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This is in response to a query about the origins of Kerala Mapplias ( Muslims ) made in my blog post THE OPIUM RAJA, BRITISH STOOGE , RAM MOHAN ROY dated 25th july 2011.

The Arabs in Oman/ Iraq/ Arabia/ Yemen/ UAE/ Jordan -- have been trading with Calicut since the past 6000 years, by ship.

Their ships were made of Malabar teak. This is why they love to employ Keralites--as we where their benefactors for thousand of years--they survived on us till 100 years ago, when the oil boom started.

 Otherwise whatever they had was due to Kerala's largesse. They used to give us Silver in payment -- wonder where all the thousands of tonnes of it went?

They took the spices from Calicut , the capital of Malabar , to European trading hub Constantinople ( Istanbul ) from where the European ships took it further. This is how the Ottomans came to know about India and here riches.

The caravan also stoked up the Egyptian Pharaoh and Kings of Jerusalem . The kinds of Jerusalem had this Malayalam connection. King Solomon's seal is in Malayalam-- the picture is in Madame Blavastsky's book. 

Solomon's mother Bathsheba was a Malayali.  King David had a illegitimate relationship with attractive and already married  Bathsheba .  Never mind cooked up Jerusalem history and Bathsheba looking like Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood movies.


Solomons temple staircase was made from Teak and Sandalwood of Kerala. Solomon got his own ships made in Beypore Calicut as early as 900 BC.

The Cutty Sark ( the fastest opium smuggler clipper of the seas ) which could never be overtaken was made by Calicut teak.

Till 160 years ago, India was the only source of diamonds--and Kolar field gave superior gold lode at almost ground levels.  British stole all the gold from here and depleted the mine.

So when the whole world was looking for India, and Columbus landed up in America -- they were looking for Kerala, rather Calicut --the Capital of Malabar from where --the land of spices, gold, diamonds, herbal medicines, mathematics, astronomy, etc

Vasco da Gama did not run aground in Calicut in 1498--by mistake, on passage to New Delhi. He came here by purpose ! He was piloted across, the Arabian sea by the Calicut King Zamorin's ( Samoothiri ) deep sea pilot, who was a half breed by the name of Ibn Aziz.

India was inaccessible from land--and you had to negotiate the HINDU KUSH mountains--which protected India since the days of Alexander.

This is why Alexander married a local dark skinned and attractive Indian, to find a way through the mountain maze-- or it is sure death. He also bribed the King of Taxila for local guides and military help --using the gold he stole from Iran , after the battle of Guagamela-- 25 tonnes of it.

The Hindu Kush passes were compromised by the a stupid Indian king who allowed his heart to rule over his head. Punch into Google search THE FIRST SUPARI , TURNING POINT OF INDIAN HISTORY- VADAKAYIL.

-- even before they became Muslims , after the birth of Islam-- as Islam is a recent religion.

Mecca was an oasis on the caravan route, with a Shiva temple having a VERY POWERFUL Shiva Lingam ( black stone )for speeding up the chakras .the British call this as a PAGAN temple.

This black stone has been broken up, by invaders and has lost most of its its power. it is enclosed in a silver sheath and installed on the SE corner of Kaaba 5 feet above the ground--HORIZONTALLY

People don't understand the power of nature. If 200 years ago you told somebody that you can rotate a magnet in a coil of wire ( stator/ rotor ) -- you produce electricity which can burn you to ashes in a second-- who will believe this. Or that you can take power form a tiny atom and kill all the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for the matter --

World war 3 will use Tesla beam technology ( Vedic technology of our Astras used in Mahabharata / Ramayana wars of 4000 BC ) -- given to Nikola Tesla by Swami Vivekananda.

After Islam sanctioned 4 wives-- these Arab sailors had wives on both sides. And since Arabs are a handsome race, this mixing of blood has created very fair and beautiful women in Malabar.

Some of the Muslim women in Calicut are more attractive and full blooded than Aishwarya Rai--who is from the North Kerala area ( Malabar ) anyways. They don't need to do plastic surgery or fix Silicon tits. . Of course these women will NEVER EVER wear micro swimwear and parade in front of males to win a Miss Universe title.

