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Above is India's highest award --given to the Jewel of India-- a banyan tree leaf.

Above is a small excerpt from the speech of the great Indian mystic ( Nikola Tesla's guru ) on 11th Sept 1893, at the World Parliament of religions , at Chicago, attended by 27 million people. As soon as Vivekananda started with " Sisters and brothers of America" the whole jam packed hall rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation of more than 3 minutes --of inexplicable rapture.

Two decades ago, while in the Pacific ocean, my Chief Officer told me a story when I went up to bullshit with him in his evening watch.

He said that his family runs a restaurant on the Mumbai Pune highway. The Paav Vadas are so tasty, that even top film stars make sure they stop their cars and have it.

Then one day, the cook who had been serving their family for decades, suddenly decided to start his own restaurant nearby. And naturally, there was a switch of customer loyalty and  exodus, to the other restaurant-- as all knew he was the guy who made the stuff.

Pretty soon, everybody came back , like prodigal son--total re-polarisation.  And my Chief Offiecrs family was unable to figure out why the same cook could NOT make the same tasty fare again.

The reason was given to them by their family pundit. In the middle of the restaurant yard , they had a huge shady Banyan tree. It was the energy vibes generated by the banyan tree which make the Paav so soft n fluffy ( burger buns basically ) and the Vada ( spicy potato bonda ) so tasty.

Max Mueller who worked for drug running Rothschild owned British East India Company, was instructed by Thomas Babington Macaulay to belittle the great Hindu religion .  It was all about Christianity and Judaism needing to shine, at the expense of Hinduism. How petty they could get is what follows.

It is written in the Rig Veda written in Sanskrit in 5000 BC, that the Vat Vriksha ( belittled by Vatican as the banyan tree , under which Banias held their shopkeeping business ) has a spiritual role in human life and must be revered. It was always a wonder as to how ageless a banyan tree can be. The tree which Alexander the great wrote in his records , as providing shelter to 8000 of his soldiers is still living.

The tree symbolises eternal life, due to its unending expansion. It is also called the Kalpaka Vriksha or the wish full filling tree, in the Atharva Veda. In the Bhagawat Gita Lord Krishna praises the tree as immortal.Sanatana Dharma ( Hinduism ) is known as a giant banyan tree, under whose shade a thousand faiths bloom.

For this is a tree that does NOT grow out of the soil. It grows out of its own branches. The seed alights on the branch, germinates from there and produces handing roots that invade the soils to grow into a new tree. After a couple of centuries the host tree does NOT exist any more, like how the human race changes form.

In Bhagawat Gita Sri Krishna tells Prince Arjuna before the great war. " Of all the trees I am the Banyan tree". This is where the creation and destruction of the Cosmos comes. This concept of Singularity ( which even Einstein did NOT understand ) or the Bindu of the Sri Yantra sacred geometry,  I will explain later in this same post.

So in 1858 German Jew Max Mueller, put the age of the Great banyan tree of Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical garden , Howrah, near Calcutta to 60 years. So today if you see Rothschild promoted free encyclopedia  Wikipedia on Internet, its says that this tree is just 200 years old.

When Max Mueller saw this timeless milleniums old tree, it covered 4.8 acres of land or nearly 15000 square metres, with about 3000 aerial roots invading the soil as fresh trees--but all interlinked as one giant tree..as a great tangle of branches , roots and trunks. In those days this single tree looked like a great forest having a circumference of 1.2 kilometers.

How petty can human nature get -- how low can a human being be reduced to?

Rightly after Independence the Indian Govt has chosen Banyan tree as our national tree, for here is a  a tree that regenerates unlike other trees, and is immortal unless sabotaged..

In every traditional Hindu temple there is a Banyan tree or a Peepal tree on the East side. Peepal is also called Bodhi tree, under which Gautama Buddha got enlightened 3900 years ago.

The Banyan tree is the male equivalent and Peepal is the female counterpart. The Peepal leaf is tender heart shaped which flaps with a gentle breeze and has a tapering long tail.

