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When i was 11 years old my parents decided to make a new home in a large plot of land , owned by our family.

This plot had a very ancient disused well, and the water was unfit was human consumption.

So they got hold of a famous water dowser. Early in the morning we got him to our plot . This man was so old, he could hardly walk. So i was the guy who assisted him around. I remember as soon as he sat down to do puja his hydrocealed balls popped out, and i was very embarrassed.

After the puja he took out his magnetic compass , and a quartz tetrahydron, and he went around for about 10 minutes  . He pointed to a spot just 15 feet off the ancient spoilt well and said--

 " Dig here, the water will be sweet and perennial ".

My father nodded in agreement , and then he was given breakfast. I remember the old man eating like he had never seen food before, and once when he choked , i gave him tea to chase down the food stuck in his throat "

On the way back i told my parents " How can you get good water , so close to the old well, where the water in acidic and coffee coloured ? "

My father replied " Be prepared to be surprised -- he has a 100% track record-- and if you have noticed he meditated for a while before he did the dousing . He has NOT used the usual Y shaped stick or L shaped wire rod -- he used his own crystal quartz, handed down in his dowser family for thousands of years. There is a lot your CBSE science books don't teach you  !"

I had to agree.  For here was a holy man with a flowing beard and long hair , NOT interested in playing to the gallery. He did NOT even tuck back his popped out balls.  He just concentrated on his job.

Two weeks later, I went to see the well with my parents and sisters. The water was cold, sweet and crystal clear .

Later we my mother decided NOT to build a house there , as the next neighbour and his wife were murdered for their gold, which they kept inside their house almirah.

Even today ,after 43 years-- when the whole area wells dry up , the people come here to take living water home.

So--when a dowser uses stick and rod--he uses his idio-motor nervous system,  involuntary muscles , harnessing energy vibrations and the magnetic /  telluric fields to guide him to the best spot. Ever notices, dogs keep away from telluric crossings , while cats love to sleep on it.

QUARTZ crystal dowsing is a whole different science. It cannot be done by soul without ESP. His subconscious guides him do do the divination , with 100% accuracy.

When my wife did her 4th degree Reiki grandmaster's degree, her guru  was so pleased with her abilities with the quarts tetrahydron dowser, that he gave away his extra personal one.  He also gave here a chart showing her lineage with his name as her predecessor--stating with Usui, the Jap Reiki founder.

WHAT FOLLOWS IS VEDIC SCIENCE FROM 5000 BC.  If Vedic technology knew dowsing --this is the ultimate of classical stuff.

Quartz crystals have the ability to produce and exchange energy. It can also amplify depending on its cut and stucture to resonate . Quartz crystals are used by science as a conductor, semi-conductor and superconductor too. You quartz watck keep perfect time based on its vibrations right? And you must have heard of the silicon quartz microchip.

Here is a secret --brainy people do NOT wear quartz watches. Every vibration is a whiplash to your ethereal body-- but that will be another post.

Clear quartz crystals are "super-conductors" of HF cosmic radiation, UV energy and geo-magnetic fields.. A super-conductor can transmit energy without impedence. Cosmic radiation includes Hard Gamma , Gamma and X-Rays. When these rays pass through the atmosphere they create high energy particle showers. Geo-magnetic energy vibrates at 7.83 hertz , which is the resonance of OM , AUM and also the planets Schumann's resonance.  Human audio range starts at  >20 Hz.

Quartz crystals are "conductors" of visible light and IR radiation. The tiny impedence is reflection and refraction. This impedence organises, encodes and patterns the light photons.This is why they have photo-electric and pyro-electric potentials. The IR component allows it to be used in remote controls.

The photo-electric component is used in Solar energy technologies ( Silica di Oxide ). Silica discharges electrons when exposed to sunlight.--flow of electrons is electricity, right?

Whe quartz is exposed to heat too, it discharges electrons--which is the technology used in digital thermometers.

Vedic Maharshis with 12 stand DNA from Kerala went to Pharoah's Egypt convert the bullshit calcite quarry stones ( used on Sphinx ) to the hard silica variety used in Pyramids. The crushing weight of the millions of tonnes of huge silica stones in combination with the water from underneath sub-terranean Nile tunnels emitted plasma from the apex of the pyramid.

An eerie blue plasma glow halo ( like the blue-oyster bar ) could be seen for thousands of miles around the apex of the pyramids , as a indicator of Pharoah's divinity.

It was the NEON GAS TUBE of that era. Quartz crystal's magic properties are exceed in "super-conductor" "orgone plasma", which is a gas, with abundant free electrons--making it a ionised ..


a "semi-conductor"  causes rhythmic pulse.  This is the principle behind binary    "on:off"     "0:1"   " if:then " language of modern computer technology.

getting boring?

ok-- here is a joke : "if mE aunty had balls, then she would be mE uncle"  TEE HEE.

fresh again?

this VIBRATION is what causes your quartz watch to keep exact time. The rate of vibration depends on strength and frequency of electric current.

This is how the Vedic seers found out the frequency of OM and produced the cymatics of OM in the form of Sri-Yantra which holds the theory of everything, with singularity black hole or BINDU at the centre.

