologer.

    the cochin nairs fought in the same side as the portuguese. they could be found out as they wore no armour.

    the karanavar was an autocrat--the mother's brother. he had the reposnibility for bringing up the sambandham children. he took more care of his sister's children than his own.

    the pre-puberty thali kettal of a nair girl was a farce. just a licence for her to open out her legs for sambandham later after she attains puberty. often the mother did the thali kettal ceremony. it was just a demarkation point.

    thali was a leaf shaped pendant on a gold chain. even if a man tied a thali, she never saw him again after the 4 day "mock marriage" ceremony.

    a nair girl never mourned the death of her sambandham husband. but she would mourn the death of the guy who diid the thali kettal, and with whom she never had sex or lived with.

    sambandham usually was initiated by the nair girl enticing a nair man or namboodiri man by MENTAL copulation while she is taking bath in a pool or at a temple .

    nair women for till about 150 years ago, went bare breasted. they were rather proud of their ample bouncing breasts.

    rooms on the north side of the huge tharavadu bungalows were for young women and the south for elderly women.

    in partriachal tharavadu, if the husband dies, the nair woman is sent back to her own tharavadu BEFORE the funeral, and that too via the back door.

    i guess i will stop here rather than wash more dirty linen.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  11. on one hand it is touted as a great liberation and constantly touted by both fashionable Keralites(Tharoor)/other Indians as 'liberated'. Juxtaposed against the terrible tragedy of Namboodiri women who seemed to envy their Nair siblings/cousins.

    but I frankly feel that the very eminent Maharani of Travancore was right when she wanted reforms in the Matrilineal line.

    I myself am stumped because for a student of humans everything is interesting but I feel that it has done long term harm in Nair society (with all apologies) even to the males. To some extent it was okay for the very rich as it always is but to those not and poor-can prove quite harmful.

    Captain, what is your opinion of the following writers: Arundhati Roy/Kamala Das/Madhav Nalapat.

    Thanks for being so frank and please take my questions in a positive frame mean no malice.

    Once again nice to chat with you!

  12. hi rita,

    i do NOT consider any of these three cryptos , TRUE sons or daughters of kerala.

    i will NOT waste my time on these souls.

    when you become "wannabe cocktail circuit party" this is what you get.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  13. Madhav Nalapat though has been editor of newspapers in Kerala besides TOI and thought he was well regarded also married to Travancore Varmas.

    but you probably know this stuff better than I do. Thanks!

  14. From this post I am a bit confused about lord parasurama - Is he a HEro or a Vilian.

    Did kerala exist as Kerala even before Parasurama..If the namboodiris came with parasurama introduced racisim.

    You had potrayed Parasurama as a hero in many other post, where as in this he looks like the vilian.
    you had also mentioned in another post that Parasurama gave us the malayalam language. So what was spoken before that

  15. hi,

    punch into google search KING COBRA AND SNAKE TEMPLES OF KERALA- VADAKAYIL you can see how parashurama ( an avatar of vishnu ) made kerala fertile.

    and if you put EDAKKAL CAVES - VADAKAYIL you can cjeck out that kerala has its own script and language even in 12000 BC.

    at this time the white man's land was under 1 kilometer of hard ice.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Hello Sir,
    Very less people has the spine to tell things as it is and see things as it is. It seems you have guts.

    "The Namboodiris allowed the Nairs only to fight. Most of the Nairs never saw old age, as they died in battle ."

    The above line of yours in the write-up seems weird as there were no great battles fought in Kerala , only few small fights between princely states happened that too without many deaths. Tipu Sultan never entered Thiruvithamcore and Britishers ruled from Madras. Small wars with Portuguese and Dutch were there but would never justify the statement of yours.

    In Thiruvithamcore it is Velu Thampi who recruited just Nairs in the army and issued all others the pink slip. He even went to the extent of renaming the army as Nair pattalam, but this pattalam of his never won any war.Nairs were not only employed in army they were helpers of Namboothiris then how could your above statement be correct?


  17. hi vijan,

    have you heard of unniyarcha and tacholi othenan--

    there were inter nair and inter clan feuds aplenty.

    in additions they had to fight the muslims and christians invaders.

    when a father is indifferent to his own son, what does it mean?

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Dear Sir,
      The institution of ankam(duel) was not any family feud and it was not Nairs that fought in ankams , it was the Chekavars (Ezhavas/Thiyyas). Unniarcha , Aromal , Aringotar etc belonged to this clan . Thacholi Othenan was an exception as being a Nair he fought ankams.

      Why should the so called brahmanas be indifferent to their loyal helpers (Nairs), why they would try to eliminate them as the Nairs never ever questioned the authority of brahmanas . They(Nairs) were tied by reins called intellectual slavery. They considered brahmana sambandham ,which if watched without bias is nothing but prostitution, as an honor.
      Then why brahmanas would hatch a plan to kill them?

      But ankam was a plan to kill the Buddhist followers who did not accept the brahmana chathurvarna religion.

      "in additions they had to fight the muslims and christians invaders. "

      There were no major muslim or christian invasion in Kerala. Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan came till kodungallur only. Nairs were never ever killed in big numbers in the history of Kerala.


    2. Dear Sir,
      Any individual having average observation skills can come to the conclusion that Namboothiris of Kerala doesn't have any Aryan feature.

      In this time of DNA profiling / genetic finger printing it becomes the responsibility of all to find out their root . Yes we should see which all communities in Kerala has similar genetics with Namboothiris.


  18. hi vijan,

    i hope you are NOT re-writing your own spin of history in the comments column of my blog-- by stating falsehoods that Tipu Sultan came up to kondungallur only..

    there are people like salman khurshid who are trying to re-write tipu sultan's history and paint him into a saint.

    there are several tru historical accounts of Tipu sultans' misadventure .

    punch into google search TIPU SULTAN UNMASKED- VADAKAYIL, wherein i have given the lsit of temples destroyed by Tipu.

    few examples --

    Lewis B. Boury, said the atrocities committed by Tipu Sultan against Hindus in Malabar were worse and more barbarous than those committed against the Hindus in Hindustan by the notorious Mahmud of Ghazni, Alauddin Khalji, and Nadir Shah. Tipu Sultan sought a marriage alliance with the matriarchal Muslim family of Arackal Bibi in Cannanore. Kozhikode was then a centre of Brahmins and had over 7000 Brahmin families living there. Over 2000 Brahmin families perished as a result of Tipu Sultan's Islamic cruelties. He did not spare even women and children

    Malabar Manual of William Logan who was the District Collector for some time, Thrichambaram and Thalipparampu temples in Chirackal Taluqa, Thiruvangatu Temple (Brass Pagoda) in Tellicherry, and Ponmeri Temple near Badakara were all destroyed by Tipu Sultan. The Malabar Manual mention that the Maniyoor mosque was once a Hindu temple.

    History of Sanskrit Literature in Kerala, "There was no limit as to the loss the Hindu temples suffered due to the military operations of Tipu Sultan. Burning down the temples, destruction of the idols installed therein and also cutting the heads of cattle to pour blood over the temple deities were the cruel entertainments of Tipu Sultan and his equally cruel army ”.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Hello Sir,
      I never said that Tipu Sultan was a saint , philosopher and a great friend of Hindus in Kerala(read Malabar). That was not the topic here. May be , not sure, he was better than his
      Mongolian and Turk counterparts Ghenghis Khan and Timur.

      It was not false when I said Tipu sultan came till Kodungalloor only.It is a fact.His forces were washed away by waters of Periyar near Aluva.The major Muslim settlement in Kerala lies in this coastal belt (the route taken by Haider and Tipu). Travancore was the only kingdom in Kerala which never came under the rule of Mysore.


  19. hi vijan,

    human CELLS adjust to environmental fluctuations.

    i will be posting of CELLULAR stuff soon.

    this is a unresearched area , after the vedas were written 7000 years ago.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  20. Hello Sir,
    How a person became Brahmana in Vedic times ? Is it by birth or by quality ? Is son of a brahmana another brahmana?

    What is gotram ? Why malayalis , and other people around the world doesn't have gotram ?


  21. hi vijan,

    nowadays we have JOB interviews .

    i have conducted hundreds of interviews . i have never follwed the beaten track. i tell them to read something and have a discussion with me the next morning.

    and i PASS the guys who have asked me the BETTER QUESTIONS and never the guys who have given me the BETTER ANSWERS.

    maharshis did NOT need to do all this. the could make out a sage and a asshole from a distance, just by watching the aura.

    even you can learn how to read the aura. maharshis had wider bands of 5 human senses PLUS an additional 6th sense.

    gotram is just an unbroken line. if you did NOT have gotram , you will not be here today, as you have nOT fallen form the sky.

    high caste brahmins form north india love to flaunt their gotrams-

    my wife watched a TV program UTTARAM in colors TV. every serial episode has the same bullshit


    and all you see is a family with NIL class.

    malayalis do NOT celebrate diwali too. we worship mahabali during onam who was a ASURA .

    capt ajit vadakayil

  22. Dear Sir,
    Impressive write-up. I still have doubts. To which caste does these Maharshis belong? How is that only the north Indians remember their gotram and rest of us forgot ? Who decided the caste of a person in vedic period ? To which caste does Hanuman belong ?

    Diwali which is the festival of lights was celebrated to receive Lord Rama after he defeated the great Ravana. In mysore it is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura . Is'nt the connection of Diwali with Mahabali weird ?

    In south Kerala we celebrate Diwali with great pomp. In north Kerala people don't , instead Vishu is celebrated with crackers . Vishu is not celebrated with crackers in south Kerala.

    A very grave doubt that haunted my mind for so long is , if Ravana was not that old, could Rama kill him? Ravana was of the age of king Dasaratha when he fought Rama. Lord Rama and Lakshmana couldn't even defeat Ravana's son Indrajith Meghanathan(who was of their age) during war, in the contrary Indrajith defeated them twice. Indrajith was killed by Lakshmana when he was doing some puja and not in the war field.


  23. hi vijan,

    south indians maintained their lineage too. read about NADI shastra in google.

    read about the caste system by punching into google search THE UNTOUCHABLES- VADAKAYIL.

    ravana was killed because his own brother vibhishana was promised by rama ( divide and rule ) that he would be made king after the war.

    ravana was a good man. he did not molest sita. his sister surpanaka taunted him him court--and told him to wear her bangles as he as her brother could NOT avenge the dishonour .

    her nose was chopped off by lakshman. ( naak katna means raped , ok!). punch into google search EDAKKAL CAVES, VADAKAYIL.

    diwali is the victory of devas over asuras. vishnu came to kerala in vamana avatar to kill mahabali, an aura king.

    maharshis belonged to various castes. parashurama was anti-kshatriya.

    deciding how the caste system was made ? imagine 20 of your friends get together to play soccer. you just make two teams-- some will be defenders, some midfielders, some forwards and some goalkeepers.

    the ancient maharshis could find out what you are worth by just looking at your aura.

    even today, a gifted man will have a golden aura.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  24. Hello Sir,
    You wrote to the effect that, Aryans came down to Kerala. But Aryan invasion itself has been debunked by Genetics..
    Also I think Bhavisya purana puts King Vikramaditya time as 53 bc??