This mixed Hindu/ Muslim race , were NOT converted by force. the Arabs used these mixed half breed as their agents. They lived in harmony with the local Hindus, till the Muslim invaders used them as pawns for DIVIDE AND RULE tactics.

It is very easy to make the closest of friends fight to the death in a minute. Let us imagine that two brothers and like Ram and Lakshman -- who will give up their lives for each other. Now imagine one of the brothers married a woman with long black hair and the other married one with long blonde hair--for arguments sake.

All a mischief monger needs to do is to take a strand of long black hair from a dustbin, and put it on the bed of the other brother . And then take it off the bed in his presence with two gingers and ask him innocently " How did your wife's hair land up on your brothers bed ?" This is enough, there is NO need to promise monetary incentives or jobs -- the seeds of suspicion has been sown.

The Rothschilds , owners of East India Company, used this method to trigger the 1857 Sepoy's mutiny, so that they can take over India officially. It was they who taunted the Muslims and Hindus about being tainted while biting off the cartridges greased with pig and beef lard. Otherwise how are these poor men supposed to know?

Tipu sultan and Hyder ali would not have been able to terrorise North Kerala , but for this local support of mappilas ( Muslims ).

That is why Tipu could never enter south Travancore Kerala , and once when he tried to do so, he lost his sword-- bought by Vijay Mallya. and when Tipu came to kerala even the 7000 year old Guruvayor idol was sent to south Kerala for safe keeping .

This is the reason why Sri Padmanabha Swami temple unearthed 24 billion USD worth treasure--and some vaults are yet to be opened..

Tipu stole all this TRILLIONS of dollars worth gold from north Kerala--and in turn Rothschild who owned east India company stole it after they killed him.

It must be remembered that the Zamorin's Navy was manned by Muslims--who under the brave and loyal Kunjali Marakkar, the admiral of the navy gave all Kerala's enemies a tough time.

Kerala had its own Muslim Kingdom too. One of my close friends ( we were cadets together nearly 4 decades ago ) is from Chirakkal Varma family , and one of my ex-Chief officers is from Arakkal royal family.

I got to know this because i happened to see his wedding video--and there was this oppana group singing his praises ( rather pulling his leg ) , about how he is the scion of raja vamsham Arakkal.

Chirakkal pond ( Chira ) where the princesses of Varma family took bath is the size of 6 football fields. You can see it on Google earth.

The official version says that a Muslim boy saved her from drowning , while the grapevine says she was in love with this handsome man already, and drowning story is all bull.  ( both used to do MENTAL copulation daily at the gates of the Chirakkal temple ). Since the princess was nude when the boy swam and saved her, he gave her his mundu to cover herself.

The King considered them to be married as in those days if a woman accepts a PUDAVA from a man she is considered married to him ( something like a maang mein sindhoor type rite ) .

So the Chirakkal Varma got them married officially and gave the Muslim boy half his kingdom. This Kingdom is called Arakkal. The queens are called Arakkal beevis. Hyder Ali had established a marital alliance with the Arakkal Beevi family.  Arakkal family ruled Laccadives too.

Calicut may be a sleepy city now -- but is one of the most chequered and historical cities on this planet.  Invaders looted all our wealth and destroyed all our ancient 8000 year old temples.

Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (727 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India.  

The disciple of Plato Aristotle did NOT come to India , but he had very clearly written that Jews originated from Kerala in India.  Aristotle wrote that Jews came from KALANI in India.  He has written that Kalani was famous for their raised Kundalini sages ( maharishis ).  These are the same sages who built the Egyptian pyramids.

Alexander the great went back from India via Socotra by ship, to get some life saving Aloe Vera which was a spice trade outpost of Calicut King,  like Mecca and Salalah .

This is the reason why King David took a wife from Kerala named Bath Sheba. King Solomon took a wife from Kerala named whom all call Queen Sheba.  

Jesus Christ took a wife from Kerala named Mary Magdalene.  All know that Jesus Christ suddenly sprung up at Jerusalem from nowhere.  He was in Kerala India, learning healing, meditation, science, philosophy etc.

Grace and peace!




  1. what was Bathsheba's original name?
    which kingdom did she belong to?

