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All of you are very familiar with Chinese Gingsing.

We in India have a much better one called Aswagandha.

It was during Bodhi Dharma's visit  that the Chinese got to know about Ashwagandha root.

It is NOT possible to grow Ashwagandha in China considering the soil and climate. Hence they used their own version, which is now available all over the world, and was marketed aggressively by China, before their Industrial explosion..

Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic quantum medicine, which comes under the category of Rasayana ( tonic ) , used by Maharshis to prevent ageing of the brain ( senility ) , agility of brain and and for memory power.

It keeps you in a happy and peaceful frame of mind. It stimulates the growth of axons and dendrites. Glial cells exist in the white matter of your brain, which is 10 times more than grey matter, we all talk about. They enhance the speed of neurological transmission and also help form synaptic circuits.

To think outside the box means you brain had now to fire synaptic patterns in different orders and arrangements to make a new level of mind., based on what you do NOT know. Cortisol produced during stress response degenerates your brain.

Most of you by the age of 50 cant use your brains anymore , yet you keep quiet, thinking nobody will notice it. You are now the pretender, nobody wants in your workplace.

Anxiety feeds anxiety as a continuous feedback loop-- a neural network of worry. Being in survival mode does not evolve your brain.

Only the frontal lobe of your brain can keep you in the present moment.


You only perceive what your brain is organised to tell you. Only mind has influence on quantum particles. Knowing your thoughts help you to control the environment, instead of the environment controlling you. If your brain connectors atrophy with age they cannot branch out and made new connections.

Your hippocalmus need to back up memories of the day. Depression and stress suppresses the body immune system. As you grow older you don't have the rapid burst of nerve impulses which made you duck when something is gonna hit you with a sucker punch.

Stress ages the brain. Your mind operated though 2 parallel modes, conscious and subconscious.

Parkingson's is a degenerating brain disease

So if you are afraid of getting amnesia , or you need a brain tonic you know what to do.

The other preventive/ cure uses of Ashwagandha are --

Panic attacks and sweating the small stuff
Anti oxidising / free radicals neutralising
Sexual performance enhancing and semen count enhancing
Inability to sleep
Premature ageing

There are about 2 dozen strains of this plant. Some are more potent than others.




  1. Sir, is it true that children born on the 7th month are more intelligent? Also, is it true that they lack patience?

  2. hi dev,

    7th has nothing to do with intelligence or patience.

    i will be shutting down my blog for another 5 months -- as i will be travelling abroad on saturday am , to take command of my ship .

    I am NOT anti-white man , ( though his leaders screwed India for centuries, making my forefathers slaves ), as my posts may suggest.

    rather i have hundreds of white friends-- all exemplary world citizens.

    i am not a rabid hindu or a rabid indian nationalist or a modern day nostradamus or a racist.

    grace and peace!

    capt ajit vadakayil

  3. Sir, Thank you! Grace and Peace to you as well! :)

  4. Great Blog!! Ashwagandhahills is really good for health. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.

  5. Dear Captain,

    I've been reading most of your blogs recently and there is one question I have for you. My aunty is suffering from Parkinson's disease (arthritis as well). She was a very charming lady but has lost all her charmness due to the disease. Can you please suggest some good ayurvedic medicine to get her confidence back?

    Mehul Patel

    1. hi mp,

      there are several posts in my blogsite about parkinsons disease.

      indians rarely got parkinson's disease in the past (because of our good food habits like supercharge of fresh turmeric, fenugreek, coconut cooking oil, pranayama which boosts NITRIC OXIDE etc) --it is a white man's disease.

      but now with the influx of A1 toxic milk of humpless cows. wrong veg oils, GM foods, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, processed foods etc, indians too get this disease.

      parkinson’s disease affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine. a person with parkinson's has abnormally low dopamine levels.

      dopamine-generating cells, known as dopaminergic neurons (types of nerve cells) in the substantia nigra part of the brain have died. there is loss of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra

      dopamine is involved in the sending of messages to the part of the brain that controls coordination and movement.