    1. hi satya,

      aryans are proper INDIANS who migrated out of india, and to the south of india , after the river saraswati dried up in 4000 BC.

      the stonehenge of england is built by such an aryan INDIAN sect called dryuhus, -- they call them DRUIDS in harry potter series.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. hi satya,

      i did NOT see the vikramaditya part.

      you are satya--you live in this century.

      are you sure there were NO satyas in india 500 years ago?

      same way there are more king vikramaditya's and more sage bhardwaja's .

      emperor vikramaditya directly ruled half the world in 7000 BC from jerulasm to urals to vietnam . the other half , was under his influence.

      the vatican tried to bring vikramadtiya on this side in time line of the noah's ark ( 2500 BC )-- they have failed miserably.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  25. There are some popular beliefs in kerala .even historians are not free from these prejudices .one such prejudice is nairs were the sole warriors or soilders in kerala during the earlier period.can it be true by any means.actually answer is european person who were in kerala during the middle of 1700s wrote that ,there were some 15 lakh soilders in kerala.he gives the army strength of each princely states eg 50000 regular army in travancore,another 1lakh using traditional weapons.samudhiri had some 50000 to 75000.kochi had 35000 and palakkad raja had 20000etc.this goes on and on.even that list was not complete.but we know even in the census taken in the last decades of 1800s ,the total savarna population was less than sustain a 15lakh army is not easy.even india in 21st century find it too expensive.and population strength is one main concern.any country can rise a army which will be some 5% to 10% of its youths population.may be the kerala armies were not regular armies.still 15 lakh soilders is not so easy to be formed from a section of the society which forms only a minority of the society.but we shall better look at the records and make an understanding of the actual fact.

    palace records does not use the word nair army.samudiri granda varikal never refer to nair army.the word used is lokar.why would they have not used the word nair pada,if it the usual usage or the pada was actually consists of nairs.they should have used it surely .but the reason is evedent the then army was not consists entirely of nairs.samudhiri letters have also been it also he never used the word nair pada.there also he used the word lokar.the famous naval battles fought during that time was betteen portugeese and naval army of samudhiri led by marakkar .the naval army was mainly consists of mappilas.


  27. Hello Sir,

    With reference to your 18th Sept. remark on Othenan. I heard from elders and who are proficient in vadakan-pattu, that Othenan was a Thiyya and a Pada-kurup. Since he was a great warrior during his time, he became Pada-kurup and absorbed as "Nair". These are interesting things.

  28. Sir,
    Please Explain this in short summary via the comment.

    Brahmins were good or bad?

    Who were Dravidians?

    Who destroyed India before Britishers?

    1. ho sola,

      the hindus lived in great harmony till the muslim invaders came 800 years go.

      the vedic system was accepted. punch into google search THE UNTOUCHABLES VADAKAYIL to understand this way of life.

      lot of muslims were converted by sword. as you know in islam once you convert to islam you CANNOT convert back, as the punishment as per wahabi rules is death.

      the division between castes came when the white christian invader came. they divided hindus by making caste divisions deep for DIVIDE AND RULE.


      the christian missionaries converted low caste hindus into christianity by making them feel short changed-- and building up HATE against the higher castes.

      but in the state of kerala , we had the namboodiri brahmins overdoing it-- by making rules of their own. so in kerala the brahmins were at more fault than the british.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. You seem to know so much, Mr. Vadakayil. Give us more enlightenment, please ! :) !


    RAMAYANA was written by VALMIKI who in present day context is DALIT he praised LORD RAM. LORD KRISHNA is from YADAV community who is OBC/SC in present caste system even Brahmins worship HIM without seeing his caste. SO HOW COME THERE IS CASTE SYSTEM IN HINDU RELIGION.

  30. Hi Captain,

    Nice article.

    I was, for long, searching for some genuine source of information about the history and origin of Ezhuvas. Not that I want to be a racist but I was just curious about my ancestory. My dad just know that we were good hardworking simple and loving people. I wanted to know more and thats how stumbled upon your blog and I am happy that I did. This one article gave me abundance of information which many wiki pages didnt.

    I had loads of question as to why does Kerala follow a different pooja vidhi which is different from rest of India? Why does this "oonch-neech" feeling flow deep in malayali blood? What made Swami vivekananda comment kerala as mad house when other parts of India too have caste system?

    Your blog answered all of these questions.

    I salute keralites because in spite of such oppression they are now out of these racist set up to a great extent compared to many north Indian states where caste system is part of everyday affair.

    Having said that keralites need to work a lot more to get rid of this completely.

    I still cannot comprehend why we have movies which revolves around a Nair tharavaadu or an illam and no movies are made where the protogonists are either ezhuva or parayan or pulayan. If not nair, then the only available option is that the hero is a christian or a muslim. How convenient! Even the language used in movies is valluvanadan style as if that is the only dialect present in kerala.

    Why do higher caste always attach their caste name in their names why cant I be called Divya Ezhuva? Of course nobody stopped me from doing so.

    There is one other thing which I remembered while I was reading your blog. During my school days, I have noticed that my Nair and Bhramin classmates were the ones who used to ask caste of fellow mates. I was then too stupid not to have realised their intentions. I forgive them now. It was not their fault but of their parents who taught them these.

    I dream of a better India where people understands the true meaning of sanatana dharma and come out of their narrow mindedness. A future where there will be religious tolerence and respect for ones deeds and not for ones religion or status.

    1. hi divya,

      Ezhavas are basically the mountain land owning Malayyars with mixing of blood with Sri Lankan Malayalis and borderland Tamils.

      Ezhavas have been bracketed in with Thiyyas by the British historians and their Tamilian Iyer stooges .

      In reality Thiyyas are distinct and are higher in the pecking order, and have never accepted Ezhavas as the same community, even though Sri Narayana Guru declared it so.

      It is now common for an Ezhava to look for a Thiyya bride— never vice versa.

      When Parashurama came into Kerala 6000 years ago, Thiyyas ( Thirayyars ) held the lands in the plains and Malayyars held the land in the mountains.

      Thiyyas have never accepted Nairs as their superiors, and have never called the Nairs Thamburans or Thamburattis, like the Ezhavars. Neither did the North Kerala women expose their breasts for the Namboodiris.

      Nairs , the watch dogs of the Namboodiris , did not push it, as Thiyyas too were Kalari experts.

      Southern Kerala Ezhavas have patrilineal system.

      6000 years ago, Namboodiris copulated with good looking women of both Thirayyars and Malayyars and created the first of the Nairs.

      the british tried their best to convert thiyyas and ezhavas into christianity . They failed with thiyyas of north malabar.

      the muslims of north malabar have thiyya blood.

      i have exclused the tribal adivasis from the above , with distinct facial features and DNA.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hi sir,
      If thiyyars & malayars are indigenous people of pre- historic kerala,then what about the pulayas ? very curious to know their orgin.

    3. hi n,

      it is thiRAyyars.

      it was the christian white men who made and build up DIVIDE AND RULE using casteism.

      in kerala we had our own brand of racism -- for which the white man was NOT responsible.

      and to the credit of the namboodiris they did NOT care for the white man -- unlike the opportunistic tamil iyers.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  31. Thank you Sir, for the detailed explanation.

    We are ezhavas from Palakkad. Ironically, I married a Tamilian from Coimbatore and my sister married a Thiyya from kannur :-) Going back to the roots you see !!

    Note: I came across your blog only yesterday. I am yet to read rest of them. I am looking forward to get some knowledge out of all of them.

  32. Why did you not mention Chera kings?

  33. the novel was so influencing that many not only historians but also the intellectuals of communist party too were misguided so much that in the books written by them , they mention this as the mass or people revolt against the ruling class or marthanda also made people to think that nairs were the controlling the state affairs and all the powerful land lords or atleast all the powerful lords were nairs who used to keep a sur name as pillai.this also created a new story that nairs of travncore were against marthanda varma and as ruler he crushed them.this was really not the actual case.nor the nairs were anywhere near to be called powerful for they were so few in number in kerala and travncore.only after the formation nss many castes which were not actually considered nairs were included and thus the number of nairs have increased.earlier these castes were having (still now) seperate caste names and considered nairs to be so much lower to them that even touching them was not allowed.but they used to appoint nairs for their house hold works,but still they were kept aside.the water touched by a nair was not considered good to drink by them (because of the untouchablity practised at the time) doing so was punishable with bhrasht meaning throwing out from their caste and denying all the rights,which included social out casting.even today many castes which joined with nss(nair service society) consider themselves higher than nairs and dont like to got together with so called nairs, eventhough many times they dont use their old sub caste title but generally considered as nairs by others.marriages are not encouraged amoung them or they dont prefer to make an aliance from the nairs.pillais of trivandrum also are part of the nss ,they too are considered as nairs generally.but they use the surname as pillai and not nair.the caste name is vellala pillai.marriages doesnot occur between these southern districts nairs castes itself is considered as two higher and other lower.generally speaking higher traditionally possess more lands.they generally distance away from the lower nairs.higher nairs generally doesnot support rss or hindu fundalmentalist organisations and movements.

    Additions and method of changing caste of characters,and alloting caste historical person done by C.V.Raman was later criticized by many others later.but generally that critics literature is not popular among the masses.any way many persons before and after C.V.Raman had done the same thing .alloting castes to 18 siddhars of tamilnadu is one such example ,done by those who transilated their works to malyalayam.this has happened in recent past ,from 70's to till date.many who reads these works only were easily fall to belive that they belonged to that caste or at time of these historic perosns caste system existed and was strong as in later years.even now some new papers knowingly or unknowingly put caste names to persons when they write a feature about historic events.examples can be seen even now in 2012.

  34. hat book stired confidence in nairs and helped to feel pride.the reasons are many.nairs were called as malayala sudras or the most downward caste in the varna system ,by the bhrahmins of kerala .ealier it was like a pride for the nairs as they were considered in side the varna system and some what part of hindus as they were allowed to enter the temple eventhough with some restrictions.these restriction include denial of ringing bell which was considered sacred,were never allowed to touch or come near the priest,nor were allowed to touch the offerings ,not allowed to enter the place were cooking of dishes meant for offerings.they were also had to move away when the priest come with things for worship.still it was considered as good as many other castes who forms now the majority of hindu religion now were not allowed even to enter the temple.also the bhrahims considered nairs as their servents who were obliged work for them sometimes even without wages.anything given to them were mere the great kindness of the bhrahmins.nair womens were the main maid servents doing house hold works in bhrahmin familes.the nair women were also had to submit to bhrahmins for sex if he desired so.if a bhrahmin comes to a nair house ,he can mate with any women he was the custom and considered as sacred and blessing.nairs also practiced polygamy ie having more number of husbands(i dont know the correct word in english .the word used popularly with somewhat nicely is sumbandakar meaning men in relation).anyone from bhrahims to nairs can have relation with a nair woman if he desires so.even an order of proclaimation from a travancore king declairing that those nair women who does not submit to wishes (sextual) of men from bharahmins to nairs shall be considered leading an unholy life which is is difficult for a nair lady to live alone or with her lover or single husband.if an influencial person desires ,there is nothing she can do.out of the childrens born ladies will get more importance as the children of that girls shall be the next rightful heir of the family.this was because with this system no nair man can declaire strongly that he is the father of a kid for the kids mother had many men mating with her.but the mother of a kid can be identified much more easily as she delivers a kid which have witnesses and there by proof .because of this practise ,which was practiced mainly by nairs,the childrens doesnot know who their father was not a problem till the 20th century.but after that due to reform movements and spread of education this custome began considering to be a shame to them.many great reformers fought against this system .this system does not exists now and is even unlawful.

    the customs ,practices and even the houses were built according to these needs.those who were wealthy were able to built bigger houses.these big houses built by the nairs have some specialty.the steps leading to the second floor starts right from the veranda.this was to help those visitors or sambandakars.they dont have to enter the house ,they can easily go to the second floor and enter their favourite woman's room.these type of houses can be seen still in many parts of kerala.the namboothiri houses too have some peculiarity.that part where homas are done doesnot have second floor that was to avoid filling of smoke into the second floor.nairs where the main servants of the namboothiri families without them it was difficult for the bhrahmins to maintain their houses.namoothiris called nairs valyakkar(servents),adiyars(slaved like servants) ,sudras(lowest in varna system) etc.this was also considered by the nairs as a great thing they have pride in telling others that they were the adiyars of that or this mana(house of naboothiri).