    What was Roxana original name? because this is a Greek name.

    I just checked that Bactria is just above "Hindu Kush" on map.

    Sir, Why did Troy has Swastika? Had they converted to Buddhism or is the existence of the symbol much older that that in troy.

    Sorry for a million questions, i still have a million more..

  2. hi druve,

    archeologists found the right handed vedic swastika in troy. the buddhist swastika is left handed.

    alexander called his hindu wife roxana .she was from present day pakistan border with afghanistan or the outer side of hindu kush.

    it is claimed that her name was roshanak, which will make her a fair skinned Farsi Iranian. But Roxana was dusky skinned as per alexander's records. -- her name could only have been roshni ( a guess ).

    king david's juicy illegitimate affair with his own soldier's wife bathsheba has been subverted beyond recognition. there are hundreds of paintings and thousands of story versions, including how david played peeping tom whem bathsheba was bathing nude. all shots in the dark. bath means daughter of.

    this bathsheba has nothing to do with queen sheba with whom david's son , king solomon fell in love.

    2900 years ago queen sheba gave solomon his royal seal-- 6 six pointed dravidian emblem found in all our hindu temples thousands of years older. this emblem is a powerful tantra emblem.

    queen sheba was dusky skinned ( NOT black ). she had very long hair. she came in a caravan which in addition to 900 camels had 50 elephants too.

    so far nobody had been able to tame an angry african elephant, like the elephants from kerala. she also gifted a peacock, which is available in kerala like crows. she had truckloads of frankincense ( aloe vera / kattar vazha from kerala ). it was the kerala sailors who planted aloe vera in socotra on request from the egyptian pharoah.

    where else are kerala spices and herbs available? it did not go from the somalia caravan depot coast . it went from the yemen caravan depot coast - via oasis mecca -- on the regular caravan route. the goodies came to this depot from kerala by ships.

    ok, the camel caravan started off from yemen/oman salalah border -- but where did all the tonnes and tonnes of goodies ( which included sandalwood and cinnamon ) come from? arabs had only dates--

    quenn sheba impressed solomon with her diamond gifts-- 2900 years ago ( even till 160 years ago ) only india had diamonds on this planet .

    jesus's disciple st thomas's ship had run aground in socotra on his way from jerusalem to kerala in 52 AD .

    Jesus was in kerala for 3 years as per edgar cayce readings, to learn mantra, tantra , mudra etc. he went back via somalia depot, to check out on the pyramids build by vaishavite architects ( Lord Vishnu seers with 12 strand DNA ).

    what the hell is this kerala fever all about?

    history has been subverted to suit the vatican.

    really hardly anybody in kerala cares for all this -- we are just indifferent.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. I agree with you Sir, it did not hit me that the name could be "Roshni", which has the same meaning and root as the word "Roshanak".

    If we look at the world in wave form, all waves dissipate..

    If a civilization is seen as a wave, it will also dissipate in time.

    As i see it, the echo's intend to cancel out the source - the world is a noisy place. I.e the exclusive religions vs Sanatan Dharma.

    There are multiple dark echo's..

    However, with the rhythmic beat of the universe- we will be reborn again - the Rhythmic beat of the drum of God Shiva.

    All we can do is play out our part..
    Hence, many people seem indifferent.

  4. The book Jesus Lost years or The Unknown Life of Christ- 1894 Nicolas Notovitch was written in the same time frame Edgar Cayce lived.

    The Vatican Square is more than enough proof of the Design of the Shiva lingum:

    Just like this Mayan site, is the proof of the Shiva lingum:

  5. Slightly off the topic, the genetic codes have been decoded for muslims of India and it is now found that muslims of India have identical DNA structure to that of the non-muslims. Please click the link of the European Journal:

    "Despite reported marriages between Muslim males and Hindu females,2, 6 the expected higher Y-chromosomal contribution from the Middle East to contemporary Indian Muslims was not found in this study. Unlike Muslim communities in China and Central Asia,53, 54, 55 which show a marked presence of Western Y chromosomes, Indian Muslims derive most of their Y chromosomes from local neighboring non-Muslim populations, suggesting a regional genetic affinity among Indian Muslim and non-Muslim populations. This suggests that the expansion of Islam in India happened through religious conversions during the implementation of the Muslim faith"


  6. Anup March 8, 2013 at 12:05 PM
    hello capt

    very happy and impressed to see your huge ocean of knowledge about our dharma and proud to be a part of the BESTEST of the world only one wish that you shold some day take on one on one that a** h*** fakir naik. Its ok for him to propogate his own religion but why does he need to show other religions specially sanatan in bad light.


