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Ancient Indian  - Metaphysics ,   Dielectics ,   Epistemology ,  Empiricism

A ship captains job ( who must be the jack of all trades ) offers plenty on a emotional , spiritual and mental level.

The human mind has inherent weaknesses. It can be raped at will by people who know how to do it.

A quarter century ago, I had walked into a captains cabin to take over command of the ship.  The outgoing master was in animated conference with the bosun and the ships laundryman.  From the laundryman’s “ I don’t give a damn “ , body language I could see that he that he was on the warpath.

Both sailors were sent away and we settled down to the formal process of handing / taking over command. I could see that the outgoing captain could not harness his mind to the job—his mind was chattering . So I asked him, what transpired with the laundryman.

To cut a long story short, the laundryman had refused to do a particular job. He was right, and he had a point. For he was employed to wash stewards uniforms ( white tunics and pants ) – not civilian clothes. At the same time the stewards had a point, as they had won civilian clothes on duty due to water rationing at a long anchorage.

I told the captain “ you just call him back and I will make him agree to what he refused to do , just a few minutes ago— even if he was sacked or his knee caps were broken”.

I then took a A4 size paper and wrote down 10 questions , whose answers required the answer YES.  The last and 10th question would be “ are you willing to wash the clothes , you refused to wash” .

The captain was clean bowled.

Here was a guy telling that he could do the impossible. He wanted to see the questionnaire , and I gave it to him. All I wanted him to do was sit in the bedroom behind the curtains and hear the proceedings—to check if I followed the script.

So pretty soon the bosun and laundryman were called back.

I shot off the first question, after introducing myself as the new captain.

1)Are you the laundryman ?—YES
2)Is you name Mr so and so? – YES
3)You have come to the ship to earn money for your family?—YES
4)You have refused to wash the stewards civilian clothes?—YES ( he started to give an explanation –I stopped him by raising my hand )
5)These civilian clothes were worn during water rationing –YES
6th to 9th is classified-


The average human mind is not programmed or intelligent enough  to open its doors wide and then suddenly slam shut.

If you can indeed slam it shut and give NO answer after 9 consecutive YES answers –then you are a super genius—like the legendary James Bond.

By the way if you put 3 of the best geniuses in the world along with 007 in the 4 corners of a room, tell them that there will be an explosion within 30 seconds—and they MUST find a way out of the room—we all know who will escape in a jiffy.

Let me talk about mind sciences -- Metaphysics, Dielectics and Epistemology

Epistemologists are free. 

They are philosophers whose theories deal with puzzles about the source, nature, foundation, scope, validity and limits of human knowledge. Computers will never be more than tools employed by the human intelligence to aid its own thinking.

Patton had famously said “ If all are thinking the same, then someone aint thinkin’ !”.

Individuals think better than groups. Human minds with imagination and superior subconscious pattern recognition can interpret things better.

Metaphysics  means “what comes after physics”.  Its object is to determine the real nature of things—to determine the meaning, structure, and principles of whatever is insofar as it is-- with reality as a whole.  

It is a call to recognize the existence and overwhelming importance of a set of higher realities that ordinary men could not deduce. 

Metaphysics is the science of ultimate reality , as opposed to appearance or the contrast between appearance and reality . A cloud appears to consist of some white, fleecy substance, although in reality it is a concentration of drops of water. 

It is the study and science of first principles or ultimate irrefutable truths. the two descriptions of the subject would thus be two sides of a single coin.. it. Scientific theories can be brought to the test of experience, whereas metaphysical theories cannot. 

Metaphysician is a sort of super scientist, unlimited in his curiosity and gifted with a capacity for putting together other people's findings with a skill and imagination that none of them individually commands.  He can refute by debate, through a method for systematic evaluation of definitions.  

Quantum physics , is a branch of physics providing a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behavior and interactions of energy and matter. It departs from classical mechanics primarily at the atomic and subatomic scales, the so-called quantum realm. 

In advanced topics of quantum mechanics, some of these behaviors are macroscopic and only emerge at very low or very high energies or temperatures.

Dialectic, in philosophy, method of investigating the nature of truth by the criticism of initial concepts and hypotheses.   

The ancient Indian Vedic dialectic is based on a dialogue between two or more people who may hold differing views, yet wish to pursue truth by seeking agreement with one another. 

This is in contrast to debate, in which two or more people hold differing views and wish to persuade or prove one another wrong (and thus a jury or judge is needed to decide the matter), or rhetoric, which is a relatively long oration conducted by a single person.

Pythogarus ( 570 BC – 495 BC ),  Heraclitus ( 535 BC-- 475 BC),  Socrates ( 469 BC- 399 BC ) and Plato (427 BC to 347 BC ) studied in Kerala, India .   One of the much hyped up western thinkers German Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 -1831 AD)  lifted from ancient Indian concepts without any understanding of the spiritual thought procedures.