  35. further the customs followed by the namboothiri families were so ridiculus and now it seems unbelivable and nowadays they too feel shame to tell all that.but it is the true past and nothing to gain from concealing and covering it.reformation movements which started in india has changed the most degraded society of india and also it has helped to better the lives of all ,also the indian independence too was the result of such movements.that all movements helped people to come together ,meet and discuss the problems in the talking was the base thing for the progress.but there were practices of untouchability.if a bhrahmin touches a nair it was taught he gets poluted and have to do penance and bathing .there were others such as ezhavar,thiyyar,pulayas etc whom if the namboothiri come closer beyond some limit then the namboothiri had to bath before he enter his house or temple.these namboothiris were commonly the priests of the temples belonging to the ruling family and other savarnas.there were worshiping systems and places for the ezhavars and thiyyas ,it was some sort of small temples ,but there all the poojas and worships were conducted by the persons from amoung them.pulayar and parayar were also had some form of worshiping .their main worshipping figure was goddess nowadays considered as kali(kali was a common name amoung them from very early period).they too perfomed poojas may be interesting to point out here that kali was the cheif goddess worshipped by the warriors of india.eventhough pulayar and parayar were considered to the most downward caste earlier,actually they had a golden past.the words pulayar and parayar were in use in early times of sangam age when these were the names associated people who were the main men nearer to the then kings.sangam literature depicts of pictures of possessions of kings accompanied by pulayar and parayar.also modern researches shows that many places in kerala had kingsor rulers belonging to this caste.even today in second decade of 21st century they are the ones who raise the pride of kerala by winning medals in athletics and other strenious sports.

    The savarnas( the term was mainly used by namboothiris to denote themselves earlier) were much interested in creating castes and new subcastes.this created a lot of subcastes amoung the so called upperclass.bhrahmins of kerala was also divided by different subcastes.the top most is the wealthy namboothiris called as addyians and poor was called aasiyans. As found every where poor did't got much respect and their situation did't improved much. They were given jobs to assist wealthy namboothiris as the 20th century there were many namoothiri hotels which served food for money.but at first they were mainly intented for the bhrahmins,some permitted upto nairs but for them seperated place and plates were used.but avarnas were not served that time all the workers in these hotels were namboothiri. Later it these namboothiri hotels meant reduced to the hotel name ,that means the workers were taken from all castes even from other religion too. All were allowed to dine there.

  36. Even with highest social status the customs of bhrahmins of kerala was too pathetic. Only the first son of the family was allowed to marry.other sons have no right to marry.but they can mate with any women upto nairs. Not all but some kshatriya families of kerala were ready to allow their ladies to enter in relation with these namboothiris . the most infamous amoung these family was the cochin rulers or thrippunithura kovilakam.these practice created a lot of branches headed with seperated women. The namoothiris which entered in relation with these royal families were like in service or like given job.they were treated well money was given to them and to their familes. Ofcourse these money came from the state treasury and to the treasury from the working people.the income generating people were the farmers , traders and few industrialists.they made the majority of kerala population and consists mainly of so called avarnas which included ezhavar,pulayar and others.but they were not given recognition and rights. Ezhavars which forms the largest community of kerala is belived to be the Buddhist followers earlier.learning institutes were maintained by them which offered studying sanskrit and tamil languages. Medical treatment was one of their main occupation.anyone who is brilliant enough to learn sanskrit and medicine was allowed to learn in these institutes and can become a doctor. They were revered by the royal families and the namboothiris even during the period of untouchabilities. But the rules for untouchability was always relaxed when question of survival and workability comes.numerous stories and court case records shows these practices. Trade and factories were mainly run by the members belonged to this caste.

    the ambalavasi caste in kerala is that caste consists of people who were living doing jobs related to temples.this caste consists numerous subcastes.they doesn't were the owners or authorities of the temples but were doing the jobs such as cleaning,sweeping,singing,using drums and other instruments etc.they were not allowed to do the poojas which was done mainly by the bhrahmins.the bhrahmins many times were the authorities of these temples and they were the people who handle the income to the that time the temple income was mainly from the state treasury,given by the kings.this helped the owners or namboothiris to live well without necessary for doing any useful work.those persons living with jobs related to temples or ambalavasis were actually were dependentant on bharhmins as they can be denied job at any stage by these naturally they tried to keep the bhrahmins satisfied.they too practised the sambandam or were ready to entertain namboothiris with their women lot.bhrahmins entered into sambandan or a concubineship with these was not considered or accepted as marriage by the bhrahmin comunity.still the ambalavasis prefered to get a bhrahmin relation for their woman. this was way they have found to keep their job secure and income they prefer to have bhrahmin relative.if the namboothiri was a learned man and have income it was an added advantage for them.but generally if not all ,the members of ambalavasi castes are very poor and lagged behind in kerala.this was not because of any social backwardness but because of their way living superstitions.many tend to pursue their traditional occupation which have less income.their reluctance to modern education was also another reason.still they are not too poor to live as they can live by finding job and food from the temples even now.

  37. it should also be noted that the sambandam by namboothiris with kshathriyas and ambalavasis were different than with the nairs.the bhrahmins used to live in the houses of these kshathriyas and ambalavasi familes with whom they have started sambandam.usually the ladies doesnot have other males in relation to her.that is kshtriyas and ambalavasis used to make sambandam with only one namboothiri at a time if not for the life was like a marriage as the man and lady live together in the same house just like husband and wife.even though the namboothiris doesnot consider this as a marriage and children born in this relation had no right on the father and also on the property and wealth he ever possessed.this was not the case with the nairs.not only namboothirs but anyone from bhrahmin to nairs can have relations with any nair women.she can have any number of males as she desires at the same time.these men does not stay at these nair houses nor they drink water or take food from these houses as it was considered an act punishable with bhrasht under social laws.the namoothiris or bhrahmins doesnot enter in relation or mate with a nair lady if she is a virgin.its said that they were not ready to pull a lady to prostitution as it was a sin which would fall on the nairs practiced a custom or ritual just after a lady attains puberty or mensuration.a ceremony was conducted in which the girl was declaired to attain womanhood.then her mother invites a man from a sub caste of nairs who would mate with lady accepting presence or money.this subcaste does't exists now.but they were held in high esteem till the end of 19th century.they would only accept the invitation only when satisfied by the money and presents given to some places a ritual marriage was also arranged which would last only for few days.when this phase is over the family can invite namboothiris and others to enter sambandam with the girl.the namboothirs and others were now come to have relation with her.these men come only at night and if there is no one he can sleep with the woman he choosed.but he would not stay there after the sun rise and never take food or drink even may sound unbelivable now but it was the social custome practiced by the nairs till 20th seized to exists only with the modern education and social reform movements.after independance this practise was declaired unlawful by framing new laws.

  38. it quite possible that portughese used the word nair knowing its bad meaning to denote the soilders of kerala armies to which they had frequent querrel and fights.they hated keralites and soildiers of kerala to whom they have to fight.word nair being used to harase or mention a down troden man whose only task he was permitted to do was to serve the bhrahmins with atmost loyality and who were used to be called the sudras of kerala by the manusmrithi the sudra word is defined as that person who should do all types of labour to a bhrahmin with atmost loyality without expecting anything in return like that of a dog.the malayalam word of dog is malaylam lexicon the word nair is said to orgin from this word naya.kanippayoor sangarn namboothiri says sudras loyality is compared to dog in manusmrithi and other sanskrit texts.bhrahmins who were aware of this may have coined the word nair from the malayalam word naya and have give to these servants and made them belive it to be honoroble name.

    portughese knowing this may have used the nair to satisfy their hatred towards kerala people.eventhough they were aware that nairs were not military people and portughese too were used to appoint soilders in their service for guarding their factory and into their armies.these people who they were accoustomed with, majority of whom were not nairs.for nairs were generally considered as slaves of should be noted in particular that even the british who conqured and ruled india did not considered indian soildiers as equal to british soildiers.they called indian soilders as sipoyees meaning peons or chowkidars or servants.these sepayees were made to do the house hold works of british soildiers and other petty services to them.if the british have kept such an attitute then what shall be the attitude of portughese towards indians and keralaites for the mutual hatred was the sole connection between them and keralaites.

    in many books written in malayalam and english the word orgin is discussed.from the social history of kerala some
    excerpts are quoted here."
    In Brahminic Hinduism dog and hound have come to occupy an important position.
    Even in the English language, phrases like watch-dog, dog-like loyalty and dogged
    resistance are expressions of high literary acceptability. Kampil Ananthan in his open
    letter (1952) addressed to R. Narayana Panicker, a Malayalam lexicographer pointed out
    that the domestic services in Sanskrit were swavrithy (suna- eva-vrithy) which is given as
    "sevaswa vritl ralthyata" in Manusmruti and sevaswa vrithy in Amarakosa and, therefore
    he comes to the conclusion like Kanippayyoor that the term Nayar means one who serves
    the Nampootiri with dog-like loyalty (for further meaning refer to pp. 53-54 of the Open
    Letter). Even otherwise Manusmriti loudly proclaims that the Sudras' occupation is to
    render services at the foot of the Brahmin and the other two varnas. At the time when the
    Kerala Sudras fully trusted the Nampootiri and hailed him god, he had cleverly coined
    the term Nayar concealing the meaning of it but making them believe that it was an

  39. Hi capt.
    If rig veda does not talk about caste system then what does the PURUSHA SUKTA IN 10th MANDAL MEAN WHEN IT SAYS THE PURUSHA(Supreme soul) WAS SACRIFICED IN YAGYA N FROM HIS HEAD CAME BHRAMANS, FROM HIS ARMS CAME KSHATRIYA N FINALY FROM HIS FEET CAME SHUDRAS!!??? The translations are so exact and they describe the caste system came from veda, its straght against your words, whats your take now Sir??
    And moreover if caste system did not originate from vedas then why do we have caste system here in north India????

    1. hi vv,


      till the white christian invader came in , nobody even knew of , vaishya from thigh shudra from feet etc.

      why are north indians crying " jai radhey?"

      capt ajit vadakayil

  40. Hi Captain Ajit,

    Wow simply wow so much insight in this post. Anyway
    didn't the greatest Adi Shankara had Namboodiri blood? i guess most of them should have lived a normal life inspite of all this. ?

    1. hi kalyan,

      yes , adi shankaracharya was a namboodiri.

      NO-- all namboodris did NOT go running around with a permanent hard on, trying to do sambandham with under age pretty girls.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hello Captainji,
      Did Adi Shankarachraya tried to reform the situation in Kerala in any way? Just curious. If So did he became successful partially atleast. I have read from one of your posts that ayyankali stopped this some 99 years ago. But still curious about this.

    3. hi att,

      UNTOUCHABILITY was encouraged by the white christian invader for DIVIDE AND RULE.

      in the times of adi shankaracharya 4000 years ago, there was NIL untouchability-- though namboodiris held all the land and hence all the food.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  41. Vedic viki

    May 11, 2013 at 12:31 PM

    Hi capt.
    The post is simply marvelous, makes every hindu feel proud of himself.
    Btw I came to know about the perfectly preserved copper heads found in delhi by archeologists which are dated to 4000BC, could you tell us more about them???


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    May 11, 2013 at 7:03 PM
    hi vv,

    yanks harry hicks and robert anderson found the life size copper head of Maharishi Vashista with the peculiar hair knot to the side hairdo and ear studs of of Kerala namboodiris .

    At the neck of the head is inscribed the word "Narayana,"

    no other indian brahmin can do this hair do, and hence is attributed to maharishi vashista , on whom lord Parashurama modelled them.

    When Sri Ram broke the bow of Shiva to marry Sita , Parashurama got terribly upset and gate crashed into the ceremeony. the ksatriyas wanted to fight with him , but maharishi Vashista commanded them NOT to attack Parasurama.

    Sita approached Parashurama and he blessed her, saying "Saubhagyawati bhavah",-- after that Parashurama could not lift his axe, to attack Sri Rama.

    This is to show that they are special and to make them carry forward the vedas . even today a namboodiri priest ties his hair this way.. .

    physicist robert anderson dated the copper head as 4000 BC by modern carbon 14 using samples drilled from inside the head.

    This tests which do NOT lie..

    These metallurgical dating tests were done INDEPENDENTLY at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and the Cyclotron at the University of California at Davis.

    harappan civilization existed earlier th

    Californian antique collecter Harry Hicks ( of Hicks foundation of cultural preservation ) , had clearly stated that the copper head was to be melted down secretly to delete ancient indian history-- and existing concepts of stone age.

    did NOT the bible say that the big bang happened in 4004 BC? this is what happens when you throw a dart and draw circles around it.

    we indians must be grateful to harry hicks.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  42. Nelson Singh
    May 17, 2013 at 10:33 AM
    Namaste Guruji

    In your posts you use slokas from vedas and their meanings in English.From where do you get them with english meanins . Can you please tell the best translated author for Vedas in English.
    (RIG VEDA- Translator Ralph T.H. Griffith )is this a good book .because after reading your posts i stopped reading Vedas translated by westerners. Please suggest a good E-book for Vedas in English. Guruji what about books of Gita Press,Gorakhpur.

