Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This video must be viewed after reading my blog POWER OF MANTRAS ON HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS  --   posted on 14th Jan 2010

Nina Hagens pronounciation of Sanskrit Mantra is NOT up to the mark, as she does not understand the language. But her voice has the vibratory quality--you cant have a rossogolla sweet voice like Anuradha Paudval chanting this Mantra.

capt ajit vadakayil


  1. Naamskar captain

    this one too echos the same sentiments


    I am not talking nonsense here. The media and the society is constantly trying to castrate men and make eunuchs out of them by giving so much freedom to the female species that men are completely clueless about what they should be looking out for in a spouse. Remember God created women to take care of children and men, or else they don't have much purpose per se.

    I read these beautiful quotes somewhere - a woman who cannot cook is a disgrace, a woman who doesn't want to bear children or become a mother has no purpose in life, and if a woman doesn't want to compromise her life for the sake of children, husband and the family - need not get married at all.

    Men - if you ever find any women beautiful/sexy/ugly who match the above criteria - marry her and make her your wife. And if God screws your happiness by not making you meet any woman that fits that criteria - kindly shag to glory or book your tickets to Amsterdam or Bangkok.


    Aren't you against corruption?" I said, "I was against corruption, I am against corruption, and I will remain against corruption. But why should I support Anna Hazare for being against corruption?" She said, "you don't seem to be bothered about India." I said, "I was always bothered about India, just that you have just woken up for a while, and will go to dormancy once again soon."

  2. Hari Om Ajitji
    The above video link is missing, can i use this