We can have a fuc#in'  all mighty big-bang expanding the universe at the speed of light, 14 billion years ago--  without an opposing energy OPEN LOOP FEED-BACK  sinking and disappearing somewhere, into some dang hole for ever , right?

Bombarding quartz with sound OR by hammering them also causes piezo electricity.

In the human body every crystalline cell wall is capable of storing charge. The collagen network LCD also hold charge.

Secret: When you dowse you have to produce the OM mantra to resonate your DNA. If you are doing it right, you will feel like scratching the middle of your forehead ( Shiva's third eye ) and one inch below the navel .

Quartz is the power stone and the universal crystal. It expands the mind to touch the spirit world, by channeling and clarifying psychic vision --. Since thought is a form of energy, it enhances thoughts , balances energies, and wards away negative energy -- but all this will be another post, only if I get into the giving away free mood .

Coz- it is like giving a tinderbox to a monkey. You can harm using quartz.

This is why if you buy a diamond in India, you can return with back with no questions asked , after 6 weeks

All ancient Indian kings had a quartz dowser to diagnose/ examine his food and water, prior consumption, in case he feared foul play. Rather quartz can focus ANY type of energy, and everything in this cosmos is energy--right?.

OK, enough of quartz--

If you use the rods , you  must hold the rod L handles at the one inch below navel area, like the gunfighter at OK corral. The rods will swing and position themselves like magic parallel to the earth water lines. This means you have to walk perpendicular to the lines , right?  for if you walk parallel they wont move-- If the rods start swinging even before you start walking , it means you have been standing on a line--so better start again.

A low energy soul cannot dowse.

Every ancient Indian architect knew Vaastu shastra. That is why the Egyptian Pharoah send his Hawk with a fax message begging the Maharshis to go to the Nile .

Jesus Christ ( read as DAMISA ) was in Kerala , before he burst upon the scene at Jerusalem at the age of 17, to raise his Kundalini , learn Astrology, pendulam dowsing, Healing, divine geometry, prayer with intention , mudras etc ( as per Edgar Cayce ). One thing for sure Jesus became a vegetarian ( no fish!).

India was the only source of diamond till 150 years ago. Even today Indians are the best diamond cutters, to get that SPARKLING FIRE due to several total internal reflections, with < 24 deg critical angle.

Kohinoor diamond on the British Queens crown was stolen by a slave when Lord Krishna was sleeping in 4000BC.

The greedy queen ( present Queen's mother Elizabeth ) snatched it away from 14 year old boy king Duleep Singh, and as a reward allowed him to play with the royal kids at Buckingham palace.  This stone had a curse and couldy be won only by gods and chaste women . After this stone was put on the crown, the great British Empire's graph slid down on a assymptotic curve.

Grace and peace!



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  2. Hi Ajit,

    I read your article about mihira muni and its comments.. So I got reasonable answer for my previous question about astrology..

    One more question about quartz crystal, i understood that it can be beneficial for some and harmful for others. So how do I know if its good for me? .. If we don't know, its better to avoid wearing it as a pendant or ornament right? .. i will be waiting for this post.. "brainy people do NOT wear quartz watches. Every vibration is a whiplash to your ethereal body-- but that will be another post. "

    I found that there can be man-made black onyx, not only natural stone. And it is very difficult to differentiate. So we have no choice except buying from a trusted seller


  3. sir' i had ordered a vogell-cut crystal from the usa and i am expecting to get it next month. i undrstand that this particular cut quartz have great healing powers even if the recipient is not a believer of its power.

    during my ham days many years ago, i was fascinated by quartz crystals since it can produce any desired frequency by synthesis. i still remember many happy hours experimenting with them, however, i will not venture to try wrapping a mobius coil on a 6 sided double faceted quartz, this is a gray area. like you said, its like giving a box of matches to a monkey. very funny, indeed.

    1. Quartz crystal are powerful energy amplifier. To fully benefit healing abilities you should understand that they amplifies energy from surrounding. No artificial light should be directed at crystals. Placement of crystal for healing should not be placed on earths harmful energy line,curry line or hartman line. Not to place crystal near human electrical lines or near any machine that used electric and generate electric field. always clean crystal when used for sleep. You can clean it by using natural soap and water. To program crystal with you frequency match after someone have hold it,you can hold your hand together and point all for fingers at crystal for 10 second. You can used your mind to with crystal to affect food,change taste of cigarettes or water. You will learn when you to your own research. Remember crystal amplifies your thoughts. Best wishes Bilal

  4. Dear Captain,
    Namaskaram! I did go through this post as directed by you but....i confess i didn't quite understand if reverting to mechanical wrist watches is the only way because except for the whiplash warning, i always wear the watch only when i go out and not at home and that too on my left wrist...but should it be right wrist? Are there any long term ill-effects on mind or body of wearing the quartz wrist watches..i would be grateful if you could clear my ignorance...many many thanks...

  5. Hello Captain,

    Seems like the Wars of new era would be on water. The tech to use H2 as a fuel is very much mature now. Even if we let go of its prospects as a potential economical value for general fuel, its much needed for drinking and basic purposes.

    Today's TOI:
    India in top 10 in 'Total Renewable Water Resources".
    But, it ranks 132/174 in per Capita terms.

    Does de-salination of sea water makes it purified enough for drinking purposes, as Israel does?