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil March 8, 2013 at 4:50 PM

    dr zakir naik is sponsored by WTE ( waitress turned empress ).

    this man is very shrewd, and used loud FALSE rhetoric to score brownie points, which no other religion does.

    all religion ( including islam) praised their own religion. But zakir Naik pushes down hinduism-- that is his whole and sole agenda.

    i heard him telling on TV that atharva veda tells that sun goes round the earth. this is a blatant lie.


    indians were the first to say earth goes round the sun-- rest only stole and copied.

    I heard zakir naik tell on TV that lord shiva cut of his own son's head and put an elephants head instead. he said that this son was created by parvati by making a statue with MAILA ( waste ) from her BADAN ( body ).

    this is again a big lie.


    whatever he tells about hinduism is a lie. today even his DUMBO followers do not believe him any more unless they are muslms first and then indians ( terrorists and pakistanis ).

    hinduism cannot be damaged by this CHOOHA.

    capt ajit vadakayil


  7. Naveen

    September 28, 2013 at 8:47 PM

    Dear Captain,
    Most Muslim "scholars" claim that every verse of the Koran is an unadultrated word of God which has been preserved by nature because the verses are inimitable and grammer and vocabulary are unique from the Arabic prose/poetry of the 7th century...? But if we examine some verses in light of the Sanathana Dharma some verses clearly come across as morally repugnant...consider the following verses


    Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture - [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

    These scholars say these verses are taken out of context, but it seems like they were applied for both offense and defense..Please share your taken on such 'sword verses'...Were they injected..?


    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    September 28, 2013 at 10:31 PM
    hi n,

    Muslims believe that the Kuran was verbally revealed by God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril), gradually over a period of approximately 23 years concluding in 632 AD the year of his death.

    The first caliph Abu Bakr gave the orders to compile the revelations in one single book. He did that because more than 700 of the closest followers died in battle of Yamamah and the riddah wars , and the Koranic knowledge was buried with them.

    This task was given to Zayd ibn Thabit who knew writing, who compiled the Koran from loose parchments, scapula, leafstalks of date palms and from the memories of men— only after he authenticated it .

    Different dialects started fighting about the Koran as the style of Arabic dialect used was that of the Quraish tribe.

    Then Huthayfa ibn al-Yaman who was a very close companion of prophet Muhammad and one of the earliest converts to Islam cried "save the Muslim ummah before they differ about the Quran".

    Zaid made sure that many copies of Koran were made and one copy was sent to every Muslim province with the order that all other Korans, whether fragmentary or complete copies, be burnt.

    These authentic copies were compiled in the Kodungallur mosque of Kerala by Malik Bin Dinar, the closest disciple of Muhammed.

    This part of history of the Koran being bridged in Kodungallur mosque ( the second mosque on this planet ) have been revealed only by Ibn Batuta, who was a Qazi to the King of Calicut , my hometown.

    Punch into google search-



    capt ajit vadakayil

  8. seema kapoor

    February 8, 2014 at 1:21 PM
    Hello capt.
    Does Koran mentions or teaches Meditation ?? Or any related Yogic techniques to attain super consciousness ??



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 8, 2014 at 10:10 PM
    hi sk,

    Koran was edited in Kodungallur temple of Kerala, the world’s second mosque.

    They have introduced a concept called Tafakkur, which can be loosely translated to mean "contemplation" . To be frank even Islamic scholars may NOT know this.

    The term is mentioned in the Quran and is intended to help a person to better understand and know himself so, in turn, he can better know Allah.

    Muslims also consider Salat - 5 prayers and the repetition of words and specific movements- as a form of meditation.