    Nelson Singh


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    May 17, 2013 at 6:54 PM
    hi nelson,

    i am from kerala , where the namboodiri brahmins , including adi shankaracharya , have preserved the tradition of the vedas and ayurveda.

    probably this is why parashurama chose them, to come to the southern most tip of india .

    they did NOT suck up to the british like the tamilian iyers.

    nor were they uprooted and vulnerable people like the kashmiri brahmins.

    the brahmins in north india are a joke. see the amount of brahmins in UP , bihar etc. did they have so many temples there.

    or are they all brahmins by induction?

    vedas cannot be translated into english unless the person is highly perceptive. if you translate it literally it will sound ridiculous . mere knowledge of sanskrit is not enough.

    the german quantum physicists were the first to understand the wisdom and allegory in the vedas.

    i will NOT be able to recommend any book -- as i do NOT know what they contain.

    have you ever seen any text on this planet--which explains brahmAn ( of the vedas ) as the empty space between the atom, where the electrons whiz aorund? ( ADVAITA )


    the trinity of brahma/ vishnu/ shiva , as dance the of two opposites with a mediator in between? ( DVAITA )


    SANKHYA as the observer brahmAn ( as purusha -advaita ) the audience of the dancer ( prakriti - the trinity - dvaita )

    if you really understand what i mean here you will be shocked to see the wisdom in the vedas.

    even vivekananda has NOT understood the true essence of hinduism created by noble seers , probably because he did NOT have a scientific mind.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  43. Hi Capt...

    Wonderful and interesting information throughout the blog.

    Also I would like to know if a namboodiri (anandravan), after having sambandham with a nair or other lower caste women, can continue to do his samskaras and karmas as per the codes of brahmana varna or doesn't he made caste-down by the local society. Please clarify.

    Have you also have heard of an old Sanskrit saying

    "hoooy hoooy eka shabdam, eka maata, bahu pita,
    keralam vaanaracharam"

    I have been trying to find out the original source text of this saying without success.

    If you have ever heard of this saying, could you tell me source text.

  44. dear captain,castes were made by human is better to preach against caste system than preaching against upper castes

    1. hi rb,

      i do NOT permit propaganda on my blog.

      this is a truth exhuming blog, NOT a place where you can write what other have written with an agenda.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  45. A very good expose of the vile caste system of Kerala AND India. I did not know the history but when I was just finishing college it became apparent to me that Sambandham and Marumakkathayam are created by upper caste to exploit and use lower castes.

    Similar to the Kerala story, we have people with names like Dwivedi and Trivedi and Chaturvedi who no longer know any Vedas. They could even be illiterate!

    Frankly human knowledge of the world has far surpassed the vedas. Europe, North America are leading the way to expand human knowledge.

    We Indians should accept that it is pointless to stick our heads in past glory or infamy and move FORWARD!

    The founders of India at least had the good sense to copy the concepts of human rights and secularism of the British rulers. We may not be perfect (no on is) but we are progressing.


    1. hi rk,

      as per the waitress turned empress RABID muslim bigots like owaisi , teesta setalvad and desh drohi dalit converted to christian like john dayal are SECULAR.

      SECULAR means hindu bashing.

      SECULAR means the majority is always wrong.

      secular means grabbing land of all the hindus ( namboodiris ect) and giving it to christians -- the super rich christian rubber plantation estate owners of kerala can tell you more about this.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. I feel that religion always creates issues when mixed with government. "Secular" even with imperfections is better. Look at countries that are strongly based on a religion.

      What you are saying - for example "secular means hindu bashing" etc is also heard in other countries e.g. in USA the secular folks are accused of bashing christianity.

      I also feel that in India "secularism" literally DEMOTES majority religion. It should treat all religions equally. For example If one religion's organisation gets tax exempt status ALL religions should get it.

  46. Hi capt,

    This post was extremely informative, i was able to correlate a few things which i have heard from friends. I recall a friend of mine from malapuram (nair) mentioning they dont marry anyone from a certain bridge across trissur, i did'nt understand why and never bothered to ask him what the reason was.After reading the post many things have been brought to light, I recall reading a book '' The last Crusade-the epic Voyages of Vasco da Gama by Nigel Cliff mentioning the atrocities of the Namboothiris.
    i dont believe in the caste system sir, i dont believe in superior beings, i feel every man has to be judged on his own merit.I would'nt call myself racist even for the sake of arguement. My personal observation is that the root of all these evils stems from the pathological inclination (almost fetish), paranoid obsession for fair skin. This phenomenon is exclusive to India , People judge ones looks based on how fair he/she is .This is rediculous.Kerala will never come out of the dark unless this mindset is changed.

  47. Hi Capt Ajith,

    I congratulate you for writing the fact about Namboothiri's so boldly. As per Sanatana Dharma Sastras, the brahmin was expected to live a simple life by doing austerities and duties for the welfare of the people belonging to other dharmas. This was by and large followed by brahmins across India but in Kerala, the Namboothiris lived in palatial illams with thousands of acres of wealth. Also, the Sambandham they practised was quite sinful as per any Dharma Sastra. Thus, the Namboothiris have committed sins for thousands of years and they certainly need to pay for it. Tamil Brahmins are also not very far behind as they also have hurt the sentiments of other Hindus by talking about their castiest pride after taking up jobs in British administration and anyway they too were punished by Dravidian parties. How the brahmin is responsible for ruining Hindu society is explained by Pramacharya of Kanchi here..

    Jai Hind.
    Rama K.

    1. hi rsk,

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  48. Ajith, Namaste. Let us set aside the differences on Kanchi Mutt issues. But, if you get a chance, please read the points that the previous acharya Chandrasehkara saraswati (who was quite austere and respected) made, about how the brahmin decayed and became a source of heartburn for other Hindu communities. Not to exercise any pride, I am a Tamil brahmin who lived in Kerala and I always work for Hindu welfare and unity. It was by God's will that we had a saint by name Narayana Guruji who advented in Kerala so that the Ezhavas getting converted to Christianity was mitigated and also again it was God's blessing that the Land reforms were enacted so that the Ezhavas could get their legitimate share of land. On a jovial note, it was God's blessing enacted through the Communists who do not believe in God.

    Anyway, I salute you Ajith for serving the nation by joining the defense forces.

    Namste again,
    Rama K.

  49. Sir,

    Agreed that the Namboodiri Brahmins were the worst racists. But till date the Vedic chanting of Namboodiris is regarded as the best/ original as it is Old Vedic Sanskrit which was practised on the banks of river Saraswati, especially the nasal tones. Whereas Vedic chanting in other languages brahmins has changed a lot depending on the influence of the local languages. Don't you think so for this they deserve the credit for preserving the same for thousands of years, inspite of many aggressions against our religion ?

    1. hi mk,

      today we know of our vedas only because of namboodiris .

      the OPPORTUNISTIC tamil iyers were busy sucking up to the british.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hello Captain,

      Looks like you have something/prejudice against Tamil Brahmins/Iyers. :) This itself is bias. Every region, part of history has people like that ain't it? So are their names taken with such contempt? If I've counted it right, three times during the whole replies. :)

    3. hi ss,

      nobody must think that elephant crap ( sh#t ) is the elephant.

      so here is the elephant for you--

      punch into google search-

      tamilian iyers were preferred by the white invader to fill up lower ranks below the white man in the administrative posts-- due to their LOYALTY.

      if i really were to expose them , they will NOT have a place to hide their faces.

      i have been kind.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Hi Captain,

      I agree truth needs to be told. And in fact that's one of the reasons I even visited your blog. And being a Keralite (I'm assuming you are) :) you haven't exactly sugarcoated facts about them. So it's not exactly one side bashing about any particular sect or region. But the point is, tell the truth, which is what we want to hear and appreciate too, and spare the disparages. Things happened in the past, and we, your readers happen to be in the present. So are we, like, gonna flog the dead horse? :)

  50. Sir,

    Write some more about Vedik caste system, how was the transition occurred ?, suppose A B C D are four people with their children A1 B1 C1 D1 belong to different castes and somehow its appeared that D's child D1 are more competent to accomplish - A's occupation/work line.

    So, was it possible then that D1 with his current generation would be transferred to A caste or any caste could have been transferred to any different caste with their current interest or competency.

    So that D1 can say look my father was unskilled but I am Vedik scholar and been promoted to Brahmin and to teach Veda to students.


    A1 will say I am such worthless I don't understand Veda and I have to look after my family working as a low skilled labor.

  51. Capt Ajit,

    You are doing a lot of harm to Kerala by depicting things which are forgotten 100 years back. Remember, Some one will not know about your weakness and Ridicule you , unless you tell them about your self. I tried to sell the fact that I am an Aryan Brahmins to North Indians for 17 years, since I have been working in north India for a majority of my career. In-spite of being able to speak Hindi fluently and in-spite of being very fair skinned , none of them accepted me even as a friend. Only south Indians have accepted me as a friend, even though I am very fair skinned. Please stop telling things about my home state in a shameful manner. During the period you have mentioned all these used to happen, there was not even marriage customs in the west. (And even today they do not have :-( ). So let us not represent past in modern day views. I will view Nayars as female dominant societies , just like groups of Elephants or Bonobo monkeys. Hence accepting a mating partner from another community is quiet ok for a female dominant society. If the society has accepted male dominances later on, like rest of India, may be it is for good or bad , only time will prove. But bottom line is not to prop up things forgotten in the past and destroy the unity of Kerala by telling things which only you know . I bet other state / country people also have similar weakness, but do not keep publishing that on the internet.

    Best Regards
    Shyam Krishnan

    1. hi sk,

      this blog site is dedicated to exhuming the truth.

      history always repeats itself.

      namboodiris created Judiasm in israle with their racists Talmud . I have NOT posted on this--see now you made me exhume a thruth.

      muhammed was a namboodiri. koran was edited in kodungallur.

      dont make me exhume more truths -- which will be hard to digest.

      let sleeping dogs lie in peace !

      suggest-- you do NOT read my blog posts.

      you cant handle the truth!

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Mr Shyam , the people of kerala need to know the truth . Even now there are nairs and namboothiris who act as if they are king . I am a Thiyya and a very proud one at that . I give a nice bashing to such idiots when they come in my way . History is not to be forgotten its to be studied and known and kept in mind . facts are facts and you have no right to tell Capt Ajith here to stop posting such truths .

  52. Hi Ajit,

    I read your post - knew a lot of stuff before, and now know a bit more....just one thing, where can i find the CORRECT, AUTHENTIC Vedas and the rules / regulations that we (original Hindus ...not the cheap stuff) ....can you please send me the link? thank you.

  53. Dear Captain

    I too have the same doubt expressed by subhasish above . If the caste by birth system is not true as per vedas .. say for example if a son of a farmer expresses desire to study vedas and to become a brahman .. can he do so at will in olden days before the advent of the caste system . And if the son of a brahmin was too dumb to learn vedas wouldnt he become a shudra as a unskilled labor .

    If you can explain the origin of the caste system that will be great .


    1. hi v,

      let me put it this way.

      20 years ago,mayawati wants to compete against aishwarya rai in a beauty contest.

      she wants equal rights .

      i am sure even mayawati's parents ( who love her ) will advise her , NOT to do it .

      in the olden days , before the vead were written down ( before 5000 BC ) enormous amount of verses had to be learnt by heart --and then transmitted to the next generation.

      and indeed it had been done.

      does this NOT require a great amount of hard work and sacrifice.

      or to be a khatriya-- you may have to die or be disabled for life.

      or to be a vaishya-- where you need skills and keep it honed.

      easiest was to be UNSKILLED labour- the shudra.

      the ancient maharishis could find out what you are worth by just looking at your aura. they did NOT need to make you take an exam.

      on a ship also we have a caste system.

      as captain , i am king.

      my steward cannot MOAN that he has to serve me. he cannot dream of going up on the bridge and giving commands.

      can the nurse take over brain operation from a neuro surgeon ?