      dopamine acts as a messenger between two brain areas - the substantia nigra and the corpus striatum - to produce smooth, controlled movements

      there are currently no blood or laboratory tests that have been proven to help in diagnosing parkinsons. therefore the diagnosis is based on medical history and a neurological examination.. doctors may sometimes request brain scans or laboratory tests in order to rule out other diseases.

      young adults rarely experience parkinson's disease. it ordinarily begins in middle or late life, and the risk continues to increase with age. a male has a 50% higher risk of developing Parkinson's disease than a female. people with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep behavior disorder may have twice the risk of developing Parkinson's disease , compared to others without the disorder

      one of the most common early signs of Parkinson's disease is a reduced arm swing on one side when the person is walking that is caused by rigid muscles. symptoms develop gradually, and may start off with ever-so-slight tremors in one hand.

      depression is very common in people with this disease and can be caused by chemical changes in the brain or can be a reaction to having a disabling disease. depression can further contribute to memory loss and confusion.

      although Parkinson's disease is not a direct cause of death, it is a progressive disease, and symptoms get worse over time.

      6000 year old Ayurveda called this disease Kampa vata and treated it with the seeds of a plant containing therapeutic levels of what is today known as Levodopa. the ayurvedic names are Kaunch, Atmagupta, or Kapikacchu. botanical Name: Mucuna prurita .

      common name : Paryaya

      a combination of carbidopa and levodopa and is used to treat Parkinson's disease . Levodopa is converted to dopamine via the action of a naturally occurring enzyme called DOPA decarboxylase. This occurs both in the peripheral circulation and in the central nervous system after levodopa has crossed the blood brain barrier.

      Levodopa is frequently prescribed together with carbidopa , which prevents levodopa from being broken down into dopamine before it reaches the brain. dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, so dopamine given as a drug does not directly affect the central nervous system.

      PSSSSST- in Ayurveda levodopa powder along with ashwagandha was used to increase sexual potency, sperm count , to produce testosterone for libido and for euphoria..



      as the PD progresses, the tremor may spread to both sides of the body. but in some cases the tremor remains on just one side.

      up to one-third of people with PD may develop dementia and confusion, similar to Alzheimer's disease, late in the course of the disease. PD is a progressive disease - a disease that gradually gets worse.

      patients with parkinson's disease (PD) are impaired with respect to recognition of fear and disgust in facial expressions. rather ,the amygdala of patients with Parkinson's disease is silent in response to fearful facial expressions.

      dopamine production is boosted by the consumption of certain foods, especially those containing the amino acid tyrosine. all foods eaten should ideally be organic to avoid the effects of pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

      wheat germ supplies the essential amino acid phenylalanine, that's converted to tyrosine, which then stimulates additional dopamine release. ripe bananas are a major source of tyrosine . beets supply the amino acid called betaine, that aids in the regulation neurotransmitters like dopamine .

      PD may cause you to experience bladder problems, including being unable to control urine or having difficulty urinating.

      Main Motor Symptoms of PD:#######
      Shaking or tremor at rest.
      Slowness of movement.
      Stiffness or rigidity of the arms, legs
      Trouble with balance .
      Secondary Symptoms of PD May Include:#######
      Small, cramped handwriting.
      Reduced arm swing on the affected side.
      Slight foot drag on affected side creating a shuffled walk.
      “Freezing”—a term used to describe the phenomenon of being “stuck in place” when attempting to walk.
      Loss of facial expression due to rigidity of facial muscles.
      Low voice volume or muffled speech.
      Tendency to fall backwards.
      Decrease ability in automatic reflexes such as blinking and swallowing.
      Other Symptoms of PD#####
      Anxiety- beyond the normal response to stress
      Hallucinations, psychosis
      Sleep disturbances (vivid dreams, talking and moving during night sleep)
      Increase in dandruff
      Slowness of movement
      Postural Instability (tendency to fall without explanation, usually when pivoting)
      Mood (depression, anxiety, irritability)
      Cognitive changes (attention, visuo-spatial problems, memory problems, personality changes, psychosis/hallucinations)
      Orthostatic hypotension (lightheaded and low blood pressure upon standing)
      Constipation and early satiety (a feeling of fullness after eating small amounts)
      Excessive sweating, especially of hands and feet
      Dry skin, dandruff
      Urinary urgency, frequency and incontinence
      Loss of sense of smell
      Sleep disorders
      Sensory (pain, tightness, tingling, burning)
      Drooling due to slowed swallowing
      Speech and swallowing problem.