Empiricism, is  a doctrine that affirms that all ideas and knowledge are a posteriori, that is, derived from and based on experience, and denies that they can ever be a priori, that is, discoverable without having to rely on the senses.  

Laws that express  relationships between phenomena, without making any claims about the underlying causes of the phenomena, are called empirical laws.  The meaning of the term experience is generally limited to the impressions and sensations received by the senses. 

Thus, knowledge is the information apprehended by the five sense modalities— hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. Such knowledge is always about matters of fact, about what one can see, touch, hear, taste, or smell. 

For strict empiricists this definition has the implication that the human mind is passive—it is an organ that receives impressions and more or less records them as they are.  

Empiricism then, in the philosophy of science, emphasizes those aspects of scientific knowledge that are closely related to evidence, especially as discovered in experiments. 

It is a fundamental part of the scientific method that all hypotheses and theories must be tested against observations of the natural world, rather than resting solely on a priori reasoning, intuition, or revelation. Hence, science is considered to be methodologically empirical in nature.

Pseudophone, an instrument made of two ear trumpets, one leading from the right side of the head to the left ear and the other vice versa. This created the illusory impression of reversed localization of sound. While walking along the street wearing the pseudophone he would hear footsteps to his right when they actually came from the left. If you put this on your pet cat—it upsets its natural instincts.

Rainbows result from refraction. Mirage , the vision of a pool of water is created by light passing the layers of hot air above the heated surface of a highway.  Under unusual conditions, more elaborate mirages appear as UFOs'.
Sudden temperature contrasts can play tricks on the senses. If hot water is run over one hand, and cold water over the other long enough for both to adjust to the temperatures and both are then plunged into lukewarm water, the resulting sensation will be that the cold hand will feel warm and the hot, cold. 
It would seem that in plunging the cold-adapted hand, nerve cells for perceiving cold were suddenly inhibited and those for perceiving hot were suddenly stimulated, while in the hot-adapted hand the reverse took place.

In most Indian movie halls they put AC at high setting when you enter and when you are about to leave. This gives the impression that the cinema runs good AC and value for your money.

Smell (olfactory) discrimination is influenced by any odour to which the olfactory structures already have adapted. Receptors in the nose, however, adapt quickly and cease to respond to a particular stimulus producing so-called olfactory fatigue. 

Thus, an odour that is strong at first will gradually become imperceptible, as happens when one becomes unaware of the smell of his own BO. There may also be present the phenomenon of masking,  this is a decrease in sensitivity to one odour after exposure to another (for example, a strong-smelling disinfectant).

When you go to a perfume shop—before you make a final choice and  buy a perfume, reset your olfactory senses by smelling on coffee beans . Or you may well be buying a bad overpriced perfume. The perfume saleswomen , who get private commissions , are good in getting rid of such stuff to naive customers.

The human ear typically serves to distinguish between about 1,500 levels of pitch. Are you not able to ping the voice on the other side of the phone?.   The number of discriminable tones is in the hundred thousands. 

When two sounds are heard in close succession (time error once more) the intensity or loudness of the second is judged by comparing it with the first, and is relative. Thus, a murmur may sound loud when compared to a whisper, or a “deafening” noise may make all other sounds inaudible. 

The hum of an electric fan may help to diffuse the street noises of traffic and thus improve the discrimination of TV sounds in the room. Folks living at busy streets , unable to study , sleep or watch TV must try this out.

Synesthesia may be induced with drugs, Hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch are regarded as the classical five senses. Touch has a multiplicity of subdivisions, including the senses of pressure, heat, cold, and pain. Scientists have determined the existence of as many as 15 additional senses. 

Sense organs buried deep in the tissues of muscles, tendons, and joints, for example, give rise to sensations of weight, position of the body, and amount of bending of the various joints; these organs are called proprioceptors.

Within the semicircular canal of the ear is the organ of equilibrium, concerned with the sense of balance. General senses, which produce information concerning bodily needs (hunger, thirst, fatigue, and pain), are also recognized.

Stimulation through one sense may enhance the function of another. Seeing a merry go round  may activate the sense of balance in an observer to the point at which it causes seasickness.  A picture of appetizing food may evoke sensations of taste and smell.

 ( ever notice this?  when you see shit, biological reflex is to salivate, social reflex is to spit. )

The surgeon general has ordered that repulsive mouth cancer pictures must be printed on cigarette packs to discourage your from smoking.

Sensory rivalry, is when one stimulus inhibits the perception of another.. In a similar way, some dentists use auditory analgesia (a “masking” of pain by sound)  . Most Tatoo parlours use music to mask the pain.

Emotions or strong expectations frequently cause illusional misperceptions in everyday life. The hostile listener hears someone say “wire” and thinks he is being called a “liar”; The self-consciously obese girl misinterprets the word “fate” as “weight.”