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hello Capt.
      We do respect your deep knowledge and appreciate your spirit in bringing out the bad deeds of our ancestors. At the same time as a Son of India - a good citizen, you may also try not to invoke hatred towards the living innocent descendants. The way of expression in your writings will sow the seeds of vengeance in the minds of others. In the present, we are trying to march ahead in harmony for attaining the goal of secularism for which our Nation stand.
      Gone are the days to come back never. Think of the present and strive for a good tomorrow.

    3. hi nn,

      yourmessage is taken.

      the reason why i exposed this is because --


      i have exposed the dalits too -- BR Ambedkar and EVR Periyar..

      punch into google search-



      capt ajit vadakayil

  54. Thanks for the reply. I do not deny your views and findings. But your expressions through out the exposure are likely to help avulsion in public feeling and some may turn rebellious against the living innocents for which there is no justification. Why punish the non guilty? 'Pen is mightier than sword' - and you know it.
    I shall read the articles suggested by you.

    1. hi nn,

      there are a few things you must know.

      the ORIGINAL jews are namboodiris.

      the mother of king solomon 1000 BC was a namboodiri woman--bath sheba.

      muhammed the prophet was a namboodiri before he invented islam --belongs to the priest family of ancient shiva temple at mecca..

      syrian christains are NOT namboodiri converts in 54 AD as they claim. they are jews --like the chitpavan brahmins of maharashtra .

      the wife of jesus christ mary magdalene was a kerala woman.

      kodungallur has the world's second mosque, church and synagogue.

      the synagogue was later shifted to cochin.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  55. Hello Captn. Thanks for valuable informations.

    History repeats - a fact u said - can U, I or any one STOP this cycle? It is the law of the Nature itself. The LAW of the UNIVERSE itself. A SUPER HUMAN Power. This POWER - I call it GOD. I do not believe if there is any other GOD. You may know the sound AUM - a combination of 3 - Srishti, Sthithi and Samhara - a TRUTH no one can deny. This cycle (what u said - HISTORY) is bound to repeat.

    With due respect to your strong desire to go so deep into the HISTORY, can I know the BENEFITS of your FINDINGS or the CONTRIBUTIONS, u think, u make for the SOCIETY.


    1. hi nn,

      today all newspapers are showing sri sri ravishankar saying that lord ayyappa is a child of homosexual union between shiva and vishnu .


      lord ayyapa of sabarimala attracts more pilgrims than kumbh mela.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Hello Captn,
      Leave alone the STORY of Lord Ayyappa or the business motive behind SABARI MALA, is it not the only place of worship where you find the TRUe SPIRIT OF SOCIALISM, where there is no CASTe, COLOUR or Creed?

      Could you refer to my message of 11th..... (But your expressions through out the exposure are likely to help avulsion in public feeling and some may turn rebellious against the living innocents for which there is no justification. Why punish the non guilty?)

      a simple example of reaction of public is here itself. ( by an Unknown on Nov.14th.)

      " I am a Thiyya and a very proud one at that . I give a nice bashing to such idiots when they come in my way . History is not to be forgotten its to be studied and known and kept in mind."

      So...this is the result of your writings... as I already said... you are.... in one way...supporting / promoting RACeISM about which you are, in my view, forgetting.

      TRUTH is always TRUTH but unpleasant truths are NOT to be told.

    3. hi nn,

      i do NOT agree that anybody in kerala will target namboodiris ,who are presently in a bad state.

      what has happened has happened.

      al least indian hindus are grateful to the namboodiris who brought the vedas this far.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    4. Thank you Captain.

      'what has happened has happened'... your own words....this is what I expect from you.....we cannot now help those PASTS.... then...why should we keep digging and reminding the new generations, of those PAST evils.

      One MUST know the HISTORY... to understand and ADOPT the GOOD and to reject and UNFOLLOW the EVILS done.

      You could use your Calibre, Intelligence and suggest better solutions to solve PRESENT problems for a better FUTURE for our Society, based on the Knowledge you DERIVE from History.

      'Do things GOOD, and let others know about your GOOD DEEDS, not to praise yourselves, but for others to follow you.'


    5. hi nn,

      if you read my STATEMENT OF PURPOSE --


      I hope this blog will transform your mind and bring social change. You yourself, are the teacher, the pupil, the messiah, the seeker, the traveller and the destination. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to this profoundly sick society. I am from INDIA, the mother of all civilizations . I will be re-writing world history . It will NOT tally with the Max Muller line, which gratified the hijackers of human history. AWAKEN YOUR INNER VOICE. Experience the joy of your own being . Your own conscience is the best interpreter . In a time of universal deceit, telling the TRUTH is a revolutionary act. The naked truth can never be hate speech or defamation. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free




      but if you take stock you will find that I have praised namboodiris more -- than I have criticised them.

      for example -- do you know that ARYABHATTA is actually -- aryan bhattathiripad ?

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

    6. Thanks Captn.

      I fully agree with you.

      Only thing I wanted to remind that MAJORITY of people reading the blogs are NOT so INTELLECTUALS to understand the TRUE SPIRIT behind such writings. They take the Other side always.


      I gladly acknowledge your greatness, desire to acquire more and more knowledge, and your readiness to transmit the same to others.

      Thank you and I love hearing more and more from you.


    7. Dear NN,
      Please pardon my interjection & allow me to share my perspective with you.

      Churchill famously said " Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."

      I believe Captain Ajith does us all a great service by exposing the truth, however bitter it may be, thus allowing an honest contemplation of the past & guaranteed improvement of our future.

      How can one talk about solutions, if one does not understand the problem ? & how can one understand the problem, if one does not view the past with honest eyes ?

      I for one, have learnt a very important key principal from studying & profiling the Zionists, Isrealis & Namboodiris.
      They are wonderful in so many ways but all thru history, they have always made & continue to make one very BIG mistake.
      THEY ONLY TAKE ( & its usually whats not theirs to take in the first place ) & do not believe in giving or sharing or at least making a fair exchange.
      By doing this, they go against the Common Law. The Law of the Universe.
      This principal is their Achilles heel & it has destroyed them repeatedly thru history & in every land they have tried to forcefully occupy over the centuries.
      And if they do not contemplate their past honestly, the end result will continue to be the same for ever & ever....

      Breathing in is equally as important as breathing out. Its the law of existence. If this law is not obeyed, death is certain.
      Only taking without giving some back is the same. Sooner or later such a society is exiled or self destructs.
      I am very grateful to Captain Ajith that thru his generous sharing of truth, I could study this subject & learn from it.
      I can now apply this lesson in my own life & improve the consequences of my own future actions.
      I hope that you can also gain from the insights, so freely & selflessly offered in this blog.
      Hari Om

  56. Dear Ajit Sir,
    Hi need to talk a important matter to you and seek your help.Kindly give me you contact e-mail I'd is as follows.
    +91 9840026436

    1. hi ksj,

      keep in touch via the comments column.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  57. Hi Captn,

    U may know Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan (IISH TVM). The other day he was talking on 'Bhagavad Gita in our daily life' in a fully packed auditorium at 31st All India Sreemad Bhagavatha Sathram, Thirunakkara, Kottayam.

    The messages given in this, Gita, which is believed to have been composed in 4th Century BCE, also forms a part of HISTORY now, were narrated with the support of Modern Science. He also emphasised the importance of implementing the many aspects of the Vedic, Yogic, Vedantic and Tantric philosophies in our modern day today life.

    Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya said the answer to revival of Hinduism in its purity lay in the interpretation of Bhagavad Gita for a New India. Sivananda suggested introduction of Gita into the curriculum of Indian schools and colleges. Vivekananda sought to energise the people of India through the message of Gita. Aurobindo saw the Gita as a scripture of the future religion. Not only the prominent Indians including Mahatma Gandhi, but also the Western scholars beginning in the early 18th century, were influenced by the message contained in Bhagavad Gita. Albert Einstein carried Gita during his last 10 years of life.

    I am sure, many of the audience were impressed with his interpretations, explanations and inducement to apply the principles of Gita into the problems of modern life.

    While listening to him, I thought of U Captn. Ajit, and I sincerely felt if U also could utilise your energy in this way to educate and guide the new generation by feeding with the essence of HISTORY instead of digging it deep and bringing out the rotten.

    You said U will be re-writing the HISTORY, may not be in the Macmillan's way....But for what? What are we going to gain out of it?

    Thank you.

    1. hi nn,

      mahabharata was was in 4000 BC.

      chiranjeevi veda vyasa wrote the bhagawat gita immediately after the war -- NOT 3600 years later, in 4th century BC.

      this is why i will be re-writing history .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  58. Hi Captn,

    Thanks for your reply.

    At the Midnight of Feb.18th, 3102 BC, all the 7 Grahas were lined up on the meridian of Ujjain, with Revathi Nakshatra to mark the start of Kaliyuga. Krishna passed away in 3102 BCJ which is 27 years of the Bharat war. Veda Vyasa (S/o Sathyavathi & Parasaran) started writing Mahabharatam in year 1 of Kaliyuga. Took 3 years to finish.

    Why I wrote all these (which U already know) b'coz, one can find out the facts & figures from the History. But ultimately what these facts & figures will do for us. In my previous message I roughly wrote 4th Century. If I and U start arguing about the exact date of composing the Gita, which way it is going to help the society.

    So, the subject matter here is, with the knowledge we gain from the available History ( no need to write a new one or correct the existing history) how best we can contribute to, how best we can educate, how best we can impart, how best we can share these knowledge in solving the PRSeNT day to day problems.

    So my argument may be considered in these lines of thought. And for me I got my answer from what Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan is doing. But a single Gopalakrishnan alone is not the solution, U know.


    1. hi nn,

      mahabhara took place in 4000 BC.

      this date of 3102 BC is what you see on the internet with people calculating for a solar eclipse during the war .

      there was NO solar eclipse.

      I have written about a temperature inversion in my post-

      punch into Google search-


      Lord Krishna sent his Sudarshana Chakra which is a scalar interferometry based spinning discus, which created an severe inversion in the atmosphere.The atmospheric refraction reversed ,and the sun suddenly dipped below the visible horizon causing absolute darkness.

      As per the rules of Dharma Yuddha it is NOT possible to kill an enemy after sunset. As soon as Krishna saw Jayadratha he commanded Arjuna to behead him with an arrow and immediately restored the atmospheric refraction the usual way.

      As soon as the deed was donethe sun suddenly came up above the visible horizon.

      This was NOT a solar eclipse. And hence a solar eclipse should NOT be used to date the Mahabharata war of 4000 BC.

      Today when my son was driving in USA with a temperature of MINUS 28 deg c--he witnessed
      PARHELIA ( sun dogs ). why dont you google it ?

      well well --what do all these NIL perception Sanskrit scholars and Western historians know !

      capt ajit vadakayil

  59. Hi Sir,

    In one of your replies, u mentioned Prophet Mohammad was a Nambodhiri and Koran was edited in Kodungallur. Do u have a write up on that? If u have, can u share the link here, i would like to read.

    Also, do u have a write up on the Aryan indians driuds who built the Stonehenge?


    1. hi rp,

      punch into google search-



      capt ajit vadakayil




    manu was a noble maharishi who founded ANCIENT indian culture .

    punch into google search-



    capt ajit vadakayil



    ashwamedham is a ritual which the king uses a white horse as a litmus test, to establish long lasting peace , and to send his war weary soldiers back home to their families .

    A spirited horse is chosen , with white fur and no blemishes . A yagna ( Agnihotra homam ) is held BEFORE the horse sets out on a guided tour .

    Ashwamedha yagna cannot be held by a mortal. It is held by the king of Gods Indra. It can only be done by a mortal king if he is commanded to do it by an avatar of Vishnu .

    This tradition was broken by King Mahabali of Kerala . He was an asura ( demon ) king. The people of Kerala were very happy with this king as he was a wise and just ruler, and there was prosperity all over. King Mahabali did the Ashwameda yagna .

    This made Indra very jealous, as this was his prerogative, and nobody had the guts to kill the white Ashwamedha horse of King Mahabali .

    He prevailed on Aditi, his mother to convince Vishnu to correct this imbalance, where an Asura King could c0ck a snook at the King of Gods . Vishnu decided to intervene and took the 5th avatar of Vamana --a blue faced Brahmin mldget ( dw@rf ) .