    Again the concept of ALLAH is nothing but ADVAITA form of hinduism propagated in kerala by Adi Shankaracharya in 2000 BC, --

    -- 2600 years before Koran spoke about A FORMLESS, UNSEEN GOD. today Islam has patented this ORIGINAL Hindu concept.

    Punch into Google search-

    and now muslims ridicule hindus HE HE HE that we do NOT understand god and we are pagans and kaffirs who worship stone idols.

    they do NOT know that even shiva and vishnu are NOT idols. they are force fields .

    punch into google search-

    let the whole world ridicule-- we Hindus know who were are, and we do NOT care.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  9. Capt. Ajit Vadakayil

    February 9, 2014 at 11:26 PM
    hi iht,

    rothschild dumped a shipload of jews from kerala off the coast of konkan 300 years ago.

    some remained pure and some intermarried with local indians.

    the pure ones , and some mixed ones -- called themselves BENE ISRAEL JEWS and ran back to Israel after 2000 years of living in kerala.

    i know inside stores as when my ship was in israel i had a few jewish indian friends--who loved the ship's biryani. .

    if yoy want to know the history of jews in kerala , punch into google search-

    judaism was created by some disgraced ex-communicated kerala namboodiris who migrated to palestine 3200 years ago by sea. there they went and created a BIGGER racist society and the TALMUD.

    in fact david saw a namboodiri woman taking an open bath ( kerala style ) and fell in love with this married woman . she is solomon's mother bath sheba.

    punch into google search-


    and i have mentioned a brief history of exodus of jews from palestine to kerala.

    st thomas was surprised to hear a Jewish tune on a flute when he first stepped on the beach of kerala, 2000 years ago .

    the owner of britsih east india company Jew Rothschild , sponsored the chitpavan jews -- and converted them to BRAHMINS --the highest of the highest. only they were allowed to own the media-- just like the opium agents parsis and the marwaris.

    the current generation of chitpavan brahmins like say-- cricketeer ajit agarkar or bollywood star madhuri dixit many NOT even know that they are desh drohi clan..

    but BR Ambedkar knew and he married a chitpavan jew -nay-- brahmin woman-- to cement his solidarity with jew rothschild..

    capt ajit vadakayil

  10. seema kapoor
    February 23, 2014 at 4:24 AM
    Hi capt.
    Its a wonderful info.
    If Kali purusha is Satan of abrahimic religions then he is the Shaitan of Hinduism as well, But my real query is this, In Abrahimic philosophy the Evil n Hell are the eternal forces parallel to God(Strict duality) & there are clashes between angles n demons where God is the saviour(you know fairy tale kinda stuff) BUT in Hinduism, is Kali purusha also an equal & opposite evil force of duality against Purusha or God OR Kali is an extension of the God after creation begins ???

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    February 23, 2014 at 4:54 AM
    hi sk,

    people creating other religions , have dipped into hindusim and stuck various hindu terms into their created religions , every which way.

    never ever try to trace backwards .

    moses was found in a basket on a river --just like krishna couple of thousand years before him .

    punch into google search-

    only then you will understand what allegories mean.

    Sahasrara Chakra beejam are ALL + AH.

    This is nothing but SHIVA + SHAKTI

    Allah is the brahmAn in Hindusim ( god – consciousness )

    The 10000 year old Sri Yantra gives 54 triple intersections which for shiva+Shakti is 108.

    This is the number of beads in Hindu, Jewish, Christian and Islamic rosaries.

    For ALLAH OM cry came HALLELUYAH

    OM is subverted to AMEN, 786 AND SHALOM

    It is best that I speak NO further.

    Punch into Google search-

    Capt ajit vadakayil

  11. Capt.Ajit sir,
    Islam was for the desert people. But what was the need for designating people as "Kaffirs" or territories as "Dar-Ul-Islam"? Could you tell me the reason for islamic terrorism?

    1. hi hd,

      Kaffir is a derogatory "terms" used in the Koran to describe people, who are not Muslim. The word “kaffir” literally means “to conceal (the truth)”.
      Within the meaning of “kaffir” as applied to non-Muslims is the implication that they have “concealed” in themselves the 'truth' of Islam that has been recited (etc.) to them.

