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A stands for automatic. ( avtomat )

K stands for Kalashnikov . ( Kalashnikova )

47 stands for the year off build.

In 2004 Vladmir Putin sent George W Bush some Russian Vodka in a bottle shaped like a AK-47, just to remind him of its popularity in USA.. what with its reliable firing rate of 700 round per minute. It was also to remind that that AK-47 is an invention of Russia and not Hollywood.  

An AK-47 requires NIL training. Just load , shoot and kill. There is a selector switch for single shot of full automatic fire. It has passed every torture test of getting buried in ice or sand or dirty salt water, thrown down cliffs and very time the gun fired. It created large exit wounds and can pass through a car door at 100 metres easily.

In the Hollywood movie First Blood II, Rambo takes on the entire Viet Cong with a old and battered AK-47.  His American colleague with a M16 asks him “ A beat to shit AK?. Every 12 year old in Nam got that!”  Rambo looks mighty pleased and gives his trademark  laborious side way drawl “ Exactly!”

American Marines in Viet Nam were given M16 guns which jammed even in light rain. And they had to face the awesome firepower of the Viet Cong 40 kg warriors whose guns never jammed even if it was covered in heavy mud. So after killing them  the Americans used to steal their AK-47 rifles and bullets.

When your life is on the line you need a reliable weapon, NOT a fancy one on paper. Their bullshit Colt Armalite M16 guns had to be cleaned every 30 rounds, if it had to be reliable. The GIs’ were NOT even issued with rifle cleaning kits. The US military came up with a white washing statement later that the soldiers were given the wrong cartridges—so many lives lost, by the big bull of M16 being maintenance free!

If you hold a AK47 and shake it, it rattles . But such a shake given to a M16, does NOT rattle—for the simple reason enough clearances for temperature variations and grit in the system was ignored. So though the AK47 was less accurate in distances greater than 300 metres, they were much more reliable, as the gun never jammed in the thick of battle, at the most inopportune and critical moment.

Most firefights happen within 300 metres range. The maker Kalashnikov was so cock sure that his gun wont jam, that he never bothered to fit them with bayonets..

Just about 4 months after the World trade centre came down in New York, my ship loaded a full shipload of Siberian USED railway tracks at St Petersberg Russia.  Siberian railway tracks have the best steel on this planet.  I made sure I examined what went into my ships holds. There was NOT a single USED railway track—all were BRAND NEW. It is easy to find a used track, as the bolts and nuts will leave circular marks. Some gigantic Russian mafia export to US government , to be melted in the furnace for military needs.

One of the reasons Russian AK-47 assault rifle and its later models has stood the test of time , is due to superior metallurgy. Many countries make their own AK-47 guns without licence. Their guns cannot fire 700 rounds a minute and will jam as the metal expands. While the Russian AK-47 will work from minus 40 deg C of Siberia to plus 60 deg centigrade of Kuwait desert.

On my last ship I had my Filipino Bosun, who was kidnapped by the Nigerian rebels at Lagos , along with the 2nd Mate and the Russian Chief Engineer. He tells me that he used to cry every day, for the couple of months he was with them in the jungles. Then he said that the Russian Chief Engineer was very happy. It seems the rebels used to give him hundreds of AK-47 rifles to overhaul, and in return they used to feed him well with fresh lamb and as many girls as he wanted at night.

One of my ex- Russian Chief Engineers had told me that at school they were trained to dismantle and assemble AK-47 rifles with eyes blindfolded. It was part of the school curriculum in the cold war era. I remember him telling they there are only 8 parts, and even a retard can do it, it was no big deal.

The AK-47 is a GAS BLOW BACK operated weapon. When the gun if fired and the round detonated the  gas of the explosion behind the bullet goes up the barrel, and enters a small port at the top of the barrel near the muzzle, from where it directed to push the working piston mechanism back at the breech. This ejects the spent cartridge and loads a new cartridge, from the magazine to repeat the cycle. The gun reloads by itself.  simultaneously the hammer is cocked , and it does it 11 times a second under the automatic fire mode..

Lt Gen Mikael Timofeyevich Klashnikov started his career as a gun designer after getting shot on his shoulder with a nazi shell shrapnel during the Battle of Bryansk in Oct 1941 as a tank commander.

While in the hospital for 6 long months, he heard soldiers complaining about their guns—which they could NOT officially. This man  receives only a state pension today, and has received many awards including the Hero of the Russian federation .  

He is proud of his brass bust in his native village of Kuria , in the Siberian region of Altai. The AK-47 is still being manufactured in the first factory it was made at Urals.

If he was an American Jew he would be the richest man in the world.

He says modestly today “ I am ready to shake hands with anybody who makes a better rifle than AK-47 . All the latest model reverse engineered fake models like the Chinese cannot fire 700 rounds per minute at a muzzle velocity of more than 730 metres per second  without jamming.

 There are more than 110 million happy owners of this superbly designed assault rifle. It has been in  every war since 1949—and will be around for some more decades. Where there is a war, there will be an AK-47.  The AK-47 is here to stay, because of its durability, low cost production, ease of use  and its reliability.

More AK-47 rifles have been produced than all other rifles combined.

The later models of AK-47 ( AK-74 and AKMS ) have silencers , anti flash devices, night vision telescopic sights, folding stocks and short barrels—for covert operations at night by paratroopers . You get 100 rounds drum magazines too. The later models an go 1000 metres and punch holes on thick steel armour.

The shifted pulse gas operated AN-94 can fire 1800 rounds per minute—with single shot, 2 round burst or fully automatic modes.  Double shots ensure a kill. The “shifted pulse” is a high tech system that delays the recoil by microseconds so that the shot is more accurate. The “cylic rate reducer” is used to slow down fire in fully automatic mode.
The below flag belongs to Mozambique.--it shows an AK-47

In Somali , in the year 2011-- you can barter an AK-47 for a sack of grain or a cow.
An AK-47 is as famous around the world as Coca Cola.



  1. Captain, Please write something on Bilderberg Club

  2. hi tapan,

    this is a inner rothschild zionist CLUB within the naive bilderberg CLUB.

    it is this "inner club" , who laid the blue print for Libya .

    shall post on this soon.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. hi,

    INSAS can fire 650 rounds/ minute- which is very impressive on paper.

    but it does NOT have the superior metallurgy of the Russian guns.

    -- and so after extensive firing it WILL jam!

    capt ajit vaadkayil

    1. they shud use the ancient indian metallurgy .there are so many alloys & metal mixes as mentioned in the vimanshastra

  4. captain sahab,

    Mikhail Kalashnikov is no more. Died yesterday at age of 94. RIP???


  5. Kapthaan Saab.

    Indian army is trying to replace junk insas with latest assaul rifle. Which one would be the best rilfle to replace junk insas?

    1. hi pk,

      india should go for licences production of russian AK-12, with sharing of metallurgy technology .

      INSAS trichy assault rifle was NOT too bad, -- but its metallurgy was very poor.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  6. Thanks sirji. pardon me for replying this late. U can see I was commenting on your other blogs. I've even asked about my mom's health issues and said would post reports very soon.

    Coming to ak 12. sirji it deosn;t has multi calibre feature, it still uses same old 5.45X39 ammo. but we are looking for mult calibre gun? Alos, DRDO to unweils india's own multi calibre asault rifle. What's your opinion on this.?
    Thank You.

    1. hi pk,

      The Indian Army has developed a single assault rifle that can engage targets at various distances.

      Rather than using different weapons for different distances, DRDO decided to design a single multi-caliber individual weapon system for a variety of situations.

      The MCIWS --Multi Caliber Individual Weapon System-- is designed to change between 5.56 mm for targets at 400 meters, 7.62 mm for targets out to 300 meters, and 6.8 mm to act as a submachine gun for targets from 200-300 meters.

      Caliber conversion is achieved by changing the barrel group, breech block, and magazine. Different barrel lengths will also be available for each caliber.

      The rifle is machined with aluminum alloy, is feed from 30-round plastic magazines, and features an adjustable stock and ambidextrous controls.

      A picatinny rail system allows accessories to be mounted including a CCD camera day sight and thermal imaging night sight to engage targets in day/night conditions. An indigenously-designed under barrel grenade launcher (UBGL) capable of firing airbursting 40mm grenade rounds is also being developed. Development of the MCIWS began in late 2012. The prototyping of the rifle began in 2013 and is to be handed over to the Army for trials after demonstrations.

      It should be a good gun.

      Vidhwansak AMR- large-caliber sniper rifle manufactured by Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli- is one of few firearms to support 3 calibers with quick interchangeability (without completely disassembling and reworking the weapon).

      The Vidhwansak can be easily converted between the three calibers - 12.7 mm, 14.5 mm and 20 mm, by replacing the barrel, bolt, magazine and scope, which takes about 1 minute in the field, without the need for any specialized tools.

      The rifle has an effective range of 1,800 m (1,300 m for the 20 mm version), while shots can be achieved even up to 2,000 m.

      DRDO has also developed a corner-shot rifle for the special forces ,capable of firing both 5.56 and 7.62 rounds-- that provides greater safety during counter-insurgency operations as its user is not in the direct line of fire.

      The corner shot rifle, which enables a soldier to fire at 90 degrees or at an angle from behind a wall without facing a terrorist

      Only Russia has the metallurgy expertise to fire continuously for a long time from an automatic assault rifle without jamming.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  7. Thank you sirji for detailed information information. Also, Modi rally in kerala was a huge success. Even syrian christians supported modi which i highly doubt. Thanks for your time sirji.

  8. Sir ....with all due respect and after having gone through your blog, at certain places you have mentioned the word "Gun" which is not appropriate.A rifle is a rilfe and a gun is a gun.All civilians might call it a gun owing to their lack of in-depth knowledge. I am sure you will feel deeply offended if I call a "destroyer" a "frigate" or worst if I call a "Submarine" a aircraft carrier. Sorry could not hold myself.
    Regards sir.

    1. hi p,

      Spiralling grooves in the bore is called rifling.

      Now what next ?

      Twat and cunt ?

      Capt ajit vadakayil