    So why is the white horse on a guided tour ? This is the essence of the noble and amazing concept of Ashwameda .

    The emperor seeks to check out if any of his vassal kings want to challenge his supreme authority— in public .

    The horse is guided by the Emperor’s generals and chosen ministers . They generals follow the white horse on their own horses .

    The horse with clanging bells is made to travel through the vassal kingdoms . Any vassal king can kill the horse and thus declare war on the Emperor, which will happen pretty soon. If he just captures the horse, there may be room for negotiation .

    The horse is even taken to enemy kingdoms, and there is “diplomatic immunity” for the Emperor’s men not the white horse .

    Any tough acting intentions are gauged out .

    When the horse returns safe and sound, it means all is well-- and the emperor's supreme authority is unchallenged . And all know it too .

    In the POST Ashwamedha yagna all vassal kings are invited, and there are celebrations all around , for peace and prosperity in future. Soldiers go home to their families .


    Punch into Google search-

    Kerala Syrian Christian Arundhati Roy supports Jewess Wendy Doniger . Before Independence Jew Rothschild ( owner of British East India Company) allowed Kerala Syrian Christians and Maharashtrain Chitpavan brahmins to own media , only because both communities are Jews .
    BR Ambedkar had a Chitpavan Jew wife .

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. is palakad a part of malabar??? is there only thiyyas in malabar no ezhavas?

    2. hi rk,

      NO --palghat is NOT part of Malabar.

      The Thiyya community of Malabar ( North Kerala ) ARE not Ezhavas who exist south of Kerala .

      They have been clubbed to be the same by the white invader.

      In Kerala marriage bureaus Thiyyas do NOT seek Ezhava spouses. But the converse is true where Ezhavas seek Thiyya spouses, as they are better looking and more firm limbed . Lots of Ezhavas migrated from to Kerala from Sri Lanka .

      In 1903, URGED ON BY THE WHITE INVADER , Ezhavas established Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalan Yogam (SNDP), the first caste association in the Kerala ( merging Thiyyas and Ezhavas ) naming it after a social reformer, sponsored by the British, Narayana Guru, who had established an ashram from where he preached his message of "one caste, one religion, one god"—Ore jaathi ore matham.

      For Thiyyas this was a punishment for not playing ball with the powers that be.

      Thiyyas were downgraded to OBC by the white invader, with the blessing of the Namboodiris who could NOT do SAMBANDHAM ( free sexual intercourse ).

      We heard of British and Rothschild Communists doing DIVIDE AND RULE—here was a strange case of MERGE AND DIVIDE.

      In February 2013, the Thiyya Mahasabha objected to the SNDP treating Ezhavas and Thiyyas as one group, rather than recognising the Thiyyas in Malabar as being distinct.

      6000 years ago Lord Parashurama grabbed the land of the Tirayyars ( Thiyyas –sea navigators and plain land owners ) and gave it to the Namboodiris who came down from Saraswati river .

      The Malayyars ( mountain denizens of Kerala ) are the modern Ezhavas with blunt facial features and darker skins.

      Thiyyas refused to marry the south Kerala Ezhavas since time immemorial.

      The Thiyyas even today ( since ancient times ) are Marumakkathayees (Matriarchal) where the dowry system is condemned.

      They did NOT enter temples where namboodiris were priests —for they had their own Gods ( Muthappan ) and kavus.

      It is only when Sri Narayana Guru came to Malabar that they worshipped at temples.

      Sri Narayana Guru when he first visited the Thiyyas of North Malabar was so impressed with the high , culture and moral standards that he stated that there were no reforms to be done in North Malabar for the enlightenment of Thiyya community.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    3. could it be the case that some segments of namboothiris are crypto jews like the chitpavans and these ones are the ones that suddenly burst onto the scene with their perverted sambandham......remember the portuguese were the first to invade kerala then the dutch came and the english and obviously the rothschild connection plus a large historic syrian christian/jewish community.....maybe there were "true" clean namboothiries who did not indulge in this debauchery who probably were not so casteist either....i suspect there's more to this than meets the eye......i don't believe that the brahmins from saraswati river basin who followed true sanatana dharma and shastras and produced a genius like adi shankara and preserved all the ancient branches of vedic knowledge would be so immoral and vile. These so called jenmis must have been these cryptos who manage to gain all the land and temples when puppet rulers who were stooges of white invader replaced rajas that were against them.......having an apartheid like caste system would make it easy to induce conversions just like kanchi mutt tamil iyer stooges did in tamil nadu. In fact I suspect many iyers/iyengars are also crypto jews because some of them have the kind of odd features like the chitpavans. I am sure many such communities must have infiltrated india just like the tagore's being muslims etc.

    4. hi m81,


      the immoral white invader told a LIE when he wrote that namboodiris refused to cremate adi shankaracharya's mother .

      so he had to cut her body into several wieldy pieces and he carried the body parts in several trips and finally cremated her all alone.

      the white invader wrote that nambbdiris even today cut the cadavers into pieces before they cremate the dead.


      capt ajit vadakayil

  62. HI,
    Nice blog. But i must point out a falsely stated racist remark of yours in the article. Its true that many Syrian Christians boast of their supposedly "Namboothiri" ancestry, and this i agree, is ridiculous. But the Syrian Christians don't have an "adivasi" look for sure!! They look like the rest of the Malayalees.

    So you were wrong in your saying that. Sounds like you have a grudge on them.

    1. hi jj,

      the good looking ones like john abraham and asin do NOT boast.

      it is always the sh#t looking adivasi types who boast.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  63. Sir,you are a genius.Such articles are an eye-opener to people of our young generation.We have so many questions but none to give unbiased truth.Thank you and best of luck.
    Now I understood why people from Kerala(other than people like you) are so staunch communist & anti-hindu.
    BTW are you a Namboodri or a Nayar or else? I actually hate communists, but why did those bengali people love their communist government(although govt. changed)?Was there any such reason as in Kerala?
    Eagerly waiting for your answers captain!

    1. hi f,

      these people do NOT know what communism is.

      communism was created by rothschild, the owner of british east india company who ruled india.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  64. Sir,you are a genius.Such articles are an eye-opener to people of our young generation.We have so many questions but none to give unbiased truth.Thank you and best of luck.
    Now I understood why people from Kerala(other than people like you) are so staunch communist & anti-hindu.
    I actually hate communists, but why did those bengali people love their communist government(although govt. changed)?Was there any such reason as in Kerala?
    Eagerly waiting for your answers captain!

  65. Hi Ajit sir,
    a great truth exhuming article...i have a question however.

    you said that our ancient maharishis had great knowledge of spirituality and science .many of them had 12 strand dna(i believe namboodiri also were also part of that) and that sri yantra thing....
    what is the meaning of having such knowledge when they had such narrow mindset and a narrow outlook,when even the king was an untouchable.

  66. Hi Ajith Sir,

    I am Sangeetha belonging to this community namboodiri and I am educated have done my engineering in telecommunication.Husband lied to me several times that he will find me a job and help me but now I am begging money from him losing my dignity and respect.I am now sitting in his house without any help.Listening to his abusive words and insults and getting humilated.I need help

    1. hi s,



      capt ajit vadakayil

  67. Sir,
    Having come from this community I have experienced similar experiences even now in this present era.I was married into this family with an intention to take care of his parents selflessly.I do know that it is a good virtue but I too had expectations about a decent marriage.And for every wrong or bad things that happen they mention "daivathinde shapam" (Gods curse) and they try to blame me for it.I feel it is a way of escaping from responsibilities by just telling its a curse from God.They say it is mu munjenma papam(previous lifes curse).

    1. hi s,

      mum janma paapam and daivathinde shaapam -- is an easy way out for defeatists , who have NIL determination .

      you must forge the hinges of destiny on your own terms -- like what lord krishna told arjuna.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  68. A great article Sir! Can you please slightly elaborate about times of Adi Shankaracharya? I guess that he was also Namboothiri Brahmin. How were social circumstances at times of Adi Shankaracharya? What difference he made to this bad system? What was his approach towards the Namboothiri propoganda and racism? Do you think that this system might have motivated Adi Shankaracharya to dive into humongous work on Upanishads and Vedas?

    Ninad Varkhede

    1. hi nv,

      punch into google search-



      capt ajit vadakayil

  69. Dear Capt. Ajit
    Your posts are par brilliant and expose the dirty underbelly of the caste system that has prevailed in Kerala. Myself a Nair..i have often heard other members of the community boasting of pure lineage and what not. Accompanied with a false sense of pride. Thankfully my mother was wise enough to bring me up in a very balanced manner. I have often heard her mention that nair males form the south of kerala namely Trivandrum are the worst of the lot.I am a native of Trivandrum,but having been raised abroad i am able to interpret without prejudice. I have noticed that they tend to be quite narrow minded than the Nairs of the North. Another feature i have noticed is that as we proceed from the south upwards women are bolder and have a stronger presence and say in family matters. And finally...i did gulp to myself as you said that namboothiri folk are quote
    "No Namboodiri man can dream of winning any athletic event, or pass an IIT entrance exam, or win a strength contest or even a good looker contest. They are slothful and not firm limbed . No Namboodiri woman can ever dream of winning a beauty contest. Yes they could get up in the morning at 4 AM and study hard and score well in an academic exam, but when IQ is required , like for an IIT entrance exam, they come a cropper every time."

    1st. Don't you think its a very big generalization that you have made. For i have seen many who make it into IIT and do well in their academics. In fact i am in the process of publishing a paper as to find out why Tanjavur Brahmins seem to do so well in academics and intelligence as compared to members of any other community regardless of religion.

    2.Regarding looks, again its a pretty big generalization isn t it. The part about being slothful and not firm limbed.. i do not seem to understand what you mean.

    HaHa I do not favour any community wether it be Nair or Nampoothiri...however i am about to commit to a nampoothiri girl who is the sweetest girl i have ever met. So i hope you do understand my doubts :D

    Thank You
    Dr Govind Unnikrishnan

    1. hi gn,

      of course i have generalised -- is there any doubt about that?

      as the last para of my post has revealed--

      kerala rice cultivation has gone to the dogs after subdivision and fragmentation of land.

      no wonder parashurama wanted only the eldest namboodiri to inherit the land.

      i have restrained myself in the post above -- as i have namboodiri friends of my own, to whom i have to show my face. revealed only the bare minimum, as history repeats itself.

      the single owner land system of JENMI , kudiyans, kanikkarans and verumpattakkarans, janmi-kana-maryada etc created the moplah revolt --

      -- instigated by gandhi with the ali brothers in kerala ( mohammad ali and shaukat ali ) as the khilafat movement .

      this is a unbroached topic

      if i were to write what happened to the namboodiris in gory detail-- it would create such a heart ache. it can write a 400 page book onthis subject , with blow by blow accounts -- collected from eye witnesses in england and moplahs in andamans .

      it will CRUSH the morale of future generations , and serve NO purpose .

      so i suggest you stop challenging me and my level of social responsibilty.

      wish you a blissful life with your life partner.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Dear Capt. Ajit
      By no means did I intend to challenge your level of social responsibility sir, my apologies if it came out that way. I have a doubt though...regarding the generalisations. .according to you do all Nampoothiri s fall under it?.
      And just out of curiousity sir how is it that you know all of this? Where and how can I further readup on this history?. I would be grateful if you can suggest some further reading.