      According to the Quranic Corpus, the word “kaffir” occurs 289 times in the Koran as a verb “kafaru” meaning “to disbelieve”, 129 times as the participle “kaffirun” meaning “(the) disbelievers”, 27 times as the noun “Kaffir” meaning “non-believer”, 4 times as the adjective “disbeliever” and once as the participle “kafirat” also meaning “non-believers”.

      The Dar al-Islam is all those lands in which a Muslim government rules and the Holy Law of Islam prevails. Non-Muslims may live there on Muslim sufferance. The notions of "divisions" of the world such as Dar al-Islam however does not appear in the Qur'an or the Hadith

      recentkly zionists are making shias and sunnis kill each other. zionism has invaded islam, and subverted many of their mullahs .

      when did you last see Saudi arabia, bahrain, qatar etc supporting a brother islamic nation against israel?

      capt ajit vadakayil

    2. Thanks for your reply, Capt. So, does this mean that Muslims and Kaffirs cannot live in harmony, live as friends?

    3. hi hd,

      it is only the illiterate muslims who get brainwashed carried away.

      i hve seen in iran , 32 years ago-- during the iran/ iraq war-- smal lkids carrying AK-47 uses to come on ship -- and all they talk is about MARRRTYRRRDUM.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. hi rk,

    NO --palghat is NOT part of Malabar.

    The Thiyya community of Malabar ( North Kerala ) ARE not Ezhavas who exist south of Kerala .

    They have been clubbed to be the same by the white invader.

    In Kerala marriage bureaus Thiyyas do NOT seek Ezhava spouses. But the converse is true where Ezhavas seek Thiyya spouses, as they are better looking and more firm limbed . Lots of Ezhavas migrated from to Kerala from Sri Lanka .

    In 1903, URGED ON BY THE WHITE INVADER , Ezhavas established Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalan Yogam (SNDP), the first caste association in the Kerala ( merging Thiyyas and Ezhavas ) naming it after a social reformer, sponsored by the British, Narayana Guru, who had established an ashram from where he preached his message of "one caste, one religion, one god"—Ore jaathi ore matham.

    For Thiyyas this was a punishment for not playing ball with the powers that be.

    Thiyyas were downgraded to OBC by the white invader, with the blessing of the Namboodiris who could NOT do SAMBANDHAM ( free sexual intercourse ).

    We heard of British and Rothschild Communists doing DIVIDE AND RULE—here was a strange case of MERGE AND DIVIDE.

    In February 2013, the Thiyya Mahasabha objected to the SNDP treating Ezhavas and Thiyyas as one group, rather than recognising the Thiyyas in Malabar as being distinct.

    6000 years ago Lord Parashurama grabbed the land of the Tirayyars ( Thiyyas –sea navigators and plain land owners ) and gave it to the Namboodiris who came down from Saraswati river .

    The Malayyars ( mountain denizens of Kerala ) are the modern Ezhavas with blunt facial features and darker skins.

    Thiyyas refused to marry the south Kerala Ezhavas since time immemorial.

    The Thiyyas even today ( since ancient times ) are Marumakkathayees (Matriarchal) where the dowry system is condemned.

    They did NOT enter temples where namboodiris were priests —for they had their own Gods ( Muthappan ) and kavus.

    It is only when Sri Narayana Guru came to Malabar that they worshipped at temples.

    Sri Narayana Guru when he first visited the Thiyyas of North Malabar was so impressed with the high , culture and moral standards that he stated that there were no reforms to be done in North Malabar for the enlightenment of Thiyya community.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Sir, one question whether sambandham is sanctioned by Sanathana Dharma, whether it is moral or immoral, as i find we are having 6 Acres of Land, if we divide between 3 bothers they get 2 Acres each and in future our sons will also divide. Sir, Farming is good , as it is not 8 hours or 12 hours of shift in industries. As farmers get good rest and natural food , good for health , In future what will happen say after 50 years. These farmland will be developed in to indutrial hubs..... any solutions for that

  13. mythra81

    July 28, 2014 at 10:20 AM

    the book that jesus spoke tamil/(maybe malayalam as per your thinking) was not written by P.V. Vartak but he did the English translation. The book was originally written by (guess who)....the patriot whom you praised in one of your posts...Ganesh Damodar @ Babarao Savarkar.......the lesser known brother of Veer Savarkar....In Marathi........