The Banyan leaf is elliptical , shiny , stiff and leathery .The Peepal has a single truck while the larger and taller Banyan tree has several trunks.

The leaves contain water and even if you light a bonfire underneath , nothing happens to the leaves, as is seen at Sabarimala where thousands of coconuts are burnt with ghee in the havanam . The intelligence of the tree lies in teh water content of the leaves.

Every single village in India has a Banyan tree who stood as a mute spiritual witness to deeds conducted under it. Every village held court, without written records under it, the tree being the sole witness. Under this tree people do NOT tell lies, lest the spirits in the tree get offended. Provoking the spirits within the tree brings misfortune and ill health.

So the mighty Banyan tree is the tree of knowledge and the tree of life, as it was the focus of the Panchayat community and the village council. Of course it provided as good  shade and friendly vibes to hundreds of people who sat under it.. Instant justice was provided under the canopy of this majestic sacred tree of wisdom. People behaved themselves under a Banyan tree, where the village deity is installed. It was rather an outdoor temple, with the main truck having a platform built around it. .  

It is about culture--people without culture will never understand this. In India when we are respectful to our parents , it is a part of our culture, and is programmed into our DNA. If you see America TV soaps, all for the sake of canned laughter, just see how a daughter insults her father of a son insults his mother, on wife insults the husband in front of her children. Thank god we do not have such bullshit uncultured serials in India even today.

In ancient days the stutterers and the stammer party used to lick honey out of a Peepal leaf to get magic cures. Women keep vrat , walk clockwise around the tree 7 times , and tie sacred thread around the tree, to be removed when the vow is full filled.

Peepal leaf art has taken off in a bid way. You can soak a leaf in water and separate the pulp from the veins. The image of Lord Krishna as a young baby floating on a leaf down the river, sucking on the big toe is of particular religious significance. If you keep this image on a black background, the image comes alive. Remove the background and the image fades like magic.

When you have a big bang which created the cosmos, you need to have a black hole singularity too. This is commonsense which Albert Einstein and party ignored despite being very proficient with Indian Vedas.

The Bindu of the Sri yantra represents singularity. The cosmos expands and contracts at regular cycles as explained by Sri Krishna in the Bhagawat Gita--just like inhalation and exhalation.

As per the Vedas the sole witness to the cosmic deluge is Maharishi Markandeya.


It was stated by the Lord in the Vedas: “Oh, Human! This village of yours is balanced on the banyan leaf and your lifespan is just a like a drop of water running down that leaf, which may fall any minute.”

Suddenly, amongst all the confusion, Markandeya noticed a banyan leaf floating on the ocean, tossed by the waves. On this unlikely raft lay a beautiful and adorable child, suckling his right toe, unperturbed by the calamity that had befallen the world. It was Krishna as Balaji, the newborn cosmic child.
The infant's heavenly smile negated the brutality of the pralaya (cosmic deluge). His compassionate glance reassured Markandeya that life would go on, convincing him that the world never ends, but only changes.

When Markandeya went close to this baby, he was sucked in with the air, when the baby took a breath.

Inside, he saw hundreds of thousand of universes and all that had been consumed by the deluge - the skies, the seas, the earth, gods, demons, humans, animals and plants.

So much so, that he even had a glimpse of his own Ashram on the banks of the Subhadra River. He saw himself sitting in meditation. Markandeya thus realized that the child was none other than the cosmic god (Narayana) who had withdrawn the world into himself.

In that vast sea he again saw the banyan tree growing on the tiny island and the infant boy lying within the leaf. The child ( Vishnu ) glanced at him from the corner of His eyes with a smile imbued with the nectar of love, and Markandeya took Him into his heart through his eyes. Greatly agitated, the sage ran to embrace the transcendental Personality of Godhead.

