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  1. Ajit Sir, Didnt quite comprehend these videos. Is it an expose or example of psychic healing in the East?

  2. Capt sir
    What was u trying to say here ? I couldn't understand ?

    1. hi pankaj,

      IT IS TOTAL FRAUD -- 100% !!

      capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Capt sir
    I could not understand this.Please elaborate.

    1. bi bs,

      blood is animal blood-- FAKE.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Captain i was extremely shocked when u said that you will stop blogging .I guess the bold letters of forest grump in your latest blog is the sign of your halt .

    However my gut feeling says that you have thrown a bait . You want to offload the readers who just come and read masala comments .

    Come back soon captain .I am missing your comments .

  5. Capt sir
    I suffer from stammering
    Are homeopathic medicines effective or they have side effects?
    I am 16 year boy

    By the way the work you are doing for Hinduism is great. Is there any way i can contribute to it?
    I have full faitj in you that you will give my wronged religion its rightful place

    1. hi kg,

      Visit a speech-language pathologist (SLP), a professional who is trained to test and treat individuals with voice, speech, and language disorders.

      A child who starts stuttering before 3.5 years of age is less likely to be stuttering later on in life.

      The earlier the stuttering starts the less likely it is to continue long-term.

      A person with a stutter (or stammer) may also stop during speech and make no sound for certain syllables.

      If it is a psychological problem you will NOT stutter when you sing the same words — try that.

      If it is a physical problem there are Ayurveda treatments. For example one of them is to make a paste of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) with pure ghee and have this slowly daily.

      And keep his mouth open to sunlight by reflection with a mirror for a brief time .

      In ancient days the stammer party used to lick honey out of a fresh Peepal leaf to get magic cures.

      Most people who stutter find that their problem eases if they are relaxed. Do Pranayama.

      Punch into Google search-


      Stuttering is common when children are learning to speak. However, the majority of kids grow out of this stage of initial stuttering. It is important that parents do not add to a child's stress by drawing too much attention to the problem when they are trying to communicate verbally. The calmer a child feels the less acute the symptoms tend to become.

      Practice smooth, fluent speech at very slow speed, using short sentences and phrases. STRETCH vowels and consonants, while trying to secure continuous airflow. With practice you will gradually utter smooth speech at higher speed, and with longer sentences and phrases.

      Stammering is predominantly a ‘male’ condition and 80% of all persons who stammer are male. I t is usually known to affect the first-born male child. A person who stammers knows precisely what he wants to say but cannot, for the moment, say it because of an involuntary repetition, prolongation or cessation of the speech sound. .

      Like all other physical actions, the act of speech is the result of neuro-muscular coordination which involves the transmitting of electro-chemical messages from the brain to the appropriate muscle groups. For everyone of us, this neuro-muscular system sometimes trips and fails especially during moments of inadequate emotional control

      The person with the severest stammer can sing fluently without any speech blocks. This is because when we sing a song, we know exactly when to say the words and there is no ambiguity in our minds about this timing. In conversational speech however, we cannot bank on any such cues but as normally fluent speakers, most of us do not need these cues.

      However, without these cues, the speech of a person who stammers becomes disoriented, because of his ‘wrongly tuned’ neurological speech-timing system. He experiences difficulty in maintaining a smooth forward flow of words in feared situations.

      All persons who stammer have periods of fluency when they are emotionally relaxed but revert back to dysfluent speech under stress.

      Yoga can address stammering

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Hello sir
    My gym trainer recently advised me against consuming grain products as decrease testosterone levels in body

    Is it true? I am drom India and avoiding grain products is impossible.


    2. I did read that blog earlier to posting the question. Coudnt find that answer to my question.
      Would you explain a bit more? (Sorry if i m irritating)


  7. Y
    Always with my frns.

    Bless Philippines with peace and prosperity. Especially the youth with good life.
    A friend