      a person with PD may slowly become more dependent, fearful, indecisive, and passive.

      the person may talk less often than she used to, withdraw from family and friends, and remain inactive unless encouraged to move about.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    3. Dear Captain,

      Thank you very much for your prompt reply. May god bless you.

      I am a software engineer and I've done my graduation from London. Until now, I always used to think that we Indians have not invented anything of significance and all the major inventions are made by the white man. How wrong I was, as I am now a very proud HINDU and a very proud INDIAN. I dont feel inferior to anyone now, thanks to your amazing blog. I would like to thank Barkha Dutt as well (although I dont like her), for it was because of her, I came across your amazing blog. Keep up the good work captain.

      Mehul Patel

  6. Hi Captain,

    I have few doubts regarding ASHWAGANDHA. Can a women aged 50+ with high sugar, thyroid problem take this medicine? are their any side effects ?

    Where can I get a genuine one in shops? i am staying in bangalore.

    1. hi su,

      ashwagandha has a thyroid hormone balancing effect , and helps lower blood sugar for type 2 diabetes -- that is the magic .

  7. Dear Captain,

    Thank you very much for all the information and simple Indian herbs.

    Since a long time, I had very mild but very frequent seizures and MRI detected a tiny blood clot around my left amygdala. A top neurosurgeon (NIMHANS, Bangalore) simply suggested complete removal of amygdala! Due to my intuition and some good information on internet, I just resisted and stayed on with my Indian type meditations and Western type brain-retraining (amygdala retraining, Neil Slade techniques, neuroplasticity exercises, brain games, positive affirmations etc).

    Now there is considerable improvement though not completely healed!

    Can Ashwagandha help me too?


    1. hi h,

      yes ashwagandha can help !

      do pranayama daily.

      punch into google search-

      capt ajit vadakayil

  8. hello sir,
    wud like to consult you that are ashwagandha tablets by himalaya company good to treat anxiety disorder .or natural aswhwagandha.and how to take it.

  9. Hi Captain,
    How to take ashwagandha powder? Is the powder available in market potent or fresh roots and leaves more potent? Can we take it with milk and for people in places where there is no desi milk what is the other alternative?


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  11. Dear Captain,

    Can aswagandha help in the regeneration of myelin sheath. my mother has tactile hyperaesthesia as she she suffered from quadriplegia due to latent herpes zoster infection in the root of the cervical region of her spinal cord 4 years ago. she has recovered from quadriplegia except for hyperasesthesia. tried every modern medicine available but to no avail. she does pranayama & also started taking chyawanprash recently. kindly reply it will be an immense help to my mother.

    1. hi m,

      Tactile hyperesthesia is a severe sensitivity to touch. It can cause skin to have a tingling sensation or make the lightest touch feel painful.

      Tactile hyperesthesia may be a common symptom of many neurologic disorders such as herpes zoster(shingles). Oversensitivity to touch has been associated with shingles that causes painful skin rash with blisters due to varicella zoster virus.

      People can also experience over sensitization to hearing, smell, vision, and taste in addition to touch ( tactile ).

      The word hyperalgesia means an increased response to a painful stimulus. The word allodynia means a painful response to a normally innocuous stimulus.

      Here is an example of hyperalgesia: if your arm was pricked by a pin and you said that it gave you 3 out of 10 pain this would be your baseline response. If an experimenter then gave you some injection (let’s say capsaicin — the pungent ingredient in hot peppers) and then 30 minutes later pricked you with the pin again and you reported 6 out of 10 pain this would be hyperalgesia. For hyperalgesia to occur it is important for the stimulus to be painful to begin with. Remember that hyperalgesia is always an increased pain response to a noxious stimulus.

