Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had the misfortune of watching Donald Trump's show where he snarls " You are fired !" , and then looks around in triumph--

After this I met a person in New York who worked for Trump and was actually fired by him in real life. 

He told me that Trump is a self absorbed, mean and graceless man, with no scruples and morals. I saw that his eyes were moist . He said  " Take away this king sized a$$hole's wealth and what is balance? "

Yet the Yank press and TV channels go GA GA over him.

This man is not even rich!  

What is he so cocky about?

Mukesh Ambani of India was the richest man in the world in 2007 as per Forbes till the US financial jackals did what they needed to do  , and the markets slid down.  In 2011 Forbes puts his personal wealth at 4th rank. 

Mukesh Ambani's , explosion and earth quake proof, electronic state of the art , home in Mumbai ANTILLA in excess of 2 billion USD , is worth more that the entire wealth of Trump put together. 

Yet this man is the opposite of Trump-- simple, god fearing , graceful, family loving , principled . One understands the eastern value of losing the ego, while the other is a firm believer of the western concept of enhancing the ego.

I would suggest to Trump to practise Vipassana meditation--to get out of his self imposed , miserable rut. 

In 2011, the combined wealth of Mukesh and his younger brother Anil , makes their company Reliance , the richest in the world.

This 400,000 square feet home in South Mumbai has 600 caretakers, 3 helipads, 9 elevators, 50 seater cinema, 160 car garage, ballrooms , dance discotheque , dozens of lounges , gymnasiums, swimming pool etc --  and such opulence Donald Trump will not be able to imagine, even in his wildest dreams. 

Mukesh Ambani stays here with his wife and 3 children. 

Every floor has a lush garden.

The western press did not waste any time to ridicule 27 storey ANTILLA and call it the ugliest building in the world. 

But if the same home had belonged to Donald Trump, they would NOT have stopped singing its praises. 

The same press would call Picasso's weird paintings beautiful. They would say 100% of people whom we interviewed called it beautiful. They would not say the total people interviewed were only 20-- all of whom were engaged in a bullshit session with cigars and brandy after a free mason dinner. Well , in this Internet information super highway age  -- this type of " world opinion " hijacking , is history!

(This is a toilet!)

I have a piece of advise for all the super rich super arrogant people. We are all on a raft flowing down the rapids without a paddle. One thing is 100% sure--one day , your raft will plunge down the waterfall , and you will die. NO amount of money can prevent this. 

While you are on the raft of life, be graceful,be happy. Fish , but don't over-fish. What is the point? Your great grand children will NOT even visit your grave , to piss on it-- leave alone being grateful.

Live and let live. 

You cant take your money to the grave ( even the Pharaoh could NOT do that ). 

In any case , your money is just a figure on the computer. You can't see it,  nor can you count it. You cannot eat more than thrice a day.

You came naked , you will go naked. After the game of life , the KING and the PAWN goes into the same box. 

You will be remembered only by your contributions to mankind and this planet. Rest goes to the garbage bin of history. In this Internet information super highway age, you cant even manipulate the media and shine for a grand obituary..

Remember, there is great joy in being ordinary. The most valuable things in life are free.  

Can any amount of wealth , power , and society pressure , chain the heart of a beautiful princess? 

Yes-- take this from me.



  1. very true..what use is wealth when you get struck dead by a heart attack or a stroke?
    What use is wealth if it of no use to anyone but you?
    What use is wealth if it cannot prevent the hunger of a 2 year old dying child?
    The greatest wealth are people and family.

    1. hi aaina,

      what did the stork bring?

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi shelley,

    we will keep in touch by "comments column ".

    if you want your comments to be deleted , after it has outlived its ulitity , i can do so.

    rothschild has spread its tentacles all over india -- ambanis ( both brothers ), Mallya, Mittal etc-- most of the rich indians are in their clasp. today rothschilds are in a position of strength, to manipulate voted in parliament.

    UPA and manmohan singh was so goddamn sure, that the government will not fall, after the left withdrew support over the "nuclear deal", which so so close to italian roman catholic lady sonia's heart.

    in the greed for money, i hope these rich indians dont sell out their motherland.


    my posts are educating the naive and ignorant indians --

    even anna hazare dont want rothschild funded NGOs to be covered under jan lokpal.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. RIL was allowed by the UPA to sell its stakes to the multinational British Petroleum, though gas is a sovereign resource belonging to the State. Still, the Centre – and the Media – remained silent when RIL as private contractor sold 30 per cent stake in 21 of 20 oil blocks to British Petroleum in July 2011 at $7.2 billion; the UPA approved the sale. British Petroleum is ROTHSCHILD control, Ambanis are proxy agents for Rothschild

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  6. oh captain my captain good to know you

  7. Dislike.. Both are just dogs, but of different breeds.

  8. yes and trump is poised for usa president after having done his homage too the jews who control USAand many other feuroperan countries and other ones all around by gawd it is sickening the traitors who enable them. or who have and are now threatening the earth herself.

  9. sadly the amelikan people have no memory and if thwey still watching,reading and listening to the mainstreweam merdia they are under heavy imbecility.Trump got his money from father who got it from ripping off new yhork, hwe is a freemason and in same pack as guilliani et all, h he says muslims danced at 9/11 when it was know to be the jew students there tyo film the evemnt and let go after a couple minutes to fly bacvk to their little ...... trump is a foil there are hardly any real people keft in government, cynthia mc kinney a black congress qwoman made all the other sicken ing mostly whiter critters look like the degenerates they is a show piece trump is bad news but i allways say dont eat rootten food as it will sicken yoiu and is better to have nothing thjqan erat it as a metaphoir in voting for criminals.isw all choice in amelika. none.

  10. I was wondering what thoughts you had on trump and stumbled upon this post of yours.
    Re Antilla, the 2 billion dollar home in a country where it is very easy to find impoverished people with just few plastic bottles as their belongings, it is the worst disgrace upon our country. Irrespective of what the west says about it, as an Indian I am ashamed of it. There is nothing to be proud of and it would be criminal and stupid to be indifferent to it.
    Re Trump, well if you have followed him during the election cycle of last 1 year and followed how the US mass media (TV and print) have completely lost their bearings due to this man, I feel there is something about him. Ask your son in the US, I am sure he will be voting for him. As am I.
    Your blog posts are fabulous by the way

  11. he has gone from criticising Trump to now extolling his campaign within the space of 5 years. lol.

  12. Hello Captain,
    looks like I'm TIme-travelling right now, Donald TRUMP is here and now you are promoting him
    TIME changes everything
    my most old dream/vision just took place where I'm telling my own people that I've arrived

    I'm Kalki.
    the person who created that white leaved sacred-fig tree

    I have arrived

    let me tell you an interesting story
    the Purraan where it is written that his name is KALKI is actually something else
    the Ryshi could not understand the real name as this name is not in Sunskrith

    my name in reality is something else

    TEE HEE!

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