      Thank you
      Dr.Govind Unnikrishnan

    3. hi gn,

      we all have a culture which came down generations.

      cutture has a deep meaning, which only the perceptive can glean.

      islamic culture is scoffed at. but you must delve deeper, for their environment in the desert is NOT the same as in kerala.

      by the way, the koran was edited at kodungallur -- cheraman perumal mosque -- the 2nd mosque on this planet.

      punch into google search-

      6000 year old ayurveda was sustained by the wisdomof lord parashurama -- it is NOT superstition.

      punch into Google search-

      hindusim , vedas , ayurveda etc has survived today because of the wisdom of the avatar of vishnu.

      if all the cultivable land of kerala was divided between all children of a namboodiri for 6000 years -- today all land with be only a few square feet wide.

      my wife taravadu was in 6 acres of land -- from the door step you could NOT see who was trying to open the gate nearly 200 metres away.

      do you find any more such bungalows with huge spacious land around it in kerala anymore?

      this is the reason why kerala does NOT have villages-- like in other states of india-- vast desolate land and then a cluster of cottages. i n kerala houses are sprinkled all over .

      capt ajit vadakayil

  70. Dear Capt Ajit

    I completely agree with you. I have got just a glimpse of all this whenever my grandpa was in the mood. With all this I often wonder if we truly have something to be proud of as a keralite. Please do checkout The Princess Diaries by Jean Sassoon. .I am sure you will enjoy it. The true happenings of a Saudi Princess describing the breakdown of culture and morality. In my opinion the greater the restrictions placed on society greater will be the depth of corruption in it.

    Dr. Govind Unnikrishnan

    1. hi gn,

      A tearful 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl, named Nayirah, took the stand and told the US of witnessing Iraqi soldiers perform the inhumane actions.

      First time she said that she saw 15 incubators taken away. In time, the number grew to more than 300 in statements of various politicians and US military leaders.

      No one took the time to travel to this small piss fart country Kuwait and find that there were fewer than 28 incubators in hospitals in the entire length and breadth of the country.

      Everyone believed innocent teary eyed Nayirah.

      She was thought to have been a volunteer nurse, but some time later, her true identity was discovered: she was the daughter of the Ambassador of Kuwait to the US, Saud Bin Nasir Al-Sabah.

      Before Nayirah's testimony, Hill and Knowlton vice president, Lauri Fitx-Pegado, coached Nayirah for hours.

      Not one reporter was told this.

      In one day, Hill and Knowlton and the Kuwaiti government set up the scenario that would be the basis for Sasson's book, The Rape of Kuwait.

      The sales figures included about 300,000 books purchased by the Kuwaiti government and each US soldier assembled in Saudi Arabia was given one to read in an effort to get them incensed about Iraqis.

      Sasson was interviewed by many media outlets and publications. All of a sudden, this former hospital worker in Saudi Arabia who couldn't speak Arabic became a spokesperson for the Arab world and women's rights.

      On January 17, 1991, bombs began falling on Iraq killing countless woman and children. A cease-fire was called on February 28, 1991.

      Then came all the accolades and celebrations in the US.

      Dignitaries from the US were invited to Kuwait on a "freedom flight" in March 1991 to celebrate Kuwait's "liberation."

      All expenses were paid by the Kuwaiti government. Jean Sasson was one of those invited.
      Almost 23 years have passed since The Rape of Kuwait was published.

      The book is still available to buy today from various Internet booksellers. The back cover still unashamedly contains these words: "Infants were torn from incubators and left to die on hospital floors."

      Punch into Google search-

      Indians have honoured Saddam Hussain with a wax statue at Kanyakumari wax museum.

      Capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Sasson wrote three books about the princess and her family, calling them the "Princess Trilogy."

      Not one has real names.

      Will any author of merit who has written three NON FICTION books without indicating the names of the people involved.

      It had all the markings of incredible intrigue: murder, torture, male domination and other atrocities.

      In other words, it had everything that US readers would want to hear about Saudi Arabia's male-dominated society.

      The FAKE Saudi Arabian princess she met in 1985 and the pitfalls she endured in Saudi society is probably all BULL— Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia.

      Jean Sasson has the effrontery to insult her readers with occasional statements on her webpage saying how she just received a message from the princess and she thanks all her fans.

      OH YEAH ?


      capt ajit vadakayil

  71. Dear Capt. Ajit
    You are a genius sir,handsdown.

    Dr. Govind Unnikrishnan

  72. Dear Capt.,

    thz made fr a really informative n fantastic read!! keep posting, Sir!!



    to check out the immoral attack on hindusim--

    punch into google search-

    the white invader could NOT arm twist the namboodiris to sustain this LIE.

    so they imported ADIGAS from the FAKE udipi mutt.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  74. Virginia Baldwin
    May 12, 2014 at 12:11 AM
    Real Christians are not cruel because they try to emulate Jesus Christ. But there are some who profess to be Christians and are not. Those that are affiliated with church dogmas tend to be indifferent and/or cruel.

    Bolsheviks now known as Zionists, whether they are Jews or not, are cruel - even evil! Some Muslims - radical Muslims are cruel.

    Of all the religions, Judaism is the worst - bar none! Google search:

    The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today
    by Elizabeth Dilling


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    May 12, 2014 at 1:42 AM
    hi vb,

    i will tell you something that only the ILUMINATI knows.

    i am from Calicut,in the state of Kerala in SW India.

    from 4000 BC to 2000 BC,the 4 Vedas and 108 Upanishads of Hindusim , was safely kept in Kerala with the Namboodidris (Kerala Brahmins ). In 2000 BC, Adi Shankaracharya distributed these holy scriptures to 4 Muuts on 4 corners of India.

    These books were penned down in 5000 BC, after nearly 28000 years by oral route.

    All the major religions on the planet sprung from Kerala.

    The Calicut King's cultural centre was in Kodungallur ( Muzris ) . This place boasts of this planets's second synagogue, second church and second mosque.

    The church ( St Thomas 54 AD ) and mosque is still there at Kodungallur .

    The synagogue was destroyed by the Portuguese more than 500 years ago , as a part of Catholic Inquisition. This synagogue was relocated to Kochi ( Mattanchery --and it is still there ).

    Koran was edited in Kongungallur Cheraman Perumal mosque, as Muhammad was a Namboodiri.

    Jesus Christ was in Kerala for 4 years , before he bursts upon the Jerusalem scene with his Namboodiri wife Mary Magdalene. The mother of King Solomon ( wife of David ) Bath Sheba was a Namboodiri woman.

    The Jews cam running to Kerala everytime they got persecuted by the Romans.

    The original Jews were a band of disgraced namboodiris from Kerala , who were exiled to Palisthan ( palestine ). In 7000 BC, Emperor Vikramaditya of Ujain ,India , ruled from Palestine,to Urals to Vietnam.

    Now let us look at Parsi religion.

    Shukracharya, mentor of the asuras , was the GOD ( Ahura Mazda ) of the Parsis. Maharishi Shukracharya was a political advisor to asura King Mahabali of kerala.

    His bitter rival ( mentor of the gods ) Brihaspati was the mentor of the devas ( gods ). Brihaspati is the god of the western nations , like Zues,Thor , Marduk , Ammon etc.

    Judaism was created by racist namboodiris -- hence the racist talmud. Namboodiri women took bath in the open as per their culture, King David fell in love when such a namboodiri married woman Bath Sheba who was taking an open bath.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  75. Dear Captain,
    The result of a study by Dr Mini Kariappa using Genetic research from samples collected from Namboodhiris seems to clearly indicate that Namboodhiris have Jewish ancestry just as Chitpavan Bhramins do. The same "Parashurma decedent" is claimed by Chitpavan Bhramin. No other bhramin community in India have legitimized bastardity through a twisted practices like Sambhandam against all rules of hinduism. They are also completely cut off from the rest of Bhramin community. They seem to be only in Kerela with practices widely deviating from the rest of the Bhramins. How can you discount the possibility that Namboodhiris may be much earlier(than chitpavan) Jewish arrivals to India who converted and became self-appointed Bhramins ? In one of your post you say that Arabs and Jews were Namboodhiri disgraced Namboodhiri Bhramins who migrated to the middle east. Could it be the other way round ?

    1. hi n,

      why do you give me internet bull?

      the white historian has spared no effort to make hinduism younger than christianity and judaism.

      namboodiris created judaism. those days PALESTINE was called PALISTHAN. king solomons mother bath sheba ( 3000 year ago ) was a namboodiri woman ( taking bath in the open kerala style )

      in 7000 BC indian ruled from palestine to urals to vietnam.

      all the STHAN countries were indian territory.

      chitpavan brahmins were bene israel jews taken on a rothschild ship ( british east india company ) and dumped from kerala at the konkan coast. there were NO chitpavan brahmins 350 years ago.

      those who intermarried with indians are called ready made brahmins-- chitpavans. those who did NOT intermarry too much were bene israel jews and they all migrated to israel 30 years ago.

      namboodiris were brough down to kerala in 4000 BC by lord parashurama with all 4 vedas and 108 upanishads.

      later in 2000 BC , adi shankaracharya distributed the 4 vedas in 4 original mutts all over india --with yajurveda being kept at sringeri mutt of the south.

      even today there are schools in kerala teaching krishna yajurveda ( FAKE ). the original yajurveda was stolen by rothschild in 1791 from sringeri and the blame put on tipu sultan who said NO NO !

      to prove he did NOT do it-- tipu sultan made a huge grant to sringeri mutt, later .

      atheists under BR AMbedkar and EVR Periyar ( rothchild stooges ) replaved sanskrit from temples and mantras were chanted in local language -- which has no SHABDA BRAHMAN in them.

      punch into google search-

      kerala has the old tradition of break away namboodiris practicing dark tantric rituals -- where they could irreversibly damage their enemies ( mantravadam )

      kerala syrian christians are jews -- not descendants on namboodiris.

      rothschild allowed chitpavan brahmins, opium agents parsis , syrian christians and opium agents marwaris to control their media as BENAMI owners-- and when they left india in 1947, the same people continued operating them-- toeing their line.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Captain Ajit,
      Your immense knowledge blended with the guts to represent it, is highly inspiring. How come you know so much about veda, hindu vedic knowlege and history ? is this because of your own research or part of your formal education in kerela or some sort of Guru - Shisya knowledge transfer ? Thank you.

  76. Mak Arora

    June 22, 2014 at 11:23 PM
    Hi captain.. After Rajiv Dixit you were the one who has really gave me sleepless nights by reading the truth about our distorted history.
    I just wanted to know few things from you.
    1.what are your views on Rajiv Dixit. Sadly who is no more?
    2.what are your views on spiritual path radhasoami Beas(Punjab)

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    June 22, 2014 at 11:49 PM
    hi ma,

    what is the REAL use of the efforts a man who wants to give deliverance to bharatmata -- who has talked of everything and everybody except R?


    the IMMORAL british historian has planted the verses of the FAKE DASA series ( example- kabir das / ravidas ) in the guru granth sabib.

    unless every sikh on this planet knows how R screwed his NAIVE ancestors -- you cannot get a perspective on anything in punjab. even today the sikhs do NOT know the root cause of the DRUG problem in punjab.

    punch into google search -

    i have written only the bare minimun in the post above -- as the desh bhakt sikh is NOT yet ready to absorb the truth -- it will give him a terrible heartache, when he knows that his heroes were paper tigers and his past history is a BIG lie..

    capt ajit vadakayil

  77. Captain!

    I am a malayalee from America, my name is Michelle Thomas and i am a christian. I came across your interesting blog and you seem to have a lot of knowledge. I want to know when and where Christianity originated from in Kerala. Nobody has real answers on this subject and their answers are always vague. I was wondering if you could help me find out the answer, because I believed that the Brits or St. Thomas converted a lot of Keralites, but i dont know? I especially want to know because people in America are always really curious as to why my name is so white and they dont believe it when i say i am christian, they all think that every indian is hindu. My mom was a jacobite Christian from Chingavanam and my dad was a Knanaya Catholic from Kidangoor, if that helps. THANK YOU CAPTAIN!!!!!

    1. hi mt,

      what you seek is all over my blogs.

      kerala christians are senior to their western white skinned counterparts.

      the second church on this planet was built at kodungallur ( ancient muzris) in kerala.

      india was easily accessible by ship, as this tradition existed even before the Egyptian Pharaohs.. the sea port was muzris , the cultural center of the Calicut king ( my hometown ).

      people who tried to come via the Hindu Kush mountains died a horrible death , or were captured as slaves enroute, and made to work in mines, till they died.

      In 7000 BC , India ruled from Palestine, to Urals to Vietnam.

      It was usual for people in Palestine to come to kerala by boat, as judiasm is a religion started by a bunch of discredited Namboodiris. this is why the Talmud is highly racist.

      every time jews got persecuted they ran to kerala for refuge.