Grace and peace!



  1. Respected Sir,
    Sir in both ramayana and mahabharatha there are many instances where Lord Vishnu smiles knowing that things transpire just as preordained.But you say man can exercise his free will.there is a record of everything in the akashik space.then where is the choice of free will Sir? if everything is happening as preordained.can one change one's fate/destiny ?
    thank you

    1. hi t,

      humans have been given FREE WILL.

      you can forge your destiny on your own terms.

      this is what bhagawad gita teaches us.

      capt ajit vadakayil

  2. Dear Captain,


    Regarding "True Founder of Christianity"

    Whom do you think the so-called "Christians (Roman Catholics + all)" are worshiping today ?

    Jesus never commanded the following
    1) Church Buildings
    2) Priestly Robes
    3) Titles (Father, Rev)
    4) Idols
    5) Fasting
    6) Pilgrimages

    Most "Christians" you know will do all the above, correct ? And you're a Paradox Lover, isn't it ? Why do they do when Jesus Christ has not commanded them to do so ?

    Let me define a True Christian as according to the Bible (Old Test + New Test)

    He repents and believes on the Gospel - Mark 1:15

    What is Repentance? - Turn from yourself (self-righteousness) and Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ

    What is the Gospel ? - Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures - 1 Corinthians 15:3-4

    He goes around telling the same, Repent and Believe in the Gospel!

    That's it and nothing else added or subtracted to it!

    There is a bad news as well, Captain, Hell is real ? Why ? It was created. For Whom ? The Devil (the first created being to sin) and his angels .

    He who does not believe on the Lord Jesus Christ will join the devil and his angels in the Lake of fire (HELL) - Revelation 21:8

    That's all Captain, but People can misuse this simple Gospel for their selfish needs!

    Have any of the "Christians" you know told you this ?

    You have free will - to accept or reject the message, but I am earnest and I want to tell you "Everyone has one life after which is Death and Judgement"

    Repent and Believe in the Gospel Captain!




    "doctors get mixed up between absence of evidence and evidence of absence "


    rothschild media has gone GA GA with his book THE BLACK SWAN.

    "Black swan" is a catch-all phrase for "outliers" or wildly unexpected events and processes.



    Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970) was the founder of the Pugwash movement which used the spectre of Cold War nuclear annihilation to push for the NEW WORLD ORDER

    Bertrand Russel was a DOUBLE agent for R.

    Russell did much to popularise and promote atheism in the 20th century. He belongs to the Russell bloodline, who were Opium agents of Rothschild.

    Bertrand Russel was the first to push for decriminalizing homosexuality using his forum “Homosexual law reform society “ in 1958 . His son John was a schizophrenic and a homosexual. His daughter Lucy , also a schizophrenic, who committed suicide.

    At the age of 64 this EVIL man married a 20 year old girl –his third marriage.

    In 1950 R gave atheist commie and his NWO strategist Bertrand Russell the Nobel Prize in Literature for painting JEW Hilter black.

    In the BLACK SWAN Talel spAke, -- Gradual change is our paradigm, yet actual change is “almost always outlandish.”

    Talbe paaji-- in the school of CHANGE you sit as a drip nosed LKG student-- where capt ajit vadakayil is the DEAN.

    so cut the crap !

    To sound cerebral Taleb Paaji has dedictaed his MINDLESS book The Black Swan” to Benoit Mandelbrot, godfather of fractal geometry.

    Taleb Paaji talks about wild outcomes of fractal geometry, in which "anything can happen overnight".

    TEE HEEE !

    He talks about the occurrence of the IMPROBABLE, the power of RARE events and MOANS “in spite of the empirical record we continue to project into the future as if we were good at it.”

    Taleb Paaji --has it ever occured to you that BLACK FUCKIN' SWANS can be spray painted by your mentor R?


    Taleb describes Yevgenia Krasnova's bullshit books as exemplary black swans- "succeeding when expected to fail and failing when expected to succeed"

    that says it all, right?

    IN MARITIME PARLANE WE CALL THIS RUNNING AGROUND -- mentally of course for land lubbers.


    Taleb paaji dubs the sales of the Harry Potter novels as black swan events ?

    Does this chump really know the propaganda and doctored events-- like hijacking trucks laden with harry potter books and people running away with copies in crowded streets ?


    But hey, the Global Financial Crisis is a gray FUCKIN' swan rather than a black swan--where you can do fractal analysis to do financial proctology !

    TEE HEEE !

    TalebPaaji draws on the scientific and philosophical literature, drawing on HAJAAAAAR range of disciplines and sources, but cant go into any of it in real depth-- as his perception is too shallow .

    "Slowly grinds the mill of the gods, but it grinds fine" -- the "greeko" who wrote this ( your icon ) was an Indian and a Hindu--


    capt ajit vadakayil