    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    July 28, 2014 at 11:06 AM
    hi m,

    ALL BULL !

    babarao savarkar has never been outside india .

    whatever he knows-- he must have heard from bene israel kerala jews -- because he himself was a chitpavan jew -nay--brahmin,

    he is a descendant of those jews taken on R ship from kerala and dumped off konkan coast to wade ashore..

    jesus was a descendant of king david-- .

    king david son was king solomon-- whose mother was bath sheba --a namboodiri woman .

    david first saw this married woman while she was taking open bath in a pool, kerala namboodiri style.

    king solomons' ships used to come to kerala nearly 1000 years before christ was born.

    in between solomon and jesus -- thousands of jews have come to kerala from israel by ship as refugees due to roman persecution - ( sorry -- not to tamil nadu !! ) .

    it was NOT a great surprise that jesus came to kerala to learn healing before he suddenly burst upon the scene at jerusalem..

    Orpheus was a maharishi from kerala. He was NOT greek .

    In those days malayalam had the granthi lipi-- (which tamil also used). '

    namboodiris of kerala wrote sanskrit in granthi lipi.

    capt ajit vadakayil


  14. Neeraj
    September 13, 2014 at 2:35 AM
    Pls review and educate us abt these small videos

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    September 13, 2014 at 5:31 AM
    hi n,

    Muslims have always been promoting tolerance and SECULARISM when in minority.

    But as soon as they become the majority they want SHARIA rule.

    Pakistan and Bangladesh have done mindless ethnic cleansing. We all know the percentage of Hindus in these two countries in 1947 and now.

    In India they do NOT want uniform civil code – and they want to have 4 wives, but do NOT want hand cutting .

    The original Koran was edited at Kodungallur ( Muzris ) Kerala in Cheraman Perumal Temple and was a tolerant book .

    Later this book was corrupted outside India . A lot of this happened after a sect stole the black stone ( shiva lingam ) installed in the SE corner of the Kaaba , 5 feet above the ground . They wanted the stone back , and went searching for a replacement .

    There was extreme violence in those times and for the sake of survival it was inserted in Koran to discuss politics within the mosque on Friday. In modern times , educated and level headed Muslims must revise the book.

    They must care about their descendants NOT themselves . The days of conversions by force like ISIS is now over.

    Bible has abridged the old testament which was UNFIT to be preached in church.

    Punch into Google search-



    Defending Mecca from invaders for survival is NOT the same as attacking other countries and cutting of necks in a CONVERT OR DIE mode.

    We in Kerala know that Gandhi whipped up passions and created the Moplah revolt ( Khilafat ) which cause 1 lakh Hindus from North Kerala to flee— in 1921 ..

    Jihadists fighting for ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) claim that they are following the commands of Allah and Muhammad – this has been rejected by REAL Muslims .

    Tipu Sultan was more violent to North Kerala Hindus than ISIS— by a factor of 10. Leaders of Hindus who refused to convert were torn apart by elephants 220 years ago.

    Christians have never destroyed Hindu temples.

    Muslims have destroyed more thant 90% of the ancient Hindu temples in India—thousands of them. Since 1947 hundreds of temples in Pakistan and Bangladesh have been destroyed .
    Wanna see some pictures of MINDLESS VIOLENCE against peaceful people ?

    Punch into Google search-

    LEVEL HEADED MODERN EDUCATED MUSLIMS must introspect . Do they want their grand daughters to suffer like their grand mothers ?


    Culture has always been a psychic defense mechanism or even an abstraction from behaviour.

    Culture must change with the times.

    Tolerance is an asset.

    Every religion including Islam preaches LOVE and FAIRNESS .

    once established, culture has a life of its own, in a CAUSE AND EFFECT --YIN-YANG relationship--

    We must not allow power hungry people looking for NASHA ( intoxication using power like drugs and alcohol ) to hijack our religions .

    Punch into Google search-

    Let the murdering ISIS come to India— we will screw them so badly, that they will NOT know if they are coming or going—they will have to look into the tiffin box .

    Capt ajit vadakayil