      Here is an example of allodynia: if an experimenter brushed your arm with a cotton bud (like a q-tip) you would almost certainly say that the stimulus was not painful — 0 out of 10. If the experimenter then injected your arm with capsaicin and brushed your arm again 30 minutes later you would likely report that it was painful — let’s say 4 out of 10 pain. This is an allodynia, a painful response to an innocuous stimulus. In order for allodynia to occur the stimulus MUST NOT normally be painful.
      Remember that hyperalgesia always involves a noxious stimulus, it just becomes more painful when hyperalgesia is present. The noxious stimulus activates nociceptors in the periphery that then send the signal onto the spinal cord. Hyperalgesia involves an amplification of the pain signal. This amplification can occur in the periphery (e.g. the nociceptor is sensitized by an irritant, by inflammation or by disease) or in the spinal cord (via an amplification of synaptic transmission between the nociceptor and the dorsal horn neuron that sends the signal to the brain) or in both locations. There are some cases where the amplification is thought to occur in higher brain centers as well. This can happen, for instance, after a stroke.
      To wrap up:
      Hyperalgesia is an increased response to a noxious stimulus. It is caused by sensitization of peripheral nociceptors and/or by sensitization of central neurons that carry nociceptive information.
      Allodynia is a painful response to a non-painful stimuli. It is caused by a change in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord that gives non-noxious sensory information access to the nociceptive system causing innocuous stimuli to be perceived as painful.

      Vitamins good for tactile Hyperesthesia.
      Vitamin D
      Vitamin E
      B Complex/ B12

      PRANAYAMA is helpful .

      When the condition occurs, the patient must be shifted to a cool, dark, calm place to resolve it.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  12. Ashwagandha, is well known Ayurvedic Herb as it is a rejuvenator, fortifier and strengthener. Ashwagandha is helpful in balancing both Vata and Kapha.

  13. I have been taking ashwagandha for 2 months now and was feeling amazing strength and nice weight gain. But in between i got sick don't know exact reason, due to wrong meditation or food and lost some weight. Then i stopped taking ashwagandha. I was feeling a bit weak.

    Anyways my question is does it cause dependency ? How long can it be taken ? as i am taking it with prescription of my ayurvedic doctor.

    Asking it as taking testosterone supplement stops body's own testosterone manufacturing.
    Does it work similarly ?

  14. One more herb shatavari which is very good, especially with ashwagandha

  15. sandesh negi
    June 7, 2015 at 12:45 AM
    Dear sir,
    Please shed some Light on swaran bhasam and shilajit and where to find purest of these

    Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
    June 7, 2015 at 2:08 PM

    hi sn,

    Ancient Indian kings consumed Shilajit with Ashwagandha as a brain tonic.

    This combo was an ancient VIAGRA-




    capt ajit vadakayil

  16. Dear Captain, is it okay to use ashwagandha in powder form? got it from patanjali..the only available form in mumbai..can source the dried root but no chance of getting leaves..would like to know if my husband & i can safely use this powder..noticing low energy levels plus hubby putting on abdominal fat..hoping this should elleviate the stress levels..pls pls do let me know..

    1. hi bb,

      patanjali products are OK

      capt ajit vadakayil

  17. Hellooo Captain, thanks much for the revert.. altho the questions may not be challenging enough for you but only when i get a go ahead from you, i feel confident about it so am going to try the powdered ashwagandha - hoping it doesnt make me put on weight! I have to bug you for One more query - in one of rajiv dixits videos he says one shouldnt add salt in curd as it destroys the microbes only gur should be added..i have been having salted chaas so i would really like to know if theres any truth in that..pls let me have your say..

  18. aye aye Captain! thanks for that.. you really dont say much about rajiv dixit..the mystery that surronds him..also waiting for you to pull the covers on the spiritual gurus thesedays..sadguru jaggi vasudev amongst so getting drawn to isha-with the huge shiv temple & all the work that they r doing to elevate people spiritually..before i get totally sucked in, it would be lovely to have another perspective -if there is one-at your convenience :)

  19. Hello Sir,
    My relative had a bike accident and has a head injury on the left side of the brain(blood clot) with some swelling. She has forgotten abt the accident and fails to recognize even close family. Doctors say that she will be fine once swelling comes down. I desperately need ur inputs sir.

    1. hi g,

      brain rewires- god in action.

      be patient

      capt ajit vadakayil

  20. Sir can teenagers if age 15 can take ashwagandha to improve brain power

  21. I am taking Safi at the moment to help with skin. But there is a lot of info about it having excessive arsenic.. But it seems to have been around for years. Does this have anything to do with our ayurveda? Its practically banned in many places.

  22. Thanks for the awesome post! This information is really helpfull. Ayurvedic
    and diet offer great health benefits and ensure the balance between body and mind. Nice Article

  23. Sir,Thank you for this wonderful post.We got good knowledge on ashawagandha. Like ashwagandha shilajit is also the best medicine for stress depression and anxiety.Buy shilajit capsule with planet ayurveda is the best option for everyone which provides pure and natural products.

    Gut flora implicated to Parkinson's disease model in mice .

  25. sir , does ashwagandha increase heat in body for pitta person(i am a pitta person).
    i have terrible hand and feet sweating and cant use touchscreen on phone as it gets wet(its so bad). can u also suggest what can i do to stop it

  26. Sir,
    My mother suffered from small cerebral infraction of brain (cerebral stoke) on right due to high blood pressure and left haemophlagia. She is on medicine and physiotherapy.
    Please suggest some help so that she can regain her natural ability of movement fast.

  27. Sir any good ashwagandha brand in India ?

  28. Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb that offers an effective alternative mode of treatment for several diseases based on the principles of natural healing. It is commonly used to relieve stress. It also improves concentration and attention span. It has the ability to increase strength and stamina

  29. ashwagandha with milk should be taken after dinner or breakfast for lower prolactin ?

  30. I plan to make a free app for recognizing herbs name in different languages for bharatmata, no profit

    lot of time scientific names are giving so difficult for common person to recognize what herb it is

    should i go ahead with it, not wanting to give matchstick to monkey hands

    want you Ashirwad. Yes or No to develop ?

    don't post this message else someone else might steal it ....... TEEEEEE HEEEEEEEE

    your call

  31. Can ashwagandha be had with ghee if not milk for brain vitality ?

  32. Hello Sir,

    i have this skin issue called folliculitis -
    Folliculitis is the infection and inflammation of one or more hair follicles. ( from almost 7 - 8 years.....over the years i have taken variety of antibiotics as per doctors prescription... didnt work much... then from past one year i am taking this medicine a retinoid called Isotretinoin ( it is working well....and also doctor has been decreasing the dosage gradually over months.....However i have lost a lot of hair.....

    Then i found your blogs on Fenugreek and Ashwagandha, i have been drinking soaked methi seeds and eating them well from past few weeks... i have felt better...thanks a lot for that....

    Also started consuming Ashwangandha at night mixed with honey and milk (as per my wife's recommendation an ayurvedic doctor herself :) )......but after a week of ashwangandha.... my folliculitis(acne) seems to have gotten little aggressive....should i reduce the frequency / dosage of ashwangandha.... is ashwagandha a cause or reduced medication.... i am confused... please help...


  33. Pranams Guruji
    Patanjali has Aswagandha in capsule form (plastics involved)
    Pl advise for relieving stress / anxiety, How long should it be taken?
    Pranams SB

  34. Namaskara Guruji,
    After reading this post, I went to Patanjali Shop for buying Ashwangandha. Sir Patanjali is providing them in capsules. Is it right to take capsules ? please tell sir.

  35. very nice blog and give more broad knowledge for Ashwagandha.

  36. Namastey guruji
    Today i have taken ashwagandha churn ..i think i have taken overdose. .i m feeling very drowsness and sleepy.
    What is best dose as a student?