      King Solomon's mother bath sheba was a namboodiri woman.

      jesus christ was in kerala before he burst upon the scene at Jerusalem.

      orpheus ( an Indian seer ) , pythagoras ,plato were all in kerala, before jesus.

      St Thomas came to kerala after jesus died-- rather he was told to go to kerala . Jesus sent peter to Vatican where a Shiva temple existed.

      He built the second church on this planet at Kodungallur--where the second mosque on this planet also exists.

      when thomas came to kerala there was NO christianity yet .

      st thomas converted few jews in kerala to christianity -- they call themselves st thomas syrian christians .

      some jews had come to Kerala from antioch ( syria ) --and these converted jews are the modern Kerala syrian christians ( Knanaya /Jacobite ).

      St Thomas christians like to claim that they are descendants of namboodiris -- they are NOT.

      francis xavier many converted modern day kerala christians -- but the syrian christians look down upon them, as a lesser breed, just because they believe that they are descendants of namboodiris..

      of course later on the british invader brought white christian missionaries to soul harvest. these converts are also looked down upon by the syrian christians

      today in kerala if a dalit latin Catholic converted by the british missionaries / portuguese francis xavier goes to a Syrian Christian church, he will be cold shouldered and shunted out-- rather he will never go there again .--just because he is dark skinned

      christianity is the third-most practiced religion in Kerala with 21% of the population. although a minority, christians represent a much larger percentage of the population of Kerala than of india considered as a whole



      capt ajit vadakayil

  78. shabnam frei
    July 7, 2014 at 1:50 PM
    Dear Sir,
    Learnt a lot.Thank you.
    But I still don't understand the "purpose" of Lord Vishnu with this particular Avatar.
    Why would any one & specially our revered Lord Vishnu do such a terrible thing to the indeginous Kerala dwellers ?

    Apparently Varun Dev did something similar. He took by sea, the exiled people who preferred to live in opposition to the vedic principals & helped them resettle in various countries in the west.
    Please kindly enlighten.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    July 7, 2014 at 9:08 PM
    hi sf,

    punch into google search-


    when vishnu avatar killed king mahabali of kerala , maharishi shukracharya was his political advisor.



    devas took brihaspati as their mentor -- though shukracharya was far better -- so he rebelled and became mentor for the asuras .


    capt ajit vadakayil

  79. Arun Saxena

    July 13, 2014 at 9:17 PM
    Is the Raju Elephant story being saved by Wildlife-SOS UK another west story to run down India, reeks of a Slumdog Millioniare scenario


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    July 13, 2014 at 10:21 PM
    hi as,

    this is what the western media is crying from the rooftops--













    punch into google search-

    capt ajit vadakayil

  80. Let me bring 2 your notice that Brahmins do follow a National agenda dreaming of Ruling India s they used to in the Past!!!
    The points and the facts you have raised are undeniable and true... These are some statistics of how united Brahmins are in the whole nation...

    ब्राह्मण साम्राज्य की टीम ने 2 महीने की मेहनत कर भारत के समस्त राज्यों से ब्राह्मण जनसँख्या जानने की कोशिश की हे जिसके अनुसार सूची तयार हुई हे। उम्मीद हे ब्राह्मण अपनी शक्ति पहचाने और एकजुट होकर कार्य करे :

    1) जम्मू कश्मीर : 2 लाख + 4 लाख विस्थापित
    2) पंजाब : 9 लाख ब्राह्मण
    3) हरयाणा : 14 लाख ब्राह्मण
    4) राजस्थान : 78 लाख ब्राह्मण
    5) गुजरात : 60 लाख ब्राह्मण
    6) महाराष्ट्र : 45 लाख ब्राह्मण
    7) गोवा : 5 लाख ब्राह्मण
    8) कर्णाटक : 45 लाख ब्राह्मण
    9) केरल : 12 लाख ब्राह्मण
    10) तमिलनाडु : 36 लाख ब्राह्मण
    11) आँध्रप्रदेश : 24 लाख ब्राह्मण
    12) छत्तीसगढ़ : 24 लाख ब्राह्मण
    13) ओद्दिस : 37 लाख ब्राह्मण
    14) झारखण्ड : 12 लाख ब्राह्मण
    15) बिहार : 90 लाख ब्राह्मण
    16) पश्चिम बंगाल : 18 लाख ब्राह्मण
    17) मध्य प्रदेश : 42 लाख ब्राह्मण
    18) उत्तर प्रदेश : 2 करोड़ ब्राह्मण
    19) उत्तराखंड : 20 लाख ब्राह्मण
    20) हिमाचल : 45 लाख ब्राह्मण
    21) सिक्किम : 1 लाख ब्राह्मण
    22) आसाम : 10 लाख ब्राह्मण
    23) मिजोरम : 1.5 लाख ब्राह्मण
    24) अरुणाचल : 1 लाख ब्राह्मण
    25) नागालैंड : 2 लाख ब्राह्मण
    26) मणिपुर : 7 लाख ब्राह्मण
    27) मेघालय : 9 लाख ब्राह्मण
    28) त्रिपुरा : 2 लाख ब्राह्मण

    सबसे ज्यादा ब्राह्मण वाला राज्य: उत्तर प्रदेश
    सबसे कम ब्राह्मण वाला राज्य : सिक्किम

    सबसे ज्यादा ब्राह्मण राजनेतिक वर्चस्व : पश्चिम बंगाल

    सबसे ज्यादा %ब्राह्मण वाला राज्य : उत्तराखंड में जनसँख्या के 20 % ब्राह्मण

    अत्यधिक साक्षर ब्राह्मण राज्य :
    केरल और हिमाचल

    सबसे ज्यादा अच्छी आर्थिक स्तिथि में ब्राह्मण : आसाम

    ब्राह्मण पर सर्वाधिक हिंसा ( मोखिक एव शारीरिक) राज्य :
    महाराष्ट्र, तमिलनाडु और कश्मीर

    सबसे ज्यादा ब्राह्मण मुख्यमंत्री वाला राज्य : राजस्थान

    सबसे ज्यादा ब्राह्मण विधायक वाला राज्य : उत्तर प्रदेश

    भारत लोकसभा में ब्राह्मण : 48 %
    भारत राज्यसभा में ब्राह्मण : 36 %
    भारत में ब्राह्मण राज्यपाल : 50 %
    भारत में ब्राह्मण कैबिनेट सचिव : 33 %
    भारत में मंत्री सचिव में ब्राह्मण : 54%
    भारत में अतिरिक्त सचिव ब्राह्मण : 62%
    भारत में पर्सनल सचिव ब्राह्मण : 70%
    यूनिवर्सिटी में ब्राह्मण वाईस चांसलर : 51%
    सुप्रीम कोर्ट में ब्राह्मण जज: 56%
    हाई कोर्ट में ब्राह्मण जज : 40 %
    भारतीय राजदूत ब्राह्मण : 41%
    पब्लिक अंडरटेकिंग ब्राह्मण :
    केंद्रीय : 57%
    राज्य : 82 %

    बैंक में ब्राह्मण : 57 %
    एयरलाइन्स में ब्राह्मण : 61%
    IAS ब्राह्मण : 72%
    IPS ब्राह्मण : 61%
    टीवी कलाकार एव बॉलीवुड : 83%
    CBI Custom ब्राह्मण : 72%

    जय परशुराम जी की
    ब्राह्मण एकता विजयते
    All brahmins are united and working together to rule this country.we sc st obc and minority are fighting to each other.we have to build the institutions in education business finance social cultural etc to keep our generation alive.

    1. hi p,

      this blogsite is NOT an anti-brahmin site.

      all this post tells is the past truth-- NEVER to subvert popular opinion or to create a bad image, for the Namboodiris .

      I AM GRATEFUL TO THE NAMBOODIRIS FOR TAKING CARE OF THE VEDAS FROM 4000 BC TO 2000 BC ( when adi shankaracharya , a namboodiri distributed the holy vedas and upanishads into a 4 corners of india by starting 4 mutts ) .


      people say that vedas are bullsh#t !

      let them read my next post on NASADIYA SUKTA of RIG VEDA ( 5000 BC ).

      i will quote a few verses , the most profound truths ever uttered by a human, or will ever utter in future.

      the maharishis never rammed down anything down unwilling throats- rather they asked you to read it and reject it , if you please.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  81. Forget about mythology I can quote real examples in Maharashtra who had laid their lives fighting against the racism of Brahmins...Saint Dyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram,Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Phule, Savitribai Phule, Rajarshi Shahu, Babasaheb Ambedkar And recently Narendra Dabholkar who was an activist fighting against Superstitious customs laid by Brahmins.who was assasinated these racist cowards.

  82. Brahminism
    Brahminism is nothing but a crafty
    profession under the guise of religion and
    has knack of appearing under false
    pretences. It is gross and sexual, and yet
    appears to be refined and spiritual. It is
    vicious and crooked and yet pretends to
    be moral; worldly and yet seems to be
    religious. Such a system should be
    destroyed ruthlessly for the very spirit of
    Brahminism is inimical to the good of
    humanity. It represents a feudal form of
    capitalism and exploits the wealth of the
    rich under the form of Dakshina which is
    the life force of Brahminism."
    — R D Karve , Reason, Oct 1932

    1. hi p,

      maharishi RD Karve was a chitpavan JEW brahmin.

      he was highly sponsored by rothschild, the Jewish owner of british east india company.

      The Government of India awarded Chitpavan Brahmin Maharishi Dhondo Keshav Karve its highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna, in 1958.

      In 1920, Rothschild agent and industrialist from Mumbai, SIR Vithaldas Thackersey, donated Karve's university 15 lakhs Indian rupees— an ASTRONOMICAL sum in those days—and the university was then renamed Shreemati Nāthibāi Dāmodar Thāckersey (SNDT) Indian Women’s University.

      Bharat Ratna was given to Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, because he worked overtime to provide shelter to destitute Indian women.

      In1929, Karve was sponsored by Rothschild on a 15 month world tour. EVR Periyar was also given such a conducted world tour, but only where Tamils existed.

      Karve met prominent European and American Jews all over the world- incl Einstein.

      In England he was felicitated at Rothschild’s India Association at Caxton Hall, London. He went to Switzerland , Germany, USA, Japan, During a subsequent tour of America, Karve lectured at various forums on women's education and social reforms in India.

      He also visited the Women's University in Tokyo.

      He returned to India in April 1930.

      With a few months he was sent again to Africa for another 15 month tour wherever Indian indentured labour existed- Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Portuguese East Africa, South Africa etc.

      Durga Bhagwat ( one of the most respected women of integrity in India ) has written a damning indictment of Maharishi Karve, alleging that he--

      -- “ preyed on young attractive women who were vulnerable, facing hard times, and tried to put them under debt of gratitude so that they would be drawn into his coterie for life, looking heartlessly upon them as possible recruits in his social mission “.

      it is better that I do NOT talk anymore.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. You are absolutely right Sir....The facts which u have placed about karve..The quote which I have posted is written by his son.Which I think he quoted after his personal experiences with his father and perverted society

  83. Brahmins are bad bad right! If they want to rule the whole country they would have done it easily using british but except tamilian brahmins nobody cooperated, only migrated races were rich before like Capt said. Please tell me why brahmins managed to get murdered and raped in Kashmir and in Northern INdia. They could just as easily converted to other faiths and get good money and lands, couldn't they? Except for kerala brahmins nowhere else this kind of discrimination allowed. Even if brahmins did so then why so many are still hindus, they should have converted to other peaceful religions right. Have you seen modern job system and the way it treats brahmins, now a days it's difficult to get good jobs for upper caste people. And whoever got -- got only by merit. Brahmins are united? That's a nice joke, Brahmins have divisions like Smarthas -- who worship both shiva and vishnu, Vaishnavas - who worship only Vishnu and another division which only worships Shiva, They hate each other, let alone united to rule. And there are language barriers as well. Now a days laws are in favor against hinduism -- this goes against brahmins as well. Think of whole country not as a Brahmin, obc etc after 800 years. Please The Experienced Capt wishes so.

  84. Also priyanka, why blame brahmins if they are educated and care more about their lives, Tell all people of india to study and get good jobs, This kind of defeatist feeling is what leads to being a slave. You be the master nobody is stopping you.