Monday, September 5, 2011


People outside India , think that Bollywood ( Hindi films ) is THE film industry of India.

It is NOT!

Bollywood is a minuscule part of the Indian film industry.

There are many other language sectors where the films are far better with sensitive story plots ( Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc ).

-- heroes and heroines are better paid, the film budget is bigger .

There are NO star sons and star daughters in these industries -- like in Bollywood, where REAL acting is dead due to severe infestation with useless "star sons" and "star daughters". 

In fact till Salman Khan brought fitness into Bollywood, yester year Bollywood heroes all had wider bottoms than chests. 

None of them dared to wear swimming briefs, in any movie-- and some have retired after several decades of acting without even removing their shirts. 

Just think back-- start off with the Kapoor khandaan. They are so proud of great grandson Ranbir, who bared his body in his first movie Saawariya.

I am putting a few Malayalam songs-- it is strange that tragedy Malayalam movies ( with sad endings ) are always hits.

In Malayalam films we go NATURAL-- real life -- no glitz -- that is the way our people like it--

Our Malayalam films don't sell escapist fantasy and glamour, they sell gruesome reality.


CHEMEEN ( 47 year old movie, national award winner -- about a fishing village --tragic illicit love affair of a Hindu married woman with a Muslim man )

NEE MADHUPAKARU-- ( real melody-- those days there was no colour technology )

MUDRA-- a sensitive film set in a juvenile delinquency centre

Sagaramme Santhamaye ne

In the clip below , you find the guy wearing a mundu ( white dhoti ). This is what I wear at home when I go for important functions , when on leave.. elegant dress, very comfortable. If a guy in 3 piece Saville row suit and natty Pucci shoes goes past me, I would NOT even notice--

Malayalam songs are sheer poetry.  We dont have "babe babe babe" or " yamma yamma " or " chinnga chikka " type songs.

Here is a hilarious Srinivasan classic--

Oh Zainabah

Aayirum kannumai

Kallai Kadavathu

Aalorungi --Mammatti kutty amma

Jayan the action mega hero  , below was probably the only superhero on this planet-- who did his own stunts , without doubles or safety belts. he fell off a helicopter while attempting to get on to a speeding car.



  1. Capt Sahab...this was great...We used to have Regional films shown on DD-1 in 1980s on Sundays and I got to see many of the Malayalam and Tamil ones [remember some starring Kamal Hasan,Rajini and Sri Devi] with Illayaraja's music. As u said, many Bollywood critics also acknowledge that real movies are made in south. Though Tamil and malayalam movie industries are not connected but the old generation tamil movies had social plots like the malayalam ones. Newer Tamil movies are more action and stunt based.

  2. Pranam Guruji, Hari Om

    Words are not enough to thank you for the service you are doing to people like us by disbursing the true dnyaan! My husband and I've been somehow pushed on the path of search for truth and therefore research since 2012(!) and I am really fortunate to have discovered this site. Shata koti Dhanyawaad!!!
    Though we are way ahead of the aam junta when it comes to tatvadnyaan, bhakti, realisation etc. we are still at an extremely basic level and therefore have many questions. The most critical at this point in time for both of us is @ Grihastashram and procreation. Would it be wrong on our part to not procreate given the worsening practical living conditions day by day in this Kalyug? There is so much misery around, no place to walk or play, extreme stress at work, competition, inflation, pollution, corruption, decadence of society & moral values, brainwash shikshan sanstha & entertainment, scarcity of resources like water, genuine food/dairy products, all the theories/facts of gmo.nwo. ww iii.. I can just go on and on...Is it necessary to have one's own point of (highest maya) attachment to feel complete and selfless where one might actually focus all ones energies around that new soul perhaps ignoring the rest of the existing souls whom one could help instead (on all possible levels - financial, educational, moral, basic necessities etc.)? Is it against dharma / unnatural to feel parental love and care toward all children around you and not feel the need to have any of your own? No one has given any convincing answer so far but I know that you would throw some light here. I hope you'll forgive us if we are being too cynical/naive/adnyaani as you've already written a blog about this but could you please guide us take the right decision within time? Many thanks for your time.
    Shri Krishnarpanamstu.

    1. hi sd,

      not procreating , when married , is BAD KARMA.

      women who cannot procreate is exempted from this.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Oh my God, really? Is this because of/linked to Pitru roon, I'd heard something of this sort?
      Silly me the current gen yo! career woman (super brainwashed!) was all against it so far. :(
      Guruji, thank you very much for your prompt reply. I was waiting for Krishna to answer my question and he just did!!!!!! Yay....yay...
      Venkataramana Govinda Govinda Govinda :) :) :)

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