At that moment the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the original master of all mysticism and who is hidden within everyone's heart, became invisible to the sage, just as the achievements of an incompetent person can suddenly vanish.
After the Lord disappeared, O brahmana, the banyan tree, the great water and the dissolution of the universe all vanished as well, and in an instant Markandeya found himself back in his own hermitage, just as before.
Here Lord Vishnu after reversing the big bang, turned himself into a child ( read as DNA from cosmos ) as small as that could fit on a tiny leaf of a banyan tree, floating in the Aakasha , until he himself decides to recreate everything back out from himself.


The black hole or singularity ( gravitational ) , the point at which the space time curvature becomes infinite , is represented by Bindu on the Sri Yantra --the divine geometric representation of this cyclic big-crunch and the big- bang..

Singularity existed before the big-bang.

The outside observer is NOT affected by events beyond the "event horizon" --the boundary beyond spacetime.

ahaḿ sarvasya prabhavo
mattaḥ sarvaḿ pravartate

I am the origin of everything
Everything comes from me
Varahamihira the great Astrologer and astronomer from wrote 4600 years ago,  in the opening of his Samhita, “ It has been said in Vedas that the first primeval thing was darkness, which is not identical with the black colour, but a kind of non-existence like the state of a sleeping person.  The big bang is merely a prelude to the big crunch, and the universe is caught in an infinite cycle of expansion and contraction, symbolizing the primordial black-hole like state is Aditi, the mother of all mothers and the mother of the cosmos .

The Vedic seers have regarded her to be the origin of light also. She represents the state of things anterior to division. Thus she is the state of pure existence, which by passing through the course of division assumes the form of the world of diversity. As a matter of principle, everything in the universe tends to get restored to its original source, Adithi is also considered to be the ultimate destiny of world into which everything will merge at the end".

Colours exist only in our consciousness. The electromagnetic waves spectrum is colourless.. The day a computer can tell the moral of a story or laugh at a subtle joke the same way as a human, it becomes conscious.

We exist in the dot or Turiya or stillness of OM, in absolute consciousness-- which is the equilibrium of Bindu. We are unaware of the zero point field , as a fish is unaware of the water..

Hindus' do NOT keep bonzai trees of banyan with them, as it brings bad luck. Sri Krishna died ( as he willed- iccha mrityu ) under a banyan tree, shot on the foot by an archer, whom he had killed in his previous birth.

If you get high on Soma ( the ancient super LSD ) you will see banyan tree leaves blue in colour, and you can talk to the tree for hours together.

Below a Mobius coil which produces scalar wave vortex in 3D.  It is impossible to draw the geometry of the Universe on a piece of paper, it can only be described by mathematics.  



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  2. Sir.. Hats off to you and your lucid explanation of profound idead and concepts..for whatever it is worth a simple request...you have an awessome body of work here in your blog... I wish if we could present in a more easy on eyes means online , including youtube videos...in my opinion we can get the message across to more people... Is there anyway I can help you with in such a project if you are interested..?

    1. hi harish,

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  3. Very interesting and refreshing article..

    While back I read few articles on AYAHUASCA and shamanism

    Where few people who went to Peru for ayahuasca treatment saw blue leaf and spoke to trees

    Is that a LSD ? Do you have any article on this culture of shamans and ayahuasca?

    1. hi iat,

      punch into google search-


      capt ajit vadakayil

  4. Dear Captain,

    What is your take on the Lisa Gerrard song -- "Now we are free". She claims that the song has no language, but if you listen carefully it has lot of words depicting "Om". What do you say?


    1. hi vs,

      She says anol shalom twice.

      Shalom is lifted from OM.

      capt ajit vadakayil


  5. Ashish Sood

    August 12, 2013 at 11:44 PM
    J C Bose discovered life in plants. Has that been either patented or stolen as a nobel prize winning discovery.



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    August 13, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    hi as,

    life and consciouness in plants is mentioned in the vedas.

    recently the western quantum scientists did an experiment:-

    they kept two cabbages A and B side by side.

    on cabbage B they hooked on a simple polygraph.

    many people came into the room , looked at both cabbages .

    then suddenly one man C started shredding cabbage A.

    immediately the polygraph on cabbage B went wild.

    then all men left the room.

    one by one they entered the room.

    the moment the man C entered the room, the polygraph on B went wild again.

    maharshis who drank soma could talk to trees.

    even today people who get high on LSD speak to banyan trees , whose leaves appear blue.

    punch into google search-


    why do you think banyan tree is found in all hindu temples, and is our national tree ?

    capt ajit vadakayil


  6. Did those you tube videos come up Bhai.
    If yes, then kindly provide links.
    Pranaam aapko.

  7. Hi Captain,

    Just a small correction in your blog.

    "Above is a small excerpt from the speech of the great Indian mystic ( Nikola Tesla's guru ) on 11th Sept 1983, "

    The date is 1893.

  8. Kapthaan saab, Thank you very much for telling importance of banyan tree. you said that licking honey using peepal tree will cure stuttering. is its tru? becoz i suffer from it

  9. hello sir,
    Nice blog,wud you please recommend any mantras or ayurvedic medicine which can help to overcome stuttering

    1. hi p,

      chant any mantra -- you will slowly master your stutter.

      If it is a psychological problem you will NOT stutter when you sing the same words — try that.

      If it is a physical problem there are Ayurveda treatments. For example one of them is to make a paste of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) with pure ghee and have this slowly daily.

      And keep your mouth open to sunlight by reflection with a mirror for a brief time .

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. thanks captain sir,
      yes sir i dont ever stammer while singing song nor while i speak with no one in my vicinity,but as soon start stammering when a unknown person comes. especially during the mmd oral exams.so as per above it seems to be a psychological problem.could you please suggest me how to overcome it.
      also i wud plz request you to dedicated a blog covering topics like stammering and stuttering

    3. hi p,

      you need to do pranayama very day.

      when you face an mmd orals examiner -- imagine he is an IDIOT-- this will help you avoid stammering.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  10. One of your most Beautiful blogs Capt ji. I was getting spiritual vibes even reading about banyan tree and other stuff you mentioned.
    Thanks for valuable information

  11. Sirji,

    If a person has gap between his/her front two teeths won't be able to pronounce certain words properly?

    1. hi pk,

      there will be NO problem.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Thanks sirji.

    I've been stammering since my childhood. Nowadays I stammer too much. When I was in school I wasn't able to pronounce word starting with thr. Now am finding very difficulty in pronouncing words starting with i, e, sw, pr, un. Becoz of stammering I left very bright opportunities in my life bcoz i don't want to make fun of myself or get embarrassed. In short I avoided jobs where I had to address a group of people. I can put my hand on my heart and proudly say that I'm true desh bhakth and dying to convey message in public meeting(here at my colony we have youth meetings organized by RSS)what you have been giving through blogs but I couldn't or have guts. Doing it silently forwarding link sharing your blog.

  13. Wow, Why didn't I check following info on your blog:

    For example one of them is to make a paste of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) with pure ghee and have this slowly daily.

    And keep your mouth open to sunlight by reflection with a mirror for a brief time

    Will definitely try above two remedies.

    Thanks a lot sirji

  14. Sirji Can I use small gooseberries which normally grows in our house premises?

  15. Respected Captain
    Can you tell me, how the somarus was made by our seers......
    Can it be made now in kaliyuga....
    I can not believe Internet information as it is full of bull....

    Please explain throughly......

    Thank you.

    1. hi ss,

      the soma creeper plant has vanished from this planet.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Ok...
      But whay was the procedure of making it.....
      Was it made from saraswati river water in zink lota..
      Can cannibas give us some spritual experience?
      Thank you CAPT for ur response.
      You are now my hero.... You completely change my view on dharma by giving your scientific analysis.... You will surely get swarg for doing such good deeds....
      Thank you again CAPT.....

    3